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Thread: Invent TPM Usernames to Celebrities/Relatives/Friends

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    Default Invent TPM Usernames to Celebrities/Relatives/Friends

    If certain people joined TPM what would their usernames be?

    American Wallmaster Donald
    Angela Not-Probopass
    Cheek KillMe
    Conan O' Pikachu
    Jack Spearow
    Master Bean
    Mikachu's Dead Father
    Mikachu Bay
    Niinistö vi Finlandia
    pinku no
    Pollkami Väyrynen
    Seeraa Maarit
    Shirtless Ursaring Trainer
    Theresa Haruka
    Tsutarja Tsurunen

    More to come! Also, you can, of course, rename the people I already named.
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