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[color=#a00000][size=23pt]Blood and Magick II: The Forgotten

Twenty years have passed since the last clash between Heaven and Hell. All has been quiet on the surface…

However, the surface merely hides what lies beneath. And beneath an ancient evil is stirring…

Life for mortals has changed slightly. More are religious in some way, and some were driven completely insane by the revelation of two decades ago. All but a few hope and pray that they will never have to experience… whatever it was again.

Prayers aren’t always answered.

For the Fallen Souls Coven, life is very different. Mateo, son of Sorcha and Marduk, has proven that he has neither his mother’s morals nor his father’s sophistication. Marduk, initially amused by his son’s reckless and immoral behavior, has lost patience with Mateo’s impertinence. Following the defeat of Satan’s general, the Archangel Michael all but disappeared, returning Sorcha to her former state with the exception of advanced powers. Jalken and Illuminia drift in and out of the picture, as does Malik, more of an associate than an actual member of the coven.

Danger looms ever nearer to the coven…

An unknown assailant or assailants has taken to the streets; deaths have been reported, some brutal, some mysterious. All have one thing in common: the bodies have been drained of blood.

Strange behavior has been reported by some of those who were touched by the demon Legion during the last battle… Others who may or may not have even been around at the time report visions… Word on the street says that there are strangers in town who are there one moment, plain as day, then disappear into thin air… Symbols are appearing in trees, rocks, on buildings, everywhere.

Something is coming…

Refer to the original RPG with any questions; PM me if it doesn't help.

Physical Description:

Name: Sorcha
Age: c. 1600 years old
Gender: female
Species: vampire-witch
Gifts/powers: she has the limitations and strengths of a vampire of her age (sunlight is harmful but won't destroy her, she doesn't have to drink blood as often, strong telekinetic powers, extreme physical strength, skin like white marble, ability to fly, ect.), but can also communicate with spirits and manipulate elements (earth, air, fire, water) and can, at will, transform into a winged, angel-like version of herself with huge red and black wings, though any use of her witch powers can drain her, but no where near as much as it once did. She can join with the spirit of the archangel Michael, but rarely does anymore; it causes her pain for reasons that she refuses to discuss with anyone, including her husband.
Physical Description: clicky for piccy (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v138/wednesdaygirl13/02.jpg) Like so, but with black streaked with blood red. She used to, and occasionally still does, wear a short black leather skirt, black corset with red inset (http://www.moonmaiden-gothic-clothing.co.uk/moonmaiden-index/tops/mmt41/mmt41.htm), and knee-high boots (http://www.rivithead.com/product_info.php/products_id/406), but most of the time is dressed in a simple, sleeveless black satin gown.
Personality: Party goddess. She loves to have a good time, and sometimes has difficulty "buckling down" when things get serious. Always the one to have some quirky remark, not many can take her on in an argument or a battle of wits. When she does get serious, then you know things are getting pretty bad, and someone's about to get their ass kicked. A great friend, trustworthy confident, and powerful ally, you definitely want to be on her good side.
Lately, however, she has been stressed and a much different person than usual. Tensions in her family, especially between her husband and her son, have made Sorcha into a mere shadow of her formal self. She spends what energy she has training young witches and trying to heal the rift in her household.
Origin/History: : Born in Ireland, Sorcha was a Druidic high priestess who traveled Gaul during the early days of the Holy Roman Empire. She was called to a gathering to help with a problem stemming from negative energy; during the ritual, the energy attacked her and nearly killed her when she was saved by the merging of a divine spirit with her own. She didn’t know what spirit it was, but she has a feeling that it was an important one, since afterwards she practically became God’s general on earth. She later found the spirit to be the archangel Michael. Not long after her transformation, she fell in love, but the man she fell in love with was destined to die. God promised that would be someone for her, and that he would come in time; that promise was fulfilled with her union with Koger, human form of the ancient god Marduk, who has since regained his former strength.
Other: not yet


"OK, you're getting the hang of it... Try to move with the flame in your mind rather than just forcing your will upon it..." I suggested to one of my young students. She was a human with the rare gift of pyrokinesis, and her parents wished for me to train her to better control her power. Too many close encounters with the fire department, I supposed; they didn't strike me as the understanding type and I knew that they thought of me as a freak. Then again, I wasn't human... but they didn't need to know that.

The flame flickered and flared back to life, forming a star rather than the typical teardrop shape. The girl gasped, and I gave her a small hug.

"See, you can do it! That's enough for today, I'll see you tomorrow, Jackie." I ushered her to the front door to where her parents waited. As they left, I closed the door behind them and sighed; it had been too long since I last had a vacation. Try over a century. A crash from somewhere in the house snapped me back to the present. "Mateo!" I yelled, not really expecting my son to pay any mind.

"What on earth... What have I told you?" I snapped when I reached his bedroom doorway. Inside were he and some of his... friends. Several girls in various states of being scantily clad were sprawled around the room along with two other boys. Not my idea of a wholesome gathering. The remains of a table were gently smoldering in a corner.

"No storms in the house?"


"No destroying the furniture?"


"No burning things?"



"No whores in my house!" I spat, eyes flashing. "If you insist on bringing people in here, fine, but only if they're properly dressed!" Mateo rolled his eyes. "Pick up that table, too."

He moved, slowly, and began to collect the bits of wood when I gave the flame a second life. His hair singed and he jumped in surprise. "Now, the rest of you, OUT! NOW!" I roared, fuming.

"We will talk about this later," I growled at Mateo before closing the door and storming down the hallway, herding the trash out of my home.

*drum roll* Introducing... kind of...

Name: Melanthe
Age: unknown
Gender: Female
Species: Vampire
Gifts/powers: She's a fucking vampire, so guess.
Physical Description: Five foot seven with bleached-looking flawless white skin that most older vamps have, shoulder-length blood red hair, piercing ice blue eyes. She wears a black leather halter-style top that covers very little and tight black leather pants.
Personality: Cunning, deceitful, manipulating... more to come, mwahahaha!
Origin/History: unknown, suckaz!
Other: *evil plotting kind of grin*


The taste of fresh blood on my lips sent ripples of pleasure through my body. My victim's dying breath echoed in my ears...

Ah, sweet death! Her body lie on the filthy pavement, broken and forgotten, like the wretch that she had been. Probably a runaway; this forsaken city was full of them. The wold was full of them, for that matter, damned place that it was. I nudged the corpse with my foot and her head turned, eyes closed forever in eternal sleep. Such pretty blonde hair... She could have been beautiful, if only the layers of grime that covered her were washed away...

The strong had conquered the weak. That's how it was, always has been, and always would be. Gentle grace had no place in a world of savage beauty, just as she had no place in my world.

The Dark Destroyer. I smiled to myself, recalling my name in the old world. Yes, the Dark Destroyer had returned after centuries of obscurity. What would they call me this time?

They would call me Mistress.


I stood atop a high-rise, right on the edge, looking over the city and it's multitude of lights. Even in the midnight hour, the streets were alive...

How long until this was mine? The Guardian no longer held sway, at least not nearly as much as two decades ago. Taint had begun to seep in, and the Guardian had not returned... something was happening to prevent it. If that situation, whatever it was, could be... pushed a little... I smiled darkly to myself. Perfect... it would be perfect...

The city, with it's lights and people, would be a nice first step...

But I really wanted it all.

It would be a rather lonesome undertaking to do it alone... surely I could find someone worth at Inferno.

Then again, if I wasn't careful, he would find me. Nothing was too low for him to sink to, the insufferable worm. Yet, he remained so self-riteous... I didn't understand him, nor did I want to. I wouldn't sink that low. A bad taste welled up in my mouth and I spat on the ledge in disgust.

He would just have to die. I reminded myself that I and my sisters had been trying to kill him for millennia... No matter. He couldn't get lucky every time.

Name: Zarahlinda
Age: at least 3000 years old
Gender: female
Species: vampire
Gifts/powers: In addition to the "traditional" vampiric powers, she is able to commune psychically with those who have dedicated themselves to her, call leopards (and wereleopards) to her aid, and other powers that will be disclosed later...
Physical Description: http://www.inhumandolls.com/Disegni/kirsten.jpg (Obviously not wearing that outfit, though...) Normally wears a conservative floor-length black gown, like so (http://www.thedarkangel.co.uk/catalogue2.php?p=7)
Personality: Zarahlinda is one of the oldest vampires in the world, and her mere presence carries the weight of that age. She is extremely powerful, but doesn't flaunt it; under normal circumstances, she's calm, collected, introspective, and very wise. She would rather not become involved in conflict if it can be avoided, unless the cost is too high for her or her people. She rules like a matron rather than a dictator, and her people fear her but not to the point that the fear is what keeps them loyal.
Origin/History: Except for those very few who are close to her, no one knows much about her. She comes from somewhere near the Middle East and is several thousand years old; most guess she was in her mid-twenties when she died. Some know that she was married and had children, but nothing more specific is public knowledge.

(I will post for Zarah later)

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Name: Mateo (yeah I get to play him)
Age: 20 (youngest char! woot!)
Gender: Male
Species: Vampire/Stormlord (sounds exciting huh?)
Gifts/powers: Much like his mother, he benefits from the advantages of being a vampire, enhanced strength, the ability to fly, you get the idea. Of course, due to his father's gene's he's also able to counter the disadvantages. He has no blood lust - well not in a vampire sense - and can withstand sunlight as easily as any mortal. He is also able to create small storms and can perform a few spells of dark magic (unknown by his parents of course).
Physical Description: He stands at 5'11" with a muscular build and short dark raven hair. Strangely enough, Mateo has deep red eyes, which is the only part of him that doesn't appear to be inherited from either of his parents. Wears http://www.advancedanime.com/displayimage.php?pid=93622 - top, and http://www.advancedanime.com/displayimage.php?pid=93593 - bottom.
Personality: Where to begin? Mateo is the rebellious teenager of his time. He disobeys his parents, gets into trouble - A LOT of trouble, does whatever the hell he pleases with no disregard of anything and sleeps with just about any woman he comes across (he has his standards though). Yet despite this, he secretly has a great respect for his mother and if the situation ever really demanded it, he would do anything for her. He's still naive though believes himself to be bigger than he is and is easily manipulated by anyone willing enough to try it.
Origin/History: The son of Sorcha/Marduk he is therefore expected by most immortals to achieve 'great things', an opinion that he greatly despises and has turned him slightly against his parents. He was raised in a mortal world, attending mortal schools and graduating from a mortal highschool. Yet his mother continued to help him develop his powers over storms (which may later evolve). A few years ago he discovered a book on the dark arts (found it 'accidently') and began to study its ways - unknown of course, to his parents. That's the simple bit, now for the complicated stuff. Before his death, Garth (the good one) split his soul in half so that he could have the chance of a life untainted by Satan. God honoured Garth's efforts by resurrecting the survivng half of his soul - the result being Mateo. However, one cannot exist fully with only half a soul so God created a new half-soul which was fused with Garth's to create Mateo's soul (yeah i know, confusing but it makes sense trust me). But, this plan was not completely successful. Due to the raping of Sorcha by Garth (the evil one), some his essence lived on within her, thus tainting her firstborn though not to the extent that Garth had lived with. It's only effects on Mateo are that they have manifested into an interest in the dark arts and also makes him easily manipulated by darker beings. (Wow that was confusing).
Other: he owns a car and a motorbike - and he takes good care of them both.


I sighed and started getting dressed. I really needed to see if that book had a locking spell that I oculd use to keep my mom out of my room. All these walk-ins were starting to get embarassing. What did she expect? It wasn't like I had anything else to do in my spare time except find various ways of entertaining myself. I mean geez, I WAS their son, how oculd they blame me for having their sex drives? It wasn't like I asked to get turned on by hot chicks so easily - and let's be honest, there WERE a lot of hot chicks around lately.

Fully clothed, I headed downstairs and made a beeline for the kitchen. Food was really a major necessity but it tasted good and it helped pass some time. I was hoping to use it to slip past mom and avoid a lecture. I wasn't so fortunate.

"Why do you insist on going out of your way to do the compelte opposite of what I tell you?"

I sighed, rolling my eyes as I bit into a chicken wing. "You make it sound like I was doing such a terrible thing."

"You had whores in my house!"

I held up a figner to buy enough time to throw my point in. "They weren't whores, they were all free. Well, except for Rachel, she was a kinda -"

"I don't want to know! Dammit Mateo I've had it up to here with you," I even got the hand gesture for emphasis. "You screw up one more time and I'll come down on you so hard -"

"Gimme a break will ya? Why do you always gotta be breathing down my neck about the smallest thing? So a few things get burnt or broken, it happens. You don't need to go all ape on me over it."

"You've got some nerve -"

"Well I gotta be going," I interrupted calmly, catching a quick look at the clock on the wall. "Should be back in a few hours. I'm meeting Claire and I hear she's pretty easy." I headed for the door then paused for a moment. "We'll...continue this later hmm?" and I left her standing there.

My mom just didn't get me. I ran it through my mind as I pulled my car out the garage. It was the way she was, I couldn't help but feel like she was waiting for me to screw up, and naturally it eventually happened. I couldn't always help it but she could be so pushy. She just didn't undestand the amount of pressure on me. She was this great hero in the immortal world and as her son, I was expected to accomplish great things too. But it could never work. I just couldn't handle that kind of expectation. So things between us were generally pretty bad. To be honest, she had a better relationship with most of her 'students' than she did with me.

I pulled the car up outside Claire's house. A minute later she was in the seat, a clear sign of eagerness. She was gonna be even easier than I had expected. I had a system that worked for me in getting a girl to have sex with you and the level of ease determined how many steps would be taken. In Claire's case, I just skipped straight to the sex. Heck, she couldn't have been any worse than her sister.


"Hmm?" my head was too preoccupied with her breasts to pay any real attention to what she was saying.

"Did you have sex with my sister?"

I pulled my head up. "Would it make any difference if I said yes?"

She was thoughtful for a moment. It was f*cking irritating. "Not really."

"Then stop talking."

Knock. Knock.

I sighed angrily and bowed my head slightly. What was the problem now? I peered out the darkened window to see a set of flashing lights. Just my luck. First my mom walks in on some action and then some donut-loving cop tries to ruin the evening for me. It just wasn't my night.

I rolled down the window. "Problem officer?"

"Are you aware that you're illegally parked on private property?"

Of course I knew, but I wasn't gonna tell him that. "Sorry officer. I never knew."

"Will you step out of the car please sir?"

"Are you serious?"

"Step out the car sir?"

"Alright alright. Can I grab my pants?"

"Just come on."

He literally jerked the door open and I haf tumbled out, leaving Claire behind in the backseat. The officer concidered the both of us for a moment, then frowned. "You are aware that sex with a minor is ilegal in this state?"

I looked from the cop, to Claire, then back to the cop. "Minor!? Are you serious!? She's like 18!"

"You mean that girly there? Nope, she's fourteen. Heck, bought her a present for the celebration myself."

I just gawped at her. "You lied to me!?"

She just shrugged and closed the door as I was ushered into the back of the policecar with a towell wrapped about my waist. I would have preferred my pants but given the situation I wouldn't have minded. Sex with a minor...wow, that sounded pretty bad. Fortunately for me, however, I got let off lightly. As Claire had consented to it - hell she'd practically jumped on me! What was I to do!? - I was let out on bail. Of course...my wallet was in my pants, in my car, being towed to the dumped because it was ilegally parked on private property. Which of course, meant one thing.

I had to call mom.

"Hey mom?"

There was a long sighing sound that came from the other end of the phone. "What is it Mateo?"

"Well...I kinda need your help. See I'm at the police station and -"

I never got to finish. The other end of the line cut out and I looked to the window. Sure enough, in the distance, a large black stormcloud was gathering. A few officers mumbled about a bad storm heading their way. I, on the other hand, thought only one thing: Sh*t.

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Name: Helveanirica
Age: Unknown (Ancient- Dawn of Time)
Gender: Female
Species: None (Explained Below)
Gifts/powers: Her powers range with the variable of her mood and state of mind. If she's wicked, her powers are dark and come from the depths of hell. If she's good, her powers are light and come from the depths of heaven. However, currently her form is "locked" and her powers come from her wolven form, which are brute strength and swiftness.
Physical Description: Currently, her physical form is that of a wolf. (See 1st Attachment). Her other form(s) have been erased and her true spirit has been locked. If and when she comes out of her locked state, her true form should reveal itself.
Personality: Helve used to be very confused and comes across as insane. Her form would change with her alliance... which would change if she were to be swayed to one side or the other. However, now that she is locked her mind is clearly neutral and she only does what benefits herself. However, since she her form is locked and she's NOT meant to have her form locked, occasionally she'll do random acts of extreme good or random acts of vicious evil. This happens from time to time... but generally she's now crazy She'll offer advice if she deems its needed and she sees and senses almost everything that goes on around her- so she's a liable source of information. She has no need to lie, so the truth would spill from her lips... but she tends to like to keep quiet.
Origin/History: FROM BLOOD AND MAGICK I: Helveanirica's history is long and feverish... so a summary is very much so needed. She's called Creation's Afterbirth, but don't let the name fool you. She's probably one of the most hidden secrets earth has to offer. When God created ... well, creation... he made things good and things evil, gave things 'yin and yang' if you will. Earth was created, heaven and hell were created... and all these bad and good energies had little remains of themselves. Now, with everything having a 'little remain' of themself... adds up to quite a lot. This all formed together, and when it had gathered... it grew a mind and gave itself its own 'soul' sort of speak, with out God's control. What was formed? Helveanirica... neither Good nor Bad, but inbetween. Of course as each thing dies and each thing is born... energies are casted away, each to Helveanirica which shifted her side from time to time. Eventually instead of remaining as a blob in the universe with a mind and presense, she/he pushed herself to the earth and took form there. She could take the form of anything... to blend in, but if her presense was requested her suited form would be human-like and match her current state. However, many evils and many goods found out about Helvenirica upon earth, and her moody and unsteady state. So each tried to sway her over... some succeeding. The plagues and one time when the Demon Empire was at it's full in ancient time... Helvenirica was summoned and called upon for aid. For some reason, evil sides were always able to tap into her most evil potential... but yet, never has good been able to tap into her most good potential. Perhaps there is a first time for everything to see what comes out? One time Helvenirica almost destroyed the world because her ultimate potential of evil had been reached... but God stepped forth and summoned a casting to surround and bind her/him. Helvenirica had been used blatently by both sides, and God felt pity for her/him... because he/she DID have a soul and was being taken advantage of (hah, with so much power who could have thought som eone like tha twas easily swayed and taken advantage of?) She was once again hidden by God... but he by no means kept her from being upon Earth, for God finds ways of not directly presenting himself. He just had pity upon her... for she was treated more as an object, then a soul which needs the same things that all souls do but she wasn't ever given.


After the battle, Helve had been returned to a neutral state by Sorcha (unknowingly.) While Lucifer had been given a taste of her power, no one from Heaven realized Helve's abilities. Still, she had once again been used as an object and in her neutral state she grew weary of the world. Seeking revenge upon Helve for going against him, Lucifer (or Satan) summoned Helve against her will. She (being weary and worn) dwelled into the depths of Hell, where she met Lucifer who placed a binding curse upon her- causing her to be locked in her wolven form which she often sought refuge. The curse caused her other 'states of good and bad and neutrality' to mold into one. THis normally would have been a good thing, but her states of good and bad and neutrality were not HELVE but in essense, different beings themselves. Helve had been given no soul by God... so this was merely more chaotic to her but now she was forced to hold all of her states into one form. She now lives near where the battle of Heaven and Hell took place 20 years ago. She's very unstable at times... and tends to come across as insane now. However, because her powers of her states and their minds were forced together, her powers are shifty adn tend to be unstable as well. The only thing that is stable, is her wolven powers from before and her ability of transportation. She yearns for her form to be unlocked, but Satan's curse is probably the strongest curse an evil could do....
Other: Helve has no soul nor identity. She's creation's afterbirth.

.: Wolven Form | F | A park outside city :.

"Woah... what the hell is that?"
Voices again.
"I looks... like a wolf man! A frigg'n huge wolf!"
"What's it do'n in the city park?"
"I dunno man... it looks dead..."
A gleaming golden eye opened, revealing slitted eyes of annoyance as Helve's gaze met the two humans who had stumbled upon her slumbering grounds. They obviously were intoxicated - Helve could smell the stinging scent of the alcohol upon their breath.
Intoxicated idiots... their scent disturbs me... it causes my insides to churn and my nose to burn...
"Holy shit! It's looking at us!" The larger of the two spoke, pointing a shaking finger at Helve's furry body. Of course, it was dark out as well... being night- they had no idea how large and frightening Helve really was. Rising to her feet swiftly, soon her eye level grew well to theirs, as she suddenly curled her thick black lips back to expose her glistening ivory fangs. A low growl erupted from her throat, as she stood before them.
" Holy sh*t! Holy sh*t! Let's f*cking get out of here!" The smaller one yelled, and the two of them turned to run but one of them stumbled and fell. Helve felt her muscles bunch up for a second, poising herself to pounce.
Let them go... no one will listen to them.
Kill them. Kill them now.
Helve suddenly plunged her hindclaws into the dirt, as her powerful body took off. It was only a matter of a split second before she was above the fallen human. He looked up at her with horrified green eyes, giving out a muffled shout as one of her massive paws pressed into his chest. Her nose was inches from his face... burning from the smell of his breath as her angry, fire-induced golden eyes stared upon him. Her ears were flattened against her head as she continued to growl - saliva from her withdrawn lips dripping upon his face.
"I don't wanna die..." he whined, crying like the pathetic child he was.
Kill him. Crush his head within your jaws...
Let the human go. Their ignorance is undeserving of death.
Suddenly, Helve's teeth vanished into her muzzle, as lifted her paw off of his chest. The human quickly scrambled backwards in a crab-like walk, rising to his feet as if shocked.
Get out of here before crush your ribs beneath my paws and taste your man-flesh. Helve growled, as the human screamed and ran off. No doubt hearing a voice within your mind was quite startling.

Annoyed by her awakening, Helve glanced upwards through the trees. Such an annoyance... humans. They populated the earth like an unsightly parasite- feeding off the earth for their own selfish purpose. Laying back down upon the grass. Helve rested her large head between her paws. A small, quivering mouse was crawling upon the floor... close to Helve's muzzle. Watching it intently, both were aware of eachother. The mouse, trusting, crawled upon Helve's muzzle and seemed to rest there for a moment.

Helve perhaps had lost much... but her symbolic nature with the animals was still intact.


Name: Proticia (Prah-tish-uh)
Age: Unknown... her appearance is decieving.
Gender: Female
Species: Appears human - in fact is a fallen angel, escaped from Hell.
Gifts/powers: Proticia has abnormal powers, and is clearly not defined. She is extremely nimble and swift... having extremely good hand and eye coordination. She might not be extremely strong, but her agility usually helps her. Oddly enough, she seems to be unphased by any type of magick of good or evil (Heaven or Hell).
Physical Description: See 2nd Attachment
Personality: Proticia comes across as a niave little girl. She's taken the form of a little girl... so she comes across as cheerful, playful and extremely dependent of others. However, deep inside lies her true origins... which occasionally others can see glimpses of sadness, gloom and dispair.
Origin/History: Proticia is the daughter of the Archangel Gabriel. Gabriel prized over Proticia in ancient times, teaching Proticia his own powers and showing her the human world and all the teachings of the Angels. However, during one of the ancient wars of Heaven and Hell, Gabriel was due to send a message to Satan. Proticia, having one of her visions that she was reknown for, visioned the curse and death of Gabriel. In order to save Gabriel, Proticia took Gabriel's message to Satan himself. Satan attempted to kill Proticia, but she illuded him with her sense of wit. However, the messages of God were only meant to fall into the hands of Gabriel and because of this Protricia was doomed to become a fallen. Gabriel and the other Archangels knew the laws that God had preset, and because of this, her wings were ripped and she was cast into hell. However, unlike all the other Fallens... Protricia fought against the brain-washing that the dark, empty voice and burning fires. When the war 20 years ago surfaced, she pretended to be like all the other fallens and managed to illude both Garth and Satan himself. As soon as the war was over, Hell shrank back but Proticia used all of her strength to fight against it and succeeded. Because she broke the chain and pull that Hell had over her, her form suddenly changed and for some odd reason she was given the form of a child.
Other: While Proticia likes to think of God and Gabriel, she realizes that her form is hidden for a reason and she's waiting to see if perhaps she has another purpose. She's heart broken for being cast into hell... she questions the rules of God, for she was only trying to save Gabriel. However, she has forced herself to believe that God has a greater purpose for her and that she is part of a bigger plan.

.: Cast/Fallen Angel | F | Within the City :.

"I'm telling you... get out of here!" A small child, looking perhaps as if she were in 3rd or 4th grade, approached the Priest. It was late out... far too late for any little girl to be out in the city, especially by herself. The girl was quite beautiful however... her pale complexion without flaw and full of elegance. It was not pudgey nor filled with that common 'child' look... it showed more wisdom and clean intelligence and grace than any child. Her black, raven hair seemed to dance intricately about her body like a tantilizing attraction of the most exotic dancers. Her eyes were bewitching- containing the sort of gaze which could cause anyone to hesitate and for an instant, second guess themselves. She smiled politely for the priest once more. She had entered the church quite dramatically... thrusting both doors open with her little body, causing the Priest to be startled at first. He was bewildered. The church was large and usually filled with worshippers, but lately it had been empty. The sight of anyone- let alone a little girl- surprised him. She had told him to leave the church... which to him was odd but yet cute.
"Why child... I cannot leave the church. It is my home so I can teach children like yourself about God."

Proticia was patient, but not now.
"You must leave, father." Her voice was smooth as silk... having a hint of child-like tone, due to her body but behind the voice was an exotic, foriegn sound as if she was not from around the area. If anything, to put quite bluntly, she held the air of a young, mature woman.
" Leave!" She suddenly screamed, as a crackle of spontaneous lightening seemed to land next to the church.
Suddenly, a cackle seemed to ripple through the Church- an eerie and unwelcomed sound which one would think could crack glass.
In a blur, suddenly a creature seemed to leap from the high Organ pipes in the back of the church. With strange speed, Proticia rushed forward and managed to push the priest aside. A strange flash occured, and suddenly she held a long, elegant blade which seemed to glow ethereal-like. The blade was glowing with a slight cerrulean glow... having intricate markings that glowed in silver upon the semi-transparent blade. A long, blood-soaked cord was attached to the silver handle of the blade as well... and it was quite long yet seemed to be held easily by her. The blade was dripping with crimson blood, as she whirled about to face behind her where the figure now was.

A shaggy, wild-eyed man stood before her and the priest. His arm was cut cleanly from his shoulder... and quite unusually, it did not heal very quickly. He was obviously slightly intoxicated- most likely NOT from alcohol- otherwise a sharp pain would have been felt, and he would have cried out.
"Stupid stupid little girly wants tah play?" He said with a sluggish tone. Obviously, the creature was not comprehendidng that a small girl had just sliced off his arm.
"Don't worry Priest... this is an easy AND dumb one." Proticia said with a soft grin, but the Priest was far too stunned and shocked to say anything.
Suddenly, in rage, the creature charged at her.
It was, in fact, far too easy.
She swiftly took her sword from about her and twirled it about her hand. Leaping into the air, she dived at him, managing to fly slightly over the shoulder of his cut-off arm, and angle the sword off at her side. The blade cleanly cut into his flesh once more, penetrating his spine and seperating his neck exactly where one of the growth plates were.
His head rolled off, blood gurgling from his neck as the body seemed to twitch for a moment, and then fall over. His head was screaming in agony... and Proticia landed upon the ground behind both head and body. Quickly running back over to the body, she took her sword and thrusted it into the middle of his chest, lodging it inside. Taking her foot and pushing off with it, she managed to run about in a circle- twisting the sword's blade into one as well. The screaming from the head stopped as soon as she had, and then she jerked the sword back out. The body swiftly seemed to pale, and the blood turned from crimson to black, and then faded away... leaving a stain upon the floor. The flesh upon the body melted away, leaving nothing but traced bones and dingy clothes.

"What-what..." The Priest stammered, clenching the cross in his hands. Proticia looked at him, and another flash occured. Her sword had vanished.
"I'm sorry you had to see that Priest... but I warned you to leave. I think you should have the stained spots on the floor purified intensely, to ward off other 'creatures' from coming into your Church." She stated, walking away from him in an instant.
"B-b-but... child... where is your mother...? Shouldn't you..." He watched as she turned around, and for once- a glimmer of a sad smile-
"Do you really think I have a home? Let alone a mother?"
And with that, she walked through the door... disappearing into the darkness.

[ Anyone can meet my characters. It will be noted, that Proticia will act like a 'child' to anyone. She was only serious towards the Priest because she was pursuing the creature. It might be noted that her appearance is that of a child... but yet her face and such make her seem rather 'different' and give her an air of a young woman. ]

9th December 2005, 09:05 AM
hey, i will update a little later today, my comp is acting up. It'll be good though, i promise.

11th December 2005, 03:39 AM
Name: Malik
Age: 2020
Gender: Male
Species: Dark angel
Gifts/powers: Apart from regeneration and super-human strength, Malik has total control over the powers of darkness as well as a bit of power over the elements (not much though). He can sprout raven black angel wings from his back, giving him the ability to fly. however, he's not a perfect being as holy objects and areas cause him pain.
Physical Description: He stands at about 5'95'' and has a lean, yet well toned build. He has short, raven black hair which neatly covers his right eye and has golden eyes which watch from behind a pair of round-rimmed glasses.

