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9th April 2006, 09:26 PM
Firstly, kudos to Ginger for originally coming up with this idea. Then, thank you to OutlawJT for repeating this topic and revamping it a bit. I believe we need a new topic now, and there will be another rule as well.

The introduction though!!
This is the RPG Idea Topic V2! If you have an idea for an RPG, but aren't sure if people would be interested... post your idea here (using the form). You know the basic drill of how to do this anyways. There is just one extra rule.
In order for you to post an RPG idea, you MUST comment on another idea first. This is a RULE. I will allow 10 free Idea posts... .(for the beginning of this topic) but afterwards, you must comment on an idea in order to post.
So, here is the form:

Tentative Title:
Basis: (basic idea for the world)
Characters Needed: (what kind of beings need to participate)
Basic Plot: (basic idea for the story)

12th April 2006, 04:31 PM
Seeing as theirs nothing to rate, i'll repost something from the old topic...

Tentative Title: Unknown
Basis: FarCry, Battlefield 2, Crysis, Perfect Dark Zero, Goldeneye, War of the worlds,etc...
Genre: Sci Fi /Shooter/Action
Characters Needed: American Delta Squad, Chinese, General of the US Army, Chinese President(Dictator), John Carrington.
Basic Plot:

The Year is 2020. All of the continents and countries have tensions between eachother: All of the countries in the European Union have combined to form one major country, called the European Union, with the capital being Brussels. Together,these two countries signed a treaty so that neither of them would fight eachother, effectivly creating the old "Allies" of WW2.
On July 18th, 2020, Scientists predicted that a giant asteriod would crash land on a Island in Oceania. As fast as they could, the Chinese military, seeking world power, quickly sealed off the predicted island, and taking it over. Giant factories and weapon stations were produced, according to Satellite scans and overhead aerial pictures. It seemed as if the Chinese were trying to get ready to fight off an invasion...
On July 24th, 2020, Prime Minister John Carrington launched a squad of the SAS to go in and investigate what has happened. It has been 6 days, and there has been no more report in from the SAS squad. The Prime Minister decided to ask President Billy Zimolka to launch a elite squad to investigate the chinese, the lost SAS squad, and the recently crash landed asteroid. But what neither of these two superpowers realizes that something is alive inside this asteriod, and have come to earth for a specific reason, to take it over. These aliens are only able to live in Extreme cold conditions, and when they come out of the asteriod, the immediate area is frozen, and something comes out. The Chinese Dictator quickly tries to form a treaty with the United States and Britian, wanting to fight off this thing...
But will they survive?

Basically, one half of the story will be about the United States trying to find and investigate the asteroid and find the SAS. The second half will be A) Trying to escape and kill them, along with trying to find a new heating units for their suits to heat them up, along with new weapons (their guns have mostly frozen) LMK what you think, I've been working on it for a little bit so its not completely done.

EDIT: I'm going to add another idea, seeing as I have nothing else to do

Tentative Title: Unknown
Basis: Saving Private Ryan, Battlefield 1942, Band of Brothers, etc..
Genre: Shooter
Characters Needed: 2 Officer Ranks (1 higher, one lower) A squad full of Enlisted Personal ( SGTs and lower), Enemies (Krauts)
Basic Plot: Deep in the Battles of World War 2, The 2nd Ranger Division takes Pointe Du Hoc, Omaha Beach, and Utah (These will be playable in the beginning). After taking these strategic battles, General George Marshall decides that a valuable Paratrooper form 101st Airborne Division, Corporal John Zimolka, who got seperated from his other men, desperatly needs to be rescued. With the Coporal were strategic battle maps that the General was going to give to the Officers so they could seperatly get their troops ready for the attacks, and if he is captured, The Germans will have a head on advantage against the Allies.
Colonel Avery Brown decides to send a team of 8 men to rescue the corporal, hoping that they will be able to catch the Corporal before the Axis can.

21st April 2006, 07:39 PM
Raven The Jedi Bounty Hunter - Not a big fan of Military or FPS RPGs but maybe someone else might. Both might do well if you get enough people interested.

Tentative Title: Monster Realm University.
Basis: Pokemon/Digimon/Yu-Gi-Oh
Genre: Science-Fiction/Fantasy
Characters Needed: Pokemon Trainers/Digidestined or Tamers/Duelists.
Basic Plot: For years scientists had to find ways to connect worlds together. But after a accident, a scientist by the name of Jenova Tempress found a portal to a world where all three worlds collide. Getting funds for an expedition. he and his crew searched over the world. What they found were Duel Monster, Pokemon and Digimon all inhabiting in the universe. This was the adventure of a lifetime. Even though he wanted to stay forever, he had to return back to Earth until one of his colleagues gave him a dimensional transmitter. For the next 10 years, he not only recorded the interactions between the monsters, he built a University for those who would be interested.

It is 2015, and the campus is finished. Sending out a e-mail to his favorite colleague, he sends him the transcripts of the whole journey. He also sends a package of invitations to be sent out to those who are interested. But he sends a message telling Gregor that evil must not learn about this world or all his efforts will perish.

A couple weeks later, kids from around the world receive letter inviting them to a brand new school which just appeared out of nowhere. It promises adventure and surprise around every corner. The letter says to be at the Los Angeles Airport and Spaceport in three days.

Who knows what will happen? The adventure is just the beginning ... and chaos is just trailing along.

RaZoR LeAf
7th May 2006, 11:25 AM
I've been meaning to get back into roleplaying here at TPM for a while now, mainly because it has more mature participants than Sppf. So I've been debating which RPG to try and set up, and I'm torn between reviving an old favourite or starting somehting fresh. Any opinions would be greatly appriciated.

Tentative Title: Curse of the Navari

Basis: Everything you care to know about demons, vampires and beings of the supernatural, but never asked
Genre: Horror / Thriller / Mystery
Characters Needed: A selection of demon/human hybrids, vampires, regular demons, and humans not realising how deep a mess they're in

Basic Plot: Mostly running as it did in the past, with a mainly open ended plot. basically, demon/human hybrids are born in every generation, and they are charged with the task of protecting humanity from other demons and beings which seek to destroy, enslave or generally cause chaos with the regular human types. Working alongside them, but mostly apart are a special government branch which investigate and try to understand the forces at work.

Other: I've a few ideas involving the Seven Deadly Sins, Heaven, Hell, the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, stuff like that, but ultimately, the plot would be carried along by whoever took part and with whatever they could imagine.

Tentative Title: Star Wars: Guardians of the Force

Basis: Star Wars, for the most part, another open plot RPG
Genre: Sci Fi / Adventure
Characters Needed: Jedi Knights / Padawans

Basic Plot: Set way in the future (the grandchild of Jaina Solo being one of the members of the new Jedi Council giving a good indication of how far along it is) of the universe, it makes things a bit easier than trying to keep up with the constantly changing events of the novels and lets people act without trying to fit in with their canon. Everyone who signs up gets to take on two characters, a Jedi Knight and their Padawan apprentice, and then posts as the two as they interact and deal with situations that they come across, or the Jedi Council asks them to investigate (said council played by me, or just acted out by whoever wishes to be sent to do something official sounding)

Other: Rather than allowing the jedi the ability to do anything, a Knight and Padawn are given a set amount of points. Without exceeding the points, they can pick from a range of abilities that are then theirs to develop at will.

Raven - They seem like good RPGs, but I think that their basis on actual events of history might put some people off, with worry that if they don't know history well enough that they wont do as well in the RPG as you might hope for.

Inferno - I mean no offence by it, but I tend to find University/school RPGs are all very much similar, no matter what the original content behind it is. Unless it's something more than 'kids are recruited and some evil is swelling', they all tend to blue together and appear very unoriginal and samey.

Tyler and Hobbes
7th May 2006, 12:23 PM
R_L: I'd definitely join Curse of the Navari, though I'm assuming that you were intentionally ambiguous about what the players were actually fighting. I see where you were going. As far as the Jedi RPG goes...it doesn't seem like there would be a lot of player interaction...
Cheers an way!

Tentative Title: Down a Rabbit Hole

Basis: Breaking the illusion/ Wonderland/ Lathe of Heavem
Genre: Horror / Fantasy / Mystery
Characters Needed: Humans, I think...maybe...and a dreamer.

Basic Plot: Set in the nearly distant future, I guess, with chrome skyscrapers (that actually scrape the sky) and all that. In every century there exists a dreamer, a person who dreams the world into being, a person that affects the walls of reality, changes it right from under us. But they don't know that their dreams change reality, and for the most part neither do any of us. Surely anyone that does catch on is soon sent to a loony bin.
So the dreamer dreams and we remain blissfully unaware of the luckiest man in the world.
But what if the dreamer has a nightmare?
What if the dreamer is a small child, a lonely little girl?
What then?
What does it mean?
Is she still real?
Are we still real?

You play as a person, normal except for the occasional vivid bad dream, always with a little girl in some form or another. As of recently your dreams have intensified, amd so you are persuaded to go to a psychiatrist. Finally about to be cured, you see others standing in the room. You decide to ask him about it - you were unaware that it was a group meeting. He smiles and says to all of you, "Go to sleep - it will be over in a moment."
But what if that moment never came?
What if you had to kill a little girl for dreaming?
Would you?

Ultimate Charizard
13th May 2006, 12:18 PM
Well Since Curse of the Navari was my inspiration for Sins of the Blood id definitely be interested in that one.
Glad to see ya back RL.

13th May 2006, 12:51 PM
fireguardian, I merely wanted to comment since no one else has yet. That brief little preview is quite tantalizing; it seems more interesting than the other plots around, as many of yours have been. Suffice to say should I not be already overloaded with work, I would be glad to join such a surreal RPG as that.

15th May 2006, 11:17 AM
Razor Leaf: I'd so be all over Curse of the Navari, assuming that I'd have the time. I don't know how my summer's going to pan out... but it sounds great.

fireguardian: Alice in Wonderland! Hell yeah, I love that book... Sounds very different and creative, very much an intellectual flavor to it. Again, if I have the time, you can expect me to be there.

pokemon4eva: Well, good effort, kiddo. I'd clean up the grammar and spelling, develop the idea, and try to work in some original content. Some background would be good, too, since I at least haven't the faintest idea what you're on about. I'd try joining others' RPGs before trying to do your own, though.

15th May 2006, 05:50 PM
The Name Is A.G.E.N.T.S

Plot.1 Years after the conflict of Knight (during the RGP there will be a story of the conflict) The Agents rebuild it's a new age new heroes a brand new world, evil is rebuilding too. Brand new from the Academy 12 students have to controll elements to aid in their life and decide their path the ones who will follow top Agent Green's footsteps and will never give up and use brains over brawn, or Red's footsteps and fight to the death with brawn over brains, or to follow Gray into the darkside.
Green's followers can make inventions and can drive, Red's follower's cant drive but have adrenaline, Gray's followers can drive and have darkness to give them an... overdrive. The choice is yours who to follow, but choose wisely only one choice

Required Characters: 16 any path

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Action, Fiction

"A A.G.E.N.T Fights without mistakes because mistakes will lead to death"-Agent Founder Dr.King

"Just Keep on the winning side."-Gray

"Stay true to your task don't regret your decision and never turn your back on your Team"-Green

"Fight till you can't fight no more"-Red

" Remember this my friends, Thou i may die physically I will live on." The Last words of the Junior Member Agent Jade.

Remember those words as you choose your path, so Good Luck

The rules are no cursing out other player's (I cant stress that enough) no copying any Video or T.V. characters (I know how much people use Cloud) no inappropriate names for characters and finally no acting like your invincible.

Goal's in life:
Code Name:
Fav. Food: (I'm a cook in the game and I bet someone else will to.)
Special Abilities:(Make someting up)

It might be hard to understand like The movie The Last Samurai or The Matrix and Thanks for the helpful criticism Drusilla

Plot.2 OK I tell the conflict................It was just another mission for Agents Green, Red, Gray, and Jade but it was a big mission. To beat the top evil overlord Knight, but when they arrived it was a huge tower when they walked in the bottom floor there were lots of minions waiting for them but with Green's Lighting, Red's fire , Gray's darkness, and Jade's nature it was a piece of cake. 2nd floor had a specific enemy to fight Jade. Jade stayed the others went but his last words were " Remember this my friends, Though I may die physically I will live on." 3rd floor were 1000 million or the worlds best Swordsmen Red stayed. 4th was a enemy for Gray, but for Green top floor..... Knight, and his best fighters and they were using a weapon that Green can't heal after it hit. Then King had 1 choice, to blow up the tower....................Jade was shot to death, Red took half of the swordsmen with him, Gray........ well no one knows what happend to him....... Green he was living bomb and he detonated himself. The rest of the top agents disappeared and no trace was ever found of Any of the colored named agents except for Rainbow who is known as King.

15th May 2006, 06:03 PM
Pokemon4eva: It's hard to understand all right, hard to understand due to shoddy description, poor spelling, word mistakes(It's BRAWN not BRONZE), and still too little given backstory(c'mon, get into the nitty gritty details, make it interesting AND understandable).

Razor: GO CURSE!

15th May 2006, 07:08 PM
Razor: I'm all for the Curse! I wanna bring back my Draconic backstabber! GO CURSEY! WOO!

pokemon4eva: I agree what everyone has said thus far, but if you want my real opinion... you need to learn the basics of sentence structure and grammar before you can start RPing here on the boards. No one can understand what you're saying or trying to convey because the sentences are not properly put together. (Or they just are filled with punctuation and spelling mistakes). Granted, no one is perfected and I am absolutely horrible with grammar... but you could use some practice.

15th May 2006, 07:39 PM
Okay, this is a very rough draft of an RPG I just came up with. It's funny of what you can come up with when you're bored.

Tentative Title: Rise of the Chimeras
Basis: Pokemon/Full Metal Alchemist
Genre: Action/Drama/Horror (?)
Characters Needed: Chimeras (humans fused with Pokemon, Pokemon fused with other Pokemon), probably some Pokemon trainers
Basic Plot: It's present day. The Pokemon world still presents many mysteries about both Pokemon and humans. The bond between them is becoming unstable as humans are willing to break every rule in order to understand Pokemon. Their labors give way to Chimeras, poor beasts that no longer know who or what they are. They long for a day when they either return to the life they yearn or find a new existence.
Other: Please don't hurt me.

15th May 2006, 07:52 PM
I like the idea Classy i'd sign up Sandslash/pigeot for me

15th May 2006, 08:58 PM
Also, let's see you PUNCTUATE AND CAPITALIZE things correctly. For example: I'm, I, ANY WORD AT THE BEGINNING OF A SENTENCE

PS: If you haven't heard, the Matrix wasn't complex, it was STUPID.

Also, that idea was NOT complex, it was poorly thought out and worded.

15th May 2006, 09:04 PM
im getting ticked off i like things complicated some people have less of a plot than a sentance! Mine are hard to understand but if you think hard enough you'll understand it! JUST THINK!!! No spelling error's unless you dont have an updated spell check. I have a brain that has to always thinks complicated so if you saw the Matrix use your brain to use the same method to understand mine OK ok

No one will understand if your plots are riddled with grammar and spelling problems. We all have lives outside of TPM and when we come to this forum, we participate in RPGs to relax and have fun. Minor spelling mistakes are cool but it becomes difficult if the whole post becomes hard to decipher. And believe me, your plots are short and hard to read. It needs to be simple yet comprehensive and don't give me that Matrix crap. Don't use a farfetched movie like that to make us understand the way you think. Your profile says your 26. Unless you're from a different country and English is a second language or you have a mental disability which makes it hard for you to properly spell, your excuse is moot

And kalad, please calm down. No need to get overheated

I like the idea, Shonta. I'll probably join when it starts up

15th May 2006, 09:53 PM
Yes Kalad... please calm down. I understand you are frustrated but keep your words and use of caps (etc) in check to avoid getting in trouble, k?

15th May 2006, 09:55 PM
I will, however, the post I was replying to is now gone.

16th May 2006, 10:42 AM
Granted, no one is perfected and I am absolutely horrible with grammar...

You can say that again ^_~ lol, we love you anyway!

pokemon4eva, if you would like help with editing and such, I'm availible most weekdays and will be until the last week of this month. I'm graduating June 1st, so that last week is going to be all exams and rehersals and stuff, then I should be going back to work... but this week and next I should be around a bit. I'll be around during the summer too, but probably not on a regular basis until August since I don't have internet access at my dad's house. August will be kinda crazy too, since I'm going to be visiting my mom and moving... But there's time between then and now. In any case, I'd be glad to help out if you'd like.

