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  1. toilet humor ( in poll form!)
  2. Poll:Favourite Type Of Chocolate
  3. ~*Poll: Some random polls 8)
  4. Poll: Omg I'm so fat ;-; No wait, I'm too thin ;-;
  5. Poll: aren't the last moments before something the worse?
  6. [POLL] height and weight
  7. POLL\\ what color is your hair :o
  8. Poll: Zoos o.o;
  9. [poll] On Polls O.o
  10. The most original and interesting poll ever. whats your favorite forum[/poll]
  11. poll: memories
  12. poll: oreos
  13. [Poll]The 3 things you need in life: money, sexiness and ummmm
  14. Poll: Oh nos the Barunson has returned.
  15. <Poll> Homework
  16. living with nymphomania :(
  17. Poll: Do you think you are well known on the boards?
  18. Poll... Shoes :}
  19. ~*Poll: ... Wha? O.o;
  20. [POLL] Books.
  21. Poll: Many polls, many people answer please
  22. A poll, ye sea dogs!
  23. Poll: Spamburgers!
  24. Poll: Usernames
  25. POLL: Do you believe in me?
  26. [Poll] Go away and leave me alone >=O!
  27. Poll: Oh no! NOT THAT!! NOOO!!!
  28. poll: computers
  29. poll: humans for sale
  30. <Poll> Mmm... Cheesey!
  31. poll: deeveedees
  32. poll: deodorant
  33. Poll: Too Much Change! (money)
  34. poll: how would you react to this?
  35. ~Poll~ Just some random thingies ^^;
  36. poll: GET IN SHAPE
  37. Poll: MBs
  38. Poll: Be warned, *LOTS* of random polls ahead! (13 to be exact)
  39. POLL: Favoutire Things.
  40. plol: spam
  41. poll: feelings close to suicide.
  42. [POLL]: PMs
  43. [POLL] Café Cyndaquil xD
  44. What were you?
  45. 1000 Big ones and a poll!
  46. Poll: What TPM theme are you using?
  47. Poll: ... ow.
  48. {POLL} A sad tale included.
  49. Poll: [inset creative title here]
  50. What was the last film you watched?
  51. Poll: Team Lesnar vs. Team Angle
  52. Poll: Have you ever not posted a poll because you were afraid of being unoriginal...
  53. Poll: And you are? AKA: Randomness ahead!
  54. Poll: Teachers - The good, the bad, and the very intimidating!
  55. no you stfu [poll]
  56. [POLL] 1 Poll.. 2 Poll.. 500 Poll!??
  57. Poll: Rawr >=o
  58. Poll: AAAAH *breathe* X.x
  59. Poll: Doll Games
  60. Poll: Best Tears For Fears Track?
  61. Poll: Rate My Team
  62. Poll: BoH
  63. Poll: 1337 sp34k
  64. My Turn for a Poll!
  65. DB (poll)
  66. [POLL] You burnt my toast you #*%#@!!
  67. **POLL** Birthday Bird!
  68. Poll: What is you f00!
  69. Poll: Best Friends...YEAH RIGHT!!
  70. 3000 post count and a random poll...
  71. Poll: "OH dear god why is that bone there"
  72. POLL: cookies and milk...
  73. Ew!! The Sickest poll ever!! How far have you been?
  74. [POLL] I don't wanna go to school. ;];
  75. A Guys Poll :o
  76. What is the funniest quote youve ever seen on tpm? [poll]
  77. Poll: Can I order a large PIZZA please?
  78. <Poll> Methods of Sleeping: ... the sequel ... #4!!
  79. Poll: I'm thankful for...
  80. {Poll} My fingers are turning blue :o
  81. [Poll] Seriousness...
  82. [POLL] what is your favorite??