As for clothing, Malik wears a black, turtle neck sweater. Over it he wears a white coat which reaches his knees. He also wears a pair of white pants, a set of black, Italian shopes and white gloves.
Personality: He can come off as a bit of a smart-ass at times. He loves to party and is notorious for flirting with anything on two legs and remotely attractive. However, he does know when to get serious. He may come off as cocky and arrogent. He rarely shows fear to anyone, even God.
Origin/History: Malik is the son of Lucifer himself. While he was young, his father had high hopes for him and trained him to be the general of his unholy army. Malik however had other ideas. He escaped to earth where his life from point to him was one big party.

Being someone who was supposed to be Lucifer's general, it was quite ironic that he aided in the destruction of his father's plans. When Lucifer tried to conquer earth, Malik sided with god and helped fight Lucifer's forces back.

Now that that's over, life's gone back to being one big party for Malik.
Other: none yet.

Malik watched from the shadows as Sorcha sat down at the kitchen table and gave a long, frustrated sigh.

"Something wrong Sorcha?" the son of Lucifer asked as he stepped into the light. The half vampire, half witch jumped in surprise.

"I told you to stop doing that!" she spat in annoyance. Malik rose his handas defensively.

"Easy Sorcha. I just stopped by to see if you wanted to see if you were up for a bit of clubin tonight."

Sorcha just shook her head and Malik frowned. It seemed just like yesterday when he and Sorcha would paint the town red, and then smash it up in another of their fights. Now, she was married, had a son (who should have moved out by now) and she usually stayed home.

"What happened to you Sorcha," Malik sighed, shaking his head, "What happened to the fun girl I used to know?"

"She got married and had an ungrateful, hellraiser of a son."

Not to mention had an archangel mess with her head.

Malik couldn't help but notice something wrong with the girl.

"What's the matter Sorcha? You're normally a lot more cheery then this." Malik sat down at the opposite end of the table. "Tell me all what's wrong. You can trust me."

Name: Mephistophocles
Gender: Male
Species: Archdemon
Gifts/powers: He has the power of regeneration, can manipulate the earth and has the ability of shape shifting. He can also change into a more demonic form, but he perfers his human form best. Like most demons, holy objects and places cause him pain, but he was a great tolerance to it. He also a large amount of strength, despite his lean frame. He also has the power to grant wishes, but these usually come at a price.
Physical Description: He stands at about 6 feet and has a lean build. He has messy, pale blonde hair which reaches down to his neck and barely covers his left eye. his eyes are red and snake-like, but he usually wears blue contacts to hide this. He has a pale complexion.

For clothing, Mephisto wears a fair bit of black. He wears a black coat which goes down to his knees and is usually left open, revealing his bare torso. A pair of black leather pants with dark blue patches on the knees and knee high boots. He also wears a black, spiked chocker and spiked arm bracelets.
Personality: He's cocky, arrogent and loves to have a good time. He loves making bets with people (even God), and while he hates to loose, he doesn't hold it against anyone. While he prefers to serve under noone, he does have respect for those greater then he is. While most of the time he's calm, there are times when he can seem insane and just downright frightning.
Origin/History: Mephisto is what one can be considered a rouge demon. He doesn't serve under Lucifer, but he does love to cause mischief. He's most famous for his attempt to damm the german doctor, Johann Faustus. Even though God won the bet in the end, Mephisto holds no grudges against god, nor the doctor. Upon hearing about sorcha and Marduk's son Mateo, Mephisto made another bet with God, that he can damm this particular child. God, confident in Mateo's goodness agreed. Mephisto thinks that this'll be easy for him.

"Hmmm, that kid's a bit of a hellraiser isn't he?" Metatron sighed as he, the other seraph (par from Micheal) and God, the father, watched the image of Mateo before them. Gabrael shook his head.

"How did he turn this way? He was such a good child in his youth."

"It could be just a phase," Uriel replied, "He'd get over it."

"Let's hope so. We could really need him right now."

"Fear not my children." God spoke, his voice ringing out in the vast hall in which they stood, "The child may be wild now, but he has a good heart deep down. He will see that soon."

The seraph all nodded in agreement.

And then a maniacal laughter rang out from nowhere.

The seraph looked over to see who was laughing, but saw noone. Suddenly, dark flames seemed to erupt from the floor, forming a pentagram. The seraph stepped back.

"That's a good one my Lord," rang a voice, "I just knew you had a sense of humor."

Gabriel's face turned into a sneer. He recognised that voice.

In a burst of flame, a demonic form shot up from the pentagram. It fell towards the floor, changing into a more human form and landing gracefully on his feet. The demon strode across the hall towards God, his red, snake-like eyes focused on him. He smirked before giving a small bow.

"Greetings my Lord," he spoke, almost politely, "I hoped I could bring you something cheerful, but it is hard in these dark times. I assume you already know of the darkness brewing on Earth."

"Isn't that how you like it Mephistophocles?" Gabrael asked with a bit of venom. Mephisto frowned.

"Of course not! For things are bad! I may be a demon, but I’m not heartless. Humanity is suffering and with Micheal gone, those who saved the Earth twenty years ago may fail.”

Beneath the light that veiled God, the Lord gave a small smile.

“You need not to fear. For when Micheal dissappeared, a new life was born.” God waved an arm towards the image of Mateo. Mephisto just laughed.

“Him? That’s rich! I wouldn’t be surprised if he joined the evil! He’d probably sell out his own mother for a case of alchahol and a whore!”

God frowned.

“Mateo will learn that selfless acts bring greater rewards then the cheap leisures he seeks now.” Mephisto’s face curled into a sinister grin.

“Is that so? How much would you care to wager.”

“Don’t even think about it Mephisto!” Gabrael growled through clenched teeth.

“Allow me to tempt his soul!” Mephisto continued, ignoring Gabrael, “And I’ll show you his true nature!”

“You must be insane! There is too much resting on his shoulders for you to interfere!” Gabrael shouted, “How dare you make such a rediculuous preposal!”

god was silent for a few moments before raising an arm.

”Very well,” he spoke, causing the seraph to gasp, ”But he will earn that it is my power that will lead him to salvation.”

Mephisto grinned almost insanely.

“It is done then!” Mephisto laughed and with a burst of unholy flame, he was gone. Gabrael looked over at God with widened eyes.

“Why did you?” he asked, barely able to ask the question.

”The goodness in Mateo’s heart outweighs the evil. When Mephisto tempted Faust, he learned the true path to happiness and repented for his sins. Mephisto’s attempts may produce the same results for Mateo.”

Gabrael gulped.

“But what if they don’t?”

Sorry for the shortness in Malik's post. I was more focussing on Mephisto this time.

11th December 2005, 04:04 AM
[ Just a question fer you Mystic_Clown... I'm studying many plays in my History of Classical Theatre class. We (about two weeks ago) went over the play, Dr. Faustus. However, in the play Dr. Faustus was damned. (The original play, actually had Dr. Faustus damned and he did not repent.) However, during the time when the Church was rising to more power, they changed the play so that in the end he repented and went to heaven. ^_^ Just thought you might want to know that, in case you'd rather have Dr. Faustus damned. I read the original version, which I personally like better. MWhahahahaa....

Faustus: ... Adders and sperpents, let me breathe awhile!
Ugly hell, gape not! come not, Lucifer!
I'll burn my books! - Ah Mephistophilis!
Exeunt [ Devils with Faustus ]

Chorus: Cut is the branch that might have grown full straight,
And burned is Apollo's laurel bough,
That sometimes grew within this learned man.
Faustus is gone; regard his hellish fall,
Whose fiendful fortune may exhort the wise
Only to wonder at unlawful things,
Whose deppness doth entice such forward wits
To practise more than heavenly power permits.

Terminat hor diem, terminat author opus
" The hour ends the day, the author ends his work."


11th December 2005, 04:22 AM
Yeah, I know about that. In fact, Goethe's version was the only one where Faustus gets into heaven, and personally is the one I prefer.

11th December 2005, 07:50 AM
Name: Legion
Age: About 5000
Gender: Male
Species: Demon
Gifts/powers: He is only one soul now, but he operates by possessing weak minded individuals or animals. The demonic influence of his soul gives his host amazing powers, including enhanced speed, strength, dexterity and agility. He has also gained pyrokinesis, meaning he can manifest and manipulate fire. While small fireballs cause him no strain, the larger the flame and the greater extent of control he uses, the more it exhausts him. He gained this ability through his 'evolution' ability, which means every host he possesses, he can copy a useful ability and carry it to another host.
Physical Description: This depends on his host. He does, however, have a true form, where he turns his host into a flaming humanoid (much like Meramon from Digimon)
Personality: Deep down, he is a confused individual, for he has broken his bonds with his old master, Satan, and is now free for the first time in his life. However, his continued existence means he still has some use in this world. For now, he is going around killing everyone who he had tainted in his past life (the Acolytes) for they are still under Satan's command. While this technically means he is on the side of good, he also still believes that God's soldiers are the enemy. On first impressions, however, he is still a conceited individual who has no feelings or compassion.
Origin/History: Since the battle against Sorcha ended and his main body was destroyed, he was recalled to Hell to face judgement from Satan. Unimpressed and angered by his constant insubordinance, Satan cast him out of Hell, thereby removing his pool of infinite souls. However, on his way out of Hell, he possessed a small demon, which had the power of pyrokinesis, and made it to the surface of the Earthly realm. He dumped the demon's body and discovered he had copied its ability. He has now returned to the city to carry out his mission.
Other: Using his pyrokinesis, he likes to forge swords to use in battle.



I could feel my quarry's presence, his anguish, his fear. I had chased him out of the city but I was going to use him to lead me to the others. I could hear his thoughts,
My mind-manipulating abilities are not what they were, but those who cannot guard their thoughts are my oysters. He had finally stopped running, and I stopped. I looked around, surrounded by trees. I then locked onto his presence and began incinerating trees in my path. I saw the acolytes scramble to his feet and try to escape, but I was quick on his tail. I could feel more of them. The fool had led me right to the nest. Within seconds I pounced on him and held his brittle neck in my grasp. He flailed briefly and my eyes flared.
"Die slave," and he became ashes in my grip. I knew I was surrounded by maybe eight, nine, yes nine for sure. I couldn't see them physically, but their demonic auras shone in the darkness. I threw out nine fireballs, and each acolyte let out a blood-curdling scream before being sent back to the demon realm from whence they came.

I sat down and began sharpening my sword, pondering my next move. I had to find more acolytes, so I broadened my range, searching the entire park...

I could feel a strong presence, a being not of this world, but not an acolyte...

It was her.

Helveanirica. I hadn't seen any of those since I was cast out of Hell, but perhaps she could prove of some use to me...I locked onto her general area and I sped at great speed towards her location. Maybe she could help me find my purpose...

11th December 2005, 11:38 AM
Name: Jason Tansmern
Age: appears 20 years old, age is unknown.
Gender: Male
Species: Human (sort of, explained below)
Gifts/powers: Jason is a master of an ancient art known as "Arscanious". The term is known as the "Yin-Yang" seperation technique. His body can generate a magical force that allows him to channel an ancient force. With this ability, he can heal the wonded, teleport short distances, and temporarily control a weaker man's mind. These techniques are secondary to his master ability. He can generate a green fire like magic spell that causes immense burning. The technique can be altered into a shape or object, such as a projectile or , Jason's favorite, a whip like attack. This fire is bursting with holy power. This does drain him when he is in the Yin-Yang form. It also causes him to completly change who he truely is.
Physical Description: When not in the Yin-Yang form, Jason is best described as a American looking cowboy. He has a brown goatee and medium brown hair. He wears a cowboy hat usually and always wears a brown trenchcoat. His shirt is pitch black and he wears a pair of blackpants. He generally wears black pants.
Personality: Very open, loves to talk and meet people. Is a strong and caring person.
Origin/History: Jason was born early in the 1900s. He was a cattle farmer. One tragic day, he was killed in a bank robbery. He was an interesting case for God to decide. He wasn't pure enough to enter into the gates of Heaven, but wasn't condemmed enough to be sent to Hell. Enter the Reaper. The Reaper (also known as the Grim Reaper or just "Death") offered to take the boy from the hands of God and Satan. He would work for The Reaper and do his bidding. At the end of 100 years, the boy would be given a choice, take the job of the Reaper, or go to Heaven or Hell. God and Satan both agreed as the Reaper had been in charge since the dawn of existence. Since then, Jason lives as a mercenary for the Reaper, doing his bidding while trying to live a normal life. He was given the powers from the left hand of the Reaper to do his bidding. He is not entirely loyal but can't break free from the Reapers control.
Other: He has a love interest by the name of Belle.

Name: The Reaper (Grim Reaper, Death)
Age: Born the Day Cain slew Able
Gender: presumed Male, but unknown
Species: Death...
Gifts/powers: The Grim Reaper has the job of choosing who lives and who dies. He is Immortal. He carries around his Scythe wherever he goes. Power wise, The Reaper has a few powers. He can control the bodies of the dead, he can regenerate after any attack, he can appear anywhere he desires. When near the Reaper, anyone short of God, Satan, or an incredibly powerful being will feel very cold, very paranoid, and almost become insane for a breif period of time. If a victim looks into the eyes of the Reaper, they will die. He also can manipulate shadows into objects.
Physical Description: The Reaper wears an all black cloack that covers his entire body. He has a black sort of auroa around him that seems to suck in all the light in the area. He can create diseases and suffering.
Personality: He's Death! He's very grim (no pun intended) but very to the point. He seems very dishonest, no one can seem to read him. He seems to know more than he lets on.
Origin/History: The moment that Cain slew Able, The Reaper was born. Throughout the ages, he has been there when ever a soul has died. He escprts them to both Heaven and Hell. In the war, he seems to be a middle man, but also seems to have a hidden alliance that no one knows about. He has many restrictions on his powers. He himself can not kill unless it is that mortals true time to die. That is the main reason he was so intent on receiving an apprentice like Jason. The Reaper now seems to have a hidden agenda that not even Satan or God seems to understand. He seems to have a particular interest in Malik and Proticia.
Other: Whenever a character dies, the Reaper will appear to escort their soul to Heaven or Hell. He can also be called on to barter with. He can grant wishes at a cost. To summon the Reaper for any reason, whether it be a wish or information or whatever, the summoner must sacrifice some of their own blood into a fire.

Jason and the Reaper

The lights had just turned on for what felt like the first time. He was lying somewhere he didn't recognize, covered in a thick mucus like substance. He coughed for a second and lied there, having dry heaves and sweating profusly. He suddenly felt cold again, just like he always did when ever he showed up. Through the darkness, he could feel the long black cloak pass over him.

"Why have you brought me here? I was finally living a life! I had a job, I have a fiance, i had everything going for me! Why!?!" The boy shouted as he felt the grimly presence of Death himself walking towards him.

"I need you." The Reaper said in his usual cold, monotone voice. The boy tried to stand up, but the mucus had almost glued him to the floor. He was stuck there, listening. "You shall begin by going downstairs and killing everyone in this home. Everyone. Once you finish your chore, you will go out and find both of them. Once you do, contact me and I shall fill you in on the rest."

"I will not be your servant anymore! I have a life! I..." The boy shouted. Before he could finish, his body was lifted up through the mucus and thrown against a cold wall. A icy boney hand was wrapped around his neck. Suddenly, hot white pain shot through his entire body. The Reapers arm was all the way through his chest. He cried out and could tell the the people down stairs heard him.

"Do as I say, or your life shall dissapear. I'll kill you, put a plauge on the girls house, and you shall be stuck in my home for the rest of eternity, watching as i torture your precious girl." Death shouted in his face. His goatee has now frosted over from the Reapers cold breathe. It melted away instantly as his body become green with fire. The Reaper removed his arm and dissapeared.

"Dude, who the **** is in my bathroom" An angry voice called out from the hallway. Jason stood up and aimed his right arm at the door. With a flick of the rist, he fired a stream of green fire that burned through the door and killed both people standing outside. Through the other door, another appeared. Jason grabbed him by the arm and smashed his head through the wall. He dropped the dead body to the ground and walked out the bathroom door. He got down the stairs and saw three young women, no more than fifteen, lying on the floor. He raised his hand as one looked him in the eyes. With much remorse, he fired.

Minutes later, after checking the rest of the house, he walked outside and sat next to the house, in tears. He couldn't beleive his life had come to this, being a servant to...

"You did well my child. A voice called out in his mind. The Reaper could always communicate to him like this. He hated it, but knew this was his destiny.

"Why did they have to die! Why did I kill them?"

In a few years, you shall take my place as the Grim Reaper. When that time comes, you shall understand why some live and why some die.

Jason stood up, but the Reaper wasn't finished speaking to him.

You have questions, ask them now.

"What's happening on Earth?" Jason asked as he walked over to the garage and hoped onto a motorcycle. He used his abilities to turn his hand into a firey blade. He force started the engine with it.

I can't say for sure right now. But we are going to end this war one way or another. That's why I need you to find both of them The Reaper said.

"And how am I supposed to do that?" Jason asked as he started to drive away.

I shall lend you my power over the undead. Use it to summon some allies. Send them fourth to find the boy and girl. Dead or alive, i want them.

"Who's side do you fight for?" Jason asked as he did a u turn, planning to test his new power.

I fight for balance. If Heaven or Hell become to powerful, the balance on Earth is gone. I favor one side, but i can not say who.

"I'll contact you if I find anything." Jason said as he drove towards his destination.

Nearly an hour later, he had arrived. He jumped off his bike and pulled out his cellular phone. He dialed a number as he pushed open a giant iron gate.

"Hello?" a sleepy voice asked over the phone. He smiled as she was the only one who could cheer him up. He walked deeper into the dark area.

"Hey baby, i got called on a trip. Some idiot blew the piping in the project in Honolulu, i'll be back in a little while." Jason said as he stood in the middle of a Grave stone forest.

"Ok baby, call me when you can. Love you." she said.

"I love you." he responded as the graves split open. Creatures covered in flesh and tatured clothing crawled their way from the grave. Using his powers, Jason raised his hands in the air and shouted just two names."Malik and Protecia". The undead split up into two groups of about a dozen each. One went north, and the other west. Jason lit a cigerette and walked farther along into the grave yeard as more headstones were being overturned...


Just a note, anyone call kill these undead warriors. Their pretty much like the zombies in Resident Evil, just a little smarter and not so slow.

Sayo Koishikawa
12th December 2005, 09:28 PM
OOC: Hey, before I even try to join, I must know- what species are there, and are you still accepting new members?
(please don't judge me by the "newbie" thing- I'm a fairly good RPer. *sweatdrop*)

13th December 2005, 08:56 AM
OK, I will PM you in a few hours... I've got to run off to class at the moment. You're more than welcome to join, though.

14th December 2005, 04:42 PM

The world is nothing but a mere playground in which lost souls play.

Helve had rested upon the ground again, but this time her eyes were quite open as she stared upwards at the dirtied night sky above her. She could make out the sky through the tops of the trees.. but she could not see the stars. Not with her plain vision... the stars were lost- lost in the dirtied sky which the humans had polluted with their scum habits. Returning her vision to the small park she was in, she suddenly flickered one of her ears towards her right. Her head soon turned to the same direction, as she saw a figure before her.
She didn't need an introduction to know him- like he probably didn't need an introduction to know her. Helveanirica still had her powers of knowledge, despite her confined and cursed state.
She stated flatly, giving no emotion towards the name but rather stating it as a fact. Perhaps to simply show that she knew who he was... and most likely, what he was as well. Her large, glimmering eyes of golden stared at him intensely. He was about the same size as the humans who had come before him... but a bit larger, but only by a bit. His figure was humanoid... although far more dangerous and far wiser, and it was enough to cause it so that Helve's emotions didn't seem to rebuttle against him. He was not a human and he was neutral. Like her.
Little cause for strong emotion.
"Helveanirica..." He stated her name, and the sound of it hitting the air was enough to make her twitch slightly.
Please, Helve will do. She spoke- well, in a way. It was more through his 'mind' of sorts... not invading it, but her voice was not recieved by ears.
Helve shifted her position slowly. Bringing her body upwards from the front, she put herself in a sitting position. Her thick fur seemed to ripple slightly in a light breeze which weaved through the trees, as she faced Legion. She knew he was here for a reason... although she was puzzled as to why he'd come to her. He was no longer working for Satan nor anyone... as far as she had heard. So to any idea why he'd come to her... unless it was for some errand or perhaps to try to persuade her to do business- the cause of this meeting illuded her.

.: Casted/Fallen Angel | F :.

Proticia walked down the dark streets of the city. She was wide-awake.. finding it hard to sleep. Yes, she was human now... well, sort of... and she had to sleep. But she didn't sleep nearly as much as a normal human... a couple of hours- if that- would always suffice. Instead, she found herself constantly awake... searching for something in the night, but not exactly sure what.

During the day, Proticia spent her time in an Orphanage. Of course... Proticia would have prefurred having a daylife like the adult humans had. However, given her current form... she was taken in off the streets by some strange woman, who then placed her in a home called an 'Orphanage.' It was here she was fed, taught, and given a small portion of a life. Proticia found it boring... but it was a way for her to eat and learn more about the human culture or race. At night however, Proticia would use her given abilities to sneak out and do her own biddings.

Proticia couldn't help but feel lost... as if her life, her own soul... was lost.

Suddenly, a shriek cut through the air. Proticia whirled her head about, seeing a woman behind her screaming at something across the street. When Proticia finally saw what it was- six more seemed to suddenly jump down from the buildings and appear before her. Undead- zombie like things which rank and were a very detestful sight.
Of course, Proticia didn't give them time to summon up their 'friends' across the street though. Proticia took off.
It didn't take a genious to realize that they were chasing her... for she saw all twelve pursuing her from behind. Although they were surprisingly fast and agile, she was much faster than them. They actually held some-sort of a formation as well... which showed some signs of intelligence.

Leading them away from people, Proticia found herself in the end of an alleyway.
"Guess this will have to do..." Proticia said, absently biting her lip as she twirled her wrist about. A silverly flashed seemed to ripple into the air, as her sword soon appeared once again- glowing an eerie crimson this time.
" Why can't the dead just... stay dead?" She said outloud to them, as the first wave of three thrusted themselves at her. Blood soon coated the air, as she kneeled downards so that two of them overestimated her height and went over her. Raising her sword in a swift fashion, she had managed to slice them cleanly in half. Their dead, purple-like blood splatted in the air. She then rolled underneath the third, cutting him up from the ground in a vertical fashion. Before waiting for the other nine to join in, she disconnected all four-pieces of head (even the two half pieces) to prevent from any further nuisance from them.
However, one of the zombie-like figures was impatient... and had thrown a rather large stone at her.
Yes, a stone.
It nailed her in the shoulder, causing her body to lurch forward a bit. While they weren't the fastest, smartest creatures... they were surprisingly strong.
Proticia felt a slight throbbing sensation, as a small gash formed upon her shoulder and blood seeped through her shirt a bit.
"Not.. nice.." Proticia said with a glare, facing the remaining nine. At least her left shoulder was the victim, not her right.

They assumed a three by three by three position, seeing how the alleyway was too small for any larger number. Getting tired already by this game, Proticia simply threw her sword at three of them. Her sword swung counter-clockwise, in a horizontal fashion, so perfectly... that it managed to create a circle-cutting motion, and down the middle... cut the heads off three of them. Of course, the sword teetered slightly after cutting the third one's head, and it smashed into the middle fourth zombie, clattering to the ground. This zombie was very intrigued by the shiny sword... and it bent down to pick it up.

Just as the undead's hand was about to touch it, suddenly the sword seemed to give out it's own scream. A brilliant flash of blood-red erupted into the air, and the zombie screamed- instantly combusting.
Five left...

Proticia ran to her sword, and swiftly grabbed it. One of the zombie's suddenly lunged at her figure however, and as she slid to grab her sword, it had grabbed her leg. Sinking it's undead teeth into her flesh, it bit down hard... and it wasn't one to let go. Shaking her leg, Proticia was hosted into the air by her leg... by the zombie's teeth. She dangled against the zombie, grasping her sword as the other four zombies made a move to chomp on her as well. The zombie who held her, simply began to walk out of the alleyway. Giving out a cry, Proticia madly slashed her sword in the air, doing upward angled cuts for about a period of about five minutes... but her aims were in vain for she was too low to accurately slice their heads clean off. Finally she swung about, slicing into the humanoid flesh by the legs, downsizing them to stumps. After a few more minutes... (they still liked to crawl after her, even with stumpy legs...) she had a good angle to cut their heads cleanly off. A few humans screamed seeing this sight, which Proticia didn't like.
I hope they don't send police or cameras...
She panicked, and instantly she felt a sharp pain- a reminder she was still upside down and her leg was tearing at the skin. With a slash of her sword once more, she used her abdominal muscles to hoister herself upwards enough to create a swinging motion to plunge her sword through the other zombie's neck.
She immediatly fell to the ground with a thud. Swiftly going into a sitting position, she managed to pull out the teeth and open the jaw of the dead zombie from her flesh.
She heard sirens in the distance... and ignoring the pain in her leg, she swiftly rose upwards and dashed off. Ducking into an alleyway, she saw her blood... ( a strange shade of crimson/black..) had left a trail. Withdrawing a sigh, she ripped the skirt she was wearing, so that it was extra short... but had a decent strip of the cloth to tie around the huge gash upon her leg. Wrapping it about tightly, it would be enough to stop the blood from dripping for a short while- just enough time for her to leave her trail.
Taking off... it was a good five minutes more, until finally Proticia realized she was too weak to travel anymore. The closest thing to her, was a human club.
Withdrawing a labored sigh, she used a bit of her exausted speed to slip by the 'Bouncer' and enter the club.
Dizzing flashing lights and loud blaring music hit her full-on, but the humans in the club were far too into dancing and drunk to pay much attention to a 'shorter, more youthful' person entering the bar. (Besides, the Bouncer was supposed to prevent underage people from entering.) Finding an empty couch in the corner... Proticia crawled upon it, and soon laid down and closed her eyes.
It was the oddest place yet... but it would do.

[ So yeah... injured and quite exausted... ]

5th January 2006, 02:39 PM
*smacks everybody with large pieces of wood* Come on guys, can't let this die before it even starts.


The only thing worse than actually being punished is the waiting. I had an entire hour between the police station and my house to worry about what my mom was going to do to me when she showed up. She asked me to do one single thing: stay out of trouble for just one week. How long had I lasted? A day, maybe two, doubt it was three. I wondered how pi**ed she was going to be at me. She was really mad at me earlier and I'd done nothing to help her calm down. I sighed, watching the storm brewing outside. Who was I kidding? She couldn't be more pi**ed at me.

"Your bail's here."

With a defeated sigh, I headed out to the waiting area. Malik had tagged along, it only added to my humiliation. Mom had one of those 'disappointed' looks about her. I just hung my head and walked over.

"Hi Mom...Hi Malik..."

She sighed, I could see the anger rising in her. "I ask you to do one simple thing for me Mateo: just stay out of trouble. But can you do that? No. You have to go and get yourself arrested."

"Let me explain -"

"I don't want to hear it Mateo. I am sick to death of listening to your pathetic excuses. If you can't be trusted to do anything outside the house then I'm going to have to ground you."

I shocked. "What!? You can't do that! I'm twenty years old!"

"And you still act like a child. You're grounded Mateo, whether you like it or not."

"For how long?"

"Until I grow sick of the very sight of you, which I must warning you is drawing very close."

That one hurt. That one hurt a lot.

"Let's get the hell out of here," she said with a sigh. "The sooner I get you home the sooner you can get your damn clothes on."

It was a long walk back home. Mom didn't look at me once. I don't think I'd ever seen her so pi**ed off. To be honest, I had my doubts that even Dad would be able to calm her back down. That's how bad it was.

The second we got home, I disappeared to get some clothes on. I'd been walking around butt naked for almost three hours and I was really beginning to miss my pants. The breeze was starting to get a little uncomfortable. It was getting kinda cold too...

Mom blanked me from the second I got back downstairs. She just carred on talking to Malik as if I wasn't even there. I hated it. When she went to get something from the kitchen about my five minutes later, I cornered her.

"What's with the cold shoulder? You've never been so hard on me before."

"I just can't be bothered with you Mateo. You're a selfish, ungrateful bast*rd of a son and I am tired of dealing with your screw-ups."

"Oh just stop it!" I shouted. "You haven't got a clue, you're so damn proud. You made me a screw-up, you can't punish me for turning into one."

"Where do you think this sh*t up Mateo? You caused all this. I never asked you to go out sleeping with everything you get your hands on, but you do. The things that I do ask to do, you don't even try to do. Tonight is a clear example of that and I just can't take it anymore."

"Everything has to be about you doesn't it? Tell me, honestly, did you ever give a sh*t about me? Really? When I was little, everything I did I did to make you proud. Sure, I made a mistake now and then, but that was all you seemed to care about. It was like you were waiting for me to screw up. In the end I just stopped trying. It was just so much easier to do what you expected than to try and prove to you that I was better than that. At first I thought I must have done something to make you feel that way but then i realised, I couldn't remember the last time that you showed me any kind of affection. Come to think of it, I couldn't even remember the last time you'd told me that you loved me. What kind of mother can't show any affection to her own son? That's what I'm asking you." I paused for a moment. "But hey, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I've 'screwed-up' again, but I'm giving you a chance to prove me wrong. So go on, say it, tell me that you love me."

