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  1. [P] "Dr Jekyll And Mr Jackass"
  2. Poll: 1599 isn't good enough
  3. Poll: Woah! Internationals!
  4. [P] "Dude Looks Like A Lady!"
  5. [Poll]: We mustn't change the course of history!!
  6. [P] Do you smoke?
  7. [P] "Dude! You look liek megaman!!!111"
  8. [P] how many tv remotes are in the house?
  9. Poll: What do you mean I'm shallow?!
  10. [P] "Dude! That movie would like so rock!"
  11. Would you ever.....? {POLL}
  12. [P] "Oooh purty color"
  13. [Poll] - Spirits, Ghosts and Jane.
  14. [P] what kind of toothbrush + toothpaste do you use?
  15. [P] Apple Or Orange?
  16. Poll: Do You Watch Wrestling?
  17. ~*POLL: AIM > MSN :yes:
  18. [P] the best chris
  19. [POLL]Which are your favorite, most-hated, easiest, most difficult school subjects
  20. Poll: Welcome to the the Geo-Cuisine! Today's menu is...
  21. [P] favorite admin of all time
  22. [p] those damn finals
  23. [P] "OMG Liek Q Rocks!!!!111oneone"
  24. [POLL]Your favorite characters from your favorite books.
  25. [P] when did you stop liking pokemon?
  26. [P] how many people are on your AIM buddy list?
  27. [P] Shower Poll
  28. [P] Pets :>
  29. [P] "Mmmmm Dog Food...."
  30. [P] Euro 2004
  31. [poll] Do you like Little_Pikachu [/poll]
  32. [P] sleeping
  33. [P] how many are on your MSN list?
  34. {Poll} Have You ever met a famous person?
  35. [p]whoa dude it's an awesome band poll!
  36. [P] "It's Showtime!"
  37. {Poll} The Stepford Wives
  38. [P] "Damn, Out Of Webbing!"
  39. [p] favorite album of the year
  40. [p] omg zelda is the r0x0r2
  41. [poll] Linkin Park...
  42. Poll: What's in your wallet?
  43. Poll: Cereal
  44. [p] what's best about pokemasters?
  45. [p] Moonlight Sonata is up next, sonny! Always liked that one!
  46. Fine Arts and Literature [poll]
  47. what is your opinion on digital alarm clocks?
  48. [P] About the PCG RULES!!!!!!
  49. Poll: Post Count
  50. [P] favorite month of the year
  51. [P] favourite internet fad
  52. [P]The Root of Your (User)Name
  53. [p]His Dark Materials, Harry Potter, or The Lord of the Rings
  54. [p] *crunch* *pop* mmmmmmmmmmm
  55. Poll: Be Afraid! Be Very Afraid!
  56. [P] Who would you recommend for the empty mod spot of PCG?
  57. Poll: You went to where & only brought me back a keychain?
  58. [p] Snap, Crackle, or Pop?
  59. [poll] favourite pornography genre
  60. Poll: Shaving (both genders)
  61. [P]The Root of You Custom Title
  62. Poll: Worst job you've ever had - or worst class you've taken!
  63. Poll: Know/met any other TPMers in real life?
  64. Poll: The comforting/tender touch
  65. [MATURE][P] favourite pornography genre
  66. [P] Favorite Planet
  67. [p] clinton's book
  68. Poll: Favourite time of day
  69. [P] favourite comedian
  70. [p] which TPMer would make a great supermod? **CAUTION** NO SPAMMING/FIGHTING
  71. Poll: That Brazilian Cowboy Stole My Muffin!
  72. ~POLL~ I'm alive...I'm alive...DEAD!
  73. [P] "Dude! Retro Cartoon DVD!"
  74. Poll: The Big Bad Legends Poll!
  75. Poll: Best insult you ever heard
  76. Poll: Favourite song about your country
  77. [p] hats
  78. Poll: Right wing, left wing, it tastes the same to me.
  79. Poll/Game thing: BigBrother: EVICTIONS
  80. [P] "So I was fighting with these swords"
  81. [P] "Damn.. That Really Does Stink!"
