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  1. Official Anime Questions topic!
  2. Fansub Linking and Distribution Topic
  3. TPM Episode Guide writers needed!(Read)
  4. Sub vs Dub: Did FUNimation screw up DBZ?
  5. Archaic's (In)Complete List of Shippers
  6. A Yu-Gi-Oh question
  7. Today's Anime Toys
  8. Early specials "declassed" to episodes?!?
  9. Ready go! in pokemon 5?
  10. Does anyone know.......
  11. Pokemon Advance Adventure *LYRICS*
  12. Next Movie
  13. Brock! Save Pewter Gym! *a couple spoilers on this episode/special*
  14. doesnt anyone else think
  15. R/S Legendaries/Movies
  16. Kirby?
  17. Dirty Pair
  18. SCREENSHOTS!!! Looky Looky!
  19. Episode Synopsis *SPOILER* (Beginning of AG!)
  20. New Japanese title *spoiler*
  21. Congrats CCC :D
  22. *SPOILERS!* Concerning one of my rants of old...
  23. Pokemon Movie 6 Trailer!
  24. Does anyone know.......
  25. Will they ever have a special similar to Raikou:Legends of Thunder
  26. Throwing in the Noctowl
  27. (POSSILBE SPOILER)** misty might be in the 6th movie
  28. Any other Gary Fans?
  29. Emphasis on the characters...
  30. Advance G pics
  31. Why god? Why!!! DBZ news
  32. Spoiler, future of the mouse
  33. Anime and the passage of time
  34. Speculate, My Puppets. Speculate!
  35. need names
  36. These stuff is rare, man
  37. Another Advanced G pic
  38. ritchie [ att'n : stupid question ]
  39. Anyone know da Lyrics?
  40. Christmas Pokemon Eppy?
  41. Japanese Anime déjŕ-vu?
  42. Togetic In The Anime
  43. New Dub Title
  44. The Final Fantasy movie
  45. Episode Synopsis: Touka Gym, VS Yarukimono! *Spoilers*
  46. How will 4Kids dub "Save Nivi Gym"? *spoilers*
  47. Review: The Cat Returns
  48. Team Rocket Truth's - Episode 282 SPOILERS
  49. Neon Genesis Evangelion: Perfect Collection
  50. Anime/Manga Reviews
  51. Movie 5 is awesome!!!
  52. Episode Synopsis: Subame *Spoilers*
  53. What attacks that haven't been seen in the anime do you want to see?
  54. Will there be a Houen Safari Zone episode ?
  55. The Medea is screwed!
  56. New Dub Title Again
  57. Digi fans, get your rears in now!
  58. What Major Nintendo Characters Have Animes?
  59. Next on in Japan: Treecko! protect the big tree! (SPOILERS, discussion thread)
  60. Episode Synopsis: Jiguzaguma *Spoilers*
  61. Metropolis
  62. Spirited Away - The great anime move of all time?!
  63. Adult Swim is Off and I need help
  64. Spriggan
  65. US Release date for Pokemon 5
  66. Let me get this straight... *Spoilers*
  67. Zeon are the successors of Nazi
  68. Fave kinds of anime?
  69. Banned Episodes: What They Should Have Done
  70. A surprising return! *SPOILERS*
  71. Where Do The Specials Fit In? (may contain *SPOILERS*)
  72. New Japanese episode title *Spoilers*
  73. Anime in which chanel?
  74. Pokemon Toon Tune?!
  75. Something I Noticed With Ash's Finishes in the Sekei and Jouto League Finals
  76. Episode Title Jan 25
  77. What Happens In The Specials? *SPOILERS*
  78. Cartoon Network has Lost It!
  79. Dues and Don't
  80. .hack//SIGN is Coming to the US!
  81. If the newest PKMN movie was with good animation
  82. what episode are the US and Canada up2?
  83. best episode ever
  84. What will happen to the next Pokemon Movies?!
  85. Hoso vs AG
  86. New Dub Title
  87. Hakura's lineup... *spoilers*
  88. Team Rockets new pokemon
  89. Favorite Pokemon Theme!
  90. You can kick me, punch me, throw bombs at me...
  91. Ash in Houen
  92. Ash and Haruka
  93. No Pokémon Feb 8th
  94. funniest pokemon
  95. Blue Submarine 06 is such a let-down
  96. Does anyone watch the anime on FoxBox?
  97. Masato and Poochyena *sPOILERS*
  98. Episode picture : Guraena and Pochiena! Mystery of Evolution!**Spoilers**
  99. Pokemon Trivia!
  100. Pokemon Kids WB Feb 8
  101. Tragedy in the Sky: Will "A Scare in the Air" suffer ANOTHER name change?
  102. .hack//SIGN premiered today...
  103. Hoso vs AG
  104. Outlaw Star ad
  105. Kare Kano
  106. An odd question
  107. Gym Leader Biographies
  108. future episodes
  109. The (Not Yet Mod-Approved) Anime Music Thread
  110. remember when the pokeballs used to grow?
