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  1. Pokemon Sun and Moon: your hopes and dreams
  2. Yo let's get this Gen VII party started
  3. Do you enjoy Sun and Moon?
  4. Your team in Sun/Moon?
  5. Shiny Watch 2017
  6. What is the concept behind the Ultra Beasts?
  7. Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon
  8. Rate my Elite 4 team
  9. Are you happy with Ultra Moon/Ultra Sun?
  10. How many hours do you have in Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon?
  11. Your current teams in Ultra Moon/Ultra Sun?
  12. Do you have Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon?
  13. Is this a good set for Dusk Mane Necrozma?
  14. Do you have a good amount of level 100 pokemon this generation?
  15. Do you dislike or hate any gen 7 pokemon?
  16. Are these good moves for Zygarde Complete Forme?
  17. Rate my cool Ultra Sun team
  18. Rate my ultra moon tyrantrum
  19. Your views on totem Pokemon?
  20. How's my Ultra Moon Mega Metagross?
  21. How's my Arcanine from Ultra Moon?
  22. How is my Cradily from Ultra Moon?
  23. What's your view on mega evolution?
  24. Who are your favorite ultra beasts?
  25. Your last Mega evolution Pokemon you have?
  26. How's my Magearna?
  27. How is my cool Stakataka?
  28. How rare is Own Tempo wild Rockruff?
  29. What's the last Mega stone you bought?
  30. What's the most recent pokemon you're leveling?
  31. Ever catch a shiny Pokemon??