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16th January 2006, 11:12 PM

I am posting this to let you know that I will be doing a Polar Plunge.
Yes... you read that right, a Polar Plunge.

I am in a group called the, "Kung-Fu Movie Club." Sounds ridiculous, right? Actually... the club is far from that. This group was started this year by a bunch of freshman- all of the board members being my close friends. The club is brought together by the love and admiration of (some times horrible yet funny) movies related to martial arts and what not. Trust me, once you get started on these movies you cannot help but be hooked on the trends of them. In any case, this club is not about the movies as so much as their activities and goal. While everyone in this club is brought together by their similar interests (mainly their previously bonded friendships), this group itself does charity work for people in need. For example, this Christmas they put together packages and spent time creating packages to send out to children who otherwise would not receive gifts. (Not just toys, but packages filled with necessary items as well.) [ Note: I am one of the officers and I create artwork for the group. ^_^ ]

So, to get to my point. In February, the group is going to be doing a "Polar Plunge" for the Special Olympics. We're collecting pledges so that we can raise money for the Special Olympics and then donate to their cause. The money will go towards their organization in helping the mentally disabled to live a healthy and normal life- just like everyone else. In any case, we will be jumping into Lake Andrea (a very cold lake up in Wisconsin, near Lake Michigan.) Oh and of course... being called the "Kung Fu Movie Club" means we'll all be wearing ridiculous outfits related to karate, ninjas and what-not. Even myself.

Now, I’ve found a passion for charity work. I’ve done several independent things myself outside this group (such as organize events for the elderly so they’re not so lonely in homes, tutor less fortunate children, teach abused children how to cope etc…) With this latest cause however, I really wanted to extend my work. I’ve emailed all my friends and family… asking for donations, and I figured I’d go to my “other friends and family” here at TPM. I have a donation page in the Polar Plunge, and I was hoping that perhaps some kind souls upon this board would like to donate money as well. You can donate as little and as much as you want- I’m not being stingy. Even a penny helps. The deadline for donations is the beginning of February, so if you plan to donate then I will need the donations preferably before then. Once we have done our Polar Plunge event (it is taking place the second week in February), I will close this topic with a final post of how much money *I* was able to raise, and how much our group in total was able to raise and donate.

If you think this is stupid, you are granted to your opinion. If you find something wrong with this topic… again, you are welcomed to have your opinions. However, I would like to ask that you do not post them here. I do not want negativity or criticism… instead, I would rather just have posts by people who have donated or have a kind comment. If/When you donate, please either PM letting me know or post, so that I know and can formally welcome. I’m trying to figure out a way to create a big thank you to all my donators… so I’d like names.

If you know relatives or friends who also would be willing to donate, please send them my link. Tell them they can feel free to email me if they have donated, so that again- I know who donated what. (They don’t have to of course, some people fear such things.)

In any case… thank you in advance! I appreciate all your efforts and I hope to see a good contribution from TPM. I’m excited and yet extremely nervous about jumping into a freezing lake for a swim (doesn’t help I have a medical condition which makes this slightly perilous… but anything for a good cause. ^_^ )

Thank you once again, all appreciated.

~ Bulbasaur4 AKA Kalah


[ You can chose to click on the first link, which will bring you to my Polar Plunge page. You can donate via credit card there. If you do not have a bank card/credit card etc... but still wish to donate, PM me privately and we can work things out. ^_^ I can always send you my address! ]

Kalahs' POLAR PLUNGE DONATION PAGE (http://www.specialolympicswisconsin.org/pp06/pledge.asp?id_p=1122)

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I stickied it for ya! - RA

19th January 2006, 10:53 PM
Thank you Raven for sticky-ing the topic!

I'd also like to extend a thank you to midnightangel and Roy Karrde for donating. ^_^

24th January 2006, 08:24 PM
hey, good luck with htis thing! knowing you, you should do great - and besides, the dressing up bit sounds like HEAPS of fun.

i would donate but theres a law that says you ahve to be over 18 to get a credit card .. .some silly law like that anyway.