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  1. Rules!! All Read!! (Updated 7-12-03)
  2. ¤PokéWarp!¤ <<begins, lsu's happilly excepted ^_^>>
  3. xanthe sign ups
  4. ¤Digimon: Call of the Spirits¤
  5. The First Villains EVER to OWN A BAR! (SIGN UPS!)
  6. Signups for a new Pokemon RPG! "Trainer's Redemption"
  7. The Haunted~Sign ups
  8. > H a v e n S h o r e s < (Sign up!)
  9. Pallet Quest: A Returning Pokémon RPG! Sign-Up Here
  10. xanthe begins!
  11. The Door to The Light Opens: Return of The Heartless <Limited LSUs!>
  12. Missingno. Glitch: Starts! LSU's are accepted
  13. Spirits Of Vengeance - Rebirth (Signups)
  14. ~*End of the Year RPG Awards - 2002*~ Nomination time!
  15. Mobile Suit Gundam ~ the one year war.
  16. ¤Dragon Ball X: Return of Evil¤ AKA Oh no! Not another DBZ RPG! <<starts! LSUs!>>
  17. Neon Genesis Evangelion: the Neo Angels
  18. Inyuasha:The 10 Elemental Demons(No LSU's..)(Starts!Finally!!)
  19. The 6-Million Dollar Pokéman! - Pokémon Pick n Mix! (sign-ups)
  20. One of Every Pokemon....Starts! LSU's for a short while!
  21. The Shadow Lord (Starts, LSUs excepted with open arms)
  22. ~*Empires are Built on Blood*! BEGINS! LSUs welcome!
  23. When Angels Deserve to Die (sign-ups)
  24. *~*Who you gonna call?*~* - Super Hero RPG! (sign-ups)
  25. Yu-Gi-Oh: Before the Cards >STARTS=LSUs Accepted<
  26. Hostile Earth - Surviving the Terra (Signups)
  27. ~/~X-Pokes: Recreation~\~(SIGN UP NOW!!^^'')
  28. Pokemon: Journey of Planet Suno <><>Sign Ups<><>
  29. Sonic Adventure 3! (Sign-ups)
  30. The Four Sword: Duality (Sign-ups!)
  31. Summer Vacation (sign ups)
  32. Terrible Events - Sign ups - Rated H for Humor
  33. The Story of Redwall Abbey! Based on the book Redwall! Signups!
  34. Vampire Hunter D/Pokemon: ~*The Song of the Nobility*~
  35. Rogue: Survivors in the Unknown {starts} ~MATURE~ LSU's welcome
  36. Digimon: The Dark Digidestained (sign ups)
  37. Pokemon: Journey of Planet Suno~~Starts~~LSU's Always Accepted
  38. Eastenders (sign ups)
  39. Realms of Rainia ¤ Sign-Ups
  40. Wild Spirits, A Card Captor Sakura RPG! Sign-Ups!
  41. The Splintered Looking Glass... (sign-ups)
  42. The AniVerse (sign-ups are HERE and NOW)
  43. The Oracles of Darkness(signups)
  44. *~* $T@R W@R$ *~* Deadly Cargo -sign-a up-skis!
  45. ~*Ashes in the Winds*~ Lord of the Rings... An "after" story. Eh heh heh...
  46. Rebirth of Element's(Sign Ups.)(temp. title.)
  47. Fushigi Yűgi: Byakko Summoning: Starts! LSU's not needed, but accepted.
  48. *~ Dragon Ball RB: Illusions ~* (STARTS! No LSUs!)
  49. Déjŕ Vu ~A Legend of Zelda RPG~ <<starts! No Light LSUs, only Darks>>
  50. The AniVerse
  51. Rebirth of Element's(Starts..No LSU's)
  52. Gundam Wing: Endless waltz
  53. Bubblegum Chaos signups
  54. `*~Yugioh: The Future`*~ (Starts! LSU-May be Accepted...)
  55. what happened to that pokemon rpgs???
  56. Yu Magi: The Dark Portal:Sign ups
  57. PBeM RPG
  58. Making A Band: Sign ups
  59. The Legend of Zelda: Vegenence--sign ups!
  60. Dragon Warrior 8~Sign-ups(With sign-up form this time, okay!)
  61. *~ The Bouncers ~* Hidden Tactics - (Sign uuuuups! ^^)
  62. Getting off of Rinthon (Sign Ups)
  63. ** .Enter//log.tysuka ** (Prepare to enter...)
