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Outlaw JT
3rd April 2006, 10:39 AM
Since it is obvious at this point that more is expected of an RPG moderator than a moderator of any other forum (possible exception being ASB) I think it is only fair that these expectations be put into print in the form of a set of rules that the Moderators must abide by. Rules that govern their conduct as well as what is expected of them from the community. Rules that are visible for all of RPG to view. I believe that this could go a long way towards preventing the shameful debacle that the RPG has just gone through from repeating itself. This way if the moderators are in default of their duty they will be aware of it without having to be notified politely out of respect or blindsided with no sense of courtesy or respect.

I put forth a list of suggestions for these rules based partly on common sense and partly on the expectations recently voiced by the community and/or key members of it.

1) Above all a moderator must remain impartial and unbiased in all actions they take in regards to the forum and it's members.
2) A moderator must post in the Away Topic if they are going to be unable to post for more than three days. Exception given only to sudden and unexpected suspension of internet access.
3) A moderator may enforce the TPM and RPG rules and guidelines freely at their discretion unless two or more members of the community protest to the same obvious infraction of said rules by another member.
4) Moderators must make at least one post per week to encourage activity in the RPG forum. Character posts made in any RPG the moderator is participating in do not count towards this requirement.
5) Moderators must be actively participating in either one RPG of their own creation or two RPGs created by other members of the community at any given time. With the exception of time listed as Away there will only be an allowance of two weeks between RPGs for the moderator with additional exception of waiting for another member to commence an RPG they have signed up for.

These are just a few opening suggestions for these rules. The discussion is, of course, open for adding or altering these rules.

Ultimate Charizard
3rd April 2006, 10:43 AM
I have to agree and not because of what has recently happened. The whole thing could have been avoided if we were aware of what was expected of us as Mods.
To this end a set of rules and Guidelines should be brought into effect.

I dont have any of my own to mention right now however so ill just leave this as it is and see what the rest of you think.

Roy Karrde
3rd April 2006, 12:22 PM
I agree with basically all of these rules in premise. Basically these are the unstated rules of the mods of the RPG Forum. We're leaders, we all know that and thus we all have to be constantly active, even if our personal life tries to interfer some times. I would although say that in May and in December that these rules should not apply. We are human too and trying to make lives for ourselves. All of us are in college and that means that in December and May that we are preparing for finals and traveling back home. Other than that I have no problems adhearing to these rules.

3rd April 2006, 01:46 PM
My words fail me to put into words at this moment the idea that in particular post attention should be paid to starting topics and not merely posting in them. That is to say that I would like someone to better phrase the idea put forth that a moderator should always have a project in the works or recently posted (whether that be an article for the RPG News or thread for the RPG Lounge) within the last week.

The former takes priority to a moderator's participation in an RPG. I do agree, but the quality is obviously the first, before quantity, and so I believe the requirement should be reduced to hosting or participating in one RPG, or instead made a character requirement (as I have at various times in the past had more than one character in an RPG) of two. This second point is but moot however and I am easily subject to change of opinion here. I agree with all other distinctions put forth thus far.

Ultimate Charizard
3rd April 2006, 03:05 PM
Well Roy, thats your responsibility.
We cant seriously allow the mods to be inactive just because of an Exam when there are other candidates who dont actually have exams anymore. Saying we can excuse them is almost like saying we can excuse them for having a holiday....you pulled me up for that one didnt you?

(ok i promise thats the last bitching i do.....in punblic lol)

...nah actually thats just a joke though i do agree with Plantae and beleive the rules could use Some Tweaking. Like i said before, id personally rather not flood the board with spam and other crap to make my presence felt and ruin potentially good rpg“s. Be a little more lenient though i think from now on they should be active in at least 1 RPG and post or update the posts in the Lounge.

Outlaw JT
3rd April 2006, 04:55 PM
The most I personally would concede for excused absence is the week of X-mas. I believe that if any of the mods feel they will be unable to post for more then three days due to family obligations or exam preparation than they should simply post their absence in the Away Topic to excuse that time. If you think there will be entire months where you will be unable to perform your moderating duties than a temporary mod should be appointed for that extended period of time. They would, of course, be selected well in advance and just be prepared to step into the role should such a situation arise. With the understanding that it would only be a temporary posting while one of the other mods was occupied with personal issues for any substantial period of time.

And I suggested the rule that a moderator should be active in either one RPG of their own creation or two of other member's creations because it was explicitly expressed during the petition that people believed U_C and myself should not only be active in at least one or two RPGs created by other people but also consistently have one of our own creation up. The rule as I have written it is already lenient compared to what was expressed was expected of us! Keep in mind that remaining active in an RPG does not necessarily imply posting in it once or twice a week. It simply means keeping up with the overall pace of the RPG. Some RPGs move at a pace requiring a post only every two weeks to remain relatively current.

Plantae: the rule I suggested about moderators making a post a week to encourage activity in the community was intended for things like active projects, RPG News, forum updates, etc. It is just a considerable list of all that this entails and I did not have the time this morning to compose a proper list. Examples that would be relevant are making relevant posts in discussions for active or future projects, posting a new issue for the RPG News, starting new threads to discuss various aspects of the community, etc.

I would also like to propose an addendum to the forum rules. I shall post it here since it is relevant to this discussion. I propose that from now on when a member of the RPG community sends a PM to a moderator requiring any action that it must be sent to all RPG moderators simultaneously to better assure that the issue is addressed. The only noted exception to this would be if the issue is directly related to one of the RPG mods in which case that mod could be omitted from the PM.

3rd April 2006, 09:00 PM

Excuse me for a moment as I make a disgruntled noise...

