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Mystic Latios
11th March 2003, 09:40 PM
I decided to make this story and post new chapters on mondays, wednesdays, and saturdays. I hope you enjoy the first chapter.


Friends Forever

Chapter One- The Early Morning

My eyes slowly opened as I woke up. I saw the emerald green leaves with patches of yellow of the trees floating slowly down towards the ground. I was surrounded by redwood size trees towering towards the crystal clear sky with nothing in it but the bright yellow sun. I was laying on the dirt and branch covered ground in the land that humans called Houen. My stomach was growling like a grow lithe while I look to see if my little sister, Latias, was still asleep. Her small eyes were still closed.

Yes, my name is Latios, a pokemon. I am 800 years old and my sister is 799 years old. We’re both technically teenagers according to my relatives, who are also named Latios and Latias. I am 6’ 0” high. I have two white spikes on both sides of my head and I have two arms, my arm where my short fingers are blue and the upper part of the arms are white.

I also have wings on my back that sort of look like those weird machines that humans make called a jet plane. Instead of feet, I have two blue large spikes. My belly is blue and has a red triangle shape on it. My head has a blue triangle on it and I have ruby red eyes.

My sister, Latias, looks like me, except she has red spots on her instead of blue and she has yellow eyes. She looked like an eevee that is cuddling by a fireplace. Latias was always a cheerful pokemon. Always trying to look at the bright side of things. I wish our parents were here. I’m not sure whatever happened to our parents, since they weren’t there when we were born. Instead, one of our relatives were there. I don’t where all of them live, but I do remember that two of them live in some city called AltoMare, I think it was called that.

I heard footsteps stepping into broken branches from far away. I floated towards Latias in a panicking state.

“Latias! Wake up!” I said to her in telepathy.

“What? I was having a wonderful dream.” Latias cheerfully said while smiling.

“Not now. Someone is coming!”

“Who?” Latias said while her eyes looked worried, shining in the sun.

“I don’t know, but we should fly out of here while being invisible. You do remember how to become invisible right?” I asked with concern.

“Well yes.” Latias responded.

“Good, since last time you said that and ended up being almost caught by those humans in black clothes.”

“I’m not going to make the same mistake again.” Latias said while glaring at me.

“Okay then lets go.”

We both flapped our wings and went higher and higher till we were over the tree tops. Latias suddenly stopped flying higher. I stared at her while Latias looked down.

“Why are you staring down there?” I asked with concern.

“I want to see what it is?” Latias said.

“Its probably a human. You know that they like to destroy forests to get these green things called money.”

“It also could be just a pokemon. You’re gonna fly away from a pokemon?” Latias said with fury in her eyes.

It took me some time before I made a decision.

“Okay we’ll look, but we’re going to stay invisible.”

“Horray! Okay I can deal with the invisible part.” Latias cheered.

I thought about being invisible as I changed to blend into the environment. Latias did the same as we both flew down towards the ground. We both landed on the two large branches on the tree. A small boy walks into the area that they were in along with a pokemon that the humans call a kecleon.

The boy was 5’ 4” high and had black hair and green eyes. He was wearing a green pair of shorts and a white shirt along with black shoes and white socks. The kecleon was four foot high. It was mostly light green with yellow lines around its eyes and fins on the sides of its head. It also had a red zigzag across its belly and a curly light green tail.

“Well kecleon, help me find some berries.” the boy said.

“Okay as long as I can eat a few.” the kecleon said, even though the boy can’t understand a word it is saying.

The boy and the kecleon search the bushes near the redwood sized tree. The boy was smiling with joy and happiness. He looked like he was having fun. At least the boy didn’t acted like those humans in black, treating their pokemon like trash. He seemed different from all the other humans that I have seen. I’m not sure how, but he was different. I slowly thought about being a human and I suddenly changed. My arms shriveled into human arms and my head slowly shaped like a human head. I suddenly grew blue hair and the spikes on my head also turned into hair. I suddenly now have short legs with those shoes at the end. I was now wearing a white shirt and green shorts. I was now, what humans called, sitting on the tree branch.

