View Full Version : The nurse is not wanted; why?

11th March 2003, 08:08 PM
Recently ive been getting a lot of decks from my deck garage using pkmn nurse. And i start to wonder why this card isnt used more often? Look at the decks where u can use this: e-poliwrath, e2-kingdra, e2-amphy, jumpluff, venusaur, etc etc.

Funny how ppl can only see gb as a healing card most of the time.

12th March 2003, 03:07 AM
I know, Pokémon Nurse is a very valuable card in many decks, (Especially those where you can transfer energies or damage counters onto one Poke), Jumpluff is obviously a prime one, I used to use it on the newest version of my b00st Wiggly deck, i'd use Boost Energy, discard it then next turn, use Pokemon Nurse to heal it before I attached another energy :D

12th March 2003, 07:29 PM
There's also an Alakazam that's coming out in Skyridge its Base-Venasaur-esque Pokemon Power can use it well.

The lack of use might be because of the whole fact that Pokemon Nurse is a Supporter and that gets in the way of other Supporters. Also, despite the fact that all the decks you listed are tournament worthy, for the most part they haven't really become popular, save Kingdra.

*Contemplates buying up all the Nurse. Then, making a string of succesful decks that use Nurse at BZ; thus allowing me to sell the Nurses back to the unsuspecting.*8)