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Mew Master
11th March 2003, 08:13 PM
Hello, and welcome to a world that is about to be torn apart at the seems.


Long ago, in ancient times, humans coexsisted with different kinds of creatures. Spirits, fairies, monsters, and Dragons. The dragons were the most noble and honored creatures on the planet. Viewed as wise and protective, they helped govern human society as well as the laws of elements. For each element that exsisted, there was a dragon that was the highest athority within that element. Life was peaceful, and war never exsisted. Untill one day.....

There exsisted a demon, Necrosan, who wished to be the most noble of creatures, a dragon. Using the forces of darkness, Necrosan started his campaign of world domination by first casting spells that would alter his body and his abilities, untill he became a dragon. Pain and suffering followed, all signs of life perished once Necrosan had passed through. He gained control over more elements untill finally he had reached his goal. Necrosan was now a Dragon.

But Necrosan wanted more, he wanted to rule the planet, with the true dragons as his subordinates. Following a legend of the comming of an ultimate being to bring peace to the world, Necrosan began calling himself the Supreme Dragon and Ruler of the Universe.

The dragons and other beings would not stand for this. In alliance with all of the rightious creatures as well as humans, the Elemental Dragons battled Necrosan. The batte was long and costly, most of the humans had perished in the fight. One Dragon, the Dragon of Light, had formulated a plan that would use the help of all other Elemental Dragons and banish Necrosan. But not without a price.

The Dragons, as well as Necrosan, would be sealed away in ammulents. Magical pendents that would hold their body, spirits, and power for many mellenia. The pendants bared the image of the dragons that would lay within and would be given to certian humans as gaurdians of the pendants.

The Dragon of Light, left humanity with one warning:

Humans who now posses these magical pendants, you are the keepers of powerful beings. These magical chains will not hold forever, such as nothing is forever. With the passing of time they shall weaken and destruction may lay over head. I wish you luck in protecting these pendants of the Elemental Dragons.

Necrosan's ammulet was thrust deep into the planet's surface, to remain there for all time.

Time passed as the Dragon of Light had said, and time had altered the story. The true power of the pendants was replaced with rumor and myth. However, it was still said that the pendants held great power within, and would besotw that power onto those that were worthy.

Over 4000 years have passed since the Dragons were sealed. There is a darkness spreading across the land, something that once lived four mellenia ago......


You receive one of these pendants from your parents/gaurdians and during a raid on your town, something strange happens with your pendant. You gain better abilities, but remember nothing of it. One thing you do learn is that a man named Garm is after the pendants, and isn't afraid of killing you in order to get them. So you are allowed to take your family's most prized possesion, a legendary weapon made from the bones of an old and noble dragon. Well, now you're off. Find Garm, stop his plans, and learn the secrets of, CHAINS OF DRAGONS!

Okay. Now we are ready to start. I have your basic information, Char, Weapon, Dragon, and Special Abilities.


In your first few posts you are to recieve your Dragon Pendants and your main weapons. Afterwards you, or your family, are attacked and you must fend them off, you can work out the details.

Please, I wish for Detailed posts. I don't care if they're long, the more details the better. Remember: I will be using this material to make a story and maybe even Manga once I get the sotry writen and the bugs worked out. And I will introduce a new Char or two (FYI). Try and work with everyone, I know most of you are seasoned RPer's so I have no worry about that. I know I can count on ya all! :DU If you only have two Spec Abil, you can add more as we go.

Now! For the Cast of Characters! (I want your Info in the first post as well.)

Fire: (mew_trainer_rose)
Human: Vared
Weapon: Dragon Spear
Dragon: Nuri
Special Abilities: Scorch Blade, Flame Jet, Heat Wave

Ice: Nabooru23
Human: Seylin Hatsuki
Weapon: Dragon Naginata
Dragon: Sojiru
Special Abilities: Koori no Takuto (wand of ice), Shatter, Arctic Wind

Water: The_Missing_Link
Human: Amalthea Arran
Weapon: Dragon Glaive
Dragon: Kaia
Special Abilities: Water Blade, Invisability, Tidal Wave

Forest: MarillTogepi
Demi-Human: Elena Kai-Prae
Weapon: Twin Emerald Dragon Daggers
Dragon: Elafresiane
Special Abilities: Nature's Anger, Emerald Fury

Sky: SmearGal
Human: Sora Hibari
Weapon: Shurikens, and Dragon Scythe
Dragon: Hekikuu
Special Abilities: Windraker, Sheriken, Able to speak Draconian

Lightning: google215
Human: Faile Thundersong
Weapon: Dragon Bow & Arrow set
Dragon: Tuon
Special Abilities: Thunder Arrow, Wind Walking, Shocker Bolt

Earth: MechaAlphaChamel
Demi-Human: Chameal (Chameleon)
Weapon: Masumoon
Dragon: Tiamat
Special Abilities: Lurker, Greecen, Earth Cutter, Earth Shard, Calamity

Metal: Dark Templar 8
Human: Zera Leonhart
Weapon: Dragon Blade
Dragon: Arbiter
Special Abilities: Renzokuken, Blasting Zone, Metal Veil, Dragon Call

Psychic: PokeMaster Jay
Demi-Human: Horus
Weapon: Evil Blade
Dragon: Absol
Special Abilities: Illusion

Shadow: Darkmaster Kagemusha
Demi-Human: Kage Ikagaide
Weapon: Black Dragon Claws
Dragon: Blackthorn
Special Abilities: Shadow Needles, Dark Dragon, Draconian Trance

Light: Mew Master
Human: Denisu "Saké" Wamiyazen
Weapon: Dragon Sword
Dragon: Keiryuujin (Light Dragon God)
Special Abilities: Photon Blast, Lightforce Sword, Draconian Revival, Draconain Healing, Omega Slash

Okay now for the list of Magic abilities we have now.... I will up date this as much as possible.

Regular Magic: (1)Fireball, Windraker. (2) Magma Bomb.
Special Abilities: Scortch Blade, Flame Jet, Fire Sword (Dual Tech with Zera, Flame Jet + Renozuken)

Seylin Hatsuki:
Regular Magic: (1)Uplift.
Special Abilities:

Amalthea Arran:
Regular Magic: (1)
Special Abilities: Invisability, Tsunami Wave, Thunder Tsunami (Dual Tech with Faile, Tsunami Wave + Shocker Bolt)

Elena Kai-Prae:
Regular Magic: (1)
Special Abilities: Nature's Anger, Emerald Fury

Sora Hibari:
Regular Magic: (1)Uplift.
Special Abilities: Windraker, Shuriken, abel to decipher Draconian.

Faile Thundersong:
Regular Magic: (1)
Special Abilities: Thunder Arrow, Windwalker, Shocker Bolt, Thunder Tsunami (Dual Tech with Amal, Shocker Bolt + Tsunami Wave)

Regular Magic: (1)
Special Abilities: Lurker, Earth Cutter, Earth Shard, Calamity

Zera Leonhart:
Regular Magic: (1)
Special Abilities: Renozuken, Blasting Zone, Metal Blast, Fire Sword (Dual Tech with Vared, Renozu8ken + Fire Jet)

Regular Magic: (1)
Special Abilities:

Kage Ikagaide
Regular Magic: (1)Gravitone. (5)Blackhole[Not usable until he can use Level 5 Magic]
Special Abilities: Shadow Needles, Draconian Trance

Wamiyazen Denisu "Sake"
Regular Magic: (1)Nimble, Uplift, Aquabeam, Revive, Gravity Blow. (2)
Special Abilities: Photon Blast, Lightforce Sword

I hope everyone has fun with it all!

~ Mew Master

Mew Master
11th March 2003, 08:21 PM
OOO! OOO! OOOO! I forgot!!!! We all have something called the Pendragon Seal on our weapons. It allows us to absorb the energy from attacks that are the same type as our Innate and use them to recharge our energy. They also will change our attacks to the element used against us.

EXample: I use a Fire ball against Nabooru23 (Ice Innate) the Pendragon Seal won't stop him from being damaged, but when he attacks, it will feel to me like his weapon is on fire. Get it? If you have any more Questions, do not hesitate to ask!

Name: Denisu "Saké" Wamiyazen
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Age: 17
Innate: Light
Appearence: I have a pic
Personality: Sarcastic, but only in good fun. Cares about his friends and family to the breaking point.
Weapon: Dragon Sword
Special Abilities: Photon Blast (high concentrated beam of photon particles), Lightforce Sword (focuses powers into sword and hurtles it at enemies, destroys shadows and darkness), Draconian Revival (Pure Energy goes into sword and with a slash, can heal any and all illness and revive those close to death)

Name: Keiryuujin (Light Dragon King)
Sex: Male
Innate: Light
Appearence: I have a pic for this one as well
Personality: Clam, collective and wise. Almost the opposite of his Pendant Bearer.

Saké and Keiryuujin (http://groups.msn.com/df9a9mthhtcbig/chainsofdragons.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=126)

Part I: Secret Evil. Mystic Pendants, Powerful Weapons


"HiYA!" A teenager slashed down with a kendo bamboo sword at his opponent. A clash of bamboo and the teen was forced backwards from his opponent. Spikey redish-brown hair stuck out of his head, hazel eyes flashed with excitement. A vest and sleeveless shirt were already drenched in sweat. Fingerless gloves with a shrine's symbol allowed him to keep his grip on the bamboo through his sweaty palms. Baggy pants and boots finished out the rest of his outfit.

This was Denisu Wamiyazen, or "Saké" as he was called by everyone else in town. Son of the Shrine's Priest, Leion, and second-in-line to become the high priest. The temple, however, was more of a dojo that taught martial arts for self defense and the old magic of long ago.

"Denisu," Pokira, Saké's main mentor and teacher, said. "How can you expect to hit your opponent when you continue to shout before attacking? Plan your moves, and read your opponent's, then you may strike." Pokira was as much of a friend to Saké as a mentor, but never called him by his nickname, out of respect for such a promising pupil. Currently they were sparing and practicing Saké's favorite exersize, sword fighting.

"You tell me that all the time Pokira, but I never listen do I?" Saké replied as he raised his kendo stick again.

Pokira was taller than Saké and had long white hair that most of the women in town loved. He did have natural beauty, but Pokira's real passion was the martial arts and teaching the next generation. When he would train, many of the women would woo and sigh at him as he practiced in the early mornings. Pokira wore a simple shrine shirt and pants with some sandles, according to him it made for easier movement when practicing.

"No you never do."

Saké dashed and jumped into the air over Pokira, kendo sword raised to strike. Pokira stepped to the left once and Saké crashed into the ground with a thud.

"You never do Denisu."

The younger swordsman pulled his head out from the ground and shook his head. "Blast it. Okay, one more round!"

"Denisu, I have already spared with you for three hours. If you go any longer you may faint from exhaustion." Pokira warned.

"Nonesense, I'm fine." Saké tried to rush Pokira again, but tripped and fell on his face. "Ooookay. Maybe we can take a break....."

Pokira had a sweatdrop as he sighed.

* * *

Leon Wamiyazen sat in his study, going over some important matters that had just come up concerning the shrine. It was not easy being the priest, many came to him for guidence in important matters, but Leon needed some guidence of his own. The shrine was being pressured to stop teaching some of the magic abilities that had been around for thousands of generations and be replaced with scientific knowlege, such a thing Leon and many others were against.

Oreintal ornaments decorated his study. Swords, drawings, plants, and even small sculptures. There was one item seperated from the rest. Inside a glass container, sitting on a tripod holder, was a small pendant. Made from many white crystals, there was a golden image of a dragon curled around the top of the crystals, its wings folded. Every few minutes it would pulsate a small amount of light.

There was a knock at Leion's door. "Yes?"

"It is Pokira, Lord Leon."

The door slid open and there was Pokira still in his sparing clothes.

"Pokira, you know better than to be formal with me." Leon said with some humor, as he greeted his old friend. "Come in, come in. I take it Saké gave you another workout today?"

Pokira took a seat on the floor as Leon did as well.

"Hey dad." Saké stuck his head in. He had a clean set of clothes on and a sandwich in one hand. "I'm headin' to the forest for a bit, okay?"

"Just don't let the Pack give you too much trouble."

"They won't. Be back in a while!" Saké disappeared from the hallway.

Pokira watched as Saké left. "Are you sure you should let the Feline Demi-Humans around him. He is the next priest after you, after all."

"He will be fine, Saké did become friends with them when he was young, so they trust him more than anyone else." The Pack was a term given to the small tribe of Cat-like Demi-Humans that lived in the forests outside of town. Saké went to visit them atleast once a day. One time when he was sick and couldn't go they came to him, some of the townspeople didn't take kindly to them, but Leon let them stay in the temple with his son. "He reminds me so much of Alicia. So happy and care-free."

Alicia was Leon's wife. There was a picture of her on his desk in his study, also in the picture was him, smiling, and Saké, barely three-years-old, holding onto his mother's gown.

"I know, don't forget, I was there when you and Alicia were wed." Pokira commented.

"And I won't Pokira, you can be asured. After Alicia's death, the only thing that had kept me in high spirits was Saké and his free-spirit and determination. If I lost him, I don't know what I would do." Leon realized he was getting into too depressing a conversation. "So tell me, how is Saké doing in your classes?"

Pokira smiled a bit. "He is an excellent spellcaster, but his swordsmanship needs more work."

"Even after almost three hours today?"

"He was close to begging me to go spar with him so he could improve on his own techniques. I will admit that he is improving, although slowly."

"Heh, that's my boy. Determined to go all the way and not stop." Leon stated.

"Well, I must get going. The next class starts soon, and I must prepare for it." Pokira stood up, bowed to show his respect and then walked out of Leon's study.

Leon stood up and was aware of his shadow being cast against the door. he turned around and saw the pendant in the glass case glowing, more brightly and feircely than ever before.

"Hmmm. I wonder....."

* * *

Saké was being flagged by several sets of shadows. He jumped from tree trunk to tree trunk as he tried to evade his pursuers. In one hand was his bamboo sword, so he could continue practicing his techniques. Jumping down, he landed in a small clearing and held his sword infront of him. The shadows jumped down as well and then revieled themselves as the feline Demi-Humans known as the Pack back in town.

Each Demi-Human wore clothes similar to what humans would wear but the edges of their pants and shirts were ragged due to their mobile nature. They all had fur and a feline-shapped head, their tails sometimes jutted out from holes they made in their pants. Every hand was decorated with sharp nails, as were their feet.

"Saké, we still couldn't catch you." said one, a female.

"Sorry Catie, but Pokira always tells me never to hold anything back when fighting."

"Can't you let up a litte, kinda spoiles the thrill of the chase." a younger male replied.

Saké was about to reply when something came falling down from the trees.

"Saké! Mi'man!" Another feline Demi-Human appeared, this one landing right on Saké.

"Lynx! You're sitting on me!"

Lynx looked down and saw for sure that he was sitting on Saké. "Sorry dude," Lynx helped Saké stand up.

Lynx was older than the rest of the young members of the Pack, with a coat of grey with black stripes. "Hey, what are you doing here Saké?"

"Practicing my reflexes against your brothers and sisters. Why?"

"There's a convoy of soliders heading into your town. They were all dressed in black and gold armor."


"Yeah, really weird too, they covered the countryside completely. Strange, huh Saké?"

No answer.


Saké was aready gone!

* * *

"Leon!" Pokira said as he almost rushed into the study. "Soliders are here."

"What?! At the shrine?"

"They wish to see you imediatly. They say it is important."

Leon stood and followed Pokira out.

* * *

"We wish to see Lord Wamiyazen, at once!" shouted the current leader of these troops. "If not we will be offered no alternative than to see him forcefully."

Leon appeared from the temple, Pokira by his side. "There will be no forecfull entry in this shrine. Now, what is it you want?"

"Lord Wamiyazen?"


"We have orders to retrive an item from your shrine and return it to its owner, our master, Lord Garm."

Leon shook his head. "I'm sorry, but I have never heard of this Garm before. Every artifiact is sole property of this shrine and has remained here for thousands of years. And now, if you will excuse us, we have classes to attend to."

"I am afraid we cannot take no for an answer." the troops leader replied. Swords were drawn in the first line of soliders.

"Dad! Hey dad, what's ... going...... on?" Saké pushed his way through the soliders and started making his way up the stairs, kendo sword in hand. He looked back and saw the mass of soliders.

"Grab him!"



Saké's arms were grabbed by two soliders, making him drop his sword.

"Release him!" Leon ordered.

"Give us what we want and you will have your son back."

Saké watched the expression change in his father's eyes, from the calm defiance to defeat.

"Dad, don't let them have anything!"

"Shut up!"

Saké stomped his heel into the foot of the solider on his left, his arm freed, a jab with his elbow and then a whack with the back of his fist sent that one stumbling backwards. Now Saké grabbed the forearm of the solider still holding him and tripped him with his foot, then with a little leverage, tossed the solider into the other one he had just attacked seconds ago. The two soliders landed in a dog-pile, moans of pain emminating from them.

"Get him!" Several soliders rushed Saké and he dove for his kendo sword. A bamboo sword wasn't really effective against the metal swords the soliders had, but he would still fight if he had to.

"Run Denisu!" came a voice from above. Pokira had lept the distance and had his favored weapon unsheathed, the curved tachi sword. Saké's teacher landed between him and the soliders, holding the bunch off as Leon motioned for Saké to hurry. Saké ran up the steps and his father ushered him inside as students of the temple had their weapons at the ready.

* * *

"Saké," his father told him as they neared his study. "There is something that I must give you, for I fear it is what these soliders of Garm are after." Leon threw open the door and he and Saké jumped in before it closed. Leon walked towards the class case and the slightly glowing crystal. "This crystal is actually a pendant that has been the center of all our studies regaurding the shrine and temple. It came into the possesion of your ancestors many of thousands of years ago and it has been our duty to ensure its safety." Leon took it out and it appeared that there was a small string attached to it. "Denisu," it was a rarity that Leon would use Saké's real name so the teen knew this was very important. "You must be careful. This pendant holds unbelieveable powers, powers that not even I know of. You must swear to protect this pendant with your life, for if it should fall into the wrong hands, there is no telling what kind of evil these powers would be able of causing." Leon went and slipped the string over Saké's head and the pendant rested on his chest, just under his collar bone.

Saké held the pendant in his hand and could see the slight glow subside. "I promise father, I will."

Leon smiled. "That's my boy. Now if you will excuse me," Leon went to one of the sword display cases and retrieved one of his most used weapons, an actual bamboo sword. The sword blade was made of metal, not like the kendo swords the students and Saké used most of the time, but the handle and sheath were made of bamboo. "We have some uninvited guests to get rid of."

"All right!" Saké replied. "Count me in dad."

"No Saké, you are still a student and you have more than just your life to worry about now. Protect the pendant first, by staying out of this fight." Without another word, Leon was out the door to the study and on his way.

"Blast it!"

* * *

Karsh, the leader of these troops under Garm, watched the fight as several of his best men were dispatched by fighters with wooden swords! This was humiliating, and he pulled out his sword. "Fine, count on yourself to get the job done."

By now Lord Wamiyazen stood at the front doors and what appeared to be another wooden weapon in his hands. "Stop this! There will be no more fighting on this shrine's ground!" Strangely all fighting ceased.

"Wamiyazen, there is no need for us to force our way into your temple. Just give us what we want and you will be left alone." Karsh stated.

"All the artifacts here, belong to the temple and the students who reside here. There is nothing here for you." Leon replied as he walked down the stairs and reviled his bamboo sword. "Now leave, or I shall be forced to make you leave."

"Your loss," Karsh said with an evil smile. "Electro Jolt!"

Sparks sprang from Karsh's hand and crackled towards Leon. The priest jumped to the side as the thunder attack scorched the steps where he had been. Now he retaliated.

"Uplift!" A section of the stairs under Karsh's feet began to be dislodged from the ground and the warrior jumped back before a section of the stairs had been thrown up into the air and then crashed into the steps again.

"Fire Ball!" Karsh shot a ball of flames at Leon.

"Aquabeam!" Leon retaliated with a beam that sliced right through the Fire Ball.

Unbeknownst to anyone, Saké was watching from behind the openned doors, secretly cheering his father on. Go dad! he thought.

Leon and Karsh clashed their weapons, and forced eachother back.

"Fire Ball!" Karsh attacked again.

Leon countered with the same attack. "Aquabeam!" As the beam of water sliced through the Fire Ball Karsh rushed Leon, his sword raised.

"Dad! Look out!" Saké warned, but it was too late.

Saké watched as Karsh's sword hit his father, clean in the torso. In the afterstroke, Leon fell on his back, blood flowing from his torso. Karsh grinned at the blood on his silver sword.

"Dad! Dad! DAD!" Saké ran past Karsh and straight to his injured father. Gently he raised Leon's head. "Dad," he said comfortly. "Dad, say something."

Leon openned his eyes and Saké could see them start to glaze over. "Denisu," he said weakly. "My son. Protect the pendant, with your life. You swore......to.........it........" Leon's eyes closed and Saké felt his father's body go limp. Saké lowered his head, tears running down his cheeks.

Saké stood up, gripping the kendo bamboo sword in his hand. "You,"

Karsh turned towards Saké.

"You will pay for what you have done." He turned and glared at Karsh with all the hatred in his heart.

Something reflected off of Saké's chest that grabbed Karsh's attention. "That necklace. Heh. Give that necklace to me junior, and we'll leave without anymore incidents."

Saké just glared at Karsh and never moved. "You will pay!" He dashed at Karsh, bamboo sword raised and ready to attack. Karsh didn't use his sword but instead saw through Saké's attack and landed a punch right to his solar plexis.

The wind was knocked out of Saké and he went limp. With a sharp kick, Karsh whacked Saké head over heels onto his stomach, the pendant laying, still attachted to the string around his neck, just past his shoulder. He didn't move.

"Men! Keep them back. While I take care of some important buisness." Karsh had his sword in his hand as he walked towards the TKO'ed Saké.

The white and gold pendant started glowing a bright pure white, and Karsh stopped in his tracks. Then Saké started to stand up, head tilted down. Karsh stepped back in surprise.

"An attack like that should have knocked the senses out of you!"

If Saké was paying attention to Karsh, he didn't show it. The kendo bamboo stick was still clutched in Saké's hand. Finally the teen lifted his head and openned his eyes. There was no reflection, Saké looked possesed.

"You have desicrated our temple, boldy attacked us, and killed my father. I will avange his death with your defeat." Even his voice sounded different.

"Try again if you want junior, but you.....!!" Saké had rushed Karsh and hit him with the kendo stick, sending the general flying into the air.

When Karsh hit the ground, all fighting stopped and Saké stood up, his head facing the earth before him.

"If you do not leave at once, the same fate shall befall you." Saké muttered.

The soliders looked at eachother nervously before running, grabbing their commander, and leaving the temple grounds as well as the town itself. "We give! You win!"

Pokira walked towards Saké, his tachi sheathed.

Saké openned his eyes and they looked back to normal. "Huh?! What happened?"

"Denisu," Pokira started, but Saké was looking around and saw his father.

"Dad! No! DAD!" He fell to his knees beside the body of his father. "No, you can't be...... gone." Saké couldn't help but cry, first his mother had died and now his father had been killed before his very eyes, and there was nothing he could have done to save either. "I'll miss you, dad." Pokira came and rested a hand on Saké's shoulder.

There came a mumbled reply from Leon's body, and Saké stared with disbelief. "I'm....... not dead yet." Leon muttered through his weakened condition. Saké and Pokira fell over in stupidty.

"Dad you're okay!"

"He's too weak for a Heal Spell. Let's get him to the doctor, now!"

* * *

In the hospital, Saké was pacing while Pokira appeared to be meditating in a seat.

"Denisu, if you continue to pace you will wear a hole through the floor." he said.

"I can't help it Pokira." Now Saké paced faster.

"Okay, let's change the subject then. Your swordsmanship has improved more than I thought."

"Huh?!" Saké stopped and looked at Pokira. "What are you talking about?"

"After that man had attacked you, you stood up and finished him with one strike. A feat even your father hasn't been able to acomplish."

"Whadda mean?"

"Don't you remember?"

"No, I don't remember a thing. After I got punched, the wind was knocked out of me and it's all blank after I feel and when I realized I was standing up, sword in hand." Saké replied. Unkowingly he held onto the pendant around his neck.

Pokira saw this. "Denisu, your father gave you that just before he went to fight. Didn't he?"

"Yeah. Why? What's the big deal?"

Pokira searched his clothes for something. "Becuase, your father intrusted me with giving you something if he was unable to. And I believe this cituation counts as such." He handed Saké a faded piece of folded paper with his name on it. He could tell it was in someone else's handwriting. "Now, listen carefully. Go back to the shrine and into your father's study. Open the letter, and follow the instructions."

"But dad's..." Saké almost protested.

"I will wait for your father for when he comes out of surgery. Now go."

* * *

Minutes later Saké was standing in his father's study, looking at the letter in his hands. Dad, what is it that you want me to know about like this? Gently he broke the seal on the letter and started reading:

To Denisu Wamiyazen, son.

If by chance you recieve this letter, there is a good chance that you have the pendant and I am no longer among the land of the living. Don't fear my son, for you have grown strong by now. It was Leon's wish that you recieve the Dragon Pendant when it seemed to be endangered, and you would forever be its protector.

Denisu, you now have a long and difficult road ahead of you. The pendant you now protect is being seeked by dark and terrible forces, I have seen it in my dreams. You must not go unarmed my son. In your father's study, I hope it has not changed, there is a tall and thin cabnet with a slot on the far north wall. Place your pendant inside it, with the golden dragon facing you.

Saké looked around the room and saw the cabnet. Indeed there was a cabnet on the far wall, there was a slot, cut to fit the pendant around his neck. He slipped the string off of his neck and gently placed the pendant in the slot. A perfect fit! His pendant began to glow, the bright light illuminating the room.

Now, you must say the following words and break the seal on the cabnet:

Soul is pure,
Heart is bright
Denstiny sure,
Release the light.

"Soul is pure. Heart is bright. Destiny sure. Release the light!" A flash and the entire study was engulfed by the illuminating glow. Saké covered his eyes against the glare. As the glow subsided, Saké watched as light travled along the area between the doors untill the entire height of the cabnet had been reached. He watched and the pendant was ejected from the cabnet. Saké's fast reflexes managed to catch it before it hit the ground.

With a hiss the cabnet opened and Saké saw a sword inside. The sword was inside a red and black colored sheath, the long handle was carved in the image of a dragon. He continued to read the letter.

Denisu, take the sword, for it is my heirloom to you. The sword is over 4000 years old, and yet, it has not aged one day. Legend says that it is forged from the bones of an ancient dragon, but no one knows for sure. Your pendant and sword hove powers on their own, but together, they have immense possibilities. Take great care when you use them. You must know one thing: there are others out there with pendants and weapons of great power. You must seek them, for they shall be your greatest allies.

I wish I could see you now Denisu. You must have grown handsome. I'm sure the ladies must be hovering over you. Maybe as you are reading this, you have already grown up and raised a family. If you have, then my preminition was wrong, but it may come, if not in your life-time, than in your children's.

Take care Denisu. Follow your heart, trust in others, and never forget what you have been taught.

Love, eternally,

Alicia Wamiyazen

Saké dropped to his knees. The letter wasn't from his father, it was from his mother! Written while she was still alive. "Mom....."

Alicia Wamiyazen had passed away ten years ago, after being diagnosed with a virus that would slowly and painlessly shut down her body. Saké wasn't there when she passed on, and was very sad for months after her funeral.

"So, this," he held the pendant. "Is from dad, and that." he looked at the sword. "Is from mom." After putting the pendant back around his neck he reached for the sheathed sword. There was a strap so the sheath would rest on his shoulder. Saké pulled the sword free from its sheath.

The blade was clean and the metal reflected the light that was slowly dimming from his pendant. He remembered something, something that he promised himslef long ago.

"I will follow my heart, mom. I hope you're looking over me." Saké looked up at the celeing.

* * *

"So he's going?" Leon asked. Two days had passed since the shrine was attacked and Leon had been awake for five hours.

"Yes," Pokira replied, sitting by his friend. "Denisu left at dawn. He told me to give you this." The albino handed Leon a small letter.

Although injured, Leon took and openned it. A smile crossed his face and he laid it down on his lap. There was only one word, PROMISE.


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11th March 2003, 09:08 PM
~Name: Seyelin Hatsuke
~Race: Human
~Gender: M
~Age: 15
~Innate: Ice
~Appearence: About 5'7", he has a medium build and is somewhat pale. He has icy pale blue eyes and somewhat messy silver hair. silver hair. Wears a loose-fitting sleeveless white shirt, dark blue pants, and a black belt-sash sorta thing with leather boots.
~Personality: Semi-chatoic, and despises most people. He's very antisocial, and prefers to sit alone by himself than interract with others. He has little remorse in battle, and fights until he has no strength left.
~Weapon: Dragon Naginata: A 6' bone staff with a largeblade at the top. There are two feathers, one dark blue and one silver-white, at the base of the blade.
~Special Abilities:
Ice Whip: Creates a thin stream of bright blue ice that can be moved around. Best at close-range.
Shatter: Fires a large shard of ice, or makes one come up from the ground.
Arctic Wind: An arctic wind picks up and coats everything with ice and snow.
Encase: The Ice Naginata's blade becomes coated in ice that cannot melt or be broken. This ice can be expelled, creating many shards of flying ice.

~Name: Sojiru
~Gender: M
~Innate: Ice
~Appearence: A large, semi-transparent blue-white dragon with spikes of ice running along his spine and atop his head. He has a large club-like chunk of ice at the tip of his tail. He is somewhat bony, and his ribs show through the icy flesh of his chest. (I have a pic and I might have it up once I can scan it)
~Personality: Very serious,

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11th March 2003, 09:11 PM
Name: Horus
Race: Demi-Human
Sex: Male
Age: 23
Innate: Psychic
Appearence: I have messy, dark purple hair, shoulder length. 6'7", 173 lbs, White eyes (basically no pupils or iris), wears a black, loose robe, and black, pointed, leather shoes. My skin color is a light purple. Dark purple lips, black fingernails.
Personality: Very calm. He seldom talks to people, reading people's minds instead. He only talks unless something needs to be said. He cares for only one person, who he will never reveal, but my possibly end up coming out as the story progresses. He is a nice guy, but his past is shrouded in mystery.
Weapon: Evil Blade, a enchanted sword with the power of Bane, a sacred power of evil.
Special Abilities: Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Telekinesis, Psychokinesis, Divination, Retrocognition, Precognition


Name: Absol
Sex: Male
Innate: Psychic
Appearence: Dark, black dragon. Black eyes
Personality: Very protective of friends, family, and comrades. If he sees someone in trouble, he will help them in any way possible. He has the power to fluently speak any language.

I sat in my room, head tilted, eyes closed. I was resting, the room pitch black. I was absorbed into my thoughts, casting my brainwaves out to the far reaches of the universe. Nothing… I kept concentrating; even if nothing came across, I would still be strengthening my psychic influences and powers to reach a longer distance.

Nothing had come through for about 30 minutes, so I decided to stop. Just I had done so, an electrifying sensation swept through my body, and a heard a laugh. An evil laugh; one so sinister, it made me quiver. I thought nothing of it. It must have been some type of fluke. I looked up into the night sky, the moons shimmering beautifully, casting their radiance onto the earth soaked in ebony. Tuus, Ekta, and Zhio, all big, and all filled with craters. It wasn’t that much of surprise; after all, meteors sometimes landed on Kalis, my earth and homeworld.

I arose from my chair, and left my room. My parents were in the living room, meditating, and thinking about their day. I thought nothing of it, they usually did this sort of thing. They hated it when someone interrupted them when they were in this state. I didn’t bother to read their minds, since they were well aware of my presence. I come from a family filled with psychics.

I headed back to my room, and then I heard the laugh again, this time…. closer. I froze on the spot, chills running down my spine, then suddenly, a shock when through me again, and then I heard a loud crash, and the sound of wood cracking into splinters filled my ears as the house shook. I went back into the living room. The whole room was destroyed, rubble flying everywhere. My mom, a very attractive woman, despite her age, ran toward me.

Fear was in her eyes, and she grabbed my hand, and led me into the cellar, some 50 feet below the house. She began to breathe deeply, and I could hear her crying. “My God, I knew this would come, I- I just knew it! He has finally come to conquer our earth! GARM!!!!” My mom yelled, bursting into tears. “Horus, I knew this day would come, and that is why I must leave you to fulfill your heroic destiny which was foretold in the ancient books of time.”

“ ’One day, the antichrist will come, and massacre thousands with not reasonable intention. Then, a hero of psychic ancestry, will step forth with the help of others, and slay the evil one, and peace shall be restored to all the lands,’ ” my mom informed me. “Horus, you do remember the scar on your upper left arm, do you not? It is the eye of Horus, one of the Egyptian gods. It is said that whoever has that marking from birth, will be the one that becomes the hero of the legends. Our family has safeguarded the relics of the hero for centuries, even millennia, when the ancient evil dragon was concealed within the pendant.”

We came to a halt, inside of a room that was lit with purple candles with black flames rising from the wicks of the candles. Then, encased within a glass case, was a sword. The sword was relatively long, maybe 3 ˝ feet at least. There were two blades, each parallel to the other. They protruded from the middle of the hilt, which was black. An eye was carved into the hilt. Beside the sword, there was a small, marble pillar that had a wooden box. My mom opened the case, and motioned me forward.

“This is the Evil Blade. The ancient sword that was used by Tara, the last antichrist. It was used to bind the souls of lost warriors into the blade, torturing them forever. Only the antichrist and the chosen hero can wield the blade. Take it.”

I went over to the sword, and took it off the hinges. It began to glow purple. I could feel the power flowing into my hands. It was actually fairly light for a sword, which proved that it could be a powerful weapon.

My mom then went over to the box, and opened it. She pulled out a medallion that was of the amethyst gem. It was attached to a silver chain.

“This is the Psychic Pendant. It holds within it the power of the Psychic dragon, Absol. It can only be used by the hero foretold in the legends. You can call the dragon to your side, and use it to thwart evil. Use these items well.”

My mom then made a portal appear, which was not unusual to psychics. Lightning went from her forehead to the side of the wall.

“Step inside this portal. This will transport you to the human world. Farewell, Horus, and good luck. This is probably the last time you will ever see me. Garm knows who you are, and he will do anything to kill you and get the blade and the pendant. You must not let him gain these precious possessions.”

I stepped over to the portal, and I couldn’t believe what was happening. My mom embraced me for a few moments, for I know finally realized that this would be the last time I ever saw my faire mother again.

I slid into the portal, and my mom got further and further away.

“I wish you the best of luck. Remember: The Eye of Horus reveals the hero…”

Horus heard this many times through the void, before blacking out and landing in a heap on the soft grass in a thicket. The pendant in his pocket, the blade in its sheath beside him. Little did Horus know that a great quest was about to get underway.

Mew Trainer Rose
12th March 2003, 07:40 PM
Name: Vared
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Age: 18
Innate: Fire
Appearence: Brown-copper hair that's often tied back into a ponytail, light brown eyes. stiff brown leather jacket that sort of acts as leather armor. faded yellow shirt, red-brown pants. sturdy black shoes.
Personality: A bit inquisitive, sometimes shy. Reluctant to start a fight, but will do so if necessary, won't hesitate to defend herself or anyone in need.
Weapon: Dragon Spear (A 8-inch blade, sort of leaf-shaped and edged on both sides, on a hardwood shaft about a yard long. flame-like symbols inscribed on the blade and shaft.)
Special Abilities:
Scorch Blade: The blade of the spear heats untill it begins to glow slightly red. When Vared slashes with the spear, a short trail of fire appears in the wake of the blade.
Flame Jet: A burst of flame is shot from the blade of the spear
Heat Wave: After using Scorch Blade, the spear is spun in a circle around Vared. The area for a wide radius around her then become incredibly hot for a while. This has pretty much the effects of a really, really hot day: it seems to take more energy to move, causing people to generally become more slothfull, things tend to catch on fire more easily. (and you can fry an egg on the sidewalk! ^_^ j/k) Vared, Nuri, and anyone used to such heat feel the effects less.


Name: Nuri
Sex: Female
Innate: Fire
Appearence: A scarlet dragon that looks somewhat feline, has that basic body, head, leg and paw shape, but a longer tail. a pair of wings that are yellow and scarlet. eyes are gold with flecks of red, and have catlike pupils.
something like the dragon in this: http://www.dragontribe.net/legend/i...legendblaze.jpg
Personality: Usually calm and cool-headed. Slow to anger, and won't stay angry long. Like her pendant bearer, will fight only if necessary.


Holding onto my spear with both hands, I lunged forward and stabbed the air in front of me, following the maneuver with a sweeping slash to one side. I stood straight again, and was about to execpute another move when I heard a shout behind me.
"Vared! could you come here a minute?"
I turned toward the voice. I was standing in my backyard, where i usually practiced with my spear. I was holding a simply-made spear, which was the weapon i used for practice. I had never had need to use the skills i had learned in an actual fight, so my spear was more than enough.
I turned and walked into my house, going through the back door to find my mom standing just inside.
"Your grandfather Abram has come to visit. Come on, he's in the living room." She told me. We both headed down the hall and into the front room.
Abram was sitting on the couch and talking to my father, his son. Abram was starting to get on in years, and his hair was more white than grey. He used to be quite formidable a warrior when he was younger, and taught me the basics of fighting. He could still hold his own against me in a practice fight, but because of a combination of his advancing age and my growing strength, I had been able to beat him during some of the more recent fights.
He turned toward me as we walked into the room. "Hi, Vared! Still keeping in practice, I see." he remarked, seeing that i still had my spear in my hand.
"I wouldn't want to get rusty." I replied as i sat in a chair facing him. "How are you doing?"
"Still have all my limbs." he answered. "I came here for more than just a visit. I have something to give you." He opened his gnarled hand, which untill this moment had been sitting in his lap closed, hiding something inside. As his fingers curled back, a pendant on a silvery chain could be seen. "This is the Pendant of the Red Dragon. It's been in our family for ages, and we have guarded it since then, as it holds great power. It has been passed down from one guardian to another, and I feel that it is your turn to guard it."
"Wow." I said, a bit stunned and awed. The pendant was a red crystal, with a creature curled on the top and the chain attached to it. I wasn't close enough to see what the creature looked like, but i supposed it was the Red Dragon. "I'd be honored. But why me?"
"Like I said, It's been passed down in the family. I've been able to take care of it untill now, but I'm not as young as I used to be. I wanted to give it to someone young, so they could take care of it for as long as posible without having to pass it on. And your brother never showed any interest in fighting, so he wouldn't be able to guard it." Her older brother was more interested in being a scholar, and was away studying at a university.
"As for 'Why today?', which will probably be your next question, I just felt like it. If I were anyone else, I'd probably have given it to you on some landmark day, like your 18th birthday or the anniversary of the day I got it. But since I don't go for that clichéd stuff, I just waited untill I felt like it. Here, take it." He said, holding it out to me.
I laid my spear down on the floor and picked up the pendant from grandpa's hand, then took a better look at it. The creature on top dark red crystal appeared to be cat-like, at least at first glance. It had teh same basic body shape, but the first difference one noticed was that it has a pair of wings on it's back, open slightly as if tensed for flight. The creature also had scales instead of fur, and the detail of the figure was so incredible that I felt i could count each one. The toes on the paws were longer than a cat's, and had large claws that were clasped tightly onto the crystal. The creature's long tail was curled around the jewel, reaching most of the way around. It's head was arched down and the mouth was slightly open as if snarling, offering a glimpse of the sharply pointed teeth. The chain, which was made of teh same dark silver metal as teh creature, ran under the wings.
"I like 'that clichéd stuff' a lot more than your grandfather, so expect to get my spear on some landmark day, with a fancy presentation ceremony." dad said, grinning. I knew he was referring to the fancy spear of his, the one that had designs of flames inscribed on the shaft and blade. As far as i had known, it had never been used, but stayed in his room in a locked box.
"I guess I'd better start working on my speech, then." I said with a laugh at my father's joke. Everyone joined in the laughter.
When everyone had stopped, I took one more look at the Pendant, then slipped teh chain over my head.
"Make sure to keep that hidden, ther will no doubt be people who'll do anything they can to get it and the great power it holds." grandpa said, serious again. I nodded and tucked it under my shirt, making sure that it or the chain could not be seen.
"Don't worry, I'll protect it with my life." I said, meaning every word.

Darkmaster Kagemusha
12th March 2003, 08:17 PM

Name: Kage Ikagaide
Race: Demi-human
Sex: Male
Age: 22
Innate: Shadow
Appearence: 6'8" tall, black hair that is spikey on the top and the rest is long and braided (Ala Duo Maxwell), and has black eyes with red flecks in them. He is very muscular and wears all black. Usually a black cloak (This cloak is actually part of a set of pauldrons and upper chest plate, kinda like a black, hooded version of Piccolo's cape) over a black tee-shirt and black denim pants, he also wears black leather and metal gauntlets and black combat boots. Also, he has large, black, feathered wings and his canines are enlongated slightly.
Personality: His personality varies depending on the situation. Sometimes he is very calm and serious, and other times he is just down right crazy (In a funny sort of way).
Weapon: Black Dragon Claws (These are attached to his gauntlets and when he unlocks them, three foot-long blades can slide out (Kinda like Wolverine only the claws aren't inside his arm), they are made of a very strong black metal with red and gold engraving on them.)
Special Abilities: Shadow Needles (An orb of black energy forms from his hand and hundreds of small, black needles made of energy shoot from that. Whatever the needles stick in becomes black, shrivelled, and dead. The same goes for people if they aren't treated within ten minutes). Dark Dragon (Charges the blades of his Black Dragon Claws with energy, then allows him to make quick, powerful strokes with them, and every time the blades contact something, the energy burns it.) Draconian Trance (His entire eyeball becomes black and his eyes open wide as he goes into a trance, in this trance, he creates a dream form of himself and can invade the dreams of others.)


Name: Blackthorn
Sex: Male
Innate: Shadow
Appearence: A very large black dragon with a crest of horns protruding from his head, as well as spines all down his back. He is a very strong dragon as well.
Personality: Almost exactly the same as his pendant bearer, but can be a bit more cruel at times.

Kage Ikagaide
I stepped away from the tree I had been leaning on as I meditated and turned around. I threw my cloak to the ground and flipped my Dragon Claws into place. I then proceeded to slice the tree as quickly as I could. After about 5 minutes of rapid slashing, I finished by slamming both Claws into the sides of the tree so hard that wood splintered and cracked and my fists almost touched. I slid the blades out of the tree and deftly flipped the Claws back into their locked position.

"You're getting better with those," I heard the voice of my father behind me. I spun around to see him standing in the doorway of our home. I stretched my arms and wings and picked up my cloak. I threw it over my shoulder and walked over to my father.

"Yeah, well, as good as I'd like to be. I still can't beat you," I said. My father grinned.

"As long as nobody pulls one of my moves on you, you'll be fine," he said. My father than pulled something out of his pocket. "Kage, you need to have this," he said, tossing it to me. I looked at the object. It was a pendant on a silver chain. The pendant was a circle with a red stone filling it, and a black metal dragon flew in the center of the stone. I grinned slightly as I put it on. I cracked my neck and looked at my father again.

"Why do I need to have this?"

He looked at my cryptically. "He's coming for that amulet!" Suddenly, I heard a loud explosion and ducked a little. I looked behind me--a house just blew apart. "GO!" my father yelled.

12th March 2003, 08:54 PM

"Hya!" I cried, slashing out with my Naginata. It smashed into the tree, making a large hole in the trunk. I yanked it loose, tugging hard on the handle, and stumbled backwards as it came loose.

"Seylin!" my father cried from inside, "Come inside, right now! There's something I want you to have!" I grinned and walked inside, thussing the base of my Naginata on the ground at every other step.

"What is it, Dad?" I asked as he led me down to the basement. He didn't answer. He led me into a back room, one I was frobidden to enter. Inside, there was nothing but an alter of sorts. A small, wooden box lay on it. I stood at the doorway as Dad opened the box, lifting out a pendant on a silver chain. It had a deep blue stone in which a silvery-white dragon figure was set, forever in a flying position.

"Here," he lobbed the pendant at me; I caught it by the chain.

Just then, there was a loud crash. Startled, Dad and I ran upstairs to investigate. We ran all the way outside to find a nearby house had blown up. I stared, dumbfounded, leaning on my Naginata, still clutching the pendant, trying to think of what could possibly destroy a house like that.

12th March 2003, 09:14 PM
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Name: Sora Hibari (roughly translates to "Sky Skylark" XD)
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Age: 18
Innate: Sky
Appearence: Shoulder-length dirty blonde hair, navy blue eyes, tan skin. Usually wearing a sky blue t-shirt w/a jean jacket decorated by a sky blue dragon weaving back and forth (XD What I'm wearing, at the moment) and baggy denim jeans. Black hiking boots, but their barely visible from under the jeans. She has a black belt from which her Kama is tucked in at the back, causing it to probably decapitate anyone standing behind her. (Heh-heh!)
Personality: Very outgoing and friendly. She likes to make friends, and she always gives people second chances. If ever a friend is in need, she's there. And if you're in battle, pray that she's on your side.
Weapon: Shurikens (I think I've heard Americans call them 'Stars,' but they're those star-shaped blades that samurais usually throw out from their wrists) made of Dragon teeth, and a Kama (a scythe, pretty much, used for defence, but when used for offence, the results are deadly) made out of a Dragon's wing humerus (the first bone on its wing; very strong and durable) and a metal blade. Both are decorated by sky-blue designs.
Special Abilities: She can speak Draconian. Very useful if she wants to speak privately with her Dragon. ^_^'


Name: Hekikuu (blue sky; azure sky)
Sex: Female
Innate: Sky
Appearence: Slim and elegant with large wings (as she flies alot). Her eyes fade from sky blue to navy blue, her stomach is a metallic shade of blue, her tail ends in a fin that helps navigate the air currents, and her horns are slightly spiraled.
Personality: Very quiet and reserved, she enjoys flying about rather than fight, but if she must...

Sora Hibari

"No, no Sora!" My father said, annoyed. "Never put your feet like that."

I quickly rearranged my foot pattern. We were practicing duels with Kamas...except father never did trust me with a real one. I was stuck with wood. And pitiful wood at that. This was my third one.

"There! Much better!" He commented, pulling his weapon towards eye level. "Ready?"

"Yes..." I replied, a smile drawing upon my face...I always loved these fake-spars. He lunged forward, ready to severe my arm off (if it had been a real battle). I blocked quickly, and attacked his open spot. After a few minutes, I used the "blade" to yank him off balance, and held the tip over his chest.

"Very good!" Dad smiled, then whipped his Kama in front and broke mine in half. Again. "But not good enough...remember to block their arms as well."

I held the broken stick in my hands, and fell to my knees. "Daaad..." I grumbled. "That's the fourth one!! I'm telling mom you broke this one."

"Come on, up you get." He smiled, and extended his hand. I took it reluctantly, dropping the shattered blade to the ground. "She won't mind...we've got loads."

"When can I use a real one?" I asked him as we walked back to the house.

"When you're older." He replied. I rolled my eyes thinking That's the answer for everything...I'm 18 years old already...

We went inside the house...it wasn't too shabby. We walked into the kitchen where mother was fixing a nice meal.

"Come on, you two! Enough fighting and let's eat." She smiled, indicating the delicious looking steak.

"Oh, Tsuru, Sora broke another Kama again." Dad reported, flashing a devilish grin my way.

"Did she now, Tousan?" Mother replied, looking at me. "Last I remember, it was your father who--" "BANG-BANG-BANG!!"

"What was that?" I asked, as mother stood up and raced to the door. It was our neighbor, Rinjin. She looked distressed.

"Tsuru and Tousan! It's urgent! Warriors are approaching the southern borders of the city! They are being led by...by...Garm..." She finished in a whisper.

"Garm? Garm?" My father rushed to the door. "How long 'till they arrive, Rinjin?"

"Not long. A few minutes...30 at most, I'd say." She replied, still slightly gasping from her rush.

"Tsuru," My father looked at my mother urgently. "Take Sora. Give her the items."

"Items?" I asked. "What items?"

"No time for talk, Sora, follow me!" My mother grabbed my hand and led me towards the small shrine outside our house.

"What items?" I asked her again. We walked down the long flight of stairs until we were deep underground. Mother approached a large statue, one of a resplendent lizard-like being. It held in its hands...

"A Kama!" I exclaimed. My mother picked it up carefully and turned to me.

"Not just any Kama, dear Sora." She looked at me imploringly, so I listened. "This is made from the bones of an ancient Dragon. It is so lightweight, it's like a hand more than a weapon." She held it out to me, and I slowly took it. "Take this, too, Sora." She turned around and fumbled with the mouth of the statue, withdrawing a large, sky-blue pendant. "Never loose this. Guard it with your very soul."

I took the pendant as well, and tied it tightly around my neck. "Yes mother...now...what of this Garm?"

"This is very important, Sora." Mother replied, opening another box and messing with its contents. "Garm is an evil man. He wants to steal all the pendants. He will stop at nothing to get them. Never let him take it."

"But...Pendants? There's more than just mine?" I asked her.

She nodded. "Yes, Sora. Light, Shadow, Fire, Water, Forest, Ice, Lightning, Earth, Sky, Metal, and Psychic. Hold out your hands." I held them out, and she placed 10 Shurikens in my hands. "These are special Shurikens, Sora. They are made of Dragon teeth, and will cut through nearly anything. Use them sparingly." I nodded.

We climbed out of the hole, my mother nearly in tears. The distant sound of shrieking could be heard. Father came out, his eyes watering too.

"Sora...Always protect the pendant...Always..." He hugged me. Noises were echoing closer.

"But...but what about you two?!" I cried. "That...Garm guy...he's coming with armies! He's burning the village!"

My mother shook her head. "Don't worry about us, Sora..."

My eyes watering, I hugged my parents.

"Go...run...get away from here, far away...find the other Pendant-holders...you must..." My mother whispered, urging me forward.

I turned reluctantly, walking slowly, then faster...then running. The sounds of screaming and burning echoed down to the line of forests. I hurried and hid within them.
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12th March 2003, 09:39 PM
Name: Elena Kai-Prae
Race: Demi-Human
Sex: Female
Age: 21
Innate: Forest
Appearance: 5'9", her skin is covered in a short, fine coat of tan-gold fur, liberally sprinkled with black spots. Her hair is shoulder-length and blonde, almost the same color as her fur but without the spots. Her eyes are cat-slitted green with gold pupils. Her face is delicate, almost cat-like, and her ears are pointed like a cat's. She wears a silken black leotard underneath a hardened leather breastplate dyed black, and a black leather skirt that goes down to mid-thigh. She retains the shape of a human female, which does attract some stares from time to time. Her fingernails are almost like claws...quite sharp. She has a tail as well, long enough to reach to mid-calf.
Personality: She tends to be on the calm and collected side, and is usually in control of her emotions. She has the predatory and hunting instincts of her cat ancestors, tempered with human intelligence and patience. Cares about her family and friends, very much like the pack instinct of her ancestors as well.
Weapon: Emerald Dragon daggers (The hilts are made of dragon bone, each finished with silver and set with an emerald as each pommelstone. The blades are mithril steel, scored with runes.)
Special Abilities: Nature's Anger (Calls out to the forest and/or other natural surroundings to turn themselves against the victim. This can result in just about anything ranging from vines entwining around the victim's ankles to cacti throwing their spines at them. Unable to influence things of other spheres, like rivers, sand, or earth. Limited influence on rocks. Basically ineffective where no plantlife exists.), Emerald Fury (Channels the power of nature into her daggers, causing the emerald pommelstones to glow with a green light, which extends to the rest of the daggers. It improves both her aim and strength.)


Name: Elafresiane
Sex: Female
Innate: Forest
Appearence: A good-sized emerald-green dragon, with green-gold eyes. She has leaf-shaped ridges down her back, forest green tempered with light brown, and small horns on her head of the same hues.
Personality: She's similar to her pendant bearer, except with a cynical sort of humor and a "go with the flow" edge to her attitude.

Elena Kai-Prae

"Elena? Prae-Girl?"

"For the last time, I am NOT...Oh! Father!"

Elena looked down from her tree branch perch, where she had been thinking...looked down into the green cat eyes of her father, Alun Prae. He looked even more cat-like than she did. She stood, gracefully walking the branch, then swiftly hooking her fingernails into the rough bark to let herself down.

"And your grandfather would've jumped from the tree, landing unhurt."

"Not Granddad, Father."

He chuckled.

"Your mum and I want to talk to you."

Elena nodded, following him into the area of tents the Pride (that is, a good-sized group of cat demi-humans) had erected. They passed by tent after tent, arriving at a larger one near the middle. Entering, Elena breathed in a different scent than the scent of nature. The air was perfumed, which was a bit of a shock, although it was a pleasant scent. In the soft glow of a lamp sat her mother, Necia Kai...she looked more human than her husband or daughter, save for her golden eyes...cat eyes.

"We know you've been training well with the daggers we gave you for your birthday, youngling."

Elena flinched at the nickname, then nodded.

"You haven't figured out what they are made of yet?"

"Not really, mother. The blades are mithril and the pommelstones are emerald, but I cannot figure out the rest."

"Dragon bones."

