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  1. The official **SPOILER** and rumor tower (ALL future events listed!)
  2. Characters You'd Like to See in Hoso
  3. I thought you guys might like this
  4. exactly WHY is Misty leaving?
  5. Next Up In Japan: Samehadda *Spoilers*
  6. A Strange Friend With a Nicknamed Pikachu Returns **SPOILERS**
  7. Two new Japanese titles (including the long awaited episode 300!)*SPOILERS*
  8. Regarding Dewford Gym..... *Spoilers*
  9. Some News About Movie 6
  10. Info about Sakura, Misty, and Brock! Contains **Spoilers**
  11. Team Rockets Pokémon
  12. what happens in the last episode?
  13. Preview AG 22, 23 and 24 **SPOILERS**
  14. Do you think that 4Kids should dub the Hoso's Specials
  15. Brandon in the anime
  16. Huh?
  17. Ash's Newest Acquisition
  18. may wurmple evolution is in run ash cross the carvanha river and
  19. Advance Generation Episode #24: Run Ash! Cross the Carvanha River!
  20. Shuukan Pokemon Houso (about Hoso serie +pics)
  21. Rumors about OLM studio...
  22. Wurmple Evolution
  23. Advance Generation Episode #25: The Secret Pond! Full of Mudkip!
  24. Tean magma and team Aqua pokemon
  25. For those who saw "Outragous Fortrunes"
  26. New Japanese title... with an important event!
  27. advance generation
  28. New movie 6 trailer!!
  29. May's Little Bro = Scrappy Doo
  30. Advance Generation Episode #26: Attack of the Nuzleaf Family!
  31. Brock's Second Aquisition
  32. jessie with a loudred
  33. pkemon that brock would give his brother jiroo
  34. Bye bye Master Quest!
  35. hmmm
  36. Brock's parents
  37. Fill in the empty spots for Ash and Co. teams
  38. Pokémon Heroes
  39. Three more new AG titles... :D
  40. Advance Generation Episode #27: Team Magma VS Team Aqua: Secret Base Battle!
  41. Episode Titles?
  42. poliwag
  43. Ash's Egg?
  44. Next On In Japan: Advance Generation Episode #28: Beautifly and Dustox!
  45. A foreshadowing in "Around the Whirlpool"?
  46. New Hoso Special
  47. Haruka and Masato?
  48. did ash geta message?
  49. What AG Pokemon will be the first to leave?
  50. Next On In Japan: Advance Generation Episode #29: Sableye the Starling!
  51. I bring you a couple more AG titles
  52. Think they'll give May and Masato a last name?
  53. from lilycove to pacifidlog ash with 2 water types?
