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15th January 2005, 10:58 AM
† - The Thirteenth - †

The circle round, the twelve, they mark
Each separate world, who dare embark
When chalk draws six, to form the last
Twelve plucked from those worlds made of glass

In the thirteenth, they live and lie
The true God looks over with watchful eye
If they wish return their worlds, enslaved
They must walk the path that paves their grave

There is a circle that controls all life, a circle of time, a circle that binds all together. Twelve is the number of the whole, twelve is the completion—twelve is the number that keeps the circle stable. Twelve marks surround the inside edge of this circle, stretching all around it, and these twelve are protection. Each of the twelve is a separate world, a world that is entirely different from each of the other eleven, and a world that exists without the need of any of the other eleven.

A guardian watches over each world, the inhabitants of each refer to the guardian as God. It is far from it, however, as the true God of all lies in a place unknowing to anyone or anything. The true God lays to rest in the thirteenth world.

Suppose a line was drawn from each of the worlds to connect to the world directly opposite to it, where the six lines all meet is where all twelve worlds collide and where the thirteenth world is born.

This thirteenth is a wicked and evil place, capable of being anything or anywhere in time, and solely the true God, the God who is the exact opposite of what the inhabitants of the twelve worlds would make a God out to be, controls it. This God is like the world he resides in: evil, wicked and with a lustful desire for power. He controls everything in this world, and he controls it from the thirteenth throne.

This throne sits in a lone tower at the top of a spiraling mountain; it is called the thirteenth because he is the controller of the anti-guardians, the ones who mimic the true guardians of each of the twelve worlds. These guardians are much unlike their true counterparts, as they are twisted and warped, and spawned of evil. These twelve guardians are present in the thirteenth world to control and keep things the way they should be.

And so, one fateful day did come when the true God drew six lines, connecting the twelve worlds to the thirteenth. This is when the time of tribulation came. God sent tribulation down, turning these twelve worlds into hellholes. People became infected with disease, everything that could go wrong did, and gradually the inhabitants began to die off. This is when the test came, the trial—it is what the true God wished had happened.

One from each of the twelve worlds was drawn from the deck of tarot cards that the true God did hold in his black fingertips. The number of card controlled their destiny, and their fate as each crossed over to the thirteenth world. Each was unique, from an entirely different world than the rest—different time periods, different places, but all from the planet dubbed Earth.

You are one of the twelve, a pawn in the hands of a corrupt God. Will you walk the path that leads to the dark God’s end, will you not survive what is at hand, or will you rather turn on your friends for a chance at the dark God’s side? All will come to fall in the next chapter, the chapter that ultimately will decide the fate of the earth, and all the worlds bound within the circle of time.


The Emperor - Kirya Menark - Female - First of the Twelve, 2104, America: Hawaii
The Magician - Toshiya Yorimoto - Male - Second of the Twelve, 1863, Japan: Kyoto
Temperance - Raúl Desgracia - Male - Third of the Twelve, 2010, Spain: Madrid
The High Priestess - Sakura Karen - Female - Fourth of the Twelve, 1980, Japan: Osaka
The Hierophant - Everu - Male - Fifth of the Twelve, 1365, England
Death - Markus Trindall - Male - Sixth of the Twelve, 2150, America: New York
The Lover - Foster Covin - Male - Seventh of the Twelve, 2005, Scotland
The Star - Kayla Brockford - Female - Eighth of the Twelve, 2001, America: New York
The Devil - Von McCarthy - Male - Ninth of the Twelve, 3010
Strength - Maichi Konnetsu - Female - Tenth of the Twelve, 2032, Japan: Tokyo
The Moon - Keith Lindowski - Male - Eleventh of the Twelve, 2099, Australia: Canberra
The Sun - Jack Korso - Male - Twelfth of the Twelve, 2305, America


So dare you walk the stones that lead?
The path past sins, throughout dead deeds
The path that stalks our God, so black
He lives the life of a megalomaniac

So slice the wrists and bleed the blood and
Don your face with paints of war
For graves here are lonely, among the sands
If you still dare walk, exit through the door

Six stood on either side of the gorge, a twelve-foot drop that would lead to non-working tracks. Those familiar with technology would know it as a Subway Station; to those not it is a shocking experience.

On one side stands the Emperor, Temperance, the Hierophant, the Lover, the Devil, and the Moon. On the other stands the Magician, the High Priestess, Death, the Star, Strength and the Sun.

The shadow of a wandering samurai approached.

“I am Justice,” he introduced himself, “I am here and not here at the same time. I have lived here for long enough to know why you have come, and I will help you throughout your journey to lay rest the God.”
“Excuse me?” the Star questioned.
There seemed to be temporary chaos as everyone repeatedly questioned where he or she were, and why they were here.
“You are in the Thirteenth world, separate from each of your own. You see, picture a circle.” The samurai made the motion to draw a circle and the image appeared in each of the twelve’s eyes. “Now there are twelve marks spread out evenly along the inside edge of this circle.” He drew twelve X’s all evenly spaced within the triangle. “Now, each world is completely separate, but they all need each other to co-exist. There is a Thirteenth world inhabited by God, the God that made each of the world’s himself.”
He paused to let it sink in and then began again, “Now picture six lines drawn, one connecting each world to the one directly opposite, where all these lines meet in the middle is the Thirteenth world. God did draw these lines, and because of this, all of the worlds are now connected to the Thirteenth, as you may have seen in your own world. This has caused destruction, disease and death in all places but here. That’s why you are here; you’re here to end all of this—to disconnect the Thirteenth world forever, to sever the power that God has over everything.”
The Sun chuckled, “You mean we’re here to kill God?”
“You got it,” Justice answered—all jokes fell to rest. “This may be coming a tad quick, but you’ve got to get going on your path to God, but I caution you to be wary of his tricks and minions—as they will try to suck you in to his side, or even worse—try to kill you.

“Now, there are two paths you can take. On each side of those tracks are separate stairs that lead up to the surface world. The sun is just starting to rise and it’ll be hot very soon,” Justice looked towards the Devil, “For those of you that aren’t exactly friendly with the sun, you can leap down to the tracks and take the path through the underground, but I warn you, it is very dangerous down there. If you do dare lurk down there, I warn that you don’t all go together, as the mutants can smell blood, and if there is a surplus of it, they’ll strike. To be safe, I’d say five or six at the most should go, the rest should go to the surface.

“Oh, and one more thing—you’re divided for a reason. Odds on one end, evens on the other, if you take the stairs on either side of the tracks you will find yourself in a totally different place than what the other set of stairs leads to. The only way the two groups can join is if they take the path through the underground—but like I have already said, I advise six at the most go there.”
“This is insane!” Death boomed.
“Get used to it. This is your life,” and with that, Justice, the samurai, vanished…


Time of Day: Dawn
Setting: Subway Station
Group One: Kirya, Raúl, Everu, Foster, Von, Keith
Group Two: Toshiya, Sakura, Markus, Kayla, Maichi, Jack


Your FIRST POST should contain nothing but an introduction of your character, maybe some mingling with your newfound buddies, and then at the end a CHOICE.
Do you walk up the stairs or do you hop down and take the pathway into the underground? Only six can go through the underground-- and they should be well equipped. Von, for example, HAS to go through the underground, unless he wants to be hit with the sun, which would kill him.

Another thing is that when I narrate I will refer to you as whichever card has been drawn, so ie. Von=The Devil, because he chose 15, so I will call him the devil in my narration instead of Von.

Now, one last thing, don't actually enter the surface world or the underground yet, just choose whichever path you want to take. No enemies or anything will be encountered yet, so keep them weapons in their sheaths.

After everyone has made their first post, we can continue on in the story.


Zak Hunter

15th January 2005, 04:41 PM
Name: Markus Trindall

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Number: 13 (someone was gonna pick it...)

World: Sixth of the twelve, 2150, New York, USA, shortly after the end of the nuclear war

Appearance: He's 6'3 and has a rather strong build. His eyes are a deep blue and reflect the hardships of his life, his hair is somewhere between ginger and blonde and is cut short, but in no real style. His clothes are made from a material known as Sohton. It has the appearance and texture of silk but it breathes like cotton. He wears black loose bottoms which are poorly ripped but clearly resemble the style of the Japanese. His back is badly scarred but he wears no clothing to hide it and upon his feet are the remains of a pair of nike sneakers.

Personality: He is quiet and withdrawn, often meditating or watchful. He is not one to make the first move and will not speak to someone unless they speak to him first. In this sense, he does not judge unless judged or trust unless it is proven, it is just his way. He doesn't like talking about the past but constantly dwells upon it himself. He feels secretly guilty about not being able to save anyone in his family and is struggling to cope with the burden of losing them.

History: Originally born in Tokyo, he had always taken a great interest in the old ways of the samurai. He took up karate in order to focus his mind and trained every day from the age of 6. At 8, his wish was granted and he was invited to train as a samurai at a nearby temple. He trained there for six years before the fear of nuclear attack became apparent. He asked how he would be able to complete his training and recieved the simple reply: "when your purpose has been fulfilled". His family moved to New York and a year later, nuclear war began. No one knows how or why because it was so sudden. All anyone knew, was that the outside was not safe for them anymore. As the nukes began to hit the US, he and his family, along with many others, fled to the underground, where the old subways had once been and they waited it out. The war raged for three and a half years, in that time Mark saw his entire family wiped out. Hunger, disease, poinsoning from the contaminated water, it seemed as though there was something to kill off everyone.
He survived somehow and knew it was time to go back. He put on the outfit he had worn during his years of training and decided if he was to move on, he would have to pick up from where he left off. On the surface, wasteland lay before him, there was nothing except death and destruction. Gangs owned the land now, fighting and killing anyone just to exert their authroity. He was involved in many fights but somehow managed to survive. He eventually had to get rid of half of his training wear because it was so badly ripped but tied one strip around his waist as a sign of respect.
He found a pair of trainers in the reamins of an abandoned warehouse and then began to search for some place where civiliisation still lingered.

Weaponry: A sword he crafted himself during his training. Despite all of the modern weapons available to him at this time it was his favourite and what he had been trained to use. The blade is beautifully crafted and has an engraving of a dragon upon it. The handle is in perfect balance with the blade. He carries it upon his back and can use it very effectively.

Other Items: A few scrapts of food he has gathered during his search. Not a lot but enough to keep him going. It is tied in a bundle at his waist.

Other Information: none

Markus Trindal - a.k.a - Death

After the samurai had left, I sat down and placed the tips of my fingers against my brow. I began to think, blocking out all of those around me. They were a distraction, these people were a distraction to me and I didn't want it, not right now, not so soon after - I shouldn't think about it. It will go away, I will make it go away and I will not rest until it is gone completely.

I watched the others, trying to decide which way to go - except the one called 'Devil', he didn't have a choice. Take the underground or die, his path was set. But these others...look at them, look at how the concept of choice has affected them, look how uncertain they are now. The underground is dangerous but did that mean the surface was any safer? I didn't care, I had made my choice, I knew that life could not exist without a fight and I had the means to fight. Let the mutants try, I will stick to my path.

I stood up and drew my sword. Some stopped and looked, wondering just what I was doing. "I'm taking the underground. I'm not afraid to fight." and I jumped down onto the tracks. I could have walked, just gone and left them but somehow I knew I wouldn't be allowed to take that path, I would just have to wait, wait and see if anyone else dared to take this path with me.

15th January 2005, 09:09 PM
Again, please excuse any messing-up-ness. *bows* I'm trying.

Name: Kayla Brockford

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Number: 17

World: *random number* The Eighth of the Twelve, 2001, America (New York State, Albany), two months post-September 11th

Appearance: Like this (http://www.madchat.org/esprit/texture/lain/wired_gfx/lain.LDcover-front.jpg), only instead of a skirt she wears pants, which end just below her knees. Her eyes are brown, and her hair is a black that looks more blue then brown in the light. Also, sneakers.

Personality: She dislikes strangers and large groups, preferring the companionship of only a few people. Kayla is silent in awkward situations, and usually ends up running away from her problems. She's only a little bit outgoing among her friends, instead playing the part of the listener most of the time. She gets scared easily, and even if she wants to help someone out she's usually too shy to aid those she doesn't know. Her will is pretty weak, and she's highly indecisive. Beneath all her faults, though, she's quite loyal to her friends, and a good person in general.

History: Kayla's moved twice, once in the second grade and then again less than a year ago (she is currently a freshman in high school). As a result she hasn't made many friends in Albany. She was really never good at making friends anywhere, and each time she finally got close to some of her peers, she ended up having to leave. Kayla also learned a little while ago that one of her best friends from the previous town died in the September 11th attacks, and is still trying to recover from the shock.

Weaponry: Um... stabby pencils of pokey death?

Other Items: School backpack, complete with binders, loose-leaf paper, calculator, said pencils, and a science textbook! Which, I guess, by the rule of fast-moving heavy blunt objects, could serve as some sort of protection...

Other Information: Oh great. Star. How wondefully ironic.
Kayla Brockford - 17 The Star - Eighth

I shrunk back from the tracks as the figure before us vanished.

What the hell was I doing here? This didn't make any sense. I never believed all that much in a God, and suddenly here I find myself having to destroy it... him... her...?

OK, I'll play along. At some point I'll wake up. This has to be a dream. It's too strange not to be... but it feels too real for me to be imagining it. I didn't know. I guess someone else here could make sense of this...

I glanced around awkwardly. All of the people on my side were older than me, and I suddenly felt myself trying to pull away from them. Some looked frightening, the sort of people I didn't want to meet in an alley late at night. All I had was my backpack, and here there were people with swords... this wasn't a dream.

"I'm taking the underground. I'm not afraid to fight."

One of the younger men from this side jumped down onto the path leading downwards. I was surprised at how quickly he was able to make his choice; but deep down I knew I had already made mine.

I couldn't go into the underground. We were warned of the danger down there, so there was no way that it could be worse on the surface. I didn't believe in strength in numbers as much as I did in strength in odds. If the chances of surviving on the surface were better, it didn't matter if we would meet up with the others by flirting with danger.

Not wanting to be the first to choose going to the surface, I stood waiting nervously. I'll let them move first, and then join.
Meh... second post. *shrugs* Our Emperor is a female. XD

CoolTrainer IcEz
15th January 2005, 09:39 PM
Name: Toshiya Yorimoto

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Number: 1

World: Second of the Twelve; Kyoto, Japan; 1863 (Meji period)

Appearance: He wears the same thing as this guy
wearing light straw sandals. Toshiya has the same pale complexion of a Japanese but is much more well built due to his own training as a samurai when he was young. He has jet black hair of the same hairstyle in the picture which large dark brown eyes.

Personality: Toshiya is a peace-loving samurai and prefers not to use brute force to win a battle. He believes in not killing his enemies and has pretty much a stoic nature. He loves serenity and silence and would stand up to anyone who seeks to ruin his environment or harm the people around him.

History: Toshiya is one of the few remaining samurai in the Meji Era of Japan. Because of the restrictions placed on carrying and using swords, Toshiya has learnt to control his anger and not show his emotions much. When he does fight, however, he can be a pretty formidable foe with his agility. He is a decendent of one of the great samurai of the past, Minomata Yorimoto. He is now just a wanderer around the streets of Kyoto.

Weaponry: He carries with him his trusty katana, which is slightly longer than most katanas, that he hangs by his hip. He keeps the blade very well sharpened even though he rarely uses it.

Other Items: All he brought along a straw hat which he wears when it rains.

Other Information: Love the plot :D

Toshiya Yorimoto ~ Second of the Twelve ~ The Magician

What was I doing here... This weird place. An unfamiliar Bushido appeared and explained to us what was going on. But it didn't really help. Kill a God? The God? This was too much. How could I - who had not killed a single creature for most of my life kill something so.. Big. As soon as the fellow Bushido dissapeared, I felt at a lost. I glanced around me and the people on the other side of this place. They looked so different from me. Some look like the foreigners that visit our government back home. A few others looked liked me but were dressed in such weird fashion. Most just looked alien.

Now, I had to make a choice. The underground or the surface. I paused then looked around. I had better not court bloodshed. I patted my katana, knowing I would have to employ it again sooner or later. Just that I wasn't ready for it now. I shifted to the side of the stairs to the surface and waited for the others to make their choice.

edit: changed color and make it clearer where I was going.

16th January 2005, 07:24 AM
Just for the record: there are stairs going up to the surface-- but there are not stairs going down to the tracks: It's a twelve foot jump down. That way, once you go down, you can't get back up, and you can't cross to the other side to meet up with the others.

And try to make it a tad more clear where you're going, unless you're going to post a second time detailing your decisions. Thanks.

Zak Hunter

16th January 2005, 09:12 AM
Name: Maichi Konnetsu

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Number: 8

World: 10th world; Tokyo, Japan; 2032, the beginning of the self-sustaining energy age

Appearance: about 5'6", 140 lbs, but not exactly weak; her skin, which used to be average tone, has taken on a slightly yellow appearance, her eyes are a golden yellow, and her hair is a very bright, shiny blond hair that goes down to about her shoulder blades (the last being the only natural part of the three - see History); she also has a bright yellow jewel embedded in her forehead, in the shape of a diamond (see History). For clothes, since Japan hasn't exactly changed climate-wise, she's wearing a white pleated skirt that goes halfway down to her knees with a large front pleat, and it has a picture of Hello Kitty near the bottom-left (her perspective) of the front pleat (what? Sanrio's still there :P); for a shirt, she wears a bright yellow (short-sleeve) polo shirt that has two white stripes along the edge of the collar and around the arm cuffs, and the shirt goes less than a couple inches over and below her skirt waist; she has ankle socks with Hello Kitty on the outsides of the leg, and small white shoes with (guess who?) Hello Kitty on the outside; she often keeps her hair up in a ponytail with a very fluffy yellow scrunchie.

