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  1. Pokemon Stats and Moves Information
  2. Official Absence Tower
  3. Killer Tai vs Link 10 | Ref: PorygonX
  4. Pokémon Daycare Center
  5. Firestorm98's EggPark version 2
  6. U_C's open Challenge.....who wants some!!! (Oh, well need a Ref too)
  7. Challenge to an Experienced Battler (Ref Needed Too)
  8. Time for my triumphant (I hope) return to ASB. Open challenge (Ref needed, of course)
  9. N00b Battle, just registered join me. Ref needed.
  10. Open Challange, Ref Needed
  11. Raz vs. Cyrus. Ref: Oddish17
  12. Cyrus challenges Super Pika, Raz Ref
  13. Unevolved Triple Threat Tag Team Challange. Need Ref as Well
  14. Challange to anyone. Ref=Anyone.
  15. I challenge cresiboen
  16. Open Challenge - 2vs2 (my first battle). Ref: Anti-R*cketship
  17. Prodigy challenges Pokemaster Ash.
  18. Open Challenge 4 on 4
  19. Super pika chalenges Cyrus to a re-match! Raz is the ref!
  20. An open challenge
  21. I feel like smashing something. Open Challenge.
  22. Open chalenge (need ref)
  23. Cyrus VS AJ Ref: Anti-R*cketship
  24. I challenge Kenji. Ref needed
  25. Open Challenge: 1-1 (Ref needed)
  26. Krazed Echidna Vs. Mister Mew (Ref - SR-71 EKFTS)
  27. Open Challenge 2k2
  28. Open Challenge!
  29. My retirement
  30. me vs the Mozz(ref:killer tai)
  31. First time battler, 2 vs 2 (ref please)
  32. I challenge Pokemasterfrank (ref: needed)
  33. Open Challenge (Ref Needed)
  34. Crazybone versus The Dorian Slayer, Christmas style. Ref~dragon684
  35. Me vs Grim Reaper(ref needed)
  36. Open Challenge...
  37. does anyone wants to fight?
  38. 1 on 1, calling ANYONE to 1 on 1
  39. I, MetaKnight89 (the one and only ^_^) hereby challenge SNOTS FUBAR to a rematch!
  40. TML vs OzAndrew (Ref Needed)
  41. Open challenge 2-2 melee (Ref needed)
  42. Teach Me, Experienced ones!
  43. Open Challenge (Ref: Needed)
  44. Ditto Master VS. Jarreddo
  45. 2 on 2 Bug Challenge
  46. Deck Knight vs. The Muffin Man Ref: Link 10
  47. Open Challenge - Ref and opponent needed
  48. I challenge the craziest bone of them all! Ref: needed
  49. Voting Topic. It's time for a blatant abuse to end.
  50. The Dark Master vs. DeckKnight, Ref NEEDED plz
  51. I Challenge My Friend, Dark Prince!
  52. The Dark Master vs. Razor Leaf, Ref: Totodile43
  53. A quick 3 on 3 battle(oh yeah a ref may comeby)
  54. I chalenge Impereon
  55. Ditto Master vs. EngiMatikul (Will Feed for Ref)
  56. Challenging anyone to a one on one! need a good ole ref!
  57. 2 on 2 Battle[Ref needed]