I waited but she didn't say anything. I kept my composure, I didn't want her to know how much it hurt,

"I figured," I spat. I stormed out of the kitchen but before I left and paused to add in one last thing. "I wanted to be just like you once." I shot her a look of disgust. "Glad that didn't work out."

5th January 2006, 05:54 PM

I sensed the turmoil in her mind. Good, neutral, evil. All were competing for control. However, as far as I knew, I was talking to Helve. She was just as confused to my presense as was the struggle for power inside of her. I stepped towards her, but she raised herself slightly, holding her ground. Was it fear, or caution that possessed her now?

I smiled and stood still.

"Helve, then. I assume you've heard I've broken from Satan's shackles, and that we're both marked."
She remained still, but nodded.
"Satan expressed much desire in your recapture, and had I been still under his control, well, lets just say I wouldn't just be standing here talking to you."
I chuckled, whereas she scowled slightly.
"Not in the mood? Fair enough."
I took out a big cigar, stuck it in my mouth and ignited my finger, then lit the end. I puffed away, savouring the flavour, then blew a puff of smoke into the darkness.
"Whereas both Hell and Heaven would very much like to see me dead. Problem is, my soul is damned to walk this plane of existence until the end of time. Maybe afterwards. I might as well make the most of it."
What did you come here for?
"Ah, she speaks. I think you know what I want. Are you willing to make a deal? My knowledge of Satan's soldiers could provide a great deal of protection, plus I have a personal vendetta against the other slaves. Also, the Lord's apparent compassion for you may give me an umbrella of hope from his angels."
I let her take it in and took another puff from my cigar. As I looked into the darkness, I could see shadows in the moonlight. I blew the smoke out and tried to sense them. Helve had smelt them too.
Acolytes I suppose?
I stepped away from her and took a few steps towards the approaching figures, just to get a better look.
"No, these are definitely not my doing. But whatever they are, they better have a good reason for ruining my evening."
My heightened vision along with my supernatural sixth sense finally managed to decipher them: zombies. But what were they doing here? I looked at Helve.
"Think about my proposition. In the meantime, I've got some zombies to disembowel."
And with that I unsheathed my sword and walked towards the zombies.

6th January 2006, 03:53 PM
Another brief post... I've got a date in half an hour, so I've gotta run... that, and school's about over anyway. (finally!)


My eyes flashed with anger. That boy... for, deep down, that's all he was, didn't know what it was like to suffer. Poor child, he'd had such a rough life... I turned and stalked from the kitchen, Malik following me, talking per usual. I didn't hear a word.

I led the way to the Wheel of Fortune, a place where I could vent completely and not destroy everything within two hundred miles of me...

"Malik, stand back... you don't want to be in the circle, or anywhere near it, for that matter..." I warned. I stood in the center of the Wheel and took a deep breath before calling the corners.

"Spirit of the North, I greet thee, element of Earth, Heart of the Mother..." I murmured, continuing to the other three corners, slipping from language to language as I went. I returned to the north, and knelt on the floor with my legs tucked underneath me. I sat still for several minutes, just breathing, feeling the faint, pulsing power of the Wheel within me. Then I released all of my rage with a blood-curdling scream. The floor of the chamber rippled violently like the surface of a lake during a violent storm, five or six feet from crest to trough. Wind shrieked around me as I levitated from the floor, my hair streaming out behind me, crackling with electricity. My scream reverberated throughout the chamber, sounding strange in the magick-heavy air. On and on it went, coming not from my lungs and voice but from my soul, letting loose all the pain, anger, and regret of the past twenty years. Releasing all of it to bring my true self to the surface...

No one knew, but my husband had been gone for weeks, maybe months... it all ran together. It didn't matter, not now... things might have been different... but I was no one's housewife.

All sound suddenly stopped, and everything was still but myself, still suspended in the air. I drew a shuddering breath, limbs tingling from the pure energy that flowed within me. "It has been too long, my friend.... too long..." My voice sounded different, confident, the way it once was. "There is evil near, and I have ignored it... But no more." I turned, still hovering, to look at Malik. "It's time that I was back."

6th January 2006, 04:35 PM
Oh this is too perfect!

The archdemon grinned as he watched the three people enter the house, one being his target. He also recognised the man in white. It was Lucifer's son, Malik. He remembered a few run-ins with him in the past, but overall, things were good between them.

When the three dissapeared from view, Mephisto quickly morphed himself in a raven and flew over to their house., gently landing on the roof, by a window, Mephisto morphed back into his human form, keeping himself out of sight. From where he was sitting, he could hear the argument between Sorcha and Mateo.

Oh man, God was a fool to allow me to tempt this boy. This'll be easier then, then anything! I can't loose this!

A wide grin was on his face and the blonde was using all the willpower he possessed to not do what he had named "The Happy Dance".

However, some strang moans intterupted his little celebration.

Mephisto looked down at the street and his eyes widened.

Large groups of zombie staggered down the street, towards the house Mephisto was currently sitting on.

The demon blinked a few times. He had expected a few snags when he made this wager, however, the walking dead just wasn't one of them.

"This could be a problem," he muttered to himself.

6th January 2006, 07:17 PM

I stormed back to my room, slamming the door with such force that the very walls shook. I paced for a while, dark clouds forming overhead as I vented my anger. I needed to get away from here, get out of this damned house, I needed space, some place where I could relax for a while. "I'm grounded..." I reminded myself out loud. So? To hell with it. I was breaking out of here.

I slipped out through the window, taking to the skies and landing a short distance from the house. I didn't look back once. A large groan came from in front of me and I was surprised to find a group of zombies limping up the street towards the house. Zombies? What the f*ck is going on here? I stood before them, fires burning in my eyes. "You guys have caught me on a really bad day," I said quietly, quickly deciding which method to use to dispose of their unwanted company.

Chanting in an ancient language I far from understood, I watched as black fire engulfed my hands, the flames dancing harmlessly upon my skin. Thrusting my hand forward, I watched as a wave of dark fire snaked across the sky towards the oncoming corpses. It disappeared amongst them and everything fell silent for a moment. A ear-piercing blast shattered the silence, blowing zombies across the street. I stood expressionless, the after shock of the blast tearing at my hair and clothes.

Grunting slightly, I continued on down the road. Piles of ash lay where the zombies had once stood but I paid them no mind, my thoughts were strongly preoccupied by the events that had transpired earlier. I guess it was the first time that I realised just how bad things were between my mom and I. Until that day, I hadn't really known just how little my mom cared for me. Not that I care of course. It weren't gonna mess up my sleep or nothing.

I hadn't set up any plans for that evening so I decided to head over to Inferno to cool down. A few drinks there would cool my nerves. I had been a regular for the past couple of years and I could practically walk in unquestioned. It was my kind of lifestyle, quick and easy. I nodded to the two doormen outside and headed in. Ordering a strong pint of...god knows what it was...I turned and scanned the room for any signs of my next piece of meat.

I never left this place empty handed and as luck would have it, she walked right up to me, leaning her gorgeous frame onto the bar.

"Hey, get me a refill in here will ya?"

She was a vision in black leather. Blood red hair, flawless pale skin, the most piercing blue eyes...that leather halter top of hers hardly left anything to the imagination.

"I'll get it," I offered, sliding over slightly.

She shot me a sideways glance. "I can buy my own drink."

"Ah come on, you going to refuse a drink from a cute guy like me?"

She straightened up and inspected me closely. "And who the hell are you supposed to be?"

"Name's Mateo," I replied, smiling slightly.

Her eyes flashed. "Well that's a different story now isn't it?" She moved within three inches of me. Just being in her presence seemed to arouse me. "I guess I can let you buy my drink if you really want to. Just makes me wonder if there isn't something that you want in return..."

If this is some kind of game, she's f*cking good at playing it. "I'd settle for your name."

She smirked, a mischievious, sexy smile. "I have many names but you...you can call me Melanthe."

7th January 2006, 04:14 PM
Samchu: did you have any plans for Melenthe? I've got an idea but I don't want to ruin anything.

Malik couldn’t help but smirk. The old Sorcha was back, sure, she was a bit on the self rightious side, but it was better then the over stressed house wife she had been for the past twenty years.

But what she said cought his interest more. An evil? Malik hand’t noticed any evil lately. But then again, he himself was technically a ‘creature of evil’, so he was probably too used to it to notice.

But now that she mentioned it, he did sense something an hour ago. It was during Sorcha’s argument with Mateo, he could feel a dark presence nearby.

What’s more, it felt rather familier, like he had met this presence before.

However, shortly after the argument died down, the presence seemed to dissappear. Malik simply shrugged it off. But now that Sorcha said there was an evil nearby, Malik couldn’t shake the feeling that it was more then just a feeling.

But why did it feel so damm familier?


Malik was snapped from his thoughts as he spun around to see Sorcha behind him.

“You coming?”

“Oh, yes, sorry. I was just lost in my thoughts.”

“What were you thinking about?”

“Oh, nothing.” He didn’t want to worry her over what could be nothing.

Sorcha gave him a look suggesting that she didn’t believe him, but let it go.

“So, where to?” Malik asked.

8th January 2006, 01:03 PM
Well Dru and I have some plans for Mateo and Melanthe but there's no rush, it can always come in later.

27th January 2006, 03:31 PM

I'd always said that I could get any woman to do whatever the hell I wanted them to do and hell it was true. I couldn't exactly say that I'd set a new record with Melanthe, because I'd definately been able to pull faster, but I got her in the end. Heck, didn't even have to buy her a drink. It was good thing no one used that alleyway very often...

"You know, I got a place nearby," I said, pulling up my zipper. "You wanna come over for a bit?"

"Your mom home?"

I shurgged. "The hell if I care. Look I'll sneak you in if ya want. You'd be surprised what I can get passed the old bat."

Her eyes gleamed. "Well if you're offering."

I walked Melanthe back to the house. I would have loved to taken her back in the car - probably would have gotten something out of it if I had - but it had gotten towed and I didn't have the cash on me. It was pretty wrecked anyway, not much point in holding on to it. Besides, it's not like I really needed it. I had more conections than most of the druggies in this hell hole. If there was sex to be had, I'd find somewhere to have it.

We raided the fridge for a few beers and then...let's just say I might wanna consider burning the sofa before mom gets back.

"You know...we also have a great bath here. Fancy a dip?"

She ran her fingers along the back of my neck. I would have hardened instantly if I hadn't reached my limit already. "If you think it's a good idea."

I nodded. "There are few ideas better."

So I took her to the bath. She'd disappeared to do something so I jumped in on my own first. I leant back against the edge, my head bent back onto the side. The water lay still around me, the warm aroma filling the air. It was so relaxing, I almost forgot why I was even there. All of a sudden, I felt the water lap at my neck. I looked across the bath to see Melanthe standing there. The steam parted like waves. It was the first time I'd seen her naked. I didn't appreciate womens' figures, I just slept with them.

I could make out every fine detail of her in that place. Every slender curve, every bump, every flat, every dark and intricate tatoo that graced her skin. It was almost as if I was in the presence of a dark angel - a temptress. And I was more than happy to impress. She said nothing. Every step brought her closer to me and it was all I could do to wait for her. I felt possessed, as if no force on earth could tear me from it.

Her lips fell against my own, her tongue wrapped around mine. I could feel her hips, moving in motion to my own. It was strange. As far as I was concerned, this was all backwards. I was the guy! It was my job to be doing the...well the 'doing'! Girls were meant to be on the recieving end. Not me. This wasn't...wait, I'm lying. Well it wasn't THAT bad. I mean, it was a nice change I guess. I could just lie back and relax and she did all the - woah! Woah, woah, woah! Where the HELL did THAT come from!?

"Uh hey - hey - Mel!"

Her head poked up above the water, a sadistic innocent look in her eyes. "Yes?"

I bit my tongue. What was I saying here? Stop? No! NO! "Maybe this isn't a good idea..."

She sighed quietly. "Mateo..."


"Will you do something for me?"

I stared at her blankly for a moment. "Mel...I don't know...I don't really..."

"Not that you stupid prick!" it was the first sign of anger I'd ever seen, though it only lasted a moment. "There's somewhere I want to go."

"Where? I'll take you anywhere." I bragged.

"Take me to the Wheel of Fortune?"

"Why the hell do you wanna go there?"

"Will you take me there or not."

"Ok ok, I'll do it."

I grabbed her hand and pulled her out into the corridor. We left the clothes behind, not like we needed them. I had no idea why she wnated to go there but I didn't care. I ower her I guess. She just stood there, completely naked, watching everything. Not that there was anything to watch...

"This will do perfectly."

I stared at her blankly.



"Theres' one last thing you can do for me."

"Name it."

Pretty obvious what she said right? And I was more than happy to have sex with her. Sure it was on the floor - not the greatest of places, but it was hard and it was exciting. What more could I possibly want?

Halfway through she stopped.

"What's wrong?"

She sighed, a common thing for her I began to think. "You have a vistor."

"I think that's the other way round..." I answered slighly.

She shook her head. "Behind you."

I bent my head back. Malik was there and my mom...with the most displeased face I had ever seen before in my life. She crossed her arms and glared. "Mateo?" She asked cooly. "Where are you clothes?"

"Well..." I began, then looked down at Melanthe. "I'll tell you but you won't like it."

22nd February 2006, 02:34 PM

The night flew past the dark-tinted windows, distant though only meters away. The technology of the modern age was truly wondrous, though it lacked the personal touch of centuries past. I could remember the time when if you wanted to go somewhere, you walked. No cars, coaches, horses, nothing. Put one foot in front of the other, and you'll either get there or you died trying. Kept things simple...

Now, danger was non-existant, at least in comparison. Sure there were threats... but there's nothing quite like not knowing if you'll see the next dawn or not.

Call me old-fashioned if you want, because it's damn true. To my knowledge, I was the oldest being that had once been human still 'alive'. Not that I was alive. I hadn't been for millennia...

I pressed the button in the arm rest at my side. "Turn left up here, please."

The car smoothly turned the corner, heading to the hill just outside of town where one lone mansion overlooked the city.

"She is not here..." I murmured to myself, bemused. "Family disturbances are so... troublesome." Then I frowned as I opened the door and stood. "Something... is not right. There is a presence here that should not be..."

22nd February 2006, 06:33 PM
It lives! And as I have been neglecting my rpg postings lately...I appologise for this strongly...I think I should slip something in here to see if I can keep this ball rolling. Heck, haven't hard the chance to play Mateo in a while...


Things certainly began to kick off awful quick. All I wanted was to bring a very sexy, very horny chick back to my house and fuck her senseless. No harm in that right? It was just what I did. And since I didn't have a car I had to improvise a little, but hey, I wasn't exactly complaining. Sex is sex after all. And that's all I wanted but nooooo, the rest of my life decides to catch up with me - a.k.a, my mum.

Timing was definately not one of her strong points.

And of course, following her like a trusty dog, came Malik. Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse than having your mum walk in on you in the middle of an exciting romp - not that that was the first time it had happened. But it gets better! From outta nowhere, this chick just shows up in the room. She's pretty fine by standards but even I can sense she's past her sell by date in years. Now I've never seen her before in my life but apparently mum did and - most importantly - Melanthe.

That was the point when things got REALLY interesting.

Before I couldn't even figure out what the hell was going on things jumped very suddenly from bad - to awful. In a flash, Melanthe had pounced on my mum and was poised, her nails buried deep into her neck. "One move and I slit her throat."

I stood up, instantly forgetting about my...'condition'. "Melanthe what the hell are you doing?"

"I came here for a reason. Now listen carefully you sex-crazed piece of shit, do exactly what I tell you or your precious mother here will find a permanent relief from you."

I looked at the two visitors helplessly. What was I to do? Despite everything, she was still my mother and with dad gone she was the only thing I really had to call family. I didn't know what Melanthe wanted and I didn't care. My gut told me that it was bad, that the reprocussions could be seriously costly, but I didn't give a damn about that crap. Humanity could go to hell for all I cared. The most important thing to me right then was getting my mother out of that mess alive and well.

I sighed deeply and took a step forward. "Alright, tell me what I have to do."

28th March 2006, 05:07 PM
Here's where things start to get interesting... bwahahaha.... Maybe this will get me out of my icky mood...

*huggles totalrock.com* My precious...


She grinned wickedly. "Good little boy. Just stay where you are, or your precious mommy gets it."

I snarled, a harsh, inhuman sound, pure hatered radiating from my person. I rarely lost control of my emotions anymore, and the fact that Melanthe was here, now, was enough to truly piss me off.

I spat something at her in a language that was so old it had no name. She laughed, tightening her grip on Sorcha just slightly, but enough to make the woman whimper in pain.

"Foul first-blood, get your hands off of her!" I growled.

"Or what, ancient one? Hmm? Self-righteous bitch, she's done nothing to earn your favor, she thinks she's too good for the rest of us." Melanthe glared disdainfully.

My eyes flashed with power. "Don't you ever, ever reffer to yourself as one of my people. You are nothing, disowned, and certainly not one of us!"

Melanthe roared in rage. "I am of the first-blood!" she screamed, eyes burning red.

"You are of the tainted-blood, more like," I hissed.

She began to retort, when a voice dripping with power echoed through the chamber. "Enough."

A black void, an emptiness, opened up in the air, swirling, leading into oblivion... and a form took shape in that window. He stepped into the room, and everything hushed. The air grew cold, and my hair stood on end in responce to that power. A black floor-length cloak covered his body, and the hood was thrown over his head, hiding his face. I didn't need to see his face to know who he was...

"Amzer..." I whispered.

"Melanthe," his voice echoed, as if it came from a long distance off, "give up your quest."

"And let you win?! Never!" she shrieked. "I honor my family-"


She fell quiet, trembling with the feel of his power. "You are nothing to me, to my power..."

"Your power exists no longer. You forsake your right long, long ago. That is why you attempt, feebly, this futile quest... I am watching you, and I will not let you gain anything."

She hissed, and it was if you could feel his glare on the air. "Enough. Begone, wretch, begone from this plane!" He waved his hand, and she was cast backwards, into another spinning void, bound to God knows where.

With that, he looked at us briefly, but that moment seemed like an eternity, before he stepped backwards into the void that he had first emerged from.

I turned to Sorcha, my eyes void of any discernable thought. "I think things have just proven to be much more... perilous than I originally thought. Time is running out, dear one, for all of us..."


I seethed in rage. How dare he! How dare she! They knew, then, didn't they... they knew something. What, and how much, was up for debate. At least I still had Mateo... I smiled to myself. I had planted my enchantments on him, and, when I called, he would have no choice but to obey. He had proven himself weak morally, and there was no way he could even know. His mother would be able to free him... she was strong. I frowned slightly, but I relaxed. He would never let her near enough. She didn't want him...

"Things are in motion, my lord," I whispered, knowing that he heard me. "All we have to do is wait..."

EDIT: My 1,000th post! ^_^ *dance*

3rd April 2006, 12:31 PM

I stood there frozen, my mind reeling through the events that had transpired before me. I didn't understand anything. That man...Amzer...who the hell was he? Who was this woman who had just walked into our house, the one Mel had called ancient one? What the hell was a first-blood and WHAT THE HELL WAS GOING ON!? I growled at my own ignorance, forgetting that I had yet to regain my clothing and as such, was still stood before this gathering in the same state in which I had entered this existence. Not that there was anything to be shy about.

The ancient one approached my mum and helped her slowly to her feet. I instantly took a step to help her but one glance from the visitor froze my feet in their tracks. There was ancient power hidden there; magic so old I doubted there was word for it.

"Mateo," there was a calming wisdom about her voice but deep down I could the supression of urgency. I felt like I was being addressed as a small child. "Go to your room and get dressed, you will be called upon when needed."

"But -"

"There is much that needs discussing, matters not befitting a child such as yourself."

I felt a twinge of anger from inside me. Who was she to address me in such a way!? A child!? I had seeped into powers darkner than she had seen! Could a child do such things!? "Any matters involving my mother concern me as well. I am of her blood."

"That is true, but your part comes later. Until then, I suggest you do as I have suggested and think over the matter at hand. I daresay your flirting has only intensified the need for my arrival."

And they were gone to some other part of the house; I didn't care to guess where. This visitor appeared to have a control over the house's powers, she could come and go as she pleased - most likely. They could have gone anywhere.

I sighed and looked about the room. Spots of blood stained the ground where - just minutes ago - Melanthe had held my mum hostage. I would only admit it to myself but I was so scared of what would happen to her. If that Amzer guy hadn't have shown up she might have...I shook my head violently, dismissing the thought. Death was not for one to dwell upon too deeply.

Giving in to the visitor's 'suggestion', I retreated to my room and clothed myself. The reality of how things had played out was finally beginning to sink in and I hated myself for it. I had learned my lesson though: no sex inside the house, always outside of it. I nodded to confirm my decision. Dreadful though the situation had been, I wasn't going to change my ways over it. My mother had survived and she would recover quickly. No doubt her hatred for me had already returned.

I stopped by the mirror and glanced briefly at my reflection. For a moment I thought I saw a demon in my place but on second glance I saw it all was normal. Too much thinking wasn't good for me. I scanned my room, I needed to do something to get my mind off of today. I thought about the conversation downstairs. I had been told that it didn't concern me but it could provide so many of the answers that I sought. I would have to find out what they were talking about and I'd have to do it in a way that wouldn't get me caught.

I pulled a section of carpet from the floor and lifted out the loose panel. Reaching in I took out my dark secret, my book of the forbidden arts. Somewhere in here was bound to be a spell that would let me spy on them. No. No. No. Yes! This one would be perfect! My gaze fell across a spell of shadows, one that would grant me the power to use the shadows as I wished, as a gateway between my room and the house. I could spy and get back before anyone knew I was gone. The perfect plan.

I placed the book on the floor and carried out the necessary steps. A bit of this, a bad of that, a couple of drops of fresh blood, the usual crap. Not particularly pretty but it was fast. Just the sort of thing I needed. The spell complete, I stepped over to the shadow of my bookcase that fell on to the wall by the door. I stuck out my hand, watching the darkness embrace it as its own. I smiled and stepped forward. Let's see what's so important to them.

4th April 2006, 02:40 AM
If flys were capable of grinning, Mephisto's smile would have dominated his face. Wishing to get close to Mateo, the archdemon had transformed himself into a fly and was not following him around. He had watched these interesting turn of events and even though he wanted to see how it turned out, he knew he had to stick with the plan. He followed the kid to his room, thinknig that now was a perfect time to make his presence known.

He stopped however when Mateo pulled out a specific book, a book of secret arts.

I can't believe this! He's got a book on forbidden arts and he's hiding it from his mother? I know 'm betting against him, but thank God!

He watched as his target opened a partal in the shadows.

He must want to see what's going on. I wouldn't mind watching myself.

As quietly as he could, he flew down and landed on Mateo's shoulder. Thankfully, he didn't seem to notice.

Thanks for the lift. I'll try to pay you back when I'm writing up the contract.

I know this might be a stupid question, but where would Malik be during all this? Still with Sorcha and the others?

5th April 2006, 02:11 PM
It's OK, MC, I'll take care of it...


I stood, staring at the woman before me. Zarahlinda was a creature of legend, the faerie godmother of the vampire world... the one that all said would appear in the most desperate times and make everything better again. While the thought should have made me feel better... the fact that I didn't know that times were that desperate really, really worried me.

She stood in the middle of my kitchen, completely still, like a statue with such cold, realistic beauty that it tore at my heart to see her standing there, a daughter of an age so long ago that our knowledge of it is nearly pure speculation. Her skin was perfect alabaster white, and glowed slightly in the harsh electric lighting of the room. This was not skin to be shown by cheap, modern means; no, this was beauty to be reveled in under the stars and moon, simple perfection that no human should or would ever come close to reaching.

Malik touched my shoulder, and I shook my head slightly. Zarahlinda looked at me with her deep, neutral eyes, eyes that held secrets and knowledge that I could only dream of. Some called her the Mother of the vampire nation; I wasn't sure about that, but I knew that she was old... very, very old... She sighed, a deep, world-weary sound, a mere hint and the burdens that she carried.

"Sorcha... where do I begin? There is so much that you don't know, and we have no time to explain even the smallest parts. We are in danger, and I fear that, once again, the world must turn to you for help."

Emotions flooded my mind, but the most powerful one was anger. "No! Not again, I won't go through that again. My life has fallen to Hell... I won't have my hopes uplifted only to be destroyed again!"

"Sorcha, listen to me. This isn't like last time. This time... only the Guardians know what is happening, and we are powerless to stop it. We need the Watcher-"

"Then go find the damned Watcher your self!" I burst out. Malik's grip on my shoulder tightened slightly, and my temper subsided slightly.

"The Watcher of the Wheel. That's you, Sorcha... you are the only one who can reunite the primary powers safely, before someone else does."

"Primary powers?"

"The basic elements," she explained. "Earth, water, air, and fire... the secondary powers are mind, spirit, light, and dark... the tertiary powers are like the ones that you and your son have, powers that control mixtures of the primaries and secondaries."

"Like a color wheel?" I asked, feeling slightly embarrassed at my simple comparison.

"Yes, and no... but you get the idea. Someone is stealing the Hearts of the primary powers, and they hope to use them to unleash gods only know what upon the world. I am the Guardian of Wind's Heart... and it is gone, taken while I slept through the centuries. I couldn't say for sure, but I believe it was not very long ago, though I could be wrong." She shook her head. "The Heart of Earth is the only one that remains in the hands of it's Guardian... but you have the Heart of Fire."

"I do? But..."

Zarahlinda smiled. "During the last war, a friend of yours picked it up."

I jumped out of my chair. "Oh! Yes-"

"I know all ready. We must take care to secure the stone..." She trailed off. Her eyes glowed silver. "Demon..." she growled.

Zarahlinda grabbed my hand and shouted a few words towards a darkened corner... and out tumbled Mateo. I collapsed to the ground, not from the shock of having my own energy used against my will, but from disbelief... What was the boy doing?! How... then I realized. The stench of the dark arts was everywhere... I paled, stricken, and looked at my son, not wanting to see what I had seen with my own eyes...

5th April 2006, 05:59 PM

I just stood there under the displeased gaze of our guest. I was sorry - not just for being caught but honestly sorry, I hated that this woman's gaze could make me feel so weak. Several minutes ticked past without either of us uttering a word. Even Malik, who had knelt to comfort my grief-stricken mother, remained silent. I didn't have the balls to speak first.

It was our guest who first broke the silence. "Give it to me Mateo."

I knew what she meant of course and I wasn't so stupid as to play dumb with her. I pulled the book out from beneath my shirt. I had picked it up at the last minute, thinking it would have been safer on my persons than in my room. I still stood by that decision.

She looked it over careful, analysing the dark contents hidden beneath its covers just by touching the spine with her fingers. I had to admire her knowledge of the arts, it was the only thing that truly hinted at how old she might be. "Where did you get this?"

I shrugged. "I found it. I was out walking at it was there. I figured it couldn't hurt."

She placed it down on the table. "How could you be so careless?" she asked, her steady tone betraying her for a brief moment. "What could have led you to believe that you of all people should be dabbing in forbidden arts. Considering your the son of -"

I'd given her all the respect I could stand. "I know whose fucking son I am!" I spat angrily, "that's why I did it! I'm not my parents! When will people realise that!? And I tell you what, I'm thankful - THANKFUL that I'm not like them! Dad fucked off without a word! And mum, mum pushes away everyone who cares about her. It started with Garth, he came to her for help and she was too busy spending time lying on her back to actually do anything! She made him turn! And me, she's hating me since the beginning! All I ever wanted was to be like her but nothing was ever good enough, it was never right! Now all I want is to be as least like her as I can! Hell, she's probably the reason dad left us anyway and you know what, he had the right idea! I'm sick to death of being her fucking screw-up, her mistake! You came here because the world needs her - well whoop-deee-fucking-do! They can have her because I don't need her anymore!" I turned from them all and stormed out of the kitchen.

"You're possessed Mateo," despite my outburst her tone was as calm as I had heard it. Our guest - whomever she was - truly was amazing.

I paused in my tracks and turned back to her. "I'm what?"

"It wasn't supposed to happen this way. In exchange for saving the world and because he had made such a mess of her life already, God decided to reward Sorcha with a child of pure soul - you. But there was an incident. Sorcha was raped by the demon that had possessed Garth and thus, some of his essence was transferred unto you. It will never have enough strength to possess you like Garth was possessed but it could become strong enough to corrupt your soul completely by feeding off your darker emotions. Sorcha only acted the way she did because she was afraid of what might happen, she didn't know she was only making things worse."

I turned to my mother. "Is this true?"

She nodded.

"Why? Why didn't you tell me?" I demanded, my anger rising.

"How could I?"

I opened my mouth to say something but our guest interrupted me.

"Mateo calm yourself. Would you not have done the same thing?"

"No," I didn't even pause to dwell on it. "i already told you, I'm not like my mother and now it seems I'm even less like her than I first thought." I headed out again.

"Where are you going?" asked Malik.

I shrugged, "the hell if I know. I just gotta get out the hell outta this madhouse."

"I don't think that's wise Mateo," our guest said.