Personality: Usually a very bright and cheerful girl, always making friends despite her kind of weird appearance. She's very loyal, very trustworthy, and not one to judge people. However, in the Thirteenth, she's going to start off a little intimidated by everyone else, but will hopefully grow on them.

History: For the most part, Maichi was a normal Japanese girl. She had friends, she went to school, she took karate…typical stuff. She was very fond of the English language, and (especially with computers to help) went around learning it to an almost-fluent point.
The thing that changed her life, however, happened when she was 16. Her high school science class went on a field trip to learn about the developing technology of self-sustaining energy (SSE). Since energy depletion was a big issue coming in the upcoming decades, SSE was being focused on a lot so that energy would no longer be an issue. The class was on the trip the same day as a major experiment was taking place, and they were invited to watch. Unfortunately, one of the stabilizers was calibrated incorrectly (ooh, technical terms) and the crystal that was being tested flew out and embedded itself in Maichi's head.
Rather than killing her, the crystal (which now looked more like a jewel) changed her appearance slightly (her skin and eyes) but didn't seem to do much else, although the doctors couldn't remove it for fear of damaging her brain any more than it might have been already. However, as she found out only a couple weeks later, the jewel gave her the ability to use electricity from her body. She only told her parents and her few best friends, and none of them have said anything to anyone else.
Since then, she has touched up on her English, trained further in karate, and gotten through high school.

Weaponry: Standard set of nun-chucks (like Michaelangelo's) which haven't changed in all the years. Although there are some kinds of nun-chucks that are high-tech, Maichi prefers the simple set.

Other Items: A Hello Kitty backpack which has a sketchbook and pencil, the nun-chucks, her wallet, and a cell phone (which are now insanely thin).

Other Information: About Maichi's powers: she can release electricity from her body, so much so that she can kill people (though she's never tried; most she's done is charge her electronics). However, like any electric source, she does need to recharge, and after she's been fully drained she has to "meditate" for about eight hours, though she can meditate for less for a lesser charge.
Oh, and did you catch that she's a big fan of Hello Kitty?


Maichi - Strength
What? Where was I? I had just walked through the front door of my house when the world just changed below me. I was now standing in…a subway station? How strange, especially since dual rail trains went out of production at least ten years ago. I found myself part of a group of people, and out of nowhere we got talked to by a weird samurai.

Kill God? Kami-sama? Except, that's not the Kami-sama I know about. And now I had to decide whether or not to jump down into the dangerous rail. My first thought was, "No, I'm not strong enough." Except maybe I was. Maybe my freak accident changed me enough that I could…that I could attack.

But something else held me back. Or rather, someone did: the girl who looked like she could have been in my school. I could hear her muttering some semi-incoherent phrases, but I could definitely tell she spoke Japanese. She seemed a bit worried, so I went over to her.

«Hello,» I said. I wasn't quite expecting her to jump on me in excitement. And while she didn't do that either, she was definitely quite happy all of a sudden.

«Oh thank Kami-sama someone else here speaks Japanese!» she exclaimed. She gave a slight bow and said, «My name is Karen Sakura.»

I returned the polite bow, saying «Konnetsu Maichi.» Then I asked, «Did you understand that samurai guy?»

«Strangely, yes,» She said thoughtfully. «But I can't understand anyone else here. Can you?»

Rather guiltily I said, «Well…yeah, I kinda learned a lot of English.»

«Stay with me, please!» she insisted, grabbing my hands suddenly. «I don't want to go down there, but I don't want to be with strange-speaking people either!»

«Al-alright,» I said, realizing that she probably had no way of defending herself, seeing as she was about my age and didn't seem to have supernatural powers like I did. «I'll go up to the surface,» I said, reassuring her.

"Well, I'm going up to the surface," I said (in English again) to the people around us. "And so is Sakura," I added, indicating her.
Don't worry, I already talked with FK about this, and she agrees that her character would go up the stairs. Just gotta wait for her to post, now. :P

Flaming Krystal
16th January 2005, 01:16 PM
Name: Sakura Karen

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Number: 2

World: Fourth of the Twelve; Osaka, Japan; 1980

Appearance: short, around 5'7" with normal asian skin tone and straight black hair down past her shoulders and light brown eyes. She's wearing a pale yellow sundress with matching yellow hair clips and matching flat-soled yellow sandals that just have a strap over the front part of her foot, but reveal her toes (no socks). She, unfortunately, needs glasses, and wears a rather thick rectangular black-framed pair.

Personality: She's the kind of girl that makes you look twice, kinda. People first see a cute girl who looks nice and innocent, but then they look again and see that she's really a smart nice and innocent girl. She's friendly, but not overly so, and really likes being with her friends. She has a very modern view on girls' "place" in the world, and really likes getting out into the world.

History: Probably one of the most normal of all, she never had anything really special happen to her. She grew up in Osaka her whole life, went to school, and just recently graduated high school and is looking forward to college.

Weaponry: um, none? ^^; she's gonna be a scared little girl...

Other Items: A small, bright blue backpack which holds her wallet (also blue), some candy from her recent trip to the store, her glasses case (which, unsurprisingly is blue), and her house keys

Other Information: I don't think I have anything else...

I was scared yes. I suddenly get transported from my room to some subway and I don't know how. Worse, there are people all around me who I can't understand! Then this guy who I can understand tells us we have to go kill God. So panicking seemed like a really good idea right then.

But fortunately I was saved by Maichi, another girl who looked my age, although she had blond hair and yellow eyes, and I could have sworn her skin had a yellow tint to it. She also spoke Japanese so I could actually understand her. Even better, she said she'd stick with me and help be a translator, though not exactly in those words.

She said something in English (as I finally recognized it) to the other people and led me over to the set of stairs going up. Some guy who looked like he might have been a samurai moved over as well, though he said nothing. Then another girl, this one looking paler-skinned, spoke up, and Maichi told me she had said she was going to the surface as well.

It was really looking like a bad day.

orange really isn't my thing, but I'll live ^^;

16th January 2005, 01:26 PM
You don't need to post in whatever color I've "assigned" to you, I just figured the roster would look nice if everyone was in a differant color. You can post in whichever color you want.

If someone posted the sign up form in a color-- I used that as their color, but if someone posted in black, I randomly selected a color for their stats to be in.

Feel free to post with whatever color you please.

Zak Hunter

16th January 2005, 01:29 PM
Name: Jack Korso

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Number: 19

World: The 12th of the Twelve, 2305, United States, 5 years after Stargate technology invented(heh, I'm a fan of the show, couldn't resist).

Appearance: (See attachment) Just. Like. That. Gotta love Shepard.

Personality: Very out-going, loves to "gate" around with his friends in his time.
If he ever gets serious, it's probaly because his gun malfunctioned. He's also very humorous at random moments and the most dire of situations. Whenever in a group, he may occansionly come out as the leader.

History: In 2298, his father was involved in the "Stargate" project in it's final stages, and Jack's family got a prototype to test. It was a success. The Gate itself is a round ring of all the technology from every scientist from nearly every field packed into it. Made of a solid quartz-like mineral called Naquahdah, it creates a stablized wormhole from one gate to another after "dialing" a 7-digit code of glyphs. In 2300, it was common from town to town, from country to country. Every gate had a retractable metal protectance called an "Iris" that was made of titanium. It was in 2304 that Jack accidently dialed his own gate from his house and the gate malfuncted. It burnt out, never to work again. To get away from discrimination, he joined the army. Which turned out to be a VERY smart move. He now works at Gate Command, where Jack and a team of other specilists go throughout the world and just patrol the area around the gates in...certain...countries(like Iraq, Iran, Russia, etc..).

Weaponry: A P90 Machine gun(with a sniper mode and scope).

Other Items: A device on his wrist that activates Stargates when he's near one, within 20 feet of a gate. This stuff IS common from where he is.

Other Information: *gates other to a russian nuke base*

-/Jack Korso/-
"What the hell?"
Jack was trying to activate the military's Stargate with a 9-digit code, most addresses requried 7, and some 8, but none so far needed nine. All 13's. And a 1 for the point of origin(It goes:13, 13, 13, 13, 13, 13, 13, 13, 1. 9 chevrons were on the gate itself, but the 9th had no purpose. The 8th was for security reasons. He activated the gate and ran through, and ended up, here.
Then the information came to him.

10 minutes later...

He wasn't in the mood for this stuff. The people around were somewhat strange, some looked like him, and then the bunch that was...out there. There was even an Asian girl witha jewl in her forehead...strange stuff. Holding his P90 tight, he walked around, and then reached for his activator, and put in the numbers 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 11, 1.Which was the address for his house Stargate, and pressed a red button, and kept it pressed for 3 seconds.
Jack suggested that it was still 2305, but just, somewhere else.
Everything came so quick, but "kill god?" that was something DEFINITLY out of reach.

Soon, after looking around, Jack found the gate he got here from, it puzzled him-why would a gate be down here? But if Jack got here through a gate, it would there was one here. It was old, dusty, and was cracked. Jack tried his address again, and the gate whirred up, the chevrons glowed, but the 7th went on and off. Everything started to shake, and when it stopped, he hit the red button, then the gate whirred down. Jack couldn't believe it, he was probaly still on the same world he came from, yet he didn't know why a Stargate could not work, they supplied their own power, so power shortage wouldn't cause it. The point of origin...Jack relized the truth. This gate didn't have a point of origin on the inner dial. It meant that he could come through, not go back... but the inner dial was missing a piece.
"Bingo. A missing symbol." Jack said to himself, somewhat relieved that he wasn't stuck here forever. He decided to look around. He soon came upon a set of stairs. Another person jumped down onto tracks. Meanwhile, the Stargate behind Jack just disapeared like a mirage(he was desprate to get out, so his mind created an image that would illistrate his way out).
"That samurai freak said that blood-loving mutants things live down there, and maybe that guy may need help. Jack thought to himself. Jack jumped down, a 12-foot drop.
"Ow, I am not doing that again..."
A little mirage stuff, Jack relizing he's stuck here, stuff like that.

EDIT-BTW, a Stargate the military uses looks like the picture in the attachment, the big ring. The inner dial spins and the triangle glowing things(there are two below the ramp) are called chevrons, and there are nine on a gate. I won't explain any further untill someone's character sees Jack fiddling with the thing on his arm.

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16th January 2005, 05:07 PM
Info's kinda odd because it was in two parts...

Name: Von McCarthy

Gender: Male



World:9th, Year 3010, Just after Vampires are discovered to no longer be a myth. The world erupts into chaos as the first two vampires are discovered. Von and Valdimere, identical twins who where on the run after Valdimere made a name for himself. (Too many people put two and two together.)

Apperance: 6ft., black hair that's spiked straight out, red eye's, snow white skin, (the sterotypical Albino, which also means his eye sight is lacking but this only hightens his other sense's.) Wears a white victorian shirt with black combat boots, and black pants that have straps that hang off of them, kind of like suspender straps that hang there.

Weapon: Two small concealed daggers in the sides of his boots that are used for close range or stealth defensive menuveres. Fang's and claws as well.

History: Parents where killed off in the early Victorian years. Von and his brother Valdimere lived going from family to family. Valdimere bacame famouse and jelouse enemie's looked for his dark past, however they found more then they barggined. Von has been on the run ever since his brother Valdimere was killed in the late 2000's. Sneaks around amongst the already dead, (graveyards.) However they are not used much anymore since the worldwide vampire hunt for Von.

Cont. History: Von's family name is Von, vampire's don't have last names. McCarthy comes from the last and final family that harboured the Von brothers. Valdimere resented this as well as many of Von's other atributes. However this does not change the fact that Von still mourn's his brother's death. Closely following Valdimere's death it was revealed by Von that Joe, Von's best friend and second brother who was doubed Valdimere (to rid of the reputaion the name carried), was the true slaughterer of not only Von's parent's, brother, friend's, but Ekiel his one true love and Fianc'e. Von's deed's where known by all human's and the horrible truth of Joe's fait was and has been remembered for centuries.
The truth of the reasoning was forgotten as was the facts of Von's exsistance. The stories still live and no one doubt's that Vampires do but Von is a myth that is only believed by few.

Personality: Fun loving and excentic. Has two extreme's one is the fun, completely sarcastic, exagerant side. The other is a seriouse, creepy, sadistic side that dwell's on the past. Watch what side you picked to allie with, but remember there both still Von.

Carries: a skeleton ring to remind him of the death that has passed in his life time.

Other: IMPORTANT Basic history, The Von's are known for their second chance from God. They are the only line of Vampire's to posses a living soul, they are hated by other line's and branche's of Vampires. A line of Vampire's is defined by it's founder. Von is realy Von the VIII (8th). For Von to have his founder's name is RARE! A branch is the individual's family name, in Von's case there both the same. Von's father was Von, the I (1st). To have your founder be your parent is EXTREMELY RARE!!!! Even though Von was raised as a human child he has been outcasted by both Vampire's and Mortal's.

Von McCarthy--The Devil

*sigh* Ahh, the fresh smell of rich blood. I could smell it seeping out of the tunnel down below...it was beautiful and hypnotic. The Samuri wasn't right about my limitaions as a Vampire, frankly there were none...only for my horrid soul and heart. Being Albino now that was a reason not to go up top, shadows are easier on the eye's.

I watched as two men fell down into the darkness, they hit like rocks. To go down or not? Mmmmmm...I don't want to deal with more then one thing at a time but, it seemed that Justice wanted me to follow his persistant examples. We would meet up again by going down there and the one's who chose to go did seem like they could be used to my advantage. I looked over my shoulder as other's spoke to one another...people proclaiming they were from other times but all Earth? However the horrific tragaties of there times were historicaly accurate, then again I never was one for learning about other's problems...I had to many of my own.

They all complained, "How could this happen to me?!" Ahh someone make them shut up! I laughed to myself intrigued about how none of them realized the hell which ingulfed Earth around 2999. How all Vampires and Humans would unkowingly try to kill me and Valdimere and suceed in taking the last of my family away, but mabye it was for the best? I mean I can't bring them back...wait could I? To kill an evil God could possibly obtain a prize? Or soemone would...right? Then I could use it to, reverse time? Change the past? Mabye bring Ekiel back?!

Sure going down there could show to be a risk, but nothig compared to what I had already faced. Besides according to Justice I was The Devil! Who better then to try and overthrow an evil God but a good demon...Hahaha! A good fight, a chance to save the past, a difference in the future? After all even if things go back to the way they were at least their worlds would be saved...mine already was riden with disease and hate. Why should they be punished, mabye I could get their decendants to have a change of heart at the least.

I placed the "Death Keeper" (skeleton ring) over my wedding band...people didn't need to know nor did I want them asking. I wish human's had perfected one dialect over my many years because now I didn't know wich to speak. I figured to not speak would prove most suficiant in deed. The Samuri had spoke of the smell of blood driving them who walk after death to kill, ha to smell my blood would be like trying to find a red-orange leaf in a 10ft tree blooming orange leaves. I sort of felt sorry for them though, I knew their desire, their longing. I also knew though that it could be contained and controlled.

The others had fell like rocks...I...fell like a knife in passing of water until I hit the bottom of this pool of darkness. I heared a girl shriek and then ramble on at how she ahd thought I was trying to die, just because I fell face first and arms outstreached doesn't mean I would parish...or that I could. I began laughing hystericaly at this mortals concerns...for me!?

The other two squinted in the shadows as they tried to tell who had come to join them in their new obyss.

"Who are you?"


I was surprised that one of them had decided to speak to me...after all I was clearly like nothing from their times.

"Yah! Who the hell are you?"

"In The Valley Of Death,
where bloodstained roses lie.
All who pass the rusted gates,
shall soon fall and die.

Do not come through that gate,
unless wish to lose your head.
All who pass therusted gate,
thier soul is seen as dead."

"A song?! You sure are marry given these circumstances! I'm surprised you sing...a little to happly."

To be honest I was surprised as well, those words had been lost ever since I had lost Ekiel...and now of all times they fluently returned as graceful, silken words.

"So who are you anyway?"

"The Devil."


Oooh, I had started to iritate him. I drew one dagger and discreatly slit just above my wrist, I was thirsty and hadn't eaten in days due to being chased constsntly. I had some curtousy not to hint to them I could be a threat. I suppose the other one had finally captured the words to his voice though...

"What did you do THAT for?!"

The other must have been confused because he spoke again before I was pressed for an answer, this I was thankful for.

"Who are you for real?"

"Why does it concern you so to know what I am called in my exsistance? Does it scare you to not know the unknown? Does it frighten you to not know what lerks around you?"

Finally his words stopped and he gave up with a heavy sigh. I didn't want anyone to know my identity, it could result in an earlier hunt for Von's or a little to much of a reality to a myth that they couldn't handle, at least not now...not until I could fully identify the enemy.

I sat down quietly against the cliff-like slab that I had moments ago lept off of. I began drawing in the sand-like dirt that surrounded me. The other's including the one's above us all looked in horrific aww as they heared my nails scratch and screetch from the pavement below the loose dirt.

I laughed to myself, this would give me time to study my enemy before I returned home again.

:badsmile: lol...Von is very, well odd, as you can all plainly see. Remember though there is ALWAYS more then meets the eye's.

CoolTrainer IcEz
17th January 2005, 08:12 AM
Meh.. I like the color! Teal.. Mmm...

Toshiya Yorimoto ~ 2nd of the Twelve ~ The Magician

2 other girls shifted to my side and seemed as if they were conversing in Nippon-go! I was elated to have locals with me in this strange place but as turned to look at them I was shocked. They were dressed in a completely alien fashion! Where was the kimono they were supposed to wear? Nevertheless, I bowed low and awknowledged them.

