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  1. need ideas for a fic similar to Raikou:Legends of Thunder
  2. need names
  3. need help on names for Jon:Idol Quest
  4. Opinions needed for a fanfic idea
  5. 1st Attempt @ Writing FanFics... Help Needed and Appreciated...
  6. I'm Looking For... (not a fic)
  7. Poll: I gots this new idea...
  8. Wht do you think of this Crossover idea
  9. ~*~Fanfic Summaries~*~
  10. Trainer Fiction
  11. Crossover chapters: are they good in fic?
  12. Help With A Title
  13. I need help with a fanfic I am going to make...
  14. Ummm... have any of you ever felt this way when you write a fanfic?
  15. Should I do this fic
  16. which is better for a fic, sequel or spin off?
  17. How often?
  18. Star's End, a new story that needs some wrinkles ironed out...
  19. Galaxy War X?
  20. How to deal with writer's block, laziness, etc
  21. How does this fic idea sound?
  22. Question from a fic n00b
  23. Bow Before Your New Master!
  24. Looking for A Fic!
  25. The first ever psyduck awards (not just for Pokemon fics)
  26. What I gotta do...
  27. What do people want to see in a Pokemon Fanfiction?
  28. Need more names
  29. Do you give your Pokemon genders in your fanfic?
  30. Fanfic Theme Month Sig Contest!
  31. Fanfic Theme Month Chain Story
  32. Fanfic Theme Month Writing Contest
  33. Mmmm..... violence.....
  34. Animé or Reality?
  35. Has this ever happened to you?
  36. I'm discouraged as an aurthor. Is anyone even reading...?
  37. On how many forums do you write your fanfics?
  38. Shouldn't there be a rule against this?
  39. Pokemon Fanfic *Preview* (Need opinions)
  40. Faith new idea
  41. What makes a good plot twist?
  42. Well...here I am,back again! (Or maybe not so)
  43. Revising old stories
  44. This one? no.... this one! no.... this one!
  45. A small writing request
  46. Fanfictionist wanted: A new and exciting Project
  47. Fic ships!
  48. Writer's Discouragement
  49. Writers by Gender
  50. Ttfchabkat!!!
  51. About my fic, I really really need ur opinion
  52. Forgive me for the following statement.
  53. Where did you get your ideas for your fanfic?
  54. I have a few questions
  55. Weepingbell's Pokemon Fanfic??
  56. Mod Contest CHALLENGES!
  57. When fanfics effect readers emotionally...
  58. Good sites for publishing stories?
  59. Fic writer's dilenma....
  60. I need help with my fic
  61. Fic advertisment
  62. I suffer from every fic writer's worst nightmare...
  63. Mist's Elimination Station
  64. I would like your opinion...
  65. Made-up Pokemon in your fic?
  66. Overused Pokémon
  67. Serious answers needed here...
  68. Help!!
  69. What's Your Inspiration?
  70. A question to Fic Writer Community of TPM
  71. Chapters in your fics?
  72. Need Pokemon for My Fic!
  73. Hi....I live in........uh.......where did I live again?
  74. A good book always involves the reader in the story
  75. Conflict
  76. Are Fanfictions original any more?
  77. i need an angle.
  78. To the Readers.
  79. Fan Fic editer
  80. Broken ideas for Broken Glass....
  81. Should I?
  82. Are you looking for new fics, or just reading your old ones
  83. How do you picture stories in your head?
  84. Name the Awards!!!
  85. Attention! To All Fanficcers!
  86. Initiative
  87. Love or hate?
  88. The Fanfic Awards Naming Topic #2
  89. Starting a fic. Your thoughts?
  90. In what other genres do you write fiction? (non-pokemon)
  91. The MistySakura Congrats Thread.
  92. A rant about Eevee and 'eon overuse.
  93. Long term writer's block is starting to drive me insane...
  94. Getting ideas from someone else?
  95. Voice cast for your characters...
  96. The (un)Offical Thread title topic! Ask others for title suggestions!
  97. A quick n00bish question.
  98. How would you rate this?
  99. YOUR favourite character in YOUR Fanfics
  100. Copycat!
  101. Aspects of Fanfics that turns you off...
  102. The Golden Pens Voting Method Suggestion Topic - click on me, click on me!
  103. Gore?
  104. Looking for suggestions for a fairly short humor fic that involves the return of....
  105. Fanfic Banners Here
  106. Congrats to Andy!
  107. Yu-Gi-Oh! The Next Generation [Remix]
  108. The Fanfic Summaries Thread!
  109. Good length?
  110. Description: Overrated?
  111. Qustions
  112. Apology
  113. Degrassi: The Next Generation
  114. Fanfiction Thought: The Circle of Life!
  115. The unofficial official "Should I bring back/post _____?" topic!
  116. How do I get people to read my fic?
  117. X-Men Evolution Idea
  118. Can someone link me to a map of hoenn
  119. Easiest perspective?
  120. Hey, what the...?
  121. The Fanfic Reviewer Organization?
  122. Later y'all.
  123. Plagiarism.
  124. Calling all lost authors
  125. Want a fic? Come and get it!
  126. names...???