Shock registered on Elena's face.

"Years ago, the Pride was given two treasures to keep safe, until one came who could claim them and help deliver the world from harm. The daggers were one treasure."

Elena sat, almost spellbound. She had never heard of any Pride-guarded treasures...

"Is that why we move so much, mother?"

Necia nodded.

"You were a bit of a test case, I must admit. Many have tried to claim the daggers, but all before you have failed..."


"They've accepted you, it seems."


"Yes, accepted. You are the one foretold...and the other treasure must be given to you, for now is the time to deliver the world."

From a pocket of her voluminous dark robe, Necia brought forth a box, of oak wood carved with strange designs. She opened it...and the sight took Elena's breath away.

Upon a cushion of forest green velvet rested a necklace. A heavily detailed green metal dragon curled itself around an emerald, which connected to the metal chain it hung upon.

"The necklace of the Forest Dragon, Elafresiane. One of many pendants containing the spirits of the elemental dragons."

Removing the necklace from the box, Necia held it out to Elena, who took it uncertainly and slipped it over her head.

"Now, child...you must leave the Pride."


"We cannot keep you here, not now...you may return when the evil is gone from the world again, for he seeks the necklaces..."

Something exploded nearby, a hot wind whipping the fabric of the tent...

"Go, child! The Pride will get away, don't worry!"

Elena nodded, turning and running for her life...she didn't look back, until she was deep inside the forest.

"Mother, father...I'll go on."

She kept going, hoping to find civilization soon.

Mew Master
13th March 2003, 08:12 AM
Cool. Nice turnout.

First of all I like the detail everyone is putting into their posts. Very nice.

Secondly is a problem I should have adressed better.

Heh heh. No one really knows that there are dragons inside the pendants. The event that trapped them all inside was over 4000 years ago, and history had been replaced by myth and rumor. So the only known thing about the pendants is that they contain much power. So Dragons are not known, but I suppose since some of us are from shrines and temples that have the ammulets as center pieces for protection, I can let it slide. But the names of the dragons aren't known. I doubt anyone would have known about the names after 20 years after the imprisonment so neyeah....

I'm sorry I'm being so picky, but I'm a stickler for detail and staying in conjecture with current events,a dn the passage of time on tales and stories.

As for your homes being attacked. Nice, but only one has said anything about an army lead by Garm. Others just have their homes obliterated without any meaning, and Garm can't be in five places at once so. His minions are attacking in order to get the pendants. He really won't make his appearence to us untill much later. Garm really isn't that well known, so fear should not be shown so quickly.

Fourthly (and lastly). The weapons hold great power but we don't know what they are made of really. We find out later right after we learn of our Dragons in our pendants.

Once again, I'm sorry for being so strict. I should have said something earlier about it. But don't let any of this stop your posts, I'm still working on mine. Like I said, I plan on using the posts made here for a story and make this thing into a Manga (I hope).

Happy RPing!


~Mew Master

13th March 2003, 05:40 PM
Ok. I can edit my post if you'd like me to. I doesn't matter to me. As for my second post, what do we do after we recieve the weapons and pendants?

Darkmaster Kagemusha
13th March 2003, 07:45 PM
Kage Ikagaide
I leapt over the tall chain link fence around my back yard and ran as fast as I could--but in the direction of the explosions. Buildings began to erupt in fire and debris around me. I flipped out my Claws and ran faster. "GARM!" I heard someone yell as another home collapsed. Who's Garm? Is he the one doing this? I thought. Suddenly, out of a cloud of smoke, someone who looked like a soldier weilding a sword ran at me. I took an upward swipe and sliced his head into five peices. Someone came from the side and slammed a hammer into my chest, and honestly, I laughed a little before I shoved my Claws into his chest and twisted them. Blunt pain was something that I didn't mind at all. I kept going through the haze when I bumped into someone, and I stopped myself from swinging my arm up for some reason. "Who're you?"
__________________________________________________ __

Anybody wanna help me out here?

Mew Master
14th March 2003, 08:08 AM
PokéMaster Jay: Well first of all, methinks your families have already told you to skip town and get as far away from your pursuers ASAP. If any of you haven't then that is what your second post should be.

DK: Eeish... gory...... I'm honestly not bothered by it.... anyone else? And it's Garm for the most part you char may have made a mistake when he heard someone mispernounce the name.

Everyone: ACK! I thought I would have my post finished by now! Since you know I'm writing it oyut like a story, well... uh..... It's not finished yet.

*ducks objects being thrown by everyone*

Okay, I'm almost finished and I'll be able to put it up on Sunday. But I'll edit my first post, the one that has my char's sign-up info. So come Sunday, in the afternoon, check the second post I've made and it should be altered.....

Where is everyone else though......

Okay, start paring up and head to a sea-town called Termaina, we'll start meeting up there too.

Thanks, I don't mean to be so picky.... Wait *thinks* No, no I mean to be picky. :D


~ Mew Master

14th March 2003, 05:03 PM
Name: Amalthea Arran (Amal for short)
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Age: 16
Innate: Water
Appearence: 5'2, small and lightweight but with a strong build, something you wouldn't see on her since it doesn't show. Her hair is short and brown, always curled in and her eyes are an icy blue/gray, something you wouldn't stare at for a long time. She wears a basic long navy blue tunic and black leggings with black boots, comfortable but sturdy. She likes to look plain.
Personality: Quiet, much of a loner. She doesn't go out of her way to talk to people unless they talk to her first. If she does make a friend though, she will be fiercely loyal and will protect them any way she can
Weapon: A simple glaive but the handle is of dragon bone and the blade is pure silver and cannot dull or break off at all
Special Abilities:
Water Blade: Shoots a blast of water from her glaive. Can be used at a close or far range
Invisibility: When in water, she can turn invisible for a short period of time. It'll improve over time. She can also breathe underwater
Tidal Tsunami: Directs any source of water and slams it into the opponent. If there is a large source of water, she'll turn it into a tidal wave or tsunami

Name: Kaia
Sex: Female
Innate: Water
Appearence: Long and sinewy, is colored a sky and navy blue mixed together, resulting in many parts of her to be splotchy. She also has the same eyes as Amal and has black claws with small black spikes protruding down her spine
Personality: Pretty much like Amal, but much more cheerful and humorous

Breathing in slowly, I turned my head this way and that, listening for any sudden movements. Gripping my katana tightly, I heard a sound behind me and swung the blade clockwise. Hearing my father jump, I ducked and rolled backwards, only avoiding the blade by inches. Grinning, I placed my hands on the ground and waited patiently. Although my father was better than me, my hearing was just as good as his was and it proved useful time and again as I got closer and closer to defeating him for the first time.

Although silent to most people, I heard a slight shuffle to the left, backflipped and swung again. He cursed lightly as I must've torn a bit of his shirt off but parried my next swing and thrusted upwards towards my neck. Feeling the tip touch my throat, I gulped and backed away. Pulling off my blindfold, I bowed and grinned up at my father.
"You're getting much better Amal", my dad said as he dropped his katana and stretched his arms.
"Yes, and I'm almost close to beating you for once", I replied, also putting down the weapon.
"I'm sure your skills will come in handy one day", he smiled and went inside to change his shirt.
"What does that mean?", I asked.
He just shook his head as I quickly followed him indoors. Going into the livingroom, he stood beside 2 velvet boxes, our family heirlooms. I was never allowed to look inside, much less touch the soft exterior.
"I knew the day would come when these boxes had to be opened", he said intently, far from his usual joyful self. "I just didn't know we would all depend on you."
I looked at him inquisitively, confused and unsure of what he was talking about.
"You might not know it, but there is a great evil right now trying to steal one of our heirlooms and with that and others like it, he will become a powerful man and can potentially control the universe."
My mouth gaped open as I tried to comprehend what my father was trying to say. He just shook his head and continued.
"I would have eventually shown you these artifacts when you were older, but I think we're in too much danger to wait."
Turning around, he opened the first box on the left, more like a long wooden case than anything. Flipping open the switches, he opened it and carefully took out a glaive, nothing like the usual ones I've seen. The long handle was of a white ivory, sort of resembling an animal bone. The spear at the top was of pure silver and looked as sharp as the day it was made.
"This glaive is as light as a feather and is forever sharp. Hold on to it tight."
Handing it to me, I tested its weight and gripped it for all it was worth, which was a lot. Stepping over to the other box, he opened the case and held up a necklace to which I've never seen something as beautiful in my life. The chain was also pure silver, glistening under the light as it dangled from my father's fingers. The pendant was of an aqua blue with a long, graceful dragon in a fighting pose embalmed in the middle of it. I could feel its power pulsating from the core, holding some mystical power that sent chills down my spine.
"The most important heirloom of all. It's been passed down saying that a power lies deep beneath it and it shall be released one day. I know you can feel the power, as can I. I just hope you can release it somehow."
With that, he put the chain around my neck and hugged me tightly.
"I still don't know what's going on though", I said.
Suddenly, a loud roar rocked the house, shaking all of our pictures and vases.
"Garm", my father muttered.
"Who?", I asked but he just ignored me and bended down to my eye level.
"I want you to go, now", he uttered with great urgency. "If you stay here, your life will be in great danger. Don't look back and worry about me. I can take care of myself just as well as you can."
Fearful, I just stood there dumbfounded, trying to take in what he just said.
"NOW!", my fathered roared as another explosion shook the house.
Uttering a small cry as tears streamed down my face, I gave him a quick, tight hug and ran out of the back door into the forest with the glaive in my hand and the chain around my neck, not even looking back once.

Shadow Djinn
14th March 2003, 08:21 PM
Sorry im late

Name: Zera Leonhart
Race: (Human, Demi-Human, ect...)Demi-Human
Sex: M
Age: 19
Innate: Steel
Appearence:Look at attachment but he aint have a tail
Personality:Serious, and hardly talks.
Weapon:UH....the sword in the guy's hand in the attatchment
Special Abilities:
Renzokuken!!!!: Zera leaps into the air and slashes the enemy. He slashes repeatedly, flipping and jumping.

Blasting Zone: AFter doing Renzokuken Zera holds his sword, blade pointing towards the sky. It extends until the blade reaches the sky. Zera brins it down, crashing into the enemy.


Personality:Like Zera


The wind blew in my face as my friend charged at me with his axe. I flew back, letting the wind carry me and dodged the blow. using my sword, (covered in tape right now) I slashed at his arm, even though it hardly hurt. He swung his axe again, which was covered in a covering to prevent injuries at me and I ducked, and pointed the sword up, the handle pokin my friend, or Juste in the stomach. He stumbled back and I kicked him in the chest, making him fall.
" I win." I said and sheathed my sword. Then I heard a rumblin noise. My dad ran out onto the fields and said, " Juste, hurry home. Zera come with me!" I followed my dad as Juste ran to the next house. I went inside where my dad held a pendant. He also had a case. FIrst he gave me the pendant and then he said, " Zera, you must take this; and keep it safe." I took it and pocketed it. Then he opened the black case where a giant katana was in there. My dad picked it up and gave it to me.
" This is the sword, made of old dragon bones. Use it well"

[attachment deleted by admin]

14th March 2003, 08:28 PM
*Sniff, Sniff..... waa, haa, haaaa......* Someone was crying, not far from here. Horus felt another electric surge through his body. A girl was in the forest; her name was Amal. She sent out distressing brainwaves.

(Horus's POV)
I opened my eyes, and looked around at my current position. I was in a forest. It wasn't a giant forest, but it was of a good size. I walked up, and I could still sense the crying. It was coming from the northwest, and it was moving south at a pace of about 8 miles per hour. The girl was slowing down, and stopped. I headed in her direction, through the brush and past the trees.

I continued to walk in a northwest west direction. I sensed that she was sitting on a slab of rock, and she was crying about something she cared dearly for: her family, perhaps. I continued walking, getting nearer and nearer, then I suddenly felt a sharp, searing pain all throughout my body, as if 1,000 knives were being shoved in every part of my corpse. I heard a deafening scream in my mind. It was my mother! She was screaming as if she was in a serious amount of pain. Tears began to fill my eyes, and I started sobbing.

After a few moments of lamentation, I began to walk again. I was about 100 yards from my destination. I could still hear the girl crying; it was getting louder I closed in on her. I was getting very close now, maybe 20 yards away. I used my Psychic skills to cloak myself, and to prevent myself from detection. I walked up slowly, making as little noise as possible.

I was now three feet behind her, and I uncloaked myself. I read her thoughts, and then found out that she sensed my presence. She arose from her seat, and swung her sword around her toward my head. I anticipated this from reading her thoughts, thus, was able to stop her sword with mine. I was very lucky for having Psychic powers, for that swipe could have easily decapitated an average human being.

Fear arose in her eyes, and she began to back away. I kept walking toward her. “I’m not going to hurt you,” I called, but she didn’t believe me. She glanced at a brook that was to the west of us. She summoned the water, and directed it to slam into my body. I dodged backward, making the water splash into a tree. “Trust me! I will not hurt you!” I tried to convince her of the truth, but she just wouldn’t give in. She ran over to the brook, and stood in it. The warrior then vaporized into the brook.

I sighed, and sat down on the slab of rock where she once rested. I couldn’t blame her for being frightened of me. After all, I was not from this world that she lived on. I bet I did look very scary to her, but it was natural to me.

“For the last time, Amal, I’m not going to hurt you. I need to combine my power with yours. You have the pendant of water, which is the sapphire gem that is around your neck. I am have the pendant of psychics, my name is Horus. My senses are telling me that we should head toward the city of Termania. There, we will find the other holders of the pendants. With all of us combined, we can defeat the evil creature named Garm, which is why you are here in this forest in the first place, is it not? Your dad sent you to leave, to be kept from harm?” I said. She materialized from the water, and tears were streaming down her eyes and she looked at me in belief.

“How do you know about all that?” She asked me in a soft voice, her eyes glistening in the sunlight.

“I am the holder of the psychic pendant, and I am a psychic. I have the ability to read minds, predict the future, make objects move, and all that stuff. My homeworld is one that you probably have never heard of. I come from a world known as Kalis. It is a long ways away from here. I was sent here by my family, because Garm destroyed my home.” I returned my sword to its sheath, and Amal walked toward me. We talked for a while, telling each other a little about ourselves as we started going south to Termania, which lied beyond the horizon.

Mew Master
16th March 2003, 12:36 PM
Yay! I've finally got my post up. Sorry it took me so long. Uh..... I know it's long, there won't be any that long from me for a while, trust me. Well..... let's keep going!

Denisu "Saké" Wamiyazen
(Continueing from where Darkmaster Kagemusha left off)

"I should ask the same."

I had run myself into a town that was under attack, alot like my shrine was a few days ago. So far I had taken out three soliders and saved a few lives, but that wasn't as good as it could have been.

"Why don't you answer my question." the guy who I had bumped into, said.

"How about this. On three we step away and then face each other."


"Three!" we both said it at once. I jumped forward and then spun around, my sword down but ready to be used.

This guy was older than I was, and had his long hair in a braid. I could see what looked like fangs pointing out of his lips. He was dressed completly in black, with a long hooded cape on his back, as well as small wings between his shoulder blades. Three blades jutted out from his gauntlets on both arms.

"Who are you?" he asked again, noticing the pendant around my neck. "And why do you have that?"

"Call me Saké, and this is from my father. He gave it too me after our tempel was attacked. Now, who are you?"

He lowered his arms. "My name is Kage Ikagaide, and I also recieved this," he motioned to the pendant around his neck. "From my father."

I noticed the pendant and stared, recalling what my mother had stated in her letter. "That's...!" But I was interupted.

Kage and I were surrounded on all sides by a dozen soliders, each carrying nasty looking weapons.

"I believe the time for introductions is over." Kage commented as he and I backed up and our backs bumped itno each other again.

"Well, whadda say we introduce these numb-skulls to our blades?" I suggested.

"Fine by me," Kage replied.

We jumped itn two different ways, eager to attack in our own style. I rushed one and slice through him, he fell to the ground. Two more started flanking me but I was busy charging up my attack.

A sphere of light was forming around my hand and upper arm, getting bigger as it drew photons from the surrounding air. Because it was day, it charged up faster. "Go, Photon Blast!"

I disharged my attack, and the sphere flew off my hand, still connected by a small beam. It blasted into two soliders and exploaded, blinding the soliders in the area.

I had no idea how Kage was doing because I was too wrapped up in the fight to notice.....


(Darkmaster, continue please.....)

Mew Trainer Rose
16th March 2003, 06:12 PM

After some idle chatting, Grandpa left. My parents and I had just started to go back to what we were doing when Grandpa arrived, when a scream was heard outside. Instantly, we all froze and our heads wipped toward the sound. In less that a minute, Grandpa came dashing up to our house and threw open the front door as a small explosion was heard outside.
"There is a large number of armed warriors on teh outskirts of town. They have begun attacking the town, and are searching for a particular item. They will no doubt be looking for me, but they do not know that the item has just left my possesion." He looked pointedly at me. "It seems that it was more than just a whim that prompted me to give the Pendant to you; perhaps it knew somehow of what was coming and told me the need to pass it on. In any case, that is not the only treasure of our family, and i belive it is time for you to have the other as well." He looked at my father, who nodded and headed for another room of the house.
Grandpa looked back at me. "An item had been given to our family to help us guard the Pendant, which was rumored to have powers of it's own. If we ever knew of them, the knowledge has been lost. Perhaps in this time of need, you can rediscover them." We both turned to see my father as he approached from the back of the house. In his hand was the fancy spear that I had only seen once, the one with flame paterns etched on it.
"The Dragon Spear." my Grandfather said.
"Use it well." added my father, as he held it out to me. I reached out and grasped the shaft in my hand. As I did, the Pendant, which I had tucked under my shirt, let off a slight pulse of heat. I wanted to look more closely at the spear, but several loud crashes were heard outside, closely followed by more screams.
"Go now!" Grandpa said, and pushed me toward the back door. I ran to it, then I glanced back once at my parents and grandfather before dashing outside, past a couple of houses, and headed for the outskirts of town.

16th March 2003, 07:07 PM

There was a series of loud crashed, and someone screamed.

"GO!" Dad yelled, eyes wide. Nodding slowly, I turned and ran off towards the outskirts of town. I saw a girl carrying a spear headed in the same dierction. Oh, great. -_-'

Darkmaster Kagemusha
16th March 2003, 08:40 PM
Wings not small. Wings very big **Makes an expanding motion with his arms**

Kage Ikagaide
I sliced a few more soldiers' heads into french fries and impaled another. I felt something warm on my back then. I whirled around and roundhouse kicked another soldier's head around. I touched the warm spot on my back and then looked at my hand. "You cut me you moron," I spat, before whirling around and tearing pieces out of another four. Before I could react, five more soldiers jumped out of no where and latched onto my neck and arms. "YOU DO NOT KNOW WHO YOU ARE F*CKIN' WITH!!!" I yelled. I swung my arms together, smashing the heads of two soldiers. I reached back behind me and grabbed two more by the tops of their skulls and dug my Claws into their backs before throwing them over my shoulder. The one that was left had a hold of my neck, but then jumped away and flipped out a set of double claws from his gauntlets. "Oh this should be good," I said to myself. I bent my knees slightly so that I was in a wrestling position with my arms down at my sides. He jumped at my head and I swung my Claws up, slashing his claws and skull into pieces. I stood back up and heard someone coming up behind me and whirled around, slamming my Claws into their stomach. It must have been a rookie soldier. I picked him up using my claws, which sliced their way up into his rib cage. By this time, he was screaming. I was covered in blood and the deep red liquid was pooling around my feet. I lifted the arm back behind my head with him impaled on it and swung my arm at full length down, crushing the soldier's head and shoulders into the pavement. I pulled my claws out and just to finish everyone off, I slammed my fist into the ground, which caused gravity to increase greatly around me and crushed the rest of the corpses. I stood back up and cracked my neck. I flipped my Claws back into place. "Saké, you still alive?" I called out into the fog.

"Of course I'm still alive!" was the reply.

Mew Master
17th March 2003, 08:10 AM
Denisu "Sake" Wamiyazen

I hadn't killed any of the soliders. Killing was against anything my father had taught me, and death wasn't something I was acustomed with. I walked through teh fog, back to where I had heard Kage shout.

My feet hit something and I looked down. It was a human head and blood everywhere.

"AAAAAHHHH!" I jumped back. I wasn't bothered by anything bloody, but it was just the shock of seeing a severed human head that made me jump.

Kage came through the fog. "What happened?" He saw the human head at my feet. "Oh, that."

"Oh, that?! You killed them!"

"So? It's either them or us, and I don't want it to be me." he said matter-of-factly.

I sighed. This guy was ruthless. "Okay, now what do we do? Moving around in this fog is pointless."

"True, but staying in one place too long isn't good either."

We looked at each other.

"Let's move." we both said and started walking through the fog, our weapons still at the ready.



Mew Trainer Rose
17th March 2003, 05:54 PM

I ran in the opposite direction as the shouting, hoping to avoid the warriors. After nearing the edge of town, I slowed to a jog, not wanting to wear myself out. I had just emerged from a shortcut between two houses when I was spotted by a pair of soldiers. A shout from them brought another pair running, and a third approached from behind me, between the houses.
I gripped my spear, prepared for an attack at any second but unwilling to attack first. One of they called to me, "Hey, you! We're looking for a man named Abram, who has a rare pendant he stole from someone else. Tell us where he is!"
Grandfather told me the pendant had been in our family for ages, and I trusted him a lot more than this unknown, demanding soldier.
"I don't know of anyone by that name." I said, with a slight hope that they might leave me alone.
My hope was in vain. "I bet you're lying." The man growled. "And even if you're not, you're not getting away." He raised his sword and charged at me.
I swiftly stepped aside and stuck my spear out in front of his legs. I was surprised and amused when he actually tripped over it. Perhaps these guys weren't as smart as i expected them to be. he turned and i slashed his hand, forcing him to drop his sword. I jabbed the butt of my spear into the stomach of someone behind me, then brought the shaft up in time to block a blow from a sword.
I continued slashing, jabbing, blocking, and dodging, somehow managing to hold my own for a while. But eventually, I was dealt a blow that was too strong, and although i again blocked it with my spear, it knocked my down against one of the houses. They advanced toward me, swords held menicingly.
"Last chance, tell us about the guy named Abram." the first guy said, i bleeding cut over one eye making him look more dangerous.
Just then i noticed that the pendant was softly radiating heat. This somehow gave me strength, and reminded me that i promised Grandfather i would guard it with my life.
"Not a chance!" I shouted as i leaped to my feet and slashed with renewed vigor. The battle continued, escalating in its intensity to a fevered pitch. The heat of the pendant grew steadily as i fought, until finally it seemed a bonfire was being contained in that crystal. Just as it seemed the soldiers might be getting the upper hand again, the heat burst out of the crystal. In a flash, it traveled down my arm, through the shaft of teh spear, and into the blade, which began to glow slightly red. A couple of the soldiers momentarily stopped fighting, and I wasted no opportunity attacking. I lashed out with the spear, and I found myself yelling "Scorch Blade!"
The blade easily cut through one man's arm, easily slicing it to the bone. The man screamed, and i noticed that the cloth of the shirt around the wound was burnt from the blade's touch. I slashes again, and again, inflicting wounds made all the more painful by the heat.
Before i knew it, the soldiers were running away, since i had not injured them badly enough that they could not walk, although several were limping. I stood, breathing heavy, as the residual heat faded from the pendant and i calmed down.
It suddenly hit me that i had fought against half a dozen warriors by myself, and i had won. I didn't have much time to think about that, though, as more sounds of attacks, which went unheard as i battled, were heard in the town. I looked raound to make sure that no more soldiers were coming, then jogged into the thin forest just outside town.

17th March 2003, 07:35 PM

I stood, mouth agape, as the girl with the spear fried all those guys. I frowned as she walked off. Hmm...

I followed her into the forest. However, once my Naginata got caught on a fallen branch, and it took a great amount of effort and noise to free it. I dashed behind a tree, afraid that she'd heard.

Mew Trainer Rose
18th March 2003, 07:30 AM

Hearing all the noise, I dusked behind the first thing I saw, a large bush. I was afraid that it might be more soldiers. A little while after the sounds stopped, I realized that no one was coming, and that the soldires would more than likely never allow themselves to make that much noise, so i poked my head out from behind the bush. Not seeing anyone, I stepped away, but held my spear ready, just in case. Standing very still, i could hear someone breathing, and pinpointed their location as being behind a tree, with the help of a glimpse of blue cloth.
Feeling that the person posed no threat, I walked slowly over saying, "Hello? Who's there?"

18th March 2003, 07:56 AM

"<Oh s***,>" I thought, stepping out from behind the tree. "Um," I said.

OoC: Blahness. Writer's block.

Mew Master
18th March 2003, 08:11 AM

"So, any idea where we're headed?" Kage asked as we continued to move.

"None. Maybe once we hit the coast we can head to Termania."

"The fishing village?"

"Yeah, my father has some friends there we can most likely count on." I replied.

A strange voice spoke through the fog. "If you ever make it that far."

Kage and I stopped out weapons raised and our heads looking in every direction.

Behind us a warrior dressed like a samuria walked through the fog. "You shall not make it any further."

"What?" Kage asked. "Don't make me come over there and hurt you."

The Samuria laughed. "No my friend, you are the one who will be hurt. Running is pointless."

Kage and I got into our battle stances, and he was the first to charge. With almost lightning speed, Kage rushed the samurai, the blades on his gauntlets raised. He slashed but the samurai had doged his attack easily and retaliated by knocking him down with his sword. The blow wasn't leathal but Kage was certianly knocked out for the moment.

Now I was ready. Without warning I charged, my sword raised. The two swords clashed as I attacked, and her parried everything I threw at him. Then quickly he slashed and I lost all notion of anything.......


The Samurai looked at his victoms. "Far too easy." he commented as he walked towards them. "Garm had warned me about their skill, but it looks like he worried over nothing."

Kage and Saké were on the ground, their pendants out from under their bodies. As the samurai made his way towards them, the pendants began to glow.

Somehow, Saké and Kage stood up. When they openned their eyes, there was no reflection and the two of htem looked possesed. Even the way they stood was different.


(Kage, if you reply before I can add on, use your Dragon's personality for this next part.)


Mew Trainer Rose
18th March 2003, 04:44 PM

"Uh, hi." I said, not being able to think of anything else at the moment.
"Hi," the guy replied. Then we both stood in silence a moment. I noticed he held his weapon similar to how I was holding mine, as if ready for an attack at any second. So I rested the butt of my spear on the ground and held it upright to my side, and tried to look nonthreatening. He seemed to relax slightly, but not much, Finally, just to break the silence, I said "Why were you behind the tree? You hiding from something?"

Mew Master
18th March 2003, 04:52 PM
3rd Person POV

The Samurai backed up as he saw the two kids he had knocked out stand back up as if nothing had happened. Not only that, they stood differently than before, more confidantly.

"Impossible," he studdered. "You should both be out cold!"

Saké raised his sword and spoke, but the voice wasn't his. "I do not wish to kill you, but I will if I have to."

Kage clanged his blades together. "Personally, I don't care if you die or not. Anyone who endangers our Pendant Bearers shall be punished."

The Samurai readied his sword. "If you think this trick of yours is working, you're wrong. My blows should have left you without any energy to even stand. Somehow you have managed to get around them. Garm never did say he wanted you alive." He charged the two.

In a flash it was over, the Samurai was the receiver of a devastating blow, his sword falling to the ground. Saké and Kage both stood farther forward, their weapons extended infront of them.

Kage's blades went back into his gauntlets and Saké slipped his sowrd into the sheath on his back. The two of them lowered their heads and closed their eyes.

Denisu "Saké" Wamiyazen

I openned my eyes and noticed that the samurai was gone. There was a slight pain in my head and I rubbed it. "Wha..... What happened? Kage?" I wondered if Kage had seen what happened.

He was holding his head as well, a confussed look on his face. "Don't look at me, I blacked out before you did."

We turned and saw the samuria laying, face-first, on the ground. He didn't move.

Me and Kage both exchanged glances of confussion.

(Go on Darkmaster)

Darkmaster Kagemusha
18th March 2003, 07:25 PM
Kage Ikagaide
I almost burst out laughing when I saw the samurai laying flat on his face. "I don't know what happened. Maybe we sleep-fought or something," I suggested. Suddenly, I noticed something warm on my chest. I looked down to find my pendant glowing, and it was putting off heat. "Or maybe these pendants had something to do with it," I said. Saké looked at his own pendant, which was doing the same thing as mine.

"That's a possibilty I guess," he said, looking back over at the body of the samurai. Then, after a few moments of silence, he said that we should keep going.

"Right, there could be more guys like that around," I said, nodding.
__________________________________________________ __
__________________________________________________ __

Short crap, sorry. Didn't know what else to put in here.

Mew Master
20th March 2003, 12:21 PM
Hey guys, I'll add a post for the RPG but I've got some things to let you know:

Roll Call:
Mew Master
PokeMaster Jay
Mew Trainer Rose
Darkmaster Kagemusha
Dark Templar 8

Okay, we are missing the following:

Neone know where they are?

First all I'm busy drawing designs for your dragons and characters, so I may change a few things on how your chars look. I'll post the links for the Roughs on Sunday when I should have ideas for everyone.

Uh, Kage will have the inlarged canines, but I don't know about the wings though..... may get in the way of fighting. Just asking but are you a Bat Demi-Human or a bird/dog Demi-Human hybrid......? If I take out the wings you'll look like Inuyasha without the ears! :DU You'll have a sweatband around your head. Why? Dunno, I just pictured it and it looks kool. I've pictured Blackthorn as being a bizaro version of Keiryuujin. Shorter and thicker neck, bulkier body, small spikes jutting out of the horns, and evil looking.

Zera, Uhhhhh, I try to steer away from so much combination with FF7, so I'll use the hair and maybe a bit of the armor..... I also tried to make Arbiter look more mechaish for a dragon, still working on it though.

Seylin Hatsuki...... still working on him, but based on what the personality is like, I'm thinking half-closed eyes and small irises. Still working on it though. Sojiru..... I actually have a good design idea for him. Shapped like everyone else but with ice crystal spines down his back.

Elena Kai-Prae..... Uh, not that good with cat-people, but I'm still working on it. Tryed to use Lynx from Crono Cross as a reference, but I need to work it out a bit more. Elafresiane looks nice though.....

Amalthea Arran, nice design for both her and her dragon. Kaia, has fins off both sides of her jaw and I'm thinking of a fin for the tail...... Uh, what's a Glaive? O_o

Vared, finished, but I dunno yet...... MTR, your Cat-like Dragon gave me some problems...... The first one looked terrible, the second looked better but I still didn't like it.... The third on is a lot better and I like it, may have lost some of it's cat-ness, but I'll post it and see what you say.

Horus, uh, mind being more specific as to what kind of Demi-Human you are? I'll change a few things, the from another dimension backstory will work here, but not in the fic.... as to the eyeless eyes..... I'll give you pupils..... I'll let you keep the purple hair too. As well as your psychic powers which will be limited in the fic. You can't read everyone's minds, almost seems like you are putting ideas in there as well....... o_OU

Faile Thundersong, you've got a sweatband as well. Well you're and archer and it helps keep the sweat out of your eyes when you're fighting..... Your Dragon.... Uh, question: You said no arms, so, are the wings connected directly to the arms, or no arms a'tall?

Sora Hibari , I've got your char drawn and it looks okay. Your Dragon shall have wings that look like the wings of the flying lizards of...... uh, I don't know..... forgot....... ^_^U Well the design will look better with a full body. Uh, yes being able to speak Draconian is a special ability, but.... I ment attacks or ect....

Chameal....... say where is Mark anyhow?! I've sent him several e-mails already! He better get his butt in here. Neway, I've made Chameal look as much of a Chamealon/Human cross as I could, but I don't have the body yet. I'm going to take Espo (i know he's your fave next to Knuckles) and make him less cartoony and more anime......y? Is Animey even a word?! N/M, and Tiamat won't look exactly like a Chameleon but close. Also, more FF7 tie-ins, I have a design for the Masamune, hopefully it's not like what's on FF7......

Everyone's Dragons will look alike in one way or another, either in head, body, or wings. Why, well, I'll explain more as the RPG gets going.

I'm not saying you guys should change anything, it's just that I'm taking a little artistic license with the descriptions that you gave me and making them look..... more original and that I'm not stealing form anyone. I would like to make this into a Manga when we're through and I have the story written out and ready, but that's down the road a bit. Neway, that said, let's continue!!!

Denisu "Saké" Wamiyazen

Kage and I continued to move through the fog when we finally came upon two more people standing in the fog, they carried weapons as well and seemed to be talking. One, the girl, carried a spear and the butt was resting on the ground. The other, a guy, had a two meter long naginata, held in a slightly relaxed position. They noticed us and we stopped as they raised their weapons.

I saw ammulets around their necks, simmilar to mine and Kage's.

"Hey hey! We aren't here for a fight." I said with my lopsided smile and waving my hands, trying to look anything but threatening. "We've got pendants too."

The girl noticed this and rested the butt of her spear on the ground again. The guy barely relaxed.

"So, there are more people with pendants out there." the girl said.

"Yeah," I replied with a grin. "Name's Saké."

"Kage Ikagaide," Kage added.

"Saké? That's a strange name. I'm Vared." the girl replied.

And you say my name's weird... I thought. "Actually my full name is Wamiyazen Denisu, but I'm called Saké by most people."

"Who are you?" Kage ased the guy with the naginata. "Common, we're not you enemies. We're all in the same boat as you."

The guy finally lowered his naginata, but still looked tense. "Hatsuki. Hatsuki Seylin."

"Well at least you got him to say his name." Vared stated.

I stood and thought. Something was weird. Here, four people, that I knew of, were being chased by soliders sent by Garm, someone I've never heard of before. There was nothing simmilar about us. Kage was a Demi-Human from what I could see. Vared and I looked to be about the same age, 18, and Seylin looked three years younger. There had to be something.....

"Hey Kage, what Innate are you?"

"Huh? Why do you want to know?"

"Something's been bugging me. Why are we being chased by this Garm person. I've never heard of him."

"Me either." Vared replied.

"Same here." Seylin added.

"I heard one of our neibhors shout that name before his house collapsed." Kage admitted. "But why do you want to know my Innate?"

"Because it has to do with the pendants. I'm a Light Innate, and this crystal is white."

"I'm a Shadow Innate."

"I'm Fire."


"So there are others."

The four of us turned towards the trees and we all saw a girl walk out. She was wearing a light jacket and baggy jeans. The black belt around her waist held a kama as well as several smaller pouches. She had dirty blonde hair and deep blue eyes. She too had a pendant around her neck.

"Hi. I'm Hibari Sora." she said with a smile. "And I'm a Sky Innate."

"Light, Shadow, Fire, Ice, Sky," Kage was counting off the Elements on his fingers. "That's five, only six more to go."

"For a total of 11 Elelments." I added. "But, what happens once all of us are together?"

"We defeat Garm." Seylin said.

Everyone looked at him, the 15 year-old hadn't said more than two words since me and Kage met him.

"We find him and make him pay for what he had done to our homes." Seylin continued, and raised his naginata. "I'll see to it personallly."

I wispered to Vared. "Kinda psychotic for a 15 year-old, isn't he."

"Kinda." she replied.

"I hate to break up this interesting moment," Kage said. "But if we stay in one place too long, Garm's goons are gonna catch up with us."

"Right," I agreed. "I still say we head to Termania, my father has some friends in the area that can help us out some. Maybe they know who Garm is."

"Good idea," Sora agreed. "But we should hide our pendants. If Garm's soliders are all over the place then that's the first thing they'll look for."

Everyone started hiding their pendants under their shirts, or closing up their jackets. I did both, first under my shirt and then I zipped my vest up to help hide it.

"Enough of standing around, let's get going!" Kage said and we all walked through the fog, towards the sea and Termania.


(Everyone else, start meeting up with us before we hit Termania)

~ Mew Master

20th March 2003, 03:59 PM
Ok, its my first time posting a life story, so here I go...

Off of a beaten road, walked a demi-human, he was admiring the new masmoon that was just entrusted to him by his sensei, just before he was chased out of the training grounds. He also was wearing a new pendant with a unusual colored rock in the center of it. Now remembering that little skirmish with some funny dressed dudes with swords, thank the dragon's that he had trained with the bamboo stick since he could walk. His parents left him to the care of his sensei, and the two treasures that he was aperently entrusted with before he was born. He hated his parents for leaving im like that. But that was the least of his problems now, now he had to deal with these horribly dressed dudes with little sticks of metal, as well as find the other legends entrusted with the other elemental pendants. Yay he thought, walking down the beaten path when he herd shouting from behind him. He quickly ran up a tree (literally runs up a tree), thinking what the heck is going on? Watching intently as the same funky dudes humped their way through the forest path. Chamel quickly changed colors to match his background and ducked into the shadows. He looked down upon the silly ants with horrible fashion tastes with a detesting look. "Silly humans" he said, just over a wisper. He looked around and saw the leader of the men, he, the WORST dressed monkey among them. Hmmm, he thought, I wonder if I can take his helmet from here, at least without him noticing. Deciding not to and rather enjoy the luxury of watching the monkeys hump the trail. He snapped a apple out of a nearby tree, chomping down on the suculant apple, he recaped the days events as he always did at the end of every night. He took the pendant out and thought of the trouble and agony that people would suffer if he failed to fullfill his mission, which was to unite with the other pendant bearers and to take out the germ of a Garm guy. He also remembered what his sensei told him before he made him leave.

"Chamel, the fate of this earth relies upon you and the bearers of the other pendants of elements. Only when you unite and strike down Garm, can we all live peacefully as we once did. Do not fail us or this shrine, for we have invested all of our training (and tons of food) to see you depart to protect the security of all. My dreams fortell that you will meet your parents after the war. So fight for your freedom, our freedom, your friends to be, and for your parents."

Rembering all that was said at that time, he rembered the fact that he would see his parents after the war. This filled him with hatred towards them, he felt that they could never understant the pain and suffering that they caused him. Next item that he was given was the legendary Masmoon, the sword of the dragons. The sword itself stood at a towering eight feet tall, the blade lightning sharp. The sword was also light, this made him rember that the sword was made from the bones of a dragon, told in a legend that was passed down generation by generation. The hand guard had the same insignia as the pendant, and the sword had no hilt stone. The blade also had a encrypted message writen in some kind of sandscrit that was un-translatable, this was located just above the hand guard. He looked up and all of the monkeys were gone, so he climbed down from his perch. He took the sword out of the sleath and aimed at the tree he was just perched in and swung the sword. The sword went clean through the four foot wide tree, which fell from the stump. He laughed loudly and shouted, "Come and get me you silly monkeys." More screams came from further down the path, and Chamel thought to himself, now, now your in MY territory...


*patting my self on the back* hope this is satisfiable MewMaster...

More to come

20th March 2003, 10:33 PM
K, here I go again....


The garm goons started to chase after Chamel, laughing as they foolishly chased him into a clearing. There stood Chamel down on one knee with his masmoon unsheathed, he was chanting: "Prepair your selfs for the ultimate..." The men saw this great oppertunity to attack so, without hesitation charged him. At that very moment he finished his chant. "Demise" And with that he looked down at the ground at smiled as the men drawed nearer to him. He quickly took out the swords of the men in one slash. Slicing the enemies swords in half, laughing and smiling a devilish smile (ya know the one that scares the crap out of ya). There was only three men left, he noticed that one of them was the general. "You are the one I shall kill!" shouted Chamel. The general was prepaired to meet such a demise, and replied: "Foolish demi, for it is you who shall lose his life today!" Chamel began to laugh at the retarded monkey. He readied the masmoon when they began to charge. Chamel sliced in a upward ark, slicing the blades of the two men on either end of the general, but took off the generals head. The men staring blankly at the stubs for swords, they made a good choice and ran like the cowards that they were. Of corse they would fall to the feet of Garm, but that was the least of Chamel's concerns at this point. His first, and formost concern was to meet up with the other pendant bearers. With this in mind, he quickly dashed from tree to tree in order to reach the nearest town in record time.

As he got close to the other city, he smelt something that should not be smelt in town, fire, and lots of it. Chamel slowed his pace and changed his mind set from search to information gathering. He undressed in the tree tops and left his cloths tied to a limb. He then preceded to change color and crept into one of the houses through a window. He spoted two monkeys in the living room, or what looked like a living room at one point. Enjoying himself with his craftyness, searched around the kitchen for a snack. Apples, and lots of them. Unfortunetly, a pair of monkeys were with in the vicinity of the apples. Wondering again, but this time he acted with out hesitation, his sticky tounge shot out and smacked one of the apples. It dissapeared like greased lighting. One of the lackies noticed the faint wind change and so did the other grunt next to him. They raced toward the general standing outside, waiting for a report. He watched them and carefully read their lips. "Sir, something is in that house..." said the lacky to the left. "One of the apples I was going to eat disapeared right before I got to it." said the other. " Burn this one too." replied the general as he stabed the lacky that reported about the apple. "This town, as well as the others will fall to the mighty power of Garm! MU HA HA HA!" Chamel almost wanting to laugh at him for his foolish presumptions. 'Well' he thought as he crept along the ceiling, into the living room and up the stairs. Into the room, and out the window he went. He jumped into the trees and began to dress himself, when they lit the house on fire.

Back on the road again, he herd some noise (definatly the kind that seems to accompany a small, beaten road) it sounded like crying. "Curiosity killed the cat..." as he ran into the bushes. There on a rock, sat a girl. 'strange' he thought, 'what could she need here, and why would she be here?' he thought. All of the sudden, he smelt another body. He looked down to see where all of this strange light was coming from, it was coming from his pendant! 'wha...' he thought when he looked back up, there was the other body he smelt, talking to the gal. He had a pendant, just like his, and so did the gal, when suddenly she summoned water at the guy. Another 'wha, this is weird...' he thought. The fight was short and the gal quickly disappeared into the nearby brook. "Extremely strange behavior" said Chamel, knowing that the human would hear. ' No matter he thought, smelling the non-hostility flowing from this human'. Chamel walked out of the bushes to introduce himself.


"So your Chamel? Another pendant bearer eh?" asked Horus.
"Yup, like wise your self Horus, are you psychic?" Chamel replied.
"Yes, from a long line of psychics. My mission is to meet up with the other pendant bearers and take down the mad-man Garm!" said Horus proudly.
"Same here." (I like to keep answers short and simple) said Chamel. "Say, can you find out where the other pendant bearing people are going?" asked Chamel.
"I most certainly can!" replied Horus.
Horus began to close his eyes and concentrait on finding the light that the pendants eluminated from them.
"Five have met up and are on their way to Termania, and the other four are still scattered, though they will find eachother shortly, we probably won't meet up as all eleven untill we get to Terminia." said Horus.
"So off to Terminia then, eh Horus?"


'oh yeah, who da' lizad?!' satisified yet Denny?
More to come

Darkmaster Kagemusha
21st March 2003, 07:52 PM
Just posting to let you guys know that I'm leaving tomorrow and probably won't be back until Wed. next week. Sorry.

21st March 2003, 09:20 PM
Ugh, sorry for not posting sooner. I've been busy lately. And a glaive looks like this (http://persephone.nu/saturn/saturnart.JPEG). The blade is thinner though and pure silver

And MechAlphaChamel, sorry to burst your bubble but Horus and Amal already walked away from their spot and are heading towards Termania

I listened quietly to Horus's story as we walked down a beaten path in the woods, heading towards the cape town. It was odd that there were other people who had pendants just like me, maybe even having some powers as well. As he finished, he stared down at me.
"So, what's your life story?", he asked.
"Nothing much", I replied. "My mother died when I was young and my dad raised me, always training me to become the best at fighting. I didn't know why he always pushed me but I do now."
I fingered the chain around my neck and twirled my glaive a bit, admiring its lightweight but deadly blade, twinkling from what light bounced off of it. If Horus didn't have his powers, I would have killed him in seconds. This weapon was truly powerful.

As they walked further, they seemed to near the edge of the forest, a clearing up ahead with a town far in the distance. Trotting, they were eager to get out when a dozen soldiers appears in the opening, their way to escape blocked.
"Where do you think you're going?", one snarled dangerously.
"None of your business", I snapped.
"Wrong answer, little lady", he grinned and ran at me.
Tensing up, I breathed in quietly like my trainings with my father and sidestepped the incoming blow from his sword. Dodging a couple of more stabs, I brought the glaive down in a horizontal slash and ripped his stomach open. Everyone watched as blood spurted out all of the over, watching the choking soldier die slowly. Holding a hand up to my mouth, I felt ashamed and sick of killing another person. However, I didn't have time to think about anything else as the other soldiers ran towards us at full speed.

21st March 2003, 09:44 PM
I know what that's like, Mew. I played another version of Elena on another site, and just finding a pic to represent her was a pain (especially since the site had no cat-people pics!).

Been busy on this front too.

Elena Kai-Prae

By the time she had gotten pretty far away, Elena had come out of her frantic run and into a practiced sprint that widened the distance, but wouldn't tire her out.

Noises caught her sharp ears, and she slowed, then stopped. People? Out here? Normally full humans stuck to their villages and cities, but she didn't know what other demis did...

She shook her head, then dug her fingernails into the rough bark of a tree, hauling herself up quickly. She calmly sat down on a branch, one hand straying to a dagger hilt, the bone smooth against the palm of her hand. She wasn't sure if these were friend or foe, and so wished to be prepared.

(Leaving this open for just about anyone to run off of...)

22nd March 2003, 01:48 AM
Ok, well then, that would put me somewhere along the lines of being with you two then...

Sorry for the misconvience.

Mew Master
23rd March 2003, 01:55 PM
Hiya ppl! Sorry it's taken me so long to reply but Thursday was the only day I managed to get on and check everyone's posts.

MechaAlphaChameal: 'Bout time dude. Where have to been? Also, could you start a new paragraph when someone new starts talking? It's like you have three seperate Paragraphs in one jumbo-sized bunch......

NEone see the thunder godess anywhere either?

Okay, I have the skecthes of everyone finished, and only one other Char done. I only have Kage finished and Blackthorn is still in the works may take a while though.... Anyway, I will post a link to the sketches of your chars so you can see what I have. I have the head of your Chars, Weapon, Dragon head & Neck, as well as the symbols for your Elemental Innates. Hang on, I gotta add them all first.....

Oh! I also got the logo for the fic finished and colored so that'll be first. I suggest everyone look at everyone's and since Kage isn't gonna be back till wensday, I won't hear any complaints from him..... atleast for three days......

I'm using my mom's .NET Passport to add these because mine is close to used up. Okay, now they are uploading and all I have to do is organize them....... la ti da......... bada boom......la la la lei...... Okay ..... here they are!

Chains of Dragons, Pendant Bearers and Elemental Dragon Gods! (http://groups.msn.com/df9a9mthhtcbig/chainsofdragons.msnw?Page=1)

I'll have some questions for a few of you so hang on, I'll add those to my next RPG post. Hang on.....

~ Mew Master

23rd March 2003, 02:03 PM
OoC: Love the pics! ^-^ Why can't I draw that good...?

Mew Master
23rd March 2003, 02:49 PM
Okay..... now for the questions and then the RPG post....

MTR: I'm sorry, but The Dragon on the top of Vared's page is the one I want to use. I tried making it look more cat-like, that made it look terrible. So I gave it elongated scales behind the jaw instead, although the idea of a mane of fire did have it's appeal

Darkmaster: Sorry, but I had to cut out your wings. The simple fact is why have wings under a cape? So your char keeps the cape but losses the wings. He does get a headband though, good trade, right? Right?

PokeMaster Jay: I changed your char just a tad. I didn't give him eyes like I said I would, na, eyeless psychics have their appeal, so instead I gave Horus the outlines of his eyes but it's all white in the middle.

MarillTogepi: Hope the cat-girl looks allright. Tried using a pic of Lynx from Chrono Cross but I had to toss it and kinda go for broke. I do like, uhhhh, Ela's design. (sorry couldn't remember the full name.....)

MechaAlphaChameal: Okay Mark, here is where you are slightly in trouble. I had no idea how you wanted your Chamealeon Demi-Human look to go, so I used Eispo from Sonic and used him as a kind of idea. A few touches here and there, and violah. We have Chameal. Uh, Tiamat won't look like a chamealon, sorry dude....... Also, could you not have to take off your clothes to go into camaflouge mode..... if you don't, sorry that was just the impression I got.....

Nabooru23: I hope Sojiru's design works for you.

Okay, enough with that. On with the show!!!!

(Starting where MarillTogepi left off)

Denisu "Saké" Wamiyazen

Our party was now five strong as we moved along the fog covered path. Kage, Vared, Seylin, Sora, and myself had been moving along the trail for almost an hour. We had not seen any interference or disruption from Gram's soliders or anyone for that matter. It was like the whole forest was deserted.

Soon, even the birds stopped chirping.

"Hmmm?" I heard Sora. "That's weird." We stopped and strained our ears to listen.

The entire forest was quiet, very quiet. Only the slight sound of our breathing was heard.

"This isn't good," Kage stated and the blades came out of his left gauntlet.

We stood in silence waiting for anything that sounded out of place.....

"Denisu?" said a female voice.

We all turned towards one of the trees, from where the voice had come from. A feline Demi-Human jumped down from the branch and faced me, I almost stepped back.

"Elena? Elena, what are you doing here?"

"I should ask you the same. What would your father say if he knew you were out here, with...... these people."

"Look Elena, it's a long story and not one I wannna....." I noticed a pendant in the shape of a dragon around her neck. "You too?!"


"You've got a pendant too. Okay this is stranger than I thought....."


(MarillTogepi, you or anyone else can continue)

23rd March 2003, 03:01 PM
^-^';; Oooh, I like it. Hekikuu is...O-o';; Not exactly how I pictured her, but it's really cool. I drew a piccy of my chars a couple've days ago...anybody want to see it?


23rd March 2003, 07:38 PM
Well, read the most above... Now, in order to COMPLETELY camoflage, you must have NO cloths on... otherwise, the enemy can see a pair of cloths running around... scarry eh? Its like the cloths at your grandma's Dennny...

Name: ChamEl

Ok, so Horus, Amal, and myself are on route to Terminia...

As Horus, Amal, and Chamel traveled towards Terminia, They talked about their lives, and how they had been affected by the new onslaught of complications ahead of them.
"So, what will you do after the battle Chamel?" asked Amal.
"Well, my sensei said that my parents would be there if we are victorious. I really don't know what I will do after the battle..." replied Chamel.
They continued their way towards Terminia, when (Yeah, this would be a boring post (and stupid) if their wasn't some kind of action) a couple of Garm's goons jumped the traveling trio. All of them got into battle stances. Amal's Glaive ready, Horus' Dark Blade ready, and Chamel's Masmoon ready. The monkeys where about to attack when a tree fell inbetween the two parties.
"Run!" Shouted Chamel.
The other two, stunned, obeyed.
"Now the deal is we run, right? And what happens to the men if they don't find us? Eh? I'm pretty sure Garm will have a nice punishment for the now failing goons. Probably much worse then what we could do..." said Chamel, as the three ran.
"Why did the tree fall?" asked Amal.
Horus almost plowed Amal over for such a question.
"He just answered, silly!" shouted Horus.
They continued to run towards the nearest town, more smoke was rising from the treeline.
"Oh boy." said Chamel, quickly trying to formulate a plan. Turning to Horus for a answer. Nothing there. "Hmm..." hummed Chamel. "Were trapped here, maybe cutting that tree down wasn't such a good idea...". Suddenly Amal's face light up, Horus and Chamel listening intently for the response.
"We fight, ambush the men that are coming, but the trick is not to let one of the men out of our site, or, we have all the men in that town on us like white on rice."
"I have no objections to that, better than running into the town. Not knowing whats going on in there." said Horus.
"I could change that status, but we still would have time to do that and plus them goons are coming as we speak. Just not enough time..." said Chamel. "But I have no objections to your plan at all Amal (Snicker)."
"Ok, so we ambush them!" said Horus.
"Just watch for eachother, and don't let any men escape if they try, use a magic spell." replied Amal.

The men came shouting down the path (like they always do) and thats when all heck broke loose on the goons. The three had pinned the men down and where closing in on the center quickly. No one carring if they killed (hey, its you or them). Amal, Horus, and Chamel made PB & J out of the goons. (strange, I just noticed I don't have bios for me or dragon, NUTZ!) They had done well in eleminating the goons, but some of the monkeys had noticed the skirmish that was taking place outside the town. Hearing the ever-noticable ramble of a stampede of rhinos coming, the group made like greased lighting and bolted out of there.

After the battle, the trio cleaned their blades at a nearby stream.
Name: Chamel (no last name)

Race: Demi-Human=Chameleon

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Innate: Earth

Appearance: A shadowy type of demi-human, likes dark and tattered wear. Stands about 6'2", a nice cloak, tattered of corse. No shoes here folks, and no gloves, just for the sole purpose of walking or running up walls. Wares semi-baggy silk pants.

Personality: Likes sweet things, enjoys life and hates taking it. Has a deep hatred towards his parents for leaving him, but fights Garm's forces to meet his parents at the end. Unfortunatly, when a battle is about to ensue, his fickle meanness due to his Chameleon blood takes over and makes him a little devil. Always looks out for the best intrests of his friends and would sacrifice himself to save his friends, making him a little pig headed when fights are going on.