  58. I challenge DarkPrincess (Ref Needed)
  59. PokemasterAsh vs Salvester2: Round 4 (good ref needed)
  60. PojoPooka challenging DRWS
  61. Challenge to anyone(Need ref also)
  62. Pokemaster Ash, I challenge thou! (Ref: Any takers :p)
  63. Anyone who wants to fight(Need ref also!)
  64. OMG!!!!!1111!!!!11shift+1 My return battle. (Open challenge.)
  65. I challenge Cyrus. (need ref)
  66. In a dumb move..I restarted my team..meh I need battle's! 1 on 1
  67. Generic Open Challenge
  68. Pokemaster Ash VS. Ditto Master: Finished
  69. well the time has come
  70. Lumberjack Challenge (Ref needed)
  71. open challenge. ref needed
  72. DD Vs. ?? (Ref:??) Mystical Mayhem
  73. VOTING for Head Banker
  74. Tag Team Battle: Me and ? vs Reptillius Pyrus and ? (ref needed)
  75. TML vs Prodigy (Ref: Zeratul)
  76. I challenge crazybone..again..so much gore! =P
  77. Open challenge, ref needed
  78. Open Challenge! Yea um...
  79. Battle me(Fast ref NEEDED)
  80. I challenge Mr. Matt! (ref needed)
  81. Hi all, this is my first battle, and I need a REAL N00B
  82. Deck Knight vs. Razor Leaf. Ref: WaterElite117
  83. N00bs needed! Ref, too
  84. Anyone wanna battle? Water Pokemon only
  85. I feel wild, lets do a Lumber Jack match ^^
  86. Quick Match
  87. Open CHallenge 1 on 1
  88. Ultimate Charizard vs Moltrecuno (Ref Please)
  89. BATULMEHANY1PLZ!!! 1 on 1, ref: of course... IT'S NEEDED!
  90. I challenge DRWS. Referee: Impereon... please?
  91. Parsec's Politoed vs. dragon684-Ref: Shadow87
  92. Open Challenge
  93. Frank, we duel :D
  94. Open Challenge
  95. The 1337 Open Challenge
  96. Cyrus vs. Ryandude763, ref needed
  97. Deck Knight's "rebellion thingie"
  98. Open challenge!!, off course I need a ref too!!
  99. Open Challenge of 6 on 6...At the Acadamy Awards!
  100. 3-3 Melee Open Challenge...
  101. A Challenged ta Salvester2 3v3 (Ref needed)
  102. Open Challenge (Referee: Good, active one)
  103. I challenge SOMEONE 2 a GYM MATCH !!
  104. 3 Way 6 on 6 Melee. Oz vs Jarreddo vs Open Challenge (Ref - Charizard04621)
  105. Crazybone !!! Reff !!!
  106. Who wants a peace of me? (need ref)
  107. SneaselReborned vs. Elec Man EXE (Reff: Moltrecuno)
  108. a 1VS1 quick battle
  109. 3vs3 battle
  110. Me and Ryan vs DarkPrince and Aj
  111. N98 VS. T_M_L Ref = Syberia
  112. El Challengo de Openo (hyuck hyuck)
  113. Elemental Challenge, apply within...
  114. Open Chalenge (Ref: Needed)
  115. Open Challenge (Cyrus or Raz can ref)
  116. I challenge SneaselReborned
  117. Open challenge (2 on 2)
  118. open challenge. ref needed
  119. A challenge to any first timer! (Like me)
  120. Open Chall. Snots vs ?????
  121. open challenge, 3 on 3, ref needed
  122. The time is now.....Goodbye
  123. A beautiful open challenge, need reffie!!!
  124. Comeback Beating!!! (Ref Needed)
  125. I challenge *g_rock* Ref: Cyrus if he wants
  126. Jarreddo vs Link10, ref needed
  127. Tag Team Battle: I challenge Elec Man Exe and SneaselReborned (referee: Moltrecuno)
  128. DD in another open challenge (Ref: Raz, please??)
  129. Challenge!
  130. Itty Bitty Pokeyman Tourney!!
  131. *pops out*
  132. Caterpie/Metapod/Ditto/Wobbuffet Melee Showdown! Open Challenge! Ref Pls.
  133. Challenge of openness
  134. Open Challenge
  135. Friendly Battle of Deck Knight vs. Moltrecuno (Ref: ???)
  136. I challenge Gamewizard007! (ref needed)
  137. an actual open challenge!! come here reffy!!!
  138. Open Challenge. Opposer and Ref needed
  139. Lava Plains Challenge
  140. Olivine City Match
  141. Any noobie, please battle me. Ref needed
  142. Open Aquatic Challenge
  143. I cuddled with your mom. (y)
  144. 1 on 1 battle, noobie only please *Ref needed*
  145. IceMan vs. Syberia
  146. Medallion Battle! Sign right up!
  147. open challange(first battle)
  148. UC and TMM's open Tag Team Challenge.
  149. UC's Volcano Challenge
  150. Quick 2v2 melee for n00bs *Ref needed*
  151. Open challenge Ref: DarkPrince the Dark Knight
  152. Challenge
  153. Me vs Deck Knight Ref: Moltrecuno
  154. Evalution battle for noobies that need to evlve pokemon
  155. open challange(ref needed)
  156. Open Challenge to first timer *ref needed*
  157. SneaselReborned vs. The_Missing_Link
  158. IceMan vs. crazybone Ref: Mindprobe
  159. Open Challenge 3 way 3on3 *ref needed*
  160. Mystic Island Rumble
  161. I challenge Dragon684! (Ref: Needed)
  162. Open Challenge (ref Needed)
  163. 1 on 1 Unevolved Open Challenge (Ref Needed)