  64. Megaman Battle Network: Ascendence
  65. Never Ending Dreams~~~Sign ups
  66. ~Escape from the white light (Sign-Ups)~
  67. FF High~A Final Fantasy based RPG~Starts
  68. Never Ending Dreams~~ Starts LSUS accepted
  69. The Dark Digidestained (starts, No LSUs)
  70. Goldeon Sun: The Dark Dijini --Starts, LSU's Accepted--
  71. What Makes a Good RPG?(Mod Approved Discussion and Help topic)
  72. --~Return of Rhita Gawr~-- Signups!
  73. The elemental Digicoms (signups)
  74. The Lord of the Rings: A New Chapter~Sign-ups
  75. Castlevania: Dracula's return
  76. ^*~ Meteor Garden (A FF-style Crossover School RPG - Plot included!) - [Sign-ups!
  77. Wrath of Sebriil~Starts~Sorry, no LSUs
  78. ~*Serenity*~ We start! LSUs welcomed... Crazy people on a ship, yay!
  79. ~-O-~ The Circle Breaks ~-O-~ Sign-ups!
  80. Yu-Gi-Oh: Monstropolis
  81. Shades of Eternity (Starts! LSU's welcome)
  82. The Elemental Digicooms, STARTS. No lsus....
  83. Digimon: Inevitable Doom (Sign ups!)
  84. Academy of Fighting and Magic
  85. Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire RPG
  86. PokeQuest: Next Generation(sign-ups!!!)
  87. Worlds of Darkness(Crossover Rpg) Signups.
  88. Holy Darkness: The Legendary Weapons ( LSU's aren't welcome... sry) STARTS!!!!
  89. Spirits of Houen: Groudon vs Kyogre! (sign-ups!)
  90. ~-~Pokémon Trainer RPG~-~ LSUs welcome!
  91. *~ The Hallowed Presences ~* (Sure to be GREAT! 'M' for mature! ^^)
  92. Modern Fighter: Tears for the Future
  93. In Darkness It Hides 2~The Past Forgotten~Starts! LSUs Accepted
  94. ~*`Legend of Zelda: The 9 Swords`*~
  95. _.~*Legend of Zelda: Destiny Beneath the Waves*~._ Sign-ups!
  96. Pokemon vs Digimon: World's Fate(sign-ups....)
  97. ~*The Singers of Echorium*~ - Sign Ups!
