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Thread: Bands and Music

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    Cool Bands and Music

    Hi guys,

    I realized that there hasn't been a music thread for ages. Well, that applies pretty much to everything else as well, but anyway.

    So, every now and then, one's musical taste needs an update. How has your taste developed during the past few years? Have you found a new band? Perhaps you have stopped listening to an artist? Why?

    My number one favourite is still Blind Guardian, but when it comes to metal, I have also found Helloween, Dark Moor and Xandria. And then there's this Swedish band called Sabaton. They draw their inspiration from wars, and I sometimes wonder if listening to them makes me a war maniac.

    I still listen to classical music and music from certain animes and videogames, too. Japanese bands such as Scandal, Yousei Teikoku and The Flow.

    Your turn.
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    Default Re: Bands and Music


    My first (and favorite band) will always be Europe. I was lucky enough to fly to NYC to see them a couple of years ago.
    Then they came to Orlando in February next year (VIP baby!)
    I saw and met the Goo Goo Dolls earlier which I enjoyed.
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    Default Re: Bands and Music

    My taste has barely changed over the decades. When I was young I mostly listened to local bands and performers from Austria that are totally unknown outside the country - except for probably Falco who became famous with "Rock Me Amadeus".

    As the 90s approached I started to heavily listen to various 80s bands and that's what I still do today. My favorite still being Men Without Hats from Canada.
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