"Look lady, I don't know who you are or where you came from but you've just told me that I've been corrupted by the essence of a demon that raped my mum and tried to take over the planet. Now I have a lot of respect for you but I can't just go and accept that sort of thing as the norm. I'm going out, I don't know where and I'll returned whenever I feel that I can face coming back to my mother who, it turns out, not only hates me but fears me as well. Now if that's all kosher with you, I'm outta here."

6th April 2006, 04:22 AM
So that explains everything. Mateo possessed the essence of Garth, the demon who tried to take over the world twenty years ago. It all made sense now. That was the darkness Mephisto sensed in the boy.

A darkness he intended to use to his advantage.

Mephisto remained still on his back as Mateo left the house. He was muttering something underneath his breath, possibly something bad about his mother. He wnted to get the boy alone, no interferance.

He soon got his wish when the boy wandered down a deserted street. Mephisto then decided to make his move.

"Poor child," his voice rang out, "having to lie in his parents shadow."

Mateo looked around, unaware that voice origin of the voice was sitting on his back.

"What the..?" he asked himself softly, looking around.

"You have so much potental," Mephisto continued, "But yet they are wasted because of those parents of yours."

"Where are you?" Mateo called.

"It's such a shame. You can become more then what you are now. You can become more then mummy's little dissapointment."

Mateo's face twisted into a scowl.

"Where are you!?" he shouted.

Mephisto chuckled, "No need to shout, I'm right behind you."

Mateo balled his hand into a fist and spun around, hoping to hit whoever was behind him. However, since Mephisto was on Mateo's back, the punch obviously missed.

"Violent aren't we? I guess a more 'human' form will suit you."

Mephisto flew off of Mateo's back. The son of Sorcha turned to see Mephisto transform back into his human form.

"Who are you?" Mateo asked dangerously, his hands ready incase he attacked. Mephisto just smirked.

"My names, is Mephistopheles," he announced, giving Mateo a formal bow, "and I can make all your dreams come true."

The blonde archdemon then removed his contacts, revealing his red, serpant eyes and grinned wickedly.

"Now, sir, how may I be of service."

I'll post for Malik later.

12th April 2006, 01:39 PM
*glares* Don't make me pull the plug on that one... I'm really, really not liking the looks of it. Mateo moving out, I can deal with, honing the powers, OK, but... I very, very strongly dislike where this is going.

Meh.... I'll post later if I get over being pissed.

13th April 2006, 12:39 AM
I don't see the problem. Mateo hasn't sold his soul to Mephisto yet, there's still a chance to save him.

13th April 2006, 03:28 AM
My point exactly. I never had any attention of having Mateo sell his soul. I know he's completely sexually orientated but he isn't an idiot. Whatever, I've deleted it now and I can't bring it back so we might as well drop the subject. I might post later, gotta think up a new sub-plot now.

13th April 2006, 12:29 PM
I never said that you had to delete it, but it's too early in the plot for the whole shabang. *grumbles* I'm just in a pissy mood, cause I've found out a bunch of not-so-pleasant events that may be in my near future... gah...

*plugs brain back into Piggy D*

I'll edit in a post in a few... class is about over.

13th April 2006, 07:21 PM
Now that mess has been cleared up, let's get a post in here.


I stared at the demon before me - Mephistopheles or whatever the hell he called himself - offering me his 'services'. I wasn't an idiot. What would a demon want with me? There was cost here and he wasn't gonna tell me what it was until I'd commited to something - I was sure of that much. But then again...I was out of the house at last, finally away from my mother's shadow and I was gonna need something to make sure I could survive. What I needed, was an empire of my very own. And I knew just the thing.

"Alright Mephi, let's put these 'services' of yours to the test. There's an abandoned building over there, I want it as my own, fixed to my specifications."

He bowed his head slightly. "As you wish."

It took little more than a few minutes to accomplish but when it was done, even I was impressed with the work. It was exactly what I wanted - and it hadn't taken that long to put together either.

"Nice work," I commented, slapping the demon on his back. "You got a phone -"

No sooner had the word escaped my mouth than the demon was offering me the latest model. I just grinned at him and took care of a few calls. Satisfied, I sipped the phone into my pocket and gazed at my newest possession with pride. My empire had begun, now all I needed were some subjects.

"I always said I'd own my own strip club oneday," I bragged to the demon behind me. "The only test now is whether or not some of my old friends keep to their old promises."

I didn't even have the chance to just out my 'executive office' before they were piling through the doors, each one eager to prove they were worthy of dancing in my club. The stage was set already, all they had to do was perform. Of course, they were only the preliminaries. When it came to women, I had my standards, this was going to be a delicate screening process.

Mephi stalked in the background like a watchful hawk as fit girl after fit girl stripped from top to bottom and all for my viewing pleasure. I'd never expected anything to come from it but halfway through my last applicant, I suddenly remembered something that I hadn't thought about for a long time.

Taking great care not to miss any of the action taking place in front of me, I called Mephi over for what I intended to be my last request. Once this was up and running he could concern himself with whatever payments he expected.

"I need you to do something for me Mephi."

"What is it?"

"I need satan to release one of his seals. I want him to release Helveairica from her curse."

"I will do my best."

I nodded. "You do that. In the meantime," I paused to seperate the selected few from those who had just faled to do anything for me. "I've got some 'private' interviews to conduct." I turned to the would-be strippers I was about to interview. "Now if you'll just move yourselves into one of the specially designed rooms over there, I'll be with each of you shortly."

I saw Mephi taking his leave and reached quickly to grab his arm. "And Mephi, whatever happens, don't hurry back."

14th April 2006, 08:49 AM
Time for me to make a comeback.


Zombies were much different from my acolytes. For one, they didn't have any coherent trains of thought, just uttering the same two names in their heads over and over again.

Malik and Proticia

Malik and Proticia

Obviously some necromancer was at work here. However, I couldn't care less about the fate of these two. Should these zombies kill them, it would save me the trouble should the need arise. However, they were not running from me, which I seemed to enjoy more; I prefer a straight fight.

I cut one straight in half but its two halves still came towards me. Obviously my sword was not going to be much use. It was time to send these fools to the grave. I sheathed my sword then outstretched my hands and fired fireballs at these abominations, turning them to ashes. I suddenly heard a loud growl and a thud. I turned around and saw that Helve had come and had taken down two zombies, tearing them limb from limb, in an attempt to save me from them as they were sneaking up behind me.
"Move Helve!" I yelled. She looked up and saw me preparing a fireball and she jumped out the way. I incinerated the remains of the zombies and that was the end of that. Helve looked at me.
What were those?
"I don't know, but all I could tell was that they're looking for Malik and Proticia. You can do what you want but frankly I don't like zombies walking around when I don't know why."
I was about to walk away, but I had one problem; I had not the slightest clue where to begin looking, and my usual approach of disemboweling everything until someone notices will probably not work this time. I turned to Helve.
"You don't know where Malik is, do you?"
She shook her head. I scowled and closed my eyes, trying to sense him or anyone that would have anything to do with him. Suddenly, I felt an immense presence and opened my eyes. An archdemon had approached us and was upon us. I unsheathed my sword and readied it.
"Show yourself archdemon!" I yelled into the darkness and out of the darkness he materialised.
"Please, put that toothpick away, you washed up shell. I heard Satan finished you off."
Angered, I realised my sword would be more or less useless and I sheathed it.
"You heard wrong. I cancelled my subscription with him and I'm free now."
"Free to do what? Barbecue zombies and scare people? Please. Now move, this doesn't concern you."
He moved towards Helve, but I threw a fireball at his feet.
"What do you want with Helve?"
He sighed.
"If you must know, I'm fulfilling my obligation to my client. Now, don't make me angry, I don't want to have to rip you limb from limb."
"I'd like to see you try."
"Careful of what you wish for, weakling."
He turned to me and readied himself, as did I. I wasn't particularly looking for a fight but I'm not letting some pompous dick piss me off without paying the consequences.
Stop it!
We both turned to face Helve.
Look, Legion, this has nothing to do with you, leave this to me, I'm more than capable of handling myself
I looked to Helve, then to this visitor.
"Fine, if you want to get rid of me, tell me where I can find Malik."

3rd May 2006, 02:11 PM

"Dear gods, it's going to happen again, isn't it?" I whispered to myself, my body and mind totally numb.

Marduk, where are you?! Help me, PLEASE! I cried out into the cosmos.

"I am sorry, Sorcha..." Zarahlinda said quietly, not looking at me. I said nothing, willing to feel Marduk's mind reach out to me, but only emptiness replied. Silent blood-tinted tears trailed slowly down my face, anguish tearing my heart to bits.

Suddenly, Malik's hand on my shoulder convulsed slightly and stiffened. I turned to look at him, and was met by blank eyes.

"Malik? What's wrong?" I whispered, asking because of worry, not because I really wanted to know. I didn't think I could take much more at present.

"Someone's.... looking for me..." he replied, distracted, eyes still distant.

Zarahlinda looked up sharply. "Who?"

Malik shook his head, mind returning to the present. "I don't know, but I don't like it, either..."

I stood suddenly, dizziness throwing my balance off momentarily. "Let's get out of here... I need to get away from this house..."

Zarahlinda and Malik nodded, and we took our leave.
Outside, the air was still in the dark night, and I had that feeling again... that feeling of teetering on the edge of some momentous event. I did hate that feeling...

Something, a sound or movement, caught my attention, and I stopped abruptly. "Someone approaches..." I whispered, waiting...

4th May 2006, 09:14 PM


Helve glared at Mephistopheles, but gave a nod as if understanding that this demon was something to be dealt with by herself. While she had not minded Legion's company, she still had been slightly unsure why he had come to her in the first place... and he had been demanding the whereabouts of Malik. Playing dumb didn't seem to be an option either... although it had worked for a short time.
Alright... Legion... Malik...
So many voices... so many souls... so much searching... but for some reason, so many voices were chanting for Malik. So many.... to find the source of their wanting... their desire... it was not too difficult.
Helve closed her eyes briefly, and then stared straight at Legion. After a few moments, instantly the idea of where Malik was popped into his head... along with the knowledge that he was with Sorcha. Legion gave a nod, although he stared at Helve... perhaps thinking some thing, and then he left.
Be careful... one who defies ...

"So... Helve... so nice seeing you still... trapped in your wolven form..." Meph (shortening the name) said playfully to Helve, which triggered a snarl from her.
Yes, Satan's curse proves quite potent... still... Helve snarled, glaring with her vicious golden eyes.
" Well... I have a proposition for you. I will allow the curse to be removed..."
At what PRICE? I am no fool Mephistophiles... at what price would you have this curse removed from me?
Meph then gave a light bow, a smirk upon his face.
"Oh... quite the contrary... there is little price. I shall release you... but in return, you must pay a visit to Sorcha's son... Mateo..."
Mateo? Mateo? Why upon the Earth and Heavens would he summon me?
Meph shrugged, and Helve pondered. It seemed so simple... just visit the dreadful son of Sorcha and be freed of the curse. Helve longed to be freed... to rid herself of the voices of her own self...
Agreed. Do it and I shall come.
Meph smiled and swiftly did a bow, and suddenly a huge crackling from the sky plummeted to the earth. A gusting swirl of wind seemed to surround Helve as the clouds above her created a strange storm-like pattern. An eruption of screams pierced into the air... and suddenly Helve's wolven form began to glow a silverish color as it immediately shrank and then began to take on a more humanoid form. After a few more moments of blistering winds... Helve's transformation was complete. She was in her neutral form... completely naked. Her beautiful pale skin seemed to glow in the moonlight, as beautiful grey wings folded inward to her back. Her long, ribbon-like hair swirled about her shoulders like velvet strands as she stood before Meph. A few more instances later, Helve wrapped her wings about her body and instantly the wings melted to form a sheet-like dress.
"Take me to ... Mateo..." Helve said, narrowing her eyes.

6th May 2006, 03:23 AM
"As you wish, my dear," Mephisto rpelied, trying to be a suave as he can, "If you'll just follow me."

Rather then fly, he figured they may as well walk back to Mateo's new club. It wasn't that far away anyway. He really didn't expect to find Helve this quickly.

"So tell me," Mephisto asked, trying to strike up a conversation, "How have you been?"

"I could have done better," was her response. Mephisto decided to drop it there, but apparently she wasn't done yet.

"Now I'd like to ask you something. Why are you releasing me, just for seeing Mateo?"

Mephisto just shrugged, as if it was nothing.

"The boy and I have a, 'certain agreement'. And one of the terms was that I release you. He's the one you should be thanking."

"I'm assuming you're offering the usual price?"

Mephisto chuckled.

"But of course."

6th May 2006, 07:16 PM

With my company having departed for the evening, following what had been a...rigourous interview process, I was sat alone at the bar steadily making my way through some of the stock. Hard to believe how much chaos I had fought through during the day. Never would have imagined that having sex would have caused so much trouble. But then, it didn't make any difference so why did I care? That's was my mom's problem and as far as I was concerned there was no connection between us. Whatever shit was going on in her life it had nothing to do with me. I was my own person and from now on I was going to do whatever the hell I liked.

My evening of quiet contemplaton at the bottom of a beer bottle was cut short by the return of Mephi and my newest guest, Helve. I thanked the demon quickly and dismissed him before approaching Helve.

"Good evening Helve," I greeted her cooly.

You'll forgive me but I'd much ratehr we skipped the pleasentries. Why did you call me here?

I looked her over briefly then turned my attentions to a speck of dust on the bar. "My whole life I've grown up with my mother's past hanging over me. I'm haunted by a war that kept the inhabitants of this world free and yet, I have reason to doubt my own thoughts." I turned to Helve, fixing a firm gaze upon her stunning form. "I have been told that each immortal that helped win that war possessed great strength - my mother especially - but it seems to me that this information had been...corrupted. My father is little more than a coward. Malik, Jalken and Illumina are but pathetic shadows of their former selves and my mother," I paused briefly to grimace, as if the very mention of her brought a bitter taste to my mouth, "she is the worst. I spent years listening to bullshit stories about how powerful she is, but she's weak. I was told about how she stared into the face of a powerful demon and slew him, yet she fears the smallest essence of him."

Helve listened to my ramblings, her facial expression unchanged. Already I was forming high opinions of her. And what has this to do with me?

"Of all those who fought 'for good' in that war you are the only one I have yet to meet. All my opinions of the others have been slashed by the pathetic existences they have chosen to leave but you - you who were cursed by both sides - I wonder if you truly are what they claim you to be."

And how would you wish to decide this?

"I propose a test. Your beauty is indeed far more intoxicating than my mother ever described to me but I wonder if you are truly as strong as she has lead me to believe. All I ask is that you partake in a wagered fight with me."

What terms?

"If I win you let me have you for the evening, what little of it is left."

And if I win?

"Then you walk, and we never see each other again, that I can promise you."

She inclined her head slightly. Very well. She summoned her blade to her hand, as did I. Let us begin.

I charged first, eager to test her defences but they held solid. Her form was perfectly suited for battle. Her pace was blistering, she blocked everything I threw at her and all with an elegant grace that almost seemed to be arousing. I could find no flaw in her moves. Her technique was perfected, there were no weaknesses, no blindsides, she could stop anything I sent her way and from any direction. She was deeply gifted.

Breaking from the fray, I took a brief moment to re-assess my tactics before charging at her again. Sparks flew from our blades as they clashed, each one perfectly matching the speed and accuracy of the other. In combat we seemed perfectly match. For now anyways. Seeking a better battlefield, I drew our spar outside where we could relish our abilities in the open air. Dodging a blaze of wind that tore across the alley I spun round, slapping a trash can towards her which she sliced effortlessly with her blade.

As the wind dropped we paused our battle. Faced off at opposite ends of a narrow battlezone, we waited as the wind died down around us. Neither of us moved, both of us compeltely still, calm and unwavering. We had yet to even break a sweat.

Enough of this. You said you wanted a fight.

"I was just warming up," I replied with a smirk. "But I see your point." I shifted my blade as my hand tensed. "Ladies first."

7th May 2006, 06:11 AM
Malik had to admit, this little evening was becoming wierder and wierder. First Sorcha says something about an evil appearing, then some vampire tries to hold her hostage, then another vampire (obviously a very important one) and the evil one ran off, then there's another arguement between Sorcha and Mateo and now Malik had the feeling that someone was after him.

Furthermore, the familer darkness he had felt earlier had vanished, but it still ingered at the back of his mind. He decided to do something to take his mind off of it.

"So, uh, Zarahlinda was it? What's this new evil that's appeared, and what does it have to do with the four guardians?"

Zarahlinda turned to answer, but stopped as she noticed something over Malik's shoulder. The devil spawn turned to see, believe it or not, a small group of zombies shambling towards him.

This was nothing new as far as Malik was concerned. He had an encounter once before with a necromancer, about 70 or so years ago. He smirked.

"Well," he joked, "I wonder who's been messing with necromancy this time?" Malik apparently was the only one who would make jokes about this. After all, he was the son of the devil for christ's sake!

"Ma...lik..." one of the zombies moaned as it shambled towards him. Maliks face then went serious.

So, someone's sent this little group after me specifically huh? I wonder what they'd want with me?

"I'll handle this," he said, stepped towards them, "It seems they want to have a crack at me."

Stretching his arms out to his sides, a black mist seemed to form around them. Two swords formed from the darkness, one in each hand. As the dark angel got into a battle stance, a wicked grin crossed his face.

"Now let's put dad's lessons to the test," he murmered under his breath.

7th May 2006, 05:47 PM
Helve smirked slightly and for the first time she didn't hear the voices in her head- well, not all of the voices. There was one dominant one- the one who lusted for fight, who kept taunting her. Kept telling her what to do... when to move... when to strike. Helve found it rather annoying, but she was determined to keep this new freedom she had suddenly been allowed and to rid herself of this trial that Mateo was placing upon her.

Raising her lovely silver blade, she charged straight at Mateo. A clash of metal rang through the air as she pushed firmly against him, a smirk permenantly placed upon his face. They exchanged many blows... and it occured very easily to Helve that she was not about to win. Not in her neutral form...
"Come on Helve, I know you have more then that..." Mateo said lightly, as they pressed into eachother blade by blade. Suddenly however, Mateo withdrew on of his hands and instantly slammed his fist into her gut. Giving a slight cry, Helve was pushed back slightly. She skidded on the ground for a second, glaring back upwards at Mateo.
"Where are the fireworks? Your dark magic? Your good magic? Surely you're not going to stay in your neutral form and expect to beat me?"
Helve glared... she didn't expect Mateo to know so much about her. It was true... her evil side compelled her to come out. It had wanted to come out... it wanted to fight and to win.
"No, there will be no other friends coming out to play. I am in control now- more than I ever have been... and it will just be me- the Neutral Helve. ... and I can still beat you this way."
With that, Helve charged at him again with a swifter amount of speed this time- raising her sword above her head and then smashing it down upon Mateo. He was a bit surprised by her amount of power, but he still held firm and soon they were at it again- fists and kicks included. This continued for about a half an hour... and his endurance stayed firm.
"You know you're going to lose..." Mateo said, breathing heavily for they both were worn out slightly. Helve's eyes narrowed in rage and she thought about transforming into her wolven form... but she knew that would be considered cheating. She could not transform... and she could not lose. Yet... she knew that she couldn't win. Not like this...
"Well, this has been great fun... but I want my prize. Now."
With that, Mateo charged straight at her with a furry- it was obvious that he was putting a great deal of his strength and power into this attack. Their blades collided yet again, but this time Mateo swiped to the side and slide his blade off hers. She tried to compensate for it, but instantly Mateo changed the angle of his sword so that he used the thick handle of the sword to smash it into her solar plexis, which caused Helve to gasp and fall to her knees. Swiftly Mateo pointed the sword straight at her neck... a smirk upon his face.
" I told you... you can't beat me."

With that, Helve bent her head in defeat. She knew she had lost... and her silky tendrils of hair billowed about her face as she felt herself become slightly limp. She had lost... and now she had to do some thing she had never done before... at least, not in her neutral form. (We won't go into her evil form's history...)
"Fine. A deal is a deal. Let us get this night over with... and then I can be on my way come the morning."

9th May 2006, 01:35 PM
It's Midnight (http://www.therosedales.com)

Malik charged the zombies, blood and flesh flying through the air. Why on earth would someone send zombies after the son of the Prince of Darkness? (No, not Jack Osborne...)


"Malik, it's a trap!" I yelled, rushing into the fray myself. Then... I hadn't felt the sensation in years. Blood-red and black wings tore themselves from my back; I screamed as I was drenched in blood. It had never been like this... never been painful, or bloody. Never unbidden. I fell to my knees, breathing heavily, tears pooling in my eyes. I felt movement at my back; someone jumped... no, flew over me, taking out a few zombies that hadn't been noticed yet. I looked up, clearing my eyes, to see Zarahlinda literally glowing with power, her eyes an electric blue, face twisted with such battle-rage that it was nearly unrecognisable. I spread my wings, wincing at the pain, and lifted myself from the ground. I called to the powers of fire and air, and a sword appeared in my hand, glowing white and red despite the lack of moonlight. I looked up, and suddenly realized that the moon had dissapeared behind storm clouds... great, dark storm clouds.


There was no answer, but I felt that magick and knew it. Wherever he was, whatever he was doing... he knew that we needed help. I sent him my thanks; every little bit was going to help.

Malik was kicking serious ass, but the zombies just kept coming. This is more than just mortal magick... I thought. I struggled to get closer to Malik, but the zombies were closing in on all of us. I shot up into the air, and took a deep breath.

"Malik!" I shouted, giving him as much warning as possible. He ducked, and I sent the surrounding zombie's heads rolling. He took his que, and black wings sprouted from his back as he lept into the air. Zarahlinda hissed one last time before rising to join us.

"This... this isn't right. There's a trap here. The zombies are just an agent, they aren't the evil. We need to get out of here, and fast..." I panted, glaring at the undead below us.

Malik nodded. "Follow me, I think it's time to return to our old stomping grounds..."

9th May 2006, 02:51 PM

I stared down at her silently as I dispersed my blade from my hand. "Alright then." I should have been happy. I'd battled against the great Helve and had won the right to sleep with her. So why did I feel so strange? Sex was my thing. It was who I was. So what the hell was the problem? I bent down and took her hand, helping her to her feet slowly. "Let's just do this."

We headed back inside and made our way upstairs to the office I'd had Mepho create for me. It doubled as a bedroom seeing as how I'd made a less than honourable departure from my home. Had to be brutally honest though, it felt pretty good to finally have all that freedom. If I hadn't have left I owuld never be here, about to get it on with one of the most beautiful creatures I'd ever laid eyes on. I shook my head violently. What the fuck was I saying!? I sounded like some kind of poof. I looked back and saw Helve staring at me, her head cocked to the side in an inquisitive manner. "The bedroom's through there," I told her, pointing towards the door.

She was - in a word- stunning. A gorgeous display of body beneath that delicate dress. Definately the best looking thing I'd ever been in bed with. I kissed her, forcing my tongue inside just to make myself feel better as it all kicked off. I just figured it would be like the usual evenings. I'd do all the work and then it would be over. But not this time. This was different. I'd barely even started when...she kissed me back.

What the fuck!? I wasn't mad, surprised would be a better word. She was a damn good kisser. I ran my hand across her waist as I felt her hips rise, pressing against my own. Damn! Damn, damn damn! It was so good I couldn't describe and yet...and yet at the same time I felt as if a weight had lifted off my mind. The little nagging voice at the back of my head finally silenced itself as I became engrossed in the heat of the moment. We didn't even notice the morning break. Then, at some point in the morning, it just, ended.

I sat in bed. the covers hanging over my bottom half, watching her get dressed. "I'd like to do this again." She shot me a stern look. "Well, yeah, THIS, someday, but I meant...the fight." I shook my head. "I owuld like to fight you again, someday."

I saw the slightest of smirks cross her face. "Perhaps." And in a blink she was gone. With a sigh, I collapsed back on the bed. I hadn't gotten any sleep in hours and I was beat. I stared blankly at the wall. I had been planning to pop home and pick up sem stuff but that could wait. Hell I just needed to crash.

9th May 2006, 05:45 PM

Even with the Archdemon's help, I could sense the powerful auras that Malik and his hunters, when grouped together, were giving off. I sensed battle, and the auras of two others manifested. I ran, just in case I missed anything. As the battle came into view, I saw the zombies, a lot bigger group than last time, were attacking Malik, Sorcha and another whom I had never seen before. I ran faster, but the three manifested their wings and ascended to evade the zombies. I decided to fire off some fireballs just to get there attention. I made them big enough to toast groups of 4 or 5 at a time, then while they burnt, I leapt in and cut them up. The three above me were rather surprised, and perhaps did not recognise me - my appearance had vastly changed since our last encounter.

Nonetheless, I stopped my massacre briefly to talk to them.
"Friends of yours?"
"Who are..." Sorcha began.
"Demon..." the unknown one hissed. Malik put two and two together.
"In the flesh! Well, someone else's flesh, but flesh nonetheless."
I turned around and cut two more zombies with my sword, but feeling overwhelmed, I sheathed my sword and aimed a fire blast at the ground, propelling me upwards onto a street lamp.
"This should give me some time to ask some questions," I said, ignoring the zombies that were trying to shake the street lamp.
"First, my question," Malik began, "Why are you here? I was under the impression Satan finished you off."
"A common misconception, I assure you, but I have slight telepathy, as you might remember, and all these goons could think of was you, so either you're controlling them or being hunted by them. I'm assuming it's the latter option."
Obviously they were still wary of me. I couldn't beat them all in straight fight so they guessed I wasn't going to attack them but they kept that option open. I needed to state my allegience.
"So what's it to you?"
"Well, while zombies might be everyday fare for us, this is necromancy of a higher level and, to be honest, I'm up for a fight with whoever is behind this. I figured you'd be going after the person sooner or later, and since I no longer have a vendetta against any of you, I'm feeling adventurous. So what says you to a temporary ally?"

9th May 2006, 09:39 PM

Filling the deal, Helve had gone up with Mateo and performed an act of sexual activity. Of course… while Helve did not want to have sex with him nor engage in any type of sexual activity, the obligation of word was enough to make her reciprocate his actions. Of course, he obviously had experience in what he was doing… Helve could tell that. He wasn’t bad either… his sexual prowess was undeniable, but the sexual act meant nothing. It was nothing to her… for Helve was putting forth herself to fulfill her promise to Mateo and that was all. Of course… in the heat of the moment for them… she sensed as if there was something else in Mateo- as if there was some thing familiar about him. However, as soon as the glimmer of it approached her… it vanished. Soon the morning had come… and when it did, Helve was already up. Mateo was lying upon the bed… and her gentle eyes washed over him. He had spoken about doing it again- and then clarified it as fighting. However, Helve merely closed her eyes and concentrated. She had been unleashed… her seal had been broken and now her powers were once again in full reign.
Then she vanished.

Rising again, Helve appeared in the streets of the city. She was in no where in particular… just a random part of the city.
“… I am free… “ [color=royalblue]


Proticia awoke slightly to a man staring over her in confusion. The smell of beer wafted in her face as she swiftly rose upwards, but her side ached from the blows that the undead had done upon her. She was slowly healing… but the damage she had sustained still remained.
“What the ‘ell is you do’n here…?” The man slowly dragged his speech as Proticia instantly leapt to her feet. It hurt slightly to move... but she was better off than before she had slept.
“Resting… and now leaving.” With that she leapt above his head and landed upon the ground a bit gracefully. She wasn’t feeling a hundred percent… the cut in her leg was healing slightly but it was still trickling a bit of blood. It was healing though… and soon it would be complete. Proticia quickly left the club and entered the streets of the city again. She perhaps had only been out for an hour or so.
Walking down the streets, her sword still in its sheath of her back, Proticia glanced about the alleyways. She hadn’t understood why the zombies or undead had attacked her, and she didn’t know why they had called her name and the name of some one else. It didn’t make sense… no one was supposed to know of her- not even the ArchAngels knew she had escaped hell. Sighing, she continued to walk down the street…

12th May 2006, 03:52 PM
Just FYI, Zarah doesn't have wings, but it's OK.


An ally?! With a demon? I might not be anyone to speak so loftily, but I had standards that had kept me alive through the millennia. Dealing with pure demons was one of them. I knew more about my people's dark beginnings than I cared to, but it didn't stop me from drawing the line somewhere.

"Do what you will, Sorcha, I have things to attend to... There are too many things that aren't right with this situation, and I must learn more about those whom we deal with. Take this," I handed her a stone pendant filled with swirling white mist. "Use this if you need me. You will know how to use it. Until next we meet."

I landed, giving the demon a disgusted glare, turned on my heel and disappeared into the darkness. Amzer, Melanthe, Sorcha's son.... too many pieces, not enough connections. Goddess help us all...


"Legion... I..." Frankly, I was at a loss for words. What the hell do you do when someone you've spent time fighting on and off for a couple centuries asks to join the club, as it were. I looked at Malik, but he appeared just as baffled as myself. I shook my head habitually, trying to 'shake off' the distracting thoughts bouncing about in my mind. "Since no one else seems to have anything to say about it, I don't see why not. I have the feeling that we're going to need as many allies as possible... This is unlike anything I've seen before."

Malik glanced at me in surprise, but didn't say anything. He knew the game as well as I did; give nothing that would be an advantage to others. We didn't know what Legion's aim was at playing this game, and until we knew, we would have to assume the worst.

