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McDonald’s 2014 Pokemon Toys Available Now? McDonald's Happy Meal Pokemon XY

It looks like you can already find one auction selling the next McDonald’s Pokemon 2014 toys and trading cards on eBay. A gallery of each toy package is located at the bottom of this post.

For those collectors out there, you probably already know you can usually buy the toys (+ card) for only $1.50 without having to buy the actual Happy Meal.

According to Bulbapedia and PokeBeach, the trading cards (assuming they are the same as the French McDonald’s promotion) are all reprints from the XY Kalos Starter Set except for Pikachu, which is a reprint from the main XY expansion. I’ve contacted the eBay seller to see if they can confirm.

Here’s a quick checklist of the Toy and Trading card included in each bag.

McDonald’s Pokemon Toy Checklist

No. Toy Card
1 Chespin Weedle
2 Pikachu Chespin
3 Blastoise Fennekin
4 Fennekin Froakie
5 Pancham Pikachu
6 Venusaur Inkay
7 Froakie Honedge
8 Xerneas Snubbull
9 Charizard Swirlix
10 Helioptile Bunnelby
11 Yveltal Fletchling
12 Mewtwo Furfrou

McDonald’s Pokemon Toys 2014

Images via eBay.

XY Furious Fists TCG Expansion Coming August 13th Pokemon TCG XY Furious Fists Logo Header

Furious Fists is the name of the next English Pokemon TCG expansion to be released August 13th, 2014. The set will feature over 110 cards, 5 new Pokémon-EX and 2 new Mega Evolution Pokémon. The Japanese equivalent set is called Rising Fist and will be released on June 14th in Japan.

Furious Fists Booster Packs

Furious Fists Booster Packs

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Pokemon FlashFire Expansion Released – Win Free Booster Packs Flashfire Booster Pack Contest

The latest Pokemon trading card game expansion, FlashFire, has officially been released today. In honor of the release, we’re running a contest on Facebook to give away some FlashFire Booster packs to our fans.

Check out the rules on our Facebook post for information on how to enter:

Notice: This contest is now over. Congratulations to the winners!

Click here for our Facebook post.

Pokemon XY Coming To McDonald’s Happy Meals McDonald's Happy Meal Pokemon XY

McDonald’s next Happy Meal toy line will feature Pokemon XY toys along with what looks like special Pokemon Trading Cards.McDonald's Happy Meal Toys - Pokemon X and YThese toys will also feature McPlay Power, meaning they can be scanned into a mobile app to unlock mini games.

Edit: Check out our follow up post for more information about this 2014 McDonald’s Pokemon toy and trading card promotion.

Pokemon TCG: Garchomp-EX Box Released Garchomp-EX TCG Box

A new box set has been released for the Pokemon Trading Card Game. This time it features Garchomp-EX!

The Pokémon TCG: Garchomp-EX Box includes:

  • Garchomp-EX as a never-before-seen foil promo card
  • 4 Pokémon TCG booster packs
  • A special oversize foil promo card featuring Garchomp-EX to add to your collection!
Garchomp-EX TCG Box Set

Garchomp-EX TCG Box Set

You can find the Garchomp-EX Box on Amazon or your local Pokemon TCG retailer.