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28th February 2005, 04:17 PM
Destino Reale (Real Destiny) ~ Hell at its Truest
(Based on Fire Red/Leaf Green versions)

They say that when chaos arises, heroes will arise from modest origins to overcome and save the world. But when there looks like no hope, where do we turn to...?

The sky was bleak like lead that November morning in the year 2004. Everything seemed peaceful across the large town of Viridian City, but something powerful loomer on the northern edge of town. Within the area's gym, there was a new plot being devised.

"So, boss, when do we set out for Mt. Moon?" a lean, ebony-clad man questioned, a crimson R standing right out on his chest.

"Soon..." a masculine voice responded as the owner stepped from the shadows, a sturdy man, obviously of Italian descent. This was Giovanni, the former Gym Leader who had wanted to close off his area of training to go with Team Rocket, a group more designed after terrorism rather than the mafia, that plotted for world domination. His hand softly reached down to caress the neck of his beloved pet, a lithe Persian. "By the looks of it, our plans may not be completely settled down until March, but I demand you hurry. Got it?"

The uniformed man nodded and scurried out of the office to give out the new orders. As for Giovanni, he was left alone, glaring out of his window down onto the lush streets. He mumbled something about if the legendary Pokemon actually did exist, his job would be much easier for the god-like birds could easily destroy what mattered most in the world.


Now it is March of the year 2005. Clearly Giovanni's prediction was right, now that there was a sudden increase in news appearance. Their plot wasn't revolved around one location at a time, but rather widespread at once. From his headquarters underneath the Celadon casino, these plots were motivated.

As for you, you are merely a teenager who wonders about why this is happening and what will be the end of it. Doing whatever during your time afterschool, you get home and get the mail. Underneath the bills and magazines, you find a letter personally for yourself, from the legendary professor of Pokemon, Samuel Oak. You open it and see that he is asking you that he feels that you should start a journey across Kanto, collecting Pokemon and the eight badges that represent one's ability. At this you decide to pack up and take the rest of the day to rest, for tomorrow you set out.

Of course, as the RPG progresses more of the plot will be revealed. Don't panic or anything. It will.

Things to Remember:
~Though this is the 3rd generation of the game, we're going by how FR/LG is. Though we have gender and breeding, no Pokemon outside of the ones in the original games. And of course: NO legendaries.
~What you decide to go with as a starter is up to you. It can be Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, or Pikachu as traditionally, or you can go with whatever Pokemon. Note that it is one of the original in the first generation and if it has evolutions, keep it at the lowest level of the evolution chain(if it has a baby stage, first level after that is good) to start with.
~No extreme plot changes. I'll accept small side quests, but adding in another team of bad guys or causing a legendary Pokemon to appear is definitely not.

Age: (10-16)
Sex: (male or female. yeah Mike, try again later)
Starter: (see things to remember)
Items: (what you have on you to start with. your design of bag can be placed here or in appearance. keep it reasonable.)
Other: (do whatever you want to here)


Name: Laura Deirdre (Dare-dra)
Age: 15
Sex: Female
Appearance: Laura stands around 5'6" with deep hazel eyes, straight, thick dark brown hair that falls gently around her shoulder blades, and skin that seems a slight bit pale due to lack of exposure to sunlight. Her build is toned and mildly athletic, falling in as a even mixture of lanky and muscular, and her figure is rather defined and curved for her age, making her seem as more of an adult than a mere teenager.
Her clothing normally consists of a short-sleeved black button up shirt over a white shirt with sleeves an inch or two past her elbows and jeans somewhat loose but fit comfortably around her waist. Sneakers are a mix of grey and teal, and on her face are a pair of thin glasses of silver rims. Jewelry consists of a black cord necklace baring a small silver dragon grasping a cobalt orb and in her ears are earrings also silver, but designed as ankhs.
Personality: Laura is calm and friendly, usually seeming rather mellow because of her shyness. Underneath this quiet surface is a deep soul rather depressed and self-depricating, allowing what has happened a rather long time ago get to her. If a mishap occurs, she'll take the blame even if she knows that she had no involvement. Hoping she'll change this, a slight twinge of discomfort even lingers when she's around the people who care most.
Starter: Cubone (female, nicknamed Safira)
Items: 5 Potions, 1 Revive, 5 Poke'Balls, Bottle of Pepsi(with its own cold pack to keep it at good temperature), one small cup of ramen, sleeping bag, small journal with a pen and pencil, CD player with headphones, a small stone for unknown purposes, and a cloth, clearly for cleaning purposes. The bag used to store all of this is a steel blue backpack with two large compartments(for miscellaneous things), and two smaller compartments(for Poke'Balls, money, Potions, etc) in the front.
History: Laura was born and lived her early life in Cerulean, seeing things as normal until around four. Being clearly mature for her age, around then she knew that the world wasn't perfect from how her parents began to argue. A year later they divorced, and Laura's mother took her far away towards Cinnabar Island, where she remarried, causing Laura to deal with emotional and physical abuse for some time. This stopped around some time before she turned seven, where she was relocated to Vermillion City to live with her aunt, living the quiet life she considered serenity ever since that.
In school, Laura was a good student and practiced some of her athletic ability through martial arts, never really having too many friends but she didn't really care. Around thirteen, many began to openly mock her which ruined a bit of her confidence and self-esteem, becoming more and more quiet about how she truly felt, bottling up the pain inside. Now she sees this quest around Kanto as an opportunity to free herself from sometime, and live how she's wanted to.
Relationships: Her boyfriend, Mike.
Other: I've got one move left...The Dixie Twist. *shakoom!**other bursts into flames*


My gaze was cast over the bare, empty shoreline. It was late in winter, early in spring, so tourism, if any, wouldn't be expected for a few weeks at the least. Living this past half of my life bordering the sea had been a calm experience for me, even though part of me yearned to explore the rest of Kanto.

Only considering that I planned to meet up again with Mike in a few hours, I considered going home for now just to freshen up with a shower, and so I gently pivoted myself in that direction and continued my light, relaxed stride, books held within the teal bag slung against my back.

I walked in the door, opening the small mail container to get out a few sealed letters as well as some useless catalog from somewhere me and my aunt simply didn't care about. I rested the bag not too far from the doorway and slinked in quietly. Clearly my aunt was still at work. Glancing around one last time, I plopped myself on the sofa and gently rested each bill aside, until a letter of interest caught my eye. Mainly because it was marked for me, and mainly because it had came from Professor Samuel Oak in Pallet Town.

I swiftly unsealed the mail as my eyes slowly glanced over the text, word for word. He had chosen me to go out and journey the Pokemon world, as I had dreamed of. Ironically, this tied in with the outbreaks in crimes caused by this "Team Rocket". I quietly yelped with excitement and dashed over to my backpack, carrying it with me towards my room, to remove the books and store in some essentials for this quest. I couldn't wait to tell Mike, but maybe this evening I would surprise him with it. A soft smile on my face as I glanced at my sealed backpack holding my needs, Potions, PokeBalls, and money, I briskly walked towards the bathroom for the shower I originally planned on.

I'll post for Tycho later.

28th February 2005, 05:46 PM

Siderous was standing in front of the mailbox, holding a letter in his hands. A few others were strewn about his feet; he'd dropped all but the one. "For me?" he kept wondering. "Who would write to me?" Sid hadn't any friends, since most of his life had been spent in the forest.

Finally, he gathered up the mail, closed the mailbox, and walked into his house. He put the mail on the kitchen table, and made his way out the back door into the woods. As he neared the edge of the forest, he tore open the top of the envelope, pulled out the letter, and read.

Pidgey and a few others gathered around him as he put the letter in his back pocket. He sat in thought, petting Pidgey and gazing lazily at the sky. After a few minutes, he made his decision. Siderous strolled back into the house, grabbed a few items, and went back outside to tell Pidgey about the news.

28th February 2005, 08:56 PM
Name: Aidan Stafford
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Appearance: Rather tall for a gymnast's body, she's 5'7 but is rather thin and lithe. Her skin is almost a bronze color after spending so much time in the sun but her hair is still a dark chocolate with a few streaks of blond. She keeps it short and simple, curling in towards her face. Her eyes are an icy blue with a hint of green shining through sometimes. She wears a simple blue t-shirt with black shorts and sandals, but switches to white sneakers for the journey
Personality: Very optimistic about anything that has to do with Pokemon. She has a natural talent with battling and likes to use a cross between strategy and brute strength but knows when to admit defeat. Although she is usually amiable towards everyone, she can gain a nasty temper if egged on too much and isn't afraid to show that she's pissed
Starter: Charmander (male, nicknamed Drake)
Items: A gray backpack containing food, extra clothes, money, cooking materials, a walkman, flashlight and Pokemon food. A sleeping bag is attached to the back
History: Born and raised on Cinnabar Island, away from the resorts and port towns. Aidan's parents specialize in breeding, oddly enough with water and fire Pokemon. Drake is the son of her mother's Charizard and her father's Blastoise and has worked to build up a resistance towards water attacks, although he is still vulnerable towards them. Aidan is well rounded although she'd rather play video games than do anything else but has to please her parents by doing gymnastics and archery
Relationships: Friends with Michelle, open for anything else
Other: None

Aidan Stafford
Drake walked beside me as we strolled through the farm, placing Pokemon food at odd intervals to feed our many fire and water Pokemon. Although clearly opposite types, the two co-existed quite well and few fights occured, the only spats being territory disputes. That's when my parents' Pokemon came in and settled each type down. The others looked to them as leaders and respected their love for each other, which produced Drake.

I chided the Charmander after diving for the food again. He wasn't a glutton, but he liked to eat whenever food was set out. Luckily, he wasn't becoming fat because of our training but it was an ongoing problem. He probably wouldn't be that way if we traveled but my parents had been pushing back my journey for a while now. I knew they wanted me to be safe and the Team Rocket appearances in the mainland were a big concern but I could defend myself and Drake and whoever else I may catch in the future would protect me.
"Aidan, can you get the mail?" my mother yelled from the kitchen window.
"Sure, in a minute."
I laid down the last bucket of feed and pulled the cart back to the edge of the farm before going to the mailbox. Taking out a stackload of mail, I sifted through each bill, magazine and catalog before settling on a letter, from Professor Oak of all people. Quivering with excitement, I ran into the house with Drake puffing along behind me, quizzical of my happiness.
"Mom, I got a letter from Professor Oak!" I shouted and ran into the kitchen, where she was busy cleaning the dishes.
Throwing the other mail onto the dining table, I opened the envelope and scanned the contents eagerly.
"What does it say?" she asked.
"umm...it says that I should start my journey and collect badges throughout Kanto!"
"You've got to be joking," she muttered and grabbed the letter from me.
Reading it thoroughly, she finally sighed and sank into a kitchen chair.
"This has to be a hoax," she said with determination. "Why would he write to you personally?"
"Maybe because our family is known for its breeding. And the fact that I tried to register for the league through him two years ago but you guys decided against it right after I sent the letter out. And you know that's his handwriting, you've seen it before. Maybe he thinks I have potential to do well out there."
She shook her head and sighed slightly, afraid of the facts.
"C'mon mom, you know it's time for me to go. I'm close to graduation, you know I can defend myself out there and above all, you know I have talent. Maybe I'll return to breeding one day but for now, I want to concentrate on battling. Drake needs it and I need it."
She stared at me and I could tell she sensed my conviction but she was resigned to admit it.
"Fine, fine. I know you want this and I won't stop you but I want you to be careful. If any of your friends are going also, I think it would be best if you traveled with them. At least then I will feel slightly better with this decision."
"Awesome!" I grinned. "I'll go tell dad and then we'll pack up and leave tomorrow."
I ran off towards the backyard with Drake in tow, performing cartwheels along the way.

28th February 2005, 09:45 PM
Name: Emi Tajiri
Age: 14
Sex: Female
Appearance: 5 feet even, tanned skin like Brock's. Her hair is dark brown and in a long braid. Her eyes are brown. She wears a white T-shirt with a picture of a Bulbasaur on it and baggy blue jeans. Sneakers are white and dirty. Jewelry consists of a silver bracelet with charms representing the badges of the eight Kanto gyms.
Personality: She's bouncy and outgoing, with courage to boot. She's the first to jump into battle with her Bulbasaur. But she knows when a battle is too tough. She's the kind of person that thinks on her feet, not big on strategy. A bit of a loudmouth. She's big on friendship, though. Her motto is "the more, the merrier".
Starter: Male Bulbasaur (Dimitri)
Items: Her backpack is purple with yellow lining. She keeps bottled water, her MP3 player, packs of ramen, a yellow sleeping bag, and a change of clothes under there. And, of course, the usual Pokedex and pokeballs.
History: Her mother is a famous flying Pokemon breeder. She and Emi lives in Pewter City. She grew up loving the Pokemon he raised but was disappointed that she couldn't keep any of them. Her father travels the Kanto region looking for rare Pokemon to research. She can't wait for the day when she'll be able to get her first Pokemon, and she's been keeping an eye on Dimitri for a while.
Relationships: Chase's g/f
Other: Ooh ooh, I know! *blasts other with Solarbeam* Oops, I forgot. Dimitri has a set of spots on his forehead that is shaped and arranged to look like a flower.

Emi Tajiri

"I don't know why Mom won't let me keep you. We're so made for each other," I whined at the young Hoothoot that was perched on my shoulder. The Hoothoot hooted in agreement. "I know! I even had a name picked out for you." I sighed. "I guess I'll have to find another Pokemon."

"Hoot!" Hoothoot said. He was peering in the thick woods beyond the backyard.

"Do you see something?" I asked. Of course he did. With those big eyes of his he can probably see through walls. I looked hard through the trees and gasped. It was him. The Bulbasaur I thought about since the first time I first laid eyes on him. He was just walking out in the open! "I can't believe it! This is perfect!"

I shooed Hoothoot away and ran behind the nearest tree. I waited for the Bulbasaur to get closer. I pulled out a pokeball as his steps got louder. Finally I jumped out from behind the tree, pokeball in my hand and determination on my face. "I got you!" I shouted. But he wasn't there. "Hey, where did you go?"

"Bulba," said a voice from behind me. I whirled around in surprise to find that the Bulbasaur was there, wearing a smirk like he pulled the biggest prank in history.

I sat down on the grass and stared at him. I was confused about what to say to a wild Pokemon that you really wanted to have. "Um, hi. I guess you're wondering what I'm doing with this pokeball." He nodded. "Well, can you believe that I wanted to capture you for weeks?" He nodded again. "Can I capture you?"

He closed his eyes and lowered his head, looking serious. After what seemed like an eternity, he opened his eyes and smiled again. "Saur!"

"Is that a yes?" I asked you, unable to hide the excitement in my voice. He nodded again. "Yes! Too bad I can't capture you right now. We can take care of that later. Now for a name. I think I'll call you...Dimitri. It's a Russian name that's a variation from the Greek name Demetrius, which means 'lover of the earth'. It's perfect!"

"Saur!" Dimitri said happily.

I went back in the house with Dimitri and checked the mail that Mom had left on the table. There was a letter for me, written by a Professor Samuel Oak. It read that it was time for me to travel Kanto and get my eight badges. I smiled. "Dimitri, we finally get our chance to get out of here and see the world. I gotta tell Chase about this."

Ultimate Charizard
28th February 2005, 10:24 PM
Name: Gavin Pyren
Age: 15
Sex: Male
Appearance: Quite Tall, Blue eyes n Brown hair. Black T-Shirt, Blue jeans and Black Fingerless gloves. Carries the Same type of Pack as his brother as its the Ranch's own product.
Personality: pretty much the same as his brother, likes a joke however gets deadly serious if anything threatens himself or friends.
Starter: Charmander (m)
Items: Sleeping bag, some food and water, Pokeballs in the side pocket and Since he lives on a Fire Ranch who deal with all things fire he has a few Fire stones too. His brother wants one but he wont give him one till he thinks its really what both Garen and Growlithe want.
History: Born and raised on the Pyren Fire Pokemon Ranch. Knows pretty much all there is to know on Fire pokemon and knows a few things about other types that his brother doesnt. Understands that fire alone cant do everything and realises the need for balance in a team. His Charmander is the son of his own Fathers Charizard and as such theyve always had a strong connection.
Relationships: Garen Pyren's Brother, other than that none...
Other: *Flamethrowers other*


"Garen, Mail is here!" I call upstairs and not waiting for a response leave his mail on the table at the foot of the stairs. I had been up for hours as today was my day for the ealy chores, mucking out the Ponyta and Rapidash, feeding the Vulpix and Ninetales and Walking the Arcanine and Growlithe. I walked into the Kitchen to find Mom's eeveelutions eating their breakfast. It made sense for a Fire Ranch to have Electric and Water types of their own since most pokemon theives coming here came with Rock, Ground and Water types.
Dad was outside with Charizard when my own Charmander came dashing through the door. Slipping as he moved from dry earth to kitchen tiles.
"Been Training again huh?" i asked, knowing too well he had been trying to train alongside Charizard. He grinned before burying his head in his own breakfast.
I finally sat down to my own, opening the letter i had received and reading the contents. A grin slowly crept over my face as i realised what it all meant and i looked up to see my dad with a similar smile.
"I wondered when that would arrive" he said with a slight laugh. "Take Charmander and go...." he bagan before i could even ask how he knew. "...Ill tell Garen and send him after you when he drags himself out of his bed, its his fault if hes late"
I fought with the feeling to wait for him untill dad threw a Pack he must have prepared at me and told me to go, and with Charmander at my side i began the walk to Pallet Town.

28th February 2005, 11:38 PM
Name: Asher LeeArn
Age: 16
Sex: female
Appearance: See here (http://www.pokemasters.net/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=7422)
Personality: She's rather quiet, cold and distant. She can be slightly sinsister, always finding some thing bad in the good. Although she sorta wants to be good and friendly... she just can't bring herself to do it and she can't bring herself to trust anyone. She doesn't like the fact that she can't... but she's never met anything to prove otherwise.
Starter: Ponyta "Fray" F
Items: A light blue backpack that contains a few things. A little sleeping bag for one, along with a tight-roll pillow. A few pokeballs, some potions, pokedex and a map. She also has various things like basic clothing and money.
History: Asher grew up with a rather haunting past. She remembers only one memory of her father, because he soon had abandoned and left her and her mother a long time ago. At the age of eight, Asher's mother was killed by a charmeleon commanded by a person from some organization. She then was sent to a foster home, with a single mother who was not interested in caring for her but rather felt obligated. Her life was hell and the mother didn't do a thing to help Asher at all and treated her rather badly. Asher tries to repress most of those memories... and it has caused her to become slightly cold and distant. She left the foster home at the age of 15, and basically joined an advanced school. She wouldn't have been able to go... if it weren't for her finding one of the proffessors who worked there and talked to him although she wasn't very warm about it. He seemed to understand and took her in... and she's been studying at this school ever since. She lives in a small apartment, donated by the school (obviously tipped in her favor by this man) and that's it so far. Any other information in her history is secret... she doesn't share it and she doesn't want to remember.
Relationships: N/A so far...

Asher LeeArn

" I don't care... that a**hole had it coming...." Asher spoke quietly, her flickering eyes of ice blue glancing over to the side so she didn't have to look iinto the man's eyes. Jared... she didn't want to look in his eyes. Instead however, instead of finding disapproval... she heard laughter. Glancing up slightly caught off guard, Asher saw he was simply smiling at her.
" I know... he can be that way. But you can't go telling them that, especially when he's the one whose deciding your grade." He opened his suitcase for a bit, browsing through it. They were sitting outside of the school's park, both of them sitting upon a marbled bench and just conversing.

They did this about once a week... and while Asher didn't mind it at all, she couldn't help but feel as if Jared did it out of pitty. He was 21 and brilliant, but she didn't understand why some one like him would waste the time of day upon a girl like her.
" Here we go... surprise surprise!" He said with a soft grin, handing over to her a piece of paper.
Asher was confused, and she slowly took the paper from him and saw it was an envelope. She gazed at him a bit unsure, and he only laughed.
"It won't explode.... just open it."
Slowly Asher opened the envelope, and inside instantly she read it.
A trainer?
"What..." She began, but Jared only laughed lightly.
" Seems some one peeked an interest in your abilities, they probably saw how well you were doing at your school."
Asher instantly shut the envelope and glanced at Jared.
" You didn't have-"
"I had nothing to do with it. Honest." Asher stared at him, but she smirked slightly. He was honest... she could tell when he was lying or fibbing a bit.
"Well.. thanks for being the messenger. I guess... I guess I could do this."
"You guess? Asher... you ride that Ponyta like you two were meant for each other. It's... beautiful. It's obvious you have a great connection with pokemon... more than just a friendship- like an understanding emotionally. I bet you'll be that way with all of th epokemon you meet..."
Asher stared at the ground.
Suddenly it was very interesting.
" ...thanks..." She said lightly. She wasn't good at compliments, from anyone. Even when she went to the grocery store and they said, "Have a nice day!" Asher felt uncomfortable then too.
She didn't know why...
"Well, I should get going then." Asher said, standing up as she glanced at him.
"Will you tell the school-"
He laughed, "Yeah, don't worry. I got you covered. Just promise you'll call once in a while... so I know you're a live? Wouldn't want one of those Rockets to take you away..."

Asher winced slightly, but she cleverly hid it. She simply glanced up at him and gave a nod. No smile... but a nod. Asher didn't smile.
"I won't call. You're annoying." Her humor was only hinted to those who knew her, and he smiled.
" Darn, then I guess I'll have to send it by Pidgey." Asher shook her head... a smirk.
"Alright, see you later."

Asher took a few steps, and approached Fray who was grazing upon some grass. Fray instantly looked up, her odd eyes of auburn flecked with silver easily reading Asher's movements. She gave a soft whinny of approval and approached Asher, nuzzling her.
"Oh stop that..." Asher said with a slightly nice tone, patting Fray upon the neck.
"Let's have a nice trot home..." Asher stated, hoisting herself upon Fray's back and then slowly they seemed to walk away. Asher was never in a hurry.

I'll do Lyfai later.

Name: Lyfai
Age: Unknown
Sex: female
Species: Vaporeon, with a hint of silver sparkle within her body and strange violet eyes.
Personality: Cheerful, rather pleasant and happens to seem a bit... 'confused' at times although she tries hard. Is very loyal to those she trusts, although she seems to be a bit shy around most people and pokemon.
History: Obviously her history is unknown... but it's obvious that she's not normal. She has slight telepathy (although no one will know this for a while) and she has odd colors that are not shiny-related. She seems that in one point... she was either experimented upon or tampered with some how.
Relationships: She's a vaporeon that will stumble upon some one... lol, and maybe follow them.

1st March 2005, 01:16 AM
Name: Lee Kenta

Age: 15

Sex: Male

Appearance: Lee is 5’7” and is an average size. He has an “athletes” build and is pretty strong for is size plus he has a slight tan. Lee’s hair is blond and spikey. Lee wears a black shirt with a heavy ball icon on the left breast and then a larger icon on the back. He wears camouflage shorts which just go past his knees, white ankle socks and black skate shoes with 3 green stripes down the side. He also has a brown backpack which is where he stores his items. Face and hair look like this (http://www.islanddefjam.com/www2/fan_photos/259/7056-7192003-74851.jpg)

Personality: Lee is a guy who likes having fun. He is sometimes a “flirt” per se, but keeps it calm around the females for the most part. Lee prefers not to be "mean" to people or say negative things but he can be preety cocky. Lee also cares about his pokemon to no end.

Starter: Eevee [Male] (I want to have a different starter than the other people, that’s why no squirtle.)

Items:Bag looks like this except brown. (http://www.decademailorder.com/backpacks/images/blind_reaper.jpg) The items Lee has are an I-POD, Potions, Full Heals, warm clothes, pillow, blanket and some canned peaches. He also has 5 Pokeballs and a First Aid Kit.

History: Lee has lived in Viridian all of his life as an only child. He has a pretty normal life by doing chores, playing with friends ect., not really any major stuff. Lee has also had his Eevee since he was five and they have become great friends.

Relationships: Open

Other: Um… His name spelt backwards is Atnek Eel :P

Lee Kenta
Party: Eevee
Location: Outside his home in Viridian City.

"Great run Eevee!" I said to my eevee catching my breath, "You have gotten alot quicker and stronger since we started working out"

Eevee then "flexed" it's muscles with pride with a smile on its face while saying it name. I began to chuckle and then unlocked the door with my house key.

"Hi mom, I'm home." I called out to my mom. My father was still at work but was going to be home shortly.

I was getting off my shoes when I herd my mom ask me, "Hay honey, could you get the mail for me please?"

I then opened the front door and pulled the mail out of the mail box and quickly stepped back into the house. "Got it mom." I said while walking towards the kitchen to give my mom the mail. While on my short journey to the kitchen, I flipped through the mail and found that something was for me.

"Holy sh*t" I said outload in suprisment. I was going to continue but my mom herd my and said, "Lee, A, don't swear and B, what is so exciting?"

"I got a letter from Prof. Oak in Pallet Town." I explained.

"That's great but... what does it say?"

I didn't even think about opening it yet but now was a fine time to look at the letter. I ripped the letter open and began to read. The letter said that I have been chosen to go on an adventure to meet people, pokemon and to collect gym badges. I told my mother about this and asked the only question holding me back... "Mom, can I please go?"

My mom paused and thought for a second but then replied, "If its what you want to do, you may go."

I began having a joy attack and picked up my eevee, "Eevee, were going on an adventure!" I tossed my pokemon into the air playfully and then told my mom that I was going to my room to pack and rest. She then told me that she would inform my father about the quest. I said thank you and ran upstairs with my Eevee.

Also, I changed my characters attitude and apperance a little.

1st March 2005, 08:59 PM
And here's the sign-ups thread for anybody too lazy... (http://www.pokemasters.net/forums/showthread.php?t=33977)

Name: Tycho Brahe (Brah-hee)
Age: 14
Sex: Male
Appearance: Brown hair, blue sweater (http://img.penny-arcade.com/2002/20021028l.gif), only that he's about 5'4" here.
Personality: Tycho is generally a serious young man. He does tend to joke around quite a bit with sarcasm, but is normally poised and serious. Usually is nosing around a book or DnD.
Starter: Meowth (male, nicknamed Thomas)
Items: Backpack is black with dark grey lining. Holds a book, notepad with pencil, bottle of water, some snack food, Potions, Poke'Balls, and blue sleeping bag.
History: Tycho lived somewhat of an average life at first, being in Vermillion his entire life. Sometime later, his parents divorced, and he was left with his mother, who was somewhat abusive basing from what he's said. It's clear that it's true from how he's became cold, but deep down is a warm, kind soul.
Relationships: Also to be filled later.
Other: No.


It just didn't matter today. It was bleak and eventless like any other March day here in Vermillion. For all I cared, it would be better just as long as I was far away from this hellhole. Nothing wrong against the community, but it was my mother. If there was anywhere I could be myself far away from here, I'd escape to there just like that.

I sighed one last time as I flipped through those notices of bills my mom hadn't paid for some time, I finally came to one from as far away as Pallet Town. Pallet? Who of interest was there? Shrugging my shoulders, I unsealed it and read it. Apparently, Professor Samuel Oak had asked me to go on a journey across Kanto, collect Pokemon and badges...the generic stuff that a child dreams of. Somehow, a tug inside of me said that this was my chance to break away, so I followed it.

At this inner word, I dashed without my shoes on towards my bedroom to pack up. Tomorrow I'd be leaving, to start a life of my very own.

AntiAsh Superstar
1st March 2005, 09:34 PM
Name: Erik Vassen
Age: 16
Sex: Male
Appearance: Erik is a quite skinny, messy sort with shoulder length black hair, narrow brown eyes and the beginnings of stubble on his face. He dresses quite smartly for the most part, preferring trousers to jeans and usually wearing shirts, normally in dark blues or black.
Personality: Erik is the sort who really couldn't give a damn, although he is often torn between a wild, almost self-destructive nature and a desire to save those close to him from this side of his persona. As a result he lets few close to him for fear of hurting them and may seem overly distant to most.
Starter: Rattata (M, named Vance)
Items: Keeps a sack slung over his shoulder that contains enough provisions for a few days for both him and his pokémon, the standard five pokéballs, a change of clothes or two, a notebook, flashlight, light sheet to cover himself up with at night and a knife. Just in case.
History: Born and raised in Celadon City, Erik is the child of wealthy parents who were usually too busy to pay the required attention to their son. They never noticed as he was bullied at school, picked on for being better off than the others or for being too skinny or whatever excuses the other kids could find. Until one day it all grew too much and he ran away never to return. And now he just roams, trying and failing to discover his true calling in life.
Relationships: None atm
Other: WOO ANOTHER FICTIONAL CHARACTER TO SCREW ABOUT WITH THE MENTAL STABILITY OF!!111 >=) *extracts other's fingernails with pliers*
“Ratatta rat rattata????” At least, that was how it would have sounded to most people. Me, however, I managed to get the “What in God’s name happened to you?” quite clearly.
“Don’t ask, Vance.” It was an almost daily routine for us. I would leave the house in the morning. I would go and study at the local college that I had somehow managed to blag my way into. Somewhere along the line somebody would start acting like a jerk and I’d get riled by their actions. I would end up in a fight. I would get my butt kicked. And I would limp on to the shoddy little apartment I was renting to nurse my body and my pride. Whilst my pet Rattata of many years, Vance, looked on with a ‘when are you going to give up, already?’ expression on his face.
"I am asking," the Rattata commented in pokémon language. We had understood each other for goodness knows how long. It seemed only natural for me to be able to decipher his every last word. "So what happened this time?"
"Oh, some ****wit was trying to pick on some smaller kid for the terrible crime of not being a big, brainless moron decked in the latest trendy gear. When I tried to even the odds I wasn't counting on him having three friends hiding around the corner, though." I pulled a small first aid kit out of a nearby drawer. Plasters... no good. Bandages... no good. Antiseptic... no good. Medicinal brandy... now there was what I had been looking for, underage or not! "So how have things been here?"
"Oh, you know. The usual," the Rattata grinned. "Julia Roberts came round hoping to do really sick stuff to you, a delivery man came needing your signature for a cheque for twenty thousand..."
"And what really happened?" I asked, swigging from the brandy.
"Nothing much. Mail came, left it on the table for you. Helped myself to food..."
"God, there goes another chunk of my savings..."
"...tried to watch television but failed. I mean, really. They stick some absolute crap on these days. A while back daytime TV used to be so crap it was kinda cool, but lately it's just so crap that it's crap, know what I mean?"
"Uh huh," I nodded, not really registering what Vance was wittering on about. My eyes had been drawn to the top letter in the stack upon the heap of nearly rotting wood that called itself my coffee table. 'Mr. Vassen' it read, and the postmark was form Pallet Town. Who did I know in Pallet Town? Idly I reached over, grabbed the envelope, opened it and scanned the contents. "Well what do you know?" I chuckled.
"A whole lot more than you do, buddy boy," Vance quipped before scampering over to read the letter over my shoulder. "So what does it say?"
"A letter from the prestigious Professor Oak down in Pallet Town. Seems we're being invited to take on a full pokémon licence. What do you think, Vance? Should I accept?"
"Weeeeelllllll..." the Rattata pondered with deliberate exaggeration. "Let's see. You could spend the rest of your life getting beaten up by jerks who never aged mentally past the age of ten, or you could blag your way into a hell of a lot of funding, win tons of prize money thanks to your astoundingly talented Rattata chum and live the life you';ve always dreamed," Vance paused. "Tough call, huh?"
"I'll get my bag," I responded. Well, it all seemed pretty clear cut to me!

1st March 2005, 10:53 PM
I've got a lot to do, but I'll try and post every other day.

“Keep going,” I muttered quickly to myself, “Keep going”

I was pumping my legs like mad, but I was too focused on the music blaring in my head to notice the strain. A large hedge loomed before me, but I quickly leaped over it with almost unnatural agility. I glanced to my left to see that Primal still managed to keep up, and then I looked back to see the large family of Rattata still chasing us down. I clutched harder at the package in my jacket.

“I’ll kill you for this,” I said to my companion, as the music continued to soothe my aching muscles, “I swear, I can’t take you anywhere!”

To Primal’s credit, he wasn’t that old, probably the equivalent of a human ten year old. Still, there were some things you just did not do, and Primal had to disturb the nest during a feeding time.

“For that matter,” I said, holding onto the package, “We’re never doing another job for Professor Oak.”

Primal after having sulked at my earlier comment, grunted his agreement in my proclamation. This wasn’t the first time that being the Prof’s delivery boy had catastrophic results.

Alright, I exaggerate, but it was still bad karma on my part.

Another, larger hedge about my height loomed up ahead of the path, one I could not clear on my own. It took me a while to recognize that the hedge was the one I often tried to leap over. I peered ahead to see the familiar rock that jutted out like a ramp. Even then, I could not clear that hedge, but I had no time to worry about that now. Just ahead of it lay Pallet Town.

“Care to wager?” I grinned to my companion. Primal made one of his delighted little squeals as he managed to jump onto my back. I pumped a bit harder as the ramp became closer and closer.

“Alright, rats,” I said out loud, “You can run, but can you fly?”

The moment before I would have fallen off the ramp, I put all of my effort into the jump. Unintentionally, I began a flip in mid-air, losing sight of the hedge for a moment. The few Rattata who had managed to keep up stood still in their tracks, unable to achieve a similar feat.

I sucked in my breath, afraid I was going to break some limb during the landing, but was relieved to find that I landed back on my feet.

The feeling was short-lived as the impact made my legs collapse beneath me. I yelled every profanity I knew (that wasn’t too obscene) as soon as I fell on my butt. I turned to see my companion have this nauseous look on his face. Not that I could blame him, it was a rough trip for a moment there. The feeling was soon replaced with pleasant surprise when I realized that I finally cleared that damnable hedge.

“Hell, yeah!” I said, “Snap can fly!”

“Yep,” a familiar voice responded, “but Snap can‘t save himself from Mom. You know you‘re late coming back.”

I turned around to face my younger half-brother, Hector. I turned red for a moment, but quickly gained composure.

“Sorry,” I said, “but I can’t help when Primal makes new enemies.”

It was Primal’s turn to grow red in the face. It stayed there for some time.

“Yeah, whatever,” he responded, “Anyway, Oak wanted me to hand you this.”

I took Hector’s letter and handed him the package I was sent to get. As I saw him leave, I turned to my Pokemon companion. I quickly tore open the envelope, and scanned through the letter.

“Huh,” I said, “Cool!”

Primal looked at the letter and grunted in an annoyed manner before gesticulating in the manner we had devised. It was something akin to “This is our greatest honor! Is that all you’ve got to say?!”

“Well, yeah,” I said nonchalantly, “I’m thirsty. Let’s get something to drink!”

As I took off toward my house, I could hear Primal making this irritated screech. I had no idea what upset him so.

2nd March 2005, 12:08 AM
Name: Michelle Randeth
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Appearance: She's slightly shorter than average height, around 5'3", though she doesn't let this get to her. Skinny yet muscular, her skin is a slightly tanned tone on top of a faint olive-green tint. Her hair is an average brown color, slightly frizzy and down to her shoulder blades, with a few natural blond highlights throughout. Her eyes are mostly a faded green color, except for a small splotch of a faint blue in the lower-right of her right eye (from her perspective).
For clothes she wears a flared jean skirt that goes down to her knees, a pale red baby-doll tee that fits (no midriff showing), and a pair of very comfortable white sneakers over white socks. She also wears a thin red headband, mostly to keep her hair out of her face, and a small gold necklace with a water drop charm on it. She also wears a watch (http://store.swatch.com/images/products/originals/FW2005/LK249/LK249_nvd.jpg) on her right wrist.
Personality: Overall a very happy, bright, and cheerful girl, though she shows the whole range of emotions in the right situations. Every so often she suddenly spouts a large amount of giddiness and hyperactivity, but only when all the right stimuli are acting on her. Most of the time, however, she's level-headed and very logical while still seeing everything in a happy light when she can.
Starter: Squirtle (Female; nickname: Aqua)
Items: Her bag (http://www.virtualplay.net/img/rpg/michelle_bag.png): it's a shoulder bag (so yes the strap is far too short) with two pockets on the red front flap which opens to reveal the main bag. Front-right pocket: 4 PokéBalls, 1 Great Ball; Front-left pocket: 2 Potions, 2 Burn Heals; Main bag: A drawing pad with a pencil, a few books to read, a red hairbrush, toiletries, a one-piece bathing suit which she also uses like a leotard, and a second set of clothes identical to the set she's already wearing. She also carries a sleeping bag with an attached pillow rolled up on her back like a backpack (the straps to keep the sleeping bag closed also serve as shoulder straps).
History: Grew up on Cinnibar Island, originally living relatively close to the beach, but she moved more inland when she was about 10. She still goes to the beach on a regular basis, strengthening her affinity for water. She's taken gymnastics and swimming lessons since she was 6, helping her build a strong body. When she transferred to gym classes after she moved, she met Aidan and befriended her shortly after, despite their opposite 'roots'.
Relationships: Friends with Aidan through their gymnastics classes
Other: *drowns Other* oops, looks like nobody taught Other how to swim *whistles innocently*


"13...14...15!" I counted aloud, finishing up my last stretch. It was the end of winter, and the ocean was too cold for swimming, but I still needed to keep those muscles in shape. Gymnastics helped me a lot, but it didn't keep everything in shape. I lay down on the floor of my room, letting my arms and legs go limp.

"Squirtle squirt..." Aqua, my Squirtle, said next to me, slumping down from her own stretches. Ever since I had gotten her the middle of last summer, and I showed her how stretching really did help me swim, she's been eager to stretch with me every day. I can't say I blame her, but it still felt a little weird stretching with a Pokémon copying my moves. Still, Pokémon have been known to do stranger things.

"Faaarfetch'd!" I suddenly heard from downstairs.

"Hey, it's Fetch'ding with the mail!" I said excitedly, getting up off the floor. Fetch'ding was my parents' Farfetch'd who was good for, basically, fetching things. The mail was the only thing he got that nobody had to tell him to do whenever it needed to be fetched. Pulling on a pale red sweatsuit over my white leotard, I headed downstairs to the kitchen.

Fetch'ding was already snacking from the bowl of Pokéchow that we left on the table. The mail lay on the placemat next to it. Aqua jumped up into her chair (which had a booster seat in it) and grabbed a few pieces of Pokéchow for herself. I sat down in front of the mail.

I started sorting the mail, talking to myself as I did. "Junk…junk…bill…letter to Mom…magazine…ooh, swimsuit catalog…junk…letter from Professor Oak…bill…maga-" I stopped. No, it couldn't have been.

I went back to the letter in question. It said it plainly on the envelope: 'Professor Samuel Oak' from 'Pallet Town' sent a letter to me. There wasn't a Pokémon owner alive who didn't know that name. But why would he write to me?

"Read it and find out, silly," I told myself, though I was still shaking from the shock. Slowly I opened it, pulled out the letter, and read it to myself. The further I read, the more excited I got.

By the time my mom came into the kitchen saying, "Was that Fetch'ding I heard bringing the mail?" I was too excited to answer that question.

"Mom! Mom! Professor Oak wants me to start my Pokémon journey!" I practically squealed, jumping out of my seat to show her. "Can I go? Huh? Can I? Please?!"

"Huh?" she said, taking the letter. "From…from Professor Oak?" She read it over, while I stood by, almost unable to contain my excitement. "Oh my, it really…it really is…" She looked down at me, then smiled. "Well, I guess we can't put it off any more, I'll-" But what she was going to do never came out.

"YAAY!" I yelled, running over and picking up Aqua (who scrabbled for a few more pieces of Pokéchow) before running up to my room. "Gotta pack, gotta pack!" I sang to myself, as I picked out my sturdier (and slightly larger) shoulder bag. I'd have to get a few more supplies before actually going to Pallet Town, but I could pack clothes and such tonight.

After I had transferred the contents of my smaller bag, as well as packing the necessary travel equipment, I sat down and for the first time since I got the letter, calmed down. I knew what to do next; I had to tell all of my friends. Picking up the phone I started calling all my friends from swimming lessons. All of them responded by being shocked by the news, then elated that I got picked, and ended by being sad that I wouldn't be seeing any of them for a while.

But the first call I made when I started on my gymnastics class was quite different. The line picked up and Aidan answered, "Hello?"

"Aidan!" I said happily. "It's Michelle! Guess what?" I waited for the obligatory "What?" before declaring, "I got a letter from Professor Oak! He wants me to start my Pokémon journey!"

"What? No way…" Aidan said, which I expected. I did not expect her to go on to say, "Me too!"

It was my turn to be shocked. "You too?!" I said excitedly, sitting up on my bed, now fully energized again. "That's so cool! We can travel together!" I was now looking forward to tomorrow more than anything else.

I heard Aidan laugh a little, "Yeah, that would definitely make my mom happy. Wow, that's really cool, I thought I wasn't going to know anybody that was going to be there."

"Same here," I said, calming down slightly "I already know I'm going to miss everyone here, but at least now it doesn't have to be everybody." I looked over and saw it was almost dinnertime. "Well, I've gotta go, I guess I'll see you tomorrow."

"Yeah, I guess you will," she said, laughing a bit again. "See ya," she said, before hanging up.
Woo~ character interaction. :D

2nd March 2005, 07:29 AM
Name: Lexis Martin

Age: 16

Sex: Female

Appearance: Shortish, short black/blueish hair, hazel eyes, lightly tanned skin colour. Usually seen wearing jeans and shirts, plus an assortment of accessories being bracelets, bangles, chains, necklaces, scarves, hats, hairclips, you name it it has been worn. Likes her funky clothing and has a unique style.

Personality: Doesnt care about much, lives life the way she wants to without hurting others. Loves to have fun. Occasionally lack of caring gets her into messes due to her choices. Sometimes is stubborn and rebellious. Hides some of her emotions, but appears to others as very open with the way she feels.

Starter: Nidoran M named Novella

Items: mobile phone, ipod, wallet, a few pokeballs, few potions, some food and utensils, small cushion, small sheet, hairbrush, change of clothes. Bag is an over shoulder bag, purple n black checkerboard design. Holds more than it looks like it would hold.

History: Raised by her mother, no father, in a family of three. Was the provider of the family for a while. Had a good group of friends and family back in her home town, Saffron South, but had to give it all up. Still keeps in regular contact with her friends and family though through mobile phone and pay phone calls.

Relationships: none at the moment, but never know what might happen.

Other: Very close to Novella. The two can understand each other - in a sense - and are always together. Hates to be alone and always is talking to new people. Often suffers from chronic fatigue when her sleeping pattern gets out of whack, and has a hard time concentrating.



I sighed, trying to stay awake during class. I could barely keep my eyes open, my thoughs focused on the countdown to the end of the day. Nobody else seemed to be paying any attention to the teacher droning on and on about Romeo and Juliet or something along those lines. Shakespeare had always been a boredom pill for me.

Novella was probably causing trouble again. That was my typical Novella. My gorgeous guy Nidoran, left in the house all alone again. He had a habit of entertaining himself with whatever he could find. And then moving on as quickly as he had stumbled upon his entertainment.

"I get the feeling you're not listening, Lexis."

I stopped gazing out the window and turned to face my teacher. "What gives you that impression?" I asked innocently.

"Perhaps the fact that you were staring out the window," he replied.

"Yeah, that might be a bit of a giveaway," I agreed, turning to stare out the window again.

"Lexis Martin, what is with you?" he asked, raising his voice.

"Shakespeare is boring," I answered honestly.

"Whether it is boring or not, it is still a part of your cirriculum," my teacher frowned.

"It's a boring thing to study," I replied. "I don't care about Romeo and his bitch anyway."

My teacher paused, contemplating how to deal with me. I didn't care, he could do wahtever he wanted. School was really a bit of a waste of time. I was so tired I could'nt focus on much other than getting out of there and going home to sleep. I'd probably fall asleep in the backyard again, I did the other day and woke up to find Novella and Mum poking me.

The bell rang. Chairs and bags and items cluttered as people grabbed what belonged to them and left as quickly as possible. I stood up and slung my bag over my shoulder, reaching inside to get my headphones.

"Don't go just yet, Lexis," my teacher said. I stopped and looked at him. "Lexis, I dont' know what's gotten into you, but things just dont' seem to be right."

"What do you mean?"

"You don't seem to care anymore," he replied.

"I care," I told him. "Just not for romeo and juliet."

He sighed. "You can go home now."


My domain was at the end of the street. To enter my palace, it required walking across a meadow of grass and shredded newspaper, thanks to Novella, and then using a series of keys to be granted access to its chambers within.

In reality, there was a short path to the door, past the letterbox, and the door was wide open. Mum had beaten me home.

Novella bounded out the house and down the driveway, shreiking all the way. "Hey dude," I grinned, cuffing it lightly across the head. Novella bit my ankle lightly in return. I opened the mailbox, and found it empty. Typical mum to check the mail. I would have no chance of finding it now, she probably already had it scattered from one end of the house to another.

Novella and I entered. I dropped my stuff by the front door. "Hey, I'm home!" I hollered.

"Good!" Mum replied. "Oh, by the way, there's a letter for you!"

"Where did you put it?" I called back.


Thankfully, it was safe on the bench. My fears had predicted I would find it in the oven, or next to the water in the fridge. I tore open its side and let the paper unfold.

"Hey Mum!" I called.

"What now? You got the letter, right?" she asked, poking her head thorugh the door.

"Turns out I'm going on one of those trainer quest things," I replied. "Somethin from a guy called Professor Oak wants me to collect badges."

Mum's face saddened. "You're leaving?" she asked. "But, there's damn creatures out there!"

Novella snorted at this.

"No, not like the Nidoran," Mum corrected. "Legendaries or something."

"Are you serious?" I asked. "I really should watch the news."

"If he says you gotta go, then I guess you gotta go," Mum shrugged. "It's not like I can't call your phone or anything." She paused. "Are you going?"

"Yeah, anything to get out of school," I replied. Mum laughed. "Maybe I should get some sleep, I'm really tired," I yawned. Mum nodded.

"Do whatever. Hey, let's go out for dinner tonight when you wake up," Mum suggested.

I nodded, and crawled up the stairs and into my bed. I was so worn out. Novella jumped on the end, but whether he stayed or not, I couldn't tell.

2nd March 2005, 04:51 PM
((lol I just played Mercutio in "Romeo and Juliet"... great show... well, it looks like many if not most of the trainers are here, so maybe I'll be one of the first to show up in Pallet Town?))

"You're gonna need this," said Sid's mom, handing him a Town Map. "After all, you don't travel very much, so I don't want you getting lost. Remember," she continued, pushing his hat back above his eyes, "if you ever need anything, just send a note with Pidgey, okay?"
"Okay, okay, thanks mom," grumbled Siderous, pulling his hat back down. Sid made his way to the front door, and called back to his mother, "Bye!"

************************************************** *******

With the pack slung over his shoulders, and Pidgey in her Pokeball, Sid began his rather short trek towards Pallet Town rather early in the morning. The farm he lived in was on the left of Viridian Forest; the part where trainers aren't allowed to enter. First he figured that he'd travel southeast to get to Viridian, which was about a twenty minute walk, and then he would make his way directly south towards Pallet Town; it was only about a day's walk, so he'd make it there sometime in the evening.

**********************later that evening**********************

"Gust," Siderous told Pidgey. They were near the edge of the wood now, and were battling a Rattata; the third of the day.
"Pidgey!" she cried, flapping her wings ferociously. The Rattata shut his eyes and clung to the ground, but lost his grip and went flying into a nearby tree. Sid pulled out a Pokeball and said, "Nicely done, Pidgey. You deserve some rest. We're in sight of Pallet Town now, so I don't expect you'll be getting in more battles soon. Come back." A red beam of light shot out of the center of the Pokeball, and swallowed Pidgey back into the depths of the ball. Placing the now-shrunk ball onto a Pokeball-clip on his belt, Siderous emerged from the tall grass and into the place known as Pallet Town.

It was smaller than he had expected. There were three buildings; two looked like similar houses, and largest of the three was obviously the Professor's lab. There was a small bit of water that seemed to branch out farther than the eye could see; Sid reminded himself that Pallet town was on the edge of the continent, and that that large body of water was probably the ocean. If he remembered his map correctly, far across the water was the famous Cinnabar Island.

A noise from the grass startled Sid. Somebody else was coming.

Crystal Tears
2nd March 2005, 05:01 PM

"Ryu!" I called, chasing after the red and black growlithe as it spirited down the roads of Pewter city. Yes, I had moved to Pewter since my bad encounter in Saffron. I had to admit though, sometimes I longed for the tall buildings and great veiw of the world.
I stopped, Ryu did as well, we both stared at the girl in front of us, she was awfully familar, and she should be. With her Tan skin, and braided hair, along with brown eyes. And the usally casual clothes.
"Emi!" I answered, rather out of my personality if people were to notice. She collided happily into me. shoving a paper in my face, cringing and stepping back, I read it.
"Whoa. You got one too eh?"
"YEAH! Wait... Got one too?"
I showed her the letter, She smiled and bounced around happily. I blinked, suddenly realising that she was not alone. A Bulbasaur was standing behind her, chatting with Ryu.
"Who's your friend?"
She blinked, before realising that she had a bulbasaur. She smiled sheepishly before introducing her pokemon as Dimitri.
"Ah. Well. Wanna head out now or later?" I asked, really having nothing to worry about, or at any case. Talk about.

2nd March 2005, 06:05 PM
I know, I know. Terrible LSU here. *smacks self*.

Name: Kevin Jacobs
Age: 16
Sex: Male
Appearance: clicky (but glasses are dark shades) (http://www.advancedanime.com/pictures/males/spiral45.jpg)

Personality: Kevin's a pretty nice guy. He tries to see the good in people but is so competitive in his nature that he often follows this belief through. He doesn't let other people see his 'other side' and always tries to be positive around people. He doesn't want to trouble anyone with his problems - and he doesn have some. Despite how he act, he has a very troubled mind (see history) and often suffers from nightmares.

Starter: A black female Eevee called Shadow.
Items: clciky for bag (http://www.mindfactory.de/isroot/MindStore/ProductImages/0301558.gif) and five potions, five pokeballs and some food. Some changes of clothes and a basic sleeping bag.

History: When he was 13, an organised attack was carried out at his home. A group of men in black clothing broke into the room where he was with his parents and brutally murderered them. He witnessed the whole thing but during the attack recieved a devistating blow to the head, making him unable to recall any of the events. They come back to him though, now and then, in the night when he sleeps but they are often distorted and confusing. They scare him anyway. He was sent to an advanced school after two years of therapy to try and cure him of his nightmares. That's where he met Asher, the closest thing he has to a friend.

Relationships: Asher's...almost a friend but not really. They hang out but it's not a strong friendship really. He fancies her but can hardly get close because she's so withdrawn. He's always trying to open her up and they usually end up fighting.
Other: none

2nd March 2005, 06:41 PM
Emi Tajiri

"Who's your friend?" Chase asked me.

I blinked. Who is he talking about? Oh, Dimitri! "This is my new Pokemon, Dimitri." I mentally slapped myself for being so airheaded.

"Ah. Well. Wanna head out now or later?"

I didn't need to think about that. "Let's go now! We'll go pack and I'll tell my mom. We'll meet back here and start our journey to Pallet Town." I held his hand and lightly kissed his cheek. "We'll have a great time!"

I ran with Dimitri back home. Mom was in the kitchen preparing food for the flying Pokemon. "Mom, I got a letter from Professor Oak! He wants me to travel Kanto and get my eight badges!" I yelled.

"That's great! My baby is finally going to be a Pokemon trainer. Maybe you'll meet your dad out there." She gave me a tight hug. "Make sure you pack wisely and lightly."

"I'll miss you."

"I'll miss you, too."

I ran to my room and packed some of my things. There was, of course, my sleeping bag to sleep in at nights. I packed ramen for food and fresh drinking water to drink. I put in a change of clothes and finally my MP3 player. Hey, had to do something to make all that walking more enjoyable! "Are you ready, Dimitri?" I looked down and sighed. He was curled up and sleeping. I scratched him between the ears. "Poor guy. All of that running made you tired. Wake up, Dimitri." I gently shook him.

"Bulba," he groaned, but opened his eyes and followed me anyway.

All of this was just too exciting to bear. I ran all the way back to the spot where Chase was waiting for me. "Are you ready to go?" he asked me.

"Yeah! Next stop is Pallet Town!"

3rd March 2005, 12:48 AM
Since my last sign-up sucked, here's my second attempt.

Name: Seth Maverick
Age: 16
Sex: Male
Appearance: He’s quite tall, standing at around 5’78’’ with a lean, yet impressive build. He has a dark complexion, which is contrast to his snow white hair. His hair goes down to his back and covers his right eye. He’s got electric blue eyes and is quite handsome. He wears black jacket which is missing a right sleeve and is usually left open, slightly baggy black pants with white patches and black combat boots.
Personality: Cocky and easy-going describe this guy pretty well. He feels as if he can do anything and isn’t afraid of a challenge. He doesn’t ask for anything, he just takes it. While he’s a cold arragent bastard to most people, he does warm up to people less fortunate then him.
Starter: Mankey, M, Clyde
Items: A white bag with black pockets (which he stole). He has a pool cue (which he uses as a weapon), some food, a white jacket which is missing a left sleeve and some pokeballs.
History: He was orphened at a young age when he parents were killed in a car crash, Seth was forced to fend for himself. He survived by stealing from others and remaining one step ahead of the authorities. When he was 8, he found an injured mankey lying in the gutter. Unwilling to let the pokemon die, Seth nursed the pokemon back to health and the two became partners in crime. By the age of 12, stealing had become a way of life for them and they moved from merely stealign food to bigger things, like stealing cash and other valuables.
Relationships: He’s seen Asher LeeArn once or twice, but has never really gotten to know her.
Other: His dream is to become the most famous theif of them all.

3rd March 2005, 01:32 AM

The sun had dissapeared by the time I woke up. Still tired, groggy, and with no idea of the time, I wandered downstairs, clinging onto the handrail. Novella wandered down after me, possibly just as tired as I was.

Mum wandered into the hallway, carrying a basket of clothes. She looked up, dropped the basket, and collapsed against the door, clutching her heart.

"Shit you scared the crap out of me!" she gasped.

She was a bit of an air head at times. She stepped over the basket and grabbed her carkeys off the table. "Let's go now," she grinned.

I stared at the basket, then shrugged and followed her.


The car trip was boring. I could never sleep in the car. I could sleep in class, in tests, in the movies. But not the car. It didn't make sense.

Novella was fast asleep. Legs and belly to the air, he was dead to the world on the back seat. Mum drove, oddly silent. Usually she was scatterbrained and babbling on about this that and the other. As usual, she had taken the long way to Pallet. Sure we could've driven down the main road that leads from Pewter to Pallet, but nope. She wanted to go the longest way possible.

I didn't understand then.

Pallet was an oddly quiet town, considering it was the town that spewed the trainers into Kanto. We pulled up at Oak's laboritry, and got out of the car. A few other people were there, but nobody seemed to be doing anything.

I figured I'd just sit and wait. I didn't care how quickly we got seen by Oak or not.

Hey, are we allowed to capture a big team of pokemon or anything like that? Or is it just the one pokemon throughout the whole story?

Emotional Faun Chiko-sai
3rd March 2005, 12:11 PM
Name: Yoshika Hiruma
Age: 12
Sex: Female
Appearance: 5'2", with shoulder-length black hair plus brown highlights put in a loose bun, with butterfly hairpins. She has a classic pink-and-white complexion, and grey eyes that are almost black. She wears a pinkish-peach coloured kimono with a plum-flower pattern and dark fuchsia trimming that reaches to midway down her calf, the obi being a lighter fuchsia colour and tied like a bow. Her wooden sandals are incredibly hard to walk in (although she's used to them) and boost her height by about 2 inches. She has a sandalwood rosary bracelet on her left wrist.
Personality: Is of the type that sincerely believes every cloud has a silver lining. She likes to talk and eat, although it is unknown where she puts it all away. Easily conned, she is quite naive, though she thinks she's not. She cares too much and too easily. Stubborn to a point. Although short-tempered, she forgets quickly and doesn't hold grudges. Special skills include haggling prices down and sweet-talking, complete with big, gooey eyes.
Starter: male Gastly, nicknamed Nishikaze ('west wind')
Items: She doesn't really use a bag, she uses these fasteners called netsuke to attach pouches or items (pokeballs) to her obi. They work like this: a string, tied to the pouch/pokeball, is fitted round her obi and is drawn through the netsuke, then knotted. (like a drawstring bag.) The things in those little pouches include: money (abt 2000 yen), 3 potions, 5 full heals, a berry pouch, a revive, a Spell Tag, a pokeflute, and some onigiri. She carries a water bottle.
History: Lived with her very traditional grandparents in a cottage on the pier, just outside Lavender Town. Her parents were ruin maniacs, of a kind, and left Yoshika and her brother Yoichi to live with grandma and grandpa when she was four and he eleven, so they could disappear conveniently into the hinterlands of some unknown continent (Hoenn?). She idolized her older brother - although Yoichi had a rather volatile personality, he always helped his sister out. One fine day he decided to explore the Pokemon Tower, went up to the highest floor, and never returned. Yoshika went to find him, but failed to. A Gastly followed her home and wouldn't go away, so she named him ('west wind' because the sun sets in the west, and it's the direction of the dead) and he became her pet, sort of. She secretly thinks he's her brother turned Pokemon.
Relationships: Open...?
Other: *bandages Other*

Lavender was a small town. If not for the fact that many trainers passed through the area on their way to Saffron or Celadon from Rock Tunnel, it would probably had stayed a village. It was a gloomy town, its buildings painted a soft shade of purple by dint of the very slight artistic sense of the town's Improvement Board.

Yoshika walked into the purple provision shop, past the purple Pokemart and the purple Pokemon Tower. (Pretty much the only building not purple was the Pokemon Center, the roof of which was a brilliant crimson red.) Mrs Ishikawa, the proprietor, nodded at her. "What's on your shopping list today, Yoshika?"

"Afternoon, ma'am! Er-" this was spoken as Yoshika fumbled with the knot on her netsuke, looking for the list- "seaweed, two pounds of flour, some more vinegar because grandfather spilled it all into the sink, instant curry powder, and the mail, please."

All mail directed to the residents in and around Lavender was conducted through the little shop. There was no post office, and no postman. At any rate, so few letters came that when one actually did, it was a major occurrence in the history of the town.

There was a letter. Mrs Ishikawa handed it over with great reverence, taking note of the postmark so she could spread the news to the rest of town as soon as Yoshika was out the door.

Yoshika took the envelope and the food items with a semblance of surprise, laying down her exact change on the formica countertop. Her name, in copperplate, was embossed on the top, along with address. She opened the flap partially. Then she remembered something very important. "He~ey! Where's aniki?!?!"

She looked around frantically, presently having lost sight of her Gastly, Nishikaze, who had an overdeveloped sense of humour as well as a deeply rooted sense of sadism. She called him aniki for the very simple reason that the Gastly's behaviour, and indeed, appearance (to some extent - only so much can be rendered in purple balls of gas, after all), resembled her missing brother's. This was a bad thing, for the rest of the world, at least.

Nishikaze appeared at the elbow of Mrs Ishikawa, who was trying surreptitiously to open Yoshika's envelope, and shrieked in a horrible nails-down-blackboard manner. The plump shopkeeper almost instantaneously shrieked back and folded up on the floor as she caught sight of Nishikaze's daemon-like visage.

"Aniki! You shouldn't scare people like that! She might've had a heart attack, or a stroke, or something, and then where would we be?" She tried to grab hold of where the Gastly's ears would've been, if it had had ears. Her brother had had extremely pullable pointy ears, like an elf's. Yoshika turned to the prone form of Mrs Ishikawa and bowed hastily. "Aah! So sorry, ma'am!"

[Let's beat it out of here, Shika-chan,] grinned Nishikaze unrepentantly. [She's such a f*cking busybody anyway. Do her good not to poke into other people's business.]

Yoshika hurried out of the shop and out of town, Nishikaze loop-de-looping for a pleasant decorative effect around her. [Hey, open the letter.]

"Oh yeah, the letter." She opened the envelope and pulled out the think piece of paper inside. It was from Professor Oak, some authority on Pokemon she'd glanced on tv the other day. "Wooooooooow! Professor Oak wants me to go collecting badges and things!"

[Who the hell does this guy think he is, sending directives to Shika-chan? Anyway, collecting badges is kinda boring. I'd rather join Team Rocket.] Nishikaze pouted. [At least they're deviant. Although their sense of decorum could use some polishing.]

"Don't say things like that," murmured Yoshika absently. "Blah blah blah, meet me at Pallet in my laboratory, bring supplies, etcetera... That's funny, I wonder how he even knows my name?"

[Psychic powers,] drawled Nishikaze sarcastically. [Just like that Sabrina chick in Saffron. Whose ass you'll have to kick, eventually, by the way. And I don't like pokeballs!]

Later that evening, she told her grandparents all about it. They exchanged looks, and sighs. She couldn't blame them. First her parents had disappeared, on some archaeology expedition, then her brother, and now her. It was their right to be worried.

But in the end they nodded, in a sad, sad manner that made Yoshika wish her family was all together again, and said she could start off, tomorrow. Grandmother would help her pack. Nishikaze didn't seem too thrilled about it either. He thought it was a bad venture, all in all, but he'd stand by his Shika-chan.

The next morning, she set off on the long road to Pallet.

3rd March 2005, 11:57 PM
Lee Kenta
Party: Eevee
Viridian City
I woke up from my sleep and walked over to my Eevee.

“Wake up bud.” I quietly said to Eevee to wake it up peacefully. Eevee woke up and looked at me with a smile while the sun was shining on its face through the window.

I left Eevee be and went to the corner of my room. I had clothes picked out already and put them on before I got my bag which I had packed the night before.

“Alright Eevee, lets go say good bye to my mom and dad.”

Eevee then hopped up and ran to my side. I opened the door and to my surprise, both of my parents were standing there waiting for me.

“Ha guys… what are you doing standing at my door?” I asked puzzled

“We are seeing you goodbye.” Mom said, “And your father also has something to give to you.”

I got excited about the gift and said, “Sweet” to my father as he was getting out a wooden case. He opened the case and there was three stones, a red, blue and yellow stone.

“What are those pop?” I asked curiously.

“Well son, these are evolutionary stones. The red one is a Fire Stone and will evolve your Eevee into a Flareon; the yellow stone, the Thunder Stone, will evolve it into a Jolteon and the blue stone, which is a water stone, will evolve Eevee into a Vaporeon.”

My dad then handed me the stones and I told him that I appritiated the gifts.

My father then told me more, “Remember son, Eevee can only evolve into only one of the “Eons” and you and Eevee must both want it to evolve or the Eevee could be a nasty little bugger.”

“Okay, thanx for the info.” I said to my father.

Both of my parents then told me how proud they were of me and told my to go on the journey and that a family will be waiting for him to return. I then gave both a hug and told them I loved them, and left to Pallet Town.

The Muffin Man
4th March 2005, 03:33 PM
Kikyo, quick question - There seem to be an awful lot of people who've had their Pokemon BEFORE starting their journey, is this really allowed?(Seeing as how having a manky for nearly a decade would make it stronger than a start <.<; and because anything before the starter would be a pet/your parents since you're not a licensed trainer yet)

Name: Mike Silvern
Age: 15
Sex: I'll try again later, alright
Appearance: He stands about 5'3 and a half, with a thin build. Most think he's "Sickly" but he's just a gamer/nerd more than anything. Not at all physical, but he is rather handsome despite that(or so he hears.
Personality: He's a light hearted, quiet kinda guy. He'd rather sit back and spend time with his girlfriend rather than do much of anything. Which, considering who his girlfriend is, isn't easy. He is very shy around strangers, but seems to become a whole new person in a battle.
Starter: Slowpoke(named 'Div')
Items: He has the standard slotted backpack, his potions(x5) in one side, Pokeballs(x5) on the other, and a TM that his father left him with specific instructions NOT to use it until he absolutely needed it.
History: He grew up in Pallet town. He was your average "Happy go lucky" trainer. He'd get up, go to school, go home, play video games. He had a normal life. His father, however, was much more hectic. His father was a member of the Elite 4 for a very long time. Until recently, when he stepped down to be replaced by Lance. Those days are long gone, and his parents have divorced(His father living in Fuschia now). He soon met Laura who, despite the obvious physical differences, the two get along perfectly.
Relationships: Laura, his girlfriend.
Other: *kick*

Pokemon: Slowpoke
Name: Div(Short for DivX. Don't ask.)
Personality: He's usually pretty gruff and rude. Being a psychic-type, he'll usually tell someone right off the bat he thinks they're ugly. Although, being a Slowpoke, his psychic powers are a bit "lacking". His water powers are strongest, and usually focused better when he's drunk.
Appearence: Regular Slowpoke.
Relationship: Mike's starter.

