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Thread: Unleashed (An F-Zero fanfic)

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    Default Unleashed (An F-Zero fanfic)

    holy shit mewfour is still alive and he's still writing shit

    Yeah so I got this thing called Unleashed that I'm writing and it's almost finished too, so here's the prologue. Me finishing it and me posting it all here should co-incide nicely.

    And yes, it's an F-Zero fanfic. You know, that series that Captain Falcon is from. What? No, it's not Smash Bros! It's F-Zero! Remember those games? Do you? Nahhh you don't remember...

    here it is anyway


    PROLOGUE: A Red Streak in the Night

    The rusted old pipe kept a steady patter of leaking water dripping onto the floor, handily muffling Lily Flyer's light footsteps as she crept through the darkness. Despite her superior training, her heart kept racing- she had been on numerous reconnaissance assignments before, but infiltrating the remains of the last known Black Shadow Labs hideout would make even the toughest veteran's nerves begin to fray. Her tight leather suit easily helped conceal her presence in the shadows, and in what remained of the lighting in the labs barely managed to pick her out. Deeper and deeper she crept into the ruined facility, surveying the wreckage though her night vision goggles. The unexplained explosion here after the GX Grand Prix could be seen from space, yet so much of the labs remained intact- a puzzling result that Lily could not force out from the back of her mind.

    Suddenly, right before her eyes, she saw what she had come so far deep into the labs for. A large computer kiosk, with a gigantic containment chamber linked to it with numerous cables. This is it, Lily thought to herself, her hand wandering away from the sidearm strapped on her hip, This has got to be it. The moment she placed her hands on the keyboard, the screen in front of her flashed on, as if it had been used recently. Paying it no mind, Lily quickly set to work, typing in what she was told at the briefing at Federation Headquarters. The screen momentarily went blank, and then quickly revealing the words:


    A quiet hiss seeped from the containment chamber at Lily's left, and to her amazement, the heavy metal shields slid open. Inside was nothing but a small memory stick, held aloft in midair by a glowing suspension beam. Got it! Lily thought to herself, hastily snatching the stick and slipping it into her pocket, Now to get the hell out of here.

    As Lily turned around to make a quick retreat, she gasped when he saw an imposing figure standing at the doorway, blocking her escape. "Thanks a million, lady," he said, drawing a pistol. "Now how about handing it over?"

    The sudden blast from Lily's swivelling pistol holster caught the strange figure by surprise, having to dive to his right to avoid the shot. Taking his eyes off of Lily for just that one split-second cost him, the intruder now nowhere in sight. A sudden blow to the back of his knee crumpled him, and Lily's rushing shadow bolting past him into the hallway only irritated him. Running as fast as her legs could carry her, Lily scrambled out of the depths of the BSL, hopped into the open cockpit of the Bunny Flash, and sped out of the hangar and onto the desolate road ahead. Taking as deep a sigh of relief as her body would let her, Lily pulled off her mask and goggles, thankful to be able to breathe somewhat normally again.

    All of a sudden, the sound of roaring G-Diffuser engines came screaming up from behind. Looking back, Lily's jaw dropped when she saw the Blood Hawk giving chase behind her, gaining ground at an alarming pace. Strategically shifting gears as she turned, Lily guided the Bunny Flash in a smooth, slippery turn around the long bend in the road, losing a minimal amount of speed as she continued to barrel down the road. The Blood Hawk, however, took the turn even more smoothly, no doubt being piloted by a much more seasoned driver. Within seconds, the Blood Hawk had pulled up right beside the Bunny Flash, and with one violent swerve, ploughed its side into the Bunny Flash's. The Bunny Flash was sent into the guard railings, screeching as it spewed out a shower of sparks. Regaining control of her machine, Lily tried to return the favour by throwing her machine against the Blood Hawk, only to have the Blood Hawk squeeze the brakes, letting her miss by mere inches. Pulling up alongside Lily again, the Blood Hawk swerved away a little bit before ramming itself into the Bunny Flash's side again, this time sending it bouncing against the railings, launching up into the air, and coming down with a bone-rattling crash. Pinned on her side, Lily shook the cobwebs from her head just in time to see the Blood Hawk backing away before screaming forward again. Lily squeezed her eyes shut and ducked her head into her chest, doing the best she could to brace for the inevitable impact. The Blood Hawk's body smashed into the underside of the Bunny Flash, sending it rampaging down the road like an avalanche before finally coming to a stop a few kilometres away.

