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12th March 2006, 08:45 AM
W.O.O.H.P: The Sequel

Two months have passed since the first year of training was completed at W.O.O.H.P Spy Training School and our accomplished students are set to return once again.

This year they will be joined by many new recruits: some whose talents have just been discovered, some who have been transferred from foreign academies, and some who have dark pasts and have yet to reveal why they have been asked to join W.O.O.H.P.

The second year of training will hold much the same as the first, as the growing students will have to face the trials and tribulations of still being young, merged with the pressure of having to be mature and save the world (as cliché as the saying sounds).

[font=times new roman]
To The New Students
Dear ...
I am proud to tell you that you are invited to join W.O.O.H.P Spy Training School for it's second year of training pupils.

You will be entering your first year, a year below the six graduates who successfully completed a year of training before the summer that has passed.

Whatever the reason for your acceptance may be, (be it talent or movement) do not question it. W.O.O.H.P is a fine institution for young students and for spies, and wishes you only the best in lifestyle and education.

We wish for you to be at Harbour 6, Hevenfeild Road at Midnight, September 3rd, where a boat will dock to take you to W.O.O.H.P. We regret to tell you that if you do not board that boat, you will not be taken to W.O.O.H.P.

More information will be given to you by older students once you have boarded the boat.


To Returning Students

Dear ...
I am very proud to welcome you back to another year at W.O.O.H.P. I know I can spare the formalities with you and can expect to see you at the same meeting place where you began your journey as the new recruits.

Look forward to another great year.

Your friend,
My Post

Name: Alex Richards
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearance: I'll keep this as a simple list: Thin, about 5"7, Long dark brown hair, Hazel eyes, pale skin.
Personality: Rather lively and energetic. Loves to read, so is often quiet. Never shy around her friends and always pays attention to the mission she's working on. Refuses to drink but finds any of her friend's drunken action amusing. (Marry me!) There's nothing she values more than her friends; she would die for any of them.
History: Lived in London with her father her whole life, before moving to the outskirts of New York for a year or so to study journalism. There she received her W.O.O.H.P email and changed her life plans by going to the training school. She never lost her accent.
Relations: Best friend: Rox.
Other: Has a fear of spiders.


Midnight was leering closer as I drilled my nails along the arm rest of the wooden bench, a dull echo making its way partly across the harbour before fading out. There were already a few others here. The first to show up were always one of two things: eager to leave (whether it be for past or future) or living not so far away that it truly took them time to arrive here. Sometimes they were both.

There must have been a few spies here also. Jerry would have sent a few of the fully graduated spies (already reaching a prime age) on a mediocre guard of sorts, any other sort of guard would have arrived long before I did. Like some of the newcomers, the distance made it hard for me to come here quickly, but W.O.O.H.P certainly wasn’t hesitant to help me out. After all, all last year’s graduates would have to be here before the boat left. This year it was they who would be introducing the ‘young ones’ – as Jerry had named them with a chuckle, though the fact was far from true – to the whole new world that W.O.O.H.P would present to them…and to warn them of the dangers.

My watch already read 11:50 and by now a steady flow of newcomers was entering the harbour. If I looked close enough, I could see confused and curious faces. I smiled to myself, reminded of being sat on the harbour, shivering slightly from the cold, back when I was new. Gosh, that felt like such a long while ago. A year at W.O.O.H.P was like a miniature lifetime.

I stood and made a quick walk around the harbour, watching people interact and swap stories that weren’t so personal that they gave away why they had agreed to be here, but were personal enough to hint at a growing bond. Most of the students seemed to be here now, and I didn’t feel the need to look for Sam and Eevee: I knew they’d be here on time.

I wandered back over to the wooden bench and waited for the boat to dock, closing my eyes and smiling to myself.

12th March 2006, 08:51 AM
Name: Roxanne Violet
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearance: Rox is around 5’8’’ tall with a slender build. She has deep red hair that is layered to just below her shoulders with a side fringe on her left side of her face. It is also tied back into a bun, allowing her shortest layers to frame her face. She has bright green eyes and wears oval glasses with thin black rims (no, not emo glasses >_>). She normally wears a black hoodie, her old blue ripped comfy jeans and black converse, but has been known to use her disguise training to her advantage. She has an olive green bag which hangs low on her back and is normally seen with her laptop in hand. She is sometimes seen with a white lily in the bun in her hair, but nobody seems to know why she puts it there.
Personality: Where do I start? From the point of view of those who don’t know her, she could be seen as a pretty unpredictable and moody person. However, if you knew what was going on at the time, you’d understand why she changes. Despite this, she is normally quite approachable. She loves having fun and enjoys her friends’ company. She never remembers anything after being drunk, which doesn’t happen very often anyway, but she always seems to do something she would regret if sober. She is very intelligent and often comes up with plans for missions. She is very loyal to her friends and always feels very guilty about any mistakes she makes.
History: Before WOOHP, Rox lived in New York City in an apartment with her mom, brother and occasionally her “dad”. She was a typical nerd at school; people would give her their homework to do and she’d never stand up to them. Since she attended the school, it has given her a lot more confidence and freedom. In her spare time at home, she would spend her time hacking. These skills have both developed and come in handy during her time at WOOHP. During the year, she found out a lot about her family’s history which changed her views on a lot of things.
Relations: Alex is her best friend. She’s also very good friends with Sam, Eevee and Serena.
Other: *gets down on one knee* Other… Will you marry me?

The late evening sun shrank into its blanket of sea as the tide continued to creep forwards. The sea itself seemed calm, unlike the hustle and bustle of New York City. Lights began to flicker on, loud dance music could be heard and sirens echoed in the distance. “Just like home.” I whispered. “It feels good to be home.”
I was sat cross-legged upon a wall that most would think to perch upon whilst tying their laces or to have a quick rest. My laptop lay in my lap and purred as it borrowed an internet service from the wireless connection in the police station across the road.
I gained strange looks from those walking by as I’d have probably looked lie a back-backer if I didn’t have a laptop. I was wearing a black hoodie, old ripped jeans and my favourite and only pair of black converse. My bag hung low down my back and my suitcase was close by.
I pulled up my hood as a cold wind blew in off the sea. I checked my watch. It was now 11:46pm, people should be arriving soon. I had been sat on the wall for at least an hour. Jerry had assigned the position of waiting on the harbour to me as I was the only one from last year who would already be there. I had been visiting my family. It was great to have spent some time with my mom and brother after arriving back from England. I particularly found talking to my… What should I call him? Step-dad? Anyway, I found it useful talking to my step-dad; I understood him a lot better now.
Finally, I saw people who looked like possible Whoop students. They began to gather slowly, most of them giving me very strange looks and wondering how I was balancing like that. I sent a quick message to Jerry informing him of the arrivals and returned to my previous task of keeping guard.
I didn’t quite understand why he wanted such tight security. I knew that one of the teachers had been told to watch from the police station and I was pretty sure I saw a member of the Whoop committee wondering around. Of course, they’d also be watching through the CCTV cameras in the area. I was tempted to wave but decided against it as my peers already thought I was strange. There had also been and unusually large amount of admissions this year. Well, large for a top secret spy training school’s standard.
Another thing which annoyed me was the fact that Jerry had restricted access to some files. I had begun to hack into it and about half way through, a pop-up message appeared saying “Don’t even try it.” I only tried to see it because I wanted to know why I shouldn’t be allowed to. Maybe Jerry was hiding something embarrassing.
My miniature rant in my head was interrupted by someone talking. For a while I thought they were trying to get someone else’s attention, but realised it was me they were after when they waved their hand in front of my face. I blinked, put my glasses back on straight and looked up.

Tag CT! *runs off*

Hyperness is a Good Thing
12th March 2006, 11:19 AM
Name: Craven Orske
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearance: Short(only about 5”5), slender, and best described as wiry. Her arms and legs are all rather long and skinny and she gives the impression of being underfed. Craven’s skin is a dusky brown colour, and her eyes are a deep, dark blue. Her hair is dyed blonde, with pink highlights scattered randomly throughout
Personality: She’s quite a loud mouth, and has the tendency to speak without thinking too much about what she’s saying. People who like her say that she’s outspoken, the many others who have been hurt by her blunt tongue prefer to refer to her at “that noisy b****.” She can be deeply selfish at times, and yet, selflessly devote herself to certain causes without a second thought. Impulsive and brash, she is also very prone to frequent mood swings that bring out a quieter and more reflective side of her that is also a lot more logical and rational.
History: She lived with her parents prior to her invitation to the W.O.O.H.P. school, has two younger siblings, and basically is quite a normal person. (I’m tired of characters with interesting histories, I want to try a more “normal” character for once”)
Relations: None
Original Location: None
Other: Craven has a photographic memory, and she seldom forgets anything she sees or reads and has a perfect recall.

~Craven ~ F ~ Currently bored.

"I wonder why I agreed in the first place" Craven muttered to herself as she wandered around the dank harbour. Sure, she had been all psyched up when she had first received the letter, thinking of it as a great honour, which it was, of course. School was extremely dull, since she was more or less considered a brilliant because of her unusually good memory, and she had wanted a challenge, and spy school seemed to be the perfect answer.

Of course, she had forgotten the tireless training regimes, the long stake outs, the battles and conspiracies that spies were probably embroiled and constantly involved in. She had seen it as a way out of boredom, and now she would be facing the consequences. Sure, she could just walk away and not get onto the boat, but a few things restrained her – mainly her stubbornness and curiosity combined. She would not go back to her home as a failure – she would either return as a fully fledged spy or stone cold dead. Plus, she dearly wanted to know what really went on in spy school. It probably wasn’t anything like the movies or books, and she wanted to know.

A few other people wandered around the harbour – idly, Craven wondered which were actually spies, and which were just normal people. She glanced briefly at each face, memorizing it instantly, and she knew she would remember them should she see them again. However, if they were disguised, then it would have been in vain, but since she had nothing better to do, all she could do was walk…and watch.

There was a girl balancing herself on a wall typing on a laptop. Craven was about to go up to her, just to strike up a conversation to pass the time, when she saw that that girl already had a friend.

Sighing, Craven stopped and leant against a nearby wall.

“I’m bored,” she complained out loud.

Whiner, she thought to herself and shrugged. She was almost allowed to whine, there wasn’t anything to do.

12th March 2006, 02:57 PM
Name: Sam Omaras (there ya go Eevee, one surname for ya. god it's an overused one. ah well)
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Appearance: He's a good 6'2 with a very masculine build. He has short ash blone hair and deep blue eyes. He wears plain, dark coloured t-shirts with jeans and trainers. He doesn't wear anything too 'complicated', simple clothes are easier to replace if when they get baby sick on them.
Personality: He's changed a lot this past year. When he first came to WOOHP he was very withdrawn and uncaring but he found love and friends and he changed. He cares about his friends and family and will do anything to keep them safe. He's not very trusting a first, you have to earn it, but he's willing to teach anyone who will listen and will open up to anyone who cares for his company.
History: very complicated. Dad killed mum, experimented on him, cloned him. But both his dad and his clone are dead. (for clearer idea please see original rpg)
Relations: Pretty obvious these i guess. Married to eevee, they have a son called Kio. Good friends with Rox and Alex.
Other: none


"Hurry up or we're gonna be late!" I called through the doorway to my wife as she ran about our hotel room gathering together all the bits and pieces we'd left lying about the night before. Having a child was such messy business.

"I'm here, I'm here," she panted, appearing in the doorway with a bulging bag under her arm. I smirked and took it from her before gathering up the rest of our belongings.

We had bought a small place near the school, just off campus. We'd decided it would be easier on Kio to have a proper place to live, considering we'd been chopping and changing homes the past few months. Honeymoons, almost as messy as children.

We squeezed into the escort car waiting outside. It was a difficult task trying not to wake up Kio, who was fast asleep in his stroller. He was a good kid really. There was a lot of me in there - I could tell.

Things had been exciting the past couple of months - my sister had moved out to live with some friends but she was going to come back and stay with us. Being Kio's godmother as well as his aunt, we didn't really trust anyone to take care of the little devil when we were at class.

Leaning in, I kissed my wife gently on her cheek.

"What was that for?"

I shrugged, grinning widely. "Do I need a reason to kiss you?"

She kissed me back. "Never."

Some days I oculdn't believe how much in love we still were.

The car pulled up at the dock and we climbed out behind the group already waiting to board. Eevee scanned the dock for our old friends Rox and Alex as I helped our driver unload our mass amount of luggage. Thankfully we'd bought a fold-away trolley to cope with it all.

A sudden cry broke the eerie silence on the dock. Kio's whines of complaint caught the attention of everyone there - which made picking out Rox and Alex a little easier. Rox was busy making new friends so Eevee ran off to talk with Alex, leaving me to deal with the screaming Kio. Fun...

The driver agreed to watch the luggage so I took Kio out of his stroller and carried him across the dock to tempt him back to sleep. On the way past, I waved a quick hello to Rox and her new friend. She waved back and cooed at Kio who coughed in response. I laughed quietly, beaming down at my son.

"Back to sleep kiddo, there's a long boat ride ahead of us."

12th March 2006, 05:31 PM
Name: Valentine (real name unknown)

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: He can only be described as, unatural. His hair is pure white, and unevenly reaches his shoudlers. His eyes don’t match, one green and one blue, but they almost appear to glow. His skin is pale, but apart from that, completely flawless. He stands at about 5’5’’ with a lean, yet well toned build and his face can be described as sorta between handsome and beautiful.

As for clothing, Valentine’s covered from neck to toe in a black leather body suit which hugs his figures. Over it, he also wears a black over coat with one sleeve missing and black knee high boots and black gloves. The only bit of skin not covered by his clothing is his head.

Personality: Valentine seems to have hardly any personality at all, showing little to no emotion at all. It’s hard to tell what he’s thinking, but he can be considered anti-social and seems to take his work very seriously. Secretly though, he is confused by his fellow classmates.

History: All files regarding Valentine’s past are highly confidential (in other words, unknown. Will be revealed).

Relations: none (but that may change later, who knows)

Original Location: That information is classified

Other: …*snaps Other’s neck*.

The mysterious white haired boy sat perched on top of a stack of crates, quietly observing the other students below. He had been the first to get here, yet none had seemed to notice him yet. He was quietly judging the students, based on general observation. A few seemed suitable for a career as a spy, but the rest he gave them his own disapproval.

Valentine was knocked out of his judging by what sounded like a baby's cry.

A baby?

He, along with everyone else, looked over at the direction of the cry. A couple of teenagers (Valentine assumed they were students as well) were walking along the dock. But what caught his attention was that the male was carrying a baby.

At first, Valentine thought that they baby was probably a younger sibling and that the girl with him was a sister or cousin or something. But the way they were acting around eachother told a different story. Valentine's eyes widened slightly when it dawned on him.

That baby's their...

He closed his eyes and shook his head.

How foolish.

Crystal Tears
12th March 2006, 10:30 PM
Name: Zakary Hawk a.k.a Zak
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Appearance: Big, adorable orange eyes that can capture anyone’s attention. He has light brown shaggy hair that usually drapes over his face and gives him sort of a puppy look. He has a light tan, and stands about 5’1 (Yesh he’s short). He’s usually wearing a bright yellow t-shirt, with black shorts that come down to his knees. He despises shoes so he’s usually running around in bare feet. He has black wrist bands on both err well wrists, and has similar bands on his ankles.
He’s also thin, and doesn’t have much muscle. But don’t let fool you, he’s extremely fast.
Personality: He’s a hyper little guy who won’t let much stand in his way. He’s a lot like a golden retriever; happy, fun-loving, but cowardly, until it counts of course. He loves to see people smile, and hates to fight, so he’ll regularly agree with things he doesn’t. He also can be very clingy, especially when frightened. He can act childish, but that’s only because he hates being totally serious.
History: Zakary doesn’t like to discuss his history much. All he says is that he’s always loved the idea of going to Japan, and that once he had the chance to go there. But something happened. He says he had a good childhood, but everyone knows he’s lying.
Relations: Open
Original Location: He attended the famous spy training school ‘Ukatousen’. Though it’s unknown why he’s transferring.
Other: none. *slams with hammer*

.|.<(+_+)>.|. Zª|< .|.<(+_+)>.|.

The dim light which was given away from the street lamps and the crescent moon were enough to get a strange boy going.

“He shoots…” He whispered to the invisible crowd that surrounded him and watched in amazement as he sneaked up on an unsuspecting garbage can. “He…”

The night’s silence was interrupted by the loud crashing of a metal can slamming onto the ground and causing the boy to yelp back in fear, and hide behind an odd tree that just happened to be there.

“He obviously misses…” He huffed, not wanting to accept his failure. Instead, he tries once more, readying himself for a counter attack from the downed garbage container. “But he will prev…” The boy’s eyes were sent a drift from his foe when they focused on an odd girl looking lonely and annoyed on a wall.

“A damsel in distress!” He exclaims in a hushed voice to himself, bounding over the wall, and sneaking up behind her. “Zak-monster will prevail… He must..” ‘Zak’ reassures himself before peering over the wall, and eyeing the computer screen.

Don’t Even Try it

Zak gasped, He had been discovered! By a computer screen no less! Grimacing he leapt over the wall and landed in front of the girl.

“I’m here to…” Zak stopped and frowned when he noticed the girl was paying him no mind and was completely ignoring him. He sighed, and waved his hand in front of her face to gain her attention.

She looked up at him, and immediately Zak felt like he had been put on the spot. Of course, he also felt like an idiot because He, himself, put himself on the spot.

“Uhh…” He fumbled with his words, grabbing his favourite yellow t-shirt, Zak tugged at it embarrassed. “You looked lonely… So I decided to say hi.”

“Who are you?” She asked, giving off only a hint of annoyance. Zak gulped.

“I’m Zak…”

“Hmm.” She turned back to her computer.

“And… Uhh, who are you?”

She looked up again, making Zak quiver slightly.

“I’m Roxanne.”

The annoyance was disappearing, and Zak began to feel more welcomed. He hopped up on the wall, nearly falling clean off the other side. He blushed furiously as he recovered his balance. He began to fidget nervously.

“So um…” Zak didn’t know what to say to Roxanne; instead he tugged on his t-shirt a bit more.

“How old are you?” She questioned, Zak looked up at her.

“I’m 18.”

She blinked, Zak blinked back. Unknown of how to react to her completely blank stare, he only shuffled in his seat, and looked away.

“Your 18…”

“Hai.” Zak answered in the little Japanese he knew, with a gleeful smile on his face. “I am.”

“You don’t…” Roxanne fell silent for a minute, Zak, curious, tilted his head, his adorable eyes gleaming. “Act your age.”

Zak bounded from the wall. Striking a heroic pose in front of her, Zak smiled, and did a peace sign in front of him.

“I’m Zak!” He exclaimed like a child. “I don’t have to act my age because that’s no fun! Why be serious when you can laugh and have a good time?” He smiled. “Besides, I’m short and fuzzy; I don’t have to act 18.”

He smiled when she laughed lightly at him. His smile grew to a childish grin. With that, he bounded back onto the wall, perching beside her, and somehow managing to keep his balance, how he did this? No one knew. He had enough trouble walking in a straight line rather then perching on a thin wall, but still he prevailed, with the same grin on his face.

- - - -

>> erm.. Tag Becki? >> *poof*

13th March 2006, 12:34 AM
I made my way across the dock, skipping on the wooden planks, until reaching a familiar face. Promptly, I sat beside her on the worn, wooden bench, and leaned over toe execute an enveloping hug.

“Good to see you too, Eevee,” said Alex, before she even finished lifting her head to meet me face to face. I grinned.

“Oh, I’ve missed the old crew. Sam and I have been so busy with the new baby, that I haven’t had time to exchange but a few emails with you and Rox,” I said.

I sat back to stare at my good friend. She looked exactly as I had remembered.

“Yeah, I was beginning to feel a bit detached. I’m so glad the school year’s starting up again,” she responded. She stared at me with her lips spreading into a joyous smile. “Look at you,” she murmured, taking in my present image.

It was true that I had undergone a complete transformation. This time last year, I was in full goth attire, a shy girl of 17, and unaware of the world. And now, now I was a full grown woman at 18. I had lived through countless perils, found the love of my life, experienced childbirth and motherhood. My hair was cropped short, and stood jelled in little spikes upon my head. The dim lights of the dock revealed red highlights at the tip of my hair, as well as my new choice in clothes: an earthy peasant shirt and well-worn jeans. And in character, I sported a thick scarlet cape to guard me from the chilly sea wind. My skin still remained pale, but my eyes now sparkled with a revitalized lively-sparkle that had been extinguished only months ago.

Alex shook her head and said, “Eevee, it’s good to see you again.”

I smiled. “You, too,” I responded.

Just then, the ship’s horn sounded that sent a buzz through crowd.

“Well, it’s time to board,” I said, “let’s go find Rox and Sam. I kinda left Kio with him, so I should be a nice wife and help him out with the little tyke now.”

“Oooh! Kio must look so much bigger now! I haven’t seen him since the wedding!” Alex squealed with glee.

“Which was just after he was born. But yes, he’s gotten bigger now. You should see him, with Sam’s beautiful hair and my eyes. But come, lets start boarding,” I said with an excited squeal of my own.

Us two sophomores made our way to the ship, with our hearts fluttering in anticipation for the new year, and what adventures it might bring.

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13th March 2006, 11:22 PM
It was time to board the ship. Valentine quietly stood up and jumped down from his place on top of the crates, not making a single sound as he landed. He took one last glance at the other students.

There was one particular boy who seemed like he had a bit too much sugar this morning. Valentine mentally frowned. A boy like him should never have been invited to WHOOP. A spy needs to be serious, quiet, in control, the opposite to this guy.

Then there was the one with the child. How foolish of a spy to have a child.

He looked over at who he thought was the mother. She seemed to be ingaging in conversation with a friend.

She has a child, a lover and a friend? The poor, poor fool.

Valentine shook his head one last time. He was really beginning to doubt the quality of students attending WHOOP.

Maybe coming here was a mistake.

Without saying a word, he turned and headed for the ship.

Hyperness is a Good Thing
14th March 2006, 03:31 AM
Craven ~ F ~ Still bored

There still didn’t seem to be anything to do.

What looked like former students – and her new seniors – had started to show up. One couple arrived with the guy carrying a baby, which seemed to be his. Craven was amused - the rules in this school seemed to be rather lax. Back in her old school, a pregnant student would have caused a great scandal, maybe facing expulsion, and of course, no babies could be brought there. This WOOHP place promised very interesting times. Then she frowned. It was a spy school. Even if it were lax in one area, it would probably make up for it by being totally tough in another.

One dude who seemed new but had the liveliness of the Energizer bunny on drugs was already mingling around, making “friends” if you could call it that. Another comparatively taller dude was walking around, and though his face seemed rather expressionless, she could sense, rather than see his disdain of the people around her. It wasn’t that she was particularly intuitive, it just seemed like there was a hint of arrogance in his bearing that did not bode well if he were to be her new classmate.

The hyper bunny dude – he said his name was Zak, well, she overheard him say it, but she technically wasn’t eavesdropping since he practically shouted it out – continued with his various exuberant activities. Craven watched him with just a hint of wistfulness. She wished that she too could be so…social and so naïve and open.

Shrugging, she detached herself from the shadows of the wall and started walking towards the general direction of the boat as other students too had began drifting towards it.

Sure, she hadn't made any friends, hadn't "gotten to know" anyone, but heck, she had one whole year to try.

14th March 2006, 05:39 AM

I carried Kio along the dock to get him to calm down. He stopped crying eventually but he didn’t want to settle. The cold wind couldn’t have helped, even though I’d brought a blanket to keep him warm. I kept walking until we were well away from the others and began to hum quietly to my son. It was our secret I guess, my no-fail method of getting Kio to sleep at night. Eevee didn’t know about it, I’d never told her. It wasn’t that I was trying to be rude or anything but it was kinda personal to me and I wanted to be the only person to share it with Kio. At least for now.

It was a lullaby my mother had once sung to my sister and me to get us to sleep. I couldn’t remember the words but I knew the tune by heart. During my travels, I used to sing it in my head in order to get myself to sleep. Nowadays I just used it to get Kio to sleep. I didn’t need it anymore.


I looked back and saw Eevee and Alex coming across the dock. I smiled and walked over.

“Hey,” I replied.

Eevee peeked over at Kio who was fast asleep in my arms. “You got him to sleep. You have to tell me how you do that.”

I simply shrugged. “When I figure it out, I’ll let you know.” It was a lie I guess but it wasn’t meant to be hurtful. I just wanted to keep this secret.

“He’s adorable,” Alex cooed.

“Yeah, we got pretty lucky,” I agreed. “Fortunately, he looks more like me than Eevee.” It was nothing more than a playful joke, we’d been throwing so many back and forth lately that it had become habit. Normally, she probably would have hit me but she restrained herself from fear of waking Kio. I knew she’d get me later though.

“We came to tell you the boat’s here,” said Eevee. “We need to go.”

I nodded and the three of us headed off to the boat. We passed Rox on the way but she was still talking to this new kid she’d met so we let her be. She would probably meet us on the boat at some point.

Gathering together all our belongings we boarded the boat t school ad made camp in one of the cabins near the centre of the boat. We didn’t want the rocking to disturb Kio. It suited us better if he slept right through to his next feed. We wrapped him up warmly on one of the beds. It was a difficult task trying not to disturb his sleep but we managed it somehow. I liked to watch him sleep sometimes, especially now he’d reached this age. He had a tendency of moving a lot in his sleep but as he’d only learnt how to roll one way he would often force himself into the strangest positions. It was unbearably adorable though.

“Can’t believe it’s been a whole year since we first got on this boat,” I mused.

“Yeah,” agreed Alex. “So much has happened since we first met. We’ve all had an exciting year.”