  83. POLL: Don't eat that, you'll spoil your appetite!
  84. Poll: It's snowing!
  85. Pollness: Funny Laws...
  86. Poll: *hits with a spoon*
  87. Poll: Trendy!
  88. Poll: For the mods ^^::
  89. Poll: Random stuffs
  90. Poll: I Won?!?! Yay!!! ^_^
  91. Poll: *Dances around the room* SNOW DAY!
  92. Poll: Favourite Christmas song sung by cartoon chars/etc
  93. POLL: Look! I'm on TV!!
  94. [POLLS] Crimbo Prezzies!
  95. {Poll} Why are you following me?!
  96. {Poll} ... Eeehhhh ;_;
  97. Poll: Pets ^^
  98. POLL: Body...
  99. {Poll} Houseseses.
  100. Poll: Walkthroughs
  101. {Poll} Bored... ~.~
  102. POLL: You smell! >:O
  103. {Poll} Did you hear about the flying sheep who landed in a chicken factory?
  104. Poll: Megan-storm! Get Over Here Now!!!
  105. Happy Christmahannukwanzadon! <poll>
  106. // Poll // Where's my blankie ;-;!
  107. poll: your st@tus at TPM
  108. {Poll} It's raining... again...
  109. {Poll} Ready... aim... fire!
  110. [POLL] Compact Discs
  111. Poll: What's The Frequency, Kenneth?!
  112. [POLL] Welcome 2004!
  113. {Poll} If you could be...
  114. Poll: Resolutions
  115. [POLL] LoTR!!! (that should attract some people)...
  116. Poll: We will, we will ROCK YOU!
  117. [POLL] doobeydoobeydoo Inspector Gadget!
  118. POLL: Back To School, YAY! + XXX
  119. POLL: It's a Whole New World We Live In...
  120. [poll] The Miscellaneous Poll
  121. POLL: The 1337 Poll!
  122. Poll: TPM 2003 music awards
  123. Poll: Remodelling sucks.
  124. [POLL]: Blue shoes with red socks? Nuh uh honey *waves finger*
  125. Poll: Yes! Only 776 levels to go!
  126. PCG just got cheesier! {With poll}
  127. [POLL] Grab your hairbrushes, boys and girls!
  128. Poll: Supermods
  129. POLL: Fanfiction
  130. Un Poll: Would You Ever...
  131. Poll: The Lord of the Rings (AAAAAAAAAAAA!)
  132. {Poll} Work you stupid thing!
  133. Poll: What is your favourite Pokemon?
  134. Ambitions?
  135. >>> POLL <<< Movies
  136. poll: name the dog, 8<
  137. Phobias
  138. [POLL] Best type of rope?
  139. Poll: Kawaii
  140. Poll: Bugs
  141. {Poll} Jewellery... Jewelry... Whatever... O_o
  142. Poll: "Why my piggy!?! I love-ed you, piggy! I love-ed you!"
  143. Poll: For those who were on the UBB...
  144. POLL: SNL or MAD TV?
  145. {Poll} Sprachen. O_o
  146. Poll: "Dude I Remember That!!"
  147. Those were the days... [P]
  148. Poll: Things that keep you up during the night
  149. Re: Poll: Every Kiss (and Kill) Begins with Kay
  150. Is love worth it?!
  151. Poll: Mom, I changed my name to Tom the Australian Google Elf.
  152. [POLL] Beddy-Bye
  153. Poll: I see dead tv's, lions, film directors, turnips, eagles, eliza thornberry's..
  154. Not the Stereotypes! [Poll]
  155. {Poll} Your first internet name..?
  156. Poll: Amy's posting a poll O.o
  157. [POLL] Highly educational activities
  158. Poll: That numbing feeling
  159. The Best Poll You've Ever Seen
  160. [Poll] Why are you calling me o_o;;
  161. Poll: Coolest TPMer
  162. Poll: Plol.. Pol.. Lop.. Oh bite it
  163. poll: best disney movie?
