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Thread: How have you changed at TPM?

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    Question How have you changed at TPM?

    So every now and then I peer at my join date and it dawns on me that I have spent over half of my life on these forums. And you know what, that's fine - I still dig chilling here, even though it's become a ghost town.

    What I began pondering is how I have changed from the early days of TPM up to now - like many of us, I'm a very different person in a very different point of my life.

    For one thing, I stopped caring about a decade ago - it's amazing how much more freeing it is when you're not concerned with being cool or liked. Back in the early 2000s, I desperately wanted to be recognised, but the sad truth of it was that there were so many members who had already established their place, I really didn't gain any notoriety until most of the members had already left.

    I used to most often frequent the RPG forums or PCG, whereas now I'm pretty much exclusively lurking in Miscellaneous Stuff and Mt. Moon. On that note, I resigned as Misc mod because there didn't seem to be much point considering the diminished numbers on the forum - but nowadays I wish I hadn't, because I'm power hungry.

    I used to litter my messages with Pokemon smilies. ...Now everyone litters their messages with emojis. I did it first.

    Most of all, I was really obsessed with my postcount back then... Now I'm completely obsessed with it.

    ...So how have you changed?
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    Default Re: How have you changed at TPM?

    When I joined TPM back in 2001, I didn't even know what a message board is. I was a high school student living in a substitute family and TPM in my school computer classroom was a great way to escape from reality. Now I have gone through several psychosis and mental hospital phases. I used to be a lot more 'cautious' of my behavior here. I was afraid of SPAMming, and still, I don't thing I succeeded too well to avoid it. Now I have revealed about everything about myself here and you guys know me well. Oh, and like you, DragoKnight, I wanted to be famous here. I wanted everyone to acknowledge my existence. However, it took me like 10 years to achieve 10,000 posts. I have also improved my English a lot through TPM. So much that I can see this post of mine is of a bad quality.

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    Default Re: How have you changed at TPM?

    To be honest, I don't think I changed that much. Maybe because I was already relatively old when it first started out. I was of course more active.
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    Default Re: How have you changed at TPM?

    I joined here at this site at a very young age when I was in high school. I participated in many of the discussions here and I try to maintain some sense of stability here, even though practically no one comes here anymore. This site is still a lot of fun to read and post at. I am really glad at the way the Pokemon series has progressed. The games are still a ton of fun.
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    Default Re: How have you changed at TPM?

    I joined when I was in middle school and I'm now four years out of my master's program! I'd say I changed a whole ton. When I was 13 and registered for TPM, I was a homeschooled, religious kid who was kinda paranoid about a lot of things. I also had never had real friends until I joined TPM mostly because of being raised in a weird homeschooling cult lol. TPM got me through some rough times and helped me really blossom as an adult. Meeting some of you all in person are some of the most fun memories of my life.
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    Default Re: How have you changed at TPM?

    When I first joined, I was playing Pokemon Gold, so I posted mostly to ask questions about the game mechanics. In the process, I sort of befriended a guy named Sacherry, with whom we started discussing the games, but then he was banned by Hydro because he didn't like him.

    Then I joined a few RPGs, but none of them took off. And then Polls & Clubs was created. Clubs were all over the place and I, like others, filled my sig with the symbols of each club I joined. Until I found the Dragon's Guild, a club unlike any other, which marked the beginning of what I now see as the core of my TPM life: the Adopted Pokemon game.

    I've done many things since then: played and hosted games and even literary contests, wrote quite a bit, contributed to the Fanfic E-Zine a few times, made a few more failed attempts at joining RPGs, hosted one (Expedia) which lasted for a long time but eventually ended badly, became a mod, then a supermod, then an admin, helped as much as I could with everything, and kept AC/CC going until all other players lost interest.

    And so began my post-AC/CC era, which is currently ongoing, marked by low activity and low expectations. But hey, I'm still reachable and willing to help if anyone needs me.
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    Default Re: How have you changed at TPM?

    still ostensibly play mons and all, still the same ol' me cept I'm old enough to stop giving a shit about anything
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    Default Re: How have you changed at TPM?

    I use to take TPM very seriously then I stopped being less serious but still took it seriously then I stopped taking it seriously but took it seriously again then i really stopped taking it seriously and found myself only now and then taking it seriously now once in a blue moon I take it seriously.

    And wait who was Hydro and how could they ban people? I know the name but I can't really recall and definately don't think they had admin powers o.o

    Sometimes I still get seriously nostalgic about this place. Also I think my writing is even worse than when I join here oo
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    Default Re: How have you changed at TPM?

    I just had the inkling to check back the forums and I realized that I haven't logged in for... 7 years, huh

    I remembered joining the forum back when I was in early high school, and with english not being my first language I pretty much work up on improving through me posting here and there around ther forum haha. I was really into joining RPGs and posting the occasional fics now and then (ohh, and ASB too). At one point I pretty much stopped taking interest in Pokemon (I think it was during the last time I logged in) and move on to some other fandom... it's only recently that I play catch up with the series (and I still have a lot that I haven't caught up to be honest haha).

    I suppose after all those years I'm a more functional human being than the nervous wreck I was back then when I joined (well, maybe I'm still a nervous wreck...). I somewhat didn't do much writing as I did back then, but I moved into a different creative outlet of drawing and music playing.

    I do get nostalgic about this place tho, so for what it's worth I think I'll hang around bit more now yea .
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