“At least this year won’t be as chaotic,” Eevee leant back in her seat and shot me a questioning glance, “will they?”

I shrugged innocently. “Not from my end. Well, as far as I know.” I thought for a moment. “Will you too stay here, I wanna take a walk along the boat where I first met my gorgeous wife here but I don’t wanna leave Kio alone.”

“Well we were gonna look for Rox.”

“I’ll send her over if I bump into her. She might still be with that boy.”

Alex laughed. “I wonder if she’s proposed yet.”

Eevee and I frowned at her.

Still laughing, she waved a hand as if to disperse our confusion. “It’s an inside joke.”

“Right…” I just shook my head and hugged Eevee. “I’ll see you in a bit ‘kay?”

She nodded. “Okay.”

I kissed her and said goodbye to Alex. My plans were to go down to the kitchen, grab myself some food. Hard to believe it had only been a year ago that I’d even met Eevee, how far we had come in such a short time. We’d been through everything together. She’d helped me with my sister; there had been those kidnappings, the cloning – that had made a damn mess of thin –

My thoughts of days gone by were interrupted when I accidentally crashed into a girl coming the other way down the corridor. I mumbled a quick apology. She looked familiar, at first I couldn’t remember why but then I remembered seeing her lurking by the shadows near Rox and that boy. She had to be new so I figured I should do the nice thing of introducing myself.

“Hey, my name’s Sam,” I extended my hand but she seemed reluctant to shake it. “It’s just a handshake,” I added lightly.

She eventually accepted my offer. “My name’s Craven. You’re the one with the baby aren’t you? Are you really allowed to have a kid so young at the school?”

I laughed, amused by her bluntness. “There’s no tiptoeing past you is there? Yeah, Kio’s my son. My wife and I just brought a place off campus, he won’ be anywhere near the school. Well, not if I can help it.”

“Wife? You’re married already? What are, twenty?”

I laughed again. “I’m twenty-one, she’s eighteen.”

She opened her mouth to add another barrage of comments but I decided to interrupt her this time. Putting people in unfamiliar situations was a great way of understanding them. “You’re very outspoken aren’t you?”

“It’s been said.”

“Look, I’m not the sort of person to trust anyone straight off but I got no problem getting to know someone. You wanna talk over food? This place has got a pretty good kitchen and I’m starving, decides, I could use the company.” I laughed. “Or maybe I just want an excuse to stay away from my room. Girly conversations don’t sit too well with me you know?” I felt like I was blabbering on so I tried to focus back on the point. “So you wanna get a bite to eat?”

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Hyperness is a Good Thing
14th March 2006, 09:39 AM
As can be noticed, I switched(rather erratically) from the third person to the first person in my posts depending on my mood. Oh and I'm having fun with Craven..she's a lot ditzier than my normal characters. And she talks more too.

Craven ~ F ~ About to go for dinner(food food food)

I bumped into the dude with the baby – he just told me his name was Sam.

At first, to tell the truth, I was rather thunderstruck. Who knows what sort of person this was – back home he would have been viewed as a delinquent and ostracised from decent society. He was still in school, c’mon. Sure it wasn’t a normal school, but there was propriety and all that nonsense. It was hard to shake off that mentality since I’ve lived with it practically forever, but I have had a lot of practice. Of course, I hated the conventions back home, and would do anything to break them. I mean, those old stuffy coots seriously needed to lighten up. So after, thinking for an extremely short while, I thought, why not? He seemed like a pretty nice guy…

And then just after we’ve introduced ourselves, my big mouth blundered again, and I asked a whole load of questions that would normally irritate, well, anybody.

To my amazement, he laughed. I had seldom gotten such a reaction, and so when he asked me to join him for dinner, I was kindly disposed to agree.

I had already found the kitchen while aimlessly wandering around, so off we headed.

After getting our food, we sat down, and I was bursting with curiosity about him and his…er wife? However, I had already bungled once, and I didn’t really feel like losing a friend five minutes after meeting him, so I asked about school.

“What’s Whoop like?” I asked, using the “nickname” I had heard other students use when referring to our institution. “I mean, I know it’s a spy school and all, but what do we actually do there? Is the schedule tough and all?”

He looked amused. “You jumped into this one without thinking too much, did you?”

I rolled my eyes. “Hey, it was a way to breakaway from dull mundane life. I got bored y’know… So, tell me more about our glorious school.”

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14th March 2006, 11:01 AM

After a quick look around to see if Rox had boarded the boat yet, I turned to Eevee and told her that I had to go. Jerry had left the job of the 'big speech' to me and I wanted a quick rest before I had to do lots of talking about W.O.O.H.P.

Eevee gave me a quick goodbye, still holding Kio close to her, and I headed into the Main Lounge of the boat. Getting there within minutes, I sat myself down on one of the large chairs and pulled a folded paperback copy of L'etranger from my jeans pocket and opened it on the last page I'd been consumed in. Humming Taylor, The Latte Boy to myself, I leant back, a half-smile on my face.

I had no script for what I was supposed to say, but I was more than happy to wing it. I was much more confident than I had been last time I was aboard this ship.

Soon, an announcement would sound through the speakers spread throughout the ship, and the new recruits would be told to come to the Main Lounge for an introduction of W.O.O.H.P. Of course, that wouldn't happen until the technology on the boat made sure that everyone had boarded. If someone were missing at Midnight, that would be something Jerry would have to deal with.

I smiled to myself, wondering what so say. Even if I was going to go by the feel of the moment, I needed to think up something to start with. But then I realised I didn't really like things that way and opened up my french novel again, just waiting for the announcement to sound.

14th March 2006, 12:04 PM

I thought carefully about the task before me. How to describe the WOOHP experience, not one of the easiest things I’d had to do so far. I tried drawing on some of my experiences from the past year but found them unhelpful. I was trying to give an overall view of WOOHP here; our first year of chaos hardly did it justice.

“You’re easier to deal with when your questions are spontaneous,” I said, breaking the silence. I used her reaction as a way of buying myself a few extra moments to ponder over a suitable answer. I wanted to give the right impression and I doubted the image of me and Kio would have helped that.

“WOOHP is…” I paused for another moment, rolling the words across my tongue before letting them escape my lips, “challenging.” It seemed like a fair comment. “The classes aren’t too hard to deal with but if you don’t apply what you’ve learned to the practical missions you can end up in a lot of trouble.”

“So we get to go on missions?” there was a hint of excitement in her voice.

“Sure do. Though I doubt you’ll have to face anything near as chaotic as we did,” I smiled, laughing silently to myself. “You get a lot of social time because there’s so little homework but you tend to find yourself doing a lot of training to keep up with the physical strain of it all. Fortunately, the facilities are top-of-the-range, I heard that they installed new software and vamped everything up during the summer.”

“Sounds pretty exciting.”

“It is.” I sat back a little and ate some of the food in front of me. “I’m hardly the perfect example of a WOOHP student though, so don’t think too much into it. A lot of things happened last year that would be considered rare by even WOOHP’s standards.”


I laughed, waving her request away. “You don’t wanna hear those stories.”

“Maybe I do.”

I smirked. “You’ll hear them soon enough. Give it a week, there’ll be plenty of rumours circling about what my friends and I got up to last year.”

“I don’t want a rumour. I want to know what really happened.”

“Persistent aren’t you?”

She nodded.

“That’s a pretty dangerous characteristic. Bad guys have a history of short tempers.”

She leant forward. “You’re avoiding the subject.”


“Why won’t you tell me what happened?”

I sighed and scratched the stumble forming on my chin. “Most of last year stemmed from some…personal issues. A lot of things happened that I wish hadn’t. That’s all there is to it.”

“That’s pretty vague isn’t it?”

“Like I said, you’ll find out in time.”

I could see the first signs of irritation creep across her face. “Are you always like this?”

“Only to people I don’t trust,” I answered bluntly.

“You don’t trust me?”

“Don’t take it personally, I don’t trust anyone at first.”

“So what would I have to do to make you trust me?”

“Well that’s easy,” I replied coolly, “don’t ever betray me or anyone I care about.”

“Like to keep things simple don’t you?”

“It’s the only way I know,” I replied, finishing off my sandwich. “So, anything else you wanna know?”


14th March 2006, 07:14 PM
Valentine slowly sipped at the glass of wine he was able to get on the boat. The trip had gone a bit uneventful for him. He had been trying to avoid all the other students attending. He figured it was best if he didn't get attached to anyone.

He turned away from his glass when he noticed someone come in. He looked over his shoulder to see that man with the child and some other girl. They were ingaging in a conversation of soughts. He shook his head.

This man managed to make it through WHOOP? With so many weaknesses? Maybe this isn't the best school afterall.

His mismatched eyes locked on the man. He wanted to test how long he could stare at him before he noticed his presence. But he was also sutdying him, trying to find out as much as he can simply by observing him.

How could he allow himself to develop so many weaknesses? How could he have been able to pass through WHOOP? Maybe he's someone I should keep my eye on.

14th March 2006, 09:21 PM
OOC: Sam, people are taking our TAG! Ah, well.


I was eager to meet my new classmates, but my motherly duties were more dire. With my belongings settled for the boat ride, I set my attention to my son. Kio lay peacefully in his blankets. He made small cooing noises as he lightly dozed. The sight of this delicate child made my heart flutter every time. It was hard to believe he was my two months old baby. With my profession, I always had moments where I felt as if this world I’d brought him into was the most unsafe place to be. After all I’d been through last school year, I knew that dangers and enemies were not farfetched. Although our worst enemy, Sam’s father, was now dead, I still couldn’t help feeling like a mother and wanting to protect my son from the evil I knew was in the world.

Kio let out a small whine as the Ship rocked.

“Shh,” I noised. Careful to be gentle, I lifted him onto my hip and swayed. It was a motherly trick I’d picked up.

After some time had passed, Kio started to whine for his baby formula. I had the powder with me, but water was needed to mix it, so I slung his diaper bag over my shoulder, and with the baby resting on my hip, I headed to the kitchen.

Upon entering the ever so familiar room, I found that it was occupied by three people: Sam, a girl talking to Sam, and a loner, male teenager who was fixated on my husband. Sam glanced up to meet my eyes and smiled. I smiled back, and headed over to him.

“Could you hold him for a sec?” I asked.

“Sure, was the tyke too much trouble for you?” Sam said. Though his comment was to tease me, I couldn’t help think that he was glad to talk to me.

“Was you conversation too much trouble for you?” I teased back. Sam took our son, and I dug through the diaper bag for the formula and a bottle. As I pulled them out, I looked up at the girl Sam had been conversing with.

“By the way, I’m Eevee. You’re a new student, I presume? Well, nice to meet you. I’ll be right back, I just need to fill this,” I said in my pleasant way. By her smile, I could tell she knew my relation to Sam. Then again, it’s not like we were hiding it: the baby was kind of a dead giveaway.

With the needed items in hand, I walked over to the sink, which was right next to the third occupant of the room.

“Another new student,” I said with cheer as I filled the bottle with water. The boy studied me, but remained silent and took a sip of wine.

I turned off the tap and measured scoops of formula into the bottle.

“Not much of a talker, eh? Or are you just being a shy freshman,” I said not impolitely.

“Look, I’m attending this school to become a spy. Getting attached with anyone would interfere with that serious process. But by the looks of the returning students, I’m beginning to lose confidence in this facility,” he said with a face of stone.

I snapped the top on the bottle and took a moment to stare at this guy, before shaking the bottle to mix its contents.

“Nice to meet you too,” I said in an air of sarcasm. After putting the container in the microwave, I turned my attention to him and resumed talking.

“First of all, I’m Eevee and I’d appreciate it if you reconsidered your first impression of Sam, Alex, Rox and I. We’ve been through more then you could ever imagine. Second, W.O.O.H.P. is a challenging school that you should at least test out before jumping to quick conclusions. We won’t be in the same classes, but you’ll soon learn the talents my friends and I posses which have qualified us and gotten us through last year. And third, relations with your classmates is a rather good thing. We have to go on life-risking missions together, and it helps if we have good relations. I can’t tell you how many times knowing my buddies has saved us and helped us accomplish our missions.”

There was a pause, which was interrupted by the microwave’s beep. I took Kio’s bottle out and stirred the contents. I checked the temperature on my wrist and found it satisfactory.

“This school has a way of changing us, and drawing out the potential in us. You’d never recognize me in the beginning of last year. Who knows what you’ll become this time next year,” I said as an ending note, before grabbing my stuff and walking back across the kitchen to Sam.

I could feel the boy’s eyes drilling through my back as I walked away. With one of my characteristic smirks, I announced to the whole room, “I know I’m attractive, but I’m sure you can find something else to occupy your eyes.” Instantly I felt the presence disappear.

I placed the bag on the floor and took Kio from Sam, who was smirking back at me. Carefully, I proceeded to feed my baby.

“I’m back,” I unneedingly announced to the table.

Hyperness is a Good Thing
15th March 2006, 04:52 AM
Craven ~ F ~ With Sam, Eevee and Kio

Sam’s wife…girlfriend? had joined us, bringing with her the absolutely adorable baby. I generally don’t like little kids, but that one was cute! She seemed pretty nice too and they made a rather well matched couple.

The weird dude, the cold one who had been staring at us earlier, I noticed, and judging from the words he had exchanged with Eevee – ugh. I laughed though when Eevee passed her “I’m attractive” comment. He averted his eyes immediately. It wasn’t in his character to look embarrassed, but if it were, he would have already been all red faced. Knowing that kind of personality though, he was probably angry.

I slumped onto the table in front of me. One of my future classmates is an antisocial freak and the other looks like he’s permenantly hyper.” I groaned.

Eevee saw my actions and probably guessed more or less the reason behind them.

“Don’t worry too much about Woohp,” she said. “You’ll find your own niche.”

I smiled. After having talked to both of them, I could more or less see that they both loved Woohp very much, and had a deep sense of allegiance to the school. Not bad, I thought. Maybe I’ll grow to learn it like they do.

“What happens now do you know?” I asked. “Does our training start immediately on this boat? Briefings?”

Eevee and Sam smiled almost simultaneously. “You’ll find out soon enough,” Sam said, smirking. He probably knew that would irritate me all the more.

I groaned. Between the curiosity of what had happened to all the older WOOHP students and the curiosity of what was going to happen to me, I was slowly being driven mad.

15th March 2006, 05:27 AM
OOC: Sure seems that way


I laughed at Craven slumped on the table before us. Eevee paused fromn feeding Kio long enough to jab me in the ribs with her elbow. "You shouldn't tease her."

"Yes mom," I rolled the word 'mom' just to emphasise the joke. I leant across the table and nudged Craven. "Look, if you really must know, you get a briefing on the boat and then they generally give you the first day to chill and explore the place, then the lessons start."

"Why couldn't you tell me that in the first place?"

I laughed again, "What fun would that be?"

She grabbed at the back of her head with her hands, she looked like someone going crazy.

"The trick is to not think about stuff too deeply. What will happen will happen. I can't tell you what your experience will be like or what will happen because no one knows. Don't worry though, you'll fit in here just fine."

She glared at me over her arms. "Have you seen my classmates? A synical loner and the energiser bunny on speed. And that's just the ones I know of!"

"Don't worry about if. You should have seen the four of us when we first met. I was a bit like mr cold-ass over there, Eevee was the most insane goth you could ever met - no really, she jumped out of a moving car once," I turned back to Eevee, "was that before or after you stole the police car?"

She laughed, "before."

"See what I mean? This school changes people. You won't walk out the same person you walked in as and nether will they. It'll work out in time, you'll see."

A loud belch interrupted our serious conversation. We both started laughing. "He gets that from me you know." We all laughed.

"Could all new students please report to the main longue for registration and induction," a programmed voice rang over the speaker the system.

Craven stood up. "Guess that's my call to go."

"We'll walk you," I offered. "It's on the way to our cabin anyway."

So we accompanied Craven to the entrance of the main longue. She and Eevee talked pretty much the entire time. They seemed to get along really well and Craven seemed to like Kio - which made talking much easier.

"Thank you both for accompanying me," said Caven as we reached the main longue.

"Don't mention it," replied Eevee. "We're always happy to help."

I nodded in agreement. "And don't worry too much about your classmates, I'm sure you'll find out they aren't so bad really." I nodded again to emphasise my point. "Well then, we'll see you around Craven."


"She seems nice," said Eevee as we headed back to our cabin.

I shrugged, "she's an ok kid I guess."

"I think Kio likes her."

"He's got good taste. Doesn't mean I'm gonna trust her though."

Eevee laughed. "You should try lightening up. People aren't all bad. The two of you got along really well didn't you?"

"There's a different between trust and friendship."

"Do you trust me?"

I looked across at her, her question having caught me off guard. "Off course I trust you."

She msiled and leaned over, planting a kiss on my lips. "I trust you too."

We got back to the cabin and left Kio to amuse hiself on his playmat whilst we watched him, huddled together on the floor by the bed.

"Hardly the most romantic way to spend an evening," I mused.

"Doesn't matter. We have everything we need here, what more could we want?"

I smiled and kissed her, "nothing." We talked for a while, laughing at each other's jokes and interfering now and again with Kio's play time for various reasons. We were just waiting for his diaper to fill. "He really is adorable isn't he?"

"Yeah...Makes this past year worthwhile."

"Dunno about that. Just being with you was enough for me." I looked down at Kio and msiled. "But now that we have this little tyke, I wouldn't give him up for anything in the world."

"Me neither." We kissed again. "Didn't you say your sister was going to move back in with us?"

"Yeah. I haven't seen her since the wedding. Her treatment's going really well apparently."

"That's great. You really are a good brother."

"Am I good husband?"

She kissed me. "The best. Not too bad at the whole father thing either."

I laughed. "Well you make a great mother." I looked at the clock, the boat would be taking off soon. "Do you think we hsould go look for Rox? Weh vaen't spoken to her yet and I'm sure she'd love to see Kio - and us too of course."

Crystal Tears
15th March 2006, 09:47 AM
.|.<(+_+)>.|. Zª|< .|.<(+_+)>.|.

The loud, monotone sound of the horn seemed to judder everything around it. Zak's eyes widen as his body moved in what seemed slow motion. His body went backwards, forwards, backwards, before once again falling forward. Only this time Zak's attempts to keep himself balanced seemed futile. He tumbled, his arms out stretched in a frantic attempt to not hit the ground. Though his efforts seemed hopeless as his bare palms slammed down onto the rough, hard concrete, and slid forward painfully. He felt his face cringe; his eyes squinted as the pavement neared his face. In a stab to keep his face unscathed he felt his arms fold, and his body flip, his feet over his head, and then landing solidly. It actually looked like an impressive manoeuvre. Blinking, his face seeming serious for a moment, disappeared, his childish disbelief covering his face like an awestruck mask.

Turning back joyfully to Roxanne, he grinned. But another horn blast from the ship caught Zak once again off guard. He winced, ducking his head down before turning an irritated face towards the boat, and stick out his tongue.

"Stupid boat." Zak mumbled, waiting for Roxanne to pack up her things. Mainly the laptop that had spotted him on his quest to surprise her, he mentally stuck out his tongue at the contraption of technology before he and her strolled over to the boat.


"Call me Rox."

"Did you go to this School before?" Zak questioned, as they set foot onto the deck of the boat.

"Ye..." Rox's words trailed off, her sight focusing on the other people on the deck. "Yes." she said, slightly embarrassed she had lost her train of thing.

Zak looked over at the people, one man, who looked like he had his hands full; on one hand he had that girl clinging to him, and the baby. And then he also had the whiney girl from before looking rather distraught. Zak thought that Rox was going to go over to them, but when the P.A system announced all the new students come to the main lounge. Zak clung to Roxanne's arm like a 4-year-old just entering kindergarten.

"Erm..." Zak blushed madly, releasing Rox's arm. "Listen, I'd hate to be a bother..." He sighed, tugging on his shirt and looking at the deck. "But can you show me to the main lounge? I'm lost, and I'm nervous as well..."

"Sure." Roxanne answered.

It only took 5 minutes for Roxanne and Zak to reach the lounge. Zak was grateful. Bowing towards Roxanne politely as he turned back to the crowd.

"I'll see you later." Zak said, almost sounding completely mature, but it was ruined when he looked at the ground, before looking up at her like a child. "I hope..."

Actually Zakary was grateful she had even bothered with him. Many had just sent him away even before he could say a word, but she had actually listened to his childish talk, and had even cared enough to show him to the main lounge. Which wouldn't appear to be much to a lot of people, but to Zak it was.
But many would say that's just because he was a child.

Looking up hopefully at Roxanne, Zak awaited her answer.

Tag Becki. >> Meeehh.... And anyone else who would like to talk to a "Energizer Bunny on Speed".

15th March 2006, 12:57 PM
My temporary daze finally shifted and I could finally focus. "Of course!" I smiled at him. He grinned at me and turned to leave. "Wait!" I called, catching hold of his t-shirt. "I'm sorry about how... out of it I seemed before. I guess I-"
"It's okay!" He interupted, beaming at me.
"I'll come find you after the induction. Just wait around here, 'kay?"
He nodded and bounded off into the main lounge, bumping into someone on the way. I laughed to myself, he was just like my little brother. Except Harry was five and Zak was eighteen... Something told me that something wasn't quite right about him... I was wrong to assume such things, but I couldn't help it. I pushed those thoughts to one side. He would tell me in due time if he wanted to.
I made my way down the corridor, humming to myself. I stopped suddenly as i heard a faint giggle. I pressed my ear up against the door. I grinned as i heard the giggles continue, took a pin from my hair and silently picked the lock. I turned the handle slowly and peered around the door. Sure enough, Sam and Eevee were huddled on the floor with Kio on his playmat kicking the air and giggling.
"He's still so adorable!" I said, making both Sam and Eevee jump. They turned around to face me. Kio's giggling turned into a little raspberry noise. I knelt down beside Eevee, making the same raspberry noises back at Kio.
"You're such a bad influence on him, Rox." Sam commented, a serious look on his face. It soon turned into a smile when he saw how much fun Kio was having.
"Did you have a good time in England with Alex?" Asked Eevee.
I cleared my throat, pushing my glasses to the end of my nose and looked over the top of them. "One had an absolutely fab two months in London. T'was very spiffing, what what." I said, putting on my best english accent. It was good enough to make Alex cringe everytime she heard it, wondering if she really spoke like that. Every time i did it, it was soon followed by a short sharp slap on my arm. I was just glad she wasn't here to do it right now, my arm hurt enough from it already. I absent mindedly rubbed my arm.
"What about New York?" Sam asked. I could tell he felt he had to ask the question, despite the fact he probably knew the answer.
His answer was wrong, however. "Y'know, i think i learnt a lot. It really wasn't as bad as i thought it would be. I now understand what my Mom and Phill did..." I re-adjusted my glasses back to where they should be. "And i got to see Harry. I really missed that little guy." I turned to Kio. "Just as much as this little guy."
I glanced up at the clock. I swore under my breath, Alex would kill me if i missed the presentation. "Sorry guys, i gotta go... Alex will be waiting for me in the main lounge and won't be happy if i don't show up..."
"It's okay."
I opened the door, taking my pin from the other side.
"You could always knock next time."
"That wouldn't be any fun now, would it?" I said, grinning at them. I closed the door, locking it behind me and ran off in the direction of the main lounge.

~Genki Katchum~
15th March 2006, 08:11 PM
LSU Approved by Mascara Tears

Name: Genki (got rid of his last name long ago)
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Appearance: Tall, around 6'3"; has wild, black hair with dark-green eyes and tanned skin; Wears a baggy, (opened) long-sleeved red shirt with a black t-shirt and baggy blue jeans; moderately muscular; wears black, dingy, old gym shoes that should've fallen apart long ago, but, for some reason, have stayed in one piece
Personality: Although he has a nice side, it takes a while for it to really appear; he comes off as a bit of a tough guy and rarely takes things [too] seriously; he can also be quite rude when he meets new people; he isn't the strong, silent type, but he doesn't gab like crazy; enjoys adventure and action and tries to get all that he can of and from it; always speaks his mind (unless he wants something to stay secret)
History: Genki grew up with a moderately normal life. However, Genki always thought his parents were hiding something from him. He didn't (and still doesn't) know what it was they REALLY did for a living, but Genki came to the conclusion that at least one of them might've been an assassain. He moved aways from his parents a while ago and hasn't made too much of an effort to keep in touch with them; he's always had a fascination with ninjas and has practiced and develop a few of the basic ninjutsu techniques as well as a few fighting styles (his favorites being Capoeira and Drunken Boxing)
Relations: None...
Other: He likes the night life... he likes to boogie....



"Ugh..." Genki groaned as he turned over for the fifteenth time and hit the snooze button on his alarm. "Seven more minutes.." Genki moaned as he turned back over. Suddenly, a beeping noise came from his laptop. Unfortunately for Genki, his laptop was 5 feet away from his bed. Genki finally accepted the fact that he HAD to get up and slid out of bed.

"Ugh... what the hell..?" Genki rubbed his eyes and saw a message on his laptop: "GET UP ALREADY!!" Genki realized that he had left the message for himself the day before. It was then that he realized what day it was. Genki whipped his head around and looked at his clock, "Oh yeah.." his voice was calm, it was as if the fact that he was running late didn't concern him to much. He slipped on his red over shirt and blue jeans (he slept in his black t-shirt) and tossed his laptop and a few other essentials into a dufflebag with his extra clothes, slung his bad over his shoulders and headed out the window.

The drop was about 2 stories, but Genki had a special strategy for getting down. He grabbed the fire escape rail and swung from it to the water pipe. He slid down the pipe and lept from it to his vespa sitting on the curb. He popped on his helmet and goggles, kicked his vespa into action and took off at top speed. "Hope this whole thing doesn't turn out to be a dud.." Genki mumbled to himself as he skid around a corner, nearly missing several cars. After about 20 minutes he reached a pier.