The Tauros and the Nidoqueen butted heads, a loud crash as the charging Pokemon met.
"Nidoqueen, freeze it to the ground with Ice Beam!"
The Nidoqueen nodded, but my father was way ahead of the trainer and his Pokemon.
"Tauros, Earthquake before it fires that beam!"
Tauros grunted, rearing back and crashing down on his front hooves, sending the rippling wave through the arena and tossing Nidoqueen back. The bue beast tried to stumble to her feet, but collapsed backwards with a grunt.
"Nidoqueen is unable to battle! Tauros is the winner!" The referee declared. I clapped loudly for my father, as he recalled Tauros. The opposing trainer sighed and smiled weakly.
"I shouldn't have taken the ex-Champ so lightly.." the younger trainer shrugged. The two exchanged congradulations, and the young man was off on his Pidgeot.
And to think, I thought to myself, In a few months time, I'll be in his position...
I sighed a bit, as I felt arms wrap around my waist, and lips kissing my cheek.
"Hey Laura," I smiled, craning my neck to kiss my girlfriend on the lips. She smiled, and waved the familiar letter around.
"You got one too?" I asked quickly. She nodded fast as I pulled out mine.
"We should go right now!
With that, we were off to Oaks house. His warm smile greeted us amongst the others in the lab. It was a bit crowded, but he passed out Pokeballs and memos, I assume to pick up our Pokedex somewhere...
I nodded at the slip. It told us to come back in the morning(I can only assume we all got the same) and grabbed my Pokeball. I decided to open it outside, as Laura got hers.
"This is so exciting..." she smiled. I kissed her on the lips and smiled.
"This time tomorrow, we'll be Trainers..."I exclaimed, a glimmer from the tears in my eye.

4th March 2005, 04:12 PM
Pretty much if it's only as a pet or one belonging to their parent's, I'll allow it.

Samchu and Mystic are accepted.


I smiled weakly as I slipped into the stadium, seeing that Mike's father had again won. Suddenly as I remembered how my mother was once the Gym Leader of what is now Saffron's Dojo (back then it was fighting, but more for bodybuilding rather than martial arts), and my father...he himself was a strong trainer and a good friend of Mike's dad, but when my parents divorced he left on his own journey, far into the other reaches of the Pokemon World, still "missing".

I quietly stepped behind Mike as I gently embraced him around the waist, softly pressing my lips on his cheek.

"Hey Laura." he responded almost immediately with a smile, reaching his neck up slightly to kiss my lips. I returned the smile, pulling the letter out of my pocket and handing it to him.

"You got one, too?" I nodded as he pulled his out. "We should go right now!"

Eventually, we had arrived at Oak's residence, his warm smile greeting us as we entered a room that seemed slightly crowded. I silently shuddered to myself as my agoraphobia kicked in under the large amounts of chattering. Minutes later he began passing out our Poke'Balls and memos. I glanced over the note, telling us to come back tomorrow morning. I guess maybe for our Poke'Dexes, but it didn't matter now.

I was too excited as the crimson orb was cradled in my palms.

"This is so exciting," he began, kissing my lips as we both smiled. I began to notice tears building up in his eyes. "By this time tomorrow, we'll be trainers..." I could feel the water building up in my eyes as well. In a way, we were both going in the footsteps of our fathers. But I just worried, what if along the way, I was beaten by my stepfather, or worse...my mother?

Shaking my head lightly to myself, I looked up and nuzzled his cheek gently.

"Want to see what Pokemon we got?" I asked to spur up some conversation. He smiled and nodded as he opened up his Poke'Ball. Out came a Slowpoke, which seemed a slight bit hung over to me. At this, I tossed the ball onto the ground to open it, as the light shimmered, the ball came back to me obediently. When the light around the Pokemon faded, I saw a small brown and grey figure standing before me, a Cubone. Her eyes glimmered softly as I knealed down to pick her up.

"You're the cutest Pokemon I've seen in my life..." I spoke softly, a smile on my face. Under her skull helmet, I knew she was smiling as well. "I'll name you Safira."

4th March 2005, 04:40 PM
Oops. Didn't know that. Anyway, I changed my posts.

4th March 2005, 05:22 PM
((After everyone gets here, who is going to rp the Professor? And speaking of when everyone gets here, are we going to set up a time period for when we all get to the Professor, or are we all seeing him separately? I have a suggestion...

I suggest that everyone put their character name and location at the top left of the message box, and underline it. Under that line, start your post. Ex)

Siderous Peregrine
Pallet Town; outside Ash's house

I put "outside Ash's house" because sometimes people will be in the same town, but not in the same building. This will help the other readers when they rp. This way, everyone can start as soon as they want; Kikyo, if you wanted to rp what the Professor is going to tell each of us, that would help too. Tell me what you think.

Finally, what are we doing about gym battles? Are we rping the leaders ourselves?))

4th March 2005, 06:09 PM
I doubt we need people to RP the leaders, usually in past RPGs... you just role play them yourself. It's up to you to make teh battle believable. I also think Kikyo will guide us on our next step, by 3rd personing what Oak says.

~ F/ Outside of Prof. Oak's house

Asher has packed her things, and in no time her and Fray had made the journey towards Prof. Oak's house. It was a mixture between gallops and gentle trots, and Asher enjoyed being alone. It was a calming feeling almost... to walk through the forests- Asher didn't take marked paths- and see the pokemon bustling. None of them ran away from the pair, as if sensing that Asher wasn't in the mood for a battle.

Trotting along the path, soon they came to a clearing and houses became visible. Fray stopped for a second, as if finding this fairly significant.
"Yeah... I guess this is where some thing different begins." Asher commented to Fray, who merely gave a snort of a reply. They both realized that things were about to change for them... but what, they did not know.

Walking through the town of Pallet was fairly uneventful. There were already a bunch of trainers there... obviously some had gotten their pokemon already and were looking them over. Asher noticed a pair observing a Slowpoke and a Cubone, obviously a couple and obviously content with their pokemon.
I wonder if any of them are going to pair up on the journey... Asher thought absently, hoping that none would bother talking to her.
She wasn't a sociable person.

Finally they came to the edge of Prof. Oak's house, and getting off Fray she patted her pokemon's neck.
"You stay, I'll be back."
Fray gave a little whinny of a reply, and Asher soon walked into the house- walking by a few trainers already gathered outside. Soon Prof.Oak saw Asher, and his face seemed to light up with surprise.
"Ah! Asher LeeArn I take it? What a pleasant surprise... I've seen soem of the work you've done at the Academy and I must say, it's impressive for a girl your age. The insights you have upon-"
" Proffesor, can I get my things?"
Prof. Oak stopped slightly, and then seemed to sweatdrop as he gave a nod.
"Oh! Oh yes... here you go. A Pokedex along with a few other supplies. Will you be needing a map?"
"No. I have one, just like a pokemon."
"Ah yes, i knew you had the Ponyta... "
Asher gave a nod, and simply walked out with out conversing. Even if Prof. Oak was a great knowledgable source, she didn't really care.
Walking outside, Fray was standing right at the door, refusing to budge.
"Hey! Get your pokemon out of the way so I can get in please!" A trainer shouted, and instantly Asher's cold hard gaze shifted to stare at this guy.
" How about you shut your mouth before I kick you in the face myself?"
Asher's words, while perhaps in context were not extremely sharp, had a tone and visual eyes that could kill. The person was silenced briefly as Asher led her Ponyta away from the door and slightly off aways towards Prof. Oak's office.

4th March 2005, 06:58 PM
Thanks Kikyo

So this is where the great Proffesor Oak lives huh? Not much to look at.
There were a few people already there with their pokemon. Seth looked down at his partner in crime, Clyde.
"Let's see what this guy wants," He said, before adding, "and if he's got anything worth stealing." Clyde smiled and nodded in reply. The theives headed towards the house. But, as they approached the door, a ponyta walked in front of them, right in front of the door.
"Hey," the dark skinned boy, said, giving the pokemon a slight nudge, "move will ya?" The ponyta just looked at him and then went back to staring into space.
"Hey, didn't you hear me?" Seth said, giving the ponyta a harder push, "I said move!" The ponyta payed no attention to him this time. Seth was really sarting to loose his patiance.
"Move damm you!!" he growled, giving the pokemon a hard shove. The door then opened and a girl around his age stepped outside.
""Hey!" Seth shouted, assuming that the girl was the ponyta's traner, "Get your pokemon out of the way so I can get in please!" The girl gave him a cold hard glare that would unnerve a weaker person.
"How about you shut your mouth before I kick you in the face myself?" She snapped, Seth was taken aback by the girl's reaction. Out of all the things he expected her to say, he never expected her to threaten him. The girl led her ponyta away from the door and towards Oak's office.
"There's no need to bite my head of," he said cooly, after a long silence, "I was just asking you to move your dumb pokemon away from the door." The girl and her pokemon froze, turned and shot a murderous glare and the white haired teen.
"What did you say?" she snarled through clenched teeth.
"I'm just saying, your pokemon must be pretty stupid if it decides to park its butt right in front of the door." He gave a smug smile as he watched the girls expression. She looked as if she was going to murder him, but he wasn't done yet.
"A pokemon's personality usually reflects on the trainer, so I'm guessing you must be pretty stupid yourself. Before Seth knew what was happening, the girl was now in front of him and grabbed the collar of his jacket, pulling his face towards hers.
"Take that back!" she barked. Now Seth had an image to protect. He wasn't going to let some girl push him around.
"Who's going to make me?" he snarled, "You?" Proffesor Oak had heard the commotion and managed to seperate the two before a fight could break out.
"Calm down, both of you!" Oak said sharply. The girl shot him one last venomous glare before going back to her pokemon. Oak then turned to Seth.
"You must be Seth Maverick," Oak said, giving the boy a stern look, "Come with me into the lab and I'll give you what you need."

Crystal Tears
4th March 2005, 07:20 PM

It didn't take that long to get to Pallet Town, the town was small and out of the way of most things. And Even had a direct sea route to Cinnibar Island. Which was quite shocking, cause not many trainers ever took that way.
"Quiet place." I muttered more to myself then Emi, who over heard anyway and didn't notice that I was talking to myself.
"Yeah... Look! There's the Lab!" She exclaimed. Grabbing me arm and tugging on it, forcing me and Ryu to walk faster.
"Growl!" Growlithe barked happily, running head first into another girl.
I stopped dead, looking up at the girl who seemed rather angry, but not at me, or Ryu. But something else.
"Gro..?" Ryu wimpered, stepping back from the girl.
"Uhh.. Sorry.." I said, rather afraid of the evil look she had greeted me with.
Emi also froze, the cold stare travelled to her to.
"Did we do something wrong?"

4th March 2005, 10:33 PM
Hey, you realize Snap lives in Pallet Town, Siderous? Why is there only Ash's and the Professor's house? I mean it's not a town if it's only two houses and a lab.

I'm trying it out from different viewpoints

Outskirts of Pallet Town
Snap didn't head to Pallet Town instantly, much to my annoyance. He was just gliding around the outskirts on his rollerblades.

Sometimes, I just couldn't understand that guy, but I guess I wouldn't have been his companion otherwise. His bizzarre behaviors intrigued me in some way.

I mean, why not go straight to Oak? We were being recognized by the most influential scientist in the world of Pokemon. What's his hold-up?

It also reminds me of the time he missed class because he tried to ramp off a house roof on split-level ground.

Eventually, we reached the lab to discover a small crowd of people outside the building.

"Yikes," I said to myself as I tried to get behind Agamemnon. Snap chuckled in response.

"Relax," he said, "I'm sure if you stick close to me, they won't realize that you don't have an official trainer."

I nodded, but I still proceeded to jump on his back and cling for life.

Snap took a brief look at the crowd before deciding that it would be awhile for anything to happen.

"Well," he said, "It looks like it will be awhile."

"Oh no," I said to myself as Snap proceeded to do a single-hand stand. This left me upside-down and getting a tad ill.

"This is going to be a long day," I said to myself.

4th March 2005, 11:01 PM
Lee Kenta
Party: Eevee
Location: Outside Oaks Lab
“Alright Eevee, were finally here” I shouted with joy to my Eevee.

“Eevee!” my pokemon yelled back.

On the way into town, Eevee and I saw a few trainers, one even had a very strong looking Cubone. We new that they must be trainers as well and I tried to make a mental note incase I ever had to battle them.

I knock on Prof. Oak’s door and waited a few seconds for him to arrive. He opened it and said, “Hi. You must be Lee and Eevee, please come in.” Eevee and I walked in and the professor closed the door behind us. As he did, Eevee crawled up onto my shoulder and the two of use followed the professor.

We arrived to a room that had lots of items for beginning trainers such as pokeballs, potions, even a pokemon or two, and Prof. Oak handed me a pokedex.

“Oh… I shouldn’t really take this.” I said to Oak.

“Don’t worry. I would take offence if you didn’t.” the professor said with a smile.

I took the pokedex and I already knew what it was, so I said, “Thanx.”

“Anyways, thank you for the Pokedex, but I need to go. I want to start my quest ASAP.”, I said as nice as possible to the professor.

“Completely understandable.” The professor said to me, “I need to get back to work anyways.

So I shook the professors hand and walked out of the building.

When I got back out of the building, I decided to head out to Pewter City to get my first badge. I opened up my map and saw I had to go through a forest to get there.

“Well Eevee” I said to my pokemon,“Are you ready?”

5th March 2005, 03:53 AM
Kevin Jacobs
location: heading for Pallet Town
Party: Eevee

I sighed as I carried on the walk with Shadown upon my shoulder. Clearly, any work I had done to get Asher to lighten up had failed miserably because she'd taken off and left me behind. I knew such conciderate people...At least the walk was quiet and Shadow seemed to enjoy it, she would keep jumping off of my shoulder to sniff the flowers and play with the leaves. I had always been fond of Shadow. After my parents' murders, I took care of their pokemon: an espeon and an Unmbreon who, had just a few short years ago passed away. Side by side they had lived for a while, coming under the care of my grandparents and surviving long enough to be taken care of by me. However, before they'd died they had gifted me with one final belonging. Shadow.

I had always been very protective of Shadow, being so young and so different from other Eevees but I couldn't love her any less. We were always together and, though I was not an official trainer, I had on a regular basis trained her in a way. But it was mostly exercises so nobody really took notice.
The young Eevee bounce over and I scooped her up in my arms. She licked my nose and I responded by tickling her belly. Shadow had always loved it.

Stroking the fur on her back, we continued on again and eventually reached Pallet town, where it appeared a number of trainers had already gathered. I put Shadow on the ground, "alright girl, seek Asher out."
"Eve!" came the cheery response and she set out immediately, sniffing the ground for traces of Asher's scent. Shadow wasn't a great tracker, but she liked Asher and always seemed to be able to find her.

I ran to the sound and found Asher with Fray. There was another guy there who seemed afraid of Asher's look. She looked like she'd been having one of those days...
"Did we do something wrong?" the boy asked again.
I noticed his growlithe coiling back in fear and quickly figured out what had been going on. "Everything'll be cool dude. It's okay, she's normally like this and she's probably just had a bad day. Don't worry, she won't kill ya."
His glance shifted from me to her, "are you sure?"
"Yeah it's okay, I know her. Everything's cool, you guys should get your stuff."
His growlithe couldn't have bolted fast enough.

"What are you doing here?" Asher asked, her usual tone hinted by a tinge of anger.
"Believe it or not, I got a letter too okay. You bolted before I could tell you, I was still waiting at the bench for your meeting to finish. Boy did I look like a prat when I found out you'd gone."
"I never asked you to wait for me," she said and it seemed a kinda harsh thing to say. I guess I was used to it by now though because I didn't really care.
"Well you're kinda the only thing I have that's even close to a friend," I said, "What else would I do?"
Asher sighed.
"Look just wait for me to get back from Oak's okay? You can dump me at the next town if you suddenly decide you really hate me."

I found Oak who was already dealing with another trainer. I recognised him as the boy from outside, his growlithe still seemed a bit shaken though.
"Ah, you must be Kevin. Please come this way." Oak handed me a pokedex and I quickly slipped it into my rucksac along with various other items.
"What starters have you got?" I asked.
He seemed surprised, "what about young Shadow here?" he asked, stroking her beneath her muzzle, "I hear the two of you make a great team."
"I don' want her to fight..."
"Eevee! Eve eevee eevee!"
"I think she disagrees with you..." mused Oak.
I sighed, there was no arguing with Shadow's puppy dog eyes. "I'll train Shadow," I said, looking down at the young pokemon, "Everyday. We're gonna make your parents proud."

I turned to the boy. "Hey dude, don't let Asher get to you okay? She's just one of those people who doesn't open up very easily. Don't worry though, I'm working on it."
He smiled, "I'm Chase."
I shook his hand. "Kevin. Good luck on your adventure dude. I'll catch ya around some time and maybe we can have a battle yeah? You look like you'd be a worthy opponent."

I headed outside and was quite releaved to see Asher still there. Perhaps she was lightening up a little...
"Ready to go?" I asked, Shadow bouncing up and down in my arms. "Together this time."

5th March 2005, 06:34 AM
Lexis Martin
Novella Nidoran M
On the stairs of Oaks Lab outside

People walked in to the lab. Some already had pokemon, some emerged from the building with pokeballs, cuddling and cradeling and adoring their creatures. I didn't really care for going in first second third or last. If I was going to get in, I would get in.

Novella slept by my feet, on the stair below. I dont know what had made him so tired, but he slept like a water fountain, his mouth wide open and ready to squirt water.

Fights emerged behind me, over a ponyta and trainer, or something like that. I wasn't too sure, I didn't really care.

I was too tired to get up anyway.

And the sun was warm.

yeah nothing much happened.. so sue me. .^_^

5th March 2005, 10:42 AM
Emi Tajiri ~ Outside Oak's Lab

"Asher, huh?" I said quietly as the girl left. "We better make sure we stay on her good side just in case we run into her again. Shall we?" I took his hand and led him into the lab.

Professor Oak turned from one of the other trainers to us. "Ah. Emi and Chase. Come with me."

How did he know my name? Then I remembered. Of course my mom was kind of famous for being a flying Pokemon breeder. She and I were on the newspaper a couple of times.

Professor Oak gave us each a Pokemon and a handful of pokeballs. I turned to Dimitri and smiled. "Now I can make you my official starter," I said to him. I pressed the button on the pokeball against Dimitri's forehead. It sucked him into it. After three shakes the anticipated "ding" was heard. "Yes! I caught a Bulbasaur!"

Chase smiled at me and held up an expanded pokeball. Ryu was nowhere to be seen. Chase opened the pokeball again and revealed his Growlithe. "Are you going to let Dimitri back out?" he asked me.

"Nah. He should rest for now." We headed back outside. I sat on a bench as the boy that told us about Asher introduced himself to Chase. I got up after the boy left and walked to Chase. "Who was he?"

"He said his name was Kevin. Are you ready to go?"

"I'm was born ready."

5th March 2005, 12:44 PM
Starter: Pidgey
Outside Oak Labs

Siderous had hidden in the shadow's behind one of the houses when people started arriving in the town. Now that most had already gone in, he walked up to the back door of Oak Labs and went inside.

"Whoa," he thought, staring around the room. The room was a huge rectangle, and against each wall shelves extended from one end of the room to the other. The shelves held a row of marked and organized Pokeballs, each containing a different Pokemon. "There's got to be hundreds of Pokemon here," Sid thought in awe, making his way down to the end of the room. He finally reached the door, and entered the next room.

Here, Siderous witnessed two trainers recieve Pokeballs from who must have been Professor Oak. The kids seemed pleased, and both put their Pokemon in a Pokeball. The door behind Sid closed with a snap, and the Professor turned around. "Who are you?" he asked Siderous, giving him a queer look.

"Um... Sid. Er, Siderous. Siderous Peregrine. Sir." Sid hadn't much practice talking to people.

"Ah, Siderous. Yes, I sent for you. Here you are," he said, holding out a batch of Pokeballs. Not wanting to be rude, Siderous took them and said, "Thanks, but I've got my own."

"I figured as much. You're parents don't really spend their money on anything, so I expect you won't have any money problems on this trip, will you?" Professor Oak gave Sid a quick pat on the shoulder and flashed a smile. "Well, that'll be all. Good luck to you. Oh, and do try and make some friends while you're out there," he added. "It's nice that you have an incredibly strong relationship with your Pokemon, but you should try and make some human friends, too." The Professor noticed another trainer enter the Lab, so he quickly gave Sid another pat on the shoulder, and made his way towards the new trainer.

Siderous went out the building, this time through the front door. Trainers were still arriving, others had already left... "Well," he thought, "time to get going. First stop, Pewter City."

Crystal Tears
5th March 2005, 04:37 PM

I smiled, walking along beside her through the quiet streets of Pallet Town, little houses with fences, and the occasional pokemon sitting outside of it. It was a nice place, but I perfered Cities.
"huh?" I answered. Snapping blunty back into the reality which I had faded from a minute ago.
"What you thinking of?" She asked curiously, grippiong my hand a bit tighter. Ryu coked his head at me, before walking a bit ahead of us.
"Oh. Nothing. Just how small Pallet Town is."
"Yeah, to small eh?"
"Yeah..." I trailed, visions of the giant skyscapers, and giant shadows coming back, flowing inside my head, sprouting memories of the fantastic veiw, and humidity coming back. I sighed under my breathe, as I washed them away with the fresh air.
"So. Off to Pewter." I said, changing the subject.
"Yeah! Badges here we come!"
"Growl. Growl..." Ryu barked, watching Emi bounce around up ahead I sighed and looked down at Ryu.
"Yeah.. I know... And We gotta keep up."

AntiAsh Superstar
5th March 2005, 07:15 PM
Erik Vassen
On the back of a dirty truck headed towards Pallet Town
The journey to Pallet had taken quite a while to get organised. For a start, there were small matters of quitting college (well, getting thrown out after a heated argument with the vice principal that saw me practically assaulth the man in an incident that I would probably regret dearly when middle age finally set in) and giving my notice to my landlord ('notice' meaning 'a brick thrown through the window with a note attached stating how I was leaving, my apartment was a shithole anyway and I'd be damned if I was ever letting him get a hold of the rent I still owed'). Then there was the trifling matter of throwing my few possessions into a backpack and heading out with one final 'screw you' to every last inhabitant of the stinking cesspit of a home town. If I was leaving, then I was going to leave with a bang.

"I hear Professor Oak gives every starting trainer a pokémon. You think he'll do that with you, Erik? Since, you know, you have me and all." Somehow or other I had managed to con a passing truck driver into giving me a lift. So at least the journey over to Pallet was uneventful. Just me and Vance staing at the skies. The Rattata seemed rather thoughtful today, though. "Can't say I've ever had to battle, you know. You do enough fighting for the both of us."
"I know, I know." I took a long drag of the cigarette perched between my fingers and blew a thick cloud of smoke in the air. "Let's just drop what happened yesterday, okay?"
"Well? What about my question, though?"
"Vance," I said solemnly, rolling over onto my front and staring at my companion. "Hand on heart, I can honestly say I don't %*^&ing know. If he gives me a starting pokémon as well then great, I'll already be one step up on everyone else in building a team. If he doesn't so what? We'll learn how it works pretty bloody fast. Desperation can do amazing things."
"Easy for you to say. You won't be the one getting his butt kicked every ten seconds. Come to think of it, this is gonna be total role reversal, isn't it?" Vance tittered to himself. "Hey, Erik, do me a favour wouldya?"
"Depends on the favour. Petty theft and pissing people off I can do. Sharing my lunch with you, on the other hand, is a big no-no." I dodged a playful nip aimed at my arm. "Seriously, what is it, buddy?"
"When you make a team up mind catching a few girls for me?" We looked at each other for a few seconds then simultaneously burst into laughter. This trip was going to be nothing if not eventful!

After about an hour of this nonsense and bickering our ride finally pulled up in a nearby service station to refuel.
"Okay, guys, this is where you get out." The driver, a big, burly man with a handlebar moustache, nodded to the both of us as we clambered from the back of the truck. "Pallet Town's just five minute's walk in that direction." He pointed with a gloved hand towards a large grassy path that seemed to be leading towards a small village. "Hope you find what you're looking for there."
"So do I," I murmured, not entirely sure in my heart of hearts what I was looking for there. Then again, lack of focus or direction was no big news to me. It was how I had lived my entire life up to this point. "So do I."

5th March 2005, 09:40 PM
Aidan Stafford - Cinnabar Island
I waved at Michelle as I walked down the path to my house. My dad was pretty pleased when I told him of the news as he was with me when I wanted to go off on the journey on my own but my mom held a tight grip on him and flatly refused...until now. As soon as Michelle called and told me that she was going to Pallet as well, I instantly told my mom and saw relief wash over her face. Right when I saw it, I ran upstairs and packed up everything I could think of. My parents had to check and re-check before they finally approved and gave me a map of the mainland, some extra money and endless potions that were sitting in storage. I went to sleep that night feeling very content and excited and I could tell Drake felt the same as he tried to fall asleep in his specially made bed but couldn't.

And fastforward to today. Drake was out of his Pokeball and was walking right towards Aqua, Michelle's Squirtle. I knew he was very interested in her but I didn't know how she felt about him. My parents' Charizard and Blastoise made for a very unique couple but I was unsure whether Aqua just liked water Pokemon or all types.
"So we're finally off to Pallet," I said. "It'll be nice to get off the island."
"I know what you mean," she agreed, "but I'll miss it."
I nodded in understanding and we headed off for the nearest port town. The town had a boat that made trips to Pallet once a day and I made sure we set out early enough so we wouldn't miss. I smirked as I watched Drake walk next to Aqua, glancing at her every-so-often. That Charmander had no skills in hiding stuff but in a way, it was sweet.

I smiled as we entered the town and headed towards the piers. I'd been here many times before but never realized how much I would miss it. It was an ordinary town, sure, but special in it's own way. It wasn't the closest town to us but it held all the news from the mainland, including the recent resurgence of Team Rocket.
"Aidan, we're here," Michelle said.
I looked straight ahead and looked at a normal but sturdy boat, ready to carry its passengers to Pallet Town.
"Well, this is the beginning of our journey," I said.
We gave our tickets to the boatmaster and headed for a shaded part of the boat. I dropped my bag on a bench and rested my arms on the handrail. Drake climbed to the top and stared out at the sea.
"Charmander, mander," he said.
"Yeah, it is huge, isn't it? you'll like where we're going though," I told him. "You'll finally be able to have proper battles and eventually evolve and look like your mom. I know I'll like it also. I mean, it's what I've always wanted."

5th March 2005, 10:55 PM
Asher LeeArn
~ F /Preparing to leave Pallet Town ~

Asher was angry- already she had to meet another dumbass in the world. She had frequently run into them in her life, ever since she had been small.
Her father had been one.
Narrowing her eyes, she patted Fray upon her head and scratched behind her ear. Fray gave a little whinny of pleasure, seeming to smile with brilliant eyes.
" You just missed me, didn't you?" Asher said lightly, as her pokemon gave a little smile. Asher nodded, "He probably was up to no good... was he?"
Fray gave a rather loud whinny again, and Asher nodded.
"Thought so. A pokemon does reflect it's trainer... and I would have done the same thing. Only I would have kicked his ass on the ground."
Asher gave a smirk, as Fray seemed to give a little snort-like response. Fray of course was too nice of a pokemon to usually do anything like that, although she did burn anyone who tried to pet her.
She wasn't a touchy-feely pokemon.

Asher saw some one staring at her, and she suddenly got a very unusual urge.
" I'll pose for a picture if you really want to stare."
The person easily seemed mortified and they turned about, walking away. Asher gave a slight laugh as she looked at Fray, "That was fun, wasn't it?"
Fray seemed to only quietly smile. Asher was quite friendly with Fray and other pokemon... of course, Asher treated other people completely different.

To her dismay, before she could sneak off... Kevin came back out with his overly-hyper black Eevee by his side. Asher liked his Eevee, she didn't like Kevin. It wasn't that he seemed too bad... he was just too demanding. He always expected Asher to wait for him, to talk to him, to open up to him, to be...nice to him. He didn't let her be, and some times she felt like he felt like he had to watch over her and explain her emotions to others.
" You could have stayed a bit longer..." Asher mumbled, but he didn't hear her.
"Ready to go?" He exclaimed, his little Eevee seeming to squeal with excitment. Asher gave a deep sigh as she shrugged, "I guess the faster we get to Pewter, the better."

Asher hoisted herself upon Fray's back and soon started to trot off.
"Hey! I can't keep up!" Kevin's protests were easily heard, and slowly Asher slowed down.
"Oops, forgot." She replied sarcasticly, as he huffed to catch up now that Fray had slowed to a gentle walk. As they walked (Kevin leading the way, Asher behind with a not-overly-happy expression upon her face.) suddenly she to notice of two guys walking towards Pallet. They glanced at her, and they almost seemed to smirk.

It was all too clear that Asher wasn't happy... and all fingers would point to Kevin.

One gave a sacastic wave, to which Asher only rolled her eyes and gave a 'yes I acknowledge you exist' nod.


6th March 2005, 01:01 AM
Lee Kenta
Party: Eevee
Location: Pallet Town
“Well Eevee, we better get going. It looks like all the other trainers are headed off.” I said to my Eevee.

“Eve!” It replied.

So, Eevee and I headed to the main road that goes right through Pallet Town. It was only a short walk away from the lab and once we got to the road, it would be an almost straight field to Viridian.

Eevee and I were walking when we saw something. It was looked like a giant, orange, goldfish. Eevee and I approached the creature and I noticed that it was a pokemon. A Magikarp to be exact.

“Alright Eevee, our first battle as an official trainer and pokemon!” I yelled to Eevee.

Eevee responded with a grin and looked at the Magikarp with its teeth showing.

“Alright Eevee, lets start with a tackle!” I called out.

Eevee charged at the Magikarp with its head down and hit the fish right on the belly. The Magikarp didn’t know what hit it and once it landed (the tackle mad it go a good 3 feet into the air), all the Magikarp did was around again.

“Wow Eevee, this should be easier than I thought. Give it another tackle!”

Once again Eevee hit the fish again but this time, once it landed, the Magikarp did something different. It flopped towards my Eevee.

“What the hell is it doing Eevee?” I asked my Eevee.

It turned around and looked at my with confusion.

“So you don’t know either huh. Oh well, just keep an eye out for any weird movements.” I told Eevee.

Eevee replied, “Eve” and stood it ground as the fish hopped closer and closer saying, “Karp, Karp.”

Magikarp was now in striking range if it wanted to hit Eevee and it did. The fish hopped in front of Eevee and did one final hop and slammed its body onto Eevee.

“Shit Eevee, we didn’t see that one coming hay!” I called out to Eevee as it was getting to its feet, “Anyways, finish it Eevee. TACKLE!”

Eevee backed up and ran as fast as he could towards the Magikarp. It hit it once again in the belly and Magikarp went flying. It landed harder than it got hit and I thought of something; why not catch this little bagger.

I reached into my bag and pulled out a fresh new pokeball. I pushed the silver button on the front and the ball grew bigger, then I threw it at the Magikarp.

The Magikarp went into an “Energy form” and disappeared into the pokeball. The pokeball shock, and shock and shock when finally I herd a “Ding” and the ball stopped shacking and returned to me.

I looked at Eevee, “Alright we did it! We caught our first pokemon together!”

I looked at Eevee once again after looking at my Magikarp filled pokeball and said, “Well Eevee, we better actually start our quest now. There has been way too many delays.”

So with that, I put Magikarp on my belt (in it’s pokeball of course) and headed out.

Outlaw JT
6th March 2005, 02:59 AM
Name: Garen Pyren
Age: 15
Sex: male
Appearance: He looks like the attachment except his hair is red and his grin is wider and much more mischievous. Also his shirt is violet in color and the trim to his jacket is red, not gold.
Personality: cocky, mischievous, adventurous, curious, fun-loving, almost completely lacking the ability to be serious (it takes life-threatening danger to make him get truly serious). He's the kind of guy that doesn't really think ahead (unless it is to plan a prank). He has a natural instinct for pokemon battles.
Starter: growlithe (male, nicknamed Fenrir)
Items: black backpack with red pockets that have the symbol for his families ranch on them, a tightly rolled sleeping bag, some snacks and sandwiches, a few bottles of water, a few pokeballs in the pouch on his belt, swiss army knife, cayan pepper
History: Born and raised on the Pyren Fire Pokemon Ranch. Always been interested in pokemon battling and started training with the younger fire pokemon as soon as his father would let him. Fenrir started following Garen when he was still just a tiny pup and has stayed with him ever since.
Relationships: younger twin brother of Gavin Pyren (you know you wanna bring the brothers back Gav! Admit it and sign up!)
Other: The brothers have an ongoing rivalry and are constantly playing pranks on each other but when someone else messes with one of the two of them, run!

Garen Pyren


The sound of the wind in the trees was muffled by the waves lapping at his ears. He was submerged so only his eyes and up remained above water. He watched a shape track back and forth across the shore at the water's edge. That was not what he had in mind when he set out early to train and have some fun.

"Fenrir, get in the water and swim out to me," Garen's voice was patient but firm.

The growlithe on the shore stopped pacing, took a step towards the water and laid down, planting it's head between it's paws with a quiet whimper. Starting to lose a bit of patience Garen planted his feet down and stood up, bringing his shoulders just above the water level. He took a few steps inland and halted. He held a hand up and called the hesitant growlithe to him with his bending finger.

"I know you hate the water, but you need to get used to it as much as possible. When we get out there and start battling eventually we'll have to face water pokemon and I want you to be as resistant to them as a fire type can be. The only way I know how to do that is to get you to spend as much time in the water as we can spare. So get paddling Fenrir," Garen sounded a bit sympathetic but was definately being insistent now.

With another whimper the growlithe got up and trudged into the water slowly. Fenrir took his sweet time but eventually he waded deep enough that he had to start paddling. He wasn't moving through the water very fast but it was steady going and in a minute he had reached Garen.

Garen slid his arm under Fenrir to hold him up so he could stop paddling and scratched behind his ears. The growlithe's rear paw started shaking involuntarily at the praise. As soon as Garen felt Fenrir had rested sufficiently he slid his arm back out from under Fenrir and pointed towards the shore.

Fenrir instantly started paddling for the shore. This time he moved much more quickly and he was trudging up onto the wet grass in only half a minute. The growlithe eagerly shook violently trying to dry off to no effect. His fur was fairly thick and would take a big towlel or a little sunbathing to dry off completely. As he turned to see what Garen was going to have gim do next his ears pricked up to a sound. He looked down the trail leading back to the ranch and his tail started wagging.

"Ah. Dad must've sent Gav to come find me for some late morning chores. Well, if he thinks he's bringing me back this early it's gonna cost him. Fenrir, get into the shallows and lay low. We're gonna give bro a proper greeting," Garen said, his eyebrow twisting up mischievously.

Without hesitation he sunk lower in the water so again only his eyes and his nose were visible. Fortunately for him the trail took a sharp turn when it reached the lake so Gav wouldn't be able to spot him till the last second and even then only if he was looking out into the lake. Likewise Fenrir was well hidden arround the bend by the shallow water.

They waited there patiently for the approaching footsteps. It took a few minutes but finally a person came into view around the bend. The second Garen saw his brothers hair he jumped up and gave the command.

"Greet brother, Fenrir!" and with lightning speed the growlithe pounced from the shallow water, tackling Gavin at the bend before he knew what hit him.

Gavin was pinned to the ground by a boisterous, soaking wet growlithe. Garen quickly rushed out of the water laughing at his brother's misfortune. It was pretty common that they got the better of each other like this. Sending one brother to fetch the other was like declaring war between them.

"WHEW!!! The look on your face Bro!!!" Garen almost doubled over as he watched his brother get up in his now completely soaked clothing.

6th March 2005, 05:17 AM
Lexis Martin
Still In Pallet

I sighed. Novella had seemed to waken, and was now sluggish. He was having trouble walking in a straight line also. I stood up and picked my bag up. Perhaps I had better go in and see this Oak, before he shut the doors. He called me here for SOME reason or other.

"Who are you?" Oak frowned, looking at me.

"Lexis," I replied, shrugging. "You sent me the letter."

"Oh yes," Oak smiled. "I'm so sorry, bit of a mental blank there."

"How could you have a mental blank if you've never met me?" I asked, staring.

Oak seemed to ignore my question. "Anyway, you already have a pokemon, so I just need to get you registered, and give you some equipment."

I shrugged and took what he gave me. "Right, now your first point of direction is Pewter City," Oak began to explain, droning on. "A lot of trainers are headed that way, perhaps you'll meet some while you're travelling."

I shrugged.

"Finding yourself a travelling buddy is actually very wise and smart," Oak advised. "It's dangerous to travel alone, it leaves you open for targetting. Especially with such a low evolution pokemon."

I shrugged again.

"Oh well, there's nothing eles really to tell you," Oak finished up. "You've got the lab number, feel free to call for any reason."

"Thank you bye," I said quickly, and left, Novella runnign in front, a little more awake.

6th March 2005, 11:34 AM
Primal (POV) & Snap
Outside Oak's lab
With the crowd thinning out a little, Snap finally decided to stop his hand stand and walk inside. This was good, because he could have done that for hours and I was starting to feel really ill. With a queasy feeling in my stomach, I let go of his jacket and proceeded to follow.

When we finally entered, I decided to listen in to the conversation between Oak and the person in front of him. She was slightly shorter than Agamemnon, but a year older than him.* She seemed indifferent to whatever Oak was saying to her, though not in the way that Agamemnon can be indifferent. She was a lot more quiet.

My focus then shifted to the Nidoran that was standing next to her.

"Hey," I said, "Have you always been with her?"

The Nidoran nodded in response.

"So," I continued, "Has Oak summon you here, too?" Another nod.

"Huh," I said, surprised, "I wonder why he's called so many people?"

A stupid notion came to me that made me chuckle, "Perhaps, he wants us to avert the apocalypse." I did not know why I thought that was funny. It just seemed to stupid for it to be the case.

"So," I said, "Can I get your name? I'm Primal."

"I'm Novella," he responded. I then proceeded to shake his paw.

Eventually, Oak was done with Novella's trainer, and so I wished him luck before returning to Snap.

"Hey, Agamemnon," Oak greeted us with a smile, "I trust you'll be using Primal?"

"Yeah," Snap responded, "It would be a pain to teach someone else how to communicate with me."

"Alright," he said, "Then I'll just register you two and hand you your Pokeballs."

Snap busted out laughing, while I groaned in response.

"Anyway," Oak interrupted, "I'll just get you registered then."

6th March 2005, 04:17 PM

She really hates me...I can see it, the way she looks at me, the way she is around me. She hates me... I sighed, stroking shadow's fur softly. She seemed to sense me thoughts and licked my nose gently. I smiled at her lovingly and continued walking, with Asher following on Fray. We were completely silent. I knew what Asher thought of me, she had often mentioned it during our little spats. How she thought I was so demanding, how I felt I had to cover for her, how I expected things from her. I expected nothing from her, I just wanted her to open up a bit. She had a nice side - I had seen it. I just wished to see it more often.

I looked back occassionally, each time seeing the same loathing expression that would break my heart. I had feelings for her - I would be lying if I said I didn't - and that she hated me so much...it hurt more than I wanted to admit.
Truth was, that seeing her hating me right now was angering me more than upsetting me. We'd had a fight before she'd gone off to her meeting and I was still reeling from it. She'd accused me of not letting her be, which I had taken huge offence to as I respected her greatly and felt that she was the one who was lying to herself.
So in retalliation, I ignored her for the journey. Let her be alone with herself. I don't care. Problem was of course, I did care. I could only conclude that that is why she hated me so.

"You know Shadow..." I whispered quietly to my pokemon, "I think you got the better end of this bargain."

6th March 2005, 04:31 PM
Lee Kenta
Party: Eevee - Magikarp
Location: Viridian City Pokemon Center
“Here are your pokemon Lee.” The red headed nurse said to me as she gave back my pokemon.

“Thank You” I replied back to here.

During the short walk through the route connecting Pallet Town and Viridian City, I had put Eevee and Magikarp through a series of battles involving Pidgey and Rattatas. Eevee handled the battles well but Magikarp… lets just say it has come a way since its battle with Eevee but it was still in need of lots of training. Anyways, I grabbed the two pokeballs (I decided to keep Eevee in the pokeball for its safety), and walked out of the Pokemon Center.

It was a beautiful day outside; the sun was shining and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. I decided to head north to Viridian Forest which would lead me to Pewter City and my first badge. So I walked to a nearby path and headed to the forest. On the way there I came across and old man who asked if I needed to know how to catch a pokemon. I said, “No Thank You” and moved on.

I had been hiking for a good hour or so when I got to a big building infront of the forest. I walked in and saw some people but non of them looked like trainers so I didn’t bother having a conversation with any of them, instead I just said, “Hi” If they looked at me.

I exited the building from a back door and was right in the forest. The trees were thick and lush green with life. Light streams shown through the leaves and they were warm when they hit your face. I looked around and saw that this place was packed with wild pokemon. None that I REALLY wanted but there was some cool looking pokemon like Caterpies, Weedles and some other bugs plus a Pikachu or two.

I spent the first 10 minutes or so getting pokedex entrys on all the pokemon I could see and once I thought there wasn’t anymore, I headed deeper into the forest.

6th March 2005, 05:58 PM
Emi Tajiri ~ Between Viridian and Viridian Forest

I watched Dimitri walk in circles around the tall grass. I crouched low to the ground and held my breath. What is he doing? Suddenly Dimitri charged into the patch of grass, growling. I squeaked in surprise as a Rattata ran out of the grass and stopped in front of me. "Oh. You were flushing out a Pokemon."

The Rattata looked at Dimitri with a fearful look in its eyes. "Rat!" it screamed as it ran away. But Dimitri was not going to let it go. He ran after it, past it, and stopped right in front of it. He sprinted forward and crashed into Rattata. Rattata sailed through the skies and crashed in front of me.

"Wow. Nice Tackle attack," I said in awe.

But Dimitri wasn't done. He slammed himself into the Rattata repeatedly, each time cutting off his means of escape. Soon the Rattata was knocked out. "Bulba! Saur!" he yelled in triumph.

"Wow, Dimitri! You've done this before, haven't you?" I asked. He nodded. "That was cool, but I wish you wouldn't have KO'ed him. We need other Pokemon for our first gym battle and we can't do that with you knocking out every Pokemon that catches your eye. Now what can I catch around here?"

Dimitri once again charged into the grass. This time a Pidgey flew out in confusion. By looking at her beautiful plumage, I could tell that she was strong and healthy. Dimitri emerged but didn't bother with chasing him. He grunted until something tiny popped out of his bulb. "Huh? You already know Leech Seed?" I asked him.

Dimitri nodded again and released the seed. It landed in the Pidgey's feathers. The seed opened and vines poured out, binding the Pidgey. She, having her wings pinned to her side, crashed to the ground. The vines started to zap her strength. She eventually lay still, close to defeated. Dimitri turned to me and smiled. "Saur Saur!" he told me.

"Do you want me to capture him? Okay!" I pulled out a pokeball and threw it at Pidgey. The Pidgey lay still as the pokeball struck her and pulled her inside. The three shakes came, followed by the "ding". "Yes! I finally got a flying Pokemon!" I went to Chase. "Sorry for keeping you. Let's continue."

Crystal Tears
6th March 2005, 09:28 PM

Ryu shook his head doubtfully at Emi, I lightly nudged him, as we continued forward. Emi now admiring her pokeballs and sometimes mentioning stuff of her pokemon. But I wasn't really listening.
Its how things went, when she started on her usually ranting on something, I kind of stopped listening, I caught important bits, and such, but nothing else. My mind was racing over everything.
I looked up, Ryu standing perfectly still. furr on his back rising up, teeth barred, Emi and I stopped.
I blinked, as a pink creature bounded out of the long grass. A small horn on its forehead, and big emerald green eyes. I smirked.
"Nidoran Male.." I muttered to myself. "Ryu! Ember!" Ryu reacted immediately, as 4 small fire balls erupted from his mouth, colliding into the left side of the Nidoran. It squealed, and charged at Ryu.
"Ryu! Tackle!"
The charged at one another, but I quickly realised the dangers at charging head on at a Nidoran. "Ryu! Change of Plans! Ember!"
Ryu yelped, as he skitted to a complete stop, paws dug into the ground, and just at the last moment, 4 small fire balls erutped from his mouth again, slamming into the charging Nidoran.
I mindlessly grabbed a pokeball, and before realising exactly what I was doing, it tossed it, as it lightly tapped on the nidorans horn, and captured the pokemon inside it.
"Chase you caught it!"
I could only smirk as Ryu brought me back the pokeball.
"thanks, and good job Ryu."

7th March 2005, 12:53 AM
Outside the Lab's again

Dragging my feet along the ground, Novella and I decided to head out of Pallet. I wasn't so full of energy, my lethargy catching up with me, but I figured that at least in Viridian we could grab some food. Viridian wasnt that far away to walk to, from what I'd heard.

However, Novella had other ideas. At first it seemed like he wanted to go and get something to eat from the Pallet shops. No problems with that, I would still be getting my youth allowence from the government, I could afford food.

We headed off towards the shops. I continued walking, listening to my ipod. Looking beside my feet, I noticed that Novella wasn't walking alongside me anymore. He hadn't run ahead either.

Turning around, I caught him in full conversation with some other guys pokemon. Goodness knows what they were talking about, but Novella seemed to be yacking away, more than he had been while we were seeing Oak. That was probably because he had been awake for more than five minutes now.

I walked back over, taking out my headphones.

The other guy looked up from watching Novella yack. "Hi, are you the Nidoran's trainer?"

"Yeah, I'm Novella's trainer," I shrugged. I tried to size up the guy, he was taller than me and he was tanned. His hair looked pretty okay for a guy. I'd seen worse.

"Hi, I'm Snap," he smiled, holding out his hand.

"I'm Lexis," I replied, shaking hands with him.

"Are you heading off to Viridan and Pewter today?" Snap asked.

"I was going to go get food," I shrugged. "Novella's hungry apparently."

"That's a good idea, I was getting pretty hungry myself," Snap agreed. "Mind if I tag along?"

I shrugged. "I don't care, you can come if you want," I smiled a small smile. "Besides, it looks as though our pets are getting to be good friends."

Snap looked down at them and grinned.

8th March 2005, 07:47 PM
Siderous Peregrine
Party: Pidgey
Viridian City; Pokecenter
"We hope to see you again," chirped the nurse from behind the counter, handing Siderous back his Pokeball. He made his way out the door, and up town towards Viridian Forest. On his right, after declining an offer to learn how to catch Pokemon, he spotted a rather large gym. Curious, Sid decided to walk over and check it out.

The sliding glass doors loomed in front of him as he looked around. Some guy was out front, watching him. The man mumbled into his sleeve, then told Siderous, "This gym is always closed. I wonder where the leader could be?" Just then, the man held his sleeve to his face again. There was more mumbling. The man whispered, "Are you sure?" After a moment, he turned to Siderous again and said, "All right. You can go." Confused, Siderous opened his mouth to protest, but just then the doors slid open. Sid made his way into the darkness.

The quiet was starting to get annoying. "Come on out, Pidgey," he whispered. He felt the Pokeball open up in his hand, and there was the familiar beam sound, but he couldn't see Pidgey.
"Do you see anything?"
"Pidge." (That was no.)
"Okay. Well, stay close." Siderous found Pidgey on the floor, and placed her on his shoulder.
A small, whiny voice spoke up from the nothingness. "Welcome, Siderous."
Siderous froze. He could feel Pidgey's talons dig deeper into his collarbone. "Who are you? What do you want?"
"We's been watchin' yous for some time now." Suddenly, Sid spotted a glint in the dark; it was a Meowth, who had just lit a match. It was holding a candle, and was now lighting it.
"Was that...?"
"Yeah, I'm one a those talkin' Pokemon," droned the Meowth, finally lighting the wick of the candle. "But enough about me. I'm here to offer you a job."
"A job?" Sid wondered what kind of job a cat Pokemon could offer him. He could feel Pidgey tensing up; just like Pidgey, Siderous hated cats.
"Oh, it's nothing much... in fact, I tink you got it betta than da rest of us."
Siderous was beginning to lose his patience. "Just tell me what you want so I can go."

Meowth smiled, and flicked one of his nails. The lights flickered, and finally turned on. The lights were dim, but the room was still visible. Just like Oak Labs, the walls were lined with Pokeballs.
"Remember those hunters?" Meowth began, dropping his voice a bit. "The ones dat killed dat dere Pidgey's mommy and poppy?" Pidgey hooted quietly, and Sid's face turned red.
"How could I forget?"
"Well, those two are still out dere. dey're trainers, you see. Trainers dat started off just like you started today."
Siderous suddenly found himself shouting. "Shut up! If you're suggesting that I'm going to become someone like that..."
"No, no, I'm not sayin' dat. I'm askin' if you still wanna go in the path of that lame-o Professor Oak."
"Not if he's the one that started it," spat Siderous through clenched teeth.
"Good, dat's good," said Meowth maliciously. "I've got just the kind of friends who would love to meet you." From the shadows emerged some people. One very tall, very strong looking man came forward and said. "Join us, Siderous. We'll supply you with everything you need. We'll be your friends. Your family. Together, we will take down Professor Oak, and his little band of crusaders he's put together."
Siderous was speechless. This was his dream; to get back at the human race for what they'd done to him and his best and only friend, Pidgey. He looked up at Pidgey, and Pidgey looked back.
"Well, Pidgey?"
Pidgey hooted. Siderous smiled. The tall man and Siderous exchanged handshakes. "Welcome to Team Rocket," the man said.

8th March 2005, 11:45 PM
Lee Kenta
Party: Eevee – Magikarp
Location: Viridian Forest
“Ah, when am I going to get out of these stupid woods?” I moaned to myself.

All day I had been following the same path and getting aggravated. I had just been following the same path all day that seemed to be going in a zigzag pattern. There were no trainers in site so once again, I had spent the day training with pokemon to fairly weak to quite strong. I decided to stop training though because both of my pokemon were fairly weak and I wanted to be able to take on a trainer if I met one.

My stomach growled and I checked my watch, 12:00PM.

“Come out guys, time to eat!” I said while opening my two pokeballs. After the light faded I saw my two pokemon jumping (or flopping in Magikarp case) in front of me. I reached into my bag and grabbed some pokemon food. I opened the lid and put some food onto a paper plate and let Eevee and Magikarp eat. They were chowin down when I herd a person call for me, “Hay you with the fuzz ball and the stupid fish!”

I turned around and said, “Say that again smart ass.”

“Whatever lets battle” He replied with cockiness.

I looked down at my pokemon and asked if they were fully charged for a battle. Both of them seemed ready and we began the battle.

The trainer released his one and only pokemon, “GO... BEEDRILL!”

I was shock that he had a Beedrill but I was not undetermined, “Alright Magikarp, your up first!”

9th March 2005, 06:04 PM
Michelle Randeth
Squirtle (Aqua - F)
On the boat from Cinnabar to Pallet
"Wow, it's so tiny now…" I said to Aidan, looking back at Cinnabar, looking back at my whole life, now just a small dot on the horizon.

"I know, and look at how much larger the mainland is," Aidan replied. I looked; yes, it really did seem to stretch on forever like others had told me. We were close enough now to see the port in detail. Within minutes we were docked and making our way off of the boat.

I looked at my map while Aidan looked at her own. "Hm, Professor Oak's lab is not that far, we should be able to get there within fifteen minutes or so." I looked back out at the ocean, at the speck that was Cinnabar. I had just left, and already I was feeling slightly homesick.

Aidan must have noticed, 'cause she said, "Hey, it's not like we're never going back. It's just kinda like an extended vacation."

"Yeah, I guess you're right," I said, smiling again. Besides, I should be happy I was called to do this. Being asked by Prof. Oak himself to do something really meant something in the world. I turned back to start walking towards the lab…

…and stopped as I watched Aqua and Drake (Aidan's Charmander) running around happily. I suppressed a giggle when I realized they were playing Tag. "They're cute, huh?" I said.

"Yeah, and they're also delaying us from getting to the lab," Aidan replied, smiling as well. After a couple minutes we managed to get the two of them settled and we continued walking towards the lab.

As we were getting there, there were a couple people leaving, and it was obvious then that we weren't the only ones chosen to go. We cautiously entered the lab. An assistant greeted us and sent us deeper into the lab.

"Welcome to my lab," we heard someone say as we opened the door. "And your names are?" We stood looking at a man who was definitely old chronologically, but had a sense about him of brimming energy and excitement. "Michelle Randeth and Aidan Stafford?" He repeated our names after we had given them. "Yes, I have your things right here. I see you don't need me to give you a Pokémon either, but I do need to give you these."

We found ourselves each holding a red flip-top computer he called a PokéDex as well as five PokéBalls each. Then he did something with Aqua and Drake; he said he was registering them since they didn't have PokéBalls or something.

"Alright, you two are set to go," he said finally. "I suggest heading towards Pewter City since you're looking for badges; it's the city with an open gym that's closest from here. If you have any questions, you have the lab number."

We said our goodbyes, then headed out. I could see other trainers and Pokémon both having fun and having…well, some fights. It wasn't until Aidan and I were outside and stopped on a bench when I thought on what he had said. "Wait, 'open' gym?" I said suddenly. "Gyms close? I thought they were always open…"

"Maybe there's no Gym Leader," Aidan suggested. "Or maybe they're sick or something and can't battle,"

"I guess," I said, but it still confused me. I took out my map and saw that Viridian City was next in the path towards Pewter City. "Well, it looks like if we take Route 1 north, it's a fairly straightforward path to Viridian City. But the only way from there to Pewter is through the Viridian Forest."

"I don't think we'll have too much trouble in the forest," Aidan said, giving Drake a small pat.

10th March 2005, 08:06 PM
Emi Tajiri ~ Viridian Forest

"Dimitri, you should really take it easy. It looked like that last Weedle poisoned you!" I pleaded.

Dimitri shook his head furiously. "Bulbasaur saur!" he yelled at me.

"I don't think he wants to quit," Chase said while he leaned against a tree.

I looked nervously at Chase and then at Dimitri. The poor Bulbasaur was sweating up a storm, yet he was still chasing Pokemon. I pulled out his pokeball and tried to return him, but he jumped out of the way of the red beam. "Dimitri, return," I commanded. I tried again but he dodged again. I sighed heavily. "Dimitri..."

Then out of nowhere raced a Caterpie. He plowed right into Dimitri and knocked him out. I gasped as Dimitri rolled and stopped on his back, his eyes closed. The Caterpie laughed as he started to glow. A light bulb flicked on in my mind. "I get it! He was waiting for Dimitri to tire himself out so he could take him out easily and evolve!" I said.

I watched as the Caterpie hardened into a Metapod. I smiled wickedly. "You'll make a great Butterfree. Go, Feather!" I threw a pokeball, letting out my prize Pidgey. "Feather, Gust that Metapod!"

Feather flapped her wings at the bug and sent him flying. It slammed into a tree. I laughed and took out an empty pokeball. "You're mine." I threw it at him. The pokeball sucked the Metapod up and held him there, although Metapod tried its hardest to escape.

I picked up the pokeball and glanced over at Chase. He looked bored. I probably wasn't helping him with all of my talking. I walked up to him and Ryu. "Is something wrong?" I asked him.

11th March 2005, 08:22 PM
Seth Maverick
“So he wants me to be a trainer huh?” Seth said to noone as he stared at the pokedex in his hands, “Sounds like fun. But if it isn’t, I could always go back to crime.” Seth was surprised at first when Oak told him he wanted him to be a trainer. Since the guy didn’t have anything worth stealing in his lab, the dark skinned theif thought he’d go along with it. He looked down at Clyde, who was walking alongside him.
“You up for some adventure partner?” he asked.
“Mankey!” the pokemon replied, nodding. Seth grinned and put the pokedex in his pocket. He then put his bag on the ground and pulled out the two halves of his pool que. Connecting the two, Seth pointed the que in some random direction.
“Then let’s go my friend!” He announced, pretending to be a knight that was leading a charge into battle.
“Mankey mank!” Clyde laughed, making a pose. But before the two could take a step, the duo heard sounds of commotion coming from nearby.
"Whyat's happening over there?" Seth asked. Clyde gave his trainer a 'how-should-I-know?' shrug.
"Well then, let's go see." The two made their way through the trees till they found the source of the sound. The action had stopped, but the two could see two trainers, a boy and girl, as well as a Bulbasaur and a Growlithe. The two didn't seem to notice them, and since Seth wasn't one to hide in the shadows for long, decided to make his presence known.
"Well well," Seth said, cooly, walking out into the open, "What have we here?" The four looked at his direction, the boy giving him a suspicious look.
"Who are you?" the boy asked. Seth just smiled as he toyed with his cue.
"Just a guy who wants to make it big in this world," he replied, twirling his pool cue like a batton before giving them a formal bow, "Seth Maverick, at your service."

Hope I'm not interrupting anything.

Crystal Tears
11th March 2005, 09:05 PM

Okay.. So first I'm bored, now I've got some wierdo guy doing tricks with a monkey on my back.. Great just great.
"Hi! I'm Emi!" Emi exclaimed, jumping forward, smiling and acting all the more... Emi-ish. This Seth seemed pleased atleast one of his spectators liked his preformance, then his gaze turned to me.
"I'm Chase." i said simply, Ryu sitting down by my side, who also was pleased with his preformance, I couldn't believe this. Was I the only one who saw him as an idiot? "And this is Ryu."
"Pleased to meet you." He said, inching slightly closer to Emi. I could feel rage boiling up inside me. "And who is this?" He asked, looking down at Dimitri, who was slowly recovering from his faulter.
"Thats Dimitri!" Emi blushed slightly returning there almost dead pokemon into its pokeball.
"This is Clyde." He said, pointing to the mankey beside him.
"Growl!" Ryu exclaimed happily.
My god... I thought, looking at the Seth character in front of us. Why me?

11th March 2005, 10:20 PM
Seth smiled. He loved it when people liked his performance, as long as they didn't know what hjis other pasttime was. The girl called Emi blushed slighty. She must be reacting to Seth's smile, since he had that effect on women. He then looked over at Chase. He couldn't help but shake the feeling that he didn't like him. Seth thought for a split second that he may have guessed what he was, but that feeling subsided quickly.
"So, what do you do?" Emi asked. Seth turned back to her, trying to ignore the glare he was getting from Chase.
"Me and Clyde are street performer," he said, "Right Clyde?"
"Mankey!" Clyde replied, performing a blackflip.

12th March 2005, 12:26 PM
Emi Tajiri ~ Viridian Forest

Chase was about to open his mouth to say something when a Mankey came running up to us and doing tricks. I clapped my hands, being easily impressed. Chase, however, didn't look as impressed as I did.

A boy came up to us and stood by the Mankey. His white hair hid one of his alluring eyes. He was kind of cute, although not as cute as Chase. He spoke with a calm voice. "Well well, what have we here?" he said.

"Who are you?" Chase asked, not exactly looking pleased to see him.

"Just a guy who wants to make it big in this world," he replied while he twirled a pool cue and then bowed. "Seth Maverick, at your service."

I smiled, impressed by his little trick. I've seen him! He was at Pro. Oak's lab! "Hi! I'm Emi!" I said happily. What can I say? I like meeting new people!

"I'm Chase," Chase said. He looked down at Ryu, who looked as impressed as I did. "And this is Ryu."

"Pleased to meet you," Seth said. He took a step closer to me, smiling. I wasn't able to hide my blush. It must be that smile of his. Seth's eyes wandered down to Dimitri, who was slowly recovering from his defeat by the Caterpie/Metapod. "And who is this?"

I looked down at Dimitri. "That's Dimitri." I took advantage of the situation and returned him.

"This is Clyde," Seth said, pointing to the Mankey. Ryu barked a greeting.

I took a quick glance at Chase. He definitely didn't like Seth. "So, what do you do?" I asked Seth and Clyde.

"Clyde and I are street performers. Right, Clyde?"

"Mankey!" Clyde replied, doing a backflip.

I wasn't exactly buying that, but I decided to go along with it. "That's cool. Are you on your way to Pewter?"

"As a matter of fact, we are. Are you going the same way?"

I smiled. "Sure are! Would you like to travel with us? The more the merrier!"

Chase glared at me. "Emi..." he growled.

I pulled at his arm and dragged him behind a tree. I spoke in a voice to low for Seth to hear. "Come on, Chase! He'll basically be following us anyway!"

"But we don't know him! He could be a thief for all we know!"

"Don't you think I know that? Look, I'm not a total flake, Chase. But we keep our friends close and our enemies closer." I held his hands. "Please? It'll be just until we get to Pewter. Then we can ditch him if that"s what you want."

Crystal Tears
12th March 2005, 07:07 PM

I sighed heavily before nodding, she smiled a sweet smile. I couldn't help be feel a bit better about letting this goof travel with us. At least we could dump him at Pewter, then no more problems.
We emerged from behind the street, to see Seth and his Mankey waiting patiently as they sat on a rock. I smirked, knowing he would be gone soon enough.
"You can travel with us." I said, the smirk disappearing before I grabbed his collar, I lowered my tone as Emi turned her back and was getting ready. "But if you so much as look in her Direction, you'll regret it." I snarled at him, before releasing him and turning back to Emi, who was ready.
"Lets go!" She exclaimed.
I sighed heavily before having to catch up to her, Ryu, Seth and his Mankey not far behind.

12th March 2005, 07:20 PM

Asher and I made it to Viridian without speaking a word to each other. It didn't seem to bother her at all and I didn't mind all that much. I came close on several occasions to asking her if she'd let me ride on Fray but it'd never happen. Not with the way she was right now at least. Maybe someday I could get her to trust me, to speak to me. Hopefully...

We stood outside the pokemart. Asher made a slight gesture which I assumed meant that she wanted to go inside and I gave a brief nod. "Okay then, I'll wait right here."

She left Fray waiting outside and I strolled over to a nearby patch of grass with a few overlying trees. Shadow was playing about in the grass when suddenly she disappeared. She ran out seconds later with a Pidgey biting at her tail.
"You up for our first battle Shadow?" I asked.
"Alright then! Let's do this."
Shadow squared off against the wild Pidgey. They stared each other down, Shadow eargerly anticipating my call. "Tackle!"

Shadow charged forward. The Pidgey used its ability to fly to avoid Shadow's attack but she was relentless and eventually managed to knock the Pidgey out of the sky.
"Quickly! Use tackle again!"
Shadow charged again, knocking the Pidgey back into the tree. It seemed more dazed than anything but I took the pokeball out anyway. There was always a chance that the attack had fazed it long enough to be captured.

The red and white ball knocked against the Pidgey and a red beam emitted from it as the Pidgey was sucked inside. I shook once...twice...three times...ping!
"Alright I caught it!" I celebrated, forgetting to hold my composure at the excitment of capturing my first pokemon.
Shadow gave a pleased cry and knocked the pokeball towards me with her nose. I picked it up and rubbed the top. "I'll call you Jet," i said, marking a J on top of the ball.

Shadow bounded past me and I saw Asher standing there. She's probably seen the end of the battle. I showed her the ball but she didn't seem all that impressed with my capture. I sighed, defeated.
"Alright," I said, as Shadow bounded up my arm. "Let's go." I attached Jet's ball to my waist and started walking.

OOC: Lame I know but it's someting

12th March 2005, 11:45 PM
Seth shot Chase a cold glare as they walked along the road. All he did was be friendly to them, and all he got were glares and threats. His eyes softened as he looked over at Emi. She seemed to be a nice girl, a bit of a flake, but a nice girl. He looked back at Chase and mentally noted to rob him when they reached Pewter. Chase wasn't a fool, but then agin, neither was Seth. He had taken on much worse then Chase could probably dish out, so if the need arose, he could easily fight him off.
"So, where're you from?" Emi asked, who seemed to have materialized next to Seth. The white haired boy was surprised, but didn't show it. To be honest, Seth wasn't really from anywhere. He travelled from town to town usually.
"I'm from Saffron," he said. It wasn't a complete lie as Saffron was Seth's usual haunt.
"Spearow!" Out of nowhere, a ferocious bird pokemon dive bombed at Seth. he dark skinned theif ducked just in time as the bird flew overhead. It turned around and began hovering in one spot, eyeing Seth murderously.
"This one's mine," Emi said as she stepped forward, but was stopped by Seth's cue.
"This thing attacked me," he said, his lips curving into a mischievous smile, "so it's only fair that I fight it. Let's go Clyde!" The Mankey leaped forward and got into a battle stance.
"Let's rock!"

13th March 2005, 06:58 AM
Novella (Nidoran M)
Viridian Pokemon Center

I opened my eyes, guessing that I had fallen asleep again. Damn lethargy/fatigue. I wasn't sure which one to call it, but I had a feeling it would delay my journey. I didn't really care about time delay, but Novella was such a fast paced critter that I would have trouble keeping up. And if Snap was still around, I didn't want to slow him down either.

