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  1. Pokemon Sun and Moon: your hopes and dreams
  2. Yo let's get this Gen VII party started
  3. Do you enjoy Sun and Moon?
  4. Your team in Sun/Moon?
  5. Shiny Watch 2017
  6. What is the concept behind the Ultra Beasts?
  7. Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon
  8. Rate my Elite 4 team
  9. Are you happy with Ultra Moon/Ultra Sun?
  10. How many hours do you have in Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon?
  11. Your current teams in Ultra Moon/Ultra Sun?
  12. Do you have Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon?
  13. Is this a good set for Dusk Mane Necrozma?
  14. Do you have a good amount of level 100 pokemon this generation?
  15. Do you dislike or hate any gen 7 pokemon?
  16. Are these good moves for Zygarde Complete Forme?
  17. Rate my cool Ultra Sun team