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6th March 2006, 05:48 PM
I do not mean to press my views upon other people, but this forum is yet to be largely used, and I recently came across an interesting method to making a character.

I like most people I see on the RPG Forum, have a tendency to fall back on the same character repeatedly. Their appearances change, and so do subtle parts of their personality, but there are always those constant things that find their way in. I find myself playing a stereotype that I created, and labels are repulsive.

In my most recent character form here (http://www.pokemasters.net/forums/index.php?topic=43707.msg625695#msg625695), I created a challenge for myself, a character so outside my realm of roleplaying that it was obscene.

The process I used was to make a list. I made three criteria, appearance, personality, and other. I listed as many things as I could think of that irritated me about other people’s characters, or that I shunned from ever doing. My stereotype is the deceptive type, with either tendencies towards wanting power or to sadism, or often to be entirely strange altogether.

A few examples from the list I created and their explanations are as follows.

Selfish – I hate to be selfish, and hate for others to be selfish; it is for this reason that I avoid it in a character as well.
Vain – Vanity has never amused me or entertained me to any degree.
Jovial – My characters are not the “peppy” sort; I prefer a more serious outlook, not needless optimism.
Ignorant – I have this terrible tendency to avoid stupid characters like the plague; playing them seems entirely foreign to me.
Arrogant – Another trait I dislike in people, though some of my characters have had hints of it. It seems rather irritating.
Stubborn – Open-minded is the key, and a character that takes the stage with their fascist views is not my type at all.

Light (blonde) hair – I often, regretfully, attach this to the stereotype of “dumb blonde;” it also is omitted in that I see far too many of them. It may be only my opinion, but it seems everyone has blonde hair or blonde highlights.
Light (blue) eyes – Eyes are less empowering when they are light in color, in my opinion; I like my characters to be a bit more intimidating, and cheerful blue eyes just do not cut it.
Short – Again, short and mousey is dangerous territory for someone who seeks to have a presence. In a character in a fantasy RPG, it can beget a lack of control or ability to command. Another might interpret it as inferiority.
Dark-skin – My characters are often pale, as I am, and I like the effect given. I might sometimes go to tan, but very rarely to I choose a character with a more exotic complexion.

Silly dancing – Self-explanatory- I would hardly be caught dead playing a character with the tendency to dance nonsensically, though I hate to admit it.
Pets – Ah! Pets! Gah! I loathe them and their awkward cuteness. Always having to have a familiar or some companion is off-putting to me. I avoid them. I hate having my characters place some reliance in another and that includes in an animal.

Suffice to say it was a weird thing to do. It pained me to admit these nitpick on paper, as I can quite frankly see now that some of them are ill-founded and ridiculous.

The main point is that I have a stereotype in my characters, and I found that it was great difficulty for me to play a character out-of-the-box.

I recommend this method for anyone. Next time you join a roleplay, challenge yourself to be original and to step outside your comfort zone.

For, I can honestly say, looking at the character form I created and back at all of it- I find myself extremely amused, and entirely anxious to play my creation; she came out thoroughly interesting, and not necessarily as static as I had thought. My tolerance to other people’s characters and their quirks has increased tenfold, and the discrimination barrier has fallen. A simple whim and a quick brainstorm session have changed the way I think a little, and I am the better for it.

So, ignoring my arrogant rant- is that not the sort of feeling you want when you roleplay? Discuss and critique as you like.

6th March 2006, 06:20 PM
Very nice topic, indeed. Concerning my characters I've used, I like to use examples from TV shows, then twist it a bit with my own ideas. So as in Calamity High, my character is an Ancient, which is from Stargate, but mine is cruel, ruthless, and builds weapons that can unleash un-worldly power. He would much rather use his rescorces to destroy his rivals rather than try to peacefully work things out, in contrast to the show's Ancients.

I'll do my best not to do a total rip-off, but occasionally I'll have a great idea for a comepletely original character and go with it if it fits the sign-up, like in the semi-lost Book of the Dragon King, I made up a double-crosser named Steven Radek, for the bad guys who works for the military, and is a brilliant scientist. He has two mechanical arms (lost originals in an accident) and his son is being forcibly used for the organization's horrible experiment, which was forced upon by Radek. He also speaks Czech, and English with a heavy accent. The only reason he hasn't been killed yet is because he is brilliant at genetics. He has a tempramental personality, when he gets frustrated, he'll start blabbering Czech, if he's really engrossed in his research, he won't answer to anything, and if he's happy, it'll show for about a few minutes, then its gone. Usually if he's just made some discovery or wasn't killed for finishing an experiment late.
Wow. I never realized how complex he is until I typed it all down...
I kinda agree with your views. Too...much...blonde...I usually have black haired or brown haired. I admit, I do use blue eyes, but it's a dark blue shade. Otherwise, I have no trouble playing the MacGuyver type, tons of bravado and sarcastic a good deal of the time. And a bit smart, too.

Yipes. I never knew I could type on one subject for a short time. I really think this is a good topic.

6th March 2006, 06:42 PM
*walks in deciding to be an arse and no help whatsoever*

Woo! Go planty-boy go! *waves pom poms and pets in a very typical blonde fashion*

Flower power forever..!