“What are you doing?” Latias said to me in telepathy.

“Just change into a human.” I said in telepathy.

Latias hesitated, but changed into a human girl. She now has long red hair with the same spiked hair that I have. She was wearing a floppy looking green hat and was wearing a green frilled shirt with a red short skirt. She now has those shoe things on her feet. Humans called them sandals.

We both stared at the boy and the pokemon he has. His kecleon noticed us and started pointing at us while trying to get his trainer’s attention. The boy turned around and stared at us in surprise.


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Heavenly Sage HLSOE
12th March 2003, 03:50 AM
I have to admit, this is a good story. Nice plot...good writing skills and ends with a cliffhanger too!!! But spell the names with a Capital, ok? Cya

Mystic Latios
12th March 2003, 05:10 PM
Heavenly Sage HLSOE-Thank you for the comment. I'll put the capitals on the names in this next chapter.

Hope you enjoy this next chapter.


Friends Forever

Chapter Two- Meeting New Friends

I walked to the area in the forest where lots of berries grow with my Kecleon. My name is Teru. I’m 5’ 4” high and I’m 8 years old. I usually wear green shorts and a white shirt with black sneakers and white socks on. I have short black hair and emerald green eyes. I live in a town called Ratiosu, in a dense forest. It’s a small village right by the mountains in Houen. Some of the homes are in the trees while others want their homes on the ground.

I have a few friends, but also a rival. My rival’s name is Nathan. We both want to study rare pokemon. Nathan wanted to be the best legendary pokemon researcher in the world, while I wanted to study more about the legendary pokemon Latios and Latias. My dream was to ride Latios and fly into the sky, but that’s obviously not going to happen.

I have a sister and a mother. My father died years ago from a disease called lyme disease. I was only three years old when my father died. My sister was only one year old when he died. My sister’s name is Kim. She is 7 years old and owns her own pokemon called Chimecho. My mother owns a pokemon called Butterfree. We all live in a house in the trees, like some of the people there.

Our town is very well known for our little tree houses. We get some tourists here, but also get crooks and those people that want to buy the land and demolish it to make factories. So far it doesn’t seem that those business people will get the land anytime soon, since it is now a national forest called Ratiosu National Park.

Me and Kecleon went to a group of large redwood size trees to find the blue berries that mom wanted to make pies. My mom owns a bakery in the town that is very known for good food. Kecleon stood there staring at me.

“Well Kecleon, help me find the berries.” I said to Kecleon.

“Kec kec kecleon cleon.” Kecleon said.

A few seconds later I found the mother load. A bush full of dark and plump blue berries just waiting to be picked. I started picking the blue berries off the bushes. I enjoy picking berries since it gives me time to relax and forget about the crooks coming into town. Kecleon started poking me on the shoulder.

I turned around and saw what my Kecleon was pointing to. There was a boy and a girl sitting on separate branches on the tree. The boy had short bright blue hair with one spike of hair on both left and right side of his head. He was wearing black sneakers and green shorts with a white shirt on. He was about four inches taller than me and has ruby red eyes. The girl’s hair was almost the same as the boy’s hair, but it was red and her hair went down to her shoulders. She was wearing a floppy looking green hat and was wearing sandals. She was also wearing a green frilled shirt with a short red skirt. She has deep mustard yellow eyes.

I stared at them surprised, not expecting anyone to be back here in the forest. I wonder if they were pokemon trainers?

“Um hi.” I said nervously.

“Hello!” the girl said cheerfully while jumping off the branch and landed on her feet on the ground. “My name is Laurie”

“And my name is Lance.” the boy said while jumping off the branch too.

Laurie frowned when she heard the name Lance. I wonder why?

“Are you pokemon trainers?” I asked.

“Nope. Wish I was one though.” Lance said while smiling.

“Yea. You WISH you were.” Laurie said with a grin.

