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  1. [RBY] A Fun Themed Team
  2. [RBY] Help Please!!!
  3. [RBY] [RMT] In Game Boredom.
  4. [RBY] Surfing 'Chu...
  5. [RBY] Help improve my team
  6. [RBY] Boredom
  7. [RBY] I'm Bored too. Here's my Teams.
  8. [RBY] help meh ;;
  9. [RBY] Are these the BEST???
  10. [RBY] I'm alive...
  11. [RBY] Mew
  12. [RBY] Gary's Final Team
  13. [RBY] vs psychic
  14. [RBY] Yellow version team
  15. [RBY] surfing pikachu
  16. [RBY] final Red team[yes i'm bored]
  17. [RBY] Pokémon Yellow
  18. [RBY] I rated Yours!!! RED Team
  19. [RBY] madelyn's final team [suckage.]
  20. [RBY] Discussion: NYPC moves
  21. [RBY] safari zone
  22. [RBY] Does anyone know where i can find some Pokémon Green Gamshark Codes?
  23. [RBY] Move-set
  24. [RBY] Question
  25. [RBY] Discussion:2000 Stadium Tour
  26. [RBY] RMT Please
  27. [RBY] Help me create the "Universal Pokemon Battling FAQs(Yes.. RBY also ._.;)"!
  28. [RBY] When you are bored.
  29. [RBY] I'm New...Rate My Team
  30. [RBY] Water Type help on Yellow needed!
  31. [RBY] My first attempt at a RBY team EVER!!!
  32. [RBY] Does anyone know where to find....
  33. [RBY] Question
  34. [RBY] Revival of The Sacred Legend
  35. [RBY] Get Mew through a glitch. What rock where you under if you didn't know about this?
  36. [RBY] MY R/B/Y Team, what ya think/rate
  37. [RBY] mew.
  38. [RBY] Ditto Glitch
  39. [RBY] Please help me!
  40. [RBY] Glitch City
  41. [RBY] R/b/y for GBA
  42. [RBY] Getting through the Seafoam Island
  43. [RBY] Left Behind
  44. [RBY] help!!!
  45. [RBY] Did anyone use Hypno?
  46. [RBY] Rmt
  47. [RBY] how did you turn a pokeball into a pseudomasterball
  48. [RBY] Rmt
  49. [RBY] The Pros and Cons of using Counter
  50. [RBY] RMT Hammers of Doom
  51. [RBY] Hp Dv
  52. [RBY] ..::Starter & Legendary Movesets::..
  53. [RBY] TM for Swords Dance
  54. [RBY] Aerodactyl
  55. [RBY] Question about how a battle works.
  56. [RBY] Pikachu in Red version
  57. [RBY] Rmt
  58. [RBY] RMT k thx
  59. [RBY] How to beat Mewtwo in a Duel?
  60. [RBY] Uhh.. RMT..
  61. [RBY] RMT Yellow Version
  62. [RBY] rebellion
  63. [GSC] Shiney pokemon
  64. [RBY] rate my team mate
  65. [RBY] Poll: which GSC pokemon would you like to see in RBY?
  66. [RBY] Tm 50
  67. [RBY] gameshark problems
  68. [RBY] Rate my Charizard( hehe not the whole team)
  69. [RBY] RBY development code
  70. [GSC] Fun for all!
  71. [RBY] RMT - The Dark Side of RBY
  72. [RBY] I know this may sound newbish but...
  73. [RBY] Quick Question about EQ
  74. [RBY] big problem
  75. [RBY] Tactics?
  76. [RBY] ooo...pretty...RMT please....
  77. [RBY] Metagame changes..
  78. [RBY] Boosted points ..?
  79. [RBY] Rate my team.
  80. [RBY] Yet Another Mew Code
  81. [RBY] Phantom of the Pokédex: MissingNo.
  82. [RBY] really ancient problem
  83. [RBY] RMT
  84. [RBY] A ninja in a pokemons body.
  85. [RBY] RMT Yellow please
  86. [RBY] The Red Destroyers!
  87. [RBY] Blue RMT
  88. [RBY] True or False
  89. [RBY] My yellow team
  90. [RBY] RMT for Stadium
  91. [RBY] missingno evolution
  92. [RBY] best moves for these pokes?
  93. [RBY] Catching in safari-zone
  94. [RBY] This Forum is Completely Dead
  95. [RBY] I need movesets
  96. [RBY] Help! I'm New!
  97. [RBY] walkthrough of yellow
  98. [RBY] pikacup: Fisher's poke's r2 stats?
  99. [GSC] Stump the egotistical bastard game.
  100. [RBY] [SGRC Appreciation thread] ITT, we invade my PM inbox. =]
  101. [RBY] Maximum PP
  102. [RBY] Focus Energy
  103. [RBY] The Alpha and the Omega Tournament- The First and Last of its Kind
  104. [GSC] A different sort of tournament idea...
  105. [GSC] Chris' FAQ to Pokemon movesets. - Last Update -Xatu
  106. [GSC] RMT~The Gray Marauders
  107. [GSC] (first post) Rate my new team
  108. [GSC] Themed teams??
  109. [RBY] Bulbasaur/Mew Connection?
  110. [GSC] So Long, TPM...
  111. [RBY] the cooltrainer ditto glitch
  112. [GSC] Plz help wif my teem thnx ^_^
  113. [GSC] gold trophy
  114. [GSC] As 1st and as 2nd...
  115. [RBY] Recoil Damage
  116. [GSC] just wondering
  117. [GSC] Jolteon moveset?
  118. [GSC] Rate/Fix my Team
  119. [GSC] Need help with treasure room deal, and Raikou
  120. [GSC] A few in-game questions...
  121. [GSC] Sneasle
  122. [GSC] Rmt...