18th May 2006, 04:01 AM
I tried this little title once before. After buying Spaceballs, I figured I'd give it another go.

Title: Spaceballs Episode 1: The Phantom Doofus
Basis: Spaceballs
Genre: humour, action, um, humour.
Characters needed: Schwarts masters, members of the Swap Group and random aliens, spaceballs, etc.
Basic Plot:

Once Upon a Time Warp...

In a galaxy very, very, very, very far away, there lived a euthless race of beings known as, Spaceballs.

The planet Nabooboo has been placed under siege by th evil Swap Group, who wish to give Nabooboo to exchange some of their shabby (and obvioously counterfeit) clothing in exchange for all the tea on the planet. The monarchs of the planet refuse to give in, as most of the inhabitants of the planet would choose tea over air itself.

In an attempt to reason with the Swap Group (or kill them, I don't know which), a pair of Schwarts masters have been sent to 'negotiate' with the leader of the Swap Group. Unbeknownst to them however (but very well known by us), hte negotiations aren't going to be as simple as they hope (if it was, this would be a very short RPG).

That's it...you don't need to read anymore. Now RP GOOD DAMMIT!

Ultimate Charizard
18th May 2006, 05:06 AM
ooooh a Spaceballs Rpg...now thats my kinda level lol. Get this going now...All Engines Ludicrous Speed!

"You are Ugly when you are angry!"

18th May 2006, 05:33 AM
Spaceballs! Wahoo! Something that I can like without trying! I'm joining.

18th May 2006, 12:54 PM
Haha, Spaceballs, awesome. I'd join if I have the time.

18th May 2006, 06:08 PM
You can say that again ^_~ lol, we love you anyway!

pokemon4eva, if you would like help with editing and such, I'm availible most weekdays and will be until the last week of this month. I'm graduating June 1st, so that last week is going to be all exams and rehersals and stuff, then I should be going back to work... but this week and next I should be around a bit. I'll be around during the summer too, but probably not on a regular basis until August since I don't have internet access at my dad's house. August will be kinda crazy too, since I'm going to be visiting my mom and moving... But there's time between then and now. In any case, I'd be glad to help out if you'd like.

Don't you just love the irony my statement? Hee I thought it was a nice touch!

18th May 2006, 07:30 PM
Razor Leaf: Being a Star Wars nerd, i wouldn't mind a EU Star Wars RPG.

24th May 2006, 10:46 PM
Anyway, as I've returned to RPing for a while, I've decided to contribute something to this topic. Mind you I've no plans of starting this myself (I don't think I could handle being in two RPGs and being responsible for a third). However, I'm willing to let others use this if they want.

The idea came to me when I developed a mild interest in Dungeons and Dragons. I've been reading how DMs do magic in their games, variations, additions, what not. So I ask myself "Is there a system in place for PLAYERS to..."

Well, here it is. The title is in the plot description

Basis: Harry Potter, school-based RPGs, and thoughts I’ve had when reading about D&D (partially)
Genre: School-based, Fantasy
Characters Needed: Soon to graduate students of a magic academy
Basic Plot:

In the world of Gaia, magic is an all encompassing force. The elements, the physical, the immaterial, the very laws itself can be manipulated by the power of magic. However, magic before a time was not largely understood or mastered.

The understanding of magic is the purpose of the Master’s University, the number one place to delve and learn the most powerful and mysterious of arcane arts and anomalies. The discoveries and contributions of this university can be seen in many day to day applications of magic. However, its entry requirements are rather strict and their requirements for graduation are even stricter. Often, only 5% of the class ever graduate without requiring another year.

You are one of those soon-to-be graduates, a talented student who has taken most of the university in stride. You’ve learned their spells, mastered their laws of magic, peered into the strangest of magic phenomena without flinching. Sure things would get challenging from time to time, but with some studying or ingenuity you were generally able to get the work done. Nothing could touch you. You believed that you will be able to eat the graduation challenge for breakfast.

The Thesis

Extended students often whisper this under their breath as the day of May 10th arrives. The Thesis, the notorious Thesis. The assignment that tried them to their limit and forced them to stay behind another year. You try and ask them what it is, but as if they were under a spell (most likely) they blow you off and never explain. Alongside the Thesis is the mention of the Crisis, but again it is never explained what it is.

The day of May 10th arrives, and you finally understand. You understand the fear of the Thesis. You learned the spells, you’ve memorized the Laws and Rules of magic, you know the causes, probabilities, and results of magic anomalies. They prepared you for the Thesis, but you never see it coming.

To graduate, within two weeks you have to make your own spell; that is your Thesis. They give you the basics, the spells as examples, and the anomalies as things to look out for, all in order for you to create your own spell, your own potion.

Your own magic.

That’s kind of the basic plot, plus the inclusion of the Crisis. If anyone wants to use this themselves, just let me know and I can give you the basic idea I had in mind for the Crisis.

RaZoR LeAf
25th May 2006, 05:31 PM
Heh, I was kind of expecting that response for Cursed. Good thing I started writing it up after posing here. A bit more detail now:

Tentative Title: Curse of the Navari : Judgement of the Damned
Basis: In this world there exists more than just man. Demons have lived on the planet since long before the dinosaurs. Though they waned, they are now growing in number. Only a thinly spread race of human/demon hybrids stand in their way.
Genre: Horror / Thriller / Controversy
Characters Needed: As always, there's a list of demon types and vampire types to chose from (old favourites such as Draconis and Jharhin return), but as always, there's the option to create your own. Cursed and Vampires aside, there's also the ICE, a unit of special agents that investigate demons and stuff. Simply speaking:

Navari - aka Cursed. Half human half demon. Grr. Good guys!
Nosferatu - aka Vampires. Sharp teeth. Grr. Bad Guys!
ISE - aka Snowmen. Men in Black meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Err.. Guys (and gals!). They're not on anybody's side.

Basic Plot: OK.. after the nine paragraphs of history, there's a little about the main plot. ha, just a little, I don't want to give away too much. Basically, while humans are to distracted warring with each other, demons are on the rise. Standing between them and the silly weak humans are the Navari. The vampires have risen in number, and they live in underground labyrinths (instead of just sewers such as it was in the past RPGs). They are after a solution to their problems. Something that will wipe out the navari, and leave mankind on it's knees ripe for the picking. Something powerful, Something ancient, something... evil.
Other: I've rewritten a lot of the background, so that is makes more sense. The whole origin of the Navari was too supernatural in the last version. I've cleaned up the demon and vampire lists, so their abilities and such are easier to understand. There's also a longer explanation of how vampires work. There'll be a lot to read for the this RPG, so be prepared for it. In post I also intend to keep track of important things, mainly the Time of Day (I found the old version on the forums, and it was one of UC's gripes)

Warning: I may offend people with the plot and RPG content, as I've basically re-written all religions as a scheme created by demons to force humans to do their bidding. The rpg itself may have a strong 'religious' plot line.

26th May 2006, 09:28 AM
Dude, I will get up two hours early on workdays so I can get to the library before work if I have to in order to join this RPG. Consider me signed up, lol... *rubs hands* It sounds very, very yummy... much like my B&M storylines.

28th May 2006, 09:25 PM
Title: IGPX: Shoot for the gold

Basis: Many years into the great future Robots are used for racing in the IGPX Grand Prix. 3 kinds of bots Speed, Attack, and Defense. 3...2.....1.......Go!

Genre:Racing/Robots/Romance/and Action

Characters needed: an even amount of teams people make 3 characters each which make up 1 team. So teams will hate eachother and some will be allies.

Basic plot: your racing round tracks in slimmer gundams Your going the speed of sound and you HAVE to play dirty to win, You will be racing for the IGPX trophy.

Other: I'm half asleep so I probably made errors and my comp is freaky so I don't know when I will log back on and edit this hopefully everything came out perfect.

P.s. I'm all for the Curse I'll be a Navari and I'm for the Harry Potter thing too.

1st June 2006, 05:22 AM
pokemon4eva: Needs a lot of work. Take a look at other RPGs for ideas and see how it's done.

I've got a bit of an idea, but I'm not sure if I should do it. I wont give you much detail, but let's just say it's about feminism gone mad. Anyone wanting to know more, PM me.

1st June 2006, 09:48 AM
Been a while since I did an RPG. Maybe it's about time I got back into things!

Tentative Title: The "Marvel"ous Catastrophe
Basis: Basically our world as we know it, time period is the present.
Genre: Action/Adventure? (not really sure where to put it)
Characters Needed: Some humans, but mostly SUPERHEROES (will explain in plot)
Basic Plot: Well, this is an old idea that's been done before I'm sure. I just wanted to revive it because it's a solid one. Basically, all of the villains from your favorite Comics/Movies/etc have escaped from whatever respective confinement they had, and have banded together to attempt a <extremely original idea> WORLD TAKEOVER! </extremely original idea>. In response to this threat, all the superheroes must in turn band together to stop them! Who will emerge the winner? Only time will tell!

Ok, this isn't an all out battles-only RPG. I intend to have lots of plot development and adventure in it (hence the second half of the genre). I'd like to see battles though as well, which is why I put it partially under that heading. Also, superheroes don't have to be from Marvel comics. I just used that title for fun.
Other: I was sitting around my house bored, trying to think of RPG ideas that would do well. When I stumped myself trying to think of new and original ideas, it dawned on me that my idea doesn't have to be ORIGINAL, it just has to be GOOD. I figured I'd keep it simple and use a theme everyone knew and loved! Hope y'all like the idea.

1st June 2006, 09:42 PM
Tentative Title: The Grail War
Basis: Fate/Stay Night
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, with a dash of drama
Characters needed: Magicians and Legendary heroes
Basic plot: (this is just bare-bones for now)

Every sixty years, an event occurs amongst the magician families of the world. This event is called The Grail War, a brutal contest between magicians seeking the Holy Grail, which can grant a wish to the one who obtains it. The magicians, dubbed Masters, call upon the services of legendary heroes and heroines, dubbed Servants. This is the fifth Grail War, but, something is wrong, for it occuring merely ten years after the last...

2nd June 2006, 04:50 PM
Love both Ideas (sry bout the argument awhile back) I'd be a Magician in yours kalad1. and for yours bear call me Ghost Rider(If he's a hero if not the Green Archer)

4th June 2006, 06:41 PM
Tentative Title: Elemental Soul
Basis:A world where Yu-gi-oh monsters are real called Tacrinous
Genre:Adventure(in team form)/battles/action
Characters Needed: at least one of each elemental hero(non fusion)
Basic Plot: Elemental Heros have to do what they do best

heres the sign up stuff

Equip Card:
Partner: (teams of 2 please)
Main enemy: (Will explain later)

8th June 2006, 06:30 AM
Depending on whether my Spaceball RPG keeps afloat *hint hint*, I'm thinking of doing another TPM RPG, inspired by American Mcgee's Alice. When I'll do htis depends on how long my Spaceball RPG lasts.

Outlaw JT
8th June 2006, 12:06 PM
Tentative Title: ''Letters Home: The Broken Path"
Basis: At the moment I am torn between a historical setting such as WWII and a far future setting on another world but the backdrop for the rpg will be that of a massive full scale war. War ravaged cities, dense forests and rolling hills crawling with battalions of enemy troops, the sounds of war always constantly raging (sometimes up close and personal but sometimes as an eery foreshadowing cascade of noise far in the distance).
Genre: War Drama
Characters Needed: Soldiers of varying backgrounds and specialties.
Basic Plot: The Broken Path will follow the escapades of a special forces unit sent on a long harrowing journey behind enemy lines into the heart of their enemies stronghold on a mission to recover something that could turn the tides of war against them should the enemy learn it's secrets. All of this as told through the soldier's letters home to their family and friends.
Other: All posts in the RPG will be written in the format of your character's letters home to their family and friends.

11th June 2006, 01:49 AM
Title: I can’t think of a title right now (suggestions are encouraged)
Basis: TPM, American McGee’s Alice
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Horror
Character Needed: you, the Rpers as yourselves. Although, some of you will have to be twisted, monstrous versions of yourselves.
Basic Plot:

To whoever finds this letter.

I write this in the hope that someone hasn’t succumbed to this madness finds it/ This hopefully will answer any questions as to why the RPG forums are in such a state.

It all began with the disappearance of Kalah, one of our beloved leaders. All she left was a letter of resignation of her leadership duties and a second letter. I can still remember what it said…

“I apologize for leaving without telling you all, but I have fearful news. Something is wrong with the forums. I’m not sure what, but I’m sure it can only lead to disaster. I’ve gone to the heart of the forums to find the cause of this problem and hopefully destroy it.”

I should have taken it as a warning. We all should have. Of course, none of us knew what would happen.

A week past before it happened. Slowly but surely, the RPG forums began to twist and transform into a horrific and nightmarish mockery of itself. The once beautiful scenery became the thing you see in nightmares.

And it didn’t just stop with the land itself. Many of the Rpers themselves began to change. Many that I considered friends became twisted and monstrous parodies of themselves. They’re no longer the people I knew.

Though it seems some of us have been able to hold on against this insanity, even though I doubt there’s anyone who’s completely unaffected. I hope you are one of them.

I’m currently searching the forums for the source of this madness and hopefully a way to restore things to the way they were. I wish for anyone who’s sane to do the same, or at least keep from succumbing to this insanity.

I wish you the best of luck

Benjamin (Mystic-clown)

PS: If you ever meet me and I’ve given in to the madness, please kill me before I kill you.

11th June 2006, 05:17 AM
M_C-How does "Tainted Wonderland" sound for a title?

O_JT-I think that's something new that is easier to walk into then a super-epic RPG. And I think WWII would be better than futuristic.

11th June 2006, 12:03 PM
M_C- Now that's something I could get into. ^__^

11th June 2006, 05:37 PM
Thanks for the feedback guys. Hmm, "Tainted Wonderland" does sound like a good idea. Thanks.

Hyperness is a Good Thing
11th June 2006, 11:28 PM
Haven’t really created any RPGs in….ages. >.> (unless you count Kingdom Heartless in which CT did most of the work). I was just toying with this idea, and wanted to see if it would get any positive feedback before working on it more(inserting the fancy language and all). So do give honest opinions, and I'm pretty open to criticism.

Tentative Title: Here be Dragons(suggestions very welcome)

Basis: er. Basically any Dragon fantasy story that you’ve ever read and more, a little of Rave/Groove Adventure.


Characters Needed: Dragons, Humans, Hybrids, Ryukhin
Humans have formidable magical powers
Dragons only have basic Fire elemental magic, but are large(20-50 feet), have great brute strength.
Hybrids have weaker forms of magic, and are humanoid with draconian features, and are just a little bigger than normal humans, so they don’t have the dragons brute strength. Usually looked down upon by humans and dragons alike, they are the result of a human and dragon attempting to combine without having formed a perfect relationship first.
Ryukhin are the perfect combination between human and dragon. They can shift easily from one form to the other almost instantaneously, and they have the best of both worlds. In human form, they have superior strength and speed, in dragon form, they can still use powerful human magic. They are also the only race that is able use the powerful Nehima spell.

Basic Plot: This RPG is set in a mythical land of (insert name here), where Humans and Dragons live tentative peace, which basically meant that they avoided each other and had little contact. Humans would isolate parts of their flocks and herds for the dragons, and in return, the dragons did not kill any of the humans. This truce lasted from eon to eon, until the advent of the dark shadows. These mysterious life forms would set upon other creatures and consume them wholly, leaving nothing behind. Humans fought back with their magic, and dragons with their strength, but nothing seemed to work against the shadows. However, one day, a human and a dragon who had forged an amazing bond of friendship and love, somehow combined, and found a new spell, previously unknown to even the most powerful mages – the spell Nehima. This and this alone was able to destroy the shadows. The powerful combination of human and dragon were soon known as the Ryukhin, and with their combined strength, they managed to defeat the darkness and restore peace to the land. Centuries passed, and the dark shadows became only a distant memory and a mention in history books, and the race of Ryukhin dwindled, a rare breed hardly seen or heard of. One day, dragon-human relations received a severe blow when a bunch of villagers set upon and killed a dragon with their combined magic. The dragon Elders refused to stand for this, and they in turn attacked and decimated that human village. Open war started, and there was little love lost between the two species. Little did they know that the shadows had returned, this time craftier and warier, first consuming the hearts of men and dragon alike and filling them with darkness, hoping to destroy any possibility of them forming a bond strong enough to create Ryukhin.

Other: Set in medieval times because I didn’t want it to get complicated up with fancy electronic gadgets.

