In our current game we encountered the following problem: In the 7th round of the game id 67502 player 'Teraspena' bough a golden age 'Candide' for 2 gold. He chose to pay 4 resources for a victory point. However, he only paid one resource and after that, not intentionally confirmed his turn finished. The result was that he gained nothing for 2 gold (for the 'Candide' card) and 1 food he paid.

In my opinion the problem is in the interface: it is possible for a player to end his turn accidentally before paying all the needed resources for VP. This should not be possible, in the tabletop version when you buy a golden age card you either take the bonus resources or pay all the resources needed for a VP and gain the VP. There is no option to pay only a part of the cost and gain nothing.

Could something be done to the interface to prevent this from happening again (confirmed you actually can end your turn prematurely after only paying part of the resources needed for golden age VP). The option to confirm your turn finished could only appear when all resources have been paid, for example?
Is there anything that can be done to our game in order to compensate 'Teraspena' for the unintentional mistake?

Please help

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