Could the worst that he could do be worse than the danger that we're facing now? Somehow, I didn't think so... and that was not a pleasant thought at all. I had so many unanswered questions, and no one seemed to have the answers, or not enough of the answers to make it worth the risk of telling. Whatever we were going up against, it was bad... very, very bad. Not even Satan gave me that feeling, and I'd met the fucker before. This was... personal, somehow. What, who, was the first-blood? This was the vital question... I don't know how I knew, but I had that feeling...

"Let's get out of here, now," I said, quietly, the need to forget the past twenty years of my life growing until it was almost unbearable.

15th May 2006, 03:44 PM
Aaaagh, double-posties, but ya know what? It's my damn RPG, and I have nothing to reply to! Total brain rot going on over here.... God forbid I actually do something school related at school.


I drummed my fingers along the smooth obsidian surface of the table before me. There was only weak light, and shadows played along the walls of the cavern as I awaited the appropriate signal to return to action. I sighed to myself; sitting around doing nothing for a few hours should seem as nothing, not after doing it for millenia, but still... I was eager to see my aims become reality. Ahhh... I had waited long enough for it, hadn't I? A little more waiting would be nothing... the world had forgotten us. That's what we were, the Forgotten. Once we had our revenge, we would never be forgotten again... assuming there was anyone left to do the forgetting. I laughed darkly to myself. Justice is sweet, revenge sweeter.

I cared not for the humans... disgusting creatures. They smelled bad, for one, and were just unsavory all around. It took forever to remove the stench of human after the encounter with Mateo... And God had created them in His own image. He created us as well, but we had the perfections that humans lacked. I sneered at the thought of His choosing humans over us... I could remember that day like it was yesterday... Mother of Man, indeed.

"Mephistopheles has him for now. No matter, any way that he is mislead and kept from the truth will suffice. You will return to him, keep him under heel, keep him out of the way. We will deal with isolating his mother later... We need to disillusion her of Zarahlinda. Go, now."

I bowed to the darkness, my stomach all ready beginning to churn at the thought of returning to the human world. Soon... soon... I thought to myself. Soon I would be free to purify the Earth and return it to its original destiny, the destiny before the Age of Man. The destiny before our exile, before we were forgotten. We would show the mortal plane how very dangerous it is to let vital events pass from memory...

It had all ready begun. The silly boy Mateo was so easily corrupted through his own pig-headedness and lax morals, it was almost boring. He wasn't even that good... though he thought he was. No, someone decended from human stock could never touch the extent of pleasure that my people knew. Now I had to return and sleep with him, repeatedly... Whatever was neccessary, though.

I transported to the moral plane, homing in on the lifeforce of little Mateo. Now that I had him under my power, it was simple... he would never be able to escape me. Perhaps, if he was a good little boy, I would let him live as my slave, serving on hands and knees... in more than one way. I laughed, picturing the self-important Son of the Storm as my personal sex slave, forced to do whatever I wished. Fucking him was neccessary, because the more I did it, the more power I had over him... soon, if it hadn't started all ready, he would begin to crave even the simplist touch from me... I was more addictive than any drug one hundred fold. He would mutilate himself just to be allowed to kiss my feet... much less any other part of my body. Mateo was mine; now I would claim that which belonged to me.

I materialized in the bedroom of Mateo's new establishment, and looked down disdainfully at the sleeping form of my slave. I knew better than to screw this one up... the burnt, blistering flesh on my back was a reminder of what would happen if I overreacted and opened my big mouth again. Fuck the boy, but reveal nothing.... That I could do.

I stripped my clothing off and let it drop to the floor in a pool around my feet. Without sound, I slunk towards the bed, every bit the lustful creature I was. Slowly, so very slowly, I lifted my leg up over the edge of the bed and lowered myself to straddle Mateo's body, only a blanket between our naked flesh. His eyes fluttered open and he looked at me, surprise and not a little bit of fear passing over his face as he realized who I was.

"Mateo... I am sorry about earlier... but I had to do it. I had to show you who your mother really was... I only want for you to be you, for you to be happy..." I whispered, gently touching a finger to his lips to silence him. "How can I ever earn your forgiveness?"

15th May 2006, 06:15 PM
OOC: Potentially mature post here so be warned.


I awoke slowly, my eye flickering violently as they tried to dispel the fog of sleep from my eyes. For the briefest of moments I felt as if I was waking into a dream. I saw Mel before me, as vibrant and sexy as I had last seen her, her naked form hovering dangerously close to my own. before I could even begin to tell the fantasy from the reality, she spoke to me. "Mateo... I am sorry about earlier... but I had to do it. I had to show you who your mother really was... I only want for you to be you, for you to be happy..." Her finger stroked my lips softly and I felt the pulse quicken. My lower body began to burn with anticipation. I couldn't understand it. "How can I ever earn your forgiveness?"

"I..." There were a million and one things I could have said to her right then but none of them seem important. I kept trying to convince myself that this was wrong, that she couldn't be trusted. She had put my mother's life at risk but for what purpose? She couldn't really mean what she had said. Mel couldn't care about me. Nobody cared about me...I was the screwed up bast*rd of a son that no one wanted or gave a damn about anymore. And yet...I didn't know what it was but I just couldn't help myself. I wanted her. I wanted her right then, as many times as I could. I didn't care about what had happened last night, about how exhausted I was, I just wanted to get in there. "There is...one thing you could do I guess," I replied finally, a twisted smirk crossing my lips.

Mel nodded. Leaning forward she pressed her lips strongly against my own as her hips lowered onto mine. It was a different sensation from the night before. I had forgotten what it was like to be on the receiving end of this ritualistic meeting of two bodies. I lifted my hands to her sides, feeling her body slip through my fingers as it moved against my own. With every meeting of our tongues I felt something stir within me. Every moment that passed seem to intensify my longing. I wanted more than I was getting. Every time it seemed we were nearing an end I would push her for more. It was like an irritating inch I couldn't quite get to.

She ended it eventually. It was, after all, inevitable, and despite how exhausted and worn I felt I was still willing to go that little bit further. What was it that made me feel so far outside my own control? As the moments of silence passed my feelings gradually subsided until it was nothing more than an irritable voice at the back of my mind. I stared up at Mel, seemingly unfazed from our rigorous exercise and straddling me just above my waistline. She smiled at me, a somewhat twisted expression that I couldn't quite read. I closed my eyes briefly, feeling the warmth of her lips against the bare skin of my neck. I sighed deeply, inhaling her scent.

"Mateo...am I forgiven?"

How could I possibly refuse her? I opened my eyes to her and nodded. "Of course. There's nothing to really forgive anyway."

15th May 2006, 09:02 PM


Helve walked briskfully in the moonlight, tasting the air as she had never tasted it before. She was free from the torturous personalities of herself- being bound into one being. She was free from Satan's curse... and while she had lost to Mateo, she had not cared for giving sexual pleasure was nothing more than an act. Helve had never felt love or any feeling of lust for anyone... and while she was advanced with such sexual activities for teh pure fact alone that she had every essense of every being within her, she never fully gave herself. How could she when there was no drive? No passion?

No... now Helve was unbound.

Still, Helve did have the constant whispering thoughts echoing in her mind from the world itself. Strangely, she could hear the dangerous tongues of satan and evil running higher than it had before. Things were brewing... horrible horrible things were amuck and Helve knew that she couldn't possibley be the only one who sensed it. Her own body was turning... she could feel a need for wanting to turn to the evil side. Purely because there was more yang than yin... and she always had a tendancy to sway to the dominant side.
If I do that, the forces will be very uneven... even more so than now... Helve thought, and she sighed- focusing to keep a grip upon herself. She wanted to stay neutral...she had to.

Walking along the street, Helve stopped suddenly as her eyes opened. Evil. She still had a lingering essense of Mateo surrounding her- being around anyone kept their essense and her awareness of them for a while. She could sense a great evil... an evil unleashed upon Mateo. However... the evil's essense was different from a typical evil. It wasn't some thing blatantly strong or harsh... it was seductive- almost intoxicating. It was alluring... driving Helve to almost want to join in with Mateo in seeing such a wonderous evil.
Wonderous evil? Dear Helve... get a hold of you-

Before Helve could respond, suddenly a whirring sound and motion came from behind her. Sensing it almost immediately, Helve whirled around to see a demonical figure.
Ahah... greetings dearest Helve, we meet again.
It was him... it was B, one of the seven hands of satan yet AGAIN paying her a visit.
Be gone... I am free from the curse of Satan and want nothing to do with you or your six bretheren.
He gave a grin, spreading his demonical wings slightly as he bent down ever so graciously, his long flowing black hair draping over his face as a crooked grin grew upon him. He had maddening eyes of red... and skin so pale any normal human would believe it to be white paint covering his body. He had many forms... but this was his most common- an almost formal look for him.
I just wanted to see if you will be partaking in the upcoming events. He said lightly, his eyes washing over with an intoxicating glow of fasination. He was up to something... Helve could sense it.
Leave. Be gone and never return to me. Helve said firmer, clenching her hand at her side as she prepared to summon her sword if she needed. Then he smiled...
If you don't want to join.... that is fine. Lucifer only wanted me to send you a gift... a reminder, if you will.
With that, his hand came out from beneath his billowing cloak to reveal a small human child. Her hair was as white as snow and her entire face was pale and wrought with fright. Her eyes were bitten with blue as she struggled within his grasp, but she was slowly dying. B's grip was upon the child's neck and squeezing ever so slightly. Without warning and before Helve could react, B's other hand surrounded the child's head and instantly with a sickening cracking explosion of bones- he crushed the child's head. Instantly blood spewed everywhere with the sudden force and Helve's eyes widened as she saw blood rain from the sky. Blood covered her face and her body- staining the billowing white robe that surrounded her tender flesh. Bloody snow... bloody rain...

Blood. Blood. Blood... The same word kept repeating in Helve's mind as she spoke it quietly, feeling suddenly a huge awakening arise from within her. She gave out a scream as she raised her hands to her head, closing her eyes as she felt darkness erupt from deep within her soul.
Too much evil... too much darkness... I cannot hold out any... longer...
With that, suddenly a crackle from the earth erupted into the air as a gust of wind surrounded Helve's body. Slowly she changed shape... losing her female self (which resided in the calm states) and her body transformed to a more mascular figure. She... was now... a he.

His hair was long and ribbon-like straight, being pitch black in color only to mirror the striking wolf-slitted eyes of grin that seemed to glow like orbs. He was defined and muscular, exposing himself as graceful and strong alike... his skin being pale but yet also holding a dark-aura like quality to it. His clothing had changed, for he adorned a tight grey shirt and black skin-tight pants, all equipped with a billowing half rob of greyish white and blue. About his hands were thick black gaunlet-like gloves, and around his neck was a twisted cross- proving his dark alliegance to all without fear. A giant dark sword was slung about the back of his waist, and he had an air of a deadly unbalanced nature. Twisted tattoos were upon his shoulders and forearms, symbolising many things in the dark languages of old. His face alone held the ideals of darkness... being cold and yet holding that dark allure which all men of dangerous attitudes seem to hold. His was only amplified like no other.

This was not Helve anymore... but Veanic- the rarely seen Chaotic-natured Evil side of Helve. The last time he had been seen... was during the rise of hell thousands of years ago.
[ See the attachment for his appearance. He looks like that but with the tattoos, striking green eyes and blacker hair. Plus he just looks a hell of a lot tougher and dangerous... having that "wild-eyed" look... but still sexy bishie like. ^_^ ]

B's- one of the seven satans- smiled as he seemed to bow out and duck back into the darkness.
I give you help Mel... for Lucifer had commanded it... besides... with Veanic awakened, things will be far more interesting...
Veanic glanced at B, who merely gave another bow.
If you are looking for some thing to do... I highly suggest you concentrate on the young Mateo...

Veanic narrowed his eyes, glancing about in a world that seemed almost too peaceful for him. Licking his lips absently, he walked around with natural grace but yet it seemed as if his figure demanded power. Narrowing his eyes... he closed his eyes for a moment, concentrating as B had suggested. It wasn't hard... Veanic some how 'knew' of this Mateo. Glaring slightly, he frowned...
"What has my other counter part done all these years? Boring and niave as usual... typical pathetic Helve... "
Veanic practically spat, glaring as he continued to walk down the streets and inspect this 'new world'. Unlike Helve's typical personalities, Veanic gained total control of Helve' s mind and body- a part that made him so dangerous. All of Helve's memories flooded into Veanic... and soon he gained knowledge of the history and ideas of this new 'modern earth'. Smirking, he soon realized that it would be too easy for Hell to take over... at least, he believed it to be that way. Earth was weak now and humans seemed to have long forgotten the ancient powers...

"Helve shall sleep for a long time..." Veanic muttered with a laugh, realizing that he had pin-pointed Mateo. It was then that suddenly Veanic realized why he had been called upon to concentrate upon him- there was another evil there. Pondering as to why B would appoint him to join with the other evil... Veanic gave a shrug. It didn't matter to him... as long as he was serving his nature of darkness. Besides, he wanted a look at this "Mateo" he had gained knowledge of and he also wanted to see this evil- he recognized her tantalizing aura.


In a matter of a pure moment, Veanic appeared before the seen. There she was... naked in all her glory, sitting near the one known as "Mateo" who was also naked. They had probably just finished a round of pleasure, which while sex was appealing to Veanic- it didn't drive him solely. He instantly recognized the evil - Melanthe. He had known her... like he had known all evils back from elder years, and of course anyone Helve knew... he knew soon as well. (And Helve seemed to know everyone these days...) Her body was just as alluring as ever... but she was designed that way- most of her kind was designed that way.... but she was special. There was a reason greater evils sent her to do the jobs she did. Still, the naked body wasn't anything Veanic wasn't acustomed to... so it was natural that he showed little if any emotion at the scene. He didn't show much emotion under normal circumstances. He always simply had the look of the untamed mysterious wild...
Mateo, well... he was unimpresive to Veanic- simply for the fact that he thought a child of Sorcha and some ancient should have looked more fierce... but like most of this new world, Veanic found everything to be a bit simple.

"I would appologize for the interuption... but it seems you two are too busy for that. You can merely continue and I'll watch." Veanic said with a smirk, leaning against once the walls as he saw a flash of anger rush through Mateo's eyes for a moment. The anger was calmed however when Mel simply brushed her hand against Mateo's ears, and already Veanic new her bewitchment was in motion. He smirked slightly... gazing at Melanthe.
Some times I swear you would make a wonderful female version of Lucifer... He said to her softly (via mind of course, to prevent Mateo from ever hearing such things.)

[ Sorry if I'm intruding, you can say you had sex more or what not... just need/want character interactment and Helve was bound to turn into Veanic at one point or another over the course of the two RPGs! lol ]

16th May 2006, 01:47 PM
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This is definately a mature post, bwahahaha...

So... other forces were at work here. Someone had felt it necessary to reawaken Veanic. I wondered if this was to help or hinder me...

Lucifer was rejected before I was, and by fault of his own, I shot back at Veanic. I never made a choice, I merely fell victim to others’ mistakes. Do not speak to me of him, I owe him no allegiance.

Veanic certainly was something else. Personally, I didn’t know much about him, but he was tantalizing… Oh yes, very much so. A creature actually worthy of my attention, though he never really responded to anything. That was his one flaw, if anything; he just didn’t respond. He’d make a good lawyer with a personality like that… But that body… That body superceded anything else about him.

I smiled sweetly, a cruel twinkle in my eye. "You always were one to watch, Veanic, and not participate... You're so distant, dark crusader, so cold, if only you would give me the chance to... warm you." I then let the enchantment on Mateo drop, and simultaneously ground my hips against his. All thought of anything else was driven from his mind, and I roughly slid myself over him, tearing a gasp from his lips. He moved his hands towards my waist, wanting to feel my body move as he had earlier when I had been gentle, but I wasn't in the mood. I grabbed his wrists and pinned him to the bed, continuing the ferocity of my pace, nearly pounding him into the mattress. He cried out, struggling slightly from instinct, but showing no signs of truly wanting to get away. My eyes glowed with a dark purple light and my power ran through my body into his, crackling in the air like dark electricity. I moved faster, with more strength, pouring my power into Mateo.

I felt, within his soul, the responce to that power, the desire and darkness intertwining, feeding off of each other, growing more powerful. Then, as if a spark in his soul egnited the taint, it flared to life and I saw it in his eyes. Mateo threw me off of him, pinning me to the bed this time, and resumed the pace I had set with all of his strength and size amplifying it. It was my turn to cry out with pleasure, delicious pain flooding my body. It had been too long... much too long since I'd had anything near this good. Maybe there was hope for Mateo yet... He had room to grow and learn, but there would be time for that later. I rose up to meet his every thrust, doubling the amount of force that passed between our two bodies. Mateo was lost, completely caught in the moment, and Veanic stood by, watching....

16th May 2006, 06:32 PM
Gah! Spent so much time on this post then stupid AOL decides to restrt itself. GAH! Worst ISP ever! Urgh...anyway, this post is supposed to have mature content but if it doesn't then...well it doesn't. Figure I should just warn you guys anyway.


I lost myself completely in the vigorous grinding of our bodies. I almost felt as if it wasn't me. I had my approach to sex, an approach that had always worked. It had rules and boundaries but this...this was limitless. I was aware of everything between us. I could sense the tension in her wrists every time I thrusted into her and I could almost hear the violent pounding of her heart. It was as if the world around us had faded into a shadowed nothingness of itself. I could still sense the presence of the intruder, though it was little more than a nagging existence in the back of mind. My attention was drawn fully to the naked fox pinned between my thighs and every time my mind would try to wonder or focus on something outside of our erotic ritual, it would be dragged forcefully back to her excrutiating moans.

I couldn't comprehend what was happening to me. The intensity of of our meeting seemed to have awoken a sleeping being within me. In one action, Mel had drawn together conflicting aspects of the darker regions of my soul: my desire to please her, the deeper regions of my lustful nature, my eagerness to prove myself to her completely, to define myself as the sexual being that I was. What Mel had said to our intruder, it lingered like a secret layer in my mind. A deep part of me was afraid that she'd grow tired of my mortal talents and seek fulfillment elsewhere. With him. I couldn't allow that and so I allowed myself to become engrossed in the grinding of our two bodies.

Our intense connection passed in time measured only in groans. From a place unknown to me, I somehow found the strength to follow her hasty beginning with the raw intensity that she desired. I loved it. The pure rush of emotion that came from our lawless game. The tensing of her muscles beneath me as we moved in perfect time with one another, the heat of our grinding flesh, all of it seemed to find relief in the eruption of our excitment. I could hardly contain myself. At last I had found a way to fulfil her dark desires, to please her twisted fantasies.

I heard her moan one last time before feeling my strength escape me. The raging beast that revealed itself at last retreated, leaving the broken shell of my body behind. My head slipped into her breasts as my shaking body lay panting above hers, my strength forced into my hands and knees to keep my body from collapsing into hers. I panted like a tired dog whilst her breaths were heavy yet paced. Despite creating similar reactions from us both, the experience seemed to have drained her the least.

She held my face in her hands, stroking my skin with her fingertips. I didn't even have the energy to look her in the eyes. She whsipered to me soothingly as I felt my body relax beyond a point I thought it was impossible to reach. "Good boy Mateo...good boy..."

16th May 2006, 09:21 PM


Veanic watched in the shadows of the room, his piercing green eyes unwavering and his body unmoving. It was quite a show at that... and it caused him to smirk as he heard both of their moans. Surprisingly the one known as Mateo had some spunk in him- some primal inner furry as he completely seemed to devour Mel- as if she was his very breath. This was highly amusing to Veanic... because he was becoming nothing more than a pet- he seemed to becoming the animal that Mel wanted him to be. Although, Veanic also noted that it seemed Mel was enjoying herself...

Of course, Veanic had narrowed his eyes as he felt a slight twinge of anticipation. Perhaps it was the fact that violence and lust were common neighbors, but he had an itch... an inner craving for either one or the other. Blood... Veanic wanted blood. Narrowing his eyes with a slight inner rage, a flash of red seemed to enter his vision as he resettled himself. No... there would be a reason that B paired Veanic up with Mel. Perhaps it was to hinder her- although usually B didn't do his deeds to hinder, but rather to add interesting twists that eventually would favor the darkened ways. Besides, Veanic had found a liking for Mel for the pure fact that her ... well, some thing about her seemed to mirror his hunger for destruction and darkness. Of course, while Veanic knew Melanthe, he didn't know her completely. No one knew anyone completely, let alone those of the dark for they hid within mirrors.

"Good boy Mateo... good boy..." Those words snipped at Veanic's ears as he whirled his head about to see they had finished their frenzied act of lust. Veanic stared intently at Mateo's eyes- they seemed lost in her touch... he had melted into nothing but an animal for her it seemed. Still leaning against the walls, Veanic wondered what the purpose of this all was. According to Helve's memories, Mateo was the son of Sorcha and Marduk... so what good was he? Sure he held powers perhaps, but he didn't seem to be as strong as others she could have gone for.
Damn... if only I had Helve's senses... or even Lvea's... Veanic thought bitterly, but his frown turned into a slight grin. Perhaps he didn't have their ethereal senses of the beyond, but he made up for it in strength and power now.
"So... does the exotic Mel wish to sex the day away, or does she have other plans?" Veanic said lightly, his voice smooth yet holding a powerful demand within it. He stood up slightly although his body was still in a lax position. While the sexual display was nice, he prefurred to be in action than to stay upon the sidelines... well, when the time called for it. He indeed was like the dangerous sea... holding many sways..

18th May 2006, 05:39 PM

I laughed softly. "The exotic Mel does wish to sex the day away, but she does have other plans." I looked at Veanic. "You should know, wishes aren't always the only objective."

I closed my eyes slowly. So much to do... but it wasn't time yet. It was time to feed, though... My physical hunger was nagging at me, and I hadn't fed in awhile. Blood... I needed blood... But it was light out. Too late to hunt... I either had to tough it out or find a willing donor. Both options weren't too high on my list.

"I need blood..." I whispered to no one in particular, though I felt Veanic's intrigue. "I must sleep, I suppose... at dusk I will feed." A wicked smile crept across my lips as I slipped into diurnal hibernation.

Sorry it's short, but I want to head home soon...

18th May 2006, 06:02 PM

As Mel drifted to sleep beside me, my thoughts slowly webbed their way back into my conscious. It was as if a thick fog was clearing from my mind, allowing me to reawaken my senses. It was the first time I was able to fully consider my intruder since his arrival, and he was certainly the type of intruder that shouldn't be overlooked.

"You're...Veanic?" I asked, remembering that Mel had addressed him with such a name during a break in our...activities.

He nodded slowly but said nothing.

"You're Helve's chaotic form aren't you?" I was just reeling off the information as it came to my mind.

He nodded again. "That is true, son of Sorcha."

I grimaced in disgust. "Don't speak of such things to me. She is no mother of mine," I growled angrily.

"One who rejects his past will never be able to fully accept his future." I hated that kind of bullsh*t and told Veanic so. He smirked lightly. "That's your decision."

I nodded at him and quickly dressed myself. As I did so, I spied the heavy blade attached to his waist. I grinned in approval. It seemed to me as if Helve had - in a way - accepted my earlier offer. Perhaps this time it would be more of challenge. "I sense Veanic, that you possess great strength and understand in the fine art of combat. I would ask if you would show me some of what it is that you know."

He cocked his head. "You wish to fight me?" His tone was calm, yet he seemed somewhat surprised at my request.

"Yes I do," I replied with a nod. "Surely you wouldn't refuse a challenge. Even Helve didn't refuse me, but then," a twisted smirk crossed my lips, "I didn't leave her much choice." I summoned my blade to my hand. "How about it Veanic? Fancy a little one on one?"

18th May 2006, 07:02 PM

He watched as Mel went into her sleep-like mode… letting the silence settle in before his eyes wandered over to Mateo. They struck up an interesting conversation… which ended in a challenge by Mateo. The idea highly amused Veanic- the pure ignorance of Mateo was clearly defined in his voice. Standing up straighter, narrowing his eyes with a look of entertainment Veanic gave a nod then.
“Very well… shall we head some where more appropriate?” With that, Mateo gave a nod- standing up easily as Veanic took two eye-blinking steps towards Mateo and placed a strong hand on his shoulder. Mateo’s eyes widened with confusion, but before he could ask suddenly the two of them disappeared from Mateo’s room and appeared within an alleyway.
“I hope you don’t mind…” Veanic said slowly, pointing at the building they were between. “I decided to take this outside to let her mistress keep in her slumber.” With that, Veanic leapt backwards slightly to create a bit of distance between them. Nodding to Mateo, he watched as the young man drew his sword and got into a fighting stance. Eyeing the stance, he could tell that he hadn’t any formal training… nothing formal by Veanic’s standards anyways.
Time to test the strength of the son of Sorcha… Veanic thought with a grin, moving his right hand by the sword and swiftly unsheathing it with one fluid motion. He got into his own stance, poising the sword slightly above his head as he easily grasped it with one hand as if it were designed to be lightly wielded. They stood at a pause for a moment… which caused Veanic to chuckle.
“Well come on then… if you believe this to be a fair fight, come at me.”
“Oh… I don’t believe this to be a fair fight. I’m going to win.” Mateo said with an edge of cockiness. “I beat you last time, didn’t I?”
After a few silenced seconds, Veanic’s face transformed from that of amusement to that of pure delight. He laughed lightly- giving Mateo a look of pure belittlement.
“Oh dear… you are one to think that Helve and I are the same? With that attitude, there is no chance you can beat you. From what I can recall from her memories… let’s hope your fighting skills are far better than what you were in bed.”
That was enough to trigger Mateo’s rage as he glared and suddenly charged straight at Veanic.
The two exchanged blows for a time, but Mateo could tell by the way Veanic wielded his sword that he was toying with Mateo. Veanic only used on hand with his great blade and he merely was on the defense- blocking Mateo’s blows one for one. Occasionally Veanic would use the strength of his legs to flip himself over Mateo and behind him, merely to simply test the reaction time of Mateo’s behavior. It almost seemed as if Veanic wasn’t really fighting Mateo… but testing his behavior, his persona.
“Come on! Fight me!” Mateo gave a cry, still a bit angered from Veanic’s earlier comment. Veanic shrugged and then gave a nod. His expression went from amusement to it’s standard expressionless state as he prepared to give Mateo a lesson he wouldn’t forget. Mateo got into his own stance, but with in a blink of an eye Veanic seemed to be right before him. An onslaught of swift and precise blows came from the air, causing Mateo to stagger backwards and he struggled to block the strikes. With every swift movement of the blade Veanic clashed down upon Mateo and the blows were so strong that Mateo’s grip was beginning to slip.
“I knew from the moment I saw your stance that you were no match for me…” Veanic said softly, and Mateo swiftly swung is blade in a horizontal slice towards Veanic’s side. Veanic however leapt into the air and landed behind Mateo with such speed that he sent the end handle of his large sword into the middle of Mateo’s back. Mateo gave a grunt as he was sent sprawling to the ground and swiftly Veanic appeared at his side, foot on top of Mateo’s chest. Mateo looked for his sword but the tip of Veanic’s blade had it pressed tightly to the ground and Mateo could no longer move beneath the crushing power of Veanic’s leg.
“You see Mateo… you shouldn’t go into every fight blinded. You’re lucky you have inherited some strength, for you have no true skill.” With that, Veanic released Mateo and slide his sword back into his sheath. Before Mateo could make another move he swiftly touched Mateo once again upon the shoulder and they were back in the room where Mel was slumbering.

Mateo was winded slightly as he seemed to move back towards the bed and use it as a resting place. Veanic gazed at the two and then withdrew a breath as he looked away for a moment, contemplating his next move.
“I will be back in a few moments…” he said softly, and with that he disappeared.

Swiftly walking through the city, Veanic’s eyes darted about as the sun was filling the sky with light. Of course… day… night… it didn’t matter to Veanic. He would do as he pleased regardless of what restrictions time pretended to play upon him. Walking about, finally Veanic saw a suitable candidate for what he was about to do. A couple was walking along the street- perhaps looking for a place for an early breakfast. The man was… ‘alright looking’ by Veanic’s standards, but by any human he probably was a bombshell. The woman seemed to adore him, which only caused Veanic to ideally place the man at the top of his list.
Without warning, Veanic appeared in front of the two- obviously in a confrontational stance. The two stopped and stared at him, the male taking a step ahead of his girlfriend as if to protect her. (Veanic was intimidating… especially with a nice, big sword!)
“What do you want?” The man harshly said, angered by the fact that Veanic was interfering with their day. Veanic swiftly seized the man by the wrist, threatening to break the bones within it as he pulled the man close to his face.
“You.” That statement alone was enough to make the man panic as he fought to get out of the grip, but Veanic laughed as he held the man fast. Looking to the female he heard her scream and call for help, which only annoyed him.
“Silence…” Veanic whispered, drawing his sword with his left hand and twisting about. He dragged the man with his movement as he cleanly sliced the girl’s head off with his other arm, causing blood to spew like a fountain and her body to collapse in a dead heap. The man screamed as well, tears welling up in his eyes as he began to beg for his life. With a sigh, Veanic shook his head. He wish he could kill the man as well… the scent and admiration for blood filling Veanic with temptation. However, he knew that she wanted her blood from the living.

Veanic soon reappeared in the room where Mel and Mateo were, this time with a man in his grip. The male he held was blonde with olive green eyes and a nice firm build. He was tall but not lanky and had some stature to him, but Veanic would have commented that the man had no figurative ‘back bone’. Throwing the man against the farthest wall, the man went into unconsciousness and crumpled over.
“That’ll be her feast when she awakens.” Veanic commented, looking at Mateo who was a little bit confused. I normally don’t give gifts… Veanic thought to himself, crossing his arms and leaning against the wall again.

26th May 2006, 11:19 AM

We passed the night like old times, Malik and I bar hopping with Legion in tow. I wondered what he thought of it all, the drinking, arguments, and just generally strange behavior. All good things must come to an end, however, and morning always follows the night. I stashed myself away in a darkened room at Malik's place for the day.

Night fell, and I awoke, drawing my first breath since dawn. I joined Malik and Legion.

"There have been strange activities going on in the city, and I haven't had a chance to look into them. Unless you two gentlemen have a better idea or previous commitment, I say that we walk the streets and see what we can find... or what finds us."

There, that should be enough to get some ideas going. Have fun, boys.


The dusty old tomes were worn from centuries of use. From the looks of it, they probably needed to be transcribed again. It was the task of the Water Guardian this time around, since the spidery handwriting on the page appeared to be that of the Earth Guardian. I hadn't been the one to rewrite the books for several hundred years... but it would be my time again in another five hundred or so. Household chores for the Guardians weren't exactly commonplace, I supposed.

"And in time, those who were Forgotten shall return to reclaim that which they feel is rightly theirs, though they were stripped of that Right by the Almighty Himself after their Creation. The Guardians of Earth shall turn to their Watcher, though she does not know herself, and it shall be the Task of the Watcher's Son to bring Them to Unification. Only through the Son can all be Saved; without, they are doomed to the supplication of the Forgotten." I read aloud, my voice echoing gently through the empty chamber. "Goddess save us..."

26th May 2006, 12:04 PM

I sat at the bar with an empty glass in front of me. The bartender was busy so was I; watching my two new, well, I hesitate to use the word 'friends', or even 'allies'...well, whatever I considered them to be, it was the first time I had sincerely put up with behaviour of this sort without either leaving or cutting people up with my sword. They were arguing, very loudly and very violently, enough to scare most of the patrons off and enough to make the bartender cautious enough to stay round back, but then it turned into friendly banter and laughing. I decided to ignore them. I yelled,
He scurried round the front and I asked for the bottle of rum. He insisted that it could only be served in measurements. I scowled.
"Okay, if I make those two shut up, will you give me the bottle?"
He pondered this and asked me if I'd shut them up anyway. I turned to them.
"Are you always this loud?" I growled. Sorcha turned around.
"Are you always this moody?"
I assumed this was a rhetorical question but I decided to answer it anyway.
"I'm a fucking demon. I've spent millennia in the firey pit; excuse me for being slightly tetchy."
Malik and Sorcha turned to each other then burst out laughing. I could feel my heart-beat in my eyelid.
"I'm going to go spash the boots."
I walked into the bathroom, went into one of the stalls and threw a fireball of rage down one of the toilets. It exploded with a flood of water. Drying myself with my fire power, I walked out and went to the bartender,
"The John won't flush."
He looked down and saw a flood of water. Yelling, he grabbed a mop and ran inside, giving me a chance to swipe the bottle. Normally I'd just kill the guy, but I suspect my allies would not be too happy about that. I downed it in one, then belched a firey jet, then slammed the bottle down, smashing it into pieces. I took the pieces in my hands and melted them into a ball of flexible glass, then made it into a small dagger. I slammed the blade into the table and looked at Sorcha and Malik. They took this as a signal to move onto the next bar.

A few bars later, Sorcha pulled Malik to one side and said we needed to get inside before sunrise. I had nearly forgotten about Sorcha's weakness in the light and followed them back to Malik's place. As Sorcha found a darkened room, Malik got out a couple of beers and handed me one. We pulled up a table and he produced a pack of cards.
"You gamble?" he asked. I smiled.
"You ought to know Hell - some of the best gamblers in the world go there."
We started playing a few rounds of Poker. I hadn't played the game in years, due to being on active duty to Satan mostly and therefore not being able to catch up on my social life. He won the first few rounds but after I figured it out it was easy, especially since my powers allowed me to tell whether he was bluffing or not. He finally figured me out and stood up.
"You're using your damned mind-reading ability to cheat aren't you!" he yelled, slamming his hand on the table. I saw he had four aces and a king. Wait a second...I had an Ace and two pairs! The damned cheat!
"This pack is rigged! You trying to cheat me?!"
He raised his fists and I raised a flaming fist. We stared each other down for a few seconds, then sat back down and started laughing. We stopped playing and started talking, mainly about how our paths have led us both here.

I lifted up my bottle and downed it, then said to him,
"You know, had you not betrayed Satan, you'd be my enemy right now; likewise you would've been my boss back when I was Satan's slave."
He smiled.
"Lucky for you I did betray Dad then, since I'm one guy you don't want as an enemy...or a boss."

Eventually Sorcha awoke and we were waiting for her. She suggested we made for the streets.
"Good idea - hopefully we'll run into more zombies, I'm spoiling for a fight."

26th May 2006, 06:40 PM
The three of them wandered aimlessly through the streets. So far, no luck. No zombies are evil vampires popping up to take a crack at them. It was a bit of a shame. Malik wanted to test out the rest of the skills he learnt during his stay in Hell. But something else was bothering him.

Malik ducked and delt a horizontal blow o the zombie, cleaving it in two. He spun around, dispatching two of them at once before dealing a hard to kick to the head of another, successfully decapitating it. A zombie ad managed to get behind him and was about to attack. That's when Malik heard it.



Malik rammed his swords through its head, silencing it forever.

Who is Proticia?

"Hey, Malik."

Malik was shaken from his thoughts by Legion.


"I forgot to tell you this earlier. But it seems Mephistopheles is in town."


That explains the dark presence he felt. No wonder it was so familier!

"Mephistopheles?" Sorcha asked, the nme ringing familier to her.

"A demonic equivilent to a loan shark. He gives people what they want, but in exchange he charges them a high price."

"You mean their...?"

Malik nodded before turning back to Legion.

"You know why he's here?"

"I dunno," he shrugged, "but I feel sorry for the poor sucker Mephisto's go his eyes on."

30th May 2006, 01:02 PM

Soundtrack; feel free to PM me with themes for characters that you'd like to add. I couldn't remember what people had picked, sorry...

6th June 2006, 07:02 PM

I raised an eyebrow seeing Veanic return with an evening meal for Mel. I regarded the unconscious mortal briefly before turning my attention back to the tainted form of Helve. "You didn't strike me as the type to give gifts."

He merely shrugged and remained silent.

I returned the motion and lay back on my bed exhausted. Beside me Mel was in complete hibernation, shut off from the world until dusk called her from her slumber. I figured I might as well get some sleep. Veanic could do what he wanted, assuming he didn't wreck the place of course. I'd have to be up in a few hours anyway to sort everything out for the opening evening.

"Look I'm gonna crash for a bit. Do whatever you like in the meanwhile," I shrugged again. "Hell whatever, I ent your boss. See ya later Veanic." Rolling over to my side, I quickly found myself overcome by sleep.

When I awoke later that afternoon everything was more or less as I had left it. Mel was still asleep and her 'meal' was still unconscious in the corner. Veanic had disappeared, though I doubted that he would have gone very far. Not that I cared of course, I had to get things prepared for tonight.

I got changed and headed downstairs to begin setting up the bar. Staff gradually began wander in. The barmen and the bouncers first so they could get their briefings, the techies, the cleaners, and eventually the girls themselves who were in need of their costumes. Veanic made a sudden appearance shortly before opening.

“She’ll be awake soon,” his tone was as calm and collected as usual.

I nodded, listening to the bustle of customers waiting outside. “I have to keep an eye on things. She’ll be able to find me if she needs me.”

Veanic nodded and I left him, heading upstairs whilst signalling for everything to begin and the awaiting guests to be let in. I didn’t go to the room, just to the balcony by the office so I could keep an eye on things, make sure nothing unexpected happened. As the tables below began to fill with drooling men, their pockets bursting with cash. I leant on the barrier, watching the dances being carried out on stage. Somehow I didn’t find it as appealing as I would have done a few days ago. Though I have to admit, it was still rather exciting.

I felt a finger creep across the back of my neck. “So this where you’re hiding.”

I smirked, not turning to the woman beside me. “Feast well?”

“He wasn’t bad. You’re doing?”

“Veanic’s actually. Apparently he was in a giving mood.”

She leant over the barrier, possibly looking for him. “I’ll have to thank him later.”

I mumbled disapprovingly under my breath. It caught her attention enough to cause her to look at me, revealing a spot of blood still stuck on the corner of her mouth. I scraped it off with my thumb before sucking the crimson liquid off my skin. “Sloppy eater,” I said jokingly. I turned back to the organised chaos below. “I can just picture my mom showing up here. That’d be just perfect of my luck.”

6th June 2006, 07:38 PM

I slowly felt my spirit, if you'd call it that, sink back into my body and I took my first breath. The smell of fear met me, and I smiled, opening my eyes slowly. A human male was cowered in the corner, trying to be smaller and more insignificant than he all ready was. I rose from the bed in a fluid movement, the sheet falling from my still naked body into a heap on the floor. I smilied gently at the man.

"What's wrong, dear? You look absolutely terrified..." I whispered, sounding sympathetic, laughing inside at the hope that ignited in his eyes. I knelt next to him, inhaling deeply to take in the scent of his body responding to mine. Naughty, naughty...

"They... they said... you were going to kill me..." he whispered. I smilied gently again.

"Do I look like I'm going to kill you?" I asked, stroking a hand along the side of his face. He only looked at me with dialated eyes, drowning in emotions. I leaned in towards his ear. "Do you want me?" I whispered.

The man seemed incapable of speech, and I moved in for a deep kiss, relishing the feeling of his trembling body under my hands. I moved back lightly, kissing him along his jawline, making my way down to his throat...

And I struck. I didn't so much break the skin as tear the flesh apart, drenching the man and myself in the warm bath of his blood as I drank in the wealth of fluid that spurted forth. He tried to scream, tried to get away, but only a harsh rasp escaped his mouth as I tore in deeper, destroying the vocal chords and whatever else was in the way. He was still alive, very much so, but his body was practically dead... only the mind was still there. And the pain.

Satiated, I let the dying body drop to the floor uncerimoniously. I was a goddess of death, sex, and blood... and my reign would come soon. I used the unsoaked part of the man's shirt to wipe the excess of blood from my body before dressing.

"Enjoy yourself?" Veanic's voice asked. I turned to see him standing in a dark corner near the doorway; I hadn't even bothered to see if there was anyone in the room.

"Very much, thank you..." I replied with a smile. He nodded before disappearing into whatever dimension he used to travel. I proceeded to dress, musing at what his plan could be...

I found Mateo overlooking the proceedings of his club from the balcony near the bedroom/office. It would be very interesting if Sorcha came here... but if she does, I would have to make myself scarce for the duration. No need for her to interfere with my plans...

9th June 2006, 02:49 PM

A look of deep thought crossed Mel’s face before she spoke again. “She won’t come here, she hates you remember.”

I frowned, leaning my chin against my arm as it rested lightly on the balcony. “Yeah I remember,” I grumbled coldly.

I felt her fingers brush against the back of my ear. “That’s her problem. Someday she’s going to regret the mistake she made.”

My gaze wandered across to Mel, her slender frame leant so casually against the railing. In the dim light of the balcony, her perfect body seemed to almost radiate…something. I couldn’t decide what it was but I wanted it. I wanted her. It was so dark up here, nobody would see it. Who cares if they did?

In a flash, I grasped her waist firmly between by hands, pushing her body back against the metal supports that kept us from plummeting. I pushed my lips against her own, forcing my tongue inside so that it could wrestle with hers. I felt her body heave against mine as I carefully slid the clothes down her body, parting her legs with my own.

“Are you alright?”

I stopped, blinking at Mel before me. That was her voice but…I’d heard it. I’d heard it in my ears, not in my head, she must have said it. But how? I’d had my tongue…

“Hey, what the hell’s going on with you?”

The scene shot back at me like a rocket. I found myself leant over the railing, my head on my arm and Mel stood beside me, leaning against the balcony. I blinked at her then shook my head violently. “It’s nothing. I was just thinking.” Jeez was that some kind of dream or what? I swear that felt so real. I paused for a moment. I never have dreams like that. What the hell is going on here!?

Mel just smirked. “Well if you’re sure.”

“Yeah. Yeah I’m sure. Don’t worry about it.”

“Maybe you should ask Veanic to train you.”

“What!?” I snapped angrily. “No. I’m not gonna ask him for help. I don’t need it.”

She just shrugged. “He beat you easily enough.”

“How do you know that?”

“I just know.”

I shook my head lightly. “I don’t ask for help.”

She slid over to me, running her fingers along the back of my neck as she slipped from one side of me to the other. “Can you imagine what it would be like if Veanic trained you? Think of how strong you’d become. You’d really set yourself apart from your mother…”

I thought it over briefly. “I can’t ask him.”

“I understand. I’ll do it.”

I smirked slightly. “I guess I’ll have to owe you now.”

“I guess you will.”

9th June 2006, 06:43 PM
Mephisto snarled from his hiding place as he watched the two 'lovebirds'.

What the hell does that vampire want? I doubt she has any real feelings for him. She probably just wants him to get at his mother.

I swear, if she causes me to loose this wager, I'm going to make her suffer for all eternity!

And doesn't Mateo even remember how she held his mother hostage? He must really hate her if he's willing to forgive her for THAT.

Mephisto continued to listen in and a wolfish grin spred on his face.

So, Mateo wants someone to train him huh? Let's see if I can be of asistance.

"Why bother Veanic when I can easily train you sir," Mephisto spoke out loud as he stepped out of the shadows. Mateo and the vampire looked in his direction, Mateo with a hint of surprise and hte vampire was glaring daggers at him.

"Oh, hey Mel," Mateo said, "I was wondering where you'd gotten off to."

Mephisto smirked. No he wasn't.

"What was that you said about training me?"

The archdemon's smile widened.

"Well," Mephisto explained casually, "as an archdemon thousands of years old, I happen to be very powerful. I think I could teach you a thing or two. Plus I'm an expert in the dark arts. if that'll interest you."

Mephisto knew of Mateo's interest inthe dark arts. Hopefully that'll seal the deal.

"So, what do you say?"

9th June 2006, 07:11 PM
*poke* TYPOS!!! =-o


Mephistopholes... Ah, glad to know that you don't remember me... I mused. The last time Mephisto had seen me, I had been mortal. That was a couple thousand years ago, though, so I could forgive the memory lapse. Old age and all...

If the demon was willing to train Mateo in whatever, hell, that made things easier for me. I just needed the boy out of the way... besides, with Veanic in the picture, I had bigger fish to fry. I was willing to forgive the interruption if Mephisto was going to make my life easier.

"I think it's a wonderful idea," I butted in. "Now that I think of it... Veanic's so... tempremental. I'm sure that Mephistopheles has some... unique skills that he could bring to the table." I smiled slightly at the archdemon, a twinkle in my eye, and winked. A little flattery can go a long way, and I wanted to make sure he knew that, whatever he was up to, I wasn't here to get in his way. I might end up getting in his way, but it wasn't intentional. The fewer people who hated me, the better...

'Tempremental, am I?' Veanic's amused voice rang through my mind.

'I'm sure that you have better things to do with your time...' I let the thought hang, suggestively, but he didn't respond.

10th June 2006, 06:16 PM

"I think I'm more than capable of judging what an archdemon is capable of thankyou," I replied coldly. I looked Meph straight in the eye. He could be of use to me and I wanted to capitalise on it. "Let's talk in my office." God that sounds so professional. "I'll wanna talk to Veanic afterward, will you find him for me?"

She just shrugged. Helpful. Really.

I lead Meph into my office and shut the door. "Let's make this quick, I've got things to do." I walked over to the cabinet, pouring myself a glass of whiskey and offering Meph some. He nodded and I handed him the intoxicating liquid. "I'll be blunt. I don't want you to train me. As much as I respect whatever talents you must possess I would prefer to have Veanic teach me the ways of battle. He has so much raw power but you...you have a possession of the dark arts that's unrivalled."

"I'm not sure what you're asking me."

"I want you to teach me to use dark magic as you do. I want to have an edge over Veanic in our training, something I can turn to if I can't overpower him or if I find he's trying to hold me back."

"You know I'm more than happy to offer my services. But don't you think this is a bit risky on your behalf? Your friend made Veanic's temperment quite clear -"

"I don't remember asking her opinion on his temperment. Look, I know what I'm doing okay? Besides, I wouldn't have ever made it this far if I didn't know how to play people, now would I?"

Meph nodded, taking a sip of his drink. "Then I hope it works out for you."

I raised my glass. "As do I."

We finished our drinks and returned outside where Mel was waiting.

"Where's Veanic?"

"He's coming. What is your plan?"

I shrugged. "Figured I'd ask Veanic for a little training. Meph here's been kind enough to offer his expertise in the dark magic and having seen Veanic in action I'd love to make use of his talents." I smirked, glancing her over. "Pretty sure I can find some use for you too."

Veanic made his usual unpredictable appearance moments later.

"Ah Veanic, just the demon I wanted to see." I walked over, give him a hard part on the back. "I wonder if you wouldn't consider doing me a small favour..."

10th June 2006, 06:52 PM

He's pretty sure he can find some use for me, eh? Insufferable brat... well, there's one 'use' that he can go without for a day. Once that craving hits... maybe he'll learn some manners... Mateo was getting above his station, and by the looks in the eyes of Mephisto and Veanic, I wasn't the only one of that oppinion. Who was this child to order around more powerful beings that had lived for millenia? I was supposed to keep Mateo under my thumb; there was nothing that said he had to be happy about it.

'The child's ego is getting a little out of control, don't you think, gentlemen?' I telepathically asked Mephisto and Veanic. I didn't know what their agendas were, nor did they know mine, but I didn't think that they would stand for being belittled by a mere nineteen-year-old either.

I turned and briskly walked towards the stairs. Mateo glanced over his shoulder at me. "Where are you going?" he asked, slightly confused.

I snorted. "I'm just going to put myself away in my little box until you, ah, find some use for me," I mocked before storming off. I left the building, the night streets stretching out before me, limitless...


I shook my head. We had been walking for over an hour, and there was no sign of anything unusual. The city seemed absolutely zombie-less... I shifted my wings restlessly, anxious for something, anything...

"Oh, God damnit!" I burst out, frustrated. "There's nothing out here, but it's like... I don't know, something's waiting to happen!" Legion and Malik only looked at eachother.

Then something caught my eye... in the shadows, a little further down the street, someone was moving... not really sneaking, but almost floating, they moved with such grace. The shadows shifted, and I saw that the person was probably female... and definately armed. I nudged the men with me and motioned slightly towards the approching figure, who, after a few moments, must have seen us and stopped. We stood, motionless, looking into the shadows, trying to see if this mysterious figure would attack or not...

10th June 2006, 07:52 PM

"I'm just going to put myself away in my little box until you, ah, find some use for me," she replied with a snort before disappearing outside.

As the three of us stood in silence watching the empty space where she had been I, fought desperately with my mind. If you let her go, she won't come back tonight. She might not be back for days. What will you do with all that free time?

There are other girls...

You haven't thought about another girl since she came back.

I've been distracted.

Exactly! Isn't this what you've been waiting for? A challenge? Someone who isn't going to cream themselves before you even get started. Finally, someone you don't have to hold back on. You actaully have to work to satisfy her.

Shut up!

How long do you think you'll last without her? A couple of hours? A day? Two days? If you don't go after her, you might never see her again.

She wouldn't be the first.

If you really think you can survive this, then why can't you stop thinking about her? Face it buddy, you want her, and the logner you can't have her, the worse it's going to get.

I knew it was true. All the time, all I could think about was getting Mel into bed and what I would do once I'd succeeded. It was insane. I'd never thought about naything this way before but I couldn't shake my need to be with her sexually. Just being around her seemed to calm it but it was never satisfied and now...now I risked being faced with this never ending desire for the rest of eternity.

"Excuse me gentleman, I have to take care of something."

I ran out, hoping to still catch the scent of Mel. Whatever demon was in me, I hoped it could sniff her out. Running swiftly, I sought to seek out the path she had taken. I was so relieved to catch her.

"Mel wait!" I called, catching her and grabbing her wrist.

She pulled it away. "Don't touch me."

"This is stupid. Come back to the club, we'll have a romp in the bed and everything will be fine."

"That's all you think about isn't it?" she retored coldly. "Well I'm not playing that game anymore. If you want something you can get it from someone else. I'm not some toy for you to use whenever you feel like it."

My rage struck me. I grabbed her arms and forced her against the wall, pinning her. "Dammit woman, you'll give me what I bloody well tell you or I swear by that bearded prick upstairs I'll fucking take it!" Dammit what's happening? This isn't me. This is...something else.

I released my grip on her, backing away a few paces. My emotions left me. All I could feel was an overpowering sense of regret and nothingness. "I'm sorry..." I whispered. I dropped to my knees, bowing my head as I cursed my own patheticness. "I can't be without you. If you're not here, I feel like I'm going to burst. I...I can't stop how it feels. Everything gets so mixed up in my head it's like someone else in there, feeding a desire I can't escape." I couldn't stand how weak I was but I couldn't escape it. I was stuck in a pit so deep, falling so far I didn't know how soon I would reach the bottom. "I want you. I want you so badly it makes me sick to my stomach. It's all I can think about, not always the most important but its there, nagging me in the back of my mind and the longer it goes the louder it gets until it blocks out everything around me. I can't go on knowing that I might never please you the way I should be. Please, you can't leave me. Not like this. I'm sorry for what I said. I want to make it up to you, please. Tell me how to make this better. I'll do anything you ask of me, anything. Only tell me that you'll stay."

10th June 2006, 09:03 PM
All was quiet. The three watched the figure in the shadows and the figure was certainly watching them as well.

Malik couldn't shake the feeling there was something familier about this figure. He could sence something form her that almost reminded him of himself.

Seeing as this standoff between them wasn't going to do anything, he decided to end it. He took a step towards the figure.

That seemed to be enough provocation for her for a sword instantly appeared in her hand, getting ready to defend herself.

Malik stopped. He didn't want to cause a fight if it could be avoided.

"We're not going to hurt you," Malik spoke out, "Just put the sword away."

The figure was still for a moment before she spoke out.

"Why should I believe you?" she asked. Her voice was pretty youthful, the voice of a child. Yet Malik could sense something beneath it.

"Who are you?" he asked, ignoring her question.

"I can ask you the same question."

"Come out of the shadows so I can see you."

She was still for a moment, but she obliged. Slowly she stepped out of the shadows, still gripping her sword incase she needed it.

Malik was right. She was a child, a young girl with brown hair and eyes. She was glaring at Malik, lamost ignoring the other two.

"Who are you?" she asked.

Malik was quiet for a second, but decided to answer. He may as well if trust was to be established.


A look over surprise appeared on her face.


His eyes narrowed.

"You've heard of me?"

He had never met this girl before. While he admitted, he wasn't a complete unknown, he was still curious as to how she heard of him.

Then it hit him.

"Your name," Malik asked, "It is Proticia by any chance is it?"

Sorry if you had any ideas Dru, but I figured we could at least get Proticia back into the story.

17th June 2006, 06:13 PM
OOC: Well I feel semi-inspired so I'll get a small post in here.


Her fingertips brushed my chin, forcing me up on to my feet. Grovelling was beneath, we both knew that. That didn't mean she hadn't enjoyed it though. I felt sick, my stomach felt knotted and tight. I hated myself. Here I was, the son of two of the most famous immortals in existence, knealing before a woman who meant little more to me than sex. I was almost ashamed.

"Come on, let's go back to your place."

I frowned, watching her walk ahead of me. That was it? She threatens to leave me and all I do is get on my knees and everything's back to normal? Can it really be so easy?

"Are you coming or not?"

I didn't want to risk pissing her off so I followed quickly. We took the back entrance to make sure none of the guys I'd left waiting knew we had returned. Didn't want them interfering with our little mating ritual now did we?

We were on the bed before I knew what was happening. With a sharp pull she ripped my shirt in two and quickly started on my pants. I slid back, feeling the wall against my back. I moved my hands to undress her but she grabbed my wrists, forcing them against the wall by my waist. I tried to kiss her but she put her fingers to my lips, holding me back.

"What's going on here?" I demanded. I didn't know what the hell was going on. This sure as hell didn't seem like any sex we'd had before.

"You promised you'd do anything I wanted," she answered quietly.

To hell with that! Sex was my game and I was not about to let her keep me on the bench. I was the star player not a fucking spectator! She was not going to deny me my right. I tried to pull forward, if she wasn't going to let me do my part then I'd force it upon her. But I couldn't move. Something was holding me back, keeping me pinned firmly against the wall. Mel slid back, smirking as she did so.

"What the hell is going on here!?"

"Nothing really, just a little payback on my behalf. You're getting too pigheaded for your own good Mateo so I've decided to take you down a peg or two."

"What the fuck is this!? Why can't I move!?"

"It's a simple binding spell, used on mortals and weaker immortals. The more you struggle against it, the weaker it makes you, and the harder it is to get out. A pure blood of any immortal race can break it but as you aren't...it might prove a problem for you."

"Dammit Mel let me out of this thing! It could kill me."

She smirked, brushing her hand against my cheek. It was the worst time to get turned on. "I won't let it kill you, but I won't let you out of it. You need to learn Mateo, you can't control immortals with greater power than yourself without having to live up to the consequences." Her tone seemed to shift then, it was almost frightening. "I don't answer to anyone, especially not some little sex-crazed punk who keeps his brain in his pants. You made a big mistake when you thought you could keep me waiting in a corner and I'm going to make you suffer for it." She grinned, a dark, cunning thing that made me uneasy. "In more than one way."

"Let. Me. Out."

"The more you struggle the faster you'll weaken," she said it in almost sing-song voice, as if she got some kind of twisted pleasure from my situation. "I'd love to stay and see which torture makes you snap first but I have my own plans to take care of." She paused suddenly halfway out the door. "If by some unforseen miracle you actually manage to get out of that, I'll be waiting out here. In the meantime, I would suggest you don't struggle too much, I don't plan on coming back in here for a while and it would just be so unfortunate if you weren't live when I got back." Another twisted smile crossed her lips. "Have fun Mateo."

18th June 2006, 08:03 AM
Mephisto and Veanic watched as Melanthe stormed out of the place, followed shortly by Mateo. The two were silent before Mephisto spoke out.

"Man, she must him so pussy-whipped."

Veanic chuckled a this comment.

"It seems so," Veanic then turned to the blonde arch demon, "So, have you made the deal with him yet?"

Mephisto raised an eyebrow, and then chuckled.

"You mean have I gotten his soul yet?"

Veanic nodded.

"Not yet. But by the time I'm through, he'll sell it to me..."

Mephisto stretched out his arms, gesturing to everything around them.

"...if he wants to keep all this, plus more."

He turned to Veanic.

"Speaking of which, I need you help with something."

Veanic raised an eyebrow.

"With what?"

"Well, the boy wants both of us to train him right?"

"Yes. What's your point?"

Mephisto took a step towards him.

"Well, with my vast power, I can give the brat anything his heart desires," his lips curled into a smirk, "including power."

Veanic was confused.

"You're going to make the boy stronger?"

Mephisto nodded, "without his knowledge of course."


Mephisto laughed.

"To make him think he's stronger of course. It's a bit of insurance. If he refuses to give me his soul, I'll just take everything away, including his strength. I'll fill him with such luxery he'll be begging me to give it all back."

Veanic smirked.

"I see. Pretty sneaky Mephisto."

"Why, thank you," Mephisto's voice toned down to a whisper, "But don't tell Mateo."

The two demons broke out in laughter.

19th June 2006, 11:50 AM

"Haha, yes, very cleaver boys..." I sneered as I left the room where Mateo would be "hanging around" for awhile. "I almost feel sorry for him, so many of his trusted allies are really only around to use him... Almost, not quite. Oh, and just so you know Mephisto, I'm not here to ruin your little game. I just need the boy out of the way while the rest of my plans take hold... I don't put much faith in prophesies, but they do turn out to be a bit of a drag when ignored...."

Mephisto and Veanic regarded me carefully, no sign of laughter now. I smiled. "Of course, you really don't know what I'm up to right now, do you? No, fear not, you'll see in good time... all in good time..." I laughed, opening a rift in the dimensional fabric, and stepped through, disappearing from sight.

Sorry it's short, but there are some bad thunderstorms in the area... I just wanted to be sure that I posted something.

20th June 2006, 01:58 AM
Sorry for the lack of postyness....


Proticia's eyes widened as she gave a nod. "You.... you are the other name that the Zombies want. I have been attacked by them countless times tonight..." She whispered, looking now past him and at the other two figures with them. Her eyes showed no sign of recognition as she then returned her gaze to Malik.
"Do you know why the zombies would be after you?" She instantly questioned. It perhaps would have been funny in any other situation... a little 7 year old-looking girl demanding questions from one obviously older than herself. She had resheathed her sword although it was quite aparent by the way she had wielded it that she could swiftly reclaim it within a split second. Her brown eyes were narrowed with confusion and yet lusting for answers.

[ sorry for shortness... oh and a note, Veanic would 'chuckle' very softly. XD He's not a laughter guy...]


Veanic had chuckled at Meph's comment for a moment, finding it rather crude but yet amusing at the same time. However, Veanic had little or no interest in Mateo... well, at least he wasn't yet. He knew that Mateo perhaps thought that Meph's arts would come in handy with combat... but Veanic was quite confident that the boy misunderstood Veanic's power. Of course... the others had done it as well... but most were used to calling Veanic a demon, despite the fact that by definition he was not... although he seemed to be like one. Watching Mel go was a bit bothersome to Veanic however and he let out an irritable sigh.
"Miss her?' Meph said with amusement, which caused Veanic to send a rather empty yet powerful gaze in his direction.
"I am not here to help Mateo." He said plainly, which caused Meph to tilt his head to the side for a second.
"Well then... why are you here?"
"The Seven Satans told me to stick with Mel."
"B to be exact."
Veanic shrugged, "I have little idea. However... currently I have nothing else to do. Melanthe is a very nice sight to behold... and I get to kill upon the side... so it isn't anything I'd outright turn down. Perhaps if the night holds well she and I could kill some more... " HIs eyes seemed to flare with a bloodthirst that perhaps even caused Meph to raise a brow. Veanic was quite mysterious to even those who thought they knew him.
"You have... quite the addiction for the blood, eh?" He said, and Veanic shrugged. The last spoken words were a bit much for him... so it was natural his responses would shorten.
"Almost as much as my... brother..." Veanic smirked, for mentioning 'brother' was a loose term to lose.
"Brother? I was not aware... who is that?" Meph, always the curious one asked, "If you don't mind me asking... I should be attending to Mateo soon."
" Oh... I am sure you've heard of him. His name was Nveiac..."
With that, Mephs' eyes widened. Nveiac... the one of ancient years long ago who had become so much of a threat to end the world that he destroyed thousands of both angels, demons and immortals alike. So much... that God himself had to step in and lock away the source of Nveiac... Of course, the story was far more bloody, lusty, complicated and vile... but the summed up version did the trick.
With that Meph seemed to bow out and he disappeared.

Veanic brought a hand to his head and rubbed it softly as he stood in the darkness. He withdrew a bored sigh as he simply leaned against a wall and waited. He wasn't sure for what he waited for... but he was positive some thing of interest would come along.

[OMG... Veanic actually displayed that he had sexual awareness! OMG... XD ]

3rd July 2006, 03:15 AM
I appologize for my lack of postiness... Once again, I've gone and overcommited myself in every aspect of my life... I really need to clean and start thinking about packing... I need to go to sleep, it's almost 2:30 AM... ~_~;;

So, I will post eventually, many appologies again... and I promise some plot twists very soon. I just have to decide how much I want to reveal at this point. >:]

5th July 2006, 04:11 AM

This girl... she was much more than she seemed. There was something familiar about her that tugged at the edges of my awareness, but it was only strong enough to be an annoyance, not anything constructive. It was as though I should be able to place her somewhere else because I knew someone who had some kind of connection... but no details! I closed my eyes, irritated, and a vision swept over me.

Flashes of scenery passed through my mind like two second clips taken from a thousand movies and strung together, randomly. I caught snatches here and there: Mateo, Malik and this girl... this Proticia, creatures lurking in the dark... the Forgotten, demons come to Earth, the Wheel, Death... come to claim someone...

Come to claim me... Why? Why does Death want me?

More flashes... Mateo, sentanced, doomed, soul claimed by many... only blood and spirit can satisfy those who have come to collect their due... Great evil surrounding him... Doomed by my blood, doomed by his father's blood, doomed by the two men who died loving me...

Two... yes, Garth was not the first... but Mateo doesn't know this... He doesn't know of the first Mateo who died so long ago... The one I saw in his eyes...

Mateo doomed by the blood on my hands. It was my fault... I couldn't stop them... couldn't save him... Mateo's blood on my hands... but which one?

Which Mateo's blood is on my hands? How can I wash my hands of my burden?

Death... and Hell...

But my Mateo still lives!

Time... time to discover the faces behind the masks that have been haunting for so long... those who were Forgotten and seek revenge...

Those who all ready own my soul... they want my life and my love for my son, as well... I am well and damned. But I must fight... must fight, for my Mateo...

The little baby in my arms, newborn, tears falling down my cheeks, and those eyes... those trusting eyes...

How did I lose you? When did I fuck up my life and yours? Where have you gone, Mateo?

I opened my eyes, and found that I was laying on the cold, filthy cement sidewalk, looking into Malik's nearly paniced face.

"Sorcha, there's no blood... no one's dying. What's wrong?"

6th July 2006, 05:21 AM
Why does this girl seems so familier?

Malik stared at Proticia. She seemed to give off a familier aura, one that Malik felt he knew his entire life. But he couldn't find a face to match with it.

He was about to say something when Sorcha let out a violent shriek. All eyes shot to her as she fell to the ground, convulting.

"Sorcha!" Malik gasped as h knelt down beside her, trying to restrain her. Sorcha thrashed about, screaming things that Malik couldn't make out.

All he cought were the words Blood, Mateo and Dying.

Did she think someone was dying? What did it have to do with Mateo?

After a few minutes, Sorcha began to calm. Malik began to panic as she laid there motionless.

"Sorcha. Sorcha!" Malik cried, shaking her.

Sorcha slowly opened her eyes. Malik began to calm.

"Sorcha, there's no blood...no one's dying. What's wrong?"

Sorcah slowly climbed to her feet, with Malik's assistance.

"Its..." Sorcha stopped, as if considering whether she should tell him or not, "nothing. I'm just not feeling very well."

Malik knew this wasn't the case, but decided not to argue. People don't just collapse and go into a fit when they 'don't feel very well'.

Now Malik had two mysteries on his hands. Proticia and Sorcha.

6th July 2006, 09:31 PM

Proticia stared as defiantly as she could at the group, however her vision faltered when she looked towards the elegant woman who let out a shriek and seemed to collapse. She cried out... and within the cry, Proticia's mind seemed to ring with familiarity. Mateo... she had said the name "Mateo".

Narrowing her eyes, Proticia began to think to herself as Malik seemed to help calm her down. Mateo... the name had been familiar. Suddenly she snapped her fingers, clasping her sword with her other hand she swiftly raised it and placed it back within the sheath. Looking at Malik and the woman who had collapsed, Proticia withdrew a loud breath.
"Mateo? I have heard of that name before."
The one who was Sorcha- a name that Proticia did not know yet- seemed to swiftly and eagerly glance straight at Proticia.
Proticia crossed her arms as she shook her head lightly- a motion made to shake the strands of hair from her face.
"The zombies had attacked me earlier and in need of a place to recover, I ducked into the nearest form of shelter- a human-ish club. As I was sleeping and dazing in and out, I heard of a few of the humans inside speaking of one known as Mateo- I believed he was proclaimed to be the owner of that said club."
Sorcha's eyes seemed to flash a bit, as Malik tilted his head to the side.
"You said... human-ish... and you use the term human as if you are not one. Who exactly are you?"
Proticia swiftly seemed to go on the defensive, taking a step back as if she were preparing to pounce. Shaking her head, she looked to Sorcha and to the others.
"I don't think right now that is important. What is important is ... well, I sense that this 'Mateo' means some thing to her..." Proticia pointed at Sorcha. "... I will gladly show you to the club, however I would like to know everyone's name. Also, I would like to warn you that I have a keen sense of evil... and this club where this 'Mateo' is... I sense three distinct evils. An evil of lust. An evil of greed. ... and an evil of wrath. When approaching, we should be wary."

Proticia then looked to everyone for an answer.

( Proticia's ability to not only sense evil, but catagorize it are based off of the seven deadly sins. Her system of evil detection places them in one of those seven catagories. I am pretty sure you can guess who is who. lol BTW: She does not catagorize Mateo is an evil however. )

17th July 2006, 04:29 PM

"No... no, he must live his own life... I am nothing to him now... There- there is another way..." I looked into Proticia's eyes, and saw some form of understanding there, underneath the troubled exterior.

"Another way?" Malik asked. I only shook my head.

"It is not the time for that now. All in time..." I looked to Proticia. "Stay with us, old one, there is strength in numbers."

A slight look of surprise and amusement showed on her face; Malik and Legion only looked confused. Again, I shook my head. "I have seen... I have seen the answer to all of this, and there is nothing that can change what must happen. I must embrace my destiny."

Malik folded his arms over his chest and scowled. "You haven't been this mysterious for a couple centuries, and it gives me a bad feeling."

I laughed half-heartedly. "You're not the only one, old friend..." I touched the pendant at my throat. "Zarahlinda, if you could join us as soon as is possible for you..."

17th July 2006, 07:03 PM
man haven't posted here in ages...heh...my bad...


I fell forward, feeling the matress bounce against my stomach. I just laid there for a moment, groaning into the covers. I'd been stuck against that damn wall so long I'd forgotten what something soft felt like. Mel...I'd have to get my revenge on her when she got back...how dare she treat me like this! Me of all people! I'd show her...

"You should try using the brain in your head next time. It might save you."

I looked up, blinking at Meph stood beside me. "You got me out of that thing?"

"We have training. You're no use to me pinned to a wall."


"I know."

I frowned and pulled myself upright. "Teach me. Teach me something I can use for my revenge. Something I can use against her..."

"Given the situation I doubt that would be the wisest of choices."

"I didn't ask for your opinion," I spat. "You're here to teach me so teach me already."

He was silent. His expression stern and emotionless. "Very well. But not here." He disappeared through the wall and I followed him using one of the few spells I had learnt from my book, the transport of shadows. I met him in the alleyway; dark, consealed...perfect. "To do what you wish, you must master spells you have not yet heard of."

"Guess we should start with the training then. I don't know when she'll be back but I want to be ready for her. I've always gotten what I want and there's no way I'm letting her get away with telling me 'no'."

A small smirk of amusement crossed his face. "Very well. Are you ready to begin?"


"A spell is much more than its incantation. You must focus on what it is that you want and be prepared to give what power is needed."

"Yeah yeah I know all that," I interrupted angrily. "I am the son of Sorcha and Marduk, you think I'd know this."

"It seems you have learnt very little. Let us begin with this. It is a spell that will weaken your enemy, you will need to use it to form a binding spell capable of holding Mel the way you wish. But you must not overuse it, if you try to greatly weaken someone who is far stronger than you then you will be weakened too."

"Then what good is that spell to me?"

"You only need to weaken her enough so that she cannot use spells that you cannot block or deflect. Plus there is also the surprise element. It is not well known and so few know when it is in affect. They feel the effects but are not aware of the spell that has been cast on them."

"I plan on making her feel a lot of things," I stated coyly.

"Are you ready?"

"Yeah sure, what's the damn incantation already?"

"Alica vox infirmatio."

"That it?"


"Can I use it on you?"

"You don't have much choice. Try not to overdo it, I have much to teach you."

"Hmph." I closed my eyes, focusing on the image of Meph in my mind. I hadn't thought so deeply about using magic in a long time. Not since...that was a long time ago. I can hardly remember it. Back when mom and I used to get along...if you can believe that. She used to teach me things...like how to fight and how to fly. Dad never taught me much of anything. It was all mom. I guess...I never would have got this far without her. Well of course not! I was here because of her! Because of how she has to push everyone away from her! No...not everyone...she and dad always got on so well...but then...I haven't thought about it in so long...that night...when they fought so bad I thought the house would collapse on us. I can't even remember what they were arguing about. That's when everything changed. When mom changed. Why? Why did she end up hating me after that night? Even he hated me...but...I hadn't done anything...and even when I tried so hard...what was it about that night!? Did she tell him...was it because she told him what I was...what I am? Is that really why...why he left us...It's because of you Mateo! He left us and it's all your fault! I hate you! I hate you...who knew three little words could hurt so much...but if it's true then...mom...I'm so...

"What's wrong?"

Meph's voice pulled me from my thoughts and I realised I had yet to utter the incantation. I quickly disregarded his worries and began my focus again, this time letting the words drift from my lips with ease. I felt my power connect with his and I concentrated hard on using it to lower it just a bit...just enough to be noticeable...he had so much of it...

"That's enough."

I severed the connection. I realised then how much it had affected me. I felt heavy and tired...or was that just the after-effects of Mel's spell catching up with me? It didn't matter. I was going to finish my training today and when Mel returned from wherever she was I would be ready for her.

"Now for the next spell..."

Mel...you're not the only one I have unfinished business with. Soon mother...I can feel it...the time is coming when you and I will have to face up to the paths we have chosen for ourselves...the desicions we made...time to face each other... I looked to the heavens and frowned. But how?

18th July 2006, 02:46 AM

I watched the 'show' through the portal before me, faintly amused. Oh, yes, Mateo... I have been a bad, bad girl, but are you strong enough to 'punish' me without losing more of yourself in the process?

"Enough of this... I'm going to see how our little prodegy is coming along," I said, rising from the cushions I had been reclining on.

"Fair enough, return and report to me later. I bid thee well, daughter," her voice floated through the darkness to me. I bowed before stepping through the portal.

I stood in the shadows behind Mateo, just out of Mephistopholes' line of sight.

"Oh, Mephistopheles, really, you shouldn't have!" I cried out in mock delight. "Nex tactus!" I whispered, catching the archdemon off guard. He doubled over in pain, and I laughed. Fear shone in Mateo's eyes, and I laughed harder.

"Oh, dear, don't worry... I'll get to you soon enough," I said to him, demented amusement twinkling in my eyes. "Most sincere appologies, My Lord Duke, I only wanted to demonstrate to our young man here what a powerful ally surprise really is... I don't think you quite got the idea across... I hear Cania is quite nice this time of year," I added conversationally as I lifted the hex. "But, you know, all this human magick... it's not quite as impressive as your true abilities, you know. Even those tricks in old Hebrew aren't quite as potent as the simplist curse in the Old Tongue... Now, don't look so surprised, Lord Duke, that I know of that. I'm not really that much younger than you, after all... Oh, dear, you still don't remember me, do you?" I laughed again.

"And you..." I said, turning to Mateo, my voice losing a bit of its false joy. "What shall I do with you..." Rage shown through the earlier fear. "You think you can take me, do you? Think you can... control me? Teach me a lesson? Put me in my place? Your mother was right to fear me, you know... if only you know who I am, or where I have been. Like your far distant ancestors, I too was born in the Garden. Yes, Mateo, that Garden. But because my father rejected my mother when she refused to be subserviant, I and my siblings were thrown aside and damned." I snarled with rage at the memory. "I thought perhaps you had finally overcome the male pigheadedness of your species, but it seems I was wrong. I cannot stand being just a posession, and I refuse to be treated as such, even by you! You can fuck me all you want, but I will not be your slave, Mateo."

18th July 2006, 04:24 AM

"What a touching story," I said sarcastically, folding my arms. "But if memory serves you were the one who came to me, the one who tried to put me in my place. I'm just trying to even the odds a bit here."

"And you have no idea what it is you are dealing with."

"It's never stopped me before."

She shook her head lightly. "If you are so confident then why don't you try using that new trick of yours?"

I stared at her frowning. "...no."

A twisted smirk crossed Mel's lips and her eyes twinkled with amusement. "Perhaps you have learnt something after all...it's about time you started respecting those who are superior to you."

"Oh I have the utmost respect for my superiors, I just don't consider you one of them. I don't want to use the spell because it wouldn't fair."

"Fair? Nothing that could ever happen between us would ever be 'fair', Mateo. Go ahead, try using your little spell on me. See what happens."

She's asked for it... "Alica vox infirmatio." I felt the connection instantly and struggled to make a dent in whatever ancient power she possessed. I could feel beads of sweat dot my brow. She was stronger than I had expected and I was more tired than I had realised. I'd kill myself if I kept this up much longer...no....I'm stronger than this. Time to prove it. Mel doesn't want me to take her lightly and I'm no different. I will not let her underestimate me. I poured all my concentration into my task. It didn't have to do much...just enough to-

I cringed feeling pain pierce through my side. I opened my eyes to see Mel stood before me. I looked down, the hilt of a small blade was poking out of my side. "Why..."

"You should know by now, magic leaves you exposed to physical attacks." She withdrew the blade and I dropped to my knees. "You're still weak Mateo."

I stayed silent, staring blankly at her legs. How could I have been so stupid? I had left myself completely exposed to her. She could have killed me if she'd wanted to... "You could have killed me..."

She laughed, lowering herself so that her eyeline was level with mine. She stroked the side of my face and I felt the pain in my side numb. "You're no good to me dead Mateo."

"And why would that be?"

"You'll find out soon enough."

I bowed my head and felt the top of my hair brush her chest. "I'm really weak...aren't I?"

"For now. That will all change in time, just as long as you remember to respect those who are above you."

I nodded slowly. "Mel...I'm sorry...I never thought of you as an object...I respect you too much for that...it's just...I don't want to be taken lightly...I can't be seen as just my parents' offspring...not anymore..."

5th August 2006, 06:47 PM
The arch demon scowled in annoyance as he watched the episode unfold. He had noticed Mel's presence no problem, but he had no idea she could use something like that! How the heck did this girl know about the Old Tongue? How did she know him? Who was she!?

During their little 'battle' Mephisto opened a dark portal behind him and stepped in, coming out on hte other side at the club. Thankfully, the pair didn't notice this.

The demon began pacing back and forth, thinking.

Hmm, she says shes not that younger then me and she's learned in the old tongue. She's obviously more ancient then most beings, even the Son.

Hmm, but just who is she?

Hmm, she said her mother was from the garden. That maybe a clue.

But wait, Eve never had any daughters, just two sons.

But wait, that means...

Mephisto's eyes widened and he slapped himself on the forehead.

"Of course!"

Mephisto's chin fell back into his hand

"That solves one mystery. But now, why is she here?"

3rd September 2006, 05:56 PM
meeeeeehhhhhhhhhh, haven't played Mateo for too long. I missed my screw-up. Possibly mature but I'm tired so most likely not.


"Meph's gone," I muttered quietly, rising to my feet.

"Poor thing. It must be driving him mad."


"It's nothing for you to worry about."

I sighed and slipped back into the shadows, letting them, guide my path back to my room above the club where the party was still in full swing. No doubt the place had already taken more than its worth, not that it mattered. This had never been about the money, to hell with the money, I took what I wanted. This was just a way of getting out on my own, of getting out of my mother's shadow. Have you done it yet? Doesn't feel like it. Maybe if I wasn't so weak...

"What's the matter with you?" I looked up to see Mel leant against the doorframe. She must have followed me from the alleyway.

"Can I ask you something?"

"Hmm?" her head cocked to the side slightly.

"Say someone with vampire blood in them were to get bitten, could that make them stronger?"

"You're talking about yourself," she walked up to me and ran her fingers along the back of my neck.

"Well, will it work or not?" I snapped, trying to ignored the tingling sensation running up and down my body.

"It should do something but what exactly that is," she swung round until she was facing me, her arms draped across my shoulders, "you'll have to find out for yourself."

"Do it," I said without hesitation. "I don't care about any side effects or crap like that, just do it."

A twisted grin appeared on Mel's face as she leant forward. Her hair brushed my ear and I hard the faintest whisper: "try not to screm," moments before her teeth pierced my flesh. I cringed as the overwhelming pain flooded my body. Who knew something so small could cause such agony? I could feel the new life running through me. The darkness, the pure unholiness of the vampire spirit merging with my own, twisting with it, bending it to its will. I felt a part of me come alive. Something that had laid dormant for too long finally came out of hiding.

And it felt so good.

"Do you feel different?" she licked a splash of blood from her lip.

I grinned, feeling a spark of something foreign flash across my eyes. I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her closer to me, so close our hips were touching. I thrust my lips against hers, forcing her mouth open so I could taste the bitter sweet blood that still danced upon her tongue. No ale had ever tasted so sweet as my own blood did that night.

"You tell me."

I kissed her again, letting the rough sensation of our tongues meeting fill me with a burning passion. I tore apart her clothes in an instant, marvelling at my own strength, this certainly would have been a useful gift to have possessed during my earlier feats. Before I knew what was happening we were back to our beginning ways. Things had just gotten a lot better. Mel's bite had had an affect alright and I could feel the new strength coursing through my vains. Now was time to show it off.

I knew what Mel liked and finally I had what I needed to give it to her. Too bad it was starting to look like I was going to need to get my hands on a new mattress but it was more than worth it too hear her moan. Not to mention the fact that it felt good to finally be on the top of one of these.

"I hope you're not doing anything for a while..."

She gasped sharply. "Why?"

I kissed her again, once more beginning that ritual of dancing tongues. "I think you know," I replied, a twisted grin etched across my face. "And I think you want it to happen too."

13th November 2006, 06:25 PM
I know I'm double posting but I only just realised that I had neglected to introduce my other character and I figure now's a good time to bring him. So, without further adieu...I'll introduce my much less horny counterpart...

Name: Malachi
Age: no one knows
Gender: Male
Species: Angel
Gifts/powers: immortality and others to be revealed later
Physical Description: http://wallpapersanctuary.homestead.com/files/FinalFantasy/Sephiroth.JPG
Personality: Very dark and mysterious, Malachi is excellent at never revealing his true intentions until they are completely irrelevant to the situation. He seems to be surrounded by a hint of suspicion, making it impossible to tell if he’s doing something because he has been told to or because it will benefit him in some way. He acts very suave and sophisticated but he’s just been around long enough to know how to impress ‘the right people’.
Origin/History: Was the Guardian of Eden before Sorcha but retired in order to retreat into peace and solitude. He does a few delivery jobs for God on the side but mostly keeps to himself.
Other: none yet


I slipped instantly from my retreat to the street where Sorcha and her companions were. I had been watching the evening's events unfold but I had decided that now the time to take action. This lot obviously needed a kick in the right direction and someone needed to be there to offer the boot. Honestly, back in my day we didn't get help from on high. We were dumped on Earth to do our job and if we screwed up the Earth was as good as trash. Now, everyone's getting in on the action, even Zarahlinda had made an appearance this time round and no one had seen her in centuries.

"Closest thing you've had to a party for a while now," I mused in the silent air. Sorcha spun round and I grinned with amusement at the look of surprise on her face when she found her comrades frozen around her. One of my favourite party tricks, pick a moment in time and hold it. Sounds easy. Really isn't.

"Nice of you to make an appearance Malachi. I was beginning to think someone had finally gotten round to taking care of you."

I waved off her comment. Truthfully I had missed the witty banters we had once exchanged in but that was long time ago; back when we were different, back when unforeseen destinies lay beneath our feet. A lifetime ago it seemed. "You know me, I tend to keep outside of things. Nothing exists for me in this world anymore. I am no longer...needed."

"Everything is needed. You made the choice to live up there."

"One eventually grows weary of the world. Decades have passed since it glowed, now it is merely a shadow, a ruin of something once beautiful."

"Eveything restores itself in time."

"We shall see." I sighed and looked at the night sky, a frozen window to the heavens. The mortals had no idea how lucky they were to linger so closely to eternity. "That is partly the matter of why I am here."

"There had to be a reason."

I nodded and looked back at her. "You need to do something about your son. He has fallen a long way in such short a time and I doubt very much he will be able to regain himself without assistance."

"I can do no more for him. He wants nothing to do with me and if I tried to help him it would only push him further away."

"You haven't the time to think on such things. The boy will come to you of his own accord, soon in fact, that will be your chance."

"How do you know?"

"I have watched him in times when you have not. There is a side of him which he doesn't let you see, one that is weak and vulnerable, the part of him that is unsure about everything that happened. He will come to you to try and banish that part of him, so determined he is to tear himself from all trace of you and those who came before him. It will be hard on you to face him and the questions he will ask you but it may save him. That is, assuming you still want to save him."

"Of course I do!"

"You should tell him that," I chuckled slightly, "though I doubt he'll believe you. He has much of his father's pigheadedness in him."

"You never liked Marduk."

"You can never expect to get on with everybody. Besides, I believe fate had more to do with our disagreements that anything else. After all, it got me out of the way, put you in charge of Eden...though I suspect there were deeper reasons. He has a habit of medalling in affairs that don't benefit him." I took another look at the heavens, the stars were beginning to turn once again and that meant my powers over this world were diminishing. They never lasted very long anyway. "I must leave."

"You're very alike you know, you and Marduk."

"I know, but that was the problem. They needed to ensure Marduk was on the 'right' side of the battle, I was expendable. Perhaps if God had resisted the urge to meddle in our affairs, you and I would be in different places right now." I smiled lightly to myself. "Ah but there is no time for mindless ramblings. I must take my leave of this place, too many already know of my presence." I bowed to her and vanished from the world, returning it to life once again.

8th December 2006, 03:02 AM
I'm back, finally... don't know how long it'll be for, though, since I've got some really intense classes next semester. We'll just have to see... but I'm not going to let this die after we've put so much effort into it.

Anyway, the new Metalocalypse episode isn't up yet, so I don't have anything to do at the moment, lol.


The future was looking darker by the moment, and my hope was dying with it. Malachi was now involved... Zarahlinda... Melanthe... I half expected the Four Horsemen to arrive next. While I knew what I had to do, my doubts as to whether or not it would do any good in the bigger picture were creeping to the surface.

I had lost Mateo, lost his father, lost my faith in righteousness all together... and there was no where for me to turn to. Or was there? I looked to Malik, trying to hide my fears, but all too aware that they bled through my crumbling facade. He had been there for so long, not always helping but rarely hindering. What was his role to play? Surely he had more of a purpose here than to stand in the background, just outside of the spotlight. For ages, he had been there, the unknown variable in the equation, son of shadow and mystery, and I felt... drawn to him. Undeniably so. Was it because I had forsaken a man's touch since Marduk had left? Was it because of destiny? I didn't understand it... not at all.

I looked away quickly, before anyone noticed the need bleeding through in my eyes, past the fear and uncertainty. I felt a darkness stir in me that I hadn't felt for many, many years, and I longed to reach out to it. It was not like the anger I had felt towards my Father; this was the dark side of passion, surely. I was not a complete stranger towards such feelings, but that they should return after so long... perhaps my resignation to my fate brought back everything that I had suppressed. Perhaps it was something else.

8th December 2006, 04:28 AM
He could sense it. A familier darkness as they followed Proticia.

Hmm, an evil of lust, no guessing who that is. And evil fo wrath, sounds familier. But why does the evil of greed seem so familier. It's like I should know who this evil is.

He looked over at Sorcha. While she tried to hide it, her face betrayed her fear, her insecurity. He put a reassuring hand on her shoulder as she turned away.

"It's ok," he said softly, "It's ok to be afraid."

She looked up at the son of lucifer before looking away again.

"We're here."

The two looked up at Proticia's words to see the lit up nightclub.

"Anyone in there?" Sorcha asked.

"I can only sense the evil of greed in there, noone else."

Malik nodded and looked on at the club. Finally to see who this familier evil is.

9th December 2006, 06:07 PM
my turn!


After a while we'd been forced to move our sinful ritual elsewhere. The bed that had so shortly withstood our lustful dance had finally keeled beneath the force of our actions. I couldn't remember where we eventually arrived, so engrossed I was in the scent of her warm fleshed as it slid against my own. Everything was lost to me then; time, feeling, emotion. Not that I cared, for what I was getting it was more than worth it.

"There are some visitors at the nightclub."

I sighed, yet again another perfectly welcomed visit from our resident purist. "That's the idea."

I could actually feel the slight frown that crept into his forehead. "Your mother's there."

I didn't need for him to say anymore; I didn't need to hear it. That she had come was enough to pry me away from the lustful acts that had filled the darker hours of the evening. I returned to my room where I dressed and quickly ran to observe the scene just outside my doorway. It was true, my mother had indeed arrived with Satan's spawn in tow and a young girl who I didn't recognise. They both entered - there were no need to stop the girl for she clearly possessed a greater being than her physique would suggest - yet my mother lingered outside alone.

"What's she standing there for?"

"She's afraid of you remember?" I felt Mel's arms drape around my neck. "She's too scared to face you."

"Then why come here if not to deal with me?"

"She has not come for her own means. It is Malik who desired to come."

"What for?"

"He is looking for Meph, though he himself does not know it yet."

"Should we tell Meph he has a visitor?"

"Oh he already knows," a dark smirk crept across her face. "All you have to do is watch what happens next."

5th January 2007, 04:46 PM
Hey guys, just poking my head in... Scourge is taking up most of my time right now, but I hope to be posting once I get back to school next week and I'm back on my own computer (with my higher connection speed, as well). Feel free to post... *coughMCcough*

Coming soon: Revelations! Discoveries! Fancy pants! MC being strangled if he doesn't post!

16th January 2007, 07:07 PM
He could feel Mateo and Melanthe‘s presence in the club. Although, this wasn’t his concern at the moment. He was more focused on the other powers heading towards the entrance.

As if on cue, the main door to the club opened, revealing four individuals. The first three were recognizable, Sorcha, Malik and Legion. Mephisto smirked, it seemed Legion decided to jump ship since Lucifer kicked him out for failure.

The fourth figure, Mephisto didn’t recognize. However, there was something familiar about her.

“Welcome,” Mephisto chuckled, acting like one of those kids whom greets visitors, “I hope you enjoy your stay here tonight.” Malik’s eyes narrowed.

“Mephisto. But then that means,” his eyes widened, “Mateo!”

The arch demon laughed.

“The boy is fine. Although,” he turned to Sorcha, “You need to teach him how to respect his superiors.”

“Where is he?” Sorcha snarled. Mephisto smirked.

“Why, he’s right here,” he turned to where Mateo and Melanthe were.

“You can come out now.”

At his words, Mateo and Melanthe stepped out of the shadows. Mephisto couldn’t help but notice Sorcha stepped back upon seeing her son.

“Hello mom,” he said, glaring at her. Sorcha was quiet for a moment before speaking up.

“What are you doing here?” he demanded, “Why are you with these people?”

Before Mateo could answer, Melanthe draped her arm over him, giving Sorcha a cocky smirk.

“The boy’s allowed to make his own decisions isn’t he?” she chuckled, “besides, since he started hanging with us, your son has learnt a few new, ‘tricks’ as I should put it.”

“That’s right,” Mateo said, “I’ve become stronger. Stronger than any of you!”

“Hmmm,” Mephisto tapped his chin, getting the attention of everyone in the room, “Why don’t we see how strong you’ve become?”

Mateo raised an eyebrow.

“And how do you propose we do that?”

Mephisto smirked and looked over at Sorcha’s little group.

“How about a little exhibition match?” Mateo’s eyes narrowed.

“You want me to fight my mom?” Mephisto laughed.

“No, of course not. I’d never make family fight eachother.”

“Than who do you have in mind?” Melanthe asked. Mephisto’s smirk widened as he pointed to Mateo’s choice opponant.


16th January 2007, 07:39 PM

I was in in deep f*cking sh*t and I knew it. I'd set myself up and Meph had given me just the right amount of push to make sure that I was going to end up flat on my face. What the hell was he playing at anyway? Obviously he and Malik had issues but that was their fight, not mine. I sighed. Not that I had a choice now...I'd made my bed and I'd have to lie in it. Somehow I would have to find a way to beat Malik, something to take out the son of Satan himself. Only God knew how in Hell I was going to pull that one off.

"Whatever," I replied with a shrug. "Meet me on the rooftop."

I slipped back into the shadows, making a detour to my room first. I needed to change for the battle, put on something that would give me a little more room to move. This wasn't going to be like anything before; not like those spars with Veanic or the lessons with Meph, this was real. This was my chance to prove to my mother once and for all that I was better than she was - that I was more than some pathetic screw-up!

"You shouldn't worry about the fight. You will be able to handle yourself."

I turned to Meph, glaring. "What the f*ck have you dropped me into here? We both know I can't beat him."

"Relax. You haven't realised your full potential yet, you need a real experience to find out what you truly are," a smirk crossed his lips. "Besides, isn't this what you want? To step out of your mother's shadow?"

"This was meant to be on my terms!"

He shrugged. "It is an opportunity nonetheless, do with it what you will." He left.

I finished my preparations and headed up to the rooftop where they were all waiting. Even Veanic had turned up from wherever he had been hiding. It was some mix, that was for sure.

"Is this what you want Mateo?" Malik called to me.

I nodded. "If I can beat you, I can beat anyone."

"Foolish..." I heard him grumble.

I summoned my blade into my hand, it seemed lighter than I remembered it, and longer too. Perhaps Meph had been right, perhaps I was stronger than I knew. Malik called forth his own blade and we stood facing one another, swords before us. This was not going to be easy. He had a strong grasp of both fighting skills and dark magic, I would need everything I had learnt just to keep up with the pace.

Will it be enough? Perhaps if you'd spent more time studying and less time in bed with Mel you'd be ready for this. I shook the thoughts from my mind. This was no time for me to be doubting myself.

A crash from below signalled the start of our battle and we charged at one another, blades crashing with such force that dark energy flew from them, throwing us both back onto our feet. He recovered quickly, forcing me to block and duck beneath his blade. An intense physical battle raged between us. I followed Veanic's guidance; testing Malik's strength by the way he attacked and his defence by the way he defended. Now and then I tried to change the flow of battle, looking to see where he left his openings and how long it took for him to respond to my actions. His talents were blatent but that didn't make him unbeatable.

His sword came at me and I ducked, driving my shoulder up into his chest and forcing him onto the defensive as I charged at him with a flurry of cuts and slashes. His first block was a stumbling effort but he regained his footing quickly and started to drive me back. Our blades connected and our battle of skill became one of strength and stamina and we each tried to force the other to his knees. I felt my resolve weakening and twisted my blade out of the fray. My arm was slashed as punishment for my retreat but I was fortunate to counter with a stray elbow that cracked the bone of his nose.

We drew back, pausing for breath a moment. A stream of blood trickled across Malik's lip and I resisted the urge to ease the throbbing pain in my arm. The cut was not deep enough to cause any serious harm but the pain was an annoyance.

"You're right, you are stronger, though you overestimate your limits."

"Your age has softened your mind old man," I replied with a smirk. "I have no limits."

Malik shook his head. "The arrogance of youth is astounding." He wiped the blood from his face. "Now can we get into the real battle? I tire of this childish excuse for conflict."

I shifted my blade between my hands. "My thoughts exactly." Summoning the dark energies within us until our bodies burned with the sight of it, Malik and I returned once again to our battle stances. A moment of silence fell over us; then, we began again.

17th January 2007, 12:21 AM
*shakes fist* DAMN YOU! I was in the middle of a post... a rather important post... I COULD be a bitch and be like, no, DM override... but meh...

EDIT: Nevermind, I'll make it fit. Get over it, motherfuckers, it's my plot...

God has a plan for us all... (http://www.angtoria.com/angtoriavideo.html)

"No." I stepped in front of Malik. "I know what you want, Mephistopheles, and I'm not going to play into your hands. And you," I growled at Melanthe, "know nothing, nothing, about Mateo. You see the taint in him, but not the path he must walk. No matter how you deter him from it, he will fulfill his destiny. Mateo..." I looked at him, at those eyes, knowing in part what he had to face. "She seeks to change your fate. All she will accomplish is causing pain and hardship for you. You have no more control over what you are destined to do than I..." I looked away, letting my hair cover my face. "Only you can change how you get there. I sheltered you from the truth for too long."

"What, that I am the product of the union of a vampire whore and a pseudo god? That I am tainted by a demon's spirit, and because of that..."

"SILENCE!" I shouted at him, and there was thunder in my voice. Lightning flashed in the distance, though the sky had been clear. "You know nothing, Mateo, and for that I have no one to blame but myself, but I will not let the knowledge I hold be belittled by a warrior who has yet to come into his own power. You are young, Mateo, too young, as I was when... I..." I trailed off. I would not give my enemies power over me by telling them who he really was.

"I love you, Mateo, as much as I did in the past, though differently this time..." It was all I dared to say. Melanthe frowned at me, unsure of what I meant. If she had known everything there was to know, she would have killed him long before now. I couldn't protect him from her, or himself, forever, but I would do what I could until he was ready.

"If anyone is to fight today, they will fight me. If you think you can defeat me, Mateo, then come. Show that you are man enough to hold disdain for me."

"No!" Melanthe shouted. I saw the fear in her eyes before she could hide it. I felt the self-satisfaction in knowing that though she could deceive Mateo, she could not give substance for her lies to stand upon.

"I can take her," Mateo growled, glaring at Melanthe. She glared back, sparing only a glance at Mephisto as if to say, 'This is all your fault.'

Mephisto cleared his throat. "Well, if you are so inclined..."

"No helping him, either," I said with a look at the archdemon. "I will know; if you help him, your life will be forfeit." Lightning flashed directly overhead, and the sharp clap of thunder was deafening, adding substance to my words. I wasn't sure if it was the electricity in the air or my magick, but everyone could feel it prickling along their skin. My own skin was glowing with a soft white light, and could almost see the green glow from my eyes. My son had never seen my true power, and what he assumed was my full strength was nothing compared to what I could do.

I raised my hands to the sky and exhaled; lightning danced down from the clouds to touch my fingertips. Wind blew my hair back from my face and whipped it around me. The glow of my body was a play of light and shadow as clouds to mirror those boiling above seemed to move beneath my skin, shot with flashes of lightning.

"Come, boy, hit me if you can!" I cried. Mateo rushed me, but I sprang into the air, sommersaulting in the air to land behind him. Flames burst from my fingertips as I grabbed him at the shoulder and waist from behind and threw him aside like a ragdoll. He jumped to his feet and approached, more cautiously this time, circling around to my right. I mirrored his movements, staying well out of reach, light slashing the sky above and through me below. My powers had grown since he was born, yet I had never tested their full extent. I was no Son of Satan, but I had defeated his general, turned back his forces. I was the Daughter of God. Mateo was but my son, and the reality would strike him, whether he wanted it to or not.

"Stop toying with him; it's me that you want," I snarled at Melanthe and Mephistopheles. Thunder roared over head with my anger. "I know the prophesies, I know what you need him for. Why settle for his blood when you can have the source? Leave him, or this ends here and now."

Mateo took another step towards me, and lightning struck right before him, stopping him in his tracks.

"Malik... I love you," I whispered before stepping towards Melanthe and kneeling before her. "Do it, succubus. Your time will come."

Triumph lit her face, and I saw the dagger materialise in her hands, the dagger meant for Mateo. She looked at my son.

"I was so looking forward to spilling your blood with this, but her power is so much more than yours. You, Mateo, are weak, but would have fulfilled the prophesy. Your mother is a far greater sacrifice, and if she is dead, we no longer have to fear her wrath. See her love, Mateo, and her demise."

The blade was drawn roughly across my neck, and it hurt more than anything I had ever felt before. It was if burning ice spread through my veins from the gash even as my blood poured forth and down my neck. My blood, flowing down my body, down my throat to fill my lungs, out of my mouth to drip down my chin... out of my body to open the way.

The Forgotten were coming.

17th January 2007, 03:44 AM
So much for its not gonna happen for a while...*sighs* oh well...


It couldn't be true...It just couldn't. After everything that had happened she couldn't be... I felt my sword leave my hand as I rushed over to her, forcing Mel out of the way without as second's thought just so I could hold my mother's body in my arms. She was barely there, just a faint glimmer lingered and I knew in a moment it would be gone. Fresh blood seeped through my top as I cradled her head against my chest. My eyes and cheeks were burning with streams of fresh tears but I didn't care. I didn't care that I knealt before demons and warriors alike and threw my weaknesses before them. The only thing that mattered to me anymore was dying in my arms and all the pathetic powers I possessed were nothing because I couldn't stop it.

"I hate you," I whispered to her, "I hate you for leaving me like he did."

I know...

"You should have let them kill me. You should have let me pay for my own mistakes."

The mistakes were mine. I'm glad I was able to make up for them before it was too late.

"But I can't do it. I'm not strong like you are. I'm...scared..."

I know you are. But this is the destiny that you were born for. You will find a way.

I could feel her slipping away from me. Pretty soon there would be nothing but a bloodied corpse in my hands. I wished for the power to make it end differently, even though I knew it didn't exist. "Mom? I...What I said before...I love you."

It's nice to know. I love you Mateo, I always have loved you.

"And I knew it." It was coming to an end. Just a few more seconds and she would be...I couldn't even think of the word. I scooped her gently into my arms and held her the way she used to hold me. If the great defender of Earth was going to die then she would die with pride; not on the rooftop of a sleezy nightclub. It was the first time I had used to shadows to travel so far but it was important. I had to do this one thing for her; whilst I still had the chance.

Where are we?

"You're home."

In my mind I could see her smiling. We stood here once.

Somehow I already knew that. "Go to sleep. You will do yourself no good by lingering here."

Goodbye Mateo...

"Bye Mom."

Even though I could feel it, I knew in my gut that she had died. I stood there a little longer, letting the warming comfort of nostalgia drown out the overwhelming pain. We watched the dawn together, completely undisturbed by the people of this tiny island and once morning came to its completion I finally had the heart to return her home.

It was hours later when Malik found me. It had seemed appropriate to put her in her coffin but I didn't have the heart to leave her afterwards. I didn't have the strength to let go.

"The Forbidden have broken through into our world. They'll finish arriving soon enough."

I nodded and pulled my fists up beneath my chin in thought. I still hadn't changed out of my blood-stained clothes.

"What do we do?"

I stood up and made my way towards the basement, Malik trailing behind. "You're going to stay here and wait for Zarahlinda. She knows more about these 'Forgotten' than I do and hopefully how to deal with them."

"What about you?"

I pulled open the box containing Shiva's arrow - a remnant from the last war - and took up a bow and quiver. "I have business to tend to."

He grabbed my arm, a hard look on his face. "What are you planning?"

"Vengeance. Mel took something from me. I'm taking something back."

"You can't defeat her. She has powers greater than you know -"

I snatched my arm from him. "This is my path. I'll walk it however I damn well please." I sighed, regaining control over my emotions. I couldn't let my anger blind me or I was going to end up dead. My mother's death was not going to be in vain, I would make sure of it. "I have to do this."

"If there's trouble, get out. Come here and the house will protect you."

I nodded to him. "Take care of my mother Malik." I opened a portal of darkness before me. "Let's get this 'destiny' over with."

17th January 2007, 05:48 PM
I watched as Mateo left before turning back to Sorcha, laying there in the coffin. Apart from the huge gash in the neck, she looked almost peaceful.

Why Sorcha? Why did you do it?

I know you did it to protect Mateo, but why did you have to throw away your life?

Couldn’t you have just destroyed Melanthe? Couldn’t you have just killed that bitch and prevent all of this?

Tears began to well up in my eyes.



“WHY!?” I screamed out, falling to my knees, my tears flowing freely down my face. I didn’t even notice someone entering the room.

“She’s in a better place now,” said an all-too-familiar voice. I clenched my teeth as my eyes widened in rage.

“You!” I snarled, spinning around and pinning the archdemon against the wall.

Mephisto just smirked.

“Is that how you treat all your potential allies?” he chuckled. I couldn’t believe what he just said.

“Ally!?” I barked, “You’re the reason Sorcha’s,” I waved my arm in her direction, “dead!”

Mephisto’s expression changed to one of annoyance. I then felt a powerful force, throwing me off of him.

“Now let’s get one thing straight,” Mephisto snarled, “I had nothing to do with the crap that bitch just pulled. All I wanted was to tempt Mateo out of his soul. I wasn’t planning on sacrificing him or anyone else and I certainly wasn’t planning on bringing the forgotten back into this world!”

I could see it in his eyes. Mephisto was telling the truth. The archdemon calmed a bit and brushed some imaginary dirt off his sleeve.

“Which is why,” he said, “I’m here. I want to help you lay the smackdown on the psychotic succubus and the forgotten ones.

“How?” I raised an eyebrow. Mephisto reached into his pocket.

“By giving him this,” he pulled out a very familier object. My eyes widened.

“That’s a…” Mephisto nodded and put it back into his pocket.

“He’s going to need it,” Mephisto turned, “And now I’ll be off to give it to him.”

I just gave him a small nod and turned back to Sorcha, sadness filling my heart once again.

“You love her don’t you?”

My face went a little red as I turned back to Mephisto. The demon laughed.

“Don’t deny it. With all the time you two spent together, I’m not surprised.”

I sighed and looked back at Sorcha’s body.

“It doesn’t matter now anyway,” I sighed. Mephisto chuckled and shook his head.

“Malik,” he said as he opened a portal, “You and I both know that death isn’t the end. It never was.”

Before I could say anything, Mephisto was gone.

29th January 2007, 03:31 AM

"He's right, you know..." I said, stepping from the shadows. Malik's grief-stricken eyes looked at me, anger behind the sorrow.

"And where were you? Off, safely out of the way?"

I laughed softly. "My apologies, this situation is less than amusing, but I'm sure that if you knew where I have been... well, being who you are, you would appreciate the dangers. No, Malik, I was doing what was necessary, and I hope for all of our sakes that what Sorcha did was just as much so. The Forgotten are breaking into this world, even as we speak, and their vengance will be terrible."

"Who are the Forgotten, anyway?" he asked, eyes moving back to Sorcha.

"Well, that's exactly it. They have been Forgotten, or dismissed as fantastical heresy. You, I'm sure, are familliar with the Creation in one way or another. What most people either do not know or refuse to aknowledge is that, before Eve's creation, Adam was... mislead. No, not like the Fall, but close. He was seduced by a demon named-"

"Lilith..." Malik whispered, realisation dawning in his eyes. "But, I thought she was banished."

"She was, but with the blood sacrifice, well, she's back. And Melanthe, as powerful as she is, is only the eldest daughter. The eldest daughter of Adam and Lilith. 'And in time, those who were Forgotten shall return to reclaim that which they feel is rightly theirs, though they were stripped of that Right by the Almighty Himself after their Creation. The Guardians of Earth shall turn to their Watcher, though she does not know herself, and it shall be the Task of the Watcher's Son to bring Them to Unification. Only through the Son can all be Saved; without, they are doomed to the supplication of the Forgotten.'"

"Then, Mateo..."

I nodded.

"Oh, shit."

I nodded again. "It is not beyond his power, though it will take some intense correction to get him back on track."

"Who are the Guardians?" Malik asked.

"The Guardians are masters of elements, each different creatures and gifted in magick related to the element over which they hold dominion. I am the Guardian of Air, though my duties lay elsewhere while I am not the Keeper. The current Keeper is the Guardian of Water, a merman of considerable power who is also known as Poseidon. We've been around for awhile."

"And..." Malik paused, unsure as to ask the question or not. I nodded, urging him to go on and ask. "About... how old are you?"

I thought about it, eyes growing distant. "Well, I'm not quite sure. I'd say maybe 10,000 years old or so? I'm not as old as Melanthe is, but give or take a few centuries I rank pretty high up there. Oh, but do me a favor and don't mention it to Mateo. Tact doesn't seem to be one of his gifts, and I'd rather not hear about what he thinks of my age. I can almost hear him making some comment about me 'being past my experation date'. Speaking of Mateo, I need to speak with him when he returns. Melanthe was but one of a set, and not the only one he may find difficulty in dealing with. The first seven daughters are manifestations of the seven deadly sins, and Melanthe, obviously, was lust. I really don't want him to run into Wrath without warning..."

29th January 2007, 06:03 PM

In the end, seeking out Mel had been nothing more than a fruitless effort and I was forced to return home with nothing but the storm at my heels. Inside my anger was boiling. What Mel had done...it demanded vengeance and now I would have to wait just to be able to carry out. I hated it. I hated the whole damn lot of it.

"Did you find her?"

I shook my head. "She's gone...somewhere, I don't know where. I can't even sense her anymore whereas before..."

"She will let you find her when she is ready. You are unfinished business."

I looked across, having not noticed Zarahlinda standing there when I'd entered. "What do you know of it?"

"I know you pose a threat to them. Not as you are but soon, very soon."

I wiped away the comment. "I just want my revenge, I'm not into that whole 'saving the world' deal. That was my mom's responsibility."

"Whether you like it or not, that responsibility falls to you for now. If you want revenge on Melanthe so badly then go ahead but you must realise that you will not succeed in one task without satisfying the other. Melanthe has slaved to bring the Forgotten back into this world; would your vegeance not be served best by dealing with them? Consequently it will save this world from its fate."

I sighed, pulling my hand uneasily through my hair. She was right of course, though I hated to admit it. "So these Forgotten...what are they exactly? What is it I'm meant to be dealing with here?"

"Seven daughters of Adam, each one the embodiment of sin, and their mother - the demon Lilith. You have already met the embodiment of lust -"


She nodded. "But it is Wrath that concerns me most. She would cause you some trouble."

"So I leave her til later. There are five others right? I'll deal with them and then Wrath." I frowned. "Then I'll go after Lilith...I want Mel to see her die..." I look back at Zarah, biting my thumb at the sudden realisation taht some of my anger had subsided only to be replaced with curious enthusiasm. "Tell me what I have to do to beat them."

30th January 2007, 06:04 PM

It was a night for interruptions, it seemed. Just ask Mateo asked what was needed, another portal opened. This time, however, no one appeared; it was for a message only, and I feared what that message would be as I realised the harsh smell was that of brimstone...

"Well, well, well, my dear son, it has been a while, hasn't it?" A harsh voice echoed through the room, something between a low growl and a hiss. "I had hoped maybe you had come to your senses at last when I recieved this most precious gift, but apparently I was wrong. Not only did you not send it, but you are in mourning... What a shame. I'm sure you'd love to get your hands on this one."

"What are you talking about?" Malik spat at the dark image of his father. Satan laughed.

"So you don't know at all... how very interesting. Well, then, it seems that I may have something that you want, both of you." He motioned at Mateo. "Oh, yes, I can almost smell it in you two." He laughed as only the Devil could. "Let's see what's behind door number one, shall we?"

He moved aside, and the sight was sickening. Sorcha was completely naked, suspended by invisible chains a good two feet in the air, spreadeagle, head and hands hanging limply. Her wings lay on the ground, twisted and mangled, a bloody mess. Deep lacerations ran down her body, blood still flowing from them, though not as freely as it seemed it had been not long ago. Her body glistened with drying gore, and I assumed that Satan had stopped his "fun" just for our enjoyment... and that he would resume once he was done taunting us.

Mateo and Malik were speechless with rage and disgust. Before either of them could open their mouths and say something that we would all regret later, I interjected.

"What is it that you want from us?" I asked, stepping in between the men and the portal. Satan laughed.

"You're still around, are you, Zarahlinda? Heh, I'd have thought you'd stop meddling in the affairs of others by now. Either way, I want you to come get her. You make it all the way to Cocytus, and I give you the bitch. If there's anything left of her once I'm done, that is. Your father had good taste, Mateo, she is rather good..."

Mateo moved towards us, but I stopped him with a blast of air. "And if we don't come after her?" I asked.

Satan laughed again. "Then I fuck her for the rest of eternity." With that, he was gone.

I turned to the men. "This is no time to get ahead of ourselves, gentlemen. You go after her, the Forgotten are given time to gather themselves. There's no guarantee that she'll be of any use if we retrieve her, either..."

"How dare you speak of her that way!" Malik shouted at me. I glared at him.

"I will speak as I wish. Are you willing to put the world at risk for personal reasons?"

"She's Mom... She's always been able to put things right," Mateo said quietly, looking at her body still in the coffin. I sighed.

"Very well, we have a journey ahead of us... I'm no Virgil, but I will help as I can."

Any other characters may tag along...

1st February 2007, 05:01 PM
The dark angel was seething in rage. How could his father do this? He clenched his fists, trying to keep himself from exploding in rage. A dark aura began to surround him.

Mateo and Zarahlinda noticed this.

"Calm down Malik," The guardian of wind spoke, "Loosing yourself to wrath isn't going to help Sorcha!"

Malik didn't say a word, but instead thought very loudly in her direction.

You expect me to be calm? Well, let me clue you in on what just happened. Sorcha, the girl that I love, has gotten herself killed and has unleashed six evil demon bitches as a result! Furthermore, she's now in Hell being tormented by father! Her death has brought nothing but misery and chaos! And you're telling me to be calm!?

Zarahlinda's expression went stern, clearly she her Malik's mind rant.

"Well, you'll be doing no good for her if you give in to your anger. We have to remain calm, go down into Hell and rescue her."

Malik sighed. She was right. No matter how Malik felt about the situation, he had to remain calm.

"Very well."

Malik made a small gesture with his hand. Suddenly, a large circular portal opened in the center of the floor. It seemed to lead down into eternal darkness and it's edge was surrounded by glowing red archaic runes.

"What the...?" Mateo was a bit surprised.

"This is out gateway to Hell," Malik explained. He looked up at Sorcha's son.

"Are you ready?" Mateo took one last look at the portal and nodded.

"Ok then. It's going to be one hell of a drop."

And with that, Malik dove down into the darkness below.

17th February 2007, 07:40 PM
Man I have been neglecting this for waaaaaay too long.


The night's events had left the angels uneasy. Sorcha's death was an unwelcomed shock to their systems and too make matters worse, they now saw the attempts to rescue her as a reckless abandonment of responsibility. With the Forgotten once again prowling the Earth, a road trip into Hell seemed like the last thing to do. I listened to their worries as they mirrored some of my own. True, I myself was not a divine being - and I did not plan on becoming one for many centuries to come - but I had served my time at the forefront of God's war and I held the same concern for Earth's fate as the rest of them. Perhaps the decision to go to Hell was a rash one but without Sorcha we didn't stand a chance. The angels doubted it, the prophecies placed the fate of mankind in her son's hands not hers but without her he was too lost and broken to be of any use. He would be little more than a pawn in his current state.

I shook my head. There was nothing for it. I'd be damned if I was going to sit here and let fate be decided without me. I had missed the last war but I had no intention of missing this one. It had been too long - much too long - since I had made true use of my talents.

Moments later I appeared in the house of Sorcha. Zarahlinda - whom I had met many times in the past - greeted me with faint amusement, whereas the boy seemed bewildered.

"I have come to help," I stated simply. He merely nodded and disappeared through the portal Malik had taken. I looked to Zarah and bowed. "How unfortunate it is that we should meet again under such undesirable circumstances."

"You still think a lot of yourself don't you?"

I smirked. "After a while it is easy for one such as myself to become...complacent. This is as much a rescue mission as it is a kick up the ass."

She shook her head and sighed. "You'll never change." In an instance she was taken by darkness.

"Neither will you my dear." I followed. Within an instant I could feel the scorch of Hell's fires on my face and the stench of brimstone in my nostrils. "It seems a lot of things are in the habit of remaining unchanged."

Malik looked at me, noticing me for the first time since my arrival. I saw a hint of annoyance in his eyes but he made no mention of it. He and I had never gotten along. No reason except for how the fates had planned it. My dealings with his Father had led to dealings with him but I held no real disdain for the spawn of satan. I just disliked him.

"We don't have time to stand around!" It was the boy. He reeked of fear and desperation. "Malik where do we have to go? Show us the way."

2nd March 2007, 08:17 PM
Hell. It had been years since he was last here. Malik had personally hoped that he wouldn't of had to come back her for a long time. However, he had no choice.

The woman he loved was here, being tortured at the very moment.

A small thought danced at the back of his mind. Why did his father want them here? Was it to torment htem through Sorcha? Or was it something else altogether?

"Malik where do we have to go? Show us the way."

Malik glanced over at Mateo before pointing into the distance. The three could just barely see the shape of a large construct, a castle of sorts.

"They're in there," Malik stated in a dead tone, "The Citadel of Cocytus."

Without much of a word, the three began to head in the dircetion of the Citadel. Malik noticed Mateo looking around as they walked. He reminded himself that this was Mateo's first time in Hell.

Amongst the flames surrounding their path, the forms of the condemmed could be seen. Chain to the ground, forced to endure the harsh flames, they looked like mere shadows of their former selves. Their moans of anguish echoed throughout the abyss.

"Ignore them," Malik stated. Mateo reluctently obeyed, focussing on the citadel in front of them.

Surprisingly enough, it didn't take them as long as they would have thought. Mateo seemed amazed by the size of the place.

"It's almost like a city," he muttered absently a they approached the gigantic doors.

Malik simply nodded. The citadel was like a city, a city of the damned.

And in that city was Sorcha, and his father.

25th March 2007, 07:07 PM

Hell...it was everything I had expected. A smouldering furnace of pain surrounded by sickening beauty. Yes, even a place such as this had a disturbing glory about it. To deny it was ignorant. To fear it was cowardly. We strode on, riasing barriers against the moans of pain that surrounded us, closing in with every step we took. I didn't need to try; my mind was already a mess of anguish and guilt, too complex for their suffering to penetrate. It was my fault we were here. Because of me...mom was forced to endure the unthinkable torture Malik's father was putting her through. I clenched my fists in anger. I'd make him pay for it. For every ounce of pain he'd caused her, I would make him suffer. I didn't care that he was satan, didn't care that it was his world we'd been dragged into; he'd messed with my mother, and no one messes with my mother.

Mateo clapped my shoulder. "We'll get her back Mateo. Don't worry."

"I'm not worried," I replied coldly. "It's your father who should be worried."

Malik glared. "Leave him to me."

I grabbed him by the shoulder and spun him back towards me. "You think that just because you love her that you should be the one to play hero? This is my mess and I'll be the one to clear it up."

"Don't be stupid Mateo! This is Lucifer we're talking about! One of the most powerful beings created by God! Besides...this is something I've been wanting to do for centuries."

"You people are so fu*king hypocritical! You're always harping on about how I'm supposed to make something out myself - like I'm destined to be some goddamn messiah or something - but whenever I try to actually do something you're the first ones to tell me that I can't! You think I don't know who's waiting for us at the end of all this? Of course I know and you wanna know something? I don't care Malik. He could be the fu*king 'almighty' for all I care and I still wouldn't think twice about taking care of his sorry ass. He's messed with my family, and no one messes with my family." I sighed. "You got unfinished business, fine, but this is as much my fight as it yours. If we're gonna do this, then we're gonna do this together, You got that?"

He resigned at last. "...fine..." he mumbled, with a sigh of defeat.

I nodded my approval. "Alright then." I looked up at the towering fortress above us. The final stop on our journey. "So...any idea what exactly we should be expecting? I know it probably won't help, but I'd like to be at least a little prepared for...whatever it is...that we're gonna have to see in there."

"I'm not quite sure...My Father's expecting us, so I don't think he'll have anything keep us from our "appointment."

"Well then," Malachi stepped forward, stretching his neck and cracking his knuckles in the swiftest of movement, "better not keep him waiting then, shall we?"

1st September 2007, 10:17 PM
All right, boys and girls... I call this installment finished, since no new posts have surfaced for several months. I think it's time we take a break form this one; when the third installment starts, I will be letting people know.

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