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Kuro Espeon
29th November 2004, 07:15 PM
Ok, the sign-ups are officially closed and the posting may now begin! Before making your first post, please go to the Sign-up Topic (http://www.pokemasters.net/forums/showthread.php?t=32444) and make sure you've been accepted and then copy and paste your form into your first post here. Begin!!

NOTE: Whenever I make a post as Sigrun, make sure to read it because it may very well contain useful information. As a rule of thumb you should read every post in the RPG so you don't get lost or put something that will cause others to reprimand you.

Real Name: Sigrun Delanore (President)
Code Name: Dark Orchid (this will be explained later)
Gender: Female
Age: 35
Personality: Very emotionless and passive, it is sometimes hard to tell what she's thinking. Her flat, rather chilling voice can sometimes be intimidating, but she is truly a good person at heart. She is firm but fair with her employees and will never ask them to do something that she doesn't think they can do. She is extremely devoted to her organization, though her reasons for founding Spies Anonymous are unknown, even to those who work for her. Her enigmatic nature is sometimes frustrating, but once you get past her outer shell she's easy to like.
Description: Fairly tall and full-figured (she actually has HIPS! *GASP*), she looks younger than she really is. She has fierce emerald eyes behind a pair of thin wire-frame glasses and dark violet hair that is always pulled back into a very professional style bun held together by two crossed chopsticks. Most of the time she wears a gray business suit (jacket top and knee-length skirt), with a white shirt underneath and knee-high black boots.
Ability/Expertise: Her extremely high IQ makes her an excellent president and planner. She acts mainly as Head of Intelligence and Top Strategist. Behind her intelligence she has several other talents that she hardly ever gets a chance to show.
History: Not much is known about Sigrun before she founded Spies Anonymous. As it says above, her motives for this action are known by her alone. However, it is suspected that she may have a dark past or secret that she doesn't wish to reveal.

Sigrun Delanore - Date: June 14th, 2015; Time: 18:38:00
"Do you understand, Madam President?" said the voice of the newest client, "This isn't casual project. It is something of great importance to me, and I want it handled professionally and capablely. I want all of your best men on the job. And I need them soon."
I raised my eyebrow.
"All the best, my good sir? I have quite a few capable men AND women in this facility. I assure you they are all professionals. However...you know what they say about professionals..." I rubbed my forefinger and my thumb together in the sign for "dough", even though he couldn't see it over the phone. "They drive a hard bargin."
"If it is money you are refering to, Ms. Delanore, then let me assure you that I have quite enough to make it worth while, for you AND your spies."
"Oh? I do encourage you to remember that statement, sir. We'll hold you to it." At this remark I heard him chuckle at the other end of the line. The job he had described to me wouldn't be a cheap one, especially with my top agents on the task. However, he apparently didn't seem to care. At least there was some assurance in that. "Very well...I shall put them on it right away. I'll send them to the arranged meeting place tomorrow night at midnight. But may I have the pleasure of telling them who it is they'll be working for? I'm sure they'll be interested to know."
"My name is Victor Groveski. I shall be waiting." With that he hung up the phone with a click and there was silence on the the other end. I slowly placed the reciever back down on the hook and leaned back in my leather chair, folding my hands together thoughfully.
'The best, huh?' I thought with a hint of amusement, 'This Mr. Groveski is in for more than he bargained for.' I didn't even have to go through the numerous files of the Spies Anonymous classified members list to figure out who I was going to send. I already had the perfect team in mind for this operation and soon I found myself reaching again for the phone to call in Melanie, my secretary. She appeared in the door with a clipboard in her hand and her usual curtious smile.
"Yes, Madam?"
I beckoned her over and handed her a slip of paper with a list of names.
"I want you to contact all of the agnets on that list on the secure line and summon them to the conference room. Make sure they are here in exactly one hour. They know the drill by now.
Melanie looked down at the list. Written on it were 12 names:
Shadow. Tricky. Witch. Blue Bullet. Browser. The Hunter. GunLance. Dash. Nuker. Ruin. Matador. Psycho.
She studied it for a minute and nodded. As she turned away I spoke up once more.
"Oh, and one more thing. I want to pass on an extra task for Yukio Yasuo. Since he is good at tracking things down, I would like for him to locate Ripper and bring him along. He should be in the city so it won't be too hard for The Hunter to find him."
"Ripper? Petrovich? Are you sure?"
"Of course I'm sure. Our client asked for the best of the best and that's what he's going to get. Wether he likes it or not... We'll need Ripper's skills. Now get to it, Melanie. I will meet with them all in exactly one hour. Any late comers will be taken off the mission."
"Yes, Ma'am." Melanie bowed her head respectfully and exited to ring in the top members of the S.A. I sat back down at my desk to wait. Soon now, the underground headquarters for the Spies Anonymous would be abuzz with activity.

You can interact with whomever you want in your first posts, but just make sure everyone get's their message and gets to the conferance room! Oh, and the SA members have their own special communication devices which they're called on. That's the "secure line" Sigrun was referring to.
Let's get this rolling people!!

29th November 2004, 07:44 PM
Real Name: Jack Korso
Code Name: Nuker
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Personality: Even though he works with dangerous weapons, he is quite careless and even gets a little too daring. If he gets frustrated, he toss a grenade randomly, and even endanger himself. Can't remember much, like someone else's names. He doesn't work THAT well in a group, but his job is dangerous enough. Don't be suprised if he goes on a suicide mission and comes back singed, happy, and lots of soot on him.
Description: Dark black hair(used to be brown, but he got singed alot..), brown eyes. About 6', not very heavy. He's pretty strong, considering his age. Commonly wears a black, plain t-shirt with the text "Explosions are music to my ears" on it, same text in Russian on the back. Black jeans, and a light, grey jacket with many holes in it and blast marks, and even some parts are burned away.
Ability/Expertise: Knows how to operate any kind of detonator, grenade, and even bomb. He can even tell what kind by the sound. He can even make some bombs from household items, he's been doing this for years. He is THE man to have when you gotta throw a Fireworks party. He's a total expert.
History: He is all-Russian. His entire family was born there, and he got his "blowing stuff up" trait from his grandfather. When he was 21, he moved to St. Petersburg and practiced the "art" of bomb-making and detonating there. He got pretty crazy and started to go a little too far with it when he blew up half his house on accident(not exactly half the house was vaporized, he just burned it down) and moved ASAP to Siberia, where he could practice his specilty safely. For 6 years up untill he got hired, he perfected his technique of planting, detonating, and creating bombs, grenades, explosives, etc.
Other: When he talks, he will usully talk in fluent(sp?) Russian, he can understand English, but can't speak it without an overloaded accent.

-Jack Korso/'Nuker'/Explosives Expert-
"Good thing for you I'm not at my Siberian home right now at this very moment." Jack said over the line, in his overloaded Russian accent. He was He simply made designs for new ones here, then went over to Siberia to test `em out.
"One houra? WTF? Okay, okay." Jack said over the line, then hung up.
When he got out to his car, he made sure he didn't bring any explosives. But as usual, one blew right up in his face, a security device for the car.
"coughcoughcoughcoughcooough...not as bad as itcough..could've been..coughcough..."
His face was now dotted with ash. Jack wiped it off then hit the accelerator.
1 hour later...

Jack had his normal cloathes on, but not the jacket. He was just outside the Confrence room, before he opened the door, he thought to himself..
"Don't talk in Russian..don't talk in Russian..you're speaking to someone who speaks english here.."
He had a habbit of talking Russian when or/and where he really shouldn't. Unbreakable habbit it was.
Jack turned the knob, and walked in, calm.

Couldn't you have told me that a LITTLE earlier? ;)

Kuro Espeon
29th November 2004, 07:52 PM
Pres of the United States? Heck no. She's just President of Spies Anonymous!

29th November 2004, 09:02 PM
YAAY! I'm guessing there is a 'main lobby' or some thing where the SA can hang out if they aren't at home or some thing. Like doing paperwork. lmao. Or maybe there is a building...?

Real Name: Ai'rena de Velaforia
Code Name: Witch
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Personality: She's... how would you say... very ditzy. She doesn't mean to be, it's just that... if there is any possible way for her to screw up, she usually does. However, she always seems to find some way to make things better or others do it for her. She tries extremely hard and she's very cheerful and jubilant, almost to the point where some people might want to vomit. She's niave as well, and innocent... but some how she finds her place at work.
Description: See Attachment. She looks just like that, except her eyes have a hint of a light violet with in them as well. She wears that outfit usually around the work office area, but if she has to go into spy mode her clothing stays the same but in different colors and with out the tie. Her skirt becomes black and she only wears the underneath long sleeved shirt, but it is a deep, violet-black hue and clings to her body more. About her neck usually is a silver necklace with a moon pendant about it, which she thinks gives her strength. About her hair she wears a black bandana when she goes out, keeping it so tha tmost of her long slightly wavy strands stay out of her face.
Ability/Expertise: She can make herbal remedies! lmao, but that's not her strong point. She can whip up or create almost any type of strange, odd weapon imaginable. She's the techy of the group, which is hard to believe since she doesn't seem smart. (Imagine Su from Love Hina)
History: Ai'rena was born under one of the Witching Lines. 'Witching Lines' are not exactly witches, or at least they claim not to be. Rather, they are a family or extended band of highly respected researchers and investigators. The entire group of 'Witching Lines' are actually nuns and a few men who consider themselves priests, under the house of God. However, the Church didn't like this and tried to release them or get rid of them so that they wouldn't exist in accordance with the Church, but lost due to unknown reasons. Still, it was the first real 'defeat' the Church had encountered, and many rumors have started in how that happened.
Ai'rena however, was a little odd. Although she studied in a church, wore strange, gothic-yet churchy clothing, she was still an oddity outside of her out little Witching Line group called, "Valeforia". She knew basic herbal remedies, but when it came to studying other high-tech biology things she really lost interest and tended to screw things up. She was a nuisance and all of the elders deemed her hopeless, until a man called Zaiac, found her and asked her to take a test. Zaiac was the 4th Elder of the Witching Line Valeforia, and he wanted to see some thing because he had observed Ai'rena take apart and put back together a big screen TV. With this test, he discovered that in actuality, Ai'rena was a genious with mathematics and technology. Knowing that, he helped train and teach her things and gave her many materials for her to try her own unique ideas. She loved it... but as soon as she reached age 20 she recieved a letter from the A.S. Zaiac told her she should take it, and leave the realm of the Witching Line. She accepted, and soon found herself emersed in a very different environment which took a long time for her to get used to.

Oh, and no one really knows what the Witching Line does still. Hee hee.
Other: Ai'rena does have a pet which she called her 'familiar' named Nuro. Nuro is just a little black kitten with fierce green eyes that likes to bite feet. Ai'rena gets a lot of yelling done at her when Nuro does this, but she claims it's affection.


"Hmmm... I think if I revert the power here then it'll work!" Witch's voice echoed in the room that she was in as she examined a metallic object that was in her hand. Of course, the door was shut and a little red sticker was placed upon the door knob to signal 'don't come in-Witch is working!' She had done that the moment that Blue Bullet had entered once and almost got all 'toasty' from her flamethrower she was designing to have a heat index of 310 degrees. Of course, the room she was in was the 'weapons' room- usually, or USED to be a place to store weapons and such for ALL members. However, Witch- during her off hours- liked to live in there when she had an invention in mind, and she basically took over the entire room. She even went ahead and put a little, long black sticker with the words, "WITCH" upon them etched in purple over the regular 'weapons' sign. The room was usually a mess as well- at least when she was using it.

Various different inventions, instruments and half-completed ideas were all about the area. She didn't seem to care however, she was focusing upon the table that had many several different color-coded parts and she was wiring them together like a mad cook hell-bent on creation.
"AHAH!" She proclaimed, beaming brightly as she held her beautiful creation in the air. It was extremely small... about the size of a keychain with a hole in it just enough for a person's pinky finger to fit through with a little bit of space inbetween. It was metallic purple in color, with several oddly illuminating green tubes in the middle of it. Of course, the thing was very small but it looks rather neat.

Of course... this moment of 'ahah' didn't last long.

"Yay it WORKS!" Witch cried gleefully, and she pranced about the room like a girl who just recieved a pony for her birthday. However, she suddenly tripped over... nothing (despite all the strewn objects in the room) and the object clattered to the ground. Just as it did so, the door slowly began to open DESPITE the red button upon th eknob (Witch expected everyone to know what it meant, reguardless ifi she told you or not). Just as the machine hit the ground, it's little trigger button was hit by a loose wire and instantly it let loose a small yet blinding flash of lime-green light. It BARELY hit the door, almost milimeters away from hitting the person who had opened it. Instantly the door turned transparent green, and the person who held the doorknob almost fell through the door entirely. It was an eerie sight... a semi-transparent green door that you could go through.

"Oops. Close one." Witch said, sweatdropping all anime-like as she quickly rose to her feet and brushed off her skirt. Her hair was a bit ruffled from the fall, and she quickly went to grab her gun.
" Almost made you into a green, transparent ghost!" She said, seeming to shrink herself in s ize due to her embarressment at her own clumsiness.


Kuro Espeon
29th November 2004, 10:13 PM
Just so you all know, you don't always have to go by the Code Names. Feel free to call each other by the character's real names. The code names are required out in the field during missions in order to maintain the anonimity of the organization.

Outlaw JT
29th November 2004, 11:30 PM
Real Name: Nikhael Pietro Petrovich
Code Name: Ripper, Cold Sabre, or Dark Edge (he goes by each name in different circles and no one knows he is actually all three)
Gender: male
Age: 29
Personality: Nikhael is a very precise and calculating person. On the surface he is mischievous and crazy but underneath he is weighing every potential option and outcome. Most people think he is just insane because of his loud and cavalier attitude but the smartest and more cautious people are wisely suspicious of him.
Description: Nikhael is of average height at 6'2". He has a lean athletic build. His hair is cut very short and it is dyed white with a blue streak on either side right above the ears. His eyes appear to be a bright and majestic purple. He wears a tight black sleeveless sneaking suit. On each bicep he wears an armband that is lined with numerous short throwing blades. He also wears a long black leather coat. He is sometimes seen wearing small circular framed sunglasses with a royal blue tint.
Ability/Expertise: short blades. There is no one in the world better at throwing or wielding short bladed weapons. He can nail a bullseye at 50 meters with a throwing dagger and in close quarters can make 60 cuts on a person in 60 seconds.
History: Early in life Nikhael developed an interest in blades. His father was a knife thrower in a gypsy circus and he fell in love with the whole thing the first time he saw his father's show. He grew up as a travelling gypsy in the circus. When he was 13 and practicing to try and get into his father's show he accidentally killed one of the workers who helped set up the stage with a thrown dagger. That's when he discovered he also had a fascination with death. Ashamed of what he had done, his family forbid him from playing with blades from then on so he left. He ended up in an orphanage in Moscow till he was of age to join the military. He signed up as soon as he could. Early on his superiors discovered his skill with a blade and his moral flexibility and he was recommended for special training. At age 20 he became a Russian Special Forces commando. Strike without being seen, stay hidden in shadows, the basics of working in covert operations. They gave him all of the training he needed to set out on his own. Shortly after being promoted to Captain he resigned his commission and went into business for himself. By age 23 he was one of the world's best assassins. Unbeknownst to his various employers he was actually three assassins. To the asian and european markets he is known as Dark Edge. In America he is called Ripper. Abroad he is known as Cold Sabre. No one has ever connected the three identities as he maintains seperate accounts and contacts for all three and he never allows a client to see him. The SA tried to recruit him as Ripper two years ago. While he refused the idea of joining them ("I moved into the private sector to avoid things like unionization," he told the SA) he did agree to do some freelance work for them at a low rate in exchange for some contact information. Very little of his time between assignments can be accounted for by anyone. His true motivations and agenda are unknown. Interacting with the few people he has met at SA gives off several different impressions. Everyone believes he is a little insane but he got along amicably with Blue Bullet and he was a regular fun-loving flirt with all of the women he met at SA. He seemingly expressed a decent bit of interest when talking to Sigrun and Ai'rena although it is hard for anyone to tell what he truly thinks with his ecclectic behavior.

OOC: Let's see who can guess what character I have revived. *laughs evilly*

Nikhael Pietro Petrovich, for the moment Ripper
The light of the sun waned in the early evening hour and yet the city was as bright as ever. Its streets were lined with neon and hallogen as far as mortal eyes could see. They illuminated the mainstream while casting the seedy nature of the city into the shadows.

Despite the garish and offensive array the lights presented, this suited him just fine. He lived to start in shadows when there was fun to be had. And there was much fun to be had this night. Already things were in motion and soon he would have many souls to play with. To what end could not be said but he had his own ideas and indeed his own plans. None that he had or would likely ever share while others might effect them.

His thoughts of what were to come ceased as he sensed the approach of his messenger. Not a messenger persay, really. A fellow professional sent to retrieve him. He would not be retrieved, though.

A man came skulking through the shadows, silent and swift. Had he not been expecting this exact man he may have been caught by surprise but even then it was barely even odds. Although it was not his primary gift, this man had been sent to track him down and bring him before the SA with or without his consent.

He chose to greet the man as such and with a brief glint of steel let fly a fine throwing dagger. The man reacted almost at the last second as he whirled about, shifting his head just two inches to the left of where the dagger struck, embedding itself in the brick next to the man. The man looked up at the shadowed fire escape in anger, drawing out a weapon.

"That knife could've killed me," the man shouted.

In a silent and swift motion he smoothly dropped to the ground. He slid upright and let out a cool grin, partially hidden in shadows. He held his arms out to show he held no weapon before responding.

"Only if you hadn't moved," he jested at the man, his grin eerily seeping across the alley.

"I think I'd really like to get you in my chair one day," the man answered back, his anger still apparent.

"I do appreciate the offer but as you can see I am not in need of a trim," he gestured at his finely groomed hair. "There really is no need for such hostility you know. I should have to try much harder to kill a field agent for the SA. At least, one would hope so my dear Yasuo, The Hunter."

"You couldn't kill a field agent for SA if you did try, Ripper!" Yasuo spoke harshly.

"Indeed," for a moment Ripper's grin grew dark and malevolent but quickly it resumed it's amused outlook. " 'The Hunter' truly is a grandious name. It hardly seems fitting for one sent out on petty errands such as retrieval. Fortunately for you, I already know why you were sent for me."

With a wink from the shadows, Ripper's arms finally slid back down to his side. He took a step forward and for the first time Yasuo could see his full face. The two stared at each other for a moment. Yasuo endeavored to let his anger fade so they could attend to business and Ripper simply enjoyed the game.

"Then you'll follow me back to SA," Yasuo stated firmly, finally in full control of his emotions.

"No, I will not follow you. I know my own way to your SA and I will see myself there at the appointed time. I would ask the favor of you delivering a message to the lovely Dark Orchid, though. Tell her, word is that at least two other professionals have been brought in independantly from foreign markets by the mystery client. I should like to know the name of this person who would hire so broadly for such a secret job but I imagine that will come when next I see her. Tell her I will arrive exactly as she asked. 1939, was it? Also, Sigrun and Ai'rena might feel compelled to wear the pendants I sent. It would make me feel so much more at home," Ripper's grin deepened and he gave a mischievous wink before disappearing up the fire escape and in through an open window on the third floor.