  164. TMM, since our team battle will have to wait...
  165. Insect Army (Open Challenge)
  166. DD Vs. Silver Machop (Ref: Mindprobe??)
  167. Open Challenge (1-on-1 match)
  168. How does this work?
  169. Official ASB Trading Tower
  170. Is this correct?
  171. open challange (ref: needed)
  172. Battle me!This will be my first official battle.(Ref.Needed)
  173. I chall Lil' Miss Muffet
  174. look! another newbie open challenge, ref needed
  175. I challenge DarkPrincess.
  176. SilverMachop, come fourthe! Ref: needed
  177. Teresa vs. Hunter (Ref: ???)
  178. #009-14 Industries *Look Inside For Cool Stuff!*
  179. Ozzy vs DRWS (Ref: Please)
  180. Open Challenge! Ref NEEDED!
  181. Open Challenge
  182. Open challenge(yet agan) need reff
  183. Tag Team Challenge! TIA Challenges you!
  184. Another Open challange
  185. SneaselReborned vs T_M_L (Ref: OzAndrew *EBTV needs new chappie*)
  186. Open challange
  187. My Poliwhirl shall rule you all! ... Open Challenge
  188. The kind of challenge that anyone can partake.
  189. Mindprobe vs. OpenChallenge vs. OpenChallenge vs. OpenChallenge (REF *needed*)
  190. Parsec and SNOTS vs. PMFrank and Link 10 (Ref: Needed)
  191. 2-vs-2 Badge / Medallion Challenge
  192. Open Challenge (ref. needed)
  193. open challenge
  194. TML vs Psiana (Ref: Needed)
  195. Open challenge... Ice Cream is good!
  196. Hexae vs. Mysterious Druid: ref needed.
  197. Normal type attack (AKA open challenge)
  198. Engi vs. Razor Leaf (Ref: Syb!!! Ya!)
  199. Oh syyyyybbbbbbb! Come heeerrreee...(REF NEEDED)
  200. I challenge Discothéque!! BWAHAHA! (Ref Needed)
  201. Who wants to get their butt kicked?
  202. I challenge Jolteon100 (referee: Discotheque (please?))
  203. Ms versus The Muffin Man (Ref: SneaselReborned)
  204. Another Open Challenge o.o (Ref Needed)
  205. The open challenge of randomness!!!
  206. OPEN 3v3 TAG-TEAM! Aquatic Battle! [Ref - need]
  207. Snots Vs. ---- (Ref: ----) Grass Battle
  208. I'ma callin you out, Super Pika...Draw, Varmint...6v6...(REF NEEDED)
  209. 6 vs 6, anyone? (Ref: Needed)
  210. Pokemon Luver vs. A Grilled Fish: 3 on 3 <ref:Gengar's Shadow>
  211. Me vs DarkPrincess (referee: Syberia (please?))
  212. Open Challenge (Referee needed)
  213. Another Open Challenge (Yet again, referee needed)
  214. Pokémon Breeding and Boosting Emporium (New Prices!)
  215. TML vs Super Nova (Ref: Gengar's Shadow)
  217. Charizard04621 and Prodigy versus..
  218. Come forth thee who dares to oppose me.....
  219. Mindprobe vs. Cyrus REF: Charizard04621
  220. Oz's Recycling Center.
  221. Tag Team Open Challenge
  222. Rookie Challenge;Ref needed
  223. Who dares challenge the princess of darkness? (i.e. open challenge, ref needed)
  224. SneaselReborned vs. ??? (Ref: Needed)
  225. Open Challenge for a 1on1(Ref: Needed)
  226. Fight If You Dare! (Ref: Needed)
  227. Rookie Challenge.Ref needed...
  228. Subforums
  229. Open 1 on 1 Ref = T_M_L
  230. Open Chromatic Challenge! (Details Inside)
  231. ReSigs: Signature Deletion Center
  232. Adz v DarkPrince Ref: Dark Princess
  233. Business Tower
  234. Shall we finish this, PJBW? (DRWS has kindly offered to ref ^-^)
  235. Are somebody ready to battle!!!!!!!!!!!!
  236. I challenge ASHarris (Ref: Cyrus)
  237. Wheee....open challenge
  238. Syberia! I want a recount...er rematch!
  239. I'll bite..someone battle me?
  240. Open Challenge(Ref needed)
  241. Open Tagteam Challenge (Ref Needed)
  242. Open Battle. 1 v 1. Ref needed. gl hf dd
  243. Prof. Jb Wolf vs. Salvester2, Ref: Moi
  244. Somebody WILL fight me...or not.
  245. AJ vs Oddish17 (Ref: Gengar's Shadow)
  246. *g_rock* vs Jay REF: TDM
  247. Open challenge, Ref: Anyone who needs a job
  248. Ozzy vs Charnumber [Ref=Jay]
  249. Open challange
  250. Ryandude713 challenges Super Pika to a match. ref: Cyrus