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  1. Vs. Silencer, Ref:BW
  2. Battle Royale! Dark Sage vs. Green Lanturn (ref needed)
  3. Open Challenge - NOT for the faint of heart!
  4. Bison Woes VS DarkestLight (Ref: Saffire Persian)
  5. Melee Battle =)
  6. Dark Dragonite Vs. aragornbird Gym Battle!!(Ref Ace64)
  7. Cage match vs MH (Ref River)
  8. ANDREWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Ace64 vs. Charles Legend! Ref: HIAGT
  10. MLG vs. Andrew (Ref:Mega Horny)
  11. Rematch of the year! Blademaster VS. Ace64! (Ref: darktyranitar)
  12. Wrestling match against DL (Ref darktyranitar)
  13. Open Challenge (ref needed)
  14. Double Bug Battle:Weasel Overlord vs. Green Lanturn(ref:needed)
  15. I challenge Dan for a Gymbattle! (Ref: Blademaster)
  16. Chris 2.0 VS Ace 64: Ref needed
  17. I Challenge a Gym! Any Gym! (ref needed too)
  18. open challange(ref needed)
  19. conspiracy vs aragornbird (Ref: Saffire Persian)
  20. Happy Hoppip & MegaMewtwo VS. Dragonis & Mike Mysterio! Ref Green Lanturn
  21. [TTT] Crystal Tears VS Dark Dragonite: Ref HIAGT
  22. [TTT] SaffirePersian VS HIAGT (Ref: MeLoveGhosts)
  23. frylock vs. Megahorny! (ref needed.)
  24. vs Houndoom_Lover (ref needed)
  25. vs frylock (ref needed)
  26. conspiracy vs Saffire Persian (Ref: Weasel O)
  27. classy_cat18 vs. darktyranitar (Ref: Ace64)
  28. open battle
  29. Ghostly Battle
  30. frylock vs. c0n5p1r4cy (ref: Green Lanturn)
  31. Silencer vs Frylock (ref: Elec Man EXE)
  32. -~*River VS Elec Man EXE {Ref: Saffire Persain}*~-
  33. ~*River VS Weasel Overlord {Ref: Saffire Persian}*~
  34. Dark Dragonite Vs. River (Ref: Needed)
  35. Challenge for Houndoom_Lover... (Ref needed)
  36. Wolfsong Vs. Metallixs Girl (Ref: Elec Man EXE)
  37. Green Lanturn vs. Saffire Persian (Ref:Needed)
  38. HiaGT vs Blademaster, ref: Tsuki Megami
  39. ASB Grand Festival: Round III
  40. Crystal Tears vs Spike [Ref: Elec Man EXE]
  41. September Contest! Final Up!
  42. Ultimate Charizard Vs Frylock (Ref: Crystal Tears)
  43. HiaGT vs Crystal Tears, ref: darktyranitar
  44. Gym Battle: Silencer vs Chris 2.0 REF NEEDED
  45. Charles Legend Vs Crystal Tears (Ref: River)
  46. I Challenge Chris 2.0 to a Gym Battle!
  47. NIGHTMARE: Tag Team Challenge! Opponents needed! REF: Please???
  48. Andrew vs Chris 2.0 -> Ref: Negrek
  49. Shadow Djinn vs. Crystal Tears (ref needed)
  50. KT Vs Shadow DJinn ( Need Ref Also)
  51. I challenge Elec Man!
  52. Ursaring17 vs. Spike [Ref- Silencer]
  53. Musical Rematch, Charles Legend Vs Chris R. Ref:???
  54. Blademaster VS. Andrew! Insanity battle!!! (Ref: frylock)
  55. I challenge anyone! [GHPF arena]
  56. Ultimate Charizard Vs Crystal Tears (Ref: Razor Leaf)
  57. October Contest: Final up!
  58. [GF] Round 4! Elec Man VS River
  59. [GF] Round 4! Chris 2.0 VS Aragornbird
  60. DarkTemplarZero vs. Kevvaelli, Ref: Metallixs Girl
  61. Hypotenuse Man: You are invited to "The Monopoly Melee"
  62. Silencer vs DTZ (ref:Ursaring17 Sub: MLG)
  63. frylock vs. Killer Tai! (ref needed.)