13th June 2006, 05:12 AM
Hyperness is a good thing: Seems like a good RPG, but i'm not really into RPGs with dragons and stuff like that.

Mystic Clown: Sounds like a good Idea, I might join if I had enough time

Outlaw JT: Excellent idea, I like the whole thing about writing letters home. It should also definately be in WW2.

30th June 2006, 04:48 PM
Tentative Title: City of Heroes

Basis: Heroes in a metropolis thing

Genre: Superhero/adventure

characters needed: superheros with multiple powers/ human heros/ people with superpowerd suits

Superheros: Duh!
Human heros: Think batman
Supersuits: think Ironman

Basic plot: Heroes of Paragon city unite paragon city is under attack.. we must fight back from the hellions in atlas to the trolls of The Hollows to the freaks of Freaktown to the sluggers of the caves take them all down good luck young hero and don't turn back.

other:set alittle in the future

1st July 2006, 10:32 AM
pokemon4eva... that idea seems a little too much like city of heroes. There should also be a base plot instead of just a free form RPG.

7th July 2006, 12:11 AM
I like the Here Be Dragons idea, HIAGT. ^^

Tentative Title: This I need suggestions for.
Basis: Surprise, surprise...Digimon. I know I've done this too much, but I just can't manage to change my ways.
Genre: Mixed between Action, Fantasy, Drama, etc.
Characters Needed: I'm still deciding the official number of Chosen Children (Digidestined) for this. Maybe just 7 for the sins now, or 8 for the total sins there have been in history (Sadness was replaced by Sloth).
Basic Plot:

In the beginning, there was nothing...a blank void known as Chaos. Almost immaculate, however, emerged three shafts of light from the center of this nothing, in yellow, red, and a dark purple close to black. The trails these goddesses had left behind them created the cosmos. The yellow was Fancumon, now known as The Maiden; Mèremon, or The Mother, was the fiery crimson light; Dark violet was known as Stregamon, or The Crone. Together, they had divided the cosmos into two planes; these were the physical and astral planes. In the physical realm, there were many mortals who had lived mainly independent lives; the astral realm consisted of the heavens, where the humanoid goddesses bestowed judgement onto the fate of those departed from the physical realm. The main connections were found by believers in magic and prayer, and a world full of fantastic happenings, now known as the Digital World by some.

Predetermined, however, was that to everything, there was an imperfection. In the cases of the trinity creating the two planes, demons were born. These demons plagued the minds of mortals, humanoid and animalistic alike. These birthed the different beliefs and faiths, as well as warfare. Curiosity and doubtfulness in their creations caused the goddesses to bestow the worst forms of death into the mortals. However, later on, Stregamon had given beliefs to her faithful believers out of regret for her punishment. These were virtues that the believers lived upon and related to, and were later forged into symbols as crests. They were Courage, Friendship, Love, Knowledge, Reliability, Sincerity, and Hope. Later on, however, Nirvana, or Light, was created, believed to be the result of following these virtues throughout one's life.

However, little to the knowledge of the goddesses, the demons had thrived off of the negativity in the world. After the first innocent death of a child claimed by warfare, the demons had taken his body and soul and revived him as what represented the first angel. Dubbed Lucemon by his "creators," the young boy was immediately placed as their leader, and grew off of the negativity in the world. Learning the natural art of the darkness, Lucemon eventually gathered mortal followers, and a secret war in the human world began. Victorious, Lucemon stepped into the temple holding the eight crests, tainting them into his own version of the virtues. They were Wrath, Envy, Lust, Gluttony, Sloth, Pride, Greed, and Sadness, the unfortunate result of what many believed were caused by the goddesses bestowing torment onto them.

Even though this leg of history was forgotten, Lucemon still had believers across the mortal and Digital Worlds. He even saw a point in history where eight children met his specific expectations. As a result, he experimented until he found a way to bring these humans into the Digital World to train them before beginning a crusade against the goddesses...

Autumn in the year 2006. Many desire for school to already be over with, and you are among them. After school on a fine October day, you figure that it'd be best to actually try and walk home. Enjoying the life of your town of residence, you suddenly stop to wonder about what has been happening to you. After having learned about some imperfection about you connecting to the seven deadly sins, you wonder if people pointing out a flaw in you is truly out of honesty. Shrugging your shoulders, you continue your walk home, until you are somehow at a small, somewhat abandoned café, seven others around you. Wondering what had brought the eight of you here, you all step inside.

Inside this store, many things relating to the new age and occult meet your eyes. Almost mesmerized, you are caught in wondering about this before the voice of an old woman stops you.

"Oh, my dears..." she speaks. "Care for some coffee or something to lighten your weary spirits?" Agreeing, you are handed a warm cup of the brewed liquid, each of the eight mugs somehow a different color. Taking a sip, you all look around, before you suddenly start to feel a difference about you. After this, all eight of you faint, feeling as if your souls were being torn from your bodies.

Awakening, you all are still together, but now inside an abandoned, medieval church. A different prescence seems to surround you, as your clothing, and maybe even minor parts of your physical appearance, had changed. Wondering about, you all seem to be met by the same thing - a talking beast carrying a device somewhat resembling a cellular phone. From these beasts you learn about why you have been brought from the physical realm, and feel pressured into agreeing to go with your dark fate. Some will fight it, while others would agree to do the bidding of this "Lucemon." Whatever the case is, you can only tell that there will be a great change in your life after this experience...

12th July 2006, 06:05 PM
Tentative Title: in the works
Basis: Mythological creatures and my own twisted mind
Genre: Action, Fantasy, etc.
Characters needed: Protagonists
Basic Plot: Ages ago, potent creatures appeared, bearing abilities and powers beyond what man had encountered before. They gave these creatures various names and titles, but they all had one thing in common. They were all fearsome, powerful, and prone to causing mass destruction. Mankind struggled to deal with these creatures, trying combat, prayer, and everything else they could think of. Then they turned to the mystic arts. Magic proved more potent against them than other forces, but in the end, they hatched a desperate plan. Utilizing all the magic force they could muster, they sealed the beasts away within the souls of various people, where they would remain sealed within their bloodlines. Thus, they hoped they would never be unleashed upon the world again.

Amazingly enough, it worked, though with each generation the seal weakened slightly. Now, in the modern day, something happens, all of a sudden, monstrous beasts begin to show up out of nowhere, and bring chaos and terror to the world. Deep within your heart, you feel a familiar calling....

17th July 2006, 12:09 PM
Kalad1.....Nice one
Hinata I'm not a digimon fan so I'm not judging yours

Tentative Title: Alchemy Ace's (open for suggestions)
Basis: Alchemists, Hocumuli, and Solders oh my.
Genre: Magic, Fantasy, Mythology.
Characters needed: Alchemists, Hocumuli, Solders
Basic Plot: In a distant place under a diffrent sun........
Lays a world of Alchemy.......
Monsters called Hocumulists run amock.....
Solders fight both to keep them in line...........
But they failed....

(Hocumuli isn't in spell check)

28th July 2006, 04:59 PM
~Tentative Title: The Legend of Zelda: The Ancient Seals
~Basis: *points to title* Yep, another Zelda RPG from Nab. ^^
~Genre: Action/Adventure, maybe some angst or romance and stuff.
~Characters needed: Sages, both for the existing six elements as well as for the three new ones. Also, we'll need a bad guy and a messenger for the goddesses. I might allow non-Sage characters as well.
~Basic Plot: (Have yet to type out the actual plot, so I'll just describe it.)

This RPG will take place a few centuries after Ocarina of Time. As time has passed, the old Hylian religion has been forgotten, and the line of the Sages has been lost. Because the Sages's reincarnations have forgotten their duties, the seals on the Sacred Realm is weakening. Ganondorf's power is growing, and in desperation the Goddesses send a messenger to call to the new Sages to arms. In addition, they create three new seals which will need to be activated, to make up for the dwindling power of the original six, and chose new Sages to protect them. All of these Sages must now go to the Temples in Hyrule (as well as a few locations where Temples need to be built) to renew or activate the seal in each.

Unfortunately, Ganondorf, intent on escaping his prison in the Sacred Realm, has used his power to posess one of Hyrule's inhabitants. He'll do anything in his power to stop the Sages from renewing the seals that detain him.

So yeah. The main characters will have to go to the temples, solve a puzzle or two, maybe fight a few monsters, and empower the seal. The Goddesses' messenger will also go along and help them, and they'll have to ward off whoever it is that Ganondorf's posessing. I actually have most of the stuff for this RPG worked out, I just need to actually type it out. It'll combine elements from my previous Zelda RPs, along with plenty of new stuff.

31st July 2006, 01:30 PM
Okay, I had this interesting idea the other day:

Tentative Title: Open for suggestions...
Basis: Superhero stuffs...
Genre: Action/Adventure, I guess.
Characters Needed: Humans from about 15-30 years old, alignments varying between Good, Neutral, and Evil.
Basic Plot: Well, a meteor hits this small town, and nobody really thinks anything of it, but then the citizens of the town start developing superpowers. Basic superpowers, like superstrength, superspeed, telekinesis, etc. Some of the citizens decide to be heroes, some villains, and some aren't sure.
Other: *eats*

I don't really have a concrete idea yet, so it's completely open for suggestions as long as a small town full of people who just got superpowers remains the core idea.

31st July 2006, 02:11 PM
@ Arnen: HOMG ZELDA LAWL. ;D I'd so join. With Kurayami.
@ Kevvaelli: It sounds interesting, but I'd tack on a bit more to the plot. Like, meteors are hitting everywhere and it breaks out into a massive war of superhumans? Mebbeh that's a bit too cliche. >.>

D: I'll post up an idea in a little while, I'm still trying to coordinate my thougtses.


31st July 2006, 02:16 PM
@ Kevvaelli: It sounds interesting, but I'd tack on a bit more to the plot. Like, meteors are hitting everywhere and it breaks out into a massive war of superhumans? Mebbeh that's a bit too cliche. >.>

I'm gonna tack a lot more onto the plot, but I really suck at plot-making o.o; Kinda ironic considering I'm planning on writing a fanfic o_0;

31st July 2006, 02:31 PM
@ Arnen: HOMG ZELDA LAWL. ;D I'd so join. With Kurayami.

[color=gray]Yay, oldsie characters! ^^ I'm probably gonna bring back Seyelin, and possibly Arnen too. It wouldn't be one of my Zelda RPs without the crazy ice-powered dead guy! D: <3

31st July 2006, 02:35 PM
I'm gonna tack a lot more onto the plot, but I really suck at plot-making o.o; Kinda ironic considering I'm planning on writing a fanfic o_0;

xD Hokay. And I TOTALLY understand, I'm writing a story and I never have any inspiration for it. So it's kinda dying. Slash dead. .__.'

[color=gray]Yay, oldsie characters! ^^ I'm probably gonna bring back Seyelin, and possibly Arnen too. It wouldn't be one of my Zelda RPs without the crazy ice-powered dead guy! D: <3

Bwahaha, Seyelin! Kura and Seye could be buddehs. ;D Or Arnen, too, for that matter. XD!


31st July 2006, 02:38 PM
Bwahaha, Seyelin! Kura and Seye could be buddehs. ;D Or Arnen, too, for that matter. XD!

Why must I always be out of the loop XP

31st July 2006, 02:39 PM
Fun. ^_^ He might actually not be a bad guy this time! *shock*

And who says there's a loop? >>

31st July 2006, 02:40 PM
Why must I always be out of the loop XP

D: Find the first Legend of Zelda Vengeance in the bowels of the RPG section and you'll get it.
Maan that was a long time ago.
I've kinda turned Kurayami into a vampire since then. But she can always be her dragon-y self.. xD

31st July 2006, 02:45 PM
Yay creator-ness XD

31st July 2006, 03:00 PM
Tentative Title: Outcasts
Basis: Some of my own ideas, plus a variety of sources.
Genre: Action/Adventure, Definite amounts of Angst, Scifi/fantasy, plus some Superhero type stuffs.
Characters Needed: Outcasts
Basic Plot:

Throughout the infinite universes of the Multiverse, all sorts of worlds exist, All sorts of Earths exist, ranging from ones still in the stone age, to ones far beyond our modern level of sophistication and technology. Many people have knowledge of certain groups of these universes, yielded through the works of writers and artists the world over.

Books, Comics, Stories, they all yield a limited, distorted view of certain groups of universes that are almost the same, but with varying diffences in each. The creators, utilizing an unkown mental connection to these universes, filter the information they get, and produce them.

However, every so often, a universe will be destroyed, and fourteen years ago, a large handful were destroyed at the same time. In these universes, those with both power and foresight foresaw their final battle, and took their children, ensuring their survival by sending them to another universe.

All around the world, children who suddenly died were instantly replaced with exact duplicates in appearance. now, in the modern day, you begin having dreams about having some other name before, having different parents, perhaps even memories of a few friends back then....

Tyler and Hobbes
31st July 2006, 06:52 PM
Yay! Does this mean I can bring Puck back, Nab? Hurray for the loop of Vengeance vets!

Kalad - Outcasts in need of outcasts? That's sooo crazy, it just might.... Depending on when you make it, I might join. It's a good idea, nevertheless. So...umm...keep it up...

And we will be back.

31st July 2006, 07:05 PM
Yay! Does this mean I can bring Puck back, Nab? Hurray for the loop of Vengeance vets!

If you want, yeah ^^ It's taking after my own RPGs instead of Vengeance, but yeah. Zelda-ness!

5th August 2006, 07:48 AM
Cool. I'm in, and I'm bringing back Yahoot. Let there be no Zelda RPG without that crazy bomb-slinging, hammer swinging nutjob!

I haven't thought of a plot yet, but I'm thinking of doing a sorta Dragonball Z-esque crossover thingy. I got the idea from this:


Watch the other two episodes too.

Roy Karrde
6th August 2006, 08:47 PM
[color=lightblue]Tentative Title: Diamond Wo Sagashite
Basis: Based on the Crazy ideas of myself and Engi
Genre: Sports, Romance, Fantasy
Characters Needed: Parents, Doctors, Shinigami, Players, Evil Shinigami,
Basic Plot:

Death, we never know when we are going to die, nor what we will accomplish before it happens. For most of us we die at old age and leave the world with out any regrets. Those that do, those that throw their lives away become Shinigami, the ultimate punishment as you live you’re after life as a eternal death dealer.

For 12-year-old Naiya, her time is coming; she was diagnosed with lung cancer and spends her life in a hospital bed. So it comes to no shock when she sees two Shinigami come out of the wall one day. But it is a shock to the Shinigami, who are both new to their after lives but know that no one is supposed to see a Shinigami. Worse yet when they tell her, that she only has a matter of months to live. She bolts from her hospital room in hopes to try out for the Jr. Tokyo Tigers Baseball team.

When the Shinigami track her down waiting in line for the tryouts they decide to grant her one wish and make her healthy so that she can try out and fail, thus allowing her to leave to the afterlife with out regret. The problem is that the spell that makes her healthy also transforms her into a 18 Year Old girl.

With a healthy body, Naiya makes the team, not for the Jr. league, but the struggling Tokyo Tigers, who just days from starting their season, are looking forward to a long summer with a losing record, and no hope to participate in the Global Series against America. Can Naiya lead a double life as a 12 year old girl and a 18 year old Baseball Pitcher, while sneaking out under the watchful eye of her parents and doctors. And can the new Shinigami protect her from rival players who do not want to see a girl on the team, and Evil Shinigami that want to go on and take her soul? And will Naiya live long enough to help her team get into and win the Global Series?

Other: Hey this is a long shot, but we have never had a Sports RPG before to my knowledge, and combining it with the hit Anime Full Moon wo Sagashite should be interesting. Oh and Naiya doubles as a name and can mean Baseball Diamond in Japanese.

6th August 2006, 09:02 PM
~Tentative Title: The Legend of Zelda: The Ancient Seals
~Basis: *points to title* Yep, another Zelda RPG from Nab. ^^
~Genre: Action/Adventure, maybe some angst or romance and stuff.
~Characters needed: Sages, both for the existing six elements as well as for the three new ones. Also, we'll need a bad guy and a messenger for the goddesses. I might allow non-Sage characters as well.
~Basic Plot: (Have yet to type out the actual plot, so I'll just describe it.)

This RPG will take place a few centuries after Ocarina of Time. As time has passed, the old Hylian religion has been forgotten, and the line of the Sages has been lost. Because the Sages's reincarnations have forgotten their duties, the seals on the Sacred Realm is weakening. Ganondorf's power is growing, and in desperation the Goddesses send a messenger to call to the new Sages to arms. In addition, they create three new seals which will need to be activated, to make up for the dwindling power of the original six, and chose new Sages to protect them. All of these Sages must now go to the Temples in Hyrule (as well as a few locations where Temples need to be built) to renew or activate the seal in each.