  127. Attack of the Merger!
  128. Co-Writing
  129. Calling all critics! *ANNOUNCEMENT*
  130. Who writes poetry??
  131. Yu-Gi-Oh! Curse of the Cards
  132. Wont' be posting in Fanfic anymore
  133. Well... this is interesting
  134. Your Fanfics: The Cast
  135. Help writing a Fic
  136. Fanfic Auditions
  137. Oh, you have GOT to be kidding me...
  138. The Fic That Refuses To Be Written
  139. The NEED to Write?
  140. X-Men United
  141. A dip in theforum?
  142. Xiaolin Showdown
  143. Help with Kaya
  144. Newsflash!
  145. R.I.P Fanfic?
  146. Look, I started a topic!
  147. It's Coming...
  148. Coming to a Forum near you...
  149. "FFF E-zine", Opinions?
  150. Why did I do what I did?
  151. Why am I the only one who thinks this...?
  152. Digimon: The College Years CoWrite
  153. Fanfic trivia
  154. Needed: Someone smart.
  155. Congratulations to our newest moderator!
  156. An idea I had ...
  157. To use, or not to use
  158. Poll Of The Week! Week Beginning 18/7/04
  159. Yu-Gi-Oh Junior: Episode Three, Trailer
  160. How cosmopoliton is TPM?
  161. Poll of the week! Week beginning 1st Aug
  162. August E-zine
  163. A Quick Question
  164. What makes a good fanfic?
  165. The Importance of Grammar and Spelling
  166. Discussion: The End of an Era?
  167. Poll of the week - week beginning 8th August
  168. Will You Be Participating?
  169. A Question About food in a fanfic
  170. TWL Awareness
  171. Favorite NonTPM Writers and Books
  172. DISCUSSION of the Week!?! Week beginni- oh, forget it...
  173. DISCUSSION of the week!??!?!!?!! ....
  174. That's so fake!
  175. Fan Forum E-zine: September I
  176. The very late Silver Pencils awards discussion
  177. What to do?
  178. Things we can do to help the board
  179. Hey n00b! Pidgey can't learn Extreme Speed!
  180. Real World animals alongside Pokemon
  181. Any Objections?
  182. Just thought I'd share my news...
  183. Teh MisAdventures of Hiro!
  184. Fanfic Contest
  185. What's with all the....
  186. Beware I Live
  187. Silver Pencils VOTING topic
  188. Preview: The Last Trainer
  189. Fan Fiction help please
  190. Fanfic suggestion/approval/postcount++ topic
  191. Fan Fic Forum E-Zine December 1
  192. Great Fanfic Thread!
  193. Old link?
  194. the Legend of Blank Myn: Pokémon Trainer
  195. Ante up bitches, RD's back!
  196. NaNoWriMo?
  197. Shiny new Smiley Town *bling*
  198. Before Writing ...?
  199. Yes, I know, I suck.
  200. Preview ~ Sooner or Later
  201. TPM's back... so...
  202. ...And when I say the magic words, the thread will disappear!
  203. The Official Searching for a Fic thread
  204. Preview: World's Most Wanted
  205. The Fanfic Trivia Game v.2
  206. Is anyone else having problems with this?
  207. Preview-Untitled
  208. The Fan Fic Summaries Thread
  209. Anyone interested in taking over a quest story?
  210. Preview - (still needs a name)
  211. Away/Back Topic (Revived)
  212. Feedback: New fic idea?
  213. Fic idea... Feedback is appreciated!
  214. Geddon Seven (Futuristic Fantasy Idea -- Requesting Feedback)
  215. Should I repost my fanfic here?
  216. This is a very minor point, but...
  217. Are reposts allowed?
  218. Reviewers Beware! *ANNOUNCEMENT*
  219. Congrats to mr_pikachu!
  220. A few Questions
  221. How do you review?
  222. Idea for a Fan Fic
  223. Reminder for Reviewers!
  224. Characters
  225. merry christmas guys!!!
  226. Discussion: The Perfect Hero?
  227. Writing pet peeves
  228. Rating system - help?
  229. Preview: The Academy (Still taking applications!!)
  230. Preview - Yu-Gi-Oh: Tilting the Balance
  231. Preview: "Pokemon: The I Syndicate"
  232. The 2006 Silver Pencil Awards - Suggestion Topic!
  233. The 2006 Silver Pencil Awards - Voting Complete!
  234. The 2006 Silver Pencil Awards - RESULTS!
  235. Preview: A Dark Legacy
  236. Attention all Yu-Gi-Oh! Authors!
  237. *PROD*
  238. Fanfic Reviewer Organisation - General Topic!
  239. Fanfic Reviewer Organisation - Review Topic!
  240. Preview: The Dual Shadows of Time
  241. Damn, I'm back again
  242. Magic: TG Fan Fic
  243. what can tpm stand for??
  244. Some Help Needed...
  246. Preview: Yu-Gi-Oh! The Shadow Prince
  247. Cold Steel ~ Preview
  248. Kingdom Heartless Preview
  249. Being Human ~Preview~
  250. Throw Things at Phoenixsong Because She's a Lazy Bum!