"Cool; the boat's still here!" Genki said with a slight grin as he aimed his bike for a make-shift ramp. He and his vespa were launched into the air and he landed with a loud thud and screeching tires on the boat in front of some of the ship's crew. "Take care of her." Genki said as he tossed the keys to one of the shipmates.

"Yes, sir." The shipmate replied. Genki climbed off his vespa and walked off looking at the boat he was on.

"Not bad... guess this might be the real deal after all!" Genki said as he looked with amazement. "Wonder where I can get some grub.. haven't eaten a thing yet..." Genki saw a red-headed girl running towards him and grinned. "Guess the girls around here are pretty fine!" Genki thought.

"Hey, cute girl! You know where the food is?"

16th March 2006, 02:23 AM
"Could all new students please report to the main longue for registration and induction,"

Valentine quietly rose from his seat and gave noe last look at the three students. He had heard what they were saying about him.

So you feel I'm a 'synical loner' do you? Well, I'd prefer to remain like that.

He turned and silently left the room.

To make friends is to makes weaknesses. That's what I was taught, and that's what I shall believe.

And having a child is an even greater weakness.

A spy should not have any friends, only allies. They should only focus on their job. That's all I shall do.

Valentine stopped, his eyes staring at the floor.

That's all I can do.

He continued silently towards the main lounge.

Hyperness is a Good Thing
16th March 2006, 02:51 AM
Craven ~ F ~ In the lounge

The lounge was pretty big, and Craven was feeling a little lost.

They were supposed to be registering, but she didn't really feel like it just then. Nearby, she noticed the hyper-dude, Zak. Since they were going to be year mates and all, if not classmates, she didn't see the harm in getting to know him better. After all, he looked nice, and was kinda cute, in a little kid sort of way.

She walked behind him and tapped him on his shoulder. What she did not expect was the huge reaction that she got.

"HELLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" he said, and he grabbed her hand, shaking it enthusiastically. "I'm Zak! And you're the whiney girl!!!!!!"

She raised my left eyebrow and narrowed her eyes. "Whiney girl?" she asked, her tone light, but her jaw was just slightly clenched.

"YEAH! Cos you just stood around looking moody and you didn't even bother going around making friends!"

For some reason, that made her smile. After all, it was a pretty accurate description.

"Well, so that you won't call me whiney girl, my name's Craven. Nice to meetcha, Zak."

For a while there was a silence as Craven couldn't think of anything to say. Her natural outspokenness seemed to have deserted her.

"Soooooooooooo...whatcha think we're gonna do now?" Zak asked, looking at her innocently.

"You remind me of my younger sis," she said, looking at him. "No insult meant, of course."

"None taken. But you just changed the topic for no reason."

She shrugged. "I do that a lot. Anyways, since we've got nothing better to do, wanna go try find the registration place thingies together?"

She waited for his reply.

OOC:short post..in College now. whoop dee doo.

16th March 2006, 07:24 AM
Whoops...Guess I'm a little late. School takes up time man :(Let's just say that Damon was on the boat the whole time, but no one talked to him :)

Name:Damon Castle (Ahhhh AAB...)
Age: 18
Appearance: Damon stands at about 6'7", so he's obviously very tall.He has short dirty blonde hair,which he got by dying his perfect blond hair(Teachers and his parents referred to it as "Angel Hair") to black, which didnt go over so well.He also has a goatee, which makes him feel older. Damon is very muscular, which he got by working out alot.Originally,Damon tried to become a Navy SEAL, but in Pre-Buds training he broke leg, which crippled his ability to run as fast as he used to(He used to be on the track team in high school, and was very fast).He has dark brown eyes,and usually prefers to wear suits instead of traditional clothing. He usually wears the best suits that are available,along with the most expensive things he can buy(Rolex, moto razr,etc...)
Personality: Damon has a very dark personality.He does not like to be very social, and always avoids people when ever he can, though he is very persuavsive(sp).Damon is full of hate and anger for them(explained in history) and wishes he could find them and kill them.
History: When Damon was five years old, his mother and father went to his fathers office to get some campaign papers(His dad was extremely rich, and was a hopeful canidate for President)at night, they were sniped and murdered with a .50 caliber bullets, which blew their heads straight off their bodies.Damon was never really able to get over the fact that his parents were dead, and was taken care of for two months by his Aunt, who was also concidentally killed.After witnessing so many deaths, it seemed as if Damon had finally snapped. At night he would have horrible, haunting nightmares,and many nights he could not sleep at all. He was able to get through it, and hopes to become a spy so he can finally track down his parents killer and get his revenge.
Relations: None
Original Location: Navy SEALs(Not really a spy academy, but w/e
Other: (EDIT)Forgot to mention he has a deep voice, like Harrison Ford or Kiefer Sutherland.

Damon Castle

"Jesus..." Damon looked over at the time to see he was almost late. Guess the Navy SEAL training really hadn't stuck to him eh?Sliding out of the bed he put on his suit and rolex, and hurried out the door as fast as he could. His hair was sticking up in all directions, but he could fix it in the Taxi, right?

"Taxi!" Damon called, waving his hand on the side of the street. Around 10 seconds later a Taxi drove in front of him, and Damon plopped in. "I need to get to this address in less then five minutes."

The Puerto Rican cab driver nearly started to burst out laughing. "That's going to be nearly impossible!Are you smoking pot or what, cause i'd sure-" Damon slipped the cab driver a hundred dollar bill. "Right away sir. I'll get you there in four." The Taxi driver must of been going nearly 90 miles around hour, because he zipped around all the traffic and amazingly made it there in time. Damon handed him another hundred dollar bill and hurried out to the boat.

There was already a bunch of kids boarding the boat, so I hurried and jumped on at the last second. I let out a deep sigh of relief and checked my watch. Perfect Time. As the boat started to drift away, I sat alone by myself at the side of the ship, looking at all the people. There was a man carrying a baby, along with another girl...Wife?Acquiantce?Girlfriend? I didn't know, and I wasn't about to ask. There was also another man sitting mysteriously alone, but I was always the shy one, and would never engage in conversation with anyone. There were a bunch of strange people, but espically a very hyper one, who seemed as if he owned a candy store...

Damon sat quietly until they got to the place.I hurried to the main lounge, and I heard over the intercom about registration and induction. He figured he might as well head that way, looking at a map before he went.

16th March 2006, 04:57 PM
I stopped dead in my tracks, turned to face him and glared. I never did like his type; the kind of guy that spoke his mind without thinking of the consequences. I’ll admit that I do speak my mind often, but not without serious thought. And plus, he was being plain cheeky.
“The canteen is that way.” I said bluntly, pointing in the correct direction. “You should be in the main lounge to be inducted.” I began to continue to the lounge when he stopped me again.
“So, are you headed there?” He asked, the smile remaining on his face as he leaned against the wall.
“Yes, but only to do the presentation.” A smirk replaced my frown. I knew he was confused but was trying to mask it.
“Do the presentation…?”
“Yes. Well, help my friend that is doing the presentation.”
“You mean you’ve been here before?”
“Yes, for the whole of last year. Now if you’ll excuse-”
“Wait, wait. You’re trying to tell me that you have been training as a spy for a year?” He interrupted.
I nodded. He laughed at me. I shot him another glare. “What’s so funny?”
“I can’t believe that a pretty girl like you could have done spy missions. I mean, you’re too-”
“Too what?” I felt my anger rise. This was just insulting.
“Too… Actually, I dunno.” He knew he was winding me up, and he was enjoying it. I was living proof that red-heads had a bad temper problem.
I pushed past him and went into the lounge, taking my seat next to Alex.
“Men…” I muttered. She nodded in acknowledgement and laughed quietly.
Sorry it's short, must sleep X_x

~Genki Katchum~
16th March 2006, 06:59 PM

Genki chuckled to himself as the flustered red-head made her way past him. "Guess she can't take a joke... or a compliment for that matter. Ah well!" Genki headed in the same direction as the red-head and shortly arrived at the main lounge.

Genki whistled, "Wow! Nice lounge." Genki shifted shoulders with his bag as he looked around at the room. He took a quick glance at the others there and noticed the red-head sitting. She caught his glance and he waved at her with a smile. She quickly looked away again and Genki chuckled. Suddenly, Genki's stomach growled loudly drawing a few glances. Genki gave them a goofy look. A few turned away and he seemed to put a smile on a few faces.

Genki put an arm over his stomach. "Dangit! I should've grabbed a bag of chips or something. Sheesh... I'm freakin' starving!" Genki looked around lazily. "Now where do I register so I can go get some food..?"

Crystal Tears
16th March 2006, 08:18 PM
[color=#FFCC33][font=Franklin Gothic Medium]
.|.<(+_+)>.|. Zª|< .|.<(+_+)>.|.

Recently meeting the 'whiney girl', Zakary had learned that her name wasn't 'whiny girl', not that he actually expected to be, but it was actually 'Craven'. Zak grinned, hearing her suggestion.

"Hai hai hai!" Zak bounded, hopping in place as he answered. He didn't even realize he was confusing his words. Instead, he only smiled. "I mean; it can't be harder then finding the main lounge." Zak looked around, seeing the new students he grinned. "And obviously it wasn't that hard."


Zak turned around frightened; his ears had picked up a horrible noise that sounded like a monster preparing to eat him. But when his orange eyes focused on a man with wild black hair, dark green eyes, and a tan, Zakary couldn't help but tilt his head. 'Since when did spy schools accept cave men?'


Zakary turned back to Craven, blushing lightly. "Umm well, I can't really see it..." He admitted, mentally cursing his height. But his spirits soon began to rise up from the ashes when he caught sight of a booth not to far from them. "Is that it?" He asked her. She shrugged, and started to head over.

"I'll come find you after the induction. Just wait around here, 'kay?"




"Wait!" Zakary yelped, causing Craven to stop and look back at him. "Um... Well, I think we should wait. Isn't there some speech that's suppose to be given out anyways?" Craven raised an eyebrow at him again. Zak shifted uneasily in his spot. "Please?" Zak almost begged.

"Does it matter?" Craven asked.

"No... I guess not..." Zak sighed, stepping forward. Hoping Rox would still try to find him afterwards. "And plus if I don't stand there, the cave man can't eat me." He joked quietly, so the 'cave man' wouldn't take notice of him.

- - - -

Tag Hyper. *poof*

17th March 2006, 12:31 AM
Valentine resisted rolling his eyes as he looked around the main lounge. That hyper kid was back, as well as that girl from before. There was another one, a bruenette more concerned with his stomach than anything else.

There was another as well, a black haired teen all alone. Velentine got the impretion that maybe he was like hmi. Maybe he knew how wrong it was for a spy to make friends. He gave a mental nod of approval.

He crossed one leg and began tapping the table with his finger. He was eager for this introduction to be over with and to get to WHOOP so he could start training. He was a bit confused as to why Jerry would make everyone wait, but he knew he had to be patient. That was how he was raised, and that was how a spy should behave.

To take his mind off of this, he began thinking about what that woman said.

"This school has a way of changing people." I find that highly doubtful. Maybe you have changed, but only for the worse. You've become weaker. I have no intention of doing that. I'm not here to make friends. I'm here because I wish to become a spy.

I have to become a spy.

Hyperness is a Good Thing
17th March 2006, 11:58 AM
OOC: I've noticed a lot of the males in this RPg are either very tall(6"4, 6"5, 6"2) or short(5"1) like Zak.

-Craven ~ F ~ with Zak! -
hyperness is addictive!

Craven absently toyed with her pale blonde hair with its outrageous pink highlights while Zak was mumbling something about a caveman.

She turned to see a guy with wild black hair, who seemed to be looking around a bit agitatedly, and guessing by his looks and his probable personality – it was food.

“Don’t worry Zakky boy,” she said laconically. “He probably won’t eat you..not unless we run out of food aboard this ship. Then the weak and the runty go first – ”

Noticing Zak’s slightly hurt look, she clamped her hand onto her mouth. “Crud.”

Zak had turned, possibly to walk away.

She moved after him, laying a hand on his shoulder. “I’m sorry Zak… I tend to do that all the time – I always manage to insult everyone around me, even if –actually more like especially if I care for them.” She hoped he got the message that she was trying to convey. Anyways, she would try to stop herself from insulting Zak again – the look in his eyes was waaaaay too heartwrenching. It made you feel like a total jerk, just like you just killed Bambi or something like that.

“I hope you forgive me..” she said hesitantly.

He turned, and his face was black with anger. Craven sighed inwardly, knowing that she had lost another friend – then suddenly Zak smiled, and was all sunshine again.

“It’s OK!” he said. “I forgive you – this time.”

“That’s a relief!” she exclaimed. “Don’t worry! You’ll grow!!!! I had a friend who was really short too, and he just drank a glass of milk everyday and exercised!!!!” This was true. However, she didn’t mention that her friend had been 16 and going through a growth spurt, but it was always good to hope.


Go Cystral Tears! Bash my character for hurting yours! ^_^

Crystal Tears
17th March 2006, 01:35 PM
[color=#FFCC33][font=Franklin Gothic Medium]
OOC: He he.. But Zak's height gives him this element of cute. >> Being tall wouldn't have the same effect.

.|.<(+_+)>.|. Zª|< .|.<(+_+)>.|.

After recently forgiving Craven, Zak felt the need to retaliate, but it wasn't in the harsh sense. It was more like a child. Kind of like she had told him: 'You can't have my sandwich'. And he felt the need to come back with: 'Well then you can't come to my birthday party!'

"Milk?" Zak questioned, his mind wandered, wondering how on earth milk would help an 18 year old grow taller.

"Yeah Milk." Craven shrugged. Zak smiled.

"Ok, well sense you helped me find a solution to my problem I'll help you find a solution to yours!" And with that, before Craven could even react, Zak had reached up, and clamped his fingers onto her lips. Sealing them shut. "Now you can't be a whiney girl!" Zak grinned, thinking his idea was sheer brilliance. "Though..." As Craven frowned a bit. "I'm unsure of how'll you'll actually talk."

"I champh..." Craven replied. Zak smiled awkwardly before removing his fingers. "Thank you." she frowned, but Zak's guilty face made her smile. "Do you really think I'm whiney?"

"Do you really think milk will help me grow?" Zak countered, a sort of mature mask on his face. When she bit her lip and looked away. Zak only smiled. "Its okay. Really." Though his voice was a bit lack-luster. "I'm used to being short, skinny, and having no real impact on people."

"I think you'll have an impact here." Craven began. "Your extremely hyper, and short... Sorry." She sighed again, but Zak smiled. "It really is a problem."

"Maybe its because your blonde." Zak blurted out, without really thinking on the consequences. When he saw Craven's face, he put on a guilty smile. "Well, isn't it said that blondes tend to make mistakes a lot?"

"I'm not a typical blonde!"

"We've already discovered that. Must blondes wear high heels, tube tops, and extreme low riding jeans." Zak answered. "The only thing going for you to make you blonde is that you have a problem that similar to mine, but at the same time extremely different. Your loud-mouth, whiney behaviour is in direct contrast of my lack of negative emotions, and endless energy." Zak smiled, as now he was feeling smart. "Just like you're blonde, and I'm short and scrawny."

Craven was half smiling, half frowning, her face seemed to be unable to choose which facial expression to focus on.

"What your point Zak?"

Zak grinned. "My point?" Zak was laughing to himself. "I'm short and scrawny, and you're blonde and whiney. We're even."

- - - -

There you go Hyper, a brilliant, and yet childish at the same time retaliation from Zak.

~Genki Katchum~
17th March 2006, 07:11 PM
Tallness adds to awesomeness ^_^ *poses*


As Genki continued slinking around with an arm over his stomach, he overheard a conversation nearby. From what he could hear, it sounded like they were hungry like cavemen and were about to eat something small with some milk. Now, Genki could've probably misheard what was being said, but food was all that was on his mind and his growling stomach kept jumping up and calling his attention away from other noises. Genki dragged his feet over to a really short brunette and a pretty short (to him, at least) blonde (who Genki immediatly realized wasn't really a blonde). The two didn't seem to notice him at first as their backs were somewhat turned away from him.


Genki's stomach roared again from hunger and caused the two to jump. Genki hung his arms over their shoulders and leaned down to their level. And spoke lazily (from hunger), turning his head left and right to address them both,

"Now what's this I hear about milk and cavemen...?"

(Tiem for some interaction!! :D )

Hyperness is a Good Thing
17th March 2006, 11:56 PM
Craven ~ f ~ with Zak

Craven pushed that brute's large arms off her shoulder, glaring at him.

Zak was cowering in terror - a sight that made Craven very irritated. That big dude seemed kinda mean - it was rather obvious that Zak was terrified.

Irritated, Craven pulled Zak forward out of the tall guy's reach and he cowered behind her back.

"Zak dude, he ain't gonna eatcha. Not when I'm around," she said, comfortingly. Then she turned to glare at the tall guy. "Hey, you're scaring my friend. And the milk had no reference to you, plus it's rude to simply butt into a conversation." She conveniently ignored the mention of caveman, since well, it was about him.

Zak was starting to whimper. "Make 'im go awaaaay, Craven."

Craven sighed. "How 'bout we go away. Zak? We'll go far, far away from this nasty man."

Genki, hearing her words, went, "HEY!" Then he shook his head. "Why are you being so hostile?"

"Didn't see the need to be nice." With that, Craven turned away, not bothering to waste her words, dragging Zak along.

"Wait up, man, why are you being so unreasonable?" Genki reached out to put his hand on her shoulder. Zak, noticing this, thought that the big man was trying to harm his friend, so he reacted in the only way he knew. He clamped down some rather sharp teeth onto Genki's outstretched hand.

Genki yelped, and flapped his hand a bit, trying to get Zak off, but Zak held on tenaciously.

"Oumphn awafyth Aywhaen!!!!(Run away Craven!!!)" Zak yelled, through his mouthful of Genki.

Craven was very amused, and touched too. Zak firmly believed that the big guy was going to eat him, but he had tried to buy Craven time to run away.

"Get him off. Please," Genki said, a rather pained expression on his face.

"Zakky dear, release the man..." Craven said. When Zak shook his head, she sighed, and walked forward, prying Zak's jaws open gently.

"Why didn't you run away???" he asked, looking rather confused, and a little hurt. "I would have kept him from following you! Really!!!!!" He looked adorable.

Craven started laughing, and laughing until she could barely breathe properly, much less speak. Between that, she managed to splutter out an apology to Genki, but she wasn't exactly sure if he understood her.

~Genki Katchum~
18th March 2006, 01:32 AM

"Y'know, you should try putting a muzzle on him or somethin'," Genki joked as he rubbed his hand. "Is everyone here uptight or is it just the girls?" Genki remembered that it was a guy that bit him and added, "And.. little... dog.. people.."

"Well maybe you shouldn't go up to people the way you did." The girl replied with a frown.

"Well I guess I won't if I'm gonna get BITTEN everytime I do so!"

The little guy didn't seem to like Genki's tone and growled a little bit.

"It's okay, Zak," the girl said as she patted his head. Genki looked warily at "Zak" and tried to avoid confrontation with him; he wasn't exactly looking to beat up a little kid who's only line of defense is bitting.

"Zak, is it?" Genki asked as he looked down at the kid. "Well how old are ya, little 'Zakie'? A little young to be goin' to spy camp ain't ya?"

"How old are YOU, gramps? I didn't know cavemen could become spies." Zak repiled in a tone that sounded more innocent and almost playful than anything else. Genki stood up straight,

"GRAMPS? CAVEMAN?" Genki laughed. "Where do you get this stuff, kid?"

"He's not as young as he may look," the girl butted in.

"Oh really? Coulda fooled me!" Genki chuckled a little bit. He really knew the kid couldn't be as young as he looked and acted, but he enjoyed the little conversation. "Well just to get these little introductions over with, I'm Genki." Genki looked at the girl flashing a little flirtish grin "What's YOUR name?"

Hyperness is a Good Thing
18th March 2006, 10:00 AM
~Craven ~ F ~ now with Genki and Zak.

"Genki????" Craven said rather incredulously. "Is Genki a really normal name for guys? I thought it was more for the females, but of course, maybe not, now that I think about it, it does just mean fine, just that girls tend to use it more -" She realised that she was rambling and once again cursed her big mouth and too-good memory. Languages were never really a problem because once she had gotten the hang of tenses and genders and the basic grammar, she could already master the whole language thanks to her astounding memory skills, but unfortunately, remembering so much also made sorting out the data a bit hard once in a while - hence her bluntness when speaking and tendency to talk too much.

She coughed, hoping that she had not insulted "Genki". "My name's Craven. That's Zak - as you already know. He's a sweet guy, but he tends to over react to stuff and is a tad on the hyper side."

Genki shook his head. "A tad??" he asked.

Craven glared. She still had not forgotten Genki's muzzle remark. "Well he can't help they way he is. And he was only trying to protect me. Which was really nice of -" Midway in her sentence, she had a quick glance at Genki's hand, and she realised that it was bleeding.

"Er, Genki - your hand..." Blood was starting to ooze out and drip onto the floor.

Zak looked rather worried. "The caveman is bleeding!!!!" he exclaimed.

"Yes, yes, Zak," said Craven frowning. "You better get that washed and bound up, dude," she addressed Genki.

Again, still judging by his looks, she expected him to be all macho about it, brushing it off as a scratch or something like that.

~Genki Katchum~
18th March 2006, 03:09 PM

"What's up with the 'Caveman' thing? And Genki DOESN'T mean--" Genki was raising his hand to make a point and noticed blood dripping from it. Genki gave an exasperated look as he looked at his bloody hand, "Geeze... that kid can really bite!" Genki reached in his bag and pulled out a cloth which he then wrapped around his hand and squeezed to stop the bleeding. After a few seconds, he unwrapped the cloth and wiped up the leftover blood from his hand. He flexed his hand a few times to strech the skin by the cut so it would get used to the movement.

"Looks like you've done that before..." Craven said with a somewhat fascinated look on her face.

"Yeah. It's not the first time I've been bitten on the hand," Genki said as he put the cloth back in his bag. He stuck it in a part away from everything else to prevent the blood from spreading to all his other stuff. Genki looked at Zak and grinned, "So is that why they called you here? You their new guard dog or somethin'?"

"Hey!" Craven said in an angry tone.

"What? I'm just sayin'... he BIT my freakin' HAND!" Genki said as he raised his hand to display the new bite marks from Zak.

"Well maybe you deserved it!"

"Hmm.." Genki stopped and took a moment to think of something he may have done recently that merited a bite on the hand. Genki stroked his chin in an overly exadurated manner, "Mmmm... nope, can't think of a thing." Genki grinned, "I guess I owe you something for the bite then, eh?" Craven looked at Genki with a confused look. Genki was having a ball with the conversation. "Ma-aybe~....." Genki went into a position that made it look like he was pondering the meaning of life (or some other huge, philosophical thing). "I've got it!" Genki shouted as he snapped his fingers, making Craven and Zak jump again.

Genki bent over so his face and Craven's were on the same level. Genki looked straight at her with a serious face, then instantly switched to a playful smile, "Maybe you and I should go on a date!"'

18th March 2006, 08:41 PM
His green and blue eyes were focused on the three, which he learned were Craven, Zak and Genki. He shook his head slowly. Zak acted more like a child then a teenager, and he was definately not spy materiel. The other boy, Genki didn't seem fit for it too. All he seemed to care about was his stomach and flirting with Craven.

Valentine couldn't believe such people were invited to attend WHOOP.

He quietly sat back against the wall and closed his eyes, giong over everything he had been taught in his mind.

He had to be prepared for this.

If he failed, it would be all for nothing.

I will not, become a failiure. Not after all this.

Crystal Tears
18th March 2006, 11:05 PM
[color=#FFCC33][font=Franklin Gothic Medium]
.|.<(+_+)>.|. Zª|< .|.<(+_+)>.|. Seriousness
Music: Gifts and Curses

Zak didn't know what had gotten into him, immediately after Genki had purposed this offer towards Craven. Zakary's blood began to boil. He felt his eye twitch as he was having trouble controlling his anger. How does he control a feeling he's not used to grasping? Its not like its his choice, but he knew Craven could do better. Much Better.

"Well?" Genki pressed, Zak looked over at the rather disgusted, awe-struck, and confused Craven who looked back at him.

Zakary's face changed, from being innocent and childish, to stern and serious. Stepping between the cave man and Craven. He shoved the big lutz backwards. Causing Genki to end up on his butt and looking up at Zak.

"In fact." Zak began, sounding his age. "You DID deserve it. You interrupted our conversation when you were not invited, and you seem to think because you are bigger, and..." Zakary looked at Genki with a slightly confused face. "Attractive... But only from a Neanderthal's view, IF you're lucky..." Zak shook his head going back to his point. "You think you have the right to ask her a question when she barely knows you."

"You have no right answering for her, and she barely knows you either!" Genki retaliated, attempting to stand back up to his full height, Zak leapt, striking him in a tiger claw style in the middle of the ribs, causing poor ol' cave man to go tumbling down again.

"Correct... But you don't see me asking her out do you?" Zakary simply stated. "You seem to think because you are bigger then me, you are better." Zak hissed as he stared angrily at the rather larger male. "I assure you Genki. I am a hundred times worse when I am acting my age, and coming from the way you judge your opponents before actually knowing their skills, styles, and knowledge, I can safely assume you never attended another spy school. At least not a good one anyway." He watched, his stern face focusing on the man who presumed he was better, but now was on the floor rubbing his aching chest. "So..." Zak felt his anger beginning to fade. "If you would be kind enough to leave us alone. Until you actually learn some decency, it would be appreciated."

With the utterly confused Genki on the ground, Zak turned back to Craven, who was starring at him in disbelief.