Okay, that's a bit better.

I really don't know what to say about this topic. I think this whole topic was created obviously by disgruntled feelings and is furthering a bit of negative attitude. After reading the comments in the petition, reading the comments in Roy Karrde's congrats topic and now reading things here... I'm just sick! SICK TO DEATH OF ALL OF THIS!!

I would much rather have a DYING forum with contented members and virtually NO politics than having an 'attempting to thrive' forum with disgruntled members, negativity and tons of political bullcrap. I've been a moderator for a long time and a member in these forums even longer and I have never felt like I had to hide from the forums or leaving. However, now... heh, NOW of all times... I feel like considering kicking the bucket and throwing MY position as moderator away. Not only do I feel so much pressure from people whom I consider my friends, but I now feel pressure from my moderation position and fellow moderators. I have always felt as if I've done a good job... I've attempted to be active and tried to remain in contact with people on AIM (advanced appologies for those who have called me on my cell, my cell phone lost its reception and it has been drawn to attention that a few people have attempted to call me). When I have been gone, I placed my absense in the AWAY topic (which was never mandatory by the way... you could just tell the people whom you were RPing with) and once I disappeared when I had been hospitalized during college.

I come online everyday, even when I'm busy and check the forum. I see which topics NEED a post and try to post... and I try to remain active. I try to let people know what's going on with me, and whoever happens to be online on AIM is usually the one to find out. Yet now, having college, having my newly diagnosed disease, my new sucky medication and side affects, having work and all this 'slightly-not-regular sh*t' it making me go crazy. The last thing I needed was to worry about the political atmosphere of this board. Now, not only am I worrying about the well-being of this board and ALL the disgruntled members, but I also am worrying about my friendships from this board because of all this political crap. I feel like friends are being thrusted against friends and I'm stuck in the middle of it. I just want to raise my hands and say, "I quit!" ... but sadly, I can't do that because then I'D be kicked out of my position.

I don't really know who to side with anymore in this debate. I'm sorry, but I think I've finally just snapped. I don't know what to do anymore. I want to be here, but if it is going to be like this... then I might want to rethink my own position and if I want to be in this negative atmosphere. (And that's in BOTH parties, mind you... not just one. So don't go pointing fingers!!)

OH, and to make sure this isn't a spam... my imput on those rules. Being expected to post if you are away or not every 3 days if you happen to not post is ridiculous. At least 5-7 days of absense.

3rd April 2006, 09:20 PM
I honestly think you are overreacting Kalah. Outlaw JT may be disgruntled, but his first post is perfectly reasonable. We did want criteria for moderators to follow, and his suggesting some is a good enough plan. All of these base ideas are quite good, and should be treated as such.

Even Ultimate Charizard's said he's done (in public).

I think you owe them the benefit of the doubt. This thread is only constructive so far; feel free to lock it if it becomes a flame war.

Hatake Kakashi
4th April 2006, 12:04 AM
The thing is though, if you need to be TOLD how to do your job you're obviously not fit for the job.

This topic is superfluose. Mods are expected to be active in the forum and keep the crap down. This topic, however, is trying to stir up trouble and look like they're being constructive.

Outlaw JT
4th April 2006, 07:21 AM
This topic is aimed at preventing what has occurred recently from ever occurring again! And nothing in this topic should be considered actual rules yet. This is merely a discussion topic to propose putting rules in place. I am not trying to stir up any trouble in this thread and given recent history I don't believe it to be superfluous either.

Kalah: I am sorry if you feel pressured by this topic. That was not it's intent. I encourage you to reread my wording carefully. Nothing I suggested would've required you to post while you were away. I was suggesting that a moderator must post in the Away topic if they think they will be unable to post. My statement regarding three days was intended more to assure availability of the moderators to post every three days should any issues arise, not a requirement that they post every three days. I think posting one day a week is perfectly fine so long as the moderator is maintaining their activity and is available at least every couple of days should any problem arise that requires attention.

I welcome any suggestions or tweaks anyone may have for what I have proposed so far. If anyone can think of anything to add or think something should be removed please feel free to voice your opinion in a calm fashion.

4th April 2006, 08:45 PM
Ok, I've just sat back and tried to avoid coming into this conflict for long enough. It's no secret that there have been a lot of issues with this forum and it's mods in the last month, but I think some of us are just being silly now.

While it's common sense that a mod needs to be impartial and active

2) A moderator must post in the Away Topic if they are going to be unable to post for more than three days. Exception given only to sudden and unexpected suspension of internet access.

Even I am not harsh enough to consider 3 days without posting bad modding, if I did JT, you would have been out late last year, might I remind you that you went nearly 4 months without a post? Honestly, men have died for less.

4) Moderators must make at least one post per week to encourage activity in the RPG forum. Character posts made in any RPG the moderator is participating in do not count towards this requirement.

I would think the best way to encourage activity in RPG would be to keep the RPGs going, if everyone, mods especially, just keeps up to date with every RPG they participate in then this forum will be thriving in no time. You can all sit in the lounge and plan world domination all you want, but if no one's playing RPG's then what's the point in planning the future of this forum?

I might not play RPG's or know all the little secret clubs and politics you like to have here, but I do know what is considered an acceptable level of activity from an RPG mod and if I don't see it from Roy, Tsukasa or B4 I will take action, same as I will with any other mod of any other forum.

If anyone has any problems with a mods activity or attitude please come to me first, no more fighting and no more petitions. Mods have enough rules and guidelines set in place for them by me, from now on I'll be making sure all mods are following my general rules and THAT will be more than enough to prevent what has happened from happening again.