Unfortunately, Ganondorf, intent on escaping his prison in the Sacred Realm, has used his power to posess one of Hyrule's inhabitants. He'll do anything in his power to stop the Sages from renewing the seals that detain him.

So yeah. The main characters will have to go to the temples, solve a puzzle or two, maybe fight a few monsters, and empower the seal. The Goddesses' messenger will also go along and help them, and they'll have to ward off whoever it is that Ganondorf's posessing. I actually have most of the stuff for this RPG worked out, I just need to actually type it out. It'll combine elements from my previous Zelda RPs, along with plenty of new stuff.

I am so joining this *coming off of a TWW high*I hope it'll last though

10th August 2006, 08:16 PM
Tentative Title: The Grim Academy
Basis: Grim Reapers in training
Genre: About all....
Characters Needed: Reapers of all ages
Basic Plot:

Dear Student,
You want to be a reaper huh, if you pass this school you can be, our classes teach you to reap, learn the vital points on a human meat puppet's vital points. Design your own scythe, and meet new friends, from the basics we will teach your to pull yourself together (literally) to advanced techniques like opening rifts in a dimension.
From, Dean Jim
This is my rough draft

11th August 2006, 01:30 PM
pokemon4eva - It needs a lot more plot, but it sure has potential...

20th August 2006, 04:40 AM
Title: Colossus’ Soul
Basis: The Bartimaeus Trilogy
Genre: Fantasy, Action, Adventure, possibly some humor
Characters Needed: Magicians, Spirits (demons, whatever you wanna call them), Conspirators.
Basic Plot:

It had been a dark few years for the British Empire. A powerful nation, ruled by magicians capable of summoning demons as slaves, had almost brought about the destruction of the world. A group of rebels tried to seize power, and almost succeeded. Except they made a terrible mistake. The rebels had a plan to summon the demons into THEMSELVES, and hence gain their power. What happened was the opposite. The demons destroyed the souls of their hosts, took control of their bodies and set out to take revenge on mankind.

Except he stopped them…

One of the surviving members of the council, John Mandrake (who’s birth name was later revealed to be Nathaniel), willingly accepted the Djinn Bartimaeus into his body. But this had a different effect. The two shared the body, neither being dominant over the other. They became a true demon/human hybrid, unlike the others. Using the staff of Gladstone, a weapon that was thought too dangerous to use, managed to defeat the hybrids, but at the apparent cost of Nathaniel’s life (although, no body has been recovered). The Djinn, Bartimaeus, is confirmed to still be alive.

After the demon uprising, and the destruction of the old government council, a new government was established, bringing the magicians, the ruling class, and the ‘Commoners’ (he ordinary people) together. Also, this opened up a brand new form of summoning. Many are now attempting “Hybrid Summoning” just like Nathaniel had done, a form of summoning even the spirits prefer, as well as a few trying to attempt the “Ptolemy’s Gate” experiment performed by the commoner Kitty Jones.

However, though there is peace now, there is always something willing to destroy it.


The only sounds that could be heard were the flicker of the torches lighting the hallway and the sound of the magicians’ feet as they walked deeper underground. All eyes were on the magician leading them into the darkness. It wasn’t long before the group came to a large stone door, the end of the corridor. The leader stepped forward.

“Is it here?” one of the magicians asks. The leader looks back, a number of magician’s cringing at the sight of his right eye, which, thankfully, is hidden under his hair. He pulls a talisman from his jacket.

“Ladies and Gentlemen,” he announced, “Behind this door, is what will give us power over everyone else, even those capable of summoning the most ferocious of demon.”

A couple of magicians snort in disbelief as the magician walks up to the door. He places the talisman in a special groove in the center.


With a surge of unearthly power, the door slowly opens. The magicians enter the massive chamber, their eyes instantly falling on what is before them. Some are shocked, others are amazed. The only one who shows no amazement is the leader. Instead, a sinister grin is on his face.

“I give you, the Collosus!”

Roy Karrde
26th August 2006, 10:31 PM
Sequels Galore!

[color=white]Tentative Title: Digimon: Redeemed Angels.
Basis: Based on the Award Winning Digimon Legends series by PolHaruko-San
Genre: Digimon
Characters Needed: Digimon, Digimon Trainers
Basic Plot:

It has been over a year since the last group of heroic children was called upon to save the Digital World from the last evil gasp of the entity known as Lucemon. What had destroyed countless number of lives, and created havoc for centuries was finally placed to rest. Yet his scars remained upon the digital world. Data had been twisted and manipulated too many times; it had been reconstructed and recycled over and over till it degraded into nothingness. The Digital World was slowly dieing, and the only thing anyone could do was watch.

The last of the Devil Digimon were not as willing as the others to wait patiently for their deaths. Looking at their parent planet: Earth, they saw that their parents had come close to recreating a fully functional Digital World, they only needed to put the last pieces of the puzzle together.

Wishing to grant their master Lucemon’s dieing wish, the Devil Digimon transported to Earth to use the data to recreate the Digital World into a Digital Hell. Although they had made it to Earth, the Devil Digimon could not survive alone there, they were neither Digimon nor Human. Yet they could ‘leap’ into a host, a human or animal, and take over the host. The longer they stayed in the host’s physical form changed into the Devil Digimon that controlled him or her. Being able to leap from body to body allowed the Devil Digimon to accomplish their goals faster and not only spy on possible Chosen Children but become closer and closer to completing the puzzle of making a Digital World.

Even with their own mortality at hand, the Celestials sacrifice what little power and life they have, to send several partners and digivices to Earth in hope that they reach the Chosen Children. There they can fight the ‘Leapers’ or Devil Digimon in Human bodies, in hope of gaining the Functional Digital World data and recreating the Digital World into a paradise for all Digimon, where death and evil are things of the past, and the Digital World would become an eternal heaven for Digimon.

For you and others who may or may not have already been Chosen Children, you awake one day with a monster next to you and a digivice in your hand. Your life has been forever changed; you now have to fight on a battlefield no other chosen children has ever fought before, on Earth. For stakes that far surpass any other digital adventure, this one is a battle between Heaven and Hell, and concerns the lives of every Digimon. Can you and your Digimon partner gain the data to create a Heaven for all Digital Souls? Worse yet, who can you trust? Who is a Devil Digimon Leaper, and who isn’t? Can you make the decision before it is too late?

The battle between Heaven and Hell begins in the final Digimon Legends RPG.

[color=Gold]Tentative Title: Stalking Golden Eyes II
Basis: Based on the PCG game and the first Stalking Golden Eyes
Genre: Horror, War, Werewolves
Characters Needed: French Villagers, Gypsies, Homosexuals, Jews, Nazis
Basic Plot:

Over four hundred years have passed since the last events of lycan activity. They have become that of folklore and legend. The world has moved on and now faces a real horror, the deadly horrors of Nazi Europe. For the people that live in France the horror has struck and occupied their homes.

With no escape, many of those that are trying to hide from the Nazi’s look within their home towns for shelter. This is no different for the city of Lyon which has only been occupied by the Nazi’s for a few days. For the Gypsies and others that live in the country side, they must flee into the shelter provided by towns folk, unsure if they will turn them over or not, but with the other option being hunted by Nazi Wartanks, they have no other options.

And when night falls on the first night that the Gypsies and others go into hiding. A force stronger than anything the Axis has ever faced comes out, the first Lycan to be seen in hundreds of years stalks the town of Lyon. Is this monster in the favor of the town’s folk. Or is it another Nazi horror being thrown upon the poor town? Only time will tell as the Lycan kills and infects more each night.

Tyler and Hobbes
26th August 2006, 11:48 PM
MC - Honestly, I'd sell my soul for this to be a working RPG, but honestly... I don't really see it happening. I guess I think it requires a little understanding of the trilogy from at least most of the players, though, depending on how you explain it, I could be wrong. As for the actual RPG itself... it's a good idea, what can I say? Maybe, if you don't actually put it in the Bartimaeus universe, but your own (however similar you want to make it) it could work... I'm extremely interested in where this is going...

Roy -

RPG Idea I - Please tell me we'll be able to play as Leapers... I dunno... suddenly I'm just in the mood to destroy something... If you do allow us to play as Leapers (or dark digi- trainers) you can expect me to join.

RPG Idea II - Jews? Werewolfs? Nazis? Homosexuals? Hell yeah.

27th August 2006, 01:05 AM
Thanks for the feedback Fire, care to help me with it then?

Weasel Overlord
1st September 2006, 06:32 PM
[color=silver]Whose idea was that La Trompete one? I really liked that, and I could do with an RPG to join ;_; Also, whose was that Down the Rabbit Hole? *realises she could just look, but is lazy* ^_____^

Tyler and Hobbes
1st September 2006, 10:01 PM
Well, umm.... both of those ideas were mine ^^; Glad to see there's a fan out there...

As for right now, Down in a Rabbit Hole is still in the plot writing stages (tied myself into a little corner, I'm afraid, and now mexican children are beating me with sticks x_x)... But, umm... La Trompete has always been one of my pet projects, so re-opening the signups (for the third time -_-;) isn't really out of the question.

Oh, and Mystic... I'd be happy to help, but I just don't really know what you want... Care to fill me in?

Weasel Overlord
2nd September 2006, 07:47 AM
[color=silver]Well FG, if you need any help trying to tease out plotholes or anything blah, I'd be happy to give ye a hand. *is bored*

And I'd sign up for La Trompete if you reopened it! ^^ S'looks funfun. I actually started a sign-up for that not so long back, but I think I got distracted or started procrastinating or somet ><

Tyler and Hobbes
3rd September 2006, 05:04 PM
Hmmm... Honestly... I have no idea where DiaRH is going... something about two dreamers... children, in fact... I dunno... I flushed out the ideas with a certain choir girl, but if you feel up to it, pm me - I'd appreciate the help...

And La Trompete... I think I will reopen it, though... I'm gonna wait till just the right time... blow all of you away...

"Something very modern, called ~*~Spectacular, Spectacular~*~"

Weasel Overlord
3rd September 2006, 05:22 PM
[color=silver]Moulin Rouge! Rock on! Never met a guy yet who likes that film o.O

I'se happy to help dude, if I can. My AIM's Astarielle15, see ya there? Same goes for anyone else in here wanting any writing helpies. *big grin* Der weas is always happy to help ^^

6th September 2006, 05:51 PM
Tentative Title: Yu-Gi-Oh Duelist Academy
Basis: Yu-Gi-Oh and Academy.
Genre: Action, Adventure, Romance, and Mystery.
Characters Needed: Teachers, and students.
Basic Plot:

Duelists welcome,
Here at Destiny Academy you will learn to become a Yu-Gi-Oh Duelist. Learn the basics of Traps, Magics, and Effects, along with tougher stuff like Fusions, and Rituals. You can be in eight diffrent dorms; Clayman Brown, Bubbleman Blue, Avian Green, Burstinatrix Red, Wildheart Tan, Sparkman Yellow, Necroshade Black, Neos White, and Bladedge Gold. To get a starter deck mail me what kind of deck you want and a recommendation for the best card.
Chancellor Dasher

Other: like the message said mail me what type of deck you want and a reccomendation for the best card.

P.S. I'm using a destiny Hero Deck.

7th September 2006, 03:31 AM
pokemon4eva: this needs a lot more plot than that. I'm willing to help you though (I've been thinking of doing a Yu-Gi-Oh GX RPG for some time).

Crystal Tears
15th September 2006, 07:15 PM
Tentative Title: The Game
Basis: Umm.. Just an idea.
Genre: Horror, Sci Fi, Adventure, Action
Characters Needed: Just normal people
Basic Plot:

Look up at your blue sky, beautiful isn’t it? No, you think its normal, so what if it’s blue; it’s just the sky, nothing special… But there is something special about it, in the many years after your time, it will be brown and orange, circling chaotically as the earth collapses, and you and your friends will be in survival camps.

You think it’s all over, the chances of being chosen to get off your once lovely planet are very few and far between, but somehow, you are chosen. Your number is called, and even though you are reluctant to leave your family, you realize you must…

So willing or unwillingly, you are thrown onto a Starship called: The Phantasy. The ship looks quite run down, and inside, it’s cramped. Many are sick due to severely rationed food and lack of privacy. You are then bar coded, yes, you are now a product, nothing more. A man scans your wrist, and you are told to go to the group of people huddled in the corner, with worn blankets and little water.

This is your tribe, your family, and soon enough your friends. You all nervously glance at each other as the guard informs you of this, and tell you that you are being put on a planet called “Serenity”.

Serenity, far from its name, the planet is mostly desert, or highly volcanic. Ores run high, and wild creatures with unknown abilities stalk the shadows of night… But none of this should worry you, as your particular landing site is a barren plateau: mountains with no volcanic activity surround you, while a small dirt path barely wide enough for a all terrain jeep leads out to vast golden plains…

But something’s amiss…

This is where your tale starts, and maybe, where your tale ends…

Welcome to Serenity…

Note: yes there is more, but if some people like it, it'll be revealed in the rpg itself...

21st September 2006, 06:53 AM
Well I like it. Maybe we just need to know a little more about what happens once we get to Serenity but it looks like it has a lot of potential and I was definately wanna sign up for it.


Roy Karrde
21st September 2006, 01:29 PM
Tentative Title: Yu Gi Oh: Monster Kaiser (ASB/RPG Exclusive!)
Basis: Boredom in DORI ( College Class )
Genre: Card Game, Online Battling, Magic, Tournament
Characters Needed: Human Duelists Ranging from age 13 to age 25
Basic Plot: One Wish, what would you do for One Wish? What would you do for your deepest desires to come true? That is what the flyers said at the local Yu Gi Oh Tournaments all around the Earth. The provider is a world renown gamer that holds tournaments on his secluded island. This year he wants to provide a tournament for Yu Gi Oh Duelists. The Winner receives what ever his heart desires, if he is able to provide it.

So you and others are taken by boat and plane from all around the world to a small South American Island. There you are given one week to become the top duelist on the island. The island though is not with out it’s obstacles though, weird and unique creatures stalk the wilderness. The island is also filled with several relics; a few look like giant chess pieces.

At first you shrug this off, but as the first losers of the tournament happen, the stakes of this tournament become a lot more real. The man that rules the island is known as the Monster Kaiser, and the losers of the tournament become a monster from their decks. To save your sanity and your body, you must battle friends and foes, with every life point you and your opponent lose in the duel, the more you chance becoming another monster.

But is the chance of a wish come true worth these stakes? You have no other choice because the only way off this island is winning the tournament. And for the losers, you must try to keep your sanity, try to keep your humanity as you journey with friend and foe. All in hopes that the winner of this tournament will wish back your humanity!
Other: The duels will take place via Chat Program with your Real Life Deck. Proxys and Japanese cards are welcome. The Ban list is active. Chats of the tournament is either reposted or sent to me to verify the winner. Tampering with a duel will receive a automatic loss.

26th September 2006, 11:49 AM
My first two RPGs didn't go well because I didn't get people's opinions of them so maybe I will step back a method a bit. This is a RPG that I started at the old EZboard.

Basis: Dinotopia: Dimensional Visitors
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy/Adventure
Characters Needed: Any characters from different universe (Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Dragon Ball Z, etc.) But only one person can be from each universe. But that doesn't count different series ... like one person can be from FF7 and another can be from FF8. What I am saying is that I don't want Goku and Vegeta both in the same RPG. I'd rather have some distance. (Hopefully, that makes some sense.)
Basic Plot: A new contest has popped up across several universes. This contest allows you to visit an island undisturbed by time. That is all the contest says. You will get their by different types of mode of transportation to the site where you will get ready for the flight. Only 15 people can win. (Number might change.) You and several others somehow win this awesome contest. Little do the contest winners know that this island undisturbed by time is actually Dinotopia. Scientists have heard about this island and wanted to send some people to check it out. They have noticed that once you go in, you can't go out. Will you adapt to the island and make it your new home or will you try to find a way to escape the island?

28th September 2006, 09:42 PM
Tentative Title: (Not sure yet)
Genre: Fantasy, with Japanese and Native American influence at the core.
Characters needed: Trainees, Trainers..
Basic Plot: Two servants of the Imperial Court, one of the Wolf's Fangs, the other of the Hawk's Talons(The servants and guards of the Emperor and Empress respectively) have come to a specific town, instructed with recruiting and training new members in preperation for a festival the next year.