<Greetings, Ladies. My name is Yorimoto. You can call me Toshiya if you wish... What is this weird place?> I inquired in olden Japanese. As I finished, I noticed they seemed uncomfortable with the formal tone I was using.
<Hello! My name is Maichi and this is Sakura!> she replied excitedly. She seemed to be using a totally different form of Japanese but I could pick out the similarities.
The two girls whispered amongst themselves as they explained to me this place we were in was a Subway Station and that they came from future Japan. Things were getting weirder but I managed to grasp a few new English phrases to string together to form a sentence. Communicating with anyone else in this strange place was going to be difficult without Sakura so I decided to stay with this pair.

Hope it's ok with you 2! :D

Krystalline Kabutops
17th January 2005, 06:58 PM
Sorry I'm late, desert hiking over the weekend... Ow... *Pulling out cactus needles*

Name: Foster Covin

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Number: 7 ('cuz Samchu took 13 :p)

World: Seventh of the Twelve, late 2005, Scotland, shortly after the Yellowstone Caldera erupted, which covered the lower 48 states and forced him to leave his home in Washington.

Appearance: He's about 5'9, with a thin build, and dirty blonde hair that has black streaks that comes down to his ears. His left ear is pierced, and he has a little silver stud in it. He wears a black baseball cap backwards, and it says "Lord of the Kings: Alaska" on it, embroidered in gold colored thread, along with the outline of a fish. His eyes are naturally grey, but he wears contacts that make them look like yellow cat's eyes. On his upper body, he wears a long-sleeved white ISU shirt, over which he wears a black WSU shirt. For his lower body, he wears baggy jeans and grey sneakers.

Personality: He's outgoing, quiet around people he doesn't know, although very much a clown around those he feels comfortable with. He's overly political, but is intelligent for someone of his nationality. He has a hard time explaining his thinking through, because he processes information so quickly and unconventionally. When angry, he's usually very sarcastic and insulting. He's a pessimist, never getting his hopes up too high, although that doesn't stop him from being ambitious. He's very well versed in current events.

History: Raised in the good ol' US of A, he's moved around frequently, due to his Dad's job at Universities. Washington, Virginia, Iowa... Because of all this moving around, his mannerisms and dialect are an interesting blend of almost everything he's ever encountered. When Yellowstone erupted in September, he was one of the few in his community to be successfully evacuated. Relocated to a foster home in Scotland (Don't ask me what led to there o0), He's been there for a few weeks. He likes the climate, but the reality of losing his family is only just begginning to sink in, making him even more introverted.

Weaponry: A pocket knife and a long pole.

Other Items: Matches, some candy, a few US dollars (He refuses to exchange them for Scottish currency), a pair of drumsticks, and a political book.

Other Information: He's an atheist percussionist *nod*

Foster Covin ~ M/15/2005/Scotland/The Lover

This was not a good day for me... First getting in trouble for wandering away from the home, then getting knocked in the head by a fall from a tree, and now I was in this strange place, surrounded by people whose oorigins I could only guess. A samurai walked up and talked to us for a bit, saying some stuff about an evil God or whatever. I gave a little mental chuckle, wishing I could tell all the religious folks back on earth that their almighty deity was actually a bat outta Hell.

I didn't listen to the samurai much, paying more attention to my companions. Some looked to be from my era, others far older, and still others from the future (Although I noticed that one of the future girls was covered in Hello Kitty Merchandise). There was a girl my age who looked to be from my time period, as well as the older Hello Kitty girl with her yellowish tint. There was an older, weathered guy wearing japanese pants, and a girl a few years older than me wearing nothing but a swimsuit... I found it hard to keep looking down the line.

There was also a younger boy, wearing some clothes that had just been coming into style in my time, and a much older guy, wearing a leather jacket. Nearby was an even OLDER guy, almost thirty, with a weird flickering shirt. Aditionally, there was an albino with black hair, a short girl in a sundress, and another older guy in a japanese outfit.

Eventually, the samurai dissapeared, leaving us to decide which way to take. As much as I liked caves, mutants underground didn't sound too promising. I decided I'd take the high road. Besides, that's where most of the girls were going; I'd probably get along better with them anyway. I strayed over toward the group that was going up, listening to snippets of the conversation, waiting for someone to notice me.


xX sorry about the vagueness/shortness, just wanted to get in before the RPG gets too long. Anyway, please interact with him, someone! :P

Fai D. Flowright
18th January 2005, 02:03 AM
Alright! Finally, I get a chance to post!

Name: Keith Lindowski
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Number: 18
World: The Eleventh of the Twelve, 2099, Canberra Australia, just before the turn of the century.
Appearance: With the flashy new century hastily nearing, many of the styles have taken on such feels as well, and Keith loves it. He has a full wardrobe of what are called "Holozigns." This revolutionary line of clothing is a simple white cotton T-shirt/Pair of Pants with a holographic projection chip in the tag. By changing the settings on this microchip, you can make the clothing look like anything you want (You can purchase more uploadable designs as well). Keith typically wears his like the fiery shirts we have now, but the flames on this look realistic and flicker as you walk and move (Colors are a black background with blue-hued flames). As like many people that enjoy this design, he also changes pants to black jeans. As I said before, these can be made to look like any clothing. His hair is brown with silvery/metalic-like highlights, which is al parted down the center with a high arc; medium-short in length. His eyes are Garnet-brown, which give shade to his round, usually bright face. His body is fairly average for his 5'4" body. And because of the sun problems (still a persistant problem there), his skin is somewhat tan. His shoes are white "Sole Rockets," a brand of show with a mini propulsion unit in the heel (think Shadow from Sonic the Hedgehog). *gasps for breath* Wow...
Personality: Kind and appreciative, but rather vacant at times too. Mainly due to his creative imagination, which is constantly at work. Although empty, he still paying close attention, subconsciously, most likely formulating and plotting different things about it. He does seem shy, even to those he IS close to, but if ask him to you with a problem, his on within seconds.
History: An American boy at heart, he moved to Australia after finishing High School in Nevada. Fortunately, this was a simple talk for his parents to allow, for they had been lucky at the Las Vegas slots, winning a heafty load of cash. Once in Canberra, he began taken college courses for those related to writing and music. During a field research project, Keith was chanced to meet with Aborigines (still existantthis far in the future, but the culture is thin) and learn some survival skills and how to wield a boomerang with great technique. He's currently on break from school for the new year, but is still staying in Canberra...
Weaponry: Boomerang (slightly modified from the now). It's end tips are rotatable to allow for differnt techniques using different throws, plus the original effect of returning to the thrower.
Other Items: A small backpack that holds his wallet (ID, cash, etc.), his boom, and a notebook that he writes all his ideas and concepts in.
Other: I don't think so.... But if anything comes up, I'll toss it here! ^_^

\~/ Keith Lindowski | The Moon : 18 | Eleventh World \~/

Talk about unsuspecting... I'm minding my own business, taking a trip out to the local McDonald's (still a major food chain), and as I round a corner, I'm warped, unsensingly, to strange subway station. Slightly dazed from the sudden transport, I placed my hand upon my temples and began to massage them, thinking, "Wow.... I'll definitely have some new inspiration now..."

Well, if that wasn't enough, I, as well as eleven others that appeared as similarly as I had, were approched by old fashion Samurai that preached to us about taking several paths to defeat a god...... "Destroy a god!?! Wait.... THE God? As in, capital "G," God!?! NO WAY!!!" I felt a drop of sweat drip from my brow as my levels of tension and disbelief quickly rose. I mean, how was I, a simple creative artist, supposed to kill a freakin' god? And plus, I was in a strange place, nothing of which was familiar to me in anyway, with people I've never met in my lifetime...

I found a section of the subway wall to lean against as I pensively absorbed and calculated my possibilities on each path of choice. I saw several people on the other side of the rails making choices, a group of three walked towards the stairs on their side, while two jumped down into the abyss that was the subway tunnel. Another from our side approached our stairs, with the albino diving down into the darkness.

"I'm heading to the underground... Although it may be perilous, I'm more fond of the dark than the light." I spoke aloud for once, "And I also want to know more about that suspicious Albino guy..." As I walked away, towards my subterrainian "pit of despair", I nudged at a teenage-looking Spaniard about my last statement. He seemed the most friendly of the bunch on this side of the tracks, but there was no guarantee that I would even see him again, or any of the others, for that matter. But that was the choice that I made.

Deciding to get some fun out of my purge into the dark subway, I took a short, running leap into the twelve-foot chasm, my clothing giving off a slight glow, enough to barely see the concrete sides of the corridor. Using a streamline-like dive, my feet preparing to land, I tapped the toes of my shoes together to activate the rocket boosters in the soles. I landed softly on the solid floor of the railway pit.

In the darkness of the pit, my holographic clothing seemed to stand out quite well, a slight glow emitating from them. "I guess I might be useful after all..." I muttered. The others seem a little grateful that I had jumped down too...

18th January 2005, 09:58 PM
Name: Kirya Menark

Gender: Female

Number: 4th

World: 1st World, 2104, America, Hawaii (Main Island), was living off the coast. (The Island is about four times larger than it was in 2004 due to volcanic activity and lower ocean depth.)

Appearance: See This (http://www.pokemasters.net/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=7236) Because of the time period, clothing (as the years progressed) became less and less of an importance. Some people walk around the Hawaii beaches nude, but Kirya usually wears the outfit in the picture everywhere. (favorite outfit?) Everything in the picture is the same, except her hair has a shade of silvery blue to it.

Personality: Unbound. Kirya is what many would call, 'an untamed spirit'. She's wild like a horse and while she doesn't seem to settle down (in a relationship way), she's a friendly person to be around. She's daring and even when she's frightened, she tries to stand strong. She's a fiercely loyal person and stands strongly for what she believes in. She trusts others a lot, and if they break her trust she's usually stunned and doesn't easily forgive. However, she always tries her best and likes to stay positive although she's level headed.

History: Kirya was born on the island of Hawaii. Hawaii and all the cities and places in the world are much bigger and dominated by electronics. Cars hover in the air, over water and can pretty much get anywhere you want them too where human's live. You can explore the bottom depths of the ocean and talk to your friends through holographic systems that make it seem as if you were there. Even robotics are domineering, where there are androids and often robotic replacements. Kirya, unlike most children of her age, was unspoiled by her parents. They still made her work, even when money seemed to grow on trees for her family. She studied extremely hard and became fluent in many languages, her speciality. She also was an avid explorer, and although Hawaii's wildlife dwindled with the excess technology and population, she explored what she could and when she could. She loved what wildlife she could find, and often learned a bit of how to communicate with them.
However, when Kirya was 9 her parents died from Aflenumia. Aflenumia was a disease that seemed to have grown from the rise of cellular activity and new biotechnology. Her parents were researchers of such things, and thus Kirya was instantly 'disinfected' and wasn't released until she was 10. In that time of being 'contained' she studied things further- language obviously the most she studied. When she was released, she lived with her Grandfather.
As of now, she's still exploring what she can. Despite everything, she's still a dreamer of fantasies and other worlds... even when she's immersed in a world filled with technology and opportunities. She loves to imagine things with her mind, unlike most, who use computers to escape and live their ideals.

Weaponry: It's customary in her time period to carry a laser-enhanced microtude. (They're like mini self-defense pepper sprayers, except they unleash a laser that gives off a shock and a nice shrilling noise to catch more attention.)

Other Items: She always carries a projector necklace, which is a silver necklace with a pretty jewel about her neck, but if you touch the jewel on the bottom it'll project an image. Like a micro-camera. She can take pictures with it, but currently she still has a picture of her parents that she downloaded into it. She also carries her scrapbook, filled with pictures of her island and her little 'exploration trips'. (Her scrapbook is all electronic, built in with a self-charger and it's about the size of a small book that fits in her pocket.) She also carries lip balm, lilac flavored. (Don't ask. )

Other Information: Kirya can sing quite well! ^^

F - The Emperor

So, the vague figure vanished before Kirya's very intent gaze. There were a bunch of curious people around her... and the setting was curious too. It appeared to be subway-like tracks, some thing that she remembered vaguely from history books since theyworked mainly with hyperjets now. Still, she was fasinated... and glancing at the others, it seemed that the worlds were very different and yet simiilar.
Like animals... She thought with a soft gaze, and then she withdrew a sigh and arched her back. A few of the others had already decided which way to go... some went up, some went down. The question was... where would Kirya decide to go?
The sun would be natural. I'm from Hawaii... the sun always danced upon my skin and it would be warm. Yet... the darkness is alluring, and I have not experienced much darkness in the night. Besides... looks as if too many omnious figures would go with.
Kirya bit her lower lip absently, trying to figure out where to go.
<< The darkness it is then... >> Kirya spoke gently, the Greek words easily rolling off her tongue. Kirya often spoke in different languages at different time... so it wasn't foriegn to her really.
Bending her knees slightly, Kirya leapt upwards into the air and began to descend to the darkness below. Her figure seemed to be illuminated by the light, as she fell down like a hawk arriving to the earth. Her flowing light clothing flustered above her stomach, matching her rippling hair of silk. She landed with surprising grace, touching her fingers to the ground to help brace her fall much like you'd expect an athlete to do. Standing up, she withdrew a soft breath...

What in the worlds... am I getting into?

19th January 2005, 04:17 PM
Name: Raúl Desgracia

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Number: I reserved 11, but then changed to ask to reserve 14...is that okay?

World: Third of the Twelve, 2010, Spain - Madrid, hydrogen has finally been perfected as a fuel, leading to a more energy-effecient and less-polluted world

Appearance: Raúl is 5'5'', pale, and thin. He has shaggy black hair and crystal blue eyes. He is rather short for a guy his age. He usually wears a red/black shirt with the name of a not-so-recent rock band on it, (Taking Back Sunday, Green Day, etc) black, close-fitting pants, and Vans or Chucks. He doesn't necessarily dress like people from 2010, but prefers styles from 4 or 5 years before. His left ear is pierced, and he wears a thick, silver hoop in it.

Personality: Raúl is a quieter, thoughtful sort of person. He loves to talk to his friends, and is friendly to strangers. He likes to do daring things, but is also cautious, and exercises restraint when other won't. He is happy by himself, but just as happy with other people. He makes friends quickly, and is good at keeping them. He is usually cheerful, but easily hurt, and is not quick to forget what people have said, good or bad.

History: Raúl has had a happy childhood. He grew up in a family of 4 children, 3 boys and one girl. He is the youngest in the family, and his family treats him kindly. His mother is always at the house, because she's a stay-at-home Mom, but his father is often at work. He cares a lot about his kids though, and makes an attempt to see them a lot during weekends. His family is rather rich, as his father is one of the scientists from around the world who worked day and night to perfect hydrogen-fueled mechanisms.

Weaponry: he has no weaponry

Other Items: in his pocket Raúl is carrying his CD player. that's it ^.^;

Raúl Desgracia - Temperance

How strange.
I could have just sworn I was sitting in my room?
But no...obviously not.
Because I had just seen a samurai from like, the Japanese feudal ages or something.
¿Dondé estoy?...I think to myself. And who are these people? And why isn't it warm?
I turned to the nearest person. "¿Usted puede me comprender?" I asked, and judging by the look on their face, the answer to my question was a no. I didn't know English as well, but hey, maybe he understood. "Um, do you have any idea where we are?" The kid, who was dressed basically like me, turned and said, "No..." He looked kind of suspicious, so I decided I'd just leave him alone.

That samurai, he had said pick a path...Spain was very warm. I loved el sol, and la luz, the light. So I decided I might as well pick up. Another boy looked as though he had decided the same. I wonder if he would understand Spanish? Or if anyone did. I hoped so, because English definitely wasn't my forté...


(if anyone can speak Spanish, and goes with my character, feel free to interact in Spanish...I actually can speak quite a bit ^.^)

20th January 2005, 09:28 PM
Name: Everu (Eev-eer-oi); as an escape from his old life, he chose to change his name from the original (Benign Osage).

Gender: Male

Age: Twenty

Number: Five

World: Fifth World; 1365; England; After the new outbreak of plague.

Appearance: Everu's build is leanly muscled with a fit set of legs and pale skin. His eyes are deep gray pools with a piercing quality to them nonetheless, and an intelligence expected of an assassin, but much warmer. His nose is pointed in the way of most royalty, though he carries himself with an obvious humbleness. A close call has left his otherwise flawless back with a ragged diagonal scar across it, faintly visible. Despite the need for stealth, Everu's hair is shoulder length and an almost white-blond, with bangs that cover much of his forehead and hang over his eyes.

Everu's wear is somewhat mundane, but not completely assassin-like. Tight fitting black garb, pants and tunic, and soft soled boots. Different from others, however, he doesn't use the customary long daggers, but two simple stock sai in a cross formation on his back. He wears a cloak, not of typical assassin's garb either (doesn't slow his speed at pulling the sai), unhooded and secured in a fashion so that it lies diagonally across his back; the point touches the ground. A dark gray sash slashes across his chest in a diagonal fashion. If he is wishing for intimidation, or just feels theatrical, he might don a pure silver mask that somewhat slants across his face, leaving his right eye and mouth revealed. The mask is chiseled and sculpted to fit his face perfectly, allowing his pointed nose to show through.

Personality: The mind of an assassin cloaks the outer layers of his real personality from external view, a forgettable masked face and a cold, ruthless demeanor attribute to how others find him inhospitable, hostile, and utterly sadistic. Beneath an outer seemingly "murderous" greed lies the truth, a vulnerability that should never be exposed. Everu is a kind and gentle man, forlorn in his assassinations to make pittance enough for living. An avid reader, and a warm intellect and wisdom lie behind the hard black dots of eyes during the kill. His mind so contradicts his career, with an inner passiveness. He is almost a Gandhi reborn in his supression of anger, and nonviolent approach when possible. Everu understands, though, that force is sometimes necessary to complete an objective. Though a passive aggressive sort of person, Everu doesn't hesitate to violence toward a foe that utterly deserves it; he stands tall against the night that cloaks him, and if everything were colored in black and white, he becomes a silvery gray mist. He loves an intellectual conversation, where otherwise he grows silent as the grave. Despite his ability to deceive, his inner heart holds and honesty and loyalty most true; against it all, even, lies a deepest understanding of all points of view. Though his job might be a lamentable choice, Everu is true of heart, but sometimes his goodness lies on unstable ground, and change from silent assassin to killer in cold blood is still a viable option each day, in which he finds himself fighting with all his will against the evils of his past and present, ever missing the future.