  98. Engineered Destruction - Begins
  99. Pokemon RPG-Tryouts(No Title Yet)
  100. Team Rocket's Revival-Tryouts
  101. */*TheEternalDuelist*\*Sign ups
  102. TimeZero: The time traveling RPG (Sign ups!)
  103. Invaders (sign ups)
  104. Pokémon RP
  105. Zanatos Academy-STARTS-LSUS accepted
  106. Children of the Earth~Sign Ups!
  107. Seiruun School of Sorcery - Signups!
  108. Final Fantasy - Spirits of the Forgotten Monsters - The Reincarnation of a Sorceress
  109. The Weapons of Light-Signups
  110. Pokemon: The Legends-Limited LSUs
  111. Pokemon RPG: R/S
  112. Digital Adventure: Hybrids (STARTS) no LSUs
  113. Metal Gear Solid~The Liberty Alliance |~~|Sign Ups|~~|
  114. Children of the Earth~ STARTS! LSUs Welcome!
  115. _.~*Legend of Zelda: Destiny Beneath the Waves*~._
  116. FF - Spirits of the Forgotten Monsters - The Reincarnation of a Sorceress - STARTS!
  117. Seiruun School of Sorcery - Starts! (No LSUs!!)
  118. Bringing back an old favorite - Pokémon University - Signups!
  119. The Good, The Bad, and the High-Tech - A Space Wild West-Style RPG World - BEGINS!
  120. Hogwarts: A fight against Evil - STARTS!!! LSUs welcome!
  121. Legend of Zelda ~ Warrior Eternal [SIGN UPS]
  122. That's Just the Way It Is: STARTS! ONE LSU LEFT!
  123. Digimon Tamers:Biggest Dreamer(Starts. 1 LSU open)
  124. The Legend of Zelda; The Past Forgotten (SIGN UPS!)
  125. Dawn and Dusk (A pokemon rpg) Sign-ups
  126. *~-Spirit Detective High-~* a YYH School RPG
  127. Human vs Latins~The ultimate struggle for survival~start~LSUs needed
  128. Misty Mountain Wolf Pack~ Sign ups.
  129. Visitors (Sign Ups)
  130. Pokémon University - Starts - LSUs Accepted
  131. *~*Middle Earth*~* - The Blacksmith's Legacy
  132. Book of Ages ~ Sign Ups
  133. ~Ranma 1/2:Cursed Springs.(Sign ups)
  134. ~*~Digimon: The Elemental Lights~*~(sign-ups)
  135. Dawn and Dusk Starts! LSUs Always Welcome
  136. ~:~Final Fantasy: Heroes Incarnate~:~ Sign-ups!
  137. Jedi Duels:sign ups
  138. The Legacy of Dragoon ~*~Heart of a Dragon~*~
  139. The Search For The Regi's RPG
  140. Book of Ages- Starts
  141. Life on the outside~Crime RPG~Sign ups
  142. -=-Deathgame: The Original-=-
  143. ~*~{Pokemon: Puzzle of the Unknown}~*~(sign-ups)
  144. The Legend of Zelda; The Past Forgotten (STARTS!)
  145. ~*Dragon Warrior Monsters: The Treasures~*~
  146. Kingdom Pokemasters
  147. Re-Evolution X: The War for Power ~ A X-Men RPG (SIGN-UPS!!!)
  148. Yugi-oh: Ethreal Polimerization ((l))SIGN-UPS((l))
  149. The Days of Darkness (Sign Ups)
  150. Darkness Returns~ A Yu Gi Oh! RPG~ Sign ups
  151. Kingdom Pokemasters (STARTS!! LSUs accepted)
  152. Re-incarnation (Sign-ups)
  153. ~{Kingdom Hearts: The Eight Blades of Night}~(sign-ups)
  154. ~*-Yu Yu Hakusho: The Dark Tournament-*~
  155. Re-Evolution X: The War for Power ~ An X-Men RPG (STARTS!!! LSUs Welcome!)
  156. ~:~:~:~:~Stray dog pack Sign Ups~:~:~:~:~
  157. Days of Darkness
  158. Life by the Blade (Kenshin inspired) ~~ Sign ups
  159. ~:~Final Fantasy: Heroes Incarnate~:~
  160. */KingDom Water*\|Sign Ups|
  161. ~*~The Blades of Darkness~*~(Signups)
  162. ~*-Yu Yu Hakusho: The Dark Tournament-*~ STARTS No LSUs
  163. Coup d’Legendary Signups!!!
  164. Time Shift (A Pokemon RPG) - Sign Ups!
  165. Darkness Returns~Starts! No Millenium LSUs
  166. Time Shift (A Pokemon RPG) - Starts! (LSUs accepted!)
  167. Robotica 3010AD Sign Ups FINALLY!!
  168. The Surge: Powerplay(sign-ups)
  169. To Hell and Back (sign ups)
  170. Coup d’Legendary Starts!!! (LSU's Accepted)
  171. -Pokemon: The Elements of Hell-(sign-ups)
  172. The Surge: Powerplay(Starts! LSU's accepted.)
  173. -Pokemon: The Elements of Hell- (starts! LSUs accepted)
  174. /*KingDom Water*\ /*Starts*\
  175. LoZ: Seeds of the Future [Sign ups]
  176. ~:~:~:~:~Stray dog pack Starts(newcomers welcome)~:~:~:~:~
  177. **The Crystals of Life*** (Sign ups)
  178. To Hell And Back (STARTS LSUs accepted)
  179. ->(-The Legend of Zelda: Search for the Chaos Shards-)<- Sign-ups!
  180. *Digimon~The Spirits of Hope* (sign-ups)
  181. Survivor~sign ups
  182. The DoorWay to the Gods~ Sign ups
  183. LoZ: Seeds of the Future (Starts)(LSU's)
  184. Vocation Hogwarts?!?!: Time to start!LSU's accepted
  185. My Journey Begins
  186. For The Good of the People - Inu Yasha inspired - Signups
  187. My Pokemon
  188. The Legacy of Dragoon ~*~Heart of a Dragon~*~ S - T - A - R - T - S (no LSUs)
  189. *Digimon~The Spirits of Hope* (STARTS! 2 LSUs needed!)