When they arrive, they find the city has become decadent, and far too much court intrigue flying around, and notably, a law has passed banning the teaching of women in the city, forced to scrape up what they can, considering the hinderance of the City's corrupt elements, they must accomplish their task. But, their presence is partly due to fate as well, as a vile evil works towards its goals in the midst of the city's obscuring decadence.

Master Rudy
5th October 2006, 01:25 AM
Had a couple ideas lately:

Tentative Title-24
Characters needed-CTU agents, terrorists, government officals
Basic Plot-Got a few ideas but need to know what the 24 fan base on TPM is first. For non-fans knowledge of the show would not be needed because except for maybe a cameo here or there (such as President Palmer)there would be no characters from the show. The basic idea is the typical stop the terrorists theme you see with this genre but it would have the usual plot twists you'd see in an episode of 24 not to mention I really want the clock to be a factor in this RPG. For the good guys time will never be on their side in this if I can pull it off right.

Tentative Title-Pirates of the Carribean
Characters needed-Pirates, British Navy
Basic Plot-Very recent idea I had following a talk with JT and Gav. Would have swung it by them if it came to mind before the end of the chat. Anyway right now I don't really have much in the way of ideas. I already know that if I go ahead and come up with something then I've somehow got to get Jack Sparrow into this. IMO his character is that once little bit of uniqueness that makes PotC what it is. Without him it's just simply a basic pirate RPG.

Thoughts and comments more than welcome ^_~

5th October 2006, 04:17 PM
24: Though I hate it you already know Id sign up since there will be no chars from the show in it. Id be a computer expert/hacker ^-~

Pirates: Sorry my Rudy but Id have to say :no: All the ideas you have for it have already been done and made into a movie, so all it would be is either a rip off or Jack Sparrow fanservice. With RPGs based on something that is very popular at the moment you have to be careful when planning them. Otherwise its just a "I like Jack Sparrow, let me make an RPG based solely around this one character". It would be almost as if a Legolas fangirl made an RPG 'based' on LoTR so everyone can make carbon copy characters of Legolas. If you want to go Pirate, think of something original that hasnt been seen in movies or anything else, and then make characters with your cast that are completely original but yet are as dynamic as Jack Sparrow but not in the same ways. And sorry if it sounds harsh but I have to tell you cause I love you ^-~

24th October 2006, 05:37 AM
Before I go posting the whole shebang, I thought I put the idea out there for a EUReKA based RPG. For those who do not know, http://www.scifi.com/eureka/about/ and read what this is all about. I thought it would make for a great open-ended RPG. 'Small-town full of geniuses" means plotlines can be infinite. :p

Fai D. Flowright
23rd November 2006, 12:44 AM
Well, to make a grand return for the winter season, yours truely is entering the scene with a new RPG! But before I go and start making too many plans that could potentially backfire, I'd like to ask you all for your opinions on said game...

With a little inovation, opportunity, and an almost irresistably perfect fit, I've decided to start developing a Sonic the Hedgehog RPG with a completely original plot and all new characters (save the villian, who shall remain unnamed for now). But, in all actuality, how many people here are possibly interested in joining something like this? I have several people already interested, but I need to know if there is enough interest here to fill the nine ideal positions...

Feedback would be most appreciated! Thanks much!

Shadow Djinn
23rd November 2006, 01:33 AM
I would love to see a Sonic RPG here. What timeline would it be set in?

Fai D. Flowright
23rd November 2006, 03:57 AM
Well, for SD and others that are wondering, the plot will take place before (but the organization will replicate) Sonic Heroes, and parallel to Sonic X (as per the need for completely original characters).

Hope that helps. If there are more questions, feel free to ask (since I have most of the plot in my head, just not typed and organized yet), but all I'm seriously concerned with ATM is interests.

Shadow Djinn
12th December 2006, 06:45 PM
Right, this idea's been stuck in my head since I wrote it (back in 05 I believe..), so I polished it up slightly and decided to see how many people would be interested. This needs some work for finer points, and I'm not sure if a class system ( you know, warrior, magician, rawr, etc..) would suit this more, as there's a lot of aspects that fit with it. But whatevers. You can PM me if you have any ideas and what not.
One person I ran it by had a good question: what are the Loyalists doing? Basically the government doesn't want to instill panic, instead recruiting various Loyalists into a rather special operations squad, mainly focused on eliminating the insurgents. Like I said, it needs a lot of fine tuning.

Tentative Title: Calamity’s Edge
Basis: I dunno really. Random dreams and maybe Fire Emblem/The Bartimaeus Trilogy.
Genre: Fantasy
Characters Needed: Characters from both factions

Basic Plot:

“ First time then.” The commander galloped alongside the taciturn boy, sensing the obvious inexperience that showed in his posture, composure, and overall his attitude.

“ Yes, sir.” The boy responded quietly. The commander shook his head.

“ Not much longer till our Empire falls,” he said.

“ Commander?” The boy said, somewhat shocked. Horror welled inside his adolescent eyes; the commander almost felt sorry for this amateur to be thrust into a losing battle.

“ The Nabulis Empire is growing stronger. Our King’s lost his luster, and our Generals can come up with as many brilliant plans as they want to, but it won’t change the fact that the magic the Nabulis Empire can command will overwhelm us. We’ve got few magicians that are of a respectable degree of power. We can’t combat knights protected by magical shields and unbreakable swords.” The hardened veteran gazed at the road before them.

“ But we’re bringing the peace treaty, aren’t we?” The boy bit his lip. “ For a mutual –“

“ Mutual in war, boy? No.” The commander growled. “ They’re going to take over our Empire. We’re just saving our time and cutting down on the losses.”

Their conversation lapsed into silence – the inexperienced soldier gazed at the trees surrounding the dusty road, and the veteran glancing at a roughly drawn map they had been given.

“ Odd.” He muttered. “ We should’ve arrived at the Atilan River…”

A hiss shattered the momentary silence, a deadly arrow hurtling through the trees in a deadly arc, landing in the middle of the road.
His horse skidded to a stop with a sharp cry; the commander unsheathed his sword and leapt off his mount. Figures could be made out in the damp mist, creeping along the outskirts of the road.

A quick glance at the boy confirmed his suspicions – he was paralyzed by fear.

“ Go.” The commander shouted at the boy. “ If we don’t get the treaty to the capital…”

Shadows emerged from the surrounding undergrowth, obscured by the fog that had fallen over the area.

The boy had set off on a run, sword left forgotten as he clutched a small piece of parchment in his hand, panting rapidly as he set down the road…

Surveying the number of opponents, the commander shook his head. Two pursuers took after the adolescent soldier; he would be killed.

The grip on his sword hardened.

“ Figures,” the veteran muttered. “ To die pointlessly…that’s the way of life, I suppose.”

The shadows sprung.


That was five years ago.

The Gallian Empire, previously a thriving empire, had been crushed in a two-year war.

Their neighbor, the Nabulis Empire, surpassed them in all aspects. From the beginning, there had been no hope.

When the Gallian Empire prepared a treaty, the Nabulis Empire had agreed. However, ‘unknown’ assassins had stopped them on the way to the Atilan River, the border between the two warring nations.

Both messengers had been killed, and the Gallian Empire fell a month later, when over two thousand Nabulis soldiers crossed the border and took three poorly defended cities. Their obvious objective was to take the capital.

A calm surrender by the former Gallian King – Tarleton the Second, resulted in a complete take over of the Empire.

The entire continent was dominated by Nabulis.

There had been many survivors of the final battle—labeled the Battle of Canaan Steppe, the vast plain in which the Gallians attempted their last stand before the surrender.

Upon the assimilation of the Gallian Empire, they began to learn the ways of the Nabulis. One strong point the Nabulis had possessed previously was their gift of magic. Gallians had relative inexperience with such aspects. However, like their culture, beliefs, and other ways, they learned.

Eventually, the Gallians gained confidence once more. Public speeches were held, beseeching the citizens to rebel against their empire. While the government stifled such voices, their point had gotten across. Discrete meetings were held, and occasionally Nabulis officials were attacked. Almost simultaneously, cities throughout the Empire had formed an insurgence.

The third night of May, those of high class converged at the capital in the King’s palace.

All seemed fine at first. It was another merry celebration – but in a dimly lit chamber, several military officials had converged to discuss the growing insurgence. They all had different ideas as to how to deal with the rapidly swelling problem.

Thirty minutes into the King’s event, numerous rogues, obscured by the night, attacked the guards patrolling the palace doors.

Unable to report the dilemma, it was not discovered by residents of the palace until the entire bastion was in flames.

The military officials had never finished their meeting before they were forced to evacuate the building.

But they all agreed on one thing.

The insurgence must stop.

Yea, sort of a rough idea at the moment. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Signups would probably look like this.

Insurgence Member:

Name: What you're known as
Alias: Most Resistance members take on another name in their discrete operations, so as to prevent possible connections between them and their normal lives.
Age: No real limit, though they probably wouldn’t accept adolescents.
Gender: Given.
Personality: How you act, your attitude, etc.
History: Your life before the RPG. You’ll want to include how you ended up in the Resistance.
Appearance: What you look like, wear, etc.
Weapon: Obvious. The tool you use to fight with – a sword, a pitchfork, etc.
Allignment: This would be if you’re an insurgence member or one who supports the Empire.
Other Profession: Most members of the Resistance had a job or daily life before they joined the Resistance, and most still maintain it.
Magical Ability: Upon assimilation into the Nabulis Empire, most Gallians have gained small proficiencies in magic. What can you do?
Skills: (rather basic. Abilities you can perform with either your magic or weapon.. This is not limited to healing or casting spells, it can be passive abilities your character possesses. You can have three active skills and three passive. )

Nabulis Loyalist form

Name: What you're known as, obviously.
Age: Again, rather flexible.
Gender: Given.
Personality: How you act, your attitude, etc.
History: Your life before the RPG.
Appearance: What you look like, wear, etc.
Weapon: Obvious. The tool you use to fight with – a sword, a pitchfork, etc.
Allignment: This would be if you’re an insurgence member or one who supports the Empire. You will need to state if you were of the Gallian Empire before it was taken over.
Job: Basic again. What you do to make your living, etc.
Magical Ability: Upon assimilation into the Nabulis Empire, most Gallians have gained small proficiencies in magic. What can you do?
Skills: (rather basic. Abilities you can perform with either your magic or weapon.. This is not limited to healing or casting spells, it can be passive abilities your character possesses. You can have three active skills and three passive. )

Crystal Tears
12th December 2006, 08:17 PM
Hey Djinn, I think that sounds rather cool actually. I like the idea, kind of reminds me of FFXII O_o.
After your done fine tuning and what not, I'll gladly join, don't know what side though....

Shadow Djinn
12th December 2006, 11:50 PM
Aha, it seems I neglected to mention that. >_>; Yea, I haven't played FFXII in a while, but I guess it mixed in there o_o.

15th December 2006, 08:50 AM
Tentative Title: Arms Alchemy
Basis: Busou Renkin (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Busou_Renkin), Full Metal Alchemist (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Full_metal_alchemist), Star Wars
Genre: Action, Fantasy, School Life *Possible mature and gore themes*
Characters Needed: Homunculus (Man- eating creatures), Homunculus' followers, Alchemic Warriors, High school students
Basic Plot: In the world that we exist in, there are two kinds of alchemy. One being Busou Renkin (weapon alchemy), an ancient alchemy which is only possible through the usage of Kakugane, an item that is required in order for weapons to be form alchemically. Through the user's mind will to battle, users can create a permanent weapon of their choice to battle each other. It has been ten years since Busou Renkin has already attained much recognition and power through the world. So much so to the envy of others who failed to attain these powers, which are only, bestow to Alchemic Warriors.

Mans' greed is not to under estimated. Some of them in order to find a power, another form of alchemy to rival that of Busou Renkin, ended up re-inventing themselves. That is how the homunculus comes about. A homunculus is created when an embryo-like creation is placed inside a life form (whether would it be a plant, an animal or even a human). They possess great powers to the creatures that they took their form from and they are immortal (in a sense that they do not aged or die of terminal illness). However with such great powers, the homunculus does have a setback. They had to feed on humans frequently in order to boost up their existing energy.

Ever since this newer form of alchemy was discovered, the alchemic warriors swore to wipe out the homunculus race. To such extent that homunculus had to either formed communities to battle the alchemic warriors or seek help from the existing human race who pitied them and shields them.

All these had happened some centuries ago. However ever since, there was a case whereby an entire high school's population disappeared in one day, all news agencies were puzzled at this fact. The population had simply vanished. Nothing was found in the school except for traces of blood and scratches on walls and buildings. No full dead bodies were found. This case was marked as a mystery.

However the modern alchemic warriors knew what had happened, the homunculus race is back. This time the ancient battle between the alchemic warriors and homunculus race had resurfaced again, bringing in chaos to the world we live in today. Would the entire Homo sapiens race be eaten by the homunculus race entirely or would the alchemic warriors battled their way to victory?

Shadow Djinn
15th December 2006, 05:25 PM
^Whee, I love Busou Renkin! ^_^ I'd definitely join.

16th December 2006, 08:43 PM
Title: Pokemon Destiny Reborn
Basis: Pokemon
Characters Needed: Gym leaders, Gym battlers, Nurses, Bad guys, Contest, Frontier brains, Frontier challenger, Police, and G-Man(Lance for example).
Basic Plot: Trainers from all over are gathering in the Musa regon for new battles are there along with 8 more gyms, 7 more frontier sites, over 200 more contests, 500 cities, and 17 more bases(bad guys). Pokemon Trainers Ready, Set, GO!
Other: Someone give me feed back.

Roy Karrde
16th December 2006, 10:22 PM
Hey Pokemon4eva, we have something like that right now with ASBRPG. You seem to have some good ideas with it so why don't you get a hold of me sometime and we can work on some ideas for ASBRPG.

Tyler and Hobbes
8th April 2007, 12:51 AM
Just something I’ve been kicking around, really have no idea if it’d work or not…

Tentative Title: Protoevangelium: (or Protoevangelion – can’t really decide yet)
Basis: Neon Genesis Evangelion (one key aspect of His Dark Materials thrown in for good measure)
Genre: Apocalyptic Science Fiction, Drama, Psychology (all of this being in the style of the show, so really it doesn’t have to mean anything)
Characters Needed: Um… I’m really gonna need some help with this. I was thinking along the lines of the ten Sephiroth, expressed as: Crown, Wisdom, Understanding, Mercy, Strength, Beauty, Victory, Splendor, Foundation, Kingdom, plus Knowledge (Knowledge being sort of what Kaworu played in the original series, like, a main character, but just not… I’m actually not sure how to express these thoughts -_-; ), incarnated in children, all aged 12/13/14, and maybe some average folks, or people apart of an overall plot of… evil-ness … Again, I’m really gonna need some help with this -_-;.
Basic Plot: This would be a prequel of sorts, so almost none of the main characters of NGE would be alive (well, at least the main Children wouldn’t, and those slightly older would still be completely unaware of the main NERV plot). The Second Impact has just occurred. As far as any of the Sephiroth (what I am now calling the main characters ^_^!!!) know, one day a massive meteorite fell from the sky into Antarctica, and the world was changed forever. The Sephiroth are the children who have survived the massive destruction caused by the Second Impact: floods, famines, earthquakes, wars and rumors of wars, as if the very earth itself was rebelling. Umm… apparently the Impact has affected children in such a way, specifically these ten children, that their very existence is problematic. Inside the children are “sparks” of radiation (at least, that’s what they’ve been told) which the government has labeled “Dust”. This Dust could in fact allow the children to talk to Adam, though as far as they know they’re just hearing voices. But it’s not just one voice. Other voices are there too, millions and millions of screaming voices. A small section of the government (US? British? Japanese? Probably the UN; haven’t really decided yet), dubbed the “Master Mahan”, has been charged with investigations into this, and so ten children are spirited away in hopes of being test subjects for experiments, so that the Master Mahan may cut away the Dust, to harness it, in hopes of reviving Adam, the first angel, and the cause of the Second Impact. So the children have to escape, avoid the Master Mahan, convince themselves and others they shouldn’t be locked away in an asylum, avoid all the natural disasters and wars which they are becoming increasingly more knowledgeable on (the angels tell them what will happen; before it happens, some of them), and figure out what exactly is going on. Oh, and the children are being taught all about astrology, astronomy, war, and abortion by the voices in their heads :)
Other: Yeah, as you can see, I really need help. Also, I kinda rushed through this, so if you don’t understand, it’s okay. When the general sign-up comes out (assuming anyone understands and/or remotely likes the idea) I’ll be sure to explain every detail without resorting to, “Just because! It’s mysterious like that.”, including those that directly have to do with NGE.