    When Lily's vision returned, she was too stunned to fully realize the staggering amount of pain she was in, despite hanging upside-down and inches away from the road poking through the Bunny Flash's shattered windshield. The boots of a tall figure suddenly appeared, and a gloved hand reached into her cockpit, digging the memory stick out of her pocket. "Like I said," came a voice as Lily's consciousness began to rapidly fade, "thanks a million."


    Robert Stewart slipped off the bloody neoprene gloves, dropping them into the hazmat bin mounted on the wall before diligently scrubbing his hands clean in the sink. Quietly closing the door behind him, he was met with Jody Summer's disconcerted face. "How is she now, doctor Stewart?" Jody asked, her hands still slightly trembling in her folded arms.

    Stewart looked back though the small window in the door to Lily's hospital room. Buried underneath tubing, tape, and an oxygen mask was what was left of Lily Flyer lying in the bed. "A lot better than what she was when she was brought in," said Stewart at length. "Her injuries were serious, but at least now she's stable."

    Jody quietly sighed uneasily under her breath. "Will she recover at all?" Jody asked.

    Stewart's face remained hard as stone. "Hard to say at this point. While I should expect her to make a full recovery, that day is far off. Months, possibly years."

    Jody's face slipped into her right hand. I should have never sent her, she thought to herself, It should have been me.

    "The most we can do for her now is pray," said Stewart, taking off his surgeon's coat and folding it up over his arm. "I'll keep you and the Federation posted on her progress."

    Starting to get lost in her thoughts, Jody walked into the hospital waiting room in a daze, right past John Tanaka. "Well?" John asked, standing up from his seat and stretching out his back.

    Jody snapped out of it. "I- she," Jody stammered briefly, "Lily's in bad shape. Collapsed lung, broken ribs, you name it."

    John shook his head and muttered. "And?"

    "She'll recover, but when, who knows," said Jody as she sat down, taking a moment to try and relax.

    John sat down beside her, placing his hand on her shoulder. "It's not your fault, Jody," he said in an effort to console her. "Three months with no activity from that maniac? Not even a sighting? Anyone would think he'd be out of the picture."

    "I- I don't know, John," said Jody, "I shrugged the assignment off on Lily, I should have gone. Look what he did to her because of me."

    John placed his other hand on Jody's shoulder, turning her around to look him squarely. "But you're still in one piece, Jody. Don't let what happened to Lily slow you down. Now we know he's still active- now we can stop him. For Lily."

    As John released his old on her, Jody brushed her eye with her finger. "Thanks, John," she said, slowly rising and heading for the exit.

    "Where are you going?" John asked, standing as well.

    "To see a friend."

    "Oh, right," said John with a subtle hint of contempt, "your 'friend.'"

    Jody rolled her eyes. "There's nothing going on between him and I," she said, pushing open the door.


    The monitor rolled through the footage of the desolate road, but so far nothing had come racing across. Captain Falcon rested his chin on his hand, slouching in his chair as he stared at all the various screens surrounding him in his hangar, wondering if he had misjudged the time of the incident. "Long night for you too, huh?" came a voice from behind him.

    Falcon straightened himself up again. "I thought I told you, Jody," he said, "I never sleep."

    Jody walked up beside him, leaning against the wall. "Yeah, I'd believe it. You're sure you're okay with giving me access to your hideout like this?"

    "I wouldn't if I didn't trust you," said Falcon, still fixing his gaze on the monitors. "Well? What's the word on Flyer?"

    "In pretty rough shape," said Jody. "She's stable, but that's pretty much where to good news ends." Taking a moment to look at all the screens on Falcon's desk, Jody said, "Got a visual yet?"

