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Chris 2.1
1st September 2005, 06:20 PM
Discussion/speculation/general chat threat. I'm a big fan of the series, and after seeing the end of Series 2, I was really gripped and cannot wait for Series 3.

It's airing in the US in september, I hear, which means Sky should get it soon after. Apparently Channel 4 are not buying the rights for it; something which has displeased a lot of fans. After airing most of Series 2 around midnight, and cramming them together in double bills, the ratings really did plummet. Plus, they never seemed to advertise it past the second episode.

Anyway I have found some details from Series 3. These are SPOILERS so beware.




-Christian is still alive.

-There is a new doctor in the business - Doctor Quentin....something, the Doctor who helped operate on Sean with Christian from Series 2 after Sean got attacked by the Carver. He was an old friend of the doctors, IIRC.

-Incidentally, Dr Quentin (Damn, what is his surname?) is Bisexual, something Christian apparently finds out after a three-some gets out of hand.

-Julia asks for a divorce.

-Ava returns

-Matt beats up a transexual, who comes back with a group of other transexuals and beats the crap out of him. Apparently one of them pi$$e$ on him, too. (This is probably after he learns about Ava - I assume he will learn about Ava?)

-The Carver is revealled at the end of Series 3.




I had a nice theory Merryl was the Carver. After all, his business failed, so surely he despises beauty? A difficult business like plastic surgery would surely be a curse on the world if it caused your demise. It would also make sense, as he would have good knowledge of drugs like that drug he uses to paralyze people, and he would also know where Christian and Sean live.

Although I am also wondering if it is simply a new character we are introduced to in Series 3. It may not even be someone significant.

11th September 2005, 08:53 AM
His surname's Costa. (<3 IMDb)

Sounds very interesting. I like Nip/Tuck but I can never get to watch it. I keep catching one or two episodes and I get confused @-@. Especially all that stuff with Ava.

Shame about the Channel 4 thing... Glad I've gots me Sky One ^^

Chris 2.1
21st November 2005, 12:59 PM


Seen the first 6 episodes, and wow, what a series. I won't go into too much detail, but here is THE SCOOP so far...

-Christian gets with Detective Kitt McGraw, a real hot bitch who's leading the Carver Case.

-In Ep2, Matt finds Adrian's body in Ava's old house. It's disgusting, with rotting flesh and such. After a confrontation with Sean, Julia and Kitt, Sean has to come clean that he helped reconstruct Ava's *ding dong*, before launching into the explaination she was a man. Matt goes all psycho, shaving his head and finding a new fetish in transexuals. He meets one, but, finding she still has her *wang dang doodle* gets angry and beats her up. Bad. In the end he gets chased by a bunch of transexuals, who beat him up worse and pi$$ over him.

-After that, Matt gets very depressed, eventually pushing Julia in anger. That causes Shaun to hit Matt in the face. He then files a restraining order on Shaun, but lifts it at the end of episode 4. He hasn't been seen since.

-New doctor Quentin Costa stays with them for the next 6 months (interestingly, the last episode of the season is titled 'Quentin Costa. Hmm?)

-Sean and Julia are getting divorced.

-Christian and Kimber want to get married.

-Christian and Kimber begin a 3-way relationship following Christian and Kitt sharing a moment. However when Kitt and Kimber start teaming up against Christian, Christian seeks help from Quentin and they have 4 way sex. Quentin then tries fingering Christian's ass and totally ruins the moment. He leaves. Christian also tells Kitt to leave so he and Kimber can continue their relationship.

-Almost darkly, Quentin reminds the other 2 surgeons of a story on the news: a gay guy sued his company after they fired him or something. Basically Sean and Christian can't fire Quentin despite being somehow uncomfortable around him.

-Julia, Gina and Liz are opening a Health Spa. Liz quit MacNamera/Troy, saying "I'm sick of just putting people to sleep"

-In Ep4, Rhea Reynolds, said patient claimed to be a carver victim. Christian didnt believe her. There was some good parts, like when Rhea was somehow only partly-paralysed through the operation, unable to move but able to feel the pain they put her through. She tried sueing them but accidently let it slip she cut herself, it wasn't the Carver. She did it to try and get free facial surgeries. In an amazing scene at the end of the episode, Rhea was making a snack at home when The Carver appeared, claiming she would feel the pain she asked for. He slashed her across the throat, Christian-style.

-In Ep5, it transpired Rhea was dead. The Carver wrote "FRAUD" in her blood on the walls. Kitt theorized that The Carver was so angry someone was impersonating the wounds he inflicted, he was starting to lose his 'cool' and began lashing out (by murdering Rhea).

Anyway Ep5 basically revolved around Christian being arrested for being The Carver, although it was soon discovered that it wasn't true. This was because why Christian was in prison, The Carver struck again. He slashed Kitt. Anyway it appeared Kitt framed Christian since he dumped her. She planted a condom with his semen inside, placing the blame on him. Sean believed Christian was the Carver.

-After the claims Christian was The Carver, Mac/Troy went to the dogs and they're losing out. So much so that after seeing Julia's business soar, Sean decided to leave the surgery, and did just that.

-Oh and also Sean tried cutting himself after meeting a patient who did it to release the pain inside.

Some things haven't been adressed, like Matt (Last seen Ep4), Kimber (Ep5), Kitt and her attack (Ep5). Ep6 was pretty fillerish. And apparently Joan Rivers is in Ep7.

There we go.

Chris 2.1
21st December 2005, 07:18 PM

I saw the Nip/Tuck thread on SPP and clicked on it. I got a lot spoiled for me.

The finale aired in the US last night, but I'm still 5 episodes away. Man i really got it ruined, I found out who the Carver was, and I'm going to tell you all (???)

But first, info:

-The episodes 6 7 and 8 were quite poor, and we never learned anything about Kitt and how she got carved. Anyway Sean left the practice and began doing surgery for the Witness Protection Programme. His first and apparently only case was with a woman called Nikki and her son...I think he was called Austin. Sean got close with them, angering his boss at the WPP.

-Eventually Sean learned that Nikki joined the programme after she killed her husband. Sean still trusted her and wanted to leave with her and dissapear. But when his boss at the WPP (Detective someone, I don't really know) explained he would need a new job, new face, new location, and NO contact with anyone (even annonymously), Sean reconsidered.

-He had a sort of vision of Nikki at gunpoint in his house, but it was his imagination. Nikki sensed that Sean wasn't ready to leave with her, so she took Austin and dissapeared.

-Julia's business works with Mac/Troy, but I don't really care about that.

-Quentin starts dating Julia. Sean and Christian are a little angry.

-Matt dates a girl called Aerial who is a neo-nazi. She believes what the surgeons do (for example, in this episode they removed the stereotyped 'jewish nose' for a young girl) is similar to Nazi's - eradicating the small details that define races. Matt doesnt like her in that way (IMO) but she does trick him into thinking he likes her.

-Aerial invites him to her house, where her dad seems intrigued by Matt. He learns about the gay bashing and seems proud of him, and they strike a strong bond. He asks Matt to get some vital documents from Mac/Troy for him, but Matt flatly refuses.

-Christian and Kimber prepare to wed. Gina tries putting Kimber off, but she wants to be with Christian. Sean is to escort her to the front of the church, and as she gets ready, we see a figure looming in the background...a figure with a white mask....

-Sean and Christian find Kimber gone, with "JUST CAN'T" written on the mirror in lipstick. First you think "oh, she left"...but she MUST have been Kidnapped by the Carver.

That is where I am up to. HOWEVER....

-Julia gets pregnant, apparently with Quentin, but it appears now. It appears to be Sean's! Later we are to learn Quentin has a birth defect: he has no penis.










Basically Quentin is working with Kitt (HIS SISTER) on the Carver stuff. Quentin associated himself with Sean and Christian so that he would not be a suspect. Kitt also arrived to throw the scent off Quentin. Basically Quentin (as the carver) kidnapped Kimber and undid every surgery on her Christian did.

As a child, his parents were brother and sister. That gave his sister, kitt a birth defect. Disgusted at the world, Carver Costa (lol) learned to be a surgeon so he could fix his sisters face. And he did.

So Quentin has no penis. That means he obviously couldnt have had sex with Julia, and the Carver used a strap on to rape his victims (apparently one of the girls who is attacked in the penultimate episode tells the surgeons that the Carver had a strap on - that leads Kitt to try and accuse Liz, who is a very good potential victim)

When Quentin was having the 4 way sex, Kit was about to go down on him. So he played with Christians ass as a diversion so nobody would see his lack of a penis. Very clever.

After being 'undone' of surgery by the Carver, Kimber revealls she sees what the Carver means - beauty IS a curse on the world. She wants to look human again, but not superficial, for those surgeries imprison her inside herself. She splits up with Christian.

Matt gets back with the tranny he beat up, she is called Cherry and basically blackmails Sean in the penultimate episode. She reveals to Matt because of him she suffers permenant scaring, so Matt convinces Sean to operate on Cherry. They get close, but Aerial ruins the moment and tells everyone at school.

Mr Alderman, Aerial's Father, kidnaps Matt and Cherry and makes Matt cut off Cherry's penis. Cherry then kills Mr Alderman......apparently.

Julia might have twins, and (oh god) GETS BACK TOGETHER WITH SEAN. My god.

That's all I know, which is a LOT. I am so pissed off I found out about the Carver! ARGH. No more spoilers for me, especially since Desperate Housewives S2 is starting soon (although I do know SOME things...whops)