Edit - Wow. Seeing it on screen makes it seem less like a coherent plot and more like the ramblings of a crazy person.

10th April 2007, 06:45 PM
Coincidentally I think leaving an open plot like that would probably work better than if you tried to plan the whole RPG out from head to toe. I don't know how much you want to base your RPG off of Evangelion, but I've watched Eva (admittedly, a while ago) and I completely missed all of the names of the angels :p regardless, your RPG seems to fairly clear (in short it seems, basically, like a "run away from the bad guy" RPG), I think, in comparison with your other RPGs, which needs a lot more direction than this one.

10th April 2007, 07:03 PM
I really like this idea. You should go for it dude!

Perfect Chaos
18th April 2007, 11:21 PM
Tentative Title: Pokemorphs
Basis: Pokemon/Animorphs
Genre: Sci-Fi, Action, Drama
Characters Needed: People to play as the Pokemorphs, maybe villains too (not too sure about that too).
Basic Plot: In today's universe, Pokemon and people live on Earth in peaceful harmony. However, not all is really how its perceived to be...

"We can't tell you who we are. Or where we live. It's too risky, and we've got to be careful. Really careful. So we don't trust anyone. Because if they find us...well, we just won't let them find us.

The thing you should know is that everyone is in really big trouble. Yeah. Even you."

-Taken from the back of all the Animorphs novels.

An evil alien race of parasitic slugs known as the Yeerks have been traveling the universe, enslaving all other sentient species through methods of brain-washing. However, the Yeerks are currently opposed by a race of Mews that have been battling them for quite some time. Despite their efforts, the Yeerk influence still continues to spread across the galaxy. Their next target: Planet Earth.

Enter a group of Pokemon trainers. By twist of fate (or sheer dumb luck?) they encounter an fallen Mew warrior who bestows upon them the power to absorb DNA of their Pokemon and literally morph into a duplicate form!

With this newly bestowed power, will these new found "Pokemorphs" be able find it in themselves to stop this evil menace and save the entire universe? As the title song goes for the Animorphs show, "Its all in your hands...."

Other: Well, I know this RPG has popped up here and there once and a while. But, as Roy knows, I'm trying to make a comeback into the RPG forums. Although I haven't been participating lately, I still come through and browse the RPG topics and my soft spot for RPG has grown even more each time I visit. So guys, I really hope you look into this RPG and think about joining it.

Roy Karrde
9th June 2007, 02:24 PM
Time to see if I can bring this old topic back with a idea that has been floating around while I drove today.

Tentative Title: Stories High * Tentative *
Basis: Old High School RPGs
Genre: Character Crossover / High School
Characters Needed: Teachers/Staff/Students
Basic Plot: What happens to all those RPG Characters before and after adventures? They can't just sit around waiting for the next story to happen. So they go to Stories High, what may seem like a normal high school on the outside, contains many useful and unique cources on the inside! Yes it still has the basics, algebra, history, literature. But also unique and useful cources, machine gun targeting range, sword fighting, magic spell chanting. It's Stories High! where characters come to learn.

In other words: This is a High School RPG where you can bring in old RPG Characters you have created through out the years.
Other: This is in responce to all those 'We Want a High School RPG'

12th June 2007, 11:24 AM
Thats a good idea Roy very interesting XD I can just imagine some of my characters going to that school and all the crazy shizz that would happen XDDD You should write it up and I shall have to take a look at it :>

12th June 2007, 05:06 PM
That is just plain awesome. Do it Roy!

21st June 2007, 09:21 PM
Title: Ride It!
Basis: Maximum Ride(for those who don't know X-Men/Boxcar Children)
Genre: Sci-Fi/Action
Characters Needed: 6 winged people, a Talking Dog.
Basic Plot: You were kidnapped and experimented on at birth splicing you genes with Avian D.N.A, giving you wings, Air Sacs, and Great Strength. You were trained and experimented on at a dreadful place called The School. When you think you get into a safe area you get attacked, over the years you found another experiment, a talking dog. The people chasing you(The White-Coats) send werewolf creatures (Erasers) after you and the other Avians(You and your Flock). As far as you know only The Flock and the Erasers are the only experiments(Besides talking dog) to make it past infancy. You and the Flock want to find out more about The School and put the White-Coats behind bars.


Age: (6-14 only(dogs age dosen't matter))
Gender: (balanced please)
Appearance: (Wings too, if dog what kind)
Personality: (Need leader/ Provider)
Strengths/Weaknesses: (need 2 explosive handlers, cook, blind guy(other sences hightened), mind read, talking to fish, breathing underwater, super speed(Flying), Mimicing, uncontroled gas, motor mouth, seeing others past thru touch(of anything), Destructive Headaches, Voice in Head.) of course more than one to a person.

Please some feedback

23rd June 2007, 07:59 PM
Title: Chambre des Plaisirs Terrestres
Basis: A certain Simpsons episode
Genre: Comedy, Drama, maybe some Romance and Action
Characters needed: people working at the House, clients and those who want the House shut down.
Basic Plot:

From the outside, it seems like a regular house. The largest in the street and from how it looks, definitely the oldest.

However, if one stopped and watched it for a while, you’d notice just how popular this house is, with numerous people entering and leaving and if you listened carefully, how lively it sounds inside, mostly at night, but sometimes during the day.

This is no ordinary house.

This, is the Chambre des Plaisirs Terrestres, the House of Earthly Delights.

A burlesque house where one can come for a variety of entertainments, for a game of cards, a few drinks and laughs and in the later hours, a little piece of eye candy.

Of course, while the house has a large cliental, there have been a number of people who disprove of the House’s activities. Moral groups, member of the police and city counsel, but the house has survived them all, namely because a number of authority figures rather enter and enjoy the house rather than close it down.

However, one threat to the house has made itself known, one that may mean the end of the house.

An over moralistic parent.

This person will stop at nothing to see the House shut down and has shown an opportunity for all those against the House. This person will make sure it goes down, by any means necessary.

But while this threat is present, the show must go on, the delights must keep on coming.

And so, welcome, to the House of Earthly Delights.

Mew Master
2nd December 2007, 05:55 PM
Tentative Title: Dragon Wars 2: D-War Apocalypse
Basis: Modern day
Genre: Fantasy, War-campaign
Characters Needed: Dragons, Humans, Dragon-choosen, grunt soldiers/warriors/dragon-slayers/ect...
Basic Plot: After the defeat of Buraki by the dragon of heaven, and the information boom caused by Buraki's invasion, the world has spun into chaos. A shift in power has affected the earth and the realm of the heaven and hell dragons. Both sides must now prepare for a battle that could destroy the world and everything in it. As claws and fire fly, Dragon will turn against Dragon for thier own bids for power and survival, and the humans will be caught in the crossfire.
Other: Movie was good. Anticlimatic, but I think they could make a sequel.

Mew Master
27th December 2007, 09:33 AM
Tentative Title: Spiritual Divide
Basis: Modern world, present day
Genre: Fantasy
Characters Needed: Participants of two opposing factions, those with a single spirit, and those with two, and those who are neutral to both parties.
Basic Plot: The spirit, the soul. These items are used as the defining terms of what makes us human. One soul to one person, that is the way it is supposed to be. But what if a single person has two souls? Both needed to make him complete. Opposing forces of logic and chaos, light and dark, yin and yang that if one is removed, the individual will die.

Individuals of this Dual Soul nature are hunted, by those who view their very exsistence as blasphemy. They summon their own souls into the physical world. Physical manifestations of their own spirits that may differ greatly between people, and hold tremendous power.

As both sides of this conflict begin to build, a showdown between the Duals and the Single Souls is no doubt about to unfold, and no one can escape the crossfire.
Other: Yeah, I've been having weird ideas as of late. Esspecially intriging is the idea of a person who needs two different souls to remain "in balance" and the two souls constantly struggling for control.

12th January 2008, 05:15 AM
Well, even though my most recent RPG didn't stand a chance, I'm thinking of maybe doing a joint project. I'm thinking of doing something based on the awesome Xbox 360/CPU game, Bioshock. Anyone interested?

12th January 2008, 04:29 PM
Well, I do love the Bioshock, but I wouldn't be the best person to collaborate with. I'd definitely joined if it popped into existence, though.

Also, Mew Master, you're idea is cool. I'm always for the dualities paradigm.

12th January 2008, 04:55 PM
Well, I'd gladly listen to any idea you may have. anyone else want to help?

Roy Karrde
18th February 2008, 09:33 PM
Tentative Title: The Loss of Innocence, The Loss of Life
Basis: Creating a Star Wars RPG that will be opening to people that do not know the movies or series.
Genre: Sci Fi, Survival
Characters Needed: Humans and Aliens, In the Teen to Late Teen ages
Basic Plot: They came with out warning, out from beyond the galaxy came a force that spread across like locust. The Yuuzhan Vong, horrible and disgusting warriors who had a hatred for technology, instead using biological beasts of burden to further their war and their travel through the stars.

For the citizens of the lush planet of Dubrillion, the lights of Corucant, and the mystics known as the Jedi seemed to be as far away as possible. They could care less about the Imperials or the New Republic, as far as they were concerned that war had left the planet twenty or so years ago. Living on the outer rim at the far edge of the galaxy, the planet of Dubrillion remained untouched by many ravages of the wars.

As teenagers living on the planet, you really do not care about what a Imperial is, or what a New Republic officer is. You are just working your way up through High School and preparing to start a career out in the far reaches of the galaxy.

Yet even though you live on such a back water world, you still hear some of the latest rumors, and the one that is circuling around seems more than intriguing. That the New Republic faught off some strange aliens in a system very close by. That these aliens were powerful and not of this Galaxy, and attacked with ships that were never seen before.

This rumor seems to grow and spread with each passing day, and even as you and your friends go on a day long camping trip, it is all many of you seem to be able to talk about.

During that night you watch a meteor shower light up the sky above, it seems beautiful yet at the same time you remember the rumors about the alien ships, how they were different than anything seen before.

The next morning you return to your small farming town only to find it deserted, there are signs of a fire fight and a bit of a struggle, but not a single body in sight. The town is a entire ghost town. Worse yet every single useable machine from computers to speeders are destroyed. There is also a wierd red fungus growing around some of the houses, and on the ground.

With your friends and family gone and possibly dead, your only choice is to make the three day journey to the local space port on foot. Yet as you walk, the wild life seems to be transforming before your eyes, plants become poisonous and try to attack you. Animals grow wierd growths on them and become just as aggressive as they mutate into something.

Something is happening to your home, something is changing it, transforming it to some kind of alien world. Can you survive? Can you rescue your friends and family? And can you escape what ever force has conquered your planet?

Other: As said above I am trying to make a Survival RPG set in the Star Wars Universe, but at the same time does not lean very heavily on Star Wars lore. No Jedi's here, no Imperials or Sith, no Republic versus Imperials. Just a group of kids trying to find their family and get off a planet that is quickly being transformed. Also I will allow a few Force Sensatives, but no actual trained Jedis. Those that are force sensative will learn of their powers as we progress.

10th March 2008, 11:39 AM
Tentative title: Shattered Memories, Shattered Hearts
Basis:Fairy tales, Fables, and works such as Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure
Characters needed: Lost Children who are now mid to late teenagers
Basic Plot:
For ages, people have told tales large and small of fantastical adventures and events. Pigs building houses, woodsmen saving children from wolves, giant beanstalks and more. These tales, however, are not drawn from pure fantasy or imagination, they are drawn from the world of ______, the land where these tales live.

It is a fantastic world, where magic exists and amazing creatures walk the earth. A place where the mad can have power, where pirates both noble and vile still sail the seas, and where kingdoms vie for power. A world many people would consider utterly backwards and barbaric.

However, there are also tales told of children ending up in another world, whether it be Neverland, Oz, or even Wonderland. These events happened, but not as written. The children involved were lost, tragic events causing them to stumble upon a gateway between the worlds, sending them into a land alien to them.

The journey has the unfortunate effect of damaging the memories of those that undergo it, leaving them with little more than half remembered concepts and images in their heads. Forced to fend for themselves, many become people of note.

You are one of these 'Lost Children', having found your way over the years, always knowing something was missing, parents, a life you once knew but cannot remember. But now, dark things are spreading through the kingdom, dark things that are clearly not of the world, some of which seem familiar. Might this be a way to find your lost past? Might this be a way... home?

There we go, haven't decided on a name for the fairytale world though, I am open to suggestions.

Mew Master
14th April 2008, 09:54 PM
Tentative Title: Omnitrix
Basis: Ben 10 World...ish, Modern world, present day
Genre: Sci-Fi
Characters Needed: Plumers, Rouges, Aliens, Humans/Aliens with various Omnitrix
Basic Plot: This takes place alternate from the show. Instead of one Omnitrix created, there were several. Spread across the Galaxy to bring wisdom to the universe, they are searched after by the original inventors as well as rouges, and those who want the power. It's up to the users of the Omnitrix to save their own lives as well as protect the item that gives them so much power and ability. If they aren't corrupted by it first...
Other: Eh... been on a Ben 10 kick as of late.. don't ask.

Master Rudy
15th April 2008, 01:52 AM
Hmm.....I like Roy's idea for a Star Wars RPG. It gets away from the typical Jedi vs Sith/Empire vs Rebellion stuff.

Anyway I've got one that I want to gauge intrest in:

Tentative Title-Jericho: The Second American Civil War
Basis-Civil War/Jericho universe
Characters Needed-Anyone over the age of 16 in any of the following groups:
The good guys
The residents of Jericho (Can be anyone from a townsperson to a member of the Sheriff's Department)
The Eastern States of America (What's left of the "true" USA)
The Independent Republic of Texas (Now it's own nation)

The bad guys
The Allied States of America (the corrupt government that has taken overmost of the USA)
Ravenwood (Merc's in the employ of the ASA. Common law and rules of engagement do not apply to them)

Basic Plot-Partly taken from the 2nd season intro with edits
Jericho....a small town in Kansas that witnessed a series of nuclear attacks that destroyed 23 American cities in a single day. The attacks crippled and fractured the US Government and left the town cut off from the world. But even in the worst of times it's possible to find to best in ourselves and in others......
Robert Hawkins....a former covert agent for the CIA who's mission was to go undercover and stop the attacks. Unknown to him the mission was designed to fail from the start by the very people he worked for. Those that seeked power hunted him for the secret he held......the nuclear bomb that was meant for Columbus, Ohio. It was the smoking gun behind the greatest crime in the history of the world. Hawkins actions saved Columbus and also prevented the attack on New York City. Now the ASA faces it's own problems. The government they tried to destroy is weak but has survived and now has the support of the Independant Republic of Texas. This however has brought a new set of problems to the town of Jericho. It's central location could be used as a staging area to determine the outcome of the coming war. However it lies in the middle of what is technically the territory of the ASA. Cut off from the ESA and the IRT the town has now been declared a "center of resistance" by the ASA propaganda machine......and time is running out.......

Other-First off this would take some creative muscle to get off the ground. Second a knowledge of Jericho would not be needed but it would be welcomed. Finally I want original characters but I don't want to see a ton of relations to the existing cast. I'm not saying it'd be out of the question but it would have to make sense. Also as far as characters are concerned I may be willing to let an existing character slide if I could be convinced that an RPer won't bring someone too far OOC. Mainly I want to gauge intrest and see if I have something promising. The concept of a modern Civil War has potential to be an intresting concept. However Jericho lends itself nicely by giving a nice lead up to the conflict. The town in the first season was literally in the middle of nowhere and trying to survive since it was effectively cut off from the world. Now it's smack in the middle of everything about to go down.

Fan of the show or not you've got to admit this thing's got some nice potential! ^_~

20th April 2008, 03:07 PM
To Master Mew: No waaaaai! ^o^ That idea looks really good, we need some of that in here! I'd join...I'd join as...a girl with an Omnitrix, with a fetish for war and destruction, but is too lazy to go do bad things. Sh-bam! XD

Okay, so I just finished typing all the rules and the introduction out. I just wanted to see if anyone else would want to come play with me :P

Tentative Title: House
Basis: Yu-gi-oh World
Genre: Horror, stragety (-,- Sp?)
Characters Needed: Cannon Characters from the show would be prefered, but made ups will be considered.