    Almost as if on cue, one of the monitors showed the Bunny Flash racing past the frame, followed by the Blood Hawk. Quickly hitting a key, Falcon paused the image, showing a blurry yet unmistakable image of the Blood Hawk and it's pilot. "I do now."

    The purple helmet and red jumpsuit confirmed Jody's worst fear. "So... it is him."

    Falcon nodded. "Blood Falcon."

    Jody moaned. "Why now?" she asked. "Shadow's been gone three months, and only now Blood Falcon shows up?"

    "Strange," Falcon muttered. "This goes against what I had initially thought of him."


    "We rarely saw Blood Falcon outside of the Grand Prix when Shadow was still around. I had thought that Shadow would keep him locked up- or otherwise incapacitated, when he didn't have a job for him. A clone of myself- capable of doing everything I can and more- I would have thought Shadow would keep him at arm's length."

    "Blood Falcon was at the last GP though, wasn't he?" Jody asked.

    Falcon nodded. "He was, but every spy cam I planted by the BSL's showed him returning back inside immediately afterwards. Including after the last GP. We know he's been conditioned to follow Shadow's orders, I always assumed that when he returned, he was conditioned to return to whatever it was that was holding him back." Then, shaking his head, Falcon muttered, "But it looks like I was wrong."

    "So, if he was willing and able to leave on his own all this time," Jody said, "why now?"

    "That," said Falcon, pausing briefly, "I don't know."

    "He's your clone, isn't he?" Jody asked. "If anyone knows how he thinks, it'd be you, right?"

    "How he thinks, yes. Why, no. We're not the same."

    "Sorry," said Jody sheepishly. "Um, figured out anything we haven't yet?"

    "None of this is making much sense right now," Falcon said. "I'll have to do some footwork of my own. What was Lily sent after, anyway?"

    "Sorry," said Jody. "That's classified."


    "But," said Jody slyly, "If you were to-"

    Falcon muttered silently. "You keep asking the same question, and I keep giving the same answer."

    Jody smiled, defeated again. "Still don't wanna' join the Federation, huh?"

    "I don't do crowds."

    Jody sighed. "Well, I can only give you a hint without getting into... too much trouble," she said. "Since we first found the new BSL, we've been trying to crack its encrypted network, but we never had any luck. That is, until last night. There was a brief moment of shortage- the BSL data became completely unprotected, and we got what we could from it."

    "A leak?" Falcon asked.

    Jody nodded. "There was something inside the BSL that Shadow was keeping all to himself. Something highly guarded."

    "Which was...?"

    "That's all I can say," said Jody. "Sure you don't want to-"


    Jody sighed, heading for the exit. "Take care of yourself, Falcon."

    "You too, Jody."
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    Over his impressive 9-year ficcing career he has won 5
    Silver Pencils and 3 Golden Pen awards, and currently holds
    the record for most times won Most Evil Fanficcer (3)

    He's also not above posting stuff about himself in the third person.

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    Default Re: Unleashed (An F-Zero fanfic)

    And the Dance Continues

    Peabody's was a small cafe by Mute City standards, little more than a handful of tables behind a fence on the sidewalk of the busiest street of the commercial district. Kate glanced out for a moment, watching the street machines whirr by. "It's strange to hear yourself on the radio," she mused, tapping her fingers lightly on the table, along with the beat of the music that gently filled the air around them. "Almost as strange as being asked out by Captain Falcon."

    From across the table, Falcon winced. "Look, miss Allen, that's not why-"

    Kate laughed. "Oh I know, I'm just teasing," she giggled as Falcon quietly groaned. "So tell me, what have I done to deserve the attention of the famous Falcon?"

    "Not what you've done, but who you might know."

    Kate's eyebrow arched. "Go on."

    "I'm sure you remember, but it's about your former record label being a shell company for Black Shadow's credit laundering operations."

    "Who could forget? I'm just glad they didn't pull me down with them."

    "And if I remember correctly, you did most of your recordings there in the basement suites, didn't you?"