Weapon: Masumoon (u is silent) spelled masmoon by me. People who haven't herd of this type of sword haven't played a true RPG. It's basically a long bladed sword, mine is about eight feet from tip to base of blade

Special Abilities: Earth
Lurker: Shoots earth at the enemy along the ground
Greecen: Giant pillars of earth shoot from the ground and can trap enemies, or attack flying enemies.
Earth Cutter: Shards of earth cover my Masmoon and can be flung from it, impailling enemies.

Name: Tiamat

Gender: Female

Innate: Earth

Apperance: Traditional dragon (the ones we all see in paintings)

Personality: Always serous to keep its master from killing the both of them, often disobeys Chamel to avoid death (Chamel shouting at Tiamat when fire ball explodes right where they used to be...) WARNING... Touch at your own risk, once at a little child so she had to go on a human diet...(which she doesn't like at all) You have been forwarned!

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MechAlphaChamel

23rd March 2003, 07:43 PM
Heh...I only had a bit of a mental picture of Ela, but that's just cool looking. I can't really draw that well (My drawings look messy, unless I redo it about 3-4 times, do some heavy-duty erasing, then do something to make it permanent, or grid it before I draw.). Elena's looking pretty good. The only female cat-type folks I've seen are those from the Phantasy Star series (Nei and Rika).

Elena Kai-Prae


Elena shook her head, then took a deep breath and leaped from the branch, landing on her feet. She felt a little proud of herself, then looked over the five. She could see the surprise on Denisu's face, and felt like giggling. She didn't, though.

"Elena? Elena, what are you doing here?"

"I should ask you the same. What would your father say if he knew you were out here, with...... these people."

She shook her head. They didn't really look like decent folk, although she had been chastised again and again to look beyond what she saw.

"Look Elena, it's a long story and not one I wanna....."

He was looking at the pendant. She blushed a little...

"You too?!"


"You've got a pendant too. Okay this is stranger than I thought....."

One hand reached up to grasp the pendant, rather self-consciously.

"Why is it strange?"

She was rather puzzled.

Mew Master
23rd March 2003, 09:16 PM
Denisu "Saké" Wamiyazen

"Why is it strange?!" I repeated after Elena. "Because you're the sixth person who has a pendant like ours."

"Like yours?"

I pulled out the white crystal from under my vest and shirt. "See, I've got one and so does everyone else."

I remembered Elena from the Pack that lived near my home town. She was Lynx's older sister and had a tendacy to stick close to home. I had met her several times after I had saved Lynx from some bullies from my own town.

"Okay," Elena replied. "So what's going on here? Besides this Garm guy after everyone who seems to have the pendants, I mean."

"Search us." I replied. "But we're headed to Termania and find some friends of my dad. Maybe they'll have some clue...."

"Sounds like a plan," Elena admitted.

As she joined us I rehid my pendant. There had to be some answers in Termania, but first we had to get there.


Mew Master
23rd March 2003, 10:06 PM
Okay ppl now for some important news!

We are official on to Part two of the entire RPG, as you may have noticed I have marked the first Part at the beginning of my post, now for the title of Part two!

Part II: Termania, Where the Waves Crash Upon the Shore

~ Mew Master

Mew Trainer Rose
25th March 2003, 08:00 AM
I was board one day in class and tried drawing a cat-like dragon myself. The most cat-like thing about it ended up being the hind leg. ^_^ So i can appreciate the difficulty. *looks at both pics of Nuri* Oooo, the mane of fire looks cool! :)
and i noticed that you gave three people long braids. (what happened, did ya run out of ideas for hairstyles? ;) )

I'd post for my character, but i'm at school at the moment (and low on ideas), so anything i'd post would be short and pointless. I'm suree everyone would rather wait untill I get home, where i can post something better. so i will. :)

Mew Master
25th March 2003, 08:09 AM
Okay, I don't have time to post a challenge for us, so I hope you guys will be willing to wait until the afternoon when I can. It'll be fun, trust me.

MTR: Uh, well they said that they had braids o_O....

Well, later!

~ Mew Master

Mew Master
25th March 2003, 05:30 PM
Okay, I'm introducing a challenge that should help us develop some teamwork as far as posting goes. As well as get all of us together.......

ANYone see google15, she's been AWOL for a while now......

NEway, on with the Game!

Denisu "Saké" Wamiyazen

We had been walking for only five minutes when Elena stopped us.

"Wait, you hear that?"

We stopped and listenend. Nothing.

"I don't hear anything." Vared commented.

"That's just it. Nothing." Elena replied.

It was true, there were no sounds, not even the chirping of the birds in the branches. It was deathly quiet.

Then, there was a vibration. The earth shook, but barely noticable. Again, but harder now.

"What was that?" Sora asked.


"I dunno," Kage replied. "But it's gettin closer." His blades extended.




Out of the tree line we all saw a giant foot crash down, up rooting a tree with it. It was a dull yellow with four clawed fingers, it connected to an arm that was as thick as a tree trunk. THe head appeared above the trees, rectangular and elongated also a dull yellow. It was a reptilian neck and body that followed, the arms jutted out to the sides like a lizard. It's eyes were a feirce amber color.

"This isn't good." Elena wispered. "It's a Thunder Lizard."

"Thunder Lizard?!" I tried to keep my voice down. "I thought those only lived in the Shadow Marshes."

"We've been in a drought, remember, the marshes must of dried up." she replied.


Okay, here are the stats for the Thunder Lizard.

Name: Thunder Lizard
Height: 4 m at the shoulder
Length: 16 m from snout to tail
Weight: a good 8.5 tons
Appearence: Know what a Kimodo Dragon looks like? That's what this thing looks like, only the scales are a dull yellow and the eyes are feirce amber colors.
Powers/Weapons: Razor Sharp teeth, claws. Long and powerful tail. Thunder Breath (spits out a bolt of lightning to stun and weaken prey)
Other: This creature is unlike any other. It absorbs Lightning attacks. It's hide is so thick and strong, that any physical attacks barely nic it, and if any damage is done, it is healed in seconds. The only way to inflict damage is to hit the Thunder Lizard with Earth-type Elements, like Uplift, Upheaval, or Earthquake. Chamel will really come in handy here.\


We started to slowly back away from the Thunder Lizard, that was now sniffing the air around it.

"Let's go." Vared wispered.

"Fine with me." Seylin replied.

We now moved faster but the Thunder Lizard saw us move and had picked up our sent. It let out a crule, high-pitched, gurgling roar, and started stomping towards us.

"Scatter!" Elena shouted and we did, I had headed with Seylin, Kage and Sora split off, and Vared and Elena had disappeared into the bushes.

The giant reptile twisted it's neck and openned it's mouth. I caught the smell of dead and decaying flesh as well as blood, as the monster roared. It headed towards me and Seylin.

As it's mouth lunged forward, Seylin split one way while I jumped up. The Thunder Lizard caught a mouthfull of bush and shrubery.

Photons gathered around my right arm as I went into the air. It formed into a shpere of pure energy around my forearm. "Photon Blast!"

The ball of pure light streaked towards the neck of the Thunder Lizard, sure to make a direct hit. To my shock, the sphere hit the lizard and then BOUNCED OFF and into the air behind it. The Thunder Lizard spat out the shrubs and then turned its head up into the sky, from which I was starting to fall.

"AHH! Not good!!" I shouted.

"Nature's Anger!" Elena had shouted. Vines whipped out from the trees behind me and enwrapped themselves around my torso. The next thing I knew I was being pulled back and away from the teeth-rimmed mouth of the Thunder Lizard. I crashed into a tree away from the giant lizard.

"Ouch, that hurt....." I commented, rubbing my head and my butt.


Okay, this is it for now. The_Missing_Link, MechaAlphaChamel, and PokeMaster Jay, start posting that you heard a roar and the sounds of a fight, and come on and help us out. K?


~ Mew Master

Mew Trainer Rose
25th March 2003, 06:59 PM
Oh, forgot that i wanted ot say something in my last post.

"I'm Vared." the girl replied.
And you say my name's weird...

Think the name's wierd? It actually means something: Rose. Very original, isn't it? :P


I ducked behind a bush, then ran over to a couple of large fallen trees as soon as the Thunder Lizard had turned away. The whole time I was trying to figure out how to stop that thing, without getting too close.
Remembering the fiery attack I used earlier, I wondered if i might be able to pull off something similar. But not close range, maybe one of those Fireballs I'd seen when the town was being attacked.
Seeing the Lizard's tail coming my way, I leaped out of the way just in time to be smashed into matchsticks with the trees. Not bothering to find more shelter than the first tangle of fallen tree branches I came to, I turned to look again at the reptile while i tried to think how I might make a fireball.
I saw Saké shoot a blast of light straight at the lizard...only to have it bounce off it's hide, doing little but get the creature's attention. While it was focused on him, I figured I had a moment or two to try and figure it out. Strating by remembering how it felt when I was attacking the soldiers earlier, I concentrated that feeling until it was nearly tangible. I held out my open hand and let the gathering energy pool there, until it ignited of it's own accord.
The lizard turned it's head, possibly following the movements of someone else, and I took the opportunity to throw the flames at it's head, yelling "Fireball!" There are a number of places on the head that, on most creatures, are at least somewhat more vulnerable then the rest of it. My aim was not great, but luckily for me, the Fireball hit the Lizard in the eye. It closed the eye and reared it's head back, roaring. I dashed away from teh spot before it could recover and look for me.

Mew Master
28th March 2003, 08:05 AM
Hello? Anyone here?!

*sound of crickets*


28th March 2003, 08:11 AM
-_-; I would post but I want Jay to continue on with the story. I tried to PM him but his box is full

Mew Master
30th March 2003, 01:34 PM
Well for some reason i keep getting logged off several times and I hope this works.

T_M_L: don't wait, just post. If we wait the RPG dies, and I WONT LET THAT HAPPEN! Okay, good.

Okay, I have Vared drawn, but my scanner's screwing up, so neah......

Hurry up ppl.


~ Mew Master

30th March 2003, 05:11 PM
Horus, Amal, and Chamel where standing around prepaired to fight the advisairies when suddenly they heard a roar, and some light flying of the tree tops. They were flashes in the forest. Horus and Amal were the first to arrive at the scene of the lizard, followed by Chamel. Sake was shouting something at this giant yellow lizard. "What the heck, I thought I was the only lizard in miles around here..." mumbled Chamel. Suddenly the giant no-good-waste-of-space swung its tail at Chamel, which Chamel made a good decision and jumped into a nearby tree. "Watch where your swinging that thing!" shouted Chamel. Horus started to read the minds of the other people in the field. Cat like one thinking the lizard was lighting, tall human thinking about the energy beam he shot earlier, another thinking about lasagna. "Chamel, this lizard is lightning based, attack it with some of your moves!" shouted Horus. Chamel reared up to launch Lurker, when the tail came back (its like a bad itch to me). Chamel jumped out of the way of the tail. "Lurker!" shouted Chamel, and with that, earthen slivers shot out of the ground and knocked the beast back. "Attack it now everyone!" And with those words, the entire group of people and demi-humans came to life (as if they weren't before) and they all began to launch a mass assult on the lightning lizard.

Mew Master
31st March 2003, 08:10 AM
3rd Person POV

Everyone started an attack of their own. The Thunder Lizard was getting annoyed with its prey.

In one turn the Thunder Lizard swipped its tail in a long arch, knocking everyone back and away from it. Several trees were uprooted as well.


Denisu "Sake" Wamiyazen

Me and Kage crashed into some bushes after being whacked by the Thunder Lizard's tail.

"Ouch," I commented. "First into a tree and then into a bush."

"Stop complaining. We're gonna die if we can't figure out a way to stop that thing."

Elena was the Thunder Lizard's newest target. She was using her reflexes to avoid every charge and attack.

"So what are we gonna do? My Photon Blast just bounced off and Vared had shot a fire ball into its eye, and that didn't even phase it!" I almost shouted as the giant lizard roared agian.

"So, all my slashes don't do any damage either." Kage admitted. "The only thing that seemed to work was... His attack!" he realized and pointed to a Chameleon Demi-Human that was scampering up a tree with a really large sword.

"Still that didn't do that much damage." I replied. "It barely knocked it off balance."

"Do you know anything about the overgrown reptile?" Kage asked as we avoided another swipe from the Thunder Lizard's tail.

"No, all I know is that they are very dangerous, esspecially their attack."

"What attack?"

"I'm not sure, Elena knows more but she's in no position to tell us." I commented watching the feline Demi-Human jump from tree to tree, avoiding the Thunder Lizard's jaws.


Common people, where are you. The only ones who have even posted have been me, MTR, Chamel, and T_M_L. Where are you?!

31st March 2003, 05:51 PM
We're off in Neverland. *chuckle*

Elena Kai-Prae

Elena moved with the speed of her cat ancestors, evading the jaws of the Thunder Lizard. The thing seemed to be ignoring everything else, trying to catch her and make her its lunch.

Out of the corner of her eyes, she noticed a chameleon-like something skittering up another tree, a large sword in hand. She couldn't pay any more attention to it, though, as she continued her leaps from tree to tree.

She could tell it was getting annoyed...soon it would probably stop the chase and use...oh God, it was just too horrible to think about...her mind seemed to conjure images of what would probably happen if she tired, or if it got sufficiently angered...her companions, stunned by the blasts and easy prey for the lizard...she shook her head fiercely, not allowing herself the distraction, and let the pent-up anger out in a roar, eerily similar to a true wild cat's.

It would not happen that way.

31st March 2003, 06:34 PM
Chamel was getting really annoyed by the large no-good-waste-of-space, his skin was really showing this due to the face that it was black. He watched the cat demi-human run into the trees and continued to watch the bigger lizard chase after it into the forest. Now thinking with his head, which seemed to be the only person thinking at the time...
"Why didn't any of you attack the stupid lizard when I shouted?!" shouted Chamel. No replies, and with that Chamel went out to chase the lizard down and hope to heck that the cat demi-human doesn't run out of breath. Jumping from tree to tree, he whipped out the Masmoon with out flantering. He saw the trail that the lizard had nicely cleared for Chamel to use and track it. He could hear the roaring of the lizard, and he rounded a tree and there was the yellow jaws! "AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!" Chamel screamed, he jumped on reaction to being startled, right on top of the head of the beast. 'Clever', thought Chamel as he knew he was in a nice spot to be (much better than in front of them jaws). Thinking quickly (to save himself as well as Elena), he casted Earth Cutter and went to work cutting into the creature...

post up people, it can't be all me and Denny! WE NEED MORE POSTS! Get in there and post up NOW, or you will (as good as) be dead.


Mew Master
1st April 2003, 08:13 AM
I'm going to have to do a play-by-play wehn I have time tonight.... And you can't just start hacking at the thing Chamel.

Denisu "Saké" Wamiyazen

The Thunder Lizard was really ticked now, frustrated and annoyed with us trying to evade its jaws it started going into a frenzy. It bit, swiped, and clawed at anything that moved.

This is pointless, my thoughts screamed as I ducked another swipe fo the tail. Unless we can attack it at once with an element that works, we might as well flambé ourselfs on a silver platter!

Now the Lizard turned and was facing him, mouth agape and rank breath everywhere. The Chameleon Demi-Human was flipped off its head, while he was getting ready for an attack, well that's what it looked like to me. Without thinking, I jumped backwards and the jaws snapped ust short of my body, very short. I tried jumping back again but my feet caught on an uprooted root and I tripped.

Trapped! I was trapped now. The Thunder Lizard bared down on me, its amber eyes staring at my own. Its saliva dripping from it's teeth.

My hand touched the handle of my sword, but I was sure it was pointless. Even if I was able to draw it I would have been lizard chow long before I could use it.

I saw sparks of electricty bouncing around the head and a glow from within the throat. I heard shouts but I didn't pay any attention. This is it....

Then, out of nowhere someone jumped between me and the Thunder Lizard's glowing mouth. She looked like an archer and stared down the Thunder Lizard.

"Don't move." she said.

"No problem." I replied, barely.

Then a blast of an electric beam blasted towards us, she was infront of me.


Okay this is google15's char, since she hasn't shown up yet.

Name~> Faile Thundersong
Race~> human
Sex~> f
Age~> 17
Innate~> Lightning
Appearence~> tall, blond hair in a long braid. a bold nose and small ears. copper colored skin. yellow eyes. always wears camoflauge outfit over light archer armor.
Personality~> has a temper. is always the first to want to fight.
Weapon~> strong bow from yew. about 50 arrows with bone tips that never break and a pair of long daggers with dragon bone blades
Special Abilities~> thunder arrow(when the arrow hits its target it sends a shock of electricity through it); wind walking(allows me to hover about 30 feet above the ground, i can travel 10 miles before i have to land)


Name~> Tuon
Sex~> F
Innate~> thunder
Appearence~> elongated snout. jewel like yellow scales. two horns on its head that a zap of electricity jumps back and forth every few seconds. no front legs, but strong back legs and strong wings.
Personality~> humorous and calm. will fight if she has to but would rather not. loves bursting peoples expanded egos.

The Lightning shouldn't effect her, for more info on this look at my second post.


Mew Master
1st April 2003, 05:06 PM
Okay now for the play-by-play of the Pendant Bearers' first battle against the Thunder Lizard. Or how it's going so far. Ready? FIGHT!!

First off the Thunder Lizard (I'll refer to it as TL) charges in and scatters the group, which at the begining contains Saké, Kage, Vared, Seylin, Sora, and Elena. The group scatters, Saké and Seylin heading for some bushes off to the left, Kage and Sora flanked it to the right as Vared and Elena went that way as well but in a wider arch than Kage and Sora.

Saké and Seylin were the first two to be targeted by the TL, and the giant lizard lunged for them, mouth open. Seylin jumped to the left as Saké jumped up, the TL getting a mouthfull of shrubs. Saké charges up his Photon Blast and fires it at the reptile, only to have it bounce off because of the TL's special hide that will absorb any Lightning Elements and not be effected by any others except Earth Elements. THe Photon Blast does little more than get the TL's attention to where Saké is. Elena uses her Nature's Fury ability and vines grab Saké and pull him away from the nashing jaws.

Vared, managing to have escaped the TL's tail for a few moments, contemplates on how to attack it. Thinking that the eyes of the TL may be very vulnerable, since its hide is very thick. She remembers about the soliders who used a Fireball spell on her and concentrates, forming the ball of flames in her hands. She throws it at the TL's eye and makes a hit, but jumps away before seeing that it didn't do really any damage at all.

Well, she learned "Fireball" anyway.

Now, following the sound of fighting, Horus, Amal, and Chamel make their entrence. Horus learns about the TL but only about its weakness. Chamel gets the message and uses "Lurker" and then tells everyone to attack while the TL is disoriented.

Good idea, in theory.

Everyone launches a combined physical attack on the TL, but the beast has become annoyed with his prey. With one swipe the TL knocks everyone back and now concentrates all his efforts on Elena, who's jumping from tree to tree, avoiding the teeth. She lets out a roar of frustration as she dodges the attacks.

Chamel scrambles up a tree and is disappointed with the lack of effort in attacking. Surprisingly he almost meets the mouth first hand and jumps in surprise, going up and landing on the TL's head. A perfect oppertunity. He is going to use "Earth Cutter" when the head snaps back and throws him off and into the earth.

Now the TL is attacking anything that moves. In one snap it almost manages to snap up Saké, but the Light Innate jumps back, barely avoiding the attack. He jumps back again to get a safe distance, but his feet trip over some uprooted roots.

This would be the last of Saké, because the TL was charging up it's ultimate attack. The dreaded Thunder Breath. Just as it looked like Saké was going to bite the big one, an Archer pops outta nowhere and stands between him and the glowing jaws of the TL.

Okay, now Faile Thundersong is immune to the Thunder Breath. Why? Because of the Pendragon Seal I spoke about in my second post in the RPG. Her Daggers and Arrows should absorbe the brunt of the attack resulting in Saké only getting a little shocked. (As if he isn't now. ^_^U)

And my Scanner is screwed up now so I can't scan the pics of Vared and Blackthorn I finished. Have to wait until we get it fixed.

I'll try and get on later, I have to work on Rub Goldburg now. Dunno how long that will take.....


~ Mew Master

Darkmaster Kagemusha
1st April 2003, 07:10 PM
For future reference (And sorry I haven't posted sooner, I've been braindead), Kage's Claws are supposed to be exactly that--claws. Like Wolverine from X-Men. Otherwise, the picture works just fine, that was my only real problem with it.

Kage Ikagaide
I stood up out of the tangle of thorns, vines, and bushes I had been thrown into by the Thunder Lizard and looked at it. There was a tall blond girl standing in front of Saké, absorbing a lightning attack from the Lizard that should have killed them both. I grinned. "Must be a Lightning Innate," I said to myself. I stepped out into a more open area where I had a clear view of the body of the Thunder Lizard. I pulled my right hand back in a fist, as if I were about to punch, and then thrust it forward, opening my hand at the very end of the punch. Black energy shot from my hand at the Lizard. You'd think by that time I'd have learned but I didn't and the beam bounced right off and hit me square in the chest, causing an orb of black and gray to swirl around me (Gravitone). I felt a slight pressure just as the orb dissapeared. "I'm glad my attacks don't affect me, or that could have been messy," I said quietly. All the Lizard did was turn its head to me. "Hey blond girl, shoot the thing with some arrows or something now!" I yelled as the Thunder Lizard opened its mouth and lightning began to crackle around its gaping maw.

1st April 2003, 07:55 PM
Chamel got up from the earth that he had been thrown down to by the Thunder Lizard. He brushed himself off quickly, looking around for the Masmoon that he lost while falling, it was stuck in a nearby tree. He ran up the tree to retreive the temporarily lost treasure, 'thank the gods I didn't lose you.' Chamel thought to himself. He pulled it out of the tree and put it back in the sheath. He looked back at the Thunder Lizard to see if he could find a weakness, something about the lizard that flawed it. Maybe its attack patterns... He saw the man that fired the light ball (Sake) walking backwards as the lizard started for him. 'What the heck is he doing, but then again running is a bad idea in this situation.' thought Chamel. Then a amazon looking gal jumped out of the bushes just in time to save Sake from becoming french toast. 'What the heck is going on here?! This place is starting to get wierder by the minute!' thought Chamel. The amazon gal then shot some arrows up at the Lightining Lizard, and the man with the gauntlet claws (Kage) fired a dark energy ball at the Lightning Lizard, which bounced off of it and right back at him. The blast knocked him back on his back, he mumbled some stuff and got up quickly, knowing that the Lighting Lizard would be coming after him really soon. Then it hit Chamel, the ultimate battle tactic against the Lizard. It would require getting the lizard in some pretty thick trees and then guerrila warfare would be dominate in the battle. "Everyone, get the lizard deeper into the forest! Then attack the thing at the same time, it'll confuse the lizard!" shouted Chamel. With that Chamel casted Lurker again to get the lizards attention. "OVER HERE YOU NO GOOD WASTE-OF-SPACE!" shouted Chamel. The Lightning Lizard looked at Chamel with the kind of look that says "YOU!" and started a mad charge at him. Chamel bound from tree to tree to lure it into a death trap. 'Just hope everyone else does their part or I'm stuck with this thing in the jungle.' thought Chamel.

I presume that Faile Thundersong just never got around to posting eh? Well no matter... looks like Denny has his ol' hands full with Sake, RPG master, AND Faile Thundersong's character. Well people, those who haven't posted lately, get up here with the program and post!


Mew Master
2nd April 2003, 08:12 AM
Originally posted by Darkmaster Kagemusha
For future reference (And sorry I haven't posted sooner, I've been braindead), Kage's Claws are supposed to be exactly that--claws. Like Wolverine from X-Men. Otherwise, the picture works just fine, that was my only real problem with it.

I know your claws are like Wolverine's. I just took a bit of artistic lisence with the description you gave me, (that and I'm not sure how I would draw Wolverine claws.....)

Oh, and Chamel, I said Archer not Amazon....And aparently you underestimate the Thunder Lizard's size.

Denisu "Saké" Wamiyazen

The Lizard started moving towards the shouting Chameleon Demi-Human and away from me and the new gril. I stood up and wipped the dirt off my butt.

"Okay, now what do we do?" I asked, hoping someone would have an idea.

Elena jumped down and landed beside me. "It's a Lightning Innate, and nothing will work against it except Earth Elements."

"What about lizard-boy over there?" the archer asked, refering to Chamel. "His attack was the only one I've seen that works."

"We have to hit it with a combined spell. Either of you know Upheaval, or atleast Uplift?" Elena asked.

"I don't," the Archer replied.

"Then I hope at least three of us do." Elena replied. "Any less and we're not winning this fight.


2nd April 2003, 06:24 PM
OOC: Mew Master, why don't you PM the people who haven't posted in awhile? That way we'll see who's going to stick with this or not. I've been busy lately + writer's block so it's hard to post

I stared up in amazement at the huge electric lizard, spitting out balls of electric energy everywhere. Swiftly dodging to the side as one grazed past where I was standing, I watched the others fire off their various blasts, the only one remotely successful being Chamel. In disbelief, I heard him shout insults at the beast, luring him deep into the forest.
"Brave, but stupid", I muttered and charged after Chamel, watching him carefully move in the trees. It was kinda hard keeping up with a human chameleon.

OOC: Sorry this is so short. I can't think up of anything at the moment

Mew Master
6th April 2003, 01:10 PM
Sigh, if no one posts within the next two hours I'll finish up the battle against the THunder Lizard, and MAYBE, just maybe, people will start posting again. If you're busy that's fine but let us know when you can...

Mew Master
6th April 2003, 06:21 PM
Okay, this is the defeat of the Thunder Lizard. Thank you to everyone who contributed thus far...

Denisu "Saké" Wamiyazen

"Why three at once?"

Elena replied. "If we can do it at once we can flip the Thunder Lizard onto it's back and expose it's stomach."

"The underbelly is more vulnerable than the rest." the archer replied.

"Well I know Uplift, maybe some of the others do as well..." I stated.

3rd Person POV

Horus had managed to block his person from being seen by the Thunder Lizard, but how long that would last he didn't know. He heard some one elses thoughts..

If we hit him with three Uplifts that may work... Uplifts.. so thats how it could work.

Chamel! Chamel!

ACK! What I'm busy right now!!

Lead him this way, There's a way to beat it.

Elena, I know you can hear me.

Huh?! WHo is this?

No time for that. We have three who know uplift, and another who can hit it hard, what is your plan?


"Okay, so Seylin and Sora both know Ulplit. And you want us to get in front of it so Chamel can attack it?" Faile

"That's it. If the Chameleon managed to damage it once, we can get in a fast and hard hit if we destract it." Elena replied.

"Okay, let's go!" I jumped and started leaping from tree to tree, like I had done a few days ago.

Soon I caught up with Chamel who was so far evading the Thunder Lizard's lunges.

"Hey, how's it goin?" I shouted ad I caught up.

Chamel did a double take as we passed each other. "What are you doing?!"

"We have a plan, but we need your help!" I shouted back. "Horus should tell you when." I jumped back, wondering if Chamel was confused or not.

3rd person again...

Chamel jumped from branch to branch, his reflexes saving him numerous times from a toothy death. One time the Thunder Lizard judge right and bit the branch from under Chameal's feet. The Chameleon Demi-Human lost hsi balance and fell forward, skidding along the ground.

He looked up and saw the Thunder Lizard standing over him. It snapped its neck to attack, but something pulled Chamel back and out of it's reach. A vine had snaked its way around the Demi-Human's torso and pulled it back out of the Thunder Lizard's reach.

Now the Thunder Lizard was trapped, There wasn't enough room to turn around so it was stuck.

Chamel, wait for it.... He heard Horus tell him.


Sora, Seylin and I waited untill we saw the Thunder Lizard starting to move backwards.

"Now!" Elena shouted to us from the trees. "Before it moves out and can move easier!"

"On three," I said. "Three!" we all shouted and contencrated our Magic skills.

3rd POV, yet once more....

The Thunder Lizard snarled in frustration that it couldn't get to it's prey. There came a rumbling under its feet and it looked down, the earth was rising from under its forelegs! It tried to step back but vines kept its feet glued to the ground.

The rising earth went higher still until the reptile started to lose it's balance and stand straight up.

Chamel covered his Masumoon with dirt and then readied himslef to attack.

"Earth Cutter!!"

The Chameleon Demi-Human rushed forward, swinging the 8 foot long, dirt covered, sword. The attack hit home right in the Thunder Lizard's underbelly, sending a spasm of pain through the reptile. It let out a bone-chilling shreik as it fell backwards from the attack.

The Thunder Lizard slammed on to his back, withering in pain.

Saké a third time

Seylin, Sora, and I were starting to lose contorl of our uplift attacks.

"Drop them." Elena shouted at us.

The three of us relinquished out control and the area of dirt we had lifted, fell back to earth. The dirt covered and bombarded the Thunder Lizard, something we really weren't expecting at all.

I fell to my knees, mostly exhausted from the effort of Running, jumping, a Photon Blast and holding a pile of earth in the air for several minutes. My magic energy was very low.

"We did it." Vared and others came running towards us. "We did it!!"

The Fog started to lift and we saw the sea and Termania resting on the edge.

[COLOR=orange]Now we get to Termania after this victory, have some food, and discuss our next course of action.


~ Mew Master

6th April 2003, 08:41 PM
Elena Kai-Prae


Elena stretched her tired muscles. The effort of dodging the lizard had taken quite a bit out of her. For a moment, she paused near the mound that had been the lizard...and howled again, the Pride call of triumph. Nobody had even been seriously injured by it, which surprised her a bit...

The adrenaline finally left her, and she yawned.

"And the first place we should probably go is a nice inn!"

She felt wholeheartedly exhausted, and just wanted a nice meal and a warm dry place to sleep. She didn't care much for beds, since innkeepers tended to fuss if she accidentally shredded the sheets in her sleep. It had happened a few times...

7th April 2003, 07:01 PM
Score, whos' your lizad'? *Dance*
After the mass of waste-of-space had come to still. Chamel got down on one knee and preyed for the lizard to be reborn a more useful monster. After the chant had finished, he got up and began to clean his blade. While he did this, he took a moment to survey the people around him, checking out the new faces that he would be traveling. He then looked at Sake and tried to understand why he of all the people had helped him, and the demi-cat helped out as well. 'Why did they help me anyway?' Chamel thought to himself. 'Why did they help me when I have done little to help them...' he continued to think. Sake got up and began to get ready to start moving out, but decided to rest due to the lack of energy that was used to defeat the Lightning Lizard. "Ok, sense most of us really can't move, why don't we introduce our selfs." said Sake.

"I'm Horus" said Horus, (Irony)
"And I'm Amal" said Amal, (more irony)
"Chamel" said Chamel, (now full of irony)
"I'm Sake" said Sake, (wow, the irony)
"Elena" said Elena, (tiring saying all the names)
"I'm Faile" said Faile, (now tired)
"Seylin" said Seylin, (BORRING)
"Sora" said Sora, (man, how did I get stuck typing the introduction?!)
"And I'm Kage" said Kage (snore bore...)
"Vared" said Vared (O.o)
"Zera" said Zera ( <:})~ )
(Did I get em' all?)

And once the newly formed gang had finished introducing themselves, they set forth to Termania!

Darkmaster Kagemusha
7th April 2003, 08:19 PM
Kage Ikagaide
After the introductions were finished, we all headed of to Termania (OOC: I spelled that right didn't I?). I stretched as we went along at a placid walk and put my hands behind my head while yawning (OOC: Classic Duo style, ne?). "I've heard of a good tavern in Termania if anyone's interested," I said quietly, and loud, positive replies followed. "Well, it's called The Black Forest and from all they've heard, they have the best food, drink, and beds in the country," I said. There were cheers and mutters of happiness after that, and I could see that some of them were about ready to break into a sprint to get to a warm, comfortable bed. I took off my cloak and draped it over my shoulder so that I could cool off (OOC: And I still have that cloak, wings or no! You can't have it! **Hugs his cloak**).

----------------------------------Time Jump-------------------------------------
I sprawled out on the very comfortable bed in my room at the tavern. Unfortunately, there were half as many rooms as we needed so everyone had to share. I wasn't sure who I'd be in it with since not everyone was done having fun or relaxing. Meanwhile, I was busy bouncing an acorn at great speeds off the wall back to my hand over and over again.

Mew Master
8th April 2003, 08:12 AM

The Black Forest was a tavern run by friends of my father. Good thing they would let us rest there for a bit. Problem was we had to give them our weapons before we could come in. The good thing was we would have a table in the private room in the back of the dinner. Gleen and Leena ran the Inn and were decent people.

ACK! Short! I'll type more later tonight!

Shadow Djinn
8th April 2003, 06:20 PM
Sorry, I didnt know what to post


We were about to enter the Black Forest when we had to hand over our weapons. I held my katana tight.
" And if anything happens?" I snapped.
" Nothing will." They assured. I grudgingly tossed my katana over to them and headed in.

(Writer's block, as said before X_X)

Mew Master
8th April 2003, 06:52 PM
Well, I've got pics for Vared and Blackthorn up. Check them out when you can. Use the PKMNDS Link in my sig and then go to Pictures and you can figure out the rest from there. Now, on with the fun!

Denisu "Saké" Wamiyazen

"Dinner's going to be ready in three hours everyone!" Glenn shouted up from the Tavern below.

The Inn and rooms of the Black Forest was above the tavern and eatery below. Every room had a shower and a set of beds. So far I was roomed with Chamel, Kage and Horus had a room, and Seylin and Zera. We had a problem with the girls and three had to bunk together. Vared and Sora, and Elena, Faile, and Amal had to stay in one room.

Glenn and Leena had been friends of my father for quite some time and I've been around and knew Termania well. It was a fairly sized fishing village and the town made a living off of the fishers as well as some festivles that it held a few times a year. It was a prospourus and vibrant town.

I walked downstairs and to the tavern, I had already had a shower and my new roomie, Chamel was taking his. The Tavern was constructed of wood and several glass windows let the setting sun shine in. I reached a table and took a seat. My mind wandered back to a few days ago when this all started from my point of veiw. My Father, Pokira, the note from my mother, and the strange blackouts I had whenever I was hit really hard and lost all consciousness.

There came the noise of footsteps and I turned. No one. I turned around again and there was the Chameleon Demi-Human sitting infront of me. "Boo!"

I jumped, not from the fact that he said Boo but rather that him appearing sitting on the opposite side of the table took me by surprise. Losing my balance I fell backward and fell on the floor.

"Ouch...." I muttered.

"Hey sorry man, I didn't know I would scare you like that." Chamel replied, surprised at my reaction.

"Scare nothing, you startled me and this chair's defective." I stood back up and set the chair up again.

"Hey, why did you help me back there?" Chamel asked.


"When I was leading the giant reptile inot the denser forest you appeared and jumped trees with me."

"Oh that, I had to tell you some how, because Horus said you were to busy dodging and any mind link may make you lose your concentration and you'd end up as a lizard snack."

"Well that wouldn't do, I need to stay at the top of the food chain, thank you very much." he replied.

The two of us got to know eachother better in the next hour.

"So your parents left you at a shrine, and Garm is the key to this?"

"He said that after Garm is defeated then I'll see my parents." Chamel replied and sipped some of his drink.

Leena had made us some kilala, a sweet drink that tasted like tea with some cinamon, while we talked. I sipped some of mine. "I suppose I've been lucky. I've had both of my parents for atleast seven years until my mother died. She left me a note after our shrine was attacked and told me... she told me that the sword was her heirloom to me. So I think that maybe a part of her soul is inside my sword."

"Hmm, nice thought bro," Chamel replied.

"I also made a promise one day."


"The day my mother died, I was so sad I mopped around for days. Until my father made me realize that I had to live for ...ah it's a long story. But the point was that I have to live to protect those I care about. Friends, Family, you get the idea."

Chamel smiled. "Then a toast." he raised his glass. "To Family."

I raised mine. "To protecting those you love."

The glasses clinked together, and we drank. Some people started coming down the stairs, clean and somewhat relaxed.

"Okay everyone! Food's ready!" Leena announced as she started bringing out large plates of food. More people started pouring downstairs at the smell of Leena's cooking. It was her cooking that made the Shadow Forest the most popular tavern in Termania.

Everyone sat around a gaint table.

"Dig in!" we all said and we ate.

Minutes later.....

"Thirds!" I shouted, holding up my bowl for the thrid time.

"Do you not stop eating?" Kage asked with his sarcasim.

"Nope." I smiled as I had more of Leena's stew and started eating with a vengence once again. "Hwhen mmy Magic enbergy gets low. *munch* *munch* The More I eat *GULP* Ahh, the faster I get recharged."

"And the faster you eat the faster you lose your maners." Chamel commented and everyone started laughing, even me, because it was true.

(anyone continue)

All this is is a freindly dinner and conversation about orgions, later, when we have mostly all sides, well start planning our next move. heh.


~ Mew Master

9th April 2003, 12:00 AM
Well, nice to see that all but one of us has made it to Terminia. Awsome,but some of you guys just aren't pulling your end of the weight. YOU PEOPLE MUST GET UP HERE AND POST YOUR CHARACTERS DOINGS, WE CAN NOT DO THAT WORK FOR YOU! With that being said, now I will post Chamel's doings and I STRONGLY suggest that the rest of you do the same.
These people are: Horus, Zera, Sora, Faile, Seylin, Vared.
Post dang it!
Everyone was enjoying themselves, Sake and Chamel were just outside of the usual festivities. The food was exelent, Big roast chickens that were shot earlier that day, a large Gar that was fished from the river nearby, tossed salad with nuts, honey glazed cordals, cheese to the hearts content, and five different ale's to choose from (not forgetting the water). The small party carried on through the night, but everyone decided to call it a night at about eleven at night. The men went to their room and the women went to their room.
Next morning...
Amal came poking out of the women's room, Horus first to make it out of the ladies room (Shudder) and they nearly bumbed into eachother. They walked eachother down the stairs to an awaiting breakfast that Gleen and Leena had prepaired for the party. "How did the masters sleep last night?" asked Gleen. "Well, I slept a little wrong, but other than that, I slept good." commented Horus. "Same here." replied Amal. Chamel and Sake were next down. "Ah, am I refreshed or what?!" shouted Chamel. "Keep it quiet, some of us haven't showered yet... besides that, your not that hot anyway." grumbled Sake. Chamel preseded to lick his finger and touched it to his shoulder "SSss" hissed Chamel. "Not funny." grumbled Sake.

They sat down at the table. Chamel got a heaping plate of toast, orange juice, and lots of blue berry muffins. Sake ordered up the same things with the same amount. Amal and Horus watched intently as the mountains of food disapeared before them. "I do beleive I just lost my appitite..." said Horus. "Same here." replied Amal. The rest of the gang finally got up, showered, and had breakfast. "Hey, Gleen, does this traverine have a spa or some kind of pool nearby?" asked Chamel. Horus answered for Gleen (mind reader...) "Yup." said Horus sharply. "Sweetness, I can't wait to get there!" said Chamel, a gleam in his eyes. After breakfast had finished, they got up and decided what they would all do for the day, the women planned to go check out Terminia's local shops. The men (being men of corse) decided to check out the beaches, then the pools, and finally, the river system. "In case of emergency, and I'm talking serous emergency, meet back here. Gleen and Leena will give us back our weapons, were still not allowed to walk around the town with our weapons showing, considered impolite," said Sake. "Do the women understand?" asked Sake. "Yes!" cheered the women. "The men understand?" asked Sake. "Yes!" the men shouted. And with that, they set forth into the city!
Now, I want to see someone else other than myself, Denny, Kage, Elena, and/or Zera to post after this!

Mew Master
10th April 2003, 08:10 AM
Mark, I PMed you about this. Give it some time. School does play a big factor.

Well, hope you all can invent some shops and stuff. I don't have much time now because I told Makr he was over anxious and to chill and then my message was deleted as I was typing it. O_O?! So I had to paraphrase two paragraphs.

Well, later!

~ Mew Master

11th April 2003, 08:04 PM
I sighed as the men went off to look at clothes while Garm and his army were somewhere out there looking for us. Glancing at the other girls, I could see them also walking off in the other direction, oblivious that I was standing right where I was. I felt a bit saddened since it happened often but I was used to it. Turning around to face Leena, I asked for a favor.
"Obviously, you know that I'm not going to go off shopping and the what not so I wonder if I there was someplace in your inn quiet and secluded enough so that I can train."
She looked me over for a bit before slowly nodding.
"I can see you'll be careful. Come with me."
Following her, we went through the main hall where I secretly picked up my glaive. Going through a side door, we went through a small, stone hall, not used by many people. Going through another door, we entered a beautiful garden, complete with the flowers and peaceful pond with karp swimming around in it.
"Thanks", I replied as she nodded and went back through the door.
Sighing as quietness enveloped the garden, I silently shed a tear as it reminded me of home. Closing my eyes, I could perfectly remember the day I left. I trained with my father before we heard the explosions and gave me the heirlooms. Gripping my pendant tightly, tears slowly dripped on it before I let it go and swung my glaive back and forth, twirling it in my hand. Imagining my father in front of me, I closed my eyes and started to parry the air, swinging with short chops, thrusting every so often. Swinging down diagonally, I was suddenly met with a strike of a sword clacking against my weapon. Opening my eyes, I looked at Leena who wielded a long sword with a plain hilt but it looked very sturdy.
"I couldn't just let you go at this alone", she smiled and swung at me.
Smirking, I easily blocked and hacked away at her, enjoying the thrill of fighting for the moment.

Mew Master
12th April 2003, 12:15 PM
Denisu "Saké" Wamiyazen

Everyone, for the exception of Amal went into Termania to see what kind of town it was. Of course I had been here several times already and knew just where I was going: The Warf.

I had a cousin who was learning to be a fisherman like his father and family before him. He was very dedicated to learning the secret arts of fishing and would not let anyone argue with him. All in all he was a good guy.

As I made my way through the people I accidently bumped into a girl.

"Sorry," she muttered, somewhat shyly.

"No, It's mine. i wasn't paying attention like I should." I replied with my usual smile.

I looked at her face. She was very cute. Sky blue eyes sparkled on her face as she looked at me, there was a little bit of a blush on her cheeks. She had her hair untied and loose, it was an aqua color and a few streaks of darker blue. But there was something in her eyes, something I couldn't tell what it was....

(Whoops, look like I forgot to mention something about Saké. He can tell the true soul of a person by looking into their eyes. It was an ability his mother showed him how to use before she died. Onward! Oh, and the girl comes in later, just leave her to me, K?)

"Sorry, but I have to get going." she said and walked around and left me.

I was somewhat dumbfounded and finally my brain started working again. "I didn't even ask for her name!" I exclaimed, but then mentaly whacked myself. "That's not important now. She's probably taken anyway." I started heading in the direction I was going before I "met" that girl.

* * *

I reached the warf and started looking for the boat that belonged to my cousin. It was more of a skiff when I finally found him.

Wayne was clad in only cut-offs and a straw hat to protect his eyes and head from the sun and being out at sea all the time. Currently it looked like he was working on a patchwork net for today's fishing.

"Yo Wayne!" I shouted.

He looked up, looked around and noticed me. "Saké! Cuz! How ya doin'?" He put down the net and leaped over to me farther on the warf.

He grabbed me in a big hug and lifted me off my feet for a second before he let me go. "Man Saké, what are you doing here? I thought Leon's services weren't going to be needed for another four days. The Festival hasn't even started."

I didn't want to worry Wayne about my dad's condition, even though I didn't know if it was better or worse. "Oh, he sent me up here a few days early to make sure everything was in order for him."

"Hey that's cool... oh no." Wayned moaned.


"Them." he pointed behind me.

I turned and almost froze. There were three of Garm's soliders talking to the warf master. Here?! Already? This is not good. I have to warn everyone. my thoughts screamed.

"They've been a real nussince. Won't let us out to sea unless they've checked everything in every boat. Say they're lookign for something. Really annoying people. Hey Saké, what's that around your neck?" Wayne asked and broke my stupor.

"Wayne, how long until you go out this morning?" I asked, hurridly.

"Not for another thirty minutes. Why?"

"Go and tell eveyone that if soliders ask you about seeing a group of kids enter town last night, or have pendants like this, to just say they know nothing, including you." I told him, hiding my pendant under my shirt and vest.

"Why? What's going on?" Wayne wanted to know.

"Trust me, it's better if you don't know." I replied and started running off the warf, heading back into town to warn everyone I could find.

* * *

"Damn!" I muttered. "Termania is so large that I won't be able to find everyone!" I ran in the Black Forest's direction at the edge of town. "Maybe they've headed back."


Okay, Garm's soliders are moving around Termania and asking people aobut seeing a large group of people entering Termania last night. They won't know what you look like so they may even ask you. Once you shake them, head back to the Black Forest. You can get some shopping in before you notice the soliders though.

Oh! I'm almost finished with Nuri. Man this is my toughest Dragon yet, and it's only the thrid one I've drawn, but I think Sojiru will be harder to draw. Kage, you never mentioned if you liked Blackthorn's design or not.....


~ Mew Master

Shadow Djinn
12th April 2003, 12:23 PM

I walked out of the Black Forest, looking at the large crowds of people in Termeania(excuse spelling). Then Sake dashed over in a panic. I rraised an eyebrow.
" Whats the panic?" I asked calmly. He said something about Garm. My eyes flickered.
" What? Garm? Here?" I asked, surprised. Whatever. Walking out of the pub, I saw a few soldiers. I hid my pendant.
" Have you seen a large group of kids enter town last night?" They asked. I hid my wings. I clutched my blade.
" No."

Darkmaster Kagemusha
12th April 2003, 08:23 PM
Sorry 'bout that. Yes, I like Blackthorn's design :yes:

Kage Ikagaide
I was looking at some dagger shops when I 'felt' nervousness behind me. I glanced back and saw a large group of Garm's guards talking to a shopkeeper. All I heard was "...large group..." and "...medallions...". That was enough, I nodded to the shopkeeper, smiling, and walked calmly back to the tavern. Luckily, I had kept my pendant hidden since we got to Termania. I slipped calmly through the shadows, trying not to be noticed. Suddenly, a tall guard saw my face.

"That's one of them!" he yelled, and five more guards showed up.

"S***!" I said to myself and bolted. They quickly followed me. Now I can't get back to the tavern! I thought to myself. I made a swift turn and headed to the edge of town. "Sakéi'mbeingchasedbyguardsandneedhelp!" I yelled, so quickly and loudly that only someone near the tavern would be able to hear it.

12th April 2003, 10:47 PM
And there I was... Oh, wait, wrong life I'm posting about! Back to the goodness!
Chamel had camoflaged again (with cloths on) and was snoopin' around town like he usually does. He caught the faint scent of baking bread. 'yummy, wonder where that smell....' Chamel thought to himself, when he caught eye of some rotten smelling Garm goons. 'THE STENTCH!!!' Chamel thought. ' How the heck could they have caught on to us so soon?' Chamel thought. 'Well, to find the gang and warn them about the wreaking stench.' And with that he set off!
later at the Inn...
"Hey, Gleen, I need my Masmoon. Garm goons are all over..." Chamel stuttered as he saw that the Inn was over ran by Garm goons. "Uhhh, not good." They all looked at Chamel with suprise, one got up and started for Chamel. Chamel jumped over the counter and grabbed all the weapons and made a mad dash for the door. One goon got in the way and the chameleon trampled him. The moment he got to the door, his clothes flew off, but when they hit the ground and the men could (should) see him, they couldn't.
now at the Black Forest...
Chamel was second to arrive at the forest, Sake was first(after Zera of corse (already there)), after Chamel Kage arrived, then everyone else joined within a few minutes. Sake was doing a role check when he noticed that there was only eleven of them. "Hey, wheres' Amal?" asked Sora.
dang you people don't get it, I have school, but I must do my homework fast or somthing, cause dang, theres only three to five regular posters in here...

Shadow Djinn
13th April 2003, 12:49 AM

Yelling. Screaming. I couldn't get it out of my mind. Laying on the wall near the pub, katana in hand, I opened my eyes. I saw Kage being chased by soldiers with spears. Should I help? Better not use my Katana...Quickly, I hid my pendant and dashed into the pub. Giving the Katana to Gleen, I walked out. My claws would come in handy here.( The pic has clawed hands) I stretched my wings and flew into the sky. I located Kage. What I'd give for my sword right now...
" ARGGHHH!" I yelled and dived, claws ready. I swooped down and slashed a guard. Kage was weaponless.
" Shoot." I murmured. " SAKE! Vared! CHamel! AMAL!" I yelled, loosing my calm condition. None heeded my call. I shook my head.
" FIne then...you know MArtial ARts?" I asked Kage as the guards closed in. I didn't hear an answer. I was an ameteaur at Martial arts and I used all my senses for that move I performed. USing my claws, I slashed a guard's hand, and snatched the spear, twirling it like a stick. The spearless guard stood his ground. I snatched another spear quickly and tossed it to Kage.
" Fight?" I quarried.

Mew Master
13th April 2003, 03:14 PM
Uh, Mark, there are only 11 of us total, so one missing would be 10 instead.

-_-U This is happening sooner than I thought, and not how I would have liked, but taht can't be helped now.

Also, the Black Forest is both an Inn and a Tavern, the Inn on the second floor, and don't have everyone up there at once, okay Mark? It ruins some plot advancement.

Denisu "Saké" Wamiyazen

There was a fight going on. Kage and Zera were holding their own, but not for long. I had seen Zera toss Kage a spear after he had gotten it from one of the soliders. It was two on two, but it was unknown if those odds would change soon.

I threw open the window from the second floor and charged up my Photon Blast. "Photon Blast!" The Ball of light energy blasted forward and hit the two gaurds, blasting them away and knocking them unconcious.

"Get up here!" I shouted to them. Kage and Zera dropped their weapons, Zera waited a moment and got his katana before getting inside.

The two ran up and had joined me and Chamel.

"Okay, we have to think of a plan. Garm's soliders are everywhere." I said.

"We know that Einstine, but what are we gonna do. All of our weapons are downstairs in the tavern." Kage replied.

"Not all of them." Chamel replied and revieled his Masumoon, and Zera even showed his katana.

"Okay I stand corrected. But the point remains, if Garm's soliders surround the Black Forest, we're toast." I stated.

"So? We can take 'em." Chamel replied.

"We may be strong, but even the four of us can't hold off an army." Kage commented.

"So what do we do?" Zera asked.

I thought there had to be a way to get everyone here before Garm's soliders found out. There was a rush of footsteps and Amal came up.

"What's going on? I thought I heard an explosion." she asked, she had her gailve in her hands.

"Garm's soliders are popping up." Kage replied. "We have to warn everyone."

"But how?"

"Horus." Amal replied.

Chamel smacked himself on the head. "Horus, of course! He's psychic!"

"He can warn everyone." I remembered now. "But how do we let him know?"

"I don't know, he usually knows these things." Amal replied.

"Maybe all the thoughs in town are interfearing with his Psychic Radar?" Chamel suggested.

We didn't know for sure whether Horus was goint to be able to tell somethign was up and locate the others, or if we would have to go search for them ourselves. Meanwhile, Gleen had went down and moved the TKO'ed soliders into the shed behind the tavern for us, so no one would really notice them and ask questions.


Okay, I'm gonna be off for about an hour. I have to go pick up my stuff at an Art show I entered yesturday. See ya in a bout an hour.


~ Mew Master

Darkmaster Kagemusha
13th April 2003, 07:03 PM
Kage Ikagaide
I heard dull thumps as arrows began to be used. I glanced out the window and jumped back a little in time to miss getting hit by one. "These people have no aim!" I said. I pulled my arm back with my hand in a fist, then stepped quickly back up to the door and punched down towards the soldiers, opening my hand at the end of my punch. A black beam shot at them and hit one right on the head. An orb of grayish energy swirled around him and five others and they were quickly reduced to the size of a medium-sized--bloody--rock. I smirked. "I love that ability!" I said to myself, laughing.

"W-what was that?" Saké asked.

"Gravitone. It seems to be quite effective against small groups of people," I said, grinning. Unfortunately, that attack was worthless for stopping a large army. We HAD to get our weapons. "Hey! I've got an idea!"

"Oh no," Amal said. I glared at her.

"About where below us are the weapons being kept?"
__________________________________________________ __
__________________________________________________ __

Okay, somebody show Kage on the floor where the weapons are and remember that he can alter gravity ;). Hope you don't mind if I try to speed it up a bit MM.

13th April 2003, 07:21 PM
>:( For your information, I was stuck in writer's block most of the time. I had a post ready, but by the time I finished typing it out, it was waaaaay past the current time frame. After Sora got into the forest, I wanted this whole little thing to go on before she appeared to you guys...Then about a couple've weeks ago, I was forced to go camping, and lost access to a computer around 10-11 days ago.

So, Mew Master, should I post the post I had ready, or just PM you it? If I posted it now, it would be a very big time jump, and it would be very confusing...><'

O-o';; Honestly, I'm still reading this RPG, and I was looking for a nice little place for me to post, and I think now's a good time, since not everyone is caught up.
Sora Hibari

Yawning and stretching, I walked through town, extremely anxious to explore Termania. The inn was behind me, I had some money in my pockets, and I was in need of something nice and filling to eat. Spotting a restaurant labeled Termania's T-bones!, I went inside and ordered the largest steak I could afford.