  54. A Bit Late, But I Never Confirmed It, So....
  55. Confirmed about Sableye... (FYI)
  56. Jessies Likitung?
  57. what pokemon will evolve from ash, may and brock
  58. what AG pokemon can you see misty have if she came back
  59. Advanced Generation Episode #30: Meditite and the Battle Girl! In a Storm!
  60. Hey, guys, is it my imagination, or...
  61. Advance Generation Episode #31: Dewford Gym Rematch! Surfing Battlefiled!
  62. Hoso episodes
  63. Dub Names
  64. Episode titles of AG 34, 35 and 36
  65. AG 32 small preview
  66. AG/Hoso Episode summary request thread (We're back!)
  67. Which Follower?
  68. The Rematch with Brawly! *Thank you, Otaku Shigeru*
  69. Advance Generation Episode #32: The Abandoned Ship! The Creeping Shadow!
  70. In AG, do we see deposited Pokemon when Ash calls Oak?
  71. Screen Captures from eps 269 (A girl fall for Ash, Misty are very mad) League Pri
  72. AG and Hoso Episode Guides at SPP
  73. May's first Pokemon Contest!
  74. Advance Generation Episode #33: A Rival for May! Tough Pokemon Contest!
  75. New AG title!
  76. Evolution! *HOT NEWS*
  77. Question on Master Quest
  78. Advance Generation Episode #34: The Great Panic With The First Pokémon!!
  79. Is Ho-oh a Stalker?*SPOILERS*
  80. Ash and May's First Battle! NEWS
  81. New Special Spoilers!
  82. Just thought of something
  83. UnNamed Sakura Special?! **MAJOR SPOILERS**
  84. Other Gym leaders Pokemon:
  85. Today's episode in Japan.... event heaven
  86. Sad news...
  87. Pokemon Advance Generation Episode #35: May! The First Pokemon Contest Challenge!
  88. Masato and Training!
  89. 7th Movie Confirmed! *NEWS!*
  90. Do The Impossible**POSSIBLE SPOILERS**
  91. How Many Episodes left for Ash to have Treeko?
  92. Hulp! General question **Not a spoiler**
  93. Togetic
  94. Three more new AG titles, and these look GOOD!
  95. Furret's episodes
  96. May! First Pokemon Contest Challenge! Synopsis
  97. Pokemon Advance Generation Episode #36: Protect the Ocean Museum! Attack of Team Magma!
  98. Another 2 New Japanese Episode Titles
  99. question on master quest(hope this is where it goes)
  100. Theory of Evolution
  101. Pokemon Advance Generation Episode #37: Beauty And The Beast!? Shiftry And Nurse Joy!
  102. Advance 38 - Plusle and Minun! The Mountain Lighthouse! (Preview)
  103. Good things await in episodes 317 and 318
  104. A New Misty Special! AN ACTUAL ONE!
  105. AG 41 Changed Title! Episode Previews AG 39, 40 and 41!
  106. Pokemon Advance Generation Episode #39: Sing! Pokémon Trick Mansion!
  107. Please Prove My Brother Wrong
  108. Masato's English Name
  109. Rayquaza & Ho-oh
  110. GROUNDBREAKING AG titles (at least one is, for some fans)
  111. *sniff sniff* How touching
  112. Sing! Pokemon Trick House!
  113. When Misty comes back....
  114. I haven't watched Pokemon in a while....
  115. Pokemon Advanced Episode #317: Treecko's New Technique! Watmel Field's Bullet Seed
  116. 2 ships from the new Misty special (spoilers)
  117. Treecko's New Technique! Watermelon Field Bullet Seed! Synopsis
  118. Two New Japanese AG Titles
  119. New Opening Theme for AG
  120. Preview of AG 44-45 (Togepi!!!!)
  121. New Japanese Episode(AG47)
  122. AG gone Johto! DUH DUH DUH!(When Fillers attack!)
  123. Madame Kojiro's Prediction Thread.
  124. How???How do u get to Johto in Ruby and Sapphire?
  125. Another New Dub Title
  126. YET Another New Special...This one gets my excited
  127. AG 44 Pics! Misty's new OUTFIT! EXCLUSIVE Pics!
  128. *SPOILER* Johto's near or last episode has Blaziken in it!
  129. Misty Enters! Togepi And The Kindom Of Illusion!! (PREVIEW!)
  130. Fly Bagon!
  131. Brand New Dub Title
  132. Advance Generation Episode #320: Enter Misty! Togepi and the Kingdom of Illusions!
  133. A guide to some secrets behind the Japanese character's names and dubbed names
  134. New Hoso Title S15
  135. confermed Togipii evolves
  136. :: Question about Misty’s return ::
  137. Ash = Slow Traveler
  138. Advance Generation Episode #321: Toward the Illusions! Togepi's Paradise!
  139. Returning Character in next week's Special
  140. Masato's English name...
  141. what happens in the episode after this one?
  142. AG 45! Shocking News!
  143. Winstrate Family! 4 vs 4!
  144. :: Pokemon loss audience? ::
  145. New Ep Title: AG 50
  146. Winstrate Family! 4 VS 4! Synopsis
  147. Special 15: Pallet Town! The Setting off of the Pokemon Trainer!
  148. .:: Question about Special Hoso ::.
  149. Top 10 Episodes of All Time (No Banned Ones)
  150. Surskit eppy preview and discussion
  151. Pokemon Anime FAQ
  152. Three New Japanese Pokémon AG Episode Titles
  153. Pokemon Advanced (Advanced Generation) English Opening
  154. Name of a BGM Song.
  155. Episode Synopsis: 323: Skitty and Aromatherapy!
  156. New Intro.... CONFIRMED this time.
  157. Episode synopsis: 324: Zangoose VS Seviper! Rival Confrontation!
  158. You Can Never Taillow
  159. A Poached Ego!
  160. PA 9 and 10 Dub Titles
  161. Guess the dub names!
  162. Advance Generation - Episode Reveiws!
  163. Mama has arrived!
  164. Pokemon Contest! Fallarbor Convention! Synopsis
  165. Episode Mini-summaries and info! AG51-54
  166. Fallarbor Contest Spoilers
  167. Corphish and Mudkip, hated?! Surskit episode questions.
  168. Bashou and Buson
  169. Advanced Generation Episode #51: Plusle and Minun! The Cheering Path!
  170. New Ending.
  171. Advanced Generation Episode #53: Skitty and Assist! Meadow of Numel
  172. A bit of unfortunate news...
  173. Question regarding "Skitty and assist! Numel's Pasture!"
  174. spoiler from planet kaboom
  175. 5 More days!
