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13th February 2003, 10:11 PM
It is the year 20XX, Rockman and Lan have defeated Gospel and many challenges afterwards, but Wily has stolen copies of plans from the top research facilities dealing with the network and Navis. The Ascendence Project, a project whose goal was to make a living being able to enter the cyberworld, It had been recently completed. Upon hearing of this, Doctor Hikari, Lan, and Protoman's owner Enzan(the japanese name). have gathered people that are willing to test the Ascendence machine and leave behind the real world...

Okay, rule number one, HIS NAME IS ENZAN! PLEASE don't dispute me on this, Enzan sounds cooler anyway.

you can be one of three kinds of people, a Wily recruit, a Hikari recruit, or a Netbattler
Signup form for either Wily or Hikari recruits
Call name:(what you call yourself in the cyberworld)
Appearance(real) :

Appearance(navi) :What you look like in the cyberworld
basic abilities: (in cyberworld)
available chips: (chips you can use in cyberworld, max of 15)
Special abilities: (crisis attacks, desperation attacks, limits, those sorts of things.)
Good or Evil:

Navi name:
Navi appearance:what your navi looks like
Navi abilities:don't go overboard

14th February 2003, 07:15 PM
count me in

Name: Rob Nightshade
Callname: Apocolypse.exe
age: 17
Personality: Kinda fun, fun to be around, hes really hot blooded and runs into things without thinking at all, hes a big risk taker and gambler, and he'll always stick up for his friends. If you don't know him, however, he seems shady and dark...sorta mysterious looking.
Appearence: He has dark brown hair which comes down to about just above his eyes, but its shorter in the sides and front. He dresses in all black and is kinda gothic, and wears several skull ornaments all over his body.

Navi appr: All black. He remembles a ninja of sorts, as he wears a head peice that shows only his eyes. He wears jet black armor plating all over his body, and a sword extends from his left arm.
Basic abilities: Sword slash: Uses his sword at close range for a powerful attack. About 90 damage is done.
Spin cut: He spins in a circle, sword outstretched, damaging enemies in a circle pettern. About 60 damage is done, but it can hit twice.
He shoots his sword out like a spear, skewering an enemy. This causes big damage and attacks enemies in a line, but leaves him defenseless momentarily. About 150 damage is done.
His sword retracts, allowing him to use a long range blaster. About 15 damage is done per shot.
Charged sword:
An aura surround's apocolypse's sword, causing it to deal more damage. This takes time to charge up. About 130 damage is done.
Chips: Cannon3, Ratton3, Geddon3, shadowman's sword attack (forget the name), shadowmanv3, Pharoahman3, Paladin sword, zeus hammer, polterghiest, rock cube, ice cube, geyser, DreamAura3, Bass3, and Gospel.
Speacial attacks:
Doom of the living:
A series of rapid sword jabs and slashes are delivered to the enemy, launching him airborne and resulting in high damage. About 50 damage is done per slash.
Blood Thirst:
Apocolypse skewers the enemy with his sword, and than lauches it, shooting the enemy far away while impaled. About 250 damage is done.
Clear Tranquility:
All Apocolypse's health is restored, and one quarter of the enemy's is as well.
In Apocolypse's ultimate attack, he delivers a bolt so powerful that it has the potention to shut down the opponent's PET, instantly deleting the opposing NAVI.
Good or Evil: Evil of course.
Other: Apocolypse was designed by Rob to be the ultimate NAVI. They came out with an arrogant, rude, ignorant, and very powerful NAVI.

14th February 2003, 08:19 PM
well, I'd better post MY signup... oh, and you don't really need to note exact damages for your attacks...
Name:Kaladrian Galadorian
Call name:Swordsman
personality:a bit of a loner, he opens up to people after a while.
appearance(real): about5'6", has blonde/brown hair and blue eyes. he usually wears bluejeans with a t-shirt.

Appearance(Navi):he looks like a Paladin, has shining, golden armor, wields a pair of golden longswords, an all you see of his face is his mouth.