((A few hours later, when Chamel, Kage, Amal, and Saké are going on about their Horus problem...))

I was sitting near a shop, head drooping slightly...Aww...man...why didn't that food agree with my stomach? I thought, now severely wishing I hadn't ordered that big of a steak.

Looking up, I saw...soldiers? I eyed them suspiciously...they looked familiar...wait...Could they be Garm's soldiers?

I tensed. 'They ARE Garm's soldiers!' I thought with dread. 'How could they follow us here...They couldn't've moved that quickly!' I stood up, walking very slowly away from them, making sure my pendant was hidden. I had to get back to the inn.

I kept towards the shadows of the stores, making my way to the back of the inn. As I approached it, I heard an all too familiar sound; screams, and the sound of arrows clinking against the walls of the inn.

I watched, intrigued, as the inn's door suddenly was propelled forward, watched as one was hit with a black beam of energy, how they were morphed and contorted into something that resembled a rock, and heard laughter coming from the doorway.

I walked forward carefully, poking my head around to see Kage was telling Chamel, Amal, and Saké, "About where below us are the weapons being kept?"

Stepping within sight, they whirled around, ready to attack, but then noticed it was me.

"Uhh...I don't think I need to warn you guys that Garm's army is here, eh?" I joked, holding up my hands in a friendly 'Don't Kill Me!' posture.
There we go...and again, I'm sorry I haven't posted sooner...

And MM, I'm serious about the post I would've posted sooner. I need your answer before I delete the document...*pokes*

Mew Master
14th April 2003, 08:02 AM
Smeargal: *arm hurts from Smeargal's poking* Of course, PM it to me, and I'll add it to the fic when ever I get that started. So far I've gotten Part I: Secret Evil. Mystic Pendants, Powerful Weapons printed out and I'll just have to wait until I put up a notice for Part III to print Part II. Each part may be broken down into several chapters, but who knows. Now I have to come up with a past for Faile Thundersong. Confusing? Don't worry, I'm insane enough to remember it all o.oU.

Darkmaster: Uh, Amal's a girl.

EVERYONE: Okay I don't want things to move too fast. Yes Garm's soliders (as well as the scary silent ones) are mucking things up but we have to try and wait fro everyone. My next post (Tuesday night mostlikely) will be the turning point of our adventures in Termania. Just one thing till then. DON'T HAVE GARM'S SOLIDERS ATTACK THE INN RIGHT AWAY. It is important that we are all there and mainly in the tavern until they launch their attack.

If the others aren't there by then, then I throw them in and explain it later.

Oh, I don't have Nuri done yet. mostly because my 2nd Hour Govt class wants me to draw them before the year's over so that pushes all of my other projects aside untill I'm finished. Actually they wanted a rough draft today! o_O!! It's almost finished and I should get more work in on Nuri. I'm also working on some termonology as well as Character Lists so when we get farther I'll post that and help save you guys some confusion as well as headaches. So if you guys have any names or occupations for your families I would like them.

*Yawn* It's gonna be a long day. I'll check in at lunch and then see ya tomorrow.


~ Mew Master

Mew Trainer Rose
14th April 2003, 12:13 PM
three words for ya all: I. Hate. School. especially college applications. Luckily it's Spring Break now. :D


I had little interest in shopping or cheking out the beach, so I just wandered around town, looking for something interesting.
"Let's see what there is in this town." I said to myself. I looked at the various buildings in town."...I'm not hungry, I don't need any new clothes, I don't want any tourist's trinkets...hey, a library. Those are always a good place to kill some time." So I went into the Termania Public Library.
It was nice and quiet inside, and had a faint smell of old paper. The librarian's desk was off to one side, where it didn't block thne view of the rows upon rows of bookshelves. Not having any particular book in mind to read, I walked around to see if a book caught my eye. Before any of them could, I found the card catalogue. (I assume they wouldn't have computers to serve the same function. :) hmmm, come to think of it, it's been a while since i last saw a card catalogue, much less used one...)
After wondering a moment about what to search for, I decided (predictably ^_^) on dragons. I wasn't surprised to find that most of the books on the subject were fiction, and sounded like children's books. I was about to give up the search when I saw the last card on the subject. It was for a book on a collection of myths from over 4000 years ago titled simply Legends of the Ancient Dragons (so sue me, i couldn't think up anything more creative. :P). After writing down the title, author's nam,e, and call number on one of the pieces of paper left near the card catalogue for that purpose, I went to find the book.
It was a very old, dusty book in a section full of other old, dusty books, a few of which were actually scrolls. It was bound in cracked brown leather, and the thing felt slightly brittle. I picked it up off the shelf and carefully started flipping through. The writing was faded in most places, but I could pick up some of the writing here or there, sometimes up to a full sentence.
demon...Necrosan...ultimate (something) will bring peace to the world...Dragons...
I was trying to puzzle out a phrase that looked almost readable when the doors of the library banged open. I wasn't in view of the door, but because the building was so quiet I could easily hear a gruff voice talking to someone, probably the librarian.
"I have reports of a young woman coming in here a few moents ago. We have reason to beleive she may posess an item that belongs to my employer. Do you know where she is?"
The librarian said something in a much quieter voice, but I didn't need to hear any more anyway. After spending a second trying to decide weather or not to take the book, I decided I'd rather not be stuck with legitimate charges of steeling and quietly put the book back on the shelf. If I was lucky I might be able to get it at an antique store somewhere. Then I walked as slinetly as I could toward a window I had seen in the back of the building.
The window was open, but there was a guard nearby. He seemed to be just patroling around though, so as soon ashe was out of signt I pushed the window farther open.
Or at least i tried. It was stuck, and after a lot of pushing and wiggling the window, I managed to only open it about another inch or two.
"There she is!" the gruff voice caled from behind me. I glanced over my sholder to see a soldier running down a narrow row after me. As quick as I could, I formed a ball of flames in my hand. The soldier didn't hesitate a bit, but the attack wasn't for him.
"Fireball!" I shouted as I tossed the flames at the window and jumped to one side. Whatever glass and wood that didn'y immediately burn or melt to nothing went flying in all directions. Before the shrapnel even finished landing, I jumped through the window and dashed away. I had to get back to the inn fast, but i couldn't let the guards catch me. I ran in a diferrent direction than the inn, started darting into streets at random to shake them off, and doubled back a few times. I eventually made it to the forest around the edge of teh town, then stayed inside that untill I got back to the Black Forest.

Shadow Djinn
14th April 2003, 09:50 PM
I grasped my katana even harder as I watched the soldiers run around the streets of Termaenia. They had no clue we were here.Me and Chamel were the only 2 to have their weapons.
" Damn." I thought. Then something snapped my mind.
" Chamel." I snapped. He turned.
" You can camouflage right? Turn invisible?" I asked. He rubbed his head.
" Kinda." He muttered.
" Nevermind...Even if you COULD get the weapons invisibly, people would see a bunch of weapons floating in the air." I shook my head.

Mew Master
15th April 2003, 08:09 AM
Uh, Templar, Mark's character is Chamel. I call him Mark because he's an old buddy of mine and we went to school together and know eachother. Please try and remember that everyone...

Mew Master
15th April 2003, 05:18 PM
Okay, here's my post so we can wrap this all up.

3rd Person POV

Saké, Kage, Zera, Chamel, Sora and Amal tried to think when they heard a long droning sound flying through Termania.

"What's that?" Zera asked.

"It's a fire alarm, they say the library was attacked with a Fireball." Leena reported immediatly.

Just then Vared dashed upstairs and the others stared at her.


"Starting fires now?" Kage asked.

"It's not my fault! I had to get out of the library so I blasted through a window. No real damage was done to the books." she assured, waving her hands.

Then Horus came in, followed by Seylin as well as Elena and Faile.

"What's going on?" Elena asked. "I've spotted Garm's soliders all over the place."

"They managed to get here really quick though." Faile added. "How did they know?"

"Who cares, what matters is we get out of here ASAP." Seylin said.

"One problem," Saké stated. "Only three of us have our weapons and the others are in the storehouse in the back yard, about 20 yards away."

"We'll bust them up on our way." Kera boasted.

"Only if you're suicidal," Horus finally spoke. "There are more soliders gathering around here."

"Everyone! In the tavern quick!" Gleen shouted.

They rushed downstairs, Saké thinking. "We need to get outta Termainia, quick." They reached the tavern and Saké went for a map of the town and laid it on a table. "Okay, here we are." he pointed to a small square that showed the Black Forest Inn and Tavern. "We're close to the middle of town and there are several ways out of Termania." He pointed to several points on the map. "Unless of course we take the sea route and then that's a new one, but the soliders are checking the boats so that's pointless."

"So your plan?" Vared asked.

"We split up and split." he continued. "We can split into groups or go on our own."

"Yes, if we stay in a group we're more likely to end up caught than free." Kage added.

"But where do we meet?" Vared asked.

Leena brought over a map of the continent and dropped it over the map of Termania. "This should help."

Saké looked over the map and picked a spot. "Here," his finger landed on the scribble that looked like ruins. "The Draconian Ruins."

"Those ruins?" Horus asked. "Why?"

"But how are we gonna get outta here without our weapons?" Elena interupted.

"I'll get them." Chamel finally said, and everyone looked at him.

"How, I thought you couldn't camoflouge fully." Amal asked.

Chamel rummaged through his clothes. "Simple," He pulled out several paper charms. "The Chameleon's Seal."

"What do they do?" Denisu asked.

"They allow anything that touches them to be camoflouged along with me." Chamel replied, a big smile on his face.

Everyone fell over in stupidity.

"Then why didn't you mention them before?!" Kage demanded.

"My sensei told me to use them sparingly, it's not like these are easy to make."

"Okay so do it."

"Not yet," Chamel stated.

"What?! Why not?" Zera asked.

"I need your cloak Kage. I can't carry those weapons in my hands."

Kage unwillingly took his cloak off, reveiling his wings, and haded it to Chamel. The Chameleon Demi-Human placed the seal on the cloak and went into hide mode. The only thing we could see was a walking bunch of clothes, that began to take themselves off.

"You hold them off and I'll be right back to get your weapons to you." With that, the invisable Pendant Bearer was gone as the rest heard a window open and then close.


I will continue this in a bit, because I have to go and record Kenshin.... I hope it will. So I'll finish this up in a bit.


~ Mew Master

Shadow Djinn
15th April 2003, 05:18 PM
GAH! Sorry O_o. I got confused since ya kept callin him Mark XD. *goes to edit*

Mew Master
15th April 2003, 07:35 PM
Time to continue!

3rd Person POV

They watched as the window closed and then turned back to the question at hand.

"How do we get past them unarmed?" Amal asked.

"We are not unarmed." Zera said. "You and I still have weapons."

"But what about the rest of us?" Vared asked.

"Watch out!" Horus shouted and pulled a couple of the others to the ground.

Then the windows to the Tavern shattered inward and soliders started pouring in. Soon, the small band found themselves surrounded.

"Great" Kage muttered. "This is just great."

"Don't move, or we will be forced to attack." the general said, holding up a hand. The palm had a swirl of flames in the center.

"Sir! There are only 10 here! One of them is missing!"

"What?!" the general's attention was diverted for a second, and the group wasn't going to waste any time.

Saké jumped into the air, avoiding a barrage of fireball and Photon Ray attacks that just hit other soliders. He flipped and started to fall. His flipp had aimed for a square table by the edge of the tavern and he was falling towards it, feet ready to land.

His feet touched the far edge of the table, and the table tipped with him on it! Denisu had miscalculated and had hit the far edge of the table, causing it to fall over infront of him and block several element attacks from the soliders.

He lay and rubbed his butt, which was what he had landed on when him misjudged his jump and flip. "Ow, my butt."

"YOu allright Saké?" Kage asked as he rolled behind the barrier Denisu had made.

"Except for the fact that my rear's gonna hurt for a few hours, I'm fine."

"Your butt's fine Saké." Horus replied as he jumped over the table and behind it. "and So is everyone else." he commented as they ducked as more fire and rays blasted over their heads.

"Now what?" Kage asked as we continued to hide. "We stay here much longer and the whole place goes up in flames.

"I know," Horus agreed.

Saké stole a peek of the situation. Seylin, Vared, and Sora were behind a table, Faile, Elena behind another, and Zera on his own.

"They've got us pinned down. Unless we do something." Saké said and got ready to push the table. "Help me out."

The three began to push.

The soliders shooting at the tables were surprised when one of the tables began to scoot towards them. The three pendant Bearers pushed about seven soliders against the wall, the close quarters and legs of the table keeping them from moving their arms.

"Tight enough boys?" Kage asked with a smirk.

"That should hold them." Saké stated.

"For another five minutes." Horus replied.

Blasts of energy flew over their heads and the boys scattered. Kage ducked behind a table with Zera, Horus jumped over one with Vared and others, while Sake tipped another one over.

"This is hopeless," Vared muttered.

"The Calviry has arrived!" we heard a familiar voice announce.

"Chamel?!" Amal questioned.

"None other!" The Masumoon appeared out of thin air and cut down a group of four soliders in one swipe. "Okay, who ordered the large cashe of weapons? We've got swords, claws, daggers, arrows and an assortment of more daggers and long range weapons with very sharp points. Ow!" Their weapons clanged to the ground and Saké raced for his.

He grabbed it, tucked and rolled, before ending on his feet and his sword unsheathed and ready to fight. Kage flipped in, clutched his Dragon Claws and then flipped onto his feet, gauntlets in place around his arms. Horus just mentally called his weapon to his hand. And so the others, except for Chamel, Zera, and Amal dashed in and grabbed their weapons.

"Let's go!"

* * *

The windows were busted out again, this time soliders flew out them instead on in. When the last solider was kicked out Saké found Gleen.

"Thanks alot Gleen, I think you saved our lives."

"Don't worry, just get going. I'll check in on your father." he replied as he grabbed a broom. "Just get going."

The group headed out of the Black Forest, weapons sheathed but ready to fight. They ran up a street and ran into a blockaide.

"Now what?!" Seylin asked.

"Split up!" Saké shouted and the group split apart. "Head to the Rondevouixs point!" he shouted as he headed down an alley. I hope I make it. he thought.


Okay, now we escape from Termania and head to the Draconian Ruins, east of Termania by about two or three miles. This has a lot of fighting, and remember this is a town so there may be some unexpected obsticles in your way. I'll add another post sometime later this week.


~ Mew Master

Mew Master
15th April 2003, 08:00 PM
Okay here's Nuri!!

Nuri, the Fire Dragon God (http://groups.msn.com/df9a9mthhtcbig/chainsofdragons.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=151)

The two red stains? That's blood. I had a bloody nose one day while I was working on her and just realized those were there. Sorry mtr.

EDIT: Stupid typos. Man I ws typing fast.

Darkmaster Kagemusha
16th April 2003, 07:09 PM
Sorry guys, I'm leaving for a short vacation tomorrow and won't be back until sunday. Sorry I didn't tell you sooner. I'll try to get on while I'm gone but it probably won't happen. I think you can handle Kage well enough MM. Also, I can't think of anything good to do right now. I hope you get on here soon MM so that you can give me your e-mail address, just incase I atleast get access to that, so I can keep up to speed and I can give you my posts.

Mew Master
17th April 2003, 08:09 AM
Well I can't type what I want to right now, so I'll wait until Sunday when I have 5 hours to type it all out, so now I'm in control of three chars, Sake, Faile, and Kage, as well as a new character I'll introduce later.

Mark, take control of Horus and really anyone else who hasn't contributed in the Termania Storyline much. Vared, Sora, Amal, and Zera have posted but Elena, and Seylin have been quiet. If they post about getting out of Termania, delete the posts you made in their behalf.

We're still in the process of getting out of Termania, and you can have it all in one long post or several shorter posts, it's up to you really.

But please, if you cannot get on for extended periods of time. Tell us please (Like Kage just did) it really saves us some headaches.


~Mew Master

18th April 2003, 08:39 AM
Yeah, no problem there Denny. Say, what do you all think about the new quote that I got?

18th April 2003, 10:05 PM
*looks around* Well, I guess it's my time to go too as I'm leaving tomorrow for Las Vegas and won't be back until this coming Thursday night. If someone will just include me in their dialogue or something, that'll be cool. Even better if there's a 4-liner from my point of view. Anyway, I'll try to post as soon as possible when I get back

Cya till then :wave:

Mew Trainer Rose
18th April 2003, 11:13 PM
I like the pic of Nuri. :) I'm assuming all the little spiky things on her are scales, to go with the long ones on her cheeks, elbows and tail. Nice, they give her character. And it looks like she's got paws! :D


I dashed down a street and turned the next corner i could find. One or two others might have been following me, but I didn't pay attention. Trying to remember the map, and wishing i had thought to ask if there was another coppy i could have, I headed in what i hope was an easterly direction. I cut through alleys and side streets, and backtracked quite a bit to avaoid soldiers as much as possible, but more than once I had to force my way past a group of soldiers. I eventually got just a few blocks from the edge of town.
Crouching low to the ground in a thin alley between two buildings, I peeked around a corner to see a large group of soldiers standing at the interesction of a pair of small streets. I inched away from the corner, then stood up and turned to backtrack again when i heard another group of soldiers coming down the street at the other end of the alley. I looked frantically around, not wanting to be caught in the small space between two groups of soldiers. There weren't enough boxes in here to hide in, and i couldn't climb up the sides of the buildings fast enough, if at all. Spying a small metal hatch set in the ground and drainage holes cut into it. An opening into the sewer. Better than nothing.
Wasting no time, i knelt down next to it, stuck my fingers in a few of the holes, and pulled up. I pulled so hard that I almost fell over backwards when the hinges swung open easily. Extracting my fingers from the holes, I turned and crwaled into the opening feet-first. Standing on the ladder below, I carefully lowered the hatch so that it didn't make much noise. Then i just stood there for a while as the soldiers passed by, and i waited for my heart to stop pounding. Then I carefully climbed down the ladder, having decided that my chances of getting out of town would be better if i stuck to this unconventional route.

20th April 2003, 04:07 AM
Ok, for those of us who own a Game Cube and play melee daily, I have one thing to say: My Samus OWNS, don't argue unless you can pay for a ticket up here and then able to take a humiliating defete... Try this at your own risk!
As Chamel distrubuted the weapons to the eager battlers, the Goons started to close in on their position. Chamel finally noticed that he was still undressed (and still invisiable). The goons began to storm the inn, coming up the stairs, at the door, hammering... and when the door came down, all that awaited them was a pile of cloths, they began to leave when all of the sudden the clothes began to move, they began to take shape of a human. Then Chamel began to slowly fade into view. The solders stood with there jaws open until the general came up and commanded that they take the pendate from its cold dead hands. Split second later, lay half the squad sent up to investigate the inn, all cut at the waist and their guts spilled out of them and they fell. The general was next to taste cold dragon bones...

The remainers (Sake, Amal, Horus, ect...) had gone out throught the window and were awaiting the goons to be finished off in the room they were just in seconds. An arrow wissed by Amals head, another by Horus, which he grabbed out of thin air. "Foolish!" shouted Horus. With that, more arrows came to him. Each was plucked out of thin air with grace, which were given to Vared. Kage couldn't resist testing his reflexes, so he gets up to the plate and an arrow comes at him. "Gravity!" he shouts, and the arrow is compressed to nothingness... "Nice." commented Horus. "Ah, just let them waste their arrows!" boasted Kage. "All the more for me boys." said Vared. "Don't go getting to cocky now, we will still have to fight to get out of here." said Sake.

Chamel came out onto the roof and signals that its safe to come in. "Why did it have to be the chameleon that got the good action?" whinned Kage. "He had the element of suprise, something that we need to get out of this rat maze." commented Sake. "Well, I got arrows." said Vared out of no where. "Thats nice." said Chamel.

(listening to Chris Rock... Laughing...)

Elena was almost has got to the edge of town when she gets sprung by three Garm goons. "Lady, you have what we want, give it to us and we'll give you a quick death..." said one of them in a dull, monotonus, robotic voice. " "Yeah, here you go..." as she takes off the pendant and hands it out to the goon, as he reaches for it, she goes in for the nuts (ouch, yeah, that just ruined his weekend...) one goes for her hands and the other went for her head the one that went for her hands got foot to stomach, and the other got palm to nose (dead). The other was getting up and there stood Elena. "Please, spare me!" wispered the goon. "Yeah, here you go..." and with that, Elena clocked the guy right in the temple. "You are spared." said Elena. When she finished hiding the bodies, she precieded to spy on the goons around the coner and then down the drainage shute...
Someone else continue, its 2:57 A.M. up here in Montana... and I need to play some PSO. And then beat Dan into the ground with Samus... Check back in the morning and chat with you tomarrow... er today Denny

Mew Master
20th April 2003, 01:23 PM
Denisu “Saké” Wamiyazen

I ran through the alley, as fast as I could because I could hear the sounds of a fight behind me. I hoped everyone would make it out all right. The end of the alley was coming up and I saw that it was blocked by crates. At the rate I was going I should be able to break through without a problem. After I did I should head north, it was the quickest way out of Termania.

I held up my arms to protect my head as I slammed through. My arms spread and I pushed several crates out of the way as I went. “Comin’ through!” I shouted. A tuck and roll later I found myself on my hands and knees and ready to keep going.

“There he is!” someone shouted and I looked up. In front of me was a line of soldiers their swords raised and hands up, each charging up a variety of attacks. “Ready. Aim!”

Uh, oh. my mind screamed. NOT GOOD!!


* * *

Kage Igaide

My hands slashed and brought down several of Garm’s idiotic soldiers down. This was pointless, everyone else had scattered while I was still holding my own, but for how long I had no clue. I ran and jumped, high above these idiots. My feet came crashing down on one soldier’s face and knocked him down as I just started attacking some other’s before they could get a blow in.

“Gravitone!” I shouted, my hand pointed to the sky. All the soldiers within a ten foot radius of me started to become heavy and couldn’t hold their bodies up. They plopped to the ground, unable to hold their weight up. I used this opportunity to run, heading towards the sea. Once I got there I should have a plan.

* * *

Faile Thundersong

We had left Kage behind as everyone had split. I hope he was okay. I meanwhile, had several of Garm’s men following me, launching Photon Rays and Fireballs around me. Quickly I spun and pulled a arrow taunt and released it at them. One man in front sliced the arrow in half before it hit anyone.

“Crap!” I spun around and ran some more.

Running through Termania’s streets I managed not to run straight into people. I step here and jump there, and they remained safe and I could keep running. Garm’s men didn’t care either way, they just ran straight into people without remorse.

I ran past a man standing by some barrels. “Water! Water! Get your fresh water right here!”

Water. That was it!

I stopped and faced the soldiers running at my and they slowed as well. The people on the street started to clear is as the soldiers started to come for me.

“Finally decided to give up?”

I pulled out several arrows and angled them on my bow. “Whatever!” I aimed and pulled the string taunt, then let them fly. The man who had deflected my last arrow was expecting them to head for them, but they didn’t. The arrows hit the barrels that the man was standing by earlier, right next to where the soldiers were now.

The soldiers looked at that and must of decided I had missed big time and started to laugh.

“You need practice missy! You couldn’t hit the broad side of a …ack!!”

The barrels broke, drenching each of them in gallons of water. Soaking wet, they were somewhat dumbfounded. I readied another arrow and aimed for them.

Sparks of pure electrical power began to blast from the arrow I was holding. Soon the entire arrow was glowing bright. “Thunder Arrow!” I let it go and the sound of a thunder clap wasn’t far behind. Instead of hitting them, I hit the puddle of water under them!

All of the soldiers received a severe electrical shock, until smoke pillowed from their bodies and they plopped into the water puddle, mud literally on their faces. I smiled and then ran the way I was headed.

* * *

Denisu “Saké” Wamiyazen

“Outta my way!!” I shouted.

I was running as usual, this time Photon Rays and Fireballs blasted past me as I dashed through the streets.

“Not good! Not Good! NOT GOOD!!”

“Forget that. Meteorite!!” someone shouted and it caught my attention. I looked into the sky and a point of light started getting bigger.

“Crap!” I muttered and ran faster. I looked, searching for a way out of this. There was another alley, not too far. The whistling sound of the Meteorite attack got louder and I didn’t know if I could make it. I lunged for the alley entrance just as the Meteorite was right on my tail.

An explosion knocked me forward and I rolled along the ground, somewhat dazed and my ears ringing. I looked behind me and saw a pile of rubble where the entrance to the alley once was.

“Barely made it.” I sighed as I realized just how close that was. A few seconds later and I would have been under that rubble, or blown to bits. I stood up and shook my head to be brought back to my senses. “Time to get moving!” I said and ran along the alley into another street and I continued to head north.


Well that’s what I have so far as far as Kage and google’s characters. I’ll add more to mine later. So it’s important that no one interferes with my Char until after my next post. Got that? Good.


~ Mew Master

Mew Master
20th April 2003, 04:33 PM
Denisu "Saké" Wamiyazen

The set of streets I had turned onto weren't occupied by any of Garm's soldiers. Heading north should get me out of town, then it was a matter of going east for several miles before I would reach the Draconian Ruins.

I continued to run and turned another street to avoide a mass of people, only this time I saw the soldiers setting up a road block!

"Hold your positions men! There is no way he is going to escape!" the general ordered.

"Yes sir!"

I didn't stop running, instead, I had a plan that might work.

"Weapons at the ready!"

"Yes sir!"

Several spears pointed forward to meet me.

My right arm was pulled back and light particles started to gather. A ball of light energy formed around my fore arm. The sphere grew until I was ready.

Still running I pointed my open palm towards the ground. "Photon Blast!!" THe attack aimed at the ground blasted chunks of it away and forced me into the air. My forward momentum allowed me to continue moving even after I had left the ground.

Flying through the air, I did a flip and landed on my feet ready to keep moving. The soldiers behind me were stuck because they had so packed the street they couldnt' turn right away.

"Heh, that was easy.." I commented and started running.


I ran into some one that knocked me back. I looked at who I had ran into and gasped. It was Karsh! The guy who lead the force that attacked the Keikami shrine! MY HOME!! He had the mean look as his hair was blown in the wind.

"Well well well. What do we have here. " He said glareing at me. "Is it the same kid who beat me?!" his voice almost roared. Behind him was a line of guards.

I managed to stand up and face him. "Beat you? I don't know what you're talking about!"

Karsh drew his sword and pointed it at me. "YOu may have caught me off gaurd then, but I assure you it won't happen again. Draw your weapon."

Reluctantly I drew my sword and got ready to face Karsh once more. Last time I lost, but according to him I beat him. What the heck was he talking about?! I took a defensive stance and remembered how I had jumped in without thinking.

"Now pay!" Karsh shouted and lunged for me.

I parred and blocked his attacks, but the force of his blows knocked me back several inches. His power was unbeleivable even though I was blocking he was still getting the upper hand. I blocked his latest attack and he tripped me, dropping me to my back, and my sword away from my hand.

"Ouch." I muttered. He was way better than I was.

I openned my eyes and stared at the point of his sword, pointed at my head. "Now, give me your pendant before I kill you."

I glared at him. "Kill me first, there's no way you're getting this pendant!"

"As you wish." he raised his sword over his head and was going to thrust it down. "Now die!"

In the next instant too many things happened for me to remember exatcly. Karsh thurst down with his sword, meaning to lop off my head, but the sword had been cut in half and the attack never met me. There was something above him before he thrust down, a girl twirling a Naginata above Karsh was now standing to the left of me. Her naginata was long, almost 8 feet with a 2 foot blade at the end. The dress and hair looked familiar, like I had seen her before...

She turned around and it hit me. She was the gril I had run into earlier!

"You guys are pathetic. So many against one warrior, you are weak."

"Shut up girl this is none of your buisness!" Karsh roared back.

"I think it is. It isn't fair to gang up on someone." she replied. "So me joining in should even the score."

I took this time to jump up and get my sword. And stood next to her.

"Kill them both!" Karsh ordered and soldiers rushed us.

The gril twirled her naginata and knocked some gaurds back with the butt end and sliced some swords in half with the blade. I cut swords in half and kicked and punched the soldiers so they were out cold.

"Go! Get out of here!" the girl shouted at me.

"What?" I blocked a thrust. "I can't leave you on your own!" And I slashed at a guard.

"Just go!" she told me again.

I started to go but something told me not to. It was the look in her eyes I had seen earlier, and I turned back.

"AAAAHH!" she screamed and I saw Karsh in the air, another sword ready to attack.

I don't remember exactly what happend, but I charged up a Photon blast in my right hand, the hand that still held my sword. The light gathered in the blade of the sword instead of my arm and I could feel my body being lifted into the air. The sword was pointing towards the girl and Karsh in the air, as well as the other soldiers we hadn't beaten yet.

The blade of my sword was shining brightly and I pulled it back, for some reason I wanted to throw it. Words came into my mind and I shouted them out. "Lightforce Sword!!" and I threw the glowing sword straight at a spot in the middle of the cunfussion.

The sword struck the ground and a bright flash of light illuminated everything, blinding the soliders, but I could see. Karsh ended up crashing away from the girl. When the light dissapated the girl was still standing, somewhat confused.

I ran up grabbed her hand. "Common!" We ran, and I picked up my sword on the way. The forest was comming up and we dashed into it.

It wasn't too long before we heard the sound of men comming after us and I jumped into a tree with her in hand. My jump was shorter than usual but we were still hidden by the leaves.

We crouched and waited for the soldiers to run past and Karsh yelling, "Don't let them escape! After them! I'll kill him!"

Their sounds died down and we decided it was safe to come out. She jumped down eliquantly but I just fell and landed on my head.

"Ouch. That hurt." I commented

"Well, they're gone at least. Who are you?" the girl asked.

"Huh?" I stood up and tried to look dashing. "I'm Denisu Wamiyazen, but just call me Saké"

"God of Wine? DRink for the God of Wine?" She gave me a weird look.

"So? Who are you?" I asked.

"My name's Setsuna." she replied with a smile on her face.

There was something in the back of my mind as we headed inland, that maybe she should come with the rest of our little group. It was something that I didn't know then, but would impact everyone not too far in the future.


Hew, that parts over....

Mew Master
20th April 2003, 04:42 PM
Mark, your timings off again. Vared had already split and I already left before you posted. So I think most of your post is out dated. Heh heh. Sorry bud....

Okay when everyone is out of Termania, the next part is... this:

Part III: On To Garm's Castle: March Through the Hydra Jungle

~ Mew Master

20th April 2003, 05:39 PM
XD MechAlphaChamel, Samus is AWESOME, though I wouldn't say no to a nice Roy. *huggles* He's so cuuuuute....

Sora Hibari

Our group headed out of the Black Forest, weapons sheathed but ready to fight. I held my kama tightly, eyes darting this way and that. We ran up a street and came upon a blockade of Garm's soldiers.

"Now what?!" Seylin asked.

"Split up!" Saké shouted and we split apart.

I took to an alley on the right. Using my Kama for balance, I jumped over the miscellaneous items that blocked my path. I heard a couple've soldiers blundering behind me.

Ha, too easy to dodge those guys. Just a simple game of chase, I'll just--DOOR! OPENING!

"AAAAAHH!!" I yelled, jumping sideways to avoid being hammered in the face by the opening door. The man exiting dropped his basket of fish and glared at me angrily.

"Watch where yer goin', missy..." The owner growled, shaking his fist at me. "That cost 20 pounds, that did..." He looked like he was going to raise a ruckus when he noticed my kama. He instantly became nicer. "Now, then, what's a nice lil' girlie doin' back here in tha' alleys?"

I just shook my head quickly and hurried past him into the street. I looked back and forth, wondering which way to go. I have to go east...and that way's...north... I turned right and ran down the street. The soldiers burst out of the alleyway behind me.

"Stop that girl!" They cried, pointing at me. Lots of civilians stopped and stared at me running past them, but none made any move whatsoever. I saw the forest dead ahead, and rushed inside to hide.

Many voices were filtering through the trees, some crying "This way!" or "That way!" or "I have to kill him!"

One of us has been here, I thought bemusedly, and looked around.

"Saké?" I whispered, looking around. "Kage? Faile? Anybody?" The forest seemed eerily quiet. I grabbed my kama again, looking around in case anyone was sneaking up on me. I also dug around in my pockets until I grabbed a shuriken. Might as well see what they could do, if I met anybody.

I continued forward, sometimes having to slice my way through the foliage, when I heard noises up ahead, and a little whispering. I paused, debating whether to hide or to explore. If they are Garm's soldiers, then why would they be whispering? I thought. It could be one of my friends!

"Yoohoo?" I asked quietly, looking forward. The whispering ceased, and I heard a muffled, "Sora?" Saké's head appeared out in front of me.

"Saké!" I exclaimed happily. "Yay, I found one of you guys. Y'know--"

"Shh!!" He ordered frantically, and waved me over to where he was standing. I noticed he had anothe person with him, but I didn't recognize her.

"Quiet, Sora. Have you seen any of the soldiers about?" He asked me quietly. I shook my head.

"Nope. Stopped hearing their voices a few minutes ago." I nodded to the girl. "Who's this?"

"Oh..." He paused. "Er...yes, this is Setsuna." He looked at Setsuna. "Setsuna, this is Hibari Sora. She's one of my companions."

"Pleasure," She said, nodding her head in greeting. I did the same, turning back to Saké. "Have you seen any of the others yet?"
*pokes Mew Master* You're it. And also, I'll send you the post later. I can't find it. XD! I'd leave it out, unless you think it's dire. I'll keep searching, though.

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20th April 2003, 05:55 PM
Denisu "Saké" Wamiyazen

"I haven't seen anyone since we split up at the Black forest." I replied to Sora's question. "Setsuna helped me out just before I got out."

There was a rustle to our left and Sora and I got ready to grab our weapons. Out of the foliage, Faile Thundersong stepped out, leaves in her hair and a disgruntled look on her face.

"God I hate running like that." she commented.

"It's better than being caught." we heard someone else comment. It was Horus, right behind Faile, more leaves in his hair than anyone. "Consider it lucky that we got out in one piece."

"You guys are all right!" I almsot shouted, happy to see them still in good health. "Now where's everyone else?"

"We still have to head to the Draconian Ruins, remember? It was your plan." Faile commented, somewhat annoyed at my short term memory.

"Uh, right.. Let's go then."

We started heading east, going as fast and as quietly as we could. All the time, I didn't know it then, Horus was staring at Setsuna as we went.


Okay, no comments as why Horus is staring at Setsuna, that's my little thing that will show up later when everyone meets up at the Draconian Ruins.

EDIT: *pokes SG for the hell of it, because she seems to enjoy poking me...* *POKE* *POKE* *POKE* *POKE*

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20th April 2003, 09:45 PM
IIIIIIIII'M BAAAAA--AAAAAACK!!!!!!!!! Sorry I couldn't e-mail ya Denny, didn't have access. But hey, I got to feed apple blossoms to a cow and make plans to build a fort in the woods :D. Now then. **Sets "Conflict" by Disturbed on repeat and begins**

Kage Ikagaide
I had run almost to the edge of the city when I was once again surrounded--but this time, there were at least 80 of Garm's soldiers around me. I felt more adrenaline than I'd ever had pumped through my veins begin to flow. My blood boiled with frustration, black lightning raced over my body and a black-gray aura hung about me in the air. The lightning gathered on the blades of my Claws and I let loose my fury. "DARK DRAGON!!!!!!!!!" I yelled. Suddenly, the soldiers hardly moved at all as I raced between each of them, slashing them five times each as I went. As quickly as my rush of incredible speed began, it stopped and I skidded forward thirty feet to a gate in a stance of a finished move. The lightning discharged and I began to shake slightly as my vision blurred. I shook my head and stood for a minute to recover--I heard dead silence. There was no more noise of an army moving about, people were not talking. The wind made the only sounds I could hear. I couldn't quite understand it, but I sensed something and I whirled around, my Claws up to block an attack and at the same time take off someone's head. I found my move blocked my someone dressed in a loose black coat with a black hood. Whoever it was had claws as well. I jumped back. "Assassin!" I said.

"Very good, you noticed," said a rough, but feminine voice. The hood was pulled back, revealing the face of a pretty, red-haired woman.

"No one but a well trained assassin could sneak up on me like that," I said simply, putting a violent edge in my voice. I rushed up, using what was left of my adrenaline rush, and made three quick slashes at her--all of which, she blocked. She then attacked. The woman made two slashes and a deft stab at my side--I blocked them all as well. We were too evenly matched for my liking. I now understood some of my power and used it to my full advantage. I forced the same extreme adrenaline rush as before, and the aura and black lightning returned to my body. I growled angrily and yelled at her. "BLACK COMBINATION!!!!!" (OOC: Not a new move, you'll see what it is here in a second). I bolted around her in an erratic circle, making quick slashes or stabs at her as I went around. She managed to barely block all of them. I rushed in and took one downwarb blow to her head, which she barely blocked by crossing her claws over her head. I used this opportunity to push myself up into the air and I then pulled my arm back as if I were going to use Gravitone. I punched forward and opened my hand at the end. Instead of Gravitone however, the lightning around my body collected into an orb of crackling energy and suddenly, a deluge of black needles of energy. She was taken by surprise and most of them hit her--though only her arms, legs, and shoulders. I landed and shook off the shock of the rush instantly and walked up to her as she started shaking violently herself. I waved my hand quickly and she was blasted back, but the needles dissapeared, along with their magic venom. "You put up a great fight," I said, picking her up and leaning her on a wall. "I look forward to fighting you again," I told her, and walked away, to the gate of the city.

"My name is Cassandra Lashana. I look forward to fighting you again as well, Kage Ikagaide," she said, grinning. I turned my head a bit to grin and nod, as she leapt off into the shadows.

"Amazing woman, that Assassin," I said to myself. I looked up the map in my head and ran through the gate of Termania and towards the Draconian Ruins.
__________________________________________________ __
__________________________________________________ __

Looks like I'm back in the game.

Darkmaster Kagemusha
24th April 2003, 05:56 PM
Okay, in case I screwed anyone up, I'll explain. Cassandra Lashana is a character that I have included into the storyline, and she will come into the story many more times to come, and might just become important ;). Now, the Black Combination is merely using the Dark Dragon technique to increase the potential of another of his techniques by making it go faster. The Shadow Needle technique he used was actually performed in less than the blink of an eye, and that is all. I hope I didn't confuse anyone. Also, Kage is now quickly on his way to the Ruins, where all of you should also be arriving at as well.

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27th April 2003, 02:23 PM
*Yawn* Oh! Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't been on for the last week. Lots of crap happening.

Monday, Thursday, and Friday the internet was deathly slow at school and I could't even check my E-mails. Tuesday I had a science Club Meeting and got out early, but I had to work, plus my Gf was over so... neah. Wensday I had an Art Club Feild trip to Kearny and had to work till 9. That and We had prom last night, so I'm kinda outof it because in about an hour I have to run to concordia and drop off my tuxedo. I looked so suave.

Western with a cowboy hat and boots. White as well I might add. Okay... let me see where we are......

WHAT?! We only had two posts since last SUNDAY!!!!!! Damn what happened to everyone?

Okay, I now have about 30 minutes to type where we are

Oops, ran outta time... darnnit! I'll try and get back quickly so I can post something. Sorry for bugging out on you guys like that.


~Mew Master

27th April 2003, 05:52 PM
Ok, yeah I know I haven't posted latley. Been spending alot of time over at PSOquest and Smashboards... but the Chameleon is back!
K, I really don't know what to put here, atleast till den finshes his post, then I'll edit...

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Quick thing. New pics of Elena Kai-Prae.

Elena Kai-Prae (http://groups.msn.com/df9a9mthhtcbig/chainsofdragons.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=153)

Denisu "Saké" Wamiyazen

Through the underbursh we came onto the Draconian Ruins.

A large stone building, circular in design, stood in the center of a large clearing. Moss covered and hung off of every ledge and ran down the walls. Vines curled around poles and posts, as well as around the weathered stone. Huge bushes sprouted around the sides.

The Building itself, under all the plantgrowth, was built as a large domed structure. The dome had groves that ran up from the start of the curve to the top, at the top was a spire that rose two meters into the sky, a sculpture of a dragon curled around it. The stones were a weatehred, beaten, earth brown.

There was a doorway, with a flight of a dozen staris to the enterentce. Engravings of the 11 different Elements litered the sides, and the enterance way.

"The Draconian Ruins," Sora muttered. "My parents used to tell me about them, but I can't believe I'm actually seeing them."

"I've only been here three times." I replied. "The spot is secluded and supposedly sacred. We usualy do a ceremony out here as part of a tradition during the festival in Termania. It's a show of respect to the ancient lore fo Jakarta."

(OOC: Okay, Jakarta is the name of the planet where the RPG is taking place. I have more stuff but I have to get more details worked out. If you want to drop me a line about what you think would be a good idea, just PM me here or at my E-mail)

We stopped at the base of the stairs into the Draconian Ruins.

"What's in here?" Setsuna asked.

"I'll show you." I pulled out my sword and concentrated so light gathered around it and we entered.

The inside was larger than the outside would lead someone to think. Not as weathered there was still the same earthy brown coloring of age inside and the smell of mildew. I concentrated more and the light from my sword illuminated the entire inside.

11 statues, each similar, and yet different lined the walls, starting from the enterace and going along the walls, back to the enterance. The underside of the dome was marked with fading paint that showed a creature with a rainbow of colors, with gaint bird-like wings and robes, or clouds. The mural was so tested with age it was impossible to tell. More engravings of the 11 different Elements were at the feet of the statures.

The Statues were like Demi-Human Versions of Dragons. Standing on two reptilian legs and arms with five-clawed hands. Long tails and wings of different shapes. The head was elongated with five horns jutting out from each side, connected to a long neck with sharp spines that ran down the back to the ends of the tails. Their arms were folded across their chests with the necks curled up and the heads half hidden.

"What are they? Statues? Engravings?" Faile asked, looking at the different statues.

"I'm not sure, but there is something strange about these statues." Horus admitted.

There came the sound of footsteps on stone and we turned to the door. There stood Kage, somewhat battlescared.

"Damn, I don't wanna do that again." he commented, breathing hard.

'What happened? Did you see anyone else?" Sora asked.

"Na. I barely made it out when an assassin almost sliced my head off, so I havne't seen anyone yet.." he replied, making the gesture with his hand about slicing his neck. "I saw the light from Saké's sword when I started for the enterance."

"Where is everyone?" I asked, of no one really, worried about them.

"Who'se she?" Kage asked, pointing to Setsuna.

"Oh," she gave Kage a short bow. "My name is Setsuna."

"She helped me out in Termania." I added. "I guess we just wait.....


Yuo, hurry up ppl!

~ Mew Master

Mew Trainer Rose
27th April 2003, 05:58 PM

I stepped off the small ladder onto the brick walkway along the side of the sewer. (OOC: I have a sudden urge to have 4 humanoid turtles with brightly colored headbands run by craving pizza. I think I've been watching old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies/episodes too much recently. ^_^") The light that shined down from the hatch above me wasn't really enough to see my way to travel through the sewer, it was barely enough to see the area directly below it. For a moment I wondered how to get a light source, then smiled when I got an idea.
I held my hand out in front of me, palm up, and formed a Fireball on it. The sphere of flames was small, not much larger than a chicken’s egg, but it lit the area around me adequately. With it's help i could travel thrpugh the sewers without falling into the water, crashing into a wall, or tripping on anything. I just hoped nobody above ground noticed it.
The tunnel ran east for a while, so I followed it untill it turned north. I saw that to contiune heading east, I would have to get across the deep river of dirty water in the sewer to reach the walkway on the opposite side. Since there didn't seem to be any easy way across the water, i did the only thing i could think of. I jumped.
Turns out that wasn't such a good idea. I only just made it to the other side, and one foot landed on a loose rock, which slipped away and dropped the foot in the water. Moments later I was leaning agains a damp wall, trying to take of my shoe and shake the water out with one hand while keeping the fireball burning on another. I got some of the water out, but got more on myself from the damp wall, so in the end i was pretty much worse off. I continued on, slightly annoyed at the dampness and wishing i could dry off.
After a while, I found a smaller tunnel running east, so I turned into it and followed it a while. It got steadily smaller, untill I found that my head nearly touched the ceiling. At that point, I decided that i must be able to get out of the city by now, and I looked for a way out. I walked untill i had to crouch slightly before i found an opening large enough for me to get out of. Peering through the holes in the hatch, i saw a couple small buildings, which probably meant I was on the outskirts of town.
Letting the fireball go out, I listened carefully for any sound of guards. I heard none, so I cautiously lifted the hatch a little bit and peered around. I saw a shape move to one side so i ducked, but it turned out to be a small dog running by. Taking one last look around, i climbed out.
"Hey, what are you doing?!" a voice yelled.
I was off in a flash, letting teh hatch slam shut on its own, running for teh forest. I glanced back to see it was only an onld man with a cane, staring at me bewildered. I felt a bit silly for being so jumpy, but didn't slow down untill i was far enough into the forest that i couldn't see the buildings.

27th April 2003, 06:58 PM
I've been back for a couple of days now but I don't know what's going on. Where are the characters now, including mine?

27th April 2003, 07:04 PM
OoC: Ditto here.

Mew Master
28th April 2003, 08:09 AM
Oh, I'm sorry. I guess I should put more Play-by-plays.

Okay. After we were ambushed at the Black Forest in Termania, some of us basically split up. Saké went down an alley, Kage and Faile split up down a street. Vared ran and then jumped in a sewer, and Sora took to an alley.

As for the rest of you.... you haven't posted on that as of yet. We are supposed to meet up at the Draconian Ruins east of Termania, there we'll figure out what to do.

The following people are at the Draconian Ruins: Sora, Saké, Setsuna, Faile, Horus, and Kage.

Vared is in an eastern part of Termania, and Chamel's missing, presumably in cloak mode.

Seylin, Elena, Zera, and Amal haven't posted as to where they are in Termania, or they managed to get out.

You have to get to the Ruins, ASAP! Becasue there is going to be a lot happening within the next few posts if we time it right.


~Mew Master

Shadow Djinn
28th April 2003, 05:46 PM
I got writer's block ^^;. Well, I madeup a new move for Zera so can I let him use it? Ill put it in the signup form later...Ill wait for an answer...I have only like 20 mins of comp time left and I'm planning my post for this rpg..not done with it yet

Mew Master
29th April 2003, 08:11 AM
Yes, you can add a new move. I did say you could learn new ones along the way didn't I?

Denisu "Sake" Wamiyazen/Setsuna

We looked closer at the statues, wondering how long they had been there.

"Hey," we heard Sora almost exclaim. "This is Draconian."

"Draconian?" Kage asked.

"It's an ancient form of launguage. My father researches old dialects and I managed to pick up on this one. See these markings?" She pointed to several strange brushstrokes on the wall, as well as . "The angle of the stroke gives you the cule as two what word it represents. YOu have to be able to tell subtle differences between the angle of the strokes, where they are, and where these small dots are located. All are situated inside a box like restriction."

"Can you read what it says?" Setsuna asked.

"Maybe, the symbols have been eroded a bit so I may not be able to know several words." Sora replied and started to read.

"It was a time of rejoycing. For the .....(I can't read it) has left her successors and the ones who protected her are sealed (it looks like sealed) for all time. Be known that who ever ventures here may find peace and harmony through the eons. This ...... erected for her .......... and those who have their blessings. That's all I can read." Sora admitted.

"Who could it be talking about?" Faile wondered.

"Dont' look at me, I can only see the future, not the past." Horus stated.


Well that's it for now, should ad moe later.


~Mew Master

Mew Master
29th April 2003, 05:07 PM
Okay,. I'm at least getting Chamel and Vared here, the rest can get here on your own, or if you want I could add you and you could tell of how you got out of Termania...

Wamiyazen Denisu "Saké"/ Setsuna

We all pondered over Sora's translation.

"It's a rough translation, but that's all I could make out so far." she admitted.

"We can worry about these ruins later," Kage stated. "Right now we need to find everyone. I think Garm's resorted to hireing assasins after us."

"But we have to wait here, that's were we agreed to meet." I protested. "We aren't leaving until they get here."

"Well you don't have to worry about me." we heard a familiar voice from inside the building. "I'm fine, but I was worried whether you would make it out or not." I caught a movement close to the far wall and something was moving. It was Chamel, climbing the walls like a spider, his bare hands and feet giving him a good grip. "Good thing you guys are in one piece..." he saw Setsuna. "Whose the babe?" I whacked him over the head.

"I think we should save the intro until everyone is here Chamel."

"Ouch. That hurt," he commented, rubbing the fairly large bump on his head.

"Anyone here?" we heard Vared's voice from outside.

"In here!" Sora replied. "We're inside already Vared!"

When she walked in everyone had to hold their noses.

"Where have you been?" Faile asked, barley breathing.

Vared had a sweatdrop.

"Smells like my grandmother's peasoup." Sora admitted.

"I WAS IN THE SEWER!!" Vared screamed and shut up everyone's complaining. "Hush up before I slice a few heads off!"

"Calm down Vared." Chamel tried. "It's not everyday you can smell like a dump and... AHH!" Vared punched Chamel out the doorway and back out to the medow. "Jerk...."

"All right Vared, calm down. We won't bug you about your new found sent.." I started.

"But can you stand downwind?" Horus asked.

Saké, Kage, and Horus got punched to wait outside the Ruins.


"Ow, my head..." I stated

"Why'd you have to say that Horus?" Kage asked.

"Don't ask..."

"My Back. I can't feel my back." Chamel commented.

Darkmaster Kagemusha
29th April 2003, 06:15 PM
Kage Ikagaide
"Yes you can Chamel, get over it. I didn't even say anything and I got hit, you actually deserved it. Now, everyone is--UH!" I let out a short groan as my breath suddenly left me. The others started to speak, but all I heard were clouded mumbles. I stumbled without thinking, my muscles relaxed, up to a partially ruined, blackened pillar, and fell forward. Instead of hitting it like I expected, I went through it and began to float. I saw my body fully dissapear into the pillar and the moss and overgrowth was blasted away by dark energy. I realized that the pillar wasn't blackened--it WAS black! And there were 11 partially ruined pillars, all of them had their own color. Suddenly, I saw time reverse. Winds blew the other way, rain suddenly appeared and reversed itself as it went. Vines and trees became smaller and greener. The colors of the obelisks became more vivid as the damage done to them over the years was undone. I saw people appear, running in reverse, and suddenly it all stopped, and everything went into a normal flow. There were 11 dragons--one in front of each pillar. I slowly floated down to the large, black dragon in front of my pillar.

Congratulations Kage Ikagaide, you have discovered the Draconian Trance and the Ruins in time...
__________________________________________________ __
__________________________________________________ __

Woooohoooooo!!!!! After this I get to make a narrative paper for english about something significant that happened to me in my boring little life. What fun.

Anyway, Kage's seemingly-unconcious body will fall out of the pillar and have all the appearances of death, and his eyes will be completely black. He will, however, be breathing a little and have a pulse. It's his Draconian Trance, which was brought on by the pillar, which contains some of the knowledge of Blackthorn. When Kage revives he won't remember much, except little bits of it. I hope you don't mind, but I had to do something interesting before I go kill myself to find something less-boring in my life to write about for my evil english assignment.

Mew Master
1st May 2003, 08:11 AM
Mind if I step in......

3rd POV

Kage floated infront of the black tinted dragon, who started at him with glowing eyes.

"Who. WHo are you?"

"My name isn't important now. Kage Ikagaide, you and the other Pendant Bearers have a difficult fight ahead of you. As a matter of fact, you will forget most of this first trance."

"What do you want us for?"

"Kage, To the east."

The world seemed to shift around Kage and the dragon, until the direction the Dragon was talking about was directly behind it.

"To the east you and the others must head, for there is where Garm resides. Garm has more answers than you could possibly imagine. About the Pendants, about the weapons, and about us."

"Us? Who else is there."

"Within each pendant resides other dragons. My brothers and sisters."

"Brother's and sisters?"

"Listen well. There is one among you who will betray everyone. At what time I cannot say, but you will know when that time comes. Farewell Kage."

The Dragon reached up with its forearm and popped its jaw hinge out of place, making its bite radius larger. With a roar it bared down on Kage as it seemed to become larger than life. Kage could feel something pulling him back.

Time went in fastforward. Faster and faster he went until he felt the slam as he returned to hsi body.....


We saw Kage take a deep breath and open his eyes.

"Hey! you're alive!" I remarked.

"You allright Kage?" Sora asked.

The girls who were inside the ruins had come out when we shouted that something happened to Kage.

He sat up, and rubbed his head. "I... I don't know what happened. I can barely remember. But... I think we need to head to Garm's home, there may be more answers there..."


It's short I know.......sorry, can't work on it any more today....

1st May 2003, 08:44 AM
Yeah, I'm here at school, not much time left. I'll get on and post when I get home today. Till then!

Shadow Djinn
1st May 2003, 11:19 PM

I soared through the air, kind of. About a few yards actually. Actually, as high as the buildings of Termaenia. Soldiers fired arrows at me, and that lost my temper. I turned and faced them flapping my wings. My gloved hands powered up with energy. An orb of white energy formed in both of my hands.
" HYAH!" I yelled. " Metal Blast!" I triumphed. Launching them through the air, they exploded and they flew back. Metal scraps pelted them hard and I quickly flew off. I was near the Draconian ruins. I could see some rocks and stuff. Then I couldn't get any closer. I flew back into town, and saw a large hole. The sewers? I stepped inside and saw dirty water. Gingerly, I walked through the rocky trail until I saw light. I rose into a green meadow and I saw Vared beating up Sake, Horus, and Chamel, I think. I flew over to them.