History: From birth, Everu's life has been a landscape of steep inclines and declines, no in betweens to be found. Three years into his life, his mother was taken by the Black Plague and his father grew distant to everything in a depressed state of mind, only getting up from his easy chair to make sure they were barricaded from the tumult the disease had caused in Europe. For years his paranoid father refused to unlock the door, but to receive a sanatized delivery man with the necessary supplies. Everu's friendly relationship with this other survivor of the plague was irrefutable in its solidity, and even at the young age of eight he found himself able to interpret the man easily, and even gave advice to him now and again, something his adult friend would never have expected. Everu was young then, and the only thing required to gain his trust was the presentation of a good book. Though underpaid sometimes, the unmistakably clever delivery man was always sure to bring Everu a book of high regard in any circle. Through this, Everu's opinions and views found the side of good in the years of solitude, until age ten. At age twelve, Everu had to make some way the rent for his father, who had been crippled in a sudden accident that went unexplainable by doctors to this day. Everu couldn't resist when a man offered him a job as a petty thief for pay more than enough to support his father, who wasn't to know his son wasn't exactly taking the good path to fortune. For three years, Everu stole for his contact anything he wanted, and developed a skill with throwing daggers, acrobatic talent, and unarmed arts, stealth thrown in for good measure. It was then at fifteen, that when meeting his contact with the goods, an older greedy man, that he came to find a man in dark garb murdering his master on the shining night cobblestones of his own courtyard. The man offered Everu a chance at life, as he had witnessed the crime, if he joined his assassin business. The pay was substantial, and the hitman promised that the only people to be killed would be those that truly deserved it. Everu bought it, hook, line, and sinker, and proceeded to take residence with his newfound partner of roughly twenty years of age. It was a bit of surprise when he found himself actually working for the Catholic church, taking lives to secure their power in greater amounts. The only way Everu's fellow assassin kept him on board was by promising that if he left, his father would be found dead by the next morning. Everu was experienced enough to see that this man was honest about it, and he didn't doubt his skill that obviously surpassed his. Some six years later, another plague has hit Europe and of the same intensity as the Black Death. Thousands have already fallen, and Everu's father has died just yesterday. Finding himself faced with the chance at freedom, Everu slaughtered his rogue master and pledged it might be the last of the killings, may God forgive his sins.

Weaponry: Simply out of routine, Everu carries daggers concealed in various places (a total of five), and two sai in a cross formation across his back. The daggers double as throwing knives.

Other Items: Everu is an alchemist and capable of making many herbal cures or explosive powders. He carries a myriad of ingredients and small containers and vials (poison included) in a small wooden box he keeps with him at most times. Otherwise, his only other supplies consist of a lockpick and various other tools of thievery.

Other Information: Though he might be from a time period far from the present, Everu has a natural affinity for any kind of technology. Given a little bit of time, he can figure out most devices, regardless of how futuristic they are. Everu is a bit of an inventor and scientist, and finds it easy to grasp most concepts relating to these fields.

Everu - M - The Hierophant

The Hierophant? Fitting I guess, considering my wide array of wisdom and ability to ponder mysteries. The underground still lie open to at least one more, would I take it?

This place was almost a welcome escape from the plague and England, and a new world promised a new life. That Samurai figure hadn't been the most divine person I had seen, though. Had my imagination run wild when I detected a sinister breath beneath those frozen pools of eyes?

Anyway, my prowess in combat and stealth might come in handy in the underground. If anyone was going to dodge the blood-sucking jaws of some mutant, it might as well be me.

I stared into from my "precipice" overlooking the gaping hole that lead deep into the depths of this "Earth." What would it hide? Was it my only option. Basically, as it seemed. The sun was all but lost to me these days, and my skin was far to pale, I sunburned easily. The only path seemed below. Several others already stood at the bottom, and standing only made the choice all the more inevitable. I took a last look at the others approaching the stairs, and bounded to the depths below with a grace hidden to most.

The shadows were somewhat comforting, even if not a change of pace. I nodded to my companions here, and wondered when they would decide to set off. I pulled my mask from underneath my cloak, and donned it. My face was suddenly much more sinister, and it was a bit of a preparation for the mysteries herein.

As the others talked, I opened my unblemished wooden alchemist's case, and drew out two capped vials that shone with a diluted brilliance, tied with rough twine and cloth. This substance was called Dove Weed, and when dissolved in water created a brilliant glow that lasted until the Weed was used up. Tied in twine and covered with cloth, the substance lasted longer. I placed these within my garb, in case they would come of use later. I hoped the mutants liked light, or else they would be in for a brutal flash bomb when I got to them.


21st January 2005, 09:16 PM
Hmmmm, a girl and another boy? Well, help was help no matter what...at least now. The girl was standing against the wall aject from me, while the boy opened a case of some sort and gathered a few things...you could almost see his pale skin as well as mine, but even his was darker.

I was now sitting upon my feet but stil huntched down writing in the dirt, I began once again to purposely drag my nails against the burried pavement. With screetches and scratches...I wanted to know how these new additions would react?

The girl was wearing a bathing suit? Ahhhhh, Hawii? Possibly, at one point in history they did stop wearing clothing...I think? I wasn't going to stress my brain now...at school we had learned...well...how not to die. Not realy history...not the era I was born anyway. Valdimere always was the smarter one anyway, I was just a nusiance.

My red eyes were drawn to the boy as I watched him select two viles...I knew what that was, if I wasn't mistaken. Dove plant...Dove weat...Dove grass? It was something like that...all I remember is that they hurt my eyes like hell and became popular amongst ALL my peers.

All of a sudden it hit me his clothing, the viles, even the way he moved. I did the same exact when I was younger, but not exactly the same...but he had to be from the same era! Was I right? If so them him over all the others could NOT find out who or what I was! Let's just say if he did I may never see my young years again...or finish them for that matter.

Wait I know there was something important that happened...then again that was a long time ago, but I took a chance anyway...I memory served me right...

In one fell swoop I leaned against the boy's ear...

"Boy are you ridden with plague?!"

Even though I had nothing to worry about even if he was I wispered it to not panic the others...besides I still didn't want my help dieing on me...not yet at least.

:D Sorry hope you don't mind, but seroiusley Von's from about the same era, but only he lived in Romaina...of course...lol Hope you don't mind. I also hope that all the rest of you don't mind Von knowing the major events of the past...it's just he lives in 3010 and well that's the furthest future...so far. If ANYONE has a problem with this just let me know...and sorry for this OOC right in the middle, I just thought i'd get this out of the way.

22nd January 2005, 12:07 PM
Episode I

Together, side-by-side Temperance and the Lover ascended the steps that lead to the world above. Only two in numbers, they would face quite possibly the toughest of challenges. The world that rose as they climbed the final step was one that would prove the ultimate test of the environment.

A complete desert wasteland, there was no plant life at all, and the only animal life was a small variant of warthog, who would take a skillful aim and a ranged weapon to kill for food—as they were timid, and would run at the first sight of danger. Miles of wasteland to every direction, there is but one thing that draws your attention in the sky, and it is not the three suns that keep this world constantly daytime.

A start, a beacon of hope—they choose to follow it, to walk in its direction, hoping to overcome the extreme heat, fatigue and hunger that they will face to soon come into contact with other human life.

The Magician, Strength, the High Priestess and the Star across the other side of the twelve-foot drop, too took the path to the surface. The steps that they took, however, lead to an entirely different place. The trees were dense and like skyscrapers, forever reaching upward. It appeared to be like a tropical rainforest, filled with animal and plant life—however, there was one thing that struck everyone as a little odd.

All of the animal life here was machinery, they weren’t evil or anything, they seemed to go about tasks as regular animals of the rainforest would, they would just all made of steel, complete fabrications. Now the animals there ranged in a wide variety, covering all of the animals that you could find in a rainforest in the early 2000’s. Most were harmless, but there were a few predators that could easily become dangerous if provoked. There was a star here too, one that also intrigued the minds of those chosen—and they decided openly to follow it.

Lastly, the Emperor, Death, the Hierophant, the Devil, the Moon and the Sun took the underground path, one that would be filled with atrocious mutants. Most were well prepared to take this path, but some were not—for the hulking, slow-moving mutants of the underground could prove a significant threat to even the most well-trained soldier. Extremely well built, each like their own weight lifter, the mutants have the shape of normal humans except for mild, sometimes severe abnormalities. Warts, tumors, melted skin and missing limbs, all to be expected on creatures of the underground. It was a very linear path, so there wouldn’t need to be many direction-making decisions.

As those that walked the underground marched onward, they came across a peculiar object. This object was a sword, quite a large one. It was very long and ornately designed with hooks and teeth on both sides, and strange engravings in the flat of the blade. The handle was black as the night, with one very dim green gem set in the pommel.

And then spoke the voice of Justice, “Tyr, the blade of the gods, one must wield it—but it is warned that they must also carry it’s burden. It is extremely light as of now, but for each soul it claims, it will get gradually heavier. When a guardian is slain the soul of the guardian will make its way to the blade, making it quite a bit heavier. Likewise, if a comrade dies their soul will be infused in the blade. For each major soul claimed, the blade will receive a large surge of energy, which will light up the gem at the end of the pommel. When it is green and sparkling, it is fully charged, but this will not happen for a long time.”

And then the question came—who was to carry the burden of Tyr? It did not at all require physical strength, but much more a mental strength, one that could ward off the voices of the damned, one that could prevent any harm from coming to it—but also one that is fully able to accept the responsibilities of having it…


All right, Raul and Foster are both in the wasteland, so it’ll be more of a physical struggle against the extreme heat, fatigue and hunger than anything. No combat at all will be needed here, so I decided to go nice on you guys, since you’re only a group of two. Food will be a problem though, that’s why the warthogs are around. If you’ve got a ranged weapon, or something you can throw, then you can claim on. Now, the next problem is trying to cook it, which most likely is not going to happen as there is nothing to set fire too. Tough luck, hope you like raw meat.

Toshiya, Maichi, Kayla and Sakura are in a rainforest tropical like area. Another problem with food here, as you won’t be eating any meat—all of the animals are metallic. So, look to plant life, and such. The animals will not attack you, unless they would do so in a normal situation. So, if you go around beating a bear’s cubs, the mother will attack, as they’re created to be “true” animals. Now, if you do have to fight one, most weapons won’t work—however, a strong jolt of electricity will screw up the circuitry and make the machinery falter, normally deactivating it. Remember, you, as characters, do NOT know this yet; you’ll have to find it out for yourselves.

And finally, Markus, Von, Keith, Jack and Kirya are in the underground, I’ve already described what the mutants look like, so now I’ll tell you more about them. They are attracted to light and noise, but are weak against short, very bright explosions of light (like a flash bang, or the equivalent) as this will temporarily blind them, and make them disorderly. Something like a flashlight will not hurt them, but rather attract them. Now, to kill them: regular weaponry, or fire. As for food down there, there’s not much but rodents, so I hope you packed a meal. Oh—and once again, you as characters do NOT know how to kill them yet; you’ll have to discover it for yourselves.

And about Tyr, the sword, if you are one of the people that chose the path of the underground and would like your character to carry it, just send me a private message. If I receive more than one, I’ll roll dice to determine who gets it. Now remember, it’s not the ultimate killing machine either, it’s just a fairly lightweight sword that’ll get heavier and heavier as we go along in the story. It’ll be more of a burden than a privilege, I’m warning you.


Time of Day: Morning
Setting: Wasteland, Rainforest, Underground
Wasteland Group: Raúl, Foster
Rainforest Group: Sakura, Toshiya, Kayla, Maichi
Underground Group: Markus, Jack, Kirya, Everu, Von, Keith

Zak Hunter

22nd January 2005, 04:54 PM
“Tyr, the blade of the gods, one must wield it—but it is warned that they must also carry it’s burden. It is extremely light as of now, but for each soul it claims, it will get gradually heavier. When a guardian is slain the soul of the guardian will make its way to the blade, making it quite a bit heavier. Likewise, if a comrade dies their soul will be infused in the blade. For each major soul claimed, the blade will receive a large surge of energy, which will light up the gem at the end of the pommel. When it is green and sparkling, it is fully charged, but this will not happen for a long time.”

Sounds kinda like Soul Edge to me. At least, that's what I think...that big blade from Soul Calibur II, has an eye on it. That thing.
But I gotta admit, I don't wanna carry this thing. How big is it, anyway?

22nd January 2005, 06:15 PM
It's 50" (4'2") long and is fairly thick for a longsword. So, it's a big two-handed mother.

Zak Hunter

Krystalline Kabutops
23rd January 2005, 09:43 AM
Foster Covin ~ M/15/2005/Scotland/The Lover

I left the stairway, not really noticing the kid walking beside me. I found myself in a desolate wasteland, cooked barren by the sun. I looked over at my companion, sizing him up. He was a skinny kid, pale with black hair that seemed to be intentionally disorderly. I noticed with a twinge of humor that his left ear was pierced too, although it held a silver hoop instead of a stud. "Hey," I said, turning towards him, "Who're you?"

He looked at me awkwardly, apparently trying to figure out what to say. "Don't... speak much... um... English." He replied. "Speak Spanish." I furrowed my brow, frowning. I had taken 2 years of Spanish in grade school, as well as some this school year. Working hard, I managed to recall a good deal of what I had learnt.

`I'm Foster Covin, who are you?` I asked haltingly, still working to pick up the language. He brightened. `So you can speak Spanish?` He asked, quite fluently. I nodded. `Well, that's good, I was afraid no one would be able to. I'm Raul Desgracia, by the way. Nice to meet you, Foster.` He extended his hand, and I shook it. After a moment, we both looked out to the wasteland that stood before us. Inwardly I groaned. I hated heat, and it looked like we had gotten one of the hottest paths imaginable. I doubted Raul liked the sun either, due to his pale complexion.

Suddenly, something in the sky caught my gaze. It wasn't one of the suns orbitting the planet, but was smaller and brighter. I realized he saw it too. `Raul... Do you think we should follow that?` He nodded. `I don't know why, but somehow... it gives me hope. I think that we should follow it.` I nodded this time, myself getting the same feeling of hope. `Well... Off we go then, eh?` I chuckled, and the two of us set off towards the light, whatever it was.

23rd January 2005, 12:46 PM
-/Jack Korso:The Sun/-

Now with 5 others with him, Jack proceeded with P90 aimed forward. He didn't feel like turning the flashlight on, his consience(sp?) told him not to. So he flipped on the nightvision scope on the screen mounted on the gun, so he could see what was up ahead. In the bottom-right corner of that small screen was a radar, but it was more like a heat sensor.
beep...beep...beep...beep... over and over as the heat sensor picked up some minor things like rats and spiders and the like. After walking down for about 5 minutes, someone that was probaly from the 1300's walked right next to Jack and looked at the gun curiously, and then caught sight of the device on Jack's arm and got the "what the-?" look on his face.
"Heh, I really bamboozled that guy..." Jack thought.
"Just what are you carrying? And why does it go...beep...beep...over and over?" The guy asked.
"Uhhh...how do I explain it? It's a gun that shoots bullets tipped with diomond at 30 shots per second. That beep...beep...over and over is something that...errr..."maybe I should just tell him it works by magic..."finds things that are hotter than the surroundings and it makes a beep...beep... sound when it finds a spot that is hottter than everything else. Actully, I have no idea how it works. As for the gun, just pull the trigger and hold on. Tight." Jack said to him.
The guy seemed even more confuzicated. Jack almost knew the next question to come out of his mouth.
"When are you from?" He asked.
"2305. AD." Jack answered calmly.
The guy was so shocked that he just stopped walking, and everyone else went past him, but he caught up a short while later.
That's when the heat sensor found a couple objects moving torwards the group.
"WE'VE GOT COMPANY!!!"Jack yelled as he cocked his gun and flipped on the flashlight and switched off the nightvision and flipped on a ammo counter. It read 1000x rounds(the bullets are about 5 centimeters long).
He ducked behind a nearby rock, and waited.

23rd January 2005, 05:54 PM
Everu - M - The Hierophant

One vial of dove weed was still clutched in my hand as the one of the closest skin color to my own moved with reflex and speed I had only seen in myself. "Boy are you ridden with the plague!?" He whispered quietly, but with emphasis nonetheless. It wasn't a wrong assumption that I could have the plague, if the person doing the asking was of my time. From the attire and culture I had observed earlier though, it seemed we were all from different eras and places, could this boy have possibly seen my time?

In the whole of the time it took for me to process this, a second or two, the pale-skinned one stood watching for a response intently. "No," I answered concisely, and followed for clarification, "I vaccined myself against the first outbreak, and I escaped just as the first began." Pulling back my bangs I revealed a small miniscule black dot that was nearly invisible in the darkness, though is eyes seemed to easily perceive it. The dot was of a mixture of herbs, and using the record of dead skin, observed whether or not the immune system was fighting any serious threat. "If I had any sort of disease or illness," I continued, "this would be white." He had been watching as I prepared the dove weed before, so obviously he trusted my opinion of disease.

In an instant he was gone again, but as he drew back, I lifted the bottle a little higher, and I saw a sight that shocked me. Beside the skin even paler than my death white, faint canine teeth tipped out of the "boy's" upper lip. The points were sharp, inhuman teeth, and looked for punctures. The attire and the reflex were now clear, with those devilish red eyes that glinted. I had seen that build only once in my life, and now again, but the mind does not forget the strange things, or the evil ones. That night long ago I remember, the other that lurked in the shadows alongside me, and quickly moved on like a hungry predator. I was lucky that I had surpressed the beginning mouth gape before he turned around, looking at me with my dim light held at his face level. Before he could notice my eyes locked on his face, I shifted to looking just behind him. I had fooled him for the moment into thinking that I had no idea, and it would be best if I kept it secret for a while.