“Oh shut up!” Lance snapped.

I got all the berries that I could get in the small bag I was holding. Kecleon was trying to talk to Lance and Laurie, though I knew they couldn’t understand what it was saying.

“Well I got to go home now. Bye!” I said while waving my hand. “Come on Kecleon. Lets go home.”

“Kecleon.” It said.

I walked back down the path towards home while I saw those two talking to each other while staring at me. I wanted to go back and see if they were talking bad stuff about me behind my back, but I needed to get home before my mom sends Butterfree after me.

I checked my pockets to see if my blue gem was still there. Luckily it didn’t fall out of my pocket. I found it in an old temple that my school went to on a field trip. It had all kinds of hieroglyphics of rare pokemon, especially Latios and Latias. I found the blue gem in a small chamber when I abandoned the group and decided to explore by myself. I got in a lot of trouble of course by my teacher.

The chamber I found it in was small. There was two giant portraits of Latias and Latios on it, each of them had a hole on their foreheads. The hole in the Latias portrait was missing, but the Latios portrait had a blue gem, which I took as a souvenir. It glowed a little bit when I touched it, but hasn’t glowed again since then.

I smiled as I put the gem back into my pocket and kept walking down the path, not knowing that I was being followed.


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Count von Dark
12th March 2003, 10:47 PM
Well, great idea, sure to keep readers coming, but keep blattering "I'm 7. I'm 3'6'. I wear..." and etc. makes the story boring. You could try: " I'm a small and playful boy, with a height only to my mother's waist." It's better that way.

Mystic Latios
16th March 2003, 01:08 PM
Count von Dark-I'll try not to blattering that stuff in the next chapters. Thank you for the advice :)

I wasn't able to post this chapter yesterday because my internet was down. This next chapter is pretty short.


Friends Forever

Chapter Three-Sapphire of Hope

We both stared at Teru as he walked away with his Kecleon.

“What kind of name is Lance?” Latias whispered to me with a scrunched up face.

“Well what kind of name is Laurie?” I snapped quietly.

“….good point.”

“He has it.”

“Has what?” Latias asked with a puzzled face.

“He has the Sapphire of Hope.”

“A what?” Latias said, still puzzled.

“Did you suddenly took an amnesia attack? it’s the blue gem that could save to world.”

“Really? Oh yea now I remember! There are suppose to be two jewels, Sapphire of Hope and Ruby of Dreams. With the help of their destined owners, they will save the world from the three earth pokemon from causing total destruction by activating the two gems.” Latias exclaimed.

“Well at least you didn’t lose ALL of your memory.”

Teru was out of sight. We both thought about turning back into pokemon and slowly we transformed back to our original selves. My legs shrunk back to two fins before. I no longer have hair and my arms changed also back to my own. I enjoyed having my wings back. I felt helpless in that human form.

“Wait a minute, how do you know he has it?” Latias asked again.

“I could sense it. I knew there was something different about him. That was it. He has the ancient gem.” I said.

“Well shouldn’t we follow him then?” Latias said while flying up in the air.

“Hey wait, turn invisible first, then we’ll start following him.” I said.

We both flew into the air invisible and searched for Teru. We both spotted him walking with his Kecleon on the path back to the town up ahead. I saw Teru putting a blue gem back into his pocket. The Sapphire of Hope! I suddenly saw two people stalking Teru. They were both women and were wearing all black. The humans in black! They must have saw the gem and are going to try and steal it! Someone already stole the Ruby of Dreams from the temple out of my sight and I wasn’t going to lose sight of this gem also. I started flying down towards them.

“What are you doing?!” Latias yelled.

“Follow me!” I yelled.

Latias saw the humans in black too and flew down along with me, just when the humans in black released their pokemon to attack Teru and his Kecleon. There was also a little girl that was smaller than Teru, walking towards that group with a strange looking pokemon.


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Mystic Latios
17th March 2003, 10:49 PM

Friends Forever

Chapter Four-A Ghostly Attack

“Quit eating the berries Kecleon!” I yelled.