OOC: Let the games begin! Sorry I didn't leave you much room to respond Crystal Tears but this character needs just a bit more time before he'll be openly interacting. Also, I hope I handled your character ok. If it's way off I can edit based on your suggestions via PM.

30th November 2004, 12:01 AM
*gets tagged* Oh alright :P

Real Name: Mike Rampart
Code Name: Dash
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Personality: He's a very amiable guy, if you're on his side. Very down-to-earth when it comes to serious topics, but likes a joke here or there to keep things alive. To compare him to some of the others: if all the ditzy/clumsy people are yin, Mike is the yang.
Description: Tall and thin is the easy way to describe him. He's around 6' tall, and weighs only about 150 lbs. Practically all of that weight is muscles, allowing him to move easily. His hair is short and brown, and his eyes are a deep green color. He is slightly tan, but not overly so.
~ For clothes he wears a snugly-fitting T-shirt (often one from Hot Topic or the like), comfortably-fitting jeans (usually black or blue), and a pair of soft-sole sneakers so he can feel the ground through his shoes. However, if he needs to have even more aerodynamics or agility, he can change into a spandex-like full-body piece which has very little resistance (it's usually black in color).
Ability/Expertise: He's extremely fast and agile, and has reflexes that'll make your flinching flinch; as a result, he's very good at getting past security devices, especially laser beams
History: Mike joined SA just over a year ago, which makes him second youngest and second newest member. Made pretty good friends with Dara early on after she joined, since he was also relatively new at the time (if you don't mind Kuro).
Other: His over-the-top perfect movements are very useful in helping to keep Ai'rena from causing too much damage, which put him at a higher rank than "Rookie" after only a couple months of this. (He also happens to be one of the few people not bitten by Ai'rena's "familiar.")


Mike (Dash)
"Nothing to do around here," I muttered to myself as I walked through the halls. That usually was the case when there was no assignment for us to do. Of course, it wasn't always quiet everywhere, especially not when certain people are busy. Namely, the weapons room and Ai'rena.

"AHAH!" I heard said person shout as I passed by the door that led to the aforementioned room. Another shout of "Yay, it works!" came from the room not long after. I took a look at the "Witch" sign, as well as the little red dot on the doorknob, and sighed inwardly. Slowly, I turned the doorknob and started pushing the door open.

It turns out slowly was the best thing, because a blindingly-bright flash of green light went off through the crack of the open door, and suddenly the door wasn't very solid anymore. I jumped back, out of the way, and looked at the strange sight: where a very sturdy door had been seconds ago, there was now a glowing green ghost of a door.

"Oops, close one," Ai'rena said, standing up from her fallen position on the floor. "Almost made you into a green, transparent ghost!" She added as she rushed to pick up the gun.

"Not likely me," I said, making her look up at me. "But you do really need to be more careful, Ai," I added, "because some other people wouldn't have been as careful as I was." (Ai was a nickname I called her often, which she didn't seem to mind at all.)

"S-sorry!" She replied, smiling embarrassedly.

"Looks like we might need a new door," I added, as if this kind of thing happened every day. Casually I walked through the green glowing area. Not two seconds after I had stepped out of it, the door suddenly solidified again, as if nothing had happened to it. "…or maybe not. Looks like it fixed itself. Now…" I started, but I didn't get to finish my thought.

BEEDEEBEEP! BEEDEEBEEP! The small transmitter module on Ai's wrist went off. Not wanting to intrude on a conversation that might be private for her, I gave her a slight nod and left the room, closing the door.

Again I began walking around, this time a slight edge in my mood. It sounded as if Ai'rena was being recruited for another mission. I felt slightly jealous, mostly because she had had two other missions since the last time I had had a mission…and that mission was with her as well. Mind, the other missions were really small, but still…

But after about five minutes of wandering, my transmitter went off as well. Within half a minute, my mood reversed completely. It was another mission that I would be going on. The next thing I thought of was whether Dara was on this one. She hadn't been on the last mission I was on, but she had been on one other one since then. Plus, she was the member I knew most of them all, since we had both been kinda new when we met.

Still bouncing with excitement, I wandered around again, this time with a goal: to find and talk to Dara.
Hope that's an okay way to portray the transmitters. And also, maybe the characters can use that gun for something useful in their mission.

30th November 2004, 12:51 PM
Real Name: Xu Wagner [Pronounced Zoo Vahg-neir]
Code Name: Matador
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Personality: Xu’’s relationship with her colleagues is mostly playful - there’’s an air of the sly about her. She’’s pleasant enough to talk to, yet she can adopt a cold attitude towards these ditzy kids. Having grown on the streets, she has little tolerance for sissies, and often she unfortunately mistakes ditzies for lacking spine. For the most part she can come to respect them, atleast once she’’s seen their true potential at work. She’’s a very practical person, and tends not to dwell on things past - she concentrates on the job. Mostly she’’s trustworthy, (*shifty eyes*) and for certain would never betray Sigrun Delanore, who got her out of the slums. Besides, im sure Sigrun would have her guts for garters ^^
Description: Stands at the modest height of 5'5, slender yet sturdy, and very flexible. Looks oriental for the most part: light olive-tan skin; large dark, slightly-slanted eyes. Her hair is a rich black, short and ruffled at about two inches, with a fringe that hangs to her eyes. She has a sly smile.
Wears all black: a sleek zip-up, long-sleeved jacket with a high collar; shorts held with a thick utility belt, adorned with pouches for her equipment; elegant above knee socks; and a pair of scruffy, buckled boots. To top it off, a pair of small, perfectly round, orange tinted glasses sit on the bridge of her nose. Her casuals consist of a short-sleeved black button shirt and a black skirt.
Ability/Expertise: An escape-artist, Xu’’s excellent at getting out of tight situations (she’’s a weasel in other words). You have to keep your eye on her, as she’’s often gone without you even noticing. Good driver with vehicles in general(she used to jack cars, motorcycles, trucks, you-name-it), and pretty reliable with unlocking locks(when the pressure's on). She’’s quite sly and deceptive as well, so can smooth talk her way out of legal matters.
History: She grew on the streets of New York, yet her name suggests Chinese-Russian descent, and was only brought to America when she was five. She knows not of her mother, but believes her father was killed by the Russian mafia, and she herself escaped by fluke. From then on, she was a thief, and prided herself in hardly ever being noticed, never mind being caught. Though she does not speak her parents language, she does have a slight husk to her voice, the hint of a Russian tongue.
Her connections with the S.A started when she was hired by accident as a getaway driver, and helped them get out of a sticky situation. She was fully initiated to join the S.A. six months later, when the full extent of her elusive abilities was revealed.
Other: Babadahbadaba..

Xu Wagner ~ Matador

In my lovely new beige uniform, I stepped up to peer through the bars at the captive.

“Watch out for this guy. Tricky lil’ sod. Let loose with a pistol in the plaza! Chil’ren n’ women everywhere! Where he got the nerve..” The officer in charge shook his head. According to his badge, his name was Bob. “Gave me this too, when we brought him in.” He pointed to a bruise under his left eye. “Where you boys taking him?”

“Penitentiary off rural route 9, they’ll sort ‘im there.” I told Bob. He seemed satisfied with this, and slid the key into the door. The bars were hauled aside.

“Get up,” Growled Bob, and luckily for him, my friend decided to comply. His long, blue-tinted hair swished as he stood up. He peered down at me, a look of sheer confusion behind those slim glasses.. The Blue Bullet imprisoned. I never thought I’d see the day. Even if it was a shoddy main street jail next to the local DIY store.

“Xu?” He mouthed.

“Against the wall!” I snarled. With his arm bent behind him, Alexander Railscore was slammed into the cell wall, a grimace on his face. In the pretence of handcuffing him, I leaned forward and said. “Sorry, but don’t be fooly. We’ve gone to great lengths to get you out of this. Have you seen what Im wearing?” He smirked and I pulled him away from the wall, out of the cell and to the desk. Some other cop peered up at me. I scanned his badge quickly.

“Hey Joe, how’s the wife?” I asked casually. Joe hesitated confusedly, then smiled up at me.

“Why, Sheila’s fine, thanks for asking..” His eyes darted to my badge, ”Glen.”

“We need this guys stuff,” I said, jerking a thumb towards Alex who scowled at me. Joe slid the chunky envelope towards me, and the paperwork. I pulled a well placed pen from my breast pocket and began to fill it in.

Name.. Glen Fernandez? Sure, whatever.

Squadron number.. Uh, uh..?

The officer saw me hesitate and leaned in suspiciously. Hmm, think fast!!

“Billy playin’ with the team this Saturday?” I asked ever so smoothly, the casual american. Joe looked pleasantly surprised.

“Yup,” He said and nodded, “Quarter back in the big game - we’re so proud.” Finally, I remembered the damn code I had ‘memorised’ earlier, scrawled a signature and slid the form back across the desk.

“I’ll bet you are. What a kid.” I gave him one last smile, and walked Alex from the building.

“How’d you get arrested?” I wondered quietly.

“Some kid let off a firecracker, the little toad. Well, sounded like open fire to me. I whipped out my pistol, thought I’d be a hero, y’know?” Blue grumbled. “Got copped didn’t I? The pigs thought I let off a round. Idiots.” He shook his head. “Hey, but more importantly.. How’d you get that uniform?” He hissed.

“I called in help from a friend.” I smirked to myself as I steered Alex to walk out the door. And I did it carefully so I could see the look on his face.

As we neared the police car waiting outside, the officer leaning on it looked up. Kitai’s eyes sparkled from underneath her cop standard hat. And she grinned from underneath her man standard ‘tash. I saw the realization on Blue’s face, and then.. He burst out laughing.

“Alright wise guy, into the car,” Kitai said gruffly, as an entirely convincing forty year old male. I have to admit, it was pretty funny. Helpless and laughing like a madman, we slid Alex into the back seat and undid his cuffs. He tore open the envelope we threw in after him, and pulled out his communicator, which was flashing. I climbed into the drivers seat next to Tricky. After listening to his message on the earpiece, Alex frowned. “Is this the only reason you came to rescue me? It’s not because of my irresistible charm?”

“Hrmm, Im pretty sure that’s not the reason I let Trick attack me with spray on stubble today.” I said, turning the key. The engine of the squad car purred. Well, spluttered maybe. We set off down the road, and everything was fine. Mission successful. Until...

“Hey, turn off here!” Kitai pointed wildly. “I hear cops get discount!” I flicked the indicator and rolled up onto the curb.

And twenty minutes later I was sat in the conference room, sipping steaming hot starbucks, and scratching my day old stubble.


Yikes, I hope that’s ok Lorelei and AA! Just felt like having some fun.. ;)

edit: Bah! >< Jeebus Lorelei, i apologize. Im stuck in the past, I tells ya...

30th November 2004, 01:34 PM
Real Name: Leah King
Code Name: Shadow
Gender: Feamle
Age: 19
Personality: Leah is a generally nice person. She likes to keep the atmosphere happy and upbeat and can't resist having a good laugh. Leah is really dedicated to her work, but refuses to let herself get stressed and always remains easy-going. She enjoys sneaking up on people in her mysterious manner and scaring them, nearly as much as she enjoys throwing a sarcastic comment into whatever conversation she can. Althought clumsy at times, Leah is very sly and sneaky.
Description: Leah has a normal build. She's thin but not skinny and has unusually pale skin that suits her. Leah has long brown hair that end in springy curls just below her shoulders. She has two bangs that flow freely over her light blue eyes. Leah is usually seen wearing dark blue jeans that cover her white trainers slightly. She is always wearing a black tank top with an undone denim jacket over it. Leah wears black nail polish on her nails, but often finds it chipped or gone.
Ability/Expertise: Leah is highly experienced at the art of lock-picking. After many years of running round the town and causing as much chaos as possible Leah has also picked up the shadow-like talent of sneaking in and out of places without being seen. (Thus the nickname and habit of scaring people)
History: Leah joined the SA a few months after her 16ht birthday. She left the house after her and her father had a big row about Leah being a failure. Leah then stormed out.
Other: Hates spiders.


Oh god, I'm so bored, So Very bored. I thought grimly to myself as I sat at the tall table, drumly my fingers on the wooden surface in a slow, repetative pattern.
I couldn't remember ever being so bored, ok, maybe if I searched back in my memory for a while I would find some proof of me being so bored, that was besides the point. It didn't matter how bored I used to be, that was ancient history, what was annoying was how bored I was now. And damn was I bored.
I took a sip of my drink, I couldn't remember if it was coffe or cappucino inside my cup. Whatever it was, I didn't care.
I drummed my fingers again and began humming softly to myself.

Only minutes later (quite a few actually), I was sat in the meeting room, my legs crossed underneath me and my coffee - Or whatever it was - still gripped in my hands. At least I'm not bored anymore.

OOC: Sorry it's so short.

Kuro Espeon
30th November 2004, 02:44 PM
Question for you Vulpix: Shouldn't you be calling Loreli, "Kitai" or "Tricky" ? That is her character name after all....Loreli is her TPM name, lol. I love the starbucks though, lol.

30th November 2004, 03:41 PM
Hi! I'm babysitting right now, so can't post now, but when I get home in a few hours I will :P

Kitai Nakayama! Not Lorelei =D

^_^ Hah, its hard to type with a 5 year old on your lap who's playing Pokemon XD "Jenny! I found 'nother Ratata!" He likes counting the pokeballs under our usernames =)

Real Name: Kitai Nakayama
Code Name: Tricky
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Personality: A very sly extrovert, Kitai is a very easy to like person. She makes friends incredibly quick, and manages to make strong ties with those around her easily. She really comes off as a nice person, but beware. Underneath the sweet, calm atmosphere, she's a lying little bitch who'd sooner slit your throat than look at you. However, she's got a great weakness - if she is suspected or unable to convince someone, she loses all her courage and panics, not really thinking straight about anything.
Description: Kitai is your average girl. She isn't gorgeous, but she isn't misfortunate either. She is fairly plain, with straight shoulder-length black hair, and pale skin. Her eyes are a flat grey, which she considers good, as she can adopt other eyecolors with color contacts easily. Otherwise, she is a fairly short girl, at only 5'5", and is very lithe and slim. Normally, she wears jeans and a t-shirt over a catsuit, but often changes her style from classy to grundgy to whatever, all to support her image in the mission.
Ability/Expertise: Kitai is talented in the art of lying and fooling people. She can bring up anything as true and make those around her believe it, through drama and trickery, from where her nickname is derived. She adopts personalities and looks easily, almost like a shapeshifter.
History: Kitai has had a very healthy life. Obviously, somewhere, she slipped up, getting involved with secret organizations and hitmen and spies, but otherwise, she had a lovely childhood with four sisters, a brother, and two loving parents. She's travelled alot of the world and loves going to new places. She got involved with the S.A. when she was 19 - she had a running in with another spy, a hitman, and had two options - either die, or join them. She figured she had nothing to lose, so she chose to join. Since then, she has refined her acting skills, proving a good asset to the company.
Other: She's allergic to cats and dogs and most little creatures with long hair.

Crystal Tears
30th November 2004, 04:22 PM
Real Name: Yukio Yasuo
Code Name: The Hunter
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Personality: He's quite cold, emotionless, and cares for hardly anybody. Refuses to let anyone get close to him. He shoves people off, and acts much like a loner, and a jerk. He's mysterious, and doesn't tend to listen to anybody. Though he does care about certain people, he never shows it, and tends to be more hurtful towards them.
Description: He's 6'1, tan skin, blue eyes, and blonde hair. (in a mushroom cause I'm unoriginal) He's got a build on him, but still looks thin, and lanky unless his jacket comes off.
He wears a black lose t shirt, with slightly baggy black cargo pants. Combined with a black leather jacket, and black nikey shoes. His jacket has a gold cobra on the back of it.
Has a tattoo that covers his back, it resembles a dragon, but theres much more to the tattoo then what people see. He also has another thats on his right wrist, only covering about half of it, when looking closer at it, it appears to be half a bracelet made up of names.
Ability/Expertise: Extracting Info *snickers*
History: Been in jail numerous times for small pety crimes. The Justice system always saw him doing more then just threatening in the future.
How right they were.
He eventually started doing more, not just threatening, but torture. As he joined up with SA. No one knows where his hatred for people comes from. Or where this horrific talent lingers in his soul.
Other: He said he simply joined for the fun of hearing people cry.

Yukio Yasuo
He gripped his wrist tightly as 'Ripper' walked away. How much he hated him, how much he wanted to add his name. But no, he was working with him, they were on the same team. "I will have your name...." Yukio muttered almost silently, no one could of made it out. No one. Only Yukio knew of the secrets.


Yukio sat in the conference room, he had deilvered the message, and now. He was in a room with few others, the ones who weren't there had exactly 45 minuts left to come. Yukio, out of pure boredom. Had been counting the minutes since he got in. Yes, he had counted 4 minutes. And now he stopped, tapped his fingers impatiently.
Yukio looked around, the couple of people who were in here, he recognized. One had a nasty habit of speaking Russian without meaning to, Yukio didn't care much for his real name. But his code name was 'Nuker.' For obvious reasons, his car had blown up outside.
"don't speak Russian, don't speak russian don't-" He cut into Russian. Yukio smirked, and he looked up at him. "What?"
"You spoke Russian." His head banged on the table, Yukio smirked again to himself and slid slightly lower in my chair. He looked up at Yukio, and frowned. Yukio kept smirking before fiddling with a small knife. "You really need to break that habit."
"What happens if I start?"
Yukio looked up through his bangs and shrugged, a slight smirk appearing. Nuker smirked along side. Knowing that most likely Yukio didn't give a crap. He was simply there for the pleasure of hearing innocent people scream.


30th November 2004, 05:25 PM
Real Name: Ekiel Van'dourr
Code Name: Psycho
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Personality: Seldom speaks, when she does though you'll want to listen. Thought to be the strong friend so crying and mushy feelings are not an option. Very open-minded and over examines things (usually a good thing). Kind with a bid g heart that is not noticeable at first glance. Hate people who have no respect for tohers or any self-respect. Has a tendancy to confuse others unless you really get to know and understand her. Has a hard outlook and strong will. Once you crack her cold shell she's really soft inside.
Description: 5' 9.5", long black hair that covers eyes, pale white skin, and crystal blue-gray eyes. Wears a long, black, sleeveless trench coat (ankle length, wears coller up). Tall black combat boots with loose silver buckles. Full length gloves with the same silver buckles and no fingers. Under trench coat is a half length sleeve shirt (ripped on sleeves and back of shirt). Tattoo shows through holes, is a full abdomen and right arm coiled snake. Black, straight-legged pants that tuck into the boots. Not very curvy, in fact, is often mistaken for a 19 or 20-year-old guy.
Ability/Expertise: Fooling people using Reverse Psychology (On a side note, Ekiel has a different personality when using these techniques, which I'll explain here: Her older and more mascular look forces people to believe she is nasty, ruthless, and some believe, pure evil. Her smirks and emotionless stares only add t their confusion. In many ways, this persuasion/tricery keeps people away and speechless. Although thought to fight on a whim, she has never been involved in one. Only words and looks are needed most often.)
History: Lived with father and mother, until about 5 years ago. Mother "died" when she was 10. A booklet was all that was left as what Ekiel believe a sign from her mother. Ekiel has trained for 6 years and met all requirements for an SA special opps agent. Including basic fighting and thievery curtesy of her mother. Ekiel knows of her mother's actual loyalty to SA as an agent. When her mother was orphaned at 16 she joined SA and was not only one of the youngest agents to have ever worked there, but one of the best. Ekiel wishes to join in an attempt to pass up her mother's record as one of the best. She wants to find her mother, although she knows she is safe. Even though Ekiel's family has been involved with SA for centruies, no one knows of anyone who works there by an actual name. Ekiel's father was an expendable soldier of many wars. Almost all of his limbs have been detatched at least once, and even though his sickness increases, he insisted Ekiel try to get into SA. She not only wants a contract to gain money to help for her father's condition, but her family owes a deep running debt to SA. As she searches for her own identity and self-defiance, she searches for a way to create a better tomorrow.
Other: Ekiel's favorite sayings are, "It's all in your head." and "It's a matter of the mind."

