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3rd June 2005, 04:20 PM
What's the deal with Louisiana State?
Anyway, we start; new characters are always welcome. No more neutrals, please... there are too many all ready. PM or email me with questions.

Mature for: language, violence, sexual themes, and the fact that it's my idea anyway...

Blood and Magick: The Coven

They say that legends and myths have their roots in fact. Most write the old tales off as amplified superstition of barbarians. Even today when the unnatural occurs right before our eyes, there’s always some “logical explanation”.

That logic is a lie.

Forget everything you thought was real or fantasy. Open your eyes, if you can, and find your own truths, because the creatures of old tales and dreams are real, and they’re all around you. Demons, angels, dragons, shape-shifters, witches all exist. They weave in and out of human society as they will, some together, some alone, warring, cooperating, living, and loving in a world that’s before us all the time. It’s there to see if we can only believe.

And where so God and Satan fit in? Do they even exist? They do, and their presence is very strong in this “hidden” world. Creatures ally themselves to one side or another, or don’t at all; rivalries form, and wars break out. Every few centuries tensions explode… and it’s about to happen again.

The agents of God fight for the light, even if they never see it. Their connection with their Creator is of love and understanding; their power comes from the cooperation of individuals in covens and covens working together. The anonymous savior of a lost child, the stranger who stops to comfort you on the street, all of these are among the mysterious warriors of good.

The servants of Satan hide their true selves, reveling on destruction and decay. They are slaves to the Lord of Hell, doing his bidding with fear in their hearts. The meaningless massacres and pointless destruction mortals see on the news are often the work of these thralls of evil. While many are “lone operatives”, several covens do exist, but most don’t last long due to the mentality of the average individual.

Then there are the neutrals, those who have no goals, no tasks, who simply live for life’s sake, who side with no one. They can be the most dangerous, or the trustworthiest; they are the unknowns.

Which side will you choose?


Age: (approximates are OK)
Gender: (‘none’ is acceptable if it ties into species; PM me if you have questions)
Species: (be able to explain if it’s something unusual or made up; again, PM me with questions)
Physical Description: (details, details, details, people! Links to pictures are OK)
Origin/History: (again, details!)
Alliance: (your “side”, and name of your coven; try to have only one or two covens per side; if neutral, you don’t need a coven)
Optionals- (just for fun)
Descriptive quotes: (sayings/quotes that match character’s views, opinions, personality, ect.)
Alias(es): (how your character interacts with the mortal world)

Mah character, biznatches!

Name: Sorcha
Age: c. 1600 years old
Gender: female
Species: vampire-witch
Gifts/powers: she has the limitations and strengths of a vampire of her age (sunlight is harmful but won't destroy her, she doesn't have to drink blood as often, strong telekinetic powers, extreme physical strength, skin like white marble, ability to fly, ect.), but can also communicate with spirits and manipulate elements (earth, air, fire, water) and can, at will, transform into a winged, angel-like version of herself with huge red and black wings, though any use of her witch powers can drastically drain her
Physical Description: clicky for piccy (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v138/wednesdaygirl13/02.jpg) Like so, but with black streaked with blood red. She often wears a short black leather skirt, black corset with red inset (http://www.moonmaiden-gothic-clothing.co.uk/moonmaiden-index/tops/mmt41/mmt41.htm), and knee-high boots (http://www.rivithead.com/product_info.php/products_id/406).
Personality: Party goddess. She loves to have a good time, and sometimes has difficulty "buckling down" when things get serious. Always the one to have some quirky remark, not many can take her on in an arguement or a battle of wits. When she does get serious, then you know things are getting pretty bad, and someone's about to get their ass kicked. A great friend, trustworthy confident, and powerful ally, you definately want to be on her good side.
Origin/History: : Born in Ireland, Sorcha was a Druidic high priestess who traveled Gaul during the early days of the Holy Roman Empire. She was called to a gathering to help with a problem stemming from negative energy; during the ritual, the energy attacked her and nearly killed her when she was saved by the merging of a divine spirit with her own. She doesn’t know what spirit it was, but she has a feeling that it was an important one, since afterwards she practically became God’s general on earth. Not long after her transformation, she fell in love, but the man she fell in love with was destined to die. God has promised that there is someone for her, and that he will come in time.
Alliance: Good (but definitely chaotic); ‘leader’ of the Fallen Souls coven (FYI: I changed the coven name so that it would be more inclusive for guys)
Other: Love-hate relationship with Malik, son of Satan; knows Illuminia from the days of the Black Death

Descriptive quotes:
"As I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I fear no evil... For I am the baddest m*****f***er in the valley!" (http://www.wickedjester.com/valleyofdeath.gif) (one of my fave shirts...)

Alias(es): Teaches night classes on mythology at a local college.



It was one of those nights. You know the kind; the moment that darkness decends a kind of static energy fills the air, something that you can feel but not quite put a finger on what it is. The kind of night that's just waiting for something, and all of existance is just holding it's breath. It's kind of like the feeling you get when you're on a roller coaster and you're just cresting the first huge hill. Everything all but stops, and then, wham! Before you know it, life's swept you off your feet like it tends to do and you don't know what the hell hit you.

I knew it was one of those nights the moment my eyes opened, just as the sun sunk below the horizon. Twilight is my time, my time to rise, to hunt, to kill. I didn't kill out of physical necessity anymore; I was old enough that I didn't suffer the bloodthirst anymore. But to know that, when I was done with the hunt, one less murderer, one less rapist, one less evil was on the streets than the night before. I only killed those who act out of evil, those who only exist to tear lives apart. I only killed those who needed to be dealt with.

The tension in the air, though... it bothered me. It was oppressive, almost smothering, like a fog so thick you can feel it push back against your movements like water. I didn't like the feeling, because I knew what it meant.

War was coming.

He would know. He could tell me what was going on, what I needed to do. When ever this feeling came apon me, He was the one to go to.

I dressed and was thankful that I didn't have to report to my mortal job tonight. It was lonely, knowing that I could go this entire night without ever seeing another physical being, knowing that once this old house was full of life and magick. They were all gone now; some had died, some were Resting, others had just dissapeared. If they were needed, they would come back; my sisters always knew when to return. If my senses were right, then it wouldn't be too long before the Sisterhood was reformed with members new and old.

No time for the memories now. It was time to fly, to move above the unknowing mortals of the city, and find Him.

'Find' isn't quite the right word. He is always there, and always knows where I am, but I prefer to talk to Him on the rooftops, with only the stars to witness. From the top floor of our old house, I opened the trapdoor to the roof. I took a deep breath, and closed my eyes, concentrating on the Gift that He had given me so many years ago. Slowly, painfully, my wings came to me, my beautiful wings. I launched myself from the roof, the excitement and joy of flight flooding me entirely. I was free up here, and the previous worries that had plagued me were forgotten as I flew towards the dying light on the skyline.

St. Catherine's Cathedral. I'd never had much taste for the Catholic religion, but the arcitecture of the old churches was breathtaking. The spires, peaked rooves, and stone carvings reminded me of the old days. I often waited for Him here.

I don't know how long I waited. It didn't matter; it was just me and the stars, as far as I could tell. But when He arrived, a great peace calmed my fears.

"You know why I am here, Beloved."

I smiled. "Of course. What is needed of me this time?"

He sighed. "I wish it would be as simple as just 'the usual', but I'm afraid that this time... this time I'm not even sure. Nothing is ever set in stone, even for me. The other side is gathering and preparing for something, and they seem to be ready to use all availible strength."

"What about the Neutrals?"

"Why don't you ask them? I think that's about all that we can do now, is find all of ours and persuade as many of the neutrals as possible."

I laughed. "That's easier said that done, and You know it."

"Of course, but you know that you're the best person for the job."

I sighed. "When and where do you want for me to start?"

"Right now. Don't you know that nice young man over there?"

Then He was gone, and I turned just in time to catch a glimpse of trailing black leather dissapear around the corner of the near-by intersection. I sent out a thought, trying to identify who it was, though I all ready knew. Who ever it was blocked my thought, but the mental shield was recognizable. Koger was in town, and he had let me see him.

"Oooh, you sneaky little son of a bitch, you want to play games, huh?" I muttered as I pushed off the roof and took wing. "Fine, but you're playing by my rules this time, ass-hat."

I was catching up to him too easily; he could move faster than I could and he knew it. I had no idea what he wanted, but I was willing to take his bait in order to find out. In a burst of speed I shot to street level, overtook him, and can to a sudden hault directly in his path. He stopped as easily and as gracefully as I had, and the grin he threw me was maddening.

"All right, what the hell do you want this time. Don't even think about bullshootting me, blondie, you still owe me from the last time you were in town." Why the hell does he irritate me so? And why does he enjoy it? At least he's only mildly irritating compared to Malik... not to mention that he's not unpleasant to look at...

He laughed, which only irked me more. "Did someone wake up on the wrong side of the coffin this evening?"

"No, but seeing your smartass face makes that seem like a lovely alternative!" I spat. Of all the immortals that I had to cross paths with tonight... I sighed. "Look, sorry for being bitchy, but I don't like being spied on."

"I wasn't spying; I was just listening," he replied innocently.

"You think you're just so funny, don't you?" I asked, glaring at him.

Gotta run; have fun everybody! I'll try to get in sometime next week, but I have to find something to do with my little brother first...

3rd June 2005, 04:43 PM
Name: Illuminia (Ill-oo-men-ee-a)
Age: At least 700, but appears to ben at least her 20's.
Gender: Female
Species: Elven. No, not the short kind that kids rumor to be short, but Lord of the Rings-based. Interbreeding with humans has shortened her ears, though.
Gifts/powers: Being of an earthy nature, she can occasionally control the plants and earth in the area in weak magick. Illuminia also has some knowledge of healing.
Physical Description: Stands at about 5'5", with hazel eyes that seem almost cat-like, deep dark brown hair cascading down to her shoulders, and naturally pale skin seemingly lacking sunlight. Her build is fit and toned, but a curved figure leaves her with something to drag along.
During her time, she is mainly adorned in a deep green shirt similar to here (http://www.moonmaiden-gothic-clothing.co.uk/moonmaiden-index/tops/mmt30/mmt30.htm) as well as a long black skirt ending with a small row of small silver-colored dot patterns and black slipper-like dress shoes. She also bears the pentacle and the triskelle around her neck.
Personality: Illuminia is a kind-hearted soul underneath the thick shell of shyness and introversion. She hasn't truly moved on from her insults in the past, in which has caused her to occasionally depricate herself down to taking the blame for almost every incident, even those she has no involvement with.
Origin/History: Although born in Catholic England, Illuminia's family kept strong to their traditions. By her parents, she took both paths of Wicca and druidry, making herbal medicines for the villagers and some other forms of healing. But not too long after that, the Black Death ravaged her area, and she couldn't help. They didn't accuse her of it with her magick, but the others believed that maybe she didn't consult Christ for help. Proven guilty without trial, her family was exiled.
Her time outside of the proved Illuminia well. She managed to learn more effective abilities as well as realize who she really was. As modern times came, she adjusted, hiding her works while occasionally living on the "modern clock".
Alliance: Neutral, although leaning towards good. Trying to find her way into a coven, however
Other: None for me.

Optionals- (just for fun)
Descriptive quotes:
"Judgement is unncecessary, but having a good time is. Do as you will, but don't tread on me."
Alias(es): Assistant in a minor daycare center. You can tell she loves the kids by their smiles.


I sighed deeply, the earthy essence of the lavender incense slowly enveloping the air of my minor apartment. Some modern necessities, yes, but along the shelves were several reminders of the natural blessings that God had given my family. Yes, even though my family was druidic by instinct, we still kept ties with Him.

A presence of darkness flooded into my mind, the feeling of what we would eventually see...war. Not just any old war that we've seen in history, but one many expected to have taken place in Israel. The one that decided if good or evil would control the world, the one many teenagers scoffed off as a tale only "Xtians" believed in.

I, with a lone finger, downed the flame of a couple of candles, realizing what could happen. Fastening the old necklace of mine around my neck, I briskly walked out my door, going down into the city lights. I stayed still of the occasional drugged-up people that still prowled the quiet night, guiding myself with the waning gibbous moon overhead. It lead me towards the old cathedral known as St. Catherine's, a subtle reminder of what the land of England was going through in time being of my birth. Holding my breath for a moment, I quietly lurked in, but the two people present had clearly gotten a glimpse of me.

"And what do you want...?" The young woman asked. I knew she wasn't young chronologically, since she had to be almost a millenia older than I. This was Sorcha, a vampiric witch whose abilities were used in the name of Him.

"Oh, nothing." I responded, sighing deep down with relief. "I was just, you know, in the area..."

3rd June 2005, 05:09 PM
Name: Legion
Age: 5000 approx
Gender: Male
Species: Demon
Gifts/powers: He is immortal, though not indestructible. He can be 'killed', as in, incapacitated, but through his dark magic he always reassembles, although this can take hours or days or even years after his 'death', depending on the wound. This is because he has infinite souls, but are all centralised in one body. In this way, he can possess weak-minded individuals, such as humans and animals. Anyone he possesses obtains heightened strength, agility, resistance and senses, as well as being able to sense unworldly beings (although not detect). The longer he remains in an individual, the stronger he grows.
Physical Description: He takes on the form of a human. He is about 6' 6", has long black shoulder-length hair and dark brown eyes. Although he is muscular, he is also quite lanky. He normally dons black boots, black trousers, a black leather waist-coat, black leather gloves and a black trenchcoat.
Personality: Enigmatic. Being as old as he is, he knows much and so he is wise in his decisions. He is incredibly conceited too and holds no regard for anyone else. He holds particular contempt for his fellow demons, including Satan, for he hates having a master. Hence, he does not have a strong negative attitude towards the messengers of God, although he has no qualms about striking them down. In truth, he seeks freedom, but he does it through the only means he knows how: killing.
Origin/History: When Satan was cast out of the heavens, he created his vast army of demons, and from them he picked the elite, the handful of the most powerful demons. Legion was one of them. Legion was originally a pawn of Satan to possess dozens of individuals at a time and lead them into temptation. The Sodomites and the Ninevahns were among those he led down the path of evil. However, when Satan himself could not tempt the Christ, Legion was next on the agenda. Legion had currently possessed a man from Gerasene and had given him unearthly powers. When the Christ exorcised Legion, Legion was freed from Satan's control, and begged the Christ not to send him back to Hades, but the Christ destroyed him. Legion regenerated in Hades, as was his fashion and was changed. He no longer devoutly followed Satan but at the same time obeyed him out of his free will. Over the centuries he has become more self-aware and never zealously carries out his Lord's work. His dream is to one day wrest himself from Satan's grip and be at peace.
Alliance: Evil - General of the Hidden Hand Coven
Optionals: He carries a huge-ass sword. If you saw this sword you would crap yourself, it is that awesome.
He also sometimes refers to himself as 'We' or 'Us' instead of 'I' or 'me'

Descriptive quotes: "You do not have what we want - now perish!"
"I am Legion, for I am many!"
"We will be free one day, and then we will be I."
Alias(es): Hunter Pearson



I sat in a road-side café, thinking, pondering, as I usually did when I wasn't maiming or murdering the name of my master. In my hand was my fork, lazily mixing my mashed potatoes with my gravy. I thought to myself,
Well, look at you Legion. You've seen the circles of Hell, you've ridden a boat down the Styx, you've killed masses and you even fought Jesus himself. Yet, here we are, eating our mashed potato, all by ourselves.
With the fork I scooped up some mashed potato and put it onto my tongue. I swallowed it without thinking of the taste.

Suddenly, a big hairy fist slammed itself down hard on the table. I lazily turned my head to the right and squinted at the rotund human. I glanced at his apparel. A trucker, obviously. I frowned at him inquisitively.
"Yes?" I yawned.
"Yer in ma favorite spot, stranger," he said slowly, pointing at me accusively. My face was nonchalant and I yawned.
"I see."
I then turned back to my mashed potato and took another mouthful. His fist slammed again, this time upsetting my mashed potato all over the table.
"Are you deaf boy! I was born here! On this very table!"
I laughed.
"Really? I'm not surprised."
I looked him in the eye.
"You amuse me."
His eyeballs swelled and his forehead bulged as the veins pulsated.
"Now listen here, boy! I ain't..."
I zoned out and looked at the sheriff, who was having his usual 8am cup of coffee and flirting with the inbred waitress. I had noticed his gun on the way in and decided to possess him. While this creature was talking and spitting at me for sitting in his chair, the sheriff stood up, turned around and aimed his gun. The gunshot silenced the café as this human's corpse fell face first into my mashed potato and my cup of coffee. I stood up, wiped the crumbs and debris off my coat and left two dollars on the table. As I left the café, I looked up at the sun, then put a cigarette in my mouth. I went to light it...


My lighter fell out of my hand and my cigarette fell out of my mouth. I covered my ears, before running into a more secluded location.
"What is it, my Master?"

Come to the city. Now. The plans have developed and I'll need your...talents...to succeed.

I nodded.
"Yes, of course."

The silence of my ringing ears slowly faded away at the hum of the atmosphere was restored. I sighed and mounted my bike. I replaced my cigarette in my mouth, lit it and rode off towards the city.

Anjana's Halo
3rd June 2005, 05:26 PM
Name: Abyss
Age: Around 100
Gender: Technically none, but he prefers to be considered male.
Species: Demon, a type that has no physical body and thus must reside in a human's soul to interact with the material world. If his human host dies while he's in it, though, he dies too.
Gifts/powers: Various magical abilities, and the power to possess humans (and non-humans, I guess) either partially or fully.
Physical Description: Without a body, he's a formless black shadow with glowing eyes that only the magically gifted can see. He currently possess a man who is failry large, around 30, over 6 feet, short, spikey black hair, a large smirk, and glowing red eyes (the only part of the demon that shows through). He usually wears black clothing and sunglasses to hide his eyes.
Personality: He's very...odd. He can become very nasty and evil, killing with no remorse. But he's also a fan of orange sherbert and cartoons.
Origin/History: Abyss wasn't technically born. Even he doesn't know his true origins. He says he was born from the abyss, and that's where he gets his name. He began to just create general mayhem in human society by possessing people and forcing them to do things. A member of the Hidden Hand Coven discovered his true nature and realized just how powerful such an ally would be. Since he found being good boring, he joined the coven and began to wreck havoc at their direction. The limit to his power is yet to be found, though he doesn't use any big magic unless he deems it necessary.
Alliance: Evil. He's a member of the Hidden Hand Coven
Other: He likes to guess what will happen next in cartoons. He's usually wrong.
Optionals- (just for fun)
Descriptive quotes:
"You're about to discover I didn't get where I am with just my good looks."
"Cheer up. It gets worse."
Alias(es): His name to the human world is Eric Ford, the name of his host.

I stood on the street corner of the busy downtown street. This section of the city was always abuzz, filled with people jostling their way to the next big attraction. I didn't care, or really I did care. The Hidden Hand had sent me out here to look for one of the neutrals to join in our cause. Yes, something big was happening, though I didn't know how big, and now was the time to amass our forces, or so the leaders who took their orders directly from Satan said.

Not that I cared much about Satan. Unlike the other demons, I wasn't born from him. I knew that much. I gave birth to myself. I was a miniture god, if you will. And unlike the humans who turned to his side, I didn't fear him. What was he going to do, throw brimstone at me? I didn't fight for the Hidden Hand becaused I believed in any of their ideals. As long as I could serve up death and destruction, I was happy.
But I wasn't dealing out my favorite dishes tonight. Like I said, I was searching for one of the neutrals.

That one, to be specific. The one with hair black as a raven and dressed in a black shirt and white coat. He had a couple of girls hanging around him, and he was flirting with one of them, the blond of the group. I moved away from my street corner and approached him.

"Excuse me," I said. "I'd like to speak to you in private." The girls giggled a bit and the man looked annoyed.

"Can't you see I'm busy?" He said, taking this opportunity to wrap his arm around the blond. "And I doubt there's anything you can offer me. I'm two millenia old!" The girls giggled again, thinking his words were a joke. "So if you could just go away-"

"I'm hoping I do have something for you, Malik." He stopped short at the name.

"You know me." A statement, not a question. I smiled. He understood now that even though his powers sensed I was human, I was decidedly not. We stared each other down, a feat for him since I was still wearing sunglasses. The girls grew bored with us and walked away. At first I thought that was for the best.

"Oh, you f*cking b*stard! You scared them off! And I thought for sure I could get that girl." He gave a murderous glare, a very literal one. Great, now that he lost those females, he blamed me for his failure to woo them. How diplomatic of me. Why didn't they send someone else to do this? "You have ten seconds to tell me what the hell you wanted to say."

"What if I said the forces of darkness are stirring, and they were willing to give you whatever you desired if you would fight alongside them?"

He cocked his head. He seemed interested now, at least.
Hope I didn't misuse your character, Mystic Clown.

3rd June 2005, 05:56 PM

I was flying through a thick lair of mist when I heard it. The scream. It gave me goosebumps on my goosebumps. I flew down towards the direction of the scream. I saw it was a human girl, obviously an archer by the way she was dressed and her bow lie beside her. She was being attacked by a couple Kuiranz.

Kuiranz are stange creatures. Imangine a rhino. Then make him an anerexic rhino is a humaniod form.Thicken his legs to support his body.Make him 5 feet tall. Paint him dark blue and you got one!

So I swooped down and manipulated the air around me to whirwind them away.

"Are you all right?" I asked?


"Don't be scared,"

"What will I do n-now,"

"My family lives say 35 miles down that way"

"That would take ages to walk"

"Walk? Who would walk when you can fly??"

"But I can't fly!!!"

"I can. Hop on,"

She hopped into my back and I took off full speed towards my familys' house. I heard her gasp from my back. Thats when I realized she wasn't surprised at my speed, but the dragon that I was flying full speed at.

3rd June 2005, 08:07 PM
Name: Malik
Age: 2000
Gender: Male
Species: Fallen Angel
Gifts/powers: His powers include superhuman strength, regeneration, telekenises, controlling the powers of darkness and the ability to sprout cool black angel wings from his back. However, holy objects and holy places cause him searing pain.
Physical Description: Standing at about 5’56’’, Malik has short, raven black hair which partially covers his left eye and gold, piercing eyes. He’s got an average tan and is pretty well built, but not too muscular. He wears a pair of round-rimmed glasses, a black, long sleeved shirt, a white coat which is usually done up, a pair of white pants and black Italian shoes.
Personality: Cocky, arrogant, but a nice guy at times. He’s a bit of a trickster who wont let anything spoil his fun. He’s not such a bad guy if you get on his good side, but piss him off and get ready for a truck-load of pain as he wont hesitate to turn you inside out. Despite his cocky attitude, Malik is quite intelligent and is quite cultured.
Origin/History: Malik, believe it or not, is actually the son of the devil himself. Sensing the great potential of his son, Satan trained him in the forbidden arts, hoping to turn him into a general for his army of evil. However, Malik had other ideas. He didn’t care about the ongoing war between God and his old man and bailed out on his dad when he had the chance. Now the only things that fill Malik’s world are parties, women and the wonderful human drink known as beer! However, knowing the importance of money, Malik occasionally hires himself off to either side to make some cash.
Alliance: neutral, he’ll fight for one side depending on what he’s getting out of it.
Other: He’s got a love-hate relationship with Sorcha (as in, one minute they’re all friendly and such, the next they’re trying to kill eachother)(hope you don't mind). Listens to opera when no one’s around.
Optionals- (just for fun)
Descriptive quotes: You're no badass! You're just dumb! It's not that I'm better, it's that you suck!
Alias(es): Usually hangs around nightclubs is notorious for flirting with any women in sight.

"Anything I desire huh?" I asked, cocking my head to one side, "Where have I heard THAT before?" I placed my hand on my chin, pretending to think.
"Oh yes, my dad gave me the same offer one hundred years ago, when he tried to get me back onto his side." I turned to walk away, but my dad's little lacky stopped me.
"Think about it Malik," he said with a stern expression, "You can have anything you want! Money, power, women, everything?" I still wasn't convinced. The last time dad gave me that offer, his plan backfired big time and I had to go into hiding for to decades. I wasn't giong to make the same mistake.

On the other hand, I really needed some cash and it wasn't like the big guy and his angels were exactly knocking down my door with a grand offer. Maybe I should take it.
"I'll think it over," I said, walking away. This time, he didn't follow me. Maybe beause he knew what would happen to him if he did. I planned to give myself a couple of days incase the forces of good needed my help. In the meantime, I needed something to do. I was planning on spending the night with one of those girls, but thanks to my little visitor, they were gone. Suddenly, a women popped into my mind. A certain half witch half vampire who I loved to annoy to know end. Maybe it was time I payed her a little visit.

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3rd June 2005, 09:49 PM
After stopping him the second time, I let Malik go. I've done my task, and despite all the BS I make up about being a minor god, I don't have the power to back that up. Yet. And there was no way I was picking fights with random supernaturals, especially this one. All I knew about him was his name and looks, but he was definitely strong, and far more experienced than me.

I sighed and walked back down the crowded street. I wondered what Malik was going to do now I was gone, and figured he'd find another woman. I wandered down the street and noticed a rather crowded nightclub. Bored, I sauntered in. No one challanged me, and it would have been futile anyway. I go where I please. I wound my way through the crowd, looking for the proper target to have some fun with. I finally found it. A couple of guys who was carrying guns in their jackets. They were probably part of a local gang. That would be good. I sat down and ordered a drink at the bar. I sipped lightly on my White Russian and lowered my glasses. One of the problems with my power to possess is that I need to make eye contact. I'll eliminate that need in the future. I possessed first one, then two, and finally five men, who didn't know it yet, but they were under my control. I set out one overpowering, simple command.


Guns were drawn and shots rang out through the club. They had murdered the girls they were dancing with and now turned on the other dancers. I gulped down my Russian and calmly left as the room erupted in chaos. My five puppets would continue to kill until they turned on each other or themselves. Maybe I overdid it a little bit, but it was fun watching the people scream and flee when they realized just how fragile they were. After I stepped through the door, I stopped to read the sign above the door.

"Club Banana," I read. "Good place. I'll have to come again sometime." With a merry tune in my head, I walked off into the night.

3rd June 2005, 10:40 PM

I was off minding my own business when a strange creature with a human on it cam racing into me halting right before my face!

"Who approaches?" I hissed?

"Sorry, I'll be on my way!" He blurted out.

"Oh, I don't think so. Cya," A sent a streak of lightning at him and with surprising speed he dodged it.

"Wha...Damn your fast,"

"Thanks now c-,"

I cut him off:"I don't think so,"

I surrounded him with giant vines and thrusted them all at him. He flew quickly to the ground droppesd the person of and flew back up.

" Lets settle this,"I said. I burst a giant blast of fire at him, scorching him in the heat. Then I sprayed him with water. He charged at me, but I quickly dodged.

Then I sent a giant lightning bolt as thick as a tree trunk at him and no matter how fast he was, he was wet so he was struck.


"Heh heh heh,"

Then an arrow flew up from the ground and I used a tiny gust to steer it away. Another arrow flew up and I used a gust to send it back at the weilder. I heard a cry of pain from the ground. Then I brought the other creature to the depths of the sea and flew off in search of prey, for I am starving.

I flew above a city and I saw a person walking away, but my sixth sense told me he was possesed by a demon. And I wouldn't let him posses me. I knew most all demons posses things by looking them in the eyes. So I flew down in human form (still keeping smaller version wings and control over fire) and created a small fire to hover above my eyes so I could see out but he couldn't see in.

4th June 2005, 06:47 AM
Name: Jack Korso
Age: About 20. Ancients live forever, though.
Gender: Male

Species: Ancient: pretty much humans with much more room for brain-power. Distinguishing mark is their obbsession to wear white, and purple eyes(or crismon, or cyan). Their minds can cram nearly infinite information in a small brain. Also purple blood.

Gifts/powers: Can make eyes glow. Talk normal and a synthesized kinda voice. IQ skyrocketed(about 300), and talks a derative of Latin that is the Ancient's native language, which he talks always, he has lost the ability to speak english, but can understand it. Also, since Ancients studied something called "Ascension" which is going to a higher plane of existance, some regain the ability to do so. Jack had that info downloaded with everything else, but he cannot get at it easily.

Physical Description: Perfect health, about 210 lb and looks somwhat muscular and healthy at the same time. At 6' 5'', He's got the signature purple eyes as all Ancients do. Wears a white shawl with an even whiter cape. Golden engravings and markings are all over it, written in a language nothing but an Ancient would be able to read it. Jack's reads as: "From the dark comes the Ascended light...let the Ancients cleanse this world". It is repeated many times over on the shawl, and it's meaning is currently unknown. He wears white (go figure) pants that have the same engraving on them, and boots, with also the same engraving.

Personality: Quiet, doesn't like to speak. He is the esescence of loneliness. The only friends he's had since becoming Ancient are other Ancients. Since they have this distinct absolute hate for anything but Humans and themselves, they usually have this mocking tone to their voice, and it's as scary as anything. Jack is also very...easily irritated.

Origin/History: Born human, Jack was living the normal life, had friends, went to parties, yadda-untill he stumbled upon a man who spoke a derative of Latin- and he had purple eyes, and dressed in all white. Jack couldn't understand a word he said, then the man whammed him into a device on the wall, which grabbed his head. Soon, the knowlage of all Ancients was literly downloaded into his brain. It was too much, and he undergone a change that made his body go into a withdrawal for 6 hours, he went insane, his DNA was being rewriten from the ground up. After those six hours were up, Jack felt different. He had no recollection of his human past. He now somehow instanly knew the man. He had the knowlage of nearly 10 million years of Ancient history downloaded into his now infinite brain. He has met nearly a hundred other Ancients that live secretly in human society. With the plans for Ancient technology in his head, he could make weapons that no human could make without an Ancient.

Alliance: Himself, and other Ancients.

Other: Drinking Ancient blood turns you Ancient, that's how many Ancients came into being the moment is touches your tounge, it starts rewriting your DNA. 30 minutes to 6 hours of flat out withdrawal.

Descriptive quotes: "My mind has no limits."
Alias(es): The Ancient One, Quiantias, anything that refers to "Ancient".
He goes by the name "Ceasar" because Ancients have to do with Ancient Rome and such...before the Dark Ages.

-/Jack Korso/-
Time: Midnight. Location:City.

Jack was in his ship (http://www.3d-ring.de/3d_bilder.php?bild_autor=3153&bild_id=9), flying over the city, invisibly, physicly and figuretively. It was built using all Ancient technology. No human-based technology was in it. This ship could be flown with your mind, every system can be activated by thinking about a function.
Or just saying and thinking something like:
"I am flying in a straight line!"
And poof, a screen will pop up showing your current direction and course.

But Jack only needed the tiniest strength of his mind to do anything. Today, when he was flying around, he wanted to have some fun.
He thought: Weapon Systems...and a screen poped up, showing that 4 "drones" were ready to fire. To Ancients, they were common defense. To humans, they were the equivilent to a Quantum Computer. In other words, it was near-impossible to build without Ancient technology to use. They looked like small meteors when fired.
Jack thought:
Target building roof, arm 1 drone. Fire.
A single drone from under the ship proppelled itself at an amazing speed, falling in a deliberate path like a metorite crashing to the earth. Soon enough, the drone hit the roof of a building, the explosion covered the roof and set the building on fire.

Jack didn't care. He loved to kill innocent beings the way he did. But even Ancients have limits to their actions. Jack thought he had enough for the night. He'd been up for 4 hours already in his ship. After flying at top speed away from the city, he came upon his place. To hide his ship, he would "park" it ship visibly with the "wings" closed up. This hiding place was the garage of a mansion that he and 2 other Ancients lived in. They still spoke their language inside, but Jack made a device(put on the back of your neck) that let him and the others speak human english. It either helped or made things worse. They used it only in cities and such. They also wore white sweatshirts in the city to blend in. Ancients have this obsession for white.

This night, some stray human would walk over and "accidently" see the ships.

5th June 2005, 04:53 PM

I rode my chopper into the city, lazily dodging at high-speed in between traffic. I was thinking about my favourite songs I've heard in the last twenty or so years I've been on this plane; I had not been to Hell for a while. While I was no stranger to dying, I grow stronger the longer I remain in a body. Each body I inhabit also grows into my perfect form, although I'd have to remain in a body for generations before I attain that. The Gerasene, I could lift titantic weights with him. I could create tremors with my stamp, but the Christ made sure I was dispatched for a few hundred years. This body is beginning to take on my form - the long black hair, the muscles, the growth, the Satanic eyes are only the beginning, the tip of a monstrous iceberg.

My train of thought was disrailed by a huge explosion. I skidded my bike and looked up as a building exploded suddenly and violently. As the debris fell, I kicked my chopper away and braced myself as a tonne of debris landed on me. My outstretched palms provided an ample umbrella. My senses were already telling me there was some power at work here, but looking at the skies, it was too cloudy to tell. I sighed, picked up my chopper and rode on.

As I rode through the city centre, my senses clicked again and I looked around. I saw a body being thrown through a window at some club and I rode over there. Within the vicinity I could detect one of my flock. I parked my ride and stood outside the club. Club Banana. Soon enough, a normal-looking human appeared out of the smoke. Normal except the aura around him that only I could see. I got back on my chopper and followed him until the street he walked into was clear of humans. I rode past him and skidded to a halt. He looked somewhat bemused, but smiled.
"Ah. Legion."
I snarled.
"That's General Legion, runt."
I saw his temper flare briefly, before calming down.
"Abyss. The Master demands my presense. Depending on what he says, I may contact you soon."
I awaited his reply.

Anjana's Halo
5th June 2005, 06:42 PM
"Of course, General Legion," I said with a mock bow. He was not amused, but he didn't show any sort of outward reaction. I had to admit, though, I did have a great deal of respect for Legion, even if I never showed it. His powers were similar to mine, and he had perfect possession to an art form. My little pranks were nothing compared to the stories of his exploits. "By the way, since you're my superior, I'll report that I spoke with Malik."


"He said he would think about it. I still have no idea why I was chosen to speak with him. I joined the Hidden Hand to destroy, not be a diplomat."

"I'm still surprised you were chosen to speak with him, seeing who he is." Legion said.

"Who is he, then?"

"You mean they never told you?" Legion asked. I gave him a look. "Well, if the others didn't feel obliged to tell you, neither will we."

"How kind of you, General. I will await your summons once our Lord tells us His will." I turned to leave, though I partially waited to see if he had anything else to say.

5th June 2005, 07:42 PM

I nodded at him, dismissing him. I stepped back onto my chopper and drove off into the night.

I parked in a dark alley and hid my bike behind a dumpster. I walked over to the park and found the entrance to the catacombs. As I walked down the stairs, my senses were overloaded. Others were gathering here too. As I ventured into the darkness, I felt a heavy load come down on my head, knocking me down the stairs in a move lit with red smoke. I turned around and drew my sword. I sniffed into the air and recognised.
A white smile came out of the darkness, then a voluptuous black-haired temptress followed. She was slender and walked extravagantly, her breasts burgeoning. I remained still. She walked forward.
"Legion, so nice to see you after all these years...and you haven't aged a day!"
I frowned.
"What is this, you whore?"
She smiled and was quickly upon me. To weak-minded individuals, she appears as the most beautiful being imaginable, but to me, I was immune to her effects. Well, not exactly, she appeared to me as how my host would see her, but I had no overwhelming desire to mate with her.
"I don't know, but when I heard that you were going to turn up, I cancelled all my dates. Just. For. You."
She turned on her powers full blast and she held my sword in one hand, leant over to me and met my lips with a kiss like no other. Briefly, I succumbed, but I broke her spell and drew back.
"Stay away, wench!"
She cackled. I sensed another being coming forward. Several quarters came shooting out of the darkness and a slender man wearing a black and blue suit, with black slicked-back hair approached us.
I then pondered. What were two of the Deadlies doing here? This couldn't be that important...?
"I'm with her. Haven't you heard? We're engaged."
"You bastard!"
Lust cackled even more.
"But Legion, you told me that's why you remained in this disgusting realm, that's why you never returned to Hell. You couldn't stand her ugly face. I can't believe that for a second, considering her...gift."
I bit my tongue. That was a reason for my long excursion but not the reason.
"Silence. Very well, I have no idea why I'm here, these humans are greedy enough. We've been in Las Vegas; I was drunk off the greediness."
I looked at him as he smiled and vanished into black smoke.


I nearly jumped out of my host, before turning around and seeing the astral-projection of the Lord's face. I knelt on one knee.
"Our Lord."
LEGION. This city is rife with sin and vice. Their souls are mine for the taking. Lust has been operating here and has been particularly prevalent in ensuring that sin runs through the veins of this city. A summoning is due, for I have sensed and I predict that our nemesis has also sensed the imminent. A storm is brewing, one that will test every realm. With this summoning we shall control the physical plane.

I looked up.
"What is our role in this?"

Harvest souls. Gather acolytes. Bring them here. You should have no problem doing this in a week so I'm giving you five days.

"Thank you Lord, We will not fail thee."

The image fizzled out and I rose. Lust cackled.
"You are such a wuss, no wonder he pushes you around!"
"He is Satan. You can't exactly deny him."
She cackled and turned away.
"You're just a weakling."
She disappeared into the darkness and out of my senses.

Sighing, I returned to the top. It is time to gather my forces. His forces. Our forces.

6th June 2005, 12:01 PM
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Ok, step back, take a deep breath... why am I so bitchy today? I sighed. "Illuminia, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to snap. I was actually hoping to talk to you later; do you mind if I stop by your place before sunrise? Tonight is critical, and it doesn't seem to be long enough for everything that I have to do."

"Uh, OK, I guess. Do you-"

"I know where you live. Oh," I laughed. "That didn't come out quite right. Sorry. But I'll try to make it quick. I wouldn't bother you, but it's really important. I'm sure that you've sensed it."

Koger coughed, irritated at being interrupted. Illuminia started, apparently noticing him for the first time.

She nodded to me. "I'll see you in the morning, then," and continued walking down the street.

This is going to be a long night... but not long enough...

Sorcha, hire him I jumped slightly, my eyes widening. I was rarely contacted like this, and it caught me off guard.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Koger asked disdainfully.

What? Hire him? What for?

Until you gather your coven, you're a very tempting target. There are too many demons of power converging on your area; hire him for protection.

With what?

Anything, don't worry, I'll take care of it. Just hire him.

If you insist...

I snapped back to reality. Koger was staring at me as if I'd had a fit. I blinked a few times.

"Sorry... I seem to be saying that a lot today. Are you, uh, employed currently?"

Koger raised an eyebrow. "Why?"

"I need someone to act as a bodyguard, apparently."

"You know my policy on price, yes?"

"Of course. Name your price, I'll meet it or better. If someone else tries to buy you out, I'll better their price. Anything, just name it."

A spark lit up in his eyes. "Now you're talking my language. How much do you have to work with?"

"As much as needed. Millions in currency, if you like. If something else is more to your taste for payment, all you need to do is ask. I'm willing to pay ten million up front, and periodic installments after. I just need someone to watch over me during the day and keep tabs on me during the night. Shouldn't be difficult for someone like you. In addition to payment, I'll provide anything else you need; food, shelter, whatever. I've got luxuries at my disposal in our house that would put any celebrity mansion to shame. Anything of mine is yours, as long as you're in my employment. If you change your mind at anytime, which I don't suggest, make sure you do so outside of the house... it can have a mind of it's own."

He was thinking it over. I hope you know what you've gotten me into...

Of course I do. A promise is a promise, beloved.

Promise? Which promise is this? There was no responce.

"Well, if it isn't Miss Badass runner up!"

My anger peaked again. Where the hell were all these people coming from? Why the hell were they coming to me?

"Why Malik, what a pleasant surprise. I should have known that you'd show up sometime; tell me, is there a family reunion going on? Your father certianly seems to be busy."

Malik walked up behind me and put his arm around my shoulder. I rolled my eyes. "Isn't he usually? And, you know, I really couldn't care less. He's got his little goons running about, talking about some little skirmish coming up, and they've asked me if I'd side with them. Told them I'd think about it, but I must say that I'd like to hear if the Big Man upstairs has anything he'd like to say."

I looked at him and fluttered my eyes. "Wouldn't you help us poor, helpless little creatures of good out of the kindness of your heart? But seriously, if you've got question's for Him, you ask, not me. I'm not your errand girl. Besides, what could we offer you that... hmmm..." An idea sprung into my mind. "OK, I'll talk to Him; maybe there is something that we can do for you after all."


"Like the back-up power to get back at your dear old dad and finally move on. I don't know if it's even possible, but I'll put in a good word for you."

Malik looked at me suspiciously. "Why? Why would you do anything for me?"

I laughed. "Despite your annoying personality, your oversized ego, your womanizing habits, and lack of useful talent, you're an OK guy, considering where you came from."

"Really? Well, I'd have to say that you're not so bad yourself, and you're, shall we say, easy on the eyes. You know, I'm not doing anything tonight..."

"You can't sweet-talk me into your bed, Malik. You've got to try harder than that." I smiled impishly, loving how he tried his best to hide the disapointment in his eyes. "Anyway, why are we still standing here? Why don't the three of us head down to Inferno; it should be open by now. Don't worry, my treat; I'll get you two set up with clearance for the back rooms, as well. Just don't start anything- it's neutral territory, and the front of the club has mortals, as well. I'm sure you can find a bedwarmer there, Malik."

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6th June 2005, 03:10 PM
Species:Wargoth (I made it up) It is a water/land animal with wings. It has tusks nad is intelligent enough to speak many languages. I looks a bit like a giant blue falcon, but it has gills along with a regular mouth. His beak and four talons are blood red. He has wings with a wingspan of 20 feet. They also have a 6th set of talons are arms hidden under the wing.
Gifts/powers:If underwater can alter the water around him (it's speed,force, and diredtion) and he can do that for the air if he is in the sky.
Physical Description: I generally described what they look like. Now for details. He has a darker blue stripe going down the left side of his back. His talons for arms are bigger that his ones for feet which are about the same size. His right wing is half an inch longer than his left one. His head is decent sized compared to his body but his baek is huge and slightly darker than his talons. His eyes are piercing and hazel.
He has two black stripes going backward on the edges of each wing. His feet talons have four finger while his hands have six. He has a green crest going up from the middle/back of his head. His gills are unnoticable. He wears no clothes exept for light weight armor that covers all of his but his head and talons and a helmet. The armor is pure silver. His tail is long and he has another one hidden underneath which he uses as a rudder to help change direction in the air and underwater. He can walk, but is slow at it. He has a scar on his beak on the top starting a the top left and diagnoly going to the left (a few inches above the tip of his beak). He has a white diamond of fur ( not feathers) on his chest with a small patch of slack fur covering the bottom tip of the diamond. His eyes are fairly small and his crest is thick and wavy like ruffles chips.He a decent weight for his kind.
Personality:He is nice to all unless they threaten him. Then he is very meanacing. He also loves to have fun and is quite funny. He shows no mercy in battle though and he kills all of those who kills those that he knows. He is trustworthy and modest, but not usually cocky. He doesn't get angry that easily and he never lets down a friend in need unless he is stopped by something that is against his will. He is a great companion for he is always eager to take first watch at night. He eats a lot and is usually hungry. But sometimes he eats a bit too much, but he is so reliable that a stomache ache won't stop him from cheering up his friends. He makes friends easily. He sleeps in late alot though and can be grumpy is woken up from a good dream.
Origin/History: Eeek, I never but detailed explanations of history! Well: He was raised from a good family in Sweden and at age 7 became a skilled hunter. He pleased his parent, so he hunted more. At age 11 he found a stone which he touched and it was absorbed into him givind him extreme speed. At age 15 he left home and became a traveler befriending many. He also helped many which they gave him refuge so he has many places he can seek shelter at. He has increased his skills and continues to.
Alliance: Part of the Peace Creater coven.
Other:Will gladly travel with any who he comes across if then are on his side.
Descriptive quotes: "As I fly through the valley, I fear I am to late and they are gone forever..."
"None shall harm them or I shall kill who opposes them."
Alias(es):He helps all he can and teaches his skills to others.


"Obviously thst dragon who dueled me didn't know I could breath underwater," Jalken muttered to himself as he awoke and flew out of the freezing cold water to find the human girl. I found her wounded and rushed her to my families house.

"What happened?!" My uncle asked. So I told him. From when I found the girl.

"Heal her and accept her into our family," I said.

"Of course!" He exclaimed.

"Now, if you'll excuse me I gotta go," I said and I rushed out inot the cold air of the night and into the thick lair of fog.

Crystal Tears
6th June 2005, 04:18 PM
Name: Illidan Aeden.
Age: 5000 years old. X_X But Still looks young! ( Around 18-20)
Gender: Male..
Species: Psisonic Demon: A Demon figure that has no true physical form, usually remaining invisible to human eyes. It does however, have the distinct ability to become relatively physical, both this requires alot of energy use, and psisonic energy usually goes chaotic in the stages of this ' stasis.' When the stasis is complete however, the Demon will appear to be human, except for this yellow eyes.
Gifts/powers: Psisonic energy is his gift. Capable of causing the seemingly 'unexplainable' to happen. The power is quite deadly, and any human that comes near it seems to burst in flames without reasons. Other times, a house will be torn up, and destroyed. Basicly, a psisonic demon is a poltergiest. Only on a more extreme level.
Physical Description:
Psisonic Form: If you can see him. Hes only 'human' from the waist up. He appears as a hooded figure, wearing a long cloak that mixes in with the static/smoke like bottom he has from the waist down. He also has flares coming out from his body, usually clinging to a lifeform of a structure for support. To humans, this is when they get trully cold and shiver for no reason. The psisonic energy appears to be blue. a bright blue.
Human Form: He appears to look much like the older anakin from Star Wars Episode 3. (Sorry >_< I'm low on originality) He appears to be wearing a black slightly loose tank top, with ever so slightly lose black pants. We wears slighlty shade off black colored cloak that has a large hood that hides most of his face. Around his neck is a barbed wire necklass, and constantly causes him pain, and makes him bleed. He also has a yellow and red eye, showing he's suffered through alot. (Anakin (http://www.padawansguide.com/anakin/three/evilanakin.jpg))

Personality: He's very quiet. And if he does talk, hes very sarcastic. He usually obeys his Coven leader, and fallows through with it to every detail. He
does very seldumly show his lighter side, and enjoys life. But 5000 years of torture would cause some personality changes.
Origin/History: He's a very old, and ancient demon. But he wasn't always this way. He once had a nice life, with a family... A wife and children. Who he loved very much, but a cult arose in his village, one that lured him into it. They tempted him with overwhelming power, and the power to stop Death. Unfortnately, they tricked him.
They began to torture him, slowly forcing large amounts of psisonic energy into his frail body. Thats what made his body grow. Slowly at first, but then his body bega to shape itself. Growing muscle, but still looking a little lean, thats when his cells couldn't take it anymore. And his DNA changed.

In a painful exercise, his body became entirely Psisonic energy, it morphed, going to a chaotic stasis that ripped through everyone in the chamber. The Energy clung to the bodies and destroyed them, cracking the stone walls until the entire house came down. Collasping inwards on top of Illidan, but he had already transformed into a demon, the rocks went right through his pure energy body and didn't effect him.
But another sick turn of events happened, his wife has been in the store upstairs, along with his children. They had been killed. And he felt responsible. He tormented himself, to in pain to go to the light, but to afraid to go to the evil. Illidan was stuck.

And he has been for 5000 years.

Alliance: None.
Other: Psisonic Energy cracks mirrors. The only way to trully tell if a invisible demon is around.
Optionals- (just for fun)
Descriptive quotes:
"5000 years of torment and torture... You'ed think I'd be evil by now."
Alias(es): ...


"MOTHER!!!" the little girls screams pleased Illidan's ears. She tore from her and dashed down the stares, nearly tripping on her own feet. Illidan could only smile at her pain.
He could feel her fear, and he obsorbed it all. Yes, he was quite happy here, in this place. Scaring little children and tearing apart everything they dreamed off.

"A ghost! There's a ghost!"

The mother walked up stares, Illidan watched and fallowed her, slowly stalking up, ready to deliver the final blow to a innocent being.
Thats when he caught his own reflection, the mother screamed, which totally through him off. He lunged, but being in surprise he went through her. Only succeeding in sending a shiver down her spine.

"Mirror! Damn!" Illidan yelped, as one of the blue static energies tried to stabilize on the mirror. He watched as it shattered, breaking into a million peices. "Damn..."

Thats when he sparked, the static energy was focusing on the window, Illidan was confused. It only did that when many supernatural beings were close by. "What the hell?" He said out loud. 'I belong there...' A cruel thought, but none the less true. "I should go... Maybe I'll gain some importance in my life..."

6th June 2005, 05:12 PM
Name: Garth
Age: 654 but looks mid-20s
Gender: Male
Species: Human/Dragon - it appears that the dark lord will go to any lengths to achieve a powerful ally. Garth is the creation of a human embro that was purposely fused with the DNA of a dragon hatchling in an attempt to breed a strong fighter. The only backfire to this was free will, and Garth greatly enjoys his.
Gifts/powers: Aside from the fact that he ages incredibly slowly due to his dragon DNA Garth also has superhuman strength and can lift 100 times his own body weight (this feat is a little difficult to achieve but he can do it)
Physical Description: Weighing in at 260lbs Garth is a well-built male. He's 6'2" in height with raven black hair and red eyes. He's generally well-toned and has a strong upper body. Against his back, he hides two black scaled wings, the only visible result of his dragon dna. He dresses all in black so that he can blend with the shadows. Garth wears a black cotton vest beneath a thick leather jacket which has two red wings embroided on the back. He wears loose black pants which stop at his boots and seep over the rim. The boots are black but only cover half his shin and tighten via three metal buckles which are spread evenly up the boot. Also wears dark shades that hide his eyes, just because you can't see him doesn't mean he can't see you.
Personality: Garth's a deep guy but one thing he likes is a good time. He feels privilaged to have free will and likes to flaunt it in satan's face when, where and as often as he can. He likes to spend most of his evenings going out and having a good time, mostly drinking and dancing. He has a very inconsistent mindset, you can never be sure what he's thinking or what he'll do, sometimes he'll do something nice and sometimes he'll act heartless. You can never tell. Never starts the fight but you can be sure he'll be the guy who finishes them.
Origin/History: Garth was born to a single parent who died in childbirth and used by the allies of satan in an attempt to create a powerful ally for the dark lord. They assumed he would undoubtedly side with them and trained him as a fighter of the shadows. He learnt to blend in to areas of surrounding darkness and developed his physical ability. Gradually Garth learnt to become deadly in the art of hand-to-hand combat. What they didn't realise was that Garth was using them. Once he had learnt all he could from them, he broke away to form a life of his own. He made sure to do everything he could to flaunt his own existance in satan's face and just for the occasional 'kick', decided that he would do something nice.
Alliance: neutral
Other: none
Descriptive quotes: "From the midst of the shadows I come. My mission? To stick it in satan's face!"
Alias(es): Works as a doorman for the nightclub 'Inferno'. He's the one at the front that no one messes with.


It was a slow night. You get them sometimes, them nights when nothing happens. Let that group in, let that guy out, tell that guy there's no way he's coming in in that top. I mean seriously, how can that guy go out in public in that thing!? I've seen some sights in my time but I tell ya, that was one of the worst I have EVER seen. I shivered, it was that disturbing.

I had found, strangely, that this job suited me quite comfortably. I could level up to any guy that stepped in or out of this club and the red eyes work as a weak form of x-ray vision. Couldn't see through to most figures, a shame on nights like this. But I can find a weapon anywhere on a mortal's body, I could find it anywhere on an immortal's body for that matter but that's besides the point.

"Slow night Garth?"

I turned. "Well if it isn't my favourite raver. Been a while Scorcha." She came here often, she was one of my busiest evenings. Everytime she showed up, I ended up towing out some guy with his balls bashed in. Either that or I had to do some damage myself. I was complaining of course.
I didn't know her all that well, we'd talked briefly. I'd picked up which side she was on pretty quickly and made sure to keep quiet about my background. I liked to avoid that sort of conflict. "You looking to go in with your friends?"

"Yes. We wanna go in the back rooms."

"I'll sort it." I told the second doorman to handle my post. I intended to take my break after this as well. I let Sorcha and the others go ahead. Between you and me, that girl was one fine piece of work and I don't even look at girls that way. I've seen her move and it's certainly something special, but I've seen what she does to guys too so I'll keep my distance.

I led them through to the back rooms. This was for 'special' guests and even included its own bar. I liked it, it was a place where I could take off my jacket and give my wings some room. The mortals would freak if they knew the truth.

"I hope your business goes well. If you need me I'll be at the bar."

"You taking a break Garth?"

"I need the wing room." I gave her a quick wink. "If you feel like dropping the dead weight, you'll know where to find me."

I headed up to the bar and sat down. "Yo Darren, get us a pint of what I like."

8th July 2005, 09:01 PM
Right-o, everyone! I'm going to post everything that was posted on the temp server, just to have a record.

*huggles old topic*

Sorry if I mess up on tags...

Name: Sorcha
Age: c. 1600 years; appears to be in her early 20’s
Gender: Female
Species: Vampire-witch
Gifts/powers: She has the typical powers of a vampire of her age (telekinesis, flight, strength, ect), but she also has control over the traditional elements (earth, wind, fire, and water) and sometimes even the weather, though only over slight things (so far… =-o the suspense builds!)
Physical Description: clicky for piccy (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v138/wednesdaygirl13/02.jpg); Stands at 5'9", slightly below average wieght; wears red and black PVC corset, miniskirt, and platform boots (I've lost the links... deal with it).
Personality: Party goddess. She loves to have a good time and hates to take things seriously, but when she does you know it’s really serious. Witty, sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek and fiery, not many can face off verbally with her. She truly is the meaning of her name (Sorcha is Gaelic for ‘Intelligent’). She also has a sensitive side that is rarely seen; she wants to love and be loved, but her world doesn’t really allow for her to get close to others in the way that she would like.
Origin/History: Born in Ireland, Sorcha was a Druidic high priestess who traveled Gaul during the early days of the Holy Roman Empire. She was called to a gathering to help with a problem stemming from negative energy; during the ritual, the energy attacked her and nearly killed her when she was saved by the merging of a divine spirit with her own. She doesn’t know what spirit it was, but she has a feeling that it was an important one, since afterwards she practically became God’s general on earth. Not long after her transformation, she fell in love, but the man she fell in love with was destined to die. God has promised that there is someone for her, and that he will come in time.
Alliance: Good (but definitely chaotic); ‘leader’ of the Fallen Souls coven (FYI: I changed the coven name so that it would be more inclusive for guys)
Other: Love-hate relationship with Malik, son of Satan; knows Illuminia from the days of the Black Death
Optionals- (just for fun)
Descriptive quotes: “Though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I fear no evil… cause I’m the baddest motherf***er in the Valley!”
Alias(es): Teaches night classes on mythology at a local college.


I woke as the sun slipped below the horizon, and I instantly knew that something was wrong. I could feel the tension in the air, and it chilled me. Whatever happened tonight, it would be critically important… and probably disastrous. I knew this feeling. It was the feeling that I'd had many, many times before... always when war is about to break out. I hated war, hated the whole damned business of it, hated seeing my friends suffer, hated seeing innocent lives destroyed. If only I had known what this feeling meant all those centuries ago, I could have prevented one death that nearly destroyed me...

Just the thought of it tore at me. I, who have powers that could have saved him, did nothing and saw the man I loved torn to pieces before my very eyes. I vowed that never again would the Dark One make so much of an advance into my realm. One day, he would pay dearly for everything.

I dressed quickly; this was something that I needed to talk to Him about. I opened the trapdoor to the roof and climbed out, looking out over the twilight-darkened city. People were going about their daily lives, not knowing… If only I could be like them for once. Innocence can be a blessing… though if I didn’t know all that I did, I’d probably wish I knew all that was going on around me. The grass is always greener on the other side…

I stretched my arms to the sky and closed my eyes, pulling my power from deep within me, calling to my wings. I didn’t really need them, but flying without them felt so unnatural that it was disturbing. Calling them was painful as well, but they were so beautiful. I wasn’t really a vain creature, but my wings were something that I actually loved about myself.

Flying was one of my favorite things. I was alone; no one to judge me, no one to look at me like I was some kind of sex object. While I loved to party and be around people, I was so lonely inside. I could only be my wild self so often without having to step back from it all.

I flew to St. Catherine’s cathedral. I didn’t really like the Catholic approach to religion, but the architecture of the older buildings was beautiful. It was also peaceful up here, high above the rest of the city. I wondered why no one had ever seen me up here, but I suppose that most mortals don’t take the time to look around at their world and appreciate what they have. I never really did, at least not as much as I wish that I had, and now everything that I knew is gone.

I don’t know how long I was sitting on the cathedral roof when I felt the presence of Him. Everything that worried me just melted away, and my inner calm returned.

“You took your time,” I said, teasingly.

“I’ve been here all along, beloved, you know that. I’m always with you. You just needed to feel alone for awhile.”

I smiled. “Yes, I suppose so.” I sighed. “Something’s going to happen.”

“Yes, the Dark One is gathering his forces, but something’s different this time. Not even I know what his plan is ultimately, but he’s aiming for war.”

“What do you need for me to do?” I asked.

“You need to gather your coven and try to persuade the neutrals. No doubt the other side is also aiming to get as many of them as possible.”

I nodded and sighed. It was going to be a long night. “Of course… it sounds easy enough, so it’s probably going to be very difficult.”

“If anyone can do this, it’s you, Beloved. Start tonight… in fact, why don’t you start with that nice young man over there? I believe you’ve met briefly before,” and with that, he was gone.

“What? Who?” I turned around, and caught a glimpse of leather. “Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me…” I muttered, launching myself into the air. I sent out a probing thought, which was blocked… but the block was pretty unique.

I rushed down to street level, going as fast as my wings would carry me, and I was gaining on him. He was playing with me, since he could out run me if he wanted to. I pulled ahead of him and landed right in his path; he stopped as quickly as I had.

“What the hell do you want?!” I spat.

"Who said I wanted anything?" Koger replied.

"You were spying on me! Why?"

"Spying? Heavens no, I wasn't spying; I was merely… observing the moment."

"Do you have to be so irritating?"

"One does what one must. I take it you have reason for desiring my company?"

I growled in frustration. Of all the people who had to show up, it was Koger. Footsteps were coming down the street; I whirled around and saw the elven Illuminia walking towards us.

“What the hell do you want?” I snapped.

“Nothing… I was just walking…” she said, taken aback by my tone.

I sighed. What was wrong with me? “Sorry… I’m in a weird mood tonight. I actually was hoping to see you before dawn; would it be OK for me to swing by your place around 4:30?”

“Uh… sure, I guess,” she said hesitantly.

I smiled. “Thanks, I’ll see you then.”

Illuminia continued to walk down the street, and I turned back to Koger. “What are you looking at?”

“What does it look like I’m looking at?”

Hire him.


I said hire him. You’re going to be in danger; too many demons are in your area. Hire him to protect you.

What do I pay him with?

Don’t worry about it, give him whatever he wants.

If you insist…

I snapped back to the present; Koger was looking at me like I was having a fit.

“Are you employed at the moment? If not, I have a job for you.”

A glint showed in his eye. “What kind of job are we talking?”

“I need a bodyguard; someone to follow me discretely at night and watch over me during the day while I sleep. I can pay whatever you want; if cash interests you, I can start with ten million up front and periodical installments. If you want something else, then ask.”

I had his attention now. He was considering my offer when yet another of my favorite people showed up; I could almost smell his ego.

“Well, if it isn’t Miss Badass runner-up; looking good tonight, as usual.” Malik sauntered up and put his arm around my shoulder. “No, good isn’t the right word… how about downright sexy?”

I rolled my eyes and sighed. “What are you up to now? Haven’t found the right whore yet for tonight?”

“As a matter of fact, no… One of my father’s little cronies decided to show up with bad timing.”

I laughed. “Awww, poor Malik might not get laid before midnight. What the hell do you want from me?”

He looked me over. “Well, a couple of things might be nice…” I glared at him, and he continued. “But for now I’ll just settle with finding out what you know about this little scuffle that’s coming up.”

“Probably just as little as you do. That’s not really what you want to know, anyway. You want to know what I’m willing to offer you if you side with me.”

“Smart girl; I like a woman with brains.”

“Unfortunately for you, I like a man with brains, and a dick isn’t a substitute. I’ll ask anyway, though, to see if you maybe have a use after all.”

Malik looked at me suspiciously. “Are you serious? Why would you do that?”

“Despite your lack of good qualities, you’re not all that bad… all things considered.”

Malik gave me a look of genuine thanks, a rather rare thing for him.

“You know, if we’re all going to talk business, let’s go somewhere a little more comfortable. Inferno should be open by now; we can talk freely in the back rooms. I know the staff, so we can get in without any problems. Just remember that this will be neutral territory; no fights or any of that.”

I focused, and in a burst of light, my wings were gone. I look a deep breath before leading the way to the double world of Inferno.

It was good to see Garth again. I'd been scarce lately, keeping to myself and not leaving my mansion very often. Strange dreams that I could never remember, other than a few vague ideas or even just colors, haunted me day and night. The colors baffled me, but I knew that they had to do with who I am, or more accurately, who part of me is. How I became what I am has always been a mystery to me... some kind of dark energy attacked me during a ritual and I was on the verge of death when a divine spirit fused with my own. What spirit or why I have never known, but with the dreams, I know that my enhanced control of the elements is in direct connection with this spirit, and that various hues of blue and green are significant.

Who am I? What am I? I'm not like other vampires; my gifts from my mortal life were enhanced, not changed or lost, and I gained other powers that have never been seen in any other. I am an entirely different species, if you will. I know not what I am, only what I am not. I am not human, not mortal, not natural. By all laws of nature I should not exist, but I do. Nothing has been able to kill me yet... not even heartbreak.

"I have my price."

Jolted out of my train of thought by Koger's voice, it took me a second to figure out what was going on.

"Oh, sorry, I was just... thinking. What's your price?"

"The Spear of Longinus."

I blinked. "The wh-," then I realized what he wanted. "You have got to be shitting me," I said in disbelief.

He flashed me one of those maddeningly sexy grins. "Nope, and I know that you've got it, too."

"I don't have it, per say, but I am it's keeper... that thing is dangerous."

"Well then, give it to me, and you've got your deal." He made it sound so simple...

"What's to stop you from just taking it and going on your happy little way? How will I keep you to your word?"

"Don't you trust me?" he asked in his overly innocent tone.

"Hell fucking no, I wasn't born last century. If you think you can outsmart me like you could anyone else, you don't know who you're dealing with. Look, I'll give you the Spear... under a couple conditions. It won't leave my house until I'm done with your services unless I have a binding on both you and it."

"What's to stop me from just walking out of your house with it?"

Now it was my turn to grin impishly. "Let's say that no one leaves that house if I don't want them to. Not all of it exists in this dimension... unwanted guests can find that they're not in Kansas anymore very easily."


"Never mind, its movie quote. All I'm saying is that my house has a mind of its own and can take you places you don't want to be. I don't recommend pushing it, by the way."

"All right then, you've got yourself a deal. I have to admit that I'm slightly eager to see if all of the rumors about that mansion of yours are anywhere near the truth. Does is really contain Eden?"

I laughed. "That's for me to know, and for you to find out. Any questions you have will be answered in time if they can be answered. You're about to take a little trip down the rabbit hole."

Koger smiled. “Sounds fun, I’ve always wanted to visit Wonderland.”

I sighed. It was only midnight, and I was all ready tired. Garth was still on break, I assumed, since I didn't see him in front, so I wandered into the back rooms, Koger following me and looking slightly bored.

"Garth, you have a moment?"

He looked up, and I smiled. "I'm sorry to bother you, but I thought that you might want to know that you may be... approached... by some not-so-friendly old acquaintances."

He looked both startled and suspicious. "Who are you talking about?"

I sat next to him, leaning in so I wouldn't have to raise my voice. "I know about your past. Not a lot, but enough. Trouble's brewing again, and... I would hate to see you forced into anything. You've been through enough all ready. My doors are always open to you, and I promise not to take advantage of you. If you ever need someone to turn to, I'll be there." I grasped his hand, gave it a slight squeeze, and left.

I took a seat in a dark booth across the room and leaned against the wall. I closed my eyes and dozed off until a prickling sensation down the back of my neck woke me. It was four in the morning, and I was being watched. I quickly scanned the room, but saw nothing that caught my eye. Koger was sitting nearby, and when I met his gaze I knew that it wasn't him that I had sensed. Who ever was watching me was doing so with malicious intent, and it only increased my worry. At least I only had about an hour to go until I would be forced into sleep by the rising sun...

I got up and headed for the door, glancing at Koger. He nodded slightly, indicating that he would follow at a distance. So far, so good.

The early morning streets were deserted, and the only sound was of traffic on the larger avenues. I was headed to Illuminia's house, my last stop before dawn. I rang the buzzer at her apartment building.

"Yes?" came her tired voice over the cheap intercom.

"It's me," I whispered. I hadn't seen Koger since I'd left the club, but I could tell that he was nearby. He was certainly the best at what he did.

The door to the stairway buzzed, and I opened it, pulling it shut behind me before I walked up the stairs.

She met me at the doorway. "I'm sorry that it's so early... I don't have much time," I apologized.

"It's OK, I know that there's something urgent going on," Illuminia said.

"There's going to be a war. I don't know much more than that. I just wanted for you to know that I personally would love to have your help with whatever you can. I know that you prefer to work alone... but would you maybe consider joining my coven? So many have gone on out of this world, and I don't even know if any of them are left at all. Please, just think about it; I don't need an answer right away. Just let me know when you feel the time is right."

She seemed a little taken aback. "OK," was all she said.

"Thank you. I'm sorry, but I've got to go if I'm going to make it back before the sunrise..."

"Yes, that's all right. I'll talk to you later."

I hurried back down the steps. The sky was all ready becoming lighter as I left the building and rushed down the street. I would make it... but it would be close.

My perception warned me of danger, but it was too late. It happened so fast that I didn't even see who or what attacked me. I felt like fire had just ripped across my upper chest and neck, and I realized that someone was trying to slit my throat. Blood poured down my body as I crumpled to the ground, gasping from the pain, and the ringing in my ears all but drowned out the sounds of nearby combat.

I lost all perception of time. I knew that I was lying in a pool of my own blood… powerful immortal blood that was draining from my body rapidly. Then strong arms were gathering me from the pavement, and we were moving so fast it felt like flying.

"The door... will open... up the stairs..." I mumbled.

"Shut up," was the sharp reply.

I could feel the first rays of sunlight spreading across the sky, and the pain shot through my body as I tried to hold on to consciousness. Then, the cool shelter of my house relieved the burning of the sun. My body felt numb, and I began to feel as if I were detached from it as a tingling sensation spread up my limbs.

Everything went black.

8th July 2005, 09:02 PM
Name: Garth
Age: about 2000 years old but only looks about 24
Gender: Male
Species: Dragon/Human (see history)
Gifts/powers: Due to his dragon DNA, Garth has a very unnaturally long lifespan. It also means that his skin is somewhat tougher than an average humans’. He has increased physical strength and also has the ability to fly, thanks to the mutation of two wings. And a weak form of X-Ray vision.
Physical Description: (man i so cant remember this...) He's about 6'2 with a well built appearance which in no way even suggests how strong he really is. His hair is raven black and kept short and untidy. His eyes are a deep red which grant him a weak form of X-Ray vision, very helpful in finding out if anyone's carrying anything. He always dresses in black and wears dark shades to hide his eyes. He wears heavy boots, baggy black pants and a heavy leather jacket to cover his wings.
Personality: He comes off as the cold-shouldered badass but that's just what his job requires him to do, he's an alright guy really. The problem is he doesn't like people to get too close to him, things in his past just make it too dangerous for him to make casual acquaintances with anyone. But he can play the nice guy, he will occasionally do something nice but he never does anything that's particularly mean, just ignorant.
Origin/History: Born from unknown origins, Garth was taken at birth and merged with dragon DNA which forced his mutation. For over a thousand years he was trained to be one of Satan's generals when the time for war came. But there was one problem, Garth still maintained free will. Once he had learned all that could be taught to him, he turned on his teachers and escaped into the outside. He blended into society and started life again, taking any job that would suit his talents and swore that he would never accept his 'purpose'. He made it his mission to avoid Satan and to make sure that he would shove his existence in Satan's face whenever he felt it was a good time to.
Alliance: None
Other: He has a black motorcycle which is his pride and joy
Optionals- (just for fun)
Descriptive quotes: I had one but I can't remember it...ah well you'll have to deal with me not having one
Alias(es): Bouncer at the nightclub 'Inferno'


One can always sense when war is coming and I guess that means that to call that night quiet would be unfair because it was never quiet anymore. There was little trouble at the nightclub, I'd broken fewer arms in the past month than I had in the previous weeks and I doubted very much that it was the presence of either myself or my new partner that was the cause. Something was most definitely up.

That night I was lucky enough to welcome Sorcha back, you get to know people in this business and she was always a welcome sight here. She'd asked for admittance into the back rooms for herself and two males whose scents set me at ease but they showed no cause for me to do otherwise so I allowed them in and used their arrival as an excuse to take a much needed break. I was bored and needed a stiff drink.

The back rooms were a part of the nightclub where people like me could be ourselves, there was no denying that finally being able to stretch my wings was a much welcomed relief. I had spoken to Sorcha shortly before she had returned to confer with her party but she came to see me again as I was finishing my third pint of the evening.

"Garth, you have a moment?" I looked up and she gave me a brief smile before continuing, "I'm sorry to bother you, but I thought that you might want to know that you may be... approached... by some not-so-friendly old acquaintances.

I was completely baffled by this, what exactly did she know that I didn't? "Who are you talking about?"

She took the seat next to me and leaned in slightly. The barman raised an eyebrow questioningly and I gave him a sharp look to tell him to butt out just as Sorcha began to speak. "I know about your past. Not a lot, but enough. Trouble's brewing again, and... I would hate to see you forced into anything. You've been through enough all ready. My doors are always open to you, and I promise not to take advantage of you. If you ever need someone to turn to, I'll be there." She squeezed my hand slightly and left, leaving me with several questions floating around.

How had she known about my past? I had gone out of my way to make sure nobody knew anything about it, to make sure that nothing ever came of it. If she knew, who else did? I frowned slightly in thought, I had a feeling that things were going to take a significantly rapid turn for the worst and I did not care for it one bit. I finished my pint and headed into storage, I also helped out with a bit of delivery work here in the back rooms, I was sure my new partner could handle outside.

I finished up just as Sorcha was taking her leave. I didn't get a chance to say goodbye but given the time it probably would have been fatal if I had done so. I returned to my post outside and my partner seemed to be kind of fed up with the situation, he was only human.

"Did I miss anything?" I asked.

"Not at all, it's been dead all evening. I've only had to let five parties inside and show one person through to the back rooms."

To him the back rooms were like a VIP section but he didn't have the clearance to allow people through there. He could have let any type of character through! "You idiot! You know you're not allowed to let anyone through!"

"I'm sorry. You weren't here."

I sensed instantly that something was up and turned just in time to see a dark figure zip past the gap in two of the buildings opposite us. I left my post and perused. I didn't know what the hell I was doing, only that I had to stop whoever that was from whatever they wanted to do. But I was too late. I caught him dragging himself to his feet, clearly on the brink of death just as the one who had been with Sorcha at the nightclub took off with her at lightning speed. I assumed he'd been the one that had done the damage. I turned to my victim.

"You got some explaining to do buddy." I said sternly, snatching the knife away.

I had him pinned against the wall, my hand grasping his throat tightly as he struggled. "let go..."

My grip tightened. "You tell me what I want to know and maybe I will."

"She was recruiting forces, she had to be stopped...she was getting too close..."

"Too close to what?" I lifted him and his feet kicked wildly in the air.

"To you," he choked. "What reason do you have to ignore your purpose...than the one who treats you like an equal."

I took his knife and ran him through. He died instantly and I watched as his body sank slowly to the floor. "You don't know anything about me," I said coldly. "And you can tell that 'leader' of yours the same. I've always been against him and I always will be."

Is that so? You think you can avoid your destiny?

I wheeled around, trying futilely to find the source of the voice. "Destiny is for saps."

There was a laugh. You're so predictable...I have you doing exactly what I want and you can't even realize it. You're a killer and that is all you will ever be. That is how you were made and you are following it perfectly.

"That's bull****!"

Within moments I was surrounded by almost 15 hooded figures. The air was instantly rank with malice.

Survive my minions, then tell me you're not a killer.

They closed in...

8th July 2005, 09:04 PM
Name: Illuminia
Age: At least 700
Gender: Female
Species: Elven. Somewhat similar to the Hylians of The Legend of Zelda.
Gifts/Powers: Minor control over the plants, and some small knowledge in healing magic. Also has a good knowledge in herbalism. And despite the humanoid look of her ears, her hearing is still excellent.
Physical Description: Around 5'6" with a slightly curved figure and lanky build. Her eyes are a deep hazel, almost cat-like, and her hair is a deep dark brown like the earth. Skin is slightly palen, and her ears, due to some contact with humans, are reduced to that of humans. She normally wears a dark green velvet-like shirt with long sleeves, black skirt with a few silver patterns around the bottom, slipper-like shoes, and a necklace bearing both a pentagram and a triskelle.
Personality: Despite being rather shy, Illuminia is actually kind-hearted and has a deep care for most people and things. Her downside is a slight bit of self-deprecation from incidents in the past, so it is quite hard for her to just let go of those incidents. Normally rather quiet, she is almost always in deep thought over something.
History: Illuminia was born into a family of medicine makers in medieval England. Their bloodlines were quite unknown to the outside world, and despite the long placement of strict Catholicism, they practiced their acts in privacy, while keeping a deep connection to God. Their herbalism was quite a help to those in need, so they were widely accepted in the village. But then the Plague took control, and they were forced to accept that this could not be controlled. The village then came to believe that they did not seek Christ for help, so without any interrogation, they were exiled from their home.
In the countryside, Illuminia and her family continued their practice and kept the deep connection with Him. But around then, she met somebody who she longed a deep friendship with. This was a witch named Sorcha, who they took in for some time as she helped with some acts of preventing spread of the Black Death. Never had Illuminia seen somebody so pure and so beautiful. Once Sorcha had left, she had the want to be somewhat like her. She continued her acts of herbalism and magick, eventually moving towards the city where she hoped to find a first love, and a rebirth in life.
Alliance: Neutral, yet leaning towards good. Has not yet become part of a Coven, but still longs to.
Other: Knows Sorcha from the days of the Plague.
Quotes: "We all have our actions, but mine are not yours. Do as you want, but don't tread on me."
Alias(es): Works for a minor day care center. By the seems of it, the children love her.

Name: Koger
Age: unknown but looks like he's in his 20's.
Gender: male
Species: unknown. Looks human but has well beyond human capabilities
Gifts/powers: Unrivaled speed and agility. Strength beyond human but not quite comparing to vampires or morphed lycanthropes. For 1-3 seconds at a time he can produce an impenetrable shield one inch above his clothing but he can only do so every 20 seconds or so.
Physical Description: 6'3", lean athletic build, short bleach white hair with a blue streak going all the way back from each temple with a red goatee. It is not visible while he is clothed but he has a large and colorful shield shaped tattoo on his back with a lion-like dragon standing on it's hind legs on the right side and a strange tower on the left. He also has a dragon yin/yang tattoo on his right bicep and an 8-ball tattoo on the back of his right hand. Koger wears a skin tight sleeveless black shirt, a red leather v cut vest, stylish red leather pants, and a long black leather trench coat.
Personality: Charming, witty, sarcastic, very playful and a little insane. It is hard for most people to make any sense of what Koger says or does. Wise people know to be cautious of him. Unwise people simply take him as the jester he often plays himself off as.
Origin/History: unknown. What is known is that roughly two decades before one of these wars erupts someone matching Koger's description appears. Less than a decade after each of these wars ends that person seems to vanish from the face of the planet without a trace. No one has ever gotten too close to these individuals but those who have tried also disappeared without a trace. Koger has been taking contracts for both sides for nearly 20 years now but before then there was no sign of him anywhere in the world.
Alliance: Whichever side is paying better at the time.
Other: Is fairly well known in these circles but few know him personally. He almost always has numerous weapons of many kinds hidden on his person that are enchanted to work exceptionally well against some form of supernatural being or other.
Optionals- (just for fun)
Descriptive quotes: “I killed the president of Paraguay with a fork. How have you been?” "Believe me you are already dead. You just don't know it yet."
Alias(es): when the supernatural contracts get slow he works as a freelance assassin in the normal human world. He is known as 'Koger the Blade' in those circles for his infamous use of bladed weapons in his work.


It was a new night but everything about it seemed very old to him. Familiar almost, like arriving again in a city you had not visited in so long. It was fresh an exhilarating to revisit old memories like that. War was brewing and Koger could sense it down to his very bones. Not just war though, like so many before it throughout the ages. There were new elements in the mix and his blood tingled with excitement. These were the times he lived for.

"Once again unto the breach," he chirped merrily to himself as he leapt from rooftop to rooftop.

The game was afoot and he knew exactly where he must be. So many pieces to the puzzle had assembled themselves and Koger saw one more piece within his grasp. And to get it he would have to go through the ever so enchanting Sorcha. He truly reveled in the task ahead.

Koger found her exactly where he expected she would be; perched atop a rather ornate gothic church. It was not known to many but he was aware this was a favorite spot of hers for meditation. With her in sight now he need only wait for her consort to make his presence known and the fun would commence.
--------sometime later--------

Koger watched her rest peacefully in the corner. Her chest heaved gently as she slumbered away in the relative safety of the Inferno's back room. She was now under his guard and a wonderful deal it had been to obtain his services. No less than the Lance of Longinus itself was promised to him in exchange. An extremely powerful tool in the right hands, a lethal weapon to even the most blessed of foes in the wrong hands. It was a kingly price indeed.

As the hour waned Koger sat forward in his chair. Something had cast it's gaze inside the room and yet nothing had entered. A powerful being was now watching Sorcha from afar and it did not put him at ease. Normally he could tell whose eyes were watching and right now he could not. Sorcha also felt the gaze as it roused her from her nap.

Without a word she rose and looked about warily. She made for the rear exit and shot a glance at Koger in passing. He merely nodded in return and got up to follow. Once outside she made her way along the street. Koger took to the fire escape and followed behind along the rooftops. He would have a better vantage from there.

They reached Sorcha's last appointment for the night without event. It did not put him at ease, however, as Koger still felt as if something were watching Sorcha. He couldn't place what but it did not feel like someone who wished to invite her out for tea.

Sorcha had just barely closed the door to the apartment building behind her when they arrived. They came on fast and seemingly from out of nowhere. If he had been at street level even he may have not sensed their approach in time.

He counted four of them, creeping into the shadows preparing to strike as soon as someone emerged from the building. Fortunately no one was expecting him to be watching over Sorcha. It was a luxury they wouldn't have a second time.

While Sorcha was inside conducting her business Koger pounced down from the rooftop, producing a curved backhanded dagger in each hand as he fell. He landed on foot and knee nearly dead center between the four demons hiding places. He recognized their stench instantly.

It was a demonic hit squad. They were foul demons just short of a person in size and there features were adorned with numerous claws and sharp protrusions. They were also possessed of the nasty little ability to remain cloaked from almost anyone so long as they remained motionless. It helped that Koger had seen them move into place.

"And I was beginning to worry I wouldn't have anyone to play with tonight!" Koger's voice was cool and coy and his eyes taunted the beasts in the shadows.

"hisssssss........ We were not told sssshe had a guardian. Perhapsssss she does not? Perhapssss we have a better offer mercenary?" one of the demons slithered out of it's hiding place, standing cautiously away from Koger.

"Tsk tsk. We are poorly informed, aren't we? If you had been briefed on me you would know I never abandon a task once I have taken it. Besides, it is not within the power of your master to pay my price," a playful laugh curled from Koger's lips. "I shall enjoy your demise as a token of my appreciation for the offer, however."

Koger's smile was broad and devious. It both charmed and inspired fear all at once. It also sent the four demons into action.

They came at him from four sides and Koger sprang forward, somersaulting over the leader. As he come spiraling down opposite his opponent his daggers slashed across the demons back, spraying a blackish reddish mist. The demon let out a quiet shrieking hiss as it turned to face him.

Three of them charged at him but Koger lost sight of the fourth. They were very fast little demons so he had to be cautious and mindful of the ones attacking him directly. As they charged in Koger weaved in and out of their blows, sliding between their strikes like a snake slithering through a briar.

As one's elbow flew over his ducked head, Koger twisted sideways and jutted his arm out. It cleanly sliced through the neck of the wounded demon releasing a spout of putrid fluid into the air. He slid his other arm to the side and one of the demons jumped back at the sting in it's side.

As quick as these assassins were, Koger was still faster. Satan would have to learn to send someone of importance if he hoped for them to contend against him seriously. Of course, these demons did not have to defeat him. They merely had to delay him till Sorcha opened the apartment building door again. And they did succeed at that.

As Koger's curved daggers splayed a second demons torso, spilling it's fiery entrails onto the street, the door to the apartment building opened. Koger did not have time to shout a word of warning before the fourth hidden demon leapt out, slashing at Sorcha's throat with it's taloned fingers. It raked across her chest, just catching the edge of her throat.

"Damn you insufferable little nuisances!" Koger cursed.

With a swift flip he landed behind the demon he was still engaged with and the point of his dagger plunged into the back of the demons skull. Before the demon's body hit the asphalt Koger was already attacking the final monster. In two swift strokes, one from each dagger, Koger slit the demons throat and sliced it from stem to sternum. He cursed again as he kneeled down to scoop Sorcha up into his arms. He had been careless to let the fourth demon out of his sight long enough for it to go about it's work.

Sorcha mumbled as her blood poured over his clothes. He bound from street to street with lightning speed. Hardly anything would have been capable of seeing them with how fast he was moving. He had little time to get her back to her home and to safety where she would be able to heal.

"Shut up!" he snapped at her as she continued to try and talk.

The first rays of the sun broke upon them as they neared the final few blocks. Fortunately he managed to reach her doorstep before the sun had been on them for more than three seconds. Had it been much longer it might have cause serious damage.

As they entered her home he set her down on the couch. By now she seemed to have completely blacked out. At a lack of what else to use Koger removed his vest and then his shirt. He began tearing his shirt into strips and began bandaging Sorcha with it. When he was satisfied the bleeding was slowed enough for her innate restorative abilities to take over he slouched into a chair next to the couch.

"I see we will have to work on your reflexes tomorrow night," Koger sighed as he slid back in the lavish chair. "And you can replace my shirt."

Koger closed his eyes and let himself relax in the safety of Sorcha's home. No one had yet amassed enough strength to assail her abode. It had upon it the strongest holy enchantments available and only Satan's army at it's strongest could breach such a barrier. For today, at least, it would be safe.

I stumbled into my apartment and shut the door behind me before collapsing to the floor in a heap. It was in those moments, as I lay panting on the floor, that I realized just how little control I had over myself. I had done everything I could to prevent myself from killing those things he sent at me, to prove him wrong. I had failed. It was as if something had taken over, like I had been shut out from all control of my being and in that time I had become something else. Something that killed without mercy. Something...that had slaughtered those things without though or reason.

I let my lizard DNA repair the minor damage the battle had caused me, it was nice to have some ability to regenerate myself. I clambered into the nearest armchair and collapsed onto it. I pulled my jacket of slowly and jumped in surprise at what I saw. Solid, black scales had begun to form across the middle of my right arm. I ran to the bathroom to check if this was happening anywhere else but it wasn't.

With a disheartened sigh I retreated back to my living room and stared out at the dawn. "So...it begins. After all the years, now the real struggle between man and beast final emerges and it will be this city upon which one finally overcomes the other..." I took another look at my scaly arm. I knew now what it was he wanted, he wanted to bring out that side of me which was evil and unforgiving. Through fighting and killing, its bloodlust would grow stronger until eventually it consumed me and I lost all sense of being. Lost my free will.

No chance.

I grabbed a bag from my cupboard and began loading it with a few clothes and the odd essential. "If you ever need someone to turn to, I'll be there." Sorcha's words rang in my mind. I had no other place to go to, there was no one else I could turn to at this time. I needed somewhere safe, somewhere where I could defend against his forces before this thing was able to completely consume me.

I returned to my cupboard and removed the fake flooring from it and slowly I removed a dusted wooden book from its location. "This might be needed..." I muttered, tucking it inside my jacket and grabbing my bag.

I was able to hunt down Sorcha's place and enter with no trouble at all. I found her bodyguard resting and so found my way to another room so I wouldn't disturb their rest. I dumped my stuff down and sat before the window. I removed my box from its hiding place and stroked the lid. "You may just be the deciding factor in my fate." I took a deep breath. "But let us hope it does not come to that..."

8th July 2005, 09:09 PM

Darkness. Not the embracing darkness of night, but the smothering darkness of death. I had felt it before, so long ago, in that oaken circle... the feeling of something purely evil trying to drag your very essence into the abyss.

Something that was stronger had me anchored, however. Again, I had the ideas of blue and green... and felt the presence of a being much older than myself. I tried to think, tried to figure out what it was, but there was nothing else. It was definitely stronger, though, than ever before; much stronger. I knew that this was a part of me somehow... this was who I was meant to be.

Slowly, I regained my senses. I was weak, so weak; if not for this other part of me, I wouldn't have been able to wake yet. The pain hit me suddenly, and my body jerked violently as my mental and physical selves reconnected. I gasped in pain; every blood vessel in my body burned from the loss of blood. I struggled to open my eyes and was forced to blink repeatedly before I could really understand what I was seeing.

I was in my house. What had happened to me? I vaguely remembered the attack. How had I gotten here? It came flooding back... the talk with God, going to the club...

Koger. He had saved me. A wave of emotion swept through my mind as I recalled being carried through the streets just as dawn broke. He had saved me...

I was blankly staring at the ceiling when I became aware that he was sitting not two feet away from me, watching. Even then, I was slow to react. I was insanely dazed, and my mind was working at only a fraction of it's normal speed.

I'm alive... he saved me...

Then it hit me. Someone had tried to take me out permanently. There was much more to this situation than met the eye, and the game I was suddenly playing was becoming more dangerous by the minute. Hiring Koger hadn't been a precaution; it had been critically important. I thought I knew all the rules, but they had been changed without my knowing.

Oh, shit, what had I gotten myself into this time?

"If you're quite through staring off into space, it might be nice to know if you're still capable of semi intelligent communication."

I took a deep breath and pulled myself into an upright position. I felt disgustingly dirty and battered, and having my own blood dried to me didn't help. Luckily it didn't take much to clean PVC, so my clothes would be salvaged. I shivered, not so much from being cold as from the strange feelings I was experiencing. I looked at Koger and my heart, which was having difficulties anyway, nearly stopped.

Hot damn... Now that is one very nice piece of man right there... I couldn't help but stare, and luckily for my dignity, I was able to keep it at that.

"Hey, if I wanted to be insulted I would have included that in the agreement, all right? Just because I may not be a match for you physically doesn't mean I can't kick your ass," I shot back, still somewhat groggy.

"Well, if you could do that then you wouldn't need me, now would you?" He was clearly enjoying having the upper hand.

"Whatever," I grumbled and struggled to my feet. I was able to stand, and probably able to walk, but not much else. "Come on, I'll show you where you can stay while you're here... unless you want to sleep in a chair."

Koger shrugged. He was certainly an odd one, all right, but that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. I had no room to look down on someone for being odd, that was for sure. I was a sixteen hundred year old who wore PVC, leather, and vinyl, had magickal powers and a serious crush on my own bodyguard.

I startled myself so badly with this realization that I lost my balance and nearly fell off of my boots when Koger caught me. I blushed and mumbled an apology, embarrassed not because I couldn’t even walk by myself but because I suddenly found myself in his arms again… and it felt right.

“What now, can’t you even walk? If you need a caretaker it will cost extra, of course.”

No, not this… this is the last thing that I need…

Haven’t I always kept my promises?

A lump rose in my throat, and I straightened myself, pushing Koger away a little more rudely than I meant to. “I’m fine,” I muttered and walked into the stone entryway, where I immediately knew that there was someone else in the house.

“Garth?” I called, looking into one of the other parlors. He looked up from a seat by the window, looking slightly distressed. “What… are you all right?”

“Yeah, I’m fine,” he replied nonchalantly, but I knew that he wasn’t. It wasn’t my place to pry, however. I tried not to delve too deeply into people’s minds, mostly because I knew I wouldn’t want someone doing that to me. If Garth wanted me to know about something, he would tell me.

“You don’t have to stay down here. I’ve got plenty of room, so if you’d follow me I can get you situated.” I started towards the stairs, but stopped. “Almost forgot, I’d better introduce you two to the house.”

“Introduce us to the house? What the hell does that mean?” Garth asked.

“I’m surprised that you didn’t get lost all ready, but I suppose that since your intent wasn’t malicious she didn’t feel the need to protect me,” I explained. “This house is heavily enchanted to protect many of the world’s most powerful secrets, and I am its keeper. A few hundred years ago, you would have found this house full of people; I am all that is left of my coven. We are the Fallen Souls; not so much fallen from grace, but fallen by choice to help those who need us. We are the coven of the Heavenly Virtues of Charity, Justice, and Compassion. This house has been a safe haven for over five millennia; I only came to be its mistress sixteen hundred years ago. It guards its secrets well, and I’m sure that I only know a small fraction of them. It is a being of its own, and has a nasty habit of dumping strangers in rather dangerous places. Once I introduce you, though, it will let you go where you wish as long as you have no intention to harm me or anyone else under its protection. Please, follow me, this shouldn’t take long.”

I walked past the stairway to a door that led to a long dark passageway. As I opened the door, a faint, pale blue light shimmered in the walls, lighting our way and darkening again as we passed. Garth seemed to be slightly in awe; Koger seemed slightly amused, though this wasn’t unusual and it was hard to tell with him anyway. We reached a point in the hall that looked like any other, and I stopped.

“What now?” Garth asked, puzzled. I smiled gently, but said nothing, and pressed my hand to the wall. A green light glowed within the wall, and a door opened into a huge, almost cavernous room with dark walls.

Light danced in patterns along the walls, and the floor, made of polished obsidian, had a definite design inscribed on it in bright white light. A huge circle, nearly fifty feet in diameter, was in the center of the room, with symbols of many languages around its circumference.

“The Wheel of Fortune,” murmured Koger, showing the slightest hint of surprise.

“Yes,” I replied in barely a whisper. “Yod, heh, vav, heh, or Yahweh. Fire, air, water, and earth; the pentagram represents the same thing, with the four elements and the inclusion of the Spirit.” As I said this, a second design became visible with the first, and a star shone, connecting the parts of the circle that represented the five seats of the guardians. “Phoenix, guardian of fire, ideas, inspiration, and yod, the first step of creation, sits in the northeast; Archangel Gabriel, guardian of water, creativity, emotion, and the first heh, the second step of creation, sits in the northwest; Griffin, guardian of air, possibilities, manifestation, and vav, third step of creation, sits in the southeast; Taurus the winged bull, guardian of earth, effort, production, and the second heh, fourth and final step of creation, sits in the southwest. All are watched over by the Sphinx, guardian of beginnings and endings, of spirit, and of destiny; the all-knowing, omnipresent One that watches over all; my Abba.” I turned to my companions. “If one of you could stand in the southwest and the other in the southeast, please.”

I took my place at the head of the Wheel, at the north. When the other two had moved into position, Koger in the southeast and Garth in the southwest, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. It felt so good to be standing here with others, even if they weren’t officially part of the coven.

I began in Aramaic. “Father, I bring these two before You under my care. Give them Your blessing, that they might be able to fulfill their purpose, whatever that may be. I ask for You and Your House to grant them free passage here for as long as they are not a threat to Your messenger.” I opened my eyes and tilted my head back slightly and raised my hands; as I did, all three of us were individually surrounded with blue light that spread from the floor and covered us. Seeing Koger, still without a shirt, in the divine light took my breath away. He seemed completely relaxed and unperturbed, and his expression was one of strength and majesty. The mystery surrounding him deepened, and I felt more drawn to him than ever.

The light died, and the pentagram faded from view. I lowered my hands and felt both weaker and stronger simultaneously; for the moment, my energy was drained, but the use of magick would speed my recovery. “Thank you, Father,” I whispered.

I moved to the door, slightly unsteady, and could sense Koger hovering just behind me in case I faltered again. I opened the door which opened into the entryway of the house and closed it after Garth and Koger had followed me; the doorway instantly disappeared.

Garth blinked, and Koger seemed to be having a blast. Garth looked at me inquisitively, and I only smiled and shrugged. There were many things that I couldn’t explain; one of them was the inconsistency of doors and passageways. As long as one knew where they wanted to be or what they wanted to find, the house seemed to take them there.

“Now, gentlemen, please follow me and I’ll show you to where the bedrooms usually are,” I said with a grin. “Sometimes they’re not there, so let’s hope that it won’t take us too long to find them.”

Luckily for me I was able to find the bedrooms without too much difficulty. I usually didn’t bother coming through this part of the house to get to my room, since I almost always entered through the roof. I would show Garth the roof entrance, since he would be able to use it. I probably should show Koger as well, since he seemed to be full of surprises; one never knew what he was going to do next.

“There are many bedrooms in this hall, each with it’s own half bath. Choose whichever you like. As far as bathing goes, there is an underground bathhouse. It’s very nice, but doesn’t offer much in terms of privacy, I’m afraid. If you return to the entrance hall, there will be a door behind the main stair which opens to the stairway leading down. There is also a passageway over here,” I motioned to a door just off the bedroom hall. “Don’t worry about getting lost, I do it all the time. If you need me, just call; I’ll hear you, no matter where you are. Oh, and before I forget, let me show you my usual way in and out.” I walked down the long corridor, Garth peering into the open doorways of various bedrooms along the way. Each had it’s own style, usually depending on the tastes of the previous occupant. I walked slowly so that he could take his time; he chose a room about halfway down the hall, and put his belongings down before catching up with Koger and I.

Koger hadn’t even bothered to look in any of the rooms, which made me curious. I glanced at him.

“And your room would be…?”

“Mine is the door at the end of the hallway. Why?”

"Hmmmm... so many answers to that question," he replied mysteriously with a wicked charming smile that made my heart flutter. "I think I shall stay in the adjoining room. Just in case the need for my services should arise suddenly, of course."

The lump was rising in my throat again, and I felt rather lightheaded. Stop that, he’s just doing his job… I told myself.

“Of course,” I responded, trying to sound detached but not really succeeding. Garth rejoined us and I started down the hallway with the other two behind me.

He is a strange one… and he’s more than meets the eye. My gut tells me that he’s dangerous, but that he won’t hurt me. Still, I should be wary; I don’t know what cards he’s holding, and it’s too early in the game to take risks… if only I didn’t want to take some of those risks…

We reached my room and I opened the door. Garth whistled at the opulence of the giant four-poster bed with rich red velvet curtains, the deep red carpet, ornate dressers, and ancient sculpture that decorated the room.

“Partial to red, are we?” Koger asked, taking it all in.

“Just a bit,” I joked.

I took my boots off and set them in the closet, and Garth and Koger got their first view of how tall I really was. With the boots, I was well over six feet tall, but I was actually only five-foot nine, which was very tall considering the time period in which I was born.

I pointed to the trapdoor in the ceiling. “That goes to the roof. If you ever need a way to get in or out other than the front door, this is the one to use. Don’t worry about disturbing me or invading my privacy; if it doesn’t bother you, then it doesn’t bother me.”

Garth nodded, and Koger’s eyes gleamed mischievously. I had a feeling that he was going to use my words against me, but at this point I didn’t really care.

“If you two would excuse me, I think that I need a little quiet time, unless there’s anything that you need. Oh, there’s always food in the kitchen; it’s not something that I think about, sorry. The kitchen is next to the dining room, which is just off the entry hall. Anything else?”

Koger cleared his throat. “My shirt?”

“Oh, yes, there should be plenty of clothing in your room. I’m sorry that you had to tear yours; just help yourself to anything that you find.”

They turned to leave, and Koger gave me one last grin before closing the door. I sighed and turned to my closet to pick out new clothes, choosing a simple white gown. I moved to the door and listened; there was no sound in the hall. I opened the door, and saw that the doors of both Koger’s and Garth’s rooms were closed. I quietly closed my own door and crept down the hall to avoid drawing attention to myself. I made it to the end of the hall and walked to the stairway that led to the subterranean levels of the house.

I stepped into the bath house and breathed in deeply. It was an underground cavern, modified only slightly. The air was warm and steamy, especially around the water where vapor hung thickly over the surface. Tropical plants grew around the majority of the pool; ferns, hibiscus, and low trees related to palms flourished in the humid air. Light, which came from a mysterious source, was abundant, giving the atmosphere of the room a dreamlike quality and made the mist in the air much more visually heavy. The pool itself was at least one hundred feet in length and varied in width and depth. I walked to the far side of the pool, near one of the waterfalls, and laid out my clean gown, then took off my bloody clothes. I carefully undid the bandages that Koger had made from his shirt and saw the wound was healing well. I gently lay the bandages next to my gown before turning to the pool and sliding into the warm water.

I could almost feel the dirt and blood falling from my body, and the water relaxed my tired muscles. Lazily I slowly swam to my favorite spot, right behind the largest waterfall, where I would be hidden from view by plant foliage. I lay back in the shallow water and let it soak my hair as I stretched myself out on the warm stone bank.

I had been lying there for a little while when I became aware that there was someone else in the room with me. I was startled at first, unsure of what to do. When I was sure that whomever it was had gotten into the pool, I looked up to see who it was. I couldn’t see any individual features from this far away through the mist, but… he had bleached hair.


Did he follow me here? Was this coincidence? My heart was pounding in my chest, and for the first time I didn’t know what to do.

If he wants to play, fine. Let’s play!

I focused, calling up the power of water from within me. I slipped beneath the water’s surface without a sound and became nearly invisible. I got closer to him; from the way he seemed to be looking around, it was evident he knew I was here somewhere.

Can’t find what you can’t see…

A slight manipulation and I made the water around his feet cold for a few seconds, just to let him know that I knew he was there. He laughed, glancing about for any sign of where I was, but I wasn’t ready for him to see me quite yet…

8th July 2005, 09:09 PM


I sighed, my limp and tired body slumping into the full-sized bed. I was oddly more exhausted then normal, like this gaining force of darkness was starting to take ahold of my magickal life force. Most of my kind would be able to handle this gaining of a force, yet others would flee to other locations, as the Romans did during the barbaric invasions told of in history. Indeed, Celtic Britain was a bit romanized itself, yet this lasted until the beginning of the "Dark Ages"...with the Angles, Saxons, and Jutes all invading the island centuries before the Vikings. Also around then, the stricter faith in God was placed upon the land. Catholicism did bring back bitter memories...as to the time I was ran out of my first ever home.


The year...1350 or so. I was indeed just a young girl then, about the equivalent of a human girl the age of 13 or so. I, unlike most, had taken into my parent's crafte even as a small child, learning from Mother the uses and properties of the herbs. From Father, the ability to control the earthen magick we as Elven folk were blessed with by God. But our knowledge not widely known by the villagers aside from the "medicine making" trade was our deepened loss. And ever since my mother died, giving birth to my brother who we were forced to give up when I was almost 30, my father needed help with his work, so he chose me to help.

I sat at the wooden table, swiftly grinding together a few leaves. This medicine, while in huge demand, was never truly delivered, due to these deaths. While I didn't understand the source of this Black Death just then, all I could remember were 'high fevers, black spotches all over the body. some could even go to bed healthy, but never awaken again. death was clearly bound to come.' Yet I didn't understand how my family had no showings of these symptoms. Especially with how it spread so quickly...

'His protection, and Mother's' I thought with gratitude, hearing a slight knock at the door. Seeing that I was closest, I brushed dust from my quaint green dress of cloth, shyly stepping to the door, and opening it. I saw a man clearly of noble status...his stature strong, and his clothing regal. I recognized his face at the sight of him.

"Oh...Lord Winthrop..." I said, stepping back with clear shock. "What is it that you demand out of us."

"Miss Illuminia," he spoke, his voice carrying. "Please, this is business that is between me and your father." Nodding, I stepped back more as my father approached. He was tall, lean. His eyes a rather deep blue, and his hair a slightly lighter brown than my own. I saw the fear in his eyes as he took my place with Winthrop. The conversation was rather low, which made me hold a hand to my chest with anxiety. After minutes of negative thoughts, he had left, with my father falling to his knees in tears. With sorrow, I walked over to him, and he looked up.

"I'm sorry, dear...we're being...evicted. From the village."

My eyes widened with shock, but I tried to keep my cool with a slight nod. I walked towards my table, tears slowly dripping down my face. It wasn't our fault for this bad luck. Yet I didn't know who or what was to blame. Indeed we wanted them to be given the protection of God and their own ancestors, but such a disease couldn't be stopped just that easily.

End Flashback

Around 1900, Father died peacefully with me at his side. I didn't know when my end would come, but it was just better to cherish the times I had with him and Mother. It made me wonder of my brother, and if he was doing alright wherever he was. I remembered when I chose to finally take up moving to modernized areas about 20 or so years ago. I took up some other jobs, not many really questioning me. I finally settled on helping with young children in a day care center. Satisfying pay for an apartment, yes. The kids did like my name, thinking it was a beautiful one. They also enjoyed my tales of magick and The Creation.

Sighing, I quickly dialed the number to my place of work, calling in today as a sick day. In fact, this was actually the first one in at least a year. A little odd, but I still admired my own commitment to the occupation. I gazed at the early light of the sun through the window, slipping into some more decent clothing for sleeping, a black nightgown of silken touch. Working on the better half of a millenium now, but I still dressed like a modern woman majority of the time aside from rituals. On that notion, I set the alarm for a later time, laying the necklace on the nightstand. A reminder to perform a small task, and try to contact Sorcha again at a better time. With that set aside, I lightly took the dark-colored blankets and fell under, head rested atop a matching pillow. With more final thoughts, I closed my eyes and drifted into a slumber.

WARNING !!!!!! This post contains scenes of a graphic and adult nature. It is not appropriate for children under the age of 16.


The house of Eden, home and guardian to the almighty's greatest treasures since the beginning. It was truly a fascinating structure with a unique mind of it's own. For most it would simply lead them where it thought they should be. A person with a strong will, however, could walk any hallway to exactly where they wished to go. It mattered not how secure a room was supposed to be if a strong willed person wished to find it and enter, so long as that person did not harbor any ill intentions.

Koger had no ill intentions this day so the house allowed him to stroll straight to the innermost treasure room of the manor. He was familiar with most of the relics and artifacts inside but only one brought his attention here the second Sorcha let Garth and himself loose upon the grounds. He came seeking the Lance of Longinus itself; the very spear that pierced the side of Christ at his execution upon the cross.

The spear immediately caught his attention as he entered the room. It was suspended in a pillar of pure light, rotating in place. Even from across the room he could feel the power emanating from it. With slight hesitation he approached it. His hand stretched out and traced the shaft of the spear. A wave of cold heat coursed through his body as he touched it.

"Impressive," Koger whispered to himself. "Most impressive. It is truly a shame your full potential has never been truly tested my dear friend. We shall have to speak on that subject once my contract has been fulfilled."

He eyed the spear longingly, like a parent looking upon their child for a fleeting moment during a prolonged seperation. He traced his fingers along the head of the spear and pricked his finger on the tip, quite intentionally. Gingerly he stepped back from the Lance of Longinus and licked the tiny trickle of blood from his finger. His eyes rolled back and he let out a low hum as if he were enjoying a rare delicacy.

"Most impressive indeed! Worth all my efforts ten times over," Koger whispered joyfully as he took one last long glance at the spear that was to be his fee.

As slowly as he had entered the room, he turned and exited with equal haste. Now that he had seen the wonder that had drawn him here he had other matters to attend to. As to whether those matters were of a professional or personal nature he hadn't decided yet. Koger would just see where the mood took him.

Now he was much more leisurely in his pace. He knew precisely where he wished to go within the manor but he walked the long path to get there, rather than encouraging the house to guide him there directly. He would not want to arrive too early, afterall. What fun would there be in arriving before his quarry. No........ he wanted his arrival to be noted discreetly.

Much as he intended he arrived to the bath house after Sorcha had already retreated to a secluded spot of the pool. Koger could not see her but he had an idea of where she might be hiding. His mischievous smile lit up as he slid off his trousers and folded them neatly before setting them near the wall on an outcropping of rock that served as a chair before removing the rest of his attire.

Dressed as god intended, Koger cautiously stepped into the water. Slowly he let himself sink below the layer of mist. Just slowly enough to make sure he would be identified by anyone who might glance in his direction. He very much wanted his presence to be known.

As he waded farther into the water he could sense Sorcha moving near him. He looked about cautiously for her but to no avail. Her magical prowess granted her no small measure of stealth when she was submerged in the elements. He could not see her but he still had a general sense of the direction she was in.

A brush of cold water swirled his feet like a playful squeeze of the hand. Koger could feel the water swish around him and knew he was being toyed with. Sorcha was enjoying herself which left him with some measure of curiosity. He genuinely wanted to see how far this game could play itself out. It was not every day a woman as stunning as Sorcha thought to play with you, afterall.

With sudden quickness Koger pushed off from the bottom of the shallow pool and grabbed Sorcha's wrist. She immediately tried to pull herself free. Koger's grip did not loosen, however, so her vampiric strength easily yanked him through the water towards her. Koger deftly lifted his arm and twisted, twirling her around to grab her from behind, both her arms crossed in front.

Her head turned over her shoulder and her eyes met Koger's. For a moment there was silence as they both stared into each other's soul. Koger grinned deeply and leaned in close to her. His mouth opened slowly and he halted a mere inch from Sorcha's pursed lips.

"Would this be a fringe benefit you neglected to mention when we made our verbal contract?" Koger whispered with his coy playful voice.

"Why you......... Arrogant, pompous..........." Sorcha spun free with quick ease.

As she spun free her arm swung back, sailing neatly through the air formerly occupied by Koger's head. She then swept her leg effortlessly through the water but Koger simply flipped over it. As he landed a wave of water caught him and hurled him up into the air. It held tightly to him and slammed him back into the pool with little restraint.

A second wave swept towards him at great speed but he was prepared this time. This time he dove forward and to the bottom, cutting underneath the bulk of the wave. When he slid back to the surface the wave had passed. He found himself directly in front of Sorcha.

She took another quick swing and Koger caught it. He pulled her forward and twirled, tilting her back in his arms. Without hesitation he bent forward and embraced her lips with his own. It was a hungry, passionate thing that first kiss. Much more so than Koger had anticipated, which left him nearly breathless when he slowly pulled free. He let go with one arm but his other hand slid from her shoulder down her arm till he took her hand and guided it up to place upon it a gentle kiss.

"You are a most worthy woman Sorcha," Koger spoke more genuinely than she had ever heard. His eyes slowly traced from her beautiful face down every curve of her striking form. "Most worthy in every sense of the word. It is a rare thing indeed when I meet a stunning woman who can rival me in wit, intelligence, and ability."

For a long moment Sorcha stared helplessly into Koger's deep and charming eyes. When the moment passed she promptly slapped him and snatched her hand back. She turned and started trudging away from him through the water. It was easily visible that Sorcha was struggling to contain a school girl's laugh. She had only taken five steps when she turned, her face both angry and lustful.

"You've certainly got your own style about things," Sorcha said at a loss.

"Would it be any fun if I didn't?" his grin spread wide as he took steps towards her.

"You really are an arrogant..... " she began but was stopped abruptly as Koger's lips once again embraced her own.

From her lips, Koger's moved down to explore her neck. He nibbled at it playfully as his hands slid down. One gently caressed her heaving bosom while the other slowly slid down to the small of Sorcha's back, tracing her form with his fingers. The two pressed against each other, their legs intertwined, as they sank below the layer of mist.

Below the mist their bodies and spirits came together as one. All of the tension and frustration that had built for ages was released in a massive explosion of sexual energy. Screams of ecstacy echoed the misty bath house as Koger and Sorcha explored every facet of each other's person. The house of Eden spent nearly every daylight hour this day keeping that bath house the most secure and isolated location on Earth!

8th July 2005, 09:11 PM

I stood by the window starting out at the world. I was starting to wonder just why I had come here, what had been the point? It hadn’t exactly changed anything. There was still me and then the rest of the world. Maybe I just felt safer here; I wasn’t on my own exactly so if there was a ‘problem’ then at least someone would be here to make sure things didn’t get too out of hand. I looked down at the box, maybe I should give this to Sorcha, just in case.

I left my room and headed down the corridor to Sorcha’s room. I was a little surprised that Koger didn’t find any of this the least bit curious but he didn’t come out of his room so I did worry. I knocked on the door. “Sorcha, hey you in there? I’ve got something for you.” I opened the door, empty. I frowned, where’d she gotten too? Maybe she’d gone down to the bathhouse, she had mentioned it. Would it be rude to go down there? I’ll leave this with a note, I’ll go in and get out and I won’t look, no way. She can talk to me later but I need to get rid of this.

I found the passageway that led off from the bedroom corridor. “Straight in, straight out, no looking.” I reminded myself, though I wasn’t the sort of guy to look. I made it to the entrance but for some reason I couldn’t get through, there was some sort of invisible barrier blocking my way. I was confused, why wouldn’t it let me in, I didn’t mean any harm.

“Hey look here house; I’m just here to deliver something. Let me through.”

No luck.

I sighed deeply and was about to leave when I heard a noise from the pool. I backtracked slightly and peered inside. I couldn’t believe what I saw and I couldn’t help how stupid I felt because of it.

“Yeah I get it…” I said quietly and retreated back upstairs. “What was I thinking? I mean to even hope that…I’m such a moron! What the hell am I even doing here?” I spread my wings and took off down the corridor, heading straight for Sorcha’s and the trapdoor. As I headed upwards I dropped the box down on the bed. Despite everything she was still the only person I trusted this with.

I flew towards the park and set down on a building overlooking a few of the pathways that criss-crossed through the grass. This is where I often came to think about things and I needed to do a lot of that. I was starting to wish I’d never agreed to leave my apartment…there had been no point in it. Nothing had changed, I was no better off than I had been and at this point I was probably worse off. How I could stay there with that going on? A constant reminder of what everyone else has that I don’t. I was better off living alone.

I sighed. “I’m right back to where I was a year ago…”

I watched the couples walking around the park in the moonlight. It was turning out to be one of those nights when it feels like the whole world’s against you. It probably was; it would make sense wouldn’t it? Heck why not? My life’s miserable because the world is against, sure let’s go with that. I sighed and looked down. “I could just throw myself off this building…but what good will that do. HE won’t let me kill myself, that’s why I’ve had to ask someone else to do it.” I sighed again. “Sometimes I wonder if I should just give up…at least that way I can finally bring an end to it all.”

I sat there for a few hours, not really doing anything but just trying to make some sense of my mess of a life. I didn’t have anything to show for my poor excuse of an existence. I had no family, no real friends…I shouldn’t even exist in this world but I do and everyday I live is cursed because of it. I sighed, “it would be nice, just for once, to be loved by someone…”

That'll never happen.

shut up!

Be realistic. Who would ever give a damn about someone like you?

Sorcha does...

Yeah of course. That's why she was having it off with someone else. You'd only been there five minutes.

Just shut it!

Did she even thank you for your help last night?

That's not fair.

Stop kidding yourself. No one has ever loved you.

That's a lie...

Is it? Name one person who honestly loved you.

I couldn't.

See? Nobody! You have never been loved by any person you have ever had feelings for, not Sorcha and not that bitch of a mother of yours.


I was losing control of myself. I could feel it, this other thing taking over, taking control. I couldn't stop it...My head was pounding but it was nothing compared to the pain in my arm. The skin was hardening, formind dark scales across the surface as the muscles expanded rapidly. It was just the one arm, but it was so painful. I glared at the sunset, yet another day had passed by. I was runnign out of control...I needed to get back to the house.

I took off as fast as I could, holding on to what sanity I had left. I needed to get away from the rest of the world, I needed to go where I felt safe, where I could be completely alone. I landed lightly on the roof and reached for the trapdoor. That's when I heard it. I was crushed.

I didn't see this one coming...

Go away...

Don't tell me you're gonna take that. You disappear for an entire day and she doesn't even notice. The one time you really need her and she's too busy taking her clothes off. How many times do you think they did it when you were gone? It has to be at least five...

Stop it!

Well then, what are you going to do about it?

I'm gonna kill them

I pushed off from the roof and dived straight down. I dont know how they managed to move out of the way as I plowed straight through the middle of the bed and into the lower level before coming back up through the floor . I probably looked a state, convered in dust from bursting through that floor and what with my mutated arm but I didn't care about that. I cared about one thing, seeing them dead. Both of them.


Yay! Thanks Dru for letting me join

Name: Helveanirica (come up with your own nick name... she actually has many nicknames from many cultures that still hold her legend true.)
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female/Male??
Species: Creation's Afterbirth
Gifts/powers: Helveanirica's powers are vague and extremely volital. Due to her shifts in form (explained below) her powers vary upon what state she resides in. If calm and within her "Good" state, she can manipulate and wield the divine powers of Angellic origin, commanding some healing and white magick-like energies. Of course in this state she uses her powers mainly for healing and peace than anything. In her "Chaotic Good" state she tends to be moody, losing her healing touch in exchange for command over her triumphant sword, "Majestiva de Varispawn" which is said to be apart of her and absorb those whom it claims and reverts all dead souls to beautiful divine energy. If she turns into her calm "neutral" state, she rarely uses any magicks but tends to be moody and outbursts of both 'good' and 'evil' powers emerge. In her 'calm evil' state, she wields the opposite powers of her 'calm good' state, as goes for her Chaotic Bad state. Except fo rone thing... Chaotic Bad state is extremely volital, and an extreme force to be reckoned with. Things explode... fires start... yeah... no wants bad chaotic self.
Physical Description: Oh boy... alright, Helveanirica's physical self changes depending upon her states (Calm Good, Chaotic Good, Neutral, Calm Bad, Chaotic Bad) She tends to sway from her neutral point very easily, however it is hard to shift her state after she has gone to either the left or right. Thus her appearance does change... but not like popping bubbles or anything. Here are her states: (You might take notice that her gender changes as well.)
Calm Good (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v655/luckclover4/hc345.gif)
Chaotic Good (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v655/luckclover4/griffon2.jpg)
neutral (http://photobucket.com/albums/v655/luckclover4/?action=view&current=agate001.jpg)
Calm Bad (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v655/luckclover4/White_Flower.jpg)
Chaotic Bad (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v655/luckclover4/normal_anime16.jpg)

Personality: Oh boy... so much dividing! Well in her Neutral state, she's very moody. Wishy washy... mistrusting... she doesn't like to get involved much unless forced upon or offered a good plea or sacrifice. You need to be cunning or a smooth talker to win her over. She tends to act slightly crazy too. In her 'Good' states, she's very strong, bold and a clear thinker. She's sacrificial and very protective... and probably a very good strong body guard or pillar of strength for anyone who needs it. In a time of lies and cheats, she's as pure as they come in this state. When she goes Chaotic she might be a bit too aggressive... and when she's Calm she might be too passive... but deal with it. In her bad state? She's not a great enemy to have... in fact, she makes life hellish. She's vile, evil, greedy, and very dangerous. She lies and she doesn't tell anything straight... so getting much out of her is useless. It takes a GREAT amount of persuasive power and courage to try to change her from a bad state, to a good or even neutral one.

Origin/History: Helveanirica's history is long and feverish... so a summary is very much so needed. She's called Creation's Afterbirth, but don't let the name fool you. She's probably one of the most hidden secrets earth has to offer. When God created ... well, creation... he made things good and things evil, gave things 'yin and yang' if you will. Earth was created, heaven and hell were created... and all these bad and good energies had little remains of themselves. Now, with everything having a 'little remain' of themself... adds up to quite a lot. This all formed together, and when it had gathered... it grew a mind and gave itself its own 'soul' sort of speak, with out God's control. What was formed? Helveanirica... neither Good nor Bad, but inbetween. Of course as each thing dies and each thing is born... energies are casted away, each to Helveanirica which shifted her side from time to time. Eventually instead of remaining as a blob in the universe with a mind and presense, she/he pushed herself to the earth and took form there. She could take the form of anything... to blend in, but if her presense was requested her suited form would be human-like and match her current state. However, many evils and many goods found out about Helvenirica upon earth, and her moody and unsteady state. So each tried to sway her over... some succeeding. The plagues and one time when the Demon Empire was at it's full in ancient time... Helvenirica was summoned and called upon for aid. For some reason, evil sides were always able to tap into her most evil potential... but yet, never has good been able to tap into her most good potential. Perhaps there is a first time for everything to see what comes out? One time Helvenirica almost destroyed the world because her ultimate potential of evil had been reached... but God stepped forth and summoned a casting to surround and bind her/him. Helvenirica had been used blatently by both sides, and God felt pity for her/him... because he/she DID have a soul and was being taken advantage of (hah, with so much power who could have thought som eone like tha twas easily swayed and taken advantage of?) She was once again hidden by God... but he by no means kept her from being upon Earth, for God finds ways of not directly presenting himself. He just had pity upon her... for she was treated more as an object, then a soul which needs the same things that all souls do but she wasn't ever given. So yeah, that's help shaped her... good or bad. So she's hidden... she could be an animal, a spirit in a 'haunted' house... some where... and legends and myths foretelling where she might be lurk everywhere. Some one cunning must find it...Of course, most legends of Helvenirica and her/his history have been destroyed so that she/he WOULD be forgotten.

Alliance: Neutral Currently
Other: She can speak to animals, but never tells them to fight for her. She tends to be Bisexual as well… for obvious confusing reasons.
Optionals- TAG!!!
Descriptive quotes: Neutral: "What pretty stars do stay in the blanket of the sky? They laugh at me... saying I haven't nothing.. " (Think Drusilla from BtVS.. .in that sing song voice! Mwhaha... )
Calm Good: " You poor thing... I'd like to heal you now, so you won't suffer... such sweet innocent beauty."
Chaotic Good: " I should destroy it now, before it casts its vile wicked claws upon all things!"
Calm Bad: " I know I know... all things are just f***ed up. I like it that way."
Chaotic Bad: " ..... diiiie... now..."
Alias(es): None currently.

Current: Neutral/Male/Demonic Shadow Wolf Form

Whispers in the forest…
Whispers in the wind…
Whispers within the earth…
Whispers within the water…
Whispers in the fire…
Whispers in the dark…
Whispers within the light…
Whispers… BEGONE

Helvenirica’s glazed eye opened slightly, only to close once more to return to the welcomed darkness of a shut lid. However, more whispers seemed to churn about his current state and plague upon his dancing mind. Grudgingly slowly his golden-hued eye opened once more, but only for an instance did the gold remain. After a mere second of meeting the air about him, the gold faded in a quick haze and dashed into a brilliant blazing fire-red color. Withdrawing a breath, slowly the dark, shadow-like figure rose upon all four limbs. Flickering his gaze about… a swish of his tail seemed to chase the voices away. Recently voices had been dancing in his head… voices from both sides, but none had been directed towards him. Ever since so long ago… they never were directed upon him anymore, because he was forgotten. It had been ages since any voice had risen to him… or thought of him, and it had been longer since any being had approached him and vocally sung for him.
The odd thing though… while he did hear voices from both sides from time to time, dancing in his head to show him the balance of the world… never had they sung like this. They were rising… whispering about coming… about bringing forth the end. Both sides actually, although each was at a different tune about the end. It was rather loud… and while Helvenirica usually tuned out such things- for he was given that ability with concentration – but he actually liked to know which way the world was balanced.
But now… powers rising from both sides made it almost naturally equal. It was rather unnerving… where usually equality amongst things were good, this was not. When such things were equal… wars happened. Helvenirica tried to forget such wars.

Flattening his shadow-like ears, Helvenirica stood strong and yet seemed to be nothing more than a mere standing shadow in the darkness. A wolven form with a hint of transparent shadow… it was the form he had chosen for quite some time. Red-glazed eyes dancing about like poppy wild fires, giving him a crazed and threatening appearance. While his form was solid… it was semi-transparent, allowing to see through to the world around him as well. He was in a designated ‘evil’ form, for shadow wolves were considered demonic and evil, partly because most of them well. Of course, Helvenirica respected the animals for they were almost one in the same, and he knew that there truly was no ‘evil’ or ‘good’ amongst them, just simply persuasion which led them to each side by God or Satan’s tongue. So in this state however… it perhaps seemed that Helvenirica was swaying to the ‘evil’ side, which was in all cases false. Helvenirica chose the form because it was stealthy and generally comfortable to stay in. To have the keen sense of sight, hearing and touch all at his whim along with the swift speed and stealth was key for him. He did no harm in this form, but simply called it upon his immortal life to remain hidden.

Of course, when all have forgotten you… it was easy to hide. Perhaps not the best life, but memories were as true and clear in his mind as one remembers being bitten by a snake a second ago.

Snorting slightly as he slowly forced the voices away from his mind, he withdrew a short and probably unnecessary breath before slowly trotting along the foggy, damp forest. His glowing eyes of red scanning for nothing… just simply out for the peaceful walk which required no effort except a relax state of mind. Perhaps some thing big was coming… no, Helvenirica knew that the battle of the heavens and hells were coming… but he took himself out of such battles a short while ago….
Short of course, being relative to his age.
Of course… habits die hard.

8th July 2005, 09:13 PM

A dream come true...

No true thoughts were with me; only bliss. The agony of sixteen centuries melted away in a matter of minutes and I felt as if I had been finally awakened.

Time passed; I didn't know how much and didn't really care. All that I knew was that, somehow, my normal biorhythms had been overridden, because I would have been forced into my daytime sleep otherwise. Again, I didn't really care.

After awhile, we rose out of the pool and dressed; Koger gathered me up in his arms and we left the bath. I felt like a goddess, dressed in all white, being carried by her god and lover. Everything about this moment was right. Koger carried me to my room and laid me on the bed before laying beside me. He gathered me close and I closed my eyes; nothing else existed but us. We were two beings from two very different lives living and breathing as one. It was what the concept of man and woman was supposed to be.

Koger gently tilted my head back and I looked into his eyes... and I saw everything that I had ever longed for, though I hadn't really known it. Tears pooled in my eyes as I looked into his; tears of the purest joy imaginable. Koger looked about to speak when I silenced him with a kiss. My left hand reached up to lightly touch the back of his neck; he pulled me even closer to him and his hands ran over my body, sending warm shivers through me. My heart began to race and a slight moan excaped me as my body began to tingle in anticipation.

The room suddenly felt very cold and dark; Koger and I opened our eyes in shock and looked at eachother.

"Move!" I cried, and just in time, as a dark form that eradiated evil crashed through.

It was Garth... or, was it? I couldn't tell at first, but it was. He was different... he was tainted...

Koger moved in between Garth and I. I knew that I should be frightened... but I wasn't.

I was angry. My wings came to me unbidden, and sparks began to fly between my fingers; in a mirror across the room, I could see that my eyes were glowing a brilliant white, and my face was a mask of righteous fury. I rose from the floor where I had fallen without moving a muscle and hovered above the floor, my wings unfurled and stretching from wall to wall with length to spare. My hair flew around my face and billowed as if in a strong wind, electricity sparking from the ends. Outside, a sudden cloud bank had appeared and sharp reports of thunder rang as lightning split the sky.

"GET THEE OUT OF MY HOUSE, SATAN, AND TAKE THINE SERVANT AS WELL!" I roared in voice that I barely recognised as my own. Garth was shot through the hole in the roof like a ball being tossed aside, and I immidiately followed.

Clouds boiled overhead as I hovered over the roof, glaring at Garth, who stared in amazement.

Give it up, angel-wench, you know you can't win in the end!

I laughed; not my usual seductive laugh, but a powerful, confident laugh. "If thou art so sure of thineself, then stop hiding, 'Prince' of Darkness."

Garth stared at me and I was aware of Koger's presence on the roof below, just as the rain began to fall in torrents. My white gown was quickly soaked and my hair clung to my face and body, but I just hovered there, challenging Garth to try me.

"LEAVE ME! THOU TAINTED SOUL, NEVER AGAIN SET FOOT IN THIS SACRED PLACE AND PROFANE IT WITH THINE PRESENCE!" I snarled, waving a hand at Garth and hitting him square in the chest with a burst of holy magick. He cried out; the taint in him was painfully evident to me.

Garth turned and flew away, and it broke my heart to see him go. He had come to me for sanctuary, and I had ultimately sent him away.

The rain slackened and the storm faded into a gentle rain as quickly as it had come, and I remained suspended in the air, watching Garth, tears streaming down my face. I had failed him...

Exhaustion overtook me; I crumpled and fell through the air, saved from the indignity of hitting the roof by Koger's open arms. I looked at him and smiled weakly before fainting for the second time in three days.


I retreated from battle only to collapse on a building some short miles away, that last attack had done more damage than either of us had realised. I didn't yet have the strength to repel witch's magic but I doubted that it would be long before I did. I laid back and waited for the damage to heal, that had been greatly unexpected.

I took an hour to calm down, to try and pull together what part of me was still human and thus regain control of my actions. I felt bad about what I'd done, even though no one had been hurt. Come to think of it...what was she doing up at that time? The sun was still up, only partly but still a bit and from that point, they must have been at it for a while. Something was off.

I sighed and looked out over the city. I was myself again but how long would it last this time. I decided it was time to move on again. I didn't know where I'd go, just somewhere far away from where I was now. It would mean going back to Sorcha's...I could try and sneak in like last time but definately not go through the roof.

I took off and headed back for the house. I was hoping I hasd regained enough of my former self to be allowed to enter, of course there was also the possibility that the house itself could be angry at me for my little rampage but it let me in without trouble and I was even able to make it to the bedroom corridor unchallenged. It seemed luck was on my side and I couldn't help but grin slightly. I gazed up at the ceiling for a moment as I walked and when I brought my gaze back down again I found myself almost jumping out of my skin.

"Koger. Hell you scared the crap outta me."

"What are you doing here?" he seemed on edge.

"I'm just getting my stuff, then I'm out of here and you'll never see me again."

"You think I'm just gonna let you walk past after what you did?"

"Hey I didn't know what I was doing. I'm sorry okay? Look just let me grab my things and I'll go."

He was determined to be a nuisance it seemed. "I don't think so."

I sighed, it was starting to look as if there was no way of me getting what I wanted. But fortunately, I was in for a bit of luck.

"Let him go Koger." Sorcha was standing there. She seemed different somehow but I couldn't quite put my figner on it, maybe it as her hair...I ducked past the two of them quickly, the memory of how she looked just over an hour ago bore into my brain. I had to get away from this place.

I pulled into my room and started gathering together all my stuff as quickly as I could. I quickly became aware of the presence of someone behind me but I would deal with that last. I crammed everything into my bag and zipped it before tossing it other my shoulder. There was just one last thing to address.

"I found this in my room," said Sorcha. "Do you want it back?"

"Keep it. I'm entrusting you to use it when..." I just couldn't bring myself to say it. Planning your own death isn't that easy to speak about openly.

"I get it."

"I'm trusting you okay? Don't miss or nothing." I adjusted the strap on my bag and headed for the door. The strangest thing was, it wasn't the door that stopped me, it was nothing. I couldn't get out the room. There was a forcefield blocking the door, just like back at the bathhouse. I pounded my fist on it. "What's going on here?"

"I asked the house to convince you to stay." Sorcha explained.

"Yeah well tell it to let me go. I don't want to be here."

"Garth...I'm sorry I let you down before but I'm not gonna make that mistake again. I'm gonna help you."

"By keeping me locked in here? I'm not some kind of animal you can keep in the zoo, I'm a person! You can keep me here!" I pounded on the forcefield.

She and Koger left me then. I would have loved to think that I was just being forgotten about yet again whilst they went off to please themselves but I knew it was for me to calm down. I couldn't help it, I wasn't the sort to take to a prison lightly, especially after spending so much of my earlier years in one.

It was hours before I saw signs of anyone but it was Sorcha who came to see me. She brough some food with her and though I hated to admit it I was starving.

"Garth I need you to tell me something. I need you to tell me why you attacked us."

I gulped suddenly. "I...I don't know...I went out and I just lost it...I can't remember a thing."

"Garth," she knew I was lying and I couldn't keep this act up. Being trapped in this room was really starting to freak me out.

I sighed. "Have you ever really wanted something but you weren't allowed to have it and everyone else seemed to have that thing you want?"


"That's why. I partly came here because I didn't think you had what I want more than anything but you do. I went out to try and be cool about it but everywhere I looked I saw people who had what I want. That's why I lost it."

Sorcha was quiet for a bit. "And what do you want Garth?"

"I can't tell you that."

Sorcha nodded. "I'm going to help you Garth. I messed up last time but it won't happen again."

I watched her leave down the corridor. With a saddened sigh I gazed down at my arm, I was becoming a monster. "You wanna help me Sorcha?" I knew she couldn't hear me but I said it anyway. "Then kill me."

9th July 2005, 03:18 AM
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So, with all that in mind... my final Sorcha post for awhile. :'(


"I can't tell you that..."

The words echoed through my head and haunted me. What was happening to everyone? What was happening to me? I walked into my bedroom; I had magickally repaired the damage caused by Garth with the help of the house's own magick, and everything was in order. I looked in the mirror; only a few hours ago I had seen myself transform into... something else. I had gone outside during daylight hours with no apparent effect. As I studied my reflection, the changes that had taken place were apparent. The roots of my hair were completely grey, and the most change had taken place at the temples. Here, the grey had gone farther... I looked like I was aging. I felt like it too; my strength was greatly reduced, but it was replenishing itself faster than usual.

What was happening to me?

Koger slid into view behind me, and he wrapped his arms around my waist.

"Where have you been?" I asked looking up at him over my shoulder.

"Here, there... though I suspect that what you meant was were have I been in the past half hour?"

I rolled my eyes. "Yes, where have you been for the past half hour?"

"Around," he replied, smiling and kissing me quickly.

I couldn't help but smile as well, tired as I was. "Oh, I almost forgot... I have something that I wanted to show you." I said, grasping his hand and pulling him along behind me. "Don't worry about what it is, either." I made my way to the entry way of the house, to the door that led to the Wheel. I opened it, and was met by the same seemingly endless hallway with strange walls. I closed the door after Koger and walked a few feet ahead.

"Stand back, please, I need total concentration." I cautioned. What I was about to do could be extremely dangerous, even for me. While I usually didn't bother with spacial magick, this was one area that I couldn't avoid it.

I brought my hands together, palms facing eachother, in front of me, and began a slow, quiet chant. Lights began to dance in the hallway and my own form began to glow. I raised my voice and shifted from a chant to song, steadily growing louder. My voice fell and rose in time, and the walls of the hallway seemed to vibrate in responce, and began to shift outwards. Light shadows of my wings stretched out and seemed to push the walls away as our surroundings grew brighter and brighter. My voice soared, and the light became blinding as I lifted my hands into the air.

And it all stopped. I opened my eyes and turned around to look at Koger.

"Welcome," I whispered, "to the Garden of Eden."

We were no longer indoors, but in a huge forest where birds of every color flew between the branches and sang their songs that mortals had not heard for thousands of years. Moonlight filtered through the trees and reflected off of a nearby rock pool that lay at the foot of a huge waterfall. The sounds of rushing water, wind in the trees, and creatures that had not walked the earth since the beginning of man swirled around us like a distant symphony.

I picked up the hem of my gown and, giving Koger a mischevious grin, ran off into the trees without a sound. So our game had begun. There were no rules, no limits, no goals. I pushed off the ground and soared through the air into the treetops and alit on a branch some fifty feet over the ground. Here, I crouched and looked out into the night, eyes wide to catch any slight movement. I heard Koger off in the distance; a slight breath that no one else would have heard since they could not hear what the trees heard. I saw through the eyes of nature where he was, and gave him an illusion of light to bring him closer to me. I ran through the maze of tree branches until I was nearly right above him. I watched in silence, appreciating how he moved with stealth and power.

My eyes glowed faintly in the dark, and I looked about me for some way to catch his attention. I reached above me and snapped off a twig; the faint sound caused Koger to look up and he saw me.

I lept from the branch and sailed through the air to the ground, where I landed lightly and took off running again. Koger was gaining on me quickly; I ran towards the waterfall. When I got to the pool, I kept running along the water's surface, small ripples going out from where my feet lightly disturbed it. I walked out perhaps thirty feet and stopped, looking back at Koger who had stayed on the bank.

I must have looked like something out of a faerietale or legend; my long red hair flowed over my shoulders gently, slightly mussed and my white gown fluttered in the slight breeze. I smiled and looked at Koger, but my reflection caught me off guard. The places where my hair seemed to be streaked grey were faintly luminescent and not grey but a silvery blue. I wrote it off as a trick of the moonlight and looked back to Koger.

Gingerly, he stepped from the shore onto the surface of the water. He hid his thoughts and feelings of the experience well and continued to walk across the surface towards me. I ran to him, and he took me into his arms.

"Who are you, Sorcha?" he murmured.

"If I knew, I would tell you," I replied, holding back tears. I looked up, my eyes glittering in the moonlight, and I choked. "I would tell you..."

9th July 2005, 04:14 PM
Whoa. What just happened? :o
Anyway...on with the show.

-/Jack Korso: Ancient/-

Jack often used the term "park" instead of "land" when he..."parked" the ship in the garage or outside. He had a small device about the size of a diomond ring, with a tiny red button on the top. Jack pressed that button, and the ship literly, disapeared. It was there, yes-but not visible.

Since the "blowing of the roof" action lasted only seconds, he wanted to go into the city and hang out for a little while. Since Ancients didn't really need to sleep, he went to the secondary garage where he had a shiny Ferrari (and the other two Ancients had their own, too), which was a blood red, they had them just so they doesn't have to reveal the ships, which would take up three parking spaces, anyway.
Jack didn't need the keys. He installed a no-key system that was activated by touch. And only those with the Ancient DNA code or special gene could turn on the car. And he had both.
When he got in the seat, he put his hand where the key would be inserted and turned- and the car reved to life.
Technology is bliss when you use it right... Jack thought to himself as he drove the car away from the mansion along a very dark and un-traveled road, yet it was paved. It led right into the outskirts of the city. He put on his sun-glasses, which hid his purple eyes. He would simply say to people who asked,
"My eyes were badly damaged and are vulnerable to UV radiation. Simple enough for you?" and move on.
He was easily irriated, in any frustrating situation. He got himself a spot at a local public city garage, and he parked on the very top floor. He was going to go out on the roof and do some stargazing for a while...at least, he thought the night would be calm.

13th July 2005, 12:55 PM
*starts singing "On With the Show"*

Erm... yeah, uh dude... what the hell do spaceships have to do with anything? There are no aliens in this RP... I'm afraid that, should you continue to post sci-fi sorts of things that I'm going to have to ask for you to leave. This is religion/theology/mythology related, and I don't know of any part of the Bible that says anything about spaceships... Unless you ask my ex-boyfriend, but I'm not...

13th July 2005, 09:56 PM
I have no idea what the heck just happened, but I'll try to jump in.

Beer, women, neon lights and ear splitting music. This was what Malik called paradise. He was now sitting at the bar of 'Neon Impact', one of the many nightclubs around the city and Malik's usual haunt.
Who needs power when I've got all this?
He swigged down another beer and called over the bartender.
"Hey Mortis," he called, "another beer over here." Mortis simply nodded and slid a tall cold one in his idrection. Little did people know, Mortis was actually a demon and very few people, Malik included, knew this. At first, Malik used this to blackmail the poor guy into giving him free drinks, but after a couple of weeks, the two got along and Malik let it drop.
"You know what Mortis," he said as he took a gulp of beer, "nothing could spooil this moment." How wrong he was. While enjoying his booze, he failed to notice the one woman he didn't want to see sneak up on him.
"Hey Malik!" Naomi squealed as she wrapped her arms around him, causing the devil spawn to jump. Naomi Yukari had to be the most annoying person he had ever met. She was cheerful, perky and in Malik's opinion, completely insane.
"Hey Yukari," he sighed, turning around. Naomi didn't look that bad. She had fire read heair which neatly reached down to her chin and chestnut brown eyes, behind a pair of small, round rimmed glasses. She was dressed in a magenta tank top and jeans.
"How's it going?" she asked, giving him a smile which she considered friendly, but Malik considered scary.
"not bad," he simply replied before turning back to the bar. Naomi sat down next to him.
"Give me a white wine spritzer please," she asked. Mortis nodded and handed the woman her drink.
"Great music huh?" she asked.
"Yeah," he replied, taking a gulp of beer. Man, even Sorcha wasn't this bad.

Despite what everyone else thought, Malik and Sorcha were actually good friends, despite the fact they try to kill eachother occasionally. Speaking of Sorcha, Malik began to wonder how she was doing. Maybe he should give her a call. Reaching into his coat, he pulled out a cellphone. Luckily, he already had Sorcha's number on it. He brought the phone to his ear as he waited for Sorcha to answer.

yeah, I know, it's not that good. sorry.

14th July 2005, 11:54 AM
Current Form: Demonic Shadow Wolf/M/Neutral

The forest in which Helve was within of course couldn't exactly be called a 'forest'. A jungle perhaps... a valley... in actuality it was more like a large, exotic garden than anything. Not one set plant ruled over the forest, but actually several different plants lived there... some which needed extreme moist and hot temperatures, and others that wanted cold and dry climates. However here they all were... meshing together like a perfect puzzle. The air was not humid, nor was it dry... and it wasn't too hot but it wasn't cool either. It was what one would designate as the 'perfect' temperature. Beautiful streams trickled through the dense jungle-like atmosphere... animals stirred within and all was at peace. It seemed that balance was truely genuine here.

Of course... what would you expect from the Garden of Eden?

Helve knew that was where he was residing in. Any normal being... even most angels, would have difficulty getting into the Garden of Eden because only those who were divine in God's eyes were allowed to even glimpse at it. Of course there were those who were protectors of it... keepers of it's existance, but Helve was obviously not one of those. God however, despite not being the creator of Helve, had favor for him and had allowed Helve privilage of entering any domain that he pleased. Helve had been bothered by the current form of Earth... and in a stricken state of stress he had dashed and hid himself into the depths of Eden. Only God knew of course... for even those with focused eyes would have not seen the shadowy figure of the wolf enter. Of course a transparent state and a neutrality aura which cloaked him helped as well. It was solitude... and Helve was not bothered by anything except for the occasional haunt of thoughts from the light and the dark. He still occasionally immersed himself with the animals, who felt at ease around him despite his appearance. Animals... though considered lesser beings by humans, were very intelligent within their sixth senses. Despite being in a demonic form... they could tell what Helve was, and if not what... then at least they could tell his alignment and content state towards them.

Despite all this though... Helve knew, deep within his mind, that he could not hide in Eden forever. Eventually... like all the other places, he would have to leave again in search of a new place to seek peace in. He just didn't know when....
... but it seemed that it would be this day.

A swirl and a mumur of voices reached Helve's ear swiftly. Twitching it slightly, he jerked his head around and his red-swirled eyes glanced towards the direction in which the voices were. Two of them... one he recognized as Sorcha, not because they knew eachother... no... almost none knew of Helve. Especially those who served God or aligned with him... and Satan's spawn were equally uninformed. The other voice however... while not recognizable, seemed vaguely familiar- as if Helve had come incontact or heard of it before. It was not important at this moment however.
Helve realized they were in Eden... and naturally curious, Helve decided to glance to see if they would be staying here long or not. Padding virtually silently and steadily, he crept through the forest until he was immershed in the shadows of the plants. Glancing at the pair, they seemed to be a dancing couple... like a pair of birds flirting with the wind. An odd yet perfectly mismatched pair... which didn't make sense to Helve but at the same time it did. His presense basically went unnoticed, which perhaps was a good thing.
Seeing a 'seemingly' demon in the Garden of Eden would probably make Sorcha... unhappy and she had a habit of being slightly explosive at times. Helve knew that... he had been around long enough to hear most things reguardless if he wanted to or not. Some thing wasn't right though... and Helve's mind was churning slightly. There was something hidden about... both of them. Some thing that was unseen but yet felt to Helve as if it should be... of course Helve knew one of the secrets, but the other... it felt like Helve should know, but had seemingly forgotten. He had tried to forget so many things...

Helve watched for several minutes, and finally believed that it was time to leave Eden. If Sorcha planned on staying and bringing others in here a lot... it would be a danger and a nuisance to Helve. Helve liked.. peace and quiet...
However, just as Helve was about to turn away... suddenly a shout emitted into the air. Helve instantly stopped, thinking it to be him... but as he jerked his head around, instead he saw a third figure rapidly approaching in the distance. Instantly Helve sensed hostility in the air... and Helve realized that he wouldn't be able to leave Eden until this ordeal was over with. Eden tends to... keep things inside...when hostility breached it's borders. It had happened once before... a long time ago.
So Helve watched and waited.

14th July 2005, 05:31 PM
OOC: Shulda known you were gonna set me up for this Kalah...Dru, I'm just gonna say right now please don't kill Garth prematurely and I appologise in a advance for all the fun I'm gonna have during this post.


Stuck in that room for hours I had a lot of time to reflect back on what had transpired. I had lost myself, a costly mistake and one that I did not intend to make again. I had decided, I could stay a neutral no longer. It was time to choose sides and I was going to make the biggest decision of my life and judging on how it was gonna knock back on me, it could just be the last one I make. I took a deep breath and cleared my mind. "I must be nuts," I said quietly as I got to the feet. "Alright house, you know my plans. I don't mean any harm, show me the way to Sorcha." I rolled my eyes briefly. "Please."

To both my amusement and joy, the barrier preventing my departure from my room dispersed and my path to Sorcha was kindly laid out before me. I figured that she would be the first person I should turn to at this time, she was the only one I trusted to keep me on the right path. At this crucial point in time, though I hated to admit it, I needed her.

The path was longer than I would have liked but it couldn't be helped. It gave me an interesting insight into the house, it was unbelievable how much craziness was locked up in one house. Eventually I reached my destination. I was fully aware that I might have to go through seeing what I had saw not so long ago but at least this time I was prepared. Nothing could shock me now, well almost nothing.

I gaped at the wonder that stood before me. My brain couldn't believe what my eyes were seeing. This was it, I was standing in THE Garden of Eden. I had definately made my first step. A thought crossed my mind and I chuckled slightly, who knew, I could even become a saint. I laughed, no way that'd ever happen. But at least I'd be free. That was something at least.

You think you can be rid of me?

I know I can.

Ha! I give you power most dream of and you think you can just turn all Christian on me.

Too late now. I'm here and I'm not going back.

And you think your other half isn't going to play along with this?

He's not in control. I am.

Really? Let's test that shall we?

There was an imense pain running through my body. I can't describe the unimaginable pain one feels when another soul is trying to force out your own. I fought it with everything I had but my soul was just not strong enough to withstand his, to withstand the soul of the demon that resides within this body. And so, yet again, I lost myself.

I stood up and admired the surroundings. The Garden of Eden, the start of that scum known as humanity. I smirked to myself as yet another stage of transformation was completed. It was good to have my scaled and muscled arms back again. "This is where it stared and this is where it's gonna end."

I had been too weak last time to tap into even a little bit of my powers and Sorcha had been able to dominate our battle. But things were different now and I had access to enough of my power to do what I needed. It was time to show 'God' that this war was coming to him and that his precious creations were first on my hitlist. Starting, with his precious garden.

I could sense Sorcha and that dickhead boyfriend of hers up ahead and I decided that if I was going to do this it would be best to rattle a few cages in the process. So I headed over there. I could sense the presence of another but I disregarded it quickly. It was unimportant at this point.

"Sorcha, Koger, how nice to see you two here." I said smugly.

"Garth? What are you doing here?" she sounded concerned but I could tell she knew I was different.

"Garth? Heh, sorry babe but Garth just checked out. I'm here now and as for what I'm doing..." I looked to the side and shot a ball of fire between the trees. They lit up like roman candles. I shot the two a sideways look, "I'm planning a BBQ and a know a couple of people I'd like to stick on it."

I destroyed a treeline to the left of me and laughed. "Come now Sorcha, what's with the hesitation? You were much quicker to act when it was your sex life I was destroying."

15th July 2005, 06:43 AM
Don't worry- I wasn't exactly focused on using that thing forever.

-/Jack Korso: Ancient/-

Jack really hated when he had to wear black to blend in at bars and the like. He always wanted to wear his white oatmeal sweater in public, but he would be looked at like he had five heads. And the fact he has a shiny-like-new Ferrari no matter how many times he tried to get it dirty would make him seem the more stranger.

So, on top of his normal blistering white clothes, he put on a big, black, leather jacket.
"Why, oh why, oh why?" Jack said to himself.
He also pulled out a modified Barreta sidearm. It shot 18 shots in a clip instead of nine. It still looked like an everyday Barreta. He also had a very small vile of Ancient blood. One drop of this stuff would seep into the skin regardless of what it was composed of, and as soon as it made contact with either DNA or blood, it would start mutating it into Ancient DNA or blood. And one vile is enough for...let's just say alot. About 1,500 humanoids. But rarely was the vile even used.

Jack got out of the car, which was parked on the top floor of a public parking garage. He had a small telescope with him. He went out onto the roof, and set up the telescope, and peered through the hole. And this telescope was kept the way it was, mind you. No Ancient modifications here. It was good enough.

After a couple hours of star-gazing, Jack suddenly felt like something was wrong in the world. He didn't know what, so he shrugged it off. But after 15 minutes, it came back again, worse. Jack just took it as being nervous. He packed up his telescope, put it in his Ferrari, got in, and drove down to the street.
Jack put all the thoughts in his head.
So maybe I'm just a bit nervous, just a little uncertain. But for what? Heck, I don't know if-ah, whatever. Forget it.
He decided to go back to the mansion, get some rest.

When he got back home, he parked his Ferrari in the garage. He took off his leather jacket.
"Thank god..." Jack said.
It was about 12:05am. Midnight. He still felt a little whoozy, after sleeping for two hours. He went back to sleep. He heard a garbled voice in his head, as if it were on an old radio.
"Jack, someone (static) is trying to (staticstatic), I want you to stop (staticstatic)." The voice said.
Jack got up in a shock.
"Ah, it was just a nightmare. I'm irritated too much..." He thought.

15th July 2005, 12:26 PM
*kicks JT*



OK Sam, you asked for it. Here we go... BAR BRAWL!!!! >:D
Here's everyone's chance to jump in, too, since we're taking this to the city!


The trees... Even as they were being torn apart, I could feel it. Something in my soul didn't just stir as it had been for the past few weeks... it jerked awake and roared. Koger jumped into action, but I stood there...

I felt like I was going to be violently sick.

Black clouds rumbled overhead, and lightning blasted Garth back, and I screamed. I felt like I was being torn to bits; pain was flooding every inch of my body. The pool surface that I had been standing on began to ripple... then massive waves broke out along the surface as the sky was split with lightning. The flames were spreading through the trees... I unleashed a huge amount of energy and rain began to pour down to drench the forest.

Koger had driven Garth out of the Garden back into the house. Both were out of sight by now... neither of them saw what happened to me then.

A scream tore loose from me that echoed in the sky as the winds picked up. I felt like I was dying, the pain was so bad. Rain was pouring down so hard by now that I couldn't see farther than a few feet in front of me; tears of blood ran warm down my face, mixing with the cool water from the torrential downpour.

The pain had only just begun.

It felt like a thousand searing-hot knives tore open my back; I felt the blood gushing down my body as wings that were not my own emerged. My gown was torn and stained red, soaked by rain and blood, barely clinging to me as three pairs of wings unfurled themselves, iridecent and silvery-blue, reaching over thirty feet in length. I couldn't see it, but my hair was changing too; the silver that had started earlier spread from the roots to the ends, darkening into shades of blue and green as the color progressed. I shrieked in pure agony as the transformation continued and the gale around me passed hurricane proportions.

Then it all stopped. Slowly, I raised my head and opened my eyes. My reflection in the water below wasn't of me... Not entirely, anyway.

And now I knew who I was.

My inner, hidden spirit that had saved me so long ago... was now completely a part of me.

I had been the host for an angel.

I opened my wings and raised my hands to the sky, willing myself to where ever Koger and Garth had ended up. I was instantaneously there, in the middle of it. The house lay in ruins; Koger and Garth were in the thick of battle when they saw me hovering in midair across the room.

I snarled; Koger could handle this, but it still pissed me off. I wasn't going to interfere this time, though...

In a flash of light, I disappeared again, this time going to one of the innermost chambers of the house. In the middle of the room, suspended in the air, was the Spear of Longinus. I raised my hand and it came to me. I also took a sword that hung on the wall... a sword that had been there for millenia, and I had never known that it was there for me.

Another flash of light, and I was in my bedroom. I changed out of my torn gown and tossed it aside, taking something more usual to my tastes; a black leather corset and miniskirt outfit with red trim, but the moment that I put it on, the red turned to a blue-green. It seemed that my color choices were no longer truely mine.

I returned to the entryway of the house to discover Koger standing at the open door; Garth had gone for now. It wasn't over, though. I tossed the Spear to Koger.

"Go; I'm going to Inferno. This time, the shit's hit the fan and I'm not going to put up with it anymore."

I flew off into the night, not caring if mortal eyes saw me or not. If what I felt was coming actually happened, they'd be seeing a lot more than a rogue angel flying through the streets before the night was over.

When I reached Inferno, I didn't bother with the doors. I blew the damned things right off of their hinges; screams tore through the air as I stormed inside. I walked to the DJ, an old friend of mine, who stared at me, stunned at my change, and I took the microphone.

"Listen, all you cock-sucking sons of mother fucking bitches! This is it; the Dark Lord will fall, and you can either get out of my way, or you can die pitifully. The choice is yours; make it soon!" I hissed over the speaker system.

"Whore of light! You're the one who's going to fall," yelled someone, and a chair came flying through the air at me. I unsheathed my sword and the chair splintered into a thousand peices.

Chaos broke out as immortals began to fight and humans panicked and fled.

Speaking of hurricanes... if Emily gets much closer to me, I may be gone for awhile. Right now, it's not known if she'll hit Mexico or Texas, but if she hits Texas... well, I'll probably be heading up to Dallas or something. If I do need to go to higher ground, I'll let someone know.

15th July 2005, 06:14 PM

I had been torn away from the battle by pressing matters. It would appear that my ever-so-great leader wanted me to run an errand and seek out a psionic being. It looked the war had begun, I could sense a dramatic change in Sorcha and there could be no sign more obvious. The temptation to pit myself against her new form was overwhelming but I had to stick to my mission.

Searching the city, it soon became apparent that this demon would be harder to find than expected and I was warned during my search that he may take some temptation. But I could help with that. After a short while I came across my target, lurking in the shadows. This hooded figure, who would appear to many as a ghost, but I knew better.

"Who the hell are you?"

"I am one who comes offering an alligence. My employer is very interested in your uniqueness." I replied calmly.

"Whos your employer?"

I smirked and tilted my head slightly. "The dark lord himself, who else?"

"There's others..."

You could have told me he was a cocky son-of-a-*****

I'm sure you can handle it.

I composed myself. "A war is coming, whether you are aware of this or not and I've be sent to try and suade you to our cause. Your reward will be whatever you choose it to be."



"...Fine.. Only because of the reward.." he replied with a sigh.

I smirked and nodded. "You'll get your reward, no worries but your services are required immediately. A simple brawl has broken out but the challenge on offer is tempting, are you up for it?"

"What exactly are we fighting there?"

"some of God's...lackies...but there is a witch there whom I have every intention of taking on and I know of anoth who you might like to enjoy destroying."

"Whos this other..?"

"An arrogant prick with smaller balls than sense, which is saying a lot. He thinks highly of himself, I'm sure you'd enjoy showing him otherwise."

He smirked briefly then replied, "Bring it on."

I nodded and drew my wings. I took to the sky and led him to the nightclub as he followed closely behind. Before we managed to reach our destination we were blocked by Koger. I narrowed my eyes at him. "This is the one I told you about," I growled, noting the spear in his hands. I didn't have time to piss-ass about with this twat. There was a brawl which I was waiting to get in the middle of. I could always lead him there...

"Hey peanut dick, bet ya can't catch me," I taunted as I flew past him. Our newest recruit followed my lead, flying straight through the idiot as he stood there temporarily stunned. "We'll lead him to the club. I can lose him there and you can make sure he doesn't interrupt my battle."

We made it to the Inferno with Koger tailing us. The second we were inside, Illidan took out someone by the door and prepared for his battle with Koger. I had no complaints, with Sorcha's bodygaurd out the way my battle was going to be much more interesting.

Taking out someone who mistakingly got in my way, I sprung upwards and slammed into her, throwing us both through the back wall and on to the ground.

"Hey baby, did you miss me?" I taunted with a grin.

She threw me off but I simply extended my wings and glided gently to the ground.

"Awww, if I'd have known you'd miss me that much I wouldn't have left."

She fired a flash of magic at me like the last time we battled but I merely swatted it away.

"You underestimate me. I may not be at my full strength yet but I have more than enough to dispose of you witch."

Crystal Tears
15th July 2005, 06:52 PM
My great Return! Ty sam!

Illidan Aeden

This is slightly... I didn't know how to really finish my thought. As the spear was jabbed in my direction, I smirked. Disappointing... As this Koger character blinked, the spear had gone right through my chest, I tilted my head slightly.
"Having difficulties?" I smirked, as the loose energy that was attaching itself to him begun to sting. And at the last moment, ripped the spear from his hands, and was flung into wall with great force. Koger stood there confused, obviously ready for whatever was coming... Well... Almost anything coming...

I charged the loose energy; it shot through the air and slammed into him, sending him flying back out the door. Obviously he had never fought a psisonic demon before. But then again, there was very few of us... If any besides me were left.

This is… Too simple… I thought, as he came running back, and this time, attempted a punch that was caught by the energy, it rebounded him. Like a spring loaded trap, it caused him to go flying back again. Actually... It’s kind of boring… Another thought, as I was beating him without doing much.

“Fucking Cowardice Ass!” Koger called out to me, as he wiped away some blood from his mouth. I smirked.

“Really Koger.” I answered, wrapping the energy around him and beginning to crush him like I had done too many others. “Is it wise to insult the thing that’s killing you?” I smirked at the energy began to flow into him, attacking his spine, as well as his mind; I frowned, thoughts spinning around in my head. But only one managed its way out. “If I must kill you to have them back, then I will.”

15th July 2005, 07:16 PM
Current Form: Demonic Shadow Wolf/M/Neutral

Fires ablazed... Eden was burning and there seemed little that was stopping the raging fires. The forest cried out, giving screams against the evil which had lashed out with it's knashing hungry claws. For a second... a mere second, Helve felt an inner flare of anger rise within him. The forest... the animals... they were some thing Helve had always enjoyed, always loved... the peace and tranquility which all of them provided. Now here it was... being destroyed and killed because of some fued between the opposing forces.
Yet thunder crashed down and rain soon followed...
Helve's eyes flared over towards Sorcha, who was undergoing a tremendous change. Energies were flowing into her... painful and bewitching energy which ripped at her flesh. It was less than flowing into her rather... but exploding outwards. Wings- massive wings of great stature- erupted from her back like exploding, thorny vines as blood spurted into the air from all directions. The mixture of blood and rain... it affected Helve, drove his senses wild and caused his interest to be further perked.
He recognized the Angel coming forth instantly- he was around when the Angel had been born after all.
Soon the transformation had been complete, and instantly in the blink of an eye- after Sorcha had come to realize what she was- she was gone.

Helve withdrew a sigh... so many thoughts were swimming within his mind now that he was confused on what action to take. Stay in Eden? It was basically pointless now... half of the forest was destroyed and the large amounts of pounding rain hadn't helped either unless the goal was the pound the forest to it's death. Helve should hide... he knew he should find a new place to abide by, but yet again... what point would that serve? If a war was coming... a rather great war, then there would be no place to hide. There had been many wars between Good and Evil... many that Helve had managed to avoide, but for some reason... Helve felt that he knew there was no choice. He was already involved... and it was only a matter of time that either side found out about him. Satan's minion had already sensed him... no doubt if he was connected to Satan himself, Satan would slowly remember Helve.
There was no avoiding it... perhaps Helve could remain in the sidelines for now... but he couldn't stay here. He had to stay where the main focus was...

Helve closed his eyes for a brief moment, and the moment he reopened them again-there was that flash of gold that soon vanished and gave way to the red of the Demonic Wolf. Withdrawing an unneeded breath, Helve's inner energies soon had pinpointed the area to travel too. Of course it was rather easy for Helve to pinpoint an Angellic being... let along demons... they were so easy, so... bright in Helve's mind. Humans tended to be a little bit darker, but the sides of good and evil created beacons for themselves so they could be easily found in anything. Helve let out a slight howl that seemed to rip into the air like a blood curdling scream of realization. As he howled, suddenly his body seemed to emit a barely tracible silver glow and then he completely vanished.
This process was repeated in reverse... as Helve appeared with in the city. Instantly his figure was transparent, and his glowing red eyes seemed to be the only thing within the dark streets.
Helve thought, giving a nod as he swiftly padded upon the streets and then broke through to an open trot-like gait. In a matter of moments Helve was at the broken, bashed-in enterance to The Inferno. However, Helve didn't want to be seen... so swiftly he took a few more paces past the enterance. Turning to face the outer wall of the Inferno, he lowered his head and simply passed through it like a ghost. Poking his head out the other side, he saw the brawl that was taking place... and how rapidly things were being destroyed. Helve entered the area but steathfully remained in the shadows... hiding behind a few objects as his eyes watched all that unfurled. In his demonic form, Helve easily blended in... he just only hoped that the two goods would find him and believe him to be involved.
That would be most unfortunate... because Helve didn't want to have to be seen. Only then would he be forced to transform into his true Neutral form... and perhaps if provoked, some thing else.

Helve didn't want that...

16th July 2005, 08:16 AM

I parked my bike in an alleyway between two apartment blocks. I looked up towards the night sky. It was cloudy and the moonlight was obscured. The buildings were both about 10 storeys high. I leapt up and, rebounding off the walls, I shot upwards and landed on the roof of one of the buildings, performing a forward roll. I walked over to the edge of the building and saw about twenty people on the street. Broadening my senses, there were 80 more in these apartments. 100 vessels ready for my disposal. I smiled and unleashed my spirits and every new member of my legion stopped what they were doing and formed a regiment in front of the block. I jumped off the side and landed on my feet, making an impact on the pavement. My army were already beginning to mutate; their eyes becoming red, their muscles growing. I spoke.

"Our legion! We are gathered here for the glory of our master! Your hosts are now acolytes! In five days, we must gather as many acolytes at the catacombs! Now go forth and multiply!"

The acolytes nodded and wandered into the city. Each of them had the power to gather hosts but I, being the central soul, am intimately linked with every other soul. I hadn't done anything on this scale for a while, and my mind was already beginning to strain, but when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Suppressing the twinge, I walked back to my bike and headed off to another part of the city.

18th July 2005, 08:32 PM
hmmm. She's not answering. This can't be good.
Malik slipped his mobile into his pocket and stood up. Pulling a couple of bills from his coat pocket, he slapped it onto the bar.
"Keep the change," he said.
"Thanks mate," Mortis replied, taking the cash.
"You're going already?" Naomi asked, here voice filled to the brim with dissapointment, "But I just got here."
That's partially the reason why i'm leaving.
"Something's come up. I've got to go." Without saying another word, Malik headed for the door.

"The cool night air made Malik shiver as he stepped out into the street. After being in Neon Impact for four or so hours, it was kinda freezing out here.
Now then. Where could Sorcha be?
Malik was a bit confused why Sorcha chose to serve God. As far as he knew, Sorcha was part witch, part vampire and the last time he checked, witches and vampires were considered abominations to God. Malik shrugged. He guessed God mustn't be quite right in the head or something. He quietly strode over to his bike, which was parked not that far away and reached for his helmet. A small chill went down Malik's spine, and it wasn't because of the cold.
"What the?" He turned to see three people walking down the road. But these weren't normal people, considering they had red eyes and huge muscles. One of them noticed him and headed towards him. Malik tried to shake the feeling off and turned back to his bike. As he was about to get on, he felt something sharp grab his shoulder. Spinning around, all Malik could see was a pair of red eyes. Thinking fast, Malik delivered a sharp blow to the stomach, causing the guy to let go. The other two noticed an headed towards him to help their partner. One of them stopped just a few metres from Malik. Malik glared at him as he rose his hand. A spirit appeared around his hand before darting towards Malik. The dark angel couldn't help but smirked. Just before the spirit could reach him, a mysterious and dark force seemed to rip the spirit apart. The three 'men' stood in shock, just long enough for Malik to be on them. Malik grabbed the nearest one and threw him into one of the others. The third tried to grab him, but Malik side stepped and and delivered a sharp blow to the back of the neck. There was a sickening crack as the man's body fell limp. Picking him up, Malik hurled the lifeless body towards the other two before diving towards them. As the two tried to get to their feet, Malik delivered a sharp punch to the face, knocking the 'man' unconcious. He grabbed the final one and threw him through a nearby window.

With a satisfied smirk, Malik dusted his hands. That one guy tried to possess him with a spirit. There was only one demon he knew with the power to do that.
Those three must have been some of his acolytes, poor mortals possessed by Legion's spirits. Then something came to him. If Legion was 'recruiting' members for his legion, then...
"Oh s*%@!" Malik spun around and headed back into the nightclub. He was sure that Legion would have known that he had taken down some of his acolytes and he would definately send more. He ran to the bar and silently praised the lord (which he doesn't do often) when he saw Naomi at the bar. She perked up the minute she saw him.
"Malik!" she cheered happily, "You're back!"
"But not for logn!" Malik replied, grabbing Naomi's hand, "We have to get outta here!"
"What? Why?"
"Some really bad s&#@'s about to go down and we need to get outta here!"
"What's going on?" Mortis asked. Malik whispered something into his ear.
"They're coming here?" he asked. Malik nodded.
"Get as many people out of here as fast as you can!" Mortis nodded.
"Let's go!" Malik said as he led Naomi out of the nightclub.

Master Rudy
19th July 2005, 03:55 AM
Still unsure of what type of character I have in mind but this looks intresting. Anyone mind an old timer striding in since someone I won't name (JJJJJJ!!!! TTTTTT!!!!)had a gun to my head and told me to join?

j/k JT ^_~

19th July 2005, 11:36 AM
Still unsure of what type of character I have in mind but this looks intresting. Anyone mind an old timer striding in since someone I won't name (JJJJJJ!!!! TTTTTT!!!!)had a gun to my head and told me to join?

j/k JT ^_~

lol, welcome back, Rudy! Step right up, I don't mind at all.

Oh, and since I'm posting anyway... Koger isn't going to be involved in the brawl yet. I would have mentioned it before, but I thought that JT would have posted by now. Due to unforseen complications, he wasn't able to... But he's run out of excuses now!

20th July 2005, 04:23 PM
A gun?! Dammit... I told Jeff to use that flamethrower instead... I find that the extra little heat it emits adds a cooling effect.
Wow, that was totally confusing.

WB Rudy!

Outlaw JT
21st July 2005, 02:24 AM
OOC: Glad to see some people have no respect for my character whatsoever. Did you think I had no plans for my own character during my absence? *cracks fringers before I start typing my post* Time to set a few things straight and finally reveal who/what Koger really is.


Battling Garth through the House of Eden had been a sliding scale. Early on Koger still held advantage with his superior speed and the versatility of his arsenal. As the fight progressed, though, Garth slowly unlocked more and more of his buried power. By the time Sorcha finally re-emerged, and to Koger's dismay he now clearly knew the presence he had felt creeeping underneath her when she first threw Garth from the house to be Michael, nearly the entire surface of the House of Eden lay in ruin and most of Koger's weapons lay broken or drained of energy in battling the would-be dragon.

With a pair of flashes amidst the struggle, Sorcha appeared and tossed the Lance of Longinus at Koger. He turned it in his hand, surprised and awed that it was finally in his possession. The last piece to a puzzle he had spent millenia assembling was now in his hands and soon he would use all of it's power to achieve his ancient goal of freedom.

"Go; I'm going to Inferno. This time, the ****'s hit the fan and I'm not going to put up with it anymore," Sorcha spoke and then promptly disappeared in another flash.

Seeing the spear in his hands Garth took off after Sorcha, wherever she had gone. Koger had his suspicions but before he could attend to any of them he had one task he had been waiting to perform for nearly five millenia. With that thought in mind and with lightning speed Koger set off to the place he hid from the world. He pounced from rooftop to rooftop with such speed that not even his shadow could be seen.

After only two short minutes he stopped on the roof of an old warehouse. From the outside it looked like an abandoned dump. Everything about it looked derelict. Even those of supernatural senses couldn't penetrate the enchantment placed upon it though. To all who did not know the words, it appeared only as a rundown tin building. Koger knew the words, however.

"Dis'konischa eln ferotus DON!" Koger barked as he landed in front of it's huge doors.

With a creak and a moan of rusted metal the doors slid open. As he walked inside torches began lighting themselves, creating a small alley of light leading to a wide circle around Koger's goal. In the circle of torches he strode towards stood a unique arch unlike any other the world had seen. The two pillars were constructed of four very large perfectly square stones; the four cornerstones of the earth that Koger had collected as payment from both heaven and hell during wars past. The arch above these two massive stone pillars was a mish-mash of strange things. Bones taken from the last full grown dragon, splintered boards from the cross of the Crucifixion, crystalized ice made from the tears of God himself, and at the center of the arch the golden eye that was gifted to the first pharoah of Egypt by God masked as Ra. It was the most supernaturally concentrated archway in existance and soon it would serve as a gateway.

As Koger stepped to the edge of the archway he held the Lance of Longinus up above his head in both hands. He started chanting low and as the words came forth a dark myst started to form in the archway. As the chanting got louder the myst became thicker until it seemed like a dark but shiny purplish liquid. At the height of the chanting Koger stopped and stared at the pool of universal liquid standing before him.

"I told you we would not stay locked away in pergutory forver God. Rest assured though, this time we will not pass ourselves off as Gods. We shall simply show the world our power and they may make their own judgements!" Koger spoke with conviction, a wicked grin rolling off his face. "But first, I do believe we have some common enemies. Perhaps take my interference as payment to stay off the backs of my kin?!"

With a mighty thrust Koger stabbed the Lance of Longinus into the sideways pool of cosmic fluid. It sparked and the air around it burst into flames as Koger pushed in with all his might. It bent under the force of the spear but it did not want to break. Finally, with one final push Koger thrust the spear into the fluid at the top of the arch. As he traced the edge of the archway with it, light poured out from the cut he was making in the fluid. As he finished tracing the inside of the archway the brightest light flashed, lighting the entire warehouse in brilliant luminescence. When the light subsided Koger was staring no longer at a barren archway but at a doorway opening into an endless expanse of blank whiteness. It was the prison he had known for millenia and it was prison no longer. With the doorway opened, Koger would be unleashed as he truly was. No longer would he be the shell he had been using to walk about the living world. In short time his true power would return to him. He couldn't wait for it to fully reach him however. Sorcha would be needing assistance immediately. While Koger bared no love for God he somehow had grown to love Sorcha and he was not going to let the dragon-fool take away the woman who would be his bride.

As quickly as he had come to his hiding spot and the archway, Koger left. He still carried the Lance of Longinus in his hand but it no longer coursed with power as it had when he first touched it. Opening the gateway had drained nearly all of it's power. It was only out of quickness that he did not think to leave it behind in his former sanctuary.

All told, it only took him five minutes to perform his ritual and get back on the trail of Garth. He could sense that Garth had continued growing stronger but his powers had not yet awakened. Garth was also now accompanied by a psionic demon. A being known as Illidan if his memory served him well. It had been ages since Koger had seen one.

Garth refused to fight him and instead left the psionic to deal with him. It was adequate enough to stall him and the fight began. Early on he found the spear had no effect on the psionic demon Illidan. If he had not drained the spear it might have dispersed the demon right on the spot. It did not but Koger just smiled inwardly as he let the demon play with him. As they fought Koger could feel his strength of old returning. He would wait for the right moment to test himself, though. It had been nearly all the ages of man since he had last tasted his own power.

It was not until Illidan was certain they had won that Koger felt it was time. The demon had shrouded itself about him and was pressing in trying to crush him. The weight of it forced him down to his knees but as all seemed hopeless for him, Koger just began to laugh maniacally through the cloud that was Illidan.

"Death drives many men mad. I had been told you were stronger, though. Shame you are so pathetic!" Illidan's words spat at him.

"Do you know my name?" Koger said coyly, a smile growing as Illidan's inward pressure seemed to hault not of their own accord.

"Koger....." Illidan said forcefully, beginning to wonder why suddenly there was resistance to his pressure.

"That is only my mortal name!" Koger let out a bellowing laugh.

Suddenly he began to stand, pushing Illidan back around him. His muscles seemed to grow just slightly. His hair grew to his shoulders and turned red as blood. His eyes began to glow as sparks of lightning flickered from their corners. The backs of his hands seemed to split open revealing silver orbs that almost looked like eyes. The inside of his ears split forming two holes where there had been one in each ear. Illidan was still struggling to press in but all of his efforts were turned back as if by an unseen barrier.

"Know me by my true name demon. I am Bel-Marduk, champion of the Gods of Babylon! And while your psionic form grants you immunity to physical assault, you are not immune to the elements," Koger laughed wildly and suddenly lightning burst out form him in a wave.

The force of it blew Illidan completely clear of him and shattered the front wall to Inferno, opening the place to the street. Glass and plaster rained down everywhere from the blast. Koger then paused. He looked down at his hands and at his body. It was not quite his original form but his old being had adapted itself well to the body he had been using merely as a shell.

Illidan recovered quickly from the sudden shock and took a moment to observe Koger taking in his adjusted form. He was both what he had been and something completely alien to the demon all at once. Still feeling confident in themself, though, Illidan charge back at Koger. Koger turned to face Illidan as if he had seen him even though Illidan had been thrown behind him. Koger just smiled and pursed his lips and a jet of fire shot forward at the psionic demon.

Illidan had no time to react and the fire poured through them. Even the harshest of fire couldn't destroy them but the immense heat sapped away all of their strength. As it shot out the other side of the mysted form of Illidan it melted the very asphalt of the road. The flame seared a trench two feet wide and stretching all the way to the sidewalk across the street.

Illidan floated there almost helpless. Koger smiled again and blew a kiss at the psionic demon. An unholy wind seemed to emerge from nowhere and carried Illidan away from the scene with great speed. Since he had not focused on the Wind of Destruction, Koger imagined it only carried the psionic demon three or four miles. He didn't care, though. He had a much bigger fish to fry tonight. It was time Garth learned that he hadn't been the only one who's powers had been locked away.

Koger merely tapped his toes and it allowed him to leap high into the sky, well above the building surrounding the area. He had no care for anyone who might see him. It was not his concern whether mortals saw him or not. Tonight the veil was to be lifted from their eyes.

As he reached the pinnacle of his jump a cloud settled itself at his feet and formed up around him like a chariot. He smiled and without a word of command it responded and charged forth towards where he sensed Sorcha and Garth. He arrived to find Garth standing over Sorcha, though she scarcely still looked herself. The influence of Michael no doubt. As quickly as his chariot cloud had formed it disappeared and he dropped to the ground near them.

"GAAAAAAAARTH!!!!" Koger shouted at the top of his lungs and the ground almost seemed to tremble. "Step away from my future queen NOW!"

Garth looked up and away from Sorcha and at him. His mouth crooked sideways and his eyes sank a little bit as he tried to understand what he was seeing. He saw Koger before him but at the same time he saw something new. Something he had no knowledge or undestanding of. Something not even his master could offer explanation for. For you see, Marduk and the beings that had ruled Babylon before God locked them away, were older even than the angels.

"If you want to play, Let's play!" and Koger drew his arms back and opened his mouth wide and as he pushed his hands forward a purple lightning that had not been seen in ages shot forth from them, accompanied by a jet of deep blue flame that hit and shot Garth backwards like a cannon.

OOC: Yeah, Koger was really Marduk all along. Well, the mortal shell containing Marduk's essence that he used over the millenia during times of cosmic stryfe to assemble the pieces he needed to build and open a gateway to release his true self from the prison God had cast him and his kind into for pretending to be Gods over God's creation. So yeah, he commands the Wind of Destruction, the fury of the storms, can breathe fire, rides a chariot made of clouds, and can make things invisible (look it up if you don't believe Marduk can do all that). Let's try not to disrespect him now, shall we? :cool:

21st July 2005, 11:56 AM
Current Form: Demonic Shadow Wolf/M/Neutral

Lingering and dancing about like the shadows themselves... Helveanirica watched the being which many had dubbed as 'Koger' battle the psi demon. Watching Koger's transformation wasn't a tremendous surprise to Helve... for when the portal to the confinements of God was opened, Helve had felt it. That wasn't a shock... that Helve would feel some thing of that extent, because Helve felt things that most did not. Watching Koger allow himself to be pushed about by the demon was a cruel trick to play- pretending to be weak when you infact were stronger than most could ever imagine. Helve had sensed there was something different about Koger when he had first placed eyes upon the creature... and now to realize that he was one of the false ancient Gods was rather interesting. They had played themselves as Gods so long ago... causing destruction and some chaos here and there, and in punishment God confined them forever to be locked away.
So he had been searching for the keys to unlock his true immortal self all along.. Helve thought for a second, smirking at the irony of it. God's own eye did not detect this... which went to show Helve that God really was not in control of much of anything anymore.
The thing that confused Helveanirica however, was that if those false gods caused so much destruction... and they were deemed to be locked away forever, how come Helve was not?
What made myself so special to be looked upon in favor with God's eyes? I am not one of his creations... and I have caused just as much death and destruction as the ancients...
Helve had never pretended to be a God, but he had caused several instances of damage and almost destroyed the world a few times with the Evils. How come he was not forsaken as well?
I do not understand...

Koger suddenly blew the demon away, and with that he seemed to smirk as he leapt into the sky and seemed to disappear within an instant. Helveanirica twitched his ears forward... knowing where this was heading, and he concentrated... preparing to observe and head to the same battle. However... he was temporarily stopped...

So you have returned... how keen. You can come to our aid once again... Helveanirica
Helve had sensed the presense of one of the great evils approaching, and Helve merely paused and did not glance back directly right away. His name was spoken... and naturally Helve would have to transform into his official neutral state like he had grown an instinct for. However... this was one of the great Evils... and Helveanirica was allowed to break a few rules, and this would be one of them. He would not show his true state to this one... not now.
Let us put two things straight... one, I was never in allegiance with you. Two, I have always been around... Helve turned around to see the figure who spoke. His body was humanoid, cloaked in silky black garbes completelyl about his body. He had four arms instead of two... obviously not too keen in hiding himself completely. Of course, none of his skin was shown... except for a small section of where his slitted eyes peered through the darkness. Helve already knew their colour... black, with only faint flecks of crimson blood ebbed deep within them. Upon his back were two black angellic-like wings... but they were mutated, intermixed with a draconic shape and they dripped with blood wherever he walked. His footsteps left blood marks... and unless he wanted to remain hidden, his true form would always drip with blood. It was obvious he was using some of his power to prevent his entire body from dripping with the thick, sickening scent of charred flesh and blood.
Yes, you have been around... hiding next to God. But God has his hands full and the world is going to be thrown into a chaos like never before... especially once you join us, like old times.
Helve narrowed his reddened eyes of fire and gave a rather nasty growl towards the Evil.
I am not going to join you... and if this is your shot and trying to convince me, Belial, then you are doing a horrible job. Lucifer will surely not be pleased.
Satan's servent seemed to shift his position from annoyance... clenching on of his claws fists so that blood oozed from where the fingers meshed into the skin.
You will join us eventually... Helve... just like you have before.
Helveanirica was starting to feel himself turn... and he gritted his muzzle slightly and shook. He didn't want to turn... the neutral state that he was in was good for him and he did not want to change. Narrowing his eyes he snarled at Belial.
Perhaps you have forgotten that I have also been with the Good side as well? Remember those painful loses? Besides... I know what the Evils and Lucifer himself are thinking. You are worried... a new card has come into play. You were thinking that Sorcha and a few of the higher angellics were your only worry, but now this Koger who calls himself Marduk has thrown himself into play. You don't know who he is do you?
Helve smirked... laughing slightly to himself.
Let us remember, the only reason a few of the ancient Evils know my name is because God allowed me to stay upon Earth and did not try to lock me away. However... there are things more ancient and perhaps more powerful than even the greatest Evil himself.
Belial finally seemed to have his temper flare and it was no question that perhaps Satan was using him as a watchful eye upon Earth. Belial flare his hand upwards and instantly a dark swirl of energy flashed across the sky and flared- outstretching it's evil hand to lash out at Helve. A rather surprising and shocking move to Helve... but Helve usually knew how to push his buttons. Instantly another flash of rippling silver and crimson rose into the air, rising like a sheet of transulcent paper infront of Helve and the darkness collided into it. It sent a tiny explosion into the air... perhaps catching the attention of a few mortals who happened to be in the area- along with some demons near their place from the inside. Helve lowered his head as he glared upwards at Belial.
Be gone Belial! It will take more than that for the Evils to have me join their side... but be at ease, for the Good will have just as hard a time. But I am sick of seeing your tormented body before me Belial... let us remember how you were created, and how I had a hand in it. So be gone!
Belial stayed for a brief moment longer... and with that Helve's voice seemed to rip and scream within Belial's head, tearing at it from the inside which was enough to make the Demonic-like Evil let out a piercing, shattering scream of torment.
With that, a rip in the air was formed... swirling with inner darkness and Belial vanished into it within an instant. Helve glanced about and instantly figured it was a good time to disappear from this place. The explosion of energies was enough to attract unwanted attention... not that any of them knew of Helve anyway.
Helve concentrated upon Sorcha's energy, one of the ones he recognized most for having her near the Garden for so long and then he too disappeared much like Belial did except into nothing.

Helveanirica soon arrived to the battle scene... remaining in his semi-transparent state, lurking in the shadows but being ever-so-watchful at the battle that perhaps was about to erupt before him.

21st July 2005, 06:07 PM

I dug my feet into the ground below me as it flew past at an incredible speed. At last I managed to get a firm grip on solid ground and began to push Koger's attack down into the ground. He let up before I was able to fully succeed and I looked down at my chest to see the damage that had been done. Light bruisig, I hadn't expected much more.

I looked up at Koger and laughed. "Not bad, it's more than that pathetic 'queen' of yours has been able to muster so far. It actually tingled a bit."

Koger helped Sorcha to her feet. He was strong, very strong and he had powers that more than rivalled my own, I knew that within moments, but he lacked the means to kill me. One thing could do that and I had given it to Sorcha and I knew she did not have it on her. I decided instead, that I would test Koger, he could not kill me and it would be good to know just how strong he was. That way I could prepare.

I charged at him, I could use a good reason to test out what I had unlocked so far and the battle would undoubtedly release yet more of my hidden prowess if I could just hold on long enough. He smirked and went to counter my attack but I flew right through him. In the moment it took for him to comprehened what had happened I had appeared at his side and slammed him towards the far wall. Less than a centimetre from the wall he stopped and floated back from it. He turned to me smirking.

"Did you think it would be so easy?"

I countered with a smirk of my own, "Of course not, I was merely stretching. Taking care of your...fallen angel...hardly clasified as a suitable warm up for me."

From there on our battle became much more physical. Most of it was spent exchanging blows to one another, I tried to keep the battle close because he could outpower me were the blows to switch to ones that were beyond that of a standard mortal and I had already taken my fair share of damage from those. The battle was wearing on and I knew the time was coming for me to take me leave. I knew enough of this new Koger to sufficiently prepare for our next encounter.

As another flurry of blows came to an end, I pushed myself away from Koger. Both of us were slightly short of breath though neither of us were prepared to show any weakness to the other. For my part, I had managed to match Koger thus far. I had unlocked that power I could at this point and he was still reasserting himself with the powers that he had been long parted from. But it was very much, as the mortals would say, like riding a bicycle. Something that is never really forgotten.

"It is nice to know that there is a worthy opponent out there after all," I told Koger. "I look forward to our next meeting."

"I assure you it will be our last."

I nodded and looked briefly at Sorcha. "As do I." I took to the air. "War has begun. You would be wise not to dwell in its centre longer." and I took to the city, swooping in and out amongst the tall buildings before landing in a secluded alleyway. The time had come, I was to return home where I could complete my transformation and take my place in this war.

I raised my hand and sought to bring forth my path from the mortal world when I froze. It appeared that I had a much more pressing matter to attend to first. I could sense that energy that I had sensed back in Eden, the same energy that had so violently errupted early into my battle with Koger and now I could sense it behind me. I searched my mind, I wanted to know who it was. It was not an energy that I was familiar with, it was ancient, wisened by the sands of time and yet powerful. There was one who fitted such a profile, one whose existence had always seemed more fictional than real but yet I believed was standing right behind me.

I turned and saw nothing. "Helveanirica," I called, "take yourself from the shadows!"

At first then was nothing but then, slowly, steadily, a wolven figure emerged from the shadows.

So, we meet at last.

What is it that you want? I have already told Belial that I have no wish to side with the evils.

I have no intention of trying to 'suade you, those are not my orders. However, I was curious to know what being could possibly exist to possess such power as yours. After all, it was you who had followed me.

I am merely curious of how the tides of war are turning. I have no intention of taking part.

Your call. But I warn you now, just because I have not been sent to recruit you this time does not mean that it will not come to pass. I warn you Helve, should that occur, your alligance will not be as it is now.

You sound so sure of yourself.

Belial trained me, I have good reason.

He failed to change my alligiance, why would you succeed?

I merely smirked, I am twice the demon Belial is, it is I who will replace him and I sense that time is approaching very quickly indeed. Unlike him, I don't fail on my missions.

The Garden of Eden remains and both Sorcha and Koger are living, is that not an unsuccessful evening?

I laughed, my dear Helve, that was merely a minior piece of entertainment. My mission was merely to set war in motion and even you can agree that in this I have succeeded. I turned to the air behind me and summoned a portal to the underworld, You alligance may be undetermined now but it shall not be so for much longer. I would rather not face you in the coming battles.

I turned and passed through the portal, letting it close behind me. I stared up at the towering gates before me, the entrance to Satan's playground.

"So it begins," I said quietly, as I stepped through the gates to the land of fire and brimstone.

22nd July 2005, 01:03 PM
Whee! *dance*

I've been trying to do a drawing of Sorcha, but it's not going well... *grumbles*

And what do you know, the post idea that I had started two days ago is going to work!

I'm going to try to get Ginger into this- I dunno if it will work, but it's worth a shot!


The club, or what was left, was in ruins. Screams still peirced the air, and there seemed to be enough blood to go around. I was still bleeding myself, and I was weak... too weak to have gotten involved in this alone. Koger...

Something clicked in the back of my mind as I glanced at him. My thoughts started swimming...

"Merodakh!" I snarled. He looked at me in shock. Memories that were not my own flooded my mind; memories of long-forgotten places and peoples. Memories from hundreds of thousands of years ago, but primarily of the beings that posed as gods in ancient Mesopotamia. Memories of Merodakh, who now stood before me. Memories of Koger's true self.

"What did you say? What did you just call me?"

"Merodakh... Bel-Marduk... Asal-lu-he...." I broke off. "Why do I know these names?!" I shut my eyes, trying to block out the horror on Koger's face more than anything else.

"I have not heard those names in a long time... a very long time..." he said quietly. "Michael."

Again, the feeling of something in my mind sliding into place. My eyes flew open, and this time I was in shock. "What?! What is happening to me? What is going on!?" Confusion was building in me, and I was becoming lost in my own mind. "I don't know..." I murmured. Tears of light trickled down my face. "I don't know!" I screamed, and turning to the littered street I took flight.

"Sorcha!" Koger's voice rang out after me, but I didn't turn back.

I flew, ignoring the reaction of the people below who saw me, flew away from the city, away from the people, away from Koger... who ever he was.

I found my sanctuary among the trees, trees that were so like my long-gone nemetons. I collapsed, sobbing as the foot of a huge oak, letting the damp smell of soil and flora completely immerse me. My skin shone, as if the moon's raidience itself was trapped within me, and my tears sparkled like crystals on the ground.

Suddenly, I was aware of the presence of another. I looked, up, startled, and saw a pair of eyes watching me from the underbrush. I choked, afraid at first... but there was no malevolence in in the gaze... only curiosity. I watched in silenc as a shadow wolf materialized from the darkness. Only... it wasn't what it appeared to be. There was something vaguely familliar about this being, but I couldn't quite place it.

He... it, which it was I couldn't tell, didn't mean me any harm at the moment, but it hung back away from me. Then, it wasn't a wolf anymore; it was a winged being, like me... only she wasn't quite the same.

"Helveanirica..." I whispered.

She stared at me, cautious, untrusting. "So, you're remembering."

I looked at the ground. "I don't know... I suppose that it's remembering, but it's not my past that I'm coming to know!"

"Heh, well, it's about time..."


I cringed. I didn't need anything else, not now...

Sorcha, this world needs you... the people need you. Everything that you've ever loved needs you.

"Why? Why does it have to be me? I can't do this... not now. Why didn't you ever tell me?"

It wasn't the right time.

"So, in all those years that I've served you, there wasn't a right time? You treated me like a puppet, just so that, when you needed, you could make me into something that I'm not? You... you used me?!"

Sorcha! This isn't the time for this!

"Just like it wasn't the time for you to tell me about who I was, huh? Just like who I am is nothing to you, just so you can throw me in and out of these power struggles?! And what about Koger? Why didn't you tell me who he was? Why did you make me someone who should be his enemy?"


"NO!" I screamed. "NO MORE! I've heard enough! LEAVE ME BE!" Winds tore through the trees and thunder rumbled overhead as the tears flowed freely once more. "STOP IT!! SOMEONE, STOP IT!"

I fell to the ground, sobbing, unable to control my expanding power. The winds died down and the storm abated as a calm spread through the forest. Someone just as powerful, if not slightly more, and with more control than I eased the burst of power.

And it was with love. Koger... Marduk, whoever he was, had followed me. Electricity seemed to pulse through the air as four powerful and ancient beings occupied the same small place of existance.

"Sorcha, please... look at me."

I looked up, tears still falling from my eyes. I stood and rushed into his arms.


"Leave me be, Father," I whispered. "I will fight the Dark One... but other than that, my loyalty has been spoken for."

With that, Koger and I departed together upon his chariot of cloud. In the city, things were not well, however.

"Wait!" I cried, sensing a deep evil spreading. I looked down to the streets, and saw helpless mortals running in terror, yet again, from possesed bodies... among them I saw Malik. "We have to do something," I said, and before I could hear the reply, I spread my wings and took to the air.

"Malik!" I yelled above the noise of the croud. He looked at me in both shock and wonder. "It's Legion; destroying them won't help, he'll just take more. I'll help get these people to safety!"

People were running to me, some holding thier hands up as if I was somehow going to make it all better just by touching them, some just drawn to my light in wonder.

"Please, calm down!" I said, amplifying my voice over the tumult. "Follow me; these people cannot be helped, not yet. Help each other, and I will lead you to safety!"

I would have to help these people get to my home... it was the only safe place in the city that would hold them...

22nd July 2005, 03:29 PM
OOC: I'm going away now, won't be back to Wednesday. For the moment, I'd prefer if you didn't encounter Legion himself directly, since he will be off somewhere out of the action, but his acolytes are fair game.

24th July 2005, 07:31 AM
-/Jack Korso: Ancient/-

The voice in the head came back again...and it had a personality...
Jack...forget about the earlier message, focus on this one...
Jack had no idea what the heck was going in his head. He was getting frustrated.
It might sound crazy, but I need you to break into someone's home...
He really felt like breaking something right about now. That voice, in a monotonous voice with a personality, just kept going...
The home in question you will know when I stop rambling.
At that point, Jack wondered,
"Who lives there anyway? I mean, why break into a home just because some voice in my head said so? I probaly had too many drinks..."
The voice turned on again, as if it heard Jack's thoughts.
The one in question is not human. You can turn it Ancient, if you wish.
Jack went from frustrated and confused to delighted and alert. Another Ancient. Another one who knows the ultimate knowlege.
You need to break in because the one in question is trying to help mortals. Human mortals. But of course, the one in question does not know your kind exists.
He thought to the voice-
"I'm all in."
Good, and by the way-you never drank anything before you slept.
And the voice was gone. Jack suddenly knew where to go, like the voice said.
And he had to get to wherever his mind took him, fast. Before the one in question.

Jack got out of bed, as he got on his big white robe, he woke up one of his pals in a chair across the room. (He's speaking Latin, right now)
"Hey, Jack, where are you going at this hour?" He asked.
Jack was two feet away from the door, he checked for his vile of Ancient blood, it was there, Modified Barreta M9-check. Bullets with capsules of Ancient blood loaded-check.
"What's with that mortal-made gun, anyway?"
Jack opened the door and left, acting like he never heard what his friend said.

Outside, in that big red Ferrari, he looked pretty conspicuous-oh, well. At least he knew where to go.
Jack never put the radio on. In fact, he took it out all together. He put in a little compartment where he put his gun and other things. One of them was a device that fitted over you fingers, hand, and wrist. It could be a weapon or a healing device, since it was thought- driven. One with a weak mind would faint of the huge will power needed to get a single light out of it. Ancients-however, it could get from curing all disease and weaknesses to starting lightning storms on a whim- when at it's best-yet few Ancients even got it to get even half that. Religous mortals could see it as God's power at work0-which it how the Ancients wanted to keep it.

When Jack drove his suspiciously red car to a close spot to the home in question, but not looking like he was going to break in.
He put on the mind device-as it was called. He slipped the gold spiral over his wrist, then locked the ruby-like crystal plate on his palm, and slipped a few golden finger tip-plates over his fingers, and the device suddenly locked in place. Jack thought hard for a second-just to test it out.
Within a couple seconds, he saw the ruby crystal plate glow and make a humming noise. It worked.
Jack turned it off and took his vile and M9 pistol with him out of the car. He got to the home in question about 15 minutes later. He had to dodge the crowds. They sure seemed nervous about something...but no matter.

When Jack was actually in the home in question, he found a window, and he stared out into the city...waiting for the one in question.
He held the pistol against his chest, ready for anything.

25th July 2005, 04:41 PM

OK, wtf mate? I'm going to have to ask that you leave, Deathborn, seeing as how, one, you have yet to really interact with anyone, two, your posts are completely incompatable with the atmosphere of the RP, and three, you seem to have no idea (or just don't care about) what the hell is going on with the plot. I have asked for you to join the bandwagon, and you made little more than a half-assed attempt to do so. Therefore, you are no longer welcome in this RP.

25th July 2005, 04:58 PM

He flew off, the wind rushing in his face. He loved the excitment. Then out of the corner of his eye he saw a glowing stone on the ground. He then dived towards it halting right in front of it. He eyed it suspicously. It was a perfect ovsl snd glowing bright red. He sensed it to contain great fire magic. HE suddenly knew there must be other, but there purpose remained unknown to him. He quickly scooped it up in his beak and flew off in search of some one to tell him it's purpose.

So if anyone is supposed to be wise and all you oculd have your character interact with mine and tell me what it is and all.

25th July 2005, 07:44 PM
"You heard the winged broad!" Malik shouted over the commotion, "Follow her dammit!" Whether they heard him or not, the crowd followed her, reaching out as if to grab her or something. Malik never understood humans that well, and he had lived among them for over a thousand years!
"Malik!" Naomi asked, her voice filled with confusion and apprehention, "What's going on!?" Malik really didn't want to tell her everything right now. Mainly for two reasons.
1. Naomi would probably freak out and riding a motorbike with a frightened woman sitting behind you is very hard. and
2. Some more of Legion's acolytes were approaching.
"I'll tell you later," Malik replied. With a roar, Malik sped to the back of the crowd, where a number of Legion's possessed army was closing in. A pale blue aura began to surround Malik's right arm.
"sorry folks," Malik said with a smirk, "But you can't come!" Malik thrust out his hand and six bursts of blue energy fired from his palm. Spiralling around eachother, the bursts exploded on impact with the acolytes. Those directly hit were killed instantly, while those around them were blown back. Malik gave a soft chuckle before noticing that Naomi was staring at him.
"What?" he asked innocently.
"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!?!?" she shrieked. Malik's hands shot up to cover his ears. He swore that Naomi was worse then a banshee at times.
"Not so loud! I'm sitting right here!"
"What was that?" she asked, not taking much notice of what Malik just said.
"Listen, Yukari, I'll tell you later," he replied, "right now we need to get outta here!" Before Naomi could say anything, Malik's motorbike roared to life and the pair sped off after Sorcha.

sorry if it sounds crap folks.

1st August 2005, 05:42 PM

Having left Helve to journey into the depths of hell, I soon realised that I had a quick detour to pick up Illdian, I had a feeling that something had happened to him after the battle. Needless to say, he wasn't best pleased when I showed up about five seconds later, through no serious fault of my own I might add.

"You could have told me he was a God," Illidan growled as I led him through the portal.

"Had I known I would have disposed of him ages ago, I had no idea," I retorted angrily.

I took Illidan through the very gates of hell itself. To the place where the hottest fires burned and the air forever smelt of brimstone. It was in this place, that I had truely been born, where I had grown, matured and where I would be immortalised once this war was at its end.

My orders were to take Illidan for training, to hone his psionic abilities. He would be crucial in this war, perhaps not against Koger - no, it seemed that I would have to deal with him. I sighed deeply as that thought crossed my mind, I would have to face both him and Sorcha...it would be most testing but who to attack first was the problem. Sorcha's power, I had discovered, was greatly increased by the threatening of those close to her but at the same time...they were her greatest weakness. In hell's darkest depths I pondered this very problem and eventually, I believed, I had come up with a solution.

That's dark, even for you.

Are you complaining?

Of course not, but had I know you would have come up with this, I would have told you Sorcha's secret a long time ago.

Why are you so impressed? It was you who gave the order last time...

Initiative of course. Very pleasing.

I grunted. And what of Belial?

I destroyed him, what else?

I had expected nothing less. Now what? You still dont have Helve.[i]

That's where you come in.

I rolled my eyes. [i]I expected as much. And how am I supposed to convince her? Belial failed.

You aren't Belial. You convinced Illidan, I'm sure you can handle Helve.

I'll do what I can.

Good boy. With a sigh of disaproval I left hell and returned once again to the surface world to seek out Helve. In Belial's place it was my duty to try and bring Helve to our side, just as I had said I would not so long ago. At least, I knew I was able to track Helve down, having locked on to Helve's energy singature I could track it down almost instantly.

Hello Helve...

So you've come. Just as you said you would.

I am a demon of my word. So Helve, care to join us? I know that I for one would be most appreciative if you said yes.

2nd August 2005, 02:45 PM
~ Current Form: Neutral State (Human/Angellic form) / F ~

Helve watched calmly as Sorcha and Koger- or Marduk, left momentariliy bringing humans with them. Sorcha was very eager to protect the humans… stooping to the level to bring them to her home… to Eden. Helve thought this perhaps was admirable, although with the state that Eden was in now… the humans were no threat to the vegetation. That was destroyed- well, most of it was.

The darkness grew, and Helve stood there amidst the chaos, now exposed although only a very select few would have known who she was. Many of the humans gaped at her… for she was completely nude. Her long, ribbon-like hair of golden-kissed blonde draped wildly about her shoulders, covering her chest and nestling against her face gently. It was a wild-like appearance… that some how deeply held a calm beauty, like Aphrodite herself. Her skin was slightly pale, holding a smooth and gentle glow that was only rivaled by her piercing, judgemental eyes of ice blue. She had the build of grace and innocence, but yet something about her aura also gave off a mystical and powerful feeling. She was Helveanirica, and she had vowed to hide from mortal and immortal for eternity.

That vow was now broken.

“A-an angel!”
“ Sa-save us!”
“ God does exist!”
Voices rang out around Helve, and she shot glances at them. She withdrew a sharp breath… and looking to those nearest to her, she glared and pointed at the glowing beacon that was Sorcha, slowly fading into the night but calling all to her.
“I am not an Angel, you pathetic mortals. You have no savior before you, but follow the one that flies and she shall lead you to salvation. Be gone!”
Her voice was cruel and sharp… yet some how hidden with flecks of kindness. The true blend of good and evil, combined together to reveal neither side. Still a few of them got the hint and ran after Sorcha… while others remained pathetic and stayed.

It wasn’t long however, until Helve felt someone lock onto her presense. She bit her lip and glanced simply to her left to see Garth had appeared. If looks could kill… Garth’s body would have instantly frozen and then burst into flames. However, Helve was still neutral and had not attacked him. Instead she shuffled gently, folding the three white wings that had arched against her body gently. Garth once again, asked for her to join the side of Evil.

I am still no friend of yours. She stated coldly, glancing at the now arrogant spawn of Lucifer.
Nor do you need to be Helve… just an ally. Help evil like you have helped him before, and once we have won you will be victorious along side us.
I will not help you. I will not help anyone… leave me alone.
Helve’s words grew sharper, biting her lip as Garth only smiled. He could tell that she was growing more agitated and that was what he wanted.
If you do not join us… you will only fall like those on the side of good. We will not accept neutrality, and you will perish if you do not join us.
Helve laughed suddenly, giggling like a maddened doll as she took a step towards Garth. She continued to walk until they were merely a foot from each other… and Garth obviously took a few glances.
Such a lovely body… such a lovely bitter gaze you set upon me, I would take you if you would allow it…
Helve withdrew a sharp breath, her eyes narrowing further. He was toying with her. She didn’t like being toyed with… for she had been a puppet for far too many times before. With sudden haste and without any warning, she rose her hands forward and instantly a brilliant grey-like light of shimmering silver erupted into the air. It temporarily blinded any mortal… but Garth saw as it seemed a thousand hands grew from her palms and lashed out at him. It happened to fast and caught him off guard, knocking several football field lengths backwards. He landed upon his bottom with a thud, blood dripping from a cut from his lip- most likely nail mark from her energy hands. He only smirked though… getting up slowly before using his own power to appear close to her again.
Temper temper Helve… you know where that leads you.
Helve growled,
You would make a bad negotiator Garth… I am not feeling any sway towards your side.
Garth paused for a moment, obviously thinking of his next course of action… as Helve brought her wings upwards for a moment. Her hair rose with it gently, the wind suddenly picking up as it blew those gentle tendrils of silk-like ribbons about. It exposed her nude body fully now… but she seemed not to care as she glared at him. Nudity was a thing that Gods, demons, angels and mortals worried about.
Helve was none of those.
The wind continued to pick up and a gentle silvery aura rose about her body… she was angry with Garth, but unlike Sorcha she did not attack to kill in her neutral state. Garth knew that Helve was drawing some power, and he wasn’t so arrogant and foolish enough to worry slightly. If he was pissing Helve off enough… she could revert to a slightly good state. Lucifer would not be pleased.
If I can’t convince you… then maybe I’ll have to FORCE you… Garth said, but Helve laughed.
You’re not strong enough to force me.
Garth only smirked….
I’m not going to force you that way… but I know how much you care about the innocence of nature, Helve. The only things that are neither good nor bad… but neutral like you are unless persuaded.
With that, Garth suddenly had grabbed a nearbye animal from one of the alleyways… a mangy, flea-bitten mutt. Helve’s eyes instantly flashed with anger… but deep within this anger, was worry.
Let it go! It has no place here! It has done nothing! She roared, screaming almost.. her voice piercing the ears of mortals and causing them to give a short cry. She took a step towards Garth, her eyes fuming with anger but Garth took a delicate step back.
Careful Helve… I might feel bad and accidentally kill it.
He then took a few steps towards her, seeing the pain in her eyes at the sight of such trechery as he dangled the dog by it’s neck. The wind drastically picked up now… the silver aura that danced upon her body was beginning to grow. She was beginning to realize where this was going… and slowly her wings were beginning to darken…

My father has told me stories about you… how you almost destroyed the earth, how you joined different sides… each side gaining favor by such decisions. Then he told me how God favored you and hid you… despite how you were not his creation. You are a puzzle Helve… for both Lucifer and God have favored you, despite never truly belonging to either one of them. But you still… are not a true soul. You are just a puppet, a tool… like some little toy a pathetic mortal plays with. You are like this dog- being fed and taken care of, but being nothing more than a mere pet. You are nothing with out either side… and as long as you are neutral, you will always be nothing. And now… if you don’t join us, you will be nothing… and all of these precious things to you…
Garth grasped the dog’s head, as if threatening to snap it’s neck.
… will die.

Helve bowed her head, closing her eyes briefly for she knew there was no choice. She could kill Garth… but there would be more minions, more and mass amounts of evils that Lucifer could release to do enough damage to the earth before she could ever stop it.
You… She began, but suddenly once again that flash of silver ripped through the air. This time however, it was far more potent.

The silver flash screamed into the air like a huge beacon-like tower that extended into the sky. It forced the clouds away, and erupted like a volcanoe in the night. A few humans that were too close were destroyed… as was the dog itself… and any other mortal thing or weak immortal thing that was within an eighth of a mile. The flesh from their skin was ripped away, as if some creature had gone underneath their skin and then burst from their pores. Their hair singed away as their screams slowly died away, silenced by the gurgles of their boiling blood and their collapsed lungs. Their bones were merely shattered into pieces, as buildings were ripped and torn away. Windows cracked and then exploded, until finally the silver torrent of light distinguished.
This all happened in a matter of seconds…

There in Helve’s place, was still Helve but in her new form. HE now stood before Garth, who had flown backwards and gave effort to shield him from the debree (not wanting to be caught in the eighth-of-a-mile blast.) He stood tall and grim, his entire human-like body adorned with thick, stone-like armour that reflected the fires and wreckage about him. Intermixed with the raven-black armor, were feather-like bits and pieces within his arm, legs and torso. Sprouted from his back were not three, but six gruesome wings of black that also had a bit of the natural stone-like armor upon the tops of the feathers. Of course it wasn’t stone that adorned his body… it was far more apart and energized with Helve than that. His eyes were still blue… but now they were much darker, and he had a sword attached to his side. The blade of the sword was semi-transparent, the blade glinting with mystical silver but the handle again, made out of semi-transparent shadow. His thick black hair billowed about his head as he look at Garth.

< Vean. > was all he stated, which was Helve’s new name in this state. His voice was cool and cold, yet it held an inner spunk. Arrogance did not pour from him, but pure confidence that was rather intimidating… and this display would perhaps have even affected the ‘sure-of-himself’ Garth.
< Don’t think this means I’ll listen to you, much. > Vean stated with a smirk, unsheathing his sword and glancing at it with a fond look.

[ I like it better when she’s… a she… than a he… lmao. ]

2nd August 2005, 06:55 PM

I looked upon the being that now stood before me and scratched my chin gently. Things had certainly taken an...interesting turn. I'd had my doubts about my ability to 'suade Helve but it had turned out successful in the end. Helve - or Vean as he wished to be called, was now a solid ally. This would most definately go down well with him, perhaps even gain that promotion Garth was so keenly after.

Don’t think this means I’ll listen to you, much.

I laughed at Vean's comment. Don't worry, you won't have to. I formed a portal to the dark afterworld behind us. Shall we?

The two of us passed through to the other side where a warm welcome awaited us. As pleased as I was that my mission had been successful and had been carried out without little trouble I was somewhat disappointed. For a moment, a part of me had actually believed I would get a little extra out of this transaction, after all, it was not everyday that I was faced with a naked beauty and I had meant every word. I would have taken her in an instant.

Course, she was a he now...kinda screwed that up for me...

We were taken immediately to see the high evil himself. An honor that had not been bestowed on me for some time now. I couldn't help but feel a sense of pride.

Garth and Vean, the two of you have been brought to me at last.

I bowed. As you ordered.

Garth I am most impressed. I finally have all the peices are need to begin phase one of my plan.

Yes sir.

Garth. Would you excuse Vean and I for a while, I'll call on you when the time is right.

Of course, I bowed.

He stepped towards me and quietly he said to me, Do what you must to be rid of that mortal soul of yours. I need no distractions.

Yes lord. With a final bow, I turned and left them. Once again I had been presented with a tough task, he seemed to enjoy dumping challenging tasks upon me and not many were as trying as the destroying of one's soul.

Mortal, are you listening? I growled.


Look, I'm gonna have to...destroy you okay?

Why are you telling me?

Don't get no thoughts in your head, I'm just saying this because I had to put up with you since the beginning, you ent so pure so the least I can do is give you the chance to visit your mother one last time. She is partially mine also. I sighed. I'll give you this body for one hour, after that...

I understand. Thank you.

I looked at myself and then in the area around me. I was outside. I gazed up at a nearby clock. One hour to stop my soul from being destroyed...heh, no pressure. I took off immediately, a to-do list firmly in my mind. I stole a heavy coat to hide my appearance and then, surrpisingly, entered the church across the road. There was something I had wished to do for so long. I prayed.

"Oh Lord, I can do no more for you. As of this night my soul will be destroyed forever, and I will exist no more. I have a plan though, to preserve my soul after this so that it may one day get the chance to live the life that was taken from it. I will speak to Sorcha, I will make sure she has the means to stop my other half and all I ask is that you grant me this one wish. All I want, is for someone to love for who I am, to take me as I am, no questions asked. Whether or not you can find it in your heart to grant me this one wish, I will give you the means to bring about the end of this war." And with that I strode from the church.

I went to the house of Eden and asked a mortal that entered to tell Sorcha that Garth was waiting for her outside. She appeared alone, preapred for a brutal battle but I merely hed my hands to her and approached slowly.

"My appologies for coming at such a late hour but it shall be for the last time."

She gave me a worrying look. "Garth, what's going on?"

"My soul will be destroyed this night."

"No. No! Stay here, I'll help you I'll - "

I brought my hand to her face. "It is too late for that. You have helped me Sorcha, more than you know."

I watched as a tear streaked down her face. "No, I never helped you. I promised but I did nothing."

"Sorcha...you've done more for me than anyone ever has but I must ask two final things of you." I handed her a small crucifix.

"What's this for?"

"I don't want to lose my soul Sorcha, I will not lose to the dark lord without a fight and so...I have split my soul. At least that way I can have some chance at getting that thing I want most. I trust you will keep it safe. Finally, you still have the arrow I gave you?"

"Of course."

"When the time comes, dont hesitate. Something bad is being planned, this one thing could turn the tides of battle and you must not hesitate. Whatever he says, whatever he does, any trace of me will be gone. There must be no doubts."

She smiled sadly and I kissed her upon the head gently.

"I will miss you greatly Sorcha." I turned to leave her.

"Garth wait a second. This is the last time I will ever see you isn't it?"

"Unless God sees otherwise then yes."

"Then can you tell me, what thing it is you want? Just incase..."

I smiled and gave a brief nod. "I want but the simplest of things in this world. To be loved simply for who I am." and I left her then.

I went to my mother's grave to spend what time I had left with the one person who had perhaps come closest to loving me.

It's time.


Fareware Garth, I closed my eyes and focused as my soul savaged and tore through his own until nothing of his existance remained. It felt odd somehow, having destroyed what was essentially a piece of myself. Now, there was nothing preventing my full transformation, in a few hours it would be complete.


Yes Lord.

Good. Vean and I have come to agreements. I am putting you both in charge of preparing our warriors for battle.

As you wish. I formed a portal behind me and disappeared back into hell's depths. All the while, my transformation was continuing painlessly. I met Vean and the the two of us headed down to meet with the many demons and blackened souls that would head the ranks of Lucifer's army. Though there was one question that I could not resist asking of my new ally. Hey Vean, the gender swap, do you control it or is it set to specific alliances?

2nd August 2005, 08:04 PM
~ Current State: Calm Bad/M ~

Vean had spoken with Lucifer… the conversation for short, went some thing like this.

So Vean… you have finally joined us once more.
< Yeah… can’t say that the welcome party was really great. Sorta sucked compared to last time. >
Let me put this bluntly and shortly, so not to waste our time. I would like you to help train a few of the… select warriors. The Fallens. They would look up to you, since you seem like an ‘angel gone evil’, and they are excellent warriors. They just need some one to follow.
< I don’t like being connected, followed, or leading. >
I know. You can leave them as you please… but guide them when the war first begins. Then you can go to your own missions… and I shall give you a few solo ones.
< I don’t listen to you, Lucifer. I am merely aligned with Evil. Not with you. >
But my dear Vean… I AM Evil.
Vean had smirked at this point.
< No… I know some thing else that is far more. >

So Vean had shown Lucifer that he wasn’t exactly afraid of the ‘Satan’ that humans were. Hell wasn’t entirely a big, burning palace of fire either. It was worse- from a human stand point. It was dark… lava- or some thing quite like it- flowed everywhere but yet the place seemed to remain quite cool. Large palaces of several high demons… (most likely the other six hands of Satan) towered up from the shadowy depths, like boney knarled hands trying to grasp at the nonexistent clouds above. Thunder constantly bellowed at times… with flickers of lightening dancing in the sky. Yet the lightening was red.. crimson, and the rain was blood. Blood of the sinners who burned in the torture pits. All did not suffer however… Vean knew that. Those that were strong spirits, became mutated souls of demons…. Their terrible souls thrusted into rotting bodies, much like zombies, yet they had a little bit of their soul intact. Adorned with armor and some times other animal parts, they were vast in number for Lucifer’s army. They could not be shaken and they had cunning minds… connected with Lucifer’s own thought although he could not be harmed. The souls that were weak… they were doomed to either forever remained suspended in there terrible, lost state in the fiery pits or in the blackened darkness of nothing. Trapped forever to see nothing but darkness or the reminents of their own rotted corpse.

“All and all… it’s a cosy place.” Vean said outloud, for he sometimes chose to speak the way humans did.

Vean was now walking down one of the twisted… bloodied hallways of Lucifer’s palace to meet with a few other Evils. Vean’s gait was elegant and graceful, yet he kept his head high and some how seemed to walk with confidence and authority. Glancing keenly at Garth, he smirked slightly as if he found Garth’s question funny. Gender controls.
“Well… they are mainly set.” He stated briefly, his voice cool and complacent.
Holding up a hand in front of them, he snapped his fingers and soon a dark, yet some how semi-transparent orb appeared before them.
“ This is my set Good state… well, the calm one. The one I first would transform if I were just joining the side.”
A miniature image of his appearance in his Calm Good state appeared… a beautiful Angellic creature, with three wings and dark, mahogany hair that flowed like delicate silk. Her appearance was rogue-like however… holding a cross-like rod and yet being adorned with leather and rather scantily clothed garments. Still, that form of Vean was breath-takingly beautiful.
“ Then there is my stronger Good state…”
The picture blurred and transformed into a different being. This one being lanky and not as full-figured, but still having a female body. Two white wings appeared, being angelic but yet holding a dragon-like quality to them. She had a white tail… adorned with feathers, and draconic-like feet. Her hair was more yellow than blonde… having slitted gold eyes, and with her was a giant sword.
“ I don’t like her much.” Vean said with a laugh, wavering the image away.
“ I have a stronger evil state as well… well, two more. But you’ll probably never see either of them.” He smirked once more, “Or you rather, should pray you never see my final set state.”
Garth’s expression changed through that some what… but of course, he commented to Vean’s first statement.
“ You said they are ‘mainly’ set… what does that-”
“Mean?” Vean stated, and then suddenly he stopped upon the stairs. Garth took a few more steps before looking back, and then Vean simply shrugged.
“It means if I really want to… I can change it. Most of my forms are female, because females can be the purest beings, and they can be the most evil. But yes… it can be changed.”

With that, Vean closed his eyes briefly and a glittering aura of blackened violet seemed to shimmer about his body. His body didn’t seem to change with a flash like it usually did… but the changes were more subtle and rather seemed to shift swiftly. His hair suddenly seemed to change texture a bit and grow, becoming more soft and silky but yet it held a wild-like beauty to it. Vean’s figure now was more shapely, but yet still contained that pure elegance and silent handsome features. He… or she… had a full chest that was half covered by his outer armour-like features, like it had before. Hips were a bit more prominent as was the curvature of his neckline, and even the tiniest detail to his eye lashes seemed to stand out. It was obvious Vean was… well, a she now.

“As you can see…” Vean stated, his voice still cool and complacent, but yet it held a strong female tone that seemed to dance wildly upon her tongue.
“… my forms are mainly set. I contain the same armor, colors and basic features but a gender change can be manipulated. Never understood why, but it’s one of the things I can do.”

3rd August 2005, 01:53 PM
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I watched Garth go, and the feeling of loss was overpowering... as was the feeling that the other shoe was yet to drop, as they say. Garth's story wasn't over yet, and that alone gave me hope.

"Sorcha! Sorcha!" a voice pierced the darkness and I looked to see the owner. Of course, I had assumed that the speaker was humanoid; had I looked up, I would have seen him.

"I know that voice," I murmured, my brow creasing slightly as I tried to remember. "Jalken!" I looked up and saw the strange creature flying through the air towards me.

"Sorcha!" Jalken gasped for air as he landed at my feet. "I was... flying... and... I saw this..." A bright red stone was dropped at my feet.

I knelt down and picked it up. It was warm, and a powerful magick radiated from it. I looked into it's depths. Images flashed through my mind, and I lost my balance momentarily.

Koger was there in an instant, helping me to my feet. "You can fly, you can manipulate the weather, but you can't even stand on your own feet," he repremanded playfully.

"It has fire magick!" Jalken piped up.

"What does?" Koger asked, looking at the creature with slight distaste.

"This... I- I know this...." I said, only half-aware of my own words. I shook my head, trying to clear it of the images. "It is powerful... thank you, Jalken. I will need your help; please, stay."

Jalken looked slightly taken aback. "Me? You need my help?"

I nodded, looking to the horizon. "I need all the magick users that I can right now..." I closed my eyes and the wind stirred my hair. "Illuminia."

"Who?" Jalken asked.

"She is coming, look," I said, pointing, just as the elven woman came into view on the road.

"Sorcha... what... what happened? And what is going on in the city?" Illuminia asked when she reached us.

"Legion is in the city, possessing people, and I... I cannot explain what happened to myself. Not now, not yet. I will need your help too, and very soon. My coven is gone, and my own magick is not powerful enough to do what needs to be done by myself. I will need you and Jalken, and any others who can aid us... but not at the moment. I am tired..." I trailed off, my voice weakening. The four of us entered into the mansion.

People were everywhere, trying to find each other and figure out what was going on.

"Please, listen!" I shouted; a hush spread over the multitude. "You are welcome here, but please do not stray. This house can be as dangerous as the city streets are right now."

"You mean, it's haunted?" a voice asked. Quiet laughter broke out.

I smiled. "You could say that, I suppose. Through that door," I pointed, "You will find the kitchen; there will be enough food for everyone. Don't question, because I can't really answer. Make yourselves at home, otherwise."

I walked through the croud towards the large stairway, and people moved, staring at Koger and myself in awe. I could hear their thoughts; what creatures where these? What was this place? Is this the awaited end of the world?

Away from the multitude, Koger and I stood in the silence of my bedroom. I closed my eyes; too much, too much was happening so quickly, and it was threatening to carry my sanity away in the swift currents of life.

Koger's arms wrapped around me, pulling me closer to him, and I leaned against him slightly. No tears this time; I didn't know if I was even capable of tears anymore.

"Sorcha-" he began, but I cut him off.

"It's all right... You don't need to say anything. I don't think that there's anything left to say. What has been done is done; there is no going back, only pushing forward. As for my choices... they are my own. I have made them, and that is the end of it. All I know is that, no matter whatever else may happen, I love you."

Our kiss was like no other; even our first kiss paled in comparison. The forbidden love between angel and demi-god didn't matter anymore. It was our love, and ours alone; spiritual politics no longer had sway over either of us.

I yeilded to his caresses once more...

...it was much more fun than just changing clothing, anyway.

5th August 2005, 10:23 PM

"Food?" He asked forgetting about any stones. He instantly dove in eating as if he hadn't eaten in a week. Someone stared at him surprsingly.

"...How longs it been since yah last are?" Someone asked.

"Who cares? I'm hungry now," He replied his mouth full of food. When he finished half the people around him were staring at him in disbelief. "What?"

They all looked away.

"So about Legion....when do we fight him?" Jalken asked.

"I dunno," Sorcha murmered, too caught up in her moment with Koger. Jalken sighed and set off to explore the house.

7th August 2005, 06:30 AM
Malik looked over the crowds of people that had gathered in Sorcha’s living room. He had never really been to Sorcha’s home. The two either met in nightclubs, fought it out in the streets or on the rooftops or in a courtroom being charged for streetfighting (for obvious reasons). The dark angel looked over at Naomi, who was staying close to Malik’s side.
“Malik,” she spoke, her voice filled with nervousness.
“You said you’d explain to me what’s going on, what were those creatures and finally,” she looked up into Malik’s eyes, “What you are.” Malik sighed. He quickly tried to summeries what the hell was going on without going into too much detail.
“Well,” he explained, “Firstly, the devil, a.k.a. lucifer, is getting prepared to go out and conquer all of earth.” Naomi stared at him in disbelief.
“Secondly, those two creatures as you put it are friends of mine. The woman is Sorcha and the guy is Koger. And as for what I am, well, you wont believe me.”
“I’ve believed everything you’ve said so far.” Malik sighed.
“Ok then,” he looked at Naomi straight in the eyes, “I’m the son of the devil.” The two were silent for a few moments.
“You’re the devil’s son?” she asked finally in a shakey voice. Malik just nodded in response.
“But wait! If the devil’s your father, then why are you…?”
“Let’s just say my dad and I don’t share the same views,” Malik cut her off.
“Oh, ok,” Naomi replied, a large part of her not believing what Malik was just saying. Malik couldn’t blame her, he’d find it hard to believe too if he was just a normal human.
“Yukari,” Malik spoke, wait her ok? I’ve got to talk to Sorcha about something.” Noami just nodded as Malik walked off.

It took him a while to find Sorcha’s room. When he did, he found Sorcha and Koger, alone.
“Sorry to interupt,” Malik said as he walked in.
“That’s ok,” Sorcha replied. Malik leaned againt the wall, his golden eyes looking back and forth between Sorcha and Koger.
“So,” he gaze fixing on Sorcha, “What are we going to do?” Sorcha’s expression turned grave.
“I don’t know,” she said as she sat down on the bed, he eyes looking down at the floor, “Everything’s just happening so quickly.” Malik knew better then to question. There was something going on that didn’t involve Malik, and the dark nagel thought it was best if he stayed uninvolved.
“You seem to have a lot to think about,” he said as he walked over to her, placing a reassuring hand on her shoulder, “You stay here and work things out. I’ll be back in a few hours. Sorcha looked up at Malik as he headed for the door.
“Where are you going?” she asked. Malik stopped and looked back.
“I’ve got to seal off the city. If any of Legion’s acolytes get out the city, Legion’s possesion could spred. If we block it off, then Legion can’t get any more people.
“I’ll go with you,” koger said, stepping forward.
“No,” Malik said, “You stay here with Sorcha. Whatever she’s going through, I think you can help her.”
“At least take Illuminia and Jalken with you.” Malik had never heard of the two before.
“Illuminia and Jalken?” he asked. Sorcha nodded.
“They’re friends of mine. Illuminia’s an evlen woman while Jalken is a Wargoth. They should be somewhere around the place.” Malik nodded and left the room.

16th August 2005, 06:47 AM

“Interesting,” I mused as the two of us continued on.

At the top of the stairway, the hallway spread openly to reveal a vast balcony overlooking a hoard of heavily armoured soldiers. All the walls were a charred black and adorned with jagged edges, useful if someone got carried away.

I looked across to Vean and grinned slightly. “I got an idea,” I said quietly and threw myself off the balcony, landing heavily on the coal stone floor below. “’Evening maggots! We have been put into your charge to make sure that when you lowlifes go into battle, you know exactly what the f*ck you’re supposed to do. The rules of engagement during times of war are simple – there are no rules. The second you come across an enemy you have only two targets,” I summoned my Dark Soul Blade (like Riku’s in KH) to my hand and rammed it through the chest of a nearby soldier, “their chest,” I withdrew the blade then with a rounded slash swiped his head clean off his shoulders before he had even registered the first blow. “Or the head.” The body crumpled to the ground. “Your warm up, one lap of hell and when you get back, we’ll try something a little harder.”

As I watched them file out in sets of two, I became aware of Vean’s presence beside me.

“I don’t understand,” she said.

“Understand what?” I asked, frowning slightly.

“You killed that soldier without thought and yet…and yet you let that mortal have your body even after you were ordered to destroy him.”

I nodded briefly. “He knew very well that I would take such action. The thing is I actually pitied him, Garth I mean. From my creation I had always had to share this body with Garth’s soul and whilst he trained I came to learn a lot of him. He had been abandoned by his mother at a very young age – at least that was what he was told. Truth was she was a Catholic who got pregnant out of wedlock and fled to the country so that she could raise him. This of course was a long time ago, back when some would see such actions as unholy and seek to end the life of both parent and child. Such was the case here and a few years later, when the two were found, she took him to the middle of the forest and left him then, not out of cruelness but to perhaps save him. It was futile in the end She was killed and he was condemned to a damned existence.
“Garth was found by one of his followers and taken to him and they did some terrible things to him whilst he was there. But it was decided that he would be made use of, by placing my soul alongside his within the same body and fusing my DNA with his own, he became my shell until the time was ready. They trained him to control the powers of darkness, to embrace me but he resisted, escaped hell and tried to settle into life back on the surface. He knew he would never be free of me. Everywhere he went there was something that would remind him of me. I was too weak then, but I could tell my time was coming and it did eventually, one time before this one.
“Garth met someone, a woman and as all mortals do at some stage, he fell in love with her. It wasn’t the most pleasant of experiences for me I have to tell you, all that mushy love crap isn’t for the likes of demons. I had to put a stop it. My priority was to gain control of his body, always had been. I withdrew during his time in paradise, made him forget about me until his guard was down and then one night I struck. I destroyed everything he cared about. I slaughtered his family: a wife and three children, then I burnt his house to the ground. Along with the rest of the village,” a small smirk had appeared on my face during that last part but my expression had shifted suddenly to a frown. “I have never known such power as I did that night. When Garth discovered what I had done…he tried to destroy my soul and despite everything, almost succeeded. Instead he merely banished my control and fled.
“Garth swore that he would never again fall in love. A hard promise to keep but he managed it for a long time, detaching himself from the world around him. That is, until recently.”


I nodded. “Yes. She knew vaguely of his past and thus had some idea of what he was. Yet she treated him as an equal, even offered to help him. He had always felt something for her but it was only recently that he decided he would break his vow. By this time however, it was too late and I saw my opportunity. With Garth broken at the sight of the woman he loved with another man I could exploit his weaknesses and I did and in the course of this I showed the true Sorcha. The one who had failed to help him, being far too preoccupied with her own hormones to be of any use. He made poor attempts to fight, the most pathetic being his decision to fight on the side of ‘good’”, I laughed, “but he was long gone by then. Truth be told, he gave up the second he discovered Sorcha wanted someone else. Works perfectly for me, it’s interesting to have something to mess with her head with before I kill her.”

“You pitied a heartbroken mortal?”

“Perhaps but in fairness I had grown attached to him, he had an inner darkness that I saw only once but forever held admiration for,” I smirked slightly. “That is why I granted him a final walk upon the Earth.”

Vean seemed to muse over my words as I looked around the empty room. During my talk, flames had engulfed the mutilated body and now it was merely ash upon the ground. There was still no sound of our soldiers and I could only guess that Hell had grown since my last visit.

“Hey Vean, how about a little swordfight to get us warmed up. This is boring.”

She shrugged and unsheathed her sword as I brandished my own. “Rules?”

“No rules,” I replied with a grin, “just no overpowered attacks. It would be a shame to miss what appears will be a most exciting war.”

We both charged across the room, our blades meeting in the middle causing the air to fill with the sound on unholy metal clashing. She spun away, twirling her blade about her hand and I parried the blow. She brought her blade upwards and slashed again. Another block. I was just toying with her.

“You’re not trying,” she stated coolly.

“Neither are you Vean. You disappoint me.”

She smirked and faded from view. I shook my head briefly then back flipped, landing behind her and bringing my blade up just in time to meet her own. We both smirked. It was obvious that none of us were really trying but it was certainly fun.

We broke and darted back, facing off one another from separate ends of the room before silently taking to the air. Our blade crashed as our aerial assault was unleashed. She had a look of amusement upon her face and wondered who was toying with whom here and what exactly I should do about it. I was not one to be toyed with but as I was toying with her also it made the situation a little different to the others. I was going to have to start planning a few more moves in advance.

Our aerial assault drew to a close and our battle moved to the ground where we began to test our strengths. Vean had moves I had never seen before: sudden bursts of lightning speed and a vicious control over the dark arts that greatly surpassed my own. Yet I held on. She wasn’t using her full strength yet she still seemed surprised at how well I was holding her off. I decided it was time for a move of my own. Something new I had thought up during my battle with Koger and now wished to try out.

I drew back from her and surrounded myself in a deep aura whilst carefully watching her guard. I gave her a brief smirk before fading into the aura that surrounded me. For a moment the room lay empty and then six circles of dark pulsated energy appeared around Vean and copies of me grew from them. Vean merely smiled and sheathed her blade as my real self appeared behind her.

“You knew I was going to be here,” I said, slightly confused.

“Indeed I did.”

My sword disappeared from my hand and my copies sank to the ground as I took a step towards her. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were toying with me just now.”

Vean turned to me and smirked. “Really? And why would I do such a thing?”

I smirked again, taking her waist in my hands and pulling her towards me. “Do I really have to answer that?” I leaned in and kissed her deeply. It wasn’t romantic or mushy, just raw and passionate, exactly how she expected it. I let my hands wander, seeking out every curve of her slender figure beneath her armour. I began to convince myself that I could do with her whatever I so pleased but it wasn’t the case. As my hands reached between her thighs, she changed and within an instant I was on my back with a searing pain in my chest, which interestingly enough had smoke coming from it.

It was nothing fatal, just painful. I looked up to Vean standing over me, a sly smile across her face, "I hope you're better in battle than you are in tactful foreplay."

With a slight groan I lifted myself to my feet and we returned to the balcony just as the soldiers began filing back in.

17th August 2005, 11:50 AM
~ Calm Evil State / F ~

Vean smirked at Garth, looking down upon him as he groaned and rose to his feet. She had no intention of giving herself to a demon, especially a demon she barely knew who hadn’t shown any special worth to her. Vean was rather hard to impress as well… and if you failed in battle, then you failed in other areas as well. Of course the ‘good’ half of Helveanirica wouldn’t even think of such connections. But Vean wasn’t good and her later stage wasn’t any better… probably considered more ‘evil’ in more areas than one. Yet at this moment in time, Vean connected all physical abilities to battle. This wasn’t a good thing… for many unexplained reasons.

As soon as Garth rose to his feet, Vean simply smiled a fake ‘sweet’ smile and then looked to the troops below.
“It’s time for more important things. Not lessons, but plans.” She stated coldly to no one but herself. Her eyes focused upon those below and she glanced over to Garth.
“The Fallens are the ones I am to specially guide. Being that I have a rather ‘Dark Angel’ appearance, they would look to me for guidance more than you.”
Garth seemed to not know what to think about this rather blunt statement, but Vean quickly went to his side and playfully took a soft, delicate hand to his face and brushed it upwards for a slightly intimate feeling.
“ Don’t take it personal dear… it’s just, if you used to be an Angel and God ripped the wings from you body and sent you into exile… you’d rather look up to an Angelic being who defies God as well.”
With that, Vean’s three wings opened up and she instantly leapt into the air. Taking a swooping circle, she slowly descended until she was in front of the large mass, particularly the Fallens. She hovered there, as she smiled and spoke, her voice seemingly filling up the ‘lesson ground’ area.

“Alright… listen to me! You are no longer in training for what is to come… but you are now preparing for what is here! You are at a war not just with God, but with all things that show themselves to the side of Good! You will not just destroy those who stand in your way… but those who look on from the sidelines as well. If some thing is not on your side, then it is your enemy. You will destroy all those who are your enemy!”

A few rowdy sounds could be heard from the mass… and the Fallens seemed to be captivated by Vean. A glint of revenge and hope seemed to glimmer in their eyes, as they soaked up all there was to hear.

“Yet with every army, we do not attack with out order. We cannot just simply march up to Heaven’s gate and burst our way through. We must first strike where it’ll hurt Heaven the most. We will be rising to Earth’s field, and there we will be destroying ALL signs of faith. Churches, crosses, synagogues, everything and anything! The more these are destroyed… the more faith is shattered by believers. Of course there will be a few strong ones, and if they speak of having faith in your presence… then kill them. The more faith dies, the less power God and Heaven have because that is what they strive upon. Faith of humans and all things.”

Garth soon spoke to Vean, obviously some question in his voice.
“Won’t a few church items hurt them? They don’t take affect to me… or you, but what about them?”
Vean grinned, “Have you ever seen a pure demon in its own manifested body get hurt by walking into a church or touching a cross, or anything like that for that matter?”
Garth shook his head… realizing he had not.
Vean nodded, “That’s because those items don’t work on demons. They only affect weakened demons that possess a human body. Since your human self is gone… and this whole army possesses their true, hell-given bodies… they will not be harmed. Oh, and of course the Fallens are technically Angels in exile. So they will obviously not be harmed either.”

Vean smiled, crossing her arms as she landed upon the ground next to Garth.
“I’m bored Garth… what’s next?”

17th August 2005, 06:58 PM

I smirked slyly and with a slight gleam in my eyes replied, "I can think of a few things."
Vean frowned and I thought for a brief moment that I was about to turn into a smoking pile of Demon but I interrupted her before she had the chance.
"But seeing as that doesn't appear to be on the agenda today and seeing as how our mini-legion is done for now," I motioned to the departing troop of soldiers. "We're free to think of something."

Vean frowned slightly, shifted her stance and stretched her wings briefly. "That still doesn't solve the problem of me being bored."
"I'd gladly solve the problem if you weren't such a stiff,"
Vean shot me a death glare and I withdrew slightly.
"Alright. Let's walk, I'm sure we can find something."

We headed back down the stone staircase and took a turning into the sleeping quarters for the demons.

"Had a feeling we'd end up here," Vean mused.

"Relax, I'm not even thinking about trying it on with you for a while. This is just a different direction to the one we took earlier. Figured the change of scenery would help cure your boredom."

"It's not," Vean replied cooly.

I simply rolled my eyes and continued walking. She was so difficult to impress and I had no ideas. Truthfully I really just wanted to get her into bed and see where things went from there but I knew that she had been toying with and I was game for now. It was kinda fun. I was kinda toying with her too.

"It's the battle isn't it?"

Vean cocked her head slightly and frowned slightly. "What?"

"That's why I can't get anywhere with you. I wasn't good enough in battle for you so you don't think I'll be good enough for you in bed either."

"I didn't think you'd ever catch on," Vean replied, overtaking me for my pace had slowed.

"That's hardly fair."

Vean stopped and shot me a sideways glance, "don't talk to me about fair."

We walked on in silence and finally arrived at the depths of hell itself. A blinding inferno, where the smell of suphur burnt the hairs from your nostrils and the heat pierced the skin. Vean and I remained unaffected of course.

"This is your plan to cure my boredom?" asked Vean, unimpressed.

"Hey, it's something."

We stood there, watching the fires of hell as they stirred before us. In the radiant heat I saw Vean's face glowing and I knew I had to try something. I stepped closer to her and when she turned to face me I leaned in and kissed her deeply.

"Do you have to judge me on physicalities? Because technically, that counts. You have yet to truly see me fight, so do not be so quick as to pass your judgements on me."

Outlaw JT
18th August 2005, 09:50 PM
Koger : Bel-Marduk

God had a cruel sense of irony it seemed. As Koger and his kind, the Demi-Gods who claimed Babylon and man as their own creation, were cast into the void he was forced to watch the destruction of all that he had built for man at the hands of the ArchAngel Michael. For a long time in the void he had thought of nothing more than vengeance upon the hand of God. Upon the eve of his freedom he had found an equal and fallen in love. As it turns out, the woman he had chosen as his mate had been the unwilling subject that God had merged Michael with. It was quite clear to him that God had taken this measure for a very specific reason. God had sought to protect Michael from his wrath by merging him with the very being he would never be capable of raising a hand against. It was a rather clever way to assure Koger would not seek to side against God. Of course, that hardly meant Koger planned to side with him once the imminent conflict reached it's inevitable conclusion.

"What do you think of Earth my love?" Koger asked quietly as they lay there in the moonlight filling Sorcha's room.

"Why do you ask?" she replied, looking up into his eyes.

"Just thinking to the future," Koger brushed her hair gently away from her eyes. "You know this war will not be the end of conflict. If things unfold as I see them, this war will mark the beginning of a new domain."

"What do you mean?" Sorcha rose slightly with concern.

"Ask again once our enemies have fallen," and Koger silenced her curiosity with a kiss. "Now, let us rest before the coming storm. I am sure we both have much to consider."

His eyes slid shut as he said this but he did not rest. He had much to do before the coming battle if things were to unfold as he hoped. He wished to speak with Malik before it commenced but something else was more important. Even though Koger could destroy Garth with effort that task must fall to Sorcha. It fell to him to neutralize a greater threat. One as ancient as he himself.

As his mind re-centered itself he opened his mind's eye and turned about, surveying his surroundings. A barren field of ash and fire spread in all directions. And before him, two figures stood talking. His lip curled up in a mischievous grin as he had projected himself precisely where he had intended to go as his body lay safely behind in Sorcha's bed.

"Do you have to judge me on physicalities? Because technically, that counts. You have yet to see my feet, so do not be so quick as to pass your judgements on me," a familiar voice said very eagerly.

"I would think seeing the size of your feet would rather discourage her from the activity you seek Garth. If the old addage is to be believed it doesn't speak very highly for your endowment," the pair turned on him instantly, a sword appearing in Garth's hand.

The sword swung through his form effortlessly and Koger simply smiled at them, unblinking. They could see him perfectly well but he was not actually there. What they witnessed was simply a projection of his mind. They could no more harm it than they could empty space. As that idea set in Garth released a painfully venomous glare.

"If looks could kill......" Koger chided, his grin growing wider at the fury in Garth's face.

"How did you get......" Garth began speaking quite angrily only to be interrupted mid-sentence.

"In here? Very simply, actually. Although I understand how the concept might elude one such as you. You seem to forget that I am not of God's creation. Therefor, I am not limited by his boundaries. Now that I am free of the void I can go anywhere I please so long as I don't break the laws of each domain I travel to. Hence my arrival in spirit only. My body is safely on Earth enjoying the carnal pleasures you so heftily failed at acquiring for yourself before you embraced the arrogant spawn inside you," Koger simply gleamed as Garth continued to fume.

"You did not come here to bandy words with Garth," the other figure spoke quite calmly in contrast to Garth's rage.

"You are quite right. As entertaining as toying with Garth is I did not come here to test his dull wit. I came here to see you Helveanirica," and Koger shifted his gaze from Garth to Vean.

"To what end?" Vean still as calm as Garth was furious.

"To your end Vean," Vean's eyebrow raised at this. "Tell me Helveanirica. Do you enjoy being a puppet? You must, to have so easily been manipulated by Garth. I suppose after millenia of being used it must be too painful to stand on your own. Or do you fear having motivations of your own. Is that why you have allowed Garth to perpetuate the cycle of abuse against you?"

"You underestimate me to address me so brazenly," Vean replied evenly.

"Do I really? I suppose we shall see on the battlefield. I am not here to provoke you, however. I came to present a third choice. Tell me, do you think I fight for God? Do you believe I have chosen to side with the being that destroyed my creation and cast me and my kind into a void for five millenia? What if there was a third option. If you could fight not for heaven, not for hell, but for a chance to form a new domain. One beyond the imminent dominion of God or Lucifer. Before you attempt, and I do emphasize the word attempt, to strike me down in combat once the battle begins I urge you to consider my words. There is more at work than has been seen by anyone yet. I offer you a chance to join me before the turn of the battle, to become your own master for once and all. I offer you a chance to fight for freedom from the domains of heaven and hell. Remember that when next you see me Helveanirica. You don't have to be a pawn!"

As Koger's eyes slid open the visage of hell disappeared from his mind as his image vanished from it. He found Sorcha staring into his eyes with concern. She brushed the red hair from his face and he smiled to relieve her worries.

"Are you ok? You seemed like you were miles away?" Sorcha asked as she leaned in to kiss him.

"Just considering things to come," Koger answered coyly as he returned the kiss.

Koger then wrapped his arms tightly around Sorcha and rolled on top of her, gazing hungrily at her eyes. There was still time before the battle to come. No matter what happened hours from now, this moment he was perfectly at peace. One last time before the dominion of Earth is decided, Koger embraced his love fully. Again their bodies exploded into each other and at least for a while all worries over the rest of the universe faded from both their minds.

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24th August 2005, 01:25 PM
I've done some concept art for this... hopefully I can get a little of it up by the end of the week.

Hrm... back to first-person here...


It is time

My eyes flew open at the sound of many voices speaking to me, and it was a moment before I realized that it had been in my mind. Time? Time for what?

Destiny beckons, Bright One

I stirred, and Koger looked at me with concern that must have mirrored my own.


"I don't know what it is, not yet, at least. I- I have no control over this..." I trailed off and shook my head. “No, I don’t think that anyone has. It is time…”

I rose and dressed in another white gown, this one backless for my wings and more complex than the last, and strode from the room, Koger beside me. As I appeared at the top of the grand stair, a hush fell over the people assembled there, and many faces looked up towards me, hope and fear clashing in their eyes.

“Illuminia, Jalken, Malik, please,” I said as descended the stairway to the entryway floor. They approached, obviously exhausted from their nocturnal mission and aiding of the gathered refugees. “Everyone, I need you to form a circle and link hands, and I mean everyone!” I called to the crowd.

Slowly, gradually, a large circle began to form in the huge hall, myself and the four others standing in the middle. I softly spoke incantations as I motioned to where I wanted them to stand. As each took his or her place, a line of light appeared, connecting one person to another, forming a large star.

“Sorcha-” Malik began, but I motioned for him to be silent.

“We come together: friends, families, neighbors, strangers, mortals and immortals. No matter what our differences are, we all call this plane, this planet, this existence home. Whether it is the first or last home we have, it is our home now, at this moment in time, and we are the only ones who can save it.” My voice echoed, magnified by some unknown means to be heard by all. “No matter how small, how young, how seemingly insignificant, we all have power within us, from the smallest human child to the oldest of the immortals. Our very souls are our power, and that is what makes us so very different from those who seek to overpower and destroy us. Their power comes from outside, and that is their weakness; without the fear, hatred, and other negative emotions, they are nothing. Here, you are safe, you are among kin. Feel your connection…” Peace flowed through every being in the hall, and I could feel the magick start to take form.

Song poured forth from my lips unbidden, songs of long-forgotten days at the beginning of creation. The sound and the story was part of every one of God’s creations, and perhaps others, I didn’t know. The effect of it, however, was evident: the power of the gathered people rose forth, collecting and merging, building into something never before seen. The pure essence of every being poured forth…

I stopped singing, but my voice continued to linger and reverberate. “Helveanirica!” I cried out. “I summon thee!”

The song that I now sang was like nothing ever heard before.

24th August 2005, 02:26 PM

As swiftly as the Ancient came, he was gone. Helveanirica was left standing, starting at the spot where he was for quite some time. Garth was fuming behind her… plotting the demise of Koger, most likely. After what seemed like hours of thought to Vean… Garth finally approached her.
“Don’t listen to him. He’s merely trying to get on their side. He is in allegiance with Sorcha it seems…” Garth trailed off, seeing how obviously Helveanirica was not turning around to face him, but rather kept her back. Begrudgingly he walked around to face her, to force her to acknowledge and look at him. His eyes widened as he saw her face…

Helveanirica was being fought over by her own body. Inside the evil, which had surfaced, wanted to keep control- gain more, if possible. Yet she wasn’t sure of herself… the words which Marduk spoke had hit a tone with her. Her neutrality wanted the body back. Her eyes were glazed over slightly, swirling with different colors of blue as she bit her lip in inner agony. Garth stared for a moment… as her hair seemed to swirl about with an unseen wind. Voices were bubbling up again… with this battle of control, her defenses were down and she could hear the voices. They were louder this time… both dark and light whispering, whispering calls and songs and words of battle. A battle was rising… growing in power and in hatred, and Vean could hear all of it. Not only that… but she could hear the voices of her own body, calling for her to stay or to turn. All of this together, swirled in a combined force was getting to her… getting at her. She didn’t know what to feel, what to do… what was there to do?
Do you enjoy being a puppet?
The word of Marduk echoed in her head… many of his words, seemed true. She had always been used by either side. She had done their bidding… done their commands, but it was not done by her own inner will. If she had one, that is. It was done because she had to… Bel-Marduk did not know that part about her. That was where he was wrong- she could not stand upon her own two feet, because she was not given her own to feet to stand upon to begin with. And of course, deep inside her pure logic stated that while perhaps he offered her to not be a puppet of good and evil, he offered instead her to be a puppet of his. To help him create a new domain… and reguardless if he were neutral in this war, she would still be a puppet.

“VEAN!” Garth finally screamed, obviously he had been yelling at her for quite some time and she suddenly came to. Her eyes reopened… and Garth’s eyes looked angry, lusty, and bewildered all at the same time.
Helveanirica had changed. She was back into her neutral form… a strange, glittery glow of silver hovered about her body as it seemed to give off radiance. It was her purest state, in her world.
Her long, silky ribbons of sun-kissed hair drapped about her body, covering her upper half occasionally while the rest remained nude. Her eyes were a purer blue… looking deep and wise, as if they held a world all their own. Three wings were upon her back, a dusty white that seemed massive when outstretched, but they were folded.
“… Helve?” Garth said, and to that she gave a nod.
“ Garth… may I ask you some thing?” She stated, her voice sounding smoother and a bit more gentle than her previous state.
“ What?” He stated with agitation.
“ Do you have a soul?”
At that, Garth laughed suddenly, shaking his head madly. “Of course not, the soul which used to inhabit this body as died. I am the demon inside now.”
Helve gave a nod but questioned further, “ But… Demons… they have an essence, right? Some thing that makes them… them… some thing that lets them have their own wishes, dreams, desires… and free will? If not physically, then mentally… right?”
Garth nodded a bit… as if unsure what path she was taking with this.
“ Then, it’s like they have a soul. An anti-soul perhaps…” She stated gently, glancing around her. She then withdrew a sigh, looking at Garth once more.
“ Did you know that I have no soul? No essence? I do not dream- I get others visions. I do no desire – my desires become those whom I aligned with. I do not have free will… because I have been created by forces, which I am forever bound to. I have no soul to break these bonds. I do have one wish… but it is one wish alone and mind to never speak of. But did you know that?”
Garth shook his head, “I can get you a soul!” He suddenly proclaimed as if that were the logic to everything. However, Helve shook her head… a small smile upon her face- one that a person might have to a child.
“ You could get me a soul- yes, but it would be some one else’s soul. I do not want that- I want my own. However… it is impossible for a being to receive their own soul, if they were never born with one to begin with and they were not created by God. If I were a creation of God then yes- I could get a soul. But I cannot… because I am unlike any other. I am the AfterBirth of Creation itself. Isn’t that a gruesome title?”
Helve withdrew a sigh at Garth.

Suddenly she felt herself being pulled… tugged by a massive calling force. It felt much like some one had reached inside of herself, and pulled upon her literal organ called the ‘heart’. This was a powerful summoning… and instantly Helve knew who it belonged to, and what she had done to do such a thing. Helve gave a sigh- another one, and looked back to the demon.
“ I would have liked to met the human you took… I think I would have liked him.” Helveanirica stated, giving a low nod as her wings suddenly outstretched. With a swift and blinding movement, light filled the air in a flash as her wings wrapped about her front. Her hair rippled wildly about… until finally she simply disappeared from Hell. She no longer belonged there.

As soon as she had disappeared, she had instantly reappeared in a blinding flash in the middle of the circle. People covered their eyes and gasped as soon as the light had settled. Helve was before Sorcha, hovering in the air slightly although her wings were not beating at the air. They slowly folded back, revealing Helve’s striking ice-bitten blue eyes as she looked at the host of Micheal. Her blonde hair whirled about gently…
“ You’ve spoken my name so I have come. Tell me your intentions.”

26th August 2005, 01:38 PM
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Helveanirica stood before me in her "true" form.

I sang; I knew not what exactly it was that I sang, but it was what I was destined to. Helve's mind withdrew and her eyes grew blank as my voice spoke to her. She was changing, but I wouldn't find out how for quite a while.

The doors of the mansion flew open; a static field barred the entry of the dark host of Satan's thralls, but merely slowed down his general.

"Sorcha, you have interfered with me for the last time!" Garth howled as he burst through the barrier. "I will personally make sure you are dead or so broken that you will wish you were!"

My mind and body reeled from the shock of being torn from the magickal trance, as were my companions, and stood no chance of defending myself from the demon as he dropped from the air, grabbed me around my waist, and whisked me through the doorway into a dimensional portal. The strain was too much for me, and I blacked out.

When I awoke, I found myself in utter darkness. I was bound, my arms and legs spread and chained, my neck secured to the floor beneath me. I tried to feint unconsciousness, but it wasn't enough.

"You really don't know how pathetic you are, do you?" Garth's voice sneered in the darkness. "You're just proof of how weak God really is, if his general can't even fight back. It was only too easy to get you, you know..."

I couldn't see where he was, but I could hear him coming towards me; the footsteps stopped just to my left. He must have knelt down beside me, because I could feel his breath on my face.

“I have you right where I want you, Sorcha, right where I’ve always wanted you,” he whispered in my ear and chuckled softly. I felt the cold steel of a blade on my throat and shivered as it slowly traced down my chest and gradually began to slice through the fabric of my gown. I tried to stay calm…

“I can smell your fear,” Garth said as he cut through the hem. His hands ran up the outside of my legs; I attempted to twist away in vain. My struggles only encouraged him more, and his hand swung out of the darkness and hit me across the face. Blood poured from the gash inflicted along my eyebrow and narrowly missed having it flow into my eye.

“Leave me be!” I gasped, body racked with pain and fear.

Garth laughed. “Oh, don’t you like this? You certainly seemed to enjoy giving yourself up the other evening. Come on, whore, and give me a good ride!”

He kissed me, hard, and thrust his tongue into my mouth. I tried to protest, and began to scream as his hands roamed over my body. His very touch made me sick, and my whole being cried out as he mounted and violated me.

[color=teal]It seemed like days later he finally rolled off of my bruised and broken body. I sobbed from the pain, from the torment that I had been through. He ran his hands over me again, taking time to put pressure on each and every bruise, to reopen every wound.

"Did you like that, whore? I'm sure that you did. Better get used to it, because you're never going to leave now that I've got you. You're my own little slut... what's the difference from your purpose on the surface world?" He laughed. "Rest while you can, because, once I've taken care of your pitiful little friends, I'll be back, and I'll be ready to celebrate."

He was gone... I couldn't feel his disgusting presence anymore. The battle was starting, and I was stuck in Hell. Without me, earth would fall and Heaven would be defeated...

A blinding white light surrounded me; I was no longer restrained, no longer in Hell. A male spirit stood before me.

"Sorcha, this is our time. We must fight or we will fall; and I refuse to fall before Lucifer. It is time for you to embrace your power potential," he said as he disappeared.

Then, I was in the air above my army. Both sides halted at my sudden appearance and my broken state.

The time had come.

30th August 2005, 05:44 AM

My deed done, I had reported back to my master. The time for petty insults and minor clashes were over and now it was time for the tides of war to sweep forth. I had taken Sorcha out of the equation and now, at last, Heaven and Earth would fall under our control.

I bowed before him and waited. Upon leaving her, my process of evolution had completed itself. I now brandished a tail as black as coals and scales that overran my entire body, stronger than most armour.

“I have already sent our armies towards the frontline. As we speak, the final ranks are taking their leave of this place and marching upon the house of Eden. You know what you must do.”

“Yes Master.”

I heard the sound of metal upon stone as he paced. “There is still the matter of Helveanirica…”

“Indeed, but we can still succeed without her. She may only have been neutralised and thus she will pose no threat to us.”

“Such confidence.”

“Why not? I have taken Sorcha out of the equation and as such, Koger’s rage will be far too blinding for him to pose even the smallest of threats. We cannot possibly lose,” my own arrogance amused me.

“So sure are you?”

I nodded.

“Then go; send our armies into battle. But heed my warning, should my armies fall, YOU will be the one punished for it.”

I bit my tongue and nodded nervously. It hardly seemed fair in my eyes but the chances of such a fate occurring were greatly slim and I could not see such an event occurring.

With a bow, I brought my sword to hand and sliced and open vortex behind me. All preparations had been made and the time for war was nigh. I couldn’t wait for it. Too long had passed since I had quenched my thirst for blood but that was about to change.

Disappearing into the void, I remerged above my army. In the distance, I could see ranks and battalions still filing their way into place. Catapults were being erected and those strongest with the darkest form of magic were preparing to do battle behind a wall of barricades. Opposite, I could see our enemy preparing for war and a few, recognisable figures were present at the front. I called a messenger over to send a message to Koger over the fate of his beloved. His response was most amusing.

Tension was mounting on both sides. War was afoot though no side seemed ready to attack. This was the waiting game. The calm before the storm which measured a man’s strength more than his battles.

That’s when it happened.

From nowhere, Sorcha appeared, her bruised and broken figure clearly defined against the breaking dawn. Everyone was still, until eventually Koger rose up to take her side. I sighed, wondering why on Earth nobody stayed in Hell anymore. My fingers twitched impatiently. I had no time nor care for such sappiness. I raised my blade into the air and ordered my soldiers to attack.

They charged upon the surprised ranks and began to mutilate the front line of defence. Satisfied, I made my way across the field to where Sorcha and Koger hovered and greeted them with a twisted sneer. I had gotten to them, to both of them, it was prize enough.

“I thought I told you not to move,” I said to Sorcha. I dropped back slightly as the rage within Koger intensified. I adjusted the grip on my blade slightly. “Now then, who wants to go first?”

31st August 2005, 06:24 AM
Malik drew his blade as he watched Hell's armies smash their way through the first line. He looked at Illuminia and Jalken, who were standing by his sides, their weapons also drawn.
"Now or never, right guys?"
"We're going to die aren't we?" Jalken asked. Whether he was joking or not, Malik couldn't tell, but he chuckled anyway.
"If that's the case, I'll see you all in Hell." Malik's gold eyes glared out at the oncoming horde with an unholy hatred. He let out a cry as he charged towards them, soon followed by Illuminia, Jalken and eventually the rest of their army.

The two armies clashed, the blood of both humans and demons alike began to rain down onto the ground. The three generals (Malik, Illuminia and Jalken) faught back to back, hacking away at any the enemy in front of them, while covering eachother.
"Man," Jalken spoke in between attacks, "This is just nuts!"
"It could be worse," Malik replied, "We could be sitting at home watching one of those prime-time shows!" Though Malik was too busy fighting, but he could imagine the amused smirk on Jalken's face.

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29th September 2005, 01:27 PM
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‘nuff said.


I gazed at the being who was once Garth with cold, dead eyes. If he expected anger, hatred, or rage, then he was going to be extremely disappointed.

“Slave of Satan, stand down now…” I intoned. A mighty storm was rapidly building, both around us and inside of me.

“I’ve got Satan's army under my control, and I’m suppsoed to be afraid of a little storm?” The demon sneered at me, but I called his bluff.

“Satan’s army isn’t under anyone’s control, fool!” I snapped.

He gestured to the legions of the undead, possessed, and damned at his back. “Who’s the fool?” He laughed.

“I lead the whole host of Heaven; your point?”

“I’m not afriad of some tiny storm.”

“You won’t be seeing a tiny storm,” I said quietly.

“Oh, sure, some weakling witch like you is going to make a bigger one?” He roared with laughter. Koger moved to attack, but I held him still with my mind. This was not his fight; this was mine, and mine alone.

“I flooded the entire world for forty days and forty nights…”

“And? I can fly.”

“I control the weather of the whole earth…”

“Your point?”

“I guard Eden and the Eternal Mysteries… I am ‘Who Is Like God’… I was part of the Creation… and I will be all of YOUR END!” The demon shrank back from the blinding light that flooded from my body, as did every other being around us. Fire spread through my veins as my wounds healed almost instantaniously; the remains of my gown burned away in the intense heat. Pure engergy flowed through my body and soul, healing, strengthening, changing. Armor formed on my body, armor made of the elements of air, fire, water, and earth, armor formed with spiritual energy. Colors swirled and shifted across the light-reflecting surface… or maybe it was radiating a light of its own. A sword materialized in my right hand, a longbow in my left, and a quiver with a single arrow on my back. Fear hid behind the demon’s eyes.

I opened my eyes slowly and looked upon the evil before me. “You know this arrow, fiend. You know it’s purpose, and you know it’s end.”

Maybe that's enough... I don't know, I may add more, but that's all I can hash out for now...

30th September 2005, 12:06 PM
My face expressionless, I stared down my opponent. Who was she to challenge one with power such as mine? One who commanded the formidable forces of Hell? I stared her down, refusing to show any emotion at this sudden turn of events. She was cocky to think that just having something in her possession was enough to defeat me. Me of all beings.

“Aye, I know full well what you intend to do Sorcha,” I growled. My grip tightened upon the hilt of blade. “That is why I cannot allow you to make that move!”

I flew at her and our blades clashed with such force that we were both knocked back slightly by the energy it created. Thunder struck the ground between us the rain lashed at our armour. I could not allow her to draw that arrow. I would not allow it! I hurtled a ball of dark energy at her. She prepared her sword to block but it exploded before it reached her. I burst from the smoke and caught her off guard, causing a hairline dent in her armour. It wasn’t much but I was more confident having landed the first blow.

Our blades crashed together again, creating bone shattering spheres of energy that shattered the very heaven above us. We circled one another, thrusting, blocking, slashing, stabbing and hacking with our blades. Below us, the two armies merged into one with no clear winner in sight. I charged at Sorcha again and our blades met. The struggle was visible upon us both now; I don’t deny that as an opponent was not to be underestimated. But then, neither was I.

When there was space between us once again, I launched my psychological battle. Her weakness was in her mind, it always had been and I was determined to exploit it. When battle drew us close again I locked her sword with my own and brought her face-to-face with me.

“You could have avoided all of this Sorcha, all you had to do with give Garth the help he wanted and it would be him here instead of me.”

“Garth will return,” she replied defiantly, pushing our blades closer. “The same can’t be said for you however.”

She tucked her legs beneath her, pushing against my gut with her feet and finally parting our blades. I laughed, amused by her reaction. I had made a dent at least, it was a start. Now all I had to do was exploit it. Doubt was a powerful ally.

“I have to tell you!” I called to her. “When it comes to sex you’re not high on the excitement scale. In fact,” I added with a dark sneer. “You were a bit of a stiff.”

Our blades met again. Her strength was growing, her emotions feeding her intensity. But that wasn’t all that emotions could do; they could blind, they could weaken.

“I can see now why Koger holds you in such high favour. You’re very easy Sorcha, even if you aren’t very good at it. I wonder, just how long will it be before he loses his affections for you? Before he finds someone else who can better please him.”

She swung at my head and I parried the blow with ease. I lifted my hand and launched a blast of dark energy against her chest, cracking the armour.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. This is what God’s general has to offer?” I sneered. “A being that cannot help those who need it, who cannot hold her own in a fight and who cannot even satisfy a man’s basic needs.” I chuckled. “That is something that I will have to remedy.”
I swung my blade and she somehow managed to block it. I hid my surprise quickly and attacked again but somehow all of my attacks were resisted. Frustrated, I gripped the hilt of my blade with an unearthly force and growled. “You’re stronger than I thought.”

Sorcha smirked. “You would do wise not to underestimate me.”

I nodded. “I assure you that mistake won’t be made again. You and I are fighting a different battle Sorcha. You wish to kill me and I simply wish to destroy your soul and make use of what’s left.” I wiped some blood from my mouth and smirked. “And I can assure you that I shall be the one victorious.”

30th September 2005, 01:22 PM

I was overseeing the acolyte gathering - it seemed that Rogue elements such as these Heavenly guardians were marring the plan. As I walked down the street, a deafening bellow knocked me backwards.


"Yes, Master?" I replied.

[color=red]Garth has taken too long. I expect nothing less than perfection from my slaves. Go and finish the job.

A smiled graced my face. At last I'd be able to utilise my power. I sensed for Garth and his quarries. I was able to feel what general direction they were in and commanded twenty of the nearest acolytes to follow me. Our heightened abilities allowed us to run quickly towards the fight scene.

I soon looked upon the battlefield, not one of armies clashing but of Garth and Sorcha, clashing blades and exchanging words. Koger was also there, but he was frozen by Garth's powers. Garth was speaking, something about them fighting different battles, but Satan had ordered me to take matters into my own hands. As Garth ran towards Sorcha with his blade raised, I jumped in front of him with my own sword raised and parried his attack. All three of them were surprised to see me. Garth withdrew his blade then pointed at me with it.

"LEGION! Get out of the way now! This is my battle!"
My sword was still raised.
"You have been long enough; Satan has given me authority to end this once and for all!"
"We are not going to destroy her you slave, I need her body intact!"
A fury swelled within me.
He smiled.
"Have a touched a soft note? What does it feel, being at Lucifer's beck & call? I am free as a bird, yet you, a powerful demon, are but a sniffling dog at his heels."
My fury incensed and I roared a beastly roar. I attempted to calm myself.
"Alright you maggot, what the hell do we need her body for?"
"I need an empty vessel for my plan."
"Well, let me handle that then."
I turned to Sorcha and raised my hand. I attempted to turn her, but then a heavenly light filled my eyes and an ear-piercing scream knocked me back. I relinquished my grip and stumbled backwards.
"Her mind is too strong - you'll have to break her spirit before she will succumb."
Garth nodded as he walked towards her, raising his sword again.
"Oh I'll break her spirit, all right."
I turned my attention to Koger. He was also a threat, but it wouldn't be as much fun to destroy him in his frozen state. I ran towards him and smashed into his jaw with the hilt of my blade. The spell lifted, he flew sideways onto the ground and rubbed his jaw.
"Wow, the real power of one of Satan's generals; a cheapshot."
I smiled and pointed my sword at him.
"Get up, worm, I've been spoiling for a good fight and you're just the kind of punk I've been itching to mutilate."


I hope that is okay.

25th October 2005, 01:38 PM
Just a note: In this form, Sorcha isn't really Sorcha as far as personality goes. This (http://members.tripod.com/ryos_digimon/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/angewomon.jpg) should give you some idea of what she's looking like right now, as well... I hadn't realized that Angewomon was what I was drawing inspiration from until recently, lol.

Torn from the heavens, they fall from the sky
And walk the streets among mortal men
They hide in shadows, keepers of the night
Mortal life is weak, can't hold back the demons
The blood pours as rain
And soon you'll be alone

No care for the other. He was a demon, true, but his own ego prevented him from being of any consequence.

"I assure you that you will never know the truthlessness of your words, for your death will be swift, wretch," I said quietly to the Garth-demon. He laughed.

It would be the last time for him to do so.

I rushed; he dodged. He lunged; I parried. Blow after blow was exchanged and fended off in turn.

Descending Angel
Stand by my side
We'll face the night
Descending Angel
Guard the gates of Hell just one more night
For in the morning... will bring the light

This was what I had be born and created for. This was my destiny; to defend a world that didn't know or understand me. A world that had never accepted me. A world of corruption and hatered. I fought for them, I stood between them and the evil that wished to devour them...

Born and created in the image of a God
The heavens fall
No savior has been sent
No one to guide us, alone we face the night
Mortal life is brief for the rebel angels
They make their final stand
And soon you'll be alone

And what if I did fail? What then? The champion of God falls... is the battle over? And what of the war? No matter how many times Hell is beaten back, they rise again. If Heaven fell, would we return as well? What if my death was the only way to stop the seemingly endless cycle?

Descending Angel
Stand by my side
We'll face the night
Descending Angel
Guard the gates of Hell just one more night...

No, I wouldn't let it end that way. I had a purpose, and I would fulfill it.

Forever... ends... tonight!

Just as the sun's first rays broke over the horizon, it happened. The slip, the chance that the world awaited.

My sword met flesh and ran deep. Thunder roared overhead and the battle below suddenly halted to stare in wonder, in horror, in hope at the general of Satan's army. The general who was skewered on my sword. He stared in disbelief. It was as if he didn’t feel the blade itself, only saw it protruding from his body.

Then the sunlight touched the hilt. A terrible scream rent the air as holy fire began to burn through the demon and purify the sacred sword.

This battle was over. The demonic army began to vanish, retreating back to Hell in the wake of the sun and their leader’s death. I saw none of it, though. I looked to my friends and at Marduk, my love, who looked slightly ragged but no worse for wear on the whole. Then, slowly, I felt all of the enchantments that had surrounded me melt away… and I felt Michael withdraw.

The rest was lost to me.


[color=#a060c0]“OK Sorcha, it’s OK… almost there…”

The sweat that drenched my brow ran into my eyes and stung. My labored breathing, the focus of my attention, was becoming tedious... all of this was.

“Just pull the damned thing out!” I growled at the unoffending Illuminia before screaming again.

“Sorcha, please, relax!” she cried in exasperation. The poor woman was up to her elbows in blood and trying in vain to keep me under control.
“How the in the nine Hells can I relax when-“ Another scream pierced the air. “If this child is half of the handful that its father is, it’ll be the end of me!”

That’s hardly fair, love… Marduk’s thought-voice broke into my consciousness.

It’s hardly fair that I have to go through this and you decide to be squeamish just so you don’t have to be here! I shot back, then screamed again, half from pain and half for effect.

Then I felt it, that slip… like all the pieces just fell into place and stopped fighting each other. The pain was excruciating, and tears streamed down my cheeks as I bit down to keep from awakening all of Creation.

It seemed like forever, but only an hour later I held my firstborn, my son, in my arms. Marduk stood behind me, letting me lean against him as I sat upright for the first time in days, and looked down at his son.

Those eyes…

“What do we call him?” the proud father asked.