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Thread: Poll: what kind of movies do you like?

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    Question Poll: what kind of movies do you like?

    I've been running this poll/survey on Discord.

    What do you enjoy in a movie (or what does a movie need for you to enjoy it)?

    So far I got the following answers (pasted as received, minus the "I don't know"/"I don't watch movies" ones):

    1. atleast one explosion

    2. Gore Guns
    Basicaly new doom, but a movie

    3. hm... good soundtrack, good plot, decent acting, if it's an foreign film, decent dubbing/voiceovering,

    4. uhh,,
    cute things are always appreciated by me

    5. I'm not a fan of movies either rofl, but if they aren't animated I prefer them being light
    I tend to empathize a lot if it has actors

    6. Idk
    Lthough i cant watch really crongy embarrasing scenes

    7. I personally like movies with interesting characters and stories, which can make you feel like you're there.

    8. Action Adventure suspense/police horror Animated comedy fantasy/science fiction

    9. I like practically all movies
    I am not the best person to ask there ^^;
    Just as long as there's no bigotry, I can enjoy any movie really. It's a talent

    10. I agree, I'll watch pretty much anything as long as it's interesting and fun. I don't like boring stuff usually
    Boring to me would be super slow, serious, dark and gritty movies. Stuff like documentaries or war movies
    Also romantic comedies for some reason I can't stand those lol

    I would like to see more people's answers so... what's yours?
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    Default Re: Poll: what kind of movies do you like?

    No gore, no brutality in fights... I enjoy action movies as long as they don't get too graphic. Horror I like as long as there are some good jump scares after a decent build up. I also like funny movies as long as it's not toilet humor.
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