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  1. What do you want in Gen 5?
  2. Pokémon Black and White announced.
  3. The name game, Gen 5 edition
  4. Starters and Trainers revealed.
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  8. Which starter will you choose?
  9. CoroCoro
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  13. The worst and best looking Pokemon?
  14. Only New Pokemon until you beat the story
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  16. So, I just pre-ordered both Black AND White?
  17. New revelations.
  18. The old Pokemon...any "new" moves?
  19. A few things i dislike of Black/White. (gameplay spoiler)
  20. Black and White info
  21. Fav Legends
  22. North American release date! Now with European relase date too!
  23. Battle Subway Hax!
  24. DS WI-FI Battles?
  25. No third version?
  26. Pokemon Black and White Dsi bundles are going to be in stores very soon, guys!
  27. Theoretical BW Team
  28. Black City/White Forest question
  29. Where are you in your Black or White playthrough?
  30. Wrong Season
  31. Pokemon Black And White iPhone App
  32. B/W Friend Code Exchange Station
  33. Deerling
  34. Ten Most Disturbing Pokedex Entries
  35. The Trade Station
  36. How to beat the hardest trainer in the game with level 1 Pokemon
  37. Entralink
  38. Competitive Kyurem moveset
  39. One Direction play Pokemon?!
  40. Dream World List thus far
  41. easter 2011
  42. Post: #1Does anyone know the proper moveset for eviolite porygon 2?
  43. Team Rating (IN-GAME TEAM ONLY)
  44. Dream world question
  45. Cynthia
  46. Level 100 Reshiram and Zekrom giveaway
  47. Events that will be in the United states soon
  48. Forgot ID number
  49. Gen V EXP Points Discovery
  50. If you're in the USA, an event is coming up!
  51. Problems with sleep mode
  52. Future of gaming: Customization
  53. Re-Run through White, Team suggestions.
  54. GTS... guide for a newbie?
  55. Pokemon AR Markers!
  56. heya
  57. Hmm so there is like going to be Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2 o.o
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  59. Generation V Victory
  60. Quick Question RE: Breeding
  61. I Want Conkeldurr BAD!!!
  62. The Black/White re-matchable trainer guide
  63. Anyone fancy some Wifi battles?
  64. Black and White Trading Post
  65. Pokemon Black and White 2 Released in the U.S.
  66. Roaming Legendaries
  67. What Starter Now?
  68. Pokemon caught with the Dream Radar
  69. Mystery Gift Help
  70. WiFi Event. Heads Up
  71. 6th member (B2)
  72. Underground Ruins Help Please!
  73. Were my opponent's Pokemon hacked?
  74. Random question about breeding mechanics and learnsets
  75. Marlon-Easiest final Gym Leader ever?
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  78. I want to battle someone here.
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  89. I'm surprised Game Freak didn't notice this...
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  92. Well, this was quite the discovery...
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  95. Meloetta moveset
  96. Game hours in black 2.
  97. Unexpected medal
  98. TN SPAM