Basic Plot: In the world were children can go to school for dueling, what is next? Why, a hotel for dueling, of course! No money, no worries, just dueling! The world's best duelist have been called upon to test run the hotel. Behold! A grand five star hotel were the House Rules of the only thing to worry but, but...as the cast will soon find out, there's more to this House then meets the eyes. They'll be pitted against each other, and yet have to rely on each other, in order to get out alive. The only way out is in.

Other: ^,^ Based on House by Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker. The game is timed by the roll of a die, Yu-gi-oh cards will be used, and, um...think of it like a Yu-gi-oh version of D&D. Interactive and intense! Like clowns, they live in tents ^_^.

Roy Karrde
24th April 2008, 11:55 PM
Tentative Title: The Lost World: Searching for Paradise

Basis: Modern Day version of The Land Before Time

Genre: Survival

Characters Needed: Young Animals: Lion Cubs, Panther Cubs, Baby Giraffes, Baby Eagles, Baby Elephants. Basically Children of any animal you can think of in a major zoo.

Basic Plot: In the future wars and global warming has turned the world into a vast wasteland, humans have become tribes hunting in nomad packs for food, and nations no longer exist. Every city you know has been destroyed in one way or the other, and what were once green fields, is nothing more than barren desert. The animals that live in the New York Zoo now run free inside of the surrounding area, barely surving for food. As a child, you can see the hunger in your parents eyes, the starvation in their body, as night after night you go hungry from the food sources dwindling. When a tribe of humans comes in and scatters your pride, you are left alone and starving. Together you meet up with other animals, some meet eaters, some herbavores, but all of them young and alone. You know staying means starvation, but the world out there is a wild place. But there is a rumor, a myth, that some where west, far outside the city, lies a hidden world, some where humans cannot touch, some where green and free of the blight that has attacked the world. A lost world of sorts where ou can live in paradise. With no other choice but to go or die, you and your friends set out to brave the wild, and try to find this Lost World

Other: Got the idea from thinking of the Land Before Time, and PokemonLuver's old character: Loki.

Mew Master
26th April 2008, 01:21 AM
Tentative Title: Case Designate: CLOVERFEILD
Basis: Modern World, Present Day
Genre: Horror, Sci-Fi, Survival Horror, Suspense
Characters Needed: Civilians, Turango Executives/employees, Military officers and High Brass
Basic Plot:

Manhattan was leveled in the course of a single day. The only traceable record of the event were the personal video cameras, cell phones, and cam-corders that the residence used to document the strange events. The case designate for the majority of the military's understanding of what transpired is a video camera that belonged to a young man named Rob Hawkins.

What some did not know, was that a week prior to Manhattan being attacked, Tokyo proper was also assaulted by a strange monster. A massive company conglomerate managed to keep a media blackout on the whole incident, claiming it akin to a large scale terrorist attack. Rumors are still circulating.

Despite the government lock-down on all videos pertaining to the event, they are still in the dark as to what happened, and the general populace is even worse off.

Now, in Miami, events are starting again. Oil tanker's going down along the east coast, oil rigs with the workers missing. Finally, IT hits.

The creature that attacked Tokyo and New York rises from the deep, its reasons, emotions, and origins unknown to everyone. The Millitary wants to destroy it, Turango wants to study it, and the civilians just want to survive it...

"It's still alive..."
Other: Yeah, Cloverfield was the best monster movie (next to Godzilla of course), and now that I have the DVD, the idea of an RPG based around the humans who suffer through the event sounds like a fun idea. Any takers?

Mew Master
25th May 2008, 04:16 PM
Tentative Title: Supernatural Academy
Basis: Rosario Vampire
Genre: High School, Romantic Comedy, Supernatural, Horror
Characters Needed: Few humans, other random supernatural creatures from the history of the world.
Basic Plot: A school for the supernatural teenagers. In order to blend in with human society they take classes similar to humans, even join clubs, and have similar problems. However, this is a school for "monsters." Werewolves, vampires, dragons, lizardmen, succubi, witches and warlocks, mermaids, any and all monsters and supernatural creatures. However, they have to stay in their normal human forms or else they risk being expelled. So much are they conserned for keeping their existance secret, that it's part of their training.

Despite the efforts to keep humans out, a few have somehow managed to find their way to the school. Should they be known to the student body, they'll end up as prey for those who suppress their raw natures.

If they don't fall in love first.
Other: Yeah... I thought this would be a fun RPG based in a high-school setting letting people be the supernatural creature (or human) of their choice... I'll wait for some feedback.

27th May 2008, 06:29 AM
hmm, the supernatural academy sounds like a good idea. the plot could use some work, bu the premise is good.

7th July 2008, 11:12 PM
Tentative Title: When Worlds Collide (A Grey-Drusie-Clown-Tears-Master-Master production!)
Genre: Post-apocalyptic sci-fi randomness. ^^
Characters Needed: Let's see... A human-ghoul cannibal cult, dark fae of some sort (vamp-ish, but without the blood thing), uhm... Plain-Jane humans...
Basic Plot: Different dimensions overlap and then spill over into ours. The world as we know it has collapsed, technology has been set back several centuries, and the needs of day-to-day survival occupy the vast majority of people. Then, one day... odd things start happening. People begin to disappear, and turn up in pieces, or not at all. Strange creatures are seen lurking in the shadows at night. Chaos once again begins to take hold...
Other: Perhaps set in the ruins of LA. We're looking at the practicality of this...

19th July 2008, 02:59 PM
Master Mew: I rather like that graphic novel. I would join! ^_^ Would you have a character list for people to play characters from the plot line. Or will be be a free tagent?

Mew Master
31st July 2008, 10:52 PM
Tentative Title: Illuminaty University (IOU)
Basis: Supernatural, Science, weird science, Magick, deities, monsters, aliens, College students.
Genre: Fantasy, Science Fiction, MESSED UP Science Fiction, College, Mystery, Suspense, Comedy
Characters Needed: Undergraduates (fresh-things), Graduate Students, Professors, Humans, werewolves, vampires, Wanna-be Deities, off-worlders, Extra-planers, Anything in the history (or imagination) of the world.
Basic Plot: Welcome to Illuminati University, otherwise known as IOU (no one knows where the "O" came from). *Taken from Back of book*

Admit it. College would have been more fun if you were allowed to blow up the instructors. And you really would have liked to major in Military Biology, Anti-Social Sciences, Double-Entendre Bookkeeping, or Computer Wizardry. Too bad you didn't know about IOU.

Illuminati University is THE best place to learn Things Man Was Not Meant To Know. With departments like Weird and Unusual Science and Engineering, Inapplicable Mathematics, Misanthropology, and Zen Surrealism . . . not to mention extracurricular activities like Democrats for Cthulhu, Moopsball, and food fights that set off nuclear alerts . . . this is college as it should have been. And gadgets? Everything from the Crockpot of the Gods to the Enigmatic Alien Device Button-Pushing Table.

IOU takes you from creating a character to enrolling in classes, to study, finals, and the occasional academic blood feud, all the way to graduation.

If you survive.
Other: Based on a Table Top Game where your's truly could actually play AS ~DR, the ART GOD.... with no followers (we start gaming this weekend for it ^^). Also... 3000th POST!!! W00t!!!

Roy Karrde
6th August 2008, 08:29 PM
Tentative Title: Anime Wars IIIVVXX: The Phantom Menace Strikes Somewhere!
Basis: Anime Wars from the olden days
Genre: Anime, Game, RPG, Fighting
Characters Needed: Any character ranging from Anime, Video Game, Manga, Comic Book, RPG, TV Show, CNN.
Basic Plot: He is called ‘The Beyonder’ it is not his original name, nor was a name he decided on, it was given to him by those that first recognized his presence, a being that came from beyond the known anime universe, it’s powers unmatched by anything ever witnessed. Although they never knew it, the beyonder had been watching the Anime Universe for years. Studying the entire universe with his own omnipresence, he considered himself the true God of the Anime Universe. No one knew how he came to be, not even he remembers how he began, only that he was alive long before there was life.

Yet as the years past, he became bored, the universe had become stagnant in many ways, lacking in the creativity that he believed his artful hand could produce. He tried many ways to settle this boredom; he dabbled in other universes, to which he quickly became bored with. He even tried to guide the events of the anime universe.

Soon all he could think about was how bored he was, and thus one day he finally decided to take radical steps to correct his boredom. He created a world on the far reaches of the galaxy, dubbing it the name ‘War World’. The planet varied from rocky and desolate, to lush and green. With the project completed, the Beyonder searched not only the Anime Universe, but other universes for participants, abducting those that he believed would provide him with the most entertainment.

When he was done, all the pieces were put in place for the very first…

Anime Wars
Other: The actual battle system will be done kind of in a RPG Tourny form but faster, where each quick battle is done in Attack and Defense. The attacker writes their post, then the person on defense writes their post. The better post wins out, and the loser loses some of their Health Points.

7th August 2008, 03:01 AM
Tentative Title: World of Heroes
Basis: DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Supers in general
Genre: Superhero, Action, Fighting
Characters Needed: Superheroes/Villains/Neutrals basically. Supers in general.
Basic Plot: Since the beginning of history, Man has always talked of higher beings. The Ancient Civilizations of Greece, Rome, Egypt etc. worshipped them as gods. The Dark Ages called them Saints or Angels. The Middle Ages had alchemists, warlocks and witches. Up until the 1960s, most people had dismissed the 'Supers' as mere myth, citing either illusion or insanity when such events occurred. Superheroes were only to be heard about in comic books and cartoons.

New Year's Day, 1963. Minutes after midnight, bright lights appear in the skies, and the Earth is bombarded by meteor-like objects. From within these objects, alien forces appear, and to supplement these, motherships appear in the skies. In the face of invasion and total destruction, all hope seemed to be lost, until the Supers appear from their self-imposed exile and fight hard to repel the invasion. By midnight the following night, the thousands of Supers had destroyed much of the invading force and what was left had fled into space. The losses by the Supers were heavy, and much damage had been done to many cities. The people turned to the Supers and begun a 'Golden Age' of Superheroes. A ten-year period of rebuilding and crimefighting saw one of humanity's greatest decades.

The Golden Age began to wane though. By 1975, the world's major government had sought to experiment with Supers for their own ends. The Soviets created monstrosities in the name of Communism, the Americans brainwashed homegrown Supers with their own ideas of justice and democracy. The Chinese had a Super program to protect their One-China and Islam fanatics had Super followers who destroyed in the name of Allah. Praise turned to hate and what was a peaceful period turned to ugly conflict. Supers that led armies into conflict became a common sight. People were quick to forget that the Supers were the ones who saved the planet only a decade earlier and soon they were forced back into hiding.

The year is 2008, and while Supers are no longer headline news, there are those who continue to protect cities and nations, and those who use their powers for evil. However, a parting gift left by the aliens, left to absorb radiation from the Sun, has begun to stir, and soon a power unlike any the Earth has ever seen will awake.

7th August 2008, 09:39 AM
Heald: Me likey. It kind of reminds me of the Incredibles, which is no insult in my book. I'd kind of wonder if the supers would be descendants of other supers throughout history or just immortal... or either, maybe.

7th August 2008, 10:07 AM
None taken, in fact, when I read it through, I thought it sounded a bit like the Incredibles too.

Anyway, I say nominally DC and Marvel but it sort of takes it from bits of everything else, like the Incredibles, City of Heroes, Hancock, all that jazz.

I'll elaborate more if/when I start the sign-ups, but basically the Supers can come from a variety of backgrounds e.g. descend from a super, be naturally super, mutant, scientific experiment, alien, technology (e.g. Batman), whatever.

Mew Master
7th August 2008, 05:36 PM
Hmm.. interesting. I just might have to hop on as Demon. ^^

Mew Master
4th September 2008, 11:22 AM
Tentative Title: World of Darkness
Basis: Modern world, with dark ties to the past, present, and an uncertian future. Based on White Wolf's Role-playing game.
Genre: Fantasy, Dark Horror, Magic, Gothic Horror, Savage Fury, Modern Sorcery.
Characters Needed: Vampires, Werewolves, Mages, Prometheans, Changelings, Hunters, Dragons, humans, humans with knowledge or special abilities, others pending
Basic Plot: The world is not as it seems. Creatures stalk the night under the full moon, howling to their pagan gods and spirits. Blood drinkers walk among us on the city streets. Eccentrics manipulate reality before your eyes. Woven monstrosities of flesh and the soul's fire break down materials. Humans touched by the Fae sprout horns and hooves, trying to decide whether to reclaim their old lives or go on a new path. Human hunters go after these monsters to save their own protectorates. Ancient Wyrms reborn in human bodies try to piece together their own lost history. While humans themselves try to save their own from the horrors they now know.

The veil of ignorance has been lifted from your eyes. You cannot turn back now.


It's a World of Darkness.
Other: Based on White Wolf's World of Darkness Table Top game, I've been... Urged to transfer it to an RPG system similar to what we have here on TPM... I already have it, more structured with rules and what-not on my own set of message boards where I'm running a few games at the moment. However, by request I've been asked to set it up here. SO! Any takers?

5th September 2008, 10:50 PM
Tentative Title: Five Sides, One World
Basis: Mythology/Pokemon (may or not be a Pokemon RPG)
Genre: Action/Fantasy
Characters Needed: Generals (report directly to gods, equivalent of Jounin from Naruto), Lieutenants or Officers (like Chuunin), Trainees/Workers/Innocent Inhabitants (Genin, academy students, or not even ninja)
Basic Plot: In the beginning was chaos and violence. Four gods brought peace to the world, sought out the survivors, and created sanctuary for them. Centuries later, the people themselves have developed special powers, a gift from the gods. From the ability to shape nature, to communicate with spirits and use the mind to its fullest potential (psychics), to awesome physical strength and agility. But there is a fifth god whose sole mission is to bring chaos. Hidden to everyone else until it's time to cleanse the world again, this time completely...
Other: I'm not good at storyline when it comes to RPG (which is why I've never had a successful RPG). I was going to come up with a time system, where about four days real time equals one day in the RPG. But since everyone's been busy with life (which is sorta good because we're supposed to have a life outside TPM), I might have to either tweak it or just throw it out.

5th September 2008, 11:54 PM
@MM: I might consider joining but I've never done table-top before; a tutorial might be helpful in getting more candidates.

@CC: I personally don't know much about Naruto canon but I do like structure. And the four days-one day thing would keep the topic moving although, once someone got behind, it is very likely they would stay in "flashback" mode. Also, don't beat yourself up over storyline- you've gotten farther than I have.

Any more double-consonant named RP'ers are encouraged to post as well.

Mew Master
5th September 2008, 11:59 PM
A tutorial isn't nessicary. It's just building and playing a character JUST like we do it here. The system I use for my games on CATTG is different from what we here at TPM are used to, so the system won't be implemented. When, and If, I do this (provided people show some support for this lowly Art God), I'll post links to a Wikipedia article and the links to the games respected pages on White Wolf's site.

Of course, other than that, it's still what we do here... cept I won't be playing a specific character, I'd be in charge of the world, the NPCs, and of course the antagonists.. ^^

13th September 2008, 01:09 PM
can't believe I'm really going through with this, but...
Tentative Title: Zodiac Infinitum: Stars of Fate
Basis: Magical girls
Genre: ditto
Characters Needed: Students who are born with the destiny of being one of the Zodiac Infinitum
Basic Plot: Deep within the Earth, something stirred, it had been millenia since it had last been active, before being forced to retreat back into the darkness by the champions of the light. But now, surely, the forces of all that were good and pure would have lain dormant, grown weak, soon would be the time to rise, all it needed was more power, to fuel its rebirth into true existence...

Meanwhile, you are moving in to your dorm at the St. Celestine Academy, an all-ages boarding school. A new student here, things seem off to you, there's a feel in the area that something's not right, and certain people around you just seem... oddly familiar, even though you've never met them in your life.

Little do you know that you are one of fate's champions, a soul bound to the power of a Zodiac sign, and that you have been drawn here by your own destiny, as one of the Zodiac Infinitum, defenders of all that is just and right.

13th September 2008, 02:08 PM
kalad1: It's a nice idea and I really like the idea of using the Zodiac as powers. By magical girls as the basis, is your RPG only going to have females with powers?
Also, what kind of powers would they have? I'd just be careful not to step on the Furin RPGs toes, as this seems very familiar to that RPG. (Whichi I guess is restarting/resuming in a few weeks or so).

I do like how it has a Mai-Hime feel to it though! *loves Mai HiME* It'd love to see more of this plot/idea.