Basic attacks:sword slash, twin sword slash. buster can't be used when both swords are out. shield.
Chips:GatemanV3, LifeAura3, BassV3, 3 sword,3 widesword, 3 longsword, 2recover200, stonebod.
Special attacks:Holy sword:his two swords merge together and form a large golden twohanded sword for a short time.
Light of Hope:Fully restores the condition of him and his allies.
Holy Whirlwind:his swords glow with light and he spins around, causing a vortex of light energy.
Shield of Life:forms a large barrier in the shape of a shield.

15th February 2003, 02:39 AM
Name: MC
Call Name: Slots
Age: 17
Personality: He's a bit insane and only cares about himself. He enjoys torturing people and has a big gambling problem.
Appearance: He has long, blue hair and brown eyes. He wears a purple top hat and tuxedo, green pants, a yellow shirt and a red bow tie and shoes.

Appearance(Navi): He has long, blue hair and red eyes. He has multi-colored armor and has four slot machine slots on his chest, he has a large fist on his right arm and a cannon on his left.

Basic Attacks: Slots:
-Fire: Fires a ball of fire, only happens when all slots show the fire symbol.
-Water: Fires a blast of water, only happens when all slots show the water symbol.
-Thunder: Electrocutes the opponent, only happens when all slots show the thunder symbol.
-Thorns: Fires a wave of thorns, only happens when all slots show the plant symbol.
-Blaster: Fires a blast of energy, only happens when not all of the slots match.
Punch: Punches the opponent.

Chips: FlamemanV5, ColoredManV2, Area Steal, Mega Cannon, MetalmanV4.

Special Attacks:
Cheat- steals one quater of the opponents health and adds it to his.
Power Slots- Powers up all of his basic moves.
Copy Slots- Copies on of the opponents special attacks, only happens when all slots show mask symbol.
Doom Slots- Drains opponents health to a small amount, only happens when all slots show skull symbol.

Side: Evil

Other: n/a

15th February 2003, 08:18 AM
hmmmmmmm.....I'm going to edit mine. I didn't know we could have such strong navi's. ^_^"

PokeMaster Jimmy
15th February 2003, 08:04 PM
Name: Alex Morbid
Cyber Name: Shadow
Age: 15
Personality: He is a social outcast. He just walks around and when people think he's a chump that can be easily beaten, they get their navi deleted in the end. He hardly ever talks and gives people the eye. It rare if you see him smile. Even though he never talks, he is kind inside and would help when he can.
Appearance: Wears a black t-shirt and baggy khaki pants. Wears oval glasses. Has hazel spiky hair which is usually standing up and defying the laws of gravity. He has hazel eyes and is asian. Looks muscular and has jordans that was customly designed to have black and red marks on the side part with a fire logo on the tongue.
Cyber Appearance:http://pic5.picturetrail.com/VOL68/916216/1678375/19788400.jpg Like that.
Chips: 3 Bass, 3 Muramasa, 2 SkullMn3, 2 HeroSwrd, 2 Gaia3, Recov300, and 2 LifeAura.
Basic Abilities: Sword Slash - Slashes with sword. About 50 - 80 dmg.
Charged Blast - Charges from blaster, ranges from 50-100 dmg.
Anger Punch - Takes in all the damage and builds up his rage. Uses that rage to hit the opponent back. Damage done depends on damage taken.
Special abilities: Shadowball - Charges up a black void ball in his blaster and shoots at the opponent. 80 - 120 dmg.
Dark Thoughts - A mist goes around the opponents field. When the opponent is touch by the mist, the opponent faces its darkest memories and is stunned for a short amount of time. 0 dmg.
Black Hole - Creates a rip in the net dimension and throws the opponent in. The opponent then comes out another hole and has suffered much damaged through the dark hole. 150 dmg
Shadow Blade - Takes out a purple-blackish blade and dashes towards the opponent and slashes him/her many times as a shadow. 180 dmg.
Side: Good
Other: A good hacker.

16th February 2003, 10:53 AM
well, I think we have enough to start out with, however, MC, you can't have abouve V3 of a navi, sorry