  82. [P] "Dude... That Rocked!"
  83. [P] MLB, DooM³, the NHL and Breakfast :drool:
  84. [Poll]Two months down the drain and now this??
  85. POLL: Top 10 best...
  86. Poll: Shower Days
  87. Poll : Are you single?
  88. Poll: Snake Eyes
  89. Poll: Darth Vader's Breathing
  90. Poll: Longest DVD Marathon
  91. POLL: Congratulations!
  92. [P] night or day
  93. [Poll] : Ow My Teef Hurt
  94. Poll: Thats the last time I do ANYTHING for you!!
  95. poll: favorite type of facial hair
  96. Poll: Elders strike back...
  97. Poll(s): TPM & You
  98. POLL: Belly Burps (a very weird poll indeed)
  99. [Poll]Crayons, Friends, and other stuff...
  100. [poll] poker
  101. [P] AVP: Alien vs. Predator
  102. [Poll] Alias..
  103. Poll: Frightened?
  104. ~Poll~ Oh my God!
  105. [P] "Dude Looks Like A Lady"
  106. [P] favorite supermod
  107. [P] favorite supermod
  108. [P] "An aura of darkness. How impudent..."
  109. Poll: I turned my bag of holding inside out, and walked through the dungeon walls
  110. [P]There is only one thing that I desire! Absolute power! Power to destroy you humans
  111. poll: hilary duff or lindsay lohan
  112. [P] "I'm Multi-Talented, I Can Talk And Piss You Off At The Same Time"
  113. [P] "And just what does the puny human think it can do to me??"
  114. ::<Poll>:: I FOUND one of those hotels!! Go East Coast!
  115. Poll: Best trivia/quiz game?
  116. poll: your parents names
  117. Poll: You've all been forgiven for your sins...
  118. [P]You cannot delete me with such pitifully small power! Wake up, human! Time to die.
  119. poll: right or left
  120. [P] is that an oriental rug?
  121. Poll: DO you E Bay?
  122. Poll: Guys or Girls?
  123. poll: 10 tpm questions
  124. [P] "Can't Sleep, Clowns Will Eat Me"
  125. Poll :: Hospitals x_X;
  126. [P] "A Mime Is A Terrible Thing To Waste"
  127. poll: cell phones
  128. poll: you havent been forgiven for your REAL sins 8)
  129. poll: MOVIES LOL (pc+++)
  130. [P] "Holy Smokes Batman! You're Totally Useless!"
  131. [P] *Wiggles Fingers* Poof
  132. [Poll] I'm baaaaaaack... *dunh dunh dunh*
  133. poll: whats more annoying...
  134. Poll: Do they know? oO
  135. [P] What Is Your Favorite Slushie Flavour?
  136. ~Poll~ Hanged on fonix learned me howta reed gud!
  137. ~*Poll: LOL @ that commercial
  138. [Poll] What hair color do you find most attractive on the opposite sex etc.?
  139. Poll: The best JAY.
  140. Poll: Click it, or TICKET
  141. Poll: "I Can't Believe It's Not Bologna!"
  142. [P] "The Pen Is Blue!"
  143. Poll : Shoe Size ;o
  144. ~*Poll: EW! Disgusting X-X
  145. BigBrother: EVICTIONS FINAL!!! [G][P]
  146. Poll: i am a working d00d
  147. [P] "When Stunts Go Bad!"
  148. ~*Poll: No one is safe anymore :no:
  149. poll: posts per page
  150. Poll: Laptops or PCs?
  151. poll: which do you prefer ^^;
  152. [P] "Evil Scarecrow..."
  153. ~Poll~ Favourite villian!
  154. [P] "So I was chatting and his head fell off"
  155. poll: favorite (old) tpm april fools joke
  156. Poll : Hmmm...
  157. [p] "What the **** is that on the radio now?"
  158. Poll: Favourite waste of time
  159. [P] "Why You Little!"
  160. [p] weather ^___^
  161. Poll: Parents
  162. [poll] what is your favorite current music video?
  163. poll: favorite word
  164. Poll: Facial Hair
  165. ~Poll~ Did that bird just breathe fire...?
