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12th February 2003, 01:04 AM
Welp...this is it. I'm posting my deck for a fix. I'm not the most enthusiatic YGO duelist/collecter. I don't spend my a lot of cash on it...possibly cause I've spent it all on DBZ CCG and Pokemon TCG...lol

Anyway, I would like two different fixes. I'm going to post my deck and sidedeck, and then post all my extra cards. One fix should work with the cards in the Deck, Sidedeck, and extra cards. The second fix is just a general, everyday ol' fix.

This deck is the best I came up with...

The Deck (50)

x1 Rogue Doll
x1 Steel Scorpion
x1 Nimble Momonga
x2 La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp
x1 Ryu-Kishin Powered
x1 Battle Ox
x1 The Wicked Worm Beast
x1 Blue Eyes White Dragon
x1 The Stern Mystic
x1 Man-Eating Treasure Chest
x1 Great White
x1 Wall of Illusion
x1 Summon Skull
x1 Giant Soldier of Stone
x1 Swordstalker
x1 Muka Muka
x1 Neo the Magic Swordsman
x1 Skull Red Bird
x1 Electric Lizard
x1 Judge Man
x1 Mystical Elf
x1 Man-Eater Bug
x1 Trap Master
x1 Flame Cerebrus

Magic (15)
x3 Fissure
x1 Dian Keto the Cure Master
x1 Curse of Fiend
x2 Remove Trap
x2 De-Spell
x1 Dark Hole
x1 Monster Reborn
x1 Change of Heart
x1 Ookazi
x1 The Cheerful Coffin
x1 Soul Exchange

Trap (10)
x1 Dragon Capture Jar
x3 Reinforcements
x2 Just Desserts
x3 Trap Hole
x1 Waboku

The Side Deck (15)
x3 Castle Walls
x1 Dragon Capture Jar
x3 Reverse Trap
x1 Ultimate Offering
x1 Dark Magician
x1 Hane-Hane
x1 Trap Master
x1 Card Destruction
x1 Last Will
x1 Sogen
x1 Soul Release

The Useless Fusion Deck (5)
x1 Roaring Ocean Snake
x1 Giltia the D. Knight
x1 Kaminari Attack
x1 Deepsea Shark
x1 Rabid Horseman

Extra Cards

x1 Claw Reacher
x2 Dragon Zombie
x1 Electric Snake
x1 Mammoth Graveyard
x1 Minar
x1 Niwatori
x1 Rock Ogre Grotto #1
x1 Ryu-Kishin
x2 Silver Fang
x1 Trap Master
x1 Unknown Warrior of Fiend
x1 Ancient Elf
x1 Baron of the Fiend Sword
x1 Battle Ox
x1 Beaver Warrior
x1 Boar Soldier
x1 Celtic Guardian
x1 D. Human
x1 Dark Assailant
x1 Dark Titan of Terror
x1 Destroyer Golem
x1 Disk Magician
x1 Feral Imp
x1 Flash Assailant
x1 Hitotsu-Me Giant
x1 Hyrosube
x2 Kojikocy
x1 Koumori Dragon
x1 Magical Ghost
x1 Master & Expert
x1 Mysterious Puppeteer
x2 Mystic Horseman
x3 Mystic Clown
x2 Ogre of the Black Shadow
x2 Pale Beast
x1 Ryu-Kishin Powered
x2 Sorcerer of the Doomed
x1 Terra the Terrible
x1 Tongyo
x1 Uraby
x1 Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1
x1 Witty Phantom
x2 Ansatsu
x1 Battle Steer
x1 Bottom Dweller
x1 Curse of Dragon
x1 Dark Witch
x2 Doma the Angel of Silence
x1 Gyakutenno Megami
x1 Lava Battleguard
x1 Rude Kaiser
x1 Stone Ogre Grotto
x1 Tyhone #2
x1 Gaia the Fierce Knight

x1 Ancient Telescope
x1 Book of Secret Arts
x1 Exchange
x1 Dark Energy
x2 Dark Hole
x1 Graceful Dice
x1 Invigoration
x2 Monster Reborn
x1 Sogen
x1 Sword of Dark Destruction
x1 The Inexperienced Spy
x1 Tremendous Fire
x2 Yami

x1 Gift of the Mystical Elf
x1 Skull Dice
x2 Two-Pronged Attack
x2 Ultimate Offering

Anyway...thanks in advance.