  111. Ash's sixth Poke'mon?
  112. So, this is the end, my friend?
  113. A Timeless Tale
  114. Brock's acquisition... *spoilers*
  115. Bye Bye Kanto and Jouto? *Spoilers*
  116. Brand New Japanese Title Translated **Minor Spoilers**
  117. Next Up In Japan: Agehanto's Magnificent Battle! *Discussion Thread*
  118. ashs pokemons personality
  119. Which movie do you like best/like to see best?
  120. Jessie Captures YET another Pokémon...her total up to 3 *SPOILERS*
  121. Next Up In Japan: Study! Pokemon Trainer's School! *Discussion Thread*
  122. Most Underused Pokemon
  123. TV Tokyo's Pokemon site...
  124. TV TOKYO gets 6th movie preview**SPOILERS**
  125. As Cold As Pryce
  126. KidsWB confirms new Pokemon season!
  127. The Worst Episodes Ever
  128. Hoen... Another Johto?
  129. Which Pokemon have the best voices?
  130. Why Do Bugs like Misty?
  131. Whow did Gary get his Cheerleaders?
  132. Was I just hit by a train or something?
  133. It's time you people understand! (A Bebop Discussion)
  134. Pokemon Bloopers
  135. Shinji and Asuka V.S. t.A.t.U.
  136. Poll: Coolest Pokemon Currently on Teams in Houen *Spoiler Alert*
  137. Dragonball GT
  138. Episosde Synopsis: Beautifly SPOILERS
  139. A Catch for Misty!? *Heavy Spoilers*
  140. What Really Happens in the 3rd Movie?
  141. Coolest Johto Gym Leader (personal doubt)
  142. New Pokemon 6 Trailer! *Spoilers*
  143. Charizard unfair?
  144. does misty get?
  145. The Episode Titles Thread
  146. KIDSWB show preview of AG next sat?
  147. Pokemon episode 300!!! What do you think they will do?
  148. Movie 5 Location
  149. A Request (please delete if this is a breach of the rules)
  150. joy and jenny
  151. i hope she bring togepi and horsea
  152. Master Quest on YTV
  153. character pics...
  154. Jigglypuff's ideal audience
  155. Pokemon 4Ever = Best Pokemon Movie EVER!
  156. Who would win in a duel?
  157. BEHOLD! Sonic Anime Preview!
  158. Battle of the Characters! YOU decide the Champion of the Universe!
  159. Some stuff from Oak Special 2 **SPOILERS**
  160. GS ball
  161. Question about Hakura (May)
  162. Raiko Special
  163. New Dub Title!
  164. I've been out of touch, is there going to be another season after Johto?
  165. Please, help me!!!
  166. Total shock on the Kids WB Rap-a-thon...
  167. Does anyone know where to get pokemon episodes
  168. As Clear As Crystal
  169. Pokemon on sky 1
  170. umm...help...please
  171. Misty's Starmie???
  172. Pokemon 4 Ever on dvd in Australia
  173. The Edited Slap
  174. Enlighten Up!
  175. Please tell me it's true?!
  176. Looking for some new anime...
  177. Epiosde 4-03: Air Time
  178. Pokemon Movie 5 WORLD PREMIERE
  179. Did you see that? (About poké-anime direction)
  180. slowking
  181. Movie/Actor similiarties
  182. What ever happened to the G/S ball?
  183. Tracey's Favorite Pokemon
  184. what ever happend to dexter
  185. Something that I noticed while watching Pokémon Paparazzi...
  186. Pokemon Hoso eppy of Ash as a Pikachu
  187. Freezia...
  188. Choices
  189. What movie is this?
  190. Do Charizard, Victreebel, & Wobbuffet disobey because they are traded?
  191. PMC or Team Rocket?
  192. Wish Upon A Star Shape
  193. Lugia anime screenshots?
  194. does Goku have psychic powers??
  195. Butch & Cassidy info pls
  196. New YTV Titles
  197. Tentacool and Tentacruel to be show
  198. Why don't DVD's have both versions?
  199. New version of Pokedex on www.pokemon.com
  200. Crappeist most piece of crap Anime
  201. what happend.....
  202. Outrageous Fortunes
  203. inuyasha movie question
  204. Who do you want Masato's VA to be?
  205. What is the Team Rocket organization really up to?
  206. A-KON!!! (Wolf's Rain cosplay group ideas)
  207. Vandread
  208. "Pokemon Heroes"
  209. tv. for the gba.
  210. "To denounce the evils of a string bikini..." ???
  211. One Trick Phony!
  212. Shaman King anime coming to FoxBox this Fall!
  213. Which movie do you like the best?
  214. Studio BONES = loooove XD
  215. What are you listening to right now?
  216. Returned, with a question??
  217. Yugi's deck down under
  218. Pokémon Heroes at the Box Office
  219. The Name Game
  220. Red Version Influence
  221. The ice cave was skipt!!
  222. Is Brock black?
  223. Bad News for Australia
  224. Why?
  225. Is the show too much of a commercial for the game?
  226. DBZ: Am I the only one???? >_<
  227. Digital
  228. Princess Mononoke: Your opinion
  229. Pokemon Master Quest Episode Review: I Politoed You So!
  230. What's the best episode?
  231. Manga Translations?
  232. Megaman
  233. When did you stop?
  234. A question about Yugioh...
  235. Animatrix animé????
  236. I got info on the new movie and Pokemon Stadium 3
  237. Mewtwo on The Door
  238. DBGT, I'm so confused
  239. Can someone provide me with a list of...
  240. Interesting theory on saiya-jins
  241. Pokemon Goofs
  242. yay for the new episode
  243. DB/Z/GT scripts
  244. Yellow Version and Ash's Pokemon
  245. should misty catch a gyarados?
  246. Jotohto Jorney
  247. So HERE'S how the trio gets their money...
  248. Ash's Father
  249. Johoto Journey 2
  250. Yellow Version and Ash's Pokemon 2