View Full Version : Harriet Miers Withdraws Supreme Court Nomination

27th October 2005, 07:02 PM
Bush Stung As Miers Withdraws Nomination (http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/miers_withdraws;_ylt=AiLKqkaQgjr9oLmuANeoKWxuCM0A; _ylu=X3oDMTBiMW04NW9mBHNlYwMlJVRPUCUl)

Well, it looks like President Bush will have to choose another nominee for the Supreme Court. Frankly, I'm not too upset by this; I'm a republican, and I still thought that Bush's choice of Miers was a bad one. Whether or not you believe that Bush adheres to cronyism, this nomination sure made it look like he did.

So, any thoughts? Any ideas on who Bush might nominate in Miers' place?

Roy Karrde
27th October 2005, 07:07 PM
This works very well for Bush, now he can go and nominate some one who is very very far right, and when people complain he can point back to Miers and say that people from both sides of the isle complained about her. She was a Republican that donated to Democrats in the past and was once a democrat, she was supposed to be pretty moderate, and now we will see Bush nominate someone who will cause a real fight when it comes to their nomination.

1st November 2005, 03:17 AM
As an update on this story, President Bush has nominated Samuel Alito, an Appeals Court Judge, to take Miers' place. The battle has already begun over the confirmation. Abortion looks to be a key issue along with Alito's general willingness to overturn past Supreme Court rulings.

You can find out more about his nomination here (http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20051101/ap_on_go_su_co/bush_scotus).