  164. Poll: Make me a sandwich!
  165. [p] qrstuv
  166. [p] your thoughts on pcg currently o_o;
  167. Poll: Great great great great great great....
  168. Poll: Your favourite Nirvana songs
  169. Poll : Your Idols
  170. POLL: The lines have now closed and the winner IS!...
  171. Poll: It's a small world after all...
  172. Poll: Get me a Big Mac from McDonald's!
  173. Poll: Community service
  174. Poll: SCIZOR ROX DA HOUSE!!!!!
  175. Poll : I'm on my period ...
  176. Poll: Get that needle away from me!!!
  177. Poll: Look at me! I'm an attention whore!
  178. Poll: Blast from the past
  179. Poll: Spring Break
  180. (Pollio) The /\/\@/\/32 i5 b@c|<!
  181. Poll: They're Tiny, They're Toony They're All A Lil Loony
  182. Poll: When cats learn how to fetch...
  183. Poll: *Throws controller across room* ARGHHH!!
  184. Poll: For mainly males (females may answer too) [kinda M]
  185. What's your obsession?
  186. Music
  187. Sports
  188. <Poll> Mighty Taco, Mighty Taco, Mighty Taco..
  189. Poll: Early dismissal!
  190. Poll: Jackie Chan Vs. Bruce Lee
  191. Poll: Do you recycle?
  192. Poll: [Insert Name] Looked Best In [Insert Game]
  193. POLL: Snowing in Spring?
  194. Poll: Interesting Ways the World Eats
  195. Poll: ASH VS GOKU [eating contest]
  196. Poll: Dude! You're Pierced!
  197. Poll: Emotional or Physical
  198. Poll: I sense trouble...
  199. Poll: Money!
  200. College, anyone?
  201. Bathroom Poll [P]
  202. Poll: "Hey! You're That Dude With That Name!"
  203. 6666 !! [p]
  204. old school smilies [P]
  205. Nice look [p]
  206. [p]Stupid Questions
  207. Don't step in that.... [P]
  208. [p] It's a phenomenon!
  209. [p] Hello Mr. Anderson.
  210. ~*Poll*~We just all popped out of the ground..like daisys!
  211. Wow you're talented :O [p]
  212. [Poll] W32/Mydoom.a@MM :O:O
  213. ~*Poll: *gets trampled by Wal*Mart shoppers* ..all I wanted was easter candy ;-;
  214. POLL: Apple Juice or Orange Juice?
  215. poll: best suzie of tpm
  216. POLL: Random stuff!! :D
  217. POLL: TURN THAT THING DOWN! >:O *chases with broom*
  218. poll: who said i wasn't a vet
  219. POLL: *chops off nose* It's beautiful! :)
  220. Poll: The forums we post in!
  221. Poll: Dreams [graphic violence]
  222. Poll: Who needs to clean out their PM boxes? Ahem, Gabi...
  223. Poll: Gee, what a great birthday...
  224. ~POLL~ Stupid things you've done
  225. POLL: OL in RL?
  226. POLL: Dates & Hanging Out ^_^
  227. [P] three.. THREE.. three???
  228. Poll: Could it possibly survive?
  229. Now what to write...? ._.;; [Poll]
  230. [poll] I think the ice cream truck just hit a kid, brb...
  231. Poll: Can I see your license please?
  232. [Poll] I'm up too damn late or too damn early.
  233. [p]Stupid Budget Cuts
  234. [p] Mental Breakdown....And GROUNDED! *rargh*
  235. [Poll]Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow....Sunburn.....
  236. [Poll]Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow....Sunburn.....
  237. POLL - What do you look like? *so original* ^^"
  238. Poll: The best elevator music EVER!
  239. POLL - My 4000th post + random stuff! ^_^
  240. [p]Whoa, Gabi was on my Spanish Test! =P
  241. Poll: "What rolls down stairs alone or in pairs, rolls over your neighbor's dog?"
  242. [P] current stuff!
  243. [P] If You Where A Super Hero...
  244. Poll: Engagement!
  245. [p] omg that hurts waaaah!
  246. Poll: things that make you cringe
  247. [p] Whats Your Real Name?
  248. Poll: Zzzzzz...
  249. [p]omg they freakin' rocked!!11!111!!oneoneone
  250. [P] favorite color