12th February 2003, 11:12 AM
well my friend it seems uve gotten 1-2 Kaiba Starters and some cheap cards off of other ppl...I cant rate this deck but I can give u suggestions:

a) Go buy some more boosters
b) try to find a card shop where they sell singles
c) pic what kind of deck u want to use before posting it (Gravity Bind, Beatdown, Hand Destruction etc.)

12th February 2003, 06:26 PM
Im sorry but I see a couple good cards in this deck

Keep in these cards:
x2 La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp
x1 Wall of Illusion
x1 Summon Skull
1 Man-Eater Bug
x1 Dark Hole
x1 Monster Reborn
x1 Change of Heart
2 Trap Hole
x1 Waboku

Everything else should go out

Cards that could go in any deck
Pot of Greed
Magician of Faith
Witch of the Black Forest
Magic Jammer
Solem Judgement
Seven Tools

Cyber Jar can go in any deck but Exodia.

Now pick a deck type

Beatdown:main cards level 4 high attackers, high attack 1 tribute monsters,some Monster Removal

Gravity Bind:Main cards level 3 attackers with low stats like Haybusa Knight, strong equipment cards Axe of Despair and obivously Gravity Bind (for this deck take out La Ginn and Skull)

Exodia:Main cards 2 Sangan 1 Witch of the Black Forest Backup Solider, Gravity Bind/Messanger of Peace painful Choice Reborning cards like Shallow Grave Pot of Greed (see parenthesses for Gravity Bind)

Direct Damage:main cards Tremdous Fire,Okkasi (sp) Princess of Tsurgi, Just Desserts attackers that can attack direct all the time (optional) Gravity Bind/Messanger of Peace (optional)

Here are just decks that I have seen used most. There are other decks like themed or decks that are based around 1 monster. Go on Yugioh sites and try to find them out.

If you are only willing to use cards that you got from starter decks, you should focus on a different card game

12th February 2003, 06:38 PM
it's impossible to rate a deck with no theme, lol.

BTW Side Deck's worthless, unless you want to keep something like a couple Dragon Capture Jars just in case.

anyway every deck has to have the 5 staple magic cards: Pot of Greed, Raigeki, Dark Hole, Change of Heart, Monster Reborn.
Then you majorly need good L4 attackers, Gemini Elf, La Jinn, Harpie's Brother, 7 Colored Fish(at least 7 or 8). Then of course Cyber Jar.

Anyway, various deck types:

Beatdown: simple, beat down your opponent. Lots of L4 attackers, then some 2400-2500 attack L5/L6 attackers, and maybe a Blue Eyes or Cosmo Queen if you want.

Rush: L4 attackers plain and simple.

One Turn Kill: name says it all. Unfortunately there aren't many possibilities with this one in the english version so far.

Discard: Force your opponent to discard cards, whether it be from the hand or the deck or both.

Special Win: Destiny Board/Exodia, stall cards, drawing cards.

Control: Now that Dark Necrofear is finally out for english, you can make a decent control deck. Control deck=control opposing monsters.

Burn AKA Direct Damage: Lots of direct damage card. Cannon Soldier's a staple and any special summon cards are nice, + Tremendous Fire, Just Desserts & Ookazi.

Monster Removal: nuke your opponents field. Again, not that many possibilties in english version so far.

12th February 2003, 08:35 PM
True, without a theme, you can't rate the deck, but I was just wondering if there was a better configuration with the cards I have for a deck. As I said in the above post, I have no real way to get more cards at this moment, so I can't get Rageki and all the good cards that I've been wanting and you all have suggested. Also, I know that my deck sucks crap. I just don't have the money (anymore) to get YGO cards. The best I could do was get Kaiba and Yugi starters, and then get my cousin's leftover cards from when he got them pretty cheap in California.

*looks around* Maybe I should have said that in the first post...