"What?" He asked, his innocent side beginning to seep through, and before Craven knew it, Zak was back to being a child. "He was being mean." Zak smiled, and he was surprise when she smiled back at him. "I'm sorry I intervened..." Zak gulped, pulling on his t-shirt. "I... Just thought, and still think, you could do much better." When Craven stayed silent, Zak continued. "Um... Can we go to the booth now?" Craven only nodded, and with that, they headed over, leaving Genki on the ground.

- - - -

See? Zak can act serious.. >>'' Tag uhh I guess Hyper. And another question, when is all this going to start? I might seem impatient but.. Uhh.. Yeah... When? *poof*

~Genki Katchum~
18th March 2006, 11:35 PM

Genki sat there on the floor slightly astonished at what had just happened. As the events replayed in Genki's head a slow smirk began to appear on his face. Slowly, Genki began to chuckle. That chuckle slowly developed into light laughter. Before he knew it, he was on his back laughing.

"Hahahaha! Oh man... I'm REALLY gonna like it here. Hehehe." Genki sat up, still giggling and pushed his hair back. "Hehehe... wow." Genki grabbed his bag and stood up. He had almost forgotten all about his hunger when his stomach growled again, interrupting his constant giggling. Genki sighed, "I've gotta get some food soon! I'm seriously cracking up!"

As Genki looked around, he noticed that a few people were looking at him. When he looked at most of them, they quickly turned away. All except for one guy with white hair sitting at a table. "Where there's a table, there might be food..." Genki thought. Genki made his way over to the table and sat across from the guy with white hair. "Heh. Enjoy the show back there?" Genki asked with a grin.

19th March 2006, 07:09 AM
Alex looked at her watch. "Is Jerry ever going to turn up?" She twiddled her thumbs. "I'd like to get this over and done with."
"I hope he does... The new recruits look like they're getting a little impatient." I replied, looking around. My laptop flashed and made noises at me. "E-mail..." I opened it up, Alex read over my shoulder.
"He's not coming?" Alex said a little louder than she meant to. "What does he mean, he's not coming?"
"Atleast you can put off your speech now." I said cheerfully. She shot me a glare and i cowered behind my laptop, holding it infront of me.
"But i was ready to-"
"Anyway! Why don't we start getting these people registered?" I interupted. "We don't want a full scale riot on our hands. You go over to the table and i'll round people up."
She sighed and nodded. "I wish he would give us a little more notice." She got up and made her way over to the table, whilst i made my way over to where the speeches would have taken place.
"Hey everybody, listen up!" I yelled. A few heads turned near the front, but not enough. "Be quiet a sec!" No reaction. I sighed. I put my fingers in my mouth and whistled. There was a sudden silence and everyone turned to face me. "Thankyou! Anyway, Jerry isn't here. He's..." I paused, i couldn't tell them. "...busy. The speeches are going to happen when we get there. Meanwhile, if you would all like to head over to the booth we'll register you. Orderly ques please, there's no rush."
"How do you know all this?"
"Yeah, who told you?"
"I'm not a n00b like you guys." I noticed some people that were glued to their laptops look up when i said n00b. I would have laughed, but i had a job to do.
I jumped down from the stand and made my way over to the booth, taking my seat next to Alex.
"Wasn't that a little harsh?" Alex asked as i sat down.
"Calling them n00bs? I mean, some of them are transfer students..."
"Nope, i think it was fair. We should get respect. We actually graduated. I expect that about the same number of these guys will graduate this year." I stated.
She nodded, pointing to where a student had to sign. "I suppose so..."
I was writing something down when i heard someone call me. I looked up.
"Hey Zak!" I smiled. Something about him just made me happy. I completely forgot about everything else. I searched through the pile of papers. "Here you go... It is Hawk, isn't it?"
He looked stunned. "How did you know?" He grinned and began to fill out the form.
"I dunno, just a hunch, i guess." I turned to his friend. "What's your name?"
"Craven. Craven Orske." She replied.
I handed her the form. "Nice to meet you. I'm Roxanne."
"Hey, where's all that cheerfulness come from?" Alex frowned.
I laughed. "This is Alex, my british best friend." I nudged her with my elbow. "Don't talk in a british accent or she'll hurt you." She slapped my arm. "Same place every time!" I whimpered.

May i be the first to say HOORAY! It's back! XD *was having RPG withdrawls*

24th March 2006, 05:10 PM

I sat down in a chair in the lounge. It was strangely loud in this place, with three people talking the most (I wasn't able to get there names, nor did I care: I just wanted to graduate from this damn school and get on with my life).

Looking around at the crowd, I noticed most were on there laptops; I had mine, but just didn't have it with me, for I found that I didn't want anyone to get to much of a bad impression on me. There were various amounts of people; short (especially this one really hyper kid), and mysterious(these were probably the only two ways to sum of this category). But one stuck out at me; A loner sitting in the corner by himself. He seemed new, but strange as well. I didn't know where he came from, but he didn't look very friendly, which reminded me alot of a guy I knew in the SEALs....
* * *

"Castle, get your a** up to the frontline!" The Drill Sergeant yelled. Lugging the M60 to the front, I planted it in a sand pit, where the enemy wouldn't see it, and let another man man it. I drew my G3a3 assault rifle and walked back over to the Drill Sergeant.

We were currently in the middle of a giant desert in Ethiopia, for training. An Ethiopian Rebel front had been moving through the area, and was headed towards President Bush's location, where he was making a speech a few miles away. Our job was to defend the roads and make sure no one suspicious came through.

One man on our team stuck out to me though: The company gunner on the M60. He barely ever talked, and if he did, he was yelling "Yes Sir!" or calling for backup. We sat on this roadblock nearly all day and into the night, and we didn't even have to fire a round. Until the end. A group of snipers took out the company gunner and the Captain. By natural instinct I went over to the gunner and dragged him out of the way from more fire. He had been hit just above the collarbone, and was barely able to speak. The last words he said to me before he died was, "Damon..." Blood was seeping from his mouth. There was no way he would survive. "I want to go home..."
* * *

I tried to stop thinking about him. I was unable to attend the funeral service, because I had received an injury of my own, but I had visited his grave once. I barely even knew the man's name, but he knew mine. Everyone in the squad thought of him as heartless, but it was true that deep inside, Private John Hodgen, had a heart.

I looked up to the front to see a person was trying to get everyone's attention, and I quickly looked up. I didn't hear everything, other then that Jerry wasn't here and that we had to head over to a booth to register. I headed over, behind two people named Zach and Craven. I walked up to the booth and took a registration paper. I nodded at them, and headed to my seat to fill it out.

25th March 2006, 04:44 PM
Valentine just looked up at the boy for a moment, before turning back to his glass of wine. Even though most of the food he'd recieve was in ration form, he had somehow taken a liking to the drink. He had heard there was some ailment you could get from drinking too much of this. He believed it was called drunkeness or something, he wasn't completely sure.

Not that he had to worry about that.

He looked around the room again. This Jerry seemed to be taking his time getting down here. While he had been trained to be patient, he couldn't help but wish he'd hurry up and get here. He wanted to get to WHOOP, begin his training and possibly never have to interect with these people unless it was necassary.

Sorry for the shortness.

~Genki Katchum~
25th March 2006, 10:12 PM
Ugh.. I've been having RPG withdrawls too >_<() I seriously think it's what cause me to become sick (it started shortly after I found the site down...). Hopefully this post will help cure me! ^_^


The white-haired guy glanced at Genki, then went back to a glass of wine he was drinking. This caught Genki's eye (and nose) and as soon as the glass was laid back on the table, Genki swiped it. "Oh man, you don't mind if I have a sip, do ya?" Genki quickly asked while swirling the wine around in the glass. The white-haired guy opened his mouth to reply, but Genki cut him off, "Thanks!" Genki took a swig from the glass. Genki's face was placid. Suddenly, his face winced from the bite of the alcohol and he gave out a loud sigh, "Woah! Oh man, that's some good stuff! Whoo!"

Genki slammed the glass back down and slid it back to his silent tablemate. "Hey, thanks man. That is some GOOD stuff! That'll get ya tipsy in a second!" His new drinking buddy looked at him slightly agitated. Suddenly, they heard an announcement about a guy named Jerry not showing up. This made Genki's new table buddy give an even more agitated look.

"Who's this Jerry guy?" Genki asked. The white-haired mystery man didn't even look at him. He simply stood up and headed over to what looked to be a sign-in line. "Ah! THAT'S where it is! Good thinkin'!" Genki hopped up from his chair and followed the white-haired fellow to the sign-in line.

Hyperness is a Good Thing
26th March 2006, 01:30 AM
Craven ~ filling up FORM~

Craven lifted up her left eyebrow as she looked down at the form. It seemed to have some rather unnecessary- I mean, not many people remember their parents' income tax number, do they? She smirked. Thank goodness for a photographic memory.

Of course there were the bad parts – like the occasional headaches she got from retaining too much information – it was hard to never forget anything. Wistfully, she pondered about what life would be like without a perfect memory.

She was bored. Looking down at the form, there was a little box beside her printed name where they were supposed to stick some passport sized photo. Craven didn’t have one just yet, so she decided to just sketch herself in.

It took her less than five minutes, and it was a perfect likeness – of course it would be. She had seen her face in the mirror millions of times. Ok, maybe a million would be an exaggeration, more like…she frowned, remembering and tallying up the score…eleven thousand seven hundred and eighty five times in her entire life. Drawing anything she had seen was easy, she could do it down to the tiniest detail… creating anything? Well that was a totally different thing. It was true. She did lack creativity as she had not much cause for it.

“Heeeeeeeeey, nice drawing! Looks just like you!” Zak’s voice piped beside her.

“Haha, it isn’t too bad,” she replied, shrugging. Looking up, she saw Genki had gone to disturb another person, but this time it was Mr-I’m-too-cool-for-everyone. The dude with the silver white hair.

She rolled her eyes and watched, wanting to see the cold dude’s reaction.

26th March 2006, 11:35 PM
Valentine was mentally wishing that this guy would just leave him alone. He takes his wine and now he's following him.

There really wasn't much of a line, so all he had to do was walk up to the table and sign his name on the form. He quietly went back to his seat as Genki signed his name. He only got a few seconds of peace before he came back over to him.

"So, what's your name?" he asked, sitting next to him.

Valentine looked at him for a moment before answering.

"My name is Valentine," he answered emotionlessly. Althuogh Valentine wasn't really his name, he really had nothing else to call himself.

"Valentine huh? Odd name," he extanded a hand to him, "The name's Genki."

Valentine just stared at his hand for a moment, before he withdrew it.

"So, tell me about yourself."

Revealing secrets about himself was not an option for Valentine. He had to keep his past and details confidential.

"My name is Valentine and I'm seventeen years old. That's all you need to know."

Crystal Tears
27th March 2006, 12:18 PM
[color=orange][font=franklin gothic medium] .|.<(+_+)>.|. Zª|< .|.<(+_+)>.|.

Surround by people he felt safe around, Zak hung over Craven’s shoulder, watching her sketch in herself perfectly. His eyes widen in awe when she sighed, as if it wasn’t what she had wanted. He then looked down at his own form; everything was filled out, even his original school. He frowned when he saw its name, but quickly smiled and looked up when someone, namely Rox was ruffling his hair.

“Done?” She question, Zak grinned.

“Hai.” He answered quickly.

“Good.” Rox took it from him. He smiled; he wasn’t the best at organization, so it was better that they took it from him, he was most likely to loose it.

“You came from another school?” Craven questioned, as she had caught a glance of his sheet. Zak nodded. “Which one?”

“Ukatousen.” Zak answered, pulling from his pocket, a small chain and gold amulet that stood for the school. It looked like a golden ninja star with a silver Chinese dragon spiralling in the middle.

“Oooh pretty.” Craven commented, causing little Zak to smile proudly.

“The school is even more beautiful then the amulet.” Hawk sheepishly answered.

“Why the switch then?” Asked the new girl who Zak didn’t know all that well. Zak tugged on his shirt again, beginning to blush and bit his lip, he shrugged. He didn’t want to answer so many questions about his old school. In fact he‘d rather not answer any at all.

“Um... I dunno...” Zak gulped, hoping that was a good enough answer.

“Oh, ok.” The girl shrugged. Alex, he believed her name was. “Personal?”

“Hai... Gomenasai...” Zak murmured, really starting to feel nervous, but only because he hated being the center of attention, though his childish attitude did not help the situation. It also didn’t help that he was the only guy in his group of friends, making him feel sort of out of place, but as the other guys of this place have proved to be either irritating, rude, or just down right silent and boring. “So, when do we actually get to the school?” Zak questioned, suddenly acting all out-going again.

27th March 2006, 03:33 PM
"So, when do we actually get to the school?" Zak asked, perking up from what must have been an uncomfortable topic.
"We should be arriving at about half 4..." Said Alex.
"In the morning." I finished, seeing Zak's look of horror as he must have thought she meant the afternoon.
"It's 4 now." Craven stated, looking at her watch. She glanced in the direction of the door. "Maybe we should get our stuff together?"
I quickly shuffled through the papers, we had everybody that was meant to be here. "We're done now, aren't we Alex?" I asked, getting up suddenly and placing all the forms in an envolope.
"Yes... Why?" She asked, a confused look on her face.
"Follow me!" Zak and Craven looked confused. "Yes, you two aswell. You have to see this."
I ran out of the lounge, along the corridor and up two flights of stairs, the others following me. I stopped suddenly infront of a set of double doors causing Zak to nearly crash into me. "Behind these doors will be your first glance at woohp. The first is always the best. Are you guys ready for the best adventures of your lives?" I said, trying to create an atmosphere. Alex smirked from behind them as they nodded. It was one of those looks that i understood to be 'stop being so corny'.
I opened the door, motioning for them to go through. After they had, i ran past them to the bow and leaned on the railings. The sea crashed against the shore. I shuddered as my eyes followed the cliff upwards. The drop looked even longer than it had when I had had to climb down it... I reached the top, i scanned along the dense forest and towards the suburbs. I grinned and pointed. "That's our house." I couldn't wait to get back. I had missed it. My hand followed my eyes toward Woohp's main building. "That's it..." I whispered.
Zak stood on the bottom rail and leaned over. "Wow, that place is pretty big..."
I watched the second hand on my watch tick. "Hold on... Hold on... Here we go!"
The sun peered over the horizon, lighting up the sky and casting a shadow from the trees onto the land below. I sighed with happiness. It had been a year since i'd last seen this when i was just starting school.
"Lets hope this year will be better than the last..." I whispered for Alex to hear.
"Yeah... For their sake..." She motioned to Zak and Craven who were talking to eachother. "And for everybody else's."

30th March 2006, 02:49 PM

I got a strange feeling walking into the W.O.O.H.P building again. The boat had docked not long ago and me and Rox had lead the group up here. I had spent hours expecting this, and yet it still felt so strange to step into the large and empty atrium and guide the new recruits to the room in which Jerry would give them a speech. Odds are it would be short, but Jerry was not the type to leave out warnings and to comment on what he could detect of people's personalities. I supposed that he'd mention the true meaning of being a spy, and the fact that life still goes on even though we are training here, rather than learning, and that, therefore, our lives should not stop or delay. Then again, I may have been wrong, but I had heard many of Jerry's speeches before and I had could the jist of his manner by now.

I walked over to Rox and half watched everyone enter the rather small room. She smiled at me and I sighed. "Feels good to be home."

"Sure does," she grinned, "I wonder if anything here has changed."

"I doubt it."

I turned and smiled at her then turned back to watching everyone file into the room. Just watching the way the people walked and how the stood - in groups or alone - let me know that this would be a very interesting year.

If only Jerry would hurry up and arrive.

30th March 2006, 04:23 PM
Sam an I had spent the time on the boat in our room, just enjoying each other’s company and rock little Kio to sleep in his bundle of blankets. When the boat docked, everyone filed out onto the dock and towards the main WOOHP building.

I held Kio and Sam held doors open for me. Our bags would be taken care of by WOOHP employees, as always.

When we stepped into the building, Serena was there to greet us. With a great smile, Sam’s sister hugged us both, and took her nephew from my arms.

“He’s gotten so big,” she couldn’t help but chuckle. Kio cooed beneath his blankets, and shifted into his aunt’s arms.

“Go and do what you have to do,” Serena said, “I’m holding on to this cute little guy for awhile.”

Us for originals grouped together.

“Jerry still hasn’t showed?” I said.

“Don’t know what’s up with him. First missing his boat speech, and now he’s not here,” Rox said.

“Should we wait for him?” Alex asked.

I looked around. This new bunch was full of energy and didn’t seem like they would appreciate more waiting.

“Lets introduce ourselves and the school, and Jerry will come when he comes,” I said.

We stood in front of the new WOOHP students and Rox yelled for attention.

“Er, hi,” she said, “We’re going to start without Jerry. We’re last year’s graduates. I’m Roxanne.”

“I’m Alex,” said alex.

“My name is Sam,” said my husband.

“I’m Eevee,” I said.

We looked at each other, and Sam began to talk. “Jerry is our, well, Advisor, I guess. He tells us our assignments and runs this school. But there are other teachers.”

Some of the incoming class whispered excitedly about the mention of assignments.

“Yes, there are assignments, so you should learn to work together well, because that is what will save you,” I said over their voices. “But you can hear stories of our past assignments later. Right now, I want to know who is a transfer here. Because if you’ve been a year in another spy training school, you’re in our classes,” I continued, pointing at the four of us.

~Genki Katchum~
30th March 2006, 09:58 PM
Hey, I'm sorry for not posting in so long. This cold thing has just been getting worse (I'm actually taking pescripted medicines for it now >_< ) and has been making me drowzy. That and Kingdom Hearts II <3


The guy Genki had been hanging out with - Valentine - didn't say anything after he introduced himself. Nonetheless, Genki continued to hang around him and talk to him a bit despite his general lack of interest. Since Genki isn't a really gabby person, his monologues were pretty brief. Despite this, however, it still seemed to annoy Valentine. Genki noticed this, but didn't really care. He was a bit amused by it, actually. "Well, he hasn't told me to leave him alone yet anyway," thought Genki.

Eventually, the boat ride had come to an end and they had arrived at the school. Genki headed off the boat with his bag looking at the school. "Ooh. Pretty fancy," he chuckled as he glanced over at Valentine, who didn't dignify him with a response and continued walking. Genki grinned and followed. "Y'know," Genki started as he looked at the surroundings, "for a SPY school, it doesn't really look too... I dunno, hidden..."

They reached the building and went into a room with the other attending students. Attention was called and someone began to greet the students. Genki was quickly getting bored. Suddenly, Genki's ears perked when he heard something about "assignments."

"Ooh! We get to go on missions? This is gonna be fun!"

31st March 2006, 12:25 AM
He tried his best to ignore him. He figured if he didn't respond to what he had to say, he'd leave and go annoy someone else.

But this Genki wouldn't leave him alone!

He had sat in that main hall, with this guy, waiting for Jerry, only to find that he wasn't coming. Thankfully, Valentine wasn't one to get angry.

If he did, someone would be dead.

Standing with all the other students, the white haired youth listened to the graduate students speech, although this supplied him with no new information. He had been briefed on what to expect when he was sent here.

Upon listenign to their speech, his eyes narrowed. It would seem he'd be in the same class as these people. Not that it should bother him, but it was that couple, more importantly Eevee. The way she spoke to him on the ship. They way she said having 'friends' was a weakness. Why wuold anyone want a friend? What benefit did it offer to them? They were only weaknesses. And a child was even worse. Did these people want to be handicapped?

He silently shook his head. He was going to have a hard time working with these people.

He couldn't even understand them.

5th April 2006, 01:34 PM
All eyes were on us. The graduates. The only graduates. I got a mixed feeling from the mass of eyes gazing up at us. Some were of pure and utter wonder and awe, trying to decide upon the missions we had done. Others criticized, wondering how the hell this bunch of youths could do such a thing. Others were simply expressionless or bored.
Movement at the back of the hall caught my eye. A small smile appeared on my face as I saw who it was.
"About time too!" I interrupted Eevee. I knew she was confused. I didn't look at her; I continued to focus my vision on the back of the hall. "We thought you weren't going to turn up. What took you so long, Jerry?"
Mumbling and whispers filled the hall, most with excitement. There were some looks of shock. Perhaps they were surprised that I could seem so disrespectful towards "the boss". I had a right to, after all, as he had kept things from me last year. I knew that he knew I was only messing around. Maybe they were shocked by his appearance? I mean, he wasn't the youngest looking man. I guessed he was about sixty, but he'd never tell me that.
Sam, Eevee, Alex and I took a seat to one side of the hall, allowing Jerry to step forward. I felt like I had on my first day; both anxious and excited about what was going to happen. I think I was more excited for everybody else rather than myself and hoping we wouldn’t lose anybody this year...
"Good morning, welcome to W.O.O.H.P Spy Training School. I'm Jerry and I suppose I've now gained the infamous reputation of either not turning up or being extremely late." He glanced in our direction. “I'd like to assure you that this is not normally the case. I’m sure that you’re all anxious to know about what you'll be training in. I shall not bore you with the details now; I'll leave you to find out that for yourselves. Basic classes include disguise training, gadgets, hacking, physical training and general computing skills. As for where you'll be staying, all new recruits, including transfer students, will be using the dormitories. The girls' dormitory is on the fourth floor and the boys' dormitory is on the fifth floor. This will only be for a short period of time, about a month or so, in order for you to make new friends and decide upon whom you wish to share accommodation with on W.O.O.H.P’s campus. This first month will be very important for both you and your teachers to see what your weaknesses are and to improve those skills as well as continue to improve your strengths. Don’t think that just because you are training to be a spy that everything else has to go on hold. Try to have as much fun as possible as those bonds you create with your peers could be the life or death of you." He paused. Everyone in the room remained silent. Already he had gained respect from the students. "That is all. Please make your way to the reception to pick up your dorm numbers; your personal belongings are already there as well as some other equipment provided by the school. The rest of the day is to use at your own leisure. Thank you.”
The noise level in the room built up quickly after Jerry had left in the direction of his office. I stretched before standing up. "That was a little longer than I expected..." I grabbed my bag. "Home time?" I asked before starting off in that direction.
My bag slipped down from my shoulders and I jolted backwards a couple of steps. "We've still got to hang around for a bit to make sure everybody gets up to the dorms." Alex stated.
"But… But I was at the harbour an hour early to make sure everybody knew where to go… I had to go all that way-"
"You live in New York. Your apartment is twenty minutes walk away from the harbour. You can't use that as an excuse." Sam interrupted.
I sighed. "Is there no way I can get out of this?"
"No." They said in unison.
"Fine, fine... To the dorm stairs!"

6th April 2006, 04:54 AM
Valentine listened to Jerry's speech. He felt some respect for the man standing before him. He was well mannered and he clearly knew the seriousness of the situation. He mentally frowned when he mentioned the dorms. He would have to spend some more time with the people around him, something Valentine did not wish to do.

As the other students made their way to the reception, the white haired youth went in another direction. He silently went in the direction Jerry walked off to. He wanted to make sure Jerry knew all the details regarding himself. They were all sent to him prior his transfer, but Valentine wanted to make sure.

He wanted to make sure that everything was just how they set up. The details regarding his presence here confidential along with such details regarding his being.

He also saw this as a chance to find out anything on his new headmaster. While he was certain it would be difficult, obtaining information about those he would have to come in contact with would come in handy if the need arose.

He quickly looked behind him, making sure noone had seen him walk off. Sure that noone had noticed, he continued after Jerry.

Anyone feel free to follow him, but don't expect to get anything out of him.

Hyperness is a Good Thing
7th April 2006, 11:32 PM
~Craven ~ F ~

Hm. Girl dorms and boy dorms, and later they'll get to choose roommates? She doubted that they'll let her room with Zak, so she guessed she'll have to get to know some more girls. Sure, there was Eevee and Roxanne and Alex, but Rox and Alex would probably room with each other, and Eevee..well she'll probably be with Sam or something.

Craven sighed. It wasn't that she didn't like knowing more people, it was just seemed a little tiresome right now. Plus, some people found her kinda freaky, what with her odd hair, weird dark blue eyes, and her scary memory. Somehow, her friends had always drifted away after finding out about her...talent. Also there were those tiresome, jealous people who couldn't stand it that she got perfect results without any apparent effort. They didn't know of all the drawbacks - the occasional headaches that she got from retaining too much information, the confusion that sometimes came over her when she wasn't mentally prepared and she was almost swamped by everything inside her head... Remembering everything she had ever seen and experienced...Sometimes all she wanted was the ability to forget, just a little, to ease her burden.

Shrugging, she walked to the reception area, so caught up in her thoughts that she didn't really look where she was going. She bumped straight into someone else, and she fell down. "Ouch.." she muttered, and looked up to see...

Er Tag anyone else who wants to bump into Craven! ^_^

8th April 2006, 01:54 PM
Damon Castle

This Jerry fellow here seemd to be pretty cool. He told us all that we'd have to go and share a dorm with someone, which I particularly hated. I mean, why couldn't I just be alone? During most spy missions we'd have to be alone anyway, without the help of a partner. But then again, sometimes a partner was helpful...But most of the time, they would just get in the way.

He vaguely remembered a mission where him and a few people had been inserted into a forest in Zaire(now Congo) were they had to infiltrate a village and try to take out a extremist group killing anyone not willing to give up their children to fight in their militia. The mission had been succesful, but if his teammate didnt fire off that round, that child might not of died.

He shook the thought out of his mind, and hurried to pick up his dorm number and personal belongings. He hadn't brought much with him: some casual clothes, two tuxedos, two extra suits, and some other "personal" things. He went over to the reception desk, and got his stuff. Grabbing the briefcase, he turned around and started walking out. Something caught his eye on the roof though.. Something glowing, something...

Suddenly, Damon was knocked down and his briefcase went about 10 meters to his left. Looking over to where he was hit, he saw a girl in his way, also on the ground. she had blonde hair, with some pink in it, with blue eyes...