“Kecleon!” It said in fury.

I took the basket full of berries away from it. Kecleon stuck its long tongue out at me.

“Okay, if you don’t eat anymore berries, I’ll feed you some pokefood back home okay?” I said.

“Kec!” It said with joy while I heard its stomach growling.

“Hey Teru!”

I turned and saw my sister, Kim, running towards me along with her pokemon, Chimecho. She is smaller than me and also a playful child. She has black hair that went down between the shoulders and the top of the neck and also has leafy green eyes that some people think looked like cute puppy dog eyes. She was wearing a short frilled blue dress that was as bright as the blue sky above and black buttoned shoes with bright white socks that went just above her ankles.

Her Chimecho has a round body that looked like a blue basketball with two fat crimson stripes on its back and two small arms that had no fingers. A large fin was on its bottom side with a large red mark on it. It also has a small yellow orb on its head that was partially glowing like a Volbeat’s glowing bulb in the night.

Her face was scrunched up like a Snubbull’s face with a frown.

“Why did you take so long to find berries? Mom was starting to worry.” Kim yelled.

“Tell mom to teach Kecleon not to eat the berries, since that’s the reason I’m late.” I yelled back.

We both heard a noise in the bushes as we turned around immediately.

“Prepare for trouble!” a feminine voice yelled with pride.

“Make that double!” another feminine voice yelled.

Two women jumped out of the bushes and stood in front of me and my sister. They were both wearing tight leather pants and tight pitch black shirts with a big red R in the middle. They were also wearing black high heeled boots and silver belts that wrapped around their thin waists.

They were both have the same height as my mother. One of them has long dark purple hair that went down past her shoulders while the other also had purple hair, but was wrapped into two huge buns on both sides of her head. Both of their eyes were dark brown. They looked like twins.

“Who are they?” Kim asked.

“To infest the world and exterminate it!”

“To exile all peoples within the nation!”

“To destroy people’s hopes and dreams!”

“To rule them all like a team!”

“Amy!” The one with long purple hair yelled while posing like she was into karate.

“May!” The one with buns of hair on the sides of her head with arms out like she was trying to fly.

“Team Rocket, blasting off at the speed of light!” Amy yelled again.

“Give up now or you will fight!” May yelled also.

Me and Kim just stared at them both, wondering if their brains had fried.

“What’s the stupid motto suppose to mean?” Kim asked.

“Its not a stupid motto! We worked hours on trying to think of our motto!” Amy sneered while her face turned red with anger.

“We came here to take that Sapphire little boy! So hand it over!” May said while opening her hand, expecting me to hand it over immediately.

“No way!” I said.

“I guess we’ll have to do it the hard way.” Amy said while taking a pokeball out of her belt. “Go Dusclops!”

Amy threw the pokeball and the pokemon called Dusclops appeared. It had the same height that I have with large gray hands. It looked like it was wrapped up in deep gray bandages with a red jewel on its forehead.

“Go Banette!” May yelled as she threw her pokeball also.

Banette came out of the pokeball and stood by Dusclops. It looked like a stuff bear toy, only it didn’t have any ears, just a long sock-like thing on its head with a deep orange ball at the end and also had crimson eyes.

Me and my sister prepared to have a pokemon battle. I wasn’t going to loose this gem, this sapphire, to a bunch of thieves.

“Kecleon, use psybeam!” I yelled.

Kecleon slowly opened its mouth as a multicolored ball of light slowly formed. It shook its head and the beam blasts at the Dusclops. It hit Dusclops, but didn’t affect it much.

“What the….”

“Those small tricks aren’t going to work boy. Dusclops, use Confuse Ray!” Amy said with a dark grin.

Dusclops started forming a yellow orb in its hands and threw it at Kecleon. Kecleon got hit and slowly walked around dizzy, accidentally punching rocks instead of attacking Dusclops.

“Return Kecleon.” I said with disappointment as Kecleon went back into the poke ball in my pocket.