Mew Master
2nd May 2003, 08:11 AM

We helped Kage sit up and he was still holding his head, probably from whacking his head on the pillar. There came a flap of wings and Zera landed nearby.

"Everyone here?!" he shouted.

"We're still missing Elena and Amal." Vared replied. Just then we heard a rush of bushes and there they were.

"Speak of the devils, How are you two?!" Chamel asked.

"We're fine, but it's notsomething I want to keep doing." Elena replied, slightly annoyed.

"Agreed, but I think it's best if we stay here for the night," I suggested. "The sun's only going to be up for a few more hours so we should rest here."


Mew Trainer Rose
3rd May 2003, 07:21 AM

Annoyed that everyone made such a big deal about my recenly aquired odor, I went back into the forest to see if i could find a river or pond to wash in. The first thing I found was a small stream, maybe two or three feet wide and barely deep enough to come up to my ankles when I stood in the middle. Oh, well, better than nothing. I rinsed of as much muck and foul-smelling sewer material as i could before i headed back to the Ruins.
"Happy now?" I asked the guys who were still nursing the lumps I had given them. They didn't comment.
I turned my attention toward the giant Dragon-like statues in the building. I was particulary interested in one made of reddish stone, with looked a bit like the Dragon on my pendant. At the base of teh statue was an engraving like a burst of flames. As we settled down for the night, I decided to sleep near that statue.

Mew Master
4th May 2003, 02:49 PM
Okay, here are those basic Terms I promised. I'll update them as I add more..

Jakarta: A Planet with three moons and an abundance of creatures, on the far reaches of the Milky Way Galaxy. Many creatures inhabit the planet, Humans, Reptiles, Mammals, Fairies, Fish, Birds, Demi-Humans (Humans who evolved from animal ancestors), Dragons. Demons, and Monsters. This is where Chains of Dragons takes place.

Innate: Every creature has an Element that it is born to be very excellent in. This is considered their Innate, or Element background. This is important because only Innates can use a few selected spells from their own Innate Elements and no others. It is also to tell their innate because there are symbols that appear anywhere on the body of the individual.

Elements: There are 11 Natural Elements on the planet Jakarta. Fire, Water, Ice, Forest, Lightning, Earth, Sky, Psychic, Metal, Shadow and Light. As well as a rare 12th Element known as Rainbow. The Rainbow is strong against all other Elements, no matter what they are, and absorbs all Element attacks. Elements are used like Magic attacks. There are many different ranges of attacks that can be used by every Innate, but there are a few that only the Innate of that Element can use.

Zeeam: The Main continent of the Western Hemisphere of Jakarta. Fairly large and has an abundance of environments. Spots to be noted are: Termania on the west shore, the Keikami Shrine and the towns of Hano and Zean four miles to the southeast of Termania, far inland is the ancient city of the Saurians inside Hydra Jungle, atop the mountains of the Pire Range (volcanic) is a well guarded fortress that is said to be the residence of Garm as well as the base of his operations through out all of Zeeam. A special note is the Draconian Ruins hidden deep in the jungles east of Termania, a place where no one knows its true reasons.

Dracoen Archipelago: A chain of dozens of islands to the west of Zeeam. Rumor has it there are strange shrines scattered around this mass of islands.

Draconian Ruins: A strange set of moss-covered ruins deep in the jungle east of Termania. There are 11 statues of strange Humanoid looking Dragons, each engraved with the symbol for each Element, and covered with strange armor. Their true purpose is a mystery.

The Pride (The Pack): The Pride is a group made up of several families of Feline Demi-Humans. Called the Pack by several towns, they have been viewed as a nuisance by humans who dislike Demi-Humans. Lynx and Elena are from this group.

Shadow Marshes: Not a friendly place to be. These dark and murky marshes are home to some of the most dangerous creatures on Zeeam, the Thunder Lizards, as well as several unknown types of creatures that are resting here.

Direwood Forest: The Forest surrounding the Keikami Shrine and area.

Light: An Element that personifies the virtue and healing powers of all life. The Light Element uses the forces of the heavens and light to vanquish all evil and ensure peace and harmony, as well as to heal. Such attacks that utilize this power are: Revive, Photon Ray, Meteorite, Recover All, Photon Beam, Meteor Shower, and Ultranova.

Shadow: Hidden in rumor and mystery, the Shadow Element has always been seen as evil, when it is truly anything but. Although some attacks are directed towards the opponent’s soul as well as going to hell, such attacks will not work if the target is pure of heart and free from malice. The main attacks that harness this power are: Gravity Blow, Blackout, Hell Soul, Gravitone, Hell Bound, Free Fall, and Blackhole.

Fire: The true power of the inner workings of the planet. Fire has scared the land for eons and has brought life as well as been able to destroy it. This awesome power of life and death can be used to protect as well to oppress. Some skills of the Fire Element are: Fireball, Magma Bomb, Fire Pillar, Magma Burst, Inferno, and Volcano.

Water: Without water, there would be no life. What comes from the sea shall eventually return to the sea. Water has the amazing ability to adapt to a variety of situations and is passive as well as destructive. A few abilities are: Aqua Beam, Aqua Ball, Cure, Cure Plus, and Flood Wall.

Forest: Mother Nature’s beauty at its peak. Forests harbor beauty as well as beasts. Poisonous plants as well as medicinal herbs can be found where ever there is green. Be careful where you step now. Some Forest attacks are: Bushwhacker, Bushbasher, Carnivore, Heal All, and Sonja.

Ice: The frozen form of water, ice is the main force behind the valleys and rivers all over the planet. It is the center force of erosion and will continue to carve its image into the planet. Some devastating abilities are: Ice Lance, Ice Blast, and Iceberg.

Earth: The ground we walk on holds its own power. The force that can destroy cities in minutes in rare instances of rage and torment. It struggles against its own confines in order to truly be at peace. The attacks that harness this power are: Uplift, Upheaval, Earthquake, and Golem.

Sky: The sky is a force to be reckoned with. Winds can blow anything into the air and then slam it back down to earth. Sky Elements are: Aero Saucer, Aero Blaster, Heal Wind, and Tornado.

Metal: Metals help shape the world and are both priceless and cheap. It can be bent into different shapes and forms using fire and water. There are only four attacks of the Metal Element: Recharge, Magnify, Mag Negate, and Mothership.

Psychic: Prophets have influenced the flow of human history for centuries. Sometimes helpful and sometimes harmful, psychics have shown abilities far beyond human comprehension. Although they cannot truly read minds, they can sense the auras of people and animals and tell what they are feeling and can guess as to what is bothering or wrong with them. They also have premonitions of future events, which can be seconds, minutes, or days away from happening. Because most of our limitations are based in our minds, Psychics pass those limits that our minds set and unlock our true abilities. Such spells are: Heal, Heal All, Low Res, High Res, Strengthen, Weaken, Seal All, Eagle Eye, Bat Eye, Nimble, Numble, and Psy Burn.

Rainbow: The mysterious Element that is so rare, only a few Innates have been known throughout time, and even less attacks have been created. The Rainbow Element can absorb any kind off attack and the only kind that is effective against Rainbow, is another Rainbow attack.

Dark Assassins: A group of assassins that will take the highest paid offer above all else. Their main pleasure is killing and will not hesitate to kill women and children as well. They are feared throughout Zeeam and anyone who knows their true identities never lives long enough to tell.

Pendant Bearers: A group of young warriors who posses the pendants of the 11 Dragon Gods. They also posses weapons made from the body of the Dragon Goddess.

Pendragon Seal: A Magical seal found on all weapons, armor, and items made from the body of the Dragon Goddess. They allow a person to absorb attacks that are of the same Elements as their own Innate, to heal and recharge their own magical energy. They also enable them to attack with the feeling that the one being attacked is attacked with the same element that the weapon absorbed.

Dragon Gods: 11 Dragons that are the highest authority and control the 11 Elements of Jakarta. Sealed up in Pendants 4000 years ago, most tales about their wisdom and nobility have been tarnished and whipped from memory. They also helped govern societies long ago as well. Large in size, the females are always bigger than the males, and bulkier as well. Most standing about 3 meters tall at the shoulder and can be as long as 20 meters from nose to tail. Offspring of the Dragon Goddess, they are immortal until they reproduce, then they will die.

Lesser Dragons: Smaller Dragons that are the subordinates of the Dragon Gods. They are about the size of a cow or horse and have similar physical appearance but their coloring is the same as their Element Innate. They will always respect the Dragon Gods and will aide anyone who has the Dragon God’s divine protection.

Dragon Warriors: 11 Dragon Demi-Humans that are higher than the Lesser Dragons in the Dragon hierarchy. Very skilled they are able to attack swiftly and quickly and will come to the aide of those with the Dragon God’s protection. Currently sealed in stone at the Draconian Ruins east of Termania.

Wamiyazen Denisu "Saké"/ Setsuna

It was official, we would stay at the Ruins for the night.

"But where do we go? I've never heard of Garm before, so how will we know where to go?" Horus pointed out.

"I remember something from when I went into the trance, something about, heading east." Kage stated.

"East?! Are you sure?" Elena almost screeched.

"What's wrong with heading East? THe ocean's the other way.." Seylin said (yes I know, we missed him for some reason.....).

"Yeah, what's the deal Elena?" I asked, curious about her reaction.

"You don't know? Directly east of here is the Hydra Jungle."

"And?" Amal didn't know...

"I can't believe you guys. The Hydra Jungle is large and extensive, barely anyone has gotten out alive. The reason they call it the Hydra Jungle is because there is supposed to be a Hydra inside the deepest part of the Jungle, of course I've never seen it.."

"Then what's the problem? It's only a myth right?" Kage asked. "There's nothing to be afraid of if it's only a myth."

"You know, there are always some truths behind even the oldest myths.." Zera added.

Elena still didn't like it. "Still, why head east at all. Just because Kage saw it in his trance, doesn't mean anything right?"

"We should head east. That is where Garm's castle is."

Everyone turned and looked at Setsuna, we all had an impression of shock.

"How do you know?" I asked.

"My father is a merchant who moves between here and Garm's caslte, we live in the village next to it." she replied.

"So you know a way through the Hydra Jungle?" Chamel asked.

"Yes, and it's safe." she replied with a smile.

"Okay, we head there at first light. But We should have someone stand guard, right?" Zera asked.

"I'll do it." Kage volounteered.

"Same here." I said. "Two different shifts, right?"

"Yeah, I'll take first." Kage said.

There was a fire going and everyone bedded down by the ruins. Vared was back in the ruins, doing who knows what. I slept curled up by the wall, my sword laying next to me, we were all scattered around the campfire, except for Kage, he leaned against the wall, his eyes concentrated on the fire.

3rd person

Kage stared into the flames, trying to remember more of his vision. The only things he could make out were Betrayal, and East. Everything else was a blur.

Betrayal, what could that mean? he thought.

"Something bugging you Kage?" someone asked.

Horus was sitting next to Kage, how he got there no one knew.

"Quit trying to read my mind."

"I didn't have to. YOur face says it all. Besides, I can't read the minds of anyone who is a Shadow Innate." Horus replied.

"If you have to know, there is something bugging me." Kage said. "In my trance I can't remember really anything, except a blured image of black and two words. Betrayal and East."

"We can figure out the East part. Garm's fortress is directly East of here. But betrayal... I think.... know, I don't think, I only have one clue." Horus replied.

"And that is?"

"I cannot read the minds or emotions of Shadow Innates. I know you are one because all I sense is a black aura around your body. But, Setsuna is different. As much as I try I cannot figure out even what Innate she is. I can sense everyone's Innate, it's like a thin aura that surrounds their body. But I can't sense her's, it's like something is absorbingmy powers every attempt I make to try and find out."

"So you think Setsuna may be the one who will betray us?"

"I don't think anything." Horus replied as he stood up. "But I probably wont' trust her just yet. Night Kage.." Horus went and layed down on the other side of the fire, as Kage stared into the flames again.


Okay, there's that, I'll add something for my Char next...

Mew Master
4th May 2003, 04:00 PM
Wamiyazen Denisu "Saké"/Setsuna

I was running down a hall. A long hall that extended into the horizon, no end at all. I could hear, but then I couldn't, footsteps, shouting, the clash of weapons. It scared me, and I kept running.

This wans't strange at all, in fact I think I had been here before. Running down a hall, people running too, after me. That's why I was so scared.

There was a light. A light at the end of the tunnle. I ran for it, but not getting any closer at all. THen I saw something. My mother.

My mother was standing in the hall, surrounded by the light. Her eyes were closed but I could tell it was her. She openned her eyes and turned towards me, her pure green eyes flashing the love that I had known to be in them.

I got closer to her, but as I almost reached the warmth and comfort of her arms, shadows erupted all around from the halls and engulfed her. I skidded to a stop and tried to run, but my feet were frozen and I couldn't move as the shadows moved towards me. They grabbed me and started shaking.....

* * *

"Hey Saké, wake up."

I openned my eyes and looked up, It was Kage, standing over me, his hand on my shoulder.

"Common Get up. You were shouting in your sleep, and besides, it's your shift anyway.."

I forced my self up. "Thanks.."


I really hate to leave it at this but can you guys post dreams or somethign until I've finished my post. T-Storms are heading my way and all that jazz.


~Mew Master

Darkmaster Kagemusha
4th May 2003, 08:36 PM
Funny how the Shadow Innate and Light Innate get along perfectly well, and you would think they'd hate each other. Anyway, don't expect much from this post, I've been sick all weekend and I'm not my usual creative self.

Kage Ikagaide
I laid down at the very edge of the clearing, farthest from the fire and tried to go to sleep. Unfortunately, it wasn't too easy when I was frustrated. I laid there for what seemed like forever, trying to replay my vision in my head--maybe Shadow Innate's aren't supposed to see things, since that does seem like Psychic terrirory--but I should still have been able to remember more than two words and a black blur! I was about to stand up and blast something in frustration, but suddenly, I felt like I got jerked up into the air. I was floating. I rolled around like I was under water, only to see my body--eyes open wide and completely black--not breathing, or at least, I couldn't see it if I was. Before I knew it, everything around me was moving erratically. Is this the trance? I thought to myself. It was--suddenly I stopped, and everything had gone back in time again, and this time, instead of a blur, I saw a hulking black dragon...
I woke up with a start, looking around frantically. I'd had the trance-dream-thing again. I stood up quickly (Too quickly) and ran back to the fire (Blindly). "Saké! I had the Trance again! I remember more now! There was a black dragon talking to me, and he said something about 'the Draconian Trance', and I think that's what I've been doing on accident. He also said something about 'the mysteries of the rest of the Innates'. I don't remember anything else from that one that was different though."

4th May 2003, 09:00 PM
Throwing a post together, I'm having a bit of writer's block myself :)

Elena Kai-Prae

Elena tested herself to the limits as she jumped from rooftop to rooftop, closely pursued by several of Garm's followers. She poured on the speed, hoping to lose them, then, upon reaching the outskirts of town, she caught a tree branch and moved across it, letting herself down easy, then ran for her very life through the forest. She zigzagged through the trees, finally leaving her pursuers behind.

Looking behind her and seeing nobody, she stopped, sniffing the air, trying to track the scent of her companions. Hopefully, she'd find them soon, but the forest was large. She hooked her fingernails into the bark of a tree, scaling it with ease, then walked the branches, knowing that at least she'd have a chance up there if anyone with bad intentions found her.

Mew Master
5th May 2003, 08:12 AM
Wamiyazen Denisu "Sake"/Setsuna

"What? That's strange..." I replied to kage's outburst. I really wasn't thinking on that, my mind was elsewhere. "Just try and get some sleep, It's gonna be light in about five hours."

"Meh, I'll give it a try, but I don't promise anything." Kage went to lay back down.

I sat on a spot near the fire, my knees up by my chest and my sword nestled between them. Staring into the flames I couldn't help but think about the last thing I saw in my dream. My mother. It was bugging me feriously.

I stood up, my sheathed sword in hand and glanced around. I had been here only a few times, but I seemed to remember a cliff not too far from the ruins. I started making my way there quietly, walking by Setsuna's sleeping body. She was cute, I had to admit it, and she knew where to go, which ment that she would be hanging around longer as well. I smiled at that idea.

The forest wasn't as thick as it could be and after about 50 yards I could still see the fire of the camp ground.

There was the cliff overlooking the valley. I tried to remember the name, but that wasn't working. Looking up, I saw the three moons of Jakarta floating int he night sky, all three were full.

I sat down, my feet hanging off the edge of the cliff and looked upward. The three moons each had their own different color. Ra, was a dull yellow and the larger of the moons. Sokra was a pale blue and the second largest. And finally, Mar was a deep crimson. Each was filled with craters all over the surface, and each had their own beauty.

My mother used to tell me that everything had their own beauty, and if you wished to see it, sometimes you didn't have to look very hard. She also said the Moons of Jakarta sometimes fortold fortune or disaster depending on what kind of light they shed on the planet.

I unsheathed my sword and looked at the blade.

"Mom......." I said remembering her face and the warm smile she always gave when me or my father was around.

There was the snap of a twig and I spun around, instantly on my feet and sword out of its sheath. The blade was pointing at, "Setsuna?"

"Hey," she replied a slight smile. "What are you doing out here, aren't you supposed to be on duty?"

"Yeah I am, but..." I said, not realy wanting to tell anyone.

"But?" she echoed, wanting to know.

I sat down on the cliff, same as before and stared up at the stars. "I had a dream, about my mother."

Setsuna sat down next to me quietly and I could feel her eyes looking at me.

"My mom, was the most wonderful person alive. She was kind, considerate, and always had a smile on her face. But that was a long time ago..."

"What happened?"

"When I was seven years old, she died."

Setsuna was quiet.

"She died of a desiese that essentionally ate away at her body until it would finally fight back no more. I still remeber it like it was yesturday." I looked down at my hands, covered in the fingerless gloves I wore. "I was torn up, I could barely think. But I made a promise....."


Okay, I'm busy talking to Setsuna and I may get this finished tomorrow.

Darkmaster: I kinda want you to start spying on us, why, because that's my little secret. And as far as the fighting between us goes, that may happen soon enough....


~Mew Master

6th May 2003, 03:53 PM
ARG! I was posting earlier ( Weekend) and the computer locked up as I hit submit! Well, here I go to the posting again.

Sorry, I haven't been on alot latley, I have been spending alot of time on the senor presentations, PSOquest, attempting to find out if Smashboards is up yet (Still not). So, here I go with the edit and then the new post.
Chamel was perched above the others, right where the post guard was (just so he wouldn't have to move come his turn). Half asleep was Chamel when a voice came to him: "Chamel, you and them shall be backstabed by one of the other members of the alliance. Watch yourself! You must wake them before that time comes. You must leave soon, as Garm's soldiers are hastidly approaching your postion."

"But..." Chamel said. He began to think that maybe he wasn't geting enough sleep. He dismissed any more thought about it untill he thought that maybe, he would be the right time to wake them up.

6th May 2003, 04:21 PM
I felt uncomfortable as the others slept around me. I didn't know them too well except for Horus and I hadn't talked to him since we met up with the others so I felt pretty much alone. Rising slowly, I made sure the others weren't waken and slowly crept into the forest with my glaive, feeling for some water. Since we weren't by the ocean, I felt sort of empty but I felt the energy coming from within the forest when we stopped to camp.
Sure enough, there was a broad stream flowing downriver, silent but deadly as water rushed hurriedly against the sharp rocks. Walkin
g down with it, it wasn't far until I reached a broad lake, sparkling in the clear night. Sitting by the edge, I dipped my hand into the edge and swirled it around. While others would shiver by the freezing temperatures of it, it felt nice and warm to me. It was like every body of water I was in felt like a heated pool, including the ocean. Concentrating on the water, I raised my hand slowly. Sure enough, a tiny wave started to rise above, forming into a water ball. Cupping it with my hands, it looked magnificent, looking so solid and still at the same time. Letting it go, it lightly splashed into the lake. Sighing, I looked up at the stars and wondered if my father was still alive. Not to dwell on it a lot though, I pushed it out of my mind and made my way back, this time through the tree tops.

Darkmaster Kagemusha
6th May 2003, 07:36 PM
Well, I don't know what to spy for, so this is gonna be short. Also, I new the peace between light and dark couldn't last for much longer ;)

Kage Ikagaide
I tossed under my cloak as I attempted to get to sleep. Still, slumber wouldn't come to me. I finally gave up, and stood quickly, before dashing off into the woods, silently and slashing trees with my claws. I had gone in a large circle of slashing when I heard voices farther away, and I was lucky enough to hear them in time because of my heightened hearing abilty when there was a lack of sounds around me. Another of my traits helped me as well, however--I could see perfectly in the dark. My night vision allowed me to easily find the source of the voices, and as I suspected, it was Saké and Setsuna--the light Innate and the mystery woman--who seemed to have something going on between them. I snuck in as close as I could to them--hiding under a thorn bush behind Setsuna--and listened intently to their conversation. There had to be a reason this girl knew so much and why she was hanging out with Saké so much. He was my only friend in the group and if she was going to do something to jeopardize that friendship, I had to know ahead of time.

6th May 2003, 08:14 PM
Make that, there USED to be thunder every three seconds...it's quieter...O_O'
Sora Hibari

I moved away from the rest of the group hunting for a nice place to doze. Finding a secluded section of the rubble and grabbed some leaves to make it semi-soft. I took my Kama out of my belt, lest I should cut myself in my sleep.

'I'm tired...' I thought, but once I was nice and comfy, I found I couldn't sleep at all. I leaned back, my head resting on the base of one of the gigantic statues. I closed my eyes...

I was flying...soaring through the air...my wings flittering effortlessly on the breeze. My wings? I turned my head, staring shocked at my large blue wings...my long, spiraling tail...Shaking my head, I looked around, gazing at my surroundings below...forests...houses...

I stared. One house in particular caught my attention...It looked oddly familiar...

Circling downwards, I came closer...I spotted two figures standing outside...

"Mom? Dad?" I whispered. There they were! They were safe from Garm's soldiers! I landed, eyes watering slightly. I was no longer a winged serpent, but back to my human self. I ran forward, hugging them both. Lost in my happiness, I didn't notice my father slipping my pendant from around my neck...I grabbed it and yanked it back.

"What are you doing?" I asked them, shocked. They smiled...they weren't themselves...evil smiles...not the ones I was used to...

I leapt back, ready to attack. I grabbed my...Kama?! Where was my Kama?! Suddenly the smell of burning...our house caught fire...From it poured hundreds of soldiers, each armed to the teeth with an assortment of weapons...I stepped back apprehensively...when...Pain! I screamed...pain...I felt the sword driving mercilessly into my back...screaming...screaming...

Sudden light...an image of a sky blue dragon flashed in my head...

I woke up gasping for breath. Shaking slightly, I turned to my side, muttered "It was only a dream," and fell back into a fitful sleep.
O-o';; I had a freaky-morbid-dream once. My house was...like...dripping with blood, and when I woke up there was blood on my floor, and it was freaky. We then noticed Kit-Kat (my cat) had slit his paw on something. *shudders*

Mew Master
7th May 2003, 08:11 AM
I know I'm late... But I have a good reason, just no time to tell you about it.

And It's Light and Shadow. Dark is completly different than Shadow.


You see (Sake oin flash-back mode) when I was about 5 years old, my mother started training me herself. She taught me most everything I know now about Spellcasting and a little on swordsmanship.

I loved to have her train me. Her constant smile and calm voice always helped me out. We would spend hours together training, and even my father would join in if he got his duities of being the Keikami Shrine Priest over with for the day.

I wished those days would never end. But they did.

My mother was diagnosed with the Dragon's Revenge, a rare desiese that eats away at the body, wasting it, but she was strong and fought it for most of her life. She.... she ..... she didn't fight it hard enough.

She died 11 years ago when I was 7. I was so sad I couldn't sleep, I just continued to cry, and had to get out of the house. I sat on the roof, crying three full moons above me, and my kendo stick beside me, so many memories inside its bamboo.

Then my father found me, worried about how I was taking my mother's death. I went to the funeral, and I didn't cry then, but I was that night.

My father sat up there with me and talked to me.

THen and there I made a promise, to always help those who can't help themselves, and never kill anyone by doing so. It became my solem promise to my father, and my mother's spirit.

"Thank you," Setsuna said.

"What?" I remarked.

"For saving me earlier, I didn't have the chance to thank you. I'm not used to being saved all that much."

"Hey, I'm getting used to needing help every once in a while too. You saved my butt, remember?" I replied, slightly nervous. "So we're even."

"Hmmm," I saw her smile in the moon light, and she leaned towards me, her head resting on my shoulder. I could feel the blood rushing to my cheeks. "Still, thank you."

I looked out into the valley, a warm feeling in my heart. Slowly and suringly, the sun began to rise from the east, starting to warm Jakarta with it's light. The moons began to disappear, their light drowned out by the sun's intense light.


Mew Trainer Rose
7th May 2003, 05:32 PM
(OOC: Oh, we're sleeping outside? I thought we'd sleep in the ruins, so we'd have some shelter. Meh, if T-storms are on the way, everyone will most likely get in side sooner or later. :P )


Everyone else settled down outside while I chose to stick with my decision to stay inside. I felt better with a roof over my head anyway, and the ruins were oddly comforting. I made myself as comfortable as possible on the floor of the Ruins, and wished for a brief moment that someone else had opted to sleep in the ruins to keep me company. But they probably still wanted to stay away from the last lingering traces of sewer stench that still clung to me. I was exhausted enough that even on the hard floor, I managed to fall asleep fairly quickly.


A blur of words...faded ink on parchment...which slowly solidified into the page of a book. An old book of legends, with vaguely familiar text. A few words became apparent…demon Necrosan…dragon…words I remembered.
I found myself in front of a bookcase with mist all around, holding the book from the library. But this time I could read some words that were illegible before: battle… Elemental Dragons …magical pendants…must be protected…
A strong gust of wind suddenly tossed the pages of the book. I caught a glimpse of sketches of reptilian forms before the book was thrown from my hands. Pages from other books were flying past me, rustling dryly as they skidded across the floor…


I woke to find a bunch of dry leaves were being tossed by a wind from outside, making the same rustling sound as the book pages in my dream. I tried to remember my dream, since it seemed important, but I only remembered that it had the book from the library in it, and the words that I had seen there. It had seemed so real too, I could almost feel the book still in my hands.
Glancing at the doorway into the Ruins, I noticed some dark clouds approaching in the sky. I hoped it didn’t rain. I was inside, so I wouldn’t get wet, but everyone else would be. Plus soggy ground would make traveling harder tomorrow. I considered going over and advising everyone else to get under cover, but I was too tired. So I just turned over and went back to sleep.

Mew Master
9th May 2003, 08:10 AM
Hey guys, I've got some news. I've started work on the first chapter already, and have edited a few things so that everything may work out in the end. Everyone's dreaming, good, and the sun's lifted.

Alos, I'm working on Faile's design, and have a good idea for Tuon. I do have Elafresiane finsihed but forgot to post about it. Here's the link. Elafresiane (http://groups.msn.com/df9a9mthhtcbig/chainsofdragons.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=154)

Well, I don't have much time to post now.

I do have some funny moments in the chapter, the most funnier ones involving Chamel at the shrine where he lived for most of his life. It's hillarious Mark, I swear!

Okay, I'll check in on Sunday, but probably not be on at all on Tuesday, cause I have a BAG banquet toi attend... damn, I really don't give a crap....

Well, later!

~Mew Master

Mew Master
10th May 2003, 11:33 AM
Okay, I'm on earlier than I thought. Okay, time for more posting!!

3rd Person

Kage watched Saké and Setsuna as they sat watching the sun rise. He wasn't sure what Horus ment by not trusting her for a while. To him she was a mystery but seemed to be as helpful as ever, she was even leading them to Garm's castle stronghold. But still, the word betrayal stuck out in his mind like a bad rash.

There was a rustle and something dropped behind him and grabbed his mouth and covered his eyes. Kage jumped but it was too late, he struggled but it didn't help.

"Hey hey, calm down. It's only me." said a femanine voice with a cat-like edge to it.

Kage stopped moving and the hands left his mouth and eyes. Behind him was Elena Kai-Prae with her usual smile.

"Got ya."

"What's the big idea?"

"Hey, I had to get your attention without forcing you to jump like a jackrabbit." Elena replied. "Besides, what are you doing?"

"Uh, Saké's supposed to be on guard dutiy and he wandered off, so I went to go find him." he replied.

"Looks like you were spying on him." Elena replied.

"No, I was just looking at him when he didn't know."

"Same thing."

"Whatever. The sun's up so we should head back to the ruins before anyone thinks we're up to something." Kage stated and started walking back.

"Good idea. But what about them?"

"Leave them, I'm sure Saké knows what he's doing." Kage replied. I hope.
Wamiyazen Denisu "Saké"/Setsuna

"Hey," Setsuna started as the sun continued to rise. "What's this for?" she pulled at the band around my arm, trying to see what was under it. I jumped, pulling away and clamping my hand over the band.

"Don't," I started. "Don't do that, please."

"Why? What's wrong?" she asked, surprised by my reaction.

I had jumped and moved three feet away from her in the process.

"Just don't okay?" I asked, pleading to her.

"Okay I won't."

The reason I jumped is because.... because.....it's something that I don't even want to think about or remember. Something that I wish to forget and try to with every thought.

I moved the band to where it had been and then stood up, sword in hand. "Common, I think we should head back before anyone misses us." I said.

"All right." she replied and stood up as well, stretching her arms behind her back. "Besides if we want to get throught eh Hydra Jungle, then we'll have to move before too long. In the morning, not many of the creatures are awake or alert enough to pose much of a threat."

"Good, that means we can get to Garm's before too long." i replied as we walked back to the ruins.

The building came into veiw and I saw the fire had reduced to a few burning embers. Some were sleeping, and rolling around. Chamel was up a tree and Kage and Elena were leaning up against the ruins.

We walked back into the group.

"Vared's not out yet?" I asked.

"No, she's still inside. Her oder wasn't that terrible." Kage commented. "If Horus hadn't openned his mouth we would be fine."

"Besides," said a grumbling voice, groggy with sleep. "There's a lake near by where she could have washed off." Amal walked towards us and let out a big and long yawn.

"Glad to see you're awake sleepy head." I commented, trying to be funny.

"Well I slept like a rock." Chamel climbed down the walls and landed near us.

"Isn't it like a log?" Elena asked.

"Not when you're an Earth Innate." Chamel smiled.

"Then what is it when you're a Water Innate?" Amal asked, intereseted to see Chamel's response.

"You're sleeping with the fishes." he replied, and everyone but him had a sweatdrop.


Okay everyone, I have a post that I would like you all to see. It has the beginings of my ideas before I started the RPG and I owuld like some feedback as to how you all like it thus far. The post is in the Fan Fic Writer's Lounge.

Chains of Dragons concept ideas. (http://http://www.pokemasters.net/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=8632)

Check it out, won't you?


~Mew Master

Mew Trainer Rose
10th May 2003, 08:59 PM
I wonder what happened to the T-storm? :confused: Ooo, let me guess; you'll have it hit just as we're getting going, or shortly after. ^_^

OK, time for Vared to wake up.


A bright shaft of sunlight struck my eye and dragged me into the waking world. I turned over to avoid it and return to sleep, but found I no longer could. Stupid sunlight.
So I sat up instead, stretching, rubbing my eyes, brushing the sand off of my clothes, normal waking-up stuff. Well, the last one's only normal if you slept on the ground without a blanket, but whatever. When I felt I was more or less fully awake, I grabbed my spear and went outside the Ruins to see how everyone else was.
A few other people were already up. Chamel, seeing me, said "Hey look! The sewer beast emerges from her lair!"
Since he was on teh wall of the Ruins, and too far away to punch, I just raised an eyebrow at him...and threw a Fireball. I purposely missed by at least a foot, though. It was funny to watch him jump away and yell like I'd come within half an inch of his head, tho. I guessed others thought the same, since I heard giggles behind me.
The scream seemed to wake up anyone else who was still asleep. There were a couple complaints about the abrupt awakening, but Saké reminded them we had a ways to go today, so people began to get up.

Mew Master
11th May 2003, 03:55 PM
Hey everyone, great news.

I have the first chapter for Chains of Dragons finished and I'm working on Chapter two, which may be three times as long!

*Waits for applause and hears...... dead silence....*

Gee, I thought someone would care.....

And I have made some changes.

Kage and Zera will not have wings. Sorry dudes. You'll still be Demi-Humans, but no wings. Now I just gotta think up some Demi-Humans you could be....

Well, I'll keep working on it. And I'll let you guys know when I start posting it, needs some revisions though.

Well let's see. We're heading to the Hydra Jungle now.... so LET'S GO!!

Wamiyazen Denisu "Saké"/Setsuna

Everyone was up, actaully Vared didn't smell that bad, but Amal suggested she was off in the lake nearby, so we had to wait for about an hour before she was finished. Then we started off.

Setsuna lead the group, followed by me, Kage, Elena, Horus, Vared, Seylin, Amal, Faile, Zera, Chamel, and Sora.

It wasn't too far along when it started raining on us. The tree tops diverged most of the moisture but we still got soaked. Lightning flashed as thunder roared, but still Setsuna lead us through the trees.

Finally, due to a lot of rain, the path started getting more muddy and mostly impassible. Vared spotted some caves thorugh the rain wall and we headed for them.

As soon as we were all inside we stopped and took the time to wring out some of our wet clothes. My vest and shirt had taken most of the drenching.

"Wow, lookit this place." Chamel exclaimed admiering the area.

The cave was very large inside, with a blackness consuming the end of it.

"It is big.." Amal admitted.

"What is this?" I asked.

"It's one of the Billabug caves. There are hundreds of these around the place." Setsuna replied.

"And a Billabug is?" Kage asked.

"Not something you really want to meet." Elena stated. "Their armor is thick and they individually stand at about a meter and a half. These things don't like the light, they're as white as snow and speedy too. They tend to roll up like a ball and run down their prey like that. Not entirely freindly."

"Whenever We pass this way, we always try to avoid these caves. The Billabug is very carnivorous and hunts down anything it can." Setsuna stated.

There came the sound of high-pithced shreiking from the darkness of the cave. Everyone stopped, straining their ears. Then there came eyes. Hundreds of red eyes, looking at them and a gurggling sound started to come up over the shreiking.

Amal and Chamel were close to the shadowed darkness and a single tenticle whipped out and latched onto Amal's ankle, one yank and she fell to the ground, her Gailve knocked away. Chamel grabbed his Masamoon and slashed down, slicing the tenticle and freeing Amal.

"Let's go!" Kage shouted, and his claws sprang out.

"Fireball!" Vared shouted and launched the sphere into the darkness.

This illuminated the area, dozens of strange pale insects. Segmented three ways with a bunch of small fibers from near where the eyes were. One was missing its foot and white ichor was spraying everywhere.

"It's either this or the storm, what are we going for?!" Zera shouted as he readied his weapon.

"I'd choose getting electricuted over being eaten to death." Seylin replied.

Setsuna, Horus, Seylin, Sora, Elena, Amal, and Chamel dashed out, back into the pouring rain. Leaving me, Kage, Vared, and Faile to stall for them.

"Here we go," I started, and light gathered in my hand. "Photon Blast!" I shot my attack at the bugs.

"Shadow Needles!" Kage shouted as well.

"Flame Jet!"

"Thunder Arrow!"

The attacks aimed, not for the bugs, but for the roof of the cave. The timed exploasion started to cause the cave to collapse. We started running to get outside ASAP, and managed to jump out of the way before the entier cave caved in around us.

Now we were soaked, tired, and I had landed straight into a puddle. This was going to be a long day.....


~ Mew Master

Mew Master
11th May 2003, 09:51 PM
Wamiyazen Denisu "Saké"/Setsuna

We hid under a big oak tree that was chipped away from the inside. I rung my hair out for the third time that day.

"Twice in one day I get a shower." I mumbled. "Not a good start."

"The Hydra Jungle gets worse as we go." Setsuna stated as we tried to relax.

Vared had started a fire to help us warm up, and I could feel the heat giving my fingers feeling again. We sat and thought, everyone wished for the rain to stop.

3rd Person

The mesh of crashed rock where the Pendant Bearers had their first encounter with the Billabugs was nothing but a mound of solid earth.

Then the rocks started to move. A pepple fell, followed by some rocks and then boulders. Several rapidly spinning balls burrowed their way to the surface, and one uncurled. It was a Billabug, and it reared back and gave its shreiking gurggle.

More Billabugs emerged from the mound and echoed in their shouts of freedom. Then spinning forward, they roll through the jungle, as the rain continues to fall.

* * *

Something moved in the shadows. Red tinted eyes scanned the biped creatures, picking out the best ones to kill first. It moved to a boulder, not being able to get too close to the flames because light was it's weakness and mortal enemy.

More creatures gathered, brought by the smell of flesh and blood...


I stole a glance towards one of the darker corners of the room, something was bugging me. I could swear I felt something in that direction. Kage looked that way too.

"Did you feel something?" he asked.

"Maybe," I replied. "Not sure though. Feels as though we're being watched."

"I know..."

"Well, the jungle is full of creatures. Who knows what's watching us now." Elena said.

There came a terrifying screech that sent everyone's hair standing on end. As we stood up, a sudden wind blew in and blew out our fire. Then we were aware of eyes. Red eyes, like the ones in the cave, but these weren't no Billabugs.

We saw some move forward, towards some of the light outside, but it was still dark. A flash of lightning and they recoiled.

"Oh, no." Horus said stepping back, his sword raised. "Shadow Wraiths!"

Ugly, deformed, apish creatures. With long claws and very dark hides, and peircing red eyes. Ugly with a bad smell, and this was my impression of the Shadow Wraiths. But what scared me more was their teeth were huge and very very sharp.

I grabbed my sword and readied myself for a fight.

"No good," Horus stated backing up. "Weapons like ours can't hurt the Wraiths." I could tell he was afraid.

"Then what will?" Zera asked as the snarling creatures got closer, their drool dripping onto the ground.

"Light." Horus replied.

"Light?!" Seylin exclaimed.

"That's why they didn't attack until the fire was out." Faile thought out loud. "They can't move when there's light out."

"Well that simplifies things," Chamel said. "We go out side and they're stuck. Getting soaked is better than getting eaten."

"Three times in one day. What I wouldn't give for a Inn right about now." Setsuna commented.

We started moving back, weapons at the ready. Passing the mough of the oak, we went where we would be okay, and the Wraiths stuck.

"Ha ha!" Chamel exclaimed. "Can't get us now you stupid, slow-witted, uh-oh...."

The Shadow Wraiths had stopped at the mouth of the tree, stalling. Then, one of them stepped forth. Not recoiling they got bolder and came out, one by one until they started to hunt us again.

"Damn," Kage muttered. "It's nothing but one fight after another."

"Yeah, but how fast can you run?" Amal asked.

There came the sound of rolling and a familiar shreiking gurggle. Right behind us, the Billabugs rolled in and stopped, uttering a challenge to the Wraiths.

The two groups of creatures exchanged various roars, and some charges. But they never really moved.

Then, one Billabug wipped out a tendrill and grabbed Amal once again.

"Not again! AHH!" She was pulled down, getting knocked out. Her Gailve slidded along the ground.

"Hang on!" Chamel shouted and jumped into the air with the intention of slashing down. A Billabug was faster though.

A single tendrill lashed out and whacked Chamel across the face, knocking him off course and the Masamoon out of his hands. He fell hard, the wind and senses knocked out.

"Chamel! Amal!" Elena shouted. But we had our own problems. The Wraiths started closing in as the Billabugs retreated with both an unconcious Amal and Chamel, along with their weapons, in tow.

"Damn!" I shouted, not being left with many options. This was a fight I was worried if we would ever make it out alive....


Okay, I'm leaving Amal and Chamel up to T_M_L and MechAlphChml. I've already PMed them about what's happening. Now all we have to worry about is the Shadow Wraiths. Not easy things to beat...

Name: Shadow Wraiths
Height: about 1.8 meters
Length: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Appearence: Ape-like monstrousities. They are all black with red piercing eyes. Long claws on both hands and feet, as well as long teeth. They have elongated snouts and drool a lot.
Powers/Weapons: Able to meld with shadows to surprise their prey. Sharp claws and teeth. Cannot be hurt physically.
Other: Very sensitive around light. In fact, at the right brightness it could kill them

Have fun guys.....


~Mew Master

Darkmaster Kagemusha
12th May 2003, 06:33 PM
Sorry I haven't been on. I'm in central Illinois and the tornados whacked my power, so I've had no computer since Friday. Plus, the last thing I had to do on the computer was type a Reflective Essay on a lack of electricity and so my ideas for RPG's are more or less wiped out. I'll post with ya later.

Darkmaster Kagemusha
13th May 2003, 08:22 PM
Kage Ikagaide
The Wraiths were practically dancing around us using the shadows. They weren't hiding, they were melding with the darkness. "You like the dark don't you?" I yelled out to them. "Well, guess who has the dark powers here!" I said, blasting my Shadow Needles into one of the shadows. One of the beasts stopped there, examined the Needles that were stuck in it's chest, then pulled them out and bellowed. "That's right, come here!" I blasted another with Gravitone. To my utter surprise, it absorbed it, and gained a burst of energy. The Wraith jumped at me and I barely dodged it. "So you feed on it huh?" I said. "Well then. SOUP'S ON! COME AAAAAND GET IT!" I said, and started pouring Dark energy out of my body. I was very quickly surrounded, and the creatures looked as if they were breathing in my energy. As my muscles grew even more tense, my arms raised up, straight out at shoulder height with my fists closed. I decided to try something. I pushed Gravitone into my fists and commanded it to surround me. Suddenly, power overwhelmed me and I felt I was growing stronger, and an orb of darkness began swirling around me. "BLACK HOLE SHIELD!!!!" I yelled out of instinct. Things suddenly began to get sucked toward me. Trees were uprooted and rocks took to the air. Everything that hit the orb vaporized--except the Wraiths. They stuck to the outside and tried to drain the energy. "Haha! You want my energy? HERE!!!!!!!!" I blasted all the energy I could out of my body. "HAVE ALL YOU WANT!!!!!" I was effectively creating a diversion, even if it could kill me, everyone else could escape.
__________________________________________________ __
__________________________________________________ __

Hope that's okay with you. If you don't like the new move thing I can edit it out, but I happen to like it. Also, this would be a good time for a certain Light Innate to shine, unless you'd rather get away and leave Kage to deal with it. I can work with either situation.

(And yes, I'm in a psychotic mood)

EDIT: Changed the Attack. It's like using Black Hole as a force field thingy, but it's essentially the same.

Mew Master
14th May 2003, 08:52 AM
I'd like to, but I just thought of something for Sake. In order to use his Photon Blast, or maybe even his Lightforce Sword, he'll need light to do it. And as you have noticed, we are surrounded on all sides by a thunderstorm with no break in sight.

Oh, and as for your attack.... looks like you could call it Blackhole Instead of GRAVITY SHIELD MAELSTROM :DU

Wamiyazen Denisu "Sake"/Setsuna

We tried to get as much distance between us and Kage as every kind of object seemed to be sucked towards him. I would have helped, but I had used the last bit of Light energy I had when the Billabugs had ambushed us in the cave, I had gathered it during the Lightning bolt flash. Without any source of light, I can't gather photons and am reduced to fighting with my fists and blade, and any other Magic abilities I have.

Now we were three short. Amal and Chamel kidnapped by evil segmented insects, Kage was creating a diversion and the rest of us were stuck in a jungle where there could be danger anywhere. We ran and we heard a crash.

Looking behind us we saw a mound of trees debreigh where Kage once was.

"No, Kage." I muttered. None of us could feel his energy.

We stood there, everyone searching for some sign that he was alive. None could be found.

"Damn." I dropped to my knees and they sank in the mud, everyone was saddened. I had known Kage only a few days after my own home was attacked. We fought side-by-side for three straight days and I had learned to count on him and trust him, maybe a bit more than the others. But we were all in this together and nothing could break that up. He was a good guy, even though many might say different about that because of his Innate, but I could tell it in his eyes.

I punched my fist into the mud that I was kneeling in.

"It's not fair! Damnit! It's just not fair!!"

I sat there in the mud close to crying, but I didn't. A hand laid itself on my shoulder and I looked up to see Setsuna's eyes looking into mine. Finally I stood up, my head tilted down.

"Let's go, or else Kage's sacrafice would be in vain." I said.

Then there was the roar that we knew and the Shadow Wraiths materialized from the our very own shadows and their drooling mouths gapped wide at the sight of us.

"This isn't any use!" Elena shouted. "We'll have to fight them off."

"But our weapons aren't any good against them." Horus replied.

"Then use Elements!" she remarked. As the Wraiths got closer a line of trees suddenly sprouted up inbetween them and us.

"Gotta!" Sora ran up and held her Kama at the end o the handle. Swinging it like a bat, a wind picked up behind it. "Windraker! she shouted. A blast of wind in her after-stroke blasted through the trees that Elena had forced to grow and block the wraiths. The trees were sliced to ribbons and chunks of wood whacked into the Wraiths.

"Let's go then." Zera said and we all headed in the opposite direction. But everyone of us stole a look back at where Kage had been.

I think I'll start a list of who knows what spells as we go and put whether they are Special Abilities or regular magic.


~Mew Master

16th May 2003, 01:43 PM
Yeah, the Chameleon is back and ready for action! LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE!!

Amal and Chamel had been taken by billabugs, what more could go wrong? Other than taking Amal and Chamel, well, howabout taking Amal and Chamel. Chamel groaned a minute later, he was all wet, and he looked off to his side, and he saw his masmoon being dragged along side him. 'Oppertunity strikes' Chamel thought to himself. When he reached for the sword, a billabug reared up and came crashing down right where his hand once was. "Yikes!" Chamel shouted. He jumped underneith the billabug and grabbed his masmoon, the billabug that was dragging him was yanked from walking to crashing right into the bug above Chamel. Amal began to come out of her stupour. She quickly grabbed her weapon and was ready to do battle, but that was not what Chamel had in mind. He got up to his feet, cut the tendril around his leg and set for Amal, he did the same for her. Then Chamel grabbed Amal and quickly dashed up a tree. Once they were up high enough, Chamel began to taugnt them, laughing and saying crude words in Chameleon tounge. It was at that moment when he felt the spirt energy of Kage slip. Amal felt it too. "Oh my god. Not Kage!" Amal muttered.

We jumped from tree to tree while following our drag tracks. We eventually get back to where we originally started. There was a pile of mess and other things piled up. "Kage..." muttered Chamel. "why Kage, there was an alternitive way." "Doesn't matter now, we must find the others, and quickly." said Amal. Chamel quickly said a prayer and got back to work.

Well, like said earlier, Chamel is back and ready for more. Tune in tomarrow for the next exciting episode!

Darkmaster Kagemusha
16th May 2003, 05:46 PM
Kage Ikagaide
I groaned. There had to be at least a ton of junk on top of me and half of it was digging into me. I tried to move, and found that doing so hurt more than lying still. I used all my strength to shove toppled trees and the corpses of a few Wraiths off me and scrambled out of the pile of debris. I collapsed in the mud as rain began to soak my clothes. I felt empty--devoid of life, like I was living in a dream. I knew that I was, indeed, alive, but I had no power to speak of. "Those damn things can steal a lot of energy," I whispered hoarsly to myself. I looked my body over. I was covered in bruises and cuts. My left wrist was broken and my right shoulder was dislocated. I yanked my bones all back into place with sickening snaps and pops. I looked down at my side, which was practically radiating pain. There was a small bit of tree limb that had been shoved into me. I pulled the jagged piece of wood out of the gash in my side and clutched my hand over the wound. Damnable mortallity. I thought, before passing out in a puddle of mud, rain water, and blood.

Darkmaster Kagemusha
17th May 2003, 09:17 AM
Dangit. I didn't wanna be found yet. I had some more stuff planned for an alone and powerless Kage. Could you please change your post to where you don't find him, because it's kind of stupid having this dramatic death thing and then in the next couple of posts he's found.

Mew Master
17th May 2003, 11:29 AM
Yes, T_M_L We request you edit your post, because it does not suit our present needs. Thank you for putting up with this incoveniance.

I've decided to let Kage have his little solo adventure thus far. As far as Drawing and writting goes... uh...

Faile is still in the works, and I'm on the third time I've tried to draw her. For some reason I've done the first two with large chest areas and that made her look like a bad cross-dresser. T_T This third one should be better.

As for the writting, I'm still working on Chapter 2, which will be split into two Parts. When I get them finished I will start posting the chapters.

However, the latest time I will be able to get on will be Tuesday afternoon. Because I'm graduating tomorrow, and Mark (MechaAlphaChamel) is graduating June 7th.

Mark: Your hair has gotten darker and you have gotten a little bigger.... 'nuff said.

Oh, and I saw X-Men 2. Very, very cool.


~Mew Master

17th May 2003, 12:00 PM
--; Good god, this is hardly like a RPG at all. I'm sorry, but I don't know if I want to continue on with this. It's like you're making me follow one set way instead of letting me wing it. For now, I'm just going to think about whether I should leave or not

17th May 2003, 04:07 PM
This is NOT an RPG post, now that thats out of the way... Man, you grad. on sunday?! Woa, thats early! Any case, I've been playing PSO for the GC alot and well, I have become quite fond of my little Sato mag. It is the coolest looking thing! It looks like the cat from Rose is Rose, exept its missing it's back legs, other than that, it is totally cool! Man Den, you grew too! (bad rhyme) That cat in the pic must be the cat Sarah that you talk about all the time? Any case, if ANY of you people in here own a GC, PSO (Phantasy Star Online) is a must-get! So what if its the ONLY online game for the GC? Animal Crossing 2 and Mario Kart Double Dash will also be online, just in case none of you guys knew. Well, I must get back to raising my little Sato. Till then!

Darkmaster Kagemusha
17th May 2003, 07:04 PM
Sorry. I didn't mean to be restricting, it's just that it feels kinda dumb having Kage look like he sacrifices himself and then have him found that fast. Also, MM, you are being kinda restricting. I have to try to anticipate your next moves so that I can post without screwing up what you want to post. It's an interactive story, not a computer game, just let it flow ;)

18th May 2003, 03:20 AM
Ok, well that doesn't make much sense...
Chamel and Amal were getting closer to the rest of the gang. The mud was soft and, well, cake-like. The sounds of the group lay just ahead of them. Amal and Chamel rounded a corner and there was the group, but they were being stalked by them dang billabugs. So Amal and Chamel decided to have a little fun with both the bugs and the group. There was a total of seven bugs following the main group, all lined up. Chamel thought it would be good to break up the party with some slicin' action. He swung down from a branch and cut all of the billabugs in half, then Amal set to work with the sceme for the main group. Amal was going to summon water to take the shape of Chamel and Amal, just for kicks and giggles. The group was taken aback by the water ghouls. Chamel appeared right next to Sake and wispered into his ear: "Peak-a-boo!" Sake nearly soiled himself when Chamel just materialized right in front of him. "You really must stop doing that." said Sake. "For who's health?" Chamel asked. "Yours and mine!" said Sake, agiatated. "Poor Kage..." said Chamel, "just getting to know the guy..." muttered Chamel. "He was a good soul." said Horus. "Why did it have to happen to him, he knew he had a alternitive way..." said Sake. "Doesn't matter now, what matters is that we press on." said Chamel. "Thats right, if Kage is alive, he will easily catch up, after all, he's an assassin." said Faile.
"So, onward to what ever destination we originally had set before us!" shouted Chamel. (lots of tear drops on peoples heads)
t("t)- kirby with crosses (not really, he's flipping you off)___a bad day
Q("Q)- kirby with punching gloves ____________________2 black eyes
(O.o)-kirby not knowing why he's doing this_____________ priceless

Its official, 7 out of 9 smoking ducks prefer smoking quack to regular bills.
Yeah, those are some pretty lame duck jokes. At least my humor is alive, compaired to the jokes them funeral home guys tell....

Shadow Djinn
18th May 2003, 12:24 PM
Originally posted by The_Missing_Link
--; Good god, this is hardly like a RPG at all. I'm sorry, but I don't know if I want to continue on with this. It's like you're making me follow one set way instead of letting me wing it. For now, I'm just going to think about whether I should leave or not Yea...I'm never getting to fight cept when I post :( I dont know if i should leave this RPG..I agree with TML

18th May 2003, 03:03 PM
This is not an RPG post, at all...