He quickly stood up, and helped her up. "I'm sorry," He said."It's my fault, I should of payed more attention,"


Sorry for shortness, i'm extremly bored.

8th April 2006, 05:12 PM
I peered out from behind one of the pillars that was supposidly supporting the ceiling, down the corridor to where Jerry's office was. Where did that guy think he was going? He was supposed to be getting his dorm number and key. He needed to be told he was going in the wrong direction. He probably knew that, though, and was after Jerry...
I followed him down the corridor, my feet barely making a sound on the tiled floor. I hid behind another pillar as he stopped at the office door. He knocked and i remained hidden silently. I heard the door click open and Jerry's voice.
"Valentine, isn't it? Do come in."
I waited to hear the door click shut again before looking around the pillar. Something told me that Jerry had almost been expecting him. I walked to the other side of the hallway and stood to one side of the door, back against the wall.
What was i doing? I wouldn't like it if someone was listening into one of my conversations with Jerry. I decided that i'd stay where i was and block out anything i heard. I'd become quite good at that in my childhood.
The door opened again. Luckily for me, i was hidden on the right side of the door that i was hidden from his veiw. The door closed, he had his back to me. I could have just let him leave and snuck back down the corridor...
"The dorms are the other way." I said with a friendly smile on my face.
He jumped a little before turning around and pinning me against the wall by my shoulders.
"What did you hear?" He questioned, obviously trying to hold in his anger. I opened my mouth to speak but nothing came out. Despite the fact i was taller than him, i still felt intimidated. "What did you hear??" He yelled. I winced.
"Are you sure?" His grip tightened slightly on my shoulders.
"Yes. I heard nothing."
"What did you hear?" He repeated.
With one swift movement, our places were changed. I heald him against the wall. "I did not listen. I figured it would be rude. I know i'd hate it if someone over heard one of my conversations with Jerry. I heard nothing. Okay?" I saw pain in his mis-matched eyes as well as anger. I let him go. He brushed himself off. "I'm sorry..."
I began to walk away. I didn't think anything of him following me as there was no other way to go. I hoped that my curiousity would never get me like that again...
Tag MC if he's feeling guilty XP

8th April 2006, 06:33 PM
Note: I've altered Valentine's height so he's a bit shorter now. Just thought I'd let you now.

A small feeling of guilt ran through the white haired teen's mind as he watched Roxanne walk away. He had falsely accused her of spying on him. Although, considering the circumstances, he had every right to do so. He couldn't allow anyone to find out anything about him. Still, he felt guilty.

"Wait," he called out as he walked up to her. Rox stopped and looked back with confusion. Valentine stopped a few feet in front of her.

"I apoligize for my actions before," he said in his normal, monotone voice, giving her a formal bow, "I hope this will not impare out ability to work together in the future."

Rox gave a small laugh, most likely at Valentine's choice of words. This however earned her a confused look from the white haired youth.

It's ok," she replied, placing an arm on his shoulder, making him feel a bit uncomfortable, "Just think a bit before accusing people."

She turned and began walking away, but stopped after a few feet and looked back.

"You know where the dorms are right?" she asked. Valentine nodded and she walked away. He suppressed a sigh as he began walking towards the dorms.

He was going to have to spend more time with these people. While Jerry had told him he'd needed to be treated like everyone else, he dreaded having to be with these people again. These were probably going to be the toughest days of his life.

Hyperness is a Good Thing
9th April 2006, 12:38 PM
~ Craven Orske ~ F ~ Currently dazed

"I'm sorry," He said."It's my fault, I should have paid more attention," he said, after helping her back to her feet.

Craven, feeling a little dazed from the bump and the fall, could only gaze at him in a confused manner.

"Say, how old are you?" she asked, asking the first question that had popped into her head. She blinked a few times, and realised how impudent she sounded. She had seen him back in the dining place or something like that. Her perfect memory had probably received a knock, because it wasn’t giving her any answers. He was wearing what looked like a very expensive suit, and he was carrying a briefcase, and had rather odd looking dirty blonde hair. Logic said that he was probably one of the spies, but somehow she wasn’t too sure.

He looked at her as if considering whether to answer her or not, and then replied, “Eighteen.”

She gaped at him. “Gosh, you don’t really look eighteen, what with your dressing and your voice and all…” She trailed off, realising again that she was being rude. She mentally berated herself. Hoping to somehow salvage the situation and not come across as a total uncivilised barbarian, she held out her right hand. “M’name’s Craven Orske, and I tend to talk more than I should, and obviously, sometimes I don't really look where I'm going." She paused and then continued,"What’s your name?”

Go Raven. =P Take it away, abuse my character if you wish.

9th April 2006, 01:01 PM
Damon Castle

I brushed off my suit after helping the girl up. She had seemed pretty confused, and then she had asked him, " Say, how old are you?"

Damon considered to tell her. He wasn't sure whether or not to tell her... Everytime he meet someone or made friends with someone, they usually got hurt. After about 10 seconds of thinking, Damon said " Eighteen,"

She looked shocked at how old he had told her he was. It seemed as if she didn't believe him at first... But didn't all spies have to be eighteen to join this place? "Gosh, you don't really look eighteen, what with your dressing and your voice and all..." She trailed off. Damon somewhat agreed with her. He did dress like he was a lot older, and his voice was deep enough for him to be as old as Harrison Ford.. "M'name's Craven Orske, and I tend to talk more than I should, and obviously, sometimes I don't really look where I'm going." She paused and then continued, "What's your name?"

He paused for a minute, looking over to make sure his suitcase was still there, and said, "My name's Damon Castle. It's nice to meet you Craven," He looked down on her, noticing that she was around a foot or so smaller then him. He walked over to his suitcase and walked back over. "Just out of curiosity, how old are you?" He asked.

She looked up and said " I'm 17. Only one year younger then you,huh?"

"Well, I assume that if you know how to do math that would be it," Damon said. He always had liked to be smart to other people. He liked the feeling of being better then everyone else... But he would have to prove that here. Some of the people here had already been here for one year. He would just have to prove to everyone that he was the best here... He took a peek at his Rolex, seeing that there was a crack in it and that he would have to have it fixed. He frowned then hid it under his sleeve.

"So..." He paused."What's up?" Damon was never really good at talking to people.

~Genki Katchum~
9th April 2006, 08:47 PM

"Finally," Genki thought when the introduction speech was over, "now to find some food!" The day was proceeding into the afternoon and Genki still hadn't had a bite to eat. He lazily looked around him while holding an arm around his stomach, hoping to find some kind of food. "Do these people never EAT or something?" Genki mumbled to himself as he slid his way to what looked like a reception desk.

"Hello, sir. How may I help you?" The woman behind the counter gave Genki a friendly smile.

Genki remained placid. "Where's the damn food?" He grumbled. The reception lady's smile quickly began to fade, but she maintained her politeness.

"Well I believe there may be some vending machines that way," she cheerfully said as she pointed in a direction behind Genki.

"Do they have food in 'em?" Genki's mind wasn't processing due to the lack of food. After all, Breakfast, which gets the brain moving, is the most important meal of the day -- and Genki missed it.

"Uh.. well yes, sir..."

And with that, without saying a word of thanks, Genki turned around and lazily made his way off in the direction the woman had pointed. Genki made his way out of the building and down a pathway where he came across some vending machines. Genki lit up. It was like his own personal heaven. Genki went over to a machine with a glass covering. Inside were several different types of potato chips, candy bars, and M&M's. "All the basic food groups!" Genki said with tears forming in his eyes. Genki glances at the side of the machine and noticed that the machine required money, as vending machines often do.

"What the feeze?! They expect me to PAY!?" Genki isn't one to have a lot of money on his person. Without even bothering to see if anyone was around, Genki made a hand symbol, closed his eyes, and took a deep breath. With quick movements, Genki slammed his hands at the sides of the machine, making sure to avoid hitting the glass. Almost immediately, the glass covering popped out, still in one piece. Genki grabbed the glass and leaned it against a side of the machine. He then opened his bag and began stuffing it full of Flamin' Hot Cheetos, Ranch Doritos and Peanut M&M's.

"Hey!" Said an unknown voice behind Genki. Genki popped a chip in his mouth as he turned around...


Whoever want's to jump in, go right ahead ^_^

Hyperness is a Good Thing
10th April 2006, 12:06 AM
Never thought that Rolex watch faces would crack so easily. Rotfl.

Craven Orske ~ Female

She almost burst out laughing when he made the "if you know how to do math that would be it" comment. An attempt at sarcasm. He sounded like one of the priggish nerds back in her old school, those that had always wanted to be better than everyone else. People like that amused Craven, for she loved to see them eating and chewing out their own livers when they saw that she, who slept in class and never listened and seemed to pay very little attention to the lesson, continuously got perfect scores for all her tests and examinations with no effort at all. They always wanted to be the best, and they hated it when she trounced them all with ease.

However, first impressions being what they are, instead of classifying him as an arrogant snob, she decided to give him another chance. He seemed interesting, and anyway, they would probably be classmates, or they might end up doing missions together, so being all hostile and angry wouldn’t really be good for team dynamics, would it?

She was tempted to reply to his question of “What’s up?” with “The ceiling,” or “The sky,” but classified that as too lame, especially since she despised people who did that.

“Welll…” she said, thinking a little, and decided to give him an honest answer, “I came to spy school cos I got bored of normal school, I’ve made friends with an adorable albeit hyperactive kid who turns out to be one year older than me, I’m currently wandering over to the reception area to get a dorm, and I just bumped into a tall dude with weird but interestingly coloured hair –” She stopped, realising that she was rambling and the dude’s eyes were getting rather glazed. “Oh yeah, wanted to ask you, how did you get your hair to be so…odd? Tried to bleach your black hair blonde or the other way around or is that your natural hair colour, as impossible as it seems? Aaaand before you ask, my hair’s naturally pink, I dyed it blonde to make it look more normal, but the pink still shows through isn’t that sad?”

She really was on the roll today – she hadn’t remembered talking so much crap in ages.

10th April 2006, 05:44 AM
He had very few personal possesions, mainly some extra sets of his clothign and the essential toiletries. All Valentine had toreally pick up from reception was the key to the dorms.

He was thankful to find noone there at the moment, although their belongings were present. It seemed that they were exploring the complex. He walked up to the last empty bad and dropped his bag on it. He quietly opened it and began searching through it, incase anyone took anything or something was planted in it.

Even though his expression told a different story, Valentine was prety eager to explore the complex himself. He could catch up on all the training he missed and then use the computers to find out all he neded to know of his new 'classmates'.

Knowing your allies and enemies is essential for a spy. The more you know and the less they know the better. Knowledge is as great a weapon as physical strength.

He was satisfied to find everything in order, nothing was taken or planted.

Then he heard the door open.

While he had his back to it and therefore couldn't see who it was, he mentally groaned. He just wanted to be alone, he did not wish to socialise with anyone. He expression remained as void as emotion as stone as he turned to see who it was.

TAG anyone who wants to bug Valentine!

10th April 2006, 03:10 PM
I had a rolex once, tripped up the stairs and fell on my wrist and it cracked, but it did save my wrists from being hurt :)

Damon Castle

"Well..."Craven had stopped to think for a minute. Damon had definately wondered what she was thinking about now."I came to spy school cos I got bored of normal school, I’ve made friends with an adorable albeit hyperactive kid who turns out to be one year older than me, I’m currently wandering over to the reception area to get a dorm, and I just bumped into a tall dude with weird but interestingly coloured hair –” She seemed to stop for a moment, and looked up at him.“Oh yeah, wanted to ask you, how did you get your hair to be so…odd? Tried to bleach your black hair blonde or the other way around or is that your natural hair colour, as impossible as it seems? Aaaand before you ask, my hair’s naturally pink, I dyed it blonde to make it look more normal, but the pink still shows through isn’t that sad?”

Damon sort of laughed inside his mind. He didn't really tell anyone this, but seeing as she had told him some things, he could tell her one thing. "AHhhh...My hair. Well..." Damon paused for a moment, then said "Before I came here, I was in the navy SEALs, and normally I was the one picked on. Well, as part of a sort of rookie hazing, my drill Sergeant, Sergeant John Miller, told me that if i died my hair pitch black, he'd promote me to a Private First Class. Now obviously, I really wanted to get promoted, so I did this. And man do i swear, When I got home from pre-BUDs to see my mom, she nearly killed me when she saw what I did with my hair." He stopped and chuckled for a moment, then said "People didn't really recognize me anymore, which was good. I grew this goatee here, which is more like a 5 o'clock shadow, and then I could basically start over in the city. Nobody really knew who I was, and I used a fake name...But then again, Damon Castle could be a fake name for all you know," He smirked. He liked to fool with people's minds. In reality, Damon Castle was not his real name, only a fake name he had been using for a while. Nobody but his mother knew his real name, and he still ridiculed her for calling him that.

"Well Craven..." He bit his tongue as he looked at his cracked Rolex. He couldn't tell what time it was, only that it was time to go. "I have to get going. Go set up my dorm and all, change, probably give myself a clean shave. It was nice to meet you," He said.

Crystal Tears
11th April 2006, 02:25 PM

Okay... Now he was lost. His friends had split up and now he was simple alone. Madly searching around, he discovered that being short was a very displeasing thing, he couldn't see over half of these people's heads, and it was extremely annoying. But Zak brushed away the annoyance and began playing a game.

Don't get caught.

Sliding up against a wall like a child, he looked both ways, smiling gleefully he realized that he had succeed, and quickly dashed madly around the corner to escape...


"AHH!" Zak yelped, scrambling back to see Rox looking at him like he was insane. Zak madly blushed, and brought his knees to his face, hiding in them.

"Zak?" Rox questioned, standing up and moving over to him. "What are you doing?"

"If I can't see you! You can't see me!" He whimpered from inside his knees. Zak soon peeped out to see Rox kneeling down to him. Zak smiled sheepishly. "I'm playing a game." Zak whispered, like he was on a mission, soon inching out from his curled up position and tugging Rox's arm to the side. "Wanna play with me?"

Rox nodded, and soon enough you had two 'spies' crawling around and pretending they were on some top-secret mission.

"Zak wa-" Zak pivoted around on one foot and looked at Rox.

"Shh Rox! We have code names! I'm Blitz, and your Ace!" Zak whispered, as soon they were on their hands and knees crawling around along the floor, like to children at an adult party. "There it is! The prize!"

Rox and Zak both set eyes upon...

13th April 2006, 06:39 PM
Haven't posted here in a bit so I figured I should probably make an appearance. Heh...


I sighed. "I think I agree with Rox on this, do we really need to be doing this?"

Alex shrugged. "It won't take very long. I don't think getting upstairs will prove to be difficult for them."

"That's my point," I added with a sigh.

Eevee wrapped her arms around my waist and squeezed my middle. "You can be such a baby sometimes."

"I just wanna settle. It'd be nice for things to calm down at last."

"I suppose...Did you tell Sarena to head to the house?"

"Yeah. I asked her to put Kio down. He needs to get used to his new home."

"Good idea."

I could feel her tensing slightly. I knew she wanted to go home and check in on Kio, she couldn't last 30 minutes without seeing him. Guess it was that mother-child bond they're supposed to have. It was kinda cute I suppose but it could be trying sometimes. Didn't really leave me with much of a chance for any alone time. I sighed silently. How was she going to manage sitting through classes without him? I shook my head. I was being harsh on her. I was almost as bad as she was at times. What could I say? The little guy meant a lot to us, I was kinda jealous of all the attention he got.

"Why don't you head on home hmm? I can handle this bit of stairwell by myself. You don't need to be here as well."

“You sure?”

“Yeah, get outta here.”

She smiled and kissed me deeply. “I’ll see you later.”

I watched her go and sighed silently to myself. There were times when I wondered if marrying her had been the right thing to do. It had been a difficult time – for both of us, and maybe marriage had been a rash decision. But then again…I paused briefly, feeling the weight of my ring as I twirled it about on my finger. Hadn’t it given me everything I’d ever wanted? I had a family at last. Did I really doubt whether or not it was ‘the right thing’?

Of course I wasn’t.

I looked across the staircase at Alex. She and I were the only ones left since Rox had disappeared somewhere. Not that there was much point in us being there. Craven and some guy were talking a little further up, that quiet guy had disappeared to his room some time ago, and Genki and Zak were nowhere to be seen. I didn’t see the point in us being here any longer.

“I think we should call it a day. They don’t need us.”

Alex nodded. “Gonna head home?”

“Yeah. Get a couple of hours rest before Kio gets up for the day. Thinking about getting some training in after lunch, after that two month honeymoon period, I think I’m starting to get sloppy.”

“Sounds like a good idea. See you guys around campus later maybe?”

“Probably. Catch ya later Alex.”

“See you.”

We both went our separate ways. I headed home to be with my wife and Alex went wherever she felt she had to. I just wanted to enjoy the last precious hours of the morning where I belonged: at home with my family.

I slipped inside quietly, darting between the various boxes we’d have to unpack later and the sofa set still sat in its original packaging. I climbed the stairs, listening to my sister move about in her room – most probably unpacking. I couldn’t hear Eevee and assumed she was looking in on Kio. I was right of course.

I wrapped my arms about her waist and buried my face into the back of her neck. “He’s not going to grow up overnight,” I whispered to her.

“I’m just making sure he’s settled ok.”

I let out a disbelieving “hmm. How long you been here?”

“Not long.”


“I haven’t!” she protested. She paused, realising her tone was too loud, and softened it slightly. “We haven’t been apart for that long.”

I nuzzled her neck. “Come to bed.”


“Come on,” I pushed. “Kio will be out for a few hours, let’s get some rest. The school year’s just started; we don’t wanna tire ourselves out.”

“But –“

I sighed. I was going to win this argument whether she liked it or not. Without a word, I hooked my arm around her waist and hoisted her over my shoulder. I turned swiftly and headed out, refusing to let her down until we’d gotten to the bedroom. I dropped her onto our untouched mattress and kneeled on the edge of the bed, watching as she scrambled upright.

“Why did you do that?”

I set a firm gaze upon her. “You obsess over that child. Give him some space, he’ll be fine.”

She crawled towards me. “I think someone’s jealous.”

“Am not,” I pouted playfully, I knew she was just toying with me anyway.


I caved quickly; I wasn’t in the mood for a long game. “Fine. I am a little. I want some attention.”

She just laughed and kissed me in that carefree way only she knew. She put her arms around my neck and we fell back on to the bed, laughing at each other like we always used to. I kissed her tenderly as she played with my hair, stroking it in that special way only I was allowed to experience.



“…You know I love you right?”

“Of course I know.”

“Just checking.” I nuzzled her neck gently with my nose. “Just checking.”

14th April 2006, 09:21 AM
Genki... Stealing from the vending machine...
"Hey!" I yelled, rising to my feet. He dropped a few items he had taken. Zak remained crouched on the floor. "What do you think you're doing? I hope you're planning to pay for that." I sounded like a shop assistant that would have part of their wages cut if they didn't stop the guy.
I felt Zak tug on my jeans. "He's not really the bad guy on our mission, is he?"
"You expect me to have money after having to get myself to New York just to get the boat here?" He replied, placing the glass back in the machine.
I sighed, taking my wallet from my back pocket. I gentley pushed Genki aside, i tapped out a few numbers on the panel. A compartment popped open near the bottom. "If you'd read the information you got with your dorm stuff, you'd find that the canteen on the ground floor serves free food all day." I placed a five dollar bill in the compartment and pushed it shut. "Genki, you owe me five bucks."
Before he had a chance to say anything, I had already began walking off towards home, Zak at my heels. He got hold of my arm. "Rox, where are you going?"
"Oh yeah, i forgot. Sam, Eevee, Alex and I all live in houses on campus. I share with Alex. I was just heading home..." I explained.
I watched his expression turn from curiousity to sadness. He stared down at his feet. "I won't know where you are..."
"I'll show you!" I said, trying anything to stop him from looking so glum. "It's a nice walk through a park."
He grinned and i felt a huge sense of relief. "Where did you learn how to get into things like that?" He asked as i walked and he skipped a long. "Wait, that's a stupid question..."
"No, not really. I didn't learn here. I taught myself at home... Well, i had help online... Hey, that reminds me, how did you know my hacker name?" I questioned.
He looked confused. "Hacker name?"
"Yeah, before i came here, my hacker name was Ace... A lot of people found it funny when they found out the person who had hacked into their bank account was a 15 year old high school student." I sighed. "Good thing Jerry got me here otherwise i'd probably be-"
"Hey, girl, hand over the bag." We'd just entered the park when a group of 4 teenagers stopped us.
"Leave her alone!" Zak piped up, standing infront of me, arms out to either side.
"Zak, leave it." I whispered harshly.
"You heard me! Leave her alone!"
With one swift movement, one of the guys smacked him round the head with a metal pipe. I watched as he sank to the floor, clutching his head. No matter how much i wanted to get down there with him and make sure he was okay, i couldn't let my guard down. I heard him sniffle and whimper and anger built up inside of me. I surpressed it, knowing that it wouldn't help the situation. But what to do?
"Wanna play with me?" Zak's voice echoed in my head.
"The bag!" The leader demanded.
I lowered my bag slowly to the floor before kicking the guy with the pipe in the crotch. As he lowered to the ground, i kicked his jaw sending him stumbling backwards before he tripped.
"Aww, look... He got blood on my shoe... That's never going to wash out..." I commented before the other three guys came at me. I knew i could hold them off for a while, but i really hoped Zak would snap out of it and help me out.
That was a bit of a strange post... *toddles off*

Crystal Tears
14th April 2006, 10:42 AM
[color=orange][font=franklin gothic medium] Zak

A lot of pain echoed in poor Zakary’s head. He wanted to go home already, he wanted to feel safe, but now he was forced to watch three guys attack Rox. One hit her, hard, sending her toppling back so she slammed into a tree.

Gathering his courage Zak stood up again, though trembling, and still dazed from the hit, he managed to look somewhat threatening.

“Hey! Don’t you know it’s not nice to hit girls?!?”

This gesture caught the attention of one, but he quickly brushed Zak off as nothing. Zak growled. Scampering over to the numbskull with the pole, he grabbed it, tugging it free from the still clutched hands of the unconscious man. Hawk smiled, before he turned back to the group.

One of these thugs has unusually long hair, and Zak, being himself, jumped on the guys back, and proceeded to spring board of his back, while holding the hair. There was a nasty tearing noise as the flesh began to rip, and the guy was forced onto the ground on his back. Zak stood over his head, pole held high.

“I told you. It’s not nice to hit girls.” He swung; the pole went lightning fast, drawing nearer to the man’s face.

“Zak! Stop!”

Stop [b]Stop STOP

Zak smirked; the pole slammed hard, crashing right next to the man’s ear. The guy whimpered, his pants becoming soaked, and soon enough his just stopped. Zak smiled, running the pole along the man’s head to look like he had actually hit the baby that was at his feet.

“I hope you play better then your friend…” Zak grinned devilishly, twirling the pole in his hand. “Now… Do you want to play?”

The man scampered, Hawk was watching them, as they took off into the distance, not even bother to help their fellow man. He dropped the pole, and looked up at Rox.

“I guess they didn’t want to play.”

It was then the shimmer in Zak returned, and he looked at the body in front of him. Biting his lip he looked up at Rox, who looked back at him. Gulping, he didn’t know what to do; instead he toddled off to the bench, and sat there; thinking about what he had just done.

Hyperness is a Good Thing
14th April 2006, 12:02 PM
~Craven Orske~ F ~ In shock

After bidding farewell to Damon, Craven had decided to wander around abit before heading for her dorm, not too thrilled with the prospect of meeting her unknown roommate. She sighed. So far, apart from the older WOOHP students, she realised that she hadn't met any other girl.

She had come to a nice little park, it wasn't too big, but it seemed rather peaceful, and relaxing.

There were a bunch of mean looking guys hanging around, but Craven ignored them, hoping that they would ignore her too. One of them had come over, and tried to chat her up, but with the crummy mood she was in, he was barking up the wrong tree.

She blatantly ignored the pest by her side, instead humming a little tune and pretending that the world was a happy place and there weren't such things as irritating hormonal driven males.

He wasn't looking too happy about it, but, some of his mates called him over for something, and Craven was finally left alone. However, she looked to see the cause of his distraction, and bit her lip in shock. Zak and Rox, one of the older WOOHP students. She would have gone forward to give assistance, but it seemed that they were doing fine, so she waited.

She gasped in shock when she saw Zak attacking the larger teenage boy. That kid had courage. Then she stopped to remind herself that "that kid" was in fact, older than her.

After dealing very handily with the guy, Zak seemed to be in shock, and he almost stumbled as he made his way to a nearby bench. He was pale, and Craven could see that he was trembling.

Worried about her newly made friend, Craven moved forward and sat down next to him, plopping her bags down on the ground under the bench.

"You ok, Zak?" she asked, concern evident in her voice.

"Snmmph," he mumbled, his eyes averted. Always before this, he had met her gaze with an openness common only in children, and this sudden change in him frightened her.

"Zak, get a hold on yourself..." she said, trying desperately to think of a way to get him out of this odd mood.

Zak just muttered something, and Craven stared at him, her eyes narrowing.

"Do you lose control once in a while Zak?" she asked suddenly, hoping that he wouldn't get offended or run off.

14th April 2006, 01:52 PM
Damon Castle

After leaving Craven, Damon decided to head up to his dorm room, hoping that his roommate would be alright and not someone he would hate. Slowly Damon walked down to his dorm room, taking in the details of his surrondings. This place seemed pretty bland to him... Then again, Damon was never interested much in anything.

He finally reached his dorm room, and with a intake of breath, he opened the door and walked in.