    Kate smiled. "You've done your homework."

    "Enough homework to know that the central server room was nearby the recording suites," said Falcon. "Nobody ever got convicted in the scandal, so names of the staff are hard to come by. You wouldn't happen to know the name of anyone who worked the IT department, would you?"

    Kate hummed. "Its been awhile," she said. "Let me think... umm... Dewey!"


    "Yes, that was his name, Dewey... something. Looked a lot like Roger Buster, with dark hair and if he gained twenty pounds. He was the chief engineer for the facility when the hammer came down."

    "Where can I find him?"

    Kate shrugged. "Your guess is as good as mine- no, wait, now that I think about it, I vaguely remember him speaking on the phone one time about some property of his."

    "Property? Like a house?"

    "Something like that, yes. I don't eavesdrop on people on purpose, I'm sure you understand."

    Falcon nodded. "Of course. Did he mention where this property was?"

    "Somewhere in the northwest of Red Canyon, I believe."

    Falcon groaned. "Of all the places..."

    "That's where your best friend hangs out, isn't it?"

    "Best friend, sure.."

    "On the bright side, if Dewey's place is still there, it'll be the only one there for miles."

    "Small comfort," Falcon muttered. "Thanks for your help."


    The thick cloud of dust scattered into a fog as the Blue Falcon's G-Diffusers set the machine gently down into idle, the landing struts nestling deep into the rusty dirt below. The decrepit shack greeted Falcon with the sound of wind rustling through the holes in its walls as he hopped out of the Blue Falcon, waving the dust away from his face. Falcon stepped before the front door, and pressed his hand against it. The door's hinges squealed as they slipped from their moorings, and the door fell flat inside the shack. "Can't break and enter if it's already broken," Falcon reasoned to himself as he stepped into the shack.

    Falcon tapped the side of his helmet, and his visor lit up, illuminating the shack with a beam of light. As he scoured the dust-blanketed room, Falcon looked down at his feet. "Tiles?" Falcon asked himself, wondering why this little shanty would have a tiled floor. Dropping to his knee, Falcon ran his fingers along the edges of the tiles, hoping to find something unusual. Something unusual quickly found him, as one tile shifted suddenly from his touch. Falcon dug his fingertips under the tile, pulled it up, and looked at the underside. There was something that looked like a panel inside of it. Giving the tile a little shake, it felt surprisingly light. "Now what's in you?" Falcon asked, tapping the panel.

    The panel suddenly sprung open, revealing a thin data port. "Good enough for now," said Falcon to himself as he stood up and headed for the door, "Gotta get out of here before-"

    As soon as Falcon stepped outside, he froze in his tracks. Circled around him was a familiar mob of hooligans, and grinning back at him was a familiar face. "Well well, look who it is!"

    Falcon grimaced. "I don't have time for you, Goroh."

    One of Goroh's thugs hopped into the cockpit of the Blue Falcon, stretching his legs out over the dash. "You're gonna make the time, Falcon," Goroh sneered, "or you'll be walking back to Port Town!"

    Falcon growled under his breath. "What do you want?"

    "Payback!" Goroh roared. "Nobody beats me on my own turf and gets away with it!"

    The race between the two from three months ago flashed through Falcon's mind. "I got away with it pretty handily," Falcon smirked, "and if you want a rematch, I'll gladly do it again."

    In an instant, Goroh's massive hand grabbed the collar of the bandit in the Blue Falcon, and effortlessly tossed him out. "Then get ready!" Goroh bellowed, "Today, Samurai Goroh bests the mighty Captain Falcon!"

    Goroh slid over the hood of the Blue Falcon, and hopped into the cockpit of the Fire Stingray parked beside it. Keeping an eye on Goroh's henchmen, Falcon climbed into the Blue Falcon. Bringing up a map of the area on the Blue Falcon's HUD, Falcon could see the same twin spires that served as a finish line for his last race against Goroh. "Let me guess," said Falcon over the radio, "first past the two towers wins?"