As we began to trek into the dark and narrow pathway, my mind asked me why such a creature would be chosen for here? Why had I been chosen?

One of the other, likely from a higher time tier, people pulled out a large device that was some futuristic weapon of sorts. He had also donned some glasses that must have been helping him see, because some of the others were stumbling over objects in the dark. A beeping noise was coming from the device, and red dots loomed on a glass screen. I believed he was tracking something, and by the rats that corresponded with dots, I believe he was trying to keep the mutants from taking us by surprise.

Several minutes later, I heard skitterings in the dark. Larger animals, likely mutants, and just after the radar went off with a furious beeping. "We've got company!" The armed man proceeded to duck behind a rock, from which I quickly pulled him up. "Can't hide from these," I said quickly, "being in the dark so long, they probably gained a great sense of hearing and smell. Best chance is to stick together." Our group stood stock still as the noise grew closer, and I tucked a vial of Dove Weed in my sleeve. Drawing my Sai, I stood in attack stance, wary as our narrow tunnel seemed narrower and narrower by the second. The armed man aimed in the dark and put his finger near a little lever on the bottom half of the gun, Von drew two daggers, though I could see the claws he held them with. Out of the dark came the nearly silent titter, "bring it on."


Death, I somewhat replayed the situation, considering I even placed in my sign-up "has a natural affinity for any kind of technology."

23rd January 2005, 06:36 PM
~ The Emperor - F ~ [/b]

Kirya had been walking with a glance that could make anyone realize that she was rather ... uncomfortable. It wasn't that she was afraid of those she was traveling with, it was more so that she was afraid of the silence. A few mumurs of some of the others talking made her tense a bit more as well. She wasn't a social butterfly... she didn't always hang out with a bunch of people, but she was fairly outgoing. She could relate and pretty much talk to anyone... why was she holding back here?

She examined a few of the figures. Most of them seemed futuristic... or they had a look about that them showed they didn't come from the past. However, the one with the vial in his hand and the other who had been talking to him, they seemed as if they came after her time a bit. She wasn't one to be sure... and she wasn't one to assume anything. One of the figures had thrown a device over his head and it made several beeping noises - she recognized that device. They had invented it a few years ago... yet some how she wondered about the differences between the worlds.

It was then that the figure cried out, saying that they had company. Kirya seemed to hunch down, as did a few of the others in the darkness... waiting. Until finally, three creatures immerged from the shadows. They appeared human... but in the darkness, it was almost impossible to tell. However, one of the figure's lifted up his glowing vial to reveal a pale light upon their faces. They were humanoid... yet with painful twists about them. One had flesh that was rotting off it seemed, while one eye seemed rather larger than the other. One had long, almost sharp finger nails and dismembered legs that were replaced with some odd tenticale-like bottoms. The other two were just as badly mangled... they looked keen however, and stared at them as if they were a meal.

"How horrible!" Kirya stated, and to that she took a few steps back.
" I'll take them!" The figure with the beeping device stated, standing up. Immediatly one of the mutant creatures leapt at him, thrashing it's long claw-like nails at his body.
Yep, they were hostile.
"This is horrible... horrible..." Kirya mumured, looking as the creatures suddenly charged at all of them. Most of them... well, actually all of the others seemed to have weapons. Kirya only had her microtude.
"Grashlshhhhh..." Suddenly a mutant had slipped past one of the others and it charged at Kirya. Kirya gave a shriek as it snatched at her, and Kirya instantly opened her bag to grab out her microtude. Yet the mutant was swift and instantly collided into her... knocking the bag and it's contents over the floor. Kirya couldn't see where they had landed in the darkness, he rlight source was gone.
"Get away!" Kirya yelled, kicking at the mutant enough to cause him to move backwards just a bit. He then lashed out again...a nd Kirya moved away but not enough for the mutant to completely miss her. Instead, it's hand was snagged in her necklace about her neck. With being snagged, the mutant pulled hard on her necklace, causing Kirya's body to lurch forward.

Kirya imagined the mutant's large, grotesque face about ready to eat her eyes out when suddenly the mutant tugged once more on her necklace. This time however... it had accidentally touched the button upon her pendant, causing it to send a brilliant explosive flash into the air.
All of the mutants seemed to let out a shriek, as if the light had hurt them.

Kirya managed to free herself from her attacker... and as he seemed confused, she scrambled into the darkness... trying desperately to find her pathetic attempt of a 'weapon'.

23rd January 2005, 07:43 PM
... nyu?
Kayla Brockford - 17 The Star - Eighth

I looked around at the other three who had decided to go up. It wasn't going to be the happiest time, but then again was anything?

With one last quick glance at the other people, I turned to head up. This could be the last time I'd see them... It was really depressing in a way.

When we got to the top of the stairs, I was surprised that there wasn't a flash of light. I looked around, and it suddenly made sense. This was... a rain forest? I had seen them in textbooks, but never in real life.

"It's... beautiful..." I turned around, looking at the other three. Two girls and a guy. No one looked particularly threatening, though maybe a little odd. Even the samurai seemed... gentle in a way. Oh, well, this might not be that bad.


I blinked. "Excuse me?"

The dark haired girl turned to the other female and said something I could not make out. The second one smiled and bowed. "I'm sorry, Sakura does not speak English. Do you happen to know any Japanese?"

Meh, character interaction. Gotta love it... ish.

23rd January 2005, 10:48 PM
Maichi - Strength
With everyone having made a decision, the four of us that had decided to go up the stairs climbed them. Instead of coming out on a street or in a station, we walked into…a rain forest?

There were still rain forests in our time, but by then they had pretty much all been put into "official preservation" and were all being closely watched by the government and such. It was a shame something so beautiful had to come to that kind of an ending, but at least they still existed. And now I was standing in one, with three people I had just met.

"It's…beautiful…" the other girl said (the one I hadn't met) and silently I agreed again.

«Excuse me, do you speak Japanese?» Sakura-chan said, and I turned around. The other girl was looking at Sakura-chan, caught slightly off guard.

She blinked, "Excuse me?"

Sakura-chan turned to me, «I can't speak any English, if that's even what she's speaking.»

I nodded, turned to the new girl and bowed slightly, saying, "I'm sorry, Sakura-chan does not speak English. Do you happen to know any Japanese?" I added hesitantly.

The look on her face was enough that I didn't need to hear her say "No…"

"Then can I ask your name?" I said, hoping she wouldn't mind.

"Um…Kayla," she said, seemingly unsure. "Kayla Brockford…" I instantly reversed names, knowing that most people from the other hemisphere had their surnames last instead of first.

"May we call you Kayla-chan?" I asked, knowing immediately that Sakura would have trouble with the "L" sound. I just hope she didn't mind being called "Keira" for a while…

"I…I guess, yes," she said, and for once it wasn't a look of total confusion, but a look of confusion mixed with slight recognition.

I relayed this to Sakura-chan, and she agreed. "Then you may call us Maichi-chan," I gestured to myself, "and Sakura-chan," I added, gesturing to her. «Sakura-chan, this is 'Kayla'-chan.»

"Keira–chan?" Sakura said, turning to her. 'We'll work on your English later, Sakura-chan,' I thought privately to myself.

«Abominations!» I heard the samurai say suddenly, startling the three of us out of our conversation.

«What, what?» I asked, moving over to where he had wandered to. He had his sword drawn and was pointing it at something.

«They are false beasts, they are not alive,» he said, and in one way I had to agree. They looked like a slightly larger than average tree-frog…except it was completely made of metal. There were about four or five of them in the group that the samurai was pointing at.

«Well…let's move away from them, then,» I said, and was slightly surprised to see him do so without saying anything else. Then a thought struck me, «Um, could you tell us your name?»

He paused for a moment, looked me over, then said, «Yorimoto Toshiya.»

«Konnetsu Maichi,» I said, then pointed at Sakura-chan, «Karen Sakura,» then at Kayla-chan, hesitated, then added, «Burakkufaado Keira,» cringing at the butchering that I had to add since I knew he was less likely to learn English than Sakura-chan. «Um, Yorimoto-san…what do you think we should do?»
In other words, I ran out of ideas!

27th January 2005, 03:00 PM
I am posting here to inform you that I shant be coming to TPM anymore, for reasons stated in my RPG...
If you need to do anything with my character, feel free.

27th January 2005, 03:19 PM
Understood. That's too bad, you'll be missed.

Zak Hunter

27th January 2005, 04:43 PM
Episode II

The Lover and Temperance had been walking for what seemed forever, the sands appearing endless, until Temperance spotted something in the distance.
“A town!” He drew his hand up and pointed, wiping the steady stream of sweat from his forehead with his other hand. “Quick, Foster, let’s go!”

Temperance began to run as quickly as he could to the town, the Lover slowly following behind. Then, there was a great rumble from within the earth.
“Kid! Wait!” the Lover shouted after him.

Suddenly, the ground opened up underneath Temperance and a gigantic maggot-like creature shot up from the earth, swallowing the adolescent whole. It was like a giant worm, with a white wriggly body covered in mucus—absolutely massive, much too large for conventional weapons to kill.
After seeing Temperance face such a fate, the Lover begins to run for town, hoping that there he will find safety.

Meanwhile inside the subway caverns Death took up Tyr, the mighty blade and as he did he felt a jolt of energy flow through him. The gem at the end of the handle flashed briefly, then residing to a color of a slightly brighter hue than previously. Death shook his head and looked down at the blade, the deceased reflection of Temperance staring back at him. Then as quickly as it had come, it was gone.

Deep within the mechanical rainforest, the group had stopped for a temporary rest. As they sat and conversed, a note steadily drifted down to the middle of their circle. Upon closer examination, the note was addressed to them. It was a riddle, written in several languages.

What do you break by saying just one word?

The Maker


Foster, sadly you’re still alone—make your way to the village and it’ll pick up with Episode III. As for those underground, just press on, Samchu was chosen to bear Tyr’s weight by coin toss, as there was only one other applicant. For those in the rainforest: you’ve got a riddle on your hands, and try not to cheat please—it ruins it.

Time of Day: Noon
Setting: Wasteland, Rainforest, Underground
Wasteland Group: Foster
Rainforest Group: Sakura, Toshiya, Kayla, Maichi
Underground Group: Markus, Jack, Kirya, Everu, Von, Keith

Zak Hunter

28th January 2005, 05:40 AM
Markus - A.K.A - Death

In the end, it was agreed that I would take Tyr. Another had wished to take it but had had a change of heart and thus the blade was bestowed upon me. Within moments it had already absorbed one soul, one of the members from another group had fallen. I shook my head, "I haven't even swung that damn things and already it's collected a soul," I muttered.

Because Tyr's lightness outweighed it's surprising length, I decided to carry it in my hand as we headed down the tunnel. I kept my old sword strapped to my back because it was too personal to throw away. We walked in silence mostly. I didn't pay much attention to the others or what they were doing, I was more focused on where we were. The lighting down here wasn't good, it was hard to tell what time of day it was or how long we'd been walking. I just wanted to be ready for what was lurking down here.

Suddenly, someone shouted out that we had some company and we instantly braced ourselves in the darkness. One shone a vial of light upon our 'guests', revealing three disconfigured, human-like creatures. They were truly grotesque in appearance, mouths hanging open in quiet moans, their hungry eyes gazing at us as if we were a buffet.

The battle began quickly. One of ours got up to fight and the monster came for him so I ran in with Tyr to assist as the other guys joined in. We didn't really have any idea how the hell to beat these things. We tried cutting off a few limbs but they just kept comming, heck they were resiliant. One of them slipped through and went after the girl. Moments later a bright light errupted and the mutants stumbled back, blinded and disoriented.

Using this distraction, I swung at the mutant that had gone for the girl, whipping its head clean off of its shoulders. Its disfigured shape fell to the ground. The others followed suit and quickly finished off the other two mutants as I helped the girl to her feet, muttering a quick thankyou. The gem flashed three times. It surprised that these things actually had souls. I wouldn't have guessed.

We quickly checked to make sure there were no injuries before continuing on. Who knew how many more of those things we would encounter...

28th January 2005, 04:03 PM
The boy seemed to stare at me yet when I turned I saw his eyes starring off into lost space...either he was inccent, or just good. Someone ahead of us yelled...

"We've got company!"

I turned to see what the matter was in we now had to face...

"Awwwww...only three?

A few evil glances were shot my way...this would most definitly be to boring to actaly participate in, so I sung instead. I had both daggers drawn, but in the end I had acidently "dropped" one wich just happened to fall into the squirming severed head of the one Death had thuoght to had slayed,

"Ahh, there ALL the same in the end I suppose...believeing they have endless power and strength...poor pathetic humans."

I watched as the others prceeded, cautiousely, quietly, quickly...I was getting bored and a few seemed still in shock, pluse I had good senses...so I walked in front of the rest, blood still dipping off my knife in it's shieth. I once again begn singing as I listened to the buckles of my boots as they chimmed to my tunes.

"In The Valley Of Death,
where blood-stained roses lye.
All who pass the rusted gates,
shall soon fall and die..."

CoolTrainer IcEz
29th January 2005, 10:58 AM
Toshiya Yorimoto ~ 2nd of the Twelve ~ The Magician

"What should we do, Yorimoto-san?" asked Maichi-chan. "Please, call me Toshiya-san" I replied politely. I was still shocked by the steel animals that roamed this forest. I drew my katana and jabbed at a metal tree frog. It sparked the quickly hopped away.
"This place is giving me the creeps" said Kayla-chan. The other 2 girls nodded furiously. We trudged through the forest and found a tiny clearing. Since it was getting dark, we decided to set up camp and rest for the night.
"What will we eat?" Sakura-chan asked me.
"Do not worry, we will survive." I replied.
The group chatted through the night sharing fears about being in this weird place and having to kill a god. Suddenly, out from the heavens, a note steadily drifted down and Maichi caught it swiftly. It was weird, probably coded in many different languages. Nothing looked familiar. Except for one word. One that curved, who's strokes seemed bold and strong.
"Break!" I yelled outloud as it struck me. It was the Japanese word for Break. I pointed at it and showed the others. Maichi, peered closer to the note.
"Word?" she said, almost asking a question.
"Is that the Katagana for Word?" she asked Sakura.
"What's Katagana?" I asked. "Is it Japanese?"
"It's just a shorted simpler form of it. Reduced strokes and all" As surprised and appauled as I was with this reduction of my language, I couldn't help but notice Kayla-chan looking totally lost in our conversation. Sensing we were trying to decode the paper, she looked at it then said, <Greetings. And... that's The Maker> as she pointed to the weird characters at the top and bottom of the page respectively. I looked at Maichi expecting an explanation as to how Kayla derived the meaning of those alien words.
"Toshiya-san, Kayla-chan just decoded the words Greetings and The Maker" said Maichi almost looking like she was explaining a difficult face to a 4-year-old. We continued to pour over the note through the night.

Edit: Changed interaction with Kayla. =p Thanks Maichi-chan for pointing it out. =D

29th January 2005, 11:39 AM
One slight problem: Last I checked, Kayla doesn't know Japanese, and your character doesn't know English. I don't think they'd understand each other just like that; the two of them would have to ask my character (Maichi) to help translate for them.

EDIT: I am NOT Maichi-chan :P
And you missed the first part, where Kayla says the place is giving her the creeps (that's the part I noticed, really).

I'll get a post up soon…

3rd February 2005, 06:34 AM
OOC: AWWW man why'd we stop? I know not everyone has replied yet, but seriousely did we at least kill the zombie/mutant thingies? I hope you don't mind but i'm going to have Von get to know people a little better, I mean after all he is conducting a living study...(is this o.k.?) I'll post him later today.

3rd February 2005, 06:56 AM
I'm not sure why we stopped. I'm waiting for someone to solve the riddle before I move us forward.

Zak Hunter

Krystalline Kabutops
3rd February 2005, 07:38 AM
Sorry I haven't posted yet, I haven't really had time. I'll try to get a post up this weekend.

3rd February 2005, 04:31 PM
OOC: Mabye you should restate the riddle? (Was it for the underground group or not or all mabye?) This is as good of a riddle as I can come up with for now...lol

And then spoke the voice of Justice, “Tyr, the blade of the gods, one must wield it—but it is warned that they must also carry it’s burden. It is extremely light as of now, but for each soul it claims, it will get gradually heavier. When a guardian is slain the soul of the guardian will make its way to the blade, making it quite a bit heavier. Likewise, if a comrade dies their soul will be infused in the blade. For each major soul claimed, the blade will receive a large surge of energy, which will light up the gem at the end of the pommel. When it is green and sparkling, it is fully charged, but this will not happen for a long time.”

If Tyr is the blade of the God's which guardian is it? My point in this there is only one God and he's evil so if it's the swords of the God then it's evil and should be destroyed...however if Justice is reffering to what the charcters of each world call their God...a.k.a. the good and bad gaurdians of each world...then why would he use the word God. To aphiliate with them or just to conffuse the hell out of me?...lol Sorry I felt I had to address this...lol

Von/The Devil:

I stopped singing and beggan humming as I starred at the others behind me...some where trying to feel their way through the dark while others followed lights that where available. I quietly laughed to myself with delight...this was great! A live study and at a safe distance I may add. I figured the others most likely where blindley following my white skin and my music through this ever darkening tunnel...after all I was the only one making hardley any noise at all, no one had said A word since our run in with the mutants. Things were quiet...to quiet for me.

I stopped moving and humming and along with me a few of the others did to...unsure of what I was up to...

"I say...we take a rest? How about it?"

I tried to sound cheerful even though everyone once again starred at me as if I were daft.

"Well i'm stopping to get some food...whoever wants to stop with me can, but don't forget those "monsters" are still out there somewhere...hell they could be following us in pieces as we speak here now waiting and watching until for thier chance!"

I started laughing again...I couldn't help it I tried to come off polite, but like Ekiel had repeatedly told me I just come off sarcastic.

3rd February 2005, 05:48 PM
If Tyr is the blade of the God's which guardian is it? My point in this there is only one God and he's evil so if it's the swords of the God then it's evil and should be destroyed...however if Justice is reffering to what the charcters of each world call their God...a.k.a. the good and bad gaurdians of each world...then why would he use the word God. To aphiliate with them or just to conffuse the hell out of me?...lol Sorry I felt I had to address this...lol

Tyr IS the blade of the Gods. Yes there is only one God, and yes this God is evil-- Tyr is the blade of the dark God. You don't know it's evil, nobody does-- but even if it were, can you not kill evil by using evil?

The riddle is only for those in the rainforest, by the way. And I really need Foster to post, I know it's tough because it's only him with no one to interact with-- but if he gets past this part he'll meet up with others soon.

And the riddle, restated:

"What do you break by saying just one word?"


Zak Hunter

3rd February 2005, 08:23 PM
Sorry. Homework. *bows*
OK... forgive all mess-ups and stuff.
Now, how about we solve this riddle, eh?
Kayla Brockford - 17 The Star - Eighth

"What do you break by saying just one word?" Maichi-chan read off the final translation to me, after much conversation between the three of them. Most of the language had been apparently for them, as I couldn't make out more than a few words, and a bunch of squiggles.

Silence once again surrounded us, save only the soft noises of the mechanical animals around. All of us seemed lost in thought. I was actually wondering if I'd have to learn Japanese just to survive with these people. Maybe? Maybe they'd learn English? No, that was less likely.

The feeling of missing something obvious crept up the back of my neck. Sakura-chan sneezed, and I unconciously murmured a "bless you". Suddenly it hit me.

"That's it! What do you break by saying just one word? Silence!"
:P Was I right? Sorry for shortness. I'm sorta... well... homework crap. And Zak's nagging me. lol jk. ^^

3rd February 2005, 09:13 PM
Episode III

The Lover had reached the town where he found no people, but lots of open machinery. There was a large swinging crane with a demolition ball on the end, and a large metal thing that could only be described as a clamp. It had two sides that would slowly squeeze together when operated.

The sandworm was approaching, and the Lover knew he had to think quickly. He surely couldn’t take it alone with only conventional weapons—he would need something much bigger.

Those underground stumbled upon an ancient relic of the underground: a subway. It looked to be still operating, but only consisted of one car: the front. A godsend, for sure—but was it to be trusted? It didn’t look faulty at all, and would definitely speed their progress.

As soon as the Star uttered the word “silence” another note floated down from the trees. This one was written a lot more roughly, with less attention to detail. It wasn’t neat at all.

What can run but never walks, has a mouth but never talks, has a bed but never sleeps, has a head but never weeps?

This one wasn’t signed, but it was clear who it was from.


Time of Day: Afternoon
Setting: Wasteland, Rainforest, Underground
Wasteland Group: Foster
Rainforest Group: Sakura, Toshiya, Kayla, Maichi
Underground Group: Markus, Jack, Kirya, Everu, Von, Keith

CoolTrainer IcEz
4th February 2005, 06:00 AM
Toshiya Yorimoto ~ 2nd of the Twelve ~ The Magician

Maichi-chan finally deciphered the riddle and read it out loud. As Sakura-chan sneezed, something struck Kayla-chan and she shouted out the word "Silence." Immediately, a second note fluttered down before us. This time is was written in English, I suppose, and Maichi-chan translated it quickly into Japanese for Sakura-chan and me.

"What can run but never walks, has a mouth but never talks, has a bed but never sleeps, has a head but never weeps?"

I thought long and hard for the answer. Muttering the words, "Bed, Mouth, Head" to myself.. Repeatedly. "And it runs," added Sakura-chan. Again, Kayla was lost as it seemed she too did not know the answer.

I looked around this forest. There just had to be something around that will help. Nope, it aint a tree. Not that stump either. Hmm.. Maybe a metal chimpanzee? Nah.. Then it struck me. "It's a river!" I yelled to the rest. <A River> Maichi-chan promptly told Kayla. "Makes sense.." replied Sakura-chan.

4th February 2005, 04:05 PM
OOC: I suppose your right...sorry about the riddle thing...i've never realy been good at riddels anyway.

Von/The Devil:

"Speaking of a break..."

I pointed to what seemed to be subway car...the front only of course and it looked to be in good shape.

"Somethings odd here..."

I stood pondering it's almost new apperance and it's overall exsistance...a present from Justice or a lure of the God?

"Well, beggers can't be choosers!"

I hopped on once again humming and looked at the many buttons and levers, then I stuck my head out a window...

"Anyone know how to drive this thing?"

I sat down on a bench-like part of the panel and closed my eyes...Their slowing me down...I could leave them now...just hit this button and that lever and i'm off...but what if I need them? Or more importantly they need me...besides i'd be a waste of specimens to leave them. I heared someone else climb abord and begin examining everything with a quick walk around.

"So have you decided to try?"

Fai D. Flowright
5th February 2005, 01:36 AM
OOC: I greatly apologize for not being as active ATM as I would like to be.... I've just been a little..... distracted. Don't ask...

\~/ Keith Lindowski | The Moon : 18 | Eleventh World \~/

A subway train... A death trap to salvation, or a fast ride to damnation? But at this point in out journey in the dark confines of an underground station, there wasn't much else of a choice to make... I whispered to myself, "At least it will keep the monster encounters down... I think..." We had witnessed the gruesome appearance of those that stalked us in this prison of darkness, and I felt helpless to defend myself... I was better at strategy myself. At all costs, I would prefer to avoid them, and what better way to do that than to fly along, hopefully faster than they can move, in a sealed subway train.

Several of the others seemed to agree as well, Von, our fellow "Devil," seemed to have no problem with the Tram either.
I had never realy used a subway, not only because they were rare in my time, but I also had my Sole Rockets. But I had ridden one, nonetheless. As we approached the vacant cabin, the fluorescent lights in the ceiling corners flickered on. A dim radiance flowed from the open sliding doors. We stepped inside and looked at what our new source of restricted travel would be. I took it all in as I noticed Von enter the control room for the car.

Not knowing much else to do at the time, I followed him in a few seconds later. "So, have you decided to try?" I asked as I sat next to him on the bench in front of the control panel. He solemnly shook his head.

"Nope." He responded, "I figured I'd let someone else figure it out, seeing as how I saved you all from them mosters." Although I'd hate to admit it, I was grateful for that.

"Yeah. Well.... Thanks." I patted him on the shoulder and he seemed to hold back, leaning away from me. Suddenly my attention was diverted to the rest of the cabin.

"You better get this thing moving, guys! Those.... THINGS are coming for us!" I heard Kirya holler from the rear window.

"It must be the lights. CUT THE POWER!" Everu called to Von and I as he and Markus tried to pull the door closed, Jack waiting inside to defend against any intruders.

I searched around for any sign of Emergency Start-up instructions while Von looked for a way to kill the lights. I read a small sign that read "IN CASE OF EMERGENCY: To shut down power to train, pull Emergency Shut Down lever." "Gee.... Now THAT'S helpful!"

I looked over the large panel and found the small lever, which was marked "E. Shut Down" on the left. "I guess it's this one..." I pressed it in quickly, which cut all the power to the car. The lights turned off and everything went silent. The slight glow from my clothing was still enough for us to search on the panel for the start-up button.

"I think this is it." Von reached forward to press a large green button. He shoved his thumb into it as the button retracted into the panel. Something whirred and then died. "What?" He pressed it again. Same reaction. "Damn..."

I thought for a moment. "That lever must have cut ALL of the power to the car." I said aloud.

"Would you two hurry up in there?" Kirya pushed, seeming anxious and impatient.

"They're still coming!" Jack warned. I assumed he was using his RADAR device to track their movements in the dark.

"You'll have to live with the light, guys!" I called to them as I pulled the Shut Down lever out. The overhead lights flickered back on.

"SHIT! They're closing in!" Jack yelled. Everu, Markus, and Jack all prepared for battle, Kiryu continued to keep watch, now that she had light to do so. I turned to see Von press the button again. It was obviously the right one, as the print above the button said so... >_<;

The train slowly began to move forward as the vicious creatures began to approach. Thankfully, the doors were part of the activation procedure. They glided shut as the train picked up speed. "Well.... That was fun, now wasn't it." I let out a sigh as I peeked into the passenger area.

Yay! ^_^ Keith got to do something!

5th February 2005, 05:35 AM
-/Jack Korso/-

"Well, that was quite a ride..." Jack wheezed as he sat down in a seat.
He got an idea.
"I'm gonna check the engine. See what's powering it."
He walked down the hall, P90 against his chest and fully-loaded. He was holding his Gate-Dialer thing and set it for home. Once he got to the engine room, he looked at what was powering this thing all the way down here.
He found a bunch a wires connected to a black block of a stone-like mineral. Jack thought he knew exactly what is was.
"Naquada. No wonder it started up so quickly."
Naquada was the mineral that Gates were made of. Jack pretty much memorized the descritption his dad gave him when his family got a prototype:
"A teleportational wormhole is generated when charged neutrinos are applied to Naquadah, the only known element that absorbs and energizes with neutrinos. This forms a stable, artificial wormhole that connects to another Stargate."

He also heard that the military's Stargate was made up of the "brother" element to Naquada, Naquadria. It becomes more unstable as you extract energy from it, but it provided 20x more power at full extraction. But if this was Naquada...then why was it being used to extract power?
"Uh-oh. Not good at all." Jack thought to himself.

It was Naquadria. It became unstable when the train speeded up, and it was becoming more unstable by the minute.
Jack ran as fast as he could.

"We should stop this train RIGHT NOW!" He shouted.

"What? We're getting away from the bad things, shouldn't we keep going?" The Moon(Keith) said.

"This train is powered by an element from my world called Naquadria. The train's engine is extracting power from it as we speak." Jack explained.

"Isn't that a good thing?" Keith asked, curious as to why we should stop.

"It becomes more unstable when you extract power from it. Once it reaches the limit, it'll blow and this whole station and train and everthing under the surface. In a nutshell, if we don't stop, it'll blow us all to hell." Jack said.
BTW, Jack looked inside the engine, and just a little something to do other than ride the train.
Okay children, time to disarm the nuke-in-a-stone-block. :D
It'll be harder than pulling the wires. You have to pull the right one.
They're all yellow. And if you pull the wrong one, it'll overload and blow.

5th February 2005, 09:48 AM
Episode IV

Those in the underground had since operated the subway and it traveled down the tracks quickly, until it suddenly appeared unstable. There were two options here: they could’ve shut it down and walked the rest of the way, which would have been ridiculously dangerous because of the amount of mutants they had attracted by both the noise and the light of the subway. Their second option was to slow the subway down to about half power, and this was the option they chose.

The stability changed drastically back to normal, but now the mutants of the underground were much more able to attack them through the subway. It was still a lot less dangerous than walking, so they continued forth. The windows were all broken, and every so often a couple mutants would find their way onto the outside of the car, or if they weren’t held back well enough: inside.

“A river,” The Magician had answered, and he spoke true. The ground to the right of them shifted and a staircase leading down appeared. They all walked down the stairs and saw it came to a dead end, where a message was written upon the wall.

This thing runs but cannot walk, sometimes sings but never talks, lacks arms, has hands, lacks a head but has a face.

Well, you’ve made it this far: The Maker.


Warning to Foster: I'm giving you until Tuesday next week to make a post, if you fail to do so, I will take control of your character.

As for the train: I love the idea, but let it go easy at half speed for now. Eventually the mutant attacks can become unbearable and you'll be forced to throttle it to full speed: but don't do the wire thing just yet, and you'll see why.

Time of Day: Afternoon
Setting: Wasteland, Rainforest, Underground
Wasteland Group: Foster
Rainforest Group: Sakura, Toshiya, Kayla, Maichi
Underground Group: Markus, Jack, Kirya, Everu, Von, Keith

Zak Hunter

Krystalline Kabutops
6th February 2005, 04:04 PM
Super-Bowl Sunday: Not just for sports fans anymore.


I looked around at the only two machines big enough to do the job of killing the worm. The wrecking ball? It was doubtful that the worm had any bones, so a smack with the ball would likely just stun it momentarily. The clamp... With any luck, and a little timing, I could use it to rip off the worm's head, or, failing that, a good deal of skin.

I ran to the controls of the clamp, looking at them for a moment. I wasn't familiar with heavy machinery controls, but it looked a little bit akin to a video game controller. Looking out the cockpit window, I could see the worm approaching fast. Pressing down on the stick, I managed to turn the device so that it was facing the beast.

The creature was almost within reach... I could see its beady little eyes, the mucus hanging from its mouth full of teeth... Finally, I judged that it was within reach. I pressed a green button, hoping it was the clamp...

Rather short, but at least it gets me back in the RPG =/

7th February 2005, 03:11 PM
Von/The Devil:

You could hear the creatures clawing at the back door of the cabin. Their nails screetching and hollering as we trailed onward down the tracks. Many covered their ears at the horrid sounds coming from the other side as did I, the sound was about to drive my acute hearing insane...I had to put a stop to it.

I opened the back door and sat in it's frame. I drew my daggers and slashed anything that got to close for my comfort.

"What the hell are you doing?!"

I turned my head back and peered over my shoulder...

"Listen I know what I'm doing, so just calm down and let me-"

At that moment my head fell dramaticaly to the tracks below it.


The train started to slow as they realized what had happened...

"No! Don't stop. Close the door and keep going I'll catch up with you."

The zombies started to surround me where I now stood. I had dropped my daggers a little ways up the tracks, so I began looking around. I stared above me noticing a steam pipe...I could hear something flowing through it, I hope it was still steam. I jumped up and crushed the pipe, digging my claws into it's seam. The heated steam poured out rappidly, giving me time at the last second to fling myself over the undead barrier to keep my trail close to the others. I grabbed my daggers as I passed them, I was lucky the others weren't that far away so I wouldn't have to use my full speed raising questions.

I sheithed them back to my sides and lunged for the closest broken window. I reach my hand inside and about that time someone I believe kicked it...crushing it completely. This made me stagger in my leap and gave a tailing mutant time to grab my leg. I furiousely kicked it twice once to get the count in and twice to summon spikes, which I used to crush through it's skull between it's beady black eyes. I finished pulling myself inward and fell to the floor to my knees. In one swift motion I tapped the heel of my boot to retract the spike while turning towards the back of the cabin away from the others.

"Is your hand o.k.? I think I might have crushed it!"

I quickly fixed my hand rubbing it furiousely to hide the black smoke witch was created whenever I left the solid form of my body...it was intended to be more of an illusion, however now was no time to explain myself. With them waiting for an answer I stood and turned to them.

"Allow me to properly introduce myself my name is Von."

I vigouresly shook each individuals hand to prove mine was okay. I returned to looking out a window without another word to any of them.

11th February 2005, 03:52 PM

The train rattled along the tracks at a steady pace. The attacks were random and unpredicted but for now were causing us little trouble. Some of the others were holding them off so I decided that maybe I should try a bit of socialising. There was only one girl in our group and I figured she probably felt slightly uncomfortable. I took it upon myself to help her feel better.

"Hi there," I said sitting beside her.
"My name's Markus, I'm from New York. Who might you be?" I asked, trying to be as polite as possible.
"My name is Kirya. I come from Hawaii."
"Oh..." I sighed. That meant that she came before my time. Hawaii didn't exist in my world, it was just a huge crater last I'd heard. I couldn't tell her though, couldn't say that the fate of her home was to be smashed to pieces...it wasn't really the sort of information I wanted to converge on anyone...

I suddenly found myself feeling uncomfortable. I looked at one of the guys helping to keep the mutants away from us. "Uh...do you want any help there mate?"

Short but I was short on ideas...

11th February 2005, 04:22 PM

Kirya's eyes glanced to Markus, and a soft smile spread upon her lips.
" Hawaii doesn't exist in your world... does it?" She spoke, even though Markus was ready to help some one else. He turned about slowly... and she laughed.
" Just because it doesn't exist in your world, doesn't mean it won't continue to exist in mine. I think our worlds... have different time periods, but they are not the same in more ways than just time periods. Each world is a mere ripple off of another... but they each are different and have had similiar and different events. You said you were from New York, didn't you?"
He gave a nod, and Kirya smiled.
"In my world... New York doesn't exist. It grew so extensive and full that they renamed it to The Gateway. It also is the center of new Ikar technology."
She gave a nod, but Markus seemed lost in thought. She simply offered a smile and then looked to Von...
He had given quite a strange... sight, and while perhaps he looked a little out of place, she slowly took a seat close to him.
" I'm Kirya... I don't think I introduced myself when you spoke your name. Thank you for holding off some of the zombies... it was brave."
She gave a slow nod, "Much braver than what I could have done... I'm not much of a fighter." Kirya admited, glancing at him.

11th February 2005, 06:49 PM
-/Jack Korso/-
"Man, I am NOT doing that again." Jack said as he was walking back from the engine room, covered in soot from trying to power down the Naquardria. It took about a good 5 minutes trying to get the right wire, occansionaly refering to a manual on Naquadria powered-systems. It took a bit longer, becuase clanky old subway trains weren't in the book.

"Ugh...my head...ohhhh...." Jack fainted and fell face-first. Working with Naquardria and it's brother Naquada is dangerous. Pull the wrong wire, and you're killed by radiation sickness. Pull another, and it blows you to hell. Ouch. Jack, like the rest of the team he's on and everyone else in the base, is literly immune to radiation caused by Naquada and Naquadria from using it so long.