"You're finally awake?" Snap asked, leaning over, checking whether I was awake or sleeping with my eyes open. I yawned and nodded in response, groggy and tired. Snap handed me a plate. "I got you some food, in case you were getting hungry," he told me. "It's late, it's almost dinner, and I figured you'd be hungry seeing that you slept since we got here."

I grinned and accepted the food. "Thanks," I managed to mumble before beginning on my meal.

"Did you stay up too late last night or something?" Snap questioned.

I looked up, half a sausage in my mouth, confused. "Huh?" I asked through a mouthful of sausage.

"How come you're so tired?" Snap asked.

I swallowed. "I don't know," I answered. "It's some kinda thing. Not sure really. Mum said it was some kinda condition. It's not as if I've got some disease, I just get really tired and lethargic really easy. It just happens. I think its from an irregular sleeping pattern or something, but I fall asleep everywhere."

Snap nodded.

"Worst time I fell asleep was during my maths yearly last year," I continued, smiling. "Recieved 28%."

Snap chuckled. "That's still pretty good," he complimented.

"Yeah, it beat all my other marks, and I was awake for those tests," I ageed.

A ball of purple pounced into my lap, almost upending the plate of sausages and chips. "Novella!" I exclaimed. The Nidoran looked up with a devilish grin on his face. "You're so full of energy, you lost one," I laughed, handing him a sausage. He took it and bounded off once more. Snap gave his pokemon something to eat, and his pokemon followed Novella off into some part of the Pokemon Center.

"So, what about you, what do you usually do?" I asked Snap.

Snap shrugged. "Stuff," he replied.

"That's cool, I do that too," I grinned. I checked my watch. "It's only seven?" I asked.

Snap nodded.

"Damn, I'm going to be awake for hours," I sighed. "That's what happens when I fall asleep during the afternoon. I'm awake almost all night."

"We could always head to Pewter and get there before tomorrow, if you were up for it," Snap suggested. "Seeing you're going to be awake for hours."

"But won't you get tired?" I asked, concerned.

Snap shrugged. "I don't mind."

13th March 2005, 01:44 PM
~ At Viridian w/Kevin ~

Asher came out, having bought even more things for the journey as she placed them within her backpack. She had seen Kevin's battle, at least the end, and it really didn't strike anything with her. She just blinked lightly, and then gave a shrug and walked over to Fray.
" I got this for you."
Holding out her hand, Asher had merely bought a cube of sugar. They had sweets for pokemon that didn't do anything but taste good. Fray instantly gave a whinny of happiness and licked the sugar up out of Asher's hand and chomped upon it contently. Asher seemed to smile with her eyes, patting Fray upon the neck but the smile instantly vanished when she wasn't talking to her Ponyta.
" Alright, we should get going." Asher stated blankly, giving a little tilt of her head to Fray. She was going to walk for a bit, feeling the need for it.
" Are you not going to ride Fray?" Kevin managed to say, walking up towards Asher as they walked side to side. Asher turned her head to stare straight at him, and she shook her head.
" I don't feel like it now."
Silence seemed to ensue, and as if she was reading his thoughts.... with out looking at him as they walked, she commented.
"Don't even think about it. You're not riding Fray, and even if I let you... Fray wouldn't let you ride her either. Remember last time you decided to just pet her nicely when I was gone?"

Asher remembered that time- mostly because it was fairly humorous. Curious Kevin had gone up to her Ponyta and just went to pet her neck, but the Ponyta wouldn't have it. Instantly her fire had billowed about and licked his hand, causing a rather painful retort. Kevin seemed to remember it too judging by his facial expression.

They continued to walk until suddenly a strange pokemon seemed to dash in front of them. Instantly Asher recognized it- a Pikachu.
"This one is mine." Asher stated, figuring that since Kevin got the Pidgey she should get the next.
"Fray, ready?" Asher stated, glancing to her hooved friend who gave a little snort of acknowledgement. Fray galloped ahead towards the Pikachu and stopped, and the little fuzzy rodent seemed to realize that a battle was about to happen. In protest, the little rodent tried to do a Quick Attack to perhaps dodge out of the way and escape, but Fray already knew that.

She had gone to a Pokemon school for a reason.

" Fray! Quickly summon your fire and block it's path!"
Fray instantly lowered it's head and with a whinny fire billowed from it's muzzle and poured upon the thick grass, spreading directly in front of the Pikachu. Frightened, the pokemon realized that running wasn't going to work. So the pokemon used it's electricity.
"Pikaaa..." The pokemon began and Asher quickly spoke, "Get ready Fray! Try to make your body warmer to help ease the attack." Asher had spoken quickly enough so that the electricity zapped into Fray. Fray was in obvious discomfort as it gave a little cry, but Asher now knew what to do.
"Stomp!" Fray gave a nod and shook off the after electric-buzz and then galloped at the Pikachu. The Pikachu stood it's ground, firing up for another round of zap but Fray reared up instantly at the last moment. Lashing her hooves down, she struck the pokemon so that it crashed and rolled into the ground. With out hesitation, Asher whipped out a pokeball and threw it. It instantly opened, the pokemon turning into a reddened energy and then magically was sucked up into the pokeball.

The ball pinged after a little twitch, and Asher smirked and approached the pokeball. Picking it up, with out a word she reached into her bag and pulled out a sticker with an "A" upon it in silver. Sticking it on, she then put away the pokeball and patted Fray.
"Good job girl." Asher nodded, checking Fray over to see that her pokemon didn't need a potion yet.

Asher then looked to Kevin and motioned for them to go.
"Well, let's continue."

14th March 2005, 01:20 AM

So both Asher and I had caught our first pokemon within minutes of one another and strangely enough, hers seemed to have a type advantage over mine, which seemed to reflect a lot about our friendship. I stroked Shadow's head and as Asher suggested we continued on. It was weird, walking side by side with her, concidering she didn't like me. I wish she did though, like me that is, even just a little a bit. It sucks to have feelings for someone who probably wouldn't miss you if you were gone.

As we walked, I watched the day changing over our heads. It was hard to observe it when we reached Viridian forest because the trees were so dense but the morning was starting to fade pretty fast. I was excited about going to Pewter, not just because of the gym there but because I hadn't been in a town since...since 'it' happened. I really wanted to explore every inch of every town I visited with Asher, but that was going to take a while...Only one way to fix that really...

"Hey Asher, would you mind if we stayed at Pewter overnight? It's gonna take some time for both of us to battle the gym leader and it might be cool to take a look around as well. Maybe we can...you know...get something to eat? Or we could just hang in general, I just would really like to be in a city - because I've been at the school so long," I added in quickly, to cover up my real meaning.

yes ok, not very good but so tired right now

14th March 2005, 06:16 PM
Aidan Stafford - On the road to Viridian
Considering it was early afternoon, there was nothing else to do but travel to Viridian. It was rather uneventful, the only excitement fueled by a few battle challenges from Rattata's and Pidgey's. Despite their best efforts, my training proved handy and a few embers from Drake dispelled them immediately. Even though I was in need of a few Pokemon to challenge the gym leader, I had a specific team already lined up but the percent of attaining the perfect team was slim.

We arrived in Viridian mid-afternoon and headed into the Pokemon Center for a rest. I handed over Drake's Pokeball and then went towards the soda machine while Michelle did likewise. I plopped down on the nearest couch and watched Michelle as she came over to sit next to me.
"I asked Nurse Joy about the gym and she said it was closed because the leader is currently on vacation."
"Sounds reasonable to me," I said.
I looked out the window and at the bright sky.
"So, you want to try to get through the forest or train some more around here?"

14th March 2005, 10:35 PM
Siderous Peregrine
Team: Pidgey
Location: Inside Viridian Gym

"We like to call them Rocket balls," said the man, trading Sid's Pokeballs for a new set of black balls. "They're just normal Pokeballs, only with a couple of perfected tweaks and a new paint job. They catch better." Siderous took the shiny black balls and placed them in his backpack. "You'll need a couple of these too," the man continued, holding out a few potions.
"Naw, I can afford that on my own," Sid said, waving the potions aside.
"Yes... speaking of affording things... you realize that if you need any more of those Rocket balls, or anything that Team Rocket provides, there's going to be a price tag."
"I'll be fine with money. My parents will give me what I want."
"Most excellent," the man snickered. He then pulled out a little device of some sort. "This is on the house. It's a communication device, so we can contact you at any time. Most people put it in their collar, or up their sleeve." He handed the device to Siderous, as well as a card. "This is your calling card; it has the numbers of all of us higher-ranking Rockets. Don't call us unless it's a dire emergency. Finally," he added, straightening up and placing a hand on Sid's shoulder, "I want you to remember this. You are not wearing the Rocket uniform, so nobody can tell that you are a Rocket. Usually, the Nurse's at the Pokemon Centers won't heal your Pokemon if they learn that you are a Rocket. That's why you're so special in this case. You need to pretend like you never met us. Understood?"
"Of course."
"Well then," he ended. "Glad to have you on the team."

15th March 2005, 01:23 AM
Seth Maverick
"Force it to the ground Clyde!" The Mankey had grabbed hold of the Spearow's leg and was trying to drag it to the ground. The bird pokemon flapped its wings in vein as it slowly descended to the hard floor. Both pokemon showed signs of wearing.
"Now Clyde!" Seth yelled, "Before it has a chance to take off! Fury Swipes." The Spearow pulled itself from Clyde's grasp, but it was to late for it to avoid the barrage of swipes from Clyde.
"Now!" the dark haired thief ordered, "Let's end this! Scratch!" he attack was dead on, stricking the Spearow in the head and stunning it.
"And now for the finishing touch," Seth said softly, pullign a pokeball from his pocket. The tossed it into the air, held his pool cue in position and smacked the pokeball as if it was a billards ball. The boy's aim was true as it hit the Spearow. The ball hit the ground with a thud, wriggled three times before the red light turned white.
"Good job Clyde," Seth said, as he picked up the ball and gave his pokemon a thumbs up. Clyde gave a happy backflip in response. Seth then turned to Emi and Chase, who were watching the whole time.
"So, what do you think?" Seth said, flashing another smile, "Not bad huh?"
"That was great," Emi said, giving him a small applause. Chase just looked away and muttered something like 'show off'.

15th March 2005, 09:48 AM
~ In Viridian w/Kevin

Asher blinked for a second, hesitating upon how she should answer this. Finally however, glancing at Kevin she gave a little sigh.
"Yes, I suppose we will have to rest anyway. It'll give me a chance to raise the ability of my new addition anyway."
Kevin seemed to accept this, and with that Asher began walking again with out showing much. However, just as they were walking suddenly Kevin stopped and poked Asher on the shoulder. Asher immediately recoiled away and was about to yell, but she saw that Kevin was looking at the Viridian gym.
" Hey... I've seen that kid before." Kevin said, and Asher saw that it appeared another trainer was standing outside of it. Blinking, she tilted her head to the side.
"He must have been at Oak's." She stated flatly, beginning to walk off but Kevin stopped still.
" Yeah... I swore I saw him coming out of that gym. Isn't it supposed to be closed?"
Asher sighed, and with out hesitation she looked at the boy and yelled, "Hey you! Come here for a second!"
With that the boy glanced at them, but Kevin didn't look threatening, and Asher just had that deathly blank stare upon her face.

(Asher will most likely tell Siderous to join them, but of course that might be surprising. I won't tell you why, because it's Asher here- she doesn't explain her reasoning. lol)

Crystal Tears
15th March 2005, 01:05 PM
OOC: Err.. M_C and Classy Cat.. Where in the forest are we??? Or do you not know either?


'Arggg.. Why can't he just go away?' I thought, we were resting again. giving the pokemon a break, aswell as our feet. I felt slightly happy that Emi was leaning on my shoulder and playing with our pokemon, and not paying attention to that idiot Seth.
"Nido!" Nidoran squealed, as Emi tickled its under belly, I smiled for the first time in a while ever since Seth had joined us. He just gave off a bad aura or something.
"What you going to name him?" I had to think, I had always wanted a Nidoran, but I had never really thought of what I would name one. I frowned. "Uhh.." I answered is slight fustration.
"Growl!" I looked over at Ryu, who was attempting to write a name in the sand. I had taught him a few letters, but not much, and his writing wasn't all that good either. "Ki.. Kiro.. Kiro?" I asked him, Ryu happily nodded.
"You like the name Kiro?" I Asked, looking over at the Nidoran, who smiled and nodded, before going off to play with Ryu.
"I need my shoulder back for a bit." I joked, she smiled and sat up. I rolled my shoulder as it had once again become mine, and not a pillow. "I'll be right back." I said, jumping up into one of the trees. I could hear them talking, but about what I wasn't quite sure. I could feel myself becoming angry again.
'Oh grow up Chase.. Emi likes you, not Seth. Thats why shes YOUR girlfriend...' Great, it was like I was talking to myself.
I didn't really notice myself playing blankely around with a small knife until I almost dropped it. I cringed at myself as I stared seemingly mindlessly at the knife.
'Cold hard metal..'

15th March 2005, 01:35 PM
Please note that I may get another post today in tonight but after that I will be gone for another 2 or so days.

Lee Kenta
Party: Eevee - Magikarp
Near end of Viridian Forest

The battle had started and I had sent Magikarp out first.

"Ok Magikarp, use a tackle attack." I called out to my Magikarp.

Magikarp started flopping towards Beedrill still angry frop being called a stupid fish, and hit Beedrill right in the face.

"Ya Magikarp good shot." I called out to Magikarp trying to keep its spirit up.

"Beedrill, lets show a real attack, us poison sting." the rival trainer yeld.

Beedrill pulled its stingers back and all of them turned a bright purple. Beedrill then came rushing to Magikarp.

"Magikarp, dodge." I yelled desperatly to Magikarp but it was to late. Beedrill hit... hard.

I watched as Magikarp fainted while trying to not and new he was out. "Magikarp, return." I said while pointing Magikarp's pokeball at him.

"Thats was easy eh Beedrill." The rival said to his Beedrill.

I was now P.Od and called to Eevee, "Kick that bugs ass."

"Alright Eevee, Quick Attack!"

Eevee ran so fast it was hard to see it and it gave Beedrill a hard shot to the gut.

"Alright Eevee, do it again while the Beedrill is on the ground."

Once again Eevee hit the Beedrill hard again and this time the Beedrill fell to the ground. The beedrill put its right arm stinger on the ground and tried pushing up but it couldn't, it had fainted.

The rival trainer looked surprised that Beedrill had lost and returned it to the pokeball.

"I am going to see you and your Eevee again one day and when we do, we battle and you lose."

With that the trainer ran away.

15th March 2005, 03:30 PM
OOC: Oops! Don't worry, CT. I'll clear this up.

Emi Tajiri ~ Near End of Viridian Forest

I reluctantly lifted my head from Chase's shoulder and watched him jump up into a tree. An uncomfortable feeling washed over me. I was alone with Seth, someone I didn't even know. What if he tried something? I tried my best to concentrate on the Pokemon. Dimitri was still in his pokeball, but Feather and Metapod were happily playing.

"Nice Pidgey," Seth said without warning.

My uncomfortable feeling disappeared. I could talk to just about anybody about flying Pokemon. "Thanks. Dimitri helped me catch her. Doesn't she look strong and healthy? You could tell by her plumage."

"Really? How do you know that just by looking at her?"

"My mom is a flying Pokemon breeder. If it has wings, she knows all about it. And, of course, she passes on her knowledge to me." I looked at the Spearow. "But something's odd about your Spearow."

"What is it?"

"For one thing, it's in Viridian Forest. It's very rare to see Spearow around here. Maybe it's because it's hungry." I read Seth's confused expression. "Spearow's plumage is kinda dull, and it looks a little scrawny. I can tell that it's been having trouble finding food in its former home, which is why you caught it here." I suddenly decided to change the subject. "The lighter side is that I'm pretty sure that we're almost out of this forest. We can head into Pewter City, heal our Pokemon, and find a place to sleep before nightfall."

Crystal Tears
15th March 2005, 04:42 PM

I jumped back down from the tree, Emi and Seth looked over at me, but surprisingly I didn't feel anger. Maybe it was because of something else. I smirked, and quickly slipped the knife into my pocket, seemingly going un-noticed by the both of them.
"Hey Chase, what were you doing?"
"Eh, just looking around. We go that way to get out." I said, pointing at the dirt path that turn away from the catching grounds.
"Okay." Emi said, as she got up. I looked over at Seth who stared at me slightly, before turning to his pokemon and things.
'He wouldn't know...' I thought, ressurring myself this. I smirked and returned Both Kiro and Ryu.
"Shall we?" I asked, surprisingly both of them. Seth seemed slightly shocked, but noded all the same, along with Emi. Who ran up beside me as we continued down the path.

15th March 2005, 08:00 PM
Siderous Peregrine
Party: Pidgey
Location: Viridian Gym
************************************************** *************

"Pidgey, return," Siderous said, holding out his new black Rocket ball. He had just attatched the communication device he'd recieved earlier to himself, and was now preparing to leave. First he recalled his Pidgey, and then he hefted his backpack. The unknown man smiled one last time, and held out his hand again. "Good luck," he said, taking Sid's hand firmly and shaking it.
"Thanks," Siderous said. He turned and walked out the front door.

The old man from before wasn't there anymore. He was probably on break or something.

"Hey, you!" called a voice far to the right of him. It was a girl. "Come here for a second!" Sid was slightly taken aback; he had no idea who this person was, and she was obviously calling out to him. She looked impatient, and demanding. Her face was very unemotional; that made it difficult for Sid to read what it was exactly she wanted. One thing was clear- the tone of her voice made it sound like a demand, not an option.

Although Siderous usually didn't associate with people, he decided it would be rude if he didn't at least answer her. Not that he cared. "Yeah?" he called out, as nonchalantly as possible. He began to walk towards her, and finally noticed the scrawny-looking boy close to her.

Suddenly, Sid had an idea. "I could spy on them," he thought to himself, still watching the scrawny kid. "They're both probably trainers from Oak; I could make them think I'm their friends, and they will help me make it as a top trainer, and in the end, I will crush them first." He smiled at this thought. "Let the show begin."

16th March 2005, 04:06 PM


I sighed as he started heading over, it was just a curious thought that I had stupidly expressed out loud and now Asher had called the guy over to talk. Probably wouldn't be able to get him to **** off again now...He came up to us, seemingly unsure of what to make of Asher's expression which I have to admit was practically impossible to read. God knows what was going through his head.
The second he arrived Asher blurted out, "Kevin wants to know if you just came out of that gym and was wondering why because it's supposed to be closed."
I smacked my face with my hand, I couldn't believe she just blurted it out like that. How embarassing...
The boy laughed at us and said it was merely a trick he had been practising, there was no way he could have come out of a locked building.
I immediately found that I didn't trust this guy, there was just something about him that was just...not right, I couldn't put my finger on it though.
"Anyway," I said, trying to lay down some lines of communtication so i didn't appear rude, "I'm Kevin and this is Asher."
"Siderous. Nice to meet you."
"Yeah, a pleasure," I muttered. "Well we'd best get moving, the sooner we get to Pewter the better, 'ey Asher?"
Asher didn't reply but merely looked at this...Siderous, as he was supposedly called. "Why don't you come with us?" she suggested.
My jaw dropped, I'd known Asher for a while now but she'd never openly ask me to come with her anywhere, yet she asks some guy she's only just met. I'll never understand that girl...
"Sounds good to me," replied Siderous. "So, on to Pewter then?"
"Let's," replied Asher and we set off. I walked behind the two of them, glaring at the back of Siderous' head. Just because Asher had invited him along didn't mean I had to be happy about it. I didn't trust this guy and I knew he thought little of me already. Not even 10 minutes and I hated the guy already. "Great..." I whispered to Shadow, "just what I need right now. This is going to ruin everything..."

16th March 2005, 05:18 PM
Siderous Peregrine
Party: Pidgey
Location: Viridian Forest
************************************************** **********

"This is almost too easy," Sid thought to himself, walking through the forest beside a rather intimidating Ponyta. The Pokemon's name was Fray; it was walking between Sid and Asher, and Kevin was taking the rear. Kevin didn't look too happy that Siderous had joined the group. "Maybe he thinks I'm competition for him," Sid thought. "Maybe he likes this chick, and he thinks I'm gonna steal her from him. Or maybe they're already dating. Hee hee."

Suddenly, Kevin began to yawn. His Eevee, Shadow, did the same. "Say," spoke Kevin in the middle of the yawn, "is it just me, or does it seem like we've been walking for a long time?"
"It's not you," Sid said softly, feeling a little woozy himself, "it's sleep powder." Having grown up in these woods, Siderous could sense the attacks of any bug Pokemon around.
"Go, Pidgey!" he called, and Pidgey appeared flapping in midair. She suddenly began to drop under the influence of the powder.
"Quickly, Pidgey, use Gust to blow away the powder..." Sid was very groggy now. Obediently, Pidgey began to flap weakly, but as soon as the powder began blowing away, Pidgey was flapping stronger. Soon all the powder was gone.
"Where did that come from?" Asher snarled, just coming out of her half-awake state.
"Shhh," whispered Siderous, putting a finger to his lips. They were all silent for a few seconds, and finally Siderous said, "Pidgey, to our left! Top of the tree!" Pidgey screamed, and thrust itself into the tree.
"Beeeee freeeee!" yelped a Butterfree, storming out of the tree top.
"Use Tackle!" shouted Siderous to his Pidgey. Pidgey quickly emerged from the wood, and rammed right into the Butterfree. It slammed onto the ground, but was up quickly. Fray whinnied in excitement, and Shadow squealed. The Butterfree's eyes began to glow a strange purple.
"Confusion," thought Siderous. "Quick, Pidgey! Use Sand-Attack!" Pidgey landed softly, and began blowing gusts of dust into the Butterfree's eyes. Butterfree yelped again, and tried scratching the sand out of it's lidless eyes.
"Tackle it again!" Pidgey once again hit the defenseless Butterfree. "Finish it with a Quick Attack!" This time, when Pidgey smacked the poor Butterfree, it flew through the air and crashed into the trunk of a tree. "Here we go," he thought to himself, pulling out a Rocket ball. He tossed it at the Butterfree, and watched it bounce off of the Butterfree's wing. The Butterfree turned a brilliant red, and was sucked into the ball.

Wobble... wobble... wobble... DINK! went the ball. Butterfree now belonged to Siderous. He walked over picked up the ball, and turned to face his two companions. They were staring at him. "What?" he said, pulling out his ball for Pidgey. Just then he realized that it wasn't him they were staring at- it was the ball he was holding.

17th March 2005, 12:25 AM
Something's wrong. I just know it.
Seth gave Chase a suspicious look. There was defenitally something going on.
Why is he being nice to me all of a sudden? I know he's hiding something.
Trying to take his mind off it, he looked over at hs new Spearow, who was now perched on his shoulder.
"Hmm," he muttered to himself, "You do seem a bit dull and scrawny." The Spearow obviously heard because it gave it's new master a sharp peck on the forehead.
"He, it's true you know," The white haired boy said, trying to defend himself, "Now, what should I call you?" He then remembered what Emi had said earlier.
It's very rare to see Spearow around here.
"How aout Nomad, because you're a wanderer." The Spearow thought for a few moments before nodding, agreeing with his new name.
"Nomad it is then."

17th March 2005, 07:06 PM
~ Viridian w/Siderous & Kevin

Asher had watched Siderous, and while she wasn't sure why she had invited him to come along, she wasn't about to show any emotion about her decision. Why did she ask him? She wasn't really sure about it herself.... could have been the fact that having Kevin alone was rather ... different. It also could have been a defense mechanism of some sort. In any case, ASher was staring at the black pokeball.

"What's that?" Kevin stated, blinking as Fray gave a rather retort snort. Asher's eyes remained calm and inexplicit, but it was obvious that she wasn't exactly thinking such a thing was normal.
"They're... pokeballs." Siderous explained, "They're just differently colored."
Asher seemed to hesitate for a moment, speaking carefully. Her voice was calm and some how had a melody to it that remained beautiful, just restricted or perhaps restrained.
" Most pokeballs are not black. Quite the oddity..." She let her voice trail off, as if it were some thing to be left unsaid.

Asher wasn't sure about Siderous, but reguardless she wasn't going to hold anything against him as of yet. ASher really didn't trust anyone to begin with, so this little sign wasn't going to change much. Kevin was about to say some thing more, but suddenly Asher walked ahead of both of them. An exchange of words perhaps were passed, but Asher continued walking.

"let's get out of this forest... all that are in here are bugs, rattatas and pikachu. I for one, want to get to Pewter to rest up my pokemon."

17th March 2005, 11:57 PM
Siderous Peregrine (with Asher and Kevin)
Party: Pidgey [F](battle weary), Butterfree [M](nearly fainted)
Location: Viridian Forest

************************************************** *************

"The clearing's not too far up this way," Siderous said, hastily clicking the Rocket balls on his belt. "That was stupid," he thought to himself. "I've got to be more careful."
"I grew up in this forest," he called to Asher, catching up to her. "I know it pretty well. If you'd like, I can lead us through a shortcut..." Asher stopped and turned, and gave him a cold look. Siderous gulped. "Look, we can knock off a few hours if we cut through here."
Kevin seemed to be looking at Asher for a decision. Asher grunted. "You better be right about this," she grumbled, starting in the direction that Siderous was pointing to.

Half an hour later, they emerged from the forest and approached Pewter City. Just in front of them lay the Pokemon Center, and a little more northeast was a PokeMart. Sid wondered if he could buy Rocket balls there; perhaps he needed a secret password or something? He shook his head, no, if the Pokemon Centers won't let Rockets in, the PokeMarts probably wouldn't either. He'd figure it out later; right now, the trio was concentrated on getting to that Pokemon Center.

************************************************** *****

"Thank you!" chirped the red-haired nurse from behind the counter. She gave a little bow. "We hope to see you again." Sid, Asher, and Kevin gave a little bow back, and started making their way out of the Pokemon Center.
"Wait," said Kevin, stopping right before reaching the sliding front doors. "Asher, it's getting late..."
"Oh, that's right," remarked Asher, "you wanted to stay the night here."
Siderous raised an eyebrow. "But we're already here. There's probably nobody in the gym right now. We can take him on, and when we win, we can move on tomorrow."
Kevin looked a little desperate, and Asher stepped in. "I promised that we would stay for a while. Besides, it would be nice if we could check out the museum or something," she added, as Kevin grinned.
Siderous wasn't about to give in. "Well, if you guys don't want to battle today, fine; I'll go, and you can watch, if you'd like."
"That's not such a good idea," said Kevin, daring to disagree with Siderous for the first time. "I mean, you haven't even battled with your Butterfree yet. You might want to spend some time training with your new Pokemon before you go galavanting off to a gym expecting to win." These were pretty tough words to use. Asher and Kevin waited silently to see how Siderous would react to this.
"All right," he said, finally. "Well, the night's not over yet. What should we do first? The museum? Or maybe some shopping? I'm all up for training."

18th March 2005, 12:32 AM

I was going to say that I really wanted to go to the museum first but my stomach rumbled loudly and I cringed slightly. "How about we eat? I'm starving and I haven't eaten since leaving for Pewter." I turned to Asher, "plus you promised me you would."
Asher sighed and Siderous answered, "it would probably be a good idea, We'll need the energy."
We went to a small place and sat down at a rounded table, all three of us. In my mind, I found the whole situation kinda entertaining, this was probably the closest I'd ever get to a date with Asher. I had to stop myself from laughing.

We ordered some food four ourselves and for our pokemon, who chowed down happily on the warm food. When Asher finished she went to take some food to Fray, who was too big to get inside. I watched her go, silently telling myself that she was the most beautiful creature that I had ever seen on two legs. I would have given anything at that point to switch places wih Fray, I wanted that caring attention that the Ponyta got because it was such a sweet side of Asher, she just never showed it to humans. If only I could change all of that, how different things between us might be.

Siderous was watching me with a questioning look which I didn't notice until Asher starting to come back and I had to avert my daze elsewhere. I mouthed to Siderous 'don't ask' and contnued eating just as Asher sat back down with us.
"The museum's still open for a while so we can go before it closes and then do some training," it sounded to me, much more like an order than a request.
"Okay," agreed Siderous and I simply nodded and shifted my eyes back to my food. [I/] She can never know...[I]

18th March 2005, 09:42 AM
PA (Pokemon Aquired): Fray-F-Ponyta, Leif-M-Pikachu
Currently in Pewter w/Kevin & Siderous

Asher had walked outside, Fray instantly giving a little whinny of appreciation as she sat the food before her hooved friend. Fray instantly gave Asher a nudge to the shoulder, nipping at the clothing softly as Asher shook her head.
"I guess you were hungry... eat up." A nice plate of food was set down, and Fray instantly began to snarf the food down. The pikachu, appropriately named Leif by Asher, had actually followed her as well. He seemed to be a little stubborn, a protest look in his eyes, but he followed Asher as if by some instinct. He obviously would be a protective type in the future.

As soon as this was finished, Asher got up and stared at the building for a little bit. Back inside she had to go...
Asher found that she didn't mind being with the two guys much, although some times she felt a bit tideous- as if there were tension. Of course there would be however, Siderous didn't seem to be the type to trust and he actually reminded Asher of herself. It was rather ironic, but it didn't really bother Asher much... she wasn't going to care about how others acted. Kevin was more of the oddball out of all of them, which Asher wasn't sure what to think about that.

Entering again, Leif by her heels, she sat down again. Kevin was in the middle, Siderous to the left and Asher now to the right. She began eating again, and she couldn't help but feel some thing had been said when she was outside. She didn't care though... she wasn't one to press any questions.
"Pikaaaa..." Leif let out a rather rough growl-like noise as he ate slowly, glaring at Kevin's Pidgey and strangely not Siderous's.
"Leif, stop it." The Pikachu looked defiantly at Asher, as if daring her to question again but Asher surprisingly took her hand and scratched Leif behind is left ear, just barely but enough to completly bewilder the rodent.
" Stop now." Leif seemed to nod lightly, as if understanding and he ate again.

After they were done eating, Siderous immediately seemed to recall his pokemon and then get up. Asher was a bit slower, but soon Leif had been recalled and Kevin's Pidgey was as well.
"Let's go to the museum.." Siderous said lightly and Asher nodded.
" Yep... fun." Her voice wasn't thrilled, and Kevin glanced at her oddly.
"You wanted to go, didn't you?" She said rather shortly, and Kevin gave a bewildered nod.
"Then hurry up.."

Soon all three of them exited the building after paying, and then approached the museum. Fray seemed happy once they exited, but at the sign of the museum, Fray let out a snort. She didn't like being left outside all the time..
"Fray, when we're done we'll do some training... sound good?"
Fray blinked... as if thinking... and then gave a snortish nod. Asher seemed to smile with her eyes as she patted her horse's forehead.
"Good, we'll be back."
So the three entered..

18th March 2005, 06:05 PM
Emi Tajiri ~ Pewter City

"Here we are! Pewter City at last! Let's get to that gym!" I shouted as we entered the city.

"Emi, you need to heal your Pokemon first," Chase reminded me. "Remember? Metapod knocked out Dimitri to evolve."

I slapped my forehead. "Oh yeah, I forgot! Okay, to the Pokemon Center first!" I walked quickly there and ran up to the front desk.

Nurse Joy smiled at me from behind the desk. "Welcome? How may I help you?" she asked me.

I nodded. "I have Pokemon that need healing." I gave her my pokeballs. "Could you hurry up? I have a gym match to go to."

"Be patient. It takes time to heal your Pokemon."

"Could you heal my Pokemon too?" Chase asked as he approached the desk. Seth stood beside him and also offered Nurse Joy his pokeballs.

Nurse Joy gave me my pokeballs and took Chase's, then Seth's. "All of your Pokemon are healed. I hope you have a good gym match."

"Thank you!" I said happily. Then I heard my stomach growl.

Chase eyed me. "Don't tell me you got so excited that you forgot you were hungry."

"I guess so. Let's eat first and then go to the gym!"

18th March 2005, 11:18 PM
Seth chuckled as Emi and Chase began to go find something to eat. He remembered the number of times HE forgot he was hungry due to excitement. Well, being a thief would do that to you.
"Hey!" Emi called, breaking Seth from his trail of thought, "You coming?" Seth took a quick glance at Chase. His eyes were clearly saying 'hell no!'.
"I'll just stay here," he said, "you two go ahead."
"Okay." The two trainers left the pokemon centre, leaving the thief all alone.

Damn this Writers block to hell!!

19th March 2005, 12:11 AM
Michelle Randeth
Squirtle (Aqua - F)
In the PokéCenter in Viridian
"Your Pokémon should be healed shortly," Nurse Joy said, bowing slightly.

"Thanks," I said, then a thought struck me. "Um, do you know why the Gym is closed?"

To my surprise her expression turned rather thoughtful, and she said, "Well, I've heard a lot of people say that the Leader is on vacation. Odd time for one, though…" she added, her voice dropping in volume slightly.

"Okay, thank you," I said, and walked over to the couch where Aidan was sitting, drinking a can of soda. I went over and sat down on the cushion next to her.

"I asked Nurse Joy about the gym and she said it was closed because the leader is currently on vacation," I told her, plopping my sleeping bag on the couch next to me and moving my bag up and onto my lap.

"Sounds reasonable to me," Aidan said, looking out the window. I reached in to pull out one of my reading books when she continued, "So, you want to try to get through the forest or train some more around here?"

My arm stopped pulling the book out and I thought for a moment. "Well, if we stay and train, Aqua and Drake would get stronger and we might even catch some more Pokémon. It would be good to train up in case we encounter stronger Pokémon."

"But," I continued, "if we go through the forest, we'll also encounter more Pokémon that we can train against and we'll be getting closer to the nearest open Gym. And worst comes to worst we won't get through the forest in one day and we'll have to camp out. But it's supposed to be really nice tonight anyway."

"So you want to go through the forest?" Aidan said bluntly, giving me a wry smile, and I realized that I had been rambling again.

"Eh, yeah," I said, smiling sheepishly and putting my hand behind my head. "Sorry."

"It's okay," she said, then smiled genuinely. "It sounds like a good idea anyway. We should probably stock up a little at the PokéMart before we go, though; there are Weedle in the forest and we don't want to be stuck out there with a poisoned Pokémon."

"Sounds good," I started, but at that time Nurse Joy came over to us and said, "Your Pokémon are ready," giving us a warm smile.

19th March 2005, 05:07 PM

The museum was pretty cool, loads of cool artifacts to be seen and ancient pieces of architecture to behold and Asher to drool over...GAH! God, I must stop thinking about her! Let's be honest Kev, it ain't ever gonna happen, no way on God's Earth are you ever going to pull someone as beautiful as Asher. Be honest Kev, she's hot and 'not' would be a compliment to you. You haven't got a chance...
Siderous came over and tapped me on the shoulder, making me jump slightly.
"Look, why don't you just tell her you like her?" he suggested.
I sighed, "She hates me."
"How do you know?"
"She's told me often enough," I replied.
"Maybe she doesn't mean it. I mean, you two hang out right?"
I bit the inside of my cheek, "it's more like, I'm her follower. She doesn't want me around really and she sure as hell doesn't need me. I have to do everything I can just to make sure she doesn't leave me behind. She has no respect for me, she doesn't trust me, she barely even achknowledges I exist and yet...I just can't walk away. I want to be with her because she's all I have, even if it isn't great."
Siderous smirked, "talk about lovesick, although that could be interpreted as stupidity."
I punched his arm. "Just don't say anything. If she never knows then..."
"Then nothing will ever change."
I shot him a stern look. "Not all change is good okay? So just leave it alone."
I saw Asher hewading for the door and I grabbed Siderous' arm, "let's go. Before she leaves both of us behind."

Crystal Tears
20th March 2005, 02:16 PM
My glare ended as he turned away, I smirked to myself before turning to Emi who was already scouting out the food markets and plaza's. I felt myself feel slightly twing of regret at the rememberance at some of her shopping sprees. It was then is hit me, Seth wasn't coming along at all. We were dumping him here. I felt ready for the shopping spree, ready for anything the world could throw at me.
"Chase come on! Food this way!" I felt Emi tug me along as we fought our way to the front of the lines.
"Okay.. What do you want?" I asked.

20th March 2005, 02:54 PM
Alright, I have to apologize for my absence, computer virus bogged me down.

Right in front of Viridian Forest
"This is going to suck," I said to Novella as I peered into the dark forest, "Neither trainer seems to have packed a flashlight."

Novella seemed to shrug, or whatever it is that a thorny rabbit would call a shrug.

"Well, I don't know about you," I said, "but I do not want to be the seeing eye dog. I'm not even nocturnal."

"Well," Novella responded, "I am, sort of, but you end up being that way when your trainer is also nocturnal."

"Snap is practically nocturnal," I said, "but I am not."
"You just like to complain don't you?" he said, not so much in irritation of my habit.

"Well," I said in embarassment, "Snap is easy to complain about. He just doesn't seem to think about stuff. You know that voice in your head that tells you not to do stuff? He does not have it."

"Yeah, I've been meaning to ask: What kind of name is Snap, anyway?"
"That's how fast he changes his mind about things. His actual name is Agamemnon."

Mentioning his real name made me chuckle, it was just such an absurd name to give a modern boy. Let's add in that his siblings are named Hector and Helen. I just find it comical (and for that reason ironic) that his family is named after characters from a Greek tragedy.

Suddenly, Snap decided to speak.

"Well," he said, "It looks like we're going to have some trouble navigating that forest. Do you think our Pokemon could be able to find their way through? I mean they have better senses than we do"

"Good grief," I said to myself, "Really, just because I can hear, smell, and see better than you can doesn't mean I can navigate in the dark if I've never done it before."

Snap looked down at me. It took me awhile to realize that I was moving my arms as I was talking. My sign language was beginning to be instinctive.

"We've entered Viridian Forest before, Primal," he said, "If we can find a place that we recognize through your other senses, it shouldn't be too hard to orient ourselves from there."

"Damn," I said, realizing he had a point.

"And don't curse," he said annoyed with me, "What'll Mom think if she saw either of us cursing."

It didn't occur to us that the other two were listening to us. We were used to talking to each other like this, and it didn't occur to us that no one else would think that I was using some form of sign language.

Fortunately, you'd have to be dumber than a rock to not figure it out.

"Did you teach him yourself?" Lexis asked in some amazement.

Snap looked confused for a second "What?"

"The signing," she asked, "Did you teach him yourself?"

"Oh," Snap said in understanding, "No, Grandma is deaf so Mom taught the both of us. It makes communicating easier for Primal."

"As well as annoying." I said, making sure my hands stood still.

"Anyway," Snap said turning his gaze back to the forest and the ever darkening sky, "Do you think we should go in or should we get some flashlights first. I don't care either way, I just want to get a Weedle."

20th March 2005, 03:01 PM
Lee Kenta
Party: Eevee - Magikarp
Location: Pewter City
"We finally made it." I said to my pokemon. It was still bright outside, same as when I went into the forest.

I headed into the city and noticed a pokemon center. I noticed earlier that my pokemon were pretty tired so I decided to head in. I was greeted by another Nurse Joy who toke my pokemon and told me that they would be healed in a few minutes. So I walked over to a window and looked out of it.

I saw a few things in town; a gardener gardening, a pokemart and the Pewter Gym. I decided that there wasn't a whole pile of things to do and that I would go to the gym after my pokemon were healed.

Sorry its short but I have been busy lately. Also, I wont be osting for another 1 - 2 days.

20th March 2005, 06:04 PM
Emi Tajiri ~ Pewter City

"I'll have whatever you're having," I said, trying to resist the urge to go on one of my shopping sprees.

We got our food and sat down outside to eat. I let Dimitri out to get some needed sun. "You're going to be my star player. I think I'll use you and Metapod." I looked up at Chase. "You think I should catch a Mankey? There are Mankey outside of Pewter."

He groaned. "I think Dimitri and Metapod will be enough."

I giggled. I guess hearing the word "Mankey" reminded him of Seth. "Yeah, you're right. I don't need a Mankey to get my badge. I'll get a Mankey after the gym match so I'll be ready for the next gym."

Crystal Tears
20th March 2005, 07:14 PM

He kept cringing at the word, and eveytime, it would get Emi laughing, which he guessed his pain was wrothe it. He hadn't exactly been himself lately not with they're little fallower he had recently decided to annoy him until now. He smiled, and released Ryu, who bounded happily into his lap.
"Growlithe!" Ryu exclaimed, who turned to both Dimitri and Metapod, before poking Kiro's pokeball with his claw and releasing him. "Growl!"
I frowned, my team was types that didn't have a natural advantage against rock, I felt slightly weak.
"Whats wrong?"
"Well, you have two grass types. While I have A fire and a Poison. I don't have a type advantage on the Gym Leader, while you do." I sighed, resting my head in the palm of my hand which was supported by a well placed elbow on the table.
"Don't worry Chase." Emi smiled, nudging me, and in which case, caused my elbow to slip and my forehead to wham on the table with a thud. "Uh.." She manage to say while attempting to control her giggle. "You.. Alright?"
With my head still buried painful into the surface of the table a muffled.
"I'm Perfectly Fine."
She ended up laughing at me, as I lifted my head and rubbed it furiously to try and ease the pain. I just joined her in laughing at my own idiotic ways.
"Hey you!" We both turned to see double. Or twins probably, who were staring us down like we had just killed they're favorite pokemon. "Wanna battle?" One said with her to front teeth missing. "Yea battle!" Said the other, who had overly large front teeth.
I looked at Emi. "Want to?" I smiled slightly evilly. "Good warm up before your gym match."

20th March 2005, 11:23 PM
Emi Tajiri ~ Pewter City

I smiled back. "Yeah. Let's battle!" I said. The girls nodded and threw two pokeballs, revealing an Oddish and an Eevee. I gasped. An Eevee! I so want one! I straightened my face and looked down at Metapod. "Ready, Metapod?"

"Metapod!" he exclaimed as he hopped away from the table.

"Let's go, Kiro," Chase said calmly.

"Oddish, Razor Leaf the Metapod!" the girl with the missing front teeth shouted.

Razor Leaf? Oddish don't know Razor Leaf! I was dumbfounded as Oddish swung her leaves at Metapod. The leaves were released and spun toward him. "Metapod, Harden!" I yelled. Metapod flashed and hardened. The leaves bounced off of Metapod like they were nothing. "Now String Shot!"

Oddish tried to dodge but Metapod caught her in his sticky silk. Oddish was completely wrapped up. "Metapod, Tackle!" I commanded. Metapod jumped forward and plowed into Oddish. She rolled around as Metapod tackled her again and again. Metapod was ruthless. I looked at the trainer. "Your Oddish definitely needs more training."

Emotional Faun Chiko-sai
21st March 2005, 05:49 AM
OOC: Eheheh *sweat* between gorge-trekking in China and term exams, I didn't have any access to my computer... sorry for the not-posting.
Yoshika Himura, F, Pallet Town till the forest
About to (hopefully) join Lexis and Snap
Has just the one (male) Gastly [Nishikaze]

Yoshika was late. Not as usual, but it was expected. Mainly because she overslept in the Pokemon Center. Nishikaze wasn't a reliable alarm clock, because he tended to enjoy watching Yoshika suffering in minor ways, in an almost brotherly fashion. Conversely, if she was suffering in a major way, he would do something about it that would stop her from suffering in a major way.

The professor gave her a strange look when she arrived at his laboratory (very late; no one else was there), then appeared to understand as she started explaining.

"I knew there was someone left," he said, shaking his head. "There was a leftover set of Pokedex and pokeballs."

Yoshika goggled at the equipment in the lab, a far cry from whatever she'd seen on (very) occasional visits to Celadon so far. Oak handed her a red box-like dex and a fistful of pokeballs. "You don't look like you need a starter.. do you?"

[No, she doesn't,] answered Nishikaze, blowing a ghostly raspberry at the good professor. [Sucks to be you, old man.]

"Er, no," said Yoshika, after throwing a puny glare at the Gastly. "I'll stick with Nishikaze, thank you very much."

"I notice most Gastly are exceedingly rude," observed Oak. "It is possibly a behavioural pattern worth studying.. well, then, your first stop should be Pewter City. It's just through the trail in Viridian Forest."

As they left, Nishikaze commented, He was right; Pallet was very small, a real one-horse town. It was a neutral shade of greyish-blue.

Yoshika tried making Nishikaze battle some of the wild pokemon, but he just laughed at the Rattata and paralyzed the Pidgey for kicks. It turned out he oouldn't damage them with ghost-type attacks, although Yoshika felt quite sure he could knock them out with a Psywave. He just didn't [i]feel like it, that was all. And he was the most contrary creature she'd ever known.

They stayed in Viridian City's general area until the middle of the afternoon, when Yoshika started to feel hungry. She ate some of her packed onigiri, not bothering to feed Nishikaze, because he didn't need food, being a ball of annoying purple gas. The Gastly trailed over to the opening that led into the forest, a bright purple torchlight in the darkness. [Ooooh, so scary. Forests are boring. Bugs everywhere, little birds and sometimes yellow mouse things.] He proceeded to disappear into the forest. She ran into Viridian Forest after him, not wanting to be left behind.

Yoshika's open Pokedex confirmed Nishikaze's statement, saying that there were colonies of Weedle and Caterpie, as well as a smattering of Pikachu and Pidgey. Nishikaze stood out like a beacon, the forest's thick canopy eliminating most of the sunlight. He appeared to be reading a sign stuck in the middle of the path.

[You can cure Poison status with Antidote], he read. [Geez, which idiot wouldn't know that?] As he saw Yoshika approaching, he retreated still further into the gloom, then suddenly doubled back to the entrance of the forest.

"Aniki! Wait for meee!" Yoshika caught up with the grinning ghost, only to trip over a tree root and go sprawling at the feet of a Nidoran and a Mankey. Their trainers gave her odd looks, the second she'd received that day. She got up and started apologizing.

"I'm so sorry, I hope I haven't disturbed you in any manner, well, anyway I have already, sorry and I promise it won't happen again!"

The girl, who had short black hair and a certain sense of fashion that Yoshika couldn't quite pin down, raised an eyebrow at her and said civilly, "It's okay, we won't eat you for over-apologizing."

21st March 2005, 07:21 PM
Siderous Peregrine (with Asher and Kevin)
Party: Pidgey [F], Butterfree [M]
Location: leaving Pewter Museum
************************************************** ****
Siderous kept quiet as Kevin pulled his arm. Asher had just left the museum, and Kevin was leading Sid after her as gently as he dared.
"Alright, I won't tell," Sid said, almost jokingly. Kevin looked back at him with an unbelieving grimace. Sid held up his hands in a surrendering position. "Not a word, I swear."

Fifteen minutes later, Kevin was sitting on the ground playing with the grass while Asher and Siderous were having a heated argument.
"I told you," Sid said, exasperated, "I want to catch a Spearow!"
"That's not my problem," replied Asher, her patience wearing thin with Siderous. "You already have a Pokemon that can be a decent match against Brock. Brock is a rock type; both Fray and Leif wouldn't stand a chance at the level they're at! I need a bug type, and there only way I'm gonna get a bug is if we go back into Viridian forest."
"You don't need a bug! There are plenty of other choices in the west; I hear you can catch a Mankey, or even a Nidoran."
Asher shook her head. "Sorry Sid. We go to Viridian Forest. End of discussion."
Kevin suddenly piped up, "Hey, here's an idea. Sid, you go get yourself a Spearow, and train there for a bit. When you get done, come to the Viridian Forest; Asher and I will be there. There's the two of us in the forest, see? It'll probably take longer to train and catch Pokemon with two of us, so whenever you get tired of training over there, you can come get us." Kevin was beaming. Sid figured that Kevin didn't really care about the training part; he was just happy to have more alone time with Asher.
"Good idea," said Siderous, cutting Asher off right as she opened her mouth to say something. "I'll see you guy in a little bit." With that, Siderous began heading towards the west end of Pewter.

"Let's go, Pidgey!" Sid cried, releasing his most trusted friend into the sky. "Use Gust!" He had encountered a male Nidoran, and was determined to catch it. Pidgey's wings screamed as she violently flapped a tremendous amount of wind towards Nidoran. With nowhere to run, Nidoran crouched low to the ground, but was soon swept off of it's feet. It landed a couple of yards back, hard.
"Now, use Quick Attack!" Pidgey lunged forward and smashed into Nidoran. Nidoran went sprawling across the ground and smacked into the far wall.
"Speeeeear!" cried a voice from the grass. Not wanting to be inturrupted, Sid pulled out a Rocket ball and tossed it at the nearly fainted Nidoran. A small, angry Spearow shot up from the grass and kicked the Rocket ball away. Of course, the Rocket ball swallowed up the Spearow, but Sid didn't have too much hope of catching it. The Spearow wasn't even damaged, and it was pretty mad, too.

wobble... wobble... wobble... dink!

"Huh?" thought Sid, amazed that he'd just caught the Spearow. Scratching his head, he pulled out another ball and tossed it at the sleeping Nidoran. Once caught, he put the Nidoran on his belt, but held the Spearow ball. After a few moments, he finally recalled what that Team Rocket man said about the Rocket balls- that the Rocket balls were a little more advanced than regular Pokeballs. "Ah," he thought, grinning. "Well, I'm sure it won't work for more grown up Pokemon. The littler ones perhaps."

It wasn't long before he'd grown accostomed to Butterfree's attacks. According to his Pokedex, since Butterfree knew Sleep Powder already, that meant that it also knew Poison Powder and Stun Spore already, too. It's Confusion attack was incredibly powerful as well, and was going to help tremendously against Brock.

Sid decided that he would train a bit with Spearow and Nidoran in the Viridian forest, so as to decide just which two he was going to use against Brock. He pondered this as he made his way back into town. Spearow and Pidgey were almost out of the question, and Butterfree was an obvious first choice. The next question was whether or not he should use Nidoran, or perhaps he should stick to Pidgey.

Suddenly, Sid felt his right arm buzz. It alarmed him at first, but then he remembered the phoning device Team Rocket had given him. He quickly looked around to make sure nobody was around; he then pulled up his sleeve, pushed the blinking red light, and held the small receiver to his ear.
"I've got something for you," said the voice at the other end. "Meet my assistant behind the PokeMart in Pewter City." Beep. The transmission was over. He pulled down his sleeve and continued into the city.

The man was very easy to spot; he was wearing a rather obvious black spandex shirt and pants, with a giant "R" on the shirt. It was a good thing nobody was around to spot them together.
"Boy, this isn't obvious or anything," Sid said sarcastically as he approached the Team Rocket member.
"Shhhh! Here. Goodbye," he said hastily, shoving a small, red CD case in Sid's hands and running away. Sid looked after him humorously, and opened the case.

Inside was a small blue CD. It was a TM for something. Pulling out his Pokedex, Sid held up the TM to it to determine what it was.
"TM 3," chirped the Pokedex, "Water Pulse."
"That's helpful," thought Siderous, putting away the Pokedex. "Only problem is that I don't have a water Pokemon." Sid called out Pidgey, Spearow, and Butterfree.
"Well? Water Pulse, anyone?" They all shook their heads. Then he remembered...
"Nidoran, come on out." Nidoran looked very tired and bruised on the ground when it came out. Sid placed the TM on Nidoran's forehead, and they all watched as the CD liquified and absorbed into Nidoran's skull.
"That's so cool, yet so sick," he thought. Sid recalled all of his Pokemon and made his way to the Pokemon Center. After healing, Sid decided to start heading towards Viridian forest to check up on Kevin and Asher.

((There, I hope that makes up for my absense!))

22nd March 2005, 09:37 AM
Currently w/Kevin
Pokemon: Fray (Ponyta/F), Leif (Pikachu/M)

Asher was completely fine with Siderous. In actuality, she liked a verbal spare now and then and Siderous was game enough to match up to Asher's spite. Still, she actually wasn't to keen on getting any pokemon from the Viridian forest.
" A bug pokemon huh?" Kevin stated, following Asher as they headed out of Pewter.
"No." Asher calmly stated, focusing her eyes ahead of her as they continued to walk a little bit away from the city. Fray was in stride by the both of them, as if seperating them for a purpose barrier. Her mane was flowing of brilliant reds and yellows and it seemed to calm Asher some times. Just to stare into that firey balance... it was tranquil.
" Then what?" Kevin seemed rather confused, but Asher glanced at him and instantly withdrew a sigh. Approaching a pond which they had come across, Asher knelt down beside the water. She looked up at Kevin once again and gave a nod as Fray seemed to approach the water and sniff it.
"Isn't your Ponyta afraid of water?" Kevin stated, bewildered but Asher shrugged.
"No... she doesn't have reason to be afraid of it." Asher seemed to be the master and not giving out any more information as Kevin sighed in defeat, his Eevee rubbing against his leg happily as if all was right in the world. Asher took out her bag and reaching inside she grabbed a few strange pellets and then reclosed her bag and stood up.
" There is no way I want a bug pokemon... actually I was hoping to catch a water pokemon."
Kevin raised a brow as if bewildered, and Asher glanced at him and gave a nod.
"Yeah... there are more than just Magikarp in the water. You just gotta know how to draw them out." Asher then threw another ball upon the ground and instantly Leif appeared within a flash of red. His form slowly came to being as he shook his fur and seemed to be pleased to be released. Asher glanced at him and gave a nod.
" Alright Leif, we're going to be fishing today."
Leif turned his eyes towards the water and seemed to give a nod- as if this was some thing to be expected. Throwing two pellets into the water, they seemed to float there for a while and Asher sat down upon the grass and waited. Kevin shifted and stood akwardly, not knowing what to do.
"You might want to sit. This could take a while. "
Kevin gave a nod and sat down slightly close to Asher, but not enough to draw much attention. Fray gave a nicker and simply at some grass along the edges of the pond, as Leif perked his ears and stared intently at the water.
Time passed...

Kevin looked as if he were about to fall asleep with his Eevee upon his lap, until suddenly Asher grinned.
"Got one."
With that she looked to Leif and gave a nod. "Thundershock it!"
Instantly Leif sprang to life and darted towards the water. Touching it with his tail for magnification, suddenly bundles of sparking electricity erupted from his cheeks as the water instantly sprang to life with electric shocks. Movement was in the water... until suddenly it gave a cry and poked it's head out of the water.
A Dratini?
" What the heck... what's a Dratini doing in the water!" Asher suddenly exclaimed, getting to her feet and looking at Leif.
"Do it again... direct it straight at the little guy."
Leif narrowed his eyes and let out a growl as his cheeks fired up again and instantly a bolt was condensed together and licked at the air towards the Dratini. Instantly it seemed to incircle the pokemon, causing it to give a cry. In protest it retorted with a spray of water at Leif, which nailed him directly and caused him to go a few parts backwards. Dratini splashed into the water again, but Leif wasn't ready to quit. Running to the water again he seemed angry at being wet and instantly more electricity was zapped into the water. Another cry rang out as the Dratini lept into the air to try to free itself from the discomfort, and to that instantly Asher grabbed a pokeball from her pocket and threw it. The contraption hit the Dratini and instantly sucked the pokemon inside... the pokeball landed in the water and floated, giving a little 'ping' at the signal of being caught. Asher quickly took off her shoes and then instantly waded and then ended up swimming out to the pokeball. Grabbing it she went back and looked at it confused, her wet hair hanging about her shoulders.

"That was odd..." Kevin stated, and Asher nodded.
"Return Leif." She recalled her pokemon, and Kevin blinked oddly as Asher looked at him.
"Why didn't you just have Leif go get the pokeball?"
Asher shrugged, " I want my pokemon to know that I'll sacrifice my body to do things too."
Kevin seemed to nod and look away awkwardly, as Asher squeezed her hair a bit to dry it off. Fray instantly bounded to her side with a bit of jubilance, giving a little whinny of happiness. It didn't last long however...

"Why, I want to thank you kindly for catching that Dratini for me."
Kevin and Asher whirled around to see two ... Rockets. They were dressed in obvious clothing attire, and they looked rather smug. Asher narrowd her eyes...
" Get away. " Asher snarled, seeming extremely hostile and more violent towards them in an instant.
" No. You see... we originally had that Dratini, but it got away from us and went into this pond. We were trying to figure out how to get it when you came along... and well, I'd like to thank you."
Asher looked to Kevin, who instantly shook his head.
" You're not getting that pokemon."
The two of them grabbed a pokeball and smirked.
" We'll show you two brats whose getting what!!"

(I figure with Siderous gone, it'd be convienent for them to run into Rockets. Samchu, when you post just to let you know and fyi- based on Asher's history, she absolutely HATES rockets. She'll probably be overly viscious and tends to try to beat them to a bloody pulp although she won't kill them. lol)

22nd March 2005, 05:26 PM

The Rockets tossed their pokeballs to the ground and from them came a Golbat and a Raticate. "Shadow and I will handle the Raticate, are you and Fray gonna take care of that Golbat?"
Asher nodded, she looked eager to get this over with and I saw something there, that I had never seen before. Pure hatred. I had seen Asher look at me countless times with a look of disgust or dislike, sometimes even a tad bit of anger but I saw so much hatred there. I wondered what had caused her to feel this way about them. I noticed then that Shadow was acting strangely also and lunged into battle before I could even give a first command. I wondered what had gotten into her.

"Alright Shadow let's show these guys just what we can do. Use your quick attack!"
Shadow began darting across the grass, towards the Raticate.
"Raticate! Counter it with your own quick attack!"
I thought quickly. "Forget the assault! Dodge and tackle!"
Shadow darted quickly around the oncoming attack and doubled back on the Raticate, using its own quick attack against it to knock it off balance. The Raticate tumbled into the ground where Shadow proceeded to assault the rat pokemon with continous tackle attacks.
"Raticate! Tackle!"
The Raticate caught Shadow as she came again. The two colliding tackles errupted in a powerful clash in which Shadow, being the smaller of the two, was thrown backwards.

"Shadow? Are you okay?"
"Eevee! Eev!"
I smiled. "That's my girl."
"Raticate, use hyper fang!" the Rocket ordered.
"Shadow. Sand attack."
Shadow turned her back on her opened and immediately began to kick dust from the ground into the Raticate's face. It continued charging for a while but the burning dust quickly overwhelmed it and it stopped in its tracks.
"Shadow! Tackle it!"
Shadow charged at the blinded rat, knocking the undefended pokemon clear across the field until it landed with a thud on the ground unconcious.

The Rocket quickly returned his pokemon. "I'll get ya kid. Just you wait and see."
"Yeah, I'll do that." I replied calmly as he ran off, tail between his legs. I turned to see how Asher was doing and saw Fray stamping on the Rocket. "Asher what are you doing!?" I ran and tried to pull Fray off of the Rocket. He wasn't hurt badly, mostly scared of the crazed Ponyta attacking him.
As he tried to run Fray went for him again but I stopped the Ponyta in her tracks. "No Fray. Let him go."
The Ponyta gave a displeased snort and went to take her anger out on me instead. Asher called her off relatively quickly and I escaped with some minor burns. Though Asher's wrath, I could already tell, would be much more fierce.

"What the hell do you think you're doing!? You had no right to interfere!"
"Hey, I wasn't gonna let you mame some guy. I understand he's a complete idiot but there's no need to mame him!" I retorted.
Asher paused, surprised at my retaliation. "No. You don't understand."
"See? This is what I've been trying to say. I can't understand because you don't open up to me," I said, as calmly as I could.
"And you're completely open with me right?"
"Of course," I replied.
"Liar! You've been hanging around me for years and never once did you tell me that you were in a mental hospital."
I froze, startled. I didn't think anyone knew. They'd kept me there, for the therapy. It was supposed to be private.

"How do you know that?" I asked.
"The teachers told me. They were 'concerned' when you started to hang around with me. They said you weren't mentally stable."
"Well they don't know me."
"neither do I. So why is me not knowing you such a big deal?" she asked, eyebrow raised.
I sighed defeated. "Fine, you win." I'd rather give in then tell her about my past. I really didn't wanna talk about it. "Come on, let's move on with that training shall we? Now that our 'distractions' are finally gone."

22nd March 2005, 07:36 PM
Siderous Peregrine (w/Asher and Kevin)
Party: Pidgey [F], Spearow [M], Butterfree [M], Nidoran [M]
Location: Ouside, in Pewter City

"I shouldn't be doing this without them," he thought, standing outside of Pewter City gym. "What am I thinking. I just want to see the battlefield, that's all. I'm not going to challenge the gym leader just yet." He walked closer, and the sliding doors opened for him.

Inside, the ground was rough. There were jagged rocks coming out of the ground everywhere. As he made his way deeper into the gym, a voice called out to him.
"Hey, you!"
Sid whirled to his left and saw a young trainer approaching him. The kid had a grin on his face. "You're light years from facing Brock!" Immediately, before Sid could protest, the camper called out his Geodude. Siderous sighed, and pulled out a Rocket Ball.
"Go, Nidoran!" A beam of red light shot onto the ground and formed into Nidoran.
"Geodude, use Harden!"
"Water Pulse, Nidoran!"
The young camper looked shocked as a jet stream of water spouted from Nidoran's mouth and engulfed the unprepared Geodude. Seconds later, Geodude was on the ground, fainted. The camper was speechless as he called his Pokemon back.
"Go, Sandshrew!" he shrieked.
"Come back, Nidoran," Sid said, pulling out another Rocket ball. He whispered in the ball, "This is our first real battle against a trainer. I want you to be a part of it." Siderous heaved the ball into the air.
"It's time, Pidgey!" Pidgey screamed out of her ball.
"Sand Attack!"
"Scratch, Sandshrew!"
The Sandshrew ran forward, but was stopped in it's tracks when Pidgey began blowing huge gusts of sand at it.
"Pidgey, use Gust!" Pidgey continued to flap, only this time aiming at the Sandshrew instead of the ground. However, Sandshrew was able to hold it's ground; it's skin was nearly immune to wind burn.
"Use Scratch, Sandshrew!"
The wind actually seemed to have helped the Sandshrew, since the Gust attack seemed to have cleared out the sand from it's eyes a bit. Sandshrew ran at Pidgey.
"Pidgey, fly up!" Pidgey began to flap, but it's wings were tiring out. Fortunately, it seemed high enough to avoid Sandshrew...
Sandshrew suddenly jumped up above Pidgey, and came down hard. Pidgey was slammed into the ground face-down, with Sandshrew on top of it.
"That's right, Sandshrew! Keep scratching away!"
Pidgey was taking a beating. "You need to get up, Pidgey!" Siderous cried. With a massive, "Piiiiiidgeeeey!!" pushed itself up, and Sandshrew lost it's balance and fell. "Knock it away with Tackle!" Pidgey pushed itself off the ground as hard as it could with it's talons and right wing, and slammed into Sandshrew.
"Get up, Sandshrew, and use Sand Attack!"
Sandshrew stumbled a bit while getting up, but when it did it began scraping the ground furiously. Sand billowed up around Pidgey, but Pidgey seemed unneffected. Suddenly, Sid's Pokedex began beeping. He pulled it out and it said, "Keen Eye. Prevent's it's accuracy from being lowered." Siderous smiled as he put the Pokedex away.
"All right, Pidgey, let's end this. Gust!" Pidgey began flapping away again, and the sand Sandshrew was digging up was blown back at it with tremendous force.
"Now, before it can recover, use Quick Attack over and over!" Pidgey dove, and began smacking away at the poor Sandshrew. After the third attack, Sandshrew finally fell.
"Sandshrew, return," said the trainer gloomily. "I just remembered. Light years doesn't measure time; it measures distance." The camper walked up to Sid and handed him 220 dollars. He then walked out of the gym, probably headed for the Pokemon Center.
"Awesome," Sid thought, recalling his Pidgey. "That was almost too easy."

Sid exited the gym and went to the Pokemon Center. Sure enough, the camper was there.
"Hey," Sid said to the kid, placing his Rocket balls on a tray and handing them to the Nurse behind the counter.
"Hey," he responded, "good battle. You've got one heck of a Pidgey."
"Thanks," replied Siderous, watching his four Rocket balls glow on the healing machine. "You're Sandshrew's pretty tough too. I'm Sid, by the way."
"Liam." The Nurse handed Liam his two Pokeballs and bowed to him. Liam bowed back and said, "Well, I should get back to the gym. Good luck against Brock. You shouldn't have any trouble with that Nidoran of yours, and your Pidgey is tough to beat, even if it is a bird type against a ground type." With that, Sid and Liam shook hands and Liam left. Siderous got his Pokemon back and was on his way out when he bumped into Liam, who was coming back in.
"I almost forgot," Liam said to Siderous. "I wouldn't use a flying type against Brock. He's got a... a Pokemon that uses Rock Tomb." Liam stammered this; he'd almost told Sid just what Pokemon exactly Brock used.
"What's Rock Tomb?"
"Death to flyers, that's all you need to know," Liam said. "I'm not supposed to tell you that, but I thought maybe you ought to know." He finally left.