    "You got it!" Goroh replied as one of his men stood between the two machines, their G-Diffusers roaring to life. And with a quick wave of his arms, the bandit covered his ears as the Blue Falcon and the Fire Stingray shot past him.

    Barreling down the badlands, Falcon watched as the Fire Stingray steadily crept up beside him, spying a sinister smile begin to stretch across Goroh's mouth. The Fire Stingray suddenly swerved towards him, and Falcon jerked his machine further away, narrowly avoiding a sideswipe. Regaining control, Falcon watched the Fire Stingray zoom into the distance ahead. Pressing the button on his steering column, the Blue Falcon shot forward with a scream of its engines, briefly narrowing the gap between him and Goroh. As they approached a high canyon wall, Goroh suddenly nudged his machine into the side of the canyon. With a rumble of the canyon floor, several boulders dislodged themselves from the top of the cliff face, charging down the sides like a legion of juggernauts. Falcon boosted the engines again, zipping through the avalanche of rocks. The last boulder clipped the wingtip of the Blue Falcon, dipping the machine down into a crazy wobble.

    Goroh glanced behind him, and laughed. "This one's as good as mine!" He gloated, boosting the Fire Stingray again.

    Falcon finally stabilized his machine, and began mashing his boosters with his thumbs. As he began gaining ground on Goroh, the Blue Falcon's monitor flashed red with all sorts of alarms, an engine blowout being one bad bump away. As Falcon soared past Goroh, he suddenly cut in front of him and braked. Goroh swung wide to his right, and crashed nose-first into the canyon wall. Seconds later, Falcon was sailing by the two spires alone. Falcon brought up the rearview camera on his monitor, waiting to smirk at his handiwork. His jaw dropped when he saw the Fire Stingray lying on it's side, a fire bursting from it's engines, and Goroh nowhere in sight. Power sliding his machine around in a quick U-turn, Falcon raced back towards the Fire Stingray, sliding to a stop beside it. Falcon's hands flew to the release latch on the cockpit, and saw Goroh struggling to get out, his leg pinned between buckled sections of the cockpit. "I've got it!" Falcon said, lurching in and pulling the laces of Goroh's boot apart. With a mighty heave, Falcon pulled Goroh free from the cockpit, dragging him behind the Blue Falcon just as an ear-bursting explosion rocked the Red Canyon landscape.

    Falcon waited for the bits of shrapnel to stop raining against the hull of the Blue Falcon before peering back at what used to be the Fire Stingray. Goroh groaned, and held his ankle, blood seeping through his sock and leaking through his fingers. "Keep pressure on it," Said Falcon, hopping back into the Blue Falcon as Goroh's thugs converged on them. "See you at the Grand Prix."

    Falcon took off, and Goroh pounded the dirt with a frustrated snarl.

    Mewfour is a Canadian writer and longtime TPM veteran.
    Over his impressive 9-year ficcing career he has won 5
    Silver Pencils and 3 Golden Pen awards, and currently holds
    the record for most times won Most Evil Fanficcer (3)

    He's also not above posting stuff about himself in the third person.

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    Default Re: Unleashed (An F-Zero fanfic)

    I was never a big fan of fatty Goroh. =P
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    Default Re: Unleashed (An F-Zero fanfic)

    But you have to admit the Fire Stingray was always OP as hell

    Chapter 2- A Darker Shade of Black

    The tile lay on Terry's desk, cables running from its hidden data port to his terminal, the sound of clacking keystrokes filling his room. "And open sesame, we are in!" He cheered, "Digi-Boy wins again!"

    'You're pretty good," said Falcon, watching over Terry's shoulder.

    "Haven't met a system I couldn't beat yet," the young man boasted. "Not for nefarious purposes, however, I assure you."

    "Make sure it stays that way," said Falcon. "So, what can you tell me?"

    Terry adjusted his glasses, and leaned forward towards his monitor. "I've run the serial number though every database I know. Your mark's name is Dewey Pouff, of 772 Block 34, Port Town, Sector 2."

    "Anything else?"

    "There's one part of a two-part security code stored on here," said Terry. "What it's for, however, I can't tell."