Thankfully, no one was in the room right now. Maybe he didn't have a dorm partner... If he didn't, that would be god-like. Quickly, Damon walked over to one of the beds and set down his suitcase. He opened it up, and saw that what he had inside hadn't broken yet. Thank God,he thought. He slowly removed the contents of his clothes and other items, and walked over to the closet. It wasn't that big, but thankfully it would be able to hold his suits. Taking some of his own hangers he hung them up neatly and walked back over to his suitcase.

He drew out his laptop and opened it up, seeing that it was not on. Thankfully he hadn't wasted any battery power on it, he was hoping he could get some things done on it. Damon quickly turned it on and started to work on taking off his tie.

"Please scan fingerprint," The laptop announced. He threw his tie onto the ground and scanned his thumb over the biometric scanner. "Access accepted," It said as he threw his coat onto the ground. The computer slowly started to boot up. His alienware definately wasn't known for its boot up speed, but it was known for it's GeForce 7800 graphics card. He loved to play games like F.E.A.R, Battlefield 2 and Call of Duty 2. His Xbox 360 also sat idly in the briefcase, he hoped he'd have a High Def. TV to play around here.

Damon started to work on his button down shirt, when the computer booted up and asked for the password. He threw down his shirt and went over to the computer to type his password. "Password accepted," The female voice chimed, and he walked over to take off his pants. Now, sitting in his boxers, he walked over to his suitcase and took out his belt, a pair of dark blue jeans, and a black t-shirt.

Standing in his dorm in his boxers, Damon browsed around his computers, accessing his shadow drive along with the secret files he had along with it. After looking around and typing in various codes, and shut down his laptop. Grabbing his clothes he slowly walked into the bathroom, grabbing his shaving cream and razor. He walked into the bathroom and shaved off his scruff, and slowly walked back out. He slipped on his jeans and shirt, and looped his belt on. Looking down at his shirt, he now noticed that it was tight, and showed off his muscles too much. He settled for just throwing it off and grabbing a white undershirt, and he walked back outside of the dorm room.

What to do now....Damon thought.

15th April 2006, 12:23 AM
He could have sworn he heard someone come in. While he knew someone had opened the door, noone had apparently entered.

Maybe he was getting a bit paranoid.

Shrugging it off, Valentine checked his bag one last time before leaving the room. He had heard that everyone was free to explore the facility, so he had decided to take a look at WHOOPs training facilities. Valentine had missed a bit of training preparing from his transfer here. He felt obliged to catch up.

He tried his best to avoid the other students as he silently explored the school. He felt he had already had enough interaction for one day.

Sorry for the shortness, I got bored.

20th April 2006, 07:10 AM
I don't mean to double post, but where is everybody. I personally don't want to see this die.

20th April 2006, 09:40 AM
I agree with Mystic Clown, where is everyone?

~Genki Katchum~
22nd April 2006, 09:23 AM
Hey, sorry. Personally, I've been gone for most of my spring break. But now I'm back... but I'm not sure what to do next at the moment (well, I was gonna do something, but then that got botched up before I could post it)... ¬_¬() Meh, I'll think of something and edit this later (have to go to this Lifeguard recertification class >_<)

23rd April 2006, 08:57 AM
Quit complaining and actually post something.
And don't complain about "botched up plots". Everyone has that happen to them. I know you're directing that at me and i'm sorry, that's just the way things go.

As you can tell, not in a good mood today >_>;

I sighed, leaning against the tree to catch my breath. I was seriously out of practise, but then again the physical aspect of the spy way wasn't exactly my forte. Craven was over by Zak trying to comfort him. He was shivering violently and was very pale. I suspected that as well as being shocked, he probably had a concussion from the hit to his head. Maybe he was worried we would get into trouble too...
There was a way out of it. We wouldn't get into trouble if they couldn't trace us.
I rummaged around in my bag. It was like a tardis in the way i seemed to have so much stuff in there. I pulled out a spray bottle and a cloth. I joined Zak and Craven, standing infront of the bench.
"Zak, where did you drop that pipe?" I asked.
Where as before Craven didn't seem to be getting very far, Zak immediately pointed to where it lay. I picked it up before kneeling down infront of them both.
"Your first lesson in spy techniques, brought to you by the one and only Roxanne Violet." I announced. "This liquid, i forget its name, is used to destroy skin cells and DNA left on things. You spray it on the cloth and wipe down the part where you were holding it."
"But wouldn't you end up getting even more cells on it?" Craven asked.
"Ah, it only destroys dead cells and they're the ones that are transferred onto things. Because i have the spray on my hands, it destroys all the dead cells on my hand." I replied.
"Why aren't you cleaning the blood off?"
I leaned backwards and pointed at the guy Zak had hit. I had punched his nose pretty hard before and it was bleeding. "It would look suspicious if there was a pole with no blood on after that guy has a load of blood around his nose." I thought back a little bit. "That was a good punch, that..." I coughed. "Unless that's Zak's blood..."
Craven pushed back Zak's hair that was infront of his forehead. "Nope, just a big bruise..."
"Probably turn out purpley yellow... They're the best kind." I laughed a little to myself, but stopped when i noticed Zak was still shivering. I placed the pole back where it had been and took off my hoodie, revealing a black t-shirt with the number 1337 printed in white. I slipped my hoodie over Zak's head and he put his arms through. "And i thought that was big on me..." The end of the sleeves drooped over his small arms and the bottom nearly reached his knees.
"Rox... He looks a little spaced out..." Craven pointed out. "We need to get him back."
I put my stuff back in my bag and placed it on my back. "Okay, Zak... I need you to climb up on my back... Don't worry about my bag, you can sit on it if you want." I turned around and he climbed on, wrapping his legs around my stomach and drooping his arms over my shoulders. "Hold on, okay?"
I felt his head nod once slowly. "Okay..." He whispered.
I stood up slowly, losing my balance a little.
"Are you sure you don't want me to carry your bag?" Craven asked.
"No, it's okay... I've carried a heavier person before..." I thought back to when i had to carry Sam a long the beach... "Just for a different reason..."
I sighed and headed back towards WOOHP, Craven walking beside me. I've already caused one person to get hurt... I hope this will be the last time...

The Tardis was referenced due to the fact i missed Dr Who last night... >_>

23rd April 2006, 07:10 PM
Upon finding the training facilities, Valentine had to admit, he was impressed. Apart from the gym, which had top of the line equipment, there was also a conjoining weapons training facility. It seemed to feature almost any type of weapon one could find (after all, a spy must learn to use what he can find).

He was pleased however, to find a series of melee weapons as well, more importantly, a katana.

While had been trained to wield a number of weapons, Valentine had taken a liking to the feudel Japanese weapon. Something about it just agreed with him.

Taking it off its stand, he gave it a small practise cut. He gave a small smile when he heard it hum as it sliced through the air.

However, his weapon of choice had to wait until later. He had to catch up on his physical training, which required only the use of the gym. He could practise with the katana later.

Placing it back on its stand, the white haired youth stepped back in the gym and looked around, thinking about what to do first.

Anyone care to join him?

~Genki Katchum~
23rd April 2006, 08:47 PM
Contrary to what you may think, PokemonLuver, I was not directing any comments at you. If you must know, I actually meant that I was typing up a reply to something (a pretty long one, too), but was beaten to the punch. Then when I tried to modify it so it wasn't a complete waste, my browser decided to be stupid and didn't post my reply and everything I had written was lost. If you look back at what I said, I did say that "[it was] botched up before I could post it." It wasn't about you at all in any way and I apologize if it seemed that way. Also, I wasn't trying to complain in that post. I was merely trying to explain what was going on with me just in case people thought I was being neglegent of this RPG.


After ransacking a few more vending machines (simply for the fun of it), Genki plopped down on the nicely-cut, soft grass and enjoyed the view over some Cheetos and a Coke. "This place ain't so bad," Genki mumbled through a mouthfull of chips, "I could definitely get used to this!"

Genki hopped up after finishing his first meal of the day (if you can actually call chips and soda a meal, that is) and took a moment to stretch. "Ahhh! That was good. Now I need to work off all this fresh energy!" Fresh energy indeed--Genki had about 20 cokes during his snackage.

"I wonder if they have a gym or something around here..." Genki wondered as he looked around, trying to decide where to go. After a few moments of thought, Genki picked a direction and headed that way.


"Geeze! This place is friggin' huge!"

Genki had only been walking for about 10 minutes, but he was already getting annoyed at the complexity of the campus. Although it would probably be less complex if he actually read a sign or two--something he had neglected doing despite all the signs.


Genki had stepped into a large room filled with exercise equippment. "Finally!"

The first thing to catch Genki's eye was a group of punching bags. The bags were positioned in a circle. The intention was probably to simulate a surround attack. Genki stepped into the middle and looked at the bags around him. A grin crept onto Genki's face as he slid into one of his many fighting stances. One second later, and Genki was off like a blur.

First, he punched the bag in front of him, then kicked the one directly behind him. Quickly, he spun around kicking another bag. Genki then leapt into the air and kicked two other bags. As the bags came back at him, Genki rapily attaked the bags in a flurry of punches and kicks. To finish his assault, Genki did several ninjutsu hand motions, closed his eyes while taking a deep breath, and quickly hit each bag with a different kind of punch.

Genki opened his eyes and looked at the punching bags and scoffed. "Tch... these things are really flimsy." And with that, the bags all began to leak sand in various spots that Genki had hit in his assault. Genki stepped out of the circle of punching bags and saw Valentine watching him.

Hyperness is a Good Thing
30th April 2006, 02:07 PM
OOC: sorry for long inactivity

~~ Craven ~~ F

She was feeling a little bit confused. Too much had happened within a very short time. "Guess this is what it's like to be a spy," she mused idly. Roxanne had treated it as nothing, so she assumed getting attacked by thugs was an everyday occurrence here, or something like that. She was still very worried about Zak, he remained rather quiet as he rested on Roxanne.

"Is there some sort of infirmary here?" Craven asked. "There probably is, isn't it, especially this being a spy school and all..."

Roxanne didn't speak, but she nodded. She seemed a little worried for somer reason. Maybe concern for Zak.

As they walked, Roxanne muttered brief explanations of the various places to Craven, though she didn't really need it, she had already memorized the floor plan from the map they had been given of the school. However, she didn't want to hurt Roxanne's feelings, plus it seemed to calm everyone down, and anyway, Roxanne told interesting little stories about each room.

Zak recovered enough to laugh a little bit at some of the funny stories, and Craven felt a bit relieved. At least he seemed a little better. Zak depressed just seemed somehow wrong. She wondered why he was so down, and she sighed. There was still so much she didn't know about her new friends, and she hoped that she could find out more, just so that she could understand them better, and well, be a better buddy. Like now, she didn't really know what was wrong with him, just that he wasn't feeling very happy, so all she could do was offer her silent and mute support, and hope that he would improve soon. When time passed, she hoped that she would know him well enough to be able to comfort him properly.

They reached the infirmary, and Rox entered with Zak. Craven decided to hang around outside. She didn't really feel like going in for some reason.

To tell the truth, all she wanted to do was to find some quiet corner, and curl up, and to be alone with her thoughts. However, her worry for Zak kept her right outside the infirmary. She leant against the wall and closed her eyes.

What a way to begin my first day here, she thought wryly. And classes haven't even started yet.


3rd May 2006, 04:18 PM
Sorry for being away for so long. And for the terrible post that lies below.


I sighed and headed to the library I had been away from for so long. A craved the sensation of reading a piece of fiction more than anything else at the moment. There was something so fascinating about another world and another life that I couldn't resist.

I knew the library would be empty. The first day in a new place, a spy placeno less, would be cause for adventure and fun, and the library was a contrast to all that. Well, in most minds I reckoned. Somehow, I didn't being alone for now. Sure enough, I hadn't made any new friends yet, but there was always time for friendship and new people later.

Now, there was time for a fresh, new novel. Pages untouched. Words unread.

Besides, Rox had made a few friends, and I knew that soon enough she would no longer be able to resist introducing us. I was perfectly content with my solitude, and perfectly content with waiting for someone new to meet.

5th May 2006, 07:57 PM
He had to admit, this Genki wasn't that bad a fighter. Although he could use a bit more training.

"What do you think?" he asked smugly. Valentine just nodded.

"Not bad," he replied, "Needs work." Genki raised an eyebrow.

"You think you can do better?" Valentine's mismatched eyes locked on Genki.

"Would you care for a spar?" he asked. Genki just grinned and the two moved to the centre of the gym. Genki put his fists up, while Valentine went into the snake pose.

All was still for a minute. Then Genki made his move.

He shot at Valentine with great speed and swung a few punches. Valentine dodged the first and blocked two more before he went to strike Genki in the face. He was quick though as he cought Valentine's arm and through him over his shoulder.

With the grace of a cat, Valentine landed on his feet and shot at Genki, throwing punches and kicks ruthlessly at him. He could see Genki was having a hard time trying to block them. Dodging an axe kick from Valentine, Genki swung his foot for a roundhouse kick. Valentine caught it, but then Genki fell onto his back and his free foot shot out, a manouver more for throwing Valentnie off of him rather then hurting him. The move sent Valentine into the air and into the wall.

The white haired youth managed to land feet first on the wall and shot off towards Genki, who had just gotten to his feet. Genki prepared to block, but Valentine got hold of him and with all the forward momentum behind him, slammed him into the ground. With a graceful flip, Valentine landed on his feet.

Genki quickly scrambled to his feet, but it was clear the he was getting a little worn out by this. Valentine on th other hand didn't seem to have broken a sweat.

~Genki Katchum~
9th May 2006, 11:44 AM

Genki slowly rose to his feet, beginning to breath heavily. "Damn. This guy's good..." Genki thought to himself as he clenched his fists.

"Care to continue?" Valentine said in a slightly mocking manner.

Genki grinned and loosend his body, "Heh. You bet."

"Very well. Make your move."

"Ladies first!"

Valentine slowly moved towards Genki in what seemed to be an unthreatening manner. Genki remained loose and began to slowly rock side to side bobbing his head as if he was listening to some music. Valentine suddenly increased his speed, leapt in the air, and performed a double kick which Genki avoided by falling on his back.

Genki quickly lifted himself with his hands and went from a handstand to his feet, which were beginning to move in a rhythmic pattern--almost as if he were dancing. Genki charged at Valentine, making it seem like he was going to punch Valentine in the stomach, but instead dropped into a handstand while simultaneously attempting to kick Valentine in the head. Valentine, expecting a punch, had moved one arm to his stomach to block the shot, but quickly blocked Genki's kick with his free arm.

Genki quickly went from the handstand kick to a sweeping kick, using his hands as feet for balance. Valentine tripped from Genki's kick and went rolling on the ground for two revolutions before making a graceful recovery. Genki, still on his hands with his legs in the air, did a somersault and came up on his feet.

"Ah, Capoeira," Valentine said while casually brushing himself, "not bad!"

"Thanks," Genki replied with a grin, "Although I know many different styles, this is one of my favorite."

"'Different styles,' eh?"

"Yeah. Here's another!" Genki shifted into a Jeet-Kun-Do pose and charged at Valentine...

16th May 2006, 09:00 PM
SATs and APs are finally over!!! no more insane studying! freedom!


Sam and I enjoyed each other's company in the familure bedroom of our WOOHP house. After many passionate kisses, I stared into his eyes.

"What's wrong?" I asked gently.

Sam played with the ring on his finger, then responded, "nothing."

I'd known Sam for awhile now, and i wouln't let him get away that easily. Stroking his short, blond hair, I repeated the question. "Sam, what's wrong?"

Sam sighed. "This place is making me think, that's all," he said, then leaned in for a kiss. I leaned back, therefore halting the kiss.

"What are you thinking about?" I asked.

"I don't know. Last time we began here, we were young. Freshman. New. Naive. I guess, I guess I'm still trying to adjust to where I am now," he lamely said.

I studyed his face some more. "You mean with me? And with Kio?"

Sam looked away. "I don't know", he said.

"Well, I don't know if you don't know. I mean, don't we love eachother? Don't we love our family?" I said.

"Of course. Yes. I love you Eevee. Now that I have you, I could never live without you. I know that now, from the incident at the end of last year," Sam confesed.

"Then what is it?" I asked. Sam sighed again.

"I don't know. Maybe it's about being tied down. No that's not what I mean. I mean-oh, I don't know what I mean," he said.

"Well, tell me when you figure it out. Didn't we say we'd work out anything? We're here for each other," I said.

Sam sat silently for awhile. I kissed him reasuringly. In each other's arms, for the moment, the world seemed right again.

OOC: haHA! TAG, Sam!!

17th May 2006, 06:37 AM

“It’s complicated…” I said quietly, breaking the perfect silence we had surrounded around ourselves.

She smiled at me gently. “It’s us, when is it never complicated?”

I frowned slightly. It was true of course, our life together had never been simple and that wasn’t just because of the school. “There’s just a lot of things going round in my head right now. I’m worried that getting married wasn’t what you really wanted. I’m scared I can’t be a good father for Kio. I can’t stop thinking about the year ahead of us and I can’t forget everything in the past.” I sighed. “I’m jealous of all the attention you give Kio but I’m afraid it’s because you’ve grown bored of me. I keep expecting something to turn up and take this family away from me and I know it’ll be something that I can’t protect you from.” I paused briefly to reorganise my thoughts. “I hate the fact that we haven’t had sex since our wedding day but I’m too scared to do anything because of what happened. I think that I might drive you to something…” I dropped my voice as I ran my finger over the scar on her wrist. A constant reminder of what she had tried to do to herself. I blamed myself for it.

She sighed and wrapped her about me, drawing me in so that I could rest my head softly against her breasts. “You have nothing to worry about. You’re a great father to Kio; I wouldn’t question that for a second. The marriage was my choice and I don’t regret it for a single second. I wanted to be with you unquestioningly and now nothing can make it otherwise.” She stroked my cheek softly and I somehow found comfort in what she did. “You can’t forget the past but you can’t worry about the future. Things are bound to happen, we knew that the day we chose to become spies, but we’ll deal with it as and when it happens.” Eevee laughed suddenly and I looked up at her confused. “Are you really jealous of a two month old baby?”

I shook her off. “That’s not funny.”

She hugged me playfully from behind, cooing in my ear. “That’s so sweet.” I didn’t say anything. She swung herself round so that she was sat on my lap facing me. “Alright, I promise we’ll spend more time together.”

I raised an eyebrow at her questioningly. “Promise?”

“That’s what I said,” she leant forward, kissing me gently on the lips. I kissed her back, igniting the passion between us.”

“That’s my girl,” I whispered to her. I brushed her hair from her face; it was starting to grow long again. “Don’t wanna forget what you look like now do I?”

She smiled shyly. “Hey,” she perked up suddenly, straightening herself up. “Do you want to go practise some sword fighting? We haven’t had one since the Olympics.”

“You’d wake Kio up for that?”

She laughed. “No silly. Just the two of us. I promised we’d spend some time together didn’t I? I’m sure I can draw myself from Kio for an hour or two, he won’t wake up for a while anyways.”

“Are you sure,” I didn’t want to push her into parting from our child. I understood they had that ‘bond’ but I really wanted the chance for us to do something together. Just the two of us. I missed that.

“Yep,” she jumped off the bed and pulled me to my fight. “Come on already!”

I smirked to myself, letting her pull me out the door. “Alright I’m coming, just let me tell my sister where we’re going. Then I’m all yours,” I added slyly.

17th May 2006, 08:00 PM
Samchu told me there is always a spot open I hope she wasn't kidding.

Name:Fable Sanktom
Appearance: Tall about 6'3 kinda tan suntanned skin a muscular body Brown hair with gold highlights Hazel eyes a Green school jacket (unzipped) and a patch that looks like the W.H.O.O.P insignia but insted of W.H.O.O.P it reads A.G.E.N.T.S (the brother to W.H.O.O.P) on the right side(someone Else's eyes, left side in his eyes) and a white undershirt, blue jeans, white tennis-shoes.
Personality: Heroic, will put his neck on the line for his friends; Serious, Doesn't play around much; Kind, he is a gentle romantic.
History: transferred from A.G.E.N.T.S academy no one knows why and nothing else is known about him besides that he is a 10th degree blackbelt.
Relations: None
Other:A good chef and a Good medic and also a good repairman

18th May 2006, 03:52 AM
Genk leaped for a flying kick for Valentine's head. The white haired youth simply side stepped it before throwing his body into Genki's as he went past, sending him to the floor. Genki quickly scrambled to his feet to see Valentine with his arms up, hopping from one foot to another, a boxing pose.

"I've been trained in a number of combat styles," Valentine said, his voice or posture showing no fatigue at all. Genki smirked.

"Well, this is interesting," he said, getting back into his pose. Valentine had to admit, Genki was better trained then most opponents he had faced, even on the simulators. Even if he did lack the proper finess, he was still pretty good.

The wo circled eachother, Valentine inching close to him. As soon as he was in stricking distance, he swung a hard right. Genki caught it and pushed him away. Valentine leaped forward, sending a hurricane of punches in his direction. Genki either blocked them or dodged them, either way, not one connected.

Genki then set to strike Valentine, this time in the chest. The white haired boy slightly jumped to the side before swinging a haymaker at Genki's face...


18th May 2006, 05:58 AM
Ok pokemon4eva, MT says you're accepted but just have to clarify that because of Sam's history the two of you can't be really be aquaintances. They might have met briefly but Sam wouldn't remember or acknowlege it.

18th May 2006, 07:29 AM
Ok I changed it but I don't have time to post right now.

18th May 2006, 04:24 PM
"Wow this place is perfect for me" I say

"Well the map says the gym's right around this........." I said turning the corner into the gym.
"If my memory serves right those two are Genki and Valentine, huh I don't wanna get on the wrong side of them I'm gonna leave"I say right when Genki got a haymaker to the face.

Awhile after walking he arives at his room, "Ok I need only 10 minutes and I will have this place in a style" I say to myself. 10 minutes later he goes back to the gym, "Don't those 2 have to eat"I say, "Well I think I'll root for Valentin.'' Fable walks through the gym doors and heads for the bleachers. "This is better than T.V., KILL HIM VALENTINE, GO AFTER HIS SCRAWNEY NECK"I yell

18th May 2006, 05:16 PM
I sat cross legged on the bed opposite Zak’s, my arms folded across my chest. I scowled at the nurse who was attempting to check me over.
“I’m fine, I’m fine… Go look after Zak, he’s more important.” I protested.
The nurse sighed. I had been in here many times and I’d never learnt her name, but she certainly knew mine.
“Stubborn as always…” She rolled her eyes and made her way across the room.
I glared at the back of her head as she turned around and tended to Zak. Was my reputation really that bad with the staff? I was probably seen as one of their “problematic” students. It was the problems that we overcame that made us who we are now. Sure, we had a bad history, but why hold that against us?
My attention was turned back to Zak. He looked so cosy in my hoodie, curled up fast asleep on the infirmary bed. I placed my glasses on top of my head, my head rested in my hands with my elbows resting on my knees. How could I let this happen? He’s only little and he’d only just got here…
… But he was older than me. This was a spy school; he would have to learn to stand up for himself anyway. Still, guilt ran through me.
I looked up to see Jerry’s old, worn face. His fuzzy blur of an expression didn’t look very happy with me. I straightened up, slipping my glasses back on my nose so I could see him properly.
“What happened earlier?” His expression remained the same, his voice serious.
“I was taking Zak back to my place, so he knew where it was. We were walking through the park when we were attacked by a gang of four thugs.” I recalled. Jerry said nothing, but continued to frown at me. “What? Don’t tell me you don’t believe me…”
He sighed; he looked more exhausted than I could ever remember seeing him. “Look, I’d like to believe you… But recently your temper has been very high…”
“What??” My voice was raised. “Okay, I see your point… But why would I beat him up and then carry him all the way back here?”
“Roxanne… I’m sorry, but-”
“Zak will tell you! He was trying to protect me from them and one of them smacked him over the head with a metal pole and-”
“The metal pole that we found with no finger prints or DNA. I know you carry that stuff around with you.”
“I only destroyed the evidence because-” I stopped myself. If Jerry knew that Zak had violently attacked civilians in such a rage, he could end up in a lot of trouble, even if it was self defence.
“Because I could.” I said, my eyes locked to his, an old trick I’d picked up to show him I wasn’t lying. “Look, I don’t care what you think, I didn’t attack Zak. You can even check the blood on my shoe from one of the thugs if you really don’t believe me.” I slipped my shoe off and tossed it lightly towards the end of the bed. Who needed two shoes? Not me.
I slipped off the bed and made my way out of the room. As I reached the door I heard a faint voice.
“Roxanne? Where-”
“I’m sorry, Zak.”
I exited the room, making sure not to turn back. I shut the door quietly to prove to them I didn’t have a temper problem.
“Is he okay?”
I looked down at the floor. Craven looked up at me. She was leaning against the wall.
I smiled weakly. She obviously hadn’t heard what had just happened. “Yeah, he’s getting better. He just woke up if you want to see him.”
“You’re not staying?” She asked, a confused expression on her face.
“No… I need to…” I swallowed hard. I needed an excuse before I went. “I need to see Alex.”
She nodded. “See you later.”
I turned and headed up to the library. I found Alex there buried in one of her books.
“I need caffeine.” I announced before sitting down next to her on one of the library’s comfy chairs.

18th May 2006, 08:48 PM
Damon Castle- Currently wondering around

What to do now....Damon thought, walking idly around. He thought that maybe if there was a gym of some sort, he could go there. He'd also be happy if there was a shooting range, to polish up on his old skills- He hadn't fired an M9 Beretta in months.

Walking slowly around, he looked for a sign that said something about a gym. Anything, anything he could find..."Ahah!" Damon thought, finding a sign that showed where everything was. Food Court...Main Lobby...GYM! He thought, and hurried over to the gym, only to find two people dueling it out in a boxing match. Boxing... He remembered it fondly.

The sound of the crowd cheering from below... The cheers and jeers as you hit someone in the face with a devasting, bone crushing hit... He sure did miss it.