About 30 seconds later...
Jack got up, and sat down on a seat. He wouldn't get near that thing for about an hour.

After hearing the only girl talk to another man about holding off zombies and blahblahblah...Jack just wanted to ask a question.

"How did you get here anyway?" Jack asked the girl.
"I don't know...I can't remember..." She said.

"Well, I don't know either." The other guy said.
"I know just how I got here. It might seem very...errr...random. It all started when I got this e-mail from an unknown sender. It had one message, a series of 8 13's and a single 1. I knew this was an address for a device on our planet known as a Stargate, and..." Jack started.
"Uhh...what does this Stargate do?" The girl asked.
"It well...is a big ring made of Naquada, an element that can create a stable wormhole when used correctly. You just "dial" a set of 7 symbols, with the 7th being a point of origin. It's confuzing. It's common stuff where I come from. I did it all the time, going from Gate to gate...all over the world. Literly. It's great." Jack explained.
"Okay...get back to how-you-got-here thing..." She said.
"Anyway, I was looking at the list of glyphs, each representing a constellation. I looked at #13, and it stood for the constellation Aquilla. It looks like a square root thing. I stayed up and when everyone was asleep, I dialed up and despite the ammount of power it drained, I'm suprised that the lights didn't go off. I ran through, and the rest is history." Jack continued.
"Wow. I thought going from place to place really quickly must be hazordous. But you make it sound, fun." Kayla said.
"You might want to try it sometime. It is fun. Especily when you go out during the night and dial up Viva Las Vegas and hang out there for a bit." Jack said.
"I think she's looks nice..." Jack thought.

He started to remember some engravings in the hallways. Some of them looked like repreated symbols over and over then a circle with 12 more circles inside it with one line from each come to the center.
"Might just be the point of origin..." Jack thought.
That's when he forgot about the Naquadria.
"Oh, no! Not good!" Jack said as he ran back to the engine.
It was going to release radiation, for he left a wire clipped he shouldn't have clipped and the door to the engine open.
Just some random stuff about how Jack got the address to get here and stuff. More stuff about the gate.

12th February 2005, 09:36 AM
Episode V

The subway had begun to travel at a ridiculous speed, and the radiation that steadily released from the engine had turned it into an enormous bomb. The Emperor spotted from the front of the subway car that they were traveling towards a massive seeming gelatinous blob of mutant. It was huge, and appeared to be the mother mutant, as many eggs could be seen through its transparent belly. It was a huge fat thing, and The Emperor knew it would be impossible to kill it with conventional weapons.

“Bail out!” The Emperor yelled, even though it would be extremely dangerous to do so. The Sun helped everyone out of the speeding car, aiding each inhabitant into a tuck-and-roll position so they wouldn’t hurt themselves. He was the last inside, and he ran back up to the front to throttle the engine to full speed. With a sheer explosion of acrobatics, he leapt from the front and out the back in a swan dive, rolling on the floor with an excelled amount of expertise.

The massive bomb, formerly a subway car, traveled directly into the mother mutant and exploded upon impact. The massive explosion shook the tunnels and caused everyone to fall down. The mutants surrounding them had all disintegrated, and the danger appeared to be temporarily gone. Temporarily. The explosion had caused the tunnels to start to collapse within themselves—but they could see a door, but a door that leads to where? They all hurried through it, except for the Sun, who limped for he injured his leg on the jump out of the subway car.

Meanwhile, in the desert, the Lover operated the clamp machine, closing the slowly moving walls as the worm jumped up. The worm became caught in the clamp, as it closed more and more, until the worm looked about to explode. Finally it did, mucus was fired everywhere. The Lover immediately found himself woozy, so he laid his head back to fall asleep. What seemed like a second later he awoke in the tropical rainforest with the rest of his comrades.

They still stood at the door, the door that was marked with the following riddle:

This thing runs but cannot walk, sometimes sings but never talks, lacks arms, has hands, lacks a head but has a face.

Meanwhile, back in the caverns, Death found himself carrying a sword that was instantly forty pounds heavier. The gem was glowing noticeably stronger, with the capture of two Guardians.

* * *

As for those underground: just post about maybe jumping out of the subway car, or the car killing the large thing, or running towards the door while the walls and ceiling are collapsing around you. Remember: don’t post about anything on the other side of the door, just end with opening it and running through.

As for those in the rainforest: solve that riddle to go on.

Time of Day: Evening
Setting: Rainforest, Underground
Rainforest Group: Sakura, Toshiya, Kayla, Maichi, Foster
Underground Group: Markus, Jack, Kirya, Everu, Von, Keith

Zak Hunter

18th February 2005, 11:17 AM
Don't let this die out on me, here, people. :(

Zak Hunter

18th February 2005, 11:58 PM
Hum, nobody else in my group knows? Phooey. Guess I'll have to enlighten you.

Maichi - Strength
Great, another riddle. The first one was easy after it happened, the second was a bit tricky, but this one was just plain weird. I couldn't think of any creature that could run but not walk. Singing but not talking, well that could mean just about any bird to start. No arms but hands could be something like a mole, maybe. And the only thing I could think of having no head but a face was those really flat fish or a ray.

But I couldn't think of one creature that fit all of those descriptions.

Then I remembered the second riddle we had had. A river ran because of all the water flowing down it, but it couldn't walk because it didn't have feet. But a river didn't fit this riddle; I had never heard of a river with hands.

Suddenly there was a slight glowing by our feet and behind us. We backed up a bit into the door, and watched as the faded light slowly formed into a person. A boy, to be exact. He looked like he was sleeping.

He woke up suddenly, looked around, and said, "How'd I get here?" When we didn't say anything, he continued, "Must've been that higher power thing."

I looked at him again, and realized where I'd seen him before. He was one of the boys that was across the chasm who had gone up to the surface...had it only been hours ago? I checked my watch...

«That's it!» I said suddenly, as I watched the second hand tick by. A clock ran on either springs and gears (that was ages ago) or electricity, but it couldn't walk; a clock could sing when the chime went off, but I had never heard one talk to me that hadn't been a synthetic voice; most had three hands (though a lot had only two), but none had any arms; and there weren't any real clocks that had a head, but all of them had a face.

«It's a clock, or a watch!» I said excitedly to the wall that had the riddle on it.
Was going to post something happening to the door, except it wasn't a door it's a wall. Heh.

21st February 2005, 09:46 AM
~ The Emperor / F ~

Kirya was about to say some thing, when suddenly she caught a glimpse of the massive mutant-like blob ahead of them. Her eyes widened immensely, as she suddenly called out, "Bail out!"
The creature was far too big to kill normally, and she knew that they were not about to be able to take it on.. everyone prepared to jump off, and Jack helped everyone. Kirya had to admit, although he seemed to know a lot... it came in handy when you needed it. Kirya leapt off, her graceful landing ability coming to her aid as she tucked and rolled and then managed to stop landing upright. Everyone managed to jump off- even Jack, as he seemed to jump just as the explosion occured. Everyone stumbled a bit from such a large explosion, and Kirya covered her eyes for a second. Then reopening them, a large gurgling rumble seemed to emit from the tunnel... and immediatly Kirya realized the underground was about to collapse.

"A door!" Some one called, and up ahead to the side... a door could be seen. Kirya's eye lit up with relief, as they all started to run towards the door... but an ebbing at the back of Kirya's mind stopped her. Turning around, she saw Jack stumbling.. he must have hurt himself from the explosion. Kirya then turned around, running towards him and immediately took his arm and wrapped it around her neck and above one of her shoulders.
"Get going! This place is falling down!" He yelled at her, but Kirya shook her head.
"Not a chance. I'm not letting this place crush you!" He moved a bit faster with Kirya's help, and slowly they approached the door along with everyone else. A piece of cement or some sort of texture seemed to fall from the ceiling about them, but Kirya did her best to help them avoid it. They were nearing the door... and suddenly a piece smashed upon Kirya's shoulder. She let out a fumbling cry of pain, the cement obviously hurting her shoulder but she kept walking. Her legs were fine... they had to keep moving.

"Come you can make it!" Markus gave a shout, and soon they did... soon they did make it to the door.


22nd February 2005, 02:21 PM
Von/The Devil:

"Bail out!"

I looked up to see what was going on around me.

"What the?!"

A few people neared the door in an attempt to jump off. I ran to the back door and shoved it open, almost breaking it from it's hinges. As the first one off, I franticaly searched for a way out! Spotting a door I ran towards it, to my despair I realized the door was much like the one at home...a heavy steel vault door! I arrived at it's entrance almost instantly, giving it a good flick of the wrist to open it! It didn't budge! I grabbed the crossbars with both fists, digging my claws into the palms of my hands. With my strength I managed to open and almost break the doors latch. I pulled the door open with my small size and darted in.

After everyone else was in I was about to close the door back when a massive sreetch of screams and shreiks came from the burning beast! I fell to my knees as the others all tried to close the door. With my ear's bleeding I threw my body at the door and managed to jam it closed. Her cry made my entire body feel as if it was being electricuted! Blood drying in my veins, as my head throbed from the fire that raged on inside! I blacked out, probably from lack of blood. I felt as if I had died inside...again.

OOC: Sorry my first post was about two pages long and was all finished when my computer FROZE! ACK! This one is shorter but still cover's what I wanted to. Sorry it took me so long to post!


25th February 2005, 08:03 PM
I know my posts have been few and far between lately, but I'm not going to bother with excuses. I'll just skip straight to the role-playing.


The jump out of the car had been a snap for me here, and when I attempted to go savior, the one dubbed Emperor helped the Sun along first. The fact that there wasn't even a first name basis yet was starting to bother me.

I reached the door just behind Von, with both of us heaving on its heavy steel frame to allow a large enough opening for everyone to scramble through.
Everyone had made it, but the matter was closing the door.

As Von and I both jumped again to the door to close it, the guttaral shriek of the burning beast seemed to have some type of incapacitating shriek on him, and I was left to close the door alone.

I didn't anticipate the darkness that would ensue when the door closed, and the fact that we were on a platform just beneath a stairway. I hoped it went up.

I grabbed the Dove Weed from my kit again, and beckoned over the Emperor who seemed eager to help with Von who was pale and bleeding. I didn't know a ton about Vampire lore, but I guessed I might be able to treat him.

I didn't fumble at all, and with an ascertainty of a doctor in winter I ordered, "Take this vial and hold it as I tell you to, just above him so I can see his face." She did as I asked, no questions, and in attempt to be a little friendlier I asked, "I'm Everu, what's your name?"

"Kirya." Was the curt declaratory reply, and she continued to hold the light steady.

Fishing through the case into the bottom where some of the more fragile and dangerous vials lurked I pulled out a rare sample that had taken me months to acquire. The substance was Bloodfern, an unoriginal name to say the least, but vile.

Taking a flask of water, I crushed some of the fern with my pestle and mixed it into a thick crimson mixture, which I set aside in a small dish. With care I grabbed most of the remaining fern, and used the pestle again to crush it into an extremely finite powder which I set next to the crimson mixture's dish.

Taking the blood synthetic, I turned back to Von, semi-conscious now. I brought the mixture to his lips and prodded him to swallow which he did. Then I waited.

After a minute or so, the mixture acted and Von's eyes gaped open as he bolted upright. The fern should have been enough blood to sustain a vampire, but I wasn't sure. I gave him the other dish of powder which he took without question, and motioned for him to sniff. The aroma entered his nostrils, and his withered face returned to its usual colour. I gathered the materials I had used and packed them away.

"Thank you Kirya," I quickly muttered as she returned the Dove Weed, which I held up to see the stairway affront the group. I wasn't going to wait anymore, and so I began the slow ascent up the flight, hoping it wouldn't stretch too far.


28th February 2005, 02:15 PM
Von/The Devil:

All I remember was a light hurting my eye's and all of a sudden feeling better...unusualy better. Blood? That's something I had longed for this entire time and this boy had it in his bag he commonly carried?! Well a fake one which left a bitter taste rather then the salty sweetness of the thick crimson I was acustomed to, but blood all the same.

He had to know I was a vampire or something like it. I steadley walked and follwed his lead as he took to the path ahead. How did he know? Who was he? Would he be affraid of me? Most importantly...would he tell the others? I follwed as he almost stumbled over things, walking around them and taking my time since these were perfect conditions for me. I pacened my steps to see if he would hasten...however to my surprise he remained steady and calm. I could hear his pulse quicken when I did, but he lead no sign of this on the outside.

I slowed down to let the others follow my pale complection. My skin was the easiest to see and track in these conditions, but always keeping him in sight ahead of me. I noticed the other's falling behind, so I strided up next to him...

"Mabye conserving energy would be easier? After all who's one to see whats ahead of us?"

6th March 2005, 11:28 AM

I stopped. Von was probably correct, we needed to conserve some energy. Though it was hard to stand the thought of sitting and doing nothing, maybe fate would intervene as to what we were required to do.

I turned around to face Von, and could see that he obviously knew I knew about his "condition." If you can call being undead a "condition." As I waited for the rest of the group to catch up I faintly whispered, "Don't worry, you can trust me to keep your secret, as long as you don't become as devilish as your name voices." He continued to look wary, but nodded. My worry diminished a little with the nod, and I sat down on the stair I currently had reached.

As I watched and waited I noticed a small pinprick of light far up the stairs, but I dismissed it. In this place it was more likely to be a train come to run as all into the ground then a ray of hope.


Waiting on Tainted here...

Fai D. Flowright
6th March 2005, 12:01 PM
Sorry guys, but I must retire my chracter from here. With the slow process and the lack of my character's acceptance in events, I no longer have an interest in keeping up with this RPG.

I apologize to everyone, especially Tainted, but this is just moving WAY to slow for me.

And now, I say Adieu. Do what you will with my character...

Bye, all. It was fun...

6th March 2005, 12:10 PM
I was waiting for most people to post before I throw up the next update, but I suppose I'll do it anyway. Sorry to see you go, Tsukasa.

Zak Hunter

6th March 2005, 12:48 PM
Episode VI

Those underground rushed rapidly to the door, all leaping through it just in time except for one. The straggler, the Moon, had fallen behind and was crushed by the falling rock. Death immediately felt his sword grow heavier, not just from the death of the Moon, but from the guardian they had just slain thanks to the subway car.

“Two guardians dead, two of us dead. This isn’t a very good pace if there was twelve guardians and twelve of us from the start,” Death spoke solemnly.
“How do you know?” The Hierophant asked inquisitively.
“Every time one of us dies, it gets significantly heavier—same goes for guardians. I imagine after this all it’ll be fairly heavy.”

They stopped all conversation to look at the world around them. Previously oblivious to the raging sounds of a battlefield, they now looked on. The group was off to the side of a large-scale assault on a castle, warriors dressed in blue defended it, while warriors in red attacked. Massive siege machines hurled rocks at this grand fortification.

“Emperor…” a voice spoke inside of the Emperor’s head. “Oh, Emperor…”
She spoke aloud, “Who are you?” Those around the Emperor stared at her questionably.
“No need to speak, Emperor, just think your words, I’ll hear them all the same.”
“Who are you?” she asked.
“I’m the Fool, the brother of Justice, your guide. The guardian you look for to shatter this world is inside of the castle; move stealthily, for neither side will call you their ally. To make your way in, you will need cunning, to slay the guardian—talent.”
The voice seemed to disappear after those words.

The group carefully watched their surroundings. Men were seemingly everywhere, all armed, all with that rage that accompanies war. How would they sneak in? From the looks of it, their chances weren’t very high.

* * *

“It’s a clock, or a watch!” Strength spoke, and the wall before them crumbled into clumps of dirt. The group pushed their way through until they came across a man in a white suit, with a white top hat—and with long white hair. His appeared to have cataracts, and a single white rose he held in his right hand.

“I am the Maker, children, I see you’ve made it this far. But you won’t go any further than the ground you step on without answering one last riddle. It is the hardest riddle I have ever created, and also one of my most favorites. You’ll fail to answer it, and when you do the floor below you will open and you will plummet to a never-ending doom.”

Everyone either gasped or looked shocked.

“Today he is there to trip you up and he will torture you tomorrow. Yet he is also there to ease the pain, when you are lost in grief or sorrow.”

He smiled devilishly and a glass of wine appeared in his hand. The Maker swished it around in a circular motion, and then took a sip.

“White wine. My favorite.”

* * *

Time of Day: Night
Setting: Maker’s Lair, Battlefield
Maker’s Lair Group: Sakura, Toshiya, Kayla, Maichi, Foster
Battlefield Group: Markus, Jack, Kirya, Everu, Von

Zak Hunter

7th March 2005, 03:12 PM
Von/The Devil:

"What the?..."

This didn't make ANY sense! First we were in a run down subway...next the front line's of an ancient war! I scratched my head trying to figure out what was goin on.

"So...should we try and sneak in?"

Everyone stared at me as if I were daft...

"Well, we do need supplies and with the ferocity of the fight i'd say whoever's in that castle has to have a ton of power...and the only thing in this place with any sort of power would be the guardians."

A few started to understand what I was implying.

"Good or bad it still might be of some use...and besides I have an idea."

7th March 2005, 03:52 PM

I looked at Devil intently. I was highly curious about his plan, a guardian was most likely waiting for us inside and we would need to be ready. I watched the battle unfolding and I too began to wonder how we would get around this.
"Perhaps we should just let them finish," I said aloud, "either the castle will be taken or these intruders will be quashed, either way the remaining side should be weakened. It would be easier for us to get through."

We agreed to wait a bit before deciding, to see how the battle turned out. I sat against a tree's trunk, hiding myself in its shade as I fiddled with Tyr. Its weight had increased significantly since I'd fist laid hands upon it, many influential lives had been lost on the journey and much still laid ahead of us. As for now, we had to try and get inside where yet another guardian would await us. Who or what we would face exactly was beyond us now but I could tell already it would be the hardest thing we would have faced so far.

OOC: Appologies for lack of posting and current post crappiness but am very tired right now. I'll make up for it i swear!

8th March 2005, 08:09 PM
Sorry for not posting in so long...

-/Jack Korso:The Sun/-

"Uh, oh." Jack murmered as he saw the battlefield before them.
He held his P90 close, and held it up, looking through the scope, seeing that all of them were in battle. He didn't snipe any of them, which would give away the group's position. Maybe just firing a random shot would cause enough chaos to get the team through unoticed.
"Uh...I've got an idea...I'll fire a random shot into a crowd, cause confusion and maybe snipe some guys from a hundred yards away before they start mobbing me. At that point, just run. I can handle myself...I think..." Jack said to the group.
Everyone looked at him dumbfounded.
"How will you get away?" Everu asked, curious.
"Uhhhh...." Jack looked around where he could get a good sniper's perch. And out of the corner of his eye, a Stargate right near his perfered spot. It wasn't there when they first went through the door, but he could dial base and get back easily.
"Okay, I'll dial base and get a couple guns and come back. Okay?" he said.
"As long as you don't DIE before you even start this plan, then okay." The Devil said.
About 2 minutes later...
"I'm at my perch." Jack said over the radio.
Jack punched in his base's code, and readied his gun for sniper.
"Easy on the trigger..."
Just follow my guy's cliched plan and have fun.

8th March 2005, 08:20 PM
-= God =-


I smiled maniacally, looking through the old 50s era television I could see all.

"Won't work out just that easy, Jack," I grinned devilishly, "You'll soon find your plan to not work out quite as well as you expected."


Carry on with the plan. The stargate won't work in this world, but Jack-- you don't know that until you try it and fail. So carry on with the plan, but after it fails you'll have to scramble to see what you can get done.

Zak Hunter

9th March 2005, 05:24 AM
^Nice. I've always liked the "Plan A never works" scenerios.

9th March 2005, 04:19 PM
~ The Emperor / F ~

As Jack ran off, Kirya had that unsettling feeling with in her.
"Umm... I don't think we should have allowed that." She spoke timidly, as the rest of the group looked at her.
"Why not?" Von stated, blinking as Kirya gave a gentle shrug.
" I... I have this hunch that we should be trying to be stealthfully getting into the castle, not blasting are way to it. Killing them will only make them angrier... and if they get angrier, they might unite just for a bit to exterminate us- a nuisance. Besides... we just need to get inside the castle to get the guardian."
There was silence, until one of them spoke.
"Since when did you get so insightful?"
Kirya played with her hair as if fidgeting.
"Umm... well, let's just say a voice in my head was telling me so. "

10th March 2005, 06:37 AM
Von/ The Devil:

"A voice huh?.."

I began smirking but somehow believed her words. I watched as the others began snickering around her...

"I agree...the plans to hasty...it did'nt take a long time to think of and if it were that easy then why didn't they do it?"

I pointed towards the warring knights. I never was much of a follower...besides we needed a path to creep through anyway.

"Mabye we should get a head start? He said he was at the perch and wether it works or not we still have to find a way to get in without being seen...we can't exactly walk through the front door with that many people."

I had an idea but no one seemed realy interested in what I had to say at the moment. I walked away from the people around me, away from the battle...I had an idea...that just might work.

OOC: Sorry Von can be headstrong and doesn't listen well so...he sort of does follow the oplan but not realy...hope that's okay.

10th March 2005, 08:07 PM
... *bows* I'm sorry. Homework is really being cruddy and stuff. The only reason I'm on is because today is the official town-wide "No Homework Day". :P
Kayla Brockford - 17 The Star - Eighth

"Today he is there to trip you up and he will torture you tomorrow. Yet he is also there to ease the pain, when you are lost in grief or sorrow."

I noticed the newcomer looking around uneasily. Of course, the only thing he'd heard from us was Maichi speaking in Japanese. But he spoke English... so that was good for me, right?

Turning my head, I glanced away from the Maker. "Um... excuse me, what's your name?"

"Oh... Foster Covin. You... speak English?"

I nodded slowly. "Yes... and so does Maichi-chan..." I pointed to Maichi. "But those two only speak Japanese. We should be ok, though, Maichi-chan can translate for us. My name is Kayla, by the way..."

I glanced to the others, who seemed either lost in thought or looking at the two of us. The Maker seemed to be smirking at me, and I quickly turned away, shivering slightly.

I had no idea about the riddle. It was difficult... hopefully not impossible though. One of us would be sure to get it... right?
>.< I am sorry. I really cannot think at the moment. I'm almost positive that Japanese is draining my brain. So... yeah. I dunno about the riddle, just figured it would be a good time to try to interact with Foster.

16th March 2005, 04:26 PM
OOC:Heheh, hope you don't mind but i'm ganna have Von wander a little...lol

Von/The Devil:

I went out about 20 feet from the battle field and stared back as I hide from within a tree...even with my bad eye sight I could see about how many people were where and where the most people resided. I was thrown off guard by a tug on my foot and tumbled out of the tree.


I began rubbing my head...I was still a little woozy.

"What was that for?"

I looked up to see who had pulled on my foot and realized it to be a guard...

"hehe...I was just leaving..."

With that I darted up into the tree climbing as far as I could amongst it's massive branches...meanwhile hearing arrows wip past my head, letting off a high pitched squeal that made me faulter a few times.

"Hey watch it would yah!"

"Get him! There he is!"

I could tell there was more then one person below me now, they must have thought I was a scout or something.

I began thinking to myself and decided to take a breather on one of the higher branches...reclining and relaxing against it's soft bark.

Hey this is a distraction...

"Hopfuly some of the others will take heed to this opritunity." I sat there quietly stretched out...singing to myself to keep their attention.

OOC: Sorry I wasn't sure if people where waiting to hear his plan or what but I just though this way you guys have a say as well...lol


17th March 2005, 05:38 AM
OOC: Fire in the hole.

-/Jack Korso/-
"Fire in the hole." Jack whispered as he pulled the trigger.
A single shot zipped from the barrel, and soon hit a soldier in the back.
"AGH!!" He screamed as he fell down, creating a domino-falling-effect. One by one, they started falling.
Jack hit the big red button on his dialer. The gate started dialing...
1, locked.
2, locked.
3, locked.
4, locked.
5, locked.
6, locked.
7.....not locked.
The gate churned, groaned, sqweaked, and made a bunch of sounds that sounded like it wasn't working.
"Uh-oh. Time for Plan B." Jack said over the radio.
He switched to automatic fire, and waited for the masses to come torward him.
He tried the gate again. Same thing.
"This is NOT good..." Jack said.
He pulled the trigger, there were 30 or so guys comming torward him.

17th March 2005, 06:37 AM
Von/The Devil:

I noticed the commotion beneith me had now stopped and they had redirected their attention elswhere. I watched as an even bigger distraction took their gaze...and my attention was drawn by gun fire. I watched as the others tried to sneak their way in while round after round was shot franticaly.

"Wait...oh no!"

I had forgotten about Deaths plan and he must have decided to act upon it and as I had unfortunatly said it seemed things wheren't going as planned.

A few soldiers turned their backs to me as they walked away...big mistake! I waited for the last one to pass and as he did I fluttered behind him and drove my dagger deep within his neck, silently he died not giving away my actions.

I worked my way down the massive line of soldiers, uniformed, unified, and now dead. I could see Death in the distance and made my way towards him hiding behind trees along the way...compared to the comotion he was making it seemed as if I where invisible.

Silently working my way through their lines...not knowing what had happened until they layed lifeless, and blood drained.

(OOC: I want to keep moving lol...sorry if i'm a pain)

21st March 2005, 03:20 PM
OOC: Are we still playing?...lol


21st March 2005, 03:51 PM
Yes. Unfortunately it doesn't seem like it, but we should be. I'm waiting on the RPers. If you don't post, I can't progress us along.

Zak Hunter

22nd March 2005, 05:30 PM
Yes. Unfortunately it doesn't seem like it, but we should be. I'm waiting on the RPers. If you don't post, I can't progress us along.

Zak Hunter

Well thank you...hopefuly it picks back up, I was sort of partial to this one's story.

29th March 2005, 02:56 PM
*runs in* sorry! sorry! completely forgot about this! *smacks self* my bad my bad. will make up for it...


"You wanna get in," I muttered, whipping Ayr back and forth, "just go through them." It was strongly against my nature to take such action but there was a time for everything and right now was the time for fighting. I took out the bulk of the group heading towards 'the sun'. I was aware that the Devil was following, taking care of anyone I missed.

"Plan didn't work as well as you hoped?" I asked.
"No," he replied.
We all headed back to the others. The plan had failed and now we needed a new one.
"Look," I said, "the forces outside are dwindling. I can smash my way through with Ayr and we can slip past the ones inside, they won't suspect anyone to break through."
"It sounds risky," replied the Devil.
"You got a better idea?" I asked.
There was silence. I stood up and adjusted my grip on Ayr, "right then, follow me. Just don't stray to close. Don't wanna be carrying any of yer souls in this thing."

I walked over to the battlefield and quickly began to cut through the weaker side of the assaulting army. I ordered the others to hold off any that came for us whilst I used Ayr's strong blade to cut our own passage inside.
"Alright, everybody through." I ushered everyone through our make-shift entrance and inside the fortress.
"Now what?" asked the Emperor and everyone looked at me.
"Hey, I just said I'd get us inside. Someone else can fill this one."

Crappy I know but it keeps the ball rolling...

2nd April 2005, 12:11 PM
OOC: I thank you a ton...lol

Von/The Devil:

"Hmmmm, well first we should try and find some supplies, we might need them later...some of us still have yet to even have a real weapon."

I looked at the girl with a smirk.

"Then we should go this way..." The Emperor pointed down a nairow hallway.

"Actualy we should divide into smaller groups..."

"Why?! Are you insane?! That'll weaken us!"

"That is the most idiotic thing that I have ever..." Others where getting in on the conversation now.

"No...actualy it's the smarter thing to do, that way if some of us get caught at least were not all dead."

OOC: I had Von propose this so we can:

1. Get stuff we might need/stumble into enemies and fight...and...
2. So people who don't know eachother's names yet can get aquanted...this is just an idea we don't have to use it, but if we do the groups should be 2 or 3 people big no more...then in the end we could just all meet up again and go kill/greet the boss/guardian.

It's just an idea...

2nd April 2005, 10:02 PM
The Emperor

" No... it's a bad idea." Kirya insisted, looking at them all with bewildered eyes.
" We've come in here to kill this guardian... whatever it is. I don't know what this guardian is, what it looks like... heck, I don't understand why we have to kill it. I just know... that we have to. If we split up into groups, the guardian could come and kill us off easier."
Von glanced at Kirya, "Don't go into strange rooms then."
Kirya sighed... shaking her head as she seemed to bow down.
" I'm not going to make a decision... i'm the messenger. I'm the one with the voice in my head... so I'll just stay as that piece of this really messed up puzzle."

3rd April 2005, 07:01 AM

"I think she's right," I said, aloud. Strange how often I had begun to voice my view, especially as I was not really the most social person in the group. Ayr was starting to feel slightly weighted in my hand so I sheathed it quickly, it was claiming many souls from the battle outside. Yet more deaths on my conscience... "Look, we have to fight a guardian and the rule of messed up sci-fi cr** tells us that he's gonna be strong. If we split up and one group finds him then basically we're gonna be sr3w3d. We've got no idea what we're gonna find here but we should be okay if we stick together."

Some people still seemed undecided and I sighed deeply. "Have you guys never seen horror movies? You split into groups and get picked off, the obvious option here has got to be for us to stick together."

3rd April 2005, 09:42 AM
All is looking good, I'd like to get some posts from other people in this RPG (ie. Not Bulba, Samchu or Von, here) before I move on with the next update. As, well, this RPG can't revolve around three people. Not yet, at least.

Zak Hunter

4th April 2005, 07:04 PM
Sorry for not posting lately, I need to reread as I'm a bit confused. Post in a bit.

6th April 2005, 04:40 PM
-/Jack Korso: The Sun/-

"The obvious option is to stay together." Markus said.
"Ummmm....these guys will notice somebody is different. Shouldn't we just let them kill themselves? You know, wait it out? Stakeout?" Jack asked.
Everyone just went silent.
"This isn't exactly horror, you know? More of a...war slash drama. We should split up, at least, if none of you have ideas..." Jack added.
"I'll take that as a no, I guess...."
Sorry for the shortness, really bored... zzzz....just got over strep throat...

11th April 2005, 03:06 PM

Von/The Devil:

"I have to admitt...I agree with Jack on this one."

Then again it was MY idea...I was sort of happy to get at least one other to agree with me, but the rest were undecided. My stomache rumbled...I needed some solid food, I mean why go without when you don't have to? I sort of wandered off to the side as the others began to argue. Down the hall I went a left, then a right, I found a dead soldier with a pack...I picked it up and began rummiging theough it's contents, sticking a piece of bread in my mouth and throwing stuff out along the way as I made my way back.

"Hey! Where the hell did you go to?"

I looked up to see everyone now looking at me.

"Where did you get that?!"

Someone poointed to the hals eaten bread still dangaling from my mouth as I found some water and started to open it...

"I took a left then a..."

"Someone could have seen you!"

"You could get us all killed!"

"Your not think clearley!"

"Stop being so childish!"


I turned and sat with my back to them...giving off a long and frustrated sigh.

"listen, they've already been down this way and are probably now on the other side of the castle...besides no one saw me and the guy who I "borrowed from" won't be needing it back anytime soon."

12th April 2005, 07:21 PM
When I said "in a bit," bit was relative. I used it in the largest possible sense of the word tidbit. My apologies for posting days letter instead of hours.


I chortled a little and everyone looked, "Do I need to apologize for not being colder?" I asked rhetorically.

"It isn't some huge grievance that Von here left a trail of bread crumbs, I mean really... better the guardian or someone come to us than we sit here." This was met with slight mutual agreement, "a stakeout isn't going to get us anywhere much, and inside the castle the war isn't intense as long as we stay off the parapet. I propose we simply look for the throne room."

Before he could stop himself, Jack couldn't help blurting out, "What in the hell does the throne room have to do with?"

"If I could continue," I plowed being oblivious to him, "doesn't it make sense to all of you that the guardian is likely leader of one faction here? He certainly isn't on our side and either are those all those soldiers, so if they are our enemy then who is to say said guardian couldn't be king or something? Maybe the whole war is some kind of uprising or such, I mean back in my home country rebellion against monarchy was common, subtle or not. If that doesn't work we can split up, but not into duos. Split up as in threes."

The plan was met with titters, and I began to wonder if we would find the person or thing we were meant to slay before it did us.


18th April 2005, 04:38 AM

I shrugged, "Let's go get this thing over with then. Everu's right, we should go look for some throne room or whatever."

So we headed off in search of the one we were going to take out. There were loads of corridors and twists and turns, a guy could get lost in a place like this real easy. We'd stuck in a group for now, just incase we did actually stumble across the throne room.


I stopped, blinking. That had sounded like...no it couldn't be. I backed up to the last turn point and almost fainted. "Kara..?" She was stood there, clear as day. My brain screamed at me, she's dead, she's dead but she was right there! I watched her disappearing down a seperate corridor.

"You okay?" Everyone was staring at me.

"I..." she was getting away. "I gotta catch her!" and I legged it down the corridor.

"Hey! Come back!" they were calling after me but I didn't care, they didn't know what this was to me. I had to fix things, I had to make amends with her, she had to know why I did it...

I chased her down corridor after corridor, turn after turn, then she just disappeared in this large empty room. "W-wait! Come back!" Tyr suddenly felt so much heavier against my back and I dropped to my knees. "I'm so sorry...I wish you were here now but I had to do it, they begged me to do it. You were so sick...you all were, all because of that stupid war. I hate it. I hate that I'm here and you're not!" My head was filled with flashes from the past, the things I had done, I had...I had...

I heard the others coming after me. I stood up and composed myself quickly. "They can never know..."

3rd May 2005, 06:51 PM
= Everu =

Upon finding Death I could see there was something under that calm look in his eyes. Death was even more death than he let on was he?

Jack strode a bit away from the pack before announcing with bravado, "I know Everu's idea for finding the throne room is all well in good but what if his theory is incorrect. Do we really know how much time we have? I say we split now!" Leave it to the grandous one to sway everybody from grouping.

Before I knew it everyone was breaking off into threes and walking in different directions. Soon it was just Death standing trying to look composed from whatever demons were in his head, myself, and Von. What a cheerful company.

12th May 2005, 05:33 AM
Lemme think, who's in each group of three? :s:
I know anyone hasn't posted in a while, but I think we should have another one of the "updates" from Tainted so we don't have to argue over who's with who and such...

12th May 2005, 06:51 AM
Lemme think, who's in each group of three? :s:
I know anyone hasn't posted in a while, but I think we should have another one of the "updates" from Tainted so we don't have to argue over who's with who and such...

To be completely honest with you, there aren't enough people active to continue this RPG. Less people would've been fine near the end-- but at this point there are only five active people, which just isn't enough.

Sorry, I didn't want to have to do this (that's why I was slacking on the update, I was waiting for others to post), but I'm going to have to put the last nail in this coffin.

Was fun while it lasted, guys, maybe I'll do it another time.

Zak Hunter

13th May 2005, 04:22 PM

The horror! I could not believe what had happened!

"How, When, Why?!"

I fell to my knees in a fit of violent rage!


I sat there silently...in the endless darkness...crying my crimson tears...

Sorry I want to be dramatic...well this sucks, oh well, I hope to play again with you sometime...thanks Tainted for taking me and Von in and i'm sorry this didn't work out as well as it should have...I thank everyone for putting up with me and Von and to all I bid...

Adieu Tainted...Adieu...

13th May 2005, 05:09 PM
The woe! Your idea was one with a ton of originality too... sad to see it go down this way. Well, I hope you try again another day.