    Terry detached a small thumb dive from his machine, and handed it to Falcon. Falcon pocketed the drive and said, "I'll bet Dewey knows."


    Falcon adjusted his scarf higher around his neck. The chill of Port Town's nights were something he had almost forgotten. Falcon tapped his visor, and his vision was immediately zoomed in onto the window of the apartment building in front of him. The roof of the neighboring building was a bit too high to see much of Dewey's apartment from, but his man was in there, and Falcon was patient.

    A flutter of feathery wings quickly settled beside him on the ledge of the roof. A dark brown owl fixed its gaze on Falcon as a sudden rustle of the wind came from behind him. Falcon turned around to see Super Arrow gently gliding down before him, landing with a muffled clatter. "You're a tough man to find," said Arrow.

    Falcon turned back to the apartment. "If you found me, then I've gotten sloppy."

    Arrow chuckled, and joined Falcon at his side. "If it's any consolation, I've found Zoda a lot easier before."

    "Did you need something?"

    The smile suddenly vanished from Arrow's face. "I need to thank you."


    "You don't remember? On the train crossing?"

    Falcon's mind flashed back to a few weeks prior. "With your son?"

    Arrow put his hand on Falcon's shoulder. "You saved my boy that day. The Arrow family is indebted to you."

    Falcon murmured awkwardly. "I'm glad he's safe. It was a smooth rescue."

    "Smooth, yes," said Arrow. "Though, it could have gone smoother for you, huh?"

    The sound of seams splitting echoed in Falcon's ears like unwelcome ghosts. "Monique talks to much," Falcon groaned.

    Arrow smirked. "You're telling me?"

    The two let out a quick laugh together.

    "Anyway," said Arrow, "if you ever need a favor, anything at all, you know how to reach me."

    "Thanks," said Falcon, "but I prefer to work alone."

    "I know," said Arrow, taking to the air again, "but the offer is always open." The owl flapped its wings and followed its master, disappearing into the night sky.

    Minutes later, Falcon's patience paid off. The light from Dewey's window went dark, and Falcon began counting down the seconds in his head. Falcon hurriedly descended the fire escape stairwell, and right on cue, the man matching Dewey's description stepped out onto the sidewalk in front of him. Falcon quickly zipped into his path. "Hey, you!" Said Falcon, driving a startled jolt out if him. "Dewey Pouff, right?"

    Dewey clutched the travel mug he was carrying tightly to his chest. "Y-yes, that's me," he squeaked.

    "We need to talk."

    Dewey began to tremble. "Oh- oh sure! S-sure!" He stammered, slipping a hand into the lid of his mug. "Let m-me just-"

    Dewey's hand suddenly pulled the lid of the mug off, and with a quick jerk of his shoulder, he flung his steaming coffee at Falcon's face. Falcon staggered back and wiped his face, while Dewey whirled around and dashed away. As soon as Falcon cleared his eyes, he saw Dewey jump into a parked landcraft and fire up it's G-diffusers. As Dewey sped past him down the street, Falcon pulled back the glove on his left hand, revealing a small console strapped to his wrist. After punching in some keys, the Blue Falcon came zooming down the street, stopping beside Falcon. Seamlessly slipping into the cockpit, Falcon took off after Dewey.

    Within seconds, Falcon was catching up with Dewey. Dewey glanced over his shoulder, watching Falcon come within meters of his craft's tail fin. "Damn it!" Dewey cursed, flicking some switches on his dashboard. With a swing of his control sticks, Dewey sent his craft into a wild spin. Falcon swerved right, narrowly slipping by Dewey's attack. Pulling up beside him, Falcon sharply banked the Blue Falcon left, ramming its hull into Dewey's landcraft. Dewey skidded forward along the street, his craft's engine beginning to billow a trail of smoke behind it. Dewey took a wild, looping left turn around a corner, and Falcon followed.

    The sight of an oncoming bus popping into view made Falcon slide his machine in a wide turn, ramming aside a row of parked landcrafts. "This needs to end now!" Falcon declared to himself, watching Dewey pull onto a highway on-ramp. Boosting the Blue Falcon's engines, Falcon soared up beside Dewey again, and with another quick bank, Falcon rammed Dewey's craft a second time, sending it spinning wildly off the ramp, bouncing along the rooftops below.

    Dewey's craft came to a screeching halt, teetering over the edge of a rooftop. The Blue Falcon came chasing after it, its G-diffusers letting it drift to a smooth stop beside Dewey's machine. "Help me!" Dewey cried, paralyzed with fear as his craft creaked and rocked on the ledge. Falcon grabbed Dewey's arm, and hauled him out of his cockpit, and the craft went plummeting to the streets below with a mighty crash.

    On his hands and knees, Dewey struggled to catch his breath. "I was at the shack in Red Canyon," said Falcon. "Your safe had one part of a code on it."

    " l-I don't know w-what you're-"

    Falcon pulled Dewey to his feet by his collar. "No more running," Falcon growled, "You're going to give me some answers. What's the second part of the security code? What was Flyer after?"

    "Alright!" Dewey squealed. "Alright! I'll talk!" Falcon tightened his grip on Dewey's collar. "I don't know what your friend was going for, but I can get you into Shadow's database, I swear!"

    "You have the second code?"

    "Yes, yes I do."

    "Where is it?"

    "I-if you look by-"

    A streak of light suddenly ripped though the air, and Dewey collapsed against Falcon's chest. A large, gushing wound painted Dewey's back as his body slumped over and fell to the ground. Falcon quickly zoomed in with his visor into the distance, and gasped. "Pico!"

    Staring back at him from far away was Pico, glancing at him briefly from the scope of his sniper rifle before hurriedly detaching its components. Falcon leapt back into the Blue Falcon, punching numbers into the console. "Three hundred kilometers north!" Falcon exclaimed to himself as the windscreen dropped and the G-diffusers roared to life. The Blue Falcon zoomed off of the roof, landing smoothly on the street below. Three hundred kilometers was a mere moment for the Blue Falcon, and within seconds, Falcon saw the Wild Goose pull onto the road ahead, speeding down the streets of Port Town.

    The Wild Goose's engines let out a thunderous burst, and boosted the machine down the road like a bolt of lightning. Falcon followed suit, clicking the buttons on his control sticks, rocketing after Pico. The Wild Goose suddenly veered left, onto another highway. The Blue Falcon slid around the corner with an ear-splitting squeal, right behind Pico, and into oncoming traffic. Pico weaved from gap to gap as other crafts veered aside, swerving back into Falcon's path. Falcon grit his teeth as he dodged craft after craft, the roar of the crafts' screeching air brakes ringing in his ears. A large freighter spun around Pico, and as it careened around the other way, it lifted up and flipped over, barreling down the highway at it broke apart in a shower of shrapnel. Falcon banked and swerved right, skidding onto the shoulder of the road. Falcon had to shake the cobwebs from his head as he righted the Blue Falcon, scanning the horizon for the Wild Goose. A sudden streak of green caught his eye. "There you are!" Falcon exclaimed, boosting the Blue Falcon into overdrive, gaining ground on Pico just in time to see him swerve onto an exit ramp, and dipping below the highway. Falcon slid around the turn after Pico, and gasped.

    The exit ramp split into two forks, and he had to choose. Falcon jerked the controls to the right, speeding into a tunnel. Left in the darkened tunnel, Falcon's eyes darted to and fro, but the Wild Goose was nowhere in sight. Finally clearing the tunnel, Falcon pulled over onto the shoulder, scanning the road on the other side. Pico was gone. Falcon slowed the Blue Falcon to a stop, gnashed his teeth, and slammed his hands on the dashboard.

    Mewfour is a Canadian writer and longtime TPM veteran.
    Over his impressive 9-year ficcing career he has won 5
    Silver Pencils and 3 Golden Pen awards, and currently holds
    the record for most times won Most Evil Fanficcer (3)

    He's also not above posting stuff about himself in the third person.

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