Now ask yourself, "Will you really be able to handle her?"

I would like to say that this is my first online RPG, so please excuse me for my extensive note to detail...

(I smirked to myself as I entered the hallways leading to the main corridor. Melanie was their at her desk, to my dispair she noticed me.)
"May I help you?"
Melanie seemed somewhat cocky, as if she was against me even standing before her.
"Yes actualy, I'm here for the S.A. meeting and..."
"S.A. meeting? I have no idea of what your talking about!"
(Oh great! Just what I need today.)
Her tauny index finger jabbed the intercom button,
"There's a young man out here who needs to be escorted off the premisis...emediatly!"
Out of a door behind me came two large men. One tapped my shoulder, so I turned and walked out. A few moments latter I found my way back to the corridor. This time I tried darting into a room next to the confrence hall, unfortunatly however Melanie has good eyes. This time she walked over to me as if to be confrintational.
"What happened? I believe you have already once been shown the door so..."
"Well a little chat can change a lot."
I smirked an evil smile even though I tried hard not to. This was just way to funny, and I beggan to laugh.
"WHAT is So FUNNY!?"
I could tell she was disgusted with me by now.
"Nothing in paticular, just that my day has been so horrible...how has yours been."
Well yah know what they say...Laughter is contagouse. Next thing I knew Melanie and I where laughing our heads off about what a horrible day it had been. Before she realized it I had slipped down the confrence room hall. I heared her call me back and then her gasp of air as she tried franticaly to get someone to obtain me from entering past her desk. I was gone though, right from under her nose I had been pleasently invited inside.
When I entered the confrence room though things where not all smiles and laughter. I sat ubruptly on a comfy sofa and rested my feet upon the glass coffee table next to me, it cracked. I tried to act like nothing happened. People stared from all sides, I felt like I was in school. (This is horrible!) I tried to act calm and cool knowing that at any second I could be dragged out by more guards, but I wasn't going to let that happen. I would find my way back again and again.

Arctic A
30th November 2004, 06:03 PM
Very nicely done Vulpix, thanks for the good use of Alex :tongue:
Sorry the post is short...but I can't think o' much to do from here.

Real Name: Alexander Railscore

Code Name: Blue Bullet

Gender: Male

Age: 27

Personality: Not what you'd expect from someone so skilled in his area. He's very bouncy and playful, the first in line to start flirting with the nicest girl in the room. As his job calls for, however, he's a good liar and actor. He's able to fool your average bloke, but he falls when it comes to the more perceptive people. Fortunately this isn't the main reason he ended up here.. When it comes to the final phase of his task, he becomes a picture of seriousness and dedication. He won't talk or smile...he'll finish the job. No matter what. It's his inner self...and it's cold and nasty. No remorse or regret.

Description: See the attachment for a rough idea. Also take a look at my avatar...the slim glasses are often present. He dosn't actually need them, and they're removed when he's actually doing his work. The hair is alot darker than the pic but you can still notice a blue tint. As a spy, his wardrobe manages to change quite a lot...he wears whatever is appropriate. His casual is a black shirt with the red one over it & dark blue jeans.

Ability/Expertise: He's a master sharpshooter. Fly off the wall from yards away. Usually uses a small silenced pistol, but dosn't object when you toss him a nice beasty sniper rifle.

History: Dropped out from the active armed forces to become an instructor for young sharpshooters. A chance meeting with Sigrun Delanore at his work gave him the oppertunity to join the SA...and he jumped on the chance.

Other: Somewhere, somehow, something must have happened to him to create this strange, almost split, personality that seperates the cold killer and the happy, playful boyish man. But he dosn't seem to be in a huge hurry to talk about it.

Alexander Railscore (Blue Bullet)
Bloody cops...
I found it difficult to stay still in my seat in the conference room, even though the chairs were amazingly comfortable with lush red padded seats and long armrests. Having been locked in that miserable cell for a period of time long enough to keep me away from either polishing my pistol or flirting with the female populace, I was ready to spring up into action. Well, I suppose that I could always take a shot at one of the girls in here (Kitai in particular sparked my interest quite often...a plain girl, but with what I could only call a hidden beauty to her) but now was certainly no time to engage in such activities. I looked across at Xu, who was sipping her drink and looking rather relaxed. As the images of her and Kitai dressed as they were when they'd broken me out of prison came back into my head, I started chuckling uncontrollably. When Yukio gave me a dark stare, I clamped my hand over my mouth and fell back into the seat. I pushed my glasses up a bit so they covered my eyes.
Great...I bet he's thinking of punching me right now...heh...
I could see that we were still waiting for a few agents to arrive...I rubbed my hands together, eagerly awaiting the arrival of them, Sigrun and our mission.

30th November 2004, 06:13 PM
Witch - Ai'rena

Ai'rena watched as Mike went some where else, and she frowned slightly with an off-handed sigh. Everyone always left when she thought things could get fun. Still, she glanced at her little black beeper and saw that there was a message. Meet in the Conference room... and it wasn't all that late. She stretched lightly, and with out even a thought she took out the trigger switch in the gun ( alittle metal plate that made the gun in a 'safe mode' once it was released.) and then stuffed the tiny little thing in her skirt pocket. She then quickly reorganized the room, being done for the day and with in only a miraculous hour she had it spiffy and sparkling with cleanliness. She soon walked out, took off the red sticker on the knob and soon went out. She had her own quarters in the building, but she also had a small apartment in the city.

So with a yawn, she some how went through the building (managing to say 'hi' to The Hunter as he entered, but he never really said hi back to her. It really didn't seem to phase her.) She soon exited their secret building through a secret quarter, and before she knew it she was exposed into the city. Walking although the sidewalk, she seemed almost too out of place for the city... especially at night. Her long, golden-hued hair hung about her shoulders while her deep eyes of light violet glimmered in the sky. She wore almost all black... the gear she wore whenever she was in the SA building. It was an odd fit for her, since her startling eyes and hair seemed to have a starking contrast. Still, she walked... figuring she'd perhaps fetch a bite to eat before heading back to their building to see what the meeting was all about. She was excited about it... but yet she never got too excited. Most of the time she was just handed an assignment to construct a new weapon and stayed at headquarters. Unless of course, the weapon was too complex for anyone to run it but herself.

And this... what... why, was I sent this? Ai'rena thought, clasping her fingers around a strange pendant of silver in her hands. It shimmered in the city lights, and she tilted her head to the side. It was strange... it had been sent to her with the insignia "R" in a card that she had recieved. It was from the Ripper... at least, that was what her collegues informed her. But then they informed her not to think much about it, that The Ripper was nothing but a deadly, psychotic man who killed and hit on countless females. Of course, Sigrun got one too so it sorta answered that question.
Still... Ai'rena couldn't help but smile at it. She wasn't one to put a necklace around her neck unless it was of great importance however- she learned that back with her Witching Line. Back then, she wore a silver necklace with a moon rune about her neck as a medium and a source of inner power. It also showed her close alligance to the Witching Line. Yet... she didn't wear it much anymore.
"Hmmm... I could just put it on for fun." So with that, she took the chain and wrapped it twice, interlooping it so that it formed a double chain to make a nice bracelet. She then bound it about her wrist, and the pendant dangled about ever so carefully. Ai'rena smiled lightly to herself, as she walked down the street... figuring eating some Italian would suit her just fine before the meeting.

30th November 2004, 07:19 PM
-Jack Korso:Nuker:Explosives Expert-
Jack just sat in his chair, and commented, to no one in particular-
"My car didn't blow up, it just shot a big flare at me. Security device, used to scare everyone away, and it has some fireworks launchers where the front lights-"
"HEAD-lights, man." Alex interupted.
"Hey, if you work on dangerous material the majority of your life, you're bound to lose some brain cells, many of them." Jack said back.
Jack just closed his mouth and leaned back on his chair, with his feet on the table. He leaned back, and accidently fell backwards.
He already made a fool of himself, in the confrence room. Alex chuckled a bit, Yukio had the "no comment" look on his face, but when realized it was Jack and his clumsiness, he cracked a smile, for a second. And Xu just kept on sipping her drink, not even flinching.
Jack got himself off the floor, put the chair back up, sat down, put his feet on the table, and didn't lean back this time, but he did start to snore...very loudly. He also started mumbling quietly in russian to himself, but quiet enough no one could hear what he was saying(no one would undertsand, either..)
He was sleeping for what seemed to be a very,very long time...still a solid 40 minutes to go. He checked his watch.
What Sigrun waiting for? A miracle? A bomb to go off? A shot to be fired? Sheesh...I just wanna put on a fireworks show right now...badly...
Yeah, my guy is pretty clumsly, no matter what. As of now, anyone in the confrence room can wake him up, or let him sleep until Sigrun comes in... :sleep2:

30th November 2004, 08:28 PM
Gareth Redstone "GunLance"

"What now," I muttered to myself as I stared at my transmitter, "Damn, I'm going to have to cut this short, Ryno."

"Yeah," Ryno (Ree-no) said sympathetically, "I understand. You can't disappoint the Boss."

Ryno was one of the newer members of SA (Hey, you said there were other members). He was hired for his vast network of contacts, but it also turned out that he was taking classes. Ryno was aspiring to be a psychiatrist.

After an emotional breakdown three months ago, it became mandatory that I visit the Doc three times a week. It was meant to sharpen his skills, as well as to help me overcome my problems. It was actually a pretty pleasant time.

Fortunately, the room prepped for Ryno was in the same building as the conference.

"I'm betting it's not even that important," I muttered, "Ai'rena's probably designing something that could blow this building if it goes fritzy."

I don't quite know where my hostility to Ai'rena originated from. I actually quite like her (platonically). She was energetic, intelligent, unlike most gunsmiths she was able to repair and modify my favorite weapon without trying to replace it. All I know is, I want to shoot myself whenever I have to work with her.

I entered the conference room. Several people were already in it: Alex, Jack, Xu, and thensome. Yukio seemed to be the first to greet me.

"Hey Gareth, how's the shrink," he grinned maliciously.

"Go to hell," I responded in irritation.

Of all the people here, there were two people I hated most: Yukio and the one called Ripper, though the latter didn't work for us. I think the feeling was mutual. None of us were intimidated by the other.

Ryno would love to analyze these guys. I'd sure get a kick out of it.

I sat down in a corner, looked around, and smiled. With several other people in the room, I felt more comfortable about what my mission could be. I hummed a little to myself.

30th November 2004, 08:56 PM
Hurrah, product placement! *shoves Starbucks cup in faces*

*backtracks a bit*

Kitai "Tricky" Nakayama

"Two boxes of donuts, and 13 coffees, and a bunch of creams and sugars on the side." Xu told the drive through operator, smiling and leaning against the door of the car. Kitai glanced at the speaker, looking for a camera, and then reached up and pulled off my police uniform's hat, plopping it on her lap. As they pulled through the pick up and paid, she peered out the tinted windows and gave a sort of smirk at the reflection shining back at her. Yup. She made a pretty good male, at slightly feminine one, but a pretty good one nevertheless.

As they headed back to the headquarters, Kitai undid the rest of her disguise gradually. She reached up, pulling out hairpins from her hair and holding them in her mouth, until she could slide off the greying-brown wig. She loved those tainted windows, yep.

"So, Alex," she smiled at him through the rearview mirror, one eye grey and the other brown at the moment. She took a second to take out the other brown and plop it in its case, before continuing, "do we make pretty good cops?"

"Great," he grinned and Kitai grinned back, happy her plans went through smoothly. Very smoothly, thanks to Xu's lying and her mastery in desguise. She reached up and ripped off the mustache from under her nose, pocketing it with her contact lenses and shoving the wig in her bag, taking off the wig cap and pulling out the last few hairpins, shaking her shoulder length ebony hair out. She was fairly uncomfortable with the padded corset on under her police uniform too, as she usually didn't impersonate males unless she had to. It was designed to elimate breasts and make a wider waist, so it was naturally a very uncomfortable thing to wear. Under the edge of her shirt she undid the buttons discreetly, slipping it off and shoving it in her bag.

Minutes later, as they pulled into the driveway, she was sitting in her chair at the table, munching on a donut and taking a sip of coffee. Oh, when was the damn director going to get there? Forty minutes seemed like a bit much, and she wasn't exactly in the mood to sit around.

Crystal Tears
30th November 2004, 09:29 PM
Yukio Yasuo
Ryno... Yukio thought, not really knowing why. It just seemed to enter his mind quickly and uncontrollably. Maybe it was the thought of a shrink running around the place that got to him. Hey he wasn't the one who had the emotional break down. Gareth had. Yukio harshly grabbed his wrist, as small annoying voices entered back into his head. Yes they were annoying, haunting him since the first name. But at that time, there had only been one. How Ryno would love to get into my head... Yukio thought, still showing no sign of even thinking about anything. But he was, running through his mind was every possible answer to why they had been all called here. If he ever tried, I would kill him. Yukio smiled slightly, a small evil smile. Only emotion he ever did show was hatred and evil. He didn't care for anyone else, so why show any other emotion. Because you do care. His smiled faded at the sound of his own voice echoeing in his head. Sending haunting reminders of what could have been. You cared.. Before.... Conflicting thoughts countered one another as his mind raced to block out any memory that entered it. Yukio rage was building again, he quickly stood up, catch a few off gaurd, and walked over to the window. the slightly grey sky let a slight shine of the sun through. Thats all he needed, no thoughts of the past. Just the future.... His future.
"Wonder what he's thinking..." Yukio felt his eyes narrow, he knew that voice. Alex, he was talking to someone, but who he did not care. He turned around and sent another cold stare. He went silent, and again clamped his hands over his mouth.
Yukio smirked, and went and sat back down. Shaking his head doubtfully at Alex. The thought of Alex's name on his wrist soon faded. Alex didn't annoy him. Theres no point in taking a name that doesn't mean anything of importance to him. Besides, I could get fired... A countered thought spoke to Yukio, he smirked to himself before going back to playing with his knife.

Fai D. Flowright
30th November 2004, 11:34 PM
Real Name: Kayn Hoyrthe
Code Name: Ruin
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Personality: To put it blanantly, that's the way he is. He's the one that always spoils the surprise, or the plan, or anything else that is made to fool people. It also doesn't help that he's rather naive when he is criticized about it. But, although he has this little "problem," he is also very clever and resourseful as well. He has his smart and useful moments as well as times of intellectual and physical skill. He also acts rather casual, but will speak sophistically at rather random times or to certain comments or people. He is also one to keep a smile on his face, even if times are bad!
Description: Contradictory to his joyous aura, Ruin prefers to wear dark colored clothing. This includes at dark indigo V-neck shirt, black jeans and shoes, and a simple black gothic-like overcoat (think WHR style). His hair is dark brown (near black) and parted on the right; his eyes are sapphire blue. His complextion is lightly tanned and his build is SLIGHTLY muscular.
Ability/Expertise: Besides giving away ideas and plots, he's a genious in the Supernatural field and most things that could be considered very "otherworldly."
History: Kayn has always been knowledgable about the surreal, even at a young age, and this is what led him to joining Spies Anonymous. As it could be noticed, he wasn't accepted for his personality, but for his vast intelligence instead. He decided to join for sure when he felt that he could actually use this knowledge to fit in and be (somewhat) useful to society...
Other: *tackles Other* *glomps to death* Awww..... I really liked that other... *goes to find a new one*

I truely must apologize that I cannot post right now. But I did want to put this up to confirm my position within the RPG. As soon as I get some sleep (and a little inspiration to start from) I'll get my post up. Sorry for the inconvenience, if any. (Should be up within the next day... ^_^)

1st December 2004, 09:10 AM
Sorry Lorelei, the name thing is practically automatic now because of mewtations. Like a glitch or something. And Im a bit fuzzed up, y’know, with all the pressure starbucks are putting on me to advertise for them :P Anyway, if I do it again, just kick me ;)

Xu Wagner ~ Matador

It’s hard being a spy/ hitman/ escape artist. I mean, most of my colleagues have these natural gifts, and maybe I have some myself, but it takes work to exploit them. I’ve done a lot of training since I came here. But there is still a lot of work to be done. For example, I had been pondering over the crossword in the latest edition of Spies Monthly for the past 20 minutes. And I had only got about 3 words so far. Maybe I needed to do my homework..

Slowly, the room had begun to fill, but there were still a lot of empty seats left. Damn these younger agents! They thought could wander in whenever they wanted! And the older ones were pretty cocky too. And don’t even get me started on the boss. ( only kidding Kuro!)

“Bah! What to do, what to do??!?” Kitai cried almost sorrowfully. “I swear that clock’s ticking backwards!” She accused, eyeing the clock on the wall suspiciously.

“Hey, did you know that the new com device has an inbuilt radio?” Alex asked. I peered over at him to investigate. Yes, he was right - the communicator was emitting some waily pop crap, and Alex looked delighted. Like he’d discovered fire or something. But unfortunately, he had also dismantled half of the tiny contraption to pieces. When I pointed this out to him he frowned.

“Neh.. Maybe I’ll get Ai’rena to take a look at it later,” He shrugged, and leant back in his chair to listen. Suddenly the doors flew open, and a young girl.. guy, no, girl, strode over to the sofa, a look of immense triumph on her face. She rested a pair of chunky, black combat boots upon the table top, and the glass cracked. This ruined her cool mood, and she blushed as everyone turned to stare at her briefly.

“Wah!” Tricky wailed involuntarily, and snatched up the stacks of donuts that threatened to fall to the floor. Hugging them possessively, she scowled at the newcomer. I, however, decided to inquire.

“Are you new here? What’s your name?”
“Ekiel. And I just.. Er.. Enrolled,” She told me, looking slightly shifty as she did so.

“Oh, ok. Im Xu, that’s Alex, that’s Tricky.. You might want to avoid her for the moment,” I explained. Seen as I couldn’t be bothered introducing the new girl to the other members in the room, I decided to leave her to her own devices. I peered back at the magazine still in my hand. Hmm..

“7 Down, anyone?”