Not be rude and all to you gals: TML and Dark Templar 8, but you sound alot like whinners. Your nagging about this being restricting and all, well, it has to in some points. Otherwise its just people typing about senseless stuff. In order for the RPG to function properly, you ALL must post! Otherwise its the people that do post end up covering the stuff that you guys or gals fail to post. I have enjoyed playing in the RPG that Den here has put on for us, not to mention all the drawings he's done for all of us. He too goes to school, just like most of us here (or at least all of us). I find it hard for TML and Dark Templar 8 moaning about this being too stressful because you can't post whatever you would want to. Normally I'm a nice person, but I am not when I see someone not pulling their end of the weight and they're yakkin' about it being too hard. Dark Templar 8, when did you last post sense this last post. Not on this page, thats for certain. I'm looking at all the recent posts, and there are only two total from the both of you, and they're not even about the RPG. All I see on this list is MewMaster, Darkmaster Kagemusha, 1 Mew Trainer Rose, and a few from myself. If you really wanted to fight Dark Templar 8, post! Its not that hard is it? But it requires an amount of effort on your part, not ours to post about fighting. You have had plenty of oppertunities to pick up on a fight, you just have to check in here every once in awhile. But what I don't get is you moaning about your failure to post and you question why you never fight. That just doesn't make any sense, does it to anyone else? I would admit, school does take a decent amount of time out of all of our lifes, but somehow, we: MewMaster, Darkmaster Kagemusha, 1 Mew Trainer Rose, and myself, manage to make it to PM to post on this topic. Do we have any graduating senors in here, besides MewMaster and myself? Senor year is quite stressfull, and there is no room for complaining "about how hard it is". No, if you do that, you end up coming back to school the next year, or dropping out of school entirely to make more time for the job. Well, I'm getting off topic, but if you don't pull your end of the weight, don't complain to any of us. I won't hear any of it, like it or lump it. If you feel that this entire post is pointless, much like TML's and Dark Templar 8's post, like I do, then maybe we should drop them if they can't handle getting to a forum and posting.


Does anyone here fell the same way I do when people post about nothing and take up bandwidth when they can't handle getting to posting?

-for TML and Dark Templar 8-

18th May 2003, 03:28 PM
*laughs* Buddy, what you just posted doesn't at all concern what I'm talking about. That was all toward Dark Templar. I've posted and I know what's going on but my main concern is how this RPG is faring in terms of how much freedom we have of posting in our own ways. Now, I'm all game for someone telling us that we have to move on in an RPG if we've done the same thing for too long but I don't like someone PM'img me about how my character and another character should be caught by these monsters and do these specific things, which Mew Master has done. Like I said before, I was involved in another RPG that was shut down because of following a set line instead of posting what we like (and some other various stuff that isn't the same for this one) and this is becoming like that one. I really don't want this RPG down because it's very interesting and all and I love the plot and characters, but I just don't want someone telling me what to specifically do in an RPG. It's either freedom or bust for me

And honestly Mech, I want Mew Master's opinion on this since he is in charge of this RPG

Mew Master
20th May 2003, 04:17 PM
*listens to everyone thus far*

*takes in what everyone has said*


Okay, I'm sorry if you all feel like I'm controlling you. I'm not trying to, I promise that. It's just.... how do I put this....

I stated from the very begining that I was getting information and ideas to use in a story that I wanted to do. I've stated this over and over again, sometimes I wonder if anyone listens.

Darkmaster: I know it's a random thing. Sorry if I made you try and use some mysterious powers to predict what I am posting so yours does not get screwed up. I'm trying to give a basic story line for everyone to go off of.

T_M_L: Restrcting? I honestly thought I wasn't restricting you at all. If I told you you couldn't do something at all, that's restricting. This is the only real kind of Restricting I've done since the RPG started. And then you say to "wing it." Sometimes that doesn't work out. And before this fact, the only thing I have really stated that could even be considered "Restricting" (I guess) is the fact that I give you guys hints on what we need to be doing or where we should be going, or even where we are. Don't leave. The thing that makes RPGs last so long is the fact that players are willing to stick through the whole thing no matter how tough things get. If you are really sure you want to leave, then I can't stop you.

Dark Templar 8: Um. Honestly I think Mark over there pretty much summed it up. Most of your posts haven't exceded 20 Lines, and even then you haven't posted much. RPGs are more than fighting, there are story-lines involved and inter-character relations. If you wish to leave, then that is your decesion.

Chamel: Mark, I agree with you, and I disagree with you here. School does take up Internet time, and those of us who even can't get on even after we've been kicked out. But sometimes its more of a matter whether the person is really into making detailed posts or not. Not that I'm saying anyone's here haven't been detailed, it's just that some don't know what to post or when to post it. (my fault on that mostly) If you want me to back off on letting you know what's going on I can do that. I would hate to lose people just because of a side-plot I think would be interesting.

Everyone: Look, I'm sorry if it seems like I'm restricting your own plots and such, I don't mean it. You can still have your plots intertwined with everything else that's going on. I don't want anyone to leave, mostly because we already have had two Players who have been MIA for over two months. Faile and Horus mostly.

T_M_L and DT8: If you two wish to leave then it is your decesion to make. IF you do, may we please still have your characters be a part of the story. Because we do need 11 Pendant Bearers as well as 11Dragons to defeat Necrosan when the time comes.

Sorry if I've inconvenienced anyone in any way.

~Mew Master

20th May 2003, 05:22 PM
I'll stay, but I don't want anyone to tell me to edit a post if it doesn't fit in with what you want. Either warn me beforehand or work around it. I could've worked around coming upon Kage and taking him but you guys got me pissed because you thought it would interfere with the story too much. Just don't do it again and I'll move ahead

Mew Master
20th May 2003, 07:13 PM
Okay, okay. Now I think we're back at square one.... Let's see.... Okay. Time for Recap!

After escaping from Termania, Wamiyazen Denisu, "Saké", runs into a girl named Setsuna and she helps him escape. Kage runs into an assasin after stopping several soldiers from caging him in. The Assasin's name was Cassandra Lashana and Kage had barely managed to get away by the hairs of his chiny chin chin. Vared had less fun as she ducked into a sewer and aquired a new smell. Sora ran off through an alley and got whacked when a door opened infront of her. Soldiers started after her, so she left the fish Monger to his buisness and ran off. Faile was chased and managed to fry seveal soldiers with her Electric attacks and joined up with Horus just before leaving. Setsuna and Saké stumble apon Sora, and they are surprised by Faile and Horus who just hapen to show up.

After reaching the ruins, Kage shows up, followed by Vared and then Chamel. Chamel comments on Vared's new smell and he, Saké, Kage, and Horus get punched out of the ruins by Vared. As Kage tries to get up from under everyone, he suddenly goes into a Trance and sees a Black Dragon, telling them to head east. When Kage comes to, Zera makes a 3 point landing staight from Termania and then Elena, Amal, and Seylin show up. Deciding it should be best to stay there for the night. They camp out, Kage on Guard duty first.

Horus talks to Kage before he falls asleep and then Kage has another trance, after letting Saké take point. When he wakes up to tell Saké, he notices him and Setsuna are gone. Vared, Sora, and the others are all having random dreams involving their experiences through the past days, family, and looming questions on their minds.

Saké and Setsuna are sitting on a cliff not too far from the Ruins, watching the three moons. Saké tells Setsuna about his mother and his past, as well as a promise he made to himeself and his father. Kage spots them and Elena drops in as well, the two wondering what the two could be talking about.

The Sun rises and everyone sets on as thunderclouds move in from the west. It starts raining on the Bearers. Finding a cave they stumble apon a hourd of Billabugs that try and kidnap Chamel and Amal. Getting away, Saké, Kage, and Faile use their special attacks to cave in, the cave and escape.

They rested inside of a hallowed out tree, using a fire Vard had started to dry off and warm themselves. Then the Shadow Wraiths appeared. Chasing after the Bearers the Wraiths cornerd them when the Billabugs that had been covered in earth kidnapped Chamel and Amal again, this time knocking them out cold.

Kage, having enough. Used his rage and frustration into using the most advanced attack of any Shadow Element: Blackhole. The result was Kage's energy dropping next to zero and also being crushed under a mound of trees and other debreigh. The others had escaped, sobbing over the apparent death of their friend.

Amal and Chamel escaped from the Billabugs and headed back to where the others were, only to find a huddled mass of tree parts and other rubble. Kage was gone. The others get ambushed by the Wraiths again and manage to blow them away with a combination of Elena's Nature's Anger and Sora's Windraker.

Now Amal and Chamel have joined them, and no one realizes that Kage is still alive and could die and any moment.....

Well, that's it for the summary....


~Mew Master

Darkmaster Kagemusha
20th May 2003, 08:39 PM
Alrighty then. Just for fun, I'll give ya the info on the character I'll be using for a while.

Name: Cassandra Lashana
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Age: 21
Innate: Light, but been trained in the arts of Shadow.
Appearence: 5'8" tall and slender. She is more well-muscled than any housewife, but she's built for speed more than power, but she's still very strong. She has dark red hair (not the bright orange kind) and green gray eyes that are rather captivating. She's also rather well endowed (if you understand me) and she wears a large baggy hooded black coat which hides her figure. Under that, however, she wears a tight black singlet which allows her uninhibited movement. She wears small combat boots that don't look crazy with her skin tight outfit as well as black leather gauntlets with metal plates in them
Personality: She always enjoys a good fight and has a lot of pride. If someone beats her she'll go after them until she can beat them. Cassandra is a very determined woman and you don't want to get on her bad side. She is usually a cold hearted killer, but sometimes she'll warm up to someone and be warm hearted but mean. Cassandra is capable of kindness, but only when something evokes motherly instincts.
Weapon: Claws very similar to Kage's (Wolverine style but on gauntlets instead of inside the body) except that her's are a little more slender and have a viscious-looking gut-hooks on the backs of the tips.

She won't be my normal character, she's just the one I'll be using while Kage is out of it.

Cassandra Lashana
I leapt silently and swiftly through the mangled trees of the Hydra Jungle. I had tracked the pendant bearers there. I still wasn't sure why Garm had told me to track them down, only that they had pendants that were his. I had also been told that if I failed, he would send Dark Assassins to take care of them and me. That made me go even faster. Suddenly, I ran out of trees and made a deft landing in a clearing filled with debris. I walked up to the mammoth pile of splintered wood, torn leaves, and carcasses of some strange creatures that must inhabit the forest. As I looked around, I also noticed that there was only a clearing because the trees were all uprooted and in the pile. "What could have done this?" I said to myself quietly. Then I heard a groan of pain from the other side of the mound. I leapt over it and landed next to a large puddle--a puddle of water, mud, and what appeared to be blood. Lying in that puddle was the man that I was tracking for my own reasons. Kage, the one person who beat me was just lying there, unconcious, and I couldn't bring myself to kill him. It wouldn't be fair, and it wouldn't feel right either. I took off my coat and put it on the ground, then I dragged him as carefully as I could onto it and used that to drag him back to my camp site.
After two hours of walking, I finally reached my camp site--a little shack with magic stones surrounding it to protect it from the creatures of the forest. I laid Kage down on a bed of reeds next to my small fire. There was a small washbowl outside that had been collecting water, which I brought in and used to start cleaning his wounds.
__________________________________________________ __
__________________________________________________ __

Yayness. I'm very partial to this little character of mine, she's cool.

Darkmaster Kagemusha
24th May 2003, 09:54 PM
I forbid you to all have writers' block!

Kage Ikagaide (Yay for dream sequences!!!!!)
I floated far above a forest. It was dark, and evil, and it was being drenched by a sinister downpour. "Am I dead?" I asked myself. I had felt cold, but suddenly, warmth and a comfortable feeling washed over me. I looked down at my side, and the gash that was in it. I held my breath as an experiment. I heard a faint gasp in the back of my mind--the gasp of a woman--and I felt the lack of oxygen getting to me. I then breathed in deeply. "Well, that answered my question. So here's another one, where am I?" I looked down at the forest, and suddenly, the edges of my vision blurred and I moved very quickly over the expanse of trees. Then, as quickly as it began, I stopped and I was floating above the other Innates. They seemed to have vanquished the Wraiths. I couldn't hear anything, so I went down to try and read their lips. I walked up in front of Saké and he didn't see me. "Okay then, this is like my Trance thing," I said to myself. He looked like he was saying something about me being dead. I put my hand on his forehead--and to my amazement, I could feel it. I then spoke to him with my mind as best I could--being as new to the ability of Trance as I was. Gimme some credit, man! I thought at him. Then, I was dragged back to my original position above the forest, and blacked out.

24th May 2003, 11:58 PM
Well, the end of high school is almost here for me (over for you already Denny) and well, I have had more time to play the only online game for the Game Cube, PSO. Not only that but I have been helping out on the drop charts for the Yellowboze section ID. Right now at psoquest, the drop chart is only 60% complete, I plan to get that to atleast 95% complete. Well, now I shall get on to the topic before I get too involved...

There we all stood dong nothing in particular. I was watching a bug on a nearby leaf. Amal was trying to get some of the mud off of her clothing. We had lost any and all motivation to do anything. Suddenly the bug disapeared, and Chamel was sitting down, having lunch. "Man, all that work sure took it out of me." said Chamel. "What work did you do?" inquired Sake. "I hauled Amal around in the trees while we caught up to you." replied Chamel. They began to get back to doing what they were doing in the beging: nothing. The rain was still coming down upon them. "When will this rain end?" asked in a Horus in a whiny tone. No one answered...

Well, thats all for the post, and if anyone here does play PSO and is online with it, I will see you all on my 18 birthday, September 5. Talk then!

PS: Denny, get on messenger on Tuesday.

Mew Master
25th May 2003, 02:35 PM
Sorry I haven't posted. I don't have net at home. Well, it took some work and a lot of time, but I have finished Faile Thundersong and she is not on the Site.

Faile Thundersong (http://groups.msn.com/df9a9mthhtcbig/chainsofdragons.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=156)

Tuon may take some time, because she basically looks like a Pterasaur, mainly because of google215's main description.

I haven't worked on teh Story much in the past week because I spent the greater part of my time working on a project to get some money for college. I'm about 5000 short. and the Grand prize for the contest is 4000, plus maybe 1000 for first place in the quarter. It's called Star's End and I posted it to get some feedback from the readers.

Star's End (http://www.pokemasters.net/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=16991)

Just be glad it's not double spaced. It would be about 90 pages long then.

Well, on with the Game. Oh, and you forgot to put her Innate Darkmaster

~Mew Master

27th May 2003, 06:49 PM
Pump up the Jam, yeah pump it up! lets be agressive!
Oh, sorry, was listening to En Fuegan from DBZWarriors.com, great site it is, and great DBZ music vids too!

Well as stated above: LLLLLLEETTTTS Get Ready to RUMBBLLEEE!!!!

The clouds were beging to give up, and the rain had seised. There wasn't any unusual sounds that could be taken for threatening. The sound of a Cidia could be heard, and the sound of falling water. There was our group walking along the wet grass. They reached some wooded area, here was Hydra Jungle. The group stoped for a rest, and they all got a drink of water from a leaf that had water pouring out of it. "This don't look like no scary jungle." said Chamel. "Just wait till you get inside, all sorts of unusual critters inside. Some never seen by man or beast, at least that made it out alive." (bad rhyme) said Sake, in a rather haunting voice. "That was creepy." said Chamel, as he turned white colored. "When you said that, it felt like something crawled up my spine." said Chamel, his scales standing on end. "Yes, that was a cobra." said Horus, jokingly. Chamel jumped five feet into the air when Horus said this. "Hey now, cut it out. Seriously, it felt like something crawled up my spine." said Chamel sharply. "Yeah, it was probably a shiver." said Sake in a annoyed tone. "Not a chance, I've seen those funny things called movies, and the Chameleon is the first one gone!" said Chamel in a heightening tone. He took off his upper garments. There was a giant snake slithering up his spine. All went white with fear, "No, nothing there." said Sake in a tiny voice. "Amal, tell me, is anything on my back?" asked Chamel. "YES, THE SIZE OF IT! OH MY GOD! ITS HUGE!" shouted Amal. At this point Chamel is gone, only his drabby shoes remain. "Chamel?" implied Faile, "Are you here?" she asked. A few (about ten) seconds later Chamel landed on the ground, holding this three foot long snake, strangling it. "DIE YOU LEG-LESS COWARD!!" shouted Chamel. "YOU DIE NOW! DAYLIGHT NO MORE FOR YOU!" he shouted some more. "Ok Chamel, he's a harmless snake, see?" said Sake. As he said this the snake jumped up and bit him in his little pinky finner. (yes, I spelled finger finner) Each of had either end of the snake, they launched the critter back into the forest. "See, he's a harmless snake..." joked Horus. "I don't wanna hear anything out of you!" said Sake in a irritated voice, "Besides, my pinky finner hurts!" he said in a small voice. Amal suddenly jumped up. "Anyone smell or see what I smell and see?" she asked. "Yeah, now that you mention it, I do smell something..." said Chamel. "Me too." said sake, as well as the rest of the group. "Smells like... LUNCH!" said Chamel.
Tear drops*
With that, the group set off into the Hydra Jungle to discover what was causing this mysterous odor, that smells much like big, fat, juicy New York steak.

And with that, I'm off to the store to get some big fat juicy pork chops! (Mouth watering)

Mew Master
27th May 2003, 07:48 PM

It wasn't long before the rain started again, heavier than ever. We were all drenched to the bone, but luckily we found a set of trees that had grown in a way to act as a natural roof. The ground under them was dry.

Vared got a fire going as Chamel still tried to convince everyone to keep going and find the food. We didn't want to move, yet.

I sat down, my sword in my lap. Setsuna sitting beside me. My head bumped against the trunk of the trees and I could feel my eyes get heavy. Slowly I nodded off....


Kage, if you want to, enter my dream and you can tell us were your body is. Up to you.... Sorry the post is so short. I was, uh, destracted for most of the day.


~Mew Master

27th May 2003, 08:07 PM
Amal - Water
Food. The thought of it made my mouth water. While some of the others sat down to rest, I had my mind on the smell that could drift through the rain. Not caring that I could get wet since I was naturally drawn to the rain, I set out, followed by whoever wanted food. Pushing through the brush, I sniffed as the smell became stronger and stronger.
"Smells like beef", I said aloud to no one in particular.
Drawing upon the delicious smell, I could hear shuffling up ahead. Knowing that it was in front of me, I looked over the bush I was standing behind and found Shadow Wraiths roasting a couple of cows under a huge tree, obviously keeping out the rain. As I glared at the sight incredeously, a hand was placed on my shoulder. Reeling around, I grabbed the arm and twisted.
"Now really, would I do the same thing to a teammate?", Chamel gasped as I kept my grip.
"You should've told me sooner that you were coming", I whispered and let go.
Crouching down, we looked at the sight as he massaged his arm in pain.
"Roasted cow, sounds yummy", he grinned.
"Don't count on it. Without Saké, we hardly stand a chance", I muttered.
Getting up to turn around and head back quietly, we stared into the drooling face of a Shadow Wraith. Turning around, the whole lot of them surrounded the two of us, exposing their sickening claws and teeth.
"Can you tell me why no one else came with you?", I asked blandly.
"I don't know. Maybe my naturally warm and bubbly personality just pushed them away", he smiled as he went into a fighting stance.
I just rolled my eyes as I started to concentrate. Using the rushing rainfall all around me as my weapon, I swung my glaive around and pointed at the wraith in front of us. Instead of dropping onto the ground, the rain slammed into the monster, sending it flying backwards into the brush. Turning around, I moaned as at least a dozen more were snarling in front of us.
"This doesn't look good", I said as I slammed water into the nearest wraith as they came forward, ready to tear us apart.

Darkmaster Kagemusha
28th May 2003, 08:53 PM
Cassandra Lashana
Kage tossed and groaned painfully. His fever had gone up. I had to remind myself to never let him get sick again, because he was likely to smash his head on something in his sleep. I pressed a cool, damp cloth to his forehead and he calmed down a little. "If you die, I'm going to kill you!" I said.

Kage Ikagaide
Everywhere I looked was darkness and pain. I couldn't escape it. I felt like my skin was on fire. Suddenly, the fire was doused, and I was back in my old dream--which it had to be. I went through my same series of movements, and soon found myself floating above a sleeping Saké. "Hm...I'm in a dream, and he's dreaming, so that means that I should be able to get in there..." I said to myself. I pushed myself down into Saké's thoughts.

I saw Saké beating up a large, monstrous shadow. Even in his dreams, he fought evil. "Saké," I said. He whirled around and the form he was attacking dissapeared.

"Wh-what? Kage?"

"You've gotta give me more credit boy," I said, crossing my arms. "I'm not dead. I'm not sure if I'm in one piece or not, since I've been unconcious since I used the last of my power. I'm being taken care of by someone near the north edge of the forest, that's all I know. Now then, rest up and cheer up. We can't have so many unhappy people trudging through an evil forest, it'll attract things worse than those Wraiths. Trust me, I've seen them."

29th May 2003, 07:42 PM
Chamel started to back up, the wraiths closing in. Amal was casting water spells to keep them at bay, but it was becoming more and more usless. It was as if Amal was losing her magical energy, or the wraiths were becoming imune to the attacks. They kept getting closer, and Amal was slipping, Chamel could tell, mostly because when he was little, he had done the same thing that Amal was doing, using all her energy, leaving her helpless. Chamel had to intervine fast, or he would be carrying Amal back to camp, or back to camp in pieces. "Greecan!" Chamel shouted, and with that, towers of rock seperated them from the wraiths. He grabed Amal, who was quite weary. "Time to go." said Chamel, in a stern voice. "We must warn the others of the coming company..."

Sake was in a deep sleep when they got back to camp. "WHAT IS LAZY HERE DOING?!" Shouted Chamel. Sake leaped ten feet into the air. "What the, mommy?" Sake mumbled. Keeping himself from laughing, Chamel explained what had happened. "So, you set out to find out about the mystery smell? Eh?" inquired Sake. "Yes, it smelled so delicious." Said Chamel. "Well, since we have to head in that general direction to get Kage, your forgiven." Said Sake. "Everyone get ready to leave." Said Sake. "Man, we just stopped for a rest, now we have to go because Amal and Chamel went out into the forest to find some beef?!" Whined Faile. "Yes, we have to... Unless you want to stay here?" asked Sake, in a rather sly voice. "Not a chance!" Replied Faile.

The group was mobile in minutes.

Yeah, like I posted earlier, PSOquest is dead. No more great place to get the best info on PSO anymore. Oh well... when Smashboards gets back up and running...
Denny, get on here, next time you get on and read this (Which I know you will do) E-mail me, tell me when to get on and I'll be on. talk to you then!

Mew Trainer Rose
30th May 2003, 09:35 PM

As our group ran, I started to think out loud.
"The Wraths are supposed to be afraid of light, right? That's why they couldn't attack us that first time untill the fire went out. But just a moment ago they were roasting a cow over an open flame. Doesn't anything seem a bit fishy about that?"
I half-turned as I ran and shot a Fireball right into the center of the Wraiths following us. They merely sidestepped to avoid running into it as it passed, then regrouped afterward.
"You know, you're right, something it's right about those." Faile responded. She shot a Thunder Arrow at them, but they paid as little mind to the bright lightning bollts as they did to the blazing flames.

Mew Master
1st June 2003, 03:52 PM
Hey guys. Big stuff goin on. I've actually started to post the story. What I have so far is Chapters 1 & 2 and I'm working on three now.

I aslo have Zera's full body halfway finished, was hopping I could have him finished, but I didn't. I did add his Sketches so I can see if you'll like him or not Dark Templar. Or the sword. I didn't want to make him an exact copy of Cloud Strife so I made him more of my style.

I have Tuon finsihed, but the pic won't load for some reason, so I'll add him in tonight. Looks neat, I think anyway.

Okay, Link for the Story:

Chains of Dragons Story (http://www.pokemasters.net/forums/showthread.php?s=&postid=242859#post242859)

And Zera's sketches:

Zera, Sketches (http://groups.msn.com/df9a9mthhtcbig/chainsofdragons.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=157)

You can also notice something that goes on with the story are five mysterious people behind Karsh at the begining of Chapter 2. Who are they? Garm's Elite Soldiers. Men and women who have never failed him once. We've met a few of them.

Karsh, the Samuri me and Kage faced, and then another we will meet in the Hydra Jungel... more details at eleven.....

Later! For now..

~Mew Master

Mew Master
1st June 2003, 06:10 PM
Wamiyazen Denisu "Saké"/Setsuna

We ran, the image of Kage using his new trance move still in my mind. If he was a live then we had to find him, at all costs.

The howling of the Wraiths still continued to echo behind us, but the sound started to subside. We skidded to a hault and looked all around.

Gone. The wraiths were gone, most likey melded into the shadows once again. We waited for several minutes.... nothing.

I sat down against a tree, sword in my hand. "Someone know what happened?"

"Strange," Horus said. "The Wraiths are relentless hunters, but I've never heard of them following their prey for this long."

"Maybe because they're prey has never lived this long." Elena replied.

Faile remained standing, her arrow ready to be fired as she looked around. "Chamel and Amal follwed their noses and found the Wraiths."

Amal and Chamel rubbed their heads sheepishly.

"Hey, We're all hungry. But we have to forget about our stomachs for now." Zera stated.

"Besides. Kage is alive." I said.

Everyone looked at me, shock on their faces.

"What? He's dead, right?" Seylin asked.

"Well," I started. "Before I woke up I was having a weird dream. I was fighting something but then Kage popped in. It was too real to be a dream image, then I remember Chamel waking me up and then the Wraiths chased us. That's it from me."

We stayed there, thinking about what to do next.

"If Kage is alive, and his spirit is hanging around trying to get our attention, then should we head back to the wreakage?" Vared stated.

"We should, but we had better wait her for a bit, rest up and then try and break through the Wraith's lines." Faile replied, lowering her bow just a bit.

We agreed that would be the best move yet. I leaned my head against the tree and closed my eyes again. Hopefully Kage would tell us where his body was, hopefully.

* * *

I woke up later, slightly refreshed, but no dreams had come to me. Looking around I noticed that Setsuna was gone.

"Hey, where's Set?"

"The little girl's room," Sora replied.

"Oh," I stood up and stretched my arms. If this was what our lives were going to be like I had better get off my butt.

I walked around to get my legs back to moving.

Suddenly, Elena rose and motioned for us to be quiet. We watched silently as the Feline Demi-Human's ears perked up and moved. We stood for several minutes wondering if Elena was hearing things.

Then I heard something too. A soft music. Gentle, soothing, almost inviting. It was a nice melody and it started to get louder.

"Where's it coming from?" Amal asked, looking around.

We all had backed up so we could stop an attack from any side. The music seemed to fill the jungle as it slowly got louder.

Horus pointed up. "THere!"

Looking up we instantly saw a woman, dressed very skimpingly in a dark dreen skirt and top. She was playing a rainbow colored flute in her hand.

As the song she was playing came to an end she looked down at us.

"I'm surprised you noticed the music when you did. Usually any kind of human can hear it unless I'm right on top of them. Hee hee."

"Who are you?" Zera asked, holding his sword.

"Me?" the woman asked as if slightly interested. "I am Sherina, one of Garm's Elite Warriors."

"Garm?!" we all shouted as one.

"Yes, and now if you do not mind, I shall take your Pendants and hand them over to my Lord." she said, bringing the flute to her mouth once more.

A different song played this time and I could feel my body stiffen and straighten. Almost like it wouldn't listen to my mind. I heard the grunts of Horus, Chamel, Seylin, and Zera as they tried to fight it as well.

The girls had moved away.

"What's wrong with them?" Elena shouted.

"My music affects all kings of beasts, but it really only affects the males. The females are immune to my song. No matter," she started playing again. "Even with only five pendants, my Lord will have enough power to get the rest." She played more and I felt my arm reaching for the crystal pendant around my neck. With a jerk, my hand ripped it off and held it at arms length, as the five of us started to line up.

"What are you guys doing?!" Faile shouted.

"We can't move! Our bodies won't listen!" Chamel shouted back.

Sherina jumped down from the branch and walked up to Zera, the first one in the line. "Wow, you just want to give them to me. Thank you, you've made this a lot easier," She reached for Zera's Pendant.

A buzzing noise and a Shuriken knocked Sherina's hand away from the pendant. In a dash, Faile ran and grabbed the five pendants and then skidded to a stop.

"You'll pay for that!" Sherina glared and got her flute out again. The music started and the we started advancing towards Faile.

"Faile!" I shouted. My body may not listen, but I could still use my mouth. "Get outta here. Don't let us get the pendants back!"

"Shut up and obey me!" Sherina shouted and more music flowed through my head and not even my mouth would move.

I could only watch as Faile jumped into the tree and started dashing along the branches. As we turned we saw that the Girls had disappeared among the trees.

"Imbicile," Sherina looked at me. "You had to make it go the hard way didn't you? Very well, then you and your pals here shall hunt them down."

She started playing again and I was awere of my hand grabbing my sword and unsheathing it. Horus, Seylin, Chamel, and Zera had their weapons ready as well.

"Now after them, and don't you dare come back empty handed."

Forced against our wills, the five of us ran into the trees, our bodies programed to kill our friends....


Okay, wondering what's going on? Well, Sherina is using her flute to control the bodies of the men and there is only one cure. Destory the flute, but it's not as easy as it seems ladies. Sherina is skilled in Magic and has a bo staff to help her fight. Very agile, she can avoid most attacks and only the very fast can hit her. But you have to get together and formulate a plan first.....

Oh, and Setsuna meets up with you as you run and make your plan. She just happened to be gone at the wrong time.

Guys. We can't move really, except for Kage, who still needs to get back into his body.

Well, that's it for now. See ya on Tuesday.


Ooops! PS: I'll be heading to Montana later this week and I probably won't get on until after the 11th. That's if everything goes according to plan and I can go see Mark's (MechaAlphaChamel) Graduation on the 7th. Something I still need to scrounge money for.

~Mew Master

1st June 2003, 08:26 PM
Elena Kai-Prae

As she ran, Elena smiled. The woman, Sherina...that flute of hers...with that thing, she was basically like the mythological winged women, the Sirens, luring men to their doom via their song.

Their reign of terror had once been ended by a man, more than their equal in the musical arts...they were outplayed, outsang, by the man, who saved an entire ship from their song. In despair, they were said to have thrown themselves from their rock into the sea.

(OOC: Hehe...borrowing a bit from Greek Mythology here. The man refered to was Orpheus, the ship was the Argo. It is said that they did kill themselves, but I doubt it...)

Eliminate the source, eliminate the problem. She knew it wouldn't be simple...the woman probably wasn't an elite warrior for nothing.

Elena swung herself up into a tree to look for the other girls. They'd find a way to bring the warrior woman down, she knew.

2nd June 2003, 01:03 PM
Yes I do live. - -' I'm having to deal with some family issues at the moment (prefer not to talk about it), so I doubt I'll be online much until we get it sorted out...But I've asked my friends to keep me informed on the RPG's, so I'm still here, though I'm not. ^_^'

BTW, I luv the chapters, MM. *applaud* XD! Also, I have the Draconian symbols done...After a week...XD! Would you like me to post it here so everyone can see, or should I PM you them?
Sora Hibari

Elena rose and motioned for us to be quiet. I looked up at her curiously. Her feline ears were moving in different directions, obviously picking up some sort of sound.

And then I could hear it, too. It was soft, gentle music waving through the trees. I closed my eyes. It was such a soothing melody...

"Where's it coming from?" Amal asked. I opened my eyes again, and stood up. We all were looking around, confused.

As we stood with our backs to each other, weapons in hand, Horus pointed up. "There!" He exclaimed.

We all looked up at a scantily dressed woman in a dark green skirt and top. The soft music was coming from the rainbow-colored flute she held in her hands to her lips. She finished her song and looked down at us.

"I'm surprised you noticed the music when you did." She commented. "Usually any kind of human can't hear it unless I'm right on top of them. Hee hee!"

"Who are you?" Zera asked, his sword ready to attack.

"Me?" She asked, a hint of awareness in her voice. "I am Sherina, one of Garm's Elite Warriors."

My eyes narrowed. "Garm?!" We all shouted at once.

"Yes, and now if you do not mind, I shall take your Pendants and hand them over to my Lord." She said, bringing the flute to her mouth once more.

A different song was now playing. I started backing up apprehensively. The boys were acting as if they were constrained...yet there was nothing binding them.

"What's wrong with them?" Elena shouted.

"My music affects all kings of beasts, but it really only affects the males." The woman, Sherina, smiled. "The females are immune to my song. No matter..." She started playing again. "Even with only five pendants, my Lord will have enough power to get the rest." She played more, and I watched in distress as Saké, Horus, Chamel, Seylin, and Zera simultaneously reached up and yanked the pendants from their necks and began to form a line.

"What are you guys doing?!" Faile shouted.

"We can't move! Our bodies won't listen!" Chamel shouted back.

Sherina jumped down from the branch and walked up to Zera, who was the first one in the line. "Wow, you just want to give them to me?" She smiled. "Thank you, you've made this a lot easier..."

There are times when I just can't stand skimpily dressed woman acting superior.

I grabbed a Shuriken from my belt and threw it directly at Sherina's hand, knocking it away from Zera and giving her a deep gash across her palm. Quick as lightning, Faile ran and grabbed all five pendants from the boy's outstretched hands.

"You'll pay for that!" Sherina growled. She winced at her palm, then glared at us and got her flute back out again. The music started and the boys started advancing towards Faile.

"Faile!" Saké shouted. "Get outta here! Don't let us get the pendants back!"

"Shut up and obey me!" Sherina shouted, and Saké went quiet.

I turned and hurried into the forest. I could hear Sherina barking orders at the boys. It was obvious what was going to happen, she was telling them to follow us.
I'll either edit this or post again to finish it. I have to go right now...- -'

2nd June 2003, 02:04 PM
I CAN"T MOVE, so I can't really post...

Get that flute girls!

2nd June 2003, 02:27 PM
Who says you can't post? O_o Sherina is making you and the other guys hunt the girls down. I bet you can make a post out of trying to kill us

Mew Master
2nd June 2003, 02:34 PM
Glad to see you're alive Smear, just PM me the symbols so I can do some checking over them. Glad you like the story thus far, if everyone can read it and reply then I can make sure it won't be deleted after a month with no replies.

I finally have Zera's full body done, although I'll have to add him and Tuon tomorrow. I'm not at home now and I have some college stuff to fill out and mail before anything else. After that's all done I can start writting again and get Chapter three out and ready to be read.

Okay, now for a change, I usually use Saké, but I'll be using Setsuna until we get the flute destoryed. Now where is KAGE?!

Okay, enough ranting....


I heard nosies through the jungle, mixed with some soft music. THe music. It couldn't be!

Running, I headed for the source of the sounds and saw her. Sherina. One of the Elite Warriors, playing her magical flute. I knew about her. She was the head Beast-master at the castle and used the melody the control the beasts of burden there.

I waited behind a tree as I saw Saké and the other men running through the forest, their weapons ready. But they didn't attack her. They listened to her!

Of course, it had almost escaped my memory. Sherina's flute only effected males of any animal species. Come to think of it, I thought I caught the faint sound of flute music when we were all attacked by the Wraiths and Bugs. Sherina was using them to lure us to her.

This wasn't good. I had to find the other girls, and fast.

Jumping up, I caught a branch and flipped up onto it. I was going to turn and start heading the way the guys were going and overtake them. I jumped from tree to tree, and started gaining ground.

I over jumped though, and missed the tree. As I fell, however, someone caught me by my wrist and stopped me from having a nasty fall. Looking up I saw, "Elena!"

Elena was holding me by one hand and use the other to motion for me to be quiet. She pulled me up, showing she had more strength than anyone could tell looking at her. Must be the cat in her.

She pulled me up and we leaned against the tree, behind some branches as we heard the men run past. Then Sherina jumped onto the branch near where we were hiding.

"Hurry up and find them! I won't tolerate this!" she barked and then jumped again.

Waiting until it was quiet, we looked past the branches to make sure she was gone.

"Setsuna, where were you?" she asked.

"I was taking a bathroom break," I could tell I was blushing. "But then I heard the music and came running back. I saw Sherina and then hid in the trees and tried to find you and the others."

"Well, Sora and Amal are hiding inside the trunk of a tree a few meters back, and Faile has been using her WindWalking move to stay above the forest and try and keep an eye on them." She started to motion that we go when she stopped. "How did you know her name?" she looked at me with suspecious eyes.

I gave her a quick response. "My village is near Lord Garm's castle, and Sherina is his current Beast-Master with her flute, and her charm. She usually stops in our village once a week."

"Doesn't her flute affect him?" She asked.

"No, not that any of us could tell." I replied.

"Well we have to get the flute and destory it." Elena said as we climbed down the tree.

"We may not havve to," I said jumping to the ground. "If we can get the flute there's a way to make the guys immune to the sound. But we have to get it back."


"There's a song, that's been through my home several times, so I've memorized it. It's supposed to cancel out the control of Sherina's music, if someone who is good with a flute can play it."

"I'm not that good," Elena said.

"Neither am I."

"Then let's hope Sora, Amal, or Faile know how."

We started running back to meet up with the other girls. There was a way, but it was a long-shot to save Saké and every other boy from Sherina's control.


Mew Master
2nd June 2003, 02:39 PM
Originally posted by The_Missing_Link
Who says you can't post? O_o Sherina is making you and the other guys hunt the girls down. I bet you can make a post out of trying to kill us

She's right Mark. You can post, but it really won't have any talking, except taking orders from Sherina, because she's used the flute to stop any of the guys from talking. Sorry man, it was either that or alot of shouting to let you know we would be heading for them.

So relax, and have fun with it :DU


~Mew Master

Darkmaster Kagemusha
2nd June 2003, 06:18 PM
You ask where I am, though since no one is asleep, I can't really contact you. So, I'm just gonna have to do something new.

I heard a sort of sweet sound wafting through the forest. It was very out of place. "Wait a minute!" I stood up and ran out the flap of the tent. "It's her, that sadistic succubus of a b*tch!" I said angrilly. Suddenly, Kage groaned loudly. I went back inside.

"Taras-kanam humas du mithra," Kage said in his sleep. But it wasn't him. The voice was detached--hollow. Suddenly, I saw Kage's face grimace in pain, but he made no indication that he was hurt. Black lightning began to crawl over his body and I backed away. His muscles were twitching and tensing, and I saw an aura of energy around his right hand.

"Don't use your power in here Kage," I whispered.

"Taras-kanam yironim cu revic." the voice said again, then, the energy dissapeared, and I heard an agry shreak in place of the flute music I had been hearing, and a smile crept over Kage's now relaxed face.

"Ohhhh, where am I," Kage said in his own voice as the smile faded and he woke up.

"Morning sleepy head. You gave me a scare with that magic thing you did, ya know," I said. He suddenly stood up and looked at me threateningly, until he realized that his wounds were dressed.


I walked out the flap of Cassandra's tent. "Thank you," I said quietly, and she nodded.

"Go help your friends out, but you'll need these," she said, tossing me earplugs.


"Just put 'em in. You'll have to fight by sight only, but it's better than falling under her spell. The guys are probably chasing the girls down now, because her flute has them under control. In case you don't remember, you sent your energy to her--somehow. Now get going!" she said, giving me a slight shove. I put the earplugs in and ran in the direction she pointed me in, since I couldn't hear anything.

Mew Master
3rd June 2003, 12:13 PM
Okay, I like Smeargal's Draconian so I'll post it here.


And I'm still working on Chapter 3. Sorry, Chamel won't be in it, but he'll have a bigger part in Chapter 4.

Okay, It's around that time of the year. No not Summer Vacation, but you'r close! The Seniors are graduating and so, I'll honnor some of the People in this RPG (that I know of) and others that I know have graduated.


Dennis D Roth (Mew Master)

Mark Harris (MechaAlphaChamel)

Bobby Young (Friend of ours, Known as RyoShin on MSNIM)

Rose Simpson (Mew_Trainer_Rose)

MarillTogepie *also do not know your true name*

And any others I have yet to mention, Congratulations.

I'll be on later tonight so I'll post something then.


~Mew Master

3rd June 2003, 12:30 PM
Hehe...just posting to say that I get out of the asylum known as school on Thursday, and my graduation is in about a week or two :) My finals (the two I am taking, I am most likely exempt from the third) are also on Thursday :(

Mew Trainer Rose
3rd June 2003, 03:06 PM
Thatnk for the congrats, and I'll say the same to you, Mark, and Bobby (who i haven't talked to, but know of, mainly thru your fics). and to anyone else who might be a graduating Senior:

Congrats on graduation!!!!

And if you'd like to know what my real name is...decipher this! (that Draconian looks really nice, i just had a big urge to write something with it ^_^"): http://www.gameroom.com/mtr/pics/dracomessage.jpg

ok, let's see if i can think of a post...

...bleh, busy. -_- hopefully i can soon...

pic don't like working...here's a link: http://www.gameroom.com/mtr/pics/dracomessage.jpg

3rd June 2003, 05:10 PM
The Boys
The boys that had fallen under the spell were standing there, listening to the orders from Sherina. After a few minutes, the men quickly set off in the task of finding the women. (sounds like that crappy survivor show). The women were hidding in a tree (not a good thing) as the men ran past. Chamel was bounding from tree to tree shouting: "Runnnnnn! Don't let us find you! She told us to do bad things!" Elena was watching as Chamel bounded closer. "Oh boy, Chamel is coming close, ... too close." she said. "Do you think that Chameleons have good smelling?" asked Amal. "I'd say so, after all, they are said to have bad hearing and bad eye sight." said Elena. "Thats not good." replied Sora.
Hey, Denny, I got that E-mail, bummer you can't make it. But thanks for the congrats. I'll try to talk mom into letting me go down there instead (This won't happen for a while though) I'm going to get my drivers license soon, so maybe I'll drive down there instead...

Darkmaster Kagemusha
6th June 2003, 05:53 PM
Guys, I'm going to be gone...for two weeks, hehe :sweatdrop:. I'm leaving Sunday night and I'll be in Chicago at a friends house until the 21st. Sorry. Denny, I leave you in charge of both of my chars except when I get the opportunity to get on the internet and post.

Mew Master
8th June 2003, 05:46 PM
Well I finally have Chap 3 up and ready to be read. My link's in my sig.

Okay, where were we?.....

again, Kage leaves, but I'll take good care of his two characters.... as well as Faile and Horus.....


We waited untill the guys had run by, Chamel almost finding me and Elena, then we looked both ways before making our way to Sora and Amal, who had been hiding in the trunk of a tree.

The guys had run by ten minutes ago.

"Everyone alright?" Elena asked.

Sora and Amal krept from the tree and looked around.

"THey gone?" Amal asked.

"For now." I replied and we waited for Faile to drop down.

"They're heading east," she said as she landed. "Don't know how far though, I lost them in the trees."

"Now we have to find out a way to get the guys back to normal." Sora said, holding her Kama.

"Setsuna says there's a song that we can play on that woman's flute and the sound should make them immune to it." Elena replied.

"But does anyone know how to play a flute?" I asked, because I wasn't the best player in the world.

"I can, a little," Amal said.

"When my brother was being annoying that's all I would do was play." Faile replied, not looking at the others.

"Great, then all we have to do is get the flute back... Huh?"

Elena froze and her ears were the only thing that moved. Then quickly she pulled out one of her daggers and spun around.

To our surprise, Saké was heading for Elena, sword raised and ready to attack. SHe blocked his main attack with her dagger and was pushed back a little.

"Run for it!" She shouted. "I'll hold him!"

We split off, running in different directions. I jumped over the roots of the tree and ran through the jungle. We had to get that Flute, we had to. I went running until I found a small clearing and stopped to catch my breath.

"Setsuna?" The voice was familiar and I spun around.

There was Cassandra Lashana standing in the middle of the jungle.

"Cassandra? What are you doing here?" I asked.

"I should ask you that." she replied. "Can't you hear Sherina's Music?"


"Aren't you going to help a bit?"

I was shocked by her question, and I looked away. "I was given my orders, and I have to stay with them."

"Screw what ever your father tells you, sometimes you have to throw the orders out the window, like I did." she smiled that smug smile of hers. She never did have any respect for athority. "Look, you can either stand by and watch them get pummled or help them out. It's really none of my concern." Casandria turned and started to head back into the jungle.

I stood there and thought about what I should do....

Well I really don't have much more to type right now... I'll get to work on Chapter 4 ASAP when I get home....


~Mew Master

Mew Master
9th June 2003, 03:28 PM
Okay, more from me.

3rd Person

Elena held off Saké with her twin daggers and managed to push the human back. Saké skidded along the ground and regained his fighting stance, facing Elena, blade lowere and ready.

With a rush he charged, blade horizontal, trying to run the Feline Demi-Human through. She rolled to the side as Saké ran past, landing on all fours.

Elena didn't want to hurt Saké, because she knew he was being controled. Unless the others could get the flute, all she could do was run.

She started off, running on her legs and sometimes using her arms as an extra set of feet.

Saké tried to stop himself, but his body cast Nimble and he went dashing after Elena

* * *

Kage Ikagaide stopped by a tree and tried to catch his breath.

With these ear-plugs in, my ears are useless. I can sense things around me, but their faint and notheing like what I saw when my soul was detatched. He used his other senses and lowered to the ground, placing one flat on the moist earth.

There was a vibration, a small one, but it was getting stronger. He looked to the left and right, waiting to see where the slight vibration was coming from.

Then, out of a bush, Elena jumped out and over Kage before running away.

"Elena!" he shouted. Kage felt a slight vibration in the air and turned.

He dropped to the ground just as Saké jumped out from where Elena had been, his sword in his hand. Saké jumped over Kage and didn't seem to notice him at all, and ran after Elena.

"Something's not right here.... Gravitone!"

Waves of shadow energy appeared over Saké and he was pushed to the ground, flat on his face. Now stopped, Kage walked up to Saké, but kept the earplugs in.

Why's Saké chasing after Elena like she's going to be on the menu? he thought. Something is deffinatly wrong here...

As he got close, Saké whipped up with his sword and was now standing up. Something was wrong, Saké's face looked like it was struggling, and Kage could see Saké's mouth move, but because of his plugs, no sound could be heard.

Kage flipped his claws out and got ready to stand his ground.

This is deffinatly wrong. Me and Saké haven't had any reason to fight eachother like this. Maybe.... Maybe something's controling him!

"Saké, if you can hear me, nod your head if yes."

It looked liek Saké forced hims self to nod.

"Nod your head if you're beind controled..."

This one took more power on Saké's part, for the song that had entrapped him was making every willful move extremely difficult. He was fighting his own body, but he nodded.

Now, if I can only find out who... Kage didnt' finsih his thought as Saké rushed him. Dropping to his back, Kage stuck his feet up and hit Saké clean in the stomach.

The Light Innate's forward momentum forced him to be flipped over Kage and straight into the bushes.

Kage stood up and looked at the seemingly uncouncsious Saké.

"What the hell is going on?"


Mew Master
10th June 2003, 06:27 PM
Well, I'm still working on Chapter 4... not as easy as it may seem, but I'll keep at it.

Oh! I don't know if any of you read the Shoen Jump magazine that shows off different kinds of Manga, but they're having a contest where we have three different pannels with Sound Effects and Word ballons already added. Would anyone mind if I draw scenes from our fight with the Thunder Lizard?

The main Characters that I'll feature are the only ones I've drawn so far..

Wamiyazen Denisu "Saké"
Ikagaide Kage
Elena Kai-Prae
Zera Leonhart.

If anyone has any objections or doesn't want me to use the characters, tell me by this Sunday. K?


~Mew Master

Darkmaster Kagemusha
11th June 2003, 10:40 AM
I'm not back yet, I'm just using the computer that's up here. I won't have a lot of time to use it though, not enough time to post for the RPG, but I wanted to say that I think you're considering Kage to be japanese since you switched his First and Last names around in that post. Sounds japanese though, doesn't it? Well, anyway, his name is actually said Kage Ikagaide, but it doesn't really matter as long as ya call 'im Kage. Cya later:wave:

Mew Master
13th June 2003, 12:33 PM
Glad to see you could get on a comp Darkmaster.

Well, I have one of the panels done, but I kinda made the mistake of reading the fine print for the contest. They only want characters from the manga they print in Shoen Jump, and not characters from any other anime or manga, and there's more... But I'll scan and post the panel I have finished so far in B&W and then color it in. Sound good?

Okay, I'm back to drawing the characters. man I have a lot more to go. Currently I'm on Arbiter, the Metal Dragon God, and I'm still working on Chapter 4.... this thing will ruin me... (j/k)

Anyway, I'll post more on Sunday.


~Mew Master

15th June 2003, 03:16 PM
OOC: Just wondering, but is it still raining? It would help my character if it was ^^

Amal - Water
Running away from Saké, I jumped onto the nearest tree branch and jumped from tree to tree. Luckily, I gained some of my athletic ability by climbing trees when I was younger. They brought a sort of comfort to me, helping me to escape from the difficulties of training.

Feeling that I was safe for the moment, I stopped and sat against a tree, catching my breath. Twirling my glaive, I stared at it for a bit before a tear slid down my cheek. Sniffing, I quickly wiped it away and tucked it in my belt. Getting up, I stretched my arms for a second before I felt something. My body tensed as I brought out my glaive and looked all around me. Jumping to the ground, I started to run when something put its hand on my shoulder. Turning me around, I glared at Chamel's face and swung at his torso. Backflipping, he got out of danger and brought out his masumoon. Running towards me, he stabbed in which I blocked his attack. I pushed against him and glared into his eyes. They looked cold, entirely possessed. As I looked closer though, I saw a glimmer of fear, trying to fight Sherina's song. I knew it was no use though and focused my attention on just disabling him for a moment. Bringing my foot under, I knocked him off balance and kicked him in the stomach. He coughed in pain but didn't go down. Walking backwards, he brought up his hands and hissed.
I didn't know what it was, but I soon found out as the ground below started to rumble. Trying to keep balance, I watched in amazement as great pieces of rocks and boulders were lifted from below and hurled at me. I cursed rapidly as I hurriedly dodged each rock and gashed by a choice few. Bringing down his hands, I thought the barrage had stopped and bent over to catch my breath. However, he just smiled maniacally and another one came out and hurled itself at me. With no time to react, I moaned as it slammed into my body and brought me back into a tree. Harshly breathing, I saw him slowly walk up, his masumoon pointing dangerously at my throat. Gripping my glaive tightly, I watched him center it, its deadly tip barely touching my throat.
"Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide", he said casually, as if killing his teammates was a long time hobby.
The prospect of dying wasn't something I wanted to happen to me and slowly, I brought my glaive up.
"Any last words?", he asked.
"Yeah, actually I do.", I whispered and brought my glaive up.
Slamming the butt of it into his stomach with all my might, I watched him double up with pain and stare at me.
"Don't mess with me you son of a b*tch", I snarled and twirled my glaive in a circle.
"Water Blade", I shouted and a torrent of water expelled from the middle of my blade and into him. Slamming Chamel into a tree, I watched him go limp and then ran off to find the other girls, not even caring if he was ok.

Mew Master
15th June 2003, 03:42 PM
Hey everyone. Why's it been so quiet in here?....

*silence*....*crickets chirpping*

o_o.... Kay....

Yes it is still raining, heavily I might add.

Oh, and how exactly is your Glaive shapped? Like a half moon, or closer to the picture you showed us?

Kage Ikagaide

Saké looked like he was out cold. Why did it seem like he was always getting the tar beat outta him?

I felt something hit the ground behind me and I twirled around, Claws bared to attack. Only I found Elena ducking under my attack. She stood up one Dagger ready to attack and I sent my claws back in.

She stared at me, moving her lips, but all sounds were cut off with the earplugs Cassandra gave me, weird too, to not hear anything.

I pointed at my ears and shook my head. She looked and gave a look of surprise, she saw the earplugs I supposed. Rain was still falling on us and she used the point of her dagger to carve into the wet ground.

The other guys are under...

she ran out of room and had to erase what she had written before she started again.

A magic spell and can't ..... Control their bodies...... We need to get the flute and...... play a song to break .... the spell.

I nodded, even though I wasn't sure how much help I would be, I would help as much as I could...

Faile Thundersong

I jumped from tree to tree, sometimes floating the distance. I stopped on one branch and looked around. I could still hear the music, but where was it commign from?! If we could get the flute, then it didn't matter.

I heard a sound, looked down, and was surprised to see junkcs of rocks flying up to meet me. I dropped backwards, hooked my legs onto a tree branch and flipped onto a lower branch.

Then the rocks stopped in mid-air, changed direction and headed for me again. I jumped down, leaping straight to the ground. When I hit, I rolled away as the rocks slammed into the earth, going in deep.

I spotted none other than Horus off to the side looking at me with his white eyes. I knew he wasn't himself, but I couldn't really fight a psychic that well either.

I pulled three arrows out of my pouth and fired them at Horus, aiming for parts in his clothing to pin him to the nearest tree. My arrows stopped just a few inches from him, but spun around in mid-air, and then headed for me!!


This was terrible! All I could do was sit and watch as my own body refused to listen to me. I was trying to kill Faile! All of my psychic training had never prepared me for this, nothing could have prepared me for this.


Okay, that's about if for me right now. I'll go and finish up Chapter 4 if I can and maybe have it up by 6 or it may be later tonight.

No one's really commented if they like how the story is going so far. either in the Fan Fic Forum or even here! I would like to know what you guys think about how the story is going so far....


~Mew Master

15th June 2003, 03:48 PM
Yeah, the shape of it is more like a half moon but only wide enough for the water blade attack to work. Too bad I can't draw or use my printer or else I would show you :\

And I have read your story and it's really great. I can't wait for more

Mew Master
15th June 2003, 06:01 PM
Okay, Chapter 4 is added, nd with 10 minutes to spare as well. Well, read and enjoy everyone, and I'll get to work on Chap 5 tonight.


