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  1. Pokémon X and Pokémon Y
  2. Which are you getting?
  3. X/Y Discussion thread (possibly some spoilers eventually!!)
  4. Gender?
  5. How many new pokemon are in these games?
  6. Backwards compatibility?
  7. Pokemon Facebook Page
  8. X/Y Early Reviews
  9. [All] Friend List Lacking? Let's Exchange Our Friend Codes Here
  10. The unoffcial Pokemasters's Pokemon X and Y discovery thead
  11. My Vivillon is...
  12. Shiny watch 2013!
  13. The First Trade Point?
  14. Chain fishing
  15. I just bought pokemon X.
  16. Favorite Kalos Pokemon
  17. Event legendaries leaked!
  18. State of the competitive metagame
  19. Get the patch!
  20. [X/Y] Post your team you're using in game
  21. Transfering from Plat/SS to X?
  22. [X/Y] Friend Safari
  23. [X/Y] X and Y Trade Station
  24. Friend Safari and Shiny Pokemon Questions.
  25. So, I beat X
  26. Want an Eevee? Let me know!
  27. X/Y Team Rating Thread
  28. [X/Y] XY Christmas Secret Santa (preparations)
  29. Suggestions wanted: who should I take to face the Elite 4?
  30. Experienced Breeders Needed!
  31. [X/Y] Shiny watch 2014!
  32. [X/Y] I love Pokemon x.
  33. [X/Y] Lumiose Ghost Girl Theories?
  34. [X/Y] RELEASE THE KARP! (might want to avoid Wonder Trade today.....)
  35. [X/Y] Wonder Trade
  37. [All] Soooo....speculation time! (E3 topic)
  38. [All] Share your Battle Videos!
  39. [X/Y] Favorite x and y Pokemon
  40. [X/Y] Post-game things to do?
  41. [X/Y] Least fav x and y Pokemon
  42. [X/Y] Zygarde movesets
  43. [OR/AS] First footage of OR/AS on Pokemon Get TV
  44. [X/Y] I lost my y game
  45. [X/Y] Rate my X team
  46. [X/Y] ROM
  47. I caught a shiny lickitung in victory road in Pokemon x.
  48. [X/Y] Rate My Team
  49. [All] Why is Aegislash banned?
  50. [OR/AS] WiFi Event Reminder: Shiny Rayquaza
  51. [OR/AS] Zoroark Event
  52. [OR/AS] How's my Xerneas's moveset?
  53. [All] Hoopa Distribution
  54. [OR/AS] Prison Bottle on Hoopa
  55. Rate my AS team please
  56. [OR/AS] Does anyone want a battle?
  57. [X/Y] Rate my team (Y)
  58. [All] Well, well, well...
  59. [X/Y] Evolving pikachu
  60. I know it's been a while
  61. [All] SHINY WATCH 2016!
  62. I just started a new file in Omega Ruby
  63. Your teams you use for the hard teams in-game and online
  64. Jirachi
  65. [OR/AS] Getting a Moon Stone in unlimited amounts
  66. [OR/AS] Green Shard
  67. [OR/AS] I now have every Eevee evolution!!!
  68. 20th Annivarsary Gifts: Manaphy arrives to NA
  69. [OR/AS] How many level 100 pokemon do you have?
  70. [OR/AS] How's this moveset for my Zygarde in AS?