  64. Abilities Discussion
  65. Open Challange
  66. frylock vs. Dragonis (ref: c0n5p1r4cy)
  67. Silencer Vs TML (ref Blademaster)
  68. Wolfsong Vs. Charles Legend (Ref frylock)
  69. Wurz vs. Spike [Ref: DarkTyranitar]
  70. DarkTemplarZero vs. Frylock (Ref: needed)
  71. Kevvaelli vs Wolfsong, ref Elec Man
  72. DarkTemplarZero vs Negrek (Ref needed)
  73. 1on1ON1 (ref needed)
  74. Faiz VS Charles- PADS Arena (A ref is needed)
  75. MLG vs. Kevvaelli (Ref: TML)
  76. Gym Battle: Blademaster VS. The Missing Link (Subref: DarkestLight)
  77. Gym Match: Hypotenuse Man versus Ultimate Charizard! Subref: MeLoveGhosts.
  78. Oz vs Killer Tai. 1 vs 1. Ref - River (She's grand!)
  79. Oz vs UC. 1 on 1. REF PLEASE.
  80. Ace64 vs. Aragornbird- Ref: You?
  81. I challenge RaZoR LeAf to a Grass/Fire/Water type, 3 on 3 battle (ref needed)
  82. The November Contest! Current Status: Battle Round Five Up! (It's Over!)
  83. ElecManEXE+MetallixsGirl vs CharlesLegend+SaffirePersian (Ref: CrystalTears)
  84. Me vs Weasel Overlord (Ref: Blademaster)
  85. OzAndrew's April-Esque Cafe of Corruption, Bitchiness & Crying Children (Chat Thread)
  86. Silencer vs Houndoom_lover (Ref: ??? highly needed)
  87. Open Challenge.
  88. Chris 2.0 vs Dark Sage - Ref: Crystal Tears
  89. Silencer VS Houndoom_Lover (Ref~River)
  90. I challenge Tsuki Megami!
  91. Phoenixsong vs. Negrek (ref: Saffire Persian)
  92. I challange Dragonis! (Ref needed)
  93. Kevvaelli vs. Mega Horny (Ref: OPEN)
  94. Mega Horny vs Dragonis - Ref: Silencer
  95. Ace64 Vs Elec Man Exe (Ref:Silencer
  96. DarkestLight vs Elec Man Exe
  97. KT VS Tsuki Megami (Ref: kevvaelli)
  98. I challenge Lady Vulpix! (Subsubref: River)
  99. Elekidkid vs Vermillion (Ref: Silencer)
  100. Dark Sage versus Houndoom Lover (Ref: Kavvaelli)
  101. Lady Vulpix vs. Elekidkid, ref: Asayake
  102. River VS Saffire Persian (Ref~Vermillion)
  103. The December Contest (Battle Round 5 UP!)
  104. I Challenge Houndoom_Lover! Ref needed.
  105. Post Restoration Requests
  106. Blademaster VS. Mega Horny (Ref: Silencer)
  107. The 2006 ASB Xmas Tree - NOW OPEN!
  108. Dark Sage Versus Killer Tai (Ref still needed!)
  109. I challenge Silencer (sub-ref: Elec Man EXE)
  110. Vermillion VS TheBlueAvenger (Rematch! Ref: SaffirePersian)
  111. The TPM Awards 2006: Best moderator of this forum
  112. I challenge Crystal Tears! (Ref: NEEDED!)
  113. Me 2.0 VS Dragonis - Ref Saffire Persian
  114. Dark Sage versus Blademaster (Ref: Crystal Tears)
  115. UC's Open Challenge (ref Needed)
  116. Divinity Diamond vs Paradox (Ref: Vermillion)
  117. Darkestlight vs Mega Horny (Ref: ?!?!?!)
  118. Mew Master vs. DarkestLight (Ref~Crystal Tears)
  119. Weas vs. UC ((Ref pleeease!!))
  120. Me vs Mew Master (ref- needed)