  166. [p] "It's a head to head match between..."
  167. Poll: Important questions
  168. [p] favorite NFL franchise
  169. ~Poll~ Wtf did you say that for?
  170. poll: how do you get to school?
  171. Poll: No voting for yourself
  172. [p] what color text/background/font do you use on AIM?
  173. poll: omg :(
  174. [p] which is your favorite route
  175. Poll: Trivial things that make you throw a fit.
  176. ~Poll~ do u like 2 use net lang?
  177. [P] Dig A Grave - Dig It Deep - Place A Statue - At My Feet
  178. color :Poll
  179. poll: more amusing
  180. [P] "There's no place like home"
  181. [p] Empty Recycle Bin?
  182. Poll: Political Correctness
  183. Poll : Your Boys
  184. Poll: Haha kekeke lol heehee (laughing)
  185. Poll: Favrotie Clothing Brand
  186. Poll: Hair Style
  187. ~*Poll: STRESS STINKS......!!!!
  188. Poll: humm,taste so good
  189. [P] Bottle or Can?
  190. poll: name the name of the person you currently like
  191. Poll: Bees or Wasps?
  192. poll: favorite scary movie
  193. [P] Button Or Zip?
  194. poll: fdsfdsffsdfsfds
  195. [POLL!] Your favorite quote from anyone, anywhere, at any time.
  196. [P] "Once you pop you can't stop"
  197. [P]Your favorite reading/movie genre
  198. Poll : (Richard)
  199. [P] "Damn headache..."
  200. Poll: toppings
  201. Poll: cheese
  202. [P] Chop Sticks.
  203. [P] Ren & Stimpy Vs. Rocko
  204. Poll ~*~Things you would like to do someday~*~
  205. Poll: Chocolate
  206. [P] Angry Dad
  207. [P] Takeshi's Castle
  208. [P] "Are you pondering what I'm pondering?"
  209. Poll: If they HAD to make one legal... (PG-13)
  210. [P] "GOD DAMN MY BONE!"
  211. Poll: Gah! I'm On Fire!
  212. [P] "Once upon a midnight dreary..."
  213. Poll: Uptime
  214. Poll : Favorite Fight :o
  215. Poll: Fight Heros, Fight!
  216. Poll: Colum A or Colum B
  217. Poll: Dead man moonwalking
  218. [P] "It's Morphing Time!"
  219. [P] "Use The Force..."
  220. [P] Violator Vs. Alien
  221. [P] *Buzz!* *Fzzzzt!* *BOOM!!*
  222. [P] Gangster Paradise
  223. [P] If you could be a tree, what tree would you be?
  224. Poll yo yo - Most Favorite/Hated School Subject
  225. [P] If you could be a kitchen appliance, what would you be?
  226. [p] Sharing a drink they call loneliness...
  227. [P] Is The Glass Half Empty... Or Half Full?
  228. [Poll] In my mind is a secret long locked away... [Warning: A bit PG-13ish]
  229. Poll: I can write lacrosse-sticks, can you?
  230. [p]
  231. [P] Look at me, I'm a kitty cat, I wear a bowl of peanuts for a hat
  232. [P] Fight Club
  233. [poll] If only I was somewhere else...
  234. A Program Poll
  235. Poll: Abilities and moves
  236. poll - who do you miss the most ?
  237. [p] Geez, No wonder I go unoticed.
  238. Game: Random Poll of The Day (SM & M Approved)
  239. Poll/Discussion thing about- oh no to many letters
  240. Poll: But i was only doing 75 in a 55...
  241. Poll: Everybody Hates Her, Bet she cries herself to sleep... oh so sad
  242. Timetable? (Poll)
  243. [p] Wait...shouldn't it be cold in November?!?
  244. Poll: Hey what do you know, I won something...wait a minute, where's my prize?
  245. Poll: Bring me my Weapon!
  246. {Poll} You're stupid!
  247. Poll: You don't play GTA?! I'm never talking to you again!
  248. Poll: Nooo, my Contraptions game has been destroyed!
  249. Poll: What's Your Nationality or Heritage?
  250. Poll: Post your....