  176. AG Episode #54: Team Magma VS Team Aqua, Again! Battle on Mt. Chimney!
  177. Movie 7 Official Site Opened -Rayquaza!!!!!
  178. Movie name
  179. New Episode Title: Ep 334/AG59
  180. Time for some Flannery spoilers!
  181. New dub title, airing 3rd January (MY BIRTHDAY!) 2004 in US
  182. How about this for an idea re: Ash's future Fire type?
  183. chibi-Giovanni?
  184. Just thought of Something.
  185. AG 57 and 58 Mini summaries! Possible hint...
  186. No new ep on New Years Day
  187. Brendan in the Anime!
  188. Episode synopsis: 331: Enter Flannery, the New Gym Leader! The Battlefield of Holes!
  189. Three New AG titles...
  190. AG Episode #57: Lots of Spinda! Search for Happiness Beyond a Mountain!
  191. Torkoal/Steelix epi preview.
  192. 2 new Dub Titles
  193. Would someone answer this for me once and for all?
  194. Lots of Spinda! Search for Happiness Beyond the Mountain!
  195. Capture: Confirmed.
  196. Manectric ep preview.
  197. Post Hoenn?
  198. Pokemon 4 VS Pokemon 6 the similarities.
  199. New episode title, AG62...
  200. AG mini-summaries, 59-62...
  201. Breaking through the Steel Valley! Torkoal VS Steelix! Summary
  202. Return to Mauville Gym! VS Manectric! (Summary)
  203. New Dub Title
  204. Spoilers about Skitty, Verdanturf, and today's ep!
  205. Three new AG titles
  206. Skitty and Delcatty! Enter the Lengendary Coordinator! (Summary)
  207. Phantom Masked Coordinator ep preview.
  208. New Special Moves
  209. 337(AG61): Enter the Phantom Masked Coordinator! Summary.
  210. Lombre and Solrock epi preview + MAJOR SPOILER!
  211. Smile (Type B)
  212. New AG66 title! Possible big news..
  213. Orre's Team Shadow & Snatch
  214. Swablue ep preview.
  215. New movie 7 Corocoro info!
  216. New AG opening.... FOR SURE THIS TIME.
  217. anyone have the translated lyrics to the current AG opening?
  218. Gulpin ep preview (and a bit of the Grovyle one).... and it looks VERY strange.
  219. 3 new episode titles, and NEW SPECIAL!
  220. Evolution News!
  221. 341/AG65: The Great Gulpin-Extermination Strategy! Summary
  222. Prewiev For 'Critical Situation! Exploud VS Grovyle!'
  223. Insert Songs
  224. 5 New AG dub titles.
  225. EP. #343 Dancing Battle! Ludicolo! (no lombre evo.)
  226. Guide: 342/AG66: Critical Situation! Exploud VS Grovyle!
  227. Pokemon2004.jp --- UPDATED!!!
  228. Future Pokemon!
  229. Sixth Movie Special Pictures
  230. Episode titles for AG 70 and 71
  231. Pokemon Researcher Gary and the revived Aerodactyl! A few spoilers from the text/pic.
  232. AG 68: Papa is an Idol! The False Gym Leader
  233. AG 68-71 info!
  234. Hoso
  235. ep. #345 Petalburg City Gym! Family Crisis!
  236. Three new AG titles, possible old friend returning..
  237. AG 67: Dancing Battle! Ludicolo! [Summary]
  238. Ep. #346 Petalburg Gym Battle! Five Badges!
  239. [Summary] 344: Papa is an Idol! Fake Gym Leader!?
  240. Love
  241. New OP Spoilers
  242. Battle for the Balance Badge *Spoilers*
  243. Ep. # 347 Professor Oak and Professor Birch! Secret Base Battle!
  244. Hidden Power, eh?
  245. AG 75 title
  246. EP. # 348 Tag Battle! Ash vs. May!
  247. Episode 347 (AG 071) Spoilers
  248. Hoso 13: Gary the Pokemon Researcher and the revival of Aerodactyl! (Summary)
  249. Featured Pokemon list
  250. Tag battle + Spoilers.