  121. Open Challange! (Baby Battle)
  122. Me vs DL (Ref-???)
  123. I challenge Aragonbird! (or who's left)
  124. MLG vs. Weasel Overlord (Ref: Vermillion)
  125. Phoenix vs. Saffire (ref: River)
  126. Dark Sage versus Master of Paradox (Ref: Phoenixsong)
  127. MLG vs. Elec Man EXE (Ref: Needed! I beg thee)
  128. MLG vs. Phoenixsong (Ref: needed)
  129. Master of Paradox challenges the world! (Opponent and ref sought)
  130. TML vs. Dragonis (Ref: Elec Man EXE)
  131. The January Contest! Final up!
  132. Blademaster vs Toxicity (Ref: Phoenixsong)
  133. Dark Sage versus Elec Man EXE (Ref: Weasel Overlord)
  134. I challenge MeLoVeGhOsTs (Ref: Green Lanturn)
  135. [TTT:Finals!] Saffire VS Crystal - Ref: Elec Man
  136. Casino Royale Challenge: Green Lanturn vs. Toxicity (Ref:Phoenixsong)
  137. Mew Master vs Weasel Overlord (Ref~Green Lanturn)
  138. Rematch: Wolfsong Vs. Charles Legend Ref needed
  139. Casino Royale Battle 2: I Challenge Mega Horny! Red:please!
  140. Facing the final curtain
  141. Open Challenge, Open Ref
  142. yaGvAb - Ref: Hypotenuse Man
  143. Charles Legend Vs Blademaster Ref: Mega Horny
  144. Chris 2.0 VS Negrek - Ref Crystal Tears
  145. Elec Man EXE vs Phoenixsong (Ref: Mew Master)
  146. Andrew vs Lady G (Ref: Mew Master)
  147. Charles Lgend Vs Mega Horny Ref:???
  148. DL vs Phoenixsong (Ref Vermillion)
  149. The ASB Auction! CLOSED.
  150. The February Contest! Finished by Chris 2.0
  151. Open Challenge
  152. Chris 2.0 VS Saffire Persian: Ref Mega Horny
  153. What-er Battle! Silencer VS TBA (Ref: Chris 2.Zero) NEW ROUND FINALLY UP
  154. Me vs Dark Sage Ref- Silencer
  155. Me vs Mega Horny (ref needed)
  156. I challenge Doctor Octillery! (Ref: Saffire Persian)
  157. Me vs Darkestlight (ref needed)
  158. Charles Legend vs. Dr.Octillery (ref: Mega Horny)
  159. Me vs Mega Horny (ref needed)
  160. Andrew vs Paradox Master (Ref - Elec Man EXE)
  161. -=Ho-oh2001 vs. Weasel Overlord [Ref: Phoenixsong]=-
  162. Battle Time (Ref needed)
  163. [GF] Round 5 - Finals! Chris 2.0 VS Elec Man EXE - Ref Saffire Persian
  164. DarkEntei vs Mega Horny (Ref: Silencer)
  165. Me Vs. Weasel
  166. Gym Battle - Mega Horny (Permitting) vs Andrew. Ref Please.
  167. Kitsun vs Lady Vulpix (Ref: Charles Legend)
  168. Hinoryu vs. kitsun
  169. Shuppet Master vs. Hinoryu (Ref: Phoenixsong)
  170. The ASB Safari Zone
  171. Challenge: Inferno_Dragon vs Someone (Ref Someone)
  172. I challenge Charles! Ref Needed
  173. The March Contest! FINALS UP
  174. The Random Tourney - Information Center
  175. [T] Master of Paradox VS Kitsun: Ref - The Missing Link
  176. [T] Hypotenuse Man VS Phoenixsong: Ref River
  177. [T] Elec Man EXE VS Charles Legend: Ref Vermillion
  178. [T] Wolfsong VS Silencer (Ref: Phoenixsong)