Siderous thought about that for a minute, wondering what he would do if his Nidoran was knocked out. "I still have Butterfree," he thought, "but Butterfree's a flyer. What am I gonna do?" Siderous was thinking so much about this that he didn't even notice the two Rockets lurch out of the Viridian forest, one in physical pain. Sid walked into the Viridian forest opening, and saw both Asher and Kevin. Asher looked out of breath and pissed off; Fray was steaming, and Kevin looked a little defeated. It was an awkward picture. "Hey guys," Sid called out, waving his hand. "What's going on? You look like you've just been robbed," he joked.

((lol I don't know where all this writing energy is coming from, but I like it so far!!))

Crystal Tears
22nd March 2005, 08:29 PM

I smirked as Emi finished off the Oddish and I was just starting with the Eevee. "Nidoran! Tackle!" I called, Nidoran bounded outwards, at the small fluffy eevee, who quickly dodged the move.
"Eevee! Use Tail whip!"
"Poison Sting!"
Just as eevee used its cute tail whip, sharp poisoness pins shot from Kiro's mouth, striking the the creature directly on the forehead.
"Now! Tackle!"
"Stand Your Ground Kiro!"
As the eevee collided with Kiro, Kiro quickly caught onto the plan and swung around, erupting a fierce poison sting on the back of its head, finishing off the small pokemon.

"You Twit! You challenged experts!"
"I'm not a Twit."

I watched the pathetic sight argue all the way to the pokemon center. I frowned and looke at Emi..

"Thats was Easy."

23rd March 2005, 06:42 PM
Aidan Stafford - Viridian City
Retrieving our Pokemon, we headed into the Pokémart and stocked up on whatever we could find: potions, antidotes, etc. Leaving fully satisfied, we headed north into the forest, notorious for holding large amounts of bug Pokemon. Unfortunately, I wasn't interested in them, as well as the Pidgey and Pikachu that also inhabited the area. I wanted a rarer Pokemon, a Pokemon that would prove useful in almost any gym.

As soon as we entered the forest, the sky half-disappeared due to the amount of trees blocking the light. Although still bright out, it instantly became darker, which would force me to use Drake once it got dark out. Walking along a well worn path, it branched out into many areas but we opted for the straight road, hopeful to find any kind of Pokemon.
"What kind of Pokemon are you looking for, Aidan?" Michelle asked.
"Actually, I don't plan on catch-" I stopped mid-sentence to stare at a Pokemon right ahead. Propped up against a tree slept (or what looked liked sleeping) an Abra. It was a sight to behold, as Abra were a rare find due to the fact that they were almost impossible to catch if people or predators got near them.

As soon as we got closer however, it didn't budge and visible scratches lined its body. Flipping open my Pokedex, I scanned the Abra and information blipped back: gender, current attacks, types, etc.
"Is it ok if I catch him?" I pleaded with Michelle. "This was one of the Pokemon on my master list and I absolutely love Kadabra."
Thinking about it for a second, she eventually nodded and watched on as I unhitched a Pokeball and enlarged it before tapping it against his body. Turning into a red orb, it flew into the Pokeball where a few shakes and a much anticipated ding confirmed my capture.
"What do you think happened to him?" Michelle asked.
"Probably was ambushed by a group of Pokemon and only had enough strength to teleport to a safe spot."
I grasped the ball in my hand before cradling it with upmost care.
"It'll be hard to get you to a Kadabra but it'll be worth it," I murmured. "I think I'll name you Nightshade, mysterious yet deadly."

23rd March 2005, 11:55 PM
Emi Tajiri ~ Pewter City

"What are we doing again, Emi?" Chase asked me as we walked to the nearest pond.

"We obviously need a Pokemon that will help us beat the gym leader. Water-type Pokemon will do the trick. Now watch me. Dimitri showed me how to flush out a water Pokemon without using a fishing rod. Dimitri, use Vine Whip!"

"Bulba!" Dimitri said. Vines extended from under his bulb and into the water. They swished around and then stood still. "Saur! Bulbasaur!"

"Did you get something?" I asked him.

"Bulba!" He started to walk backwards, grunting from the work of pulling out something that wanted to stay in the water. Finally it just jumped out of the water. It was a Staryu! A shiny one! "Bulba..."

"Look at that jewel! Dimitri, Vine Whip that Staryu before it gets back in the water!" Dimitri slapped the Staryu silly with one of its vines, the other vine still holding onto it. "I think it's time to throw the pokeball." I took out a pokeball and threw it at the Staryu. The pokeball shook violently once, twice...

"You got it," Chase said.

"Yes I did." I handed the pokeball to Chase. "Here you go. Now both of us have something to use against Brock. Call it a gift."

25th March 2005, 05:36 PM
Seth looked over his two pokemon, deep in thought.
From what I know, the gym leader uses rock types. So ar I've got a fighting and a flying. Not exactly the best choice for this kind of battle.
"It's your fault!" screamed a voice.
"No it's not! It was yours!" screamed another. Seth looked up to see a pair of trainers (twins to be precise) walking into the pokemon centre and arguing about something. Normally, Seth wouldn't care, but he noticed one of the twins had an Oddish.
"Hey!" he called, walkign over to them. The twins stopped arguing and looked at the boy.
"Yeah?" one replied.
"Where did you get that Oddish?" he asked, getting straight to the point.
"In the forest outside of the city," the other replied, "why?"
"Could you take me there?" he asked. The twins shook their heads.
"We have to heal our pokemon." Seth knew it wasn't his business, but he had to ask.
"What happened?"
"My pea-brained sister challenged a couple of experts. We got creamed."
"You challenged them you moron!" A small smile appeared on Seth's lips. He knew how he could sweeten the deal.
"Girls," he said, "I'll make you a deal. I'll help you get back at these 'experts' if you help me find and Oddish. Deal?" The two thought for a few minutes.

26th March 2005, 10:31 PM
Lee Kenta
Party: Eevee – Magikarp
Location: Outside of Pewter Gym
I opened the door of the gym in looked in. I already knew that the gym leader used rock pokemon so the rocky terrain was not a surprise to me at all. I first went to the statue that was near the door and saw that no one had signed it yet so that must of meant… I was the first trainer from that group in Pallet Town that is going to challenge the leader!

I was going to walk down the main path to the leader but there was a trainer so I snuck quietly and quickly behind him so I could get right to the leader. While sneaking I realized that even though I had a water pokemon, it didn’t know any water attacks. I slapped myself in the forehead and cussed quietly. But it was too late to turn back so I just said, “Screw it, I am battling.”

I made it to the main arena were I saw the leader. I walked to him and introduced myself, “Hi, I’m Lee Kenta and I would like a gym battle.” While shaking the leader’s hand. The leader was a little taller than me, had a tan and spiky black hair.

“Nice to meet you Lee, I am Brock” The leader replied, “Now if you want a battle please go onto your side of the arena.”

So I turned around after saying good luck and walked to my corner. Once in place Brock told me the rules, “Ok Lee, here are the rules. Number one, there is no time limit, Number two, you may switch pokemon during the battle but I can’t and Number three, Each one of us can only use 2 pokemon each, got it?”

“Got it!” I yelled back at him and looked up to see a giant screen light up with a picture of Brock and I with a column under us that had two squares to show our pokemon.

“Ok Lee, If you win this you will get a Boulder Badge and a TM which will automatically teach the pokemon it is used on a move. Use it wisely though because it can only be used once, got it?” Brock told me.

“I got it, lets just start” I called out.

2nd April 2005, 01:49 PM
*pokes* did the owner(s) abandon this or something?

Michelle Randeth
Squirtle (Aqua - F)
In Viridian Forest
After finding the beat-up Abra, whom Aidan caught and called Nightshade, I realized we hadn't seen any other Pokémon at all in the forest. It might have been we weren't yet deep enough, but I still wanted to find a Pokémon before I left the forest. I was looking for possibly a Caterpie, because they eventually evolved into Butterfree. Butterfree were so pretty and cute, yet they were also good to have in battle.

I was about to ask Aidan if I could go off for a few minutes to see if I could find a Pokémon when a rustling noise came from behind me. I turned around to see a bush slightly into the denser part of the forest stop shaking. I looked back at Aidan, gave her the "shh" sign and pointed to the bush, then stepped carefully towards the bush.

I grabbed Aqua's PokéBall, ready in case it was a Pokémon. Slowly I parted the bush, looking hard. I saw a spot of yellow move, and immediately started backing up. I didn't need to risk getting poisoned by a Weedle, and I really didn't want to catch one either.

I turned around, intending to go back towards Aidan so we could get out of the forest. I didn't get very far, though, before a loud "Pi!" and a sharper rustling made me turn around again. I saw a flash of yellow, and as I looked around for it, something landed on my head. Immediately I froze up, hoping it wasn't a Weedle on my head. Slowly I looked up.

"Pika!" the smiling Pikachu said atop my head, waving at me. It jumped off and landed on the other side of the bush. Immediately I pulled out Aqua's Pokéball and said, "Go, Aq-" before stopping myself. Pikachu was an Electric type, and Aqua was Water. If I sent Aqua out, she'd probably get beaten.

I looked out towards the Pikachu, only to find it wasn't in the same spot anymore. I felt a tap on my leg and looked down to see Pikachu standing there with a smile on its face still. Carefully I pulled out my PokéDex and scanned it. Her, according to the PokéDex. It gave her stats and I looked over them and gasped slightly. The Pikachu was smaller than average, meaning it was most likely a really young Pikachu.

Slowly I crouched down, getting a closer look at the Pikachu. In response, she went around me and looked at where I had put Aqua's PokéBall back on my belt. She sniffed it and seemed to smile even more. Taking the chance, I carefully picked off Aqua's PokéBall and released her.

"Squirt!" she said as she appeared. She looked around, smiled at me, then saw the Pikachu. Aqua looked like she didn't know quite what to make of the Pikachu that wasn't trying to attack her. Pikachu instead walked up to Aqua with a huge smile on her face. I would have liked to know what they said then, but unfortunately it was all "Pika pikachu!" and "Squirt squirtle!" to me.

"Making friends, I see?" Aidan said behind me, almost startling me.

"Looks like it," I said. I stood up and stretched my legs from being crouched. "Come on, Aqua, we really should keep going," I said, looking down at them. Another half-minute of Pokémon chatter and Aqua came over to me. I recalled her, and Aidan and I started walking through the forest again.

"I was kinda hoping to find a Caterpie there," I said, "but I guess I can live without one. At least Aqua had some fun. It was a cute Pikachu, too, I just didn't think it would want to come with me since it seemed so young."

"Well, you might want to think that again," Aidan said. I looked at her to ask why, except saw she wasn't looking at me, but back behind us. I turned to see the Pikachu following us, giving me puppy-dog eyes. When I stopped, though, she got happy again and came right up to me, giving my leg a hug.

"Think a Pikachu would be a good enough replacement for not finding a Caterpie?" Adian asked, and I couldn't help but agree.

"You really want to come with me?" I asked, picking her up off of my leg.

"Chu!" she said, smiling brightly again. I put her down, reached into my bag for one of my empty PokéBalls, then held it out to Pikachu. She smiled again, sparks suddenly flaring up between her ears. She pushed the button and disappeared into the PokéBall in a flash of red. The ball instantly dinged, and I looked at it with a smile.

"Well, it looks like this journey is off to a good start," I said, putting the ball on my belt and following Aidan further through the forest.

DaRk MeWtWo
2nd April 2005, 04:42 PM
Name: Alexander (Alex for short)
Age: 16
Sex: Male
Appearance: click for pic (http://animexx.4players.de/fanart-redirect.php/fanart02/fanart/118577/445098.jpeg) Also, FULL black clothing (sneakers included) (truly sorry if link doesn't work)

Personality: very determined and skilled; usually cheerful but has a hard time "bouncing back" from misfortunate events--for example, gets very sulky after losing a battle; ambitious/righteous

Starter: Abra M (Alexis)
Items: (3 Potions, 1 Ultra Ball, 1 Revive) Sleeping Bag, Flashlight, First Aid Kit, an extremely thick book on battling techniques, a framed photo of his parents. Backpack is metallic blue, is essentially a rectangular prism with three compartments and pokeball pockets lining the inside.

History: Was born in Saffron City, but was raised up in Fuchisa, and spent most of his life there. His parents had grand expectations of raising him up to be a great poison-type grandioso trainer, but Alex always had a far greater interest in psychic types. The conflict between his parents and him kept raging on for many years. Just before his 15th birthday, his parents were abducted by Team Rocket, along with all their pokemon. Alex suffered a sever blow to his mental consience and suffered from a mild case of amnesia. He had to move in with his uncle and aunt back at Saffron. There, he studied for long hours day after day, hoping to eventually become a trainer of the hightest regard, so that he may somehow fullfill his parents' wishes.

Relationships: N/A
Other: has a silver "necklace" (doesn't remember where he got it)


"Muk, Acid Armor!"
"Now, use Sludge!"
"One more..."
"Pokeball, GO!"
The red and white orb wobbled back and forth for what seemed like eternity, but finally sat still.
"Finally! Muk, return! That Arbok was starting to really--whatever," Alex crouched over to retrieve Arbok's pokeball when he heard a familiar voice behind him:
"Alex, breakfast's ready!" yelled his aunt.
"Coming!" Alex yelled back, placing Muk and Arbok's pokeballs on the nearest shelf he could find in his messy room.
Alex quickly changed into his darkest outfit and leaped down the stairs. He found his aunt and uncle at the breakfast table with piles upon piles of mailed bills.
"Aunt Ella, I need a quick breakfast because I gotta go to training school early so that I can make-up for being late last time and I really need to get ready for today's exa-" He was suddenly cut off by Ella.
"Alex, I don't think you'll want to go to school today, dear..." She said, handing him a silver-and-red bordered letter with the letter O in the bottom-left corner.
"Huh? But why? And what's in this letter?" He asked, clearly bewildered.
"Just open it, dear." Aunt Ella said. From behind his newspaper, Uncle Lear seemed to show a twinkle in his eyes.
With trembling fingers, Alex silently opened up the letter and inaudibly gasped. He was truly shocked.
"No. Way. Wow. Kay...um, you guys do know what this is about, right?" Alex asked with wide-open eyes.
"Of course, Alex, and yes, you can leave within the hour, I ha--" Uncle Lear's voice trailed off as Alex thundered up his stairs and fervently backed the few items that would be of use to him--namely his flashlight, sleeping bag, and first aid kit. He also managed to stuff an amazingly thick book on battling strategies along with a treasured photo of his parents into his metallic blue backpack's three large pockets. He also somehow shoved an extra pair of clothes, also pitch-black, into his backpack.
"Arbok, Muk, thanks for helping me train. Hopefully our time together will help me succeed in the future. Farewell," Alex tapped their pokeballs and sprinted down the stairs to his aunt and uncle.
"Right, where was I? Oh yes, I have this compass for you, Alex, it's a family heirloom, and I'm supposed to give it to my son in Cinnabar, but I think it's better suited to your uses. Take care of it." Uncle Lear handed Alex an ivory compass with a brass interior and smiled.
"Oh wow, thanks Uncle! But I gotta go!" Alex was spiritually uplifted, but he couldn't wait to start his new journey.
"Well, I know you have to go, but promise you'll call home somtime dear!" Aunt Ella demanded.
"Of course, as soon as I get to Pewter City I'll give you a call, talk to you then!" Alex replied, and within a heartbeat he was off on a lightning sprint to Proffesor Oak's home back in Pallet Town.


Gasping for breath, Alex finally stumbled upon Proffesor Oak's residence, but discovered, to his utter dismay, that most of the trainer had already left. His mind reeling, Alex rushed to the door and hurriedly rang the bell a thousand or so times. Cursing at himself he kept asking why this had to happen to him, and knew that it might be a while before he'd be jolly again.
Soon enough, the Prof opened up and introduced himself, but also had a sad look on his face:
"Sorry, Alex, I think you might be too late. I don't really have any pokemon left for you to take with you on your journey."
"WHAT?! No way! That can't be true!" Alex declared.
"I'm afraid so. You'll just have to come a month later or so, when my next shipment of pokemon for beginning trainers arrives," He replied, frowning.
"I won't accept this! Aren't there any other I could possibly use? I'll take anything, seriously!" Alex cried.
"No. There aren't, now I must really be going. You should head back to school too, Alex, we wouldn't want you to--wha?!" The Prof was taken by surprise as he was lifted high in the air. "Hey! Hey!" The Prof cried.
"Wow! What the-! That must be...a psychic pokemon!" Alex yelled.
"A--braa!" A tiny orange-and-black humanoid pokemon emerged from beneath the Prof.
"It's an Abra! And he looks kinda...cute!" Alex thought, running towards the Abra.
"No! Don't! That Abra's been rejecting trainers for a long time, I dunno if--" The Prof was cut off as he was abruptly flung on the floor.
"Aw...he looks a little distressed, like he wants some water--wait--he you go," Alex grabbed a glass of water from the nearest table and gave it to the Abra.
"Abra!" it cried in joy, "Ab-Ra!"
"Huh? The Prof's mean? He tried to give you away to scheming thieves? What? No way, you can't be serious!" Alex commented.
"A-ba-ra-ra-ra!" It replied.
"Oh my gosh, that's such a monstrous crime Proffesor!" Alex declared.
"What in darned heck is going on here!? How can you understand every word he says? I've been having trouble with him for months!" The Prof declared, getting off the floor with a bruised behind.
"I dunno, he just kinda...connects. Wow...what's going....on...." Alex asked, suddenly feeling a little dizzy.
"Ab-ra-ra....Abra! I finally got it! Wow! Can you hear me Alex?" The tiny pokemon was jumping for joy.
"Aaah! A-are you talking to me Abra?" Alex asked.
"Of course I am! Wow! My name's Alexis, the Prof caught me somewhere near Saffron City, what about you?"
"No one caught me, but I was born in Saffron City, it's a nice place," Alex replied, still kind of in shock.
"Alex! That's it! You've freaked me outenough, just take that Abra and get out of here, and here, here's your Pokedex, use it to collect--whatever, you know, just go, before I lose my mind!" The Prof babbled, handing Alex his Pokedex and backing away slowly from Alexis.
"He's such a loony," Alexis said, elevating himself onto Alex's shoulder.
"I...guess so. Wow. That was pretty quick. I gotta run, thanks Proffesor. Let's go Alexis!" And with that Alex and Alexis departed from Prof. Oak's house on their newfound journey.


"Alexis! Swing it like you mean it! Yeah!" Alex cried.
"Silly bug, faint already!" Alexis gritted through his teeth, sending the Beedrill flying into a nearby tree.
"Bee-dri-ill...." The Beedrill fainted and promptly returned to its pokeball.
"Beedrill, return! Go, Butterfree! Give them your old lullaby!" The bug pokemon trainer yelled.
"Alexis, watch out for its Sleep Powder and Stun Spore! We can't afford to get disabled!" Alex cautioned.
"Sure thing! I'll use Teleport!" Alexis declared, avoiding the spary of Sleep Powder and grounding the Butterfree into the earth with his psychic powers. "Darn it, why can't I make them faint fast enough? Helllloooo?" Alexis's charms grinded the Butterfree till its trainer called it back.
"Sheesh, take it easy, man. Ease up! Whatever, I gotta get more bug pokemon," and with that the bug collector had left the building.
"OK Alexis! Up on the high-end!" Alex yelled.
"What's that supposed to mean?" Alexis asked, laughing for no apparent reason.
"I dunno," Alex said, and laughed with him.
The two of them had quickly bonded and had just stomped their way through the Viridian Forest. Now there were looking at the edge of Pewter City's Pokecenter and Gym.
"Let's see if we can cream Brock's pokemon without taking a break Alex!" The Abra said.
"Uh...maybe that's going too far. As good as we are, a gym leader's a gym leader. We gotta rest up and be at our hundred percent--all the better to smother him faster. Haha!" Alex laughed.
"So true. What the heck are we doing walking? Let's Teleport!" Alexis warped the two of them right in front of the Pokecenter and the entered quickly.
"Hello, may I help you?" A Nurse Joy asked.
"Yes, can you heal my Abra so we can take on Brock?" Alex asked.
"Of course, just a moment."
Sitting on a couch, Alex waited for what seemed forever, and was soon dozing off...

"Hey! Ow! What was that for Alexis?" Alex cried, jumping on his chair.
"Yawn....I forgot to tell you that I like to sleep when we're not battling, but, anyway, I never thought a HUMAN could sleep longer than me...it's been almost four hours, and after my nap I could use a little battling!" Alexis cried.
"Huh? Yeah, sure. Sorry Alexis, I guess I didn't get much sleep last night or something rather--oh yeah I wake up early. Whatever, let's smack Brock," Alex stated.
With Alexis on his shoulder, Alex exited the Pokecenter and slowly walked over to the Pokecenter. On his way, he watched several rather...amusing sights...

First off, he saw two trainers near one of the few ponds in Pewter City. Upon closer inspection, he not only saw that there was jubilant girl gracefully handing over a pokeball to the other trainer, a thankful boy, but that the girl also had an energetic Bulbasaur by her side. The look on the boy’s face was a little amusing—it made Alex wonder what it would be like to get that kind of a…gift…from someone like….

Anyhow, he next set his eyes upon a sly guy next to the Pokecenter who was talking to two rather young twins and his eyes seem to say it all. Alex could almost tell of the bat that something mischief was going on—but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it.
Wandering eyes soon moved his face in the direction from which he had entered Pewter City: the edges of the Viridian Forest. A smirking boy off in the distance was looking towards another boy—who, even from this distance, was definitely NOT happy. Along with that other boy stood what seemed to be his…who didn’t looked positively thrilled either.

His head spinning in all directions, Alex kept asking himself if he should go meet up with one of these three groups, but his heart kept saying no—there was a lot…issues going on.
“Very amusing, isn’t it? I bet I could tell you what they’re thinking—but that would spoil the fun, wouldn’t it?” Alexis commented.
“Wha?” Alex was startled by Alexis’s sudden blurt of commentary and softly laughed, “No, please don’t, it’ll ruin the whole drama.”
For reasons not clearly known, the two of them began snickering as they walked back towards the Pewter City Gym.
“Alexis, are you sure you want to go this early?” Alex asked his Abra.
“Don’t kid yourself, I know my limits. I just want to have a go at that dumbfounded trainer in there…you know, the one who’s staring at his pokeball….No, silly, not the one who’s challenging the Gym Leader…whoa, he looks determined. Let’s see if we can get inside.”
The huge and intimidating gym was constructed entirely of stone—every single brick and tile—in fact, Alex wouldn’t be surprised if the bricks were being held together by sandstone. With just a slightly trembling hand, Alex opened the door to the gym, with Alexis still on his shoulder.
They came just in time to see a truly stunning battle between a yellow-spikey-hair trainer and the intimidating figure of Brock. As the pokeballs flew from the two combatants’ fingertips, Alex could tell this would be one hell of a battle.

Alex @ Pewter City Gym, w/ Alexis

PS—Good Luck Lee/Swampert1 =P

2nd April 2005, 10:43 PM
Time to introduce my other charry!!! Heee!!I'll repost her form.

Name: Lyfai
Age: Unknown
Sex: female
Species: Vaporeon, with a hint of silver sparkle within her body and strange violet eyes. Her body color is blue, but it's a stranger more royalbluish all over... darker then the usual vaporeon and it seems to swirl with a hint of lighter, more violet blues.
Personality: Cheerful, rather pleasant and happens to seem a bit... 'confused' at times although she tries hard. Is very loyal to those she trusts, although she seems to be a bit shy around most people and pokemon.
History: Obviously her history is unknown... but it's obvious that she's not normal. She has slight telepathy (although no one will know this for a while) and she has odd colors that are not shiny-related. She seems that in one point... she was either experimented upon or tampered with some how.
Relationships: She's a vaporeon that will stumble upon some one... lol, and maybe follow them.

~ The Vaporeon ~

The Vaporeon walked about Pewter, dancing almost it seemed- she walked with a grace that seemed uncomparable to most. Her large doe-like eyes of violet seemed to glance about at the world with interest, curiosity and a hint of innocence that was unmatched. Her tail flickered about gently, her soft paws disappearing into the thick bladed grass. She had been traveling for quite some time, her mental state a bit damaged, but she seemed happy enough. After all... she had been wandering for so long, not knowing why.
She really didn't know much of why she was wandering... all she knew was that whereever she had come from, she didn't want to go back.
The bad place was there... she didn't want to go back.

Dancing lightly, suddenly she heard something that caught her attention. Blinking gently, she gave a soft little cry before darting off with remarkable speed towards a rather crude looking building. It was there she saw a strange figure walking through doors... and she was familiar with doors. but there were strange noises coming from inside, and she was very curious. So naturally, she got involved. Racing behind the figure, she managed to walk close to his legs behind... so that when the doors closed, she was behind him. Tilting her head to the side, she saw that there was another figure battling a large rock pokemon. Fear usually would consume most pokemon when approaching intimidating creatures, but either the vaporeon was too niave to be afraid or she had remarkable confidence. She gave a swish of her tail while watching the battle, transfixed and not really caring if others saw her appearance. She actually stood by the figure who had entered (Dark Mewtwo's character.. hee) and perhaps it looked like she was his pokemon to any who might have glanced his way.

Strange... very strange indeed.
But yet, she had never been ... normal.

(Hope yah don't mind... I'll make a post for Asher later)

2nd April 2005, 11:35 PM
Lee Kenta
Party: Eevee – Magikarp
Location: Battle - Pewter City Gym - Leader Brock – Part 1
It was time for me to start my first gym battle. I looked at both pokeballs and tried to decide which pokemon to use first. I came up with the decision that it would probably better if I saved Eevee for when things got tough.

I threw my pokeball, “GO MAGIKARP!” I yelled.

The pokeball opened as it hit the ground and my orange fish pokemon came out. Brock also threw a pokeball, “Go Geodude” he called. The pokemon revealed looked like a boulder with eyes and arms. I got a check on it with my pokedex and then put it away.
“Alright Brock, let’s go!” I called out.

I gave my first command, “Tackle.” Magikarp hopped up and down, getting closer and closer to Geodude when finally, it connected. I could tell that it did a little damage but not a whole lot.

“Pathetic…” Brock said, “Geodude show it a Roll – Out attack.”

Geodude started rolling fast and came flying towards Magikarp.

“Magikarp, dodge!” I called out to my pokemon. It tried to dodge but it was too late, Magikarp had taken a hard hit and was hurt. It tried to get up (per se) but it couldn’t.

“Return Magikarp” I said holding out Magikarp’s pokeball. As Magikarp was getting returned I was frantically trying to think of a strategy. I looked at the field and noticed an important factor, it wasn’t flat and the Geodude would have to role around the rocks to get to my pokemon. Those mounds could help beating the Geodude.

I switch pokeballs and sent out Eevee plus I decided to get to my strategy right away, “Alright Eevee, see that giant rock on the left side of the arena, hop on the top of it.” Eevee, looking very confused, jumped onto the rock as told and waited for another command.

“I don’t know what your doing Lee but it will not work.” Brock called out to me.

“Now Geodude, do another Roll – Out attack!” Brock told his Geodude. So once again the Geodude came ripping towards my pokemon. It kept getting closer and closer.

It was almost at the rock and I told Eevee, “Dodge it Eevee!”

Eevee dove off the rock and the Geodude hit the rock and went flying off the top. I was high in the air and I gave another command, “Alright, do a mid – air tackle.” Eevee jumped on the rock and then towards the Geodude. It hit the Rock Pokemon and sent it flying towards the roof, ultimately slamming into the roof. Geodude then fell a good 30 feet to the ground. It put it’s to hands on the ground and tried to push itself up but it couldn’t, Geodude had fainted.

“Good show Lee.” Brock said as he returned his Geodude, “But you won’t be as lucky with this next Pokemon.”

Crystal Tears
5th April 2005, 04:26 PM
I apologize for my absence and for holding you up Classy_cat.
Stupid Hwk.. -_-

She's giving me a staryu? no way... I thought, taking the pokeball and looking at her, I smiled thankfully before slipping the pokeball in my pocket.

"Thats them!"

We both looked over, there was Seth, he was standing there, looking at us both. He seemed rather confused, thats when I noticed the twins beside him. I smirked.
"Hey Seth."
"Hi... Did you two, beat them?"
"Yeah." Emi answered, leaning on my shoulder again.
"You beat them for us, and we'll show you where to get an oddish." Said one, utgging on his arm.
"You need an oddish?" Emi asked, tilting her head in confusion.
"Yes. To Beat the Gym Leader."

I couldn't help but shake my head and laugh at his stupidity, for someone who claims to be a good trainer, he doesn't even know the basics of the basics I looked up at him.
"Have you ever thought of using Mankey?"
"What do you..."
"Mankey's a fighting. Fighting has a type advantage of Rock." I smirked, Emi looked over at me, probably slightly amazed I knew something about a Type I hated.
"Well.. I.. It doesn't matter."
"Or what about being a real trainer and finding where the oddish are yourself?" I asked again. He was furious at me, I could tell. "And No. I'm not battling you." He just stopped, amazed at how a trainer as strongheaded as me refused to battle. Ryu looked up at me in slight confusion. "Lets go Emi." I said, walking away from the twins and Seth, with Emi at my side.

She stopped me when we were in the pokemon center, obviously confused about my actions.
"Why didn't you fight him?"
"I don't want to have a Rival. If he beats me, or I beat him. We'll be furious, wether we deny it or not. Besides, he should find the pokemon on his own. It's okay to ask for help, but when he has a mankey, and oddish arn't that hard to find.. It's slightly.. Un.."
"Trainer like?" Emi asked, finishing my sentence.

5th April 2005, 06:58 PM
~ Viridian w/Kevin & Siderous ~ [Pikachu (Leif)] [Ponyta (Fray)] [Dratini]

Asher was shaking... fuming at the sight of the rockets leaving. During the fight, she had wanted to destroy them... to rip them a part like they had done to her. Fray was steamed as well, her wild mane rippling into the air and sending slight popping noises as it crackled against the air. Asher was shaking a bit, yet she didn't make a move. She had wanted to scream at Kevin, she had wanted to kick him and punch him... to push him away and tell him to leave her the hell alone. But... she understood why he would have stopped her. He didn't know, and he didn't have the rage... he didn't want her to mutilate them.

But she had wanted to. Then they had spoken... and Asher finally felt a great amount of anger rise with in her. He had continued to tell her how she didn't open up, yet he was keeping things too. She had felt a little bit of well-deserved revenge at spitting the words that he was a liar. Because he had lied to her. At least she hadn't tried to say there was nothing for her to hide, because there was.

At the sound of more footsteps, she saw Siderous had approached them. Kevin seemed a bit relieved to see Siderous come but Asher just gave a half nod as he came forward. He joked about being robbed, but a glare at Asher obviously sent him into a little uncomfortable state. Fray gave an angry snort as she came near Asher, and Asher quickly looked to Fray.
"Calm down... it's over now girl, it's over. We'll get them next time." Asher patted Fray's mane without worry, even if the fire was much hotter than it normally was for even Asher. Fray seemed to accept this a bit, and Asher looked at Siderous.

" Two rockets had stolen a Dratini." Kevin commented, " They lost control of it and we happened to stumble upon the Dratini in a pond. Asher battled and caught it... then the rockets came and demanded it back. So we beated them... " Kevin's eyes flickered to Asher, who ignored the odd look. Kevin wasn't about to go into detail how they 'beat' the rockets, but it seemed to be acceptable enough.

" I'm going to the pokecenter to heal my pokemon. Then I'm going to go to the gym." Asher stated simply, walking away as Fray gave a whinny and followed suit. The two of them walked ahead of Kevin and Siderous, either leaving them to chat or to follow her. Asher's mind was racing... racing to think of the Dratini and those rockets- not her past.

Don't think about it... Don't think about it...

Asher gripped onto her rage so she wouldn't think about it, as she reached the pokecenter. Instantly she went up to Nurse Joy.
"Here, heal." She said shortly, handing over her three pokeballs after recalling Fray. Nurse Joy seemed a bit caught off guard but gave a smile and nodded anyway. Asher withdrew a sigh until suddenly the Nurse came back. Asher noticed that Kevin and Siderous had entered the pokecenter, and Asher glanced at them and then turned her attention back to the Nurse.
"Excuse me, but you have a phone call."
Asher was caught off guard, but she gave a nod as she turned wide-eyed towards one of the video phones. Blinking she walked up to it, and picking it up she was surprised and a bit mortified to see Jared's face upon the screen. His thick, slightly curled dark hair seemed to accent his chiseled face slightly as he smiled back at her with twinkling eyes that even she could see from over the video. She was good at hiding the surprise a bit- although it hinted slightly in her face.
"J-jared!" She said offguard, to only hear a small chuckle of laughter.
"Yes yes... it's me! I thought you'd be in Viridian by now so I decided to check up on my project."
Asher instantly shot a glare at him, although she wasn't mad at him. It was a joke... and while she didn't smile- ever- she managed to show a bit of humor through her eyes that he seemed to be able to sense. Turning around, Asher looked at Kevin and Siderous and waved them over.
" So, catch any new pokemon?" Jared implied, lacing his fingers together as he leaned into the screen. Asher withdrew a gulp-like breath as she nodded.
"Yes... a Pikachu and a Dratini."
"A Dratini?" Jared seemed a bit disbelieving, but Asher gave a nod.
"Ran into two rockets and taught them a lesson... they some how brought the Dratini."
Jared gave a nod, "Well it's nice to know little Asher is doing some thing good."
Asher recoiled a fist.. " I'd hit you so hard right now for saying that."
Jared stuck his tongue out, "Nyah. Can't do it. Who are those two?"
Asher blinked an dlooked a bit behind her and saw Kevin and Siderous off to the side, and she immediatly pointed at htem.
"That one is kevin and the other is Siderous. They're traveling too."
Jared gave a nod to them, " Hope she isn't too much." He commented, giving a smirk as Asher quickly moved between the three of them.
" Stop it." She stated flatly, as Jared leaned back and merely shrugged.
" Oh okay... i guess if I HAVE to. Anyways, have you challenged the gym leader yet?"
" No... not yet. I am going to though, as soon as I aquaint myself with the Dratini."
Jared gave a nod, "Well good luck. I'm sure you'll do fine."
Asher nodded.
"Well... I'll let you go then. Feel free to contact me when you feel like it, sorta boring with out you here to bother."
Asher rolled her eyes, " Whatever... talk to you later."
"Bai!" Jared said, and soon the video screen transmission ended.

Asher collected herself for a bit before turning around, her blank face easily setting back in again.
" So what do you two want to do." Asher stated.

5th April 2005, 08:46 PM
Aidan Stafford - Viridian Forest
The rest of the trek through the forest was rather brisk and uneventful. I was surprised we found any good Pokemon to begin with. Michelle's young Pikachu was interesting enough but an Abra in the middle of the forest was just plain cool. The fact that it was already hurt was just plain lucky but either way, I was excited at the prospects of a potentially great team.

The darkness of the hunkering trees soon dissipated into the brightness of the sun, although it appeared to be early to mid afternoon already. As the forest disappeared behind us, Pewter City came into view, a bigger town than Viridian but like Viridian not really justified to be called a city. The fact that a museum far ahead occupied our view perhaps convinced others it was worthy of such a name but even the same, it was small and gray.
"I want to heal Nightshade," I said absentmindedly.
Michelle nodded in agreement although she didn't have any business at the Pokecenter. Straight ahead we walked and entered the establishment, not surprisingly looking like the one before.
"Can I have my Pokemon healed?" I asked the nurse.
She quietly murmured something and took Nightshade's Pokeball, leaving us sitting on a couch. I looked towards the phone booths and saw two boys standing behind a girl, who was talking to an older, attractive looking man. I gave them another look before shifting my gaze back to my Pokebelt and unhitching the other ball. Enlargening it, I let Drake out and saw him stretch him.
"Hey bud," I greeted him. "I got a new member for the team and I think you'll like him. His name is Nightshade and he's an Abra."
The Charmander nodded solemnly but stared at Michelle's belt. Mock rolling her eyes, she relented and released Aqua, who was the victim of Drake's scary but somewhat cute stares. I sighed in shame and looked expectantly at the reception desk. Luckily, Joy caught my gaze and motioned for me to come over.
"He'll be fine but how did he end up like that?" she questioned.
"Honestly, I don't know," I admitted. "I found him leaning against a tree in the forest, completely unconscious."
She nodded thoughtfully but relinquished the ball over to me.
"Don't rush him in training all that once but I think it'll do him good in the long run."
"Thanks for the help," I nodded and sat back in the seat again.
Finally not staring at Aqua, Drake shifted his body in my direction as I released Nightshade onto the seat next to me. I expected him to be asleep, which was quite normal for an Abra's schedule but this one was quite awake. His eyes appeared shut, but his body shifted uncomfortably.
"Hi Abra, I'm you're new trainer," I said tentatively. "I saw you unconscious in Viridian Forest and I'm quite anxious to know what happened to you."
Before I had time to wait for his reply, moving pictures burst into my mind, like a story that blossomed when you flipped the pages rapidly.

An open clearing, right next to a crystal clean river. Abra tried to teleport away from a Beedrill's twin needle, but the barbs came hard and swift, cutting him off several times and likely poisoning him. Before the final blow, a burst of white light emerged from Abra and Breedrill stabbed into thin air.

I nodded sagely, clearly sorry for his inability to escape, but rather perplexed at his openness to share the vision with me.
"Well, unless I'm mistaken, I don't think you're refusing to join the team."
"Abra," it hissed softly.
"If it's ok with you, can I call you Nightshade? I think a Pokemon has a real personality with a nickname instead of a name that's constantly repeated when you speak."
It nodded in agreement, somehow pleased with these turn of events. I sighed happily and faced Michelle.
"I think I'm going to go train with the two of them before I challenge the leader. You feeling up to it or would you rather stay here?"

DaRk MeWtWo
6th April 2005, 04:50 AM
Alex @ Pewter City Gym, with Alexis (Male Abra), Lyfai (Vaporeon), watching Lee Kenta vs. Brock

The spikey-yellow-haired trainer’s valiant efforts at raising a Magikarp had to be noted—Alex was also impressed with the fact that he had managed to come back so strong with his Eevee against that Brock’s menacing Geodude. His tactics were slightly daredevil are bordered on the edge of a gambler’s. When that Geodude had struck the gym’s floor, Alex had felt the ground beneath his tremble just a little—just enough for his feet to shuffle half a step. But this was enough to send sirens of alarm screeching in Alex’s head, for he knew Brock’s next pokemon would shake things up a lot more for the Eevee.

“Oh my GOD. Alex, don’t move, and don’t verbally speak! Not a word!” Alexis’s voice mentally rang through Alex so strongly that he couldn’t help but twitch his head a little.

“Ow…k, k, now what’s up?”

“There’s—ahem—there’s a Vapreon standing to your left side. And it…it looks, kind of, uh, different.”

“A Vaporeon in PEWTER CITY GYM? How in heck did it get here? Eevee are extremely rare as it is, and to have become a Vaporeon would have required exposure to a Water Stone—also quite rare. Even then, the Vaporeon would’ve been a prime target for trainers and scientists alike—how could it escape everything and get here…and why here anyway?”

“I have no clue…but you know, I’m a fledging psychic, so, I could find out how it got here if you’re interested…but then again the Vaporeon might find out that it’s been mind-read. That might not be such a good idea.”

Alexis was “perched” on Alex’s right shoulder, and the Vaporeon was right next to his left leg. Even a fast psychic pokemon might not be able to Teleport Alex out of harm’s way if the Vaporeon turned hostile and attacked Alex. It was a tough call. We could even catch the little critter….

“No. We’re not going to catch it. Huh? Sorry, Alexis, I’m still getting used to this thought-speak thing. I mean, yeah, go ahead, but just skim the surface.”

“Right…skim the surface…scanning…now.”

Alex noted nothing different in the air—save the undying tensions which kept building up between the battle ahead of them…and the situation right around him. Alex strained his eyeballs as far left as they would go, in order to get a better look at the Eeveelution without fully acknowledging its existence.

Woah…what’s up with that Vaporeon? It looks so different...from the other Vaporeons he saw in battle simulations and in real-life. This one looked so…defined…no, that wasn’t the right word…can’t find the right word…is it a guy or a girl…where did it come from…so…different…

Alex’s entranced thoughts were interrupted by the release of Brock’s second pokemon—and it wasn’t truly surprising to anyone that it would end up to a be a massive and daunting critter.

“Behold the greatest fruit of my labor! Onix! End this quickly! Earthquake!” Brock’s voice bellowed throughout the gym, echoing off the walls, a foreboding prelude to the Onix’s first attack.

Onix’s Earthquake was truly a horror—okay maybe that’s an overstatement. But it shook all Hell loose in the gym. As the Onix reared up for one of its most fearsome attacks, the spikey-yellow-haired trainer did his best to anticipate and adapt to his newest foe:

“Eevee! Get to high ground, now!” The valiant trainer yelled, and his Eevee gracefully dashed to the highest peak on the rocky terrain, a desolate top near the back of the gym.

Onix’s roaring voice struck must have struck fear into both the Eevee and its trainer, as the huge rock snake pokemon bashed its body against the floor of the gym. Both the roar and the sound of the Earthquake nearly broke the eardrums of Alex and the shockwaves were soon eating their way to his very feet.

“Dammit! Friggin’ showoff! I almost had the Vaporeon’s past in my hands! Hold on, Alex, I’m working on it.”

The Abra used its telekinetic powers to levitate itself, Alex, and…the Vaporeon. As for the Eevee, by jumping from peak to peak, it was able to evade the entire Earthquake attack. Alex was having a mind burnout right now, overwhelmed at how this situation had developed, but he was impressed nonetheless by the Eevee and Alexis. As the Onix shook its head in disgruntled approval of Eevee’s evade, Brock smiled at the yellow-spikey-haired kid.

“You adapt well, but I think it’s only a matter of time before one of Onix’s attacks hit, we shall see just how many moves your Eevee can evade.” Brock’s smirk could be seen a mile away.

With Alex still floating in the air, two things were running through his mind, now that it had somewhat recovered from the Earthquake attack:

1) Should he now acknowledge the Vaporeon’s existence, since Alexis had saved him/her from serious damage?
2) How in high heavens was that spikey-yellow-haired trainer going to survive the battle…what was his next move?

6th April 2005, 06:29 AM
Seth was using all the strength he could muster just to resist the urge to kill Chase. He had done nothing to him, and yet he had been a bitch to him all day long. The bastard even threatened him for no bloody reason.
"Are you going to take that?" One of the twins demanded.
"Yeah, he just insulted you. Aren't you going to do anything?" Seth just turned and began to walk away, silently fuming.
"Hey!" the twins called out as they ran after him.
"Take me to where I can find an Oddish," he replied bluntely. The dangerous tone in Seth's voice caused the twins to stop in their tracks.
"Help me find an Oddish, and then I promise you, I will help you get your revenge against them." The twins knew better then to argue, so they agreed. Seth was going to make Chase's life a living hell. He didn't care if he had to kill someone. He was going to make Chase rue the day he pissed of Seth Maverick!

You hear that? I'm comin after you!

6th April 2005, 09:23 AM

Lyfai watched the battle with interest, her finned ears perked forth as she seemed to tilt her head to the side in curiosity. Of course, it didn't take long for her to notice that the figure she was sitting next to noticed her as well. She didn't think much of it- regular trainers never really frightened her that much. However, the Abra which Lyfai noticed... seemed to be doing some thing. A faint tingling sensation arose with in Lyfai, and with an instant reaction suddenly a recoil emerged in Lyfai's brain. Of course, she didn't know how it happened... or why it happened... but a mental barrier suddenly seemed to jut in her mind, rapidly arising with such strength and fierocity that the Abra's own mind was unable to get into hers.

There perhaps were a lot of new things that the Vaporeon didn't understand about herself. Because... of them.

Still, the Abra soon levitated her body upwards to avoid the little remnants of the EArthquake attack by the Onix, even though it was primarily focused in the middle of the gym. Lyfai gave a little cry of cheer- she thought it was great fun. Looking at the trainer, she flickered her tail lightly and gave a little cry as if to say, 'what fun!' As soon as the Onix had finished it's earthquake, the creature seemed to be using tackle attacks to try to get at the Eevee. With that, the Abra set both of them down. She coudl tell that the trainer and the Abra were communicating to each other... although she didn't understand how.
"Vaporr.." She said lightly, perking her ears forward and looking at the battle still. She felt bad for the Eevee out there, seeing the poor thing was obviously getting tired from trying to dogdge the massive rock-like creature which was so intent on smashing the fluffy brown fur ball.

6th April 2005, 03:50 PM
Siderous Peregrine (w/Asher and Kevin)
Party: Pidgey[F], Spearow[M], Butterfree[M], Nidoran[M]
Pewter City Pokecenter (rp starts before they get to the center)
************************************************** ******

Sid's mind was spinning when he and Kevin followed Asher. Rockets? he thought. Why are they in Pewter? And what were they doing with a Dratini? These thoughts kept going round in his head, until he finally spoke up.
"Hey, Kevin... so, what happened? I mean, how'd you guys beat the two Rockets?"
"Hum? Oh." Kevin was looking pretty dazed. Maybe something was bothering him? "I'm not sure if I should talk about it."
"What are you talking about?" Sid said jokingly. "You just beat two Rockets. What Pokemon did you use?"
"Well..." Kevin was stalling. He finally sighed. "Let's just say that Asher doesn't like Rockets too much. She hates them. Passionately," he emphasized at the end.
"Oh," Sid said, his face draining of a little bit of color. The rest of the walk, they were quiet. So, she's not a fan of Rockets... better not let my secret slip, or I could end up in a world of serious pain...

"So what do you two want to do?" Asher stated, once Asher got off the phone.
"It's time," Siderous said, his lips curling into a smile. He was referring, of course, to the gym battle.
"Don't you think it's a little late?" Kevin said. "I mean, it was getting towards evening when we got here, and then we went to the museum, and finally did some training. Just look outside," he said, pointing out the window, "it's late. We should get some rest."
Asher looked a little perterbed, but she nodded in agreement.
"Yeah," Siderous said, "we should get to sleep, especially after what you two have gone through today with those Rockets." At the sound of the word 'Rockets,' Asher's face suddenly looked distant, and pale. Nurse Joy came up to the counter with a handful of Pokeballs.
"Here are your Pokemon, miss."
"Oh," said Asher, snapping back into reality.
Siderous piped up. "Excuse me, Nurse? Is there anywhere we can sleep for the night?"
The nurse smiled. "Of course. Just grab one of those couches."

Sid pulled out his sleeping bag and threw it on the floor.
"Aren't you going to take one of the couches?" Kevin inquired.
"Naw, I'm used to sleeping outside," Sid said, unzipping the sleeping bag. "I spend most of my nights out with Pidgey in the Viridian Forest."
"Ah," Kevin said, picking out a couch for himself.
Siderous climbed into the sleeping bag. Kevin was just getting into his bag, but Asher was standing next to the window of the center. He considered getting up and talking to her, but decided against it. She didn't like Rockets, and he was a Rocket, although she didn't know it. Besides, he didn't know her that well.
"Goodnight, you two," Siderous said, before putting his head down and nodding off to sleep.

6th April 2005, 06:49 PM
Emi Tajiri ~ Outside Pewter Gym, After Lee's Battle

"Here we are, Chase. The gym is close to closing, so I think one of us should battle now and the other one battle in the morning," I told him as we stood at the front doors to the gym.

"Are you sure?" Chase asked me.

I nodded. "Actually it's a good strategy. The one that doesn't battle today will know what Pokemon Brock uses and what attacks those Pokemon use."

"Good idea. So, which of us goes first?"

I scratched my head. "Good question. I have an idea!" I looked through the door. "As I thought. There's a trainer waiting for us. I'll defeat the trainer so you can get to Brock easily. Your Staryu should make quick work of his Pokemon. We'll go to the Pokemon Center for the night, and then Dimitri and I'll be ready for Brock tomorrow." We walked through the doors. "Maybe we could sneak around the trainer."

The trainer managed to miss us as we walked behind him. We came across a large rock filled arena. Brock was waiting for us on the other side. "Welcome to the Pewter City Gym. Which one of you is battling me? Or do you both want to battle me, one at a time?" he asked us.

"Um, I guess we could do that." I said. "Go, Dimitri!" I threw his pokeball.

"Go, Geodude!" Brock yelled, throwing two pokeballs.

"Dimitri, take the Geodude!" I commanded. "Tackle him!" Dimitri charged forward, ready to smash into the Geodude.

"Geodude, Defense Curl," Brock said calmly. Geodude curled up into a ball. Dimitri made contact but staggered backward.

"Like hitting a brick wall," I commented. "Time for harder hitting attacks. Use Vine Whip!" Dimitri shot out both vines and hit the Geodude. But then the Geodude grabbed those vines and pulled Dimitri closer to him. He thrusted his fist forward and slammed Dimitri with it. Dimitri was sent rolling.

"Emi, I think that was Focus Punch!" Chase told me.

I bit my lip. I didn't know Geodude knew those kinds of attacks. This is what I get for being into flying Pokemon all the time. And it looks like Dimitri was hurt badly. Another hit like that and I'll lose.

"Geodude, another Focus Punch," Brock told the Geodude.

"Quick, another Vine Whip!" I cried out. Dimitri sent out his vines again and whipped the Geodude's face. Geodude floated back a bit, holding his face. "Another!"

"Geodude, dodge!" Brock commanded, his voice starting to sound panicky. Geodude floated to the left, dodging Dimitri's Vine Whip. "Now Rock Throw!"

Geodude picked up a rock that was almost as big as Dimitri and threw it at his opponent. Dimitri tried to dodge but was hit a glancing blow. He fell to the ground. "Bulbasauuur..." he groaned.

"Dimitri, are you alright? Please get up!" I pleaded.

Dimitri opened his eyes and struggled to his feet. "Bulba...saur!" he cried out. He shuffled his feet and spun around.

"What's he doing?" I asked. Then I felt something on my head. I reached up and plucked it from my hair. "A flower petal?" I looked up. Hundreds of them were floating down from the ceiling! "Where did they come from?"

"Oh no..." Brock muttered.

"Geo..." Geodude agreed.

The flower petals suddenly spun around as if they were being picked up by a tornado. Geodude tried to shield himself but somehow these soft flower petals were hurting him. He dropped to the floor, his eyes closed.

"I think I won," I said quietly. "But what was that attack?" I pressed a few buttons on the Pokedex for an answer.

One of Bulbasaur's bred-on moves, Petal Dance, the Pokedex explained. Bulbasaur summons a storm of flower petals that strike the opponent. Use caution while using this attack, as Bulbasaur will be confused shortly after.

"I'll say," I said, looking down at Dimitri, who was stumbling around like he was drunk. "So you really are a special Bulbasaur!"

"Guess it's my turn," Chase said.

Crystal Tears
6th April 2005, 10:05 PM
OOC: I'm a afraid.. Let me tell you....


"Go Onix!"

Just figures my luck would be I got the bigger and badder rock pokemon... I thought, tossing the pokeball and watching it release my new staryu, it spun once before focusing on the onix.
I could see the worry in his eyes because of the sheer type advantage I had over him. I smirked, this battle would be extremely quick..

"Staryu. Water gun." I commanded, staryu started off great, in a spinning motion it flew up high and hovered there, firing off a stream of water that struck onix directly in the face.

"Onix! Rock tomb!" Brock commanded.

"Staryu! Evade and Hide." I Again commanded in utmust seriousness, just as rocks and a brutal bricks fell from the sky, seemingly from no where. Staryu had already evaded, and hid. Brock blinked.


"Staryu, Water gun. It sound finish this." I clamly commanded, in irony, out from behind brock, Staryu emerged, violently using a powerful water gun and ending the battle.

Brock was silent for a minute before handing me a badge. "Congratulations." He said, then turned to Emi who was looking down at her pokeball that contained a beaten up bulbasaur, and handed her a badge aswell.

"Come on." I said, taking her hand and waving goodbye to brock.

We sat in the pokemon center, all our pokemon out, munching away on the food that Joy had given us, and formulating a plan at how we were going to get through Mt. Moon.
"It won't be that hard. Just Zubats, Geodudes, and the ocassional Clefairy." I assured her, she smiled, but then frowned.

"What about team Rocket?"

"What about them?" I asked, handing Ryu a small amount of food. Ryu barked happily before eating.

"Well.. What if they try and steal our pokemon?"

I was silent for a minute before looking up at her worried face. "I won't let them. And I doubt your pokemon would let themselves be taken away from their trainer. Especially one who cares for them as much as you." She hugged me, I smiled and whispered to her. "Besides, its just team rocket."

7th April 2005, 02:39 AM
Seth glared at the Oddish before him. This was exactly the kind of pokemon he was looking for, tough and with a fighting spirit. The battle between it and Clyde had gone on for a few minutes and it was already showing signs of fatigue. It was strong, but not when against an enraged Seth.
"Clyde!" Seth ordered, "Finish it off! Karate Chop!"
"Oddish!" The grass pokemon cried, as a couple of vines arose from it's leafy head and shot at Clyde. The mankey dodged the attack and struck the Oddish with a sickening thud. The Oddish collapsed to the ground, unconcious.
"You're mine!" The dark skinned boy yelled, throwing a pokeball. He didn't even wait for the light to turn white as he strode over and picked it up. He looked at his new pokemon with a bit of satisfaction.
Excellent. This will definately come in handy.
He then looked over at his weiry partner.
I know very well that Clyde was good against rock types, but I also know that Brock has TWO pokemon, and if Clyde was defeated, I'd be in big trouble. This little guy will greatly help me. And if I train him well, he'll be useful against Cerulean's gym leader as well.
His expression then became grave.
But then there's Chase. He has a fire and a flying type. This Oddish would prove useless against his growlithe. But I can worry about tha later.
He bent down and picked up Clyde.
First, I need to heal these two first.

DaRk MeWtWo
8th April 2005, 05:54 PM
Alexander @ Pewter City Gym, with Alexis [M Abra] and Lyfai [F Vaporeon]

The Vaporeon’s tail swished back in forth in the air as Alexis set them back on the floor. As Alex looked deep into its eyes, he saw a spark of joy and hypothesized that the vicious battle was amusing the Eeveelution.

“Yeah, I know, isn’t it great? Haha…ha!” Alex was desperately trying to negotiate better relations with the Vaporeon, because somewhere in the back of his mind, his trained brain still thought it was a truly wild pokemon, and would pounce on him at any given moment.

“Vap? Pooo-reee—oohn.” The Vaporeon replied, a little startled that the trainer was trying to communicate with her. Then it nodded its head in agreement as they touched the floor gently—courtesy of a semi-exhausted Alexis.

“Don’t mind—if—I—doze off—for a while….Zzz,” pretty soon Alexis was snoring in Alex’s arms.

“What a critter. Ah well, it was only to be expected. Uh…let’s enjoy the rest of the battle, Vaporeon!” Alex was doing his best to act normal around the Vaporeon, and hoped to eventually kindle a friendly understanding with it.

“Vapy!” It responded. Not too far away, Brock’s Onix slammed empty rock as the Eevee jumped on its head, evading another would-be-devastating blow.”


The yellow-spikey-haired trainer was fused out. The battle had sapped almost all his remaining strength, and, with his spikey-yellow-hair and dazed face, he didn’t look too different from a zombie that had arisen once more from the grave, only with more skin and bones. In any case, as Brock sighed and returned to his private office behind the gym, the yellow-spikey-haired trainer carefully made his way to the exit.

Alexander was truly impressed at how the battle had turned out—and doubtlessly so were the Vaporeon. Unfortunately, Alexis had missed all the action, and was still soundly asleep. Fortunately, this would save Alex journeying time in regard to the Abra’s sleeping habits.

“Vaa—po.” The Vaporeon looked a little tired too, from all this overwhelming excitement.

As the yellow-spikey-haired trainer neared Alex, he nodded the acknowledgement of him, Alexis, and the Vaporeon.

“Um. Hey there, name’s Lee Kenta. Did you see the whole battle?” He asked, still a little shellshocked from the ordeal.

“Allo, of course we did. Me name’s Alexander blahblahblah, long name—just call me Alex. And here’s Alexis, my Abra,” Alex replied, knowing what Lee would ask next—he didn’t have to psychic to know that he would ask:

“What about your Vaporeon?” He asked, eyeing the Eeveelution interestingly.

“Um…I…do…n’t…really…eh….” His voice trailed off—for he was a good trainer, not a good liar.

Suddenly the Vaporeon ran around Alex and cried in approval of him—as if he was her trainer. Lee opened his eyes in wonder.

”What is going—” he was cut off by a swiftly processed explanation from Alex.

“I mean, it—he—no, no, she originally belonged to a friend of mine, but she has gone to visit her…ah…”

The Vaporeon continued to encircle Alex and provided a temporary distraction for Lee’s suspicious eyes as Alex formulated the rest of his…lie:

“…aunt, in Lavender, so she gave her Vaporeon to me to take care of for a while. We live back in…in…Viridian City of course! Yeah that’s it.” Alex had stressed the word Lavender wrongly, as if he had made up the whole thing. Not to mentions Lee’s questioning eyes.

“Right. Okay. Anyhow, I gotta go heal my pokemon. You wanna meet up later, like, after your Abra—what’s his name again? Sorry.” He asked.

“’s okay. Alexis.” Alex replied.

“Right. Alexis, when and if he wakes up, meet me in the Pewter City Pokecenter. Ci-ao…tell then.” Lee yawned, waving at Alex as he exited the Gym.

As soon as he left, the Vaporeon let out what could be called the equivalent of a nearly inaudible, ye audible human giggle. The sound made Alex laugh off the bat, but he quickly shut up—and regretted doing so far later in his journey.

“Uh…yeah, that was kinda funny scene. Um, thanks for your help. Listen, I might visit the Museum soon before meeting Lee outside the Pokecenter, do you want to walk with me to the Museum?” Alex asked, opening the exit from the Pokecenter, and seeing two familiar faces faraway in the distance.

Alex @ Entrance/Exit of Pewter City Gym, with Sleeping Alexis [Abra M] and Lyfai [Vaporeon F]

8th April 2005, 08:56 PM
Finally got time to post. I am assuming that Alex and I will be traveling together. Also Alex, I used some of your posts for my battle so I could complete the battle that you saw.

Lee Kenta
Party: Eevee – Magikarp
Location: Pewter City Gym – Battle – Leader Brock – Part 2
I couldn’t believe it. The creature that Brock had released was a huge snake like creature mad of solid rock. The creature was an Onix and it raised its head high and roared.

“Behold the greatest fruit of my labor! Onix! End this quickly! Earthquake!” Brock’s voice bellowed throughout the gym, echoing off the walls, a foreboding prelude to the Onix’s first attack.

Onix’s Earthquake was truly a horror—okay maybe that’s an overstatement. But it shook all Hell loose in the gym. As the Onix reared up for one of its most fearsome attacks, I did my best to anticipate and adapt to my newest foe:

“Eevee! Get to high ground, now!” I yelled, and my Eevee gracefully dashed to the highest peak on the rocky terrain, a desolate top near the back of the gym.

Onix’s roaring voice struck must have struck fear into both Eevee I, as the huge rock snake pokemon bashed its body against the floor of the gym.

Eevee jumped from rock to rock and dodged the earthquake. Brock looked at me a smiled.

“You adapt well, but I think it’s only a matter of time before one of Onix’s attacks hit, we shall see just how many moves your Eevee can evade.” Brock’s smirk could be seen a mile away.

Brock than made his second command, “Onix, tackle.” The huge snake like creature came flying towards Eevee with its head down. There wasn’t a whole lot of options here. The Onix was too huge to attack so their was only one way to do, “Eevee, run to the wall.” I called. Eevee then ran to the wall and turned around. The Onix kept getting closer and closer when I gave another command, “Eevee, Jump over it.”

Eevee jumped as high as it could and the Onix ran right into the wall. It was a hard hit and did a noticeable amount of damage. By noticeable, I mean that the Onix looked dazed and it looked kind of confused.

“Good one Eevee!” I called out to Eevee, “Now, let’s make Onix more confused, use a quick attack to run around it really fast.” Eevee than began to run extremely fast around the rock snake and our strategy was working. The Onix kept following Eevee with its eyes and got a case of confusion.

Brock was getting to his boiling point and gave out a command, “Onix, Body Slam!” The Onix raised its head as high as it could and came down towards Eevee.

“Eevee, dodge to the left!” I called out.

Eevee jumped to the left and the Onix slammed its head on a giant rock. It tried to curl back up but couldn’t, the beast was down for the count.

Party: Eevee – Magikarp
Location: Pewter City Gym – After Battle with Leader Brock

“I can’t believe I lost” Brock said returning his Onix and walking towards me. He dug into his pocket and pulled out the Boulder Badge and the TM. He then threw them to me as he turned and went into his office.

I looked over to his office and then shock my head, “Poor Sport” I mumbled.

I just forgot about him and saw a trainer. I approached him, nodded and said,
“Um. Hey there, name’s Lee Kenta. Did you see the whole battle?”

“Allo, of course we did. Me name’s Alexander blahblahblah, long name—just call me Alex. And here’s Alexis, my Abra,” Alex replied.

I then looked down at the Vaporeon and asked, “What about you Vaporeon?”

“Um…I…do…n’t…really…eh….” His voice trailed off

Suddenly the Vaporeon ran around Alex and cried in approval of him. I opened up my eyes in Wonder.

“What is going-“ I got cut off by Alex.

“I mean, it—he—no, no, she originally belonged to a friend of mine, but she has gone to visit her…ah…”

The Vaporeon kept going around Alex and I got distracted as I watched it.

“…aunt, in Lavender, so she gave her Vaporeon to me to take care of for a while. We live back in…in…Viridian City of course! Yeah that’s it.” Alex had stressed the word Lavender wrongly, as if he had made up the whole thing. I looked at Alex with a bit of disbelief

“Right. Okay. Anyhow, I gotta go heal my pokemon. You wanna meet up later, like, after your Abra—what’s his name again? Sorry.” I asked.

“’s okay. Alexis.” Alex replied.

“Right. Alexis, when and if he wakes up, meet me in the Pewter City Pokecenter. Ci-ao…tell then.” I yawned, waving at Alex as I exited the Gym.

I signed the entrance statue as I exited the building and I went right to the Pokemon Center. I gave my pokemon to Nurse Joy and decided to go get a chair and give myself some rest aswell.

9th April 2005, 12:40 AM

Lyfai seemed to cheerfully smile up at this trainer, taking notice that the Abra was sleeping quite soundfully. Lyfai listened to the trainer, and for once she didn't feel like she needed to really run around. Giving a light little wag of her finned tail, she gave a little cheerful approval. Why not go? The trainer had seemed nice enough...

Soon Lyfai and the trainer with the sleeping Abra headed over to the museum. She liked to hear him giggle, it was a pleasant sound that she hadn't heard from a human before. He seemed to stop short however, which caused Lyfai's brilliant violet eyes to stare oddly upon him but she ignored it soon enough. Soon they had reached a rather plain looking building, and opening the door they entered inside. Lyfai remembered the trainers introducing themselves, and this one was named Alex with the abra named... Alexis? Their names seemed so similiar, that it only made her give a soft giggle to herself. Such oddity, but Lyfai didn't know humans very well to begin with.

As soon as they had entered the museum, Lyfai darted about the place. Alex seemed to watch her energy unfold before him, obviously shocked that any pokemon perhaps could show such abundance when his abra was sleeping in his arms. Still, she pranced about while Alex finally gave a slight sigh and began to look at various things. Soon Lyfai had settled down a bit, and she began to glance about as well. There were many interesting things... rocks, stones, pictures of strange places and pokemon. Lyfai had stopped shortly, staring at one of the pictures for a moment. It was a picture of an odd pokemon... and Lyfai wagged her tail slightly. She had seen that pokemon before, although she couldn't exactly remember how or where. Much of her past or her history had been forgotten, not by choice... but because of... them.

Shivering lightly, Lyfai chose to forget about that for the moment as she bounded over to Alex and sat by him. He seemed to be browsing as well, and Lyfai simply blinked and glanced about the area as she waited- showing a sign that she could remain patient.

9th April 2005, 11:31 AM

Curled up on the sofa of the pokemon centre was a far more pleasurable experience than I had imagined. It was surprisingly comfortable and felt relatively soft and new. So, I couldn’t blame the sofa for my lack of sleep that night.
Once again, I was plagued with the images that haunted so many of my dreams. The flashes of my memory trying to re-establish the things my eyes had seen and coming together to form one horrendous nightmare. It never played in order and was always a jumbled mess that made to me little or no sense at all.
I heard the sounds of a door bursting open, followed by a barrage of running feet and muffled shouting. I heard the voice of my father and I crawled through my hideout (ventilation system) to investigate. After all, I was a super-spy and it was my job.

* * *

There was blood scattered across the floor, my father laying dead with a hole in his head. They moved to the room where my mother was screaming. They wore black and had ‘R’ painted on the front.

* * *

Mom was telling me to play in my hideaway with Violet and Ivy, mom and dad’s pokemon. I told her I always behaved and she promised me a treat when dinner was finished. The words ‘ice cream’ were floating around in my head.

* * *

They were leaving. I watched them scamper out of the house in a hurry. I snuck out to find mom.

* * *

A loud scream pierced the air followed by a shattering bang of a bullet exploding from a loaded pistol. Behind me, Ivy and Violet were being mauled by savage pokemon I had never before seen. I hid in my corner and cried…

To my great fortune, I was quickly pulled from my sleep by the vicious shaking of my arm. I opened my eyes and saw Asher standing over me, her face as stern as always.
“You were shouting in your sleep. I didn’t want you to wake Sid.”

“Thanks.” I muttered, getting up quickly and moving to a window. It was very dark outside. Shadow and Jet were asleep at the foot of one of the sofas; they appeared not to have been disturbed by my rantings. In fact, aside from me, only Asher was awake. I wondered if she’d been up all this time. “Look Asher, about earlier…I know you’re mad at me for not letting you have your way with those Rockets earlier but you have to understand it wouldn’t have made you feel any better, it never does.”

“How would you know? You don’t have the hate for them that I do.”

“And how would you know that?” I challenged. “I hate them with a vengeance and I’d love nothing more than to grant the filthy rats a one-way ticket to the darkest depths of hell.”

“So why didn’t you let Fray trample them like I ordered?”

I sighed. “Because for whatever reason you hate them, taking action against them only makes it worse because you know that there are still more and that the ones directly responsible for everything are just hiding behind someone else.” I smacked the glass and it shook slightly under the impact. “I caught on of them once, breaking in a short distance from where I was staying. I made him regret it.” I sighed again. “I felt terrible afterwards, taking action just made me feel like one of them. I would never be so inhumane as to do the things they have done.”

“Different people react in different ways to different situations,” replied Asher. She sounded the same as ever, completely lacking in any type of emotionally response. Maybe she was just really good at hiding it or perhaps she just genuinely didn’t care. “Is that what your nightmare was about?” The question took me completely by surprise.

“No. It was much worse. They murdered my parents one night and I saw them do it but for some reason I can’t remember it clearly enough. They shot my father in cold blood as he pleaded for his life and they raped my mother in the kitchen before they shot her through the heart. I only saw them murder my father but that was enough. Shadow’s parents were torn apart protecting her, she was still only an egg back then, and I stayed hidden until it was all over. The rest is practically a blur…I was put into care but I had these horrible nightmares and no one could cope with it. So, they sent me to a…well a mental home basically so that they could try and ‘cure me’. I hated it, locked up with no real freedom, and treated like some kind of disease on humanity. Regular appointments with men in white coats who kept telling me that they ‘understood’ what I was going through…Eventually they put me on these drugs and they helped suppress the nightmares but they made it hard to focus and left disoriented and easily tempered. They didn’t seem to care about the side effects because they were quick to send me off to the academy with an updated dosage. The teachers kept treating me like some sort of…freak…and I quickly abandoned my ‘medication’. I’d rather have the occasional nightmare than go through the side effects. It made no difference though, I was still something that they clearly didn’t want to have around and naturally that feeling seemed to spread through the academy and I quickly found myself pretty lonely with only Shadow to keep me company. That’s when I met you. You weren’t like everyone else, you judged me purely by your own terms, and were the only one who seemed to recognise that I was just like everyone else. That’s why I stuck with you despite the fact that you didn’t care much for my company, because you were the only one who would hang around long enough to actually have some form of conversation. I thought that maybe I could help you open up a bit because you just seemed so distant, especially after watching you with Fray…I figured it was my way of thanking you for being there, even though you didn’t know it.” I let out a small laugh. “But it appears that I have been the one who has opened up first.” I turned to her and let out a saddened smirk, “guess that makes me some sort of hypocrite, wouldn’t you say?”

9th April 2005, 01:10 PM

As Siderous and Kevin slept, Asher had walked about the pokemon center. At one point she had gone outside... sitting next to Fray who had been released outside. Fray prefurred it that way... and the two of them sat beneath the beautiful, sparkling stars in the night sky. Fray's brilliant mane seemed to reflect a beautiful firey glow, as Asher leaned slightly against her Ponyta friend. They were in silence... and finally Asher grabbed her other two marked pokeballs and let them out. Leif and the Dratini appeared, Leif letting out a yawn as he twitched his ears about for a bit. He then decided to lay next to Asher, obviously opening up a little bit to her. The Dratini seemed frightened however... recoiling away, to which Asher frowned.
"You don't have to be afraid of me... I'm not like the others."
The Dratini's eyes fixated upon Asher, as if unsure how to react.
" Those Rockets were horrible to you... weren't they? Well I won't be that way... I'll treat you nicely and if ever find out where you belong, I'll let you go back. Sound okay?"
Asher held out her hand gently, pausing as the Dratini seemed to ponder and then slowly came over to her hand. Sniffing it gently, the Dratini glanced to Fray who seemed to smile with her eyes and give a gentle whinny. The Dratini then came closer to Asher, allowing her to stroke his soft skin gently and pat him behind the little white ears.
" You need a name... I don't suppose you have one, do you?"
The Dratini seemed to shake it's head a little bit, although it still was quite timid and obviously shy.
"Hmm... well then can I give you one?"
Silence insued, before the Dratini gave an agreeing nod. Asher then contemplated for a moment, before looking at the timid male Dratini.
" I think that name 'Aries' is nice, do you?"
The Dratini seemed to close it's eyes for a moment before giving a light little nod and a timid, "Teee..." Asher withdrew a breath of relief that he had liked the name, and slowly she leaned back and closed her eyes briefly.
After a few passing minutes, Asher felt she heard some thing coming from inside the Pokecenter so she quickly picked up Leif and Aries, looking to Fray.
"Will you be alright for the night?"
Fray gave an approving snort, and Asher nodded and entered the Pokecenter. She heard Kevin shouting some thing, and quickly she sat Leif and Aries upon the couch and rushed over to him. Shaking him awake... she withdrew him from his nightmare.



Asher had listened to Kevin, understanding a bit now of his past. It was a bit remarkable to her that he turned out the way he did, after expeirencing some thing rather rash like that. She remained silent, listening and understanding a bit of his past and where he was coming from... but then when he finished, she shook her head.
"You're not a hypocrite... besides it doesn't matter. Opening up to some one isn't a weakness... and I bet you feel a bit better now."
Kevin seemed to blink and he nodded, glancing to her as if expecting some thing but Asher shook her head.
" I'll tell you that my past... well, it's got a lot of bad things in it. Things that no girl ever wants to expierence, and things that haunt me constantly. Yes... some of them do have to do with rockets... others have to do with... other things." Asher sighed and stood up gently, looking to Kevin again as she glanced to see her two sleeping pokemon.
" Things define us... the past does. I might be cold, but...it's who i am. No one has given me a reason to trust them... in fact the only people who really give me chances are you and Jared. Jared was kind enough to enroll me into the academy and provide me some housing."
Asher glanced to Kevin, a soft look with in her eyes.
" I'd probably be worse with out him. Maybe i would have really beat you up too... of course, perhaps I'll admit that you've affected me too. Made me perhaps learn how to tolerate others. " It was a joke, perhaps not tha tfunny but it was her way of lighting the mood.
" I'm not ready to say anything to anyone. I don't know why you hang around me Kevin... I'm not a good person. "

With that, Asher slipped off her shirt and perhaps it gave Kevin a bit of a heart leap, but underneath she had a simplistic white tank top as she undid her belt and then went to her bag. Opening it up she managed to grab a sleeping bag and she rolled it out on the couch. Leif seemed to wake up from this disturbance, giving a yawn as he looked to her. Asher slipped inside teh bag, letting most of it's top hang off of her for she was rather warm.
" Good night Kevin. "
With that, Asher closed her eyes and it wasn't long before Leif gently walked upwards and curled upon Asher's body, towards her arm and chest where she naturally seemed to have her delicate hand rest upon his body as the two of them slept, Aries remaining by her feet.

9th April 2005, 03:44 PM
Lee Kenta
Party: Eevee – Magikarp
Location: Pewter City Pokemon Center
I was awoken by Nurse Joy by a light tap on my shoulder. I looked up at her and she was holding two trays. One had my pokeballs on it and the other had possibly the biggest sandwich I have ever seen.

“Here are your pokemon.” She said sweetly with a smile, “I thought you would be hungry after your battle with Brock so I also made a sandwich for you.”

“Thank You very much.” I said as I grabbed the two trays, “But how did you know about me beating Brock?”

“Well I saw your badge when you came in and you and your pokemon were extremely tired so I put one and one together.” She replied.

“Oh I see.” I said while putting the pokeballs on my belt. “Um could I also give you a letter after I finish my sandwich?” I asked.

“Sure. The paper and pens are on that table beside you and you can bring it right up to me.” She replied.

“Okay, Thank You” I said as I took a bite into my food.

Nurse Joy then turned around and walked back to the front desk.

I quickly finished my food and began to write the letter. It was for Alex and how that I had unfortunately changed my mined about traveling with him. I wrote that I would love to travel with him but I want to do lots of things on my journey and don’t want to slow down for anything. I finished off the note with, “See you later friend.” And signed it. I then got up, got my bag and walked to the front desk.

I asked Nurse Joy to give it to Alex and I described him and said he had an Abra and Vaporeon with him. She said she would and I left the pokemon center.

I took a path that lead to the far east of Pewter City. There was a path with a sign that said, “Mt. Moon and Cerulean City--->”

“Sweet.” I said to myself, “On to my second badge.

9th April 2005, 08:36 PM
Siderous Peregrine (w/Asher and Kevin)
Party: Pidgey[F], Spearow[M], Butterfree[M], Nidoran[M]
Location: Pewter City Pokecenter
************************************************** **


"Weee!" The cry of a Weedle screamed in Sid's head. "Weeeee...."

His eyes opened. A bunch of Weedle, Caterpie, Kakuna, Metapod, and others were crowding around Siderous. He'd been sleeping on the forest floor. "What's going on?" he called.
"Huh?" Sid leapt to his feet, confused. "What was that?"
"Speeearow!" Sid heard in the distance.
Instantly Siderous took off deeper into the Viridian Forest.
The gunshots sounded closer. Finally, Sid came to a clearing in the woods. He stopped to catch his breath, and hid behind a bush.
Two men were standing there, grinning. They both had camoflauge pants and a white coat on, and both carried a hunting rifle.

The first man spoke with a strong, deep voice. "Let's get out of here, I've got my share."
"Not yet," said the smaller of the two. His voice was quite the opposite; very high pitched and squeaky. "I want to pick off a Pidgey."
Sid's heart skipped a beat. 'Poachers,' he thought. He suddenly realized where he was; this was the clearing where Fawkes, his best friend (a male Pidgey,) lived.
"Hey, look up there; that's a Pidgey nest, that is," said the older man. The younger one started to lift his rifle.
"NOOOO!" cried Siderous, bursting through the brush and slamming into the smaller man. The older man watched, surprised, as Siderous began beating on the younger one. Once the shock receded, he finally bent over and lurched Sid off of the younger counterpart.

The young man fingered his face, and found that he was bleeding from his mouth and nose. He fired a disgusted look at Siderous. "You'll regret that," he said, picking up his weapon and pointing the muzzle towards Sid.
"Piiiiidgey!" cried Fawkes, suddenly diving out of a tree and headbutting the younger man. He fired, but his shot was lost in the woods.
"I'm gonna get you!" exclaimed the older man, pulling out a pistol. He began firing precise shots in the air at the flittering Pidgey, who was flapping circles in the sky. The bullets were missing by millimeters. As he was shooting, Siderous managed to call for help:
"Piiidgey!" Sid cried, putting his excellent bird calling talents to use. "Speeearow!"

A few Pidgey and Spearow began gathering overhead. The younger man started looking rather nervous; the older man, however, looked pissed. "You!" he exclaimed, shooting a dangerous look in Sid's direction, "stop that!" Siderous didn't stop, and more and more birds flocked to the scene. Fawkes was squawking like mad to the gathering birds, probably telling the others what was happening.
The older man looked furious. "I warned you," he hissed, and raised the pistol in Sid's direction.
There was a flash of brown...
...and Fawkes slammed into the ground at Sid's feet. Immediately, the birds overhead swarmed the two hunters. They threw off their white coats, attempting to throw off the onslaught, but to now avail. Eventually they ran screaming out of the woods. Siderous, who'd closed his eyes and said a little prayer when the gun was pointed at him, now opened his eyes and saw his little guardian angel lying at his feet.

Siderous knelt down and gently picked up Fawkes. He was dead. There was a bullet wound near the center of his stomach.
Sid looked up with tears in his eyes, and saw something even more horrifying. Fawkes's mate was lying not too far off. Sid could tell; she had a missing talon, and her tail feathers had been burned by a passing trainer's Charmander a while ago.

Siderous wept. For the first time in his life, he wept. He put Fawkes down, and turned away; he couldn't bear to see Fawkes like that. That's when he noticed the white coats that the hunters had left. Siderous sniffed, and wiped his face with his sleeve as he got up and went to the coats....

Suddenly, everything became blurry... the lettering on the white coats... he couldn't make them out well, but he was sure they said something like "Ook Alde," whatever that meant... Sid finally fainted.

Next thing he knew, he was in his bed... his mother was trying to explain that she'd found him in the woods, and she took the coats and destroyed them...

Siderous woke with a start. He was sweating all over his body. Quickly, he sat up, got out of the sleeping back, and grabbed his backpack. Sid tore through, looking for clothes to wear for the day, and went to the bathroom to change.

When he returned, Asher was stretching and groaning- she'd just woken up. She looked surprisingly good in her white tank top. Kevin was still snoring away.

9th April 2005, 09:11 PM
Emi Tajiri ~ Pewter City Pokemon Center

Chase and I slept peacefully in the Pokemon Center, our Pokemon in their pokeballs. While I was sleeping, however, I had this crazy dream. I was being chased down hallways of some unknown building. Loud alarms rang in my ears. People everywhere were shouting. The weird thing was that I felt like I was running on all fours.

Chase shook me awake in the morning. "Wake up, Emi. We should've been up an hour ago," he said.

"Ugh. Five more minutes," I groaned, turning over.

I felt something poke my back. "Bulbasaur!" I heard Dimitri shout. He sounded a little ticked off.

I turned back over and smiled at Dimitri. "You don't want to wait either, huh? Okay, I'm getting up." Then I remembered something. "We can't leave yet! Mom said that she wanted to see us about something!"

As if on cue, Mom walked through the front doors holding two pokeballs. "Hi kids! I was afraid I would miss you."

"You can thank Emi for that," Chase said.

My eyes locked on the pokeballs. "Is there something in there, Mom?" I asked her.

She nodded. "As you may know, the next gym will be filled with water Pokemon. I got something that may help you two." She opened the two pokeballs, revealing two Pikachu. "I know this electric Pokemon breeder that owned these Pikachu. These two are quite the handful so he thought that they might benefit from trainers like yourselves."

Dimitri looked at me pleadingly. "Bulba..."

"Thanks Mom, but I already was planning on using Dimitri to battle the gym leader. He knows Petal Dance!" I said, defending Dimitri.

"But what about Chase? Who was he planning on using?" Mom asked me. "Maybe you won't need the Pikachu for Cerulean City but you'll probably need them later on. Please take them. My friend already has more than he can handle."

I looked at the two Pikachu. They looked completely identical. Both of them had a collar of some sort around their neck. One said "A.C." and the other said "D.C." "They're twins. Isn't it cute?" Mom asked me.

"Yeah." I looked up at Chase. "What do you think? They look like they're pretty young. You think we should take them with us?"

9th April 2005, 09:26 PM
Seth had been awake since dawn. He was used to waking up this early, you had to if you wanted to survive. He looked down at his three pokemon. Clyde was awke while Nomad and the Oddish (which he had named Ochu) were sleeping soundly.
"The Gym wont be opene for another few hours," he said softly to his partner, cautious not to wake the others, "So how about we grab somethin to eat?" Now, when he said, 'grab somethin to eat' he usually meant steal some food. Leaving Monad and Ochu to sleep, the two left the pokemon centre and walked down the street.
"There's a supermarket not far from here," said Seth.

A few minutes later...

"These pineapples are great!" Seth exclaimed as he bit into it, "I should steal exotic fruit more often." Seth had managed to swipe a couple of pineapples, a bottle of soda, a bottle of milk, some bread and a bag of pokemon chow. Clyde was munching happily at his food. Clyde glanced at a watch he had stolen a few years back.
"The others should be waking up," he said, getting up and putting the left over food in his bag, "We'd better head back." Clyde swollowed the last of his food, nodded and followed Seth back to the pokemon centre.

Sorry for the crappiness people.

DaRk MeWtWo
10th April 2005, 01:30 PM
Alexander @ Pewter City Museum w/ Alexis [Abra M] and Lyfai [Vaporeon F]

Alex had hope in his newest friend. For the first time since he had met Alexis back in the Prof’s house, he felt that he was truly capable of getting quite a few if not most the badges. The Vaporeon’s acceptance as an ally in his quest was truly heart-lifting for the new trainer—hopefully he wasn’t overestimating their friendship.


What the heck is that pokemon? I know I’ve seen it before in those synthetic pokedexes. They said it was heck fast. I like heck fast pokemon like Alexis. Dammit what is that thing?! Alex was staring at the fossilized structure of an ancient rock-head pokemon, with an unbelievable wingspan attached. Its massive skull seemed to large to lift for the body and Alex marveled at the skeleton’s design It must have been ruler of the skies. I need to find out its name.

Meanwhile, the Vaporeon had been sitting patiently by him this whole time and wasn’t really interesting in the massive skull of some extinct pokemon. Nevertheless, she was sitting right there.

“Huh? Oh. You’re waiting for me? Hehe. Sorry for that. I got kinda absorbed in this fossil. Did you get a good look around?” He asked, looking right into the aquatic pokemon’s captivating eyes. The Vaporeon only nodded its head and cried as if in a “Yes.”

“Cool stuff, right? Oh man, I’m sorry, I’m probably boring you. Uh, hey look why don’t we look to see if Lee is done at the Pokecenter? I’m sure we can hook up with him and later, we can crush Brock.” Alex proposed.

“Vapi.” The pokemon could only respond in “yes” and “no,” and as far as Alex could tell, she was glad to leave the museum.

Darn. If only it was easy as it was with Alexis. I’ve even bored her...just when I thought we were getting to know each other.

“WTF? Are you talking to yourself, Alex?” Alexis’s sudden blabber froze Alex rigid

“Ssh. Quiet. Yes, I mean, no. I’m not. Whatever. You look like you’re still asleep. What’s going on?” Alex asked him mentally.

“I am. Well, I’m sleepwalking. I dunno. I’m asleep, but I can talk with you still. I need 16 hours of sleep, but only 8 real hours of full-sleep. Kinda confusing, but basically I can talk to you 8 out of those 16 hours. Should make for a more interesting journey, eh?” He commented.

“Sure would. Anyhow, look. The Vaporeon we met earlier. I think it favors my presence. WTF? I can’t word my thoughts right. Whatever, it likes me so far. If you need to take a longer nap, I can battle Brock with…her? I dunno if she still thinks we’re just friends or if I’m her trainer. I’ll see if I can find out. Is that okay with you? I really wanted you to smash that show-off’s Onix but—” he was mentally slapped by Alexis, as if he had a shockwave.

“Dude. You talk, okay you think waaay too much. Don’t worry about the Vaporeon. I think she’s cool. I couldn’t read her mind. Something was pushing me back—that’s good—that means she’s got strong mental capabilities. We’ll need that for Brock and the future. ‘s okay with me if you abandon me and use only her for the battle.” Alexis mentally yawned, but on his shoulder, it still looked like he was fast asleep all the same.

“Thanks man. I hope you understand that…” Alex suddenly realized that the Vaporeon was staring at him as if he was crazy—and that Alexis was back to “Full Sleep Mode.”

“Eheh. Sorry about that. Um, let’s just go, shall we?” Alex asked. The Vaporeon nodded again and they began to walk out of the museum, when Alexis caught light of a shiny stone near the entrance of the museum.

“What in the heavens is that?!” He rushed to the spot and picked up a brown-and-yellow stone which faintly made him remember the fossilized skeleton of the “ruler of the skies” he had seen minutes ago.

“Oh my god. This must be…op!” He quickly shut up and put the stone in his pocket. The Vaporeon, for once, hadn’t noticed him, as it was still proceeding to the entrance of the museum while glancing at another pokemon’s painting it had seen earlier. Alex looked her way and was floored by its beauty. Wow. K, I’ll never get my hands on that critter. No way I’ve seen it before in the synthetic pokedexes.

Alex was caught in the picture’s beauty as he smacked his forehead onto the museum’s door and cursed himself for not looking where he was going. The Vaporeon noticed this and purred softly—almost as if it were a giggle. Alex noticed her laughing and began to laugh again as well At least I can crack her up

He opened the door for the Vaporeon and quickly followed her to the Pokemon Center to see if Lee was ready for him. This is so rad. I’m finally making human friends for once! But he was soon to be disappointed. When he got to the Pokecenter, the familiar-but-not-so-familiar face of perhaps-the-same-Nurse-Joy-perhaps-not looked upon his entrance and gracefully walked to him.

“Hello. Welcome to our Pokemon Center once again. This is for you, from a young boy named Lee Kenta. He has just departed for Cerulean City via Mt. Moon.” Nurse Joy smiled and handed Alex a neatly folded letter.

With trembling hands Alex tore upon the letter:

Dear Alex,

Dude, it was nice meeting you back there at the gym. I’m so glad you watched my battle with Brock—I think your presence somehow supported my victory. Seriously, I appreciated your “attendance,” if that’s the right word.

In any case, I’m writing this letter to tell you that I’ve changed my mind about traveling together. I’d loved to journey with you—but you see I want to do lots of things, and I just know we’ll have conflicting schedules, so I don’t want there to be a time when you’re slowing me down or where I’m slowing you down. I hope you understand.

See you later, friend.
--Lee Kenta

Alex had very mixed feelings after reading this letter. It was good to know that Lee was so thoughtful, sincere, and realistic. Those qualities were essential in a good traveling partner. Nevertheless, Alex felt a slight pain in his heart—he had, after all, been somewhat cast aside. Even though that wasn’t the case, and even he knew it wasn’t so, it was just human instinct and feelings that depressed him a little.

“Vapy?” The Vaporeon jumped and eagerly tried to pry the letter from Alex’s grasp.

“Wha? You want to read it that badly? Hehe.” He started playing games with the Vaporeon, running in circles as the aquatic pokemon chased him down. People started looked at the duo in the Pokecenter and some were smiling. The Vaporeon suddenly leaped in the air and bought Alex tumbling to the ground. Alex panicked and managed to preserve Alexis’s delicate body before it was crushed by his weight. The Vaporeon laughed once more and Alex’s spirits arose yet again.

“Whew…you’re fully of energy, aren’t you? Hey, look, Alexis is still asleep. And…I was thinking…do you want to—to—to battle Brock with me?” He finally managed to get the words out of his mouth and the Eeveelution just sat, there, thinking. The air was rather tense, at least around Alex’s face, for her reply would decide their future as partners forever….

Alex @ Pewter City Pokecenter, with Alexis [Abra M] and Lyfai [Vaporeon F]

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10th April 2005, 02:51 PM
Lee Kenta
Party: Eevee – Magikarp
Location: Route between Pewter City and Mt. Moon
“I couldn’t stop thinking about how Alex must feel right now. Is he sad? Does he hate me? What.” I thought to myself, “I hope we could meet up again later.”

I was walking on a path that was right beside a fairly grassy area. It looked like there was some small pokemon in it but I couldn’t make any of them out so I just continued on my way. I could also see some trainers battling way out past the grassy area. I thought of going over to them to watch but I decided not.

All of a sudden there was a rustle in the grassy area. It kept getting closer and closer to me when all of a sudden, a familiar face popped out. I was the Bug Catcher I had battled in the Viridian Forest.

“Hay you.” He said to me, “I remember you from Viridian Forest, lets have a rematch.”

“Umm… Hi. How have you been?” I asked a little confused of how straight forward he was.

“The rematch kid?” The Bug Catcher asked.

“Ah… Ok” I told him.

He then got right to it, “Okay, go Butterfree”

Sorry about that Mewtwo. But don't worry, I'll make sure we meet up later ^____^

10th April 2005, 09:31 PM
~ In the Pokecenter w/Siderous & Kevin ~
Leif [Pikachu/m]|Fray [Ponyta/F]|Aries [Dratini/M]

Asher withdrew a stifled yawn as she awoke from her sleeping bag, instantly blinking her eyes a bit until her clouded vision had gone away. Leif was sleeping curled against her side, although she probably had thrashed around in the night a little bit. Aries was staring at her, curled in the same state he was at night but his eyes were wide open and he stared quite intently. Asher offered him a weak nod as she glanced to see that Siderous was up and already changed.
" Not much of a late riser, are you?" She said flatly, slowing crawling out of her sleeping bag. Her tank top hugged at her figure slightly, as her shorts drooped a little bit to show a bit of her defined pelvic line. She seemed oblvious, her ponytailed hair a bit messed up. Asher looked at Kevin snoring on the couch and she rolled her eyes.
"I suppose we should get going..." Asher said to Siderous, who nodded.
"Yeah, we should go challenge Brock."
Asher gave a nod and grabbed her blue bag which was near. Instantly she grabbed a few garments of clothing and then disappeared into the bathroom... leaving Leif to sleep upon the couch.

She returned, and it seemed as magically she had transformed to look different than the previous day. She had showered and her skin was glowing, matching her viberant light-hued hair which wasn't down... but up. It was beautifully straight and hung about her back and shoulders, seeming to look like silky ribbons. They matched her vivid eyes as she walked back to the couch. She wore a black tank top which had a route sign in white print upon the square of her back. She wore jeans this time, deep blue jeans that were slightly faded along with her usual shoes. The deep contrast was rather blazing compared to her light hair and eye color, although her skin was slightly tanned.

Asher looked at Kevin, who was still snoring about as loud as a Snorlax. Annoyed, Asher took a nearbye couch pillow and decked Kevin in the head ... pretty hard too for a pillow. Instantly it connected dead on, Asher remarkabley always having great accuracy, and he awoke with a yelp.
" Wake up, Siderous and I are ready and you're still snoring up a storm." Kevin looked a bit embarressed, as Asher rolled her eyes and packed up her things.
" What are we going to do...?" Kevin said yawning, obviously still a bit out of it. Asher practically smacked herself in the face as she looked at him, Siderous's expression looking rather amused.
" We're going to be challenging Brock." Kevin gave a sleepy nod until suddenly his expression seemed to dramatically change.
"What about breakfast, we get to eat first right?" He asked eagerly, and Sideorus withdrew a sigh.
"I suppose... our pokemon could use the food."
Asher gave a nod, and looking at Leif she gave him a slight nud.
"Hey guy... wake up. We're going to be getting some thing to eat. I'll let you out then... okay?" Asher then looked to Aries and gave the same explanation, and they both nodded.
Instantly they were recalled, and Asher stood up looking at Siderous as they both waited for Kevin to come out of the bathroom.

"You made an aweful lot of noise last night." Asher stated blankly, crossing her arms.
"With both you and Kevin, I'm going to sleep very little..." Asher shrugged lightly, looking at Siderous's expression as she shook her head.
"I work well on little sleep anyway... "

~ The Vaporeon / F ~

Lyfai stared up at Alex, blinking slightly as she tilted her head to the side and stared at him puzzling over the question. She was to battle? She had battled before... yes... many times... but to do it for this trainer?
"Vapooor!" She suddenly exclaimed, leaping off of Alex and doing a little twirl as if she were chasing her tail. She then gave a slight nod, her viberant violet eyes seeming to glow a bit as she almost gave off the air that she was smiling. Alex seemed happy at this, as he gave a nod.
"Alright!" He proclaimed, giving a smile which made Lyfai wag her tail a bit.

She liked it when she saw smiles.

"Well then... should we go over now?" He questioned, and Lyfai glanced through the window at the massive looming building that she had been inside before. She recalled the large snake-like pokemon of rock... Onix. how it had smashed into the ground... trying to beatup the Eevee and trying to seemingly devour the entire earth. It was like a demon from the ground with large eyes and a roar to cause the giants to shake...
... Lyfai suddenly narrowed her eyes in determination. She knew she could beat it.

Looking up to Alex, her determination faded and she seemed to be just as bubbly ever.
"Eeeeohn! Eeooohn vaaay!" She stated lightly, running towards the Pokecenter door as she glanced back at him, wagging her tail and ready to go.

DaRk MeWtWo
11th April 2005, 11:18 AM
Alex @ Pewter City Pokecenter, with Sleeping Alexis [Abra M], and Lyfai [Vaporeon F]

The Vaporeon’s wagging tail infused a grin upon Alex that he had quite a hard time rubbing off. Her violet and deep eyes seemed to reply in and of themselves, and it wasn’t difficult for him to understand she was willing to be her partner against Brock.

And now she’s happy again. But what about Alexis? The psychic humanoid pokemon was still resting soundly on his shoulder, still in his “Full Sleep Mode,” as Alex would later refer to it. He’ll be okay. I’ll just take him with me and win the first badge the second he wakes up…ugh who’m I kidding? He’s going to miss the whole thing. Alex glanced fervently at his first pokemon and was almost ashamed he wasn’t using it in his first gym battle. But that moment was soon over as he and the bubbly Vaporeon exited the Pokecenter, and with long and confident strides, were soon at the stone-cold door to Brock’s daunting gym.

It was with a slightly trembling hand that Alex turned the ivory knob of that door and stepped into his first ever gym battle—for the battle had begun as soon as he had entered the gym.

“Ha! I see you’ve returned!” The obnoxiously loud and echoing voice of the six-packer Brock rang bells in Alex’s ears and made him jump a foot or so off the floor. Alexis didn’t stir a bit, and the Vaporeon simply glared back at the gym leader.

“Ho ho. It seems your pokemon are more confident than you. Now what kind of a trainer is that? If his heart is not in the forthcoming battle, how can he even hope to win?” Brock laughed and walked all the way to Alex—from across the whole expanse of the gym—till he was face-to-face with the trainer. “Well?” he mockingly asked. Alex just stood there, a little petrified, but soon he had gathered himself together.

“I am confident,” he simply said. Then there was quite an awkward silence. God, what a lame comeback that was. I gotta show him I’m no pushover.

“I meantersay no oversized muscular gym leader with a six-pack is gonna send me back home. You’re boasting like you know everything there is to pokemon. I bet you didn’t even graduate from university or something—and that’s why you’re such a pathetic gym leader!” he proclaimed. Oh s***. What was that for? Great. Now I’ve made him mad. Brock inched even closer to Alex till their noses were just an inch apart:

“You dare to defy my superior rank?! I’ll crush you and your pokemon like the tiny toddlers they are!” he fumed.

“Yeah right. You know you don’t have a chance,” Alex smirked, glancing at the Vaporeon by his side, who was standing loyal and tall by his side, patiently awaiting for his argument to subside Holy cow. Here I go boring her again. I’ve got to stop this.

“Well, prepare yourself, and we shall see who truly deserves the higher rank. And, by the way, I didn’t go to a university—I went to a community college that integrated pokemon with helping the needy. But you wouldn’t know that—you’re too haughty yourself. Match starts in a minute. Be ready, I’ll be waiting on the opposite side of the gym.” Brock finished his comeback-gone-speech and walked away swiftly, head even higher in the air than before.

“Wise guy…come on, let’s go get him,” Alex walked ahead as the Vaporeon trailed behind him. He was soon atop a high ledge and observing the battle from afar, and the Vaporeon was courageously awaiting for the battle to begin, a tiny blue Eeveelution in the distance…It’s like she’s all alone. Against that giant snake that’s gonna pop outta that tiny pokeball…Alex slapped himself on the head, almost making Alexis fall from his right shoulder. Woah. Almost dropped Alexis there. I gotta focus.

“Well, well, are we ready? I presume this shall be a two-on-two battle, no? Go Geodu-” Brock’s bellowing was cut off by the alarmed voice of Alex:

“No! It’s a one-on-one battle. I’m using only my Vaporeon, and you should use…him.” Alex cried.

“What? You expect me to initiate a single one-on-one battle? I’m sorry, kid. I only do battles with both my pokemon. Whether it’s a Doube Battle or a Single Battle, whether it’s against one trainer or two, I always use both my pokemon. I’ve promised them participation from the start.” Brock’s somewhat angry voice seemed to strike a sledgehammer upon Alex’s skull.

“What do you mean? Oh no! Then we’ll have to battle another time I guess, my Abra’s still asleep. I gotta go then…” Alex said, beginning to climb down from the rocks…when suddenly a spire erupted from the ground and slashed his leg. “OW! What’s going on here!?”

“Hahaha! Don’t you know you can’t leave me now, boy? Trainers cannot refuse challenges from other trainers, and it’s not that different with gym battles. Once you’ve stepped into this gym and challenged me, you’re stuck with me until it’s all over—and since I’ve posted my two-pokemon usage policy right outside the gym, I guess you’re just have to fight two-on-one. Haha!” His barking laughter didn’t faze the Vaporeon down there all by herself. She just seemed to nod her head as if it was a simplistic challenge—she was eyeing the floating Geodude across from her with a devious curiosity.

“You fagging bully you! You can’t do this!” Alex protested. But a cage of stony spires was enveloping him, and it seemed they wouldn’t budge.

“Yes I can! You’re to fight me till the death! Haha!” Brock’s laughter was really getting on Alex’s nerves.

“Oh shut up you giant bully. Ugh,” Alex returned up to the high ledge, where he could actually breathe, “After I crush you I’m reporting you to the Pokemon Challenge authorities—they’ll have your head you tyrant!” Alex was fuming and the fact that Alexis was still asleep, and probably shaken up from the spires cutting a small injury on his left arm, wasn’t helping either. This guy’s going down. I’m not gonna betray her so soon after we met.

Pewter City Gym Leader Battle~ Lyfai :134: F vs. :074: M, and :095: M (???)

“Silence you maggot! Geodude! Strengthen defenses with your Defense Curl first! Then smash his Vaporeon with Rollout!” Brock commanded.

“Ha! That’s so simplistic, it’s not even funny! Vaporeon! Make yourself invulnerable to his already pathetic strategy with Acid Armor!” Alex cried.

The Geodude’s Defense Curl was so fast that Vaporeon didn’t even notice the seconds tick as the rock pokemon’s skin hardened and gleamed a slightly lighter brown tint. Next Vaporeon began to dissipate, as if she was dissolving into thin air—her body was covered with a rainbow-colored aura which glowed with a brilliant radiance. The Geodude was impressed, but was quick to act by grabbing its skull and turning itself into a bowling ball—trying to strike down the Vaporeon for a good first hit. The attack was unreasonable fast, and the Vaporeon was struck on her left side. But the damage itself was laughable, and she shook of the pain immediately. Before the Geodude could continue his assault—

“Let’s show him we won’t just smack him cheaply with water! Vaporeon! Tail Whip, then follow up with a Sand-Attack, or ten! We can blind him pretty good here!” Alex cried.

“I doubt it. Geodude! Keep using Rollout, but if you miss then you better retreat and send a massive Magnitude attack! Go!” Brock bellowed.

The Vaporeon Tail Whipped the Geodude before he could even attack, and rock pokemon was struck dizzy, it’s gleaming tint beginning to fade away. But both pokemon were quick to attack, and the Geodude began retreating quickly enough. The Vaporeon stood still for a second, as if she contemplated how to perform her next move. Then she simply ran full-speed at the Geodude, and stopped just before she reached his face.

She giggled spontaneously as the equivalent of twenty normal Sand-Attacks billowed up behind her and swallowed the Geodude in a blinding cloud.

“Vapii! Eonn!” she was delighted with her tactics.

“Geoo—oo—dude?” The rock pokemon blindly struck the floor with his Magnitude attack, and the pathetic move was made even more pathetic by the fact that he missed his target completely, almost sending the shockwave rippling towards Brock.

“Geodude! Snap out of it! Concentrate! Ugh. Just use Reflect and wait for the Vaporeon to make her next move!” Brock bellowed, obviously very frustrated.

“Vaporeon! Nice work! Use your Quick Attacks now to render him asunder!” Alex responded.

The Vaporeon ran in circles around Geodude and struck him several blows, adding in a Tail Whip here and there for good measure. Soon the Geodude was so dizzy he was about ready to give it up. He couldn’t even aim a simple Tackle attack anymore—and his shining rocky armor was giving way quite nicely.

“Dammit. Geodude! You can do more than just a Rollout attack’s worth to that Vaporeon! Show him our stuff! ExPlOsIoN, NoW!” Brock’s commanded struck fear into the heart of Alex, and he felt his knees buckle under just the words.

“No! Vaporeon! We gotta really play now! End the battle quickly with Bubblebeam! Finish off the Geodude before it Explodes! You can’t avoid the damage from any range now, just finish it before it blows up!”

Everything next seemed to happen in slow motion. Vaporeon swished her elegant tail back and forth and charged numerous bubbles in his mouth, ready at any second to unleash on of her stronger water attacks on the disadvantaged rock/ground type. However, the Geodude seemed perfectly trained for his “sacrificial lamb” position, and was soon glowing a bright white and yellow, on the verge of using the deadly Explosion attack.

Dammit. What the hell was I thinking this time? Brock knew he was in trouble from the start, and knew I was confident all along. That’s why he made me even more confident and therefore I didn’t end the battle straightaway with a water attack. Now Vaporeon’s too relaxed and close to the Geodude to run for shelter from that Explosion attack. What’ve I done?!

Alex ("Panic Mode"), with Lyfai (Vaporeon F), and Alexis (Abra M in "Full Sleep Mode")

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11th April 2005, 03:08 PM
You're not hogging... hee.

~ With Alex in Brock's Gym ~

Lyfai stared at the Geodude, anger and determination in her eyes. He had already hit her a few times... and she didn't like it. She knew that she had capabilities of beating her opponent, and she hated the idea of the dumb rock pokemon actually touching her elegant body. Now she watched as the pokemon pulsated and glowed with viberant energy... and instantly Lyfai realized that she wasn't going to be able to bubble him in time.
"Vaaay!" She gave a cry, closing her eyes as she concentrated extremely hard upon herself. Her bubbles stopped foaming from her mouth as Alex gave a cry, just as Geodude suddenly let his own call out. Following that... a huge massive explosion ripped through the gym. Dust seemed to erupt from the ground, causing huge swirling clouds to form all about blinding both trainers. Bits of rock and boulders were blown away, crushing the ground and it seemed hopeless for Lyfai. The poor Vaporeon would have either been blown back, or she would have been trampled by the rocks.

When the dusty clouds finally settled... Geodude was upon the floor, fainted... and Lyfai was no where to be seen.
"Vaporeon?! Where are you?!" Alex said worriedly, panick with in his voice as Brock started to laugh.
"Looks like you've lost your only pokemon... that means the battle-" In midsentence, suddenly there was a shift. A small puddle of water could be seen surrounding a large, spike-like boulder that had not moved. Slowly the puddle seemed to glow an eerie silver, and it began to form together again until it uprose and took shape. After a brilliant flash of white echoed through the air, Lyfai was there again- her body virtually unscathed.

"W-what the?" Brock seemed at a loss for words, as he stared at the Vaporeon who saw teh fainted Geodude. She instantly grew a smile-like expression upon her face as seh wagged her tail and gave a cry. She then suddenly darted about the fainted Geodude... almost prancing about, as if saying, "Nice try!" Alex seemed a bit stunned as well- Lyfai had done that with out any order... just naturally, and so much swifter than before.
"That's... that's incredible?! Such an advanced Acid Armour with out any hint of water..." Brock fumbled for words, but soon anger overcame him as he withdrew Geodude.

" Enough. Playtime is over... your vaporeon won't stand a chance against ONIX!" With that his pokeball opened up and the glowing, looming figure of Onix appeared upon the floor. Instantly the red began to fade and an overwhelming roar echoed through out the entire stadium. It's large, massive eyes looked down at Lyfai with a deep determined look which was equally matched by her own small stature.

The two of them seemed to stare for a second... exchanging glares before Brock called out.
"Onix, let's start things off with an EARTHQUAKE!"
Instantly Onix sent a shrilling roar through the air, and Alex quickly responded.
"Jump upon one of those rocks and hold on... try to charge up a fierce Water attack!"
Lyfai gave a feverish nod, as she instantly darted over to one particular large rock. She sprinted as fast as she could, as Onix prepared to slam his body into the ground to cue a large, trembling earthquake. Just as she leapt into the air, his body had slammed into the ground as she soared through the air. She gracefully landed atop of the boulder, just as the Earthquake started to subside and as bolders and rocks moved, she kept herself steadily upon the top of the boulder. Her eyes seemed to glow quite viberantly with violet as she stared at the Onix. Her fins flared out a bit, looking slightly like menacing spikes almost... and it seemed as if her mood had changed. The Geodude was a joke.. but the Onix... the Onix was some thing she wanted to put in it's place.

The Onix reared up, and Brock shouted for a tackle attack. Lyfai waited for the Onix to rear up, her eyes beginning to swirl about with their viberant color as Alex seemed to nervously cry out.
"Dodge it with Quick Attack!"
However, Lyfai was head strong... she waited until the Onix charged at her. Then suddenly she opened her mouth and gave a cry.. "EEEEoooon!" as instantly a gush of water sprayed from her mouth with utmost force. It nailed Onix directly between the eyes, and the pokemon instantly gave a roar of pain. It then recoiled away from Lyfai in mid-tackle, crashing into boulders to the side of Lyfai. Lyfai kept her water gun going until the pokemon was upon the ground, in which she ceised. The Vaporeon then leapt off the rock... leveling herself with the Onix.
" Finish it off Vaporeon! Another water gun!"
Lyfai looked to Alex and a smile instantly overcame her face as she gave a nod. Slowly the Onix began to rise... obviously hurt by the water tremendously. This time Lyfai did not charge her attack up... but rather she withdrew a haughty breath and then instantly a gush of water spread along Onix's body. Lyfai made it so that the water gun didn't hit just one spot, but ran along a great distance of his body.

A roar of pain seemed to signal the end of the battle...as Onix crashed to the floor, powerless to avoid the stream of water. He gave a weak cry and instantly Lyfai ceised her water attack, panting slightly from using all her force and energy to create a powerful water gun. She then turned her face back cheerfully at Alex, wagging her tail to see Alex's stunned face that they had actually won.

"Vaaapor!" She said with a giggling-tone, scampering back over to Alex with such vigor that it was quite clear she had all intentions of tackling him. It was amazing too... the fact that she had seemed hell-bent upon mutilated the Onix in defeat, and then at the first sign of a done battle she became her hyper, energetic, bubbly self.
And Alex was going to recieve the brunt of it.

Crystal Tears
11th April 2005, 09:54 PM
Why I couldn't stop staring at them I didn't know, besides the point they were IDENTICAL, and the fact their names were... Um.. Bad, it was also because they were adorable. I smiled and picked up the D.C. I could tell it didn't exactly being abandoned by the breeder so young, and it didn't like its name.
"I'll take the girl." I said, holding D.C so that she could drop into my slightly to big pocket. She yelped happily and snuggled into it. "Your Name will be Fay now ok?"
The pikachu, not knowing the breeder long enough nodded happily, before snuggling down in the depths of the pocket.
"You taking A.C Emi?" I asked. "Cause if Not. I'll Take Him aswell."

OOC: Sorry for shortness. Out of ideas right now.

12th April 2005, 10:03 AM
Emi Tajiri ~ Pewter City Pokemon Center

"I'll take care of him," I said. "I guess that means you're not identical twins but fraternal. Let's see. We need a name. You can't be A.C. without D.C. What about...Ken?"

The Pikachu cocked his head. "Pi?" He then smiled widely. "Pikachu!" He climbed up to my shoulder and nuzzled me.

"Thanks, Mom. We'll take good care of them." I hugged her. "We have to go now but I'll call you when we get to Cerulean City." I left the building took a quick stop at the Pokemart for potions and antidotes. We then left the city, taking the route that would lead us to Mt. Moon.

Feather was under heavy training on the way to Mt. Moon. She started fighting with every wild Pokemon she saw. I had to spray her with potion before we reach Mt. Moon. She and Ryu beat Bug Catchers on the way. Ken would occasionally pick on the Spearow that lived in the area.

We reached Mt. Moon. I was still a little nervous about having to face Team Rocket but I felt safer with Chase and my Pokemon with me. We walked in and immediately bumped into one of the "grunts".

12th April 2005, 12:08 PM
Siderous Peregrine (w/Asher and Kevin, soon with Alex and Lyfai)
Party: Pidgey[F], Spearow[M], Butterfree[M], Nidoran[M]
Location: Pewter City Pokecenter
************************************************** ********

"I work well on little sleep anyway... "

"Yeah, sorry about that," Sid said, scratching the back of his head. Kevin emerged from the bathroom, refreshed.
"So," Kevin said, grinning, "who's hungry?"

An hour and a half later, the trio and their Pokemon were just finishing up their breakfast in the Center. Siderous swallowed the last of his rice cake.
"I'm gonna head outside for some fresh air." Sid pulled his pack on, recalled his Pokemon, and walked out the door with a wave to Asher and Kevin.

It was a bleak morning. He looked up in the sky and saw bits of red swirling in the clouds. "Red in the morning, sailors take warning..." thought Siderous, remembering an old rhyme his mother had taught him. A red sky in the morning meant that it was going to rain later.
A voice whispered from around the corner of the Pokemon Center.
"Pssst! Hey, Sid!"
Sid whipped around and saw a guy hiding behind the Center, his stomach bulging.
"The boss wanted you to have this. He says they're very rare." He reached into his cloak and produced a Pokemon egg.
"Don't ask me, I'm just a messenger," the Rocket said hastily.

They heard the doors to the Center open. The Rocket said quickly, "Watch out for that girl. Apparently she hates us Rockets. She nearly took my head off there in the forest..." He reached up and massaged his neck.
"Sid?" Asher's voice echoed through the field. The Rocket gave a silent yelp, and scurried off to the west of Pewter.
"Sid?" Her voice was closer. Once Sid was sure the Rocket was out of sight, he called back, "I'm over here!"
Kevin and Asher came around the corner. Kevin sighed and said, "There you are, you're always running off..."
"Where on earth did you get that?" Asher hushed, cutting Kevin off. She was staring at the egg Sid held in his arms.
"What? Oh, this thing? I, um... I found it. Right here, behind the Center."
"It was just sitting here?" Asher gave him a scepticle look.
"Yeah, weird, huh?" There was an awkward silence. "Oh come on, guys... why else would I be behind a Pokemon Center? I was just on my way up to the PokeMart, and I happened to glance back at the Center and saw this lying on the ground here."
Another awkward silence. Sid sighed, and put the egg in his backpack. "Who's ready to kick Brock's hiney?"

The three of them made their way around Brock's gym and to the front doors, right when another trainer was coming out. He was beaming; and a Vaporean was bouncing around him excitedly. It was obvious that they'd just beaten Brock.
Sid noticed the glint of the Boulderbadge shining in the sun for the first time. "Congratulations," he said to the boy as he passed by.
"Thanks," replied the trainer.
"That's an awesome Vaporeon," Asher said, biting her lip. "Where'd you get it?"
"What? Oh... I'm not really sure if it's even mine yet," said the trainer, chuckling. "It just sort of found me here."
"Geez, you can find everything here," Kevin piped up. "Asher here caught a Dratini in the Viridian Forest... Siderous found a Pokemon egg, and a Vaporeon just walked right on up to you!"
The trainer laughed. "Yeah, I guess this is one lucky city... I'm Alex, by the way," he added at the end. "Well, Asher, Siderous... what did you say your name was?"
"And Kevin. Good luck! Watch out for that second Pokemon, it's a doozy," he said, walking around the group and towards the Pokemon Center. Vaporeon, however, was still playing around with Asher, so Alex started coming back to the group.
"Come on, Asher, we need to get going," Sid said heartedly.
"Vapooor!" Vaporeon cried, jumping towards Siderous.
"Whoa!" Siderous stumbled backwards to avoid getting trampled down. One of his Rocket balls fell out of his pocket and rolled on the ground towards Vaporeon.

12th April 2005, 06:12 PM

I snatched up the ball quickly and examined it. I paid little attention to the thinning atmosphere around me. The balls was strange, I'd never seen one like it before and I'd seen a fair few in my time.
"Where'd you get this?" I asked, not yet taking my eyes off of the ball.
The vaporeon came over cautiously and sniffed at it. Then, deciding that she didn't care for it, she puffed up and darted quickly beside Alex.

"Yeah I found it," replied Sid, taking it back and putting it carefully away. "No idea what's so special about it yet though."

I shrugged, "you'll figure it out."

I kneeled down and dropped my bag to the floor and started rumaging through it. I took out a small plastic bag containing a meaty substance and unsealed it carefully. I took out a piece and handed it out to Shadow who chomped happily on it. I placed a few chunks into my hand and help it out to the vaporeon.

"What are you doing?" asked Asher.

"Making friends," I replied. Slowly, the vaporeon began edging her way over to me and sniffed at the treats in my hand. Then, deciding that they smelt quite tastey, she quickly took to chomping them down. Whilst the pokemon was doing this I took to taking a quick look at the magnificant pokemon before me. She was perfectly formed and with - I reached out and stroked a patch of fur - perfectly silky exterior. I looked up at Alex, "she's a beauty mate, better take care of her." and I stroked her under the chin gently and she gave out a faint.."por!"

"You look like you know what you're doing," said Sid.

I nodded. "My mom was a breeder and I'm gonna train to be one. I'm not much into training but I'm eager to learn so I'll catch pokemon and learn to be a great breeder like my mom." I pulled out some more chunks of my own-made pokechow and held them out to the vaporeon. "Fancy some more?"

14th April 2005, 12:30 AM

Lyfai was prancing about Alex as they exited the gym. Alex was preparing to head to the pokemon center to heal Lyfai... some how, but they ran into a group of three. Instantly Lyfai- being a people pokemon- seemed to dash to them as the group exchanged a few words. Lyfai happily approached the female, instantly taking a natural liking despite the female human's blank stare. Lyfai sensed the quiet and gentle nature of the girl however and she nuzzled her shin. However, such peace and pleasantness did not last. Lyfai glanced up to one of the males, and she dashed to him as if she were going to pounce playfully. He obviously was not accustomed to such playful nature by a pokemon - especially a technically 'wild' pokemon - and he seemed extremely startled.

Instantly a blank pokeball seemed to drop from his belt, and Lyfai lightly gazed upon it with her violet eyes.
They were surrounding her... all of them dressed in black, grinning evily as shouts and cries from a distant boy protesting seemed to be muffled to her ears. A beating sound... crying... laughter... but they were all upon her... throwing their black spheres in the air to summon their beasts to beat her to defeat...
They were in white coats, hidden behind gleaming glasses or shrouded in the darkness between bars. Pain... sharp needle-like pain as she heard screams... cries... smelled blood, fear.. death...
Black pokeballs. White coats. Pain. Death. Pokemon. Green liquid. Blood. Attack! Battle! Run!

Bits and pieces of random images from deep with in her unconciousness came flooding to her mind. Her eyes glazed over for a second until instantly they returned into a fierce violet as she gave out a sharp cry of terror. That black pokeball... it was... it was them. Suddenly Lyfai did not see that male trainer as a pleasant person, but her eyes saw him dressed in a white coat... grinning evily... bits and pieces of memories coming all from that sphereical objects which echoed and screamed, "THEM!" at her mind.
Instantly Lyfai's reaction was to puff out, her fin's spreading so that they seemed perfectly on edge and made her rather small body looking extremely intimidating. She lashed her tail lightly... but then at the rememberance of battling so many black pokeballs last time... fear caused her to dart with lightning movements behind Alex. She practically pressed her body against his legs... shivering wildly.

A few more words were exchanged but Lyfai was in too much shock to recall their words. However soon a smell wafted to her nose... and her eyes flickered to see the other male trainer holding out food to her. She refused to move, fright and confusing memories still ebbing at her mind. Then she finally began to rid herself of the haze... and blinking she crept away from Alex, and began to eat. The food licked at her tongue and tickled at her senses as her mind seemed to ease for the part time. The black pokeball had disappeared- mostlikely picked up. Still, Lyfai was too afraid to look at the other boy who dropped the black pokeball - as if she were afraid he would hurt her or transform into the white coat.

~ Currently outside of Brock's Gym w/ Kevin, Siderous and Alex ~
Fray [ Ponyta/F]| Leif [Pikachu/M] | Aries [ Dratini/M]

Asher had observed the situation with an intense stare. There was some thing about that black pokeball... that she wasn't buying. She could sense that Siderous was hiding some thing deep, and it was starting to annoy her. She didn't expect him to come out and say whatever it was, but the reaction the Vaporeon had to such an object was obviously a sign. No pokemon acted that way normally unless they had been traumatized in some event related to an object such as that pokeball. Asher however... decided to remain silent upon the matter for now. Better to observe.

At the news of Kevin's announcement, Asher had raised a brow.
" That'd be better for you." She said flatly, having a few looks at her.
"You never were much of a competitive type." It was a slight joke- slight- but it was there. Kevin seemed to recognize it and he smiled lightly, petting the Vaporeon as she soon stopped eating and glanced up at them.

" You know... that's not a regular Vaporeon." Asher stated lightly, crouching down as Fray snorted and seemed to lower her nose to the ground as well, staring at the Vaporeon. The Vaporeon gave a little soft 'Eon!' and scampered to Asher, obviously liking people for some reason or another. The Vaporeon then looked at Fray, and they exchanged a few foreign words and seemed to be having their own little observation of each other. Asher could tell from Fray's expression that her Ponyta liked the Vaporeon.
" I figured her coloration was just... a little abnormal." Alex explained, as they glanced at it.
" No. It's more than abnormal... some one definately tampered with that pokemon either by genetics or by... other ways." Asher's tone was grave, herself narrowing her eyes as her mind explored.
" Pokemon do not have that type of odd coloring in the eyes. Her eyes are brilliant violet, and you can tell by the way they flared up and swirled with different shades, that she was tampered with. Also her skin color is a deeper blue- not abnormal really, but the thing thats abnormal is that it has seemingly glitter with in her skin that reflects silver. She's in healthy condition, but her body has obviously gone through some hardships... that small scar upon her tail proves it."
Indeed, there was a small scar upon the fin of her tail as it swayed about. Kevin seemed dumbfounded a bit as he glanced at Asher.
" How the heck did you analyze all of that?"
Asher shrugged, "I did attend one of the best Pokemon Academys. Besides, I studied organizations and pokemon anatomy the most."

14th April 2005, 02:07 AM
Michelle Randeth
Squirtle (Aqua - F) Pikachu ([unnamed] - F)
In Pewter City PokéCenter
"I'm sure Aqua wouldn't mind the training," I said. "I just hope she doesn't distract Drake while you're training him," I added with a small giggle. "I dunno if…oh! I never named my Pikachu!"

Pulling out her PokéBall, I released the Pikachu. She appeared in a flash of red and another shower of sparks like the one she had let off earlier when she joined my team. "Hehe, you're so 'spark'ly," I said, then realized what it was I said. "Hey, do you mind if I call you Sparkly?"

In agreement, she said, "Chuu!" and let off another line of sparks from her ears.

"Then Sparkly it is," I said. "Do you want to come train with Aqua and Aidan's Pokémon?" I asked, holding her at arm's length.

"Chu…" Sparkly said slowly, looking kinda confused.

"Maybe she doesn't know what it means to train," Aidan suggested, and Sparkly nodded, looking so confused it was cute.

"That's alright, you can just watch, Sparkly," I said, putting her on the ground. "I think I'll let them walk, since we're not in any particular rush to get to where we're going. By the way, where were you planning on training anyway, Aidan?" I asked her.

"Just at the base of Mt. Moon," she replied, heading for the door. "I don't want to get too far away from Pewter, but there just wasn't much to battle in the forest."


A short while later we were walking around the grass along the path that led to Mt. Moon. We both had all of our Pokémon out, Drake trying not to look like he was following Aqua, Nightshade staying close to Aidan, and Sparkly riding on top of me (she seemed to think she owned my head).

Eventually we came across a pair of Nidoran, which Aidan claimed for training. I moved away, looking for a battle of my own. As Drake's battle cries mostly faded away, we came across a Spearow pecking at the ground.

"Go Aqua!" I cried, and she jumped forward. I flipped open my PokéDex and found that, unfortunately, Aqua only had two moves at the moment. Still, it was better than nothing. "Aqua, Tackle that Spearow!" I said, and Aqua jumped forward, tucking her head into her shell. A loud THWACK sounded, and Spearow was knocked back.

"Speeeeaaaar!" It cried out, but I quickly told Aqua to give it a Tail Whip and another Tackle. Sure enough, Aqua was stronger than the Spearow, and soon, without much effort, Aqua fainted the Spearow.

"Good job, Aqua," I said as she came walking back to me. My PokéDex pinged, and I pulled it out and read that Aqua had just learned Bubble. "Yay! Now we'll be able to battle Brock!" I said happily.

"Pi!!" Sparkly said suddenly from on top of my head. I turned around and saw the three Spearow that Sparkly had seen.

"Oh dang! Aqua, Bubble them!" I said, panicking. Aqua launched a large volley of bubbles at the Spearow. It slowed them a little, but it wasn't enough to stop them. I was just about to turn and run when Sparkly jumped off of my head. "Sparkly!" I called, watching as she dove towards the Spearow.

"Pika…CHU!" she cried, her body glowing with electricity. A sudden electric attack launched from her onto the Spearow. I learned later that it was Thundershock, but at the moment I was too stunned to think about it.

All at once, the three Spearow fell to the ground, still sparking slightly. Sparkly landed lightly on the grass, as if nothing was wrong. "How did…" I started, then realized why. Not only were the Spearow Flying types, but they were wet from Aqua's Bubble attack. My PokéDex pinged again, and I read happily that Sparkly had just learned Tail Whip.

"Are you alright, Michelle?" Aidan called, moving through the tall grass towards us. Drake and Nightshade were right behind her.

To her surprise, I smiled brightly. "Couldn't be much better at the moment," I said, letting Sparkly jump on my head again.

DaRk MeWtWo
14th April 2005, 07:59 AM
Riiiiiiiiight…um ok:

Alex, w/ Alexis [Sleeping Abra M], Lyfai [Vaporeon F], Siderous, Kevin, Asher, Fray [Ponyta F]

“No, no, hey, slow down! Please don’t! Ah!” The Vaporeon tackled Alex head-on in the stomach and to the trainer’s dismay, Alexis was sent hurtling skyward. Omg She cracks me up every time. Holy cow Alexis is gonna take quite a fall.

With the Vaporeon stomping in joy over the fallen trainer—and with him laughing too hard to able to catch the Alexis—all hope for the tiny humanoid orange pokemon was lost—or not. Alexis had seemed to just pop out of “Full Sleep Mode:”

“K…what’s going on here? Hey! It’s all over! *beep* I missed it all!? Shoot. Wowzah—she must be pretty decent to take down Brock without any training at all—type advantage or not.” Alexis levitated himself and gently sat down on the floor—although he still seemed “asleep.” Alex figured he was now in what he would later call, “Sleep Walk Mode.”

“Eheh…Alexis, she actually did a 1-on-2 and beat the c*** outta Brock. You missed it, man! Hey maybe you can later access it all on my brain, since you’re psychic and all…hey, stop that!” The Vaporeon licked his face and was still stomping on him with full force, but soon enough she let out an exasperated sigh and tumbled to the floor, still giggling.

No way. How could that happen? She’s taken Brock down all by herself?! Man, this journey’s gonna be rougher than a I thought. I’m really gonna have to pump myself up in order to even stay on par with her…hm…. Abra was slightly disturbed at the Vaporeon’s landslide victory, and urgently wanted to prove his excellence to Alex as well.

“Okay, guys, come on, now, seriously, we better get moving on to the Pokemon Center—I don’t know how you have so much energy left in you! Alexis, are you in a “Sleep Walk Mode?” Alex stood up from the floor, dusted his clothes, and looked over to where Brock was still standing in shock “Aha! We wiped the floor with you!” Brock shook his head and walked to the entrance of the gym—the same way Alex was headed.

“Yeah, I’m still in a “Sleep Walk Mode,” if that’s what you wanna call it. It’ll still be an hour or so till I’m fully awake and able to battle—hey but I can still hear anything going on—so don’t do something funny Alex!” Alexis re-perched himself onto Alex and the Vaporeon walked on his left side, just like they had entered the gym before.

On the exit, the encountered a dismayed Brock, who simply held out his hand: “You were a worthy opponent, Alex. I’m sorry for having insulted you before. My apolo—”

“What the heck are you talking about? I disrespected you tons more. I’m sorry, I didn’t know you worked with community service organizations—you put up a good fight nonetheless, I’ll be heading to Cerulean next. Hope to see you sometime later!” Alex shook Brock’s hand and found a medium-sized TM, along with the iron-hard Boulderbadge after the handshake was complete.

“This TM contains Bide. I think you know the rest. I hope you tear Misty apart. Farewell!” And with that, it ‘twas over. His first gym battle was behind him. The emotionally charged trio exited the gym with boundless egotistical abundance, and were heading for the Pokemon Center, when they suddenly encountered three more trainers, along with a Ponyta, which was obediently standing next to the female trainer on the right.

After a brief introduction to newfound friends, Alex found him ego go higher and higher Man, I can’t believe they’re so impressed! That Vaporeon really is something special. Omg—Alexis can hear everything! Uh-oh. Oh nos…inferiority complex! S***!

In all the vivid excitement, the trainer Alex had learned bore the name of Siderous, was basically halfway-tackled by the Vaporeon, and out of one of his pockets dropped a black pokeball, scripted with a shiny, red, R sign.

Suddenly Alex felt the air around him collapse on itself, as if there a thousand atmospheres pressing down on his forehead. What kind of a pokeball is that? I think I’ve seen it before somewhere…a long time ago. Where was it? Ugh, I can’t remember anything these days.

The black pokeball had rolled right next to the Vaporeon—and Alex say the dreadful effect. Her frilled neck almost stood on end, and her violet eyes opened wide. Suddenly she ran next to Alex and he could feel her shivering violently by his left leg. What the heck is that supposed to mean? Something’s not right here. Hey, Alexis, are you reading all this?

“Sure am. Weird stuff. Don’t worry about me. I can tell what’s happening just be sitting on your shoulder. Be careful. Don’t do anything funny.” The tiny orange pokemon sat still on Alex’s shoulder—and thankfully everyone else though it was asleep as well.

Alex also noticed that one of the male trainers—the one named Kevin, also had a black Eevee—whom he called by the name of Shadow. He began wondering how many more strange pokemon he’d find on his journey, when suddenly Kevin picked up the black pokeball and examined. Soon enough he had given it back to Siderous and the moment had been forgotten—or had it?

The Vaporeon was still shivering when Kevin gave Shadow some poke-chow and began coaxing the Vaporeon with some as well. Still nervous as hell, Alex urged Vaporeon forward, gently patting the back of her head. It took long enough, but eventually Siderous had packed away his mysterious pokeball and the Vaporeon approached the poke-chow beside the black Eevee. Whew. At least for now, she won’t smack that Siderous guy—hm, it’s weird—I think she knows something about that guy. Oh man, it’s just like my memories of that black pokeball, it’s all fuzzy and incoherent. I’ll just have to bide my team. Brock’s TM suddenly came to mind and Alex had to stifle the quickest giggle ever.

All things aside, Kevin was getting along rather well with the Vaporeon—as was Shadow. Suddenly the one female trainer with her Ponyta walked a bit closer to join in on the conversation, and half-heartedly kidded around with Kevin. Bearing the name Asher, Alex could tell from her usually blank expression that she wasn’t exactly the talkative/extrovert type.

Before he could officially say hi, however, Asher began a string of comments on his Vaporeon’s condition. Her comments made him feel uneasy, to say the least. By the time she had said: “She's in healthy condition, but her body has obviously gone through some hardships... that small scar upon her tail proves it,” Alex felt the slightest hint of perspiration leaking from the egotistical version of himself that had exited the gym earlier. In particular, the mention of the Vaporeon’s scar on her tail deeply alarmed Alex, and he nearly slapped himself in front of the others for not noticing it before.

As the Vaporeon sidled next to Asher’s Ponyta, Kevin questioned Asher on her extensive knowledge of pokemon, she simply replied: “I did attend one of the best Pokemon Academys. Besides, I studied organizations and pokemon anatomy the most."

“That’s certainly most impressive, Asher.” Alex complimented, hoping she wouldn’t start questioning him regarding the/his Vaporeon, for he knew even less than she did.

“Hm? Thanks. Yeah, I guess so. You’re Alex, aren’t you? This is my Ponyta, Fray,” she gestured towards her fiery pokemon, which was still engaged in deep conversation with Alex’s/the Vaporeon.

“Yeah, she and Fray had quite a go at—” Kevin suddenly cut himself short, glanced Asher’s way, and then turned sharply to face Siderous. Alex could see from a mile away that his eyebrows were deep in thought. Although the tension wasn’t as great as it had been before, Alex could tell something was up between Siderous and Kevin. Time would reveal the truth.

“Eheh. Stop looking at me like that, Kevin. What’s wrong, anyway? Hey, people! I was kinda wondering if we could beat the pants off Brock? No offense, Alex, I would like to talk to you more but time is of the essence,” Perhaps Siderous was really low on time, which was unlikely, or perhaps he just wanted everyone to forget about the epic scene involved his black “R” pokeball.

“Alexis, you still reading all of this?” Alex was worried his pokemon might’ve fainted out of tension.

“Oh yeah. Dude, you’ve got one interesting bunch of people here. Now, see, if I was a bad guy, I could go ahead and read all[i] their minds, reveal everything there is to know about them, and totally embarrass them to heck. But, unfortunately for you, since I’m a good guy, you’ll have to wait and find out on your own good time. In the meanwhile, I’d have to agree that Siderous guy is funny-lookin’. Not an evil thug, but still [i]funny. That gal Asher and that dude Kevin look sincere enough. Oi! A black Eevee? Eh…what’s the world coming too? You know, we could even nab that—” Alexis’s lengthy and fast-forwarding mental voice was beginning to drive Alex crazy, so the little critter fell silent for quite a while. “Just play cool, Alex.”

“Oh, yes, the three of you must be moving along to meet Brock. You know, it was really nice meeting you people, but I’m afraid my Vaporeon needs a bit of rest, she’s beat—”As if she could read what Alex was about to say next, the aquatic pokemon cried out loudly and pranced about, displaying she had plenty of unfound vigor left in her supple body. Kevin simply laughed:

“Yeah, sure. I think your Vaporeon pretty much smothered Brock’s face off. She doesn’t look tired at all, from what I can see.” Kevin and the others watched as the Eeveelution danced in circles, and stopped—when she realized everyone’s attention was on her.

“You know, you could come and support our gym battle, if you want. We’ll be battling him in about ten or so minutes. Shadow and I have to plan out our strategies first,” Kevin picked up his black Eevee and began patting his/her head. Alex was in a pickle, but he took Alexis’s advice—play it cool.

“Yeah, ok, I’ll just run to the Pokemon Center, get myself a drink or two, and be back in time to watch you three battle, that sound good?” Alex asked.

“Uh-uh. That, that would be cool,” Siderous didn’t care that much, he just wanted to get away from the uneasiness the Vaporeon often glanced at him with, and even now, when she was beside Alex, she couldn’t set her eyes upon him directly. Ever.

“I suppose that’ll do. Kevin does some times to warm-up before he battles. I think I’ve known him long enough to admit that.” Another almost dismissable joke from Asher almost made Alex giggle—but he didn’t dare do it in front of Siderous and Kevin—it would just look—girl-ish. Eh? She’s also kinda odd. Sometimes indifferent, sometimes funny, sometimes happy, sometimes almost sadly lost in a dream or something. Dang it, the only one I can understand out all these people is Kevin. You know, Alexis, he’s the only one I can really trust. He’s cool and simple.

“You do know just how immature you’re sounding, don’t you? Or at least conservative? Like either a I’m-scared-of-everything-unordinary-and-not-in-synthetic-pokedexes, or that conservative-father-who-never-gives-in-to-liberal-curfew-times. Don’t you?” Alex could just see Alexis smirking. It was so irritating that it was hilarious. The third time he’d have to suppress a burst of laughter.

“Yeah, I know. You’re gonna have to help me get over it.” Alex mind-spoke.

“Sure thing, Alex, that’s a splendid idea. We’ll be going now, and we’ll see you at the gym in about ten minutes,” Kevin smiled slightly and pretty soon the five of them—Asher, Fray, Kevin, Shadow, and that Siderous, were over twenty meters from Alexis, Alex, and his/the Vaporeon. Almost spontaneously Alex hid behind a building, totally out of their view, and collapsed to the floor. His/the Vaporeon, a little confused with his behavior, followed him anyway.

“Omg. Okay, look here,” he said, motioning for the/his Vaporeon to sit beside him as they gazed back at the route leading to the Viridian Forest. “Now, I don’t know if we should really be going along with that trio. I mean, sure, we’ve got that nice pokemon breeder guy, Kevin, and he’s got a cool looking Eevee, but that girl Asher scares me just a little, although her Ponyta looks awesome, but then there’s that funny looking Sider—”

His/the Vaporeon had been sitting still, listening to him patiently, as usual, but she gave a jolt of movement—a simple reshuffling of her paws, when she heard the first two syllables of Siderous’s name. She looked away from Alex and her thoughts once again seemed to be elsewhere. Then she stared at him with those violet eyes and Alex knew at once she did know something, but whether she’d ever be able to show him was up to time to tell and for chance to make true. Alex let out a long sigh, he hadn’t realized that he’d been holding his breath for the longest time ever.

“Alright. If you don’t wanna, we can don’t have to go. But I thought you were getting along with that Asher girl and Kevin. Fray doesn’t seem mean either. I’m putting the decision in your hands,” Alex sat back against the building, which happened to be the museum they had went to before, and suddenly remembered the shiny stone he had found there. Checking his pockets, he calmed down when he realized it was still there. At least that Siderous guy isn’t a sly thief. Now that’s something to be wary off….”

Alex with Lyfai [Thinking Vaporeon F], and Alexis [Sleep Walk Mode Abra M]

Like the irony at the end? Have fun posting people. Oh, and Siderous, you’re not that funny looking, you’re ok IMHO. =P

14th April 2005, 05:19 PM
OOC: Just for the record, Kevin isn't going to compete for gym badges. He wants to focus mroe on breeding than training but he still intends to capture and train, just not collect the badges.


We headed inside and paused to see whether Alex was going to follow us. Having no intention of battling myself, I sat down on a spectator's bench and stroked Shadow's fur gently. There was silence between us, neither one knowing quite what to say to the other. I decided instead to simply relax a bit.

I released Jet from his pokeball so he could stretch his wings a bit. I took out a different bag of pokechow and offered it to him. It was specially designed for bird type pokemon. He seemed to enjoy it as he chowed down. I only gave him a few pieces though, I didn't want to risk over-feeding the little guy.

I offered a few pieces to Fray but she wasn't interested.
"She'll only take food from people she trusts Kevin and the chances of her trusting you any time soon are slim to none."

"Thanks for the vote of confidence," I mumbled disapprovingly. I sat back and sighed, Alex still hadn't come in, I wondered if he was actually gonna come back at all. His vaporeon had seemed extremely freaked out by Sid's mysterious black pokeball.

"So," I asked aloud, "which one of you two is gonna battle Brock first then?"

16th April 2005, 05:13 PM
((Unfortunately I have no time to post, I've got a show I'm in and I'm suppost to be there right now... I just thought I'd comment on the level of role playing that's been going on. I must say, it's nice to be role playing with people with creative and grammatically correct minds. I was getting tired of those Yahoo! chat sites... what I'm trying to say is, thanks! I love to write, so this is extremely fun for me, as dorkish as it sounds. I'm glad I found this place! Thanks again for everything, you guys!))

17th April 2005, 12:10 PM
Er, I guess I just never really noticed this, and it seems to be thriving, unlike the rest of the RPGs I'm in.... Uh, it says LSUs are welcome, right? I think I can catch up well enough. ^^;

~Name: Ari Ishikawa
~Age: 14 (15 in a month)
~Sex: Female
~Appearance: She's about 5'6", of average build, but not very strong (especially in the upper body). Her skin is pale, both from lack of sunlight and probably close proximity to ghosts. Her hair is black and falls straight to about shoulder-length, and her eyes are grey, but upon further inspection seem to be speckled with violet. She prefers to wear black shirts, comfortable jeans, and has several black hoodies. She also has a black leather and silver watch with an O-ring on each side, and a pewter necklace of a dragon coiling around a sword with an amethyst set in the hilt, slung on a fine silver chain.
~Personality: Quiet and morbidly shy, she likes to keep to herself around strangers. She tries her best to please everyone, even to the point of taking the blame for things obviously not her fault. She has the annoying habit of saying "Sorry" all the time. She also is a bit of a brat and a crybaby, even if this isn't apparent at first. When she's with her friends, she opens up, and can actually be quite hyper, but only when she feels comfortable. She's a good friend to turn to, patient and clever.
~Starter: A brave little female Eevee she names Efri, whose coloring is a tint lighter than usual.
~Items: Her bag is a plain black-and-silver backpack, which she tends to get frustrated with because the pulls on the zippers fall off (yes, taken from my ACTUAL backpack, lol). She carries a few potions, a couple of antidotes, some snacks and soda, a few books, and some spare clothes, along with her collapsable bike.
~Relationships: Er, open, I guess.
~History: Born and raised in Lavender Town. Her parents were in charge of keeping Ghost Pokemon from coming into the city from the Tower, but aside from that she's led a pretty much normal life for a recluse. Because of her quiet nature, she has difficulty making and keeping friends, so she spends most of her time indoors, playing video games and occasionally hanging out with one of her few friends.
~Other: *poketh*

I have the peeeerfect way to introduce her, too. ^^;

17th April 2005, 01:37 PM
Nab: Nah, it's fine. Accepted again.

And you guys, I'm sorry I've not really showed up for some time. It just lacks with that TMM hasn't given me any suggestions for him, nor has he posted his promised second character. *sighs* I'll try updating for both Laura and Tycho later.

17th April 2005, 03:26 PM
I forgot to put stuff in her pack ><; So I edited that in.

~<()>~ Ari Ishikawa : Party - None ~<()>~

"Ari! Ari, wake up, you're going to miss the barge! ARI!"

"Five more minutes...." I rolled over, covering my ears with the comforter. Automatic response to my mom yelling at me in the morning. I didn't even notice that the word "barge" replaced "bus".

A few minutes later, she yelled again, and I slowly rolled out of bed and went to the door to my room. "WHAT?!" I yelled.

"A letter came in the mail for you, from Pallet Town! It says you're to go to Oak's Lab and start a Pokemon Journey, sweetie!" I grimaced at the sweetie, but there was no denying my excitement.

In order to get there at a reasonable time, I would have to take the 11 'o clock barge from Lavender Pier. It was already quarter till, and I still had to finish packing, brush my teeth, and eat something, not to mention run down to the pier! I scurried around my room, leaving a whirlwind of clothes, papers, and other such articles in my wake. Finally, I was dressed, and had everything in my pack save for some food.

I flew down the stairs and into the kitchen. Throwing open the fridge, I snatched the bread out, fiddled the twisty tie open, took two slices, and popped them in the toaster. I put some more in a ziploc and put them in the portion of my pack designated for food, then raided the fridge, choosing nonperishable items, as well as some sodas and bottles of water. The toast came out a little too dark, but I shoved it in my mouth all the same, hugged my mom goodbye, and quickly assembled my bike as I ran out the door and towards the pier. I rode the rest of the way, but by the time I got there the ship had already pulled away.

"No..." I groaned, getting off my bike, dismantling it and stowing it in my pack. Thoroughly irritated, I plopped down on a bench and read a book till the next one came in an hour and a half.

~~~~Some time later~~~~

Finally, I heard foghorns as the second barge pulled in. I sprang to my feet, stuffed the book in my pack, and ran to the pier. I gave the man there my ticket and boarded, taking a seat out of the sun to read some more of my book.

~~~~More time later~~~~

Another foghorn told me we were pulling into Pallet. I stood up, more soberly than previously, stretched, and picked up my backpack from the bench beside me. I walked down the steps and into Pallet Town.

It looked a little larger than Lavender Town, with lots of grass and trees, which there were less of in my mountainside hometown. I saw a large house with a ranch out back, which I assumed was Oak's, clearly from my current vantagepoint, so I set off at a run, hoping I might still make it on time.

Unfortunately, by the time I got there, there was nobody around. I doubled over, breathing heavily for a few minutes before I got up the courage to go inside.

I took the letter out of my pocket as I walked and looked it over. Apparently this whole thing had something to do with stopping some organization called "Team Rocket". I saw down in one of the chairs scattered about, looking over the letter again and again.

"Oh! It seems we have a late arrival." I heard a voice and looked up. An older man in a white labcoat was standing there. He had a pleasant smile on his face. "You must be Ari Ishikawa, since everyone else has already come and gone." I nodded timidly, about to spew out an explanation, but he went on. "Now, I'm assuming you'll be needing supplies? Pokeballs, a PokeDex... Do you have a map?" I shook my head. "All right, I'll get you one of those as well." I nodded and followed him mutely, looking at the ground.

Eventually we were in a room that had walls lined with Pokeballs and other such equipment, which I assumed was for outfitting new trainers. Oak handed me a PokeDex, ran me through how to use it, then gave me some Pokeballs.

"Now, did you have any type in particular for your new partner?" He asked. I looked up from the tile of floor I had been staring at, startled. I hadn't put much thought into it.

"Er, I, uh... Um, not really," I stuttered, blushing. Oak nodded, stroking his chin as if in deep thought. I returned my gaze to the floor, wringing my hands out of nervous habit.

"You know, I think I have the perfect partner for you," he announced finally. I looked up. "She's a bit of a handful, but you seem responsible enough." He turned around, and I looked at my hands, thoughts running through my head. Now I had done it, I thought. I was going to end up with a Pokemon I completely hate, all because I didn't think things through. I felt my eyes welling up, tears coming on. Then Oak turned around, a Pokeballs in his hand. "Here," he smiled, handing it to me.

I chewed my lower lip apprehensively and tossed it to the ground. A flash of light, and then I found myself staring at the cutest little ball of fur I had ever seen. The fluffball squeaked, wagged its little tail, and hopped up on my lap, where it curled up and snuggled against me. It was a little Eevee, no bigger than the span of both my hands, excluding her tail. I noticed she was a little bit lighter than Eevees.

"I think she likes you," Oak said with a grin. I nodded, biting down on my lower lip to hold back tears. She was perfect, no denying that. I stood up, holding her to my chest as one might a cat or a rabbit. I bowed, careful not to spill her onto the floor, and thanked Oak. He showed me out and wished me luck, then went back inside. I took out my map, located the Pokemon Center, and walked there numbly, petting my first Pokemon.

I went inside, still absorbed in my own thoughts, and sat down on a bench. I set the Eevee down on the floor so I could take off my pack. Immediately, she opened her eyes and was on her feet, sniffing at the air. Before I knew it, she was already starting to sniff around the place, but I picked her up and set her on my lap. She struggled a little, batting at my arms playfully, then curled up on my lap.

"What should I call you....?" I mused, commencing to pet her behind the ears. She mewled and fidgeted around, getting comfortable. "Efri," I said suddenly. I didn't know how I had thought of it, but it suited her perfectly.

I set a somewhat disgruntled Efri down on the floor and watched her romp around the room, tears of joy standing in my eyes.

17th April 2005, 11:39 PM
Aidan Stafford
As we walking towards the base of Mount Moon, two thoughts struck me. One, Nightshade knew only one attack and needed serious training if he was to evolve and gain some new moves. Two, aside from his knockout from his previous battle, I had yet to see him sleep the day away. Usually, Abra's were notorious for sleeping for most of the day, somewhat like cats, but he seemed wide awake.
"Hey Nightshade, are you usually awake most of the time or asleep?"
A guttural noise and a picture of the sun flashed through my mind. Although it didn't seem like an answer, I figured he meant the sun equaled activity and the moon, sleep.
This is highly unusual for a Pokemon like him. Must be something in his genes.

I shook my head and smiled as my thoughts focused on Drake and Aqua. It was rather pathetic the way he's acting despite her lack of reciprication of feelings. Hopefully he'll succeed one day.
"Abra," Nightshade growled.
I looked down at him and from the corner of my eye, I saw a pair of Nidoran munching on some grass. Although I had no interest in catching either of them, training Drake and Nightshade was of upmost priority.
"Drake, hit them both with embers," I commanded.
Snapping him out of his random daydreams, he bounded forward and releases balls of fire onto the male and female Nidoran. Startling them out of their peaceful dinner, they chittered angrily and ganged up on them, tackling in tandem. Unable to dodge, Drake a direct him and flew a few feet before landing with a crash.
"Nightshade...get in there and distract them any way you can. Drake, fight back with more embers."
I frowned as I watched the Abra levitate in and teleport here and there to divert the Nidoran while Drake pulled himself up and charged back in. I wanted Nightshade to gain experience, but not by becoming a rodeo clown for Drake. Unfortunately, I knew of no other way to gain battle experience like that.
"Charmander, char," Drake shouted and scratched the female Nidoran, while her counterpart chased futily after Nightshade.
"Abbbb..." Nightshade stopped and faced his opponent. Curling his right hand into a fist, I stood amazed as it became encased in an icy blue glow and struck Nidoran square in the face. Rolling backwards, it stopped and shuddered briefly before fainting, the female Nidoran following suit after another burst of fire finally sent her down. Drake looked a bit flushed, but triumphantly grinned while I continued to stare at Nightshade.
Consistently awake, using a non psychic attack...it is from his genes!
Instantly whipping out my Pokedex, I scrolled down to see who could learn Ice Punch by any possible means and who they could breed with. After what seemed like an hour, I finally pinpointed Nightshade's heritage.
"Abra, do you know what your father looks like?"
He shook his head firmly. We would probably never know for sure, but the pieces fitted in perfectly. Hitmonchans are highly active and can learn Ice Punch through natural means. Chances are, Nightshade was separated from his family at a young or and never got a chance to know them.
"Oh well, nevermind then. Let's go look for Michelle."

I forgot about her as soon as Nightshade spotted the Nidoran but suddenly remembered and went searching for her. We found her a short time later with Sparkly and Aqua out and a whole bunch of Spearow surrounding them.
"Are you alright, Michelle?" I asked.
"Couldn't be much better at the moment," she replied.
"Must've been one hell of a battle," I raised an eyebrow in surprise.
"It was a good one," she smiled, Sparkly cooing softly from the top of her head.
"We should head back and get some rest for tomorrow. I want to challenge Brock bright and early."
"Think you'll fare well?" she asked.
"I think I'll do better than expected."

18th April 2005, 12:35 AM
Seth Maverick
The white haired boy looked up at the gym before him.
"You ready guys?" he asked, as he lookde down at Ochu and Clyde.
"Mankey!" Clyde replied.
"Oddish!" Ochu agreed. Seth smiled and the three entered the gym. It was dark, and there was a large stone arena in the centre. Seth could make out someone sitting on a chair at the far end of the building.
"Welcome," the man spoke, rising to his feet, "I am Brock, leader of the Pewter Gym." Seth gave Brock a cocky smile.
"And I'm Seth Maverick," he said, stepping up the arena, "Let's go." Brock nodded and pulled a pokeball form his belt.
"Go Geodude!" In a flash of light, the rock pokemon appeared on the field.
"Geodude!" it bellowed. Seth wasn't fazed.
"Go Ochu!" he commanded. The Oddish jumped into the arena.
"Geodude!" Brock ordered, "Tackle now!" Geodude launched itself at the grass pokemon. Ochu nimbly leaped to the side and Geodude ended up slamming into a rock.
"Ochu!" Seth commanded, sensing an easy win, "Absorb! Now!" Ochu bent his head, ready to take in Geodude's energy. The rock pokemon didn't see it coming.
"Geodude!" it groaned as the Oddish drained its energy.
"Geodude!" Brock called, "Rock Throw!" Using all it's strength, Geodude grabbed a rock and hurled it at Ochu. Taken by surprise, Ochu was sent flying.
"Ochu!" Seth cried. Brock laughed.
"Geodude! Let's end this. Tackle now!" Geodude lunged at Ochu, a look of triumph on its face.
"Now, use Poison Powder!" Seth cried, thinking fast. Ochu shot a blast of powder at the oncoming Geodude, getting it right in the face. Geodude stopped and began to try to wipe the powder of its face. Brock stood dumbfounded as Ochu distand himself from the Geodude. Seth gave a short chuckle.
"This match is just getting started Brock."

18th April 2005, 09:40 AM
OOC: Don't know if you didn't know this, M_c, but Oddish can't learn Vine Whip (by any means, actually). Assuming that he's at level 14, he would only know Absorb, Sweet Scent and Poisonpowder

18th April 2005, 02:38 PM
~<()>~ Ari Ishikawa ~<()>~
~ ~ Party : Efri (female Eevee) ~ ~
~ ~ Location: Pallet Town Pokemon Center ~ ~

After a few minutes of preparation (rearranging my hastily-packed bag and figuring out how to get a Pokeball to shrink), I tracked down Efri, who was sniffing around a potted plant. I gathered her up, not wanting to confine her to a Pokeball, and she immediately went to my shoulder and wrapped her tail around my neck for support. It was very soft, like a fur scarf but warmer.

I left the PokeCenter and took a moment to assemble my bike. I got on and rode onto Rt. 1 [OOC: If I mix up any route names it's because I haven't played any of the earlier games in awhile and lost my GBA so I can't check.]. It was nice, lined with trees and hills. I didn't see any other Trainers, a further sign of my lateness. Efri seemed to be enjoying herself, though. She kept turning her head this way and that to take in all the new sights, sounds, and smells. I was afraid she was going to jump off and run away, but I guess we were going so fast it wouldn't be safe for such a small Pokemon.

It took almost an hour on bike to get to Veridian City. It was the biggest town I had ever seen, and I spent a few minutes just looking around. Of course, having lived in such a tiny little town my whole life, almost anything would look big. In any case, I quickly found the PokeMart and went inside. There were all kinds of items on the shelves, many of which I'd never seen before. I knew that soon I would have to go through the Veridian Forest, and that it was full of Bug Pokemon who could make Efri sick, so I bought a couple Paralyz Heals and Awakenings. I also bought a potion, in case I needed more than what I had in my pack.

I left the store and quickly consulted my map to see which direction to go in next. I walked along, walking my bike beside me as I followed the map, until I came upon a large building that I guessed was a rest area before the forest. I walked through the double doors and saw a few people, but walked straight past them and out the doors at the other end.

The forest was so dark that I actually looked up to see if a cloud had obscured the sun. Instead, there were thick branches, their leaves reaching up to capture the light that streamed through in mottled patches. I sighed; it was the prettiest thing I had ever seen. I was galvanized by a fidgeting at my shoulder, and when I looked at Efri I saw that she was squirming around. I set her down on the ground and she bounded off towards a bush. I ran after her, and saw her crouched down beside a bush, making soft mewing sounds. I knelt down next to her, and a few seconds later something burst from the bush, scattering foliage on me.

"Fwee!" Efri cooed, jumping in the air after the culprit, a Pidgey. I scrambled to my feet and grabbed a Pokeball out of my pocket, pressing the button to make it regular size.

I hesitated. I'd never done this before, but I'd seen Trainers try to capture the Ghost Pokemon at the Tower. "Efri," I said, "Er, use, urm..." I blinked and realized I didn't know what moves she knew. I took out my PokeDex, pointed it at her, and pressed a button. It read out some information, including her gender, personality, and level (which was 5). It said she knew Tackle and Tail Whip. "Use Tail Whip," I said, since it sounded like a stronger move. But all she did was wag her tail in the Pidgey's face. It was cute, but it didn't look like it did any damage.

"Erm, try Tackle!" I cried. She backed up a few paces and pounced on the Pidgey. It tried to fly away, but Efri was too fast for it, and she batted it with her paws. It fell to the ground, cooing angrily. She pounced a second time, and this time she pinned it down by its wings as it tried to fly off. Before I could order another command, she started licking it on the beak, squeaking. I crept over, crawling along on my knees, and, holding the Pidgey down with one hand, I gently pushed Efri off it with the other. She mewed, wagging her tail and looking very pleased with herself. I picked up the Pidgey, folding its wings to its sides so it couldn't fly off, just as I had held the parakeet I'd had when I was seven. It glared up at me and tried to get at my hand with its bek, but I placed a finger on it and stroked it gently. It seemed to calm down, though it was still eyeing me warily.

Carefully, I knelt down and set it on the ground. Efri trotted over and sat next to it so it couldn't escape. Then, I picked up the Pokeball, which I had dropped when I picked up the Pidgey, and tossed it. It hit, and there was a flash of light, and the Pokeball was sitting on the ground, with the Pidgey nowhere in sight. The button was glowing red, and it was wobbling back in forth rather violently. I held my breath, fingers crossed, until finally the button clicked and it stopped moving. I waited a second, then picked it up, cheering silently, I hugged it to my chest, then dropped the ball to the ground. The Pidgey popped out and the ball rebounded back into my hand. I tucked it into my pocket, then took out my PokeDex and scanned the Pidgey.

It said he was male, level 4, and healthy, though a little beat up from Efri's Tackle. I smiled and reached out to let him perch on my arm, only to be met with a Scratch to the hand. I yanked it back, frowning, and took off my pack. I dug around until I found some bandages, and when I did, I took them out and wrapped my hand. I did it extra-thick so I could hold him without getting hurt.

"What to do with you..." I frowned, mulling over some names. "How about... Flurry?" I said, remembering the name of a hawk from a video game ((Final Fantasy X-2 actually XD)). He didn't move or make any sign of acknowledgement. I reached out again, this time drawing back from his talons. I frowned. It was obvious he didn't like me, and he'd probably scratch me up if he stayed out anymore, I reasoned, so I took his Pokeball back out and pressed the button as I pointed it at him. Flash of light, and he was gone. I sighed, offered my shoulder to Efri, who eagerly hopped up, and realized I had no idea where I was.

"Great," I groaned, almost shouting. "I'm lost in the middle of a forest!"

I'll do more later, that just seemed like a good place to stop. If it seems like I'm getting a little ahead of myself, capturing a Pokemon in my second post, it's only because it seems like a lot of people already have two Pokemon, and are in Pewter City, so I'm just trying to catch up. ^^;

18th April 2005, 07:45 PM
My mistake. I've editted it now.

18th April 2005, 09:21 PM
((Time for some serious posting... btw, is it sad that I've already written out a little bit of a future plot for Siderous? I'm such a nerd...))

Siderous Peregrine (currently w/Asher and Kevin, and apparently Seth- soon with Ari Ishikawa)
Party: Pidgey[F], Spearow[M], Butterfree[M], Nidoran[M], Egg
Location: Pewter City Gym

"So," Kevin asked aloud, "which one of you two is gonna battle Brock first then?"

Before either Asher or Siderous could answer, another boy walked in the gym and immediately stepped up to the ring. Brock emerged from the shadows, and suddenly a battle had erupted between the two.
Sid sighed. "Great," he said, "just great. We've got to wait now for that kid." The newcomer's Oddish blasted a gust of Poison Powder at Geodude.
"That was extremely rude," Asher commented, clenching her fists. "We were here first!"
"Nothing we can do now," said Kevin, crossing his arms.

Sid felt his arm begin to vibrate. "Uh, I've got to use the restroom," Sid said quickly, making his way to the back of the gym. Kevin grimaced jokingly. "Thanks for telling us."
Once in the bathroom, Siderous pulled up his sleeve and spoke into the little microphone.
"Yeah, Sid here."
"Get out." It was the voice of Giovanni.
"Go back to Pallet Town. I have a job for you." Siderous furrowed his eyebrows.
"Okay, but these people I'm with want to..."
"Go alone." His voice was very demanding. "Leave them."
There was a moment of silence.
"Alright. I'll call back once I get to Pallet Town."
"Good." Click.
Siderous sighed. "Great," he thought, "right when I was going to get my first badge, too." Sid crawled out a back window, and out of the gym. Quickly, he scampered around the gym and down towards the Viridian forest.

Random thoughts ran through his head as he made his way through the forest at a jog. Why back to Pallet Town? That was the last place he wanted to be. Pallet Town was where Professor Oak resided.
What exactly did Giovanni want him to do? This thought burned in his mind, and he picked up the jogging pace.

Soon, however, he spotted a girl with an Eevee around her neck.
"Great," she groaned, almost shouting. "I'm lost in the middle of a forest!"
"Another trainer from Oak," he thought. "Just ignore her." He soon came close enough for her to hear his feet beating against the ground, and she whipped around, startled.
"Excuse me," she said, as he came closer. "Excuse me!" Sid ran right by her. "I need to find..." That's when Sid spotted the bike. Quickly, he jumped on the bike and sped off. "Hey!" he heard the girl call from a distance, "That's my bike!"

Eventually, he reached Viridian. Panting, he made his way up to the Pokemon Center. Nurse Joy came up to him with a glass of water. He took the water, and chugged it down. "Gracious," Nurse Joy commented, "where on earth are you running to?"
"I'm not running, I'm biking," he said. He walked up to a computer and opened up an account for new trainers. He placed his Butterfree and Spearow in an open box. His arm vibrated again.
"Punch in this code: 395042398-R" Click.
Siderous paused, but did as he was told. The screen turned black, and suddenly he saw his Butterfree and Spearow floating in a box labeled, "Rocket Siderous."
"Amazing," he thought, "Team Rocket has their own Pokemon storage systems!"
Nurse Joy came over to him again, so he quickly shut down the PC. Before the Nurse could say anything, he was out of the Center and back on the bike again heading towards Pallet Town.

Pallet Town. It was pretty close to evening by now. "Asher has probably beaten Brock by now," he thought. Sid shook it out of his head. He probably wasn't going to be seeing them again for a while now. Pulling up his sleeve, he contacted Giovanni.
"I'm here."
"Good. Now, I want you to find where they keep the Pokemon. We're coming to pick them up."
Siderous suddenly felt confused. "Pick them up? You mean, you're going to...-"
"Steal them, yes. I prefer the term 'liberate,' myself. After all, we don't want them in the hands of that old croaker, do we?"
Sid felt better. "Not at all."
"All right then. Do what you can." Click. Siderous biked up to Oak labs, leaned the bike on the wall, and walked inside.

Professor Oak was at his computer, talking on the phone.
"Yes, yes, of course... splendid... don't worry, your Muk is in good hands!" Professor Oak's squeaky voice hurt in Sid's ears. Oak hung up the phone, got up from the computer desk, and turned to face his visitor.
"Siderous?" he said, surprised. "Why, hello again. You've come back?"
"Um, yeah," Sid said, suddenly realizing that he wasn't sure how he was going to get Professor Oak to show him the back room where the Pokemon were stored. There was an awkward silence.
"Well? What would you like? How may I be of service?" Oak's voice was getting on Sid's nerves. He wanted to tell the old geezer to shut it, to buzz off and go hang himself...
"I... I have a Pokemon egg." Sid's brilliance surprised even himself as he produced the Pokemon egg he'd recieved from Giovanni.
Oak's eyes lit up at the sight of it. "A Pokemon egg!!" he shouted, so loud that everyone in the room stopped and stared at him. He cleared his throat, and held out his hands eagerly for the egg. "I... I should take that... for now... just... um..." Sighing, Siderous placed the egg in the Professor's shaking hands.
"Ah..." The Professor was in awe. He immediately turned around, and walked through the back doors in the lab. Grinning, Sid followed.
Suddenly, his arm began to vibrate again.
"What?" Sid hissed, careful not to let anyone see or hear him.
"We're outside. Have you found them yet?" This wasn't Giovanni; it sounded like the voice of a nervous lower-ranking Rocket. Professor Oak opened a door, and walked in.
"The room is right inside the back door." There was a silent moment again.
"Yeah. That's how I first got in, was through the back door. I thought it was interesting myself that the Pokemon are right there through the back door."
There was a couple seconds of more silence, and then the sound of a door being opened.
"Holy... wow, kid, this is jackpot. Okay, you keep the old guy busy. We're loading the balloon."
"Yeah, yeah, I know, it was the best we could do. See ya." Click.
Sid followed where Professor Oak was. He was examining the egg closely, mumbling to himself.
"Yes..." he was saying, "interesting..." Finally, Professor Oak handed the egg back to Siderous. "It's rare, all right," he said, "and about ready to hatch, too. Make sure you tell me when it hatches, yes?" he started out of the room. Frantically, Siderous called out to him.
"Uh... uh... Professor?" Professor Oak stopped and turned to him.
"About those... uh... those starter Pokemon..."
Professor Oak frowned. "Yes, those poor starters. Most trainers that came already had a starter, so all of the ones I had didn't get a trainer." His eyes suddenly lit up. "Say... you wouldn't happen to want another starter, would you?"
Sid opened and shut his mouth. "Um... well..."
"Excellent! I knew you'd agree!" Professor Oak exclaimed, clapping his hands. A Gastly appeared, holding a Pokeball. The Gastly looked... gastly. It obviously wasn't happy.
"Meet Gassy," said Oak proudly. "I caught it just last week while visiting the Ghost Tower. Isn't it a cutie?" cooed the Professor. Gastly let out a sigh. "Anyway... here you go!" Professor Oak took the Pokeball from "Gassy" and handed it to Siderous.
"It's a Charmander!" he explained, "and quite a rowdy one, too. Take good care of it!" Professor Oak started off again.
More vibrating in the sleeve.
"Sid here."
"We're done, and on our way back to base. Thanks, kid."
"No problem." This time, Siderous hung up first with a beep.
Gastly started dissaparating. "Wait!" Siderous said to the Gastly. It turned it's sad eyes towards Siderous.
"You don't like it here, do you?"
Gastly shook it's head.
"Well... I can get you out of here, if you'd like." Siderous pulled out a Rocket ball and showed it to the Gastly. It looked excited to see the black ball.
"You've seen this before?"
Gastly moaned a happy moan, and started doing circles. Siderous smiled, and tossed the ball towards Gastly.

Sid hopped on "his" bike, and sped off towards Viridian City again. It was quite dark now, and since the pathway to Viridian wasn't lit up, it was difficult to see. Suddenly, he felt a jolt from his backpack. He stopped, and zipped open the back.
The egg was hatching. Out popped a small nose, and what looked like a horn... Sid placed the egg on the ground and watched as the little baby Pokemon forced it's way out of it's egg. Because of the dark, it was difficult to see it. The Pokemon let out a low growl.
Siderous pulled out his Pokedex for the first time and opened it up. He learned that it was a baby Larvitar. Grinning in the night, Siderous pulled out a Rocket ball and re-caught his Larvitar. He hopped back on the bike and finished his route to Viridian City.

Getting to the Gym was a chore in the dark. He finally found the front door, and knocked. The doors hissed open, and he made his way inside again.
"Welcome back," a low voice said. "And with new Pokemon, I see. A powerful group, too. But, there is one more thing." Sid tensed up. "In Mount Moon, a discovery has been made with fossils. Bring me one of those fossils; it might provide a very powerful Pokemon for you."
************************************************** *******

Siderous Peregrine
Party: Pidgey[F], Nidoran[M], Gastly[F], Charmander[M], Larvitar[M]
Location: Viridian City Gym

((I think I've written enough for tonight... I'll let you all catch up now!!))

19th April 2005, 06:10 PM

Lyfai had happily followed Alex behind the building, and she watched him collapse upon the building. She tilted her head to the side as she sat before him, listening to him quite intently and hearing his worries. She closed her eyes and let out a little, "Eon!" to show that she had no fears. A wag of her tail and she gently leaned into him and gave him a swift lick upon his cheek before suddenly darting off. Obviously she had no worries about the trio... despite Siderous who had given her a jolt. But he was gone now... and she felt any worries melt away from her. Alex gave a cry as he swiftly rose with Alexis and raced after the running Vaporeon.

Instantly Lyfai was infront of the building... and the puffing Alex finally caught up. Blinking and withdrawing a few breaths he shook his head.
"You really should be going to the Pokecenter for a rest..."
Lyfai simply glanced up at him with brilliant violet eyes and gave an intense little "poooor?" as if that was the strangest thing ever.
"Alright alright... we'll watch the match but THEN you have to go there to rest up! I don't want you to get hurt.." Alex said guiltily, his eyes wandering to her tail as if the scar had been his fault. She tilted her head to the side and seemed to smile as they entered the gym.
There was a trainer who had apparently finished and left, but now the girl Asher was before the gym leader Brock. Her whole entire demeanor seemed poised and hardly nervous for the battle. Her intense eyes of silvery blue were cold and dead, showing no emotion as she stared at Brock who seemed to be breaking into a cold sweat. Fray was standing next to Asher, her main flickering about her as she snorted but looked at the ground ahead of them as if it were an enemy.

"Vaporeon!" Lyfai gave a little cheer, looking to see Kevin sitting on the bench with his oddly colored Eevee. Alex, Alexis and lyfai climbed up to the seats where they could watch and lyfai instantly rubbed against Kevin much like a cat before hoping over by Alex. She couldn't stay still however... soon she had journied over to the ledge and was putting her paws over it, staring intently below at the battle as her tail swished back and forth.

~ In Pewter City Gym w/Kevin ~
[ Fray (F/Ponyta) ] [ Leif (M/Pikachu) ] [ Aries (M/Dratini) ]

"What the hell..." Asher stated, noticing that Siderous had gone out the gym in haste. Asher had sensed he hadn't had to go to the bathroom, so instinctively she stood up as the battle was going on below and she approached the window. She saw Siderous racing back to the Viridian Woods... and instantly a thick frown came to her face.
Some thing is up with him... he can't be trusted if he lies so freely.
Asher thought coldly, narrowing her eyes as she turned to look at Kevin.
"Siderous is gone." She stated blankly, watching as Kevin's expression instantly seemed to be bewildered.
"WHAT?" He said slightly agaped, and Asher simply nodded.
" I watched him disappear into the Viridian woods. He lied..." Asher cut off her sentence, obviously showing that she didn't trust ones who lied.
Kevin opened his mouth as if to say some thing but Asher withdrew a sigh and seemed intently fixed upon the battle as she sat next to Kevin. Probably the closest she had ever sat next to Kevin before... which was odd, but she was so focused upon th ematch that she hardly gave any attention.

When it was over.. Asher stood up.
"Well, here I go." She stated, as Fray and herself both walked downwards and appeared before Brock as teh other trainer had left.
" Are you ready to battle me?" Brock taunted, smirking as he tossed the pokeball upon in the air.
" I'm going to beat you." Asher stated simply, her poise and posture showing that she was not intimidating in the least bit and that she really didn't seem to be bothered by this match. Brock instantly was a bit unnerved, as silence filled the air and Asher barely noticed Alex entering. Brock however, soon had enough of staring.
"We'll see about that! GO GEODUDE!" He cried, thrusting the pokeball forward so that it touched the ground and instantly popped open. Instantly a flash of red echoed through the air, revealing the rocky pokemon beneath. Asher already had her selected pokemon, grabbing one of them she threw it out.
"Aries!" She yelled, and instantly with alittle, "Neeee!" suddenly the male Dratini appeared upon the gym floor.
" Alright Aries..i t's time we get a little aquainted with our battling styles." Asher commented, as Dratini seemed to nod. Asher watched as the Geodude seemed to examine Dratini and Brock cried out.
"Alright Geodude, that thing looks awefully slow so let's show it a tackle!"
Asher instantly recoiled, "Use that powerful tail to push yourself away and give it business with Bubble!"
Instantly Dratini gave a little cry and just as Geodude was about to tackle at the spot where Dratini was, it flipped itself into the ground and withdrew a deep breath. However, Dratini was a bit slow and instantly Geodude was ready and grabbed at Dratini with it's free arm. It cut Dratini short as he fell into the ground.
" Roll out!" Brock stated, and instantly Geodude backed off and then began to roll towards Aries.
" Aries BUBBLE!" Asher stated, knowing she had to get an attack off. Dratini inhaled a deep breath and instantly released a spewing stream of bubbles at the rock pokemon. Geodude gave a cry, feeling the water attack penetrate at his defenses. ASher could tell his stats were weak against his attack...
"Alright, a few more of those and he's down. AGAIN!"

Aries was nailed with a Roll Out attack just as he was about to blow another stream out. His head nailed into the side of a boulder and he gave a slight cry of pain.
"Aries! You okay?" Asher said instantly, her demeanor turning into sincereity and worry. Aries however obviously showed he was not happy... instantly snapping his head forward and opening his mouth as Geodude was retreating back to prepare another attack. Geodude gave a cry of agony, as Asher smiled.
"So you DO have some spite in you.. alright Aries, one more well placed Bubble should do it! Stay at that rock and move when I tell you..."
Aries nodded, bunching up his muscles as he prepared to move just as the Geodude began to grow into a huge rolling mass of powerful dirt. Aries gritted his teeth slightly, narrowing his eyes... trusting ASher...
"NOW! BUBBLE!" Asher cried out, and Aries instantly jumped into the air. Geodude collided into the huge boulder, giving a cry of pain just as Aries whirled about in midair and aimed an explosive Bubble attack down upon the rock creature. Geodude cried out in agony... just as Aries landed upon the ground. Aries panted heavily, obviously hurt from the roll otu which had caused him to collide into the boulder. It was a good thing he had gotten off that attack or he probably would have fainted...

Geodude however, had been the one to fall. Instantly Asher nodded- never smiling- when the Geodude was recalled.
"Time for me to wipe that smile off your face!" Brock said eagerly, as Asher raised a brow.
"I'm not smiling."
Brock seemed to ignore that comment however, as he threw out his next pokemon and instantly the large, massive pokemon known as Onix appeared before them.
"Aries.. return." Asher stated, having her Dratini come back from the battle. Instantly she turned to look at Fray, who was pawing at the ground with her hoof in eagerness.
"Ready for this girl? Our first gym battle... together." She stated lightly, patting Fray upon the mane as the pony gave a whinny and snorted in response.
"Okay... go Fray!" Asher pointed outwards towards the arena, and instantly Fray cantered into the field.
"A fire pokemon? You should know they aren't affective aga-" Brock was about to say but Asher interupted him.
" Your Onix looked like it had a weak defense last battle. Fray's fire attacks are well above such strengths your rock pokemon might have."
Brock narrowed his eyes and quickly got to business.
"Onix... Earthquake!"
Asher was ready for this... she wasn't about to go lightly. Fray was her pokemon- her companion and her friend. She knew Fray better than anyone else, and she wasn't about to let this be a close victory.
"Fray... show him his mistake! Let's show him what happens when an earthquake messes with Fire!"

Instantly Fray gave a nod and whinnied, rearing up as the flames about her mane and tail suddenly seemed to roar. The fire grew in strength and feriocity as she gave out a cry. Her hooves suddenly seemed to glow a crimson red as well, as the blazing fire swarmed about her body. Onix was rearing up to smash into the ground, but just as the large snake-rock pokemon was going to do so, Fray pounded her own hooves into the ground. Instantly the fire which licked about her body seemed to explode outwards like a rushing river. It poured onto the ground just as Onix was smashing into it. Instantly the fire seeped and licked into the cracks of the ground, and then seemed to grow upwards around Onix's body. The earthquake had affected Fray minorly... her body was stretched outwards, supporting herself from the shifting ground. Onix gave a cry of pain... even the heat was a bit too intense for the guy.
"Swiftly! Show it one of your fire attacks!"
Fray gave a whinny of reply and instantly she opened her muzzle and inhaled a deep breath. Running towards Onix full speed, the ringing of hooves could be heard as she charged.
"TAckle!" Brock cried out, and Onix flung himself forth at the blazed galloping figure. Asher didn't say anything... she knew Fray well, and just as she had predicted the tackle had missed its mark. Just as Onix's body came hurling down, Fray leapt into the air with surprising grace and length, and instantly she had landed upon the fallen pokemon's body. She quickly leapt into the air once more, but curled her neck around to blast a fiery stream of flames at the Onix's head- mainly the eyes.

A roar of pain had occured... and Onix was feeling the beating. He had crashed himself into the floor twice and the fire was extremely strong- even for a rock pokemon. Fray landed upon the ground and Asher gave a nod, and instantly Fray unleashed yet another attack of blazing fire as Onix was slowly getting up. He let out a pained roar as he rose his neck and then fell again suddenly. Fray gave a pleasant whinny as she stopped her fire attack and cantered about. Onix had fainted...

"Geez..." Brock said lightly, recalling the massive rock pokemon. Soon Brock walked across the stadium, coming forth to Asher who was petting a very happy Fray.
" Good show. You really have a special bond with that Ponyta there..." Brock said, holding out his hand.
" Here. The Boulder Badge." He said lightly, and Asher took it with a thank you.
"You know... you're really a great trainer, and you're extremely gorgeous. A great looking guy like me is the only choice for a girl like you... Why... how about you and I go out on the town tonight? We could go get a bite to eat and if things work out we can come back here an-"
Suddenly Asher had, with out warning, withdrew her arm and instantly punched Brock directly in the gut. He gave a coughing cry of discomfort as the wind was knocked out of him, and Asher narrowed his eyes.
"A girl like me doesn't go for guys like you." she stated flatly, walking away from Brock to join Kevin and Alex. Fray gave a pleasant whinny that slightly could be compared to laughter.

DaRk MeWtWo
20th April 2005, 05:36 PM
Alex w/ Alexis [Abra M], Lyfai [Vaporeon F], Kevin w Shade [Black Eevee M], Asher w/ Fray [Ponyta F]

She’s such a little devil. Alex was still trying to catch his breath as he and the Vaporeon watched the battle intently. Before he could comment on her beloved speed, however, she had skipped over to Kevin to greet him, and then had hopped over to the ledge in front of them that was overlooking the battle beneath. Alex finally caught his breath and smiled to himself, slowly rising from his seat to also acknowledge Kevin’s presence.

“Hey, hey, I think we’ve made a good partner fer sure. Don’t cha think? We can re-ally use her help fer somz of thoze up-cooming battlez.” Alexis’s mental voice was slightly unnerving—he sounded—odd. Alex could tell that even though the tiny critter wasn’t really speaking in “true words.”

“Of course she will be, you should’ve seen the way she creamed Brock’s Onix, you know that my memories can’t compare to—hey, what’s up with your voice? You sound funny.” Alex made sure he didn’t actually utter a word, for Kevin was only a seat or two away, and as lost as he was in his thoughts and the battle before him, Alex knew he was bound to notice a lunatic talking to himself eventually.

“I dunno what’ts-ha-wrong with-a-me heither. Mabbe I’m abaut to wake up zor somezing. Oh jes, I’m zinally azake! Zaza!” It had been well over sixteen hours since the Abra had entered any type of sleep, but now Alex could tell he was in what would later be termed as “Full Awake Mode,” as lame as it sounds.

“Glad to see you’re awake man. Hey, I’m gonna talk to this Kevin guy fer a while…why don’t you see if you can connect with our new blue friend?” Alex suggested, easing his way out of the rows of seats.

“Sounds like a good idea to me. I don’t think she feels too hot about me after I tried to pry her mind yesterday or something ratherz. Bleghz. AHEM. K…woah. It feels weird to actually see the world after so much sleep. Bah. I’ll have to get used to it. Oh well…nice Vaporeon…don’t smack little Alexis…please.” The orange pokemon gently un-perched himself from Alex’s right shoulder and levitated himself towards where the blue pokemon was sitting, still staring at the raging battle below.”

ALERT: Bringing a few characters together here

Summing up some courage, Alex tried to act cool as he sat beside an entranced Kevin. From the edge of the gym, Alex noticed the rather haughty figure of what seemed to be quite a familiar face…especially those blue eyes and white hair…contrasting so heavily with his dark skin. Eh? Who is that guy? Man, my journey just keeps getting weirder and weirder…ah well, might as well get to know him. Alex waited till the trainer—Alex presumed he was a trainer—had close enough for Alex to call him.

“Hey! You there!” Alex called out stupidly. WTF?! I sounded like an idiot! Fortunately no one except Kevin had heard him, who gave just the slightest twitch of acknowledgement Alex’s way—then resumed to glance blandly at the scene beyond Alexia and the Vaporeon, where Asher and Brock seemed to be having the outs, more or less.

“Huh? Are you talking to me? The great Seth Maverick?” The trainer swiveled his head around 90 degrees and looked Alex up and down as if he were judging an opponent. “You want to battle me or something?”

“Huh? No, no! Not really…not now…I mean not at all.” Alex replied hastily, losing a little confidence. The brown-skinned, white haired, blue-eyed guy was rather muscular and his imposing figure wasn’t something Alex was ready to put up a fight against.

“Ha! That’s what I thought. Neways, I gotta run—I’ve got bigger fish to fry than the likes of you….” As Seth began walking off in the direction of the gym’s door, Alex cried after him:

“Hey! Wait up! Listen, can you give me some tips? I’ve heard you’re a hot trainer!” Alex could’ve seen from a mile away the impact of his last statement. Seth froze in his tracks.

“Oh…you have, eh? Well, of course, everyone knows me, I’m so skilled they talk about me and my moves 24-7,” Seth smiled a devious but approving smile that could be seen from around the globe. He began walking back in the direction of Alex, and seemed less offensive, and more casual now.

“Yeah…some…guy told me you’ve sweeped some pretty tough-to-beat trainers. I’d…like if you…” Alex was going to finish his sentence, when he abruptly bumped into Kevin, who was sitting right next to him. Although it seemed as if nothing could break Kevin’s trance as Asher’s Dratini Bubbliezed Brock’s Geodude, fortunately, or, unfortunately, Kevin was finally awoken from his daydreaming.

“Wha? Hey! It’s you, Alex! You came back,” Kevin let out a short laugh as he helped Alex to his feet, who had fallen almost flat on his face.

Shit. WTF do I do now? Two guys saw me fall like a complete loser. And what if she saw…nah, she’s hypnotized. I swear she is. Alex brushed the dust off his clothes and looked back and forth between Kevin and Seth, still wondering what his next move would be. Fortunately for him, he wouldn’t have to make much of a decision.

Shade leaped from a seat beside Kevin and gladly welcomed the change of pace. It seemed as though the little critter was also growing weary of his trainer’s daydreaming. Seth watched in half wonder and half slight-arrogance as the black Eevee leaped onto Alex in an attempt to hug him with his arms. Alex cried in surprise, caught Shade before he hit the floor, and let out a long sigh. The tiny Eevee tilted its head to the left, much like the Vaporeon, and curiously questioned Alex’s intentions. Kevin just laughed again:

“You’ve got some charisma as well, I suppose, Alex. Although, Shade is a little more hyper since we left on our journey,” Alex handed the treasured furball back to Kevin and turned around to find out that Seth was nose-to-nose with him. Oh boy.

“Well…want the tips?” Seth asked, motioning towards the nearest seat as Asher recalled her victorious Dratini—another thing that kept striking Alex as rare and odd—and sent out her Ponyta to do battle with Brock’s daunting Onix.

“S-Sure. Let’s sit down and talk strategy,” Alex and Kevin took back their respective seats. Alex tried his very best to get onto Kevin’s other side, so that he wouldn’t be the one in the middle—but there was no such luck. Kevin, once again, was ½ entranced by…the battle.

“Right, my friend, the first lesson I’ve gotta tell you is that you’ve always gotta have spunk and funk,” Seth stated, opening his eyes a little wider, which made Alex’s hands tremble.

“Spunk…and funk?” Alex quickly asked.

“That’s right. You just can’t let the other guy let you down from the start of the battle. You’ve gotta look determined and steady and ready and so-confident that even if you’re-at-a-type-disadvatange-you-can-cream-the-lights-outta…” Seth’s neck craned ever leftward…till his eyes were upon…none other than our fair lady. “Now that’s…a fine, a fine example…ahem, where were we? Ah yes, yes, she’s a fine example…” Seth couldn’t regain his counsiousness, lost in the strategically superior feminine figure before them.

No way. Ew. Ewa-ewaoh. Eeee-ew. Bah. Humbug. Aff. I’m just gonna pretend I care…hm…she’s not that…what? Oh no you don’t. I’m not a part of this escapade. No siree pope doodle dee dee.”

Gaining confidence again—characteristic of his shifting personality and charisma—Alex forced himself to get up and get in the way of Kevin’s view in order to see how Alex was doing. Unfortunately, at that instant the Onix delivered a mighty Earthquake attack, and even though Fray, Asher’s Ponyta, wasn’t really affected by the blow whatsoever, Alex took yet another fall and landed right next to his Vaporeon…and in the process of trying to hoist himself up….

…was left dangling in a rather dangerous position over the ledge—which, at its base, housed many sharp stalagmites plenty of meters in height…not too mention those stalagmites were nearly ten or so meters beneath him….


Mm. Mmhm. Stay calm. Nice Vaporeon. Don’t smack meh…Alexis edged closer and closer to the Eeveelution till he plopped himself to her right and waved one of his hands feebly at her.

She had been staring intently at the battle unfold beneath her…and the fact that a Dratini was battling a Geodude was enough to draw her entire being into watching the battle…till she noticed Alexis’s tiny waving hand. Gracefully she turned her face to face him and gave a short cry of approval as if to acknowledge he was finally awake.

That’s right. I’ve got no bad intentions of earning Alex’s favor over yours…no hurting me…whew. Okay, now what? Mental speak? Oh nos…we know what happened last time. Blegh. Ah well. Guess I’ll have to speak normally then. Darnit—this way of communication is so, so, so, so, so, oh so inconvenient. Wasting air particles for other people to breathe and such—WTF I sound smart? Mm…interesting. I must’ve gained s’more brain cells.

“Raaabra—raa...” Alexis motioned his hand down to the battlefield and began commenting furiously on how skilled the Dratini down there was—but also how he was taking quite a beating…“Brrraaa….rabrahaaaaa.” Alexis personally had a little doubt in his heart of the Dratini would be able to stop Brock’s Geodude’s well-rehearsed Rollout attack—the Vaporeon on the other hand, seemed to beg to differ:

“Poor, Vap rap, Eoohn!” She was totally opposed to such heartless thoughts that housed Alexis’s mind. She had quite a lot of hope for the little critter. In the end the Bubble-izer connected rather well, and Alexis was surprised.

“Eohn! Va!” She seemed to be saying to him that not everything could be judged before a battle began.

“Rabra—ha!” Alexis giggled mentally at such a naïve way of thinking but knew she had a point. However…he was dead-set against the next match up. Oh pahleeez. A Ponyta…Fray…right? Against that massive Onix. No. Way.

“Ha-bra…rabra-ra,” He was willing to bet the Vaporeon some poke-chow that the Ponyta wouldn’t make it—or make it in a real foul condition.

“Va? Poooor-eon…eon,” She disagreed with him once more, stating that she was certain Fray would wipe the floor with the huge rock snake pokemon. Alex sensed the slightest arrogance—so slight that he soon forgot about it, he was an Abra, not an Alakazam, after all.

As the Earthquake attack shook the gym rather violently, Alexis cheered in joy, “Raabraa! Ra bra!” As if saying, “Haha! I win!” However, his joy was to be short-lived.

Using an attack or ability still unknown to Alexis’s extensive database, Fray negated the Earthquake attack by simply supporting herself and injecting flames into the fissures of the Earthquake attack. In a seemingly impossible miracle, the flames enraptured the Onix and soon enough the huge rock snake pokemon was down for the count.


Without warning or any cry for help, a dangling Alex appeared in front of Alexis and the Vaporeon, clutching onto the rocks beside him…already losing his grip from the serious strain to support himself. The Vaporeon yelled in surprise...but Alexis was mentally frozen solid. It’s as if he had been paralyzed from shock out of an extreme overload. Perhaps it was the prediction that as Alex would slip from his hold he wouldn’t have enough time to bring him back up before he was impaled by the stalagmites that froze his brain solid…a technical calculation. Or…perhaps he was truly shocked, paralyzed like any other pokemon could have been by such a starling event.

The Vaporeon nudged Alexis to strut his psychic stuff…but the orange critter wouldn’t move…and…far off in the distance, Asher had just delivered a rather gut-wrenching blow to the insidious Brock—earning well over a thousand percent of Seth and Kevin’s attention. Shade, however, managed to see what was happening and bounded right next to the Vaporeon.

With her newfound trainer losing his grip every second, Alexis frozen in terror, Asher bathing in the glory of victory over a pro-macho-pig Brock, and Kevin and Seth alike still daydreaming of a beachside with…you know…and only the little black Eevee named Shade to help her, time was of the essence as the Vaporeon thought on the spot of how to save Alex from the demise of a dozen stalagmites a dozen feet high and a two dozen feet beneath the ledge itself….

Alex (dangling for his life) w/, Alexis (Full Awake Mode, frozen in terror, Abra M), Lyfai (Worried Mode, Vaporeon F), Kevin (entranced), Seth (entranced), Shade (Worried Mode, black Eevee M), Asher (Victory Mode), Fray (cantering about, in Victory Mode, Ponyta F)

Mmm. Cool posts people!

Glad you decided to join us Nabooru! =) We’re gaining popularity people =O

Woah. You’ve a hand at sideplots Siderous. It’s nice to have someone actually on the other side as a conspirator and the like. Oh, there in one little problem…I dunno if Kikyo/Sango’s gonna let you keep that Larviatar egg. S/he said only first 151 pokemon from RBY I dunno =x

M_c and Samchu: man, I had to do that with you guys, I just couldn’t get the idea outta my head…guys it was all set and…I hope you don’t mind. ;)

B4, think of something even more dramatic to put in =O Will he survive the stalagmites to see the light of day? Will Alexis ever get over the fact that he’s inferior to Lyfai? Will Kevin and Seth ever take their eyes off Ash—oops. =x

20th April 2005, 06:40 PM
~<()>~ Ari ~<()>~
~ ~ Party: Efri (female Eevee, Lv. 5), Flurry (male Pidgey, Lv. 4) ~ ~
~ ~ Location: Veridian Forest ~ ~

"Nooooo, can this get any worse?!" I moaned. Lost in the forest, and then some jerkwad takes off on my bike! Efri seemed to sense I was upset, and she began to lick my cheek, mewing softly. I petted her slowly with one hand while I took out my map. It showed a little trail through the forest, but it didn't help much since I had no idea where I was. I sighed, and was about to give up when I saw movement on the other side of some trees.

I ran over and saw a little kid with a straw hat and a net chasing after a Caterpie. The little bug outsmarted him, dodging his net and crawling up a nearby tree and out of reach.

"Darn it!" the kid fumed, "Almost had 'im!" He stomped the ground angrily.

"Excuse me?" I said, walking over tentatively. "Umm, I'm kinda lost here. Could you please point me in the direction of the exit to Pewter City?"

The kid appeared to look me over, his eyes lingering on Efri curled around my neck.

"Yer a Trainer?" he asked, straightening the brim of his hat. I nodded. "Well, if you can beat me at Pokemon I'll tell ya where to go. A one-on-one battle." I blinked. I'd never even watched a Pokemon Battle between two Trainers before, but I figured the rules were pretty simple; fight until someone's Pokemon were knocked out.

I nodded hesitantly. "Uh, ok," I said.

"All right then. Go, Caterpie!" He threw a Pokeball to the ground and a tough-looking Caterpie popped out. I thought for a moment, then took Flurry's Pokeball out of my pocket and threw it to the ground. He popped out and cast a hungry eye on the Caterpie.

"This'll be a good'n," the kid grinned. "Ok, Caterpie, Stringshot 'em!" The Caterpie sucked in a deep breath, then blew out a rope of string at Flurry. Flurry swiped it away with his wing, with a lazy, smug look on his face.

"Er, use Scratch!" I commanded, but instead Flurry leapt back and started flapping his wings, whipping up dust -- a Sand Attack.

The kid laughed. "Gosh, you can't even control yer Pokemon? This'll be easier'n I thought!" he gloated, which drew a glare from me.

Meanwhile, the Caterpie was squeaking out what seemed to be coughs. Its little head was bent against the sand. Suddenly, Flurry burst through the dust, talons extended. The Caterpie ducked out of the way in the nick of time, squealing. As Flurry went past, attempting to wheel around, the little bug leapt into the air and smashed its tail into him, right in the wing. He veered off course and skidded to the ground, ripping up the dirt and leaves. When he whirled around, huffing angrily, I could see one of his wings was sticking out at an odd angle.

That little thing’s stronger than it looks, I thought nervously as I chewed the tip of my thumb, another nervous habit. “Try again, Flurry!” I cried. He chirped grudgingly and charged at the Caterpie, flapping around on one wing rather pitifully. The little bug charged, only to be met with Flurry’s talons, right in the face. It backed away, whimpering, several scratch marks scoring its forehead. It flinched as it looked up at Flurry, who took the opportunity to charge head-on into it, sending it flying a few feet.

“Enough!” the kid in the hat said suddenly, rushing forward to pick up his precious Caterpie. “Ok, ok, you win! Jeez… My poor Caterpie!” He sniffed. I rolled my eyes. It just had a couple scratches and bruises.

I knelt down beside Flurry and reached out to touch his broken wing. He screeched and pecked at my hand, which I quickly pulled back, frowning. “C’mon, I’m just trying to help!” I moaned, feeling utterly hopeless.

The kid in the hat watched with interest. “I think he needs t’ go to a Pokemon Center,” he said. “Follow me, I’ll show you the way to Pewter.”

“Ok,” I said, nodding. I carefully picked Flurry up as I had when I first caught him, being extra careful of his broken wing. “Oh, I’m Ari,” I said, realizing we hadn’t been properly introduced.

“Sammy,” the kid replied. “Now come on!”

Sammy led me to the forest exit. It didn’t take as long as I had thought, and there was still no sign of any trainers other than ourselves and the guy who had stolen my bike earlier. Flurry fell asleep in my arms at one point.

When finally we reached the exit, I thanked Sammy and ran off through the rest stop, not even bothering to look around. I ran until I was in the city, located the Pokemon Center, and rushed inside, cradling my crippled Pokemon in my arms.

21st April 2005, 04:08 PM
((I thought that we were allowed any Pokemon in the Fire Red/Leaf Green versions... if anyone wants me to change, that's not a problem, I'll edit it to something else. And thanks for the comment about the sideplots! Like I said, I've got an interesting future set up for Siderous, just you wait...))

Siderous Peregrine
Party: Pidgey[F], Nidoran[M], Gastly[F], Charmander[M], Larvitar[M]
Location: Viridian City Gym
************************************************** ********

Siderous stepped out of the gym, and hopped back on the bike. As he pedaled back towards the Viridian Forest, he kept wondering what it was that was so important in Mount Moon. "I've heard there are moon stones there," he thought. "Moon stones evolve certain Pokemon. Hum. Who knows...?"

His legs pumped up and down as he weaved through the trees of the Viridian Forest. Sid finally emerged in Pewter City, and he made his way to the right. He blew by some trainers that were eager to fight him, but he just ignored them and continued on. Finally, he reached the cave called Mount Moon.

Biking inside, it was lighter than he expected. Sid had actually pulled out his Charmander, ready to call it forth if he needed the light, but holes in the ceiling allowed for a decent amount of sunlight to pour in. He biked throught the tunnel, not exactly sure whom or what he was looking for, until suddenly his eye caught glimpse of a tiny glimmer in the ground up ahead.

He tried to pull up the shiny object, but it was pretty deep.
"Go, Nidoran!"
In a flash of red, Nidoran appeared.
"Help me dig up that rock, will you?"
"Nido!" Nidoran began digging furiously at the ground. Once it had been mostly revealed, Sid said, "Okay, now finish the job with Water Pulse."
Water gushed from Nidoran's mouth, spraying the ground where the shiny stone was. Siderous grinned, and saw the stone glimmering beautifully in the sunlight.
"Thanks, Nidoran. Return." Flash, and he was gone.
Siderous picked up the stone. "This must be a moon stone!" thought Sid excitedly. He placed the stone in his backpack, re-mounted the bike, and began to peddle forward again.

Within the next hour or so, Siderous fought trainers that lay scattered throughout the cave. Nidoran's Water Pulse proved to come in handy, especially against the Geodude and Onix that some of the trainers had, and also against the wild Pokemon.

23rd April 2005, 12:29 AM
~ Vaporeon / F ~

Lyfai was staring at the battle below... until suddenly the Abra had come to talk to her. She sparred him with guesses about who was going to win, and to her it seemed as if the Abra was slightly pessimistic. Still, she smiled at him and she had a feeling of content about him. He was a very friendly pokemon.
However... some thing soon happened so rapidly that caused Lyfai to panic. Alex had some how managed to tumble over the railing, where he was clinging to it with one hand for life. Lyfai instantly darted to him along with the black Eevee, as they both didn't know what to do. Neither of them had the power to grab his hand and they couldn't possibly use their teeth, let alone their body weight, to pull him over. Lyfai glanced over to Alexis and begged him to help his trainer.
"Vaaapor! Eon eon vaa!"
However... Alexis seemed to be stone-cold, petrefied it seemed to move or do anything of the sort. Lyfai looked to Kevin and the other trainer to see that they were busy watching Asher finish her battle.
Alex's hand had slipped a little bit, and the fall below was a jagged death for sure. Lyfai felt as if her brain was being mentally strained... as if some pounding headache suddenly had released itself inside of Lyfai. Lyfai suddenly felt a strange sensation overcoming her mind... although she wasn't sure what it was. Her head had begun to thrum slightly... but she hardly paid attention to it as she watched in horror as suddenly Alex's hand slipped.
Lyfai shrieked at the top of her lungs, and almost instantly a popping noise echoed in the entire gym along with a brilliant flash of violet.
It was as if everything were in slow motion... Alexis let out a cry of horror, finally moving forward in shock... realizing that his trainer now must be a jagged, bloody mess upon the floor of the gym. However... after the brilliant flash had faded, suddenly Lyfai seemed frozen and rolls were reversed. All was eeriely quiet... Kevin and the other trainer letting out a shout as they just looked to see Alex fall.
Yet Lyfai's body was stiff... and her eyes were glowing imensely, their violet color glowing and lingering about her face like two brilliant bulbs of light. Gazing below... Alex was suspended in the air... his body glowing a brilliant and eerie purple in color. He wasn't immobile, and when he saw he was floating in the air instantly looked up at Alexis.
"Thanks buddy!" But Alexis seemed to be in complete bewilderment... until he glanced at Lyfai, and shock seemed to come into place.
A Vaporeon....?
"Vaaay! Vaaay!" Suddenly Lyfai cried out, her eyes closing as the purple aura was beginning to fade away from Alex and slowly he started to descend. Alexis now was ready this time,a nd he quickly focused his powers to teleport Alex back up where the rest of them were. Alex quickly had reformed, but it seemed that with this new and unused 'power' of Lyfai's had drained her of her energy, or perhaps had caused her a mental shock.
Vaporeons were not supposed to be able to do that.

So Lyfai now was upon the floor... completely unconcious but at least still breathing shallowly.

23rd April 2005, 03:44 AM

I ran over and helped to pull Alex that last bit of the way. "Man are you okay?" I asked, "I thought you were a gonner for sure."

"Me," too admitted Alex, composing himself slowly. Guess it was quite a lot to try and get over. I felt stupid for not having been there, that could have been my fault...another person who I'd just let die...

"Hey, what's wrong?" Alex's voice brought me back to reality and I saw him leaning over his Vaporeon. I headed over and kneeled beside him.

"It's okay, she's still breathing. She must have passed out as you were being pulled back up." I stroked the fur upon her head softly. I had the sneakig suspicion she didn't pass out from exhaustion but what else could it have been? It seemed strange... "Don't worry Alex, she'll be just fine after a little rest. We'll help you get her to a centre after Asher's battle had finished."

Shadow gave a gently "ee!" and I looked down at her and smiled. "You've found yourself a friend, haven't you girl?"

She seemed almost to grin at me and replied, "ve! ve!" I was glad she was happy. I stroked her fur then left her to stay with the vaporeon so I could watch the end of Asher's battle. I arrived just to see Onix fall and Asher be crowned the winner. I watch Brock head over, and most importanlty I heard what he said. I prayed so hard she would stay the same right now and turn him down flat on his face.
On second thought, I decided that response was much better.

They came over, Asher and Fray, and I ran to greet them. "That was a great battle," I compliment, trying to score a few points. "Nice punch too," I added.

23rd April 2005, 06:45 PM
Seth ran over to Alex, he felt like the biggest idiot in the world.
"You okay?" he asked. Alex nodded.
"I'm just so sorry," Seth apologized, "I should have helped you. I feel like such an idiot!"
"It's okay. Kevin didn't know I was in danger too, so you're not alone." That made Seth feel a bit better, but it still didn't change the fact that he felt bad. Especially since his Vaporeon was now unconcious.
"At least let me make it up to you." While Alex had told him that it wasn't his fault, Seth still felt guilty.

Sorry for the crappiness, severe writers block people.

23rd April 2005, 07:20 PM
~<()>~ Ari ~<()~
~ ~ Party: Efri (female Eevee), Flurry (injured male Pidgey) ~ ~
~ ~ Location: Pewter City Pokemon Center ~ ~

I burst through the door of the Pokemon, still clutching Flurry in my arms.

"Is something wrong?" the Nurse Joy asked, obviously startled by my sudden entrance. She looked exactly like the Nurse Joy in Lavender Town, but that was to be expected.

"Please... My Pidgey, I think.. his wing's broken," I panted, winded from the long run from Veridian Forest. I walked over to the counter and set Flurry on it. He pecked at me irritably, trying to hide his wing from view.

"Oh dear," Joy murmered, looking him over carefully, poking his wing to make him extend it so she could see it better. "Yes, it's definitely broken," she tutted, "How did this happen?"

I told her about the battle in vague monotone, not taking my eys off Flurry. I felt like such a failure. My first battle and I'd already gotten one of my Pokemon hurt...

"Ok," Joy said. I realised that I had finished talking. "Ill fix him right up!" she smiled. She picked up Flurry to take him back into the ward.

"Th-thank you very much," I stuttered, bowing. I wandered over to a chair by the window and sat down, lost in thought.

What would mom and dad say if they knew about this? They're such important trainers, how would they react if they knew ther daughter was an utter failure... I put my head in my hands. Something warm and wet found its way to my cheek, and when I looked up I saw Efri sitting on my shoulder.

"Ee?" she squeaked, a sad look in her eyes. frowned and petted her on the head, my thoughts hazy and random.

After what seemed like hours but was probably less than one, I heard a series of chimes and looked up. Joy came out the sliding doors to the ward, struggling to keep hold of a squirming Flurry. I walked over, still absently petting Efri, who had fallen asleep on my shoulder. Joy handed Flurry to me, and I careflly cradled him in my arms so he couldn't peck or claw me.

"There now!" she smiled. "He'll have to take it easy for awhile, but the splint can come off in about a week." I nodded and thanked her, looking down at the brd in my arms. He leered up at me warily. I sighed and left the PokeCenter.

So my Pokemon hates me, I thought wearlly. I trudged on, not paying attention to where I was going, till I felt the ground under my feet change to rock and grass. Looking up, I found myself at the edge of the city. I looked back, biting my lip. I hadn't gotten the badge, but I knew that if I tried, I wouldn't be abl to at this point. I walked forward, hearing voices up ahead.

23rd April 2005, 08:31 PM
Emi Tajiri ~ Inside Mount Moon

"Nice Bulbasaur. I think I'll take it!" the Team Rocket grunt sneered. He was hopefully our final opponent. "Go, Rattata!"

"Ryu..." Chase started.

I stopped him. "Dimitri can take care of this. Go, Dimitri!" I looked down. Dimitri was growling like never before. I haven't seen him so angry. "Dimitri, Poison Powder!"

A cloud of purple spores erupted from Dimitri's bulb. Rattata tried to hold its breath but failed. He coughed as the spores entered through his nose. Dimitri then wrapped the Rattata in his vines and started to pick him up and slam him into the ground. He repeated this until the Rattata was KO'ed.

"Don't you think you were a little ruthless?" I quietly asked Dimitri.

"Bulba!" Dimitri snapped.

I stepped away from him. "Okay then."

"I'll have that Bulbasaur whether you like it or not!" the grunt yelled. He threw another pokeball. "Go Zubat!"

Dimitri started to step into the fight but I stopped him. "No, Dimitri. I'm using Ken this time. Ken?"

"Pika!" He shot a Thundershock at the Zubat and fried it. It fluttered to the ground, defeated.

"Okay, we beat your Pokemon. We're leaving with our Pokemon," Chase told the Rocket grunt.

"O-o-okay," he stammered. He stepped to the side, letting us pass.

We continued exploring the cave and came across a strange stone sitting on the ground. I picked it up. It seemed awfully peculiar. "Chase, I think this is a Moon Stone." I put it in my pocket. "Don't really know what it does but it might come in handy someday. Anything you want to do before we go on, Chase?"

Crystal Tears
24th April 2005, 07:31 PM
Ty Classy_cat for posting again ^_^;;;


"Yeah. I want to train." I asnwered, I easily defeated zubats, geodudes, even the ocassional onix. My pokemon were growing stronger by the minute, and the same with Emis'. We were kicking but through out the cave until, Ryu, Fay, Kiro, and the newly named Vasius the Staryu, were just toying with the enemies.

"Chase!" I turned sharply to see a grunt holding emi, a familar but distant anger boiled it, it seemed to be transfered to Ryu and Kiro, as they bounded out.

"Ryu! Ember! Kiro! Use Poison Sting!"

It was a short but thrilling battle, I don't think I was thinking when I order my pokemon to atatck another human, because I would've never done it if I had thought it through. The grunt let out a scream up pain as a ember hit his chest, and a poison Sting hit him straight in the face, he tumbled back, before running of into the darkness of Mt. Moon.

"Chase.." Emi Whispered, running up to me, as I stood staring at the darkness of the Cave. "Its.."

"No." I answered, turning away from the Cave. "It's not Alright." I muttered, returning my pokemon. "Lets go." I muttered, fumbling with Ryu's pokeball all the way out.

DaRk MeWtWo
26th April 2005, 03:06 PM
OOC: (whatever that means) I thought Shade was male O_o apologies Samchu

Alex, w/ Alexis [Full Awake Mode Abra M], Lyfai [Unconsious Vaporeon F], Kevin, Seth, Asher, Fray [Stiilll Victory Mode Ponyta F], Shade [black Eevee F]

OMG. I thought that was really the end there. How in the hell did that even happen? I'm not a klutz, never was. And what's up with my newest friend? She's...unconscious...still breathing. How did this all happen. Mm at least it's over now.

Kevin had lifted Alex's spirits, but was now grinning like the devil as he walked over to compliment Asher and Fray on their earth-shaking victory. Asher's Ponyta was quite in the jolly-good mood, and Alex didn't want to disturb them just yet.

Meanwhile, Seth had come over as well to offer his condolences. His attitude had completely transformed into a caring and guilty soul. Alex was stunned by his metamorphosis and was eager to ask what had prompted the change, but decided not to.

Hell, I've made another friend. What more could I ask for?

"Make it up to me? There's nothing really to make up man, but, in case you still feel you owe me somthing, you could always travel with us--the more the merrier." Alex jubilantly proclaimed.

"Hey you're right. That would be cool. Kevin and Asher seem like nice enough people and you're obviously lucky to have a Vaporeon like that. I guess I could hold off my reven--" he cut himself short before he could add in the last syllable.

"Hold of your what?" Alex asked.

"Nothing, nothing, man. Really, nothing." Seth's white hair shook so hard that Alex was certain he didn't want to talk about it.

"Eheheh, I could find ouuuttt...." Alexis's voice trailed into Alex's mind as the Abra levitated himself onto his right shoulder.

All this time Alex had been sitting down and staring at the Vaporeon, and Seth had taken a seat on the stands beside him, and Alexis had felt the urge...to perch. It must have become a rather impulsive habit of his.

"Hey, hey. Superman never used his powers for bad Alexis, so don't you dare. Eww Superman? Why'd I use that example. Nevermind. Just don't you dare, heard me?" Alex was finding it rather difficult to stress mental thought-speaek, so he just crunched up his eyebrows and concentrated on the words "heard me." In the end Seth looked down at him in confusion and just laughed.

"Yeah yeah, Mr. Moral, I won't do any such thing." Alexis replied.

"Hey hey, what in the world happened to our new friend? She's totally wiped out." Alex asked him, while Seth was still in the middle of a short laugh.

"Huh? Oh, um, I dunno. I was just careening you back to safety and she sorta passed out. I have no clue...and like you said, Mr. Moral, I'm not about to probe into her head again, am I?" Alexis asked.

"Hell no. We'll just have to trust she fainted from exasperation or fear or whatever you call that mumbo-jumbo. Meanwhile, I'll try and carry her over to the Pokecenter....eh? She's not that heavy? Ah, you're helping, aren't you?" Alex said, lifting the Vaporeon in his arms and motioning for Seth to walk ahead of him.

"Yeah, I guessed you could use some help. And what in blazes happened to that Seth guy? He's like a saint. Aw, you must've broken the chain on his heart. Ew. We say the sickest things. OK, ok, I'll shut up, here comes the other two. Remember, act calm." Alexis visibly blinked, although no one probably registereed the gesture.

"Well, that Brock character had it coming to him from the start. I had machoistic guys like that. I hope he gets more punches like that from other girls in the future...oh hey, are you that Alex kid?" Asher asked him, more upbeat and than she was when she had entered the gym and almost smiling, but still retaining that semi-cold indifference. Alex did his best to reply...

"Ah, yes. That would be me. Sorry about the havoc I caused...uh, with the railing and all. Your, your battle was awesome. I've never seen a fire pokemon negate an Earthquake like that before." Alex knew he's stuffed the speech with fluff again, but it couldn't be helped. She made him nervous, and Alex couldn't exactly respond clearly to her persona.

"On the contrary, it made our battle more exciting, even though you could use some more eye-hand-feet coordination." Asher smiled so little it wouldv'e taken a microscope to identify the upper curving of her lips. Alex tried not to react to such an open comment. Thankfully, Kevin and Shade intervened with their...bubbly...persona.

"Right, he had me freaked out as well. Um, Asher? Would you like to get to the Pokecenter so we could heal his Vaporeon? And Fray and Aries?" Kevin tried to smile as well. It was like the smile-olympics.

Ech. I can't play this game of smilly-wiley. It's so...pointless. But it does crack me up a little. Oi! Hey, hey, Alexis, don't slack off! She's not that light!

For the first time in the conversation, Asher registered the unconscioius Vaporeon in Alex's arms and quickly replied:

"Of course we can. That shouldn't be a question. Fray, let's go and heal Aries, he could use a bit of energy," Asher called out to her Ponyta, who was, for reasons unbeknowest to Alex, still prancing around the gym in a flurry, but who soon yielded to Asher's command and came prancing over to the trio...or quartet, as Seth seemed to be rather mute at the moment. Shade suddenly popped out of nowhere and made herself comfortable in Kevin's arms, swivelling her head now and then to glance at her blue friend. As Asher, Fray, Kevin, Shade, Alex, Alexis, and the Vaporeon began to exit the gym, they heard Seth cry behind them:

"Hey! Guys! Wait up, hey, do you think I could...travel with you?" Seth quickly finished his question and looked pleadingly into Asher's eyes, whom he still needed to earn to the respect of.

"Well..." Asher looked around and seemed to notice the gender ratio and lowered her eyes to the floor, lost in thought, then she slowly raised her eyebrows and replied:

"I suppose he could. You're not a theif or an excessive gambler, are you? she asked him. Seth was relieved at her response and had no trouble answering:

"Of course not. I just wanna see how you guys battle, that's no crime, is it?"

"Duh, not even close, welcome to our club Seth," Kevin smiled.

"My gawd...why do they always have to get mushy like this? Alex, I can't take much more dah-rhama. Mm, I'm gonna let Vaporeon loose...aha...oops, sorry Alex." Alexis loosened his mental grip on the Vaporeon, and the end result was that Alex began to loose his grip on her as well. Everyone noticed and apologized swiftly, and within minutes they were out of that gym door like flies fleeing from insectide.

As the gym doors closed on the scene, Brock finally recoverd from Asher's blow, not just to his stomach, but to his pride as well.

"Those young chicks just aren't the type for me. Bah, she doesn't know what she was missing. None of those guys are worth chicken feed for a phoenix like her. Ah well, her loss, back to the drawing board for me..." And with that Brock exited from the back of the gym, entering his office with slouched shoulders.


Man, am I in Sin City or what? All this time Kevin, Seth, and I have been talking like n00bs in a bar about life and ambitions, while Asher's gone to clear herself up. And somewhere in the depths of this Pokecenter, my newest pokemon is barely breathing. I gotta stop sinning.

"Hey, hey, ok, guys, that's enough soda for one day. I've had like...five...or something...can barely breathe...mm...was fun though, right?" Alex asked Kevin and Seth, who were still finishing their third or fouth can of whatever drink they had called for from the vending machine there.

"Hell yes!" They both cried together and laughed hysterically. But the merriment soon died off as they heard Asher's footsteps edging ever nearer to the door...all three of them panicked and stuffed the cans in a garbage can as best they could. No way is she gonna know about this. NO WAY. Alex jumped into the garbage can and crushed the cans for good measure, to make sure three semi-bloated guys next to a vending machine weren't exactly the ones drinking all the cans. It seemed rather hopeless, however. So they moved on to Plan B.

Kevin released Shade from her pokeball and began reading some of the pokemon magazines with her on the couch on the far end of the room. Seth released Clyde, his Mankey, and picked up a totally random fighting pokemon strategy book from the nearest shelf and pulled his pokemon down so that he could pretend they were reading it and practicing the moves. Needless to say, the hyper Clyde was a little fazzled by his trainer's odd behavoir. Shade, on the other hand, was they merriest furball you could imagine.

Alex, panicking like all heck had broke loose, ran over to Alexis, who had been reading the entire bookshelf row by row for the past hour and quickly relayed his distress:

"Omg, Alexis, gimme that book! Heck if Asher sees us like this she'll laugh her ass off. Hey, stop giggling. I gotta look like I'm reading, dammit. Ahem, right...now...where are we...ah yes, Jolteon...I like that critter, fast, and agile...Flareon...puffy furball with killer Flamethrower...oh yeah, Vapor--" Alex cut himself short and shut the book just as Asher re-entered the main Pokecenter room--where all the trainers usually were.

She took notice of Alex's dismayed attitude, but decided instead to head over and see what Kevin was up to, as Shade attracted much attention. From across the room, Seth exhaled a sigh of relief and Clyde shrugged his shoulders in confusion...till he saw Asher walk over to Kevin and the fact that there was a visible stain of Coke on Seth's shirt...and then cracked up like an unstoppable Mankey...which he was as a matter of fact.

"Alexis, I'm gonna see if she's ok. You just stay here and keep reading, alright? I mean, whatever you want to do, I'll be back soon." Alex reshelved the book on Eeveelutions and strode with a burden on his back to the Pokecenter's collection counter. Nurse Joy was already waiting for him.

"Hello Alex, I'm pleased to announce your Vaporeon is in top-notch condition, but I would advise that in future times of peril..." she helped a Chansey reel in the Vaporeon on a stretcher of some sort "....that you use a pokeball to keep your weakened pokemon safe. It's the best way to ensure their injuries don't accumulate and that they don't receive any infections." The Chansey lifted the Vaporeon and carefully placed her in to Alex's arms, crying "Chanssseeeey!"

"Well, you see, I would, but she's kind of the free type. You know how some pokemon can't stand pokeballs, right? I think she's one of them. I still don't understand what happened back there. I'm really sorry for all this trouble." Alex looked down at his blue pokemon and his heart was crushed.

"Yes, well, you're not alone in your troubles young man. A rather pale lady swung by earlier with a Pidgey. Broken wing--that can really leave a mark on any flying pokemon, and the trainer has to rebuild their relationship with them. However you and your Vaporeon seem like somthing else altogether to me. Anyways I must be going now, we hope to see you again," The Chansey and Nurse Joy bowed before rushing to attend anothe trainer whose Butterfree looked like it had been scorched by a rampant Charmander.

"Thank you--" He didn't get the time to say his thanks however as they had left his the scene in quite a flurry.

"Dammit, I'm so sorry, Vaporeon, I didn't mean to freak you out back there like that. Please forgive me." Alex thought these words and morosely carried back Vaporeon to Alexis...however, she seemed to have somehow sensed his concern...

"Vapy? Eohn? Eoohn!" She awoke in a flash and licked his face, jumping from his arms and wagging her tail vibrantly--scar and all.

"Wow...that was...that was quick. Cool, hey, did ya meet all my new friends?" Alex grinned and motioned towards Seth and Clyde, as well as Shade, Kevin, and Asher to acknowledge they were still there.

"Vapy!" She cried in joy, and ran over at top-speed and tackled Seth to the floor, licking his face and began to jibber away at Clyde. The Mankey laughed as if she had made a joke and they quickly connected.

"Man, she's the most hyper pokemon I've ever seen..." Seth commented, wiping his face and smiling.

"Yeah, she is, sorry about that," Alex helped Seth back to his feet and they watched their pokemon talk it out for a while before looking over to see how Kevin was doing with Asher.

"Aha...I hope she's not killing him too badly. She's pretty hard to talk to, you know?" Seth asked Alex.

"Hell yes, but I think they've known each other long enough to be able to joke around and the like, you know what I'm talking about, right? Oh waiiiit...were you listening at all when Kevin was telling a bit about his past, or were you too busy with that soda can fest?" Alex laughed and received a playful punch from the white-haired Seth.

"Hush, of course I was...eh. Anywhoo...we should get moving soon, yes? I'll get my backpack and stuff, can you tell the other we should get going too?" He asked.

"Sure thing man, meet you out here in ten minutes or so." Seth ran off to get his backpack from the Pokecenter dorms as Alex walked over to interrupt a small arguement between Asher and Kevin...

"Why are you so intent on knowing everything there's to know about me? I told you before it's none of your business and you've never told me anything either." Asher's anger was building steadily.

"I-I'm sorry, Asher. I didn't mean to offend you again. Really, I didn't...it's just that I thought--oop. Hey Alex, uh, I suppose you're gonna ask when we should go?" Kevin was sem-curled up on the couch with Shade, who was curling up as small as she could go given her dimensions--she was obviously not enjoying the conversation and was glad for Alex's interevention.

"Um...yes...that would be correct dude. So...Seth's gone to get all his stuff ready and we were just wondering if you guys wanted to leave now or something rather?" Alex asked, keeping his eyes moving steadily back and forth betweeen Asher and Kevin so that he wouldn't have to endure Asher's angry glare or Kevin's innocent face.

"Yes, I would anyways. I think we've stayed in Pewter long enough. Cerulean sounds like a nice change of pace. I'll go get ready and be out in five minutes flat. Don't make me wait people," and with that she walked off, a little less angry but far from pacified.

"Holy cow...Kevin, you ok?" Alex asked him once Asher was out of earshot.

"Yeah...this isn't the first time this has happened. Don't worry about it man, I'll figure something out someday. It'll just take some more time. Mmm, your Vaporeon looks pretty happy and dandy, doesn't she? Good to see her back on her feet," Kevin commented, rising up from the couch with Shade in hand.

"Yeah, she's pretty hyper, the little devil. Oh nos, you'd better brace yourself Kevin, she's coming. Holy cow she's coming fast. Oi!" Alex jumped to the side as the Vaporeon tackled Kevin back onto the couch and stampeded on him as well. Poor Shade was almost squished in the process and had to squeal for registration to the Vaporeon.

After the fiasco had ended itself, and with Asher returning back in a happier mood, and with Clyde back in his pokeball, and with Shade walking beside Kevin, and the Vaporeon beside Alex, and with Alexis re-perched on Alex's right shoulder, all seemed well as the quartet left the Pokecenter.


With near to no conversation between the four of them, in a large part due to Asher's presence, the four of them split into two groups, with Alex and his pokemon along with Seth leading the way, and Asher, Fray, Shade, and Kevin dangling behind. Alex thought that was the best way for things to run in the group...

But soon they had run across a lost-soul-of-a-trainer, and Alex could see from a mile away that her skin was as paler than one who hath seen a ghost in Medieval times. He walked slower and made sure that he was the first in the group to tak to the lost-soul-of-a-trainer

"Hey!" Alex called as he neared the trainer, who he soon saw bore the darkest outfit one could find and housed an impressive necklace around her neck...Heck, that necklace's even more damn cool than my own...hm. Eheh...five person group doesn't sound bad to meh.

"Um? Yes? Are you talking to me?" she asked, whirling around to reveal her oddly colored grey and purple eyes.

"Whoa...I mean, yes I am, m'lady. May I be endowed with thy name?" Alex asked, trying to sound gallant or something, since she seemed to have popped out of the Medieval Ages with a ghost ready to pop up from behind her.

"Um, My name's Ari, and I'm from Lavender Town...what may your name be, if I may ask? She timidly asked, as if almost intruding into Alex's personal life.

"T'is Alex, and this here is my friend Seth," Alex motioned towards the equally odd-colored hair of Seth, who waved back with a hello.

"Pleased to meet you two. Oh, you have more friends, Alex?" Ari asked, as she saw Kevin and Asher catch up to them from behind.

"Ah yes, my friends, this is the Lady of Lavender Ari, and here's Kevin, and, and here's Asher." Even after all this time he still had trouble even mentioning Asher's name. It was an ordeal.

"Hi," Asher and Kevin greeted together, striking a rather harmonious chord in the process. Alex could sense that Ari felt like she was being examined and stepped over close beside her so that the situation wasn't so awkward.

"Wow...you've got a lot of friends Alex. I'm just journeying the usual gym leader challenge...and I'm on my way to Mount Moon now. Oh, oh, dear, I'm' afraid I've wasted ten minutes of your time, my apologies for holding you up," she bowed/curtsied and looked down at the floor.

"Hell no, I mean, no way, we--I mean, at least I'm always looking forward to new people to meet," Seth proclaimed.

"Yeah, me too, and I think I speak on everyone's behalf when I ask if you'd join us. We may not know much about you, but I've learned that it's easy enought to make friends once you're journeying together with them every day," Kevin chimed in. Asher nodded ever so slightly and Ari smiled as a result.

"Thank you for your kindess. I will do my best not to be a hassle," she bowed/curtsied again and Alex wondered why she felt she had to do that every time...it looked so odd. But her intense eyes commanded some attention in any case. There was a story behind her, just like Asher, that Alex wanted to find out.

Pfft. Why can't girls just say it? It was so fun and easy between Seth, Kevin, and I...what the heck's up with Ari and Asher. Bah, I'll never understand girls.

Alex did his best to keep a gallant face and thankfully succeeded.

"No worries, welcome to the group, Ari." Alex returned a bow which made an obnoxiously loud snicker in his brain from Alexis and which he had a rather hard time concealing as well.

"Damn it, stop that Alexis, I'm not hitting on her."

"Really? Funny you should mention the thought then. Aha--you poor humans have it so bad. Us psychics can see through everyone all the time so relations are damn clear-cut and nice. Ah well, suffer mwhaha." Alexis continued to snicker and began vibrating furiosly on Alex's shoulder.

Finally, the group shook hands with Ari and incorprated her into the group, landing between the four of them. It would be hard for her to choose which group to walk with, and Alex was going to suggest something to her when they suddenly came across a barrage of trainers, halfway on their path to Mount Moon.

"Mwhahaha! Hey guys, look at those tiny twerps! It's like they just came out of Grade Five or somethin'" A huge mountain-climber of a man walked up to them and snickered very loud. He was soon joined by four other Mountainclimbers who hee-hawed rather annoyingly.

"Aw shucks, the damsels and the frog princes all gathered up. Hey! You all want a battle with us or what?" Another mountainclimber asked, laughing his giant head off.

"Heck yeah!" Seth cried, jumping ahead of the group and grabbing one of his pokeballs, "You are guys look like you could use some cutting down."

"He's got a point, all that flabber's not very good for your health," Asher added, joining Seth on front stage with Fray in close company.

"What she said--for mountainclimbers, you guys don't look too fit," Kevin added, moving to the right of Seth with Shade.

"Um, yes, I would have to agree with them--my dearest apologies," Ari moved to the left of Asher and prepared for battle.

"Hey, hey, hey! I thought I was leading the group. What's this mutiny and all?" Alex looked around all confused and the Vaporeon giggled in response.

"Just come and battle Alex, Jesus..." Kevin answered, motioning for him.

With nine people waiting for him to walk over next to Kevin, Alex took his time, which got on everyone's nerves but made his four friends give a short laugh.

Aha--I can crack 'em up too...I think. Damn those laughs better not be out of courtesy. Alright...Alexis, you need some battle experience to even out with Vaporeon, get ready brotha.

"Heard you loud and clear, Alex, this is gonna be fun" Alexis cracked his psychic knuckles and prepared his mind for battle.

"Pshaw. How heart-lifting. Y'all see the might of the mountainclimbers--and I'm not fat! I'm just, uh...portly...and...well-built, that's right! Go for rock-hard glory, Geodude!" The last word was echoed by the four other trainers as the five Geodudes erupted from five respective pokeballs.

"Ew, that's some nasty level of variety you got there guys, alright Alexis, let's do this!" Alex motioned.

Alexis levitated himself off of Alex's shoulder and propped himself on the floor, ready for any Geodude to attack him, but obviously there was a tense silence as Alex and the five mountainclimbers awaited for the other four trainers to choose their pokemon....

Alex, w/ Alexis [Full Awake battling Abra M], Lyfai [Watching Mode Vaporeon F], Kevin, Shade [Anticipating black Eevee F], Seth, Asher, Fray [Anticipating Ponyta F], and our newest member Ari =)


Well, how was that people? Sorry for shoving y'all into a battle, but it was the only good idea for stopping I have right now...*checks time* *faints* ...erm I'll get back to studying for tests now

Oh, and M_C, sorry about the stain on your shirt.
Oh yeah and Nab, hello =)
Uh, B4/Samchu: it that how it's supposed to be like? =x
Oh yeah OMG: what in the world does OOC mean?! It's not mentioned in the forum rules anywhere!

Anywho, have fun posting people =)

26th April 2005, 05:33 PM
OoC means out of character. :)

~<()>~ Ari ~<()>~
~ ~ Party: Efri (battle-ready female Eevee), Flurry (still-resting male Pidgey) ~ ~
~ ~ With Alex, Kevin, Seth, and Asher ~ ~
~ ~ Location: Near Mt. Moon ~ ~

I shuffled my feet nervously. Alex, Kevin, Seth, and Asher probably had their first badges already, and what had done? I'd gotten poor Flurry beat up by a measly little Caterpie. Deciding to let him rest for awhile, I instead gave Efri a nudge.

"You ready?" I whispered in her ear.

"Ee!" she nodded. I petted her quickly on the head, then she hopped down. Growling -- an attempt at seeming threatening that only made her cuter -- she crouched down in a battle pose, facing one of the Geodudes.

I bit my lip nervously. I still didn't really understand battling, and now I was going to look like a fool in front of my new friends...

Sorry for short crappiness, I'm a bit preoccupied right now and I just wanted to get something in before the battle actually starts ^^;

26th April 2005, 08:15 PM
((Hee hee this is so nice... most of you, together... this is going to be fun...))

Siderous Peregrine

Party: Pidgey[F], Nidoran[M], Gastly[F], Charmander[M], Larvitar[M]

Location: Mount Moon

************************************************** *********

((When we last met Siderous, he had just made his way through Mount Moon, destroying any and all trainers he found...))

"Water Pulse."

Another wild Geodude bit the dust. "I'm getting tired of this," Sid thought. "What am I looking for?"

Suddenly, Nidoran began to glow a brilliant white. Siderous had to shield his eyes from the light because they were in an extremely dark area for quite a while- the sudden light hurt. Then, just as suddenly as Nidoran began to glow, it stopped. Siderous lowered his arm from his face, and gazed at his new Pokemon.


Nidoran had evolved into Nidorino. "Splendid," Sid thought. "At least some good came from this place."

Footsteps were heard clacking against the rocky ground, gradually growing louder. "Another trainer?" Sid moaned. A man appeared, wearing a Team Rocket outfit.

"You there!" called the man, "Who are you?"

"Name's Sid," Siderous replied.

The man stopped jogging towards him. "What? Siderous? Really?"


The man slowly made his way over to Siderous, and soon stood within three feet of him. "So... you're the guy, huh? You're really him? The boss's new recruit?"

"Yes, yes, that's me," Sid said, getting extremely impatient. The man could sense Sid's disapproval with the man in his voice, so he cleared his throat and turned around.
"Follow me."

The man led Siderous (who, don't forget, has a bike) and Nidorino deeper into the cave, until they finally reached a group of grunts standing around. They turned to face who was approaching them, but once they noticed the man Sid was following, the group loosened up.

"There," pointed the leading man. He had pointed somewhere in the middle of the dark up ahead. "Just walk through there, and bring back something."


"You'll know when you see it."

Siderous fumed. He recalled his Nidoran, and began walking into the darkness.

"This is stupid," he thought. Sid continued through the cave, and finally he turned a corner that led him right to another Rocket. The Rocket spotted Sid, and held a finger to his lips. Obviously he was supposed to be quiet. When Siderous got close, the grunt whispered, "Over there. This guy's got our fossil. I'd get it back, but I've only got one more battle-worthy Pokemon left..."

"I'll take care of it," Siderous said, comforting the Rocket. Sid continued forward until he found a man dressed in a white lab coat lying on the ground. He was holding up a fossil of some sort, mumbling to himself. Siderous walked over to him and called out, "Hey, you there!"

The man got up quickly. "Y-y-y-y-yes? What do you want? Go away!" the man practically yelled. His voice echoed throughout the cavern. "They're mine! I found them just now! They're mine!"

"That's not true," Siderous said calmly, approaching the mumbling fool. "You took one from someone else."

The man looked confused for a second, then said, "You mean... you mean this Dome fossil?" The man held out a dirty looking rock and pushed his glasses up. "I got to it first."

"Well then," Siderous said, pulling out a Rocket ball, "I guess I have no choice but to get to it second."

Once again the man looked confused, but suddenly realized what was about to happen when Siderous placed his bike on the ground and shouted, "Go, Gastly!"

The man chuckled. "All right, all right... it's a battle you want, is it? Go, Grimer!" A sludge-like Pokemon emerged.

Suddenly, Siderous remembered that he didn't know what kind of attacks Gastly knew. Quickly, he drew out his Pokedex and pointed it at Gastly. It listed all attacks that his Gastly knew.

"Grimer, use Pound!"

"Gastly, Lick!"

Grimer lumbered forward towards Gastly and flung a sludgy fist at it. Gastly just laughed as the attack went right through him.

"Huh?" the man gasped.

"Normal attacks don't work against Ghosts," explained Siderous. "Use Night Shade!"

A sudden blast of darkness swept over Grimer, smacking it hard against the wall. It fell, and didn't get back up.

"Grimer, return!" shouted the man. He didn't look so pathetic anymore- he was pissed. "You're getting very lucky, but not this time. Go, Voltorb!" An electric ball cackled as it suddenly appeared, floating in the air.

"Use Charge!"

"Try a Curse!"

Voltorb began to vibrate, charging energy, but soon felt the sting of Gastly's curse.

"Okay Voltorb, Screech!"

"Quickly, Gastly, use Hypnosis!"

Voltorb looked as though it was about to release a huge amount of energy, but suddenly began dropping to the ground. Soon it was sound asleep on the floor.

"Night Shade, Gastly!"

Once again, a powerful gust of darkness carried it's target, this time smashing Voltorb up against the ceiling. The man recalled Voltorb, and cried, "All right, your turn, Koffing!"

A floating, disgustingly poisonous Pokemon emerged.

"Doesn't this guy have any cool-looking Pokemon? Gastly, use Night Shade!"

"Koffing, use Poison Gas!"

Gas erupted from Koffing, spewing the poison all around the cavern, making it nearly impossible to see. Just then, Gastly's Night Shade kicked in, cutting through the gas and nailing Koffing square in the face. The gas began to disperse itself throughout the cave, and Koffing floating but a foot from the ground.

"Enough!" The man cried, calling his Koffing back. "That Night Shade is just too much. Okay, you can have your fossil," he finished, walking over and handing Siderous the Dome fossil.

Just then, Gastly began to glow, just as Nidoran had. Sure enough, within the next ten seconds, Gastly had evolved into Haunter.

"Beautiful!" clapped the man. "Simply amazing!"

"What a loser," Sid thought, withdrawing Haunter and picking up his bike. He began making his way back to the group. Surprisingly, all of the grunts were not too far behind him; they'd watched the match. Once he got close enough, the comments began bombarding him:



"That was amazing..."

"Truly a wonder..."

Siderous held up a hand. "Thank you, thanks... but I've got to get back to Viridian now." With that, Siderous hopped on the bike and began pedaling away from his new fan club.

Siderous finally emerged from the cave, and entered the Pokemon Center that was right outside. After healing, he went back outside and began pedaling back towards Pewter City.

He made some twists and turns, and finally turned a corner, only to be stopped by a line of hikers who seemed to be battling. "Great," he thought. He spotted an opening to the right of the hikers, and began pedaling for it. He passed the line of hikers... and almost fell off his bike.

Asher, Kevin, the white haired kid from before, Alex, and that girl he stole the bike from were all battling. He considered stopping for a moment; he was sure one of them spotted him, since he was right next to the matches, but he knew he couldn't stop to chat. He'd just end up making up more stories, and then would have to make up another one as to why he needed to leave again. Quickly, he pumped his legs faster and passed the group. He flew into Pewter City, and tore into the Viridian Forest.

Not long after, he arrived at the Viridian Gym once more. He entered, and was greeted by Giovanni once more.

"Do you have it?"

Siderous held out the fossil.

"Good." He took the fossil from Siderous. "Once it is revived, it will provide you with a powerful Pokemon." He turned his back to Siderous and began walking into the darkness.

"Hey, wait a minute," Siderous called out to him. Giovanni didn't stop. "Wait a second... hey..." Siderous followed after him blindly.

Suddenly, the lights snapped on. It took a few seconds for Sid's eyes to adjust to the light, then looked around.

The Gym was built to accomodate any and all types of Pokemon. In the far back right corner was what looked to be the set for the inside of a volcano... a large swimming pool sat in the middle of the gym. On the left were many items used for humans to work out. The back left corner, just behind the work-out area, looked like a smaller version of Brock's gym. Close by, just to the left, was a small ice-rink, and to Sid's immediate right was a mock-forest.

"Impressive, isn't it?" Giovanni cooed. "Of course, the gym isn't always like this; only when I train."

"Train? You mean..."

"Yes, Siderous... you are going to train with me. I will teach you everything you need to know about battling techniques and styles. Here, you and your Pokemon will grow stronger, and, perhaps, beat me. Unlikely, of course," he smirked, pulling out a few Rocket balls, "but perhaps. Are you ready, Siderous?"

Siderous didn't give it a second thought. He pulled out each Pokeball and called forth each Pokemon.

"Go, Pidgey, Nidorino, Haunter, Charmander, and Larvitar!"

Sid's team assembled in a line in front of him. "We're ready, Giovanni."

Giovanni grinned. "All right, then. Let's begin."

Siderous Peregrine

Party: Pidgey[F], Nidorino[M], Haunter[F], Charmander[M], Larvitar[M]

Location: Viridian City Gym

************************************************** *********

((I've ended it like this because my posting time is being shortened. Being grounded sucks as is, plus I now have a job, and on top of that are other sites that I rp on [which have been waiting for me to post for over a week now! Gah!] You'll still see me doing missions for Giovanni here and there--kind of like Gary, where you just see him now and then--but anyway... see ya!))

27th April 2005, 12:13 AM
It is a quick post. I have not been able to right up a post lately and this is just to let you all know I am still around ^__^

Lee Kenta
:133: :129:
Location: Battleing Bug Catcher
The battle had gone on for about half an our know. My Magikarp had fainted due to an extremely powerful combo of moves and know Eevee was battling the Beedrill. Eevee was tired but the beedrill was even more.

"Eevee, use a tackle." I commanded.

Eevee then charged at the Beedrill and hit it head on. The Beedrill hit the ground hard and fainted. Finally, the battle was over.

The catcher returned his Beedrill and said, "I'll get you next time." He then ran off into the hills.

I congradulated my Eevee and returned it to its pokeball. I then looked at my map and saw that there was a pokemon center up the road and I decided to pay it a visit.

Like I said, not great but I am running on a STRICT time here.

27th April 2005, 10:49 PM
Emi Tajiri ~ Cerulean City
Team: M Bulbasaur (Dimitri), M Metapod, F Pidgey (Feather), M Pikachu (Ken)

"Look, Chase! Bikes!" I exclaimed as I looked through the window of the Bike Store.

"Emi, they're too expensive," Chase groaned.

I hung my head. "I wish they were giving them away."

Ken also groaned as his stomach growled. "Pikachuuu..." he told me as he rubbed his stomach.

"Are you hungry, sweetie? Okay, we'll stop at the Pokemon Center first." I picked him up and followed Ken over to the Pokemon Center. "Let's heal you first." I walked up to the Nurse Joy behind the front desk and handed her Ken and the rest of my pokeballs. Chase gave her his and sat next to me on one of the couches.

A trainer walked up to us, waving. "Hey, I see you have Pokemon. Are you going to challenge the gym leader here?"

"We sure are!" I said excitedly.

"A word of advice. Misty has a wicked Staryu and Starmie that know Water Pulse, a powerful Water attack that may cause confusion. They can even take out Grass and Electric types with that attack. I should know; I had both an Oddish and a Jolteon and she took out both of them. The good news is that as soon as I beat her, I'll not only get the Cascade Badge, but I'll also get a Water Pulse TM. Isn't that cool?"

"Yeah! I mean, as soon as I get a Water type, that will be the coolest!"

"Oh, I almost forgot!" Chase spoke up. He handed me a disc. "Brock gave me this while you were sleeping this morning. It's a Rock Tomb TM. I got one too."

I grinned as I took the TM. "Nice."

Nurse Joy walked up to us with a big grin on her face. "Miss, you should see this." She opened up one of my pokeballs. My Metapod was now a Butterfree!

"That's strange. Why did it take him so long to evolve? Oh, who cares? You're a Butterfree!" I opened my mouth to cheer when I let out a long yawn. I finally felt the fatigue that came with trekking through Mt. Moon. "Chase, how about we turn in for today? I'm so tired."

28th April 2005, 06:44 AM
The dark haired glanced at his four partners. So far, Alex had let out his Abra Alexis and Ari had brought out an Eevee. He looked back at his five oppotants, the fat hikers. That's when something caught his eyes. He noticed a boy just a couple of meters away from them.
Wasn't he from the gym?
The boy quickly jumped on his bike and sped off. No one else seemed to notice.
"Hey," the hiker in the centre, obviously the leader called out, "Are you three goin to call your pokemon or what?" The smirk returned to Seth's face, as he pushed the thought of the boy to the back of his mind.
"I dont know about my friends here, but I've already got a choice for you fatsos." Seth pulled a ball from his belt and grabbed his pool cue. Flicking the ball into the air, he smaked it with his cue, sending it nito the air.
"Show time Clyde!" In a flash of light, Seth's Mankey appeared in mid-air, did a graceful blackflip before landing on the battle field. Seth smiled as he twirled the cue in his hand.
"Ready to go down boys?"

3rd May 2005, 04:51 PM
OOC: Runs in with muffin in mouth. I know I know, my bad. Creativity has been at rock bottom lately but I'm going to do my best.


I stared down my opponent and his geodude. I didn't have the best choice of pokemon to go into this battle with. I could send out Jet...but he would get slaughtered by any and all rock attacks...I didn't have a choice really, I'd have to send out Shadow.
I knelt down and stroked her head softly. "Alright girl I'm sending you in. Geodudes use a strong offensive and we need to use our agility, hopefully we can find a way to fire back our opponents attacks."
And Shadow trotted carelessly onto the battlefield.

"I'm gonna impress Asher if it kills me," I muttered quietly.
I was waiting for the Asher to send out her pokemon but my opponent appeared to be in a bit of a rush and sent Geodude into the brawl. Shadow fortunately was alert and jumped swiftly over the oncoming assault.
"Son of a - Shadow! Agility!"
As Shadow darted around Geodude's rollout attacks, I tried to think of a way to take Geodude out.

By this time, Asher had chosen her pokemon for battle (I forgot to take note which it was) and the others battles had begun around us. It was all very tight. I tried to organise a play with Shadow to send Geodude into the base of Mt. Moon, however the hiker/Geodude combination was well prepared for such an attempt and the Geodude turned smoothly, coming at Shadow again. She ran but had to stear off course to avoid colliding with Alexis, this allowed Geodude to catch her in the side.
She gave a squeal of pain but recovered in time to regain her composure and continue her defensive play. "Man these matches are so tight...they keep this up and there'll be a collision..."
Wait! A collision!? I could use that!

"Alex, I have a plan we can use. You fancy giving it a try?"
He shrugged. "I'm game if you are."
"Great." I had observed that both our opposing Geodudes were in the middle of powerful rollout attacks. This could be greatly used. "Okay, get your Abra to meet my Eevee and when I say so, order him to teleport away from the oncoming attack."
Alex nodded and I shouted some commands to Shadown to tell her to get ready for a surprise attack.

It took a while to set up, but eventually Shadow and Alexis met up in the middle of the battlefield. Both Geodudes reared round and came stright on at both pokemon.
"Shadow! NOW!" Shadow bounded gracefully to the side and Alexis teleported to safety. At full speed and with nowhere to turn, both collided powerfully into one another, the impact forcing both pokemon to shoot across the battlefield and land unconcious. I had never expected that but it would do.

Shadow bounded over and I hugged her before shaking hands with Alex. "Nice one mate, I really needed your bond with Alexis there and ya pulled through, great job."
"It was a good plan."
I grinned greatfully and turned to the others before sighing. "Guess we gotta wait for everyone else to finish huh?"

OOC: DM ~ You can put whatever detail into your battle as you like I just hope ya don't mind me ending your battle.

Crystal Tears
3rd May 2005, 06:39 PM

I yawned and looked over at Emi who had asked me the question. It wouldn't be a bad idea I suppose. I smirked and nodded..


I opened my eyes to see Ryu glaring at me with a smirk. I frowned. Then I saw it, my eyes gleamed as one of the other trainers had two bike tickets. He was alseep, but only lightly, if I could distract him with something, I could get those tickets and get the bikes. Then, me and Emi would have bikes, and we'd get places ten times faster.

"Didn't we leave that habit back in Saffron?" I smirked, Ryu frowned, before placing his paws on my lap.

I released Kiro quietly and he cocked his head at me. Ryu informed him of the plan and the a similar gleam lit up in Kiro's eyes as it had in mine.

"So you'll help?" I whispered. Kiro Nodded.

Ryu was prepared to Distract the trainer just incase he woke up, quietly, and with great planning, Kiro pick pocketed the snoozing trainer, stealing the yellow tickets, and replacing them with fake ones. I smirked.


I stood outside the PokeCenter, waiting for Emi to awaken, apparently, no one had seen what Kiro had done. And the Trainer had just thought he had been tricked by the nasty kid that lived in the house where he had been training. I smirked.

"Chase?" Emi asked, as she started outside but stopped in total surprise. As to gleaming bikes were in front of her. I smirked.

"Got ya a present."

DaRk MeWtWo
5th May 2005, 02:44 AM
OoC: Just to let you guys know, this’ll be my last magnificent post for the next five days or so, so savor this one if thou will ^_~
OoC2: B4: Sorry for dictating most your battle…thought I’d make things interesting

Alexander, Alexis [Abra M], Lyfai [Vaporeon F], Kevin, Shade [Eevee F], Seth, Clyde [Mankey M], Ari, Efri [Eevee F], Asher, Fray [Ponyta F]

Ah, it seems as though my new friends are ready…let’s see the crew…duh Alexis is here…ah Ari’s got a spiffy Eevee…by the name of Efri, that’s spiffy as spiff I want one o’ those someday...maybe not…creepy…oi! Look at Clyde and Seth in action, they’re all pumped up like heck! And Kevin’s got…his Eevee out?! Oh well, he’ll figure something snazzy in the end I suppose…Asher…Asher omg she’s…she’s picking a Pikachu…LEIF!?

As Leif, Asher’s second pokemon, materialized out of her pokeball, she smirked at the second largest hiker as if he were a over-confident nub or something:

“I don’t need an advantage over such a couch potato as yourself. My pokemon need a challenge you fatty, so see if you can even touch my Pikachu with your slow-butt Geodude,” Asher pulled back her hair and re-secured it in a ponytail, awaiting the hikers’ reactions, which were of course pure laughter and mockery:

“Aw, the little lassie wants a challenge for her yellow little mouse, does she? She’ll get it alright! Go Geodude, slam him with our new Body Slam attack! Show no friggin’ mercy darn it!”

“Smack that tiny Eevee with your Rock Throw attack! Show him the power of the mountains!”

“Defense Curl against that Mankey’s Karate Chop attacks and counter with Counter! Hell ya!”

“That Eevee there’s a joke! Rollout, now!”

“Ha, you’re talking, that Abra’s a tiny critter, no kidding, Rollout him too!”

And so the battle was joined. Clyde and a dark-tinted Geodude took center stage, and Clyde began the battle with an expected Karate Chop attack that connected very nicely, leaving the Geodude visibly bruised. The attack had landed even before a Defense Curl could’ve been set up, yet the Geodude did manage to Counter effectively, sending Clyde skyrocketing back to Seth’s feet:

“Aw come on, Clyde, we can over-run ‘em. Remember we’re the very best! No one can stop us! Realisticaly that guy’s got no hope! Now up and at ‘em!” Clyde rose to his feet from the encouragement of his trainer Seth who eyes were fixated upon the opposing and imposing Hiker

On the west side of the battle arena, Ari and Asher were literally back to back, as Leif and Efri kept the Geodudes at bay. The first Geodude charged viciously at Leif, who giggled softly and jumped over the rock-hard pokemon, who went straight over Efri and made both protagonists laugh out loud. Unfortunately, the same wouldn’t apply to Leif, for when Efri evaded the blow, the other Geodude’s Rock Throw attack hit Leif head on, and Asher grumbled slightly…every so lightly…but just enough to transform Ari into a forgiving carcass (not to degrade you Nab, u’re cool).

“Oh no! My dearest apologies Asher! I didn’t mean for our battle to interfere with yours so badly and…I’m so sorry! I’ll make it up to you I swear!” Ari cried, jumping up and down as Efri squared off the other Geodude, who was still considering his next move, but looked he was eyeing Leif instead.

“What? Oh my gawd, don’t worry about it Ari, these things are bound to happen. Pfft, I’ll probably ruin your battle first…” But Asher took her words back as soon as she had said them, for now both the Geodudes were sending variable Magnitude waves Leif’s way, and the female Pikachu seemed eternally doomed….

Meanwhile, way over on the East side of this rocky “arena,” Alex and Kevin had their hands full with two other hikers, the two smallest ones as a matter of fact. But they had it far from easy, for these two Hikers kept using the deadly Rollout attack which seemed to gain more strength and speed every time it was used. Things looked like they were going from okay to annoying to tedious to harmful to finally dangerous, as Shade and Alexis both took a major physical blow from Roullout…lending snickering snickers from the snickering of snicker Hikers…a devious combination of snickers indeed.

Alexis and Shade did their best to over-whelm the Geodudes with their superior speed, and things were going considerably well: Alexis had inflicted serious damage with his Confusion attacks and Shade had caused her opponent to crash into stray boulders here and there quite a few times: but the truth of the story was that it wasn’t getting anywhere fast, because the Geodudes were rearing up for an unbelievably fast Rollout attack that would have left even Alexis wondering as to how to evade the blow. After a considerably close call with Shade, Kevin cried:

“Alex, I have a plan we can use. You fancy giving it a try?"

“I’m game if you are,” Alex replied, and so they plan unfolded…with the battle ever so closely nearing the center of the stage. They didn’t have to worry about Clyde and the first Geodude, however, as they had taken their fight to an extreme and Clyde was basically balancing himself as if he were participating in the circus on a Rolling-Out Geodude that was running in circles around the whole arena!

But finally the plan was set in stone—and behold the works of art, it worked like a miracle—the two Geodudes collided furiously and were knocked back on opposite ends of the battlefield, both visibly unconscious, and as Alex walked over to Kevin to congratulate his efforts, the battle between Leif, Efri, and the larger Geodudes was reaching a climatic finish….

“Aha! What’s she gonna do now? Can’t run away with your Eevee now, can ya, ya Pikachu?! Wahaha!” The third and fourth biggest Hikers bellowed and Asher was ready to give them a good noggin’ bashin’, but she was realized that indeed Leif was in grave danger.

“Oh dear…Efri! Quick! Make amends and carry Leif to safety with Agility, then create clones with your Double Team!” Ari was jumping crazily, afraid she was going to lose her first true female friend.

But Efri didn’t fail her, and the Geodude did exactly 0% damage to Leif, plus they were totally confused by the many clones around them, and eventually Leif adopted her ally technique, creating dozens of clones as well. Pretty soon it was about three dozen Pikachus and three dozen Eevees against two Geodudes.

“You just saved Leif, didn’t you, Ari?” Asher asked, looking behind her to see an equally shocked pale-skinned Ari.

“I-I guess I did…wow…that-that’s so cool…” Ari was still in a daze as the Geodudes struggled to find their point of focus, when Asher snapped back to reality and the Hikers grunted louder than before.

“J’es smack ‘em with Rock Throws, they can’t evade two volleys, right partner?” The bigger one asked.

“Right on, mate. No way hoz-a-hay,” the smaller one cackled, though to Asher and Ari they both looked unbelievably huge….

“Right, Leif! Start start charging up some electricity with Charge…” Asher turned around to see that Ari was still in partial-shock, so she proceeded and assumed command of Efri, “Efri, if you don’t mind, please try and carry Leif on your back and blind ‘em with Sand Attack. After all that you gotta ram into one of the Geodudes with a physical attack—anyone you know, just go for it,” Asher was confident in her strategies and sure enough they worked like a charm.

The Geodudes were still wondering what in the world was going on, since they had no clue which Efri or Leif clone to dismantle. In their vision, all the Leifs used a powerful Charge move, but the Geodudes weren’t worried, electricity couldn’t harm them, right? Right? Right?

Efri blinded them badly with her Sand-Attack moves, acknowledging the fact that Ari was a little side tracked. The Geodudes consistently bumped into each other, and Efri powered up for what looked like a Body Slam attack.

“Quick Leif, position a Thundershock attack just between Efri and that Geodude! Now! And again!” Asher cried.

Lightning coursed through one of the blinded Geodudes as Efri penetrated its skin with electricity—the result was a stunted Geodude—stunted in the term that he was internally shocked. The process repeated itself as the other Geodude suffered the same ghastly fate. The clones and the original protagonists both cackled in victory and the hikers were rather peeved again, to say the least.

“Huh? Wow…you’re so good at battling, Asher! Hey, Efri, nice work! Finish things up with a few Double-Edges!” Ari cried enthusiastically.

“Um, thanks Ari, ok Leif, finish them up with multiple Quick Attacks!” Asher commanded.



Efri’s Double-Edges drove the two Geodudes senseless and the rock pokemon had no clue where to go or move. On top of that, Leif’s Quick Attacks stunned them into oblivion, chipping away at their stamina till finally the two Hikers recalled their Geodudes angrily,

“T’was a burst of luck if I ever did see one,”

“Jyes, you’re gosh darn it right it was,” Needless to say the Hikers were legible for a pounding from Asher, but she couldn’t bother and was busy talking with Ari over their amazing battle….

“Woah, easy Clyde, keep it easy, now! Smack it!” Bop. Clyde’s Low Kick caught the largest and possibly strongest Geodude right where it HURTS, namely because the Geodude and the Hiker had been expecting a Karate Chop, and had ducked in response.

“Crud! Geodude, Counter that shiz, and then hit ‘em with another burst of Mega Punch! That’ll send him reeeeeling hell ya!” Unlike the other Hikers, this once was actually experienced and Clyde suffered major damage at the hands of a titanic Geodude that looked like it was ready to evolve into a Graveler….

“Geooo-go-gra—graa—grave-gravellher!” And sure enough, before Seth and his adversary’s eyes, it evolved into a even larger rock pokemon that struck a tiny chord of intimidation in Clyde.

“Ha! You think you can intimidate us with your big body and all that shiz, yeah right, we’re crush you to smithereens! Clyde, harness your energy with Focus Energy and then power up with Bulk Up!” Seth commanded.

“Ha! Bulk Up won’t help ya, I’ve taught my Graveler that move long ago, Graveler, now that you’re even stronger, make it a point with Bulk Up as well!”

Fortunately, for the overconfident Hiker, he thought a few Bulk Up moves would be enough to scrap Clyde…he had forgotten the power of Focus Energy and would pay dearly for that ignorance….

The Graveller and Clyde both powered up till they looked like they were about to burst with power, but Clyde had the upper hand with a Focus Energy charge-up, and when the time came for the two pokemon to collide with their strongest attacks, Clyde made it a point to HIT FIRST. And he did it, too.

To both trainer’s surprise, the Graveler never laid a hand on Clyde, for the Mankey was so swift in his execution of the final Karate Chop that the Graveler didn’t even have time to lift his hand for his Mega Punch technique. The end result was a Graveler decimated by a critically strong super-effective high-gear attack from a hyper pokemon, leaving much to be desired for the defense.

“Maank!” Clyde victoriously stampeded onto the Graveler, who wasn’t breathing very well and soon returned to his pokeball.

“Alright, Clyde! That was awesome! Dude you showed that pile of rocks who’s boss and ya did it well, oh, look at the expression on that hiker’s face…whaha!” Seth simply laughed out loud at the 7’5” hiker in front of him, who was rather peeved, but didn’t care for much of it.

The five Hikers reassembled themselves and shifted their legs as they departed, morning the loss of their supremacy. Meanwhile, the other two 2v2 battles had also ended, and the group, well, they regrouped at the center to congratulate Clyde and Seth on a battle well played.

“Glad you picked your teeth with their bones,” Asher.

“Wow, you’re really talented, Seth, and you too, Clyde!” Ari.

“Spiffy work and a job well done,” Kevin.

“Woah, and a Graveler too, that’s gotta hurt their oversized egos alright,” Alex.

“Yeah, Clyde pulled through rather nicely…hey your battles weren’t all that bad either. Efri and Leif bedazzled those Geodudes and Shade and Alexis struck them senseless. Ha! It was hilarious plan, Kevin, I commend you,” Seth complimented, returning Clyde to his pokeball.

“Aw shucks, it wasn’t that cool…but yeah I suppose we drove ‘em up the wall,” Kevin laughed and patted Alex’s shoulder, “He and Alexis were a big help though,” Needless to say though, he was smiling in Asher direction and she barely returned the favor with an ever so slight upcurling of her lips.

Alex sensed it would be a wise time to once again leave the scene quietly, so he walked over to Ari and struck up a random conversation, eyeing back now and then to see if Seth was also moving away from the action…and thankfully his friend had picked up on the act…or he was just too happy with his victory—Alex couldn’t quite tell…

“So, Ari, I see you’re quite experienced with ghost type pokemon,” Alex commented, his Vaporeon striding beside him and Alexis perched once again on his right shoulder.

“Well, I have lived in Lavender all my life so yes, that would be correct…you look like you’re from Viridian, right?” she asked timidly, calling Efri back to her pokeball.

“Wow, how did you know?” Alex asked, obviously shocked at her seemingly ESP nature.

“Um…lucky guess? Hehe, I dunno, you just look like those well-educated Viridians, not like the run-down Pewter people or the farmer-type Pallets, you know what I mean? She asked.

“Yes…I suppose so, though I’ve always abhorred such a stereotypical image…” Alex trailed off, unable too his eyes off of Ari’s captivating necklace…which seemed to lull him into a deep enchantment.


OoC: OMG, Nab, I had to RETYPE the entire section with you and B4 just because I thought Efri was a Ghastly!! Ech!

Seth: sorry for leaving you out of the conversation dude, I just wanted you to bathe in glory =P

Have fun posting people.

5th May 2005, 06:56 PM
~<()>~ Ari ~<()>~
~ ~ Party: Efri (tired female Eevee), Flurry (male Pidgey) ~ ~
~ ~ With Alex, Kevin, Seth, and Asher ~ ~
~ ~ Location: Near Mt. Moon ~ ~

I had called Efri back into her Pokeball, and was about to stick it into my pocket, when to my surprise she popped back out and hopped onto my shoulder.

"You don't like it in there, do you?" I murmered, scratching under her chin. She crooned and snuggled against my neck, cute as can be. I was so happy; she had actually pulled through and won a battle! Bt then again, Asher had done most of the work... I looked at the ground.

I caught a sideways glance at Alex and saw him staring at me, or more specifically at my necklace.

"Er, yes? What is it?" I asked, fiddling with it uncertainly.

6th May 2005, 08:22 PM
DM: No biggy. That was actually pretty good.

Seth couldn't wipe the grin from his face. A graveller! His mankey had pounded a graveller into the ground. The dark skinned boy cound't help but grin, especially with all the complements he got afterwards. However, that all dissappeared when he noticed Alex staring at Ari. He could see the girl was a little bit spooked because Alex was staring at her like a marooned seaman would stare at a pile of food. Seth came up behind him and smacked him in the back of the head, knocking him out of his trance.
"It's not nice to stare," he said. Alex was confused for a few moments before realizing what the white haired boy meant.
"Oh, I wasn't staring at her," he said, trying to defend itself, "I was staring at her necklace." Seth turned and looked at the girl's necklace. It certainly was beautiful and there was somethign about it that caught the theif's eye.
"So, now what should we do?" Kevin asked. The sun was coming down, so it was obvious that they wouldn't make it to Cerulean today.
"We'll camp here for the night," Alex said.
"And then tomorrow, we could do some training," Seth added, "There's a bunch of interesting pokemon here and we could use some." Asher rolled her eyes.
"Interesting? There's just Zubat and Geodude." A sly smile spread across Seth's lips.
"And there's also Paris and Clefairy," he said.
"Clefairy?" Ari asked, interested. Seth couldn't help but smirk. He knew at least one of his group was interested in Clefairy. After all, it is pretty rare. Kevin scratched his chin.
"And I could use a Paris against the gym leader," he said. Seth's smile broadened.
"So, all those in favour of spending all of tomorow training and catching say ai!"

6th May 2005, 08:51 PM
Clefairy? C'mon, she's shy, not girly ><;;

6th May 2005, 09:10 PM
Sorry 'bout that. I'll edit it now.

6th May 2005, 10:16 PM
Emi Tajiri ~ Cerulean City
Team: M Bulbasaur (Dimitri), M Butterfree, F Pidgey (Feather), M Pikachu (Ken)

"You...are...the most incredible guy ever!" I cried in glee, running up and hugging Chase. "How did you get them?"

"I won a contest. You like them?"

"Like them? I love them!" I walked up to a purple bike and admired it. It was so new and shiny. The handlebars were a nice black. I came up with an idea. "Let's ride them to the gym!"

"Are you ready?"

"Of course I am! My Pokemon are fed and recharged and I'm itching to get a Cascade Badge and a Water Pulse TM! Let's go!"

We climbed on our bikes and rode to the gym. We opened the doors and gaped at the appearance of the inside. "It's one big pool," I said in awe. There was a wooden walkway extending from one end to the other. We got to that walkway and walked to the first trainer.

"Are you ready to battle?" the swimmer asked me.

I nodded. "Go, Ken!" I threw his pokeball. Ken jumped out and faced the swimmer.

"Go, Horsea!" the swimmer cried. A little blue Pokemon popped out of the pokeball and floated in the water.

"Ken, you know what to do!" I said. Ken released a furious Thundershock and fried the poor Horsea. "You got any other Pokemon?" I asked the swimmer with a smirk on my face.

"Yeah! Go Shellder!" The swimmer returned her Horsea and let out her Shellder.

I decided to give Feather a chance. "Return, Ken!" The Pikachu returned to my side and I let out my Pidgey, which should have been the same level as the Shellder. "Feather, start out with a Quick Attack!" Feather swooped down and tackled the Shellder head-on with incredible speed.

The swimmer grinned. "Give that bird an Icicle Spear!" she commanded. The Shellder withdrew its tongue and shot out an icicle! Feather barely had time to dodge. Shellder shot out two more, giving Feather a tough time.

I hope Feather can hang in there. She's weak against Ice attacks. "Quick Attack again!" Feather dove again, despite more Icicle Spear being shot at her. She dove straight for the face this time and hit it, making it really hurt. "Now Gust! Blow that Shellder out of the water!" Feather flapped her wings fiercely, kicking up a mighty wind. Shellder had nothing to hold on to so it just blew out of the water and hit the far wall.

The swimmer recalled the Shellder and hung her head. "Okay, I'm done," she told us.

We skipped the next trainer and headed straight to the leader. "I am Misty, leader of the Cerulean City Gym. Which one of you is fighting?"

"We both are," I said. I remembered when I made Chase face the Onix. "My friend will go first."

"Okay. Go, Staryu!"

DaRk MeWtWo
7th May 2005, 06:19 PM
OoC: O_o Nab sorry if I offended u by staring at your necklace lol

Alex, with Alexis [Abra M Full Awake Mode], Lyfai [Vaporeon F] Seth, Clyde [Mankey M], Ari, Efri [Eevee F], Asher, Leif [Pikachu F?], Fray [Ponyta F], Kevin, and Shade [Eevee M]

Whoa…I’ve never seen anything like it before…that dragon on that amethyst-hilted blade is so…cool…almost like I’ve seen it somewhere…OW!

Alex was broken from his train of thought by Seth who purposely smacked him in the head, stating it wasn’t polite to stare. Alex almost blushed in an instant and had to hold back the embarrassment.

“Hey, I, uh, was just…uh…looking at her necklace, not at her…” his voice trailed off as the group congregated once again around him. He was beginning to feel increasingly uneasy, as if a foul opinion was forming around him of his behavior.

Holy cow wtf is going on here? I feel like I’m gonna faint from congestion or something. That Seth guy meant well to knock me out of that trance, and he did do good, but now I’m even more tense—tense as hell.

“You crack me up Alex, calm down already. No one’s gonna eat you. The other two probably didn’t hear a thing…oh look, that Seth guy’s talking again,” Alexis commented mentally.


“…all in favor of catching and training pokemon tomorrow?” Seth asked boisterously. He had sapped all leadership from Alex, for although Alex had stated the idea of camping here for the night, Seth had almost dictated that they would be catching and training more pokemon the following day. Alex was just a tiny tad unnerved—the barely noticeable things that were taking place all around him these days and were becoming routine.

Everyone else also seemed quite surprised by Seth’s commander-in-chief abilities and simply shrugged their shoulders with a simplistic “sure.”

“Seth, it might be best to decide that tomorrow morning,” Alex replied, stretching his muscles and rubbing the Vaporeon beside him on her head—she had been watching Alexis’s battle very carefully and was almost bloodthirsty for some action.

“Ye-ah, I agree with Alex…I do want to catch more pokemon, but things might be different tomorrow,” Ari timidly answered, her Eevee Efri staring right across the group to Shade, the other female Eevee in the group.

“They seem to make sense to me too, Seth. Lord knows what might befall us tomorrow—lets’ take things one step at a time…hey Shade…oh! I almost forgot you had an Eevee too, Ari!” Kevin exclaimed, softly laughing as Shade and Efri stared at each other and noticed the different tints of color radiating from their bodies.

“Mmhmm, yes, for an uncommon pokemon, Eevees seem to be all the rage these days. We’ve got two here…and with that Vaporeon Alex found…it’s up to three now…and I noticed some random guy with another one a few days back…” Asher commented, attempted and failing to recall Leif into her pokeball, who was mischeviously darting around in middle of the circle of trainers with Efri and Shade.

“That…must’ve been…that guy…ugh, what was his name…uh….” Alex struggled to remember the trainer who had “abandoned” him back in Pewter City.

“Get sm’ore brain cells Alex, it’s Lee. Lee Kenta, remember. D’uh oi,” Alexis mentally laughed out loud.

“…oh yeah it was that Lee Kenta guy. He’s speeding on through Mount Moon right now I think. Oh yeah, didn’t you guys see his Eevee defeat Brock’s Onix?! No, wait…that was before…yeah that was before you all came to Pewter City.” Alex sighed and stretched his muscles again—they were incredibly sore for someone who had just gotten through a quick 2v2 battle.

“So…I think I’ll just take a look around here while you all unpack and etcetera etcetera…” Asher sighed, giving up on any hope to recall Leif and leaving her to play with Efri and Shade. She patted Fray on the back and the two of them started to wander near Mount Moon’s entrance.

“Uh, yeah, I think I’ll go for a walk too, you stay here and have fun with Efri and Leif, okay, Shade?” Kevin stated, and scratched the black Eevee behind her ears before running off after Asher and Fray.

“Uh-uh, I see…well, I’m gonna be right…here…with Clyde and company, just lookin’ over some battle strategies and the like. If need be for lookout, I’ll tell y’all if we’re getting raided by Digletts or Geodudes,” Seth laughed at his own joke and Alex politely chimed in followed by Ari. Pretty soon he was out of earshot and Alex uncomfortably looked around and decided to observe Leif, Efri, and Shade play a simplistic version of tag on the rocky floor. Ari’s eyes traced the three musketeers as they bounced around like little devils. This continued for near-eternity, actually, it was only one full minute.

“Well, come on, tell me, what is it about my necklace?” Ari broke the silence, swiveling her head in Alex’s direction, with her black hair lightly slapping at her face. A wind was slowly beginning to blow and it lifted her hair off her face…and Alex saw that indeed she was very pale. Very. Pale. Indeed.

“Say wha? Oh, uh…well you see…to be honest I thought I saw it somewhere before,” Alex spluttered.

Why am I feeling so damn uncomfortable? It’s like that necklace’s hypnotizing or deriding my brain. Maybe it’s just me or maybe it’s just her violet eyes and white skin. It’s gotta be something about her or her necklace that’s wrecking my mind…Alexis…any thoughts?

Mental Silence.

The Vaporeon next to Alex “Eeohned” softly and looked up at Ari in fascination.

“Well, that’s not such a great answer, but it’ll do…anyhow I’m sorry to have slowed down your group. Efri’s amazing but you’ve already fashioned yourself with a Vaporeon and—oh dear she’s staring at me,” Ari commented in a hushed whisper.

“Hey, hey, easy Ari, she doesn’t bite…I think,” As if to register that sentence, the Vaporeon playfully nudged him in the knee—a little too hard….

“OW! Oops, I mean, she’s fascinated with your eyes…violet like her skin I suppose…so, yeah…I didn’t evolve her either Ari, I found her in the middle of Pewter…she followed me into the gym when I was watching that Lee guy’s Eevee battle Brock’s Onix to be precise.” Alex replied.

Ari nodded in solemn comprehension and looked up at the sky…it was slowly but surely beginning to darken…the sun was just beginning to set…but it would still be quite a while till total sundown, probably almost three hours, since it was the bleedin’ hot summer….


Alex, with Alexis [Abra M, Full Awake Mode], Lyfai [Vaporeon F], Ari, Efri [Eevee F]

Efri [Eevee F], Shade [black Eevee F], and Leif [Pikachu F?] are playing tag at center of “to-be-campsite”

Asher, Fray [Ponyta F], Kevin are heading near entrance to Mount Moon

Seth and Clyde [Mankey M STILL in Victory Mode] are walking perimeter of “to-be-campsite,” occasionly looking back and forth at Kevin and Alex


Pfft...what a lousy post…so empty, nothing really happened. Ah well…OI! I gotta get back to studying for AP exams…apologies once again M_C, I don’t know where to put you lol =P

Have fun posting people (and be glad you don’t have an exam in two days).

8th May 2005, 09:20 PM
Sorry I've been gone for a while...
heee... time for some fun.


Asher had sighed lightly, glad to have herself be getting away from the group. In fact however, she was extremely tense. So tense that perhaps it was shown as she walked besides Fray.

Journeying up she approached a little cliff area and with a little effort she managed to climb a little bit until she came to an outcropping that took her by surprise. It had the most beautiful view overlooking miles of land and it was absolutely stunning. Fray had easily climbed as well, leaping from little ledge to ledge and obviously having some experience at this. The two of stared outwards, as Asher closed her eyes painfully tight for a few seconds. There was that squirming feeling rising with in her...
" We're getting closer, aren't we Fray?" She said almost inaudibly, glancing at her firey friend who gave a little sad whinny in response.
" Yeah... I know. Maybe we can skip it...." Asher trailed off but she knew that was a joke. There was a gym there, she couldn't skip it. Withdrawing a shaky breath, suddenly she realized that with in a day or perhaps two... she would have to go back. She'd have to exist there... for the little time.
"We'll battle and then leave... right away." Asher stated to herself, but then she almost jumped.
"Asher?" Whirling about, she saw Kevin standing there and she immediatly seemed to roll her eyes- mostly because he had scared her.
"Oh... what are you doing here?" Asher stated, her tone shifting to a more calmed yet still slightly emotionless tone. Kevin shrugged, "I figured I'd just see wha tyou are up too... "
He seemed to purposefully not ask about what he might have heard of earlier, so Asher didn't give any response to that.
Silence echoed, as the sun seemed to set slightly... slowly disappearing over the horizon. Fray's glowing mane and tail seemed to reflect and cast a soft glow against the setting sun, and it was a truely breath taking view.
"It's a pretty view... isn't it?" Asher stated suddenly, breaking the silence as she glanced to Kevin.
" I wish life was always this pretty..."

Time for the fun part!


Lyfai stared at Ari... her glinting violet eyes were rather expressionless at this point. Then suddenly, Lyfai gave out a rather sharp..
"Vap! Eon!" Her glinting violet eyes stared down Ari, until she simply rose from her feet and flared her nose. It almost looked as if she were upset...
The Lyfai looked to Alex, then back at Ari, and she felt a strange connection that perhaps most did not notice. That was normal of course... Lyfai was a Vaporeon, an animal, and they sensed these things.
"What's the matter?" Alex asked, and with out warning suddenly Lyfai looked at Ari and gave a little growl. It wasn't an extremely menacing growl... but a light airy one, that stated that 'some thing was not right'.
" Hey! Stop that! What's going on?" Alex suddenly said, as Ari looked absolutely bewildered. With that Lyfai gave a slight snort of disapproval and began walking a few ways away. With a few paces then, Lyfai approached a thick pine tree and lowered herself to the ground, dragging her belly against the dirt until she had crawled underneath the thick pine branches. It was a tight place that even she had a hard time getting under... but she made it to the trunk and then slowly curled her body about, resting in it. Her eerie glowing eyes of violet, swirled with bits of silver, reflecting back to the outside from the darkness.

Lyfai had been surprised at her own reactions, but yet some how she was not confused. She realized why and what she had done... and withdrawing a deep sigh she reguarded the outside for a bit. She heard and had understood that they were to stay here, so she knew that lying under the tree would be fine. They wouldn't be moving on yet. Yet... back with in her mind, she felt rather strange for her actions. She really didn't have much taste for Ari, and at the same time she liked Ari as a person.
Odd... yet Lyfai was a prime example of oddities.

9th May 2005, 12:41 AM
Lee Kenta
Party: Eevee - Magikarp
Location: Path heading to Mt. Moon Pokemon Center
I was walking with pride from winning my previous battle and was heading straight for the pokemon center. It was only about 300 feet away luckily because it was getting dark and well, I need a place to stay.

I had made it to the center and I did the usual things, give my pokemon to the nurse and went to the rest room. I put my bag down and hopped on a bed. The bed was so soft and I fell asleep instantly and began to dream.

Sorry its short but I still have no frickin time and I need to let you guys know I am still alive.

9th May 2005, 11:31 AM
OOC: This'll be fun


I tilted my head slightly, that had to be the most interesting and open thing that Asher had ever said to me before. "That would be nice," I replied, trying not to ruin the peace too much. "But...if everything was this beautiful, we'd never be able to appreciate the things in life that are especially beautiful to us, be they place, pokemon or even...people." There was an obvious hint buried in there but I don't think she got it, at least that was what I thought as I hadn't ended up like Brock.

It was perhaps the first time I had been so near to Asher without Fray standing between us, something the firey pokemon seemed to be rather uncomfortable about. I wrung my hands to try and free myself of the thought of trying to take Asher's, I thought about Brock's face as Asher's fist connected with the lower of his gut and that kept my hands from wandering. Still, the aspect of it all was very tempting, and the evening was almost perfect for it.

"You asked me earlier, why I hang around with you as much as I do, even though you think you're not a good person. I'll tell you why. Despite what you think, you can be a really nice person. I've seen how you are with Fray and now with Leif and Aries and there's no way you could have that bond with them if you weren't the good person I know you are." I sighed, "I dunno what I'm trying to say here..." If I had any guts I'd tell you that I hang around with you because I have strong feelings for you... "It's just that...I know I annoy you 'cause I'm always trying to get you to open up and I'm sorry but just so you know, if you ever do open up...never change anything else about yourself." I paused for a moment. "I gotta go get dinner ready, the others are making me cook. Come down when you're ready, I'll keep it warm if you wanna take your time."

And with that I retreated back down to our little make-shift camp to try and salvage together a decent enough meal for all of us.

10th May 2005, 08:44 PM
~<()>~ Ari ~<()>~
~ ~ Party: Efri (female Eevee), Flurry (male Pidgey) ~ ~
~ ~ With Alex, Shade (female Eevee), and Leif (female Pikachu) ~ ~
~ ~ Location: Campsite-in-Progress ~ ~

What an odd Pokemon. I observed as I picked my backpack up from the ground beside me. I yanked at the zipper forcefully yet carefully; I knew from experience that if I pulled too hard it would come off. I fished around until I found a box of granola bars.

"Want one?" I asked Alex, holding up the box. He nodded, and after I had ripped open the side I tossed him one and took one for myself. I felt something warm and fuzzy against my back, and I turned around, but nothing was there. When I looked back around, my granola bar was gone. I saw Efri munchin on it happily some ways away, sharing it with Shade and Leif. Rolling my eyes, I took out another and took off the wrapper and bit into it.

I could feel that Vaporeon's eyes on me. It was a strange feeling, like being followed home by a Gastly on a dark night. Very unnerving.

10th May 2005, 08:52 PM
OOC: We're one day behind everyone so I'm trying to catch us up

Aidan Stafford - Pewter City
The rest of the night passed normally - dinner for everyone, then a good night's rest in the Pokecenter. I had a hard time myself trying to fall asleep, as did probably Michelle, but after an hour of restless thinking, I finally dozed off.

Morning went by in a blur, much like last night. Get up, take a shower, get dressed, breakfast for all and then some last minute training before the gym battle. By the time we wrapped things up, it was already noon.
"Better now than never," I murmured.
"Charmander," Drake agreed.
The walk to the gym was brisk, with the gym already in sight from the Pokecenter. Michelle opted to stay behind and train a little, maybe wanting to be surprised herself when going to battle. I was kind of glad to be alone anyway; I liked the solitude and ability to bond more with my Pokemon.
Maybe traveling alone is better than with someone else, I mused quietly.

Inside the gym, the walls seemed to be made of stone while the arena was a dirt floor littered with boulders of various sizes. The gym leader was sitting down on a bench at the other end of the field, reading a magazine.
"I'm here for a battle," I said loudly.
He looked up from his read and immediately threw it on the bench. Eagerly, he ran to his position at the edge of the field and grinned.
"The name's Brock. It's not often I get to challenge beautiful ladies," he smirked.
I cocked my head but ignored his flirtatious advances. He was good looking in his own right, but I wasn't looking for a boyfriend.
"I'm Aidan. And wouldn't it be more appropriate to get to know someone before trying to advance on them? It's really quite unbecoming to flirt just because of the way they look."
I unhitched a Pokeball and enlarged it before throwing it to the ground. Drake appeared, looking around the arena before stretching his arms and legs.
"I think I'll use Charmander to start off. Do you mind telling me the rules?"
Brock stared at me for a minute before taking out his own Pokeball and throwing it to reveal a Geodude.
"Two on two, no time limit. You can switch between your Pokemon at any time but I can't. First to lose both of their Pokemon wins."
I smiled at his transformation from creepy bar guy to normal and serious. He had potential, but needed to learn some self control.

"Drake, Ember."
"Use Rock Throw, Geodude."
As Drake released multiple flames upon Geodude, he hefted several rocks and heaved them at Drake. Unable to attack while dodging, Drake stopped his attack and zigzagged towards Geodude until he could finally pepper him with fire. I knew it wasn't incredibly affective, but it was the best attack he had against him. Geodude took the attack and responded with a tackle, knocking Drake to the ground. The little Charmander popped back up but was bombarded with more rocks, hitting the ground and staying there as more piled on.
"Drake, get them off of you by any means."
Struggling against the rocks, Drake managed to heave enough off to move out of the way, but already looked worse for wear. Breathing in sharply, Drake looked on as Geodude quietly hovered, grim and ready for battle.

"Drake, attack him with everything you have," I practically shouted.
"Geodude, another Rock Throw should do it," Brock responded.
Running towards Geodude, Drake proceeded to dodge each of Geodude's attempts and punched with his right claw. Glowing at the last second, it collided with the rock Pokemon and sent him reeling backwards before crashing to the ground. Then using more fire balls, Drake was able to continuously attack before Brock had to recall Geodude.
"You are pretty good," he admitted, putting the Pokeball back and taking out a new one. "But this one is my starter and is a lot stronger."

My palms started to coat in sweat as the red form revealed itself to be an Onix. Drake looked back, but I hoped he still had something left to give.
"Drake, hit him with Metal Claw."
Heading towards Onix, Drake swung his mighty fist at Onix and scored a direct hit, although it didn't seem like Onix was directly affected by it. He roared in response and swung his tail around, throwing him into the air. I promptly took my Pokeball out and aimed carefully to retrieve the damaged Charmander before he hit the ground.

Taking out Nightshade's Pokeball, I lobbed it onto the field and caught the boomeranging ball as Nightshade appeared in a standing position. It looked rather odd compared to the way most Abra's looked but I was glad to know mine was different.
"Nightshade, teleport onto him and strike."
Confused, Brock could only watch on as Nightshade teleported onto Onix's back and struck him with an icy fist, causing ice to spread all over. The snake Pokemon roared in pain as Nightshade continued to teleport all over his body and strike out. Pretty soon, Nightshade had managed to cover almost his entire body and barely received any repercussions from it. As he teleported off, Brock recalled his Pokemon and came forward.
"Well, that was certainly impressive," he admitted. "Your Abra is quite a Pokemon. How was he able to learn Ice Punch so quickly?"
"I think it's in his blood, but I'm not entirely sure," I replied, walking towards him while looking down at Nightshade. "I'm sure he gets it from his father's side."
He nodded and fished out something from his pocket.
"Well, I can easily say that you earned this Boulder Badge fair and square."
I took it from his hand and looked at it closely before jamming it into my own pocket.
"Thanks. I have a friend who's traveling with me so expect to see her soon."
He nodded as I walked out, with Nightshade seated comfortably on my shoulder.
I'm sure she'll be in for a surprise when she meets Brock.

DaRk MeWtWo
12th May 2005, 12:18 AM
Alex, with Alexis [Abra M], Ari, Efri [Eevee F], Shade [black Eevee F], and Leif [Pikachu F]

Seth and Clyde ~ Patrolling to-be-campsite
Asher, Fray, and Kevin ~ Off in the distance
Lyfai ~ sulking somewhere =P

Now what in HeLl happened to our true blue friend? ‘s almost like she totally dissed Ari—or at least brushed her off as unworthy….I just don’t get it. Aw man, I just KNOW I’m gonna be losing sleep over this. This is pathetic, I’m not a girl for God’s sake.

“You better keep your teenage dilemmas to yerself, young man. I’m getting wiser by da day, and you won’t be pleased to hear how fast my species matures…I think in brain maturation and size I’m already about 19 in human years…and aging every day.” Alexis muttered mentally. Alex would’ve responded, but he was too busy smirking at Efri. She’s a mischievous critter, just like my Vaporeon…

“You’ve got a hilarious Eevee I’ll tell you that…mm what flavor are these?” Alex asked politely.

“Hm? Well yours is cinnamon, they’re all a mix really. You like?” She asked hopefully.

“Obviously! I love cinnamon stuff…” Alex took a huge bite and nearly choked on it. Gasping for air, he sensed Alexis’s telekinesis at work as the mentally Heimlich maneuver took its course. A chunk of granola narrowly missed Ari’s face as it soared over it an a truly unpredictable arc—Alexis once again.

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry Ari, I, uh, it wasn’t the food—it was just me, I mean I—oh man,” Alex turned his face away in shame as if he had committed a crime.

“Uh…’s ok Alex. No biggie,” Ari replied softly. She finished her bar and looked back at Efri to see how she was doing with Leif and Shade. Alex followed her gaze and, after an eternity of simplistic staring, decided to break the silence again:

“They’re lovable critters, aren’t they?” Alex commented.

“Yes…they are. Efri seems to make friends quickly” Ari smiled weakly.

“You can’t blame her—Leif and Shade are great pokemon, and so are their trainers, wherever they went off running too, haha!” Alex couldn’t suppress a laugh and Ari joined him, only to be stared at by the distant figure of Kevin, who was looming into closer view.

“Oh dear, we’d best be quiet, Alex, Kevin doth come our way,” Ari inferred.

“True m’lady, and I do declare his knightly presence commands our utmost respect, wouldn’t thou agree? Op!” Alex quickly sealed his lips as Kevin was soon standing right in front of him.

“You guys seem to be having a good time,” Kevin commented, looking past them to see Shade nibbling away at a granola bar Efri had handed her.

“Um, well yes. Listen, Kevin, don’t you think we should be gathering some food about now? I think everyone’s beginning to starve…and then we should set up the tents and then—” Needless to say Alex was going off on a tangent and needed to be stopped fast.

“Ap-ap, slow down buddy. Yeah, I’m gonna start heating up some marshmallow stuff right now. In the meantime you could…hm…there’s always the tents but I think Seth might be better at that kind of stuff,” Kevin stated.

“Ye-ah, with a physique like that, you couldn’t go wrong with a character like him for manual—oop.” Alex was having an exceptionally hard time controlling his thoughts today. He’d never experienced the problem before and it was far beyond the point of simple amusement—the thought it was going to land him in deep waters.

“Hehe…that’s kinda true though, Alex. We could go gather some berries if that sounds okay to you two, of course,” Ari proposed meekly, trying futilely to keep Efri out of her bag and her stash of granola bars. Leif cackled wildly from afar and Shade simply shook her head.

“Woah, you’d do that, Ari? That would be swell actually—it’s hard enough to bring fruits along on a journey, and berries would be awesome, are you up to it, Alex?” Kevin asked.

“Of course I am…I think. Yeah, I am—I know most of the poisonous berries, I’ll take Alexis with me just in case of course,” Alex motioned towards the orange psychic on his right shoulder and Kevin nodded in approval.

“Very well then, I’ll see if I can get Seth to set up one or two tents. Asher will be coming to help out soon as well, she just wants to enjoy the scenery near Mount Moon. Fray’s with her as well. You two just go ahead, oh and, Ari, I’ll look over Efri if she wants to stay here as well,” Kevin offered. Efri looked up at Kevin in wonder and seemed to be lost in her thoughts. Shade bounced next to her and nodded up at Kevin as if to say ‘He’s a trustworthy one.’ Efri seemed to shrug her shoulders—a phenomenon rather hard to describe with an Eevee, and proceeded to tackle Leif to the floor. The trio’s energy was far from expended and Ari didn’t exactly want to ruin her first pokemon’s fun.

“Thanks, Kevin. I’ll make it up to you soon and we’ll be back in an hour or something, thanks again,” Ari bowed and smiled. Not wanting to lengthen a temporary farewell, Alex had a hard enough time trying to get Ari out of Kevin’s peripheral vision. Once they had finally gotten away from the camp scene, Alex proceeded with a short mental conversation with Alexis, who seemed to still be very awake:

S-o…Alexis, do tell me something. You do know the difference between poisonous berries and normal ones, right?

“Pfft. That’s kid stuff. Every Abra ought to know basic environmental hazards the day he or she’s born. That’s how we manage to keep our smooth and unfazed skin in the wild—unscathed by the dangers of nature, if you know what I mean.” There was an air of “adult-ness” in Alexis and Alex realized that his friend was growing up, and very fast as well. Eventually the trio, Alex, Alexis, and Ari, reached the edge of the clearing and Alexis helped clear the way be bending leaves and branches out of the way till they were in the deeper forest. From then on, it was just a matter of searching for big, red, blobs of berries.


“Oooh! Here’s another one!” Ari cried, catching sight of a particularly impressive sized bunch of raspberry berries. She flung the collection of red, juicy delectables over Alexis’s head, who was already levitating quite a load through telekinesis.

“And this one too, Alexis!” Alex mindlessly threw a blue giant glob of blueberries Alexis’s way…except it hit Ari…on za face…and splattered badly.


“Oh no! My clothes…they’re drenched with blueberries! Aw…why you…” Ari picked up an oddly colored yellow-and-orange collection of berries and threw them Alex’s way.


“H-ey…Ari…” Alex’s clothes were soon dyed a dark yellow with stripes of orange here and there.

“Oh no! I’m so SORRY!” Ari cried furiously, running over to Alex and doing her best to wipe his shirt with some tissues she happened to be carrying along. But, before she could do so, Alex had already grabbed a purple pair of berries and his arm had gracefully arced till the berries went for a


on Ari’s face. The duo froze for a split second, and the scene was rather hilarious. Ari was just three or four inches from Alex’s face, tissues in hand, with now blueberries all over her shirt, and purple berries splattered on her face…which seemed to fit with her violet eyes quite nicely…and soon…Alex…was lost in a trance….

Only to be broken by a


as Ari chucked a particularly odd-looking green and blue giant berry Alex’s way…and Alexis cried out softly

“Abraa!” While doing his best to not ruin Alex and Ari’s “fun,” the psychic critter levitated himself out of harm’s way as Alex tumbled much like a deck of cards and lay like a corpse over the victorious Ari….


^_~ Have fun posting people.

12th May 2005, 10:11 AM

Asher finally watched as the sun began to get lower, and with ease she looked to Fray and offered a nod.
"We should get back."
With that, Asher clambered down the cliff with Fray close behind. It wasn't long before the two came to their little 'camp' site, only to discover that Seth was setting up tents and Efri and Leif were playing. Kevin, Alex and Ari were no where in sight.
"Where did everyone go off too?" Asher stated, and Seth gruffly looked up and shrugged.
"To get some berries... although I think Kevin went to get some firewood so he could start a fire to cook."
With that, Asher immediately smirked and glanced at Fray.
"WAnna start a fire before Kevin gets back?"
Fray gave a whinny of approval and with that instantly Asher walked to the nearest sickly tree. The tree wasn't too far off... and it was actually quite dead. Looking to Leif for a second and to Fray, Asher gave a nod.
"Hey Leif, will you knock down as many dead branches as you can for just a second? And Fray, try to stomp down as much as you can."
After a few minutes of teamwork... both pokemon had created a large pile of thick branches and hunk of wood. Asher gave a nod to this and Leif went back to playing, while Fray helped haul the wood back. Soon Asher had created a little fire pit witht he help of Fray, and Kevin had just returned with an armload of sticks.
" Hey Kevin, I thought a fire would be nice." She smirked, and with that Fray instantly touched her mane against the pile of wood and a fire was instantly lit. Kevin seemed a bit irked that he had gone through that work, but he smiled- obviously not minding that much.
"Gee, thanks Asher.." he stated sarcastically, which Asher merely shrugged.


Brooding was not one of Lyfai's fortes. However, the tree she had managed to sulk under was quite near to the area where Alex and Ari seemed to be having quite some fun. Lyfai crawled out for a moment, letting her eyes reguard them softly....
"Awww... does dah wittle Eevee want to play?"
Two figures seemed to giggle and dance before Lyfai, holding out food and playing a game in which they laughed a lot. Lyfai however was stuck in a cage... and she gave a little whine. She wanted to play too..
"But nope! You can't! You're just a pokemon... pokemon don't need to play with humans. You're just our pet and nothing more... " The girl replied, giving Lyfai an eerie cruel wink.
" Pokemon will never be more to a human than just a pet!"
With that, laughter as they continued to play their game...

Lyfai felt a little bit of moisture develope in her eyes, as she blinked curiously and then glanced back up at Alex and Ari. Suddenly Alexis caught her eyes, and Lyfai instantly met his. It was as if their was some understanding for a second... in which Lyfai seemed to say, "Don't say anything."
In that, Lyfai slowly rose up from the bush and easily avoided detection from the girl or Alex. They were too busy having fun to notice.

With that, Lyfai returned to the camp area with a rather defeated look in her eyes. The sparkling, glimmering violet seemed to have deadened into a charocoal-black swirl, as her body seemed to not longer bound and dance but just float about the ground like a shadow. Leif and Efri perked their ears up, instantly looking at Lyfai in hopes that she would join. However, she flattened her ears and it was apparent she would not. Fray gave a whinny for her to join the fire, but Lyfai merely shook her head. Tents were up... food was being made by the other trainers. Glancing up at the darkening sky, Lyfai merely found a nice flat rock and curled up along side it, upon the outskirts of the camp. Slowly she closed her eyes and drifted off, trying to forget the memory she had recalled and to just forget...

12th May 2005, 11:08 PM
Lee Kenta
Party: Eevee - Magikarp
Location: Pokemon Center
It was early morning and the sun was shining dead smack on my face. I got up and put my shirt on while looking outside. I stared at the beutifulness of the mountain outside when a nurse walked in and said, "Hello." I said, "Hello." as well and I then was givin my pokeballs. I figured I must of been the only trainer here and that is why she knew these pokemon were mine.
I finished packing my stuff and went to buy some breakfast. After that I would head to Mt. Moon.

Sorry for the shortness again but I am soooooo busy. I havn't been able to even post in TCG, my usual posting board!

14th May 2005, 05:50 PM

I shook my head and put down the pile of collected firewood next to the burning tree carcass. Heck, it might come in handy if the fire started to die out. I sat down and started to pull a few things out of my bag to cook. No one said anything for ages and Alex and Ari were still out of sight. I began to wonder if they were doing a bit more than just getting berries. That would be typical...Just another thing telling me how useless I am. We've been on the road for a few days now and I haven't made any impact with Asher. Then again...I hadn't made any impact in the years that I'd known her. What difference would I hope to make in a few days?

An irritated Fray soon got up and trotted off somewhere and Asher followed to keep her close friend company.
"You should just tell her."
I turned and saw Seth sat there. "Tell her what?"
Seth shook his head. "Don't act dumb. You know what I mean."
I sighed. "You saw Brock didn't you? Do you think I wanna end up like that? Thanks but no thanks buddy, I'll pass on that one."
Seth shook his head again and tuned his attention back to Clyde.

He's right you know, you should tell her. I mean, what have you got to lose? Well other than your guts and whatever pride you have left...a couple of teeth maybe or the odd limb...this is insane! I can't believe I'm just sitting here doing nothing! Why am I sitting here doing nothing? Right...i remember...Asher doesn't even like me...what could telling her ever accomplish?
I tried to comfort myself.
I mean, heck, what the hell would you say to her? Hey, I know you hate me but I'm madly in love with you, let's go steady? Urg! That's stupid! I can't believe I even thought that!

I sighed deeply and looked in the direction she and Fray had gone. I know what I want to say. I want to tell her that she's the most beautiful thing I've ever laid eyes on. That her amazing witt, captivated me from the moment I first heard the sound of her voice. That when she battles, it's like the world stops moving and everything beautiful in it falls inferior to her divinity. I smirked to myself. Yeah I'd like to say that...

I threw a branch onto the fire and watched the flames engulfing it. With a sad sigh, I stirred my cooking slowly whilst my mind called to me, buddy, you picked the wrong girl to fall in love with.

14th May 2005, 08:36 PM
I thought about this for a while and I decided that it would be better if I dropped out of the RPG. There's a couple of reasons why but I'd rather not go into it (really, it's not as bad as you may think). Anyway, I hope the rest of you have a good time and keep this one on track

16th May 2005, 09:14 PM
~<()>~ Ari ~<()>~
~ ~ Party: Efri (female Eevee), Flurry (male Pidgey) ~ ~
~ ~ With Alex and Alexis (male Abra) ~ ~
~ ~ Location: Berry Patch ~ ~

"Hahaha!" I laughed dramatically, standing and placing my foot on his back in a corny victory pose. After a few seconds I decided enough was enough, and reached down to help him up. I was met with a face full of some sort of dark purple berry. "Hey, I thought I already won," I pouted.

"So? Up for round two?" he grinned.

"No way, I'm gonna be spending hours trying to get clean as it is," I groaned, shaking my head. He nodded, and we went back to the campsite.

Sorry I'm so boring ><;;

DaRk MeWtWo
19th May 2005, 07:19 AM
Alex, with Alexis [Abra M Full Awake Mode], and Ari

Seth and Clyde [Mankey M finally out of Victory Mode]~ patrolling, probably getting hungry
Asher and Fray [Ponyta F]~ wandering off again…God knows where
Efri [Eevee F], Leif [Pikachu F], and Shade ~ getting exhausted from playing now
Kevin ~ all alone at the campsite’s center, next to a flame
Lyfai [Vaporeon F]~ still sulking

What was all that about? How’d she end up standing over me like that? Where did reason go? Hell this is getting confusing…

Alex was half-lost in his thoughts as he and Ari clumsily retreated to the campsite, smeared with quite an array of berry-licous colors and hoarding scores upon scores of them in their jeans’ pockets. Alex had gone so as to use his black shirt as a giant collapsible bowl for perhaps five dozen raspberries which he was staring at while lost in la-la land.

Previously Ari had been laden with berries predominantly purple and blue in hue, and Alex had been sporting yellow and orange tinted berries. Yet now, after quite a berry-throwing fest, it was rather impossible to draw the line between a blue and a green, and a red and an orange for example.

As the neared the campsite, Alex clearly noticed a warm flame licking away at quite a few logs in center of the clearing. Eventually the figure of a rather depressed Kevin whisped into view, and Alex could tell that something was seriously bothering him.

“Well, Ari, I had one helluva time, but I guess we’d better go and get cleaned up now, eh?” Alex smirked and dumped a clump of berries into the nearest basket he could find—not even knowing who’s it was.

“Yes we did, and yes, I must go. Sorry again to have troubled you, Alex…” before Alex could say something along the lines of “it’s okay,” Ari had fled the scene in a flurry. Alex laughed again and collapsed next to Kevin beside the flaming logs, obviously reeking of raspberries, blueberries, and God knows what else. Kevin was hardly unnerved by the stench and welcomed the company, even though the two didn’t say much for quite a while.

The sun was really beginning to set now, and within an hour darkness would truly befall the camp and the group would have to retreat into a deep slumber. Although Alex was enjoying the silent fire beside Kevin, he was often the one to break the silence, and just had to so again here, in order to avoid inner insanity:

“Okay, okay, you gotta tell me now, Kevin, what in Hell’s wrong with you?”

“Huh? Me…I…have a dilemma,” Kevin responded, somewhat surprised yet not really surprised at Alex’s interrogation. What he was really surprised at might’ve been perhaps that Alex was unable to foresee his…issues, unlike Seth had so easily and readily.

“No, really?” Alex laughed again, fifth time or so today, and Kevin responded by smiling weakly at the lame sarcasm. A few terse seconds here and there and Kevin felt the urge to finally spill at least half the beans:

“Come on, seriously Alex, you know the deal between me and…you know…h-er….” Kevin had a hard time breathing whilst completing his sentence with a convenient synonym for A-S-H-E-R.

“Huh? Her? Nurse Joy? The weird lady that was looking when we were battling the Hikers? The next-door-neighbor lady whose lawn you left unmowed back wherever you’re from? Some random teacher you pissed off before leaving school on your journey? Some girl’s heart you broke for the same reason? Nurse Joy?” At that point Kevin had lunged at Alex and given him quite the shove and Alex laughed so hard he couldn’t breathe and was soon sprawling on the floor with Kevin just about ready to knock his lights out.

“Come on, you know those ladies aren’t even closely related to the angel I’m talking about….” Kevin sighed and collapsed in a heap next to Alex on the floor, not bothering to even try and sit up. Alex shook his head in confusion, trying to clear out all the drama that had taken place in the last twelve or so hours. There was silence once again for quite a while, till Shade popped out of seemingly nowhere and curled herself against Kevin. She seemed unbelievably exhausted and didn’t want anything more to do with Leif and Efri, who were soon wandering around looking for their respective trainers as well. Shade looked especially cuddlesome, all worn out and happy by Kevin’s side. Suddenly Alex felt jealous

“You’re lucky to have a pokemon both rare in color and personality, Kevin,” Alex blurted out, motioning towards Shade who was beginning to doze off.

“Well, yes, that may be true, but you’ve got an awesome Vaporeon, not to mention a rather reliable Abra…” Kevin was on the verge of uttering another individual, but couldn’t bring himself around to saying it. Of course Alex was still in quite the daze from all the activities of the day and didn’t notice this the slightest.

“Yeah, they’re pretty cool you know, Alexis always comes through and I think that Vaporeon and I have connec…HEY!” Alex leaped ten feet into the air startling Kevin like all Hell had come loose, yet Shade was unfazed—she didn’t stir a bit, fast asleep on Kevin’s belly.

“What was that for, Alex? You nearly woke up Shade!” Kevin held the black Eevee in his arms and slowly arose from the cackling flames.

“Man I just realized Alexis wasn’t on my shoulder anymore…where in hell could he have gone?! And I don’t see my Vaporeon here either…dammit I was so lost with…uh….” The parallel behavior between Alex and Kevin on uttering feminine names was truly uncanny. It was a trait they would have a hard time letting go regardless of how long they spent with their counterparts.

“With Ari, right? Heheh…” Kevin unexpectedly snickered and his eyes widened when he realized what he had just uttered. Alex blushed so vibrantly a blind Zubat could’ve seen his cheeks flush a hot red in the dark. After that Kevin sighed and cradled Shade in his arms once more. And there was silence once again between the two protagonists. From afar, Seth and Clyde were still looking around the edges of the campsite, and they seemed to be nearing…nearing Asher and Fray as a matter of fact.

Suddenly the truth of the situation hit Alex like a thousand sharp knives and he almost hiccupped at the concussion. He was almost ashamed to realize that it had taken him so long to realize that Kevin had a “thing” for the A-girl who must not be named, who didn’t quite have a “thing” for anyone, and didn’t realize the “thing” Kevin had for her.

“Blistering Bjarnis...Kevin, Seth’s making a move, darn it! Look!” Alex, still laden and reeking of raspberries, forced Kevin to look Asher and Seth’s way. Kevin began to shrug but stopped halfway. He (Kevin) couldn’t quite decide if Seth was making a move, if Asher was making a move, if they were just standing there, if Alex was just over-reacting, if he was just over-reacting, if the two previous were both true, or if Alex was just being a dumbass. Regardless, Alex quickly sputtered out the following:

“Hey, look, I’ll leave your plan of action up to you, sorry for not realizing before. I gotta find Alexis and my Vaporoen, God knows where they are and may they be safe. Best of luck knocking Seth’s lights out. Au revoir,” And with that Alex had sprinted off in the direction of the berry patch he and Ari and last been visited, hoping to find a sleeping Alexis there.

Kevin just stood there for a full minute, as if someone had instant messaged him an essay.

But the sun was really setting now, and Efri and Ari had retired into one of the tents, and Alex wouldn’t be surprised if they were half-asleep by now…or maybe reading. Ari looked like a reading person. As Alex sprinted as fast as he could back to the berry patch, he noticed Leif dragging herself to where Fray and Asher were standing, next to Clyde and Seth—the electric critter was exhausted from playing with two equally energetic Eevees and longed for the gentle hands of the A-girl. Alex shook the memory of Kevin’s bewildered face of his mind and soon realized he was about to bump into a tree…when it was too late…

THUMP a.k.a. BOP

Alex’s skull collided mercifully with a humunga-dunga oakwood tree, rendering him a short burst of pain followed by a soft numbness as he lost his balance and crashed upon the roots of the huge try. Unbeknowest to him, his Vaporoeon had been sulking nearby, and now his blue Eeveelution slowly trotted over to where her trainer had fallen.

“Eo-on?” She cocked her head in confusion and concern, for Alex looked like he was more drunk than anything else—perhaps the concussion had initiated the release of some mighty endorphins. Nevertheless, the Vaporeon moved beside him and licked his face, hoping to jumpstart consciousness. Luckily Alex was already awake and the Vaporeon’s slobber only added to the effect—soon he was shaking his head in confusion and doing his best to get up from the roots beneath him, only to find that he was still unsure of his balance thanks to the concussion. Dragging himself to the tree he had crashed into, Alex sighed and smiled dizzily at a concerned Vaporeon.

“Hey, is that you?” He asked weakly, his head beginning to pulse softly with numbing pain. Perhaps the concussion had damaged some part of his brain after all, or perhaps not, it was impossible to tell at this point without the aid of a certified doctor. The Vaporeon nudged him as if to verify her presence and placed herself beside him. A few minutes passed reminiscent of Alex’s meeting with Kevin, and soon our protagonist began wondering if awkward silent moments were going to become routine in his journey.

“You know, I’ve been looking for you for quite a while. I-I was stuck up with that silly Ari, forgot where I’d left you,” Alex mumbled quietly, trying somehow to apologize to an aquatic feline-com-mermaid. “Hey, you put up quite a show against her, didn’t you? You know, she isn’t all that bad…we, uh, had some…fun. But that’s not excuse for leaving you behind, is it? I’m-I’m sorry. Will you forgive me?”

The Vaporeon didn’t say anything for a while, for she seemed lost in her own thoughts, lost in some distant past yet listening to him all the same. But soon enough she slapped him with her scarred tail as if to state “You’d better be!” Then she seemed to yawn lazily and curled herself in a tight ball.

“Hey whatever happened to Alexis? You know where he went? I’ve been looking everywhere for him too. He kind of disappeared from sight when Ari and I started…throwing stuff…whatever, I’m really sorry, but, can you come with me now and look for him?” He asked, slowly regaining consciousness and recovering from his blasting headache. Things were started to clear up for him and he realized he had a lot of people to apologize to—from his Vaporeon to Alexis, from Kevin to even Shade.

Pulling himself off the ground by using the tree behind him as support, Alex stretched cautiously—careful not to disturb his Vaporeon’s “curling exercise.” His outburst before Shade and Kevin earlier hadn’t left a good taste in his mouth or Kevin’s. For some reason or another, he felt revitalized by his recovery from the crash into the oakwood tree, and glanced pleadingly at the Vaporeon still curled up behind him, motioning for her to find Alexis….

Man, from Ari and that berry scene to losing both my Vaporeon and Alexis somewhere out here, to totally disrespecting Kevin and Shade…and Hell even assuming Seth was making a move on Asher—what kind of a guy am I turning into? I’ve gotta put things right before we leave this camp tomorrow morning. But the way things are looking with Vaporeon, I don’t know if she’ll ever forget I left her to go for a berrylicious foodfight in the woods with a pale lady from Lavender…and now I gotta go apologize to her too, for messing up her clothes like that…and I got berries all over my shirt too…the day might be over but the night’s just begun….


Alex, with Lyfai [Vaporeon F curled up], in the midst of a small berry patch-cum forest near Mount Moon

Seth, Clyde [Mankey M], Asher, Fray [Ponyta F], and Leif [Pikachu F exhausted] ~ talking at outskirts of camp, actually far from Alex and Lyfai
Ari and Efri [Eevee F exhausted] ~ [b]probably asleep in their tent
Kevin and Shade ~ [b]probably still at the campsite’s fire
Alexis ~ somewhere =O


Having fun posting people ^_^

23rd May 2005, 04:57 PM

I sighed and leaned back on the ground, stroking Shade's fur gently as the tiny Eevee snoozed in my arms. "What would you tell me if you could talk? How much of an idiot I am? That I should just tell the girl how I feel? I don't know what to do..." I gently moved Shade to the side and continued stirring the pot of food. I left her briefly to search out the berries which I seperated evenly onto everyone's plate before adding the cooked dish.

"Food's ready!" I called out.

Asher, Fray, Seth and Clyde came over but no one else came. I wasn't about to go looking for them. I handed everyone a plate and we sat about the fire eating. No one said anything about my cooking but I took Asher's lack of criticism as a compliment and was content for the rest of the evening. Shade woke up and nibbled at some leftovers with some of the other pokemon before falling back asleep.

Seth disappeared off with Clyde pretty quickly and Fray settled in for the night. Asher stood up and walked off so i decided to try and rack up a few points. I put the leftovers on a low heat to keep them warm incase the others got hungry and ran after her.

I found her sat on the ledge, gazing over the horizon. The gentle wind was stroking back her hair, making it seem alive and vibrant. The light just radiated from her so magnificantly, she looked stunning.
I felt like a moron. What chance did I have? She was this amazing person and I was this complete failure...But I had to try. I had to try!

I sat down beside Asher, too close for her perhaps but it was a narrow ledge and i couldn't fit anywhere else.
"What do you want?"
"Just admiring the view," I replied honestly. "It's truly beautiful."
Asher nodded. "It's certainly...something."
"It's gotta be more than that," I urged her. "You keep coming here don't you?"
"I like the peace. Plus, it's a chance to get away from you."
I laughed quietly. "You don't really mean that. I'm not that bad. Am I?"
"Not all of the time."

I sighed and swung my legs gently. Did she really think so poorly of me? Maybe I should just tell her how I feel, get it out in the open already.
"Asher I..."
We both turned, both looking at one another. We were so close, I could have kissed her right there and then, perhaps I would have if I had had the courage to do so.
I gulped nervously. I might never be that close to her ever again.
"There's some food on low heat if you're hungry. I'm gonna call it a night, I'll see you in the morning."

I got up slowly and left her upon the ledge. Idiot! Moron! What a waste of good air! Argh! You're an embarassment! I hung my head in shame. Truer words had never been spoken.

27th May 2005, 03:21 PM
((Hey guys, I'd like to come back and all, but it would be nice if we sped this up a bit. Some of us haven't even recieved our first badge yet! I've got some really cool stuff in mind that I'd like to get to, but it requires you all to be a bit more powerful and skilled. Trust me, it'll be worth it, and I will show up from time to time, even if I'm not the one doing the role playing. I've asked Dark Mewtwo to rp the next morning as a prime example of me appearing without actually appearing.))

DaRk MeWtWo
28th May 2005, 12:10 AM
Fumble-de dum,
One goes, one comes,
From the rising to the setting suns,
May we all return in summer to have well-deserved fun.

Alex, with Lyfai [Vaporeon F], in the middle of woods next to Mt. Moon, at around 8:30 PM at night
Seth, Clyde [Mankey M], Asher, Fray [Ponyta F], and Leif [Pikachu F exhausted] ~ talking at outskirts of camp, actually far from Alex and Lyfai
Ari and Efri [Eevee F exhausted] ~ probably asleep in their tent
Kevin and Shade [black Eevee F sleeping] ~ probably still at the campsite’s fire
Alexis ~ somewhere

It didn’t take too long for the Vaporeon to realize that Alex was dragging his feet in a deep melancholy and trudging around the surrounding trees in a desperate yet morbid search for Alexis. Alex didn’t want to leave Vaporeon behind, but was beginning to get rather worrisome regarding Alexis’s whereabouts. He had no clue why she took so long to de-curl herself and eventually start walking beside him as they dug deeper and deeper into the forest.

Now, you see, they could’ve talked, but it wasn’t the time, place, or mood anymore to do so. And what would they have said to each other anyways? Or Alex could say at least. All he could’ve done was sat there and tried to interpret what his blue friend was saying and probably fail at a time like this, rigged with fatigue and fear of losing his first yellow and orange ally. And so they walked. And walked. And walked. And walked. And walked….

Just when Alex felt his legs giving way and his feet numbing from an especially cold chill coming in from all sides around him, he heard a faint sound…which rang over and over again not in his ears, but in his mind.. It was Alexis.

Stumbling fervently here and there, Alex suddenly regained a ton of his lost energy and ran rather crazily left and right, as if possessed by the sound in his ears. The sound was rather unintelligible, and as they seemed to near the source of the sound, the words fearfully precipitated into a dreadful beat: “Die, Death, die. Die, Death, die. Die, Death, die.” Alex froze in fear and soon his accompanying Vaporeon followed suit. It was a must disturbing beat.

When they had finally reached the source of the sound, both trainer and pokemon gasped respectively and didn’t dare to move a single inch in any way, shape, form, or direction. There before them, Alexis was hovering in mid-air, his back turned to them so they couldn’t see his face, but could surely see what he had done.

A mass graveyard of Beedrills. There was no other way to describe the scene. Stingers lay abandoned in a pile, giant red eyeballs seemed glazed as if they had been rotting for days upon days. The situation was doubtlessly horror-esque, if that’s a word. And even more doubtlessly, Alexis seemed to be the sole culprit of the massacre.

Eternity passed—for the seventh or so time in Alex’s journey.

Eventually Alexis’s mental beat died down and he began to breathe heavily, both mentally and physically. His arms sagged and Alex noticed a few bloody scratches on his body. Soon enough he began to lose his levitation and was about to fall to the floor in a heap when Alex rushed forward instinctively and grabbed him in his arms. It was much like a gifted goalie saving the ball in an epic tournament final. Only this time instead of a soccer ball, it was a near-fainted Abra.

“W-Wha-What the **** are you doing, Alexis? Holy crap! Wh-Wh-What the hell is going on here!” Alex’s mind was beginning to lose all focus. After the triangle between Seth, Asher, and Kevin, coupled with the faded memory of Ari, and the abandonment of Vaporeon, Alex was having quite the time trying to make sense of Alexis’s condition.

The shallow breathing Alexis gave no response physically, and seemed to beg mentally for some reconciliation. Alex understood immediately and took out a spare Potion he had in his pocket and gave direct administration with a syringe. As the needle injected healing elements into Alexis, the Vaporeon could only watch and hope they could revive Alexis before it was too late. Next to her, a Beedrill’s pincer-com-claw twitched, then sagged once more. The graveyard was giving her the nillies.

A full minute later, Alexis was fully rejuvenated. That’s right—fully healed. Well, as far as you could get healed from a Potion or two that is. His wounds were slowly beginning to patch up, and the Abra shrugged his shoulders and suddenly hugged Alex.

Thank you for saving me.

Alex was dumbstruck and relived all at the same time. But before he could utter a word, Alexis answered his question for him,

I know the answers you seek. I cannot tell you right now. The time is not right. Much has happened since your berry-fest with Ari. I…feel older. Older than you may think. Do not worry about me, Alex. Make sure you have not severed your bond with the others and all shall be well my friend. In a few days time, I feel my body will change drastically. Perhaps then I can relate to you all that has happened tonight. But now let us retreat to the camp. Surely Kevin and the others await our presence.

And with that ceremonial speech, Alexis perched himself on Alex’s right shoulder and Vaporeon trotted next to him on the left side, just as they had been journeying thus far. They spoke not a word but savored each other’s presence as the wind around them began to settle down. However, the corpses of the Beedrills signaled a dire foreshadowing for the trio, a future only time would tell.


In due time, a.k.a. half an hour, the trio made it back to camp and were surprised to see that the whole camp was as quiet as a desolate Area 51 or a deserted Midwest town in the 1950s, or deep space a million light-years from Earth, or…you get my drift.

The point being—everyone was asleep.

There were one, two, three, four tents put up around the area. Yet upon closer inspection, Alex realized there were only two huge ones, each subdivided into two smaller compartments. Without a doubt Ari and Asher rested on the one to the left, which was colored a distinctive blue and violet visible even in the dark night; and Kevin and Seth were sound asleep in the one to the right, which was colored an unidentifiable deep red and some-other-dark-color-Alex-couldn’t-make-out-in-the-dark.

Regardless, the trio trudged wearily to the deep red tent and within ten minutes Alex had set up a third division for that tent. Alexis didn’t help him too much, knowing already that Alex wanted experience in this type of situation. The Vaporeon exchanged quick glances with Alexis, and they seemed to talk unbeknowest to Alex, who was just to damn tired to notice anything but his hands at work.

After those ten dreadful minutes were over, Alex grumbled something about not having anything to eat for dinner, and collapsed into a bouncy-ish black sleeping bag (inside the tent of course, outside it was still too damn cold). The Vaporeon curled up once more and rested to the left of him, brushing herself up until eventually she had half-covered herself in a blanket. Alexis wearily decided to take a nap inside Alex’s backpack, still being small enough to fit inside.

Just when the trio was almost nighty-night, Alex woke with a start and realizing he hadn’t said G’night and etcetera to his pokemon. But they were sound asleep. And I mean damn sound asleep. Alex sighed and made sure his Vaporeon was covered up from the cold. It was a rather chilly night, and, water pokemon or not, no Eeveelutions lived in the Arctic. He also adjusted his backpack as best he could in order to keep Alexis warm but give his nostrils some breathing space. Then our protagonist’s eyes got SSJ-level heavy, and he blacked out.


“Sleepyhead! Wake UP!” BAM.

“That didn’t work, Seth…He’s not moving.”

“D’uh of course not, Kevin, he’s asleep. Or maybe he’s dead.”

“Don’t say things like that Asher! He didn’t get much to eat, so maybe he’s just exhausted.”

“But there’s limit to how tired one can be. How late did he get into bad, anyways, look, lemme try again.”

“No, Seth! Don’t! You’ll just break his head!”

“I agree. As much of a burden as he is, we need him.”

“Asher! Why’re you so mean! NO! Don’t, Seth! I’ll kill you!” Ari yelled, tackling Seth to the floor….

Or more like onto Alex.

Seth AND Ari crashed upon the meager-sized Alex whose body was rather squished underneath their combined weights. But the tactic did work. He awoke. No, really, he did. Okay, he DAMN well did.

“OOF! What the heck? Oow…my rib cage…my stomach, my liver, everything’s broken…Seth! Ari! What in blazes…oi! Asher and Kevin are here too…” Alex summoned all his strength to push Seth off of him, who consequently pushed Ari of of him, who nearly landed on Kevin, who nearly landed on Asher. T’was the morning of the Domino Effect.

Fortunately, the little D-Effect didn’t happen. It might’ve infuriated Asher a bit over her handle and made Ari scream even louder…and Seth become even damn goofier.

“Eheh, sorry about that Alex. But, it’s like…11:00 AM, and we’ve been up HOURS…so, uh, yeah,” Seth replied, regaining his balance.

“I-I-I tried to stop him Alex, but he wouldn’t listen. I’m sorry,” Ari mumbled, her hair swishing back and forth as she asked for his forgiveness.

“Yeah right, more like you caused the whole incident to happen,” Asher snickered, her shoulders visibly shaking with laughter.

“Asher…” Kevin’s voice trailed off. He didn’t want to unnerve her, obviously. But, like Ari, he was having troubles with her … ah … attitude?

“’s okay, Seth. Eh. I needed that. Wh-where’s Alexis? And Vaporeon?” Alex tried to get up only to destabilize and crumble once more.

“They’re outside playing with our pokemon, if you don’t mind,” Kevin answered.

“Eh? Of course not. Ahem. Now, uh, if y’all don’t mind, if we want to get a move on here, you’d better let me change these berry-licious clothes, kay?” Alex began to wave them off as if he were a king—acting cool often made him look like a doofus but it was better than acting like a complete dummy. Soon enough he was all alone in the third division of the deep red tent and changed his clothes, mourning softly as he put the collection of berry-stained and stinking pair of clothes in a dry-cleaners’ bag and stumbled out of the tent quickly, not wanting to make his comrades wait anymore than necessary.

Once again, Leif, Shade, and Efri were playing tag, now accompanied by the Vaporeon. Clyde was also out of his pokeball, and was practicing some karate moves with Seth. Asher and Kevin seemed to be remotely talking about foreign topics, and Alexis was quietly levitating near a forlorn tree. Alex bought himself upon the scene and, to his utter shock, discovered a sparkling new bike, with Ari attached. (Or the other way around, I guess.)

“Jumping Jupiters! H-H-w-when did you get a hold of that marvel?” Alex exclaimed, running next to Ari.

“Oh, I, always had it. But some moron stole it from me a while back in Viridian Forest. And now it’s back here with me, only, it looks so shiny I can hardly recognize it,” she replied, still starstruck.

“Leaping lasers, what in hell is this little...holy cow!” Seth jumped a foot in the air and ran over to where Ari and Alex stood. “Hey, hey, hey. Look what I found in my backpack just now…it’s a friggin’ Bike Voucher!”

“No way. You’re the lucky boob-head, Seth. Aw man, now I wish I had one too. D’oh, maybe I just have to click my little silver slippers of some crud like that and they pop up in my backpack, huh? Eh, I guess I’ll try dat,” Alex was feeling rather goofy this morning after the events of the previous night and clicked his sneakers together and checked the smallest outmost pocket of his backpack and VOILA.

He had one, too.

“Oh yeah! Clickin snakears workt fer me!” Alex entered Crazy Mode and bounded up and down in utter joy as Ari and Seth looked on in complete disbelief, as if he had lost his mind. “Let’s go check if Asher and Kevin got one too! Hehee!” Crazy Mode Alex strafed as he skipping merrily to where the duo was standing, and, to his complete merriment and approval, found that they were also holding bike vouchers.

“Woot! Hey, look, Alex has one too,” Kevin commented, waving Alex’s way, who was jumping up and down crazily.

“Uh-huh. Wonder who gave us them though. As late as Alex came, someone must have came by even later than him to have slipped these in our backpacks and gone away unnoticed. Alexis was even asleep in Alex’s backpack as far as I could tell till around 9:00 AM this morning.” Asher detailed.

“Regardless, these babies oughta speed up our journey time as soon as we can find ourselves the respective bike shop, right?” Kevin asked, trying his best not to join Alex’s crazed merriment.

Efri, Leif, and Shade sensed Crazy Mode Alex and soon began running around him in a fury, thinking he was inventing a whole new game. From afar, Ari and Seth laughed at the sight and Asher sighed and smiled beside Kevin, who could only guess as to how Alex could have so much energy after returning to camp at what must’ve been at least midnight the night before. Regardless, it was what people somewhere in the US call a Kodak moment, whatever that means.


Alex, with Efri, Shade, and Leif circling around him crazily O_o
Seth and Ari ~ looking at Alex with gleeful grins from the right
Asher and Kevin ~ smiling contently from the left
Clyde and Lyfai ~ staring oddly at the whole situation
Alexis, still levitating himself next to da forlorn tree.

TaDa. Too many eternities in this post, I must add. O_o
To Siderous: Kudos to you for this idea, and hopefully we can get this thing rolling real fast.
To Everyone: I was just taking it slow because everyone seemed to be doing so. But we can make it quick if you’d all like dat bettar.
To M_C, B4, Samchu, and Nab23: Kay, someone’s gotta post and tell where they’re gonna get these bikes. Is it gonna be from Pewter, or Cerulean? We’ll go fast through Mt. Moon if we can get them before going through the whole mountain, but it would take hell longer to backtrack to Pewter just to get the tickets. I’d advise waiting till we get to Cerulean, don’t cha think? =?

Have fun posting people ^_~

28th May 2005, 12:44 AM
Lee Kenta
Party: Eevee – Magikarp
Location: Outside Mt. Moon
I walked out of the pokemon center and headed towards Mt. Moon. It was a beautiful day outside and I found it to be a shame that I had to go into a dark cave for maybe a day or two. I followed a little path until I got to the Mount’s entrance. I tried peering in but it was appeared REALLY dark so I walked in to check it out.

To my surprise, it was fairly bright in the cave. The light was coming in through cracks in the top of the cave. The cave also had a fair bit of noise in it from trainers and pokemon alike.

I walked through a huge “Hallway” of rock into the real cave. I could see many Zubats sleeping on the ceiling and decided not to disturb them for my own good being. I looked around a little bit while walking and saw a trainer. I quickly ran up to them.

“Do you want to battle?” I asked the man. He was probably a good 250 lbs and was a little taller than me.

“Sure!” He replied back. We then introduced one another and began the battle.

Only about a month before I will be able to post maybe 3 times a week! I hope none of you mind my lack of updates still.

31st May 2005, 08:57 PM
Siderous Peregrine
Party: Little different from before
Location: Wouldn't you like to know?
************************************************** **

Siderous grinned from the tree tops as he saw the group discover their finds. "This is against everything that Giovanni wanted," Sid thought to himself, "helping out these Oak trainers. Oh well... it'll only help them along in their jouney, and I'd like them to be as strong as I am by the time I make my move..."

He quietly summoned his Pidgeotto, hopped on her back, and took off towards Pewter.

"Hey, I remember you," Brock said as Siderous entered the gym. "You were with that one chick, and some other guy..."
"Can it, rock-head, I want to make this quick," Sid snapped.
Brock froze at first, stunned at the kid's tough-talk, and then grinned and chuckled. "Kid, you've got some serious issues if you think I'm going to be easy to beat."
"You're right about one thing, I've got issues. But you are going to be easy to beat."
Brock's face fell. "Well, aren't you the little tough guy?" Brock snarled. "Okay, let's battle then. Two Pokemon each, one at a time. You can switch Pokemon, but I can't. Understood?"
Siderous had already pulled out his first Pokeball. "I won't even need two Pokemon," Sid said quietly.
Brock laughed. "I've got to admit, you've got some guts kid! All right, let's get this over with. Go, Geodude!" The boulder-like Pokemon appeared on the rocky field.

"It's time, Pidgeotto," Sid said, tossing the Pokeball onto the field.
Brock nearly choked. "You've got to be kidding me!" he said as the bird Pokemon materialized standing on the ground on the other side of the field. "You think you're going to beat both of my Pokemon with a normal flyer?"
"No. I said I am going to beat you with one Pokemon. And that Pokemon is my Pidgeotto. And I have another proposition," Sid added.
"What's that?"
"I'm willing to bet that my Pidgeotto will barely have to move."
"You're out of your mind!" spat Brock, his face turning purple.
"Prove me wrong." Sid crossed his arms.
Brock growled. "Fine. Geodude, let's make this quick. Tackle!"
"Pathetic," Sid mumbled under his breath. "Pidgeotto, use Double Team!"
Pidgeotto began to glow, and suddenly a row of six Pidgeotto's surrounded the charging Geodude.
"Geo...?" said the confused Geodude, stopping his assault and looking at all of the clones.
"Clever," growled Brock. "Geodude! Start picking them off! Tackle the one on the right!"
"Pidgeotto, Attract."
Geodude continued charging the far right clone, but as soon as it got close, it slowed to a stop.
"Geodude?" called Brock, "What are you doing?"
"Geodude! Geodude!" it cooed, bouncing around the Pidgeotto clone while smiling.
Siderous grinned. "Give up yet?"

Brock's face looked like it was going to explode. "Geodude, return," he said, calling back his love-struck Pokemon. "You won't be so lucky this time, kid! Come on out, Onix!" The huge snake-rock Pokemon appeared, and it loomed over the many clones of Pidgeotto.
"Onix, we need to get rid of those clones! Start slamming them one by one!"
"Pidgeotto, use Rain Dance."
Just as Onix pounded down on a Pidgeotto clone, clouds began to form at the top of the gym.
"What the...?" Brock exclaimed as raindrops began to fall. Soon it was a downpour of water, and Onix was moaning.
"Keep up the slamming, Onix!"
Once again, Onix barrelled down on one of the clones. Sid just laughed.
"Onix, this isn't working! Get underground with Dig!" Onix suddenly leaped up, and drilled a hole into the ground.
"Gone into hiding, have we?" Sid mumbled. He called out, "Pidgeotto, you know what to do."
The real Pidgeotto nodded, and suddenly the clones dissappeared. Brock smiled. "Great! It's defenses are down! Quick, Onix, attack the far right corner!"
Pidgeotto just stood there. About two seconds later, an enraged Onix exploded from the ground, barely a few feet from Pidgeotto. It was an all-out Slam attack, and it was right on target...

SMASH. The rock Pokemon hit Pidgeotto hard, but Pidgeotto didn't budge. Onix's momentum caused his entire body to crunch together, shooting pain throughout the Pokemon's body.
"Ooooonix!" it cried, before falling to the ground in a heap.
"Onix!" Brock cried, holding his hands to his head. "But... but... how...?"
"It's called Protect," Siderous said. "It only works 100% of the time the first time it's used. All it does is create a protective barrier around the Pokemon so nothing gets to it. It's awful tiring to perform, however," Sid noted, pointing to the semi-weary Pidgeotto.
Onix still hadn't moved, and neither had Brock. "Pidgeotto, return," called Siderous. "You did a great job, Pidgeotto. Let's get back to the gym."

Some time later, Brock and Sid were standing near the exit of the Pewter City Pokemon gym, and Brock was handing him his badge. "You're one heck of a trainer," Brock said, putting the boulderbadge into Sid's outstretched palm. "You've got some real talent in that Pidgeotto."
"Thanks," Sid said shortly. With that, he called Pidgeotto back out and hopped on it's back. "Back to the gym," he said, patting Pidgeotto on it's head. Pidgeotto spread her wings, and took off.

Buzz went Sid's arm once they'd taken flight.
"Sid here."
"Sid, where are you?" It was Giovanni. "Haven't you beaten that leader yet?"
"Of course. I'm on my way back."
"Good. How did Nidorino do?"
"Um..." Sid was told to use Nidorino and it's new attack, Water Pulse, against Brock. Further, Sid hadn't told Giovanni that he was secretly training his Pidgey, now a Pidgeotto. Giovanni thought that he had gotten rid of it.
"Great. Nidorino did wonderful. He took care of Brock like he was nothing."
"Good. Now get back here, I have another task for you... it involves Professor Oak's lab..."

Sid continued talking to Giovanni, all the way back to Viridian. Soon, he would be seen flying back towards Pallet on another mission...

28th September 2005, 11:49 AM
*sigh* It is rather depressing that this thread died... I was enjoying it quite a bit...

29th September 2005, 01:59 AM
yeah. Same here. *sigh*