A Few Years Ago...

"And here crowd, is your newbie, coming in at 4-0, The Assassin, DAMMMMMMOOOONNNN CASTLE!" The crowd of around 15 to 20 people cheered as he walked into the ring. Damon was currently at the Fight Night boxing gym, where all newbs to the game came here to fight. Currently, Castle was on a hot streak, Knocking out all of his last four opponents out in 3 rounds each.

He remembered the tall black man walking into the ring. He was 6'9', nearly 275 pounds, with a mean scowl on his face. He never forgot that man, seeing as he easily dominated him in one round, knocking him down 4 times before Castle finally gave in.

Boxing... He definately would never forget that. Well, I may as well watch,Damon thought, and slouched up against the wall and watch him duke it out.

19th May 2006, 09:07 PM
He had expected Genki to duck or block the hit. He surpessed a smirk as his haymaker connected with Genki's face. However, he had turned his head at the last minute, so instead of hitting him right in the middle of his face, he got him square in the cheek. While it softened the blow to some extent, it was enough to send Genki staggering back, almost to the floor.

Genki stood there, panting an probably wondering how someone as small and frail looking as Valentine had so much power in him. Valentine didn't seem to be tired at all.

"Don't you ever get tired?" Genki asked between pants.

"Yes," Valentine replied flatly, "But it seems I have greater stamina then you." Not htat Valentine could blame him.

After all, he was only human.

"Do you wish to stop?" he asked. Genki just smirked.

"No way!" he yelled, charging at him. Valentine aim a roundhouse kick at his head. However, Genki slide beneath him, effectively getting behind him. Before the white hair boy could do anything, Genki had gotten to his feet and got him in a Full Nelson.

It almost seemed as if Valentine was in trouble. He could feel his arms getting pulled back as Genki tightened his hold on him. Suddenly, Valentine fell forward, throwing his whole body downwards and draging Genki down with him. Genki released his hold to prevent himself from falling as well. With his hands now free, Valentine grabbed hold of Genki and through himover his shoulder.

He did a flip in mid air before barely landing on his feet. His fatigue was very apparent now. Before he knew what was happening, he could Valentine right behind him.

"This ends now," he spoke a Genki felt his hand clamp onto where the shoulder meets the neck. Genki grew stiff for a second before slumping to the floor unconcious.

Valentine had put the sleeper hold on him.

It was then he noticed the small crowd that had gathered, who were now cheering over his apparent victory. He looked down at Genki's sleeping form.

"Rest now," he said, "You need it."

And with that, he turned and headed for the gym exit.

19th May 2006, 09:55 PM
After Valentine left the gym I decided to follow him. Outside the gym I asked a few questions.......

"How did you shrug off about every one of Genki's moves?"I asked.

"Well you got to be durable It took intense training."Valentine said.

"At times you seemed to know his moves before he did."I stated.

"Well you have to get inside your opponets head."Valentine anwsered.

"Those were some pretty powerful moves"I laughed.

"I messed up a bit on the haymaker and hit his cheek it was ment for his forehead."Valentine Laughed.

"1 last thing...............wanna spar in the gym after you ragain your stamina?"I ask.

~Genki Katchum~
23rd May 2006, 12:17 AM
Sorry for not posting earlier. It was finals week for me, so I really had to buckle down. But I'm free now!! wh00!! 4 years of hell are OVER!!

....Now for 4 more... T_T


Genki remained on the ground as people began to leave the gym. As the last person left, the door clasped shut. Genki's left eye opened and Genki looked around without moving to see if everyone had left. Once he saw that the coast was clear, Genki leap to his feet and cracked his neck.

"Heh heh heh. He ain't half bad," Genki chuckled to himself as he cracked the rest of his body. "He should've know better, though. Sleeper holds don't always work." As he said this, a grin crept upon his face. Back when Genki had been going through his Genin ninja training, he was taught how to survive most sleeper holds. This technique involves both relaxing and flexing the neck muscles as well as dislocating the neck bone.

Genki cracked his neck again and rubbed his cheek. "He's definitely not one to fool around with. That haymaker could've taken be out if it had hit it's mark." Genki streched again and threw a few moves to work his muscles. Exhaustion got the better of Genki, and Genki collapsed on one of his moves. "Crap," Genki groaned from the ground. His stomach began to growl again. The fight had taken out what little energy the junk food had given him. "A guy can't live off of cheetos and coke alone, I guess. I need some real food."

Genki struggled up, grabbed his things, and made his way outside. Genki made his way over to a park bench and flopped down, moaning,

"I... need... foooooooooood...."

23rd May 2006, 02:52 AM
pokemon4eva: Valentine hardly shows any emotion at all, so he very rarely cracks a smile, let alone laugh.

Valentine's mixed eyes looked over the tall man standing beside him.

"You saw how Genki fared against me," he said, his voice flat as usual, "Are you sure you want to fight me?" The guy just smiled.

"Of course," he replied, "after seeing that fight, I feel like taking a crack at you." Valentine was quiet for a moment.

"I'm going to get something to eat," he said, looking away, "After that, then we might spar."

"I'll join you," he said, beginning to follow the white haired boy, "You could tell me about yourself."

Valentine stopped and looked over his shoulder.

"My name is Valentine and I'm 17. That's all you need to know." The guy just laughed.

"I meant where you're from. Who taught you how to fight like that." Valentine's eyes slightly narrowed.

"I'm afraid I cannot reveal that information," he replied, urning and walking away, not even looking back to see if he was following him.

28th May 2006, 09:43 PM
Mystic let me guess Valentine only smiles after he wins.


As Valentine walked to the cafeteria I stood there thinking "I might be a turkey about to become dinner."

"Wait Valentine I forgot to tell you my name it's Fable Sanktom."I quickly yell as he rounds into the Cafe.

"This is just like the A.G.E.N.T.S school
A few years ago.
"I can't belive it guys I'm the Speed Demon of the South"I yelled holding the S.D.O.T.S. Trophy
"Nice job bro."A guy walking in the shadows said
"Cretoz your stupid henchmen couldn't stop me"I yelled
I would not rase a tone to your older brother"Cretoz snickered
"Yo if you got a prob wit Fable you take it to me"My Late friend Tiger Shin said
"And me too"My also late friend Snipe Jaw said
"This will be good" Cretoz said while drawing a pistol.

In two seconds My life changed forever My brother killed my friends and now I would kill him

"You.........you Monster"I yelled, that was the last I remember. So far....

At the moment I think I might have got a Invinceble like 'friend' noe(I mean friend like hopefuly a future friend)

"Valentine is powerful just like Tiger......If he beat me."I wisper

"I think I should bring Genki some food he might starve if I don't or at least he will stop moaning!"I say

I bring Genki some Tariaiki chicken and shushi on the side and some O-J to drink but leaves before Genki can speak to me.

"I love the smell of my own cooking"I think

My stomach finally growls

"I NEED A DOUGHNUT" And I freak out too

29th May 2006, 05:29 PM

I sighed softly and, without removing my eyes from the words of the novel, remarked, "Sometimes I think we've lost the magic."

Rox looked at me and cocked her head to the side ever so slightly. "Lost the magic?"

I closed the book, taking joy in the loud noise the thick volume made, and leant back. "Maybe it's just me..."

Rox took my book and used it as a pillow, looking at me drearily. "Why are we losing the magic?"

I sighed again and tucked a strand of my hair behind my ear. "I just think that things aren't as exciting or exhilarating as they used to be. I mean, sure, I was excited about coming back here, but that was more returning home excitement than anything else. I don't know, maybe it's just because I've been away, but I don't feel as in awe of my spywork as I used to be. I'm thinking that maybe the magic is gone."

Rox smiled at me, that all-knowing smile that would stretch her lips everytime she was sure she was 100% right, and shook her head at me. "You're not losing the magic. If you'd have lost the magic, not even the friends - family - you have here could stop you from leaving."

I grinned and leaned against the table, somehow I was still partially amazed at how smart, or philosophical, Rox could be at times. Despite her childlike manner, she was always there when you needed her.

"Let's get you some caffeine, tired Rox is boring," I remarked, standing from my chair, "Ooh! I know! Let's get you drunk again! I love drunk Rox!"

4th June 2006, 09:00 AM
I glared at Alex as we left the library. “I wish you’d tell me what I did…”
“When?” She smirked, knowing just how much this subject irritated me.
“When I was drunk on the night of Sam and Eevee’s wedding!”
“That would be telling.” She laughed at my frustrated expression. “At least you’re admitting that you were in fact drunk and not just ‘extremely hyper’”
Out in the corridor, our conversation ended. Most people were now heading up towards their dormitories as night was closing in and there wasn’t that much left to do.
My conversed foot slapped the tiled floor, causing a rather large echo around the corridors, which was followed by the soft pad of my other foot. Those students that were still around gave me strange looks as the noise continued.
“Rox… Where’s your shoe?” Alex asked, obviously annoyed at the stares we were receiving.
I stopped, wiggling my shoe-less foot in the air. “Oh yeah… Jerry needed to borrow it.” I hadn’t really noticed it was gone.
She frowned. “Where’s your hoodie?”
“Zak borrowed it.” I answered simply. “He was cold.”
“Why do you have a bruise on your cheek?”
I swallowed hard. I knew she wouldn’t like the fact that I got into a fight on the first day back, but it wasn’t exactly my fault. “I got into a fight…”
Her reaction surprised me. “Did you win?”
“Yeah, we did.” My smile disappeared and I stared down at the ground.
“We? Rox? What happened?”
By the time I had finished explaining, we’d made it to the front doors and were stood outside. She gave me a comforting hug.
“It’s okay, there’s nothing you can do about it now…” She said, leading me away from the main building. “Lets just go home and get you some coffee.”
“Mmm… Coffee…”
“Exactly, coffee.” Alex laughed. She knew that anything that contained caffeine was essential to my everyday activities.
I knew that nothing would happen to us on the way home, but I couldn’t help being on edge as we walked through the park. The next challenge would be class tomorrow.

Alright guys. Time to head up to your dorms and sleep. Class starts very soon! X3

4th June 2006, 03:46 PM
"Where's a Krispy Kreme when you need it" I say," Well hopefully I can find one in the morning right now I need some sleep for my first day of class tommarow well hopefully I made a good impression on Valentine I don't need any enemys here."

"Hmm... my room good the cleaning I did earlier hopfuly pays off" I mumble, "The Spy manual vol.1 I'm gonna be up all night."

Three pages pass

"This is so boring grr I need to buy a T.V. " I say, "Well I'm going outside and find a place to stargaze but first I going to change clothes "

(Now I am wearing shorts and tanktop)

Looks like a clearing that will be perfect" I say

I pass into sleep

5th June 2006, 06:00 AM
He hardly had anything to eat and drink. There were so many food and beverages he wasn't used to, or even heard of. Most of his sustinance had come in ration form, dehydrated and freeze dried, not like the majority of foods that were on selection. He just settled for some plain beef and water.

Now he sat on his bed, alone in his dormitory as night fell. He didn't feel like sleeping yet. It took a lot for him to get tired.

His lessons were to start tomorrow, he would finally see how WOOHP ran things, and whether all he had been through will pay off.

Why should I be nervous? This is just like another test, another examination.

Feeling the need to calm his mind, the white haired boy stood up and headed for the door. He knew of the perfect way to take relax him. The only thing he could consider a hobby..

He left his dorm and headed for the gym.

~Genki Katchum~
6th June 2006, 10:32 PM

Genki was on the verge of passing out from food deprivation. A whole day without food! Insane! The sun, slowly beginning to make it's descent, wobbled in Genki's eyes. It taunted him by taking the form of a giant orange.

"Friggin' orange..." Genki mumbled as his eyesight slowly faded. Orange... yellow... white... black...

white.... yellow... orange... the scent of Teriyaki Chicken and Sushi brought Genki back into the world of the living (although that's probably just an exaduration). Genki's head shot up and quickly began to scourge the area for the location of the scent. That was when he saw it. A platter of food along with some Orange Juice being carried in his direction. Genki quickly leapt over the bench and rushed towards the guy.

"Hey, I could hear your moaning from all the way over there and thought you might like something to--"

Genki quickly snatched the food and glass of OJ before the guy could finish and scrambled back to his bench to pig out. The food didn't see the light of day much longer after Genki had gotten his hands on it as it was immediately scarfed down. Briefly, Genki beat his chest and chugged some OJ to help the food go down as he was skipping a few dozen chews. Genki's hunger was so great that he didn't even care about that fact that orange juice with teriyaki chicken and sushi was an extremely odd combination.

After Genki had finished eating, he layed himself down in the grass and watched the sun set. Slowly, his eyes began to close as he remembered the exhileration of his earlier fight. Slowly, a grin crept on Genki's face as his mind began to wander into its unconcious state...

10th June 2006, 12:46 AM
I planted a long kiss upon Sam's lips before slipping out the door. In my hand I clasped a duffle bag which contained my training equipment. My other hand held tight to Sam's clasp.

Sam shut the door behind us, and like two teenagers sneaking out of the house for the night, we made our way to the failure WOOHP gymnasium.

The night was cool, with dew dampened grass and a moonlit path. Yellowed street lamps were like fireflies against the darkened sky, and lonely wooden benches stood abandoned beneath shady trees. It was a beautiful night, and felt like home.

We reached the cold, brick walled building and snuck in like naughty children. Sam flipped a light switch on and a few florescent light bulbs flickered on above us. He left half of them off. I smiled at him, because the darkness was just so comforting.

I dropped my bag against a wall, then slid open a semi-hidden panel in the wall. The shelf in the wall held the controls to the music system in the gym, and a stack of my work-out music. I picked a mix tape of Billy Joel songs and turned the volume up. “Pressure” blared in the room. I closed the panel and went to my bag. I took off my shoes and socks, then taped up my feet. On top of my shoes I placed the hoodie I had been wearing. My attire consisted of a WOOHP tank top and dark blue sweatpants. Since my hair was short, I didn’t have to worry about tying it up. I grabbed my favorite sais from my bag and faced Sam.

“Don’t you want to swordfight?” Sam yelled over the music.

I looked at the weapons in my hands. They were well oiled and sharpened. The metal was black as onix with sleek curves. The handles were black leathers with blue ribbons criss-crossing down the handles and trailing a few inches off the hilt. They had always been my choice weapons – and this pair was the one I had practiced with for hors on end almost every day during last year. Jerry had taken notice of my favoritism and had sent them to me during the break as a wedding gift.

“You can use a sword if you want, but I’ll stick with my sais, thank you,” I responded.

Sam just shook his head and got into stance. In a dramatic beat in the music, I began the first attack. My sai skills were still as good as ever, since I still snuck practices in during the summer. Sam was good enough at sword play that his skills weren’t too rusty.

Sam thrust his sword at me – which was not a practice sword since we were at the level of spy training where wooden practice swords were an embarrassment – and I caught his blade in my sai, then shoved it back. The sharp clangs of our weapons could be heard over the music we attacked. The entire room was being put to use. Every time I thought I could trap his blade with my two sais and de-arm him, he pulled away and attacked.

“I missed this,” a said between clashes.

“What, being beaten by me?” Sam said with a sly smile.

“Ha!” I responded, and continued to fight. With our well matched high level of skill, this would be a long fight.

10th June 2006, 03:39 AM
He didn't expect anyone to be up at this hour, let alone in the gym with rock music blaring.

With silence, he slipped into the gym. There were two students that, engaged in a battle. He recognised them instantly. The pair known as Sam and Eevee. Sam was armed with a sword while Eevee was armed with sais.

Valentine had to admit, the skill the pair possessed was indeed impressive. They were hte skills a true spy should possess.

It's a shame they have such weakness.

The two didn't even seem to notice him as he made his way across the gym to the conjoining weapons training facility.

Looking over the weapons available, a small smile graced his features when he spotted hte katana. Even better was the fact there was two of them.

Mastering one was one thing, mastering the use of two of them was trully difficult.

He looked over weapons he was holding. The blades was about 2'34'' long, possibly made from iron and had standerd black leather cothering the handles. Nothing special. Both were identical.

What happened next could be described as a dance of blades. As if to test the blades, he practised an assortment of vertical and horizontal strokes. Leaping and spinning as if in a dance. his moves graceful He feet barely made a sound, the only sound coming from the hum the blades made as they sliced through the air.

Upon finishing his little 'dance', Valentine gave a satisfied smile.

These will do.

Silently, he returned to the gym. The two were still fighting. Valentine's face returned to its usual blank expression.

I guess I'll have to wait.

He sat down in a cross legged position, the katana's laying on his lap, and closed his eyes. His mind tried to drown out the music, only listening to the sounds of the blades clashing.

A little meditation never hurt anyone.

14th June 2006, 06:59 PM

With a permanent smirk plastered across my face, I attacked Eevee again. As my blade swung to her chest, she caught it nimbly in her sai and stabbed at me with the other. Throwing my weight to the side I easily dodged the attack and pulled my blade from her trap with a swift spin. As she came at me, I drew my blade upright, knocking away her attack before quickly countering with one of my own.

And so our battle continued, with each of us exchanging equal blows and neither of us seemingly able to outmatch the other. Truth be told, we weren't exactly trying. We hadn't battled like this for so long - since before she'd gotten pregnant - I was just happy for the opportunity to fight with her again.

We didn't formally conclude our battle, just agreed that we'd have enough of a workout to satisfy our needs. She'd definitely been sneaking in some practise sessions over the summer but I was glad for it, gave me the chance to rediscover my fighting style. I hadn't picked up a sword in so long.

"You've been sneaking in practises," I said slyly once our mock battle was over.

"I had to. Needed to lose all that baby fat," she giggled.

Our brief moment of 'alone time' was interrupted when Eevee drew my attention to the silent newcomer, meditating in the corner. Apparently he had been sat there since shortly after our battle's beginning. I had a feeling I knew what he wanted, judging from the two katanas laid across his lap. Nodding to Eevee, I head over to greet him, as I approached he raised his head to look at me. He remained silent, his face carrying an unreadable expression.

"Battle?" I offered, with a slight flick of my blade.

He nodded, rising to his feet. I quickly made my way across the room and entered a battle stance as did he. Two katanas against my sword, an interesting competition no doubt. I was convinced that he could potentially be he greatest opponent I would have faced since coming here. Had to be honest, it was about damn time.

He attacked first, and his control over both weapons was immediately noticeable. I blocked the first blade quickly, sweeping in round to block a slash from the second. To have such ability with both weapons was highly impressive. I forced him on to the defensive, pushing forward and attacking with a quick flurry of stabs and slashes. He handled them easily enough, blocking the first attacks and knocking the rest away in order to provide an opening for an attack of his own. I jumped back, providing enough space between us to ensure myself enough time to block any attacks he might throw at me.

“You’re a pretty good fighter, perhaps one of the best I’ve seen in a long time. Though I have to ask, what exactly did you give up in order to pursue such mastery? You don’t strike me as the social type. There's probably nothing that you truly care about is there? That's what you gave up isn't it? You gave up your emotions."

"Emotions make a warrior weak," he replied calmly. "Love is a weakness. It gives your enemy power over you."

"Is that what they told you?" In a flash our blades were locked once again. "But if there is nothing you care about…” I forced one of his katanas against the other, locking them tightly around my blade. With a quick snap of my wrist, I forced the blades out of his grip. Sweeping my leg, I kicked him to the ground and held my blade to his throat. “…then what are you fighting so hard for?”

Offering my hand, I helped him to his feet.

“I enjoyed our battle,” I told him honestly. “But now I must retire. I would like for us to do this again sometime, you truly are a talent fighter.” I bowed to him respectfully and then returned to my wife. “I think it’s time we went home.”

15th June 2006, 06:48 AM
The white haired youth watched as Sam and Eevee left the gymnasium. Valentine had to admit, Sam's amount of skill surprised him. After all, he did not expect to be beaten.

But then again, living, breathing opponents are superior to any simulated adversary.

It was Sam's question that wrung in his mind. What did he give up to become what he was?

He had assumed it was emotion, but then again, Valentine couldn't remember the last time he actually showed emotion, or even if he had at all. He had always followed orders without question. 'Emotion has no place with a spy' he was told.

But then, what did Valentine give up? Did he have anything to give up in the first place?

As he continued to think about this question, another formed in his mind.

What did Sam give up for that much skill?

He was unable to ask such a question as Sam had already left and was possibly now at his home. Finding nothing else to do, he replaced the katanas where he found them and headed back to his dorm.

15th June 2006, 03:54 PM
Damon Castle

After watching a few matches, including a match between Sam and a white haired boy were fighting, and by the means of it, it seemed to be a pretty intense match. They traded remarks, which Damon assumed were name calling, but then, he heard the white haired boy say just so loud enough that he could hear it, "Emotions make a warrior weak. Love is a weakness. It gives your enemy power over you." Now this was definately true. Love was a cripple for a agent - Losing someone that you loved was a horrible thing. Some people would go literally insane with rage and hate over a loved one dying, and usually chane forever. Espically if it was someone close, like a wife,husband, mother or father. Some people could just not accept that fact that they were gone.

This man was very smart. His name was something along the lines of Valentine, wasn't it?

Anyways, Damon had to get going. He had other things to do. Walking outside of the gym, he hurried down the corridor to a map. Seeing that the dorms were a totally different way, he hurried to rush back there. As soon as he was in his dorm room, he shut the door and drew out his laptop. He scanned his finger and typed in his password, and was booted to the menu screen. After a voice recognition, he opened up a microsoft Word document and wrote some small things down, and then powered down his laptop.

What to do now...Damon thought, heading out the door.

19th June 2006, 08:11 PM

"Huh......" I said drowsily.
"Must have dosed off for a few minutes"I yawn.
"I wonder if there is a place to get drunk here??"I ponder.
"I'm gonna head to the gym now, lets see go into the building and take a left, a right, then 2 lefts got it."I say.

"Empty.......I guess the punching bag is first, then weights, followed by shooting hoops, lastly 10 laps around the gym, but first some music ok(I put in my country cd) good."I mumble.

"OK first a little Shadowboxing (my style of karate)then some Japanesse shodakon(my other style of karate)" I brag

(P.S. I was bragging to a bag lol, rotfl.)

30th June 2006, 08:16 PM
*pokes* um, where is everybody?

6th July 2006, 04:27 PM
Couldn't wait for Becki forever!


The sky was already dark by the time me and Rox got home. Rox threw herself onto the large sofa as I picked up the few letters from the floor.

"You know," I called out, reading who the letters were addressed to, "Post is so much better here than in England. It actually arrives."

Rox smiled at me. "You exaggerate."- "It's fun." - "Anything for me?"

I tossed a brown envelope onto her lap. "I'm assuming it's from Jerry. I have one too?"

I pushed her legs off of the couch and sat next to her. Rx looked at me oddly.

"So who's the other letter from?" She asked, leaning forward to see if she recognised the handwriting.

Involuntarily, I blushed. "A friend back home. Stop that!"

Rox recoiled and pulled a sad face, sticking out her bottom lip.

"It won't work." I sighed, standing from the couch and walking towards the stairs. "I still wanna get you drunk!"

"Just try it!" Rox shouted back at me as i went upstairs to read my letters.

8th July 2006, 10:22 AM

“Wake up Roxanne, it’s time for caffeine! Caffeine is good for the Roxanne!” The little chibi sang childishly in an attempt to wake me up. It had once been a cute little thing I had programmed to make hacking a little easier but now she practically organised my life for me.

I rolled over, pulling my blanket up over my head. “Just a little longer, Suki…” I mumbled.

“Wake up Roxanne, class starts soon! Caffeine and class are fun for Roxanne!”

Unable to bear another verse of Suki’s song, I forced myself out of bed, tapping the space bar on my laptop to show Suki I was up and wandered into the bathroom, fishing my glasses out of my hair. Once I was clean and looking reasonably presentable, I made my way downstairs, laptop under my arm and into the kitchen where I found Alex making breakfast.

“So you managed to get up then?” Alex commented, smirking. I shot her a small glare. “Suki seems to wake you up better than I do.”

“The mere mention of caffeine sends off signals to my brain to wake up and go get some.” I sighed. “It’s like an addictive drug with no harm to my body and Suki knows this too well.” I sat down at the table, opening my laptop and attempting to access the WOOHP network. “Damnit, the internet’s out. Stupid router…”

I headed into the living room to reset the router whilst Alex remained in the kitchen.

“I’ve put the coffee on.” She called.

I sat back down at the laptop and tapped my fingers on the table as I waited for the connection. Suki danced around the screen, pointing towards the webcam image she had recorded.

Naughty, naughty, Alex… Spiking my coffee with Vodka… And a large amount of it at that! I thought, playing back the video. I’m not drinking that… I wanna see her drink it…

I began plotting but was distracted by what I saw on screen. I skim-read the article that had stood out on the front page of WOOHP’s intranet.

“Alex, you might wanna take a look at this.” I said, watching her look in the cupboard for sugar. “Never mind the sugar! That was more of a command than a suggestion.”

She sighed before coming over and standing behind me. “Another WOOHP agent has gone missing. We believe he was taken by force from his home in Los Angelus. No witnesses saw the vehicle involved but heard sounds of struggle and screeching of tyres.” She read aloud. “So? It’s LA. Stuff like that happens all the time in LA.”

“But look at the first word. Another.” I stressed the word to her, pointing at the screen. “That suggests more than one.”

“Well check it out then!” She huffed, placing her hand on her hip.

“Alright, alright! I was going to!” I said as calmly as possible. I tapped a button on the laptop for Suki’s voice control. “Suki, search the article archives for missing agents in the past four months.” The chibi on the screen sat down and read a virtual book. “This may take a while…”

I got up and made my way over to the kitchen counter. I knew the one with the red stripe was mine yet I picked up the blue striped mug.

“That’s not yours.” Alex said quickly.