Mew Master
29th September 2008, 09:04 AM
Tentative Title: Magic: The Gathering
Basis: Magic the Gathering's Multiverse and the varying planes within
Genre: Sword & Sorcery, Technology, Dimension "skipping"
Characters Needed: Planeswalkers, everyday-joes from the Planes, Monsters, the usual
Basic Plot: You are a Planeswalker. Able to transverse the Multiverse for your own sense of glory or honor. With you, comes a wealth of arcane knowledge and abilities to summon creatures to fight for you, throw spells at anyone else, or even mess with their minds. Travel the Multiverse for wealth, knowledge, power, or adventure. For when two Planeswalkers meet, one walks away.
Other: Yeah... an idea I've kept in its infancy for a while now. COMMENTS! Anyone want to help me make this thing work?

29th September 2008, 11:46 AM
Hmm, again, I don't play it, but it sounds interesting. You don't have to make your own tutorial, but a link to one would be handy. Or you can disregard parts of the TCG. It also sounds a bit broad; is there a contest or tournament or are we just wandering, hoping to find someone to destroy?

Mew Master
29th September 2008, 11:48 AM
Eh... if there's enough interest I WOULD make a detailed sign-up with some links to Magic's main site and story site that explains some stuff better than I can. I'll hopefully come up with a good plot so it's not just "KILL THEM" because then it would seem like a rip-off of Killing TIme, and I don't want to belittle Blade's creation like that.

29th September 2008, 01:40 PM
That's real nice of ya, Denny, but let's be honest: Killing people for profit and glory has been a staple in the world of gaming for 40 years. Just because Killing Time focuses solely on that (in the most fucking kooky ways possible) doesn't give me a monopoly on the "Kill this guy or face erasure." plot.

2nd October 2008, 09:04 PM
Updated version of Denny's new RPG idea...

Magic The Gathering

Shattered Planes

You have the Spark. The promise of being something more than you once perceived yourself to be. No longer confined to your native plane, you can now transverse the expanses of time and space.

It starts small. With a little concentration and will you can go somewhere else. It’s like teleporting from place to place, but only you can do it to travel to different planes. You have some spells as well, innate abilities that can terrify and bewilder others. These spells draw more upon you than any thing else you can accomplish. One is weak, and can be repeated fairly often. The second is a bit more powerful and creates a bit more wear on your mind and will. Thirdly, is a spell that is so powerful that it may leave you drained for days or even weeks.

You learn other spells of course, many from your home plane and others from those that you visit. These are tied to the land, and the Mana that binds the Multiverse together. The animals, creatures, even people are connected with the mana. Through such an understanding, you can mark various creatures and summon them to your side. Even if they die in their home plane, the mana that they are connected to allows you to summon them forth. For comfort, battle, connivance, it is your choice how you treat those summoned before the mana whisks apart. Your knowledge is as expansive as the Multiverse, and your power allows you to gather such enlightenment.

Through some life-altering experience, your Spark awakened. You are no longer mortal, but not a god either. You are a Planeswalker. Walking the Multiverse for your own goals and desires. Be it for knowledge, power, or to stand above those that you deem inferior.

But, there are others though. Others with similar gifts and abilities. You find a similar soul with them, or perhaps a rival, someone who is a threat to your power and strength. Do you fight these others, or do you run in fear? Maybe you seek them out, searching for someone to challenge and prove your own dominance over them?

You are a Planeswalker. The Multiverse is your frontier, their creatures and inhabitants your allies, spells are your weapons, and other Planeswalkers are your adversaries.

Is there nothing more?


The Spark is a rare gift. Powerful. Raw power at the fingertips of those who can barley comprehend it. While one in a million is born with the spark, and even fewer realize their potential, something seems to be fracturing the Mutliverse. Those that have had contact with this, thing stated that they could feel their own power being ripped from their bodies, and only by sheer will did they manage to escape. With their lives, but not with the Spark.

Something is going after the Planeswalkers, tearing the Spark from their bodies. And the Multiverse is shuddering in response. At the rate it continues, all that binds the Multiverse together, the Blind Eternities, the Mana, will shrivel into nothing, and all that is known will die.

This is no longer a game.

This. Is. War.

Can you survive?

From the creator of Chains of Dragons, Scourge, and Dual Nature comes an idea spawned from a favorite game of mine:

Magic: the Gathering

Yes. It’s a Table Top Game. Yes. It involves cards and players and lots of rules. No. It is not like Yu-Gi-Oh (it’s better ^^).

In this game, YOU (yes, you) are a Planeswalker. Able to travel from plane to plane at your choosing (given enough time of course). Think of it like Dimension Skipping. You have a variety of spells that would make Archmages envious, as well as being able to summon whatever creatures that you have marked and bound to you through the Æther.

So, for starters, some things to note: The following links are to some pages from Magic the Gathering’s Website (www.magicthegathering.com) on what it means to be a Planeswalker (basically, if you play with a deck, you’re a Planeswalker).

The Known Multiverse (http://www.wizards.com/Magic/Magazine/Article.aspx?x=mtgcom/daily/db28)
Planeswalkers (http://www.wizards.com/magic/Multiverse/planeswalkers.aspx)
Spark, an understanding of realizing you can transverse the planes (http://www.wizards.com/Magic/Magazine/Article.aspx?x=mtgcom/daily/db49)
Era of the Planeswalker, Looking at an idea of how they react to their home world/plane and others. (http://www.wizards.com/Magic/Magazine/Article.aspx?x=mtgcom/feature/437)
You are a Planeswalker (http://www.wizards.com/Magic/TCG/Article.aspx?x=magic/planeswalkers/week1)

There is Mana. Five differing bits of raw energy that shape and mold the world based upon their influences upon the other.

Red: Red Mana is fire, flame, the raw earth. It scorches the heavens and is not held back by regular conventions and rules. Raw passion and destruction.

Blue: Blue Mana is logic, constraint. The power of water and the crashing of waves upon the shore. It represents the power of knowledge.

Green: Green Mana is the power of nature unbridled. Great beasts surge with power and mother nature is at her most ferocious.

White: White Mana protects. It is at the heart of knights, good-willed rebellions, and heavenly avengers. It heals, repairs, and protects others.

Black: Black Mana is decay, rot, death, necromancy. Zombies are born from areas with high amounts of Black Mana, as are demons, devils, and all sorts of hellish nightmares.

Mana flows through the Planes and it affects the civilization and evolution of the organisms that inhabit it. Each Plane is different and the paths from planes through the Multiverse are constantly changing, unstable, which could land a Planeswalker stranded for a year or more until they are able to return to their more familiar routes, which even then may have changed.

The Planes are as expansive and diverse as anything imaginable. For an idea on the currently “known” Planes of the Multiverse, check the links above. To kinda… keep it simple characters for this RPG can make up a Plane for their characters to be from. (Earth and our plane is off limits… sorry guys. ^^U)

The Sign-Up.

Now to the nitty-gritty of the RPG. You don't HAVE to be a Planeswalker if you would rather be a mortal creature dragged along for the ride.

Home Plane: (can be any of the main ones or make up a new one. If using the known ones then please have a name that fits… Don’t name your character “Steve” if they’re from Kamigawa, a Japanese-style Plane. If make one up, then just give a short description)
Race: (What race are you, human, goblin, elemental, Fae, ect. Take your pick. Planeswalkers are as diverse as the Planes themselves)
Main Mana: (Choose 1-3 of the five colors that your character has a major affinity and strength for. Just because they have one doesn’t mean they can’t cast spells from the other 4, it just means that they’re much stronger in that area and could still learn the other themed spells. Planeswalkers have access to all types of mana, and can draw it from the land in ways that make the mages of that Plane jealous)
Spells: (I’d suggest glancing through Gatherer (http://ww2.wizards.com/gatherer/) for some sample spells. Not an inclusive list, but gives you some idea how some things work. Just pick some Creatures, Sorceries, Instants, Enchantments, ect Just not other Planeswalkers. Just to give an idea of how ya think. Other spells can be created as well.)
Personal Spells: (The Planeswalker’s three ingrained abilities besides the ability to “jump” planes. Usually involves a fairly weak but easily repeatable ability. A second, stronger, but more taxing one. And finally a third, horrifyingly powerful
History: (How’d you discover your spark? Tutored by a more experienced Planeswalker? On your own?)
Other: (Relationships, quirks, drives, dark secrets, themes?)

Current Characters:

Drako Ralen (Mew Master)

Roy Karrde
9th April 2009, 12:06 AM
Tentative Title: Post Apocalyptic
Basis: Fallout 3 and Chronicle of the Rift 2 RP with Beckers
Genre: Futuristic/Medieval
Characters Needed: Sniper, Thief, Heavy Weapons, Scout, Standard Weapons, Medic
Basic Plot: 2035: The first Genetic Mutation is created, the person lives for only a hour before his body begins to break down.

2040: The first stable Genetic Mutation is created, the grafting of feathered wings onto a human being for sustained flight. Several nations began trials for air corps.

2045: Tensions begin to rise during a world oil crisis; several state financed terrorist attacks strike at alternate fuel plants all over the world causing many countries to revert back to oil to revert back to oil.

2047: The first shots are fired at what will eventually become the third world war as the rising oil market are deemed a clear and present danger to the viability of many first world countries.

2048: Cities begin open revolt against the prospect of a nuclear world war, cities all over the world dub themselves sanctuary cities, and openly succeed from nations, with troops too busy manning the front lines of a spreading conflict, nations allow for the smaller cities and towns to leave while enforcing martial law in larger ones.

2050: The first reanimated human beings are made public to the world, now a soldier can be killed multiple times on the battlefield and still be a threat to the enemy.

2052: Sanctuary Cities begin to group together to form their own nations in the remnants of countries; nuclear bombs begin to fall as a last resort for some countries, while open naval war begins in the North Pacific and Atlantic over the oil in the North Polar region.

2055: The last few countries left are on the brink of collapse, the war ends with a shaky truce, to deal with the growing threat of radiation, mutated creatures and humans from the nuclear fallout, and what could be called Zombies from the reanimated dead that now prowl the world in the millions.

2061: With civilization falling about around them many join cults from Vampire Worshipers who pray on humans and drink human blood. To "Nobodies" who have burned their faces off as punishment for the horror humanity has created. These cults become increasingly violent in the lawless lands.

2070: Current time, Countries that existed at the beginning of the war do not any more, or are remnants of their former selves. Sanctuary Nations are now the new powers of the world, but mainly keep to themselves outside of trading. Technology is a scarcity with weapons constantly breaking down. Werecreatures now prowl the country side, humanoid animals that have mutated and evolved from wars.

You are a survivor of the wars, or was born into the world in the horror that followed them. No one can truly remember what life was like before the wars, and due to a lack of technology, humanity has regressed into a farm culture, staying close to what were sanctuary cities which survived the war. Which are now more like tiny nations with walls created out of what ever material they could find.

After a cold winter unrest begins to grow in the city, whispers of rebellion against the uncaring ruler is heard about the city. The spark that sets it off comes when the Royal Army of a remnant country comes to the town demanding either goods or slaves to replenish their ranks and supplies. ( If the story is set in Britain it will be the Royal Troops of London, if the story is set in France it will be the Red Guard of Paris ) The troops that were once proud armies now act like a mob, extorting weaker towns and cities.

The king decides to give away some of the town folk since the winter depleted the town's supplies. When the rest of the city hears about this a open rebellion begins, shops are set on fire, homes of loyalists are looted, and humanity begins to tear itself apart again in this tiny little city.

Unwilling to participate in the unrest, you and your friends decide to travel off after the Troops that have taken your fellow town folk as slaves. Leaving the safety of the city walls for the wild and untamed country side that still has horrors and secrets left over from the previous World War.

Your journey will take you across the country side, chasing after the army and eventually into the very depths of ( Paris or London ). As you try to save the few souls you can, while staying alive from the horrors the world now presents.
Other If this RPG does begin, I will be designing 3D Models of the Weapons and Materials used by our characters in it.

10th May 2009, 11:53 AM
Would anyone join an X-Men RPG? Not that this has anything to do with the new Wolverine film, but I figure if I was going to start one, I'd do it whilst interest was at its peak thanks to that film.

Tentative Title: X-Men Unlimited
Basis: Set in a world similar to the recent films and the recent cartoons (like Evolution and Wolverine and the X-Men), so a fairly realistic world, albeit one where mutants and superheroes/supervillains are not such a rare occurrence. This would actually focus on the Academy so it would be in the vein of a school-RPG. I haven't decided whether to have Xavier as the academy head but I am leaning towards setting it 50 years into the future or making it an alternate-reality, so people could play existing mutants but with different looks or personality (so perhaps Cyclops being a rebel instead of an uptight leader or even a teenager version of Magneto who is a joker).
Genre: Action/School
Characters Needed: Mostly people to play the students of the academy, a few to play instructors and a few to play villains.
Basic Plot: No idea.
Other: LOL WUT

Weasel Overlord
10th May 2009, 11:56 AM

10th May 2009, 11:59 AM
How did I guess you'd be enthusiastic?

Weasel Overlord
10th May 2009, 12:00 PM
Cos I'm predictable?

EDIT: ooh oooh do AU versions. Not for any particular reason or anything... ¬_¬

Crystal Tears
10th May 2009, 12:01 PM
I'd be interested in it too. 'Specially when the plot is revealed :3

Mew Master
10th May 2009, 02:01 PM
Actually Heald I was considering the same thing. Some RL friends of mine have been working on a different story-line from the normal Marvel Universe and I'd asked a few ppl if they'd be interested in playing in it.

I'd you'd like I wouldn't mind a collaboration of ideas. If not then I'm still game for playing.

3rd June 2009, 06:14 PM
Tentative Title: (unsure, possibly The Forsaken)
Basis: Iji
Genre: Sci-fi
Characters needed: People, from multiple walks of life.
Basic Plot:
Mankind has always wondered whether or not they were alone in the universe or not. Many dreamed of peaceful contact with aliens more advanced than ourselves, who had tossed aside the baser elements of their existence, such as greed, violence, and intolerant hate. Aliens that would uplift mankind from what they percieved as a crude manner of existence.

First Contact happened when an alien fleet surrounded Earth, and unleashed a rain of energy cannon fire known as an Alpha Strike. Ninety-Five percent of mankind was wiped out. You were, at the time, in the Avalon Industries Research Complex, the world's most advanced research complex, and, have for the past six months, and now you wake, changed by other survivors into nanotech driven cyborgs.

Will you Fight, or will you try to make peace? What path will you choose?

Mikachu Yukitatsu
4th June 2009, 03:56 AM
I'd like to have a TPM Death Note RPG. You could kill other gamers and look for Death Notes. An idea I'd like to see, and I have posted only once or twice in RPG before.

19th June 2009, 04:40 PM
What the fuck? Are you on the right website?

21st June 2009, 03:01 PM
I'd like to have a TPM Death Note RPG. You could kill other gamers and look for Death Notes. An idea I'd like to see, and I have posted only once or twice in RPG before.

The only problem with that is that people don't tend to like other people spontaniously killing off their characters. Death Note's a hard one to do, since the plot was so well done in the first place, that making an RPG that revolved around more than about... 3/4 central characters would be difficult without just rewriting the original.

Although it depends what approach you take to it, I suppose, and how far you're willing to stray from the original. For instance, you could take a .//hack approach and play inside the game. Or maybe The World Ends with You, where players get killed off by Admins and have 7 days to survive and figure out all the puzzels and such.

Come to think of it, Twewy would be an awesome RPG...

21st June 2009, 06:09 PM


8th July 2009, 09:21 PM
Tentative Title: Monster Realm University.
Basis: Pokemon/Digimon/Yu-Gi-Oh
Genre: Science-Fiction/Fantasy
Characters Needed: Pokemon Trainers/Digidestined or Tamers/Duelists.
Basic Plot: For years scientists had to find ways to connect worlds together. But after a accident, a scientist by the name of Jenova Tempress found a portal to a world where all three worlds collide. Getting funds for an expedition. he and his crew searched over the world. What they found were Duel Monster, Pokemon and Digimon all inhabiting in the universe. This was the adventure of a lifetime. Even though he wanted to stay forever, he had to return back to Earth until one of his colleagues gave him a dimensional transmitter. For the next 10 years, he not only recorded the interactions between the monsters, he built a University for those who would be interested.

It is 2015, and the campus is finished. Sending out a e-mail to his favorite colleague, he sends him the transcripts of the whole journey. He also sends a package of invitations to be sent out to those who are interested. But he sends a message telling Gregor that evil must not learn about this world or all his efforts will perish.

A couple weeks later, kids from around the world receive letter inviting them to a brand new school which just appeared out of nowhere. It promises adventