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Ginger Cat
3rd March 2003, 08:43 PM

“Take my love
Take my land
Take me where I cannot stand
I don’t care
I’m still free
You can’t take the sky from me.

Take me out to the black
Tell ‘em I ain’t coming back
Burn the land and
Boil the sea
You can’t take the sky from me.

There’s no place I can be
Since I’ve found Serenity
You can’t take the sky from me…”

Haven’t seen Firefly? You aren’t alone… Most haven’t, and now it’s goneeee! *cry* Honestly, it’s not terribly difficult to catch onto. Not at all. The show is set five hundred years into the future, and takes place in the wake of a universal war. And yes, if you’re wondering and have any idea, I did try this before under a different name…

The characters in this RPG, and on the show, are on board the ship ‘Serenity’, a type of ship known as a firefly. The members on board are together for reasons which may not be apparent, but their goals is to survive, and the jobs they take usually involve plundering, theft, and other tasks that aren’t quite legal (though they do occasionally take on some legal jobs).

In the outside world, the planets are somewhat random, but for the most part seem to be older. Many seem to have a Western feel, while a few almost seem like Old England. Nearly all of the organizations that are known as ‘legal’ are run by the Alliance, which is pretty much out to get all lawbreakers… Obviously providing a problem for the crew of the Serenity.

The goal of this RPG is to survive… Survive the obstacles that will come both from outside sources and from the other people on the ship. Yay fun!

If you want, you can go here for more info:

The current cast:
Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds - Ginger
Jayne Cobb - Ginger
River Tam - Hyperness
Andrea Fileppi di Bancco - CHikory
Simon Tam - Anjana
Richard Daniels - Thargor
Wash - Mike

Now, for the forms… Feel free to sign up another character, or simply a character if you haven't joiend already...

Position on Ship:
Reason For Being on Ship: (If you don’t want to give it, you don’t have to…)
History: (Not really necessary… Optional)
Interests: (Objects, places, people…?)

The following words and expressions are often used. These can be found at www.fireflyfans.net …

Humped - to be in trouble.
"We're Humped!"

Boil - used to describe the process the crew use to open a sealed ship.
"... gonna Boil it..."

Shiney - analogous to good, or in a good situation.
"We look shiney."

Gor'am - Corruption of 'God damn'.
"The Gor'am law."

Back birth - similar to an idiot or a fool.
"Do you think I'm some kind of a back birth?"


Let it be known that "Gor'am" is oen of the coolest Gor'am words ever... ;)

When we start out, the ship has just left a planet where the group has performed a “drop”. Basically, they delivered a bunch of stolen medicine for money. No one was seriously injured, or even injured to the point of needing any medical attention. Right now they’re pretty much just hanging around the ship, waiting for the next drop or for, perhaps, something else… Oh yeah, btw, if Chikory-sai doesn’t mind, Andrea is currently undiscovered in the cargo hold, having joined at the drop-off spot without being noticed. So that’ll come out when Chikory posts… Or after. Whatever. :) Oh, one more thing while we’re at it… Inara, the “Companion” (registered whore…) and Book (the preacher) left at the last planet. Yuh.

Posty time! *using psots form last time because too tired to come up with ne woens... sorry*

Name: Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Position on Ship: Captain
Appearance: Doesn't usually appear to be as dangerous or intelligent as he can be. Anything else...? Like the pictures show. O_o (http://www.fox.com/firefly/images/cast_nathan.gif)
Oh, also has an ear that was cut off and sewn back on, and severeal scars on his body from the recent torture inflicted...
Personality: Has his own set of ideas about what to do, but honestly doesn’t always know exactly how to interpret them. He’s often torn, but doesn’t show it much. Works to keep the crew working together, and has a sense of honor that, though laced with the obviousness of his rough nature, is undeniable and often strong.
Reason For Being on Ship: He's the Captain, and he doesn't like the Alliance, they don't like him... Where better to go than away on a ship?
History: Was in the war, fought for the side that ended up losing; he still supports his decision. La la other than that for the moment. O_o
Interests: Meh.
Other: ...

Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds ~ Captain

Stretching, I walked through the corridor to the docking area, aka the main space, aka simply—the Dock. I wasn’t tired, just a bit sore. Being thrown to the ground tended to do that to a person. Not that I minded, of course; there were much worse things that could happen. My ear was evidence of that. I touched it lightly to find that it was still there. Apparently, it hadn’t fallen off as I thought it would—just as well.

All in all, the drop had gone well. A little bit of violence at the end, which was regrettable, but when didn’t something get a little violent? In any case, it hadn’t been any thing we couldn’t handle. Once Jayne had broken the arms of one of their guys and Zoe had nearly shot the hand off of another, they’d settled down and given us the money. After that it’d been a simple errand of heading back to the ship and having Wash get us into the air and off of the Gor’am planet.

Now the money had been divided among us, and it was time for whatever sort of relaxation we allowed ourselves. Right after the drop… Probably one of the best times on the ship, in some ways. Personally, I liked the rest of it as well, but this was the least dangerous. Usually. There was always the risk of River setting someone off, or of some member of the crew driving some sort of grudge—those situations were bad, but usually the sort that could be handled. Usually easier than a whole heap of armed men ready to blow our heads off, in any case.

Probably the worst part about the last drop had been our loss in the ship’s bodies… We’d known that it was going to happen, and had tried to stop both of them—most of us had, in any case—but we’d been severely unsuccessful. They were both gone. Inara and Book… Needless to say, I wasn’t very happy about either. The preacher had come in handy at times and Inara, well she… She’d been Inara. She’d said that she had to get back to a planet, and he’d needed to find a steady place… Why not the ship? Inara had said that she’d be back one day, and Book had said something along those lines—he’d said it like a true preacher, though, and it’d pretty much gone over my head. I never was much for religion.

There wasn’t anything to be done about it, though. We’d find them some day and, until then, it was probably better for the both of them that they weren’t in our company. We seemed to take our reputation with us wherever we went—a lot, a lot, of trouble seemed to follow us. Or maybe we took it with us. Never mind.

Where was everyone? Probably in their rooms, in the kitchen, maybe… Dreaming about what to do with the money. That medicine heist had been the most successful operation yet, and we still had drops and money to collect from it. The doctor had schemed well in that aspect.

For the time, we had our bit of freedom. No better place than up in the sky, away from everyone and everything. Just the stars, the crew, and Serenity.


Name: Jayne Cobb
Age: 33
Gender: Male
Position on Ship: Crewmember; mercenary
Appearance: Here(http://www.fox.com/firefly/episodes.../jaynestown.gif). Strong, looks like he’s ready to fight at any time, but also seems to be almost humorous at most times… Yeah. Look at the picture. And, for pics of the actor in the role of Knowle Rhrore (looks pretty much the same only alien hybrid :D) go here(http://www.geocities.com/myonlyenem...nddoggimage.htm)
More picciness:
Personality: Not exactly the most trustworthy or intelligent, but willing to work, even though he may ***** about worthless tasks, and dedicated when he feels the need to be. Tends to make a rush for control when he gets a chance. Often difficult to restrain, and his motives are often hidden. The tough guy sort- doesn’t usually seem to understand why people are upset and doesn’t seem to care. Seem to. What really goes on in that thick skull? You’ll find out… fwah.
Reason For Being on Ship: His own reasons. The job was available, it was good. He took it.
History: Prefers not to talk about his past… Not his style to reminisce out loud.
Interests: Guns. People…? Not really. Not that he’ll say, in any case… He dislikes the fact that Simon and River are on the ship; doesn’t feel that they should be there.
Other: He’s got a gun that he calls ‘Vera’. O_o

Jayne Cobb ~ Crew/Mercenary

Bwah, more money. Not for very much fuss, either. It’d been an easy one. Gor’am fools had thought they’d best us and take the medicine without leaving us the money, but we’d shown them. Sh*t, they shouldn’t have even thought about it. Almost funny, in a way.

Let’s see… Preacher gone, whore gone. Sort of a pity to see the whore gone, though I’d never understood what the preacher was trying to get at. A whole bunch of garbage was all. And with him gone, the money was split between less people, so there was more. Always a good thing.

I’d been a bit more… generous since the incident at the hospital. They couldn’t explain it, and I wouldn’t explain it; neither would Mal. I still beat myself up over that one. Not that it plagued me at all times, but it did hurt… I should never have done it. If there’s anything in my life that I’ve regretted furiously, it’s that. It’s when I tried to give them up for money… And failed.

Gor’am Alliance. Maybe it was for the better, though. Better? What did I know about better? I wasn’t the most intelligent guy, and, hell, it didn’t matter anyway. What it boiled down to was that I’d been making up for what I’d done even though I never really could and they didn’t know about what I’d done. Mal had figured it out. They hadn’t. Ah, what the hell.

That girl was still annoying—maybe not as much as before, but still bad at times. Did she have to be so loud? And the doctor… All right, he wasn’t as irritating as he had been, but he could still. Meh.

Anyway, none of that mattered at the time. What mattered was that I had money, that there was the prospect of more money, and that it was time for a bit of kickback. Everything was shiney. How very nice.

Lunch time soon? Probably. That gave me some time to go to my room and put the money away, though, and then… Dunno. Just see what was going on. Just go with it. As long as we were away, might as well find something to do.


Start time.

Anjana's Halo
6th March 2003, 05:31 AM
Alright people, let's move this along.

Name: Simon
Age: 28
Gender: M
Position on Ship: Doctor
Appearance: Isn't he cute? (http://www.fox.com/firefly/images/cast_sean.gif)
Personality: Attempts to be civil and proper on this unproper ship. He often seems uptight. In truth, all he wants is what is best for his little sister.
Reason For Being on Ship: He's hiding his sister, River, from the Alliance.
History: Grew up in a wealthy family, graduated from med school with very high marks, then discovered what the Alliance was doing to his sister (not exactly what was happening, but he still got an idea). Went into hiding and got hired by Mal as a doctor on Serenity.
Interests: Books, taking care of his sister.
Other: Has a bit of a crush for Kaylee, but refuses to make any advancements.

I had finished cleaning up the medical bay, again. There really wasn't much to do on this ship if we weren't in a life-threatening position. In light of that, maybe I liked being bored. Book and Inara were gone. I hoped they managed well. In truth, I would miss Book. He at least used proper English. Nothing against the rest of the crew, but it was nice to have some intelligent converstion.

I flopped down in one of the chairs and pulled out a book with a dust cover reading "Advancements in Physiology." I just put that on there so I wouldn't hear any little comments from anyone. I opened it up and began reading.

"Ah, Eileen, you really have no idea what I feel when I'm with him," sighed Angela. "He truly is the perfect man for me. He loves me!"
"Derek'll lead you only to trouble, Angela. Cast him from your mind."
"What do you know about him?!"
Eileen gave a small sigh. "Dear, I-"

I was interrupted by a pounding noise somewhere on the ship, which somehow reminded me of the money I recieved from the last drop. What should I do with it? Add it to my fund to get some halfway modern equipment in here? Maybe another book. I've already read about Angela's and Derek's plight about 4 time. I'll have to ask River. The pounding had stopped, so I settled down and continued reading.

Hyperness is a Good Thing
7th March 2003, 09:22 AM
Name: River Tam
Age: ???
Gender: Female
Position on Ship: "Fugitive"???
Appearance: http://www.fox.com/firefly/images/cast_summer.gif
Personality: She's a bit confused, lost in a way. She’s often described as psychotic, and even a bit crazy. She has a bad habit of blurting out not only her own secrets but the secrets of everyone else. Since she can read most minds, she doesn't really like people much as she knows what they're thinking, and often, what people say is not what they think.
Reason For Being on Ship: She was smuggled onto it by her brother.
History: She was in this place called the "Academy". She wanted to go there in the first place, but her brother found out that the people there were performing all sorts of experiments on her, so he got her out, and now they're both on the ship. The Alliance wants her back, she seems valuable to them.
Interests: -
Other: Something about her, got it from a site:
If you were to meet River in the pub she'd slap your face! If you were a gentleman you'd have been slapped for lewd suggestive thoughts regarding her legs and if you were a lady you would have been slapped because you thought about her diabolical taste in clothes. River would shun all contact and would leave pretty quickly.



I was getting another one of those headaches again. I got them a lot ever since... I shook myself, not wanting to remember those memories.

It pounded in my head, dully throbbing, not too painful, but irritating. I groaned. I needed something to clear my head, but there was nothing on this Go'ram ship that I could do or anything.

I sank into my bed in my room. I wished this bloody headache would just go away. I buried my head into my pillow, angry with the world in general.


Sorry, short post jsut to show that I'm alive......
BTW....my exams are coming up soon...I may not be able to post for a little while, i'll try my best to though......

9th March 2003, 02:43 PM
Hmmm... Well, I have a char here too... Any chance for the ship landing anytime soon so I would be able to post as well? ^_^;;

Ginger Cat
9th March 2003, 07:56 PM
Indeed we could, Thargor...
Though if you'd like to simply to a "this happened already" post, it'd probab;y be easier... They've got to get to the next drop spot...
Guess they could just get there soon.
I'll write a post soon, I s'pose... O_o
Which way would ye prefer, sai?

Hyperness is a Good Thing
20th March 2003, 04:20 AM
*produces two large hooks* *drags rpg from place where it was drowning.*

Sorry, I like this rpg...it releases this inner need in me to go insane at times.

Anyways....Chikory asked to post this sometime ago...I shall do so..with or w/o her approval....=P I don't know where River's room is on the ship so I'll just make some assumptions 'kay?

~~~~~River Tam~~~~~~~

There was a loud, thumping sound.

At first I thought it was my head, still pounding with a headache. However, I soon discerned that the noise was coming rom underneath me. It was loud, persistent and irritating. It was coming from the hold.

I tried to cover my head with a pillow, to make the noise go away but it wouldn't. I could have screamed with frustration. What on this Gor'am ship was making that racket anyway?

Angry, I got up, ignoring my pounding head. I took out this gun that no one knew I had, and went down to the hold. The gun was just a precaution, just in case it was Jayne down there.

It was dark, but I did not mind. I am perfectly comfortable in the dark, (OOC: is she? I'm not sure at all...^_^) it seems to be like another part of me, something that I feel incomplete without. My brother often gets worried that I like to spend a lot of time in my room with the lights on, just sitting down, looking into the darkness.

The sounds were coming from this long, large boxlike object. I lifted the lid and pointed my gun at.........

........ the bewildered looking man inside. I narrowed my eyes and said in a slow, dry voice, "Who are you? Do not attempt to lie. I will be able to tell."

He blinked, trying to get orientated. "I'm...I'm...Andrea?" he said, sounding slightly puzzled.