Emotional Faun Chiko-sai
6th March 2006, 09:07 PM
I tend to make half my posts in 'depressing tone' and roughly the other half in 'deliberately poking fun at self tone', so the nature of my character changes accordingly. ^^;
Characters I avoid playing like the plague -
Hair/eye colour: Whatever colour happens to predominate in the current signups of the RPG I'm in, because I like variety.
Personality: Overtly happy/bright characters; noble characters (this probably says something about my mindset *shifty eyes*); to a certain extent, doublecrossing characters who actually enjoy the process of doublecrossing
Looks: Fat characters.... unless it's an animal or creature

Weasel Overlord
7th March 2006, 04:02 AM
[color=thistle]WaheY! Something in the lounge! Most of my characers are melencholy...yes, its true. Though I am mostly an optimistic person, I seem to derive some sort of pleasure from putting my characers through hell. *evil cackle* Although I do like some of them to have experience nice-ness befire I make them miserable...Mara for example! She used to be nice...before she became evil and had to kill her lover!! Mwah! oops...spoilers...(clamps mouth shut)


Characters I hate playing: Optimistic people. I just can't do it. Especially people who have no reason or right to be optimistic, so by extension, I also can't stand playing those character who are sorrowful, but put on a brave face for all to see. If yer sad, be sad damn it!

Hair colour: Yes, I have a tendency to stick to either black or silvery white...but I have been wavering towards russety browns, or red hair lately...depends what mood I'm in, actually. And I haven't played a black haired character since Torran I don't think.
Gender: Yes, it is a well-known fact, The weasel prefers to play boys. Which is probably why so many people think she is a boy O.o But lets face it, boys are pretty! I like looking at boys...I also like playing with them (pun probably intended)... I don't find it so easy to get along with girls in my own life, boys are so much easier! (not including Vulps, of course!)
It is also a dream of mine to create a pair of boys and make them do stuff to each other...*sniggers dirtily* yes, I am gross! ^^ whatever...I'm sure some *pointed glances at certain members of the forums* wouldn't mind at all, if say, Torran and Ortze got together and made some sweet...ahem...

Personality: Cheerful people bemuse me. I don't play them. I love melencholy and quiet characters...they're so sexy! O.o
Also, no thickies for me. I do have a tendency to dislike 'dumb' people, how predjudiced of me...
Appearance: Dark eyes, I've gone off blue really...unless they're an odd colour like silver or purple.
Dark hair, although I am including some variety lately.
Tall is usually my stereotype, although I will play a short person if I have to.
Same with skinny, or non-fat.
They usually have scars...what is it about scars? I love em...

If I can get away with it, I will play a dragon. Or a character with an endearing pet *lobs raven at Jobes* or a pet who is extremely annoying, but for some reason, lives on the characer's head...O.o *huggles Morrigan and Fiachra*

I also like to include some sort of mythology, if I can. I hate characters who are merely based on another character, that's plagerism, dudes...although I will make one in loving memory of certain druids...*sob*...Walker... *sob*

I also despise characters who go around blowing people up with big guns, or are needlessly violent with advanced weaponry, unless it's a science fiction rpg...I actally hate this nearly as much as I hate so-called 'god-characters' Have some moderation, people!!

wow...rant over...

Emotional Faun Chiko-sai
7th March 2006, 12:49 PM
I think there was a deliberately off-center fantasy RPG made by Mewtwo-D2 some years ago where all the characters had certain... problems, mostly transgenderal and *cough*homosexual love*cough* related. Heheheheheh.
Yes! Go TorranxOrtze! Of course there's no, well, 'canon' evidence of this... I'll have to do something about that... *runs out of topic before Planty-boy can kick her out with the yaoi connotations*

Weasel Overlord
9th March 2006, 03:22 AM
[color=thistle]*jigs in, waving a yaoi flag* Wahey! Maybe we should make one all of our own...pretty pretty yaoi rpg...scare away all the kiddies and prudes! ^^

*jigs back out again, still waving flag, before Jobes can kick*

9th March 2006, 06:27 AM
Ooh. Yaoi and Shounen-ai sound very nice. Even though I prefer het couples, I still like those two.

But anyways, here's a list of characteristics I seem to loathe or hate.

Character Types:
-People generally into trends.
-The holier than thou, almost satanic villain.
-Optimistic heroes. As you can tell, I'm into the dark rogue types. <3
-Completely inspired by another character. I tend to base mine off of myself and other people.

-Sappy and falsely emotional.
-Overly optimistic characters. My Mary-Sue character is usually depressive and occasionally at the most content, but doesn't consider life to be fair nonetheless.
-Hyperactivity, bubbly characters.
-The holier than thou type. Usually somehow applies to villains and some heroes, so I tend to normally play dark, rogue-type characters.

-Bright eyes. Usually can't stand this characteristic.
-Hair completely dyed black or blonde. Again, applies to the trendy children.
-Overly skinny or overly fat. Hey, at 5'1" and 170 pounds, I tend to come off 'muted.'
-Overly short characters. Again applies to my mutedness.

None that I can really think of. Except usually an average life.

I'm so unoriginal, it isn't funny.