“Now its my turn. Use psywave Chimecho!” Kim yelled while dreaming of her victory.

Chimecho suddenly rocked back and forth and a small purple wave shot out. It struck Team Rocket’s pokemon, but didn’t affect them that much.

“Use shadow ball Banette.” May said.

Banette brought its small arms together. The arms slowly spread apart as a deep purple ball covered in black lightning slowly grew bigger and bigger till it was the size of a soccer ball. It threw the ball and it slammed at Chimecho, making it fall back and faint. Kim was shocked.

“How could I lose?” Kim asked herself out loud while returning Chimecho into the pokeball.

“Do you surrender now?” Amy smirked.

“Why do you want the sapphire anyway? Its just a rock.” I said trying to stall time to think of a new plan.

“None of your business! Now give us the Sapphire of Hope!” May ordered like a general.

“The what?” I said confused.

Suddenly, a mixture of purple and crimson flames beamed down from the sky and hit Banette and Dusclops, knocking them down to the ground.

“What the hell?” May said.

I was suddenly picked up into the air by someone or something. I was lifted into the air and had a great view of the forests around me. I was going to look up to see what was carrying me, but I was suddenly dropped to the ground before I could blink my eyes. Whatever it was, it was gone now, and it appears to have brought my sister along too. It all have seemed to happened in a blur. I stood up from the ground.

"Are you alright?" I asked Kim.

“Yea I'm fine, but what carried us away from those bad people?” Kim asked.

“I…..I’m not sure.”

I then noticed that we were right by our home, known as a tree house to tourists. Mom was calling for us.

“Well lets go, I guess.” I said.

We both walked up the stairs on the tree trunk towards our house. Latios and Latias watched us while hidden in the trees.

“At least they are safe, and so is the sapphire.” Latios said.

“Its probably not the last time they will see those people in black clothes. What did they call them? Team Rocket? And why would they want the sapphire?” Latias asked.

“Probably to find either us or the three earth pokemon. Either way, they are going to be a big problem in the future. Time to go back to our human forms.” Latios said.


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Mystic Latios
19th March 2003, 04:34 PM

Friends Forever

Chapter Five-Visitors


We walked up to Teru’s house in our human forms. I started wondering if Latios will ever let me play with the other pokemon in the forest. He doesn’t seem to want to be friends to anyone. He has been cautious about everything since we were first born without parents. He has also been attacked by what humans called a hunter. The hunter had tried to capture him long ago by throwing a spear at him. Since then, Latios thought that humans were unfriendly and dangerous. I disagree of course.

I started thinking that Latios thought that the boy having the Sapphire of Hope was the reason he sensed something different about Teru. I’m usually more sensitive to human hearts and can see if they are good or just pure evil. My brother only opens his heart to people with a compassionate spirit, even though he dislikes humans. I think that’s why Latios sensed something different about the boy from the others. Teru had a compassionate spirit, even if he didn’t exactly show it. The problem is that Latios doesn’t want to admit it.

We stared at the giant home that some humans call a ‘tree house’. There were wooden stairs wrapped around the huge redwood size tree trunk, leading up to the house several feet up on the tree. The home seemed to be made of vines, but of course its made of wood. A long time ago there was a war here and people camouflaged their homes so that their enemies wouldn’t invade their homes and burn them down to the ground. They still go on with that tradition today of hiding their homes, but now they are hiding them from tourists and not warriors.

“Are you sure it’s a good idea to go right up the front door and announce that we are Teru’s friends?” I asked as I move some of my crimson red hair away from my face.

“Why not. We have met and talked to each other. Isn’t that what a friend is? Someone who you talk to?” Latios asked.

Before I was going to argue on what a friend is, Latios ran on his human legs up the stairs.

“Hey wait for me!” I yelled.

We both ran up the long curving stairs that wrapped around the tree. It reminded me of that human move about these humans stuck on an island full of animals and made a giant tree house in the trees. It took some time before we got to the front door. We could smell some kind of wondrous food inside the home.