  179. Dark Sage versus Weasel Overlord! (Ref: Elec Man EXE)
  180. Elec Man EXE vs Mega Horny (Ref: Silencer)
  181. River VS Charles Legend Ref: Please?!?
  182. Elec Man EXE vs Ultimate Charizard (Ref: DarkestLight)
  183. quick battle needed
  184. Darkestlight vs Vermillion Ref: ;_; SOMEONE!!!
  185. MLG vs MH (Ref: Elec Man EXE)
  186. Houndoom_Lover VS Mega Horny (REf: ???)
  187. dt VS Wurz (Ref: Hyperness is a Good Thing)
  188. Chris 2.0 vs. Mega Horny - Ref Crystal Tears
  189. I'm feeling quite belligerent right now, so...
  190. Blade and Houndy VS. Phoenix and Negrek (Ref: DarkestLight)
  191. TML vs Shuppet Master (Ref: kitsun)
  192. Dark Sage vs TML (Ref: DarkestLight)
  193. The April Contest!
  194. Aide vs. Crazy Elf Boy (Ref: Elec Man EXE)
  195. Blademaster VS. Dragonis (Referee needed)
  196. [T] Mega Horny VS Saffire Persian: Ref Chris 2.0 [Round 5 Up]
  197. Open Challenge [Ref Please]
  198. Crazy Elf Boy vs. Crystal Tears (ref: darktyranitar)
  199. Elec Man EXE vs Knight of Time (Ref - DarkestLight)
  200. Mike vs Darkest (Ref: Saffire)
  201. CuleX VS. darktyranitar (Ref needed, please)
  202. Hinoryu vs. Master of Paradox (Ref needed)
  203. Chris 2.0 vs. Weasel Overlord ~ Ref: River
  204. Hoothooters! Can I get sum?
  205. The ASB Diamond and Pearl giveaway!
  206. The ASB Approval Tower (V3)
  207. The ASB Diamond and Pearl Attack List Beta
  208. DP battle ftw.
  209. The May Contest!
  210. Saffire Persion! I challenge you!
  211. Dark Sage versus Hinoryu (Ref Needed)
  212. Gym Match- Me vs Saff (ref needed)
  213. Crazy Elf Boy vs Blademaster (Ref: Crystal Tears)
  214. Aide/Crazy Elf Boy vs. Mega Horny/Crystal Tears (Ref needed!!)
  215. Quick EXP Battle
  216. Chris VS Mega (Again) - Ref: Arbiter
  217. ~*River VS Vermillion*~ -^Ref: HiaGT^-
  218. Crystal Tears vs. Spike REF: Chris 2.0
  219. [T] Weasel Overlord VS Negrek - Ref needed
  220. Chris 2.0 VS Shuppet Master - Ref Mega Horny
  221. Spike vs. Weasel Overlord [Ref Please]
  222. MLG vs ??? (Ref: Wanted!)
  223. UC vs Megahorny (Ref: DL)
  224. [T] The Missing Link VS River (Ref: Crystal Tears)
  225. [T] Vermillion VS Crystal Tears (Ref Needed)
  226. Fight ME!
  227. Grey vs Horny GLIGRRR! - Ref: Asayake
  228. Double Battle! Grey versus Lady G! Referee: DarkestLight
  229. The June Contest!
  230. Gym Battle! Grey vs MLG II - Ref: Mew Master
  231. CuleX VS. Vermilion (Ref: The Arbiter [DUN-DUN-DUNNN...])
  232. Grey vs. Wea-Ord / Ref: Mew Master
  233. Wolfsong VS River - Ref Crystal Tears
  234. Gym Battle: Chris 2.0 VS Ace65 [CHALLENGER DISQUALIFIED]
  235. I challenge Trey!
  236. I challenge Crystal Tears (ref needed)
  237. Charles Legend Vs Crazy Elf Boy Ref:???
  238. The ASB Summer Xmas Tree 2007!
  239. [Gym match] Charles Legend Vs. Saffire Persian Ref:Crazy Elf Boy
  240. Me vs Hyperness (Ref- MM)
  241. [Gym Battle] Mew Master vs River (Ref: Crystal Tears)
  242. Silencer vs Mew Master (ref our savior DL)
  243. Knight of Time vs. Crazy Elf Boy (ref: DarkestLight)
  244. UC vs ?? (Ref Needed)
  245. Wurzworth vs. Master of Mews (ref: River the Magnificent!)
  246. Chris 2.0 vs. Silencer - Ref: Mew Master
  247. Double Battle with mega Horny?
  248. Darkestlight vs Crystal Tears (Ref: Mew Master)
  249. River VS The Arbiter [Ref: Mew Master]
  250. Unsolved Puzzle vs Hyperness is a Good Thing [ref: DarkessLight]