  123. [GSC] Ack
  124. [GSC] celebi?
  125. [GSC] Silver Cave
  126. [GSC] The Wrath of a King v.01
  127. [GSC] Extreme Speed Dratini; how many of you have it?
  128. [GSC] Hecklo!
  129. [GSC] RMT: [Theme] The Baton Twirlers v1.5
  130. [GSC] Arcanine or Magmar
  131. [GSC] questions
  132. [GSC] Congrats, Sir Chris!!
  133. [GSC] So...anyone else dislike Skarmory?
  134. [GSC] CHs & stat boost/drops?
  135. [GSC] rate my shatty team plz
  136. [GSC] I'm back, run for your lives
  137. [GSC] Refresh The Rmt!!
  138. [GSC] [RMT]Team Cyber
  139. [GSC] Best counter for bliss/skarm teams
  140. [GSC] some worthless RMT i'm only posting for nostalgia
  141. [GSC] The Lax killer
  142. [GSC] Rmt!!!
  143. [RBY] Rmt
  144. [GSC] Rmt
  145. [GSC] Rmt
  146. [GSC] pokemon crystal
  147. [GSC] Brand New Team
  148. [GSC] Lugia? to the owner and others
  149. [GSC] Whats YOUR take on Sharking??
  150. [GSC] Vaporeon
  151. [GSC] Avatar
  152. [GSC] How to make a shiny pokemon?
  153. [GSC] arrrremmmteeee
  154. [GSC] G/S/C trivia...
  155. [GSC] Zap
  156. [RBY] RMT (this one has a theme)
  157. [GSC] [RmT]Semi-UU Team
  158. [GSC] waterfall and whirlpool
  159. [GSC] Waterfall
  160. [GSC] Can anyone RMT?
  161. [GSC] Pewter, Viridian, and Paletown
  162. [GSC] Gligar
  163. [GSC] Multiplication
  164. [GSC] Light Ball
  165. [RBY] Venusaur.....
  166. [GSC] Rmt :D
  167. [GSC] shiny codes
  168. [GSC] GSC team wut?
  169. [GSC] Restarting crystal
  170. [GSC] Time
  171. [GSC] Where do you find HM01?
  172. [GSC] Could I please have a list of TMs and their locations?
  173. [GSC] A discussion on Tyranitar.
  174. [RBY] Rmt =d
  175. [GSC] Specs of Daycare and Boxing
  176. [GSC] Hey guys, Im New
  177. [GSC] Anyone Remember the Pikachu Gigapet?
  178. [GSC] Shiny Pokemon
  179. [GSC] Rate my team....
  180. [GSC] Newb Tendencies (RMT)
  181. [GSC] Stuck on S. S. Aqua
  182. [RBY] Bulbausaur.
  183. [GSC] Best set for a shuckle.
  184. [GSC] Unknown and Pokedex
  185. [GSC] Bah.. rate my team?
  186. [GSC] Hitmon Top,Chan or Lee?
  187. [GSC] Meh team for ratez plz
  188. [GSC] Please Need Help Badly
  189. [GSC] My Team, plz rate
  190. [GSC] Rmt :d
  191. [GSC] Attract Mew ?
  192. [GSC] Meganium and Arcanine movesets
  193. [GSC] Fuschia City Nurse Joy
  194. [GSC] Bite or Shadow Ball?
  195. [GSC] Dunspace
  196. [GSC] Do I Know You? =[
  197. [GSC] Tch, new team.
  198. [GSC] Heracross
  199. [GSC] Rmt: 'the Unanmed'
  200. [GSC] rmt
  201. [GSC] Whats the fastest way to get Umbreon?
  202. [GSC] RMT: Hydra
  203. [GSC] Redo: Rmt
  204. [RBY] Mew Moveset
  205. [RBY] Best Psychic
  206. [RBY] Does it work in yellow?
  207. [RBY] What determines Gary's Eevee?
  208. [RBY] Kabutops+Aerodactyl Fossils
  209. [GSC] Grass move
  210. [RBY] RMT for Pokemon Stadium 1
  211. [GSC] Rate mai krazy team :D
  212. [GSC] Bug-Catching Tournament
  213. [RBY] Rmt
  214. [RBY] Team rate plz
  215. [GSC] Exp
  216. [GSC] sup sneak team.
  217. [RBY] rmt
  218. [RBY] I need some guidence on this team.
  219. [GSC] How to Catch Lugia
  220. [RBY] Rate my team
  221. [GSC] Pokémon G/S/C Stat Listing and Experience Point/Level List
  223. [RBY] Pokemon Game Editers
  224. [RBY] Rate My Team
  225. [RBY] RBY nostalgia team
  226. [GSC] Eh... RMT.
  227. [RBY] Vuplix on red
  228. [GSC] rate ream
  229. [GSC] rmt
  230. [GSC] breeding?
  231. [GSC] rmt
  232. [GSC] A possible major shake up in battling?
  233. [GSC] wtf? weird tourney team?? @_@
  234. [RBY] Rmt Old School Team
  235. [GSC] Rmt
  236. [GSC] Rate My Team
  237. [GSC] RBY Special Items
  238. [GSC] Breeding - Pichu
  239. [GSC] Secret Island
  240. [GSC] pokemon cristal questions
  241. [RBY] How do you get Mew?? What's the Gameshark code??
  242. [GSC] breeding
  243. [RBY] I have used the mew code and it won't work.
  244. [GSC] So good to be back....
  245. [GSC] Two Shiny Pokemon Questions
  246. [GSC] Team Building, RMT/6th Pogeyman
  247. [GSC] Shiny eggs
  248. [GSC] I game gifts.
  249. [GSC] Clarification on Belly Drum
  250. [RBY] Walk through walls (well almost).