“How should we get the humans to open the door?” I asked.

“You knock of course.” Latios said while rolling his eyes at me.

“What is knocking?”

“I’ll show you. Now remember, our human names are Laurie and Lance.” Latios said.

“Yea yea I know.”

Latios…I mean Lance brought his hand up and smack it against the door in a fist. So that’s what knocking is.


Me and my brother Teru sat at the dining room table as mom cooks our dinner, spaghetti with large meatballs. I sat, wondering what saved us from that Team Rocket. It was obviously a pokemon, but I couldn’t figure out what kind of pokemon. Teru told me to not tell mom about Team Rocket attacking us. Probably said that so that his friends wouldn’t know that he lost a pokemon match.

Teru’s friends are nasty to him, but for some reason Teru keeps hanging around them so that he could be part of the popular kids at school. He really needs a REAL friend and not someone just pretending so that they could get his stuff that are worth a lot of money. I just don’t understand men these days.

Teru always liked pokemon and wanted to be a pokemon breeder. Unfortunately, he’s trying to be a pokemon trainer like his friends at school so that he can fit in. I think he is just wasting his time. He should go for his dream to be a pokemon breeder instead of hanging out with those losers. His friends probably wouldn’t know the difference between a Slowpoke and a Slowking.

Mom was a little angry at Teru for being late, and also mad at Kecleon for trying to eat the berries. Mom put the berries in the refrigerator while my brother took Kecleon into the bathtub to give it a bath, since it was covered in dirt. Teru told mom that Kecleon was fighting a Rhyhorn for a berry, but of course I knew he was lying. I could even tell that Teru didn’t like lying, but he did it anyway so that mom wouldn’t worry about Team Rocket.

“Dinners ready!” Mom yelled.

Mom walked out of the kitchen with a huge pot of spaghetti ready to be served. Mom makes the most delicious spaghetti I have ever tasted. The dining room has only green wallpaper on it, just like the living room. The table was made of mahogany and could have seated six people. My mom was a few feet taller than Teru with long silky black hair and bright brown eyes. She was wearing her usual yellow dress that went down to her knees with a large white apron over it and small black shoes for her small feet.

Mom put the pot on the table and brought out the garlic bread, when suddenly we heard someone knocking on the front door.

“I’ll get it. Don’t start eating anything.” Mom said.

We didn’t plan on eating until we knew who was at the front door. Me and Teru followed mom into the living room at the front door. Mom turned the knob and opened it to see two people with blue and red hair at the entrance.

“Hi, is Teru here?” The boy with blue hair said.

“Do you know them?” Mom asked Teru.

“Well yes. I met them in the forest while I was picking berries today.”

“I’m Laurie and this is my older brother Lance.” the girl with funny looking red hair said.

“Well lets invite them in. I’m sure they must be hungry.” mom said.

“But mom….” Teru started to say, but mom interrupted him.

“No buts Teru. Now the dining room is this way.”

Mom was always nice to strangers. She usually gives free food to people who are starving in the streets. She’s in this club place where they have fundraisers to help the poor and also makes a holiday lunch for the poor during Christmas Eve. We all entered the dining room and served the spaghetti and garlic bread with the lightly green salad covered in ranch salad dressing.

“So are you two on a pokemon journey?” Mom asked Lance and Laurie.

The two were looking kind of nervous for some reason. Why would they get nervous over a simple question? I stared at them as one of them decided to answer.

“Well not yet, but we are now taking a journey to Littleroot Town to get our new pokemon. I was hoping to get…..a…..ummm…..Treecko.” Lance said.

“And I was dreaming that I would get a Torchic.” Laurie said quickly after Lance finished saying about the pokemon he wants.

“Well I wish you both good luck.” Mom said while making a friendly smile.

“Well…..thanks.” Lance said.

Lance sounded like he was acting and not telling the truth. I started to wonder if Lance was hiding something along with Laurie.


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