“So? It’s just coffee.” I replied, shrugging and taking a sip. “I never thought I’d say that…”

“But that’s my coffee…”

“You can have mine. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with it, is there?” I said, using every bit of energy I had to prevent myself from giving her the ‘all-knowing-I’m-right’ look otherwise known as the smirk.

“No…” She lied, taking the mug from me.

“Search complete! Displaying results.” Suki called, her high pitched voice cutting through our conversation.

I sat back down and scanned over the page. “Holy crap, Batwoman, this is not just a random event… Look… Four months ago, there was one disappearance and since then it slowly progressed… There were fifteen last month… But nobody seems to be doing anything about it… Alex? Are you listening to me at all?”

She was staring at the bottom of her mug, her head tilted to one side. “Sorry, what?” She asked.

I sighed. “Never mind… Come on, we should get to class.”

Saving the search I had just done, I closed my laptop, shoved it in my bag, threw a pair of socks and my one shoe in there and slipped on a pair of flip flops.

I stood over Alex as she tied her shoe laces, giggling every time she made a mistake. I didn’t know she was such a lightweight… Maybe I shouldn’t have had hers…

“Yay! I successfully tied my shoelaces!” She exclaimed, standing up and throwing her arms around me.

“I don’t care what you say, I’m driving today.” I stated, freeing myself from her and grabbing the keys from the hook and dragging her out the door.

Plot plot plot >:3 *runs off*

8th July 2006, 07:46 PM
Valentine had woken up earlier then anyone else. He didn't require as much sleep as them.

The two blades he held hummed in the air as he did his little 'sword dance'. His moves graveful as they were last night, each move as if they were all in one fluid motion. He eyes were closed, visualising himself fighting invisable enemies, like he did in the simulators.

However, something was putting him off. His defeat to Sam the previous night.

By all accounts, he should have won, so how was it that he was able to beat him?

After a few minutes, he ceased his trained and sheathed the katanas. He silently returned them to their rack before leaving the gym.

Class would be starting soon. He was classed as a transfer student, so he'd be with the graduate students, along with the other transfer students.

Despite his blank expression, he was a bit curious as to what they'd be doing. He knew they'd be doing missions, but what about before that. Valentine was actually looking forward to finding out.

Sorry for the crappiness people...

10th July 2006, 10:37 PM
sry it took so long

Fable just woke up but in a good mood he loved his first day what awaits him in his second. He is a Trasfer student just like Valentine, he wonders whatthe classes are like hmmm?

While walking past the gym woder of what sounded like Hin-Goui-Bousai (A particular sword dance) but he just kept walking heading for the classes.

so about the crappiness in mine also....

~Genki Katchum~
15th July 2006, 02:45 PM
Yaaaay! It's the next day!



Genki slowly opened his eyes, gazing at the rising sun. After taking a few moments to gather his thoughts, Genki hopped up, cracked his back and stretched, lazily throwing in a couple punches and kicks. After his morining stretch Genki took a deep breath. Noticing a stench coming from himself, Genki grabbed his bag and made his way over to a pond on the campus, tossed his clothes aside and hopped in.

"Gah! Cold!!" Genki shouted as he splashed his face.

Genki took a moment to look at his reflection in the water. His long hair drooped all around his head, covering a lot of his face. "Huh... I guessd I do look kinda like a caveman... heh."

Genki's hair, normally a bit more curly and almost afroish, had been matted down for weeks because of an "incident" not to long ago.

"Blah!" Genki dunked his head into the water and scrubbed his scalp, trying to wash out an oily substance. After several dunks without change, Genki finally gave up on trying to wash his hair and finished his bath. When he put on some fresh clothes, he also decided to try using a rubberband from his bag to hold back his hair so he wouldn't have such a hard time seeing.

The red bag slammed against Genki's back as he started walking towards the school gym.

"Time to get me a proper morning workout!"

25th July 2006, 09:07 PM
*sighs* not again *bumps topic* where is everyone?

5th August 2006, 07:13 PM
*sighs* I guess I have to keep this going...

The white haired youth strode almost silently through the hall. The boy was ready for his first day of 'training' and was determined not to be late or anything.

Of course, he was more likely to be early the anything else.

"Well, well, look what we have here."

Valentine stopped and his eyes fell on a couple of guys heading his way. One (most likely the leader) had a superior smirk on his face.

"A litle emo kid taking a stroll," the guy laughed. Valentine raised an eyebrow. Emo?

"Look at his hair," another said, "He looks like a girl."

The other two laughed, and Valentine glared.

"Aww are we hurting the little girl's feelings?" the leader said in a mocking tone. Valentine's face remained stoic and unfeeling.

"I don't have time for this," he spoke as he continued down the hall. The leader however grabbed Valentine's shoulder.

"Listen you little..."

He never got to finish. With an insane amount of speed, Valentine pulled himself out of his grip, grabbed his arm and brought his elbow down on it. A sickening crack could be heard as the bone snapped.

The guy screamed out in pain as he clutched his arm. Some of the bone was even petruding from the skin. The ther two were shocked and then glared at Valentine hatefully.

"Get him!"

The two charged. Valentine slid between the two, getting behind them. He kickde one in the back of the knees, bringing him to his knees before delivering a roundhouse kick to the side of the head. The boy's head slammed against the wall with a dull thud and he slid to the floor unconcious.

The second spun around and threw a punch at him. Valentine caught it with easy, and then squeezed his fist hard. THe boy writhed in pain as a number of bones could be heard breaking. The boy cried out in pain and Valentine pulled him forward, getting a jab at his throat. The boy clutched his throat as he fell to his knees. Grabbing him by the air, Valentine droved his knee into his face, breaking his nose.

Valetine looked at their leader coldly, who as now whimpering over his broken arm. He took one step forward and the broke into a run. He wouldn't be having these problems again. They feared him now.

He fixed his hair slightly before continueing to class.

Hello...where is everyone?

10th August 2006, 08:47 PM
I'm still here

Basically stalking Valentine to look for weaknesses I saw him take down three people without a scratch.

Sneaking right behind him I was as quiet as a church mouse, but then........

"I know your there kid",The White haired boy said.

"Oh your good by the way call me Fable," I said.

"Who said I wanted to know?," He asked.

"How long you knew I was folowing you?,"I asked.

"Ever since the gym,"He said glaring at me.

"Do you know the ancient art of Hin-Du-Bu-Shin or the brother of it Hok-Mon?,"I asked

I know it's short but at least I put something I can't make valentine answer that M_C can you answer me by post or message me about it.

11th August 2006, 06:27 PM
No worries, this rpg is very much alive, I assure you. Lol, you shoulda seen the original, we had like a month between posts at some points. Anyway, I'll throw in my post.


I lay awake in bed, staring at the empty spot beside me. It had been like this every morning for months now and I wasn't sure how I felt about it. Kio seemed to have a habit of waking up at some ridiculous hour of the morning and Eevee would always be there to make sure he had whatever he needed. I suppose it was helpful, it menat that Kio never woke me up in the morning but just once I would have liked to wake up and find my wife lying next to me. I stared over at the alarm clock. 6:30am. Classes were starting later that day. "Now's as good a time as any."

With a yawn I rolled out of bed and dragged myself into the shower.Once I'd freshened up, I headed downstairs. My sister and Eevee were in the kitchen talking and eating breakfast. Kio was sat on Eevee's lap, entertaining himself on a piece of soggy toast that he'd obviously been gumming on for some time now.

"Morning," said Serena, smiling broadly.

"Hey." I kissed Eevee and Kio before making myself some breakfast. "So, all set for your first full day as an aunt?" It would be the first time Serena had taken care of Kio on her own but I knew he was in good hands.

"I can't wait." She tickled Kio's stomach and he giggled. "We're going to have fun aren't we?"

"We should get to school early so we can have a warm up," I told Eevee as I gulped down my breakfast. "We're seniors, we can't show up to class unprepared."

Eevee nodded and started to play with Kio's hair. "You better behave yourself."

"You talking to me or the kid?"

"You act younger than him sometimes so 'kid' could mean either of you."

I frowned. "Stop stealing my wit from me."

"Sorry. I'll stop."

"Good," I nodded firmly and finished my breakfast. "It's time we made a move."

Eevee handed Kio over to Serena and then spent several minutes fussing over him to make sure he wouldn't miss her when she was gone. I secretly suspected that the kid might be glad of a little personal space for a change.

"He can't miss you if you don't leave you know."

"Don't be so mean." She crouched towards Kio. "Be a good boy for aunty Serena ad Mommy and Daddy will be home soon." She kissed him on the forehead and stood up. "Alright we can go."

I smirked and tossed her the bag containing her sais and a change of clothes. "Alright," I said, "let's go be spies again."

15th September 2006, 08:58 PM
and it's been almost two months since someone posted -_-;;

Valentine simply nodded in response to Fable's question. He had knowledge of numerous fighting styles and the skills to match, but he didn't feel like telling this guy. Details about himself were strictly confidential.

Fable smirked.

"Maybe you could show me some moves afterwards," he said.

"I have class to attend to, so if you'll please..."

"Oh sorry, hey, maybe we'll be in the same class."

Valentine felt like banging his head against a wall at that point. What was it with these people? Couldn't the get the hint that he didn't want to talk to any of them?

Deciding to ignore him from now on, Valentine continued on to class, trying to ignore Fable.

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I'm here for ya Mystic!!!


Genki stepped into the gym to find it barren.

"Huh. Nobody here... what's up with that?" Genki mumbled as he tossed his bag to the side and apporached the punching bags he had practiced with the day before. Genki took a deep breath, held it, then quickly began exhaling as he attacked the punching bags with rapid punches--each different from the previous. After finishing the punched, Genki went into kicks. He did a foward-kick into the bag in front, then went after the one behind him. He went after every bag without even budging his other leg. After kicking all the bags with one leg, he switched to the other and repeated the process.

After spending another ten minutes or so wailing on the bags, Genki was stopped by the sound of a bell tone. It was then that Genki remembered where he was and where he was supposed to be--in class.

"Ah crap," Genki sighed as he quickly grabbed his bag, "guess I gotta get to class." Genki headed out the door and made his way over to the school. Suddenly, Genki realized something. "I don't have a class schedule!" Genki scratched his head for a moment and looked up at the large school. "Hum.... guess I should just pick a room and go for it..." Genki picked a room up on the fourth floor and started to climb up the side of the building. He could've easily gone inside and made his way up, but that wouldn't have been any fun.

Genki quickly made his way up the side of the building by using the windowsills for hand and foot grips/jump points. Once he reached the fourth floor, he slid open the window, hopped in, and slammed the window closed, not caring about the noise he was making.

"And what do you think YOU'RE doing?" Asked a very disgruntled teacher.

Genki turned around and gave a sheepish grin, "Coming to class! What does it look like I'm doing?"


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Alright, this is getting a bit rediculous. I am aware that the original had very long gaps between posts, but this is just stupid. Let's face it, this thing's going to die!

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Where IS everybody?!

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*frustrated* I dont care what Samchu says, it's official. This thing is dead!

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Well la dee da...
*dodges rotten tomatoes*

Sam pulled keys out of his pocket and walked toward the car.

"What are those for?" I asked.

Sam held up the keys and pointed to them.

"These are keys, my dear," he said, obviously enjoying himself, "This one is used to open our house, which is over there. And this one is for starting the car so we can travel short of far distances."

I stifled a smirk and retorted, "No, I meant why do you want to drive to school?"

Sam pondered exaggeratedly and then announced, "Perhaps because we'll be late for school if we don't drive. We were a little late leaving."

I ran over to the garage and returned. Throwing a board over to my husband I inquired, "Still remember how to skateboard?"

"We haven't skateboarded since the beginning of Freshman year," Sam said.

Ignoring his remark I said, "Race you!" Before he could dispute it I slung my duffle bag over my shoulder and was skating out of the driveway. My turn into the street was less then graceful, but that didn't stop me.

"Come on! You’ll be late for class!" I yelled behind me. Sam looked at the car hopelessly, and then got on his board and followed me.

We sped by the campus, yelling sly remarks to each other as one got ahead of the other. Neither of us had skateboarded in awhile and so grace was not among us. But we could still get up quickly after falling and speed along. By the time we reached the building that held out classes we both got off our boards and hobbled the rest of the way.

“That wasn’t one of your smarter ideas,” Sam said with a smile.

I laughed warmly and said, “But it was worth it to see you knock over that trash can.”

Sam joined my laughing. “Guess we need more practice,” he said as he rubbed his sore shoulder.

“Yeah,” I said in a quick agreement.

We walked up the steps to the building entrance, looking like two high school students, when we spotted some commotion.

“What’s up with the WOOHP Troopers?” I thought aloud.

Sam raised his eyebrow as he looked at me. “WOOHP Troopers?”

“You know, the WOOHP campus police,” I said, trying to defend myself. His eyebrow stayed raised. “Oh come on, you have to admit that they share some resemblance with Storm Troopers,” I continued as I motioned toward them.

Sam stared at them for a moment and replied, “Well, they do always have white uniforms.”

“And black weapons,” I added.

“And always so emotionless,” he added.

“And answering into their walkie-talkies,” I continued.

“I guess I can see where you got that from,” he said. With a snicker he mumbled to himself, “WOOHP Troopers.”

We reached the said WOOHP Troopers.

“What phenomena graces us with your presence today?” I asked sweetly to one of the officials.

“Crisis,” he answered simply.

Sam and I looked at each other, and then back at the officer.

“A crisis that will lead to a mission?” Sam asked.

“Most likely,” the man replied.

“What’s the crisis?” I inquired, loosing my playfulness.

“Wait until the rest of the class appears,” The man said. It was apparent that he wouldn’t give us any more information.

I sighed. “Everyone else better show up soon.”

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2nd December 2006, 06:50 PM
Valentine rose an eyebrow when he noticed the white clad troops.

Must be some form of authorities around here.

Slightly curious as to what was happening, the white haired youth silently made his way over to the area of commotion. He leaned against a wall, hoping to hear some sort of explanation for this.

As his eyes moved over the crowd, he spotted Sam and Eevee. The words those two had spoken to him rang clear in his mind.

"But if there is nothing you care about…then what are you fighting so hard for?”

Valentine's eyes narrowed. He would never understand.

Keeping his eyes fixed on the two, he wonderedhow long it would take them to notice his presence. It shouldn't be long since he was out in the open.

2nd December 2006, 08:05 PM

Skateboarding to school? I never would have imagined such a bizzare suggestion would ever escape her lips again but I was thankful that it had. The events of last year had changed her so much - it had changed the both of us - and slowly we were beginning to revert back to ourselves. Sure some things would never go back to the way they were, we had grown up so much it was scary, but it wasn't a bad thing. Not in the least.

But there was still the problem of a mission. First day of classes and their bunging a mission on us. It's to be expected I suppose, it'll help us 'bond'. Though it was pretty obvious from the looks of our new team that 'bonding' wasn't on everyone's agenda. By that I mostly meant Valentine, of course. He was stood watching us right now. Could have come over and said hi but he was content to keep his distance. I think what I said earlier had gotten to him. It wouldn't surprise me. He was so much like I how used to be before I came to this place. Eventually he'd open up too. I hoped he did anyway. He had talent, and a lot of it, he would do great things for WOOHP.

In time of course.

"Hey you guys!" No need to guess who that was from. Next thing we knew we were getting pounced on by the ever-enthusiastic Rox, who of course had Alex in tow.

"Hey Rox. Hey Alex."

Rox stared at me. "What happened to you? You look like you crashed into a dumpster."

"Not exactly..." I rubbed the back of my neck uneasily. She'd really been practising that interrogising stare of her's over the summer. "It was much...smaller..."

She and Alex both laughed. Even Eevee snickered again at the mention of it.

"Yeah yeah...laugh all you want..." I replied sorely. I didn't mean anything by it but it still warranted a playful dig in the ribs from my wife, who thought I was overplaying it a bit. Truth be told, I was.

Gradually some of new members managed to find their way - it was a big campus and easy to get lost - and once everyone had gathered, the 'WOOHP Troopers' - as my wife so eagerly liked to call them - finally began briefing us on the mission. It didn't take a genius to know this one wasn't going to be a walk in the park. But after what we'd done, it couldn't be any real challenge.


"In the last 24 hours several files containing classified information have been stolen from the WOOHP vaults. Our sources are unable to identify the thieves but we have been able to trace them to a small organisation hiding out in an underground bunker on the outskirts of New Mexico. We believe that they plan to sell the documents to a contact in the Middle East, we have men investigating this lead as we speak. Your job, as agents of WOOHP, is to secure those documents before they are handed over. We cannot afford to lose this data." He grabbed a small rucksack. "You will find everything you need in here and on the plane waiting for you in the hanger. We have arranged secure accomodation for you to which you will be driven upon your arrival in New Mexico."

He handed me the bag and I just stared at him. "Why are you giving it to me?"

"Jerry specified that you will be team leader on this mission and others following, provided you are in a fit and able state to do so." He saluted. "Good luck agents."

The 'WOOHP Troopers' marched off and I just stood there, frozen, my chin hanging somewhere between the floor and my ankles. Team leader!? He can't be serious. Doesn't he remember what happened last time? I couldn't even protect Eevee and now he expects me to take charge of an entire team. I can't do it. I can't do it.

"You can do it." I felt Evee hand in mine and she smiled at me. "Jerry picked you because he knows you can do it."

"What if I let everyone down?"

"You won't. I have faith in you."

"Thanks Eevee." I kissed her quickly on the cheek.

"So," said Alex, "what do we do?"

I looked round at all the anxious faces, some I recognised, others I didn't. "We go to the hanger. We'' arrange a plan of action when we're there."

They all nodded and we began to make our way to the hanger. I had to let Serena know what was happening and Eevee was determined to say a quick farewell to Kio - I put my comments in too - but soon enough we were strapping ourselves in and preparing for take off.

"Just another day at spy school," I sighed quietly to myself, praying that nothing was going to go wrong on this mission.

4th December 2006, 03:23 PM
I slung my duffle bag onto my other shoulder and followed my bewildered husband. We, being returning students, knew where the plane was and the rest of the class followed in suit.

Sam tried to look confident, but I could read his face like no one else.

"Hey," I said, "You're not alone here, you've got a whole team to back you up."

Sam turned and replied with a faint grimice, "That's what I'm afraid of." I saw him glance at the Newbies, especially at Valentine, before resuming forward.

Once at the launch pad the entire second year class climbed into the unmarked WOOHP plane. Inside the plain there were just enough chairs for the group, as there always seemed to be, and new compacts on the seats. I smiled to myself as the compacts drew some piculure stares. WOOHP used to be an all girl's spy school and despite the recent change to being co-ed, the comunication devices had not changed shape. I slipped a jet black compact - the color of my old WOOHP suit - into my pocket and sat in the chair where it had been.

"This is odd," I said so Sam could hear me.

"Hmm?" he responded while making sure the whole class got on the plane.

"Usually Jerry tells us our missions and gives us our gadgets. Wonder why he didn't this time," I thought aloud.

Sam was too reoccupied with his leader duties to give my observation much thought. Once everyone was on he explained the seemingly extraneous objects on the seats.

"These are the WOOHP comunication devices. Yes, it looks like a woman's compact. But they're pretty simple to use. if you open them there are these little ear-bud things that you can use to listen, and you can receive or send out calls to WOOHP or other WOOHP spies. this can also be used for DNA sampling," Sam said.

"And as a mirror," I added. Somehow my joke was lost to this group.

"Okay, lets check what goodies they packed for us today," I said with a clap, and then reached for the bag Sam had been handed. there were always three gadgets within, and it was one of the most interesting things about being a spy to use them to solve the mission.

I pulled out the first thing my hand found. At first glance it looked like regular hand lotion. but after reading the fine-print I discovered what it really was.

"Fingerprints removal," I read aloud, "apply to hands as lotion. Instantly fingerprints will be filled in, temporarily erasing fingerprints. comes off with soap and water."

"There are enough for everyone to have one bottle," Sam said as he passed the bottles out.

I eagerly waited for someone else to reveal the next gadget.

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5th December 2006, 01:28 AM
The white haired boy sat in his seat and strapped himself in. A few things had gone through his mind while they were going to the hanger. First of all was how could anyone steal files from WHOOP vaults? Valentine's feelings of inadequacy for the facility wer slowly returning.

The second was when he heard of Sam being the Team Leader. He had mixed views about this. He knew Sam had the skills neccassary to make him team leader. However, his reaction to being selected and his already obvious weaknesses may make him unsuitable for the task.

The third thing was what the documents contained. He knew he shouldn't worry about such details, but this sparked a bit of curiousity in the seventeen year old, even if nobody else noticed it.

He was now listening as Sam listed out the gadgets. A multi-function device disguised as a woman's compact (Valentine was not going to question the choice of shape) and a lotion that can erase fingerprints.

Valentine reached into the bag and pulled out what appeared to be a pen. Upon further inspection, Valentine said out loud.

"An E.M. pen," he said in his typical emontionless tone, "Upon activating it," he clicked the pen as an example. Almost instantly all electronics in the plane shut off.

"This generates a small E.M. field, disabling any electronics devices inside."

"There seems to be only three," Sam said. Valentine said nothing as he went back to his seat, still holding the E.M. pen. Noone seemd to object to him having it."

16th December 2006, 09:17 PM
sry for not being on my comp killed over

I sat back watching gadgets being pulled out, a mirrior, a bottle of lotion, and pen. I thought to myself (WHERE'S THE STUFF FOR WANNA BE PILOTS!).

It seems I get to pull out the next one. I also said it aloud.

"X-ray contacts crimson red," I said upon activation, "only 3."

"Take one and sit down so we can continue,"Valentine said with a blank expression.

I sat down without anyone questioning me having the contacts.

31st December 2006, 04:17 PM
ok back to this account AGAIN. not a new post, sorry, but im erasing my post as lulu as im not on that account anymore. hopefully ill have the memory to keep this one permanently.

btw, MC if we go through a dry spell you’ve gotta stop reacting so much, I know my RPG and I know my regulars, it’s gonna take a lot to make this RPG actually die.

I fiddled with my compact, opening it and closing it repeatedly, as Sam and some of the newbies up front revealed our gadgets.

“I don’t really care what gadgets we have,” I told Rox, keeping my voice low so that others could hear what the gadgets did, “as long as I know how to use them. After all, there are so many of us this year that not all of us will be able to use them.”

Rox nodded and sighed, “I wanna start.”

“Then start,” I smiled, “You’re the best hacker we’ve got, we’re gonna need your help, so you might as well start. Besides, we hafta find out who broke into WOOHP, the vaults are only accessible through the main building. Why don’t you hack into the CCTV footage and see if you can find anyone who looks out of place. While you’re at it, can you get me the member files of the missing agents? I wanna see if there’s any link.”

“Sure, just give me a sec,” Rox answered, typing on her laptop and plugging her portable printer into her laptop.

I watched her and giggled, “For a printer, that thing is SO cute.”

Rox smiled as she handed me a pile of papers.

“I hate how you’re so quick,” I muttered, shuffling the papers and leaning back.

I peered around the seat in front of me and watched as Sam pulled another gadget out the bag. It was a WOOHP classic, a Laser Nail File – one of my personal favourites.

“Well, best get down to business,” I sighed. I lifted the papers up to a reading level and began to sift through the lives of the missing WOOHP agents.

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17th January 2007, 11:56 PM
Wooha~! Mission Time! Let's bring this baby back to LIFE!! ^_^ (glosses over the fact that he's been gone for 2 months.... >.>() ) I'll just quickly bring my character up to speed...


After entering the classroom, Genki began getting berated by the teacher when the intercom suddenly went on, "Students please report at the launch pad for mission briefing." Genki's eyes gleamed with excitement.

"Sorry, teach! Sounds like I'm needed." Genki backed over to the window, "Don't worry, I'll let myself out!" Genki opened the window with his back unturned, then dropped out the window. Genki quickly flipped in the air, whipped off his belt, and used it to slide down the gutter attached to the wall. It wasn't until he touched the ground that he realized that he had left his bag up in the room. "Crap," Genki mumbled to himself. His bag had all his little ninja trinkets inside of it. Genki thought about going back up for it, but noticed the group of students all heading in the same direction. "Grah! I'd better go..." Genki jogged off in the direction of the other students.


Genki boarded the plane with the others and looked for a spot. He noticed Valentine sitting alone and decided to take the spot next to him. Genki walked over, looking straight at Valentine with a grin. Valentine glanced at him as he walked over, then returned his gaze elsewhere. It was obvious that he didn't want an air-buddy. Genki flopped down in the seat next to him and gave an exasperated sigh as he leaned back.

The crew started going through the gadgets that would be used for the mission.

"Compact mirror? Bottle lotion? LASER nail file?" Genki chuckled, "Who comes UP with this stuff? Clinique?!"

Genki looked to Valentine hoping for a reaction or a scoff or something. Valentine never made a move and was clearly ignoring Genki.

"Okay then," Genki said as he suggled into his chair, "We'll start the fun when we get in the air."

23rd January 2007, 05:12 PM
The white haired youth had a sinking feeling the instant he saw Genki walking his direction. He had hoped he wouldn't have to deal with this person again, but it seemed his patience would have to be tested for a little bit longer.

He hoped he could just ignore him this time. Unfortunately, it didn't seem so.

"Ok then. We'll start the fun when we get in the air."

Valentine bit back a whimper. Was this some kind of test? Get him in a situation where he had no chance of escape and drive him to the brink of insanity?

His eyes quickly darted all over the place, hoping to find some sort of parachute or something. A part of him was considering jumping out of the plane if this went on any longer.

Or perhaps throw Genki out of it.

Even though his face was blank, Valentine mentally sighed. He couldn't do either. He was on a mission and whether he liked it or not, so was Genki. He silently fixed his gaze on the window, hoping his could ignore Genki for the entire trip.