  190. ->(-The Legend of Zelda: Search for the Chaos Shards-)<- Starts! LSUs accepted!
  191. Castlevania: Legacy of the Accursed Soul (sign-ups)
  192. The DoorWay to the Gods **begins**
  193. *~ WINTER: The Confrontation ~* (Sign ups! You've been ask'n for it...so here it is!)
  194. Pokemon: Life on the Wild Side(sign-ups)
  195. Life By the Blade~~ Starts (LSUS always welcome)
  196. (~(~(~Ragnrok: The Battle of the Heavens ~)~)~) Sign ups!
  197. For The Good of the People *Starts* (LSUs accepted)
  198. ~|>|*Legends of Nature*|<|~ Sign-ups!
  199. ~Digimon:Spectral*Sign-ups*~
  200. ALIEN: (mature): Sign ups
  201. ~|>|*Legends of Nature*|<|~ Starts! No more LSUs, sorry...
  202. Return to Rainia ¤ Sign-Ups
  203. Eeveelution: DNA Screwups()Sign-ups!()
  204. ~*Digimon:Spectral*~(No LSU's)~
  205. Pokemon Table Top Rpg
  206. The pokemasters forums: The Purge (Signups)
  207. Eeveelution: DNA Blunders BEGINS!(New Name) LSU reserved for Kuro!
  208. Children of the moon: Sign ups!!
  209. Monster Rancher: Battle for Age Island (Sign ups)
  210. The Super Duper Super Hero RPG
  211. the Pokemasters Forums: the Purge(starts) (LSUs MIGHT be accepted, PM me your signup)
  212. Moonflow Acadamy (Harry Potter/X-man/Pokemon) Signups!
  213. .~*`Evolution`*~. Sign-ups!
  214. *~ Winter: The Confrontation ~* (Starts! No LSUs!)
  215. The Space Pirates RPG(Sign-ups)
  216. Of Music and Blood~ Sign Ups!
  217. Medievil Pokemon adventures.
  218. ~^~.hack//ABERRATION~^~ Begins!!!
  219. FF Academy~Sign ups
  220. .~*`Evolution`*~. Starts! LSU reserved for DB.
  221. Of Music and Blood~ PG-13 to Mature!~Let the bloodshed begin!
  222. The Medievil Pokemon adventures begin.
  223. Elemental Thievery: sign ups!
  224. YuYu Hakusho: The Return of Toguro
  225. FF Academy~Starts~LSUs needed
  226. ~^`The Space Pirates`^~(Sign-Ups)
  227. Shuper Heros... haha.. sure [SIGN-UPS]
  228. Evil Never Dies - Seiruun School of Sorcery sequel - Signups
  229. Armored Core 2: Raven Squad
  230. Megaman Battle Network: The Mightiest Navi (sign ups)
  231. A Fishy Tale Sign ups!
  232. The End of Team Rocket?~Sign ups
  233. *Shadows of the Night: Return of Chaos* (sign-ups)
  234. Super Heros.. haha... sure [STARTS][LSUs]
  235. Those of Dark Origins
  236. ~Experiment Canine/Feline~(Sign ups)
  237. The End Of Team Rocket?~STARTS~LSUs needed for trainers and rocket grunts/executives
  238. Elemental Thievery: Starts! LSUs accepted!
  239. YuYu Hakusho: Return of Toguro Begins! LSU desprately needed
  240. ~`*=The Spirits Within=*`~ Sign-ups!
  241. ~{Silver Moon Academy: Darkened Shadows}~ (sign-ups)
  242. It's Our Party : A Horror/Fantasy RP (Sign-ups)
  243. Better Than the Best - Pokémon University sequel - Sign ups
  244. Moonflow Acadamy
  245. *~Training Ground~* *Sign ups!*
  246. *~* The Normals: Resurgence *~* [Signups]
  247. </It's Our Party\> Starts! Only Demon LSUs allowed!
  248. The Demention tournament Sign-Ups(Just look at this for a second;Many Anime included)
  249. Megaman Battle Network: The ightiest Navi (STARTS! LSUs welcome)
  250. Operation: H.Y.D.E. - Changing the face of the Youth...