~Mew Master

15th June 2003, 09:04 PM
This is an all OOC post. FYI. XD!

*runs in squealing excitedly* I HAD THE COOLEST DREEAAM!!

*pokes MM* And YOU were in it. XD I don't even KNOW you, and YOU WERE IN IT. I went over to your house, and we were all talking about the RPG, and I showed you this picture I drew...and you were all 'OOOOH!' and giggly and stuff...not very masculine, mind you. LOL. And the weird thing is, the picture was the finished product of what I started on a couple've weeks ago. XD I gave up on it, but that dream has inspired me to continue working on it! If only my scanner was working!!! *kicks it and yells a few miscellaneous swearwords*

Oh, and great job on the chapters, MM. XD! By the way, I've come up with a sky attack for Sora. I call it Windshrieker...She summons up a small whirlwind that surrounds the opponent whereupon she tosses a few Shurikens in it and they do a great deal of slicing. She summons it by twirling her Kama really specially and pointing it at the target. LOL, inspiration has finally come to me!! ... on the twelfth page! LOL!!! I'll post later this week, hopefully tomorrow or the day after. ^-^'


Mew Master
15th June 2003, 09:40 PM
*Reads Smear's post*

*jaw drops* UN... UNMASCULINE?! Hell, I'm not even that masculine to begin with! LOL XD

Okay as to me being in the dream.... Uh... could you describe me... maybe it was one of my alter ego's in my fics.

Was it the Saké Me?
Star's End me?
Or the PKMNDS Me?
Or even the Zoids: LotUXs me?
Or maybe even my evil twin brother? o_O!

If it was me me.... creepy.... and you can stop poking my arm now.... *ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow*

Anyway, what did you think of Sora hanging upside down in the tree and the branch finally broke when Zera came over to help get her out. No one really posted what they were doing between the time their home's where attacked and when they meet the TL...

Oh, Speakin' of the Thunder Lizard, I finally scanned the Pic I was going to send it, but decided against it. I'm still kinda undecided on it though.....

I'm waiting for it to upload before I post a link......

Panel (http://groups.msn.com/df9a9mthhtcbig/chainsofdragons.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=161)

Okay, the Chars (From left to right) Are:

Wamiyazen Denisu "Saké"
Leonhart Zera
Elena Kai-Prae
Ikagaide Kage

It's kinda a little practice for when I start the Manga after I get finsihed writting the entire story out and tweaking it a bit. I already have an idea for our first encounter with Garm, and then the Final Battle that will end the RPG. I'm already thinking up things for a sequle, or even a prequle.... I'll decide once I get it finished.

Oh, and speaking of Garm.... I started working on his design.... and I'm leaving him alone for a while. I can't decide on a hairstyle. But when I get him finished I will post his pic when we actually do get to his castle. I promise that. And after that, I have some more characters to introduce. But I haven't even thought up some descriptions for them yet....^_^U

I have the sketches for Arbiter done, now I only have to find a good pose for the Metal Dragon God. Uh... I think that's it for now....


~Mew Master

15th June 2003, 09:58 PM

Like I remember. XD I think...you had brown hair...and were wearing some odd vest thingy.

And the unmasculine thing...XD It's just that you were giggling like a little school-girl, so it didn't seem all teenage-boy-ish. XD!

And yes, I think it was you you. XD! Shall I tell you the rest of the dream, or leave you wondering? ...? XD!

And yes, I like it. My little 13-year-old brain found that Kama part quite funny, where Sora nearly neutered Zera. LOL, soooorry Dark Templar...XD!

O_____o';; Oooooh, that a cool little manga strip...and about that sequel/prequel, it should be a sequel with the pendant bearer's kids or something!! LOL.

MAKE GARM'S HAIR ALL LONG AND BLACK! AND GREASY! AND HIS EYES ARE SLITS!! AAAND HE WEARS TIGHT LEATHER CLOTHING!!! All bad guys wear tight leather clothing for some odd demented reason...o-o';; *snickers insanely and screams 'SPANDEX!'*

I need to PM you, MM. XD!


Mew Master
15th June 2003, 10:04 PM
Jeez SGal, a little tippsy aren't we. You were laughing more than me watchin' a Who's Line Marathon Oh well, as for the sequle, I was thinking about a year after the final battle and the end of the RPG... but that's waaaaaay along in the future.....

Shadow Djinn
15th June 2003, 10:08 PM
Sorry I haven't been posting. Projects have been covering me well but now I'm finally finished. I'll be back to posting but let me clarify a few things. Right now, the boys are being controlled by Shenrina, am I correct? And they have to hunt the girls down? I fyes to this then here's my post. Oh, MM could you make the blade for Zera thinner and longer?


The Music filled my head.
" Kill them now." Shenrina hissed. My body obeyed. The black wings of mines flexed out. I soon found myself in the air, zooming in on Sora.
" Quit it!" I protested. My body did nothing that I tried to make it do. My arms grasped my long katana as I landed in front of Sora.
" Block!" I yelled as my sword swung at her. She blocked easily with her Kama and tripped me . Stumbling, I fell to the ground and got up again this time sheathing my sword and forming a white orb in each hand.
" METAL BLAST!" I found myself yelling. PArts of metal swarmed out of the orbs, heading towards Sora. She jumped over a few and slashed back the metal bits with her Kama, as I released the orbs and withdrew my katana again.
" Renzokuken." I hissed. Rushing forward, I slashed continiously at Sora, pushing her back as she blocked.

My last slash was at her feet, and she leaped back to dodge. My sword was glowing white as I pointed it into the air.
" No.." I choked. The blade extended into the sky and I slowly brought it down, fighting the music. The sword slammed into the ground as I heard her yell, " Windraker!" She was blown back as I was pummeled by the furious winds, my sword helplessly dropping on to the ground.
" Oh god no." I muttered. My hands picked up the blade and brought it in front of me.
" Aero Saucer!" I heard. Sharp air cut into me and I fell to the ground, this time not getting up...

Mew Master
15th June 2003, 10:16 PM
Cool, Templar finally got some magic attacks working. Oh, and I hope you don't mind how I edited your Char just a bit for the Story Templar..

Shadow Djinn
16th June 2003, 05:40 PM
it's ok MM ^^. I miss those wings though. Geez, why did I get the bad luck in the story MM? The Kama is evil!

For a prequel it could be the pendant bearer's parents! After all, how did they get the pendants first =D

17th June 2003, 12:18 PM
Nooo, Templar...Kama gooooood...Kama veeerry gooooood...*smiles dangerously*

XD *pokes MM* Lol, thanks to you I have a new quote! Oooh, idea for a prequel: we are the DRAGONS! LOL!

And now...*pokes head* Brain! I poke thee to make thy laziness CREATE A POST. ((concentration face)) Sakk'thyaran Kythll! >_<'
Sora Hibari

I heard a rustling noise behind me and I spun around. There was Zera, his Katakana poised to attack. I whipped out my Kama and held it in front of me.

"Quit it!" Zera grumbled, landing in front of me. "Block!" He yelled as he sent his Katakana swinging towards me.

I blocked it easily, bringing the scythe in a half circle, then tripping him. He fell down, but stood up quickly, sheathing his sword and creating a white orb in both hands.

"METAL BLAST!" He yelled. Parts of metal started swarming out of the orbs heading straight towards me. I jumped over those low enough, and slashed the rest of them with my Kama. He withdrew his Katana again, and hissed, "Renzokuken..."

He charged forward at me, swinging and slashing his sword. I dodged and blocked, jumping over a slash towards my feet. I heard Zera mutter a "No..." as I caught a glimpse of his sword glowing a livid white before he brought it wizzing down to earth. I jumped back gathering energy in my Kama..."Windraker!"

I flew backwards as he was struck with the sharp gust I had shot at him, dropping his Katakana. I stood there ready to attack again. He slowly picked up his sword.

'He doesn't give up that easily...' I thought, bringing my Kama up over my head and twirling it. 'New attack time...hope it works...' I stopped it pointing straight at Zera and yelled "Aero Saucer!"

It was as if the air around him suddenly came alive. It whipped and slashed and pummeled Zera, and all the while picking up debris, such as leaves, twigs, and dirt, which only added to the slicing and dicing.

I called it off as Zera fell to the ground, knocked out cold.

"At least I know it works..." I whispered, moving forwards. I flipped Zera over. "Sooorry..." I told him. I pushed him up against the tree and hid his sword in a nearby bush.


I turned around quickly, grabbing my Kama. "Oh...it's you, Amal."

She walked over to me. I noticed she had obviously been in a fight, as she was cut in a few places, had a few bruises, and was bleeding slightly.

"You okay?" I asked her, motioning to a really nasty cut on her arm.

She looked at it and growled. "Yeah. This is really starting to annoy me." She slammed her glaive on the ground to emphasize her point.

I sighed and shook my head. "If we can only get to Sherina."

"Do you know where the others are? The other girls?" She asked me, casting a glance at Zera.

"Naw, not after we split up." I turned and looked into the trees. "Shall we go find them?"

Amal nodded and we hurried into the forest again.
HahaHA! Fear me and my awesome skills...

Mew Master
17th June 2003, 05:59 PM
Templar... do you already forget the beginning post of this entire RPG? Uh.... I better shut up... don't want to give away too many spoilers... Also... I finally have Arbiter finished

Arbiter, the Metal Dragon God (http://groups.msn.com/df9a9mthhtcbig/chainsofdragons.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=162)

Well, I'll post later.


~Mew Master

Darkmaster Kagemusha
17th June 2003, 10:23 PM
I have enough time tonight to make a post. YAY :P

Kage Ikagaide
Elena and I ran through the forest getting more and more soaked by the downpour. Wet leaves and branches whipped at our faces as we ran toward the source of the music, which I could now just faintly hear. I began to wonder if the earplugs would work when I got closer to the flute. Suddenly, Elena stopped and dropped to the ground, so I did the same. About twenty feet ahead of us there was a clearing, and in that clearing I saw a woman who was scantilly dressed in green and held a rainbow flute. The music was starting to get to me. Elena scratched something into the ground.

"Can you blast her?" she wrote. I nodded. I lifted my hand and took aim. I pulled back my arm and punched forward, opening my hand at the end of the punch.

"Shadow Needles!" I whispered, and black barbs of energy shot from my hand, through the leaves, and smacked right into her hands. I then stood up and used Gravitone in an attempt to press her to the ground or crush her until she dropped the flute...
__________________________________________________ __
__________________________________________________ __

Sorry it's short. No, I wasn't planning on ending it that easily. I'm gonna allow Denny to finish this scene up. I trust that he'll follow through with my thinking.

EDIT: Didn't wanna post again, but I'm back now

Mew Master
21st June 2003, 11:24 AM
Yeah, that was short DMK....

I have Horus finished, and his weapon looks cool. Absol needs more work on his head and body.... Okay, time to get the ball rolling!


My head felt like it had been beaten in. Not a feeling I enjoy, or any pain for that matter. I stumbled to me feet, I could feel shots of pain in my arms legs and head. Good, that meant I had more control of my body than I did earlier.

But my body was still acting sluggish.. whether from pain or some effects of the flute, I wasn't sure....

3rd person

Kage used a lot of his energy in his Gravitone attack, trying to force Sherina into the side of a tree and dropping her flute. To his and Elena's surprise, Sherina was able to raise her hand through the high gravity forces and silver energy began to form around her hand.

"Ma-Mag Negate!" she shouted, straining against the G-Forces.

Then Kage's Magic attack was gone. Nothing left. No black aura, no high gravity. Nothing. His entire Gravitone attack had been nulified!

"What the?!" Kage exclaimed.

"You fool. Did you really expect someone like me to be stopped so easily just by increasing the gravity a touch? And you honestly think those earphones will stop you from comming under my spell? Think again." Sherina raised the flute to her mouth, fingers ready to play her captivating music.

Then something swung down and whacked the flute out of Sherina's hands. The person jumped to the ground and then back onto a branch. White chaps where on Their legs, a blue swinsuit-like outft and a white vest. Their hair was done up in two pony-tails with long ribbons, and a long naginata was on thier backs.

"What?!" Sherina shreiked. "WHo are you?! Give me back my Fulte!"

Then music began to flow from the person, who never turned around to show their face. The beutiful flute music flowed through the jungle, touching Horus, Saké, Chamel, Zera, Seylin, and even Kage's ears. If was a few minutes before the music ceased and the person dropped the rainbow shell flute to the ground.

"There, now your music can no longer affect any of the Pendant Bearers any more. You recognize the song?" the voice was female

"You fool!" Sherina shouted. "You don't know what you've done have you?!"

"Yes, I do..." and she jumped off and away, into the trees.

"If the spell's broken you're going down girl!" Kage shouted as he took out the earplugs. "Get ready for a beating!"

Sherina grabbed her bo-staff and spread her feet. "It will be a cold day in hell before any of you whimps can lay a finger on me."

Kage started running and whipped his claws out, Sherina charged up an attack in her left hand and fired it at Kage.

Kage Ikagaide was blasted back by a Photon Beam attack, and straight into a tree.

"I'll beat all of you without direct hand-to-hand. Feel the fury of my Incredible Element attacks!"


Okay, in short... Sherina is ticked. Because the mysterious stranger played the music and broke the spell on all the guys, that means a free-for-all rumble in the jungle. But wait.. there's more! Sherina isn't weak by any means, she is as strong as any of us in close-range, but outranks us in Elemental Magic attacks she prefers to blast her opponents with long range moves like: Photon Ray and Beam, Fire Ball, Aero-Blaster, Ice Lance, Bush Basher, Electro Bolt, Upheaval (giant spikes erupt under us), and Gravity Blow.

I hope this won't be a one-post battle, i.e. SHORT. She's our toughest opponent to date, making the Thunder Lizard seem like a mini-lizard.

Well I'll let you guys have at it. I have to go home and help my mom out at lunch.


~Mew master

Mew Trainer Rose
21st June 2003, 07:12 PM

I sat in a tree, trying to catch my breath. I hadn't seen any of the others in a little bit, which i figured was a good thing as far as the boys went. I was trying to think of some way to stop them from attacking the other girls and i, wehn i heard some more music. This sounded like the same flute, but the tune was completely different. After a little while the music stoped, and i felt it was safe to try to find the others.
I cautiously headed back to where we split up, holding my spear ready to attack if needed. As I neared the spot, I heard fighting up ahead, but the music never restarted. Hearing Sherina yell up ahead, I ran forward. I saw her just as she blasted Kage back with an attack, and heard her yell, "I'll beat all of you without direct hand-to-hand. Feel the fury of my Incredible Element attacks!"
Hoping i could get one attack in because of the element of surprise, I launched a quick Fireball. Unfortionately, the attack never got within a few yards of her. She saw teh attack coming, and stot two fireballs at it; one to knock mine out of the way, and the other to stoot straight at me. I brought up my spear to try to deflect it, but the attempt was in vain. The attack still hit me full force. However, a symbol on my spear that i hardly noticed before seemed to absorb a bit of the fire, and I felt myself regaining a bit of energy.
(OOC: The Pendragon Seal. I almost forgot about that thing. :D Yay. >: ) )

Darkmaster Kagemusha
22nd June 2003, 11:33 AM
I figured somethin' like this would happen. Now I can have some fun! :D

Kage Ikagaide
"So..." I said as I stood up. "you have the ability to control all the elements? Do you feel special? Do you want a cookie?" I taunted. I shook water from my hair and took out the pieces of thin rope I had been using to keep it in a braid. My long black hair fell loose, but it was matted with mud and water. I stretched all of my muscles--physical and magical. Then, I yelled. "EVERYONE GET TO THE CLEARING!!!!!!" Sherina seemed a little shocked for a second, but got over it quickly. This battle would not be easy for us and she new it. I looked at her agian. "You know what your main fault is?" I said.

"I have no faults. You however, have many," she said coldly.

"I know that I have many faults already you stupid b*tch. Your main fault is that you're overconfident!" I said. I then started my spells. Black lightning crawled over my body and gathered at my claws. The adrenaline rush of my Black Dragon Claws flowed through me. However, this time, my aura of energy was much stronger, and whisps of it whipped out from me. I suddenly rushed at her. Sherina send another Photon Blast at me, but I dodged it. That ticked her off and she threw very sharp ice crystals at me. I crushed those using my Gravitone aura, and then repeled the Fireball she sent at me. That was the limit of my power against her attacks though. She used what I assumed was Upheaval and sent me flying. The fact that I was moving so fast caused me to land twenty feet behind her in the woods. I used my remaining energy to charge at her one more time. I endured the splinters of ice and the flames of her spells and took a violent stab at her. I managed to make a small cut in her stomach, but then she brushed me off like an annoying fly with Photon Beam. I landed in a thorn bush--bruised, cut, and burned. "Well, at least she can't use gravity against me," I said, then I groaned and rolled out of the bush. I stood up slowly and shakily. "Hey b*tch, how ya doin'?" I said. She turned back around and looked at me, astonished to see that I was still standing. An orb of energy formed in each of my hands. First I threw my left one--Gravitone. I knew she'd negate it but I had a few seconds to hit her with my right--Shadow Needles. I threw the barrage of black barbs at her and to my relief, they embedded themselves in her arm just as she negated Gravitone. She grimaced and looked at her arm, then shattered the Needles.

My head felt heavy and I was weak. I can't fall down! I can't sleep! I have to fight! I kept telling myself. Even if I can't beat her, I can distract her. And maybe...what was it Horus said about Setsuna? Something about her aura... I said to myself in my head. I pulled myself together and ran around the clearing, still in the trees so I'd be harder to hit, and launched Gravitone and Shadow Needle attacks at her. I can't keep this up for long!

Mew Master
22nd June 2003, 04:39 PM
All right, don't forget about the rest of us now Kage XP

YOu're having all the fun!

3rd Person

Battered Brused, but not beaten, Kage stood his ground as Sherina twirled her staff around.

"You're fast, I'll give you that. But your Element attacks are weak and pale in comparison to my own power."

Kage gasped for breath, standing his ground, and trying to get ready for another attack. "Yeah, right." he stated.

Sherina held out oth of her clentched hands and energy began to gether there. The energy was white and both growing larger in her hands. Two seperate Photno Beams!!

"What?! How can you charge up two at the same time?!"

Sherina sneered. "Because I am a master of all elements, although I'm better at casting spells of my own Innate, but that's another story. With two of these attacks at once, and no energy on your side, you're easy prey."

She held both spheres of energy out at Kage and then blasted the beams straight at the Shadow Innate.

Kage could only stand and watch, using a lot of his energy in the past few minutes and barely had enough to move.


Saké, battered himself, dashed through teh trees and pushed Kage out of the way, jsut as the Photon Beams hit his own body.

The scratches, bruises and wound he had goten from Kage, Elena, and a few of the others faded, regressing. his skin healed.

Then Saké openned his eyes and faced Sherina. "Yup, Vared was right, Similar Elements as our Innates can't hurt us."

Sherina gave a look of hatred. "I will get you all!" She started to charge up a Gravitone and shot it straight at them both...


Mew Master
29th June 2003, 01:34 PM
Hey guys. In case you're wondering, I am NOT dead. Even though I've been off-line for a week because of the storms that raged through Kansas and Nebraska last week. Don't worry, I'm still alive and kickin'!

I know it's been a while, this comp has been really nit-picky but I finally have some new pics for everyone to look at.

Horus (http://groups.msn.com/df9a9mthhtcbig/chainsofdragons.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=165)

And let us not forget the Psychic Dragon God, Absol (http://groups.msn.com/df9a9mthhtcbig/chainsofdragons.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=163).

Okay, I'm currently working on Sora, and I hope Smeargal gets on soon so I can chat with her about her char. (she never did mention hair styles...)

I'm sorry I've been late in the ways of updates lately, mainly I've been on a small Sonic kick that's been going on for a week now. In fact when the power was out for almost 24 hrs, I stayed in my room and read all of my Sonic Comix. Then I bought two new Sonic games: Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut and Sonic Mega Collection and I enjoy watching the videos for Sonic CD. *drool*

Well I wondered what happened to everyone, usually we would have atleast ONE new post, but zilch. Hope everyone's okay.


~Mew Master

Darkmaster Kagemusha
30th June 2003, 09:16 PM
Kage Ikagaide
"My turn," I said calmly, stepping out in front of Saké. The attack slammed into me with such force that I was pushed a few steps back, but the attack quickly subsided and my injuries began to heal. I felt my strength returning. I whispered aside to Saké "Round up the others. She said she's a master of the elements. That makes things kinda hard. What we need to do is get everyone rounded up and take shots at her. We'll find out who's got the most effective attacks that way. I'll hold her off, you go find everyone."

"Why me?"

"I've got a bone to pick. Now go!" I pushed Saké and charged at Sherina with renewed vigor. "I'LL KILL YOU!" I yelled. "Black Dragon Claws!" I said, commanding my powers to gather and give me greatly increased strength and speed.
__________________________________________________ __
__________________________________________________ __

EDIT: Damn I feel like an idiot.

30th June 2003, 09:34 PM
OOC: Sorry about not posting. I'm just kinda lazy ._.;

Amal - Water
As the rain slowly dripped from the trees and onto us, we were wondering how the other women fared. It was bad enough that the men were enslaved by Sherina's flute but all of us were seperated so things weren't going that well.

Suddenly, we heard shouts and clashing of metal. Running through the brush, Sora and I came upon Kage using his dragon claws against Sherina. See Saké skirt off, I realized that the spell had somewhat broken as he seemed focused on doing something and that crazed look wasn't in his eyes. Focusing on Sherina again, I twirled my blade around and shot out water as Kage tried to attack her. Not seeing me and only focused on Kage, the attack knocked her off balance and allowed him to scratch her a couple of time. However, she was stronger than I thought and sprung up quickly to shoot a water blade back at me. Summoning the water pouring down, it created a barrier which caused the attack to carelessly bounce off of it.
"I'd say we can take her on", I said confidently as I let the barrier fall.
"Amal, better watch what you say", Kage warned. "She's very powerful."
"Yeah, I know", I replied without really meaning it but felt her force when she knocked me down with another water blade. Somehow though, I felt a bit better after it.
"Maybe I was wrong", I said to no one and got up again to face our challenger.

Mew Master
1st July 2003, 11:38 AM
Uh, Darkmaster, hate to burst your bubble, but Sherina is a Forest Innate, not Rainbow. She's just more effective in element casting than we are. That and Rainbow Innates are very, very, very rare. I can go into more detail, but I'll save that for later.

Also, I have about half of our battle with the Thunder Lizard finished. Horus, Chamel, and Amal haven't made the scene yet, neither has Faile. But I changed part of the area where the battle takes place. But enough spoliers. I'm already on a time limit.

I'll post tonight, with sketches of Sora.


[COLOR=purple]~Mew Master

Shadow Djinn
1st July 2003, 12:20 PM
Really sorry...lazy in summer...>_>...by the way, you made Zera a fox demi-human for the fic right?


" Ouch..." I muttered, waking up as a new music flowed through the forest, stopping me from running after Sora to kill her...and where was my katana? Getting up, I searched the ground with my eyes then started to look through the bushes. On the fifth, I found it, though it was a bit scratched...I sighed, and stretched out my black wings and looked at the rain. It wouldn't be easy getting to Shenrina in rain...but it was worth a try.
" Then let's go." I muttered and flapped them a bit, letting me rise a little. After a bit more flapping I was in the sky, searching for Shenrina...I heard a few blasts nearby, and thinking it was Shenrina, I started to land. Suddenly, a huge wind blew me forward, crashing through a line of trees, and then into the air...pretty weird.

I saw Shenrina below, fighting with Amal, and then I saw Sake run off.
" Which way..." I muttered. Deciding to follow Sake, I went back, following Sake in the air...

Mew Master
1st July 2003, 02:57 PM
Dark Templar: You are correct sir.

Oh, I've added the sketches for Sora and also something Smeargal sent me to scan because her scanner's wrecked. I just hope this comp will act nice today.

Yay, the pics are in and here are the links:

My Sketches (http://groups.msn.com/df9a9mthhtcbig/chainsofdragons.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=167)

Smeargal's Drawing (http://groups.msn.com/df9a9mthhtcbig/chainsofdragons.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=166)

Well, I'll be back in a bit to reply as far as the fight goes..


~Mew Master

Mew Master
1st July 2003, 07:27 PM
All righty, tiem for some fun!


Faile watched as the three arrows she shot to pin Horus against the tree, spun in mid-air and streaked towards her. She jumped over the arrows as they stuck themselves in a tree, then she dashed towards Horus, who started to hold his head, and a wincing reaction on his face. She skidded to a stop and saw Horus look up at her.

"Faile, you okay?"

"What kind of question is that?! Of corse I'm okay!" Faile shouted back. Why did everyone have to treat her like she was fragile?

"Hey, wait." Horus said and turned his arms. "I can move, the spells been broken."

"What? Then someone played the music."

"Where are the others?"

"Don't know, we split up after you all started chasing us."

Horus closed his eyes and used his senses. All around him he could tell the smaller minded creatures away from the ones he was searching for.

"Saké and Zera and heading south-east, Kage, Vared, and Amal are fighting Sherina just a Kilo south of us, Chamel is making his way here and Sora and Elena are heading towards Seylin."

"What about Setsuna?"

Horus concentrated for a full five minutes. "I can't sense her anywhere."

"We'll look for her later then. We need to get Sherina now!"

"Agreed, this way." Horus pulled out his Twin Blade and ran through the jungle, Faile hot on his heels.

Wamiyazen Denisu "Saké"/Setsuna

I ran through the jungle, searching for any sign of anyone else.

It was a few more bounds before I actually ran straight into none other than Seylin. We crashed into eachother and rolled along the ground before we came to a stop against the trunk of a tree.

"Ouch, what was the number of that bus?" Seylin mumbled as he rubbed his back.

"Okay who put the speed-bump there?" I mumbled as I rubbed my own head. "YOu okay Seylin?

"Yeah but I don't think going 50 in a 30 is a really smart idea Saké," he replied, annoyed.

We stood up and Zera came flying down to see us.

"Nice crash Saké, I could see it over the tree tops."

"Very funny Zera, where is everyone else?"

"Right here."

Elena and Sora jumped down from the tree branches and landed next to us. Both looked scratched up.

"Okay, Who are we missing?" I asked.

"Horus, Faile, and Chamel."

"What about Setsuna?"

Elena and Sora looked at eachother. "We havent' seen her since we split up."

"We need to find her." I repeated.

"We have to take out Sherina first and foremost." Elena stated. "Once she's outta the way then we can go looking for her."

"You guys go, Zera can point you the way." I said running through the forest. "I'll find her!"

I barely heard Elena's protests as I ran through the jungle.

I used vines to swing and hopped over tree roots, and I thought I was making ground. Finally I spotted a familiar shape behind a line of trees and turned on a heel to go after them.

Sure enough, there was Setsuna, blue dress and all, running towards where I had left everyone.

"Setsuna! Wait up!" I shouted, and she stopped.

As I ran up to her, I noticed she was out of breath. "So, *huff* they managed to play the song?"

"What song?"

"Never mind. You and the other guys have control of your bodies now?"

"Yeah, and it never felt so good." I replied, flexing my arms in a un-like-me show of machismo. "Common, we have to go meet with the others and get Sherina."

"Okay," she said, some-shat shyly.

We started running through the jungle, I hoped the others hadn't gotten too far ahead...


Well, I have some good news. Bulba4 has posted about us for RPG of the Week in the RPG News. But with my luck everyone here knows that, but forgot to tell me...

Heh, Later.

~Mew Master

Darkmaster Kagemusha
3rd July 2003, 07:28 PM
Hehe...I'm leaving again **rubs back of head, smiles, and sweatdrops**. I'll be leaving for my grandparent's house tomorrow and I dont' know when I'll be back, it could be a week or more. Denny, you have control of Kage, just make sure he keeps fighting. He despises giving up ;)

Mew Master
4th July 2003, 11:58 AM
Originally posted by Darkmaster Kagemusha
Hehe...I'm leaving again **rubs back of head, smiles, and sweatdrops**. I'll be leaving for my grandparent's house tomorrow and I dont' know when I'll be back, it could be a week or more. Denny, you have control of Kage, just make sure he keeps fighting. He despises giving up ;)

Yeesh, it's like no one trusts me any more ^_^U.

Okay, I'll try and sneak my way in tonight and continue the battle. Has anyone besides me noticed that PokeMaster Jay has shown up on the boards and not given his return even once to the RPG? I know google215 disappeared after her mysterious post so.....

Anyway, Later ppl!

~Mew Master

4th July 2003, 01:28 PM
I PM'ed him about it but he never replied. You should try it Denny. You're the one in charge of this operation anyway

And I'm leaving also to go to my grandpa's house. It's only for the weekend though and he has internet access so I'll be fine

4th July 2003, 07:32 PM
((OOC Post))

I don't trust you, Den. O-o';; But then again, you have my address, so I suppose I should trust you...*pokes*

Pokemaster Jay is active, so I don't think it's a matter of not reading the messages you send him. Have you checked on your Message Tracking to see if he's read them? If he has, he probably doesn't want to participate in this RPG anymore...XD Giving us a nice death char, if we should choose to kill it... And I have no idea about google215. I haven't seen her in FanArt, and that's the only other topic I'm active in.

Anyway...LOOKIE AT THE PICCY DEN AN' ME DREW (http://community.webshots.com/photo/31807752/79710142kNECfb)!!!

^-^';; Read the caption to get the story. 'Cept I left out the funny part of when we were deciding what to draw. ROFL! Deeeenn, you laughed so haaaarrrd...You are odd.

XD Aaaand, we found out that we're almost exactly alike! Except I'm a girl and I'm 13, and he's a guy, and he's 18, or something like that...But we both want to be Paleontologists, and otherwise would be some form of artist! *glomp* ISN'T THAT COOOOL?!

By the way...HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY! *gives everyone little American flags* ^_^';; *indicates to wave them patriotically*

~Smear <--High on chocolate cake. SMEEEEEEE!

Mew Master
5th July 2003, 01:11 PM
Yay! *pokes Smeargal with a trout* You Fixed it!! (bout time, but I know you're busy with other.... stuff.....)

Well We can't kill Horus off, or Faile. Why? They're PENDANT BEARERS! Killing them is like getting rid of Absol and Tuon. Gods of Psychic and Lightning. So no killing as far as I'm concerned. Poke fun at Horus all you want, because I did give him more of a personality for the fic. Faile, well, She's not the comedic type, so yeah....

Well, anyone have any thoughts about how the Story is going? Or how I'm drawing everyone's characters? If you have a slight problem with how I have them, you have to remember to let me know.

Oh, and I have PMed Pokemaster Jay and Google215 over a dozen times each. If they just quit then their characters are ours now.

Oh, and I've done some findiling with the Logo. I have it to where its nothing but a black and white outline now. Took me over three days to do though. Then I can really do something with it. So much for my free time.....

Anyway, where was I.....okay. On with the fight.... uh, who's where?

Kage, Vared, Amal are fighting Sherina.

Sora, Elena, Zera, and Seyling are heading to help them.

Sake and Setsuna are hurrying to join them.

Horus and Faile are heading towards Sherina.

On with the show!

Wamiyazen Denisu "Sake" & Setsuna

We ran through the forest, jumping over tree roots that were in our way. I didn't use Nimble because I didn't want to leave Setsuna behind again. Something told me I had to stay with her. Maybe a gut reaction, or something sub-concsious, I didn't know....

3rd Person

"Now, Upheaval!" Sherina shouted.

Below Kage, Vared, and Amal, the earth heaved and buckled until giant spikes erupted from the ground, slamming into them and knocking them back.

"Aero Blaster!" A single sonic boom blasted from her hand and slammed Kage back.

"Damn this!" he muttered. "Every time we try and get close she keeps knocking us back!"

"And she's not hitting us with our Innate Elements." Vared replied.

"Of course!" Sherina replied, interupting their conversation. "I know about the Pendragon Seal."

"Pendragon Seal?" Amal asked, slightly confused.

"The Pendragon Seal is a magic seal found on a few select weapons and enables the users to absorb magic attacks that are the same Element as their own Innates. Because my magic senses are so strong, I can see the seal drawn on each of your weapons." Her eyes saw strange light green curved lines drawn on each of the three weapons. Even one that looked over-lapped. "Enough Talk! Give up the Pendants or else."

"Or else what?!" Kage shouted back.

"Or else this! Earthquake!"

The ground started to shake and move now, rolling like waves. Then a huge section of the earth started to uplift and head for them like a tsunami wave. THey three were partly in shock and had no clue where to go.

Just as the attack was going to hit them, it hit something else. A bright glow and whoosh of wind circled something as the Earthquake attack was absorbed by something.

"Hey guys, miss me?" It was Chamel!

Then Chamel appeared, fully dressed and all, the Chameleon's Seal patches sticking to his clothes and the Masumoon.

"Great timing, Chamel," Vared admitted.

"Yeah, after the beating Amal gave me earlier, I figured I had to get some of my energy back. What are ya waitin' for? Let's get her!"



Mew Master

Mew Master
8th July 2003, 06:00 PM
Hey guys, have I got some news.

Finally after weeks of waiting patiently, Chains of Dragons Chapter 5: The Roar of Thunder is up and ready to be read.

I would suggest all of you read it and not spoof it off as just a straight interpretation of the RPG. Because you would be severly disapointed/beaten.

I threw in some interesting plot points that may effect things farther on in the story, but that may be giving too much away. If you haven't already subscribed to the thread, then may I suggest Using the Link in my sig and reading it yourself. Please reply and give me your opinions.

I really have nothing to add because no one else has replied. I just hope we don't have an off-week of Rping.

Oh, and I almsot have Sora done. Just to add her Pendant and the Symbol for the Sky Element and I'll scan her and post up a link for everyone to see.

Well, that's it for me.


~Mew Master

Mew Master
9th July 2003, 10:05 PM
Okay, I finally got Sora Finished. I know she may look a little wierd, so bear with me.

Hibari Sora (http://groups.msn.com/df9a9mthhtcbig/chainsofdragons.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=168)

So? Do you like?


9th July 2003, 11:26 PM
I think it's cool. You should do a pic of Amal next though :o j/k

Maybe you should PM the other members to start posting again. This thing can't die

10th July 2003, 01:28 PM
Odd, I was just about to post.

XD I've already expressed my INSANE HAPPINESS that you finally finished Sora, Den. Anyway, I'm sending Hekikuu TODAY. She hasn't got that fin that we planned yesterday, but I'll enclose a rough sketch of (at least) how the fin is on her head. I have a distinct way I want that done. *nods*

Oh, by the way, after taking my "Which Demented RPG Char of Mine Are You?" quiz, Den wanted me to do a "Which CoD Char Are You?" thing. XD D'you know which char of mine Den was? He was SORA! Lol. Anyway, I shall also be working on that quiz. Woo, I have a lot to do! X-x'

Anyway...post...*pokes brain again*
Sora Hibari

Elena, Zera, Seylin, and I were hurrying through the bushes towards the sounds of the fighting. After a few minutes, the trees thinned out, and we could see the clearing where Sherina stood. Just as we arrived, Chamel had evidently leapt in front of Amal, Vared, and Kage, and saved them from an Earthquake attack.

"Great timing, Chamel," We heard Vared admit as we snuck up behind them.

"Yeah, after the beating Amal gave me earlier, I figured I had to get some of my energy back." Chamel said, smiling. "What are ya waitin' for? Let's get her!"

"Don't forget about us..." Zera said as we stepped out from behind them.

Glancing at the tree we had just hid behind, I saw my Shuriken still embedded in the bark. I smiled as I pulled it out and put it back in its pouch.

"She knows about the Pendragon Seal, guys." Kage muttered, standing back up. My smile faded.

'So, she knows about the Seal...And she knows what elements these guys must have...' I thought as Sherina glared at us as though daring us to attack her. 'But...she doesn't know what our innates are!'
X-x';; That's all I could come up with for now. Anyway, Sora's thinking if they 'accidentally' let slip what their 'real' innates are *wink poke wink*, she wouldn't attack with that element, and rather, would attack with an element that one of them was.

Shadow Djinn
10th July 2003, 04:36 PM



I took off into the air while the rest fought against Shenrina on the ground. I was thinking...how could we beat that girl...An idea suddenly struck my head, and I looked down.
" Ok...Let's see....MAGNEGATE!" I roared. Pieces of metal surrounded me as I prepared for another spell.
" MAGNIFY!" I yelled again. A white aura surrrounded the metal, and I smirked.
" Now...Metal Blast!" I shouted. 2 orbs of silver energy formed and I launched them at Shenrina. They were more powerful thanks to the Magnify spell...and I wouldn't be affected by the elements, thanks to Recharge. As the orbs grew closer to Shenrina I yelled, " Jump!" as the orbs exploded, scattering metal.

I swooped down, sword in hand and landed in front of Shenrina...who had blocked the metal...with something.
" Upheaval!" Shenrina spat. The ground shook, knocking over the rest of them, but I flew up a bit to avoid it. Gliding forward, I unleased my fury, barraging her with slashes.
Use your spells now." I muttered to the other innates.


Eh...hope I didn't abuse the Metal spells too much..

Mew Master
10th July 2003, 09:19 PM
Dark Templar 8: Actually, Mag Negate is used to cancel Magic Spells and Magnify increases the power of all Magic Attacks within a certain area, and Recharge increases your own energy when it's low, so it can't be used at the begining of a fight.

Oh, and I was fiddling around with the Logo earlier and used Windows Movie maker to make a cool transition scene. Too bad its on another comp....

Smear: I've started some rough sketches of Hekikuu. I'll try and be patient... As a matter of fact I belive you said this about your pic...

*Screams* I WUV IT!!

Okay, I'll PM some people about posting.

The_Missing_Link: I agree, this RPG shouldn't die! And I will Start on Amalthea Arran right after me and Kat (Smeargal) come to an understanding about her Dragon's design.

Wamiyazen Denisu "Saké" & Setsuna

We ran through the jungle, leaping over anything in our path. As we hit a bend in the trail, me and Setsuna ran right into Horus and Faile. The four of us ended up in a huge pile-up.

"We have got to stop meeting like this," I muttered.

"So, 50 in a 30 was a bad idea..." Faile commented.

"Can we get on with this? We have a mad scorceress to stop." Horus stated.

We stood up and started running, following Horus's lead. We came into the clearing just as Zera was thwacked in his solar plexis, and doubled over. He fell back, gasping for some air.

"Bout time Saké!" Kage shouted. "Watch her, she has to be a Rainbow Innate!"

"No," Horus said and me and Faile looked at her. "She's not a Rainbow, she's a Forest Innate!" Setsuna had disappeared again.

"So, you can tell my Innate?" Sherina said, twirling her staff. "Either your senses are strong, or you are a Psychic Innate."

"Very perseptive, but how can a Forest Innate be as strong as you?" Horus replied, demanding an answer.

"Women always get put down. Just because I'm female, doesn't mean I don't have power of my own. So I became stronger to prove to meat-headed males like you that I am better!"

"Oh, put a sock in it!" Chamel replied. "I've been put down my whole life, so you don't have any room to talk about me being meat-headed!"

"Common, let's put her in her place." Kage stated and he and Chamel rushed for Sherina.

Sherina concentrated and we heard her shout "Uplift!" A chunk of pure earth was lifted out of the ground and floated in the air. A managed to see Kage run around it and go into a sweeping kick, trying to take out her legs. Sherina saw him and jumped in a backflip, twirling her staff in her right hand and keeping her hold on the Uplifted earth with her left. Chamel jumped and used the lifted earth as a jumping platform to aim a jump-kick right at Sherina, while she was flipping. What happened next was even too fast for me to see.

Apperently, spinning her staff so fast and hard, she scored multiple hits on both Kage and Chamel's bodies. Kage skidded along the ground after his attack and Chamel fell down on top of him. Bruses showed through every part of their exposed skin.

"A futile attempt, but you are all quite entertaining." Sherina said as she landed on her feet. "But fun-time is over, now we get down to the real fight. Prepare yourselves, for the strongest Forest Magic Attack!" A firey green aura srounded her and spikes started to grow from the ground, getting larger and finally something started to move from the ground. It looked like we were inthe bite-radius of a large mouth! "Carnivore."


Well aren't we in a pickle, or rather, a giant Venus Fly-trap-like monster. Well I'll let you guys work through it. As for me, I still have a new Chapter to write, and I'm not getting many comments... Oh well, I love writting so why am I complaining? ^_^


~Mew Master

Mew Trainer Rose
12th July 2003, 08:11 AM

I stared for a moment at the gigantic mouth made of plant-like material that we were suddenly standing in. The first thing that came to mind was 'Uh-oh, ee're in big trouble.'

Fortunately, the next thing that came to mind was. 'Hey, plants burn. I'm a Fire Innate. Fire + giant plant should equal giant pile of ashes. It's worth a shot anyway.'

I repeated this train of though out loud, for the benefit of any allies who might hear me. Then I shot a Flame Jet at the nearest tooth-like spike, hoping my idea might work.

(OOC: gaah, it's REALLY short, but at least it's an idea and a post. and i don't have time to post anything else anyway. -_-)

13th July 2003, 09:53 PM
*pops in a CD*

Sora Hibari

"A futile attempt, but you are all quite entertaining." Sherina said, landing on her feet. "But fun-time is over, now we get down to the real fight. Prepare yourselves, for the strongest Forest Magic Attack!"

We watched in awe as a green aura erupted around her. The ground lurched, and spikes began to creep up from under the soil, slowly surrounding our group. "Carnivore!"

As we stood there gaping at the apparent 'mouth' that was slowly closing in on us, Vared had a plan of action. "Hey, plants burn! I'm a Fire Innate...Fire plus a giant plant should equal a giant pile of ashes!" She then shot a jet of flame at one of the tooth-like spikes.

Unfortunately, though, the still pouring rain made her attack very limited. ((OOC: X_x';; Den made me point this out)) The 'mouth' froze for a minute, but continued closing in.

"Aww..." I manged to blurt out before...'sssSSNAP!' The jaws of the creature shut around us...
Take it away, Den. My mom is kicking me off the comp, so that's all for now. X_x'

Mew Master
13th July 2003, 10:18 PM
Okay, here I go!

3rd Person

Sherina watched as the Carnivore attack chomped her enemies in one bite. She continued to hold her control, forcing the attack to squeeze harder, either smoothering or sufficating them, she didn't care which.

She continued to exert power so the attack would kill them all.

A rustle above her head grabbed her attention and someone holding a long Naginata came straight down. Sherina side-stepped the attack and wondered who would dare attack her. She had all 11 Pendant Bearers in the jaws of the Carnivore, she was sure.

Because of her distraction, part of her control on the attack was lossened and the plant backed off, just a bit, but just enough.

"Schorch Blade!"

The plant let out an in-human shreik and released its hold. Vared had jammed her spear into the jaws of the plant when it had backed off. Elena dashed from the mouth, the Pendragon Seal giving her the energy that Sherina had given to the attack.

Shrinking away, the plant released its hold on everyone. Although weak and slightly disoreinted, they were okay, and Elena was dashing straight for Sherina.

Sherina blocked both of the Demi-Human's daggers with one block. Vared, however used the opertunity to run around the fighting duo and charge up her Flame Jet once again.

"Flame Jet!"

Sherina saw the flames go and aim for her, but because Elena had her pinned she couldn't move. She could either burn, or be sliced.

The fire slammed into her body, blasting her. She skidded along the ground, burn marks all over her body.

Elena and Vared started to close in on Sherina.

She glared at them all.

Those females, they ruined everything. I could have gotten all the Pendants for Lord Garm. But they had to ruin it! She reached for her flute and blew one note on it.

"Oh, knock it off." Vared commented. "That's not gonna help you."

"No? We shall see."

Then there came a rumbling, faint but then getting louder and stronger. The ground shook as a giant beast of burden burst from the trees.

It's hide was leathery, dark grey. Three pairs of legs each with hooves. The head had three horns, one on the nose and two over the eyes. It had a long tail that was strong enough to knock over two trees in one swipe.

In one quick pass, Sherina was picked up by the Richario and carried off, safe from further attack by everyone...


Well, it did seem to be dragging on, so I figure a change of pace is in order. A few more posts and then next sunday and we shall be shown another challenge!

WHat? too many challenges? Aw, you're no fun.....


~Mew Master

Mew Master
17th July 2003, 07:18 AM
Okay guys, in case you haven't noticed the RPG Awards are up once again, and the Mods have run into a little snag.

Only 4 nomination Ballets have been filled out!!!!

Now common, we need to show the Mods that we appreciate the RPG awards. Even I enjoy the off chance that I may get nominated, but common.

Even basic RPG involvement has dropped drastically over the past two weeks.

Common guys, go out an nominate someone or somthing for some category, they'd appreciate it.

Hmm, has anyone seen Mark at all? I hate it when he goes AWOL like this....

Oh Well. I'll see you guys later.


~Mew Master

Mew Master
17th July 2003, 08:14 PM
Okay, here she is...

Hekikuu, the Sky Dragon God (http://groups.msn.com/df9a9mthhtcbig/chainsofdragons.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=171)

*hands out earplugs*

To save us from SmearGal's intense Screeching....

*puts in Earplugs*

And I won't be spending as much time online. I kinda lost my job as part-time librarian, so neah... hopefully I can get net at home before I go to college.....


PS: Kat, call me when you get the chance...

~Mew Master

Mew Trainer Rose
19th July 2003, 02:30 AM

I stared after her a moment as she left, then burst out. "What? After all that, she's just up and leaving? I mean, sure I'm glad not to be beaten to a pulp by various elematal attacks, but why is she just turning tail all of a sudden?"

"Better not ask, we could use a chance to recuperate." Someone groaned. Then the exaustion caught up and hit me like an avilanche. "I suppose you're right." I muttered, and stumbled off to try to find someplace to get out of the rain.

A while later, we were huddled in another cave; a fairly shallow one, but it kept the rain off us. I had gotten another fire going, and we were drying off, tending wounds, resting, and generally trying to get over the battle.

"So now what do we do?" I asked no one in particular.

"Start heading for Gram's castle again, what else?" Sake repiled.

"I was hoping for somethign that didn't seem quite so painful." I sighed.

Darkmaster Kagemusha
20th July 2003, 06:30 PM
Hehe. Look who's back again. :P. Allllllrightythen. Doesn't look like you guys got very far in the past two weeks, but then that does explain the PM. Anyway, I'll post tomorrow, I'm tired. Bye.

20th July 2003, 08:35 PM
OOC: Hey Denny, can't you call Mark IRL and ask him to post? Or PM him at the least

It was kind of frustrating when your opponent just left in the middle of the battle but at the moment, we were weak and knew we didn't have much of a chance against Sherina. Traveling a bit in the rain, I made a moving dome in which the rain just slid off of us while we were trying to get dry. Ending up in a cave, a fire was built so we could dry off and rest up. Finding myself hungry since we hadn't eaten in ages, I went out to hunt for food. Luckily, the rain muffled my footsteps as I walked through the brush, trying to be quiet. Figuring it would be easier to hunt from above, I climbed into a tree, a bit hard with my glaive but I managed. Jumping from tree to tree, I spotted nothing until I saw a deer grazing on berries on a bush. Shuffling, I figured my glaive could do the whole thing and aimed carefully. Throwing it down, I watched as the deer looked up just in time and dodged away as my weapon hit the ground. I softly cursed and jumped down as the deer started to run away but I got my glaive and released a water blade at her, slamming her into a tree. Walking up as she stood unconsious, I breathed slowly and closed my eyes as I stabbed her in the stomach.

"You have got to be kidding me."
That's all I heard as I dragged in the deer, wet and tired with my glaive tucked away, clean as it got a good rub down from the rain on my way back.
"What?", I asked. "You never had venison?".
Most of the others shook their head as I sighed.
"And I suppose none of you want this?"
They shook their heads, except for Horus and Chamel, who I suppose had this before or weren't afraid to try it.
"Ok then, your loss."
I sat down and worked on skinning the deer, with the help of the other 2. Using a couple of sticks, I put strips of meat over the fire, toasting it. It took a bit, but as soon as the pink died away, I handed 2 sticks of meat to Horus and Chamel as I took my own and blew it a couple of times. Chewing on the meat, I eyed the others as they looked on, dead hungry. It didn't help that I smacked my lips a couple of times and licked my lips.
"mmm, damn good."
It was the breaking point before the others got to work on stripping the insides and cooking it over the fire, ready for a hot meal.

Darkmaster Kagemusha
21st July 2003, 09:58 AM
Kage Ikagaide
I sat down clutching my right side and breathing hard. My biggest injury had been from a tree branch that stabbed into my side, causing a large, jagged gash. I was bleeding, but I don't think anyone noticed through my black clothes. I must have split the stitches that Cassandra put in. After a while, Amal came back with a dead deer. I happened to love venison, but I decided to go along with everyone else so I would have an excuse for not eating. Having a hole in your side doesn't help your appetite. I felt very groggy. After a few minutes, I felt very tired and laid down, then blacked out, my hand covered in blood and my clothing fell to reveal the blood from my wound.

Mew Master
21st July 2003, 06:45 PM
As a matter of fact, I too enjoy venison... I'm just not too fond of cutting and cleaning it though...

Okay, Kage has fallen over and is more of less badly injured....

Oh, and I like to have a Calling Card when I call Mark. he's in Montana and I'm stuck in Kansas.... I've tried to get a hold of him though...

Oh, and I've finally got net at home. know Mark would be happy, if he'd only get on!!

Wamiyazen Denisu "Saké"/Setsuna

"Kage!" Sora shouted and we all looked as he fell to the ground, his clothes drenched in his own blood.

We rushed to his side, ignoring the venison we had been eating.

"Damn, he's bleeding badly," Elena said. "Do we have anything that can stop it?"

"Heal would normally do it, but he's torn open stitches someone put there." Horus replied, taking a look at the wound. "But we're so weak form Sherina's last attack, I don't know if any of us can preform a Heal Spell."

"Damn," Seylin stated. "Sherina's Carnivore attack drained us of all our energy, so we can't do a thing."

"Damn.... it..... all....." Kage mumbled. "I can't .....die like......this."

"Shut up Kage, or else you're gonna kill your self" I said, trying to make sure he didn't move too much.

Through all this, we hadn't noticed that Setsuna, was mumbling something. Too busy worrying about Kage's life in our hands, we had forgoten her.

A slight wind that didn't seem unatural started to get stronger and flowed past us. Then it grew stronger, and we looked where it was comming from.

"That is one strong wind." Chamel commented.

"Please lend me your power,
to save a brave warrior
Who's heart is pure,
and Destiny is sure."

A circle of light surround everyone. and waves of energy flowed up from the encantation.

"RECOVER ALL!" The wind blasted around Setsuna and the circle of light started to shine different colors of the color spectrum.

I started to feel my energy comming back to my body. our aches and pains started to fade and we felt like their old selves. The wound on Kage's body started to heal, less blood flowing from it. It didn't completely heal, but it was a less serious wound now.

The wind died down now, and the giant circle of light disappeared and the jungle returned to normal.

Setsuna, her hands folded near her bossom, opened her eyes, and gave a smile.

"Does everyone.... feel...beetterr....." she started to sway and then fell.

My energy back, I didn't know what else to do. I spun on a heel, my legs still crouched and dashed for her. She landed in my arms and her fall stopped. SHe had exhausted herself, with that one spell. I had never heard of Recover All before. Maybe it was new, maybe it was one of mer special techniques, if she even had any.

Setsuna's eyes were still closed as I gently lowered her on the ground, her breathing slithly labored. Sweat travled down her face.

She opened her eyes and looked up at me. "Sorry about that," she smiled. "It's been so long since I've used that spell and it usually takes a lot out of me."

"Hey, just don't over do it." I replied. "How's Kage?"

"He's better, the wounds smaller and the bleeding slowed. But we can't move him yet." Elena retorted.

"Bull, I can move." Kage said starting to sit up. "I just won't be able to save your hides that much....... uh..." Kage fell back again.

"Kage. Kage!" Some of them shouted.

"His pulse is weak. Almost there." Sora said, feelin by Kage's neck.

"He's not going to die." Horus said and grabbed everyone's attention. "His soul has just left his body..."

"What?" Vared said. "How can that happen."

"It's one of his special Techniques. He can split his body and soul. That's how I knew he wasn't dead. He visited me in a dream." I replied, supporting Setsuna as she stood.

"So what do we do?" Faile asked. "We can't move him but we can't stay in one place for too long."




~Mew Master

Mew Trainer Rose
22nd July 2003, 09:12 AM

I looked at the wound. I racked my brain to try to think of something that could help. I tried to remember somethign I'd once heard about fire and wounds. What was it now...Aha!
"I've got an idea. I could burn the wound shut with hot metal."I said. "It seals the wound and helps prevent infection. Its called cauterizing, I've never seen it done but i've heard of it. I'm sure it'd hurt like crazy, but if his soul left his body maybe he won't feel it. A Scorch Blade would probably do the trick, if i used the flat of the blade. Dunno if i should, tho, i have no idea how long you keep the metal on the wound or anything. And afterward he'd still have the burn to deal with, and any internal injurys he still might have." I sighed. "I wonder if that wound's even serious enough that it's needed. What do you think, guys?" I looked at them, hoping they could help me decide.