Arctic A
1st December 2004, 12:42 PM
Alexander Railscore (Blue Bullet)

I watched as Ekiel sat quietly, obviously a bit embarressed. I figured I may as well try and make her comfortable, so when she looked over at me after a few seocnds I gave her a warm smile. She gave me a faint one back, then continued to look around the room.
"7 down, anybody?" Xu piped up suddenly, staring at her magazine. I was pretty bored, so I bounced up and stood behind her, peering over her shoulder. I had no idea whatsoever as to the answer, so I fiddled with my half-broken com device while making 'hmmmm' sounds.
"Ahh...i'll leave the rest to you..." I said, slipping quickly back into my chair. Xu smiled and shook her head, going back to work at the crossword. Taking a glance to my right, It looked like our resident Russian Demolitionist had gone to sleep. Looking at my watch and seeing how much longer we had to wait, I figured that wasn't such a bad idea. I also put my feet up on the table (And didn't crack it, thankfully...Ekiel smiled faintly...)
"Someone gimme a nudge before Sigrun walks in..." I said, closing my eyes.

2nd December 2004, 06:29 PM
~ Ai'rena / F ~

Ai'rena happily walked into the SA building once again after her little 'outing'. She had been extremely hungry after working upon her gun efforts all day, and so thus she stopped instead of at an Italian restuarant, but rather a Chinese one. She held a white box in her hand with chopsticks, and happily she ate as she walked down the room. The pendant that she had recieved still dangled about her right wrist as she ate, her violet-tinted eyes seeming pleased. Her hair rippled as she suddenly opened the door to the conference room, and instantly it seemed that the extremely 'bored' room shifted it's eyes to her. She blinked and smiled at them, giving a wave but just as she did so she fell over. Her chinese food hurled through the air, and crashed upon the ground. Her little mini 'gun' also fell upon the floor, along with the metallic key that would be inserted in it for it work. Everyone seemed to freeze, but luckily the container was sealed and Mike seemed happier that the gun didn't go off. Ai'rena didn't like exposing her little inventions, so she quickly took the gun and the metal plate and stuffed it into her skirt pocket. She then grabbed the chinese food and chopsticks.

"Good thing you're smart enough to seal the package..." Gareth snorted, but Ai'rena nodded as if the comment was a compliment. However, Ai'rena froze as she saw some one in the room. Did no one notice?
"Why is that person in here? Isn't this... supposed to be... top secret?"
Xu sighed, "That's a new member. Ekeil."
Ai'rena blinked and shook her head.
"No it's not."
"Yes it is."
"No it's not."
"Yes it-"
"Can we stop refurring me as, 'it'?" The one known as 'Ekeil' spoke up, and Ai'rena tilted her head to the side. She was hostile... she was just intruiged.
"Well... alright, if you guys want to call her a new member then go ahead."
Not bothered by having some one strange in the room, Ai'rena plopped upon one of the available seats and began to devour her plain, white rice. Ai'rena wasn't one for very 'decorative' food. Besides... white sticky rice was cheap. Everyone seemed to pause... as Ai'rena mumbled audibly to herself.
"... I would know if there was a new member, sheesh. I make all the SA communication devices... I would have known in advanced. Orchid isn't one to get behind."

Akward Silence.

2nd December 2004, 07:55 PM
Um, Bulbasaur/extremeanimefreak, you both might want to read the opening post. Espeon names her as one of the people on the mission.

Gareth Redstone
I opened my eyes slightly to look at the newcomer, then around to everyone else. I thought I recognized the one called Ekiel, but realized she was too young to be any relation.

"Awkward Silence," I thought to myself, "No one's doing anything."

I chuckled a little bit to myself.

"Actually," I said, "I've been reading the files. She bears a resemblance to an older member of SA. Am I right?"

The one called Ekiel looked at me, "You mean my mother?"

"Ah," I said, "Thought as much. Member or no, though, we're going to have to wait for Orchid's response to be sure. You're a genius, but even you're capable of making mistakes, Witch."

I instantly realized that there was a better choice of words, but what was said was said. I could only hope that Ai'rena didn't see this as a sarcastic remark.

"Awkward Silence," I said to myself, before pulling out a notepad and jotting down some thoughts that came to me at that moment. I frowned, and then began erasing the words I didn't like.

"So how much longer do you think we have," I asked.

2nd December 2004, 08:13 PM
[ Yeah, true. But she also asked the Ripper to come along and no one is supposed to know who all is on the mission. (according to Sarah's post it seems.) Besides, in Ekiel's post, it was obvious she wasn't a 'member'... at least not yet. So by Ai'rena stating that she wasn't a member, it still could be true for now. ^^ ]

2nd December 2004, 08:44 PM
OOC: I kind of figured as much, which is kind of why I also pointed this out to extremeanimefreak (though I recognize it's WAY too late to change things now). Still, I thought it was a good idea to point this out. I mean she already had a code name, it wouldn't make much sense to do that if she wasn't already a member. But you are right about not knowing who's on this mission.

Not trying to be mean-spirited, just trying to be helpful.

Kuro Espeon
2nd December 2004, 10:26 PM
Ok, guess I should clear stuff up. Ekeil is a member. And she's been a member for a while. Since Dara (my second char) is specifically named as the youngest and newest member, this should make sense. But I guess we could go with the idea that Ekiel isn't called up much so none of the other Spies recall seeing her. I think extremeanimefreak made a little mistake in her first post which ended up confusing everyone...
And nobody knows who was contacted until they show up, with a few exceptions.
Now that THAT'S cleared up, I'll make another post (first one for Dara and then one for Sigrun) once a few more people respond. I want to see who's actually going to be dedicated to this RPG out of all the people who signed up.

I promise we'll be getting under way soon. If you want to make it go faster then go and bother the people who haven't posted yet! ;)

Fai D. Flowright
3rd December 2004, 12:52 AM
Yay!!! ^_^ Posty! Sorry about the rediculous delay... *mumbles something unmentionable about Pre-Calc teacher and class in general* But, nonetheless, I'm here and ready to get myself included in this!

^~:~^ Ruin|Supernaturalist|Kayn ^~:~^

"Snort.....Weeeeez......Snore...Hmmmmm.....Slap.... .Nym-mummmmmm"
Oh sleep, the beauty of life! It was always nice to get a good rest to keep the mind and body healthy, but when slumbering, the last thing you want to hear is a waking noise. Within moments of this peace, my arm was flailing towards the alarm clock near my bed, but after successfully pressing the snooze button several times I jolted from my fetal resting position. "Ahh! my communicator!"

Snatching the beeper-like device from my beside, I listened to the message left and then checked the time the message was left. Whipping my head to check the clock (which was now a little beat up), I read the time aloud to myself. "7:15! Oh, curse it to hell! I gotta get moving!" I frantically ran about my apartment, changing clothes and making myself look presentable. Then in a gust of wind, I was gone from the room, jamming my thumb into the elevator's down button.

Thankfully my living quarter was located decently close to the Spies Anonymous HQ building, but to even have a chance of making it before Ms. Delanore would begin the breifing, I would have to run like my heels were on fire. And being tardy for this would convey serious consequences to anyone that was. As I pulled my Comm out again, I checked the time once more. "Crud! 7:25!"

The instant my body was outside, my legs were into a full-strided sprint down the rather vacant sidewalk. Yelling at the few people ahead, I wanted to be sure that my time wasn't delayed because of a meandering pedestrian. "Out of the way, buddy!" I hollered as I blew past the civilian. Blazing around a corner I dodged a car as it pulled away from the 4-way stop. "Sorry! I'm in a hurry!" my exhasterpated voice was directed at the driver as I pulled my body back upright from it's banked angle for the turn.

I glaced at the device again as I saw the SA sign come into view from around the corner. "7:30...," I gasped, "I think I'll make it!" I could feel my heart racing, pounding desperately in my chest. "Gotta.....Keep...Moving......." I could feel myself slowing down as the blue-tinted main doors of the Headquarters became larger and larger in sight. "Oh thank the lord! No repremanding from Sigrun!" I took a large breath as I passed several exiting and entering spies. "Good'ay, Melanie. See ya, Melanie." In my rush, I don't ever think she heard me, let alone knew who it was that had just zipped past her.

As confident that I was about my rapid arrival at the briefing, I lost concentration of where I was running. Placing my foot just before the grate strip, I tripped as I entered the room. Literally launching myself into the air, I flipped once through the air as I landed upside-down in one of the lush, red chairs next to a donut covered table. "Hi-i, Tricky..." My voice cracked as I wheezed for breath, "I made it." I smiled and pretty much collapsed up my own weight as I rearranged myself into a proper sitting postion.

Hi, Lorelei! Tag anyone... O_o;

3rd December 2004, 05:39 AM
-Jack Korso:Nuker:Explosives Expert-

"I made it.."
Those sudden words made Jack get up, thinking it was Sigrun.
But he accidently dropped what looked like a wallet. When it fell on the floor..
"Oh...SON OF A--" Jack started to yell in Russian as the sound of explosives were heard outside. Everyone looked at Jack.
"Oh, there goes my car..." He said, in english.
Sorry bout the shortness..tired..

3rd December 2004, 04:30 PM
(I stood to my feet, I knew what I had to do.) "I am terribly sorry for all the trouble I have caused and for any conffusion. I am new to all of this and messed up." (wich I seem to be doing a lot latley. X_X) (I quickly sat down hoping they'd except me for who I was and not be quick to judge me like so many others.) ='(

Crystal Tears
3rd December 2004, 04:36 PM
Yukio Yasuo
Yukio smirked over to Nuker, who was to busy knocking his head on the desk for his own stupidity. Yukio shook his head in dismay as Nuker looked up at him and smiled sheepishly.
"Spoke Russian AND blew up your car. Just not your day." Yukio said, lightly tapping the blade of his knife on the table. Nuker continued to smile sheepishly before speaking up.
"That was not my fault."
Yukio laughed inside, as he kept the same "no comment" face about him. Ad turned back to his knife, he wished that Sigrun would hurry up. He didn't have time to wait around. A waitress at the local resteruant had 'Take My Name' written all over her. Plus she was damn annoying, yukio wouldn't mind hearing her scream. "Sure it wasn't."

3rd December 2004, 09:57 PM
Kitai "Tricky" Nakayama

"Good morning, Ruin," Kitai said, lifting an eyebrow with a sort of smile, lifting up the boxes of donuts to prevent them from being violently squashed. No one liked flat donuts. "Woke up late, did you?"

"Hehe... yeah. Forgot about the meeting, and I woke up late, and didn't..."

Kitai smiled faintly, then imitated his voice, "get up quickly, so I had to rush all the way here so I wouldn't miss the meeting."

Kayn grinned sheepishly, and Kitai said in her normal, light voice, "The meeting should have started 40 minutes ago anyways, Ms. Delanore is late... so I don't think you missed much."

"Oh, phew!" Ruin laughed, "I thought I was going to get in trouble, oversleeping like that."

"You chose the right day to sleep in early, though." she pointed out, and selected a donut from the box, biting off a piece of the still-warm apple fritter. She'd been up since five due to Alex's little run in with the police. Without breakfast, so this donut, no matter how fatty and gross, was definately delicious to her stomach.

He nodded a cheery "yeah", shifting to get comfortable. Kitai watched him calmly for a moment before sinking deeper into the plush red fabric, closing her eyes briefly and saying, "I suggest you set your alarm for much earlier. Like, an hour before the meeting, so you have time to get dressed, so you don't look like you rolled out of bed and ran to the meeting, huh?"

3rd December 2004, 11:51 PM
(You IDIOT sit down!) {I quickly sat down but in a different seat, one seperate and isolated.] (I wanted to leave, walk right out the door! I made such a fool of myself and still no one seemed to notice me...well Alex seemed nice anyway, but something seemed to bother him. Yet he didn't seem conffused or affraid of me...which was pretty odd.) [I turned my seat to face the wall so that I could calm myself down, but that wasn't what seemed to bother me.]

[I heared people muttering of Ms. Delanores delayed entrance. Did it not occur that this was a test? To me it made sense, we had to get along to be a team...so why not test your choice?] (With this in mind I was determined to start over, make ends meet.) [As I looked around the room while pretending to stare down, I noticed how all of the personalities clashed, it seemed to spark a fire that grew with each stare, each movement, each comment.]

(Who to speak to first, who to help me break into what groups where already formed. Who to be my conversation starter?) *Stares at Alex* [Something told me he was faking being asleep...but why? Either way I did'nt want to bother him. Witch and I were already on the wrong foot with eachother. Shadow, Tricky, and Ruine where all on the other side of the room and I didn't want to be the center of attention. Mike was too busy figgiting with whatever was in front of him he seemed to constantly, impulsively move. Poor Jack just had a bad day, and him talking to me would probably only add to his dispair. That only left Nikhael and Yukio, but Nikeal being the oldest would probably just brush me off finding me most likely childish and annoying. While Yukio would just simply take time to crack. I would have to study this odd specimen, watch him. I'd have to examine all of them before I knew how to aproach any of them.

Aww, who am I kiding? I'm bad at starting conversations.) *Slumps to floor with a thud, lands in indian style seating. Lays on back, legs still crossed. Stares straight at ceiling into flourecent lights. Very still, very quiet. Sings to self.*

Kuro Espeon
4th December 2004, 01:28 AM
Guess I can't delay this anymore! ^^() We'll just say that everyone is there for the sake of moving the RPG along...

Real Name: Dara Holsfield
Code Name: Browser
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Personality: Young and sometimes rather clutzy, she is shy around people she doesn't know and doesn't have a lot of confidence in herself. She always tries her hardest (and sometimes tries TOO hard) and will never give up on a task. Because of her shyness she seems rather quiet on first meeting, but will opening up once you pass her outer shell.
Description: Only about 5'4" in height and of relatively small build she is sometimes hard to notice. She has light green hair that is braided into a thin plait and a few stray strands in front of her forehead. Her eyes are green as well only darker and she has a soft, cream-colored face. In the office she usual wears a plain white button-down shirt (untucked), a pleated green-white-blue plaid skirt, knee-high socks and flat-soled dress shoes. When she goes out she wears, black ankle boots, tight black pants, and a black hoody with the word "H4CKER" on the front. (she's l33t! lol)
Ability/Expertise: She is a computer nerd and can hack any type of system or unlock virtueally any password. When it comes to computers she can sometimes think faster than they can!
History: At 16 she is the youngest member of SA and brand new to the force. She has only been with the company for a little over a few months so people still refere to her as "Rookie". She doesn't quite know the works yet and is often asking questions. She was discovered and recruited by her older cousin, Sigrun Delanore (yes, cousin), who knew of her outstanding skills with computers and knew it would be a valueable asset to the organization. Since Dara doesn't have any parents, Sigrun watches out for her.
Other: Has a sweet tooth! Give her a cookie and she'll be your friend for life!

Dara "Browser" Holsfield - Hacker:
'Man this place is confusing.....why do all the hallways have to be white?' I thought to myself as I wandered down the many, seemingly endless corridors in the Spies Anonymous headquaters, trying to find my way to the conferance room. I was still relatively knew to the organization and sometimes had trouble finding my way around. Even though I had my own living quarters in the building (I had nowhere else to live, so my cousin Sigrun kindly let me stay at HQ with some of the others...), I was still surprised to find so many passages in one underground base. It seemed to go on for miles...
What I found even more surprising though, was the fact that my personal communicator, which I had recently recieved from Ai'rena (also known as Witch), went off not 30 minutes ago with a message calling me to the conference room. Was Sigrun actually putting me on a mission? Usual she kept me at the main building since my expertise could be applied from virtually any computer console and since I was still a rookie and not experienced enough in the field. I wondered...was I really going to be going on my first real mission? Did Sigrun finally trust me?

I came to a four way intersection and stopped dead in my tracks. A flush rose to my cheeks as I realized....I had NO idea which way to go!
"Eh-heh! Well! I guess I'll just go....uhh...LEFT!" I said to myself. However, right as I took a step foreward and moved around the corner...
I fell backward from the impact and landed on the cold linolium (sp? sorry, it's 1AM, sue me). After muttering a barely audible "owie" I looked up to see what I had run into. The "what" actually turned to out to be a "who" as I saw Mike Rampart (code named "Dash") also on his butt on the floor. When he looked up and saw me he instantly jumped to his feet.
"Oh! Dara! I'm sorry!" he apologized profusely as he helped me to my feet.
"Oh...oh no...it was my fault. I always seem to be running into things! I'm really a clutz at times!"
"So...where are you headed to? Did you get called to the conference room too?"
"Uh, yeah. I'm guessing you did too?"
"Hmm, well then in THAT case...uhh....you don't happen to know where it is do you?"
Just then, our conversation was interrupted by a low rumbling sound as the ground beneath us seemed to shake. The rumbling got slowly louder and the vibration of the floor grew stronger. Mike and I had just enough time to exchanged worried glances before the blurred figure of Kayn Hoyrthe ("Ruin") flew by at top speed, bringing with him a gust of wind equal to that of a level 5 hurricane and a cloud of dust trailing in his wake.
"OHHHHHH MYYYYY GOOOOOOOOOD!!!" He cried at the top of his lungs as he flew around the corner and down the hall. As the wind calmed and the dust settled, Mike and I were left momentarily speechless. After about 15 seconds of silence, when I had recovered, I finally turned to him.
"So, uh, I guess the conference room is that way?"
"I think you're right."

A few moments later we walked into the conferance room where almost everyone was already gathered. I saw Kayn collapsed on the table, breathing heavily. Ai'rena was chatting (almost too happily) with Gareth and a girl named Ekeil, whom I had once seen once or twice around the base, only hearing her name mentioned by Sigrun. Xu Wagner, our escape artist, was casually reading a magazine, Yukio was giving his usual cold stare, and Alex and Jack were....asleep. I saw Kitai walk over a strike up a conversation with the newly arrived Ruin. I over heard her say something to the effect of "...Ms. Delanore is late... so I don't think you missed much."
Just as she said that I felt a hand on my shoulder. I jumped slightly and looked back over my shoulder . Standing behind me, one hand on her hip and the other on my shoulder, was Sigrun Delanore, the President and founder of Spies Anonymous.
"Late? I should hardly think that the one who called the meeting in the first place is ever late, "Tricky" Nakayama. She arrives exactly when it is time for the party to begin."
"Sig---Um, President Delanore!" I said, remembering to never call her by her first name in the office and in front of other SA members.
Sigrun didn't reply and moved past me into the conferance room. All eyes in the room were immedietly fixed on her as a silence quickly fell. Kitai discreetly nudged Alex and Jack awake and they quickly shot up at attention. Sigrun looked around the room slowly, doing a head count no doubt, her forever calm eyes giving off the usual enigmatic aura that surrounded her.
"Now...shall we get down to business?"

Ok, it's 2:30 in the morning and I can't think anymore. I'll get a Sigrun post up sometime tomorrow. Feel free to post any reactions but don't get too far ahead.
Oh, and if anyone is interested in hearing the theme music I picked out for Spies Anonymous, go ahead and IM me and I can send it to you! My MSN and AIM screen names should be in my profile. :wave:

4th December 2004, 02:13 AM
Mike | Dash
"Why is it I can find wherever Ai'rena is, no problem, but I can't figure out where the Conference Room is?" I muttered to myself as I turned a corner I could have sworn I passed ten times already. Deciding on a right at the next 4-way, I zipped around the intersection. Or at least, I tried to.

*WHAM* With a huge impact, I found myself on my butt. The first thing I thought was, 'Was there really a wall there?' That's when I looked and saw that I hadn't run into a thing, but rather a person. Dara, to be exact.

"Oh! Dara! I'm sorry!" I said hurriedly, getting up and helping her up as well.

"Oh…oh no…it was my fault," she insisted. "I always seem to be running into things! I'm really a klutz at times!"

"So…where are you headed to?" I asked, trying to break the downward-spiraling direction the conversation was headed. "Did you get called to the conference room too?"

"Uh, yeah," she replied after a moment's thought. "I'm guessing you did too?"

"Right," I said simply.

"Hmm, well then in THAT case…" She paused, seemingly uncertain about something. "Uhh…you don't happen to know where it is do you?"

I could feel my face go red as I realized I had no more of an answer than she did. And I had been here a few months longer than her. Fortunately, I was saved an awkward situation by the timely arrival of Kayn. Not to mention the subsequent departure of Kayn, which took place less than a hundredth of a second after his arrival.

"So, uh, I guess the conference room is that way?" Dara managed to say after the shock of Kayn coming and going wore off.

"I think you're right." I agreed, still slightly shocked myself.


"Mmm, doughnuts," I muttered, taking one. Boston Creme, my favorite. While Kitai was distracted, I took another speedily, not letting her see me do it. I had barely finished the first, however, when I saw a slight movement on the other side of the room. Looking over, I saw that Miss Delanore had made her way silently into the room, quietly enough that anyone not looking wouldn't have noticed. Indeed, when she spoke, most everyone jumped slightly.

She moved around the room, looking at the people gathered (probably counting us). "Now…shall we get down to business?"
Hah, it's 3:12 now for me. Meaning I sleep after I post this…

4th December 2004, 09:13 AM
Kitai "Tricky" Nakayama

Kitai leaned back in her chair, stretching, turning her head to look at the president with an amused smile.

"Late? I should hardly think that the one who called the meeting in the first place is ever late, "Tricky" Nakayama. She arrives exactly when it is time for the party to begin." Sigrun said with that sort of cheerful voice that really didn't reach her face.

"Sure, whatever," Kitai replied calmly in a mimic of the President's voice, grinned. The president walked on to the head of the table to begin the meeting, and Kitai leaned over and tapped Alex on the head. "Wake up, sleepyhead. You too, Jack."

The two rose to attention quite quickly, and Kitai settled down in her seat again, sitting up straight and ladylike.

4th December 2004, 01:17 PM
(I noticed Ms. Delanore behind Dara and sort of laughed as she jumped when tapped on the shoulder. Here it was mission time and I still had not formaly introduced myself...to anyone. :sweat2: Ms. Delanore stared at me but not with surprise like the others had. She knew of my families debt even better then I did, her gaze swiftly lead from one person to another. Poor Dara looked frazzeld.)
[I did a back-flip to get up on my feet, it was quiet and no one seemed to notice not even Ms. Delanore herself.] :sweat3: [I gave a nudge to Alex but he just smirked... :sweat: ...after all he said to get him up... :idea: I addressed Ms. Delanore, " Ms. Delanore it's been a while." She just smiled, but Alex awoke and sat up rather quick...Jack was still asleep Yukio tapped him with the hilt of his knife. Jack woke up saying something in German, or at least I think he was awake. :sleep2:]
(Dara noticed I had no communicator and with the rockyness of talking to anyone to get one I was stuck.) [Dara told Delanore who then handed me one, I hooked it under a buckle on my glove, there undetecable.]
*sit's back down, this time back with the others in the original chair I started in* (no one seemed to mind... :heh:)

4th December 2004, 02:27 PM
Hey, extremeanimefreak, would'ya mind not using smilies in the middle of your posts? Its distracting to read. ^^

Ooh, pretty new layout =)

4th December 2004, 02:33 PM
~ Ai'rena / F ~

Ai'rena seemed oblivous to everyone as she ate her sticky rice, until Sigrun had appeared. Instantly, with a look of appreciation and excitement she threw her arms up and proclaimed, "YAAAAY! SIGRUN IS HERE!"
The silence that insued that, was filled with many emotions. Some perhaps were annoyed, others amused and what-not... but it was mostly awkward as well. No one, not even Sigrun's relative really called her by her first name. AT least, none of the SA members... that is... except for Ai'rena.
When Ai'rena had first been recruited, Sigrun had told Ai'rena to call her Ms. Delanore. Ai'rena had replied... "Alright Sigrun!" Naturally, it really didn't stick. Ai'rena just wasn't one for 'formality', especially when it came to names. Ms. Delanore had been slightly exasperated at this, but then eventually she came to accept the fact that Ai'rena never called her anything BUT Sigrun. Later after that, Ms. Delanore just smirked whenever Ai'rena said it. Of course... Sigrun wasn't as lenient with the others, because they knew formality.

As Ms. Delanore sat down, Ai'rena focused her complete and total attention to the president of SA, unwavering. She was eager to hear about the assignment, and she was rather pleased upon making a new invention. Of course... Ms. Delanore had asked for a new 'aiding' weapon- a weapon that would help with assignments more than just attack people. Ai'rena was pleased with what she had come up with... so it only added to her excitement about the mission.
Sigrun never fails to find some thing interesting for me to do! Ai'rena thought.

Kuro Espeon
4th December 2004, 08:25 PM
Sigrun Delanore - Date: June 14th, 2015; Time: 19:40:00
I quickly swept the room, catching and remembering the faces of everyone in the room. Most were respectful as always, however some had trouble hiding their confusion (Dara being one of them) or . I cast a glance at "The Hunter as I walked along the length of the table. He returned it with his usual, cold, emotionless stare but I could gather enough information from his eyes to know that he had found Ripper. Ripper was not present in the room, but I had been expecting that. The lone hitman with 3 names would only be brought in on his own terms and he and I had come to that mutual understanding. However, this mission was too good for him to pass up (chances are he had heard about it already due to his massive network of connections) and we would be seeing him soon.
Keeping my demeanor straight and clear, I took my place at the head of the long table. I didn't sit down but instead remained standing in order to have a full view of everyone in the room. After a momentary pause I began to speak.
"Welcome Spies. I assume you all know why you are here, but I will begin by telling you that this is no ordinary mission. Our newest client has requested that only the best of the best be used for this task. So you should take pride in knowing that everyone in this room falls into that catagory and will be expected to perform to the best of their ability." My eyes swept the room again, accenting my last statement. I noticed a couple of them beam or smile quietly to themselves, obviously recognizing a compliment when they heard one. "Our client's name is Victor Groveski, and he owns a multi-billion dollar mansion on the outskirts of this city. Some of you may have heard of him. He is one of the prime beneficiaries of the Government Space program and is highly involved in it's current development. He recieves a very generous salary from the government every year. So, in other words, he's loaded." I heard a few snickers emit from muffled mouths down the row. "Mr. Groveski has asked us to retrieve a specific item that was stolen from him. A item known...as the Eye of Apollo."
Out of the corner of my eye I saw the eyes of Kayn Hoyrthe, my supernaturalist, widen with recognition. I had expected this reaction from him, and it also seemed, from the reactions I witnessed on a couple of the other's faces, that he was not alone. This was not surprising. Also as I had expected, Kayn raised his hand, the look of shock not leaving his face.
"Um, excuse me, President Delanore...did I hear you correctly? Did you say he want us to find the Eye of Apollo?"
"Yes, you heard me correct, Agent Ruin."
"But isn't that just a legend?" Dara piped up in her usual quiet voice. She cringed slightly when I turned my gaze to her, obviously regretting saying anything.
"The Eye of Apollo does exist. However, the myth lies in it's ancient power. The Eye is said to be over 2000 years old, dating back to the times of Ancient Greece. It has golden stone in it's center that is rumored to be able harness the rays of the sun and emit a beam strong enough to destroy an entire planet. This, however, is only a legend. It is merely an extremely rare and priceless artifact that is coveted among the rich collectors of the world. A catagory that our Mr. Victor Groveski most definetly can be placed in. So it is not unreasonable that he should be in possesion of such an expensive item."
I paused and reached into a folder I had brought with me, pulling out of it a photograph I had aquired. I held it up, showing everyone in the room a picture of a gleaming gold item. It was a solid gold pyramid roughly the size of a human head. As I described early, in the direct center of the pyramid was a smooth, golden-colored sphere, and engraved onto this sphere was the picture of a single eye. Several other engravings appeared on the gold base around the stone: a lyre, a bow & arrow, a chariot, and several representations of the sun itself. I began to pass the photo around so everyone could get a good look at it as I continued.
"According to Mr. Groveski, the Eye was stolen from his mansion two nights ago, and he believes that it was the work of a man by the name of Nikolaos Sebastian, the leader of a secret organization called the Olympus Guard. The Eye is more than likely located inside Sebastian's mansion just outside of Athens. Our goal is to infiltrate the mansion and retrieve the Eye. Mr. Groveski has promised me that he will pay quite handsomely for it's safe return."
I paused once more, letting this information sink in.
"I will be splitting you up into teams, each team being assigned to a different location. The teams are as follows: Team One will consist of Shadow, Matador, Blue Bullet, and Psycho. You will be in charge of the actual lifting of the Eye of Apollo and it's transportation back to Mr. Groveski. I must remind all of you that it is likely to be heavily gaurded, so watch your backs. Team Two: Gun Lance, Witch, Tricky and The Hunter. You all are to infiltrate Nikolaos Sebastian's mansion to act as a distraction and to discreetly investigate the actions of the Olympus Guard. You may do this anyway you'd like, but take caution to not reveal your true identities. Team Three is Nuker, Dash and Ripper, when he decides to arrive. Mr. Groveski has requested that we place some security around his mansion and to make sure he has constant contact with us. However, I'm also not completely trusting of Victor Groveski, so this is as much a security measure for us as it is for him. I want you to monitor his actions closely and report any suspicious behavior to me immedietly."
Once again, Kayn raised his hand.
"Ma'am? What'll I be doing?"
I regarded him with a sincere gaze briefly before answering.
"You, Ruin, have a special task to accomplish."
I nodded. "Like I said before, I'm not entirely convinced by Mr. Groveski's story. I'm sending you out to find out as much as you can about the Eye of Apollo and it's history, since this is in your area of expertise. I need to find out why everyone is so eager to aquire it. And when I say "as much as you can" I mean everything. That is why I'm sending Browser with you. She may be of use in uncovering hidden information." I saw Dara's head shoot up and her eyes widen. She obviously hadn't expected me to put her on something so important.
I turned once again to address the entire group. "You have 24 hours to group up, gather your provisions and head out. Any group requiring transportation will be provided with it. Remember to always use Code names in the field and when communicating over frequency and leave no tracks uncovered. Good Luck, Spies. Oculus Deusus Vigilo..."

As the members dispersed, Melanie approached me.
"Excuse me, Ma'am. But...uhh...I wanted to ask you about Team 2..."
"Yes? What about it?"
"Well, uh, you put Yukio, Gareth and Ai'rena in the same team, Ma'am."
"Yes, I'm aware of that. Is there something...wrong with that?" I said, the corners of my mouth curling slightly.
"Well.....Gareth and Yukio hate each other! And neither of them have much tolerance for Ai'rena! Putting GunLance and the Hunter together...they'll kill each other! That is...unless they kill Witch first..."
I simply raised my eyebrows. "I doubt they'll let personal grudges get in the way of their mission. Besides...it'll be a nice learning experiance for all of them. Besides, Tricky is with them and she'll hopefully keep them calm."
"Ma'am...you did this on purpose, didn't you?" :what:
"Of course, I did."

4th December 2004, 09:02 PM
"GunLance" Lord of Saving Ass
"If there's a God," I thought to myself, "I will kill him before Satan ever gets a chance."

My current reaction to my mission was that of confliction. A battle was raging inside my mind. On one hand, I was pissed as hell that I was stuck with Yukio. Ai'rena, despite my usual attitude toward her, I had some faith in. Our task would be perfect for her intelligence and capability, and I had no doubt she had a weapon designed for this task.

On the other hand, the best part about this mission was that I actually had something to do. Usually when I was in a mission, it was only as the contigency plan. If things went wrong, it was my job to get the others off the scene. It was something I was terribly efficient in, despite my ethics. It was also terribly dull.

I turned my gaze over to Ai'rena, not to gloat about how I was right. That was something I didn't do, Yukio maybe.

"So," I began, "Is ol'Charley ready to go?"

Yes, I named my rifle/gunlance after my grandfather. I'm completely comfortable in admitting that.

Ai'rena smiled at me, "Why yes it is. Thanks for reminding me."

People wonder why I stand her considering the "accidents" I've gone through watching her back. I think its because she's the first gunsmith I've met that didn't try to replace Charley. For a ditzy person, she really knew her guns, and other contraptions.

"You know," I asked her as we headed toward her workstation, "This really is my first big mission, when you think about it. Do you think I should try a new suit instead of just using my goggles?"

Just to be clear, I've always imagined this as Gareth's role in a group. He's the Big Brother so to speak. It serves some importance to his character.

5th December 2004, 12:29 AM
Kitai "Tricky" Nakayama

Ai'rena. Gareth. And Yukio. How...... lovely.

Kitai kept these thoughts to herself, luckily. On the inside, she was glowering and raging and angry, but on the inside she just replied in the typical cheery voice, "Good, infiltration. My specialty." She lingered with her coffe and donuts for a moment, watching her three partners gather in the corner, at Ai'rena's workstation.

She made her way over to her partners, ready to see the sparks fly and the idiocy begin. She had been quite hopeful to work with Matador and Blue Bullet, Xu and Alex respectively, but she figured at some point they would meet up. However. Now was time to make friends so she wasn't butting heads with these idiots the whole time.

"This really is my first big mission, when you think about it. Do you think I should try a new suit instead of just using my goggles?"

Kitai slipped in next to them and said with a smile, "We won't need too much in the way of outfits. We're just there to 'infiltrate Nikolaos Sebastian's mansion to act as a distraction and to discreetly investigate the actions of the Olympus Guard.' Meaning, we just need to sneak in as servants or something similar, distract the guards with some sort of ruckus, like tripping a few security wires and drawing their attention to the other end of the house, while team one goes in and takes back the eye. And then casually inquire about their actions or something like that. All we need to do is find a few uniforms in the right style, join the serving staff, and there we go."

She knew she probably made a few enemies with that sudden interruption, but she really didn't care. In her mind, she knew at least some of it could serve as use. "Athens, Greece, though? Holiday and mission combined in one." she smiled.

Crystal Tears
5th December 2004, 10:06 AM
Yukio Yasuo
Yukio silently listened he hadn't said anything, despite how unhappy he was about the teams. He bit his tongue and refused to say anything at all, and instead he decided to listen.
Listening to Gareth... Yukio thought slently, keeping his emotionless face on. Only reason is because if I say anything, we'll prbably end up killing eachother. Yukio had many thoughts running through his head, but they all had the same out come. 'Keep your mouth shut, and nothing bad can happen...' Though he hated it much, he was silent, even when others spoke up.
"We won't need too much in the way of outfits. We're just there to 'infiltrate Nikolaos Sebastian's mansion to act as a distraction and to discreetly investigate the actions of the Olympus Guard.' Meaning, we just need to sneak in as servants or something similar, distract the guards with some sort of ruckus, like tripping a few security wires and drawing their attention to the other end of the house, while team one goes in and takes back the eye. And then casually inquire about their actions or something like that. All we need to do is find a few uniforms in the right style, join the serving staff, and there we go."
Tricky.... Yukio thought, atleast he knew her name, usually he didn't notice others. Just the ones he hated. Or found funny, in a pathetic sort of way. Though, Tricky's plan was good, he doubted that they wouldn't be a small bit curious of why two large guys were signing up to me servants. But even after his thought echoed in his head, Yukio only had a small smirk on his face nothing more. I doubt they won't be curious.

5th December 2004, 03:02 PM
*dives into TPM whiteness*

Xu Wagner ~ Matador

Alex, Ekiel, and Leah.. Not too bad for a break-in team, and I knew Leah and Alex pretty good too. This was certainly Leah’s speciality - sneaking in and out of places unseen - and I could practically see the anticipation on her face. Due to my experiences with Alex on previous missions, I could now envision him taking out guards and cameras with pinpoint accuracy. Myself, I was fairly confident that I could get us out of there once we had the artifact. And Ekiel.. Come to think of it, I didn’t actually know her speciality. But soon the four of us had met up anyway.

“Er.. Ekiel, your area of expertise?” Wondered Alex politely, obviously having the same thoughts as me.

“Reverse Psychology,” Ekiel stated. “Hence ‘Psycho’.” I blinked.

“Hmm, I guess that could be useful,” I muttered uncertainly. To be honest, I wasn’t too sure what to do with that. Perhaps we could trick some guards or something.. It was an odd choice for a break in, I thought, but I supposed Delanore had her reasons. And I guessed that Ekiel was pretty skilled to be put on such an important mission. I decided to trust that.

“Shadow, Matador, Blue Bullet, Psycho..” Leah pondered. She seemed satisfied, and rubbed her hands together. "Right! Down to business: First things first, we need to know what we’re going up against here. Lasers, vaults, a hundred armed guards, dog teams, whatever. This Sebastian guy sounds rich enough to afford paranoia, and is probably expecting Groveski to retaliate anyway.” She winked. “So we do some research, get our provisions..” She carried on like that for a while. I apologise: I can’t honestly say I was listening. I tried to keep tuned in! But, but.. Athens!! Ok, ok, maybe I was looking forward to this. I’ve never been anywhere abroad before. Anywhere good, anyway.

“Xu, you listening?” Alex wondered, snapping his fingers in front of my dream cast eyes. I jerked back to reality, and lovely visions of Athens evaporated in my head.

“Eh, uh?” I started, probably looking severely shifty as I did so.

“You were thinking about sightseeing, weren’t you,” Asked Alex dryly. He gave me a You-should-know-better look.

“What? Of course not!” I protested. “I was thinking.. Yeah, we need to scope this place out. We need to research. We need fake passports, some money to rent a vehicle, and.. I need to talk to Nuker.” I turned before they could argue, and ran after our crazy singed Russian colleague..

Where the hell..?

*A large pair of vulpix ears can be seen sticking out of a snowdrift..*

5th December 2004, 03:29 PM

5th December 2004, 03:29 PM
~ Ai'rena~

Ai'rena walked with Gareth, listening to him as he asked her if his gun was ready. She gave a grin, saying that it was.. and then he asked if he needed a new suit of some sort. However, Kitai immediatly came by and gave a plan of action. Gareth seemed a bit angered by this... and Yukio narrowed his eyes, remaining silent. Ai'rena... she smiled.
" Sounds like a good plan, however we must remember that we're going into a mansion that most likely is heavily guarded and well-monitored." As Ai'rena spoke, she suddenly grabbed a bag that was near here and it was black. Designed like a backpack, except it looked smaller than it actually was which was helpful for most things.
" We can go in as servants, but then we'd gain some risk at being discovered... especially if all the servants are monitored and identified. But if they're not... lucky for us." Ai'rena didn't seem to go into much detail-
she wasn't one with plans, although perhaps she could make them.
" Anywho... before we make a plan, I have presents!!" Ai'rena squealed with a sudden and rapid delight as she quickly went to her little 'shelf' that she had made so neat and she grabbed a few things off it.
" Firstly... this-" She tossed a little black clip-on box with a strange wire coming from it, and at the end of the wire was a little clamp. It landed in Gareth's hands...
" It's a little assistor for your goggles. Attach it to the chip in your goggles..."
Ai'rena made a sheepish smile, "Which I connected to the goggles... and they'll have a few more abilities. You can tuck them under whatever disguise you're wearing."
Ai'rena then grabbed some thing else, and with out hesitation she threw it to Kitai. The small, metallic circular device was a shiny black in color. Kitai obviously had no idea what it was or what to do with such a thing... so Ai’rena simply smiled.
“Press the middle button.” With that, Kitai found a little indent underneath it’s semi-flat bottom and pressed it. Instantly the top part of the dome-shaped object opened, a circular doughnut-shaped design filled with many buttons and in the middle coming up a bit higher than the buttons, was a small circular
marble-like object that glowed slightly. Kitai looked as if she didn’t know what to think... or if she should accept whatever it was.
“It’s a little halograph projector. I didn’t have time or the resources to really make a full out one... but this could be handy for you- since you have a nice expertise of deciet. You can play around with it, but later if you’d like... I could show you how to operate it. It can project basic things such as walls and such... usually being able to adapt to it’s surroundings so it blends in. Might be helpful if things get... tricky?”
Ai’rena didn’t mean the play on words, but it seemed suitable enough. Yukio seemed a bit... taken aback, not really since he didn’t show emotion but Ai’rena would have guessed that he seemed that way. However, she whirled about to face him and with that a pure look of glee came to her.
“ Now for my real expertise department... I made this for you. I’m sure you have tons of weapon gadgets and such, but I thought this would be helpful.”
With that, Ai’rena revealed a small little piece of equipment. It seemed to look much like four black cylenders about the size of pencils combined together. At one end of the little cylenders, it seemed they were all capped. However, upon the other end the cylenders were open and each had several pointed
metallic ends. Upon the right side of the cylender there were a several series of small silver buttons. Yukio simply stared at Ai’rena as she placed it into his hands (whether he wanted to take it or not) and she grinned at him. He seemed to show no emotion, not knowing what it is and perhaps not caring.
“It’s a crossbreed between a powerful electrical deactivator and some thing else. It’s main use is with a few switches of abutton, it can create and electrical current to knock or paralyze people for various lengths of time. It depends how powerful you set the setting on the device. I imagine you only have weapons to kill, rather then to stun.”
Yukio blinked... “What was the other thing it did.” He simply stated, not really making it into a question.
“Oh... the other end can jut out if you press the large silver button to form a dagger. The dagger has a curved end however, so it sorta looks like a mini-scythe.”
Silence ensued with that, as Ai’rena smiled. “If you look closely upon one of the sides, I even spent some little artistic work drawing a little dragon!”
Ai’rena then hummed softly to herself as she went to the side a little bit and started shoving various objects in her bag...

Fai D. Flowright
5th December 2004, 04:52 PM
^~:~^ Ruin|Supernaturalist|Kayn ^~:~^

Sigrun reported to us the information needed on this case, and without any hesitation, separated the entire squadron of spies into specified teams, each with their own missions to secure and return the Eye of Apollo. After naming off nearly all of the members into their groups, I and Dara were left over... What was the point in calling me here, waking me up from my precious sleep, just to have me sit through a useless briefing on a mission I didn't have anything to do with....!?! I thought this to myself as many of the teams began to congregate and prepare for their travels.

I couldn't help it any more; I had to know. I waved my hand, signifying I had a question. "Ma'am? What'll I be doing?"

"You, Ruin, have a special task to accomplish." She replied, raising her eyebrows at the enlightenment she would be giving me.

"Me?" I was kinda surprised at her answer.

She began to tell me about my own task and how the information gathered on the Eye could be vital to it's recovery. "That is why I'm sending Browser with you. She may be of use in uncovering hidden information." I turned to look at Dara and noticed her jump slightly a blush a little. I don't think she was expecting us to get a 'special task' either...

With her Ms. Delanore's final words, everyone set out in their separate directions, heading to whatever destination and job they had been assigned. With Dara, Sigrun, and I left in the room, Team Four (aka Dara and I) needed to decide where to work and how to start. "Well, Agent Browser, wanna research through SA files and the Internet or field work?" Being a little sarcastic, I wanted to see how she wanted to go about gathering more valuable information on the Eye of Apollo...

Sorry if that a little redundant, but I didn't exactly know what to say here... But it's at least something to go off of...... ^_^;

Arctic A
5th December 2004, 05:11 PM
Alexander Railscore

CURRENT ASSIGNMENT: (Team 1) Theft of 'Eye of Apollo' / Item's transportation back to Client (Mr. Groveski)


Athens! Hey, this could turn out to be a pretty good mission. I'd dated a few greek ladies before. Hadn't ended well. But fun...meh...This 'Eye of Apollo' sounded a bit dodgy to me, but it seemed that there was a solid base to the mission and heck, as long as we get payed...all's good.
I raised an eyebrow as Xu dashed off down the corridor to catch Nuker, leaving me standing with Ekiel and Leah. Hey, my team wasn't bad at all. I knew Xu the best and trusted her, while Leah and Ekiel seemed competent. Plus, a teamfull of ladies wasn't to be scoffed at.
"Well...okay," I said, looking at both of them in turn. "I think we can all go and gather the equipment we'll be needing. We'll elect a team leader once we're all ready to get going, alright? Pleasure to be working with you, ladies." I bowed slightly, and watched as they both nodded, and I raised a hand to say goodbye. I turned around and headed off down the main corridor, not catching sight of Matador or Nuker. That wasn't my main focus right now though...I needed to go and pick up my weapon.
It wasnt the fact that I didn't trust someone like Ai'rena to look after this certain sidearm for me. This particular gun was actually pretty old, but i'd kept it in good shape. It had special meaning to me...special meaning that I wasn't going to discuss with anyone. Nevermind that though. I kept this in my little store cabinet in the SA HQ. I walked slowly to my destination, running over the mission in my head.
Well...let's see. I suppose my main task will be eliminating guards, taking down cameras, covering fire for the girls...the usual shindig...
I chuckled to myself, and soon found I was standing in front of my locker. I drew the key from my pocket, quickly inserting it and turning it 3 times quickly.
Wow. That was new.
"Uhh...Railscore, Alexander." I stammered, a bit suprised.
The locker flung open, and I found myself looking at a few of my key possessions. In the center lay my weapon, the old Glock 18C. You wouldn't really recognise it as that...i'd had the front expanded in size, so it almost resembled an odd miniture rifle. A small aiming scope was placed on top, althought that was detachable...I never really needed it. On the side of the weapon, two deep cuts were flaking dark red paint. I growled, but picked it up. The handgrip had a strange warmth to it, a comfortable feeling that I knew very well. I quickly placed it on my belt.

5th December 2004, 06:57 PM
-Jack Korso:Nuker:Explosives Expert-

Jack was on his way to his personal vault. Containing explosives and ordiance, it had a VERY sophisticated security lock. First, an electronic combonation and triple-key lock. After getting past that, it 100 ft. Straight down in an elevator to a diomond/steel plated, concreted supported super-security vault. To get past a laser sheild, you must say "Bombs Akay" in Russian(the "K" is there to mess one up), and voice recognition must match EXACTLY. Finnaly, a 20-number/letter code is entered and eye and DNA reconignition is needed for clearance. Still, security cameras with high-framerate and infrared/X-Ray/Sound sensors with tranquilizers and blaring alarms are hidden.

"Whew. I should just put that 20-code thing and be done with it." Jack said as he gathered some grenades, bombs, and stuffed them in his nearby jacket, on the ground. He put some electronic charges, "Elecies" as Jack calls them. For a good 5 minutes, he got some usefull explosives, stuffed them in his jacket, pockets, inside pockets of the jacket, and his belt, which held some usefull items..like a "distance trigger" which sends out a small invisible radiation signal to an explosive and detonates it. Jack once blew a grenade off someone's hand and blew it up. He also has a detonater jammer, which releases a radio signal to an explosive's detonater and stops it from going off.

After going up the elevator, Jack put on his jacket and the elevator doors closed shut, then went down and locked up.
"You never know..." Jack whispered to himself in Russian.

"Hey, Jack." A voice said from behind.
Yeah, pretty much my guy getting ready, his personal super-secure vault, and the kind of gadgets and explosives he has. Anyone can interact with him now.

5th December 2004, 08:02 PM
Gareth Redstone
The more I thought about all of this, the more I could feel a lump grow in my throat. Nervousness was taking me over.

I took a quick glance at the counter to find Charles back in mint condition. I pocketed the new device from Ai'rena and reached over to my rifle. Reaching to the butt end of the device, I slowly pulled a switch. Instantly, a long blade hidden on the underside of the gun was fitted onto the barrel. I twirled it in my hand for a moment before reverting it back to its rifle form.

"Well," I said, "Charley seems to be in working order."

The others stared at me for a second, they could detect the nervousness in my voice. The more they looked at me, the more I began to feel like I was drowning.

"Gareth?" Ai'rena looked at me in concern, "Is something wrong?"

I tried to force down all of my conflicting emotions. My back leaned up against the nearest wall and I sat down with the soles of my feet planted on the floor and my gun between my legs and my body.

"Just a little jittery," I said, "I just need to breathe. It will go away."

In truth, I wanted someone to shoot me (Not Yukio, though. I'll never give him that pleasure). It took me awhile to realize, this was my first big mission. I was going to be in the middle of the danger, instead of outside of it. What if something goes wrong?

In previous missions, if something went wrong, I was there to save everyone's ass. In this mission, if something went wrong, who would save us then? What was our contigency plan?

The more I thought about what would happen if things went wrong, the more I thought about how things could go wrong.

My face remained rigid, but I was trying hard to force down my frustrations.

Crystal Tears
5th December 2004, 09:51 PM
Yuiko felt his smirk grow a little larger. Gareth was nervous? Of course who could blame him? This job was considerably larger in importance then the others. And they were going to be in the middle of everything. Then why wasn't Yukio scared? Maybe it was because he didn't want to be like a child, didn't want to be nervous?
who was he kidding? He was totally void of emotions other then Hate, and grief.
"Thank you." Yukio said suddenly, with the smallest hint of Happiness in his voice. Though he would doubt anyone would notice. Except Witch, who was quite happy and gleeful that Yukio liked his 'present'. "Jittery Gareth. Your worse then a child on picture day." Yukio said. Gareth glared over at him, Yukio only smirked and then went back to his emotionless face.
"Comments arn't needed at this Time Yukio."
Yukio felt a smirk come again, and then went back to his new toy. Fiddling around with it, but being careful not to push the silver buttons.
Great we have a coward....

6th December 2004, 03:01 PM
[Alex bowed and left to go retrieve his weapon I suppose...and there i was left with Leah.] (I liked this mission already, going to Athens, being with a good team...the only problem? They already knew eachother, and I was kinda an outsider.) [Leah began shifting her weight from side to side and seemed restless.]
"If you need to you can go get whatever you think you'll need go ahead, i'll wait here as a rondevous point. I already have my stuff i always carry supplies." [She nodded and left down a hallway and hanged a left. Alex had went right and Matador went well staright.]
[I slummed down and sat indian style on the floor almost asleep. Trying to think of a way to obtain tickets and passes to make our way to Athens.]

10th December 2004, 12:51 PM
YAY!!!!!! New crimbo computer! :yum:

Xu Wagner ~ Matador

"Hey Jack!" I called out after Nuker, SA's bomb expert and general hazard.
"Yees, Xu?" He wondered, turning around to look at me. I noticed that his arms were full of explosives, and took a step back. Nuker had a reputation for accidentally blowing things up. He saw and smiled a sheepish yet dangerous smile. I grinned back.

"I need fixing up with some gear, Jack," I explained. "And I can't stick explosives on a plane to Athens, so do you know anyone who might help?"
"Hrmm.." Muttered Jack, stroking his chin thoughtfully. He deliberately did this for several minutes. Then.. "Vaht do you vant?"
"Some smoke bombs, C4, chaff grenades," I shrugged. "Nothing too heavy."
"Hrmm.." He said again, very russianly so. "I have my contacts. It could be arranged.. but it vill be tricky. Very, very tricky.." He said giving me a meaningful look. I sighed.
"If you want.." I reluctantly offered, "you can borrow my car for a couple of we-"
"A month!" he raised. I scowled.
"Fine!" I winced, "Just.. don't blow it up, will ya?"
"Of course not," he grinned wickedly. "I vill get your stuff to a contact of mine in Greece. Do not vorry."

I went to leave the building, but then heard the clacking of high heels against the polished floor. I spun around to see Melanie stalking me down the corridor.

"Wagner!" She called, and I waited for her to catch up. When she did, I noticed that she was carrying a plastic wallet with a couple of paper envelopes and a number of small burgundy books within it.. She stuffed it into my hands.

"Fake passports and one-way tickets to Athens," She informed me, then turned to leave.
"Ah, one-way?" I called after her gingerly.
"Just contact us when you need to come back." She told me, still walking with her back turned. I supposed one-way was a good idea - who knew how long this might take?

I carried on through the underground building, giving Ekiel the tickets and passports (she seemed relieved), and finally going home to pack (Escape equipment, clothes, money, beach towel ;)). No more than an hour later, I was back in the building with my luggage, ready and raring to go.

Heh, this is gonna be fun..

10th December 2004, 05:24 PM
"Hey you got tickets?!" [I said to Matador, relievied that we actualy had them now.]

"Yah, the agency had them ready for us." [With that Xu turned and left to go get her stuff I suppose.]

[About an hour later she came back into H.Q. Now I was in the confrence room once again.] (After all we still needed to meet and this was the meeting room...I laughed at how stupid I was being.)

(As I examined the tickets I noticed they said one way. This made sense so we could take our time for this job, but...what if he was gone when I came back? What if he died in the hospital while we where in Athens?)

[I sort of wanted to cry, yet couldn't. Probably from never wanting to show emotions and always holding in my feelings. Now emotions were foreign to me.] (Even though my father was still alive I was worried about him. He reffused to worry about himself, so someone had to.)
(For years my mother had stayed home to care for him. Until he convinced
her to go, to do what she had longed to.)

[Oh well, there was nothing I could do but move forward for him.]

(After all, it was Athens. This was going to be great!)

[Matador had found her way to the confrence room.]

*I adressed her as she entered, "Earlier you went after Jack what was tha about?" [I tried not to sound to seriouse.]

"Oh, well he's going to get us a few minor things that we may need special delivered." She said with a mischiviouse smile.

(I knew what she had done. Now Jack didn't seem the type to do favors for absolutely free with explosives involved.)

"So what did you have to give him?"

"Well, it was just my car." [I could tell she was nervouse about it.]

"Hey, it's your car's funural." [I said under my breath trying not to laugh at my own sarcasum.]

:wave: Yah, Athens! Funness! lol [please still take Ekiel seriousely lol ,at the moment I just can't be. :D

11th December 2004, 01:43 PM
Mike | Dash
'Nuker and…Ripper.' I thought to myself. 'Great. I get the crazed Russian and the psychotic freelancer. That's bound to be fun. Assuming Ripper actually shows up.' I sighed, getting up and leaving the conference room with some of the others since the meeting was over. Not only did I not like the fact that I was with two people who saw destruction as progress, I barely knew either of them, especially Ripper since he didn't exactly hang out at SAHQ.

For once, being around a lot of people was the best thing for me, 'cause it meant I was able to find my way out of the HQ without any trouble. I also didn't have far to go to get to my place, since it was just two blocks from the building that SA was hidden behind. Yeah, the SAHQ was like MiB HQ in that respect.

I started packing the things I'd need. A few changes of clothes, my sets of spandex (should the need arrive), my laptop, as well as some other basic necessities. Then I went to make a late lunch, since I had forgotten to eat since breakfast. I pulled out the last of the tuna salad I had made, put it on a couple slices of bread, and sat down at the small kitchen table, my back to the open window above the sink.

Suddenly my brain said *MOVE* and my reflexes kicked in before my brain could dwell on what made it scream at me. I dropped the sandwich and rolled a few feet away across the floor, at the exact same time a knife flew through the window, neatly embedding itself in my sandwich and cutting it in half.

"You're not catching up, Ripper," I said, taunting slightly while still being careful. Ripper didn't follow SA, and he wasn't exactly friends with all of us. Still, there was a level of respect between us, even if it was very basic.

"Who said that was my best shot?" Ripper's voice came through the window. Cautiously, but not slowly, I walked over to the window to see him standing in the tree.

"You missed the meeting," I said blandly, not showing emotion either way.

"I'm aware of that," he replied, just as emotionless.

"It's you, me, and Nuker, and we're…" I started, but Ripper interrupted.

"I'm aware of what we're doing as well, why do you think I came here?" I could see his patience running thin.

I shrugged, "My guess is you came to greet your group member."

Ripper smiled, and it was one of the rare 'honest' smiles. "Glad to see you're not as stupid as some of the other people I work with."

"And I take it the greeting is over?" I added, moving backwards slightly. As soon as I saw him nod, I flipped backwards, landing on the table with one hand and grabbing the knife with the other. I threw the knife out the window, and with that 'throwing' momentum I twisted around so that I fell down into my chair, facing my sandwich again.

"Ugh, tuna," I heard Ripper comment as he disappeared.
Hope I didn't use your character improperly, JT. ^^;

Kuro Espeon
12th December 2004, 04:50 PM
*rushes in an bows apologetically*
Agh! Well I'm home for the holidays now and will have more free time. I apologize for not moving this along sooner.

>>Dara Holsfield/Browser<<
'Me and Ruin, huh?' I thought as I scurried around my room, gathering supplies and changing clothes. There was something about me working with a guy that was notorious for messing things up that was slightly unsettling, but at least he was friendly. I didn't know what I would have done if I had been paired with say, Yukio or Gareth. I was always nervous around them as I didn't know quite how to act. I had always been shy and cold, quiet people always made me uncomfortable. I wasn't that I didn't like them, I considered Hunter and GunLance my friends and allies, but I was the type of person that required the friendliness of others in order for me to truely open up and come out of my shell.
'I guess this will work. Kayn knows what he's talking about, even if he is a little crazy...' I pulled my black "H4CKER" hoodie over my head, changed out of my skirt and into my black stretch pants, and began to lace up my ankle boots. 'And we're going to Athens...an interesting location for a mission, especially my first big assingment. I've never been out of the country my entire life, so this'll be something new.'
I finished assembling my small pack (for a girl, I traveled surprisingly light), and headed back to the concerfence where I was going to meet up with Kayn. 5 minutes later he arrived as well.
"So... what's out plan of action?" I asked, my voice slightly shakey.
"I got the plane tickets from Melanie. The flight leaves in 4 hours. We're going to tag along with Teams 1 & 2 until we get to Athens and then we'll spilt. I have a contact at a Greek Mythology Museum in downtown Athens, so I figure we can start there. The Pres. didn't really give us anything specific we were supposed to look for, but I think I know what she has in mind..."
"Hey, Kayn...earlier, when Sig--Pres. Delanore mentioned the Eye of Apollo...you got a weird look on your face. Do you already know something about the Eye?"
Kayn stared at me in silence for a moment before he spoke, "Well...not much more than most people who know about it. But I'm more interested in it's supernatural side, of course. It's mythical power of the sun... it's only a legend, but there's always a part of me that kind of wishes it was real..."
I smiled. "Hey! You never know right? Maybe this Sebastian guy is a terrorist bent on global domination!" I said in a joking tone.
"Heh! Right! A guy who wants to threaten to blow up the planet if he doesn't get what he wants! That's a little too stereotypical for me. Naw, I think this nothing more than a wealth fued. But..." he shrugged, "It's none of our business. We do what we're paid for."
"That's true." I replied thoughtfully.

Before I knew it, I was standing in an airport terminal with the rest of the SA members that were getting on the private plane to Athens. (My cousin had numerous connections and managed to set us up with plane of our own so we wouldn't have to worry about being discovered.) Everyone who was going was there and the plane had just begun boarding. I held my breath as I handed them my boarding pass.

'Athens...here we come...'

OK, hope I didn't rush anyone but I wanted to keep this moving so everyone whose going to Athens should be at the airport by know and any one of you cna have the plane take off.
Wee! This is gonna be fun!! :D

Arctic A
13th December 2004, 05:28 AM
Alexander Railscore (Blue Bullet)

CURRENT ASSIGNMENT: (Team 1) Theft of 'Eye of Apollo' / Item's transportation back to Client (Mr. Groveski)


I passed Ekiel on my way back up the corridors of the base, and she handed me my Fake Passport and ticket to Athens . One way? Ooh, sinister... I chuckled to myself. I took a quick look at the passport to make sure everything was in order, which it was. My name was 'Stanley J. Ramirez', and apparently I was a professor of archeology from England. Fun. I stuffed the paperwork into my pockets, and headed to the car park to quickly ride home and pick up a few things. It then occured to me that I didn't have my car with me, due to that ever-so unfortunate incident with the police. Lousy gits.... Sighing, I proceeded to the bicycle stand and took one of the rent bikes. I quickly glanced at my watch, and cycled home as quickly as possible.

Home for me wasn't really home...In this line of work you had to be prepared to move around a lot, something that i'd always done really...my parents had had to move alot as well. My current residence was a little flat downtown, nothing spectacular looking...with my current salary I could afford much more, but I spent most of my free time out anyway so I wasn't really bothered. I skipped up the steps to the 3rd floor, smiling at my neighbours who were walking down.
"Hey Barnes. Good day at work?" They said, grinning at eachother. Barnes? Oh, yes. I'm Ben Barnes. Caretaker at some offices that don't exsist.
"Yeah, great." I smiled, used to lying through my teeth like this. The neighbours drifted off, falling into some conversation about haircare products. I shook my head, taking out my key and unlocking my front door. I pushed it open with a heavy creaking sound, and walked in. It was just how I'd left it...messy, smelly but comforting. I quickly gathered some of the things i'd need for Athens, including a rather sexy pair of shorts and shades. (Hey, there WILL be time for some fun...)
I then walked over to my phone, hitting a few buttons on the machine.
"You have 1 Message," The voice droned. Wow, Ben Barnes had a message. Amused, I pressed the playback button.

"Alex. Alex Railscore."
My heart skipped a beat. None of SA would contact me here.

" Been a while, aey brother? Never thought I'd find you. But now I know, Alex, now I f*cking know everything that happened. And I swear, when I find you, dear brother, I will make you pay for what you've done."

The voice was alarmlingly familiar - a female voice, full of hatred and scorn for me. This was the voice of my sister...
Her name was Katrina Railscore. She was a little bit younger than me. But she had dissapeared long before...well...this event she was referring to. What I could remember of her was limited, but her cold voice and cold blue eyes, backed by alarming shoulder length white hair.
"Screw you, Kat...you know why it had to be done..." I spoke aloud to nobody. I knew she couldn't hear. But I had to say it...
This was bad. I needed to talk to President Delanore...but it could wait. Athens first. Focus on the mission. Then focus on the next. I could already guess what i'd be doing next. Growling angrily, I threw the phone onto the floor and stormed out of the flat, grabbing my cases and slamming the door shut. It locked with a sharp click. I proceeded to my car, and began the trip to the airport. I checked that my weapons were concealed as I drove in, and wasted no time in proceeding to the SA's private jet. I walked up the steps quickly, handing my tickets to the doorman, and marched myself down to a vacant seat near the back, trying desperatly to keep the fake smile up as I passed my friends. They all looked thrilled about this adventure, but now I wasn't so sure. There was something in the air now, some sense that made me feel uneasy. Kat's voice was echoing in my mind....
"I will make you pay for what you've done...
Focus, Alex...Focus. Don't talk to anyone about this. Complete the mission. Shoot to kill.

Kuro Espeon
16th December 2004, 02:51 PM
Please Read!!
Ummmm, guys? I hate to sound like a major bugger, but why did you stop posting? I'd hate to think you guys were getting lazy and thinking of NOT posting when signing-up for this RPG was as good as a promise of dedication. I'd like to think that none of you are promise breakers, but if someone doesn't post soon and keep the RPG going I will begin to get peeved.

Please don't make this a case of "Well I'm just waiting for *insertnamehere* to post..." Or, "I can't think of anything to post so I'll just wait for someone else to make the first move." RPGs are about expressing your creativity and having fun interacting with others in the form of a story. But that story can't happen...without the actually interaction... Don'y make excuses, make posts instead. If you're waiting for someone to reply to you and you've given them ample time to do so, then you can go ahead and make a move for them. It's there own fault that they didn't respond.

I can understand when people are busy. I myself was a bit pressed for time during my finals last week. But even if it's just a paragraph at least try to do something. You never know who might be waiting for you.

I guess what I'm trying to say is....POST ALREADY!!! :sweat: Sorry for ranting...I normally don't do this. But believe me, I actually kept it rather short. Please don't make me mention it again. I really like this RPG and I want it to actually get somewhere.

Fai D. Flowright
16th December 2004, 03:37 PM
IIIIIIIIIIH!!! Sorry, Kuro! I've been busy with catching up on schol work and haven't had time.... I greatly apologize... But here IS a post for Kayn.

^~:~^ Ruin|Supernaturalist|Kayn ^~:~^

I just couldn't believe it! Athens! I was going to Athens! I had always wanted to go and indulge myself in the mythology and beauty of it's culture, but I never expect to go on a mission.... But, hey, it was research nonetheless...

I quickly made my way to the lockers that were supplied to each of the employees of SA. Once there I gathered several items into the backpack in kept within. Two changes of clothes, my Palm Pilot (my transportable internet access ^_^), my personal supernatural notes, and the normal hygenic accessories...

Hastily returning to the conference room where Dara and I were meeting, as well as most others. She was already waiting for me, tickets and passports in hand. She handed me mine and, after a short, controvesial conversation, headed out to airport that our flight to Athens would be leaving from. As I boarded the private plane along with the others, I handed my ticket over and searched for a seat by standing up on the ball of my seat. I could see that Dara had already taken a seat at the back. Deciding on a nice window seat just in front of the wing, I moved to it, tossing my personal belongings up into the overhead compartment. Sitting into the squishy aircraft seats, I was suddenly accomanpied by another Athens-bound spy...

Yay!!! Open-ended-ness.... O_o TAG! Someone's it...

16th December 2004, 05:03 PM
[I sprunge up looking at the clock on the wall.]
"Oh, NO!"
[They where all gone already! They must have though I was at the airport already!]
(No one's here! I'm going to miss the plane! We were supossed to leave at about 12:00. 12:00! I had slept there in the confrence room all night! Oh, man! What was I going to do now?!)
[ I jumped down what seemed a ton of stairs hopped on my motorcycles and took off, way over the speed limit,...but I didn't have time! Not now!]
"Oh great morning rush hour traffic, I'm still going to be late."
(Then I got an idea, a senical idea but one all the same.)
[I jumped off my bike, leaving it wedged between two cars, and ran to the nearest pay phone. I looked for the airport's phone number and began to dial...Then I noticed I needed money! I ran back to my bike and ripped open my wallet out of my front bag pocket, I only had 5 cents!]
(I ignored the inraged motorists who were now honking for me to move my bike. The nearest store to make change at was a block away and the plane took off in 5min. I needed money fast if this was going to work...)
(Then I had another idea!)
[I ran to the car behind my motorcycle...]
"I'll move my motorcycle for a quarter.", I said with a grin. He figured I was some bum and gave me 50 cents.
[I moved my bike threw it to the ground...ahh! 2mins. left! I quikly dialed the number on the airline tickets as I cleared my throut.]
"Plane number 626 is not to take off." I said to the receptionist in my deepest, and most maniecle voice.
"Excuse me sir is this a threat?" She sounded confussed and a little shook.
[I hung up the phone I knew that would buy me enough time to book it down the rest of the way to the airport.]

Sorry about that, life's a little caotic sometimes and for Ekiel it becomes a ruotine. :heh: Hopefuly that spoofs it up some. :D

16th December 2004, 09:56 PM
Heh, Sorry, I was waiting for either Bulbasaur or Lorelei to post. I'll get something up for tommorow

17th December 2004, 07:18 PM
-Jack Korso:Nuker:Explosives Expert-
Currently en route to personal jet, depature 12:30PM....arrival at Athens 7:00PM. One hour behind the rest.

Jack called Xu via cell phone to tell that the car was doing fine-
"Hello, Xu. Your car is fine, just getting my..err...equipment...? ready for arrival. Don't worry, I'll be getting there an houra early. It'll all be pulled off. See ya at the airport." Jack hung up.

He got the...equipment and headed for the jet, which his brother(the contact) piloted. His Jack's brother knew that this must be important, so he readied for take-off right away once all the explosives were loaded on the jet. Jack headed for the car, and looked at his watch.
Dead on 11:59. 31 minutes. Not bad. Just hope security doesn't take note and search the plane.
Yeah, I just assumed we were starting in North America, and landing at an Airport in Athens. Sooo...heheheheh. My character's brother has a jet. It'll get to Athens faster than the flight the rest of your are on, despite the 30 minute delay.

19th December 2004, 12:59 PM
Xu Wagner ~ Matador

“NO, Xu,” said Kitai firmly, like I was some insolent child out of line, or a dog done wrong.
“We’re already late as it is,” She said flatly, and dragged me along by my arm. My luggage rattled on it’s wheels behind me, and I wailed as we passed the fourth Duty Free in a row. Kitai gave me a look that managed to silence me before I even opened my mouth to protest. Curse it! Half price booze! Gone to waste!! I scowled at Tricky. Vengeance would be mine..

Ok, so maybe we were a little late. But it wasn’t our fault - the downtown traffic was bad, and some fool jackass had parked their motorcycle in front of our cab. I had been forced to take a ruddy taxi with Tricky as Nuker had my car.. and I shuddered at this thought, even though he had called me earlier to reassure me of my car's condition.

After twelve more Duty Frees (each more enticing than the previous) we reached the baggage drop off point. We heaved our suitcases on to desk and tried to regain our breath. Meanwhile, some greasy lackey sat there idly pressing buttons on the keyboard. I stared at him, and he scratched himself, oblivious to the world.

“AC-hemmm!” Kitai cleared her throat excessively.

I yawned. Tapped my watch. Finally he noticed, and I could tell the little sod was trying not to smirk.

“Sorry, I can’t go any faster Ma’am,” He said, clearly not sorry whatsoever. I flattened my urge to floor the guy, and nudged Kitai in the ribs. She reluctantly flirted with him. And two minutes later we blew through security, and into the terminal.

“There, there!” My face broke into a grin as I spotted all those familiar cheery faces. Phew! Kitai parted from me, and wandered off to meet with her team members.

There was some commotion at the next turnoff for the 626 - something about a phonecall and a threat? - and a lot of rowdy passengers, but I didn’t have time to care - my cell went off. I flipped the lid and answered it.

“Hey, it’s Ekiel! Don’t let the 626 take off!”
“Why not?”
“Because I’m not on it!”
“Uh.. Ekiel? We‘re not flying on the 626.”


“No, we’re getting the 627, a private plane to Athens.. And it leaves at 12.30, not 12.00.”
“But my ticket says mumble mumble..” Ekiel trailed off into the distance. A rustling of envelopes was heard. And then - and this I swear is true - I heard her hit the floor.

A moment later she was back with me.

“Xu?” An exasperated voice asked.
“See you in ten.”

Chuckling, I switched the phone off, whipped out my ticket and passport, and boarded the jet after my friends and colleagues, many of whom were already wearing sunglasses, or clutching small Athens tour books. I began to relax, and my mind began to wander.

“Say, does this plane have Duty Free..?”

Hey, Im actually wondering what to do with Leah/Shadow. She's meant to be in our team but she hasn't posted since the first page or something.. Shall we still include the character?

19th December 2004, 01:10 PM
Hey guys I'm sorry I haven't posted in ages but I'm still in it, I'm just really busy at the moment. I'll post tommorrow, I promise. 'Til then you can include my character as much as you want. Sorry. Bye.

19th December 2004, 01:13 PM
Ah, I was wondering where you were ;)

But that's cool with me, and we'll try to look after you until you post ^^


19th December 2004, 01:15 PM
Thankyou :D

19th December 2004, 07:56 PM
*returns from the world of Christmas preparations*

Kitai Nakayama

Kitai hated flirting with ugly guys when she didn't need to. Ugh. But, for the good of the mission, she had done it, with Xu's prompting. Normally, she wasn't so hesitant to lie her way through situations. Though, she hardly needed to try hard to flirt with the guy - her chosen outfit, suitable for the Athens' weather, hardly needed words. A closefitting red tank top, and short denim shorts.

Her bulging carry-on backpack shouldered, a dozen passports in her pocket, and wearing sleek sunshades, she located the othe quickly, her flipflop sandals slapping the ground with every step. They couldn't stay together for long, once in Athens - couldn't look suspicious. She boarded after the rest of the spies, passing her personal passport by the security guard. She flashed him a quick smile, just for the extra effect, and found her seat easily.

G6, first class. Whoo hoo. Working as a spy - not at the security guards knew, or anything - certainly had its ups. They were supposedly going with a private touring agency to Athens for some sightseeing, which is at least what the pilots and the airport companies were told. Nothing suspicious at all. Nope.

She went to the back, sitting down next to Alex, and asked, "Is it okay if I sit here?" without really waiting for a reply, "Athens looks like it's gonna be a cool place to sightsee in, eh, Alex?"

"Yeah," he said with a grin, in a somewhat unusual distant voice. Kitai smiled, figuring something was off, but brushed over it.

"Think we'll have time to shop?" she grinned, kicking off her sandals and picking at her short nails.

Arctic A
20th December 2004, 12:33 PM
Alexander Railscore (Blue Bullet)

CURRENT ASSIGNMENT: (Team 1) Theft of 'Eye of Apollo' / Item's transportation back to Client (Mr. Groveski)


"Think we'll have time to shop?"
Kitai's merry atmosphere seemed to dim my thoughts about my Sister, and for that I was thankful.
"Oh, I plan on doing plenty..." I grinned, feeling a good mood coming on. Focus on the mission. Focus on those who will be doing it with you. Focus on anything that is nessecary...
"Can't wait to try out some of the local cuisine...I've always liked Greek stuff." I smiled, pulling out a travel magasine from the pouch attatched to the chair in front of me. "But the mission itself will take priority I guess..." I guess? I know.
"Meh..." Kitai shrugged. "I suppose. But even we need to relax, don't we?"
"Yeah...this sort of life does have it's perks...." I said, eyes fixed on a picture of some very attractive ladies in swimwear in the magasine. Kitai noticed this and shook her head slowly. I looked at her for a second, noting her choice of clothing that made her look pretty nice. Her grey eyes didn't betray any emotion, but her smile was warm and friendly. But is that just deceit? In this buisness, I guess you should even beware of your co-workers...your friends...
"What are we going to do with you, Alex?" She laughed.
I grinned at her, and looked out of the window. A few other plans were taking off, people were dashing around like ants below...
"Just keep me busy and I'll behave!" I grinned again, going back to my reading.

Outlaw JT
21st December 2004, 11:34 AM
OOC: you did alright by my character Mike(VP). Sorry I haven't posted in quite a while. I had meant to post right before the meeting started but it started a bit faster than I expected. Since then I've just been real busy.

Nikhael Pietro Petrovich (Ripper to the SA, Cold Sabre, Dark Edge)

SAHQ was a very difficult place to infiltrate. Security wasn't quite on the same level as Langley but it certainly rivaled any other secure facility. It took a true talent to get into the building without being seen.
Sounds like fun, Nikhael thought to himself.
He looked the building over carefully, examining every window and every door. He watched the camera's he could see and estimated where the one's he couldn't might be hidden. The windows were all well above jumping distance and additionally were guarded by a crisscrossing motion sensor grids. The doors were positioned under the eye of several cameras and each camera was linked to a silent alarm should it's view go black or it's electronics be disabled.
Obviously the windows were the way to go. Carefully he took aim and let fly a tiny dagger with a slim line tied to a hole in the short handle. It struck the molding above a 3rd floor window. He tested the line with three firm tugs. He clicked the apparatus at his waist onto the line and wwrapped his legs around the line.
With a quick thrust he pushed off the tree he was nestled in and slid fast and quiet across the side yard of the SA building. It was high enough to stay out of range of the ground cameras and his timing was just tight enough to pass by between the pan of the roof cameras.
He grabbed the thin window ledge and quickly swung his feet up onto it. He pressed a button on his waist apparatus and the line went slack. He reeled the line in and stowed it in a vest pocket. Then he turned to the window.
Double paned, no ledge on the inside, floor pressure sensors, internal motion sensors mounted around the edge. This was a real task. Nikhael pulled out a pair of clear crystal daggers that were joined together by a sturdy metal frame. He extended it to its full 30" width and carefully pressed it to the window. He began turning it slowly, cutting into the first windowpane.
It took only four rotations with moderate pressure to free the glass. He twisted a nob in the middle of his contraption and a suction cup slowly pressed up to the glass. He gave it a light tap and then pulled the whole thing out. He pulled the glass off the suction cup and ppulled a double sided suction cup from his pants pocket. He fixed it to the glass and then reached down and pressed it against the wall below him. He cautiously pulled his hand away until he was sure the glass wouldn't fall.
He then went back to work on the second pane of glass. This would be the tricky part as once the glass was removed he would have to deal with the motion sensors. Once again it took only four rotations and once again he fastened the glass to the wall next to the window on the outside. Now was the tricky part.
Nikhael reached into his vest pocket and drew out a small reflective ball. The ball had on it's top a small button. He looked into the room and tried to estimate the range of the floor sensors. How far from the window would it extend? He guessed it must be at least six feet to under the edge of the desk in the office he was perched outside.
Papa would be so proud he thought to himself sarcastically as he decided the best course of action.
Opposite the desk was a comfortable looking lounge chair that presented a nice landing spot. A good fifteen feet he must traverse without touching the floor or applying too much pressure on the edge of the desk. It would require a swift and precise motion timed in only a one and a half second window. This was almost his very definition of fun.
All at once he pressed the button on the reflective ball and shut his eyes. It emitted a 360 degree pulse of laser light. He thrust it through the cut in the window and did a leaping sommersault through it so the ball at all times focused on the motion sensors. As his feet cleared the window he let the ball loose upwards where it bounced off the ceiling as he flew. His hands barely caught the edge of the desk and he used his weight and his momentum to stand upright and pull a flip so his fet landed on the far edge of the desk. He caught the ball as he leapt forward again and pocketed it neatly as he landed on the chair. The entire motion took just over a second and when he was certain he hadn't tripped an alarm he let out a low sigh.
He took a look at the clock on the wall and noted the time carefully. The meeting would be starting right about now. He would have just enough time to make his way to Sigrun's office without being seen. He intended to be seated there and waiting for her when the meeting was over. He wanted to have a word or two in private before this mission commensed. He had a few questions he wanted answers to and didn't have confidence with anyone who might've been at the meeting except Sigrun herself. Too many things struck him as odd about the whole matter for him to go blindly with people he had not worked with personally before.

OOC: Sarah, if you want to make a Sigrun post having her find him in her office after the meeting that is fine. Otherwise I will be back with another post later to touch on such a meeting and bring me current with Dash's post. Oh, isn't Nuker supposed to stay in the states with Dash and Ripper?

Kuro Espeon
22nd December 2004, 01:58 AM
JT: I'll make a post for Sigrun shortly. She's gonna need some interaction from time to time anyway.

And yes, Nuker is supposed to stay in the states....*glances at Deathborn* *ahem* Maybe he'll notice his mistake and fix it accordingly.... :-_-: If not I shall have some....words with him. *taps foot* It bothers me when people don't pay attention to posts even when I mentioned that Sigrun posts were important. So I'm going to remind everyone again. Please pay attention to other posts before going ahead with your own.

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22nd December 2004, 08:20 PM

In about 15 mins. I was at the airport and almost to the plane. Well, almost... I went to the clerks desk to board the plane...

"Exscuse me, Miss. Valdimere?"

At first I didn't answer then it clicked, I WAS Miss. Valdimere! For now anyway.

"Oh, yes?"

He could tell I was already about to bust a vein or two.

"Well your I.D. won't scan correctly."

I almost fell over, why ME? Why TODAY?!

"Well, can't you fix it?!"

"I'm sorry but it's not that easy and even if I knew how I still coulnd't, i'm only a new employee and..."

I leaned in, mabye a little pressure would work. After all it had taken me this long to get the airport and find the damn plane so why not use a plan?

"Listen, my flight leaves very shortly and these other people are late as well..."

People behind me began to complain, this gave me the hitch I was looking for.

"I mean come on my ticket has obviousley become very complex and these other people are complaining a lot, I wouldn't want you to lose your job over just one ticket, sooo why not let ti slide?"

"Miss. I can't do that."

After a few more exchanges of words I could tell he wasn't going to budge.

"Tell yah what, I'll stand right over here and wait out of your way."

"Um, o.k."

He smiled with a sigh of relief as I stepped to the side. I could tell by that line of angry people and his lack of experiance that he would be a while. I quickly snuck onto our plane. I knew he wouldn't remember any of my info and I could set it up with Browser to hack me in as a checked in atendee. Besides he wouldn't want to tell anyone from fear of him losing his employeers trust.
I threw my bag in the overhead compartment and sat down quietly. I hoped no one would ask me about my day, I don't think I could even sum it up before we got to Athens.
My beeper went off, I checked the number. I threw it out the door before it closed. I knew it was usless now even to return the call. I had told them only to call if one thing happened, so it must have.
I sat there ever silent. As I sat there I wanted to cry, but tears along with other feelings and emotions where now long dead. Mabye Athens could be a new home? I knew i'd have to return for the mission but, did I realy have a reason to?

22nd December 2004, 08:26 PM
JT: I'll make a post for Sigrun shortly. She's gonna need some interaction from time to time anyway.

And yes, Nuker is supposed to stay in the states....*glances at Deathborn* *ahem* Maybe he'll notice his mistake and fix it accordingly.... :-_-: If not I shall have some....words with him. *taps foot* It bothers me when people don't pay attention to posts even when I mentioned that Sigrun posts were important. So I'm going to remind everyone again. Please pay attention to other posts before going ahead with your own.

Umm...did I miss something? Because I can't remember my character being told to stay in the states....I'm combozled right now. :confused:

Kuro Espeon
22nd December 2004, 09:09 PM
Deathborn: If you go back and look at the last post I made for Sigrun, she lists who's on what team and where they'll be going. Nuker (aka: you) is teamed up with Dash and Ripper and they're supposed to be on gaurd at Groveski's mansion which, I mentioned earlier in the post, is located on the outskirts of the city they were currently in. Groveski's mansion is not in Athens. Please take time in the future to read posts thoroughly. Sometimes little pieces of important information are easily missed.

23rd December 2004, 05:24 AM
Deathborn: If you go back and look at the last post I made for Sigrun, she lists who's on what team and where they'll be going. Nuker (aka: you) is teamed up with Dash and Ripper and they're supposed to be on gaurd at Groveski's mansion which, I mentioned earlier in the post, is located on the outskirts of the city they were currently in. Groveski's mansion is not in Athens. Please take time in the future to read posts thoroughly. Sometimes little pieces of important information are easily missed.

Sorry about that. Will fix accordingly. It's just the way I read it(it was kinda worded strangely, no offense but..) and thought Groveski's mansion was in the outskirts of Athens. Sorry. Misunderstanding.

2nd January 2005, 02:34 PM
Xu Wagner ~ Matador

Between my browsing through a duty free mag and twiddling my thumbs, Ekiel slipped into the seat next to me. This startled me greatly when I actually noticed, yet explained the ragged breathing I had been hearing for the last five minutes..

"Jesus! Where'd you come from?" I yelped, then eyed her up and down. She was still trying to regain her breath.

"Ran.. bike.. traffic.. ran.. deceived airport dude.. ran.." She gasped, and slumped further down in her seat. I raised a hand.

"Excuse me miss - could I have one of these?" I pointed to the duty free magazine. The hostess nodded and wheeled the trolley towards Ekiel and I. Kitai gave me an odd look from a few rows away, and i grinned back at her.

"And.. what do you want to drink?" I asked Ekiel.

"Im actually too you-"

"Not anymore you're not. She'll have the same." I beamed at the hostess, and she handed us our alcohol. Eeexcellent.

3rd January 2005, 02:11 PM
Alcohol, just what I needed after the call I just got. Even though I was to young I wasn't going to turn it away. I stared at my passport, wait i'm not to young, at least not now. I was glad that Matador didn't seem to mind me being out of breath and upset...not that anyone could actualy tell unless they saw me throw my beeper. I glared at the lady with the cart through my hair...
"Thank you miss."
"Your welcome sir."
I bit my lip knowing that she like everyone else didn't realize. I just snickered to myself wich chimmed in with the muffeled giggles of Xu. The stuartes looked confussed wich only made thing's funnier. I had almost forgotten that call...then I remembered it. I solemely looked at my feet as I sat there quietly pondering what to do, or if I should say something to the others.

9th January 2005, 09:50 AM
Mike | Dash
I woke up kind of late, as I usually did. At first I had almost completely forgotten that I was on a mission, but I remembered very easily when I nearly tripped over the rock in front of my bedroom door. The note attached said:

Be there by 14:00. I will.


I checked the clock; it was still before noon, so I was still all set. I went and had breakfast, then called Nuker on his phone. (It was now a little after noon.)

"Vaht?" I heard him answer.

"We need to get to the mansion by 14:00," I said.

"No problem," he replied. "I'll be at the HQ soon."

He hung up, so I went up and got dressed looking a little more "professional" than usual (which meant black jeans and a red polo shirt). I grabbed my small suitcase, made sure all the windows and doors were locked and secure, then made my way over to SAHQ.


"Alright, what did Xu need so desperately that she let you use her car?" I asked as I opened the door and got in. To my surprise, he actually chuckled a bit.

"Simple stuv, really," he said, "but I velt like using it to my…uh, vantage?"

"You took advantage of Xu," I said, trying not to laugh. "Man, that takes a lot of guts. Now are we going to get to the mansion or what?"

It took us enough time to figure out the directions, but we managed to make it. And at 13:55, with just enough time to spare.

"So vhere is Ripper?" Nuker asked. "You said he'd be here."

"And he is," I said, "in that tree behind us."

"Well, not the usual batch of incompetents I've worked with before," Ripper said, jumping out of the tree and landing in front of the car. I looked between Nuker and Ripper and realized that between Ripper's harsh demeanor and Nuker's dirty looks, I was the only one among us that the client might have any chance of warming up to personally.

"Alright, I have an idea…we don't have to follow it if either of you thinks it's stupid, but it might be a working idea." Both of them looked at me, Ripper looking like he was about to be lectured on something he'd been lectured to hundreds of times before. "No offense to either of you, but I kind of get the feeling that our client here wouldn't really feel comfortable getting to know you two personally." I saw Ripper's eye twitch, but I continued.

"My idea is that I'll be the only one of us that our client meets. Ripper, you could probably get inside at any time you wanted, and Nuker you're probably better at alerting from the outside of the house (plus you've got the car). So I go see him, let him know there are others watching his house as well, and see where we go from there."

Fai D. Flowright
14th January 2005, 09:46 AM
Need....Story..... Progression! Must..... Post..... to..prevent...........death....

^~:~^ Ruin|Supernaturalist|Kayn ^~:~^

Feeling a little depressed that whoever it was that set there bag above sat in the row behind me, I asked the stewardess for a glass of Pepsi, settled into my slightly scrunched airline chair, and began to feel myself drift away...

Before take-off, I took the small earplugs from my pocket and placed them snugly into my ear canals. I always hated the air pressure on my head from flying, and, for hope of not being distracted from work, I used to plugs to prevent any problems that may ensue from them....

As my slumber quickly came, I felt the plane lift off (I assumed that meant everyone was on board), and we were soon on our way to Athens... "Ahh..... I can't wait..." I mumbled as my last drop of consciousness fell from my tired being...

It was now going to be a long flight, so sleeping was the best option, in my opinion, for the duration of the flight!

There! And the flight begins! Let us arrive in Athens soon so as we can continue the rest of the story! ^_^; (I know it's short, but at least this will let us move the plot forward...)

21st January 2005, 02:23 PM
Heello! I apologise in advance because..

I’m going to be a huge hypocrite and curse you all for not posting!! :p Nah, I know I haven't posted either (I’ve had my a-level exams -_-;; ) and you've probably all been busy too, but come on, this is a really cool rpg. We just need to keep moving like Tsukasa said..

Oh, and I don't mean to be rude, but are you still in this Kuro Espeon? Cos you said you were gonna post like a month ago and never did, and you're kinda holding the whole thing together, aren't you? :(

Xu Wagner - Matador

After many of hours of spacious foot room, strong alcohol, a total lack of organisation, and annoying air hostesses, we hit the ground with a thud. I laughed as Ekiel pulled strange faces as she tried to ‘pop’ her ears, and unclicked my seat belt. I smiled at the sunshine pouring through my window. Not a cloud in the sky..

“Viva España!” Someone yelled drunkenly as we rolled smoothly down the runway, and someone yelled back, “We’re in Greece, you oaf!”. Ah, if only Sigrun could see us now..

Soon we were walking off of the plane (or for the most case, staggering), and we caught a small bus-cart-majiggy to the actual airport. And then we.. Waited. And waited. And then waited some more.

“Where the hell’s my luggage?!?!?!?” Kitai cried in rage after about half an hour. I could see the others getting tetchy, though most just looked groggy and a bit rat-*rsed after the long flight and the bountiful amounts of alcohol. Alex appeared behind me looking the exact opposite - perky, happy and completely sober. He had coffee.

“The SA sent our money by wire,” He informed me, then looked around expectantly. “Where’s our luggage?”

I sighed.

“All they’ve sent through so far is a beaten up old pushchair,” I said, and right on cue it rolled around again. I cursed under my breath. I bet the luggage handlers where doing this on purpose. So, it took a while, but eventually we got our stuff. We passed through to the entrance, and looked around. A group of men were holding up signs with names on them. Alex, Ekiel, Leah and myself hastily checked our passports.

“Im Jun Ramirez..” I read off of my passport. “Cool.”
“Im Mrs Valdimere..” Ekiel said, and she squinted around for her taxi driver. Meanwhile, I was watching Alex. He had opened his passport and had suddenly gone white.
“What’s up with you?” I asked tilting my head to the head and giving him a suspicious look.
“Er.. Nothing.” he stuttered. I snatched his passport. I nearly fell over.
“Ah.. Are we meant to be related?” I asked, blushing. Alex, aka. Stanley J. Ramirez, shifted uncomfortably. Ekiel looked at the passport and burst out laughing. I silenced her with a glare.

“A-heh.. Lets move on shall we?” She mumbled, and we walked over to the guy holding up the ‘Valdimere + Ramirez’ sign.
“Mrs and Miss Valdimere?” He wondered looking at Ekiel and Leah. I suppose they were meant to be sisters. Then he turned to Alex and I. “Mr. And Mrs. Ramirez?” He inquired. I shuddered. Ekiel and Leah almost collapsed with laughter, but I forced a smile.

“That’s us!” I said, flashing my passport, and grabbing Alex’s hand. He grinned at the driver, and we were led to the taxi. Alex pulled away and hopped in hastily, looking rather embarrassed.
I was about to follow when someone tapped me on the shoulder.

“Mrs. Ramirez?” A strongly accented voice said. I turned around to see what could only be described as a greek version of Nuker.

“Er.. Wha.. Neh..?” I spluttered.

“My name is Nukaros.” I blinked at him, bewildered. He smiled. “I have your.. ‘Equipment’.”

“Uh, guys? What hotel was it again?” I called to my colleagues.

“The Electra Palace Hotel - right the middle of the Plaka. Very snazzy,” Leah called smugly. I nodded.

“I’ll see you later then.” Nukaros signalled.

“Follow me.”


Nukaros? O_o Boy that was cheesy.. But post anyway guys!!!!

21st January 2005, 06:49 PM
I'll just post my character as Nuker right now...

-/Nuker: Russian Pyro-Maniac/-

It was not his day.
Nuker described the "alarm plan" for the 100th time.
"Okay, I'll plant veh bombs under da cars, and vhen our client attempts to escape if he ever does, he'll have no escape plan. Teh cars vwill be rubble.
And If he ever tries to get out and get away, I'll set voff a few flash-bang grenades(they give off a huge, bright flash and a disorienting series of bangs). If vaht doesn't work, I always have C4 to ruin his day."
Nuker was barely out of breath, still.

"We get it. How about we just plant C4 in his office?" Ripper suggested.
"NO! We need vis man ALIVE!" Nuker shouted back.
Open to Ripper or Xu.

Kuro Espeon
21st January 2005, 08:13 PM
YAY! We're moving! Thanks guys!!

Dara Holsfield - "Browser"
As we got off the plane in the Athen's airport, I raised my arms above my head in a long stretch. Sitting on that plane for hours on end was torture! I was never all that fond of flying...
I turned to Kayn who was desperately studying the "Greek-to-English" dictionary that he had been imersed in the entire way over. "So...? Where do we head next?"
"Well..." he replied, without looking up, "I have a contact in the Athen's National Museum of Mythology. I called him ahead of time and told him we were coming. He said he'd be glad to have us! So we'll get to the hotel and then head over there in the morning."
"Sounds like a plan." I looked around and saw Alex and his team getting into a private car. I figured Sigrun would have planned ahead for this. That must mean we would have one too. I looked around and noticed a driver holding up a sign that said "Charlene Price". I knew instantly that this was ours. Charlene Price was the maiden name of my aunt, Sigrun's mother. We walked over to the driver and loaded our bags in the trunk. Soon we were on our way to the hotel to get some well deserved rest.

Sorry that was bad, even I get brain farts sometimes. Stupid college classes are eating up my brain power! >,<

25th January 2005, 04:32 PM
People getting married, a new sister, a dead past...my life had turned upside down in just a few hours. Now in Athens was a new life, possibly...at least I hoped.

"First things first, to the hotel!"

Everyone looked at me like I had gone crazy. Probably because they weren't used to seeing me actualy happy, I knew that unfortunatly it would fade anyway...but hey compared to being in hell all day, a.k.a. my life, this would be a nice relief. Even I appreciated a nice bubble bath once in a while. We soon pulled up to a luxuriouse looking set of tall wodden french doors.


Everyone else seemed to have the same expresion as I did. However even after getting to my room and seeing how beautiful the view, the room, the, well everything was I soon realized how long I would actualy get to recover thus far. No time I figured in the back of my head, no time to have fun. I looked down the hallway for any sign of the others coming...I needed to find out something important, and quick. What was the number for our informents and how would we know the information without them? Did I need to hit the books, or could I bask in a little happiness for once?

[Sorry I didn't realy take much time getting from airport to car to hotel but personaly Ekiel would like to be able to stretch her legs out...lol]

Arctic A
1st February 2005, 04:53 PM
Alexander Railscore (Blue Bullet)

CURRENT ASSIGNMENT: (Team 1) Theft of 'Eye of Apollo' / Item's transportation back to Client (Mr. Groveski)


I pushed the door open and stumbled into our Hotel room, the one with a note saying 'Jun Ramirez + Stanley J. Ramirez' pinned to it. I dropped my bags and had a quick look around. The room was a decent size, nice sitting room, very clean bathroom, obviously top-class...and...one bed.
"Ooh...woof!" I grinned.
Xu was about to say something when I raised a hand to stop her.
"I'll take the sofa...always liked sleeping on 'em..." I grinned again and jumped onto the nearest one, raking in my bags with my hands. Xu laughed and started moving her stuff in, while I brought out my laptop and set it up on the polished glass table in the middle of the room. I glanced at the window and admired the breathtaking view. A clear view of the rich blue sea and lush surroundings calmed me...I could tell the windows were one-way glass, which was good. I returned to unpacking my equipment bag, full of the stuff i'd be using to set up our little base of operations, here in this innocent looking hotel...

After i'd fished out must of the stuff from among the various bottles of Alcohol I had purchased on the flight, I stood up and decided to make a quick check of the room. Of course Sigrun would have made sure it was all entirely safe...but it always felt better to check it myself. Depending on others wasn't something I liked to do often, but at times I accepted it was nessecary. I tapped the walls, checked under the lampshades, and I found nothing...like i'd expected really. Somehow I felt a little dissapointed.

9th February 2005, 03:24 PM

I watched as "Mr. and Mrs. Ramirez" entered their room. I knocked on the frame of the wooden door, I had a few questions.

*knock knock*

There was no answer at first then the door opened.

"Yah, I was wondering..."

Alex interupted me.

"Did you check your room?"


I was sort of puzzeled to be honest.

"For wires, explosives, taps, yah know whatever they can think of!"

"Like it makes any differance now even if they where."

I was thinking about it again...

"I'm sorry I just came to ask some questions."

OOC: Sorry needed to post something...it 's pretty open ended for now. :jump:

[don't listen to me...i'm not normal. :no: