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  1. I want more Pokemon tunes!
  2. What's your favorite Pokemon(s)?
  3. why do most of you trainers always use ledgendaries and starters???
  4. Best playable character design
  5. Favorite pokemon move
  6. what happened to "Gotta Catch Em All"?
  7. Gameboy colour to Advanced
  8. Another pokemon world dynamics discussion (currently featuring Nidos)
  9. General team ratings
  10. how do i how?
  11. MOVED: A few questions about FrLg
  12. MOVED: The journey to buy Pokemon Daimond...
  13. What is reall the best Pokemon
  14. POL (Pokemon Online) Download
  15. Where are all the Tournaments
  16. Battle Dioramas
  17. Pokemon sizes and general speculation (Split from: What is reall the best Pokemon)
  18. Some problems...
  19. Some question
  20. What have people got against Ubers
  21. MOVED: Under/Overrated Pokémon
  22. Which Pokémon Can Marill Breed with?
  23. A bit of a Bug problem
  24. What Do You name Your Pokemon?
  25. how many shinys do you people have?
  26. MOVED: uh... i need help
  27. How many hours do you have?
  28. Build your own Elite Four!
  29. Pokemon XD help
  30. MOVED: does any know how to change the clock on the emerald game?
  31. ...Manafi? (Warning: Possible spoilers for anime and Diamond/Pearl)
  32. does anyone know how to play pokemon agianst other people online?
  33. I know who the best pokemon is
  34. nintedo ds question
  35. Ten Years Of Pokémon!
  36. Anyone taking part in Journey Across America?
  37. Create a Pokémon Game Which Happens in Your Country
  38. Alternate starters
  39. Weird Type Combinations
  40. What's in a Name?
  41. Something aMEWsing
  42. Calling all creative people who have at least a marginal knowledge of chemistry!
  43. Best team
  44. Pokémon Trading Figure Game
  45. MOVED: Hisaishi's music is on napster
  46. MOVED: how do i maximize the stats on my pokemon
  47. Stupid legal moves on Pokemon
  48. What is the best pokemon game?
  49. New movie updates
  50. Okay, who else is upset about these names?
  51. POL is revivied
  52. Reliable Importers..?
  53. Is Pokemon getting respected here?
  54. Pokemon MMORPG
  55. Who would look for a Pokemon *there*?!
  56. How to pronounce Hoenn Pokémon names?
  57. What people think of the new pokemon
  58. best starter pokemon
  59. best pokemon
  60. Favourite Gymleader/s
  61. pokemon maps using japan maps
  62. I can't find my Crystal
  63. What's your least favorite Pokemon?
  64. GameFAQs.com is having a best series ever contest, and Pokémon is losing! Metroi
  65. D/P question.
  66. Ugliest Pokemon
  67. What is the best type?
  68. Moves They Should Know
  69. Icons, night time, and areas.
  70. Wally! ^_^
  71. MOVED: In reply to the locked Wally! thing.
  72. More eBay rip offs.
  73. Misconception about Pokemon fans
  74. Kentucky Fried...Combusken?
  75. Freaky Pictures!
  76. Deication Post
  77. Your favorite Elite Four group
  78. I was just curious...
  79. Poke-Products
  80. Worlds WORST pokemon
  81. What do the people of pokemon eat?
  82. MOVED: Pokemon Speech
  83. MOVED: Mac NetBattle?
  84. (screaming) WHAT'S UP WITH THAT?!?!?!?!?!?! XO
  85. A bit of help... screw google
  86. which is the best version?
  87. What's in a name? (Part II)
  88. Manaphy Egg on Pokémon.com!
  89. "New Pokemon" to be revealed next month
  90. DP English names. (Wow, no one saw that coming).
  91. Coincidences with names
  92. My Birthday!!
  93. "It's Dead!" ~The Debate Topic~
  94. I found my Crystal.
  95. Favorite Pokemon
  96. Mew
  97. Favourite Pokemon Opening EVA
  98. Gastrodon
  99. East sea vs West sea Gastrodon/Shellos.
  100. On the Subject of Pokerus...
  101. Molly Hale
  102. BIDOOF!!!!!!!!!!! [no really. Bidoof!] [pg13]
  103. A Really Neat Idea for PokeFreaks
  104. Chatot Chattin'
  105. looking for a maniphy
  106. rate my sig and my avatar?
  107. i have 2 questions
  108. Piles and piles of Pokemon styles
  109. An online Pokemon Game
  110. Jirachi question
  111. Describe attacks
  112. Ash to be in Elite Four in future game?
  113. And the all-time bestselling video game franchise is...
  114. Pokemon CDs
  115. Pokemon Fruit Snacks
  116. Pokemon Band-aids
  117. Pokemon references in webcomics
  118. My account is over two years old
  119. Pokemon Question
  120. Mr. Backlot's Doors
  121. I stoled your 'mon, man.
  122. Save the snow Pikachu!
  123. Fake Pokemon Cheats For You! Hooray!
  124. Cutest Pokemon Clip Ever
  125. Well, I don't see it anywhere else...
  126. What would it take? A Pokemon MMO
  127. Pokemon and Digimon
  128. Burger King Pokemon Promotion
  129. Pokemon Showdown Tournament
  130. Pokemon causes cancer. Pikachu causes vision.
  131. Collecting pokemon figures
  132. Face Book Pokemon MMORPG?
  133. Gotta Catch 'Em All...in 72 Hours!
  134. Pokemon being used in people's last names?
  135. A New Electric-type Pokemon Coming? (EDIT: Or Not...)
  136. New Pokémon Game Legendaries..
  137. Create Your Characters Here.
  138. Skinheads vs. 'Pokemon'
  139. Disuss Anti-Pokemonism
  140. Pokemon is losing popularity
  141. The best Pokemon
  142. Ideas For New Pokemon
  143. Beginning again... again
  144. Pre-Ordering Pokémon Platinum
  145. REAL POKEMON!!!
  146. Pokemon Video Game Tournament 2009
  147. The good times and the bad...
  148. What is your platinum team gona be
  149. Pokemon Video Game Tournament 2009
  150. Picture with your favorite pokemon?
  151. Pokemon cards!!!!!
  152. Burger King Pokemon card promo: Part 2!!
  153. Pokemasters as a possible title
  154. The old PC Pokedex
  155. The Origin of Pokemon
  156. Design A Team
  157. Breeding
  158. Discuss Pokemon Music
  159. The GTS and WiFi: How it's changed Pokémon
  160. The battles that make you go "WTF!?"
  161. Gaming Toruments in the UK
  162. Pokemon Anime Theory
  163. Do you like Pokemon?
  164. Pokemon Origin Report (Suggetions wanted)
  165. Pokémon as the Chinese Zodiac
  166. Tiger tie breaker!
  167. A grand dragon voting poll!
  168. Weird Pokemon Things
  169. Slither over here to vote on some snake-y goodness
  170. Gallop over here to vote for the Horse!
  171. Let's talk about Butterfree
  172. Monkey tiiiiiiime!
  173. Which trainer are you?
  174. Let's talk Rooster
  175. Who are you?
  176. Time to vote for the Dog!
  177. Last but not least...The Pig!
  178. Team Planning
  179. Worst Pokemon Ever?
  180. Arceus-coolest pokemon of the last generation?
  181. What Type Combinations Haven't Been Done Yet?
  182. Female Pokemon Master
  183. Pokemon Contest and Coordinator
  184. Moves They Should know/Stupid moves they know Vs. 2
  185. Pokemon Redesigned in Traditional Japanese Style Artwork
  186. Stuff after HGSS
  187. Find hilarious dubs of Pokemon.
  188. UK to get Pokewalker
  189. What nicknames have you given to your Pokemon?
  190. So today my Grotle evolved...
  191. Brock Statue Outside of Kyoto University
  192. I bet you look at this game and want it
  193. Prepare to either laugh or die a little bit inside......
  194. Poll: What Did You Name Yourself/Rivals/Other Chars in Your Games? (2010 Edition)
  195. Arceus event question.
  196. Human-faced Pokemon
  197. "The Voyage of the Lost Pokéwalker" (True Story!)
  198. Funny Pokewalker Comic (BitF)
  199. Pokemon... From Hell
  200. dickhead-pokedex
  201. Pokemon, What Happened To You?
  202. Battle4Charity Pokemon Marathon
  203. New Black and White Pokemon!
  204. ExtraLives "Pokemon" Marathon
  205. Suggest a Poke`mon?
  206. The Birds and the Beedrills [MATURE]
  207. Origin - The new squirrel!
  209. Who's your favorite pokemon???
  210. Sugimori's Gen V Pokemon
  211. Too Many Pokemon?
  212. extreme awsomeness
  213. Which Region Do You Like Best?
  214. What Are you looking Forward to in Black and White?
  215. Shiny Legendary Dogs Event - UPDATE FOR EUROPE
  216. What Pokemon Or Type Should they make in Future Pokemon games?
  217. Celebi Event! - UPDATE FOR THE UK
  218. Volbeat or Illumise?
  219. Which do you prefer? Ash or Red?
  220. Growlithe or Houndour?
  221. So, is Professor Oak the smartest of all the professors?
  222. Pokemon Online Battles!
  223. Favorite Fire-Type of any evolution
  224. Gym "Obstacles"
  225. The Badge System
  226. Favorite Bad Guy Team
  227. Blastoise or Feraligatr
  228. Pokemon that should have a secondary/replacement type
  229. benefits from evolving pokemon early
  230. Moments you wish you could interupt
  231. Is it wrong to play as the Opposite Gender?
  232. Favorite Pokemon from each generation
  233. Pokemon deserving an evolution
  234. Poke-Rights
  235. Your IRL team
  236. Your Hottest Fire Type Pokemon
  237. Best Starter Final Evolution of Each Type?
  238. Fake Pokemon Game Cheats
  239. Pokemon cameos...how many are you aware of?
  240. Favorite Pokemon of Each Type
  241. Favourite Pokemon Moves
  242. Weird quirks.
  243. IRL: Dealing with Depression
  244. New pokemon game?
  245. Iwata affirms Pokémon on 3DS
  246. What is your favorite pokemon in defense,Attack,Speed
  247. Pokemon cosplay
  248. If Hitler had pokemon.
  249. Pokemon Intelligence in battle?
  250. Bayleef it or not!