Darkmaster Kagemusha
22nd July 2003, 11:16 AM
Kage Ikagaide
I floated lazily around our little campsite. This whole trance thing was beginning to get annoying. "I was gonna say "Cauterize the blasted hole" but I blacked out. Why can't I ever say anything important to them before I go into my Draconian Trance!?" I yelled, though no one could hear me. However, Horus looked up suddenly and glanced around.

"What is it?" Saké asked.

"Uh...nothing. I just thought I heard something," Horus replied quietly.

"Like what?"

"Like someone yelling, but I can't understand the actual words. Plus, it feels like it's just in my head."

"Do you think Kage is trying to talk to us?" Saké asked.

"That's a possibility," Horus said, nodding.

"This is getting annoying," I said to myself. "I can't talk to anyone," I floated over to Saké, grabbed him by his shoulders and shook him while yelling at him; "COME ON ALREADY!!!". To my surprise, Saké's shoulders actually shook and he shuddered almost violently. Horus helped Saké sit down.

"Wh-what was that?" Saké asked.

"I think he wanted your attention. Talk to him."

"But...I can't hear him. What should I do then?"

"Maybe he'll figure it out," Horus said. He patted Saké on the back and walked over to Vared and the others who were about to cauterize the hole in my body's side. I floated over to Saké, wishing that he'd fall asleep so I could talk to him. I hovered right in front of him. He was sitting on a log, still shaking a little.

"Kage...if you can hear me, and I assume you can...DON'T DO THAT AGAIN!" he yelled, laughing. I laughed too.

"Fair enough," I said. Suddenly, I got an idea. If I'm my soul right now, is it a possibility that I could yank Saké's soul out a little so he could see and hear me? "Well, it's worth a shot," I said. First, I consentrated on making my finger solid, though not visible to anyone else. I dragged my finger along the loose dust of the ground in front of Saké and wrote; "Get ready, Saké, this might hurt, but if it works, we'll talk." Then I straightened and turned around to look at Saké again, who was nodding. He steeled himself and I reached out and pressed my hands to the sides of his head. I forced my hands to not be solid and pushed them inside his skull a little bit, then I hit spiritual resistance. I grabbed hold and pulled his soul forward a little. All the time I was doing this, Saké was yelling in pain--apparently it did hurt. Suddenly, his eyes became totally black and his screaming stopped.

"Kage...I can see you..." he said, astonished.

"Then it worked," I replied.

"AH!" he yelled and fell down. "I can hear you too. They're gonna think I've lost it."

"Well, that's almost correct," I said, chuckling.
__________________________________________________ __
__________________________________________________ __

Take it away Denny.

Mew Master
22nd July 2003, 12:17 PM
Wamiyazen Denisu "Saké"/Setsuna

"AHHH! What did you do?!" I shouted.

Kage whacked me over the head. "I pulled your soul part-way out of your body so we could talk!"

"Uh... if you wanted to privately talk to me, YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO TEAR MY SOUL OUT!!!" He hit me again and I finally calmed down.

"Okay, I feel better." I said rubbing my head. "Now what?"

Kage gave me a blank stare. "I didn't think that far ahead..."

If I could have fallen over in Stupidity, I would.

"But I do want you guys to Cauterize the wound. It's the best option we've got."

"Okay. Just one question."

Kage looked at me.

"How do I get back in?"

Kage fell over in stupidity, but kept floating. Then he pushed my head back in and I blacked out.....


"He's coming outta it," Chamel's voice said.

I openned my eyes and to my surprise, Chamel's face was a few inches from my own. Although still hurting form Kage wrenching my sould out I jumped up.

"Don't do that!!" I shouted.

Chamel just laughed. "Yup, he's back to normal."

"Well, what did Kage say to you?" Horus asked as they continued to discuss whether to burn the wound shut.

"He said to cauterize it. It's allright with him."

"Don't worry I could tell something was interacting with your soul and I heard some shouting, so I put two-and-two together." Horus gave a little smile. "This may take a while, rest up Saké, having your soul taken out will leave you a bit weary for a while."

I sat back down, leaning against a tree. [i]So that's what it's like for your soul. Strange... it feels like a dream....." My eyes closed and I went into a dreamless sleep.


~Mew Master

Darkmaster Kagemusha
22nd July 2003, 10:53 PM
Denny you flit! Why for you pass out? :P. Also, back in FanArt, you corrected me for Saké's name...**pouts**I spelled it right, you should give me credit for that :(....:P

Kage Ikagaide
Vared walked over to my body and the spear she held began to glow red. I floated over near her and as soon as I knew the wound was properly cauterized, I poked the back of her neck, causing her to shiver a lot, drop the spear, and try to curl up on herself. I couldn't help but laugh. Saké found out what it feels like to have your soul ripped out (He'll avoid all Soul Takers from now on) and I can poke people and make them make stupid faces. I laughed well, and when I finished, I gave a great sigh. Suddenly, though, I lost control of my trance, and I flew somewhere; somewhere I'd never seen--never knew exsisted. I was floating in front of a giant black stone fortress. It's turrets and walls decorated with gruesome spires and ridges, people hanging from chains. I floated inside the main walls. There were thousands of people, walking with their hands and legs chained, being whipped so they'd work. Inside this fortress was the monster that was Garm's War Machine. Seige engines were being built, armies being amassed. I could see mages conjuring dragons of darkness. I looked over to the main square and saw a young girl, who couldn't have been more than 8 years old, being whipped with a razorchain. "This is intolerable!" I said through clenched teeth. "GAAAAAAARM!!!!!!!!!!!!" I yelled, about to unleash all of the power in my soul, when I suddenly woke up inside my body. I was in a cold sweat and my breathing was labored. Everyone around jumped back with shocked looks on their faces.

"Y-you were in a trance...but you suddenly came back...what happened. Why'd you yell 'Garm'?" Horus asked. I stood up slowly, ignoring the pain in my side from the cauterized wound.

"You don't want to know," I said grimly, walking over to Saké and sitting down by him. He was asleep, and it would promise to be a peaceful, dreamless sleep. Lucky...

Mew Trainer Rose
23rd July 2003, 07:37 AM
*poke* Kage, Vared's got a spear, not a sword. *pokes back of his neck* see how you like it. :P


After Sake said Kage gave the OK, I knelt down by Kage's body. I used Scorch Blade, heading up the head of my spear untill it glowed slightly reddish from the heat. Then, very carefully, I pressed teh hot metal onto the wound. I held it there for what i hoped was long enough, then pulled teh metal back. The skin where teh metal touched was understandably burned, but the wound was closed and there was no more bleeding. I sat back, glad that it had worked. Then all of a sudden I got an doo feeling, like something brushed against my neck or poked it or something. I put my spear down and rubbed the spot with one hand, looking around to see what caused it. Seeing nothing unusual, I shrugged it off and went to eat some more venison. It was actually pretty good, tho i'd never want to actually kill and skin the deer.

Mew Master
23rd July 2003, 11:13 AM
*Laughs at Rose poking Noah in the back of the head*

I love this! More inter-action between chars.... however it's with the same chars who usually post *sigh*

Kage: You pronounced it right, but the proper way for it to be written out is last name then first name.... no really complains. And you can forget about the new count. I don't enjoy being called a "twit", and "flit" isn't even a word! I'm not going to start a count for a word that I've never heard of and probably doesn't exsist. Sorry...

Well, I think it's time I did something for Setsuna, don't you think?

(3rd Person)

The sun started to set on the Hydra Jungle. All kinds of creatures left their roosts for the day to come out and forage for food, hunt, or be hunted. The rain started to finally stop it downpour and let up, showing the colors of the sun as it set.

The Pendant Bearers and Setsuna had made camp in a cave, away from most of the night cratures and their usual doings.

Saké was already in a dreamless sleep, and the others were exhausted by the events of the day. First the storm, trudging around in mud and muck, a double attack by the Shadow Wraiths and Billabugs, then thinking they had lost Kage when he had used his Gravity Malestrome attack, then the fight with Sherina took a lot out of the girls, more so than the guys, Finally it was Sherina's Carnivore attack that had sapped most of their energy. Setsuna's Recover All had given back their physical strength and Magic energy refilled, but they were still mentaly exhausted by all that had happened.

Seylin was asleep, curled up against the rock-wall, Kage was up on watch, looking out at the edge of the jungle. The rest were up, looking at the fire and talking about what had gone on during the day.

Setsuna was sitting up, resting against a staligmite inside the cave. Her eyes were closed and she was in the middle of a dream....

(Setsuna, first person)

It was dark, and I was running. In all of my dreams recently I was running, running for something, running from something, but always running.

I saw shadows moving around me, and laughter. Evil laughter comming from every direction. I ran faster.

Then the shadow's moved, contorted into the shape of a tunnel, but there was no light. I continued running, but I did see something. A figure with light beaming behind him. I know who it is!!

I ran as fast as my legs could go, only he seemed to be getting farther and farther away. No matter how fast I went, I couldn't catch him.

"Father! Wait! Father!!!"

Then the sillouette of my father exploded, pieces falling in every direction. Something had burst out from within him, tearing him apart. I stepped back in shock and horror, ready to break down.

The shape that had ripped out from inside of my father was badly contorted, mis-shapen. It stood up, the same light behind it as it was behind my father. A long neck, spikes jutting out of it, bulky arms with large claws. A crown of horns on the head.

Then, two glowing eyes opened, a demonic red, and the world shattered.

The tunnel, the floor, everything was shattered by a force that blasted everything, and I fell. I continued to fall, not caring about what happened to me.... My fall started to slow and I found myself laying above a reflection. The water rippled away from directly under me, and travled in a perfect circle.

I still couldn't get the image of my father, being torn apart by something out of my mind, I could still see it. Bringing my knees to my chest I curled up, and I cryied.

Something bright flew down to me, travleing downward in a cirlce it neared me. I knew what it was, something that always comforeted me when a nightmare happened. Althought I had never gotten a good look at it, I had seen two pairs of angel wings on a long and graceful body. The eyes had the power to calm and comfort me when everything seemed terrible.

It flew down and started to curl around me, comforting me with its pressence.....


Wamiyazen Denisu "Saké"

I opened my eyes and sat up. A pain still in my head from Kage ripping my soul out, it still left a shiver up my spine. Feeling better, I stood up and walked towards the campfire. I saw Seylin asleep, and Kage standing by the cave enterence.

I walked up behind Elena and tapped on her shoulder.

To my expected surprise, she jumped.

"Don't do that Denisu!" she shouted, hugging a staligtite.

"You're still as jumpy as ever," I commented and took a seat near where she was once sitting.

She dropped down and landed behind me, then she took her seat.

"I'll get you," she said with her look.

"So what's everyone been talking about. Sorry for passing out on you like that." I rubbed the back of my head with an "I'm Sorry" look.

"It'sokay man," Chamel replied. "We all need a little R&R."

"At this rate I doubt we'll even make it to Garm's castle stronghold at all." Faile dommented, chewing on a piece of the deer. "If that was his first Elite Warrior, then It's going to be a difficult fight."

"Sherina wasn't the first." I interupted. "First there was Karsh, and Kenji."

Everyone looked at me.

"Hey hey! don't look at me like that! Me and Kage met them. Well, Karsh attacked Hano first. He was taken out, but I don't remember a thing about it."

"Same thing here," Kage commented. "Kenji attacked me and Saké in Direwood and one of us took him out. But I don't know how it happened."

"So how many of these Elite Warriors are there?" Sora asked.

"Well if they're Elite," Vared stated. "Then there wouldn't be that many."

"So a limited number," Horus commented, thinking. "More than three, but less than 10."

"How do you figure that?" Zera asked.

"Based on the size of the army ambushes he's sent after us, they are great in number, but not large enough to overthrow a kingdom. Now there are always top-ranking warriors to lead such men. Karsh, Kenji, and Sherina are three. Now there has to be more than three in order to formulate an effective team-work effort. Now, there can't be too many top-rank, or else they would never reach an effective agreement."

"So how many more do we have to fight?" Amal asked, eating some cooked ribs.

"Unsure... maybe... 6." Horus said, glancing out to the jungle. "And if Sherina was just number 3, then we are in for a whole lotta trouble..."


Mew Master
23rd July 2003, 01:31 PM
Uh, guys, I got some news...

Mark has joined the Air-Force, and will be shiped out to Japan in November.

Where did I get this news? From one of his friends.....

Mark has been busy for the past few weeks and that's why he hasn't been on or answered my PMs.

Dang it!!! He never told me, and I had to find out like this?!!

Mark usually tells me what's going on, but he never mentioned this..... GRRRR!!!!

*roars like Godzilla and destorys some innocent city no one's ever heard of*

*huff* *huff*

I feel better..... *falls over*

~Mew Master

Darkmaster Kagemusha
23rd July 2003, 02:44 PM
**Sighs** I'm jokin' about the flit thing. And it is a word, though it can be taken as just a weird statement (Meaning you fly around too much) or an insult (Your brain flutters around a lot). Anyway **shrugs**. Sorry about Vared's weapon, I've been gone a lot this summer and can't devote so much of my memory to this rpg, which is unfortunate. **Turns on alarms** WARNING: SHORT POST AHEAD.

Kage Ikagaide
I sighed after hearing the conversation inside the cave. Probably three more elites. We won't make it to the stronghold without some sort of miracle! I thought angrily. And if we don't make it to the stronghold, I can't kill Garm...and can't stop his torture...and can't get her back! I punched a tree, shattering and splintering the wood and causing the tree to snap and lean over. Saké ran out of the cave, looking surprised.

"What'd the tree do?" he asked. My mood was too dark to be amused, though I would have been normally.

"I'm gonna take a walk," I said quietly before walking out into the woods. I heard Saké sigh and thought I heard him mutter something about secrets. Once I thought I was out of earshot of everyone, I punched another tree, and it too splintered and creaked. I swung my arm in a powerful backhand and smashed the tree in half. Turning with my swing, I sent my left foot up and sent a strong kick crashing into another tree, uprooting it and causing it to lean significantly. I continued my rampage, smashing and crashing through trees and thorns. I stopped and gave a great yell. I put my arms straight out in front of me and a large orb of shadow energy gathered there. "SHADOW NEEDLES!" I yelled, sending hundreds of foot long long shards of darkness which punched splinter-edged holes through trees which then began to blacken. My breath was labored, my chest heaved, sweat drenched me. But I felt better. I sighed and plopped down right there. I leaned back against a tree stump and sighed, then smiled. "I hope you saw that Garm, wherever you are, because that's going to be coming at you very soon."
__________________________________________________ __
__________________________________________________ __

I felt like venting. I'm not sure why, but I felt like it. And yeah, that was a BIG Shadow Needles attack, which he'll later call Shadow Shards, because the Needles are huge and there's a lot of them. Don't worry, he won't wipe himself out again using it ;).

Mew Master
24th July 2003, 07:08 PM
Okay, now for an RPG related post.

Every character can have up to 5 Special Techniques. No more, and I don't want less.

I'd consider thinking about these carefully because making them too quick isn't a good idea.

And the bad news... Kage possibly maxed out with this next move.... Or there's a way around that rule.

The strength of Magic on Jakarta depends on the heart.

In this last scene *points up* Kage was really PO'ed and there-fore his Shadow Needles usually small, got larger and caused more damage. Therefor his Shadow Needle Attack got a small boost from his anger and frustration and decimated several trees.

Any Questions?

Mew Master
28th July 2003, 12:36 AM



*pokes everyone rapidly*

*huff* *hufff*

What is with everyone? Meh, i should start tallying up posts to see who's posted more. And I'll only count the RPG related posts, no OOC.

Meh. WHy me? This is actually my first RPG that's lasted more than three months, but mostly to dedicated RPers, (no names will be mentioned) I was hoping this would be a long-lasting RPG.

Meh. I think I'll go to bed....


~Mew Master

Mew Trainer Rose
28th July 2003, 07:59 AM
Oh, by the way Denny, flit is a word. *Pulls out dictionary and looks for "flit"* Hmm, flint, flip, flirt...ah, here it is, flit. "flit (flit) v. 1. To move or fly rapidly and lightly; dart; skim. 2. To pass away quickly. - n. A flitting movement." *Closes dictionary and tosses over her shoulder. A random RPer is hit over the head by the heavy book.* There. Enough of that. onto RPing...


After Kage got back from his walk, or rather, from the sound of it, smashing half the forest down, we settled in for the night, as it we weren't in much condition to travel anyway, even tho sundown was a couple hours away. We kind of lazed around, not doing much, mostly lost in our own thoughts or chatting idly untill one by one people fell asleep. I volunteered to stay awake and take the first watch, and nobody complained. I kept the fire going while I was up, and spent a lot of time staring out of teh cave, thinking about teh events of the last couple days and trying to figure out what might happen next.
When someone else took a turn on watch, i lay down but still couldn't sleep for a while. When i finally did fall asleep, my dreams were full of vaguely treatening shapes, moving about in a haphazard manner.
In the morning, we ate some more of teh venison, cooked some to take with us, and set off for Garm's castle again.

OOC: bleh, short, but we should get going.

28th July 2003, 02:24 PM
...I like venison...*mumbles stuff about turky jerky*

*points and laughs at random RPer*


*abruptly growls and chomps Den*

I'd gladly post if SOMEBODY *glare glare* would give a hint of where we're going. I take it we're meeting the Saurians now? I'm going to post almost EXACTLY how you were telling me we were going to meet them. And they're going to speak in Shessenthgli. And if you have a problem with that, then go pout in a corner.
Sora Hibari

I yawned sleepily as the sun came over our little 'campsite.' Slowly, one by one, we popped awake and did our little morning routines. We ate breakfast (some leftover venison), cooked some fresh meat, and started back off towards the end of the Hydra Jungle.

"Ahh...no more rain..." I said happily to myself. Now that the sound of rain wasn't pounding in my ears, I could hear the sound of birds chirping, and other creatures bustling about.

We walked mostly in silence, every now and then pointing out a random plant, or interesting bug. I was about to show Elena a very peculiar plant that looked very much like a Venus Fly-Trap, when I noticed she wasn't standing next to me anymore. Looking around, I saw her a ways back, her feline ears combing back and forth.

"What's up?" Saké asked her.

"I...no..." She mumbled, looking around with a confused expression. "I thought...I heard something..."

We continued on, a little more wary. I grabbed my Kama and had it ready. Last time Elena heard something, the boys had gone mad and attacked us. Stealing a glance every now and then, I saw her ears continue to listen to something to our right...But soon the overgrowth of the forest made it nearly impossible to hear anything but our stomping and hacking our way through it all.

We paused to rest maybe half an hour later. We each grabbed a slice of venison and began eating and chatting quietly. Suddenly, a twig snapped.

Instantly we were all on our feet, weapons poised. But something was already holding their weapons against us. Ten, maybe twenty glaives were all pointed at us, who had, instinctively, gone back to back. Eyes were blinking at us from within the bushes.

"Aw, what the hell is THAT?" Kage yelled. I turned to look and gasped. It had to be a Demi-human. It was tall, sleek, and unlike most animals we had encounterd, it stood like a human. But aside from that, it was completely reptillian. It had long clawed arms, and its feet were armed with very sharp looking claws. Its raptor-like head was eyeing us with a look of deadly calm. "Tesswha nesshuthma sessdare oesst ressenthte ressou meessho?" It hissed quietly, glaring at us.

Everyone automatically looked to me. I shrugged, staring at the reptillian creature. "It's...not any language I know of..."

It cocked its head to the side, then grinned a very toothy smile. "Uessyo!" He shouted to one of the glowing eyes. "...Oessg messinthfor essth Gesskin tesstha eessw veessha meessso sessguethst..."
No need to thank me. X.x'
Shessenthgli Translations:
Tesswha nesshuthma sessdare oesst ressenthte ressou meessho? = What humans dare to enter our home?
Uessyo! = You!
Oessg messinthfor essth Gesskin tesstha eessw veessha meessso sessguethst. = Go inform the King that we have some guests.

Mew Master
28th July 2003, 03:32 PM

Meh, I would have done it slightly different, but other than that, no complaints from me.

Now YOU go pout in the corner, and I'll laugh at whoever got hit in the head with Rose's Dictionary.

*promptly points and laughs*

Anyway... on with the show... Oh, forgot something....

Saurian Grunt (http://groups.msn.com/df9a9mthhtcbig/chainsofdragons.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=177)

Name: Saurian
Height: 7 feet
Length: 8-11 feet
Weight: 1000-2000 lb
Appearence: Mostly green in color, they can be a wide varaity of colors. Orange, black, dark blue.
Powers/Weapons: Impervious to magic, they are skilled fighters with weapons and their claws.
Other: Extremely intellegent, these creatures speak Shessenthgli their native tongue, but can also speak English and Draconain. They are one of the most ancient races on Jakarta. They speak with a slurred reptilian "hiss" on the "s."

Okay, despite the name I gave the soldier, the Saurains are highly intellegent Demi-Humans. They are able to use slight vocalization and body launguage to mount a successful ambush on anything. (think JP3 Raptors and you'll get my point). The armor is red and blue while the main skin color is green with a white underbelly and tail.

This is just a rough idea of the creature, and should be hunched over in future sketches. ACK!!! I almost forgot too.

Amal, Sketches (http://groups.msn.com/df9a9mthhtcbig/chainsofdragons.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=175)

Amalthea Arran (http://groups.msn.com/df9a9mthhtcbig/chainsofdragons.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=176)

Yes, I have Amal done, and I am currently looking for the best pose for Kaia. This could take a while. I also have the Pendragon Seal designed and it is on the right side of the Saurian's armor (the Saurian's right, your left, get it, got it? goooood)

I shall be busy working on Kaia, as well as the Saurian King, Talon, and his top Adviser, Silas (I wanted it to be Slash or Blade... but........meh?) I'll have those finished ASAP.

Okay, now for RPing... (I'll post a recap of what's happened from the very beginning soon, so some of the ppl who are confused and lost can get back on track)

Wamiyazen Denisu "Saké"/Setsuna

We stood there, surrounded on all sides by giant bi-pedal reptiles with some nasty looking Glaives and Spears.

"Does anyone have any clue, what the hell they're saying?" Kage muttered, gritting his teeth.

"I don't know," Sora replied. "It's not any launguge I've ever heard."

"We can take them," Chamel stated, standing his back to us.

"Do you have a death-wish you stupid chameleon?" Faile snapped back. "They have us outnumbered and they could have even more hidden around us."

"They completely surrounded us, I thought I heard something." Elena commented.

"I cannot sense their Magic Energy, or even if they have an Innate." Horus added.

I heard Kage grip his claws, to get ready to whip them out. Quickly I put a hand on his shoulder. "Wait."

"What? Are you crazy?"

"You want to wait until they've sliced us up and flambaed us?" Chamel asked.

"No, we should stay and wait to see what happens, if we run in blindly, then we may get our heads whacked off." I stated.

"That may happen to us anyway, you see they way they're looking at us?"

Just then, not ten minutes after one was dispatched and left, a different one appeared. It trotted up to the one who seemed to be in charge. In several hissing sentences it talked to the leader. The leader glared at us and then said, in very "hissy" english.

"Ssshackle up the humansss. And guard over the Demi-Humansss."

Just then Elena, Chamel, Horus, and Zera where pulled away and the rest of us were shackled. Kage wasn't very happy.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?! I'M A DEMI-HUMAN TOO!!" He was proud of this fact, appearently.

The leader of the reptiles stepped over and the snout came within an inch of Kage's face. Then we heard it sniffing and snortin.

"He iss a Demi-Human, realessse him and placcce him with the othersss." Kage was unshackled and literally thrown towards the other Demi-Human Pendant Bearers.

Then we were carted off, our weapons taken from us, as was the rest of our food. At least they didn't take our pendants.

The leader walked along side us as we were lead. "Don't worry," the creature said, stiffling a laugh. "You sshould be privilaged. You have been given a chanccce to live a little longer." Then he started laughing, an inhuman reptilian laugh.

"Are you going to kill us?" Vared asked.

"If you're lucky, and no one who entersss the Ssssaurian'sss terrirtory is ever lucky. Our King shall see what to do with you Humansss."

Seylin said, with his dry humor. "Yup, they're going to kill us."

We were trotted off, unsure of our own fate. It was up to the Gods now.....


Will we be killed? Or will we be spared? Only the Saurian King will tell us.

Part IV: Hidden City of the Saurains: Deadly Jungle Battle


~Mew Master

Mew Master
29th July 2003, 10:35 PM
Okay, time for the Re-cap I told ya I'd do.

What Has Gone Before:

Welcome to Jakarta, a planet very similar to earth, except for a few minor details. Different animals, Magic, and gods.

4000 years ago, a battle raged between an evil force, and the gods. The gods won, but at what price.

The evil force was sealed up in a magical pendant, to remain there for all time. But the Gods would have to sacrafice their own freedom, and have their bodies, spirits, and power in Pendants. Blasting into the crust of Jakarta, the great evil was sealed under tons of earth and rocks, while the Gods pendants gently floated down and were given to be under the protection of certain mortals.

Now it is 4000 years later, and an evil force is after the pendants once again. By a twist of fate, the Pendants have landed in the hands of 11 skilled teenage Warriors, each with their own skills and personalities.

Wamiyazen Denisu: Prefers to be called "Saké", he is a rash and heroic person who is willing to put his own life on the line.

Ikagaide Kage: A street fighter with a deadly fighting style. His fists are like steel and his feet are like fire.

Vared: Somewhat shy, but not afraid to speak a question, her burning temper and deadly spear attacks take down the enemies quick.

Hibari Sora: A girl who's most striking attraction, is the way she swings her scythe.

Amalthea Arran: He Glaive may be her most dangerous weapon, or maybe it's her natural way to hit people over the head.

Chamel: A chameleon Demi-Human who has something to prove, and nothing to lose.

Elena Kai-Prae: A feline Demi-Human with a composed stature, and deadly swiftness.

Hatsuki Seylin: One boy who's icy with people, may just end up thawing as he meets the others.

Zera Leonhart: Quick on his feet, and even quicker with his Blade.

Horus: A psychic with unknown powers, and a mysterious person he cares deeply about.

Faile Thundersong: A girl with a deadly temper, she'll cut you down where you stand, if her arrows don't get you first.

The indepent towns of Direwood Forest are assulted by forces sent by Garm. Leaving thier homes the 11 Pendant Bearers make their ways through Direwood Forest and end up meeting up together, however the meeting was cut short by one of Jakarta's most deadly creatures, the Thunder Lizard.

After a close call the Pendant Beares made their way to Termania. After a single night of some R&R Termania is invaded and the Pendant Bearers are split up and have to find a way out of the Sea Town.

The confussion sent everyone towards the Draconain Ruins, where more questions were raised than were answered. Then the decision was reached to head east, through the Hydra Forest, a legendary area that no man ever entered and left alive.

Just as they left that morning a raging Thunderstorm blocked out the sky and drenched everyone in rain. After two ambushes by Billabugs and Shadow Wraiths, Kage sub-consciously used Blackhole and caused everyone to think that he had sacraficed himself, when in truth he was still alive.

Trying to put Kage's death behind them, the others are ambushed by Sherina, one of Garm's Elite Warriors. Using her enchanted flute she took control of the men's bodies and forced them to hunt down the girls. Several fights later, someone, it is unsure who, played several notes that lifted the enchatment on the men.

The following fight consised with Sherina ended when the Warrior, blind-sided by a joint attack from Vared and Elena, went running. This gave the warriors some time to lick their wounds.

The very next day, after starting out on a fresh day, the Pendant Bearers are ambushed by an ancient race of beings called Saurians, who capture them and are now taking them to the Saurian King....

Okay, there is the entire Re-Cap for pages 1-16.


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31st July 2003, 12:51 AM
Wamiyazen Denisu "Saké"/Setsuna

We were lead through the jungle. Shackled and bound, the Saurians seemed to get a kick out of making the humans of our group suffer, hitting us with the butts of their weapons. they made Setsuna fall over, TWICE! And I was peeved.

It was another ten minutes before the Saurains started to get in another formation around us, this one more for show and we soon found out why.

The grunts in the front started letting out honking roars and then they pulled back some bushes.

THere everyone froze. A utopia was standing out against the ruggedness of the jungle. Several temples, pure white with different colors painted on the sides stood out while smaller dewlings exsisted surrounding them. Roads ran through all of the city, criscrossing into patchwork patterns. Three cannals ran through the sicy, distributing water to all of the residences.

A push and we were lead down the hill.

Minutes later we were being lead through one of what had to have been the main streets. Saurians of different dark shades turned their reptilian heads towards us an stared. Hissing conversation ensured between some of the taller creatures. The smaller ones, children, jumped in excitement and cocked their heads from left to right. They let out sqwaks or excitement as we walked by.

"I can't belive it," I heard Faile commenet, because she was never one for words. "An entire city, hidden in the jungle."

"Maybe they've lived here for a while." Selyin said, looking around.

"Wouldn't they have been discovered by now?" Vared asked.

"No, anyone who enters the Hydra Forest disappears and is never heard from again." Setsuna said, a glum look on her face.

We continued to go through the streets but it wasn't long until a chant started to rise up through the crowd watching us.

"Thessdea oesst eessth sesshuthman! Thessdea oesst eessth sesshuthman! Thessdea oesst eessth sesshuthman! THESSDEA OESST EESSTH SESSHUTHMAN!!"

"I don't like the sound of that chanting." Chamel commented as they were still lead through teh city, only now we were being shouted at, teeth showing and nashin.

That was easy for Chamel to say, he Kage Elena, Horus, and Zera weren't shackled and now, weren't being pelted with furit, like we were.

We were now being lead towards a giant temple. Stairs went right up to the top were there was a group of Saurians standing there. Marched up to the top a crowd gathered by the base of the temple, still chanting, "THESSDEA OESST EESSTH SESSHUTHMAN!! THESSDEA OESST EESSTH SESSHUTHMAN!!"

Finally we reached the top and the Saurains pushed us down onto our knees, forcing us to bow. I glanced up at the one we were bowing at

The Saruain was an orange color, with black stripes running down its back and to the end of the tail. A black coloring was around both eyes, and a full crown of feathers was on its head. Dressed in different armor or clothes as the soliders it did have a similar symbol that the Saurians had on the left side of their armor, plastered right on the middle of its chest.

The chanting got louder and louder and finally he thrust is arms wide, silencing the crowd. This had to be the king.

Then the king stepped down, followed by another Saurian who looked more muscular and larger built. He looked down at us and kneeled, his hed got close to my face.

Then in another hissy voice, he said, "Who are you, and why have you entered our territory?"

"We... We came here getting away from people chacing us."

"He lies! They come here to scout our territory and report back to his leader!" said the other Saurain standing by the king. "King Talon, we must exicute these Humans as quickly as possible, and enslave the Demi-Humans."

A chill went up my spine. We couldn't die here. Not now! We had come too far.

Talon, the King, moved a claw towards my head and I froze, just imagining what those sharp claws could do. They smoothed along my neck and then they pulled up. To my surprise Talon's claws had caught my Pendant's string! Then I realized, if they killed us, the Pendants would no longer have anyone or anything to protect them.

"You... You can't kill us!" I said, grabbing the king's attention.

"Begging for mercy?!" the other shouted. "It won't work. We are known for our heartless killings."

"We don't beg for mercy!" Kage shouted, forcing the Saurian Guards to hold him back.

"Yeah! You can't just kill us!" Chamel stated.

"Really?" Talon spoke again. "Why can't we kill you?"

He pulled the string off my neck and held it by his claws. I saw his eyes go over the Crystal and the golden Dragon sleeping on it.

"Even if you kill us, we'll still guard the Pendants with our lives!" I shouted.

The King looked at me, then the crystal, and then at everyone else.

"Stand them up."

We were pulled to our feet, okay wrenched would be the word and forced to stand straight up. Then the king walked around, looking at the Humans and then at the Demi-Humans of the group. Looking at the Pendants.

"Take the Pendants off the humans and give them to the Demi-Humans. Send the Humans into the dungeon, I shall see them later. I will have a private audience with the Demi-Humans immediatly." Then he turned on a claw and let us pass.

Our pendants were taken off and given to our Demi-Human friends, at least we knew they woudl be safe with them. We were carted off to the dungeon while they were going to be given an audience with the king.

As we walked past I over heard a small part of conversation between the king and the other one that had followed him.

"Tesswha eessar uessyo ngessdothi? Llesski messthe!"

"Silas, Iess veessha desslisthtene oesst ressyou ceessadthvi ghessenou, Iess llesswi leesshanthd sessthi. Lyessperthson'k'al."

Marched up we were seperated from Elena, Chamel, Kage, Horus, and Zera and lead down a downward series of stairs until we came to jail cells. The place smelled of mildew. A single cell was openned and I could feel the shackles being taken off of us.

I rubbed my wrists and looked at the guards. "Gee thanks...!?" My sentence was cut short as I was pushed into the cell and fell face-first on the hard stone floor. I rolled over just in time to feel Setsuna fall right on top of me, letting out an "Oof!"

"Sorry," she said starting to get back up.


Then the cell door was shut with a loud slam.

"Feel honored," the guard snorted. "Our king has never shown any mercssy towards Humansss at all. YOu may get to live an extra day." He turned and walked away.

We heard the others being shoved into their own cells.

"Are you hurt?" I asked.

"No, no I'm fine," she replied getting off me and sitting down on the floor.

Damn, now we were stuck in the dungeon and our only hope was the Demi-Humans. I just hope they could vouch for our lives....


Okay, about King Talon, he is very understanding and will listen, while his advisor Silas doesn't like any strange creatures and thinks that we all be put to death. Common, vouch for us guys....


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31st July 2003, 09:17 AM
Just to...point out, Den...

...*surpressed giggling* You misspelled quite a few words there...

*laughs insanely* You said DEATHTH! In the chant, they were chanting Deathth! And you were also saying Humathns. I think you got confused on the translations, here...Yah, I quote:

Deathth tho the humathns? O.o';; It sounds lisp-y.

I'll give you the correct words for the story, but I'll let it slide in here.

"Death to the humans!"
"Thessdea oesst eessth sesshuthman!"
Silas' sentence:
"Tesswha eessar uessyo ngessdothi? Llesski messthe!"
Talon's reply:
"Silas, Iess veessha desslisthtene oesst ressyou ceessadthvi ghessenou, Iess llesswi leesshanthd sessthi. Lyessperthson'k'al."

^________^';; Thar we go, now that that's cleared up, I can rest peacefully. X.x'


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*pokes MM* =) I suppose the Demi-humans should start slaving away? Yep.=P


As I watched Sake and the others be dragged away, we were dragged somewhere else.
" Hey! We didn't even do anything." I snapped. Though I didn't have my sword, which was taken away, I could perform a metal blast....
" You will waiiittt until King Talom summmoons youu." The Saurian hissed. The Saurians guarded the cell, waiting until after a while, they let us out. They led us to a chamber where the King was, and his adviser glared at us from behind him.
" What brings you here! The city of the Saurians is to remain hidden!" The King thundered. I glared at him, ready to jump on my feet and fire a metal blast. The Saurian guard jabbed my leg, forcing me to sit down again.
" Damn." I was peeved.

=) How's that? ~_~


Darkmaster Kagemusha
31st July 2003, 01:56 PM
Spiffy. BTW, I'm gonna try and let you see my rendition of the Saurian armor and weaponry. If it won't attach, I'm sorry, it's not my fault :P

Kage Ikagaide
We were all led up to the King's throne while our friends were dragged down to the dungeons. Well aren't they prejudice against normal humans. I thought.

"Now then. You Demi-Humansss are here with those Humansss. Why isss that?" the King asked.

"Becaussse even Demi-Humanssss are being turned to evil!" the King's advisor hissed, angrily.

I glared at him. "We are here on a mission to defeat Garm. All of us carries a Pendant that has been passed through the generations to us, along with the weapons we carry. We mean you no harm, all we want to do is get to Garm's fortress!" I said. "Our Human friends have done nothing wrong. And they are our friends."

"Your ssstory ssseemsss truthfull. However I'm wondering why Demi-Humansss befriended Humansss. I realize that if you want to defeat Garm, you'll need help, but why Human friendsss? Why not keep yourssselvesss ssseperate?" the King asked in his deep but hissing voice. I could understand why he was the king.

"We accept our differences and at least make attempts to get along. After we've been through so much together, we've become close friends, and it would all be for nothing if they died," Elena said.

"I'll think thisss over tonight. You shall be taken to cccellsss in the dungeonsss across from your friendsss," he said, and waved us off. As we left with the guards, I heard the King's advisor speak in their hissing language in a way that conveyed great distrust.

"This is gonna be a loooong night," I said quietly to myself.

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31st July 2003, 08:48 PM
Ok people, I have some anouncements of my own, First, I am geting married... opps, did that one slip, na' just kidding with ya all! I'm not really getting married, but I am doing something with what we would call our life. I joined the Air Force so I could serve my country (doing that behind a computer monitor) and to travel to Japan. I plan to be stationed at the base we have in Isowa, Japan. After four years are up, if I like what I do, I will reinlist, but, I still plan to make my plan of creating Dream into a reality. It should start off as a manga, so look for it ina' few years, it will obviouslly be called Dream. If it passes the manga test, it will under-go the next, and most important part of the process. It will be turned into a animation. (notices that all are sleeping) Ok, now that is taken care of, lets let these Saurian warmongers have it!

The night was calm, despite the situation. It was late so most of the village was sleeping, there were what sounded like threee to four guards about. Obviously patroling the cell coridor. Chamel and most of the gang had fallen asleep. Only two remained awake.

"Hey, Sake. what should we say or do tommarrow?" asked Kage.

"Just do what you would normally do..." replied Kage.

"But I don't have my gauntlets!" replied Kage.

There was a groan from Sake's cell.

"Well, obviously don't do that! Just nagotiate with them for your freedom, and if you can, ours as well."

There was a bang on both doors that woke up Elena and Chamel.

"Sssilenccce human and demi, or we will sssilencce you!" hissed one of the guards.


Things settled down, and night soon turned to day. The group of humans stayed in the cells while the demi-humans were forced to audience with the king. They arrived in the throne room where upon the throne (if ANYONE starts thinking of the john, you shall be beaten with a plunger, and the man beating you is named Mario) sat the king.

"Ssso, you are the pendant bearersss that the human garm ssseeksss?" hissed the king in a inquiring tone. (If thats possible)

Elena was going to be the first one to answer.

"Yes, we are those people that he seeks. We swore a oath to our parents that we would guard the pendants that he would use to destroy the lands and bring darkness to those lands!" roared Elena.

The king did some thinking, he paced back and forth, pondering...

"Ssso, if I wasss to sssay, randsssom thossse pendantsss. The human Garm would come?" implied the king.

"Not only would he come, but he would bring his armies here to destroy your village and shrine, and take the lives of the villagers! Keeping us here only brings you more danger than we're worth, so just let us go so we can lure Garms forces away from your village!" I roared.

"How dare you ssspeak to our king like that!" hissed one of the lackies, (I refuse to call them "grunts") as it raced to silence Elena and myself.

"Ssstop, our you will go into a cccell with the humansss!" hissed the king as he came down some steps that led to the throne (COUGH). The king came face to face with Elena, he glared into her eyes, as if searching for the truth. Then he came to mine. I felt as if something had become lodged in my head (however that feals), the king was seaching my thought now, and past. He saw the land shark, the liutnent of Garm, and my history with humans. He stepped back and went back to the throne. (COUGH) He was pondering, thinking deeply, and finally he spoke.

"The demi'sss do not lie. They all ssspeak the truth. I have ssseen their quessst thusss far, thisss human named Garm hasss no mercccy." hissed the king in a quiet tone.

There were murmers from around the room. Hissing and speaking the native tounge.

"I ssshall let you and your human friendsss passss through today, but, you mussst never come back to thessse landsss or I ssshall run my clawsss through all of you!" hissed the king.

We all heaved a sigh of relief at the same time.

"But why are we letting thessse humansss pass, why not randsssome the pendantsss they bear to bargain with thisss human?!" hissed one of the council members.

"Becaussse thisss human isss jussst the type of human that we fear. The differenccce with thisss on isss that he hasss a army that out numbersss oursss and isss merccciless." hissed the king.
(man, I've said that alot already.)

"We can ssstand to thisss humansss forccce! We have done in the passst." hissed one of the older council members.

"I'm afraid not Sssthnor, thessse humansss that he comandsss have more advanccced weaponry than what we have. He can kill an entire village with ssseven men. I sssaw thisss in thisss onesss eyesss." as the king points to Kage.

"Hey, how could you have done that with out looking into my eyes?!" snarled Kage.

"You ssshare a bond with thossse around you, and I wasss able to tap that and read your thoughtsss asss well asss thossse around you." hissed the king. (thats like the seventh time I typed that!)

"Bond?! I share no bonds, my only goal is to kill the man named Garm!" roared Kage with a booming voice.

"You do not underssstand yet? If you are to defete the human Garm, you mussst ssstand togeather, or you ssshall fall togeather." hissed the king. (Ok, I have come up with a plan, the number 1 is going to represent the typing: "hissed the king")

"What do you mean by this?!" roared Kage. (not again)

"You will underssstand in time young one. Sssoon you will underssstand..." 1. (read above text to understand <-, if you already have, good. Now we continue)

"Enough of the riddles reptile (not the mortal kombat reptile), you bore me with such speach, just give us our weapons and we will leave in peace." demanded Kage.

"Hey man, you should lighten up, he just spared us AND our human friends ya' know" I commented.

"Maybe your right, I just need to get out of here, our path is hard and what ever trail we walk gets destroyed..." said Kage.

"What do you mean by that?" implied Elena.

"Think about it Elena! Everywhere we go, someone gets hurt, Termina, the shrine, where we once lived..." said Kage, trailing off at the end.

"King, we wish to get our gear and we will leave immediatly, we thank you for sparing our lives as well as the lives of our friends." I said.

"Think nothing of it, jussst leave our people and never return." 1.


We were taken to our friends who were still in there cells. One of the guards asked: "Do we get to kill the humansss now?"

The king appeared behind him, staring strait, he opened the doors to the cells and our friends in the cells came rushing toward us.

Sake went to Kage, "Tell me, how did you do it?" he asked.

"Here isss your gear, now begone and never return to thisss land, or elssse!" 1. As our gear was handed to ur by the guards, they seemed to have a confused look upon their faces. We gathered up our gear, checked and double checked to make sure that it was all there. All gear was there.

"Aw, no food, such hospitality these creatures have!" I hissed as we left sight of the village.


Your num13er is up...

Darkmaster Kagemusha
31st July 2003, 10:04 PM
You made Kage sound evil! He's not. Viscious, maybe, but only in battle. The only way he'd act like that would be if he were to not sleep for three days. I'm not gonna post yet, due to the fact that the Saurians have played such a small part so far and I'm wonderin' what Denny wants to have them do next. Anyway, unless we all die, I'll cya tomorrow.

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1st August 2003, 01:11 AM

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Meh, maybe I can still save this.... ACK!!!!

Wamiyazen Denisu "Saké"/ Setsuna

"That was strange..." I commented as Chamel retold the story for the fourth time.

"What?" he asked.

"Well, the King sure didn't seem to sound like that when we were taken prisoner for the first time." I stated. "He seemed more of a collected individual."

"I got that impression too, like he had a different personality." Elena said.

"What?" Horus said, standing still. "We've got company!"

Then we were surrounded, again, on all sides by Saurian Grunts.

"Hey, we're leaving!" Chamel said. "I thought that was what your King wanted?"

"Our King hass not made that decccisssion." The Grunt in charge replied. "Inssstead hisss advisssor made it for him. We have been ordered to bring you back."

"What?! Why?!" Kage asked.

"Because," said another Saurian that stepped through the bushes. It was King Talon himself. "There is trechery inside my city, and I will need the Pendant Bearers to help me uncover it."

* * *

Later we were back inside the main temple, inside the King's Chambers.

"Please, I ask that you excuse my adviser's actions. I was not feeling well this morning and he took it upon himself to come to a decision." The King walked towards a large tapestry hanging on the wall. "He distrusts any outsiders, esspecially humans, and made the decision for the best interests of all of the city."

I looked at the tapestry and tried to examine it. It was a weaving of a four-winged Dragon, the symbols for the 11 Elements floating around it.

"Ahh, you are looking at this tapestry?" He walked towards it and placed one of his clawed hands on the material.

"Years ago, back when this Jungle was small and undiscovered, We Saurains were once the rulers of the planet. But Humans started gaining in number and soon pushed out most of our brethren, killing them or enslaving them. They destroyed forests, homes and most of our way of life."

"Our ancestors started a nomadic search for a haven from the Humans. They Prayed to the Dragon Godess, and their prayers were answered. They happened onto this area of the Jungle. Thick and unbearable to most senient species, but perfect for our kind. They toiled and worked hard to transform the area into the City you see here. A true Utopia," Talon started walking towards one of the windows and looked out of it. "A haven for every Saurain Race that has ever exsisted."

"This is all very interesting," Kage commented. "But what are you going to do with us?"

Talon's lips curled into a smile. "First, I will offer you a Royal apology for my adviser's rashness in your sentencing, and then I have an announcement for every citizen of this city. The most important news, reguarding you my friends."

We walked back towards us, and I could see a look in his eyes of warm-heartedness. "You which hold the Pendants, you have in your possesion, in your protection, powers that you cannot even Imagine, let alone comprehend." He made eye contact with everyone. "Your willingness to die for their protection proved to me enough that you are indeed the true Pendant Bearers."

He started to walk out of the chamber, his back towards us. Then, turning his head, "Please, make youselves at home, I shall send a guard for you shortly." Then he walked out, leaving us in his chambers.

3rd Person

King Talon stood on a balcony from his temple. The crowd had gathered fast, very good that his messangers had covered the city so quickly. There were mumbles from the crowd, everyone wondering what the King's important announcement was. The humans were gone, weren't they?

Two Saurians let out loud roars that silenced the populace and made them pay attention to what King Talon was going to say.

((Note: I will translate directly from the Saurain Dialect. remember, the Pendant Bearers have no idea what he is saying. I repeat: THEY ARE CLUELESS!))

"*My Saurain Brethren! Today, we have been too fast in judging those of legend. You should all know the legend of the Dragon Gods and their heroic effort to stop the evil of the Demon, Necrosan! Their sacrafice allowed for peace to reign in this city, and the planet, for the past 4000 years!*"

There were cheers from the crowd. Talon raised his hand and the cheers lowered.

"*Their bodies were turned into pendants and given to mortals to guard over them until the Magic Seals that held them would be broken!*"

The crowd let out another set of cheers that died quickly.

"*Within the past few days, the Chossen Ones have entered our city and have been imprisoned!*"

There were murmers within the crowd. Could the humans and Demi-Humans have been the chossen?

"*These Pendant Bearers have risen up in a time where the outside of our city is in turmoil and chaos! They leave their homes to safeguard them against further attack, willing to risk their lives to save their loved ones!*"

More cheers. Talon continued.

"*They are willing, to sacrafice their lives to protect the Pendents of the Dragon Gods!*"

The loudest set of cheers this time, because everyone had heard the legend and wanted to know it's truth.

"*When the Dragon Godess passed away, leaving her offspring to rule over the different Elemtents, did we not weep, because she had shown us this paradise?! Now that the protecters of those same offspring have entered our home, shall we not aide them as much as we can?!*"

More loud cheering, and Talon motioned for them to silence.

"*I am positive, that the Pendant Bearers, The Guardians of the Dragon God's Suspended bodies have finally arrived, and I offer a full Royal apology for the way they have been treated in our home!*"

Talon turned towards the doorway and motioned for them to step forward. The 11 Pendant Bearers as well as Setsuna stepped forward and stood behind the king, but in eye-sight of the entire city.

"*These, are the Pendant Bearers of Legend! And Help me in welcoming them to our home!*"

Cheers and roars ensued, some gasped and then roared enthusiastically.

"*I introduce, Wamiyazen Denisu, Ikagaide Kage, Vared, Hibari Sora, Hatsuki Seylin, Kai-Prae Elena, Chamel, Horus, Thundersong Faile, Leonhart Zera, Arran Amalthea, and Setsuna!*"

This time the cheers and roars were loud. Creatures in the jungle fled from the roaring sounds.

Saké leaned in to Kage, "Any idea what they're saying?"

"Not a clue," Kage replied. "But I don't think we're on the menu anymore."

"*Now I ask my Saurain Brethren, to not breath a word of the Chossens True Destinies! They must not know what is at stake, for their own hearts shall take them where they are needed! Keiryuujin said that the magic seals will not hold forever, let us pray to the Gods that the bonds shall break soon, and that Evil shall be vanquished from the planet once and for all!*"

More cheers followed as Talon patted each Pendant Bearer's shoulder.

Behind the doorway, sulking in the shadows, was Silas, glareing at Talon and the 12 intruders.

"*With those Demi and Humans here, it may spoil my plans. I will have to use this to my advantage.... I will have to bide my time....*"


*whacks Mark over the head*

That's what you get for not being on for over a month!!!

There's a reason I created the Saurains and had us captured. Kat knows it, Rose knows it... I don't think Kage does...

Look, we are now the VIPs of the Saurian City. We are able to walk the streets now and not get pelted with fruit or jumped. But I stress that no one has the Saurain's spill the beans about our destinies. Please.

Later I will have some of the concluding chapter of our Saurian encounter, one where we will have to fight to save the city from destruction, from the inside of Talon's very own circle.

Meh, enough spoilers, it's bed time...



~Mew Master

PS: *hits Mark over the head in good measure*

1st August 2003, 02:33 PM
Ok, ok, I guess I have some explaining to do. Mostly about my absence from the CoD.

First: My computer, as Denny knows, just sucks. PERIOD. The thing has a mind of its own, I know computers in and out, and some of the crap this thing does, it shouldn't even be doing.

Second: My ISP blows. PERIOD. They have some beef with me when ever I get on PM. I get the boot every ten minutes or so, and then I go through the trouble of getting back online, only to get the boot again when I do get back online.

Third: When ever I make it to the post page. I get booted, for the past eight times I have tried to submit a post, I got the boot, and couldn't get back on. When this happens, I just stay offline and type my post uninterrupted. when it is finished, I get back online and submit. WELL, THAT TACTIC USED TO WORK... now the computer locks up when ever I do this. (I know it laughs at me when I do this) AND ON TOP OF THE LOCK UP, MY POST IS NOW GONE. POOF, VANISHED, NO MORE SEEING! My blood boils to the point were I HAVE to get away from the computer. The ONLY way I can overcome this is to think ahead (which I do rarely) and save my post on the computer.

Fourth: Messenger gets in the way of my internet. I am begging to think that it is the reason for my absence, but I must have the messenger to chat with you all. SO, moral delema there.

And there you have it. Those are the reasons for my month abscence. As for the Saurian piece, some one fill me in, Denny, just tell anyone that is on messenger, preferable rose. I have her on my list, but just tell them so I can get informed when I CAN manage to get on the internet. Then we have no more of what happened above.

PS: nice save with that, I thought of that my self. When I looked at the Saurian piece. I didn't think that I could last long. WHY? Because we ARE being chased by Garm, if we stay we my get killed, Garm's forces arrive, all hell breaks lose (no folks, not me), end of us... thats why I finished the Saurian groups, but hey, I looked for a way to stay longer, but I couldn't find any way, figured that you had a "plan" for this encounter. Oh well, whats typed is typed... On with the plot!

Mew Master
1st August 2003, 05:58 PM
Mark... look back. The last we saw of any Garm Grunts was Termania. And Sherina botched up her mission. Plus, the rumors that No one enters teh Hydra Forest and lives is true... Because anyone who stumbles on the Saurain's doesn't live very long afterward.

We aren't being Chased BY Garm, we are being chased by his soldiers and elite Warriors. He's still at his castle... waiting....

Okay, I'm finished with Kaia. and I shall post a link to her shortly, but I want to know if TML likes the way I drew her or not.


~Mew Master

Darkmaster Kagemusha
2nd August 2003, 05:26 PM
Kage Ikagaide
After the speech we were led to a peaceful little glade. Small waterfall going down into a fountain, soft moss covered the rocks, the grass was feathery and green, the breeze was comfortable. We picked spots to sit down after the gaurds said that this was our outdoor lounge, and they would show us our rooms later. I was the only one not quite comfortable. I'd been doing nothing for too long. I heard a rustling behind me, and instinctively whirled around in time to catch a (what I assumed to be young) Saurian wearing some kind of leather gloves and boots that had jumped at me, and was making some sort of odd sound that resembled laughter...a little. "What do you think you're doing!?" a yelled.

"Sssssory, ssssir. I wasss bored, and heard that there were ssstrangersss. After the ssspeech I decided to come meet you," it said in a somewhat deep hissing voice, so I assumed it was male. "I'm Ssslavax," he said.

"Nice to meet you Slavax, and I'm just going to call you Vax if that's okay, but why did you jump at me?" I asked, standing up and brushing myself off.

"You looked bored, and I decccided that you needed sssomeone to play with," he said. I chuckled a little.

"Well, you got the bored part right. I'll spar with you, if that's what you want, just so long as you keep those leathers on. I don't really want to sew up gashes," I said, jokingly, as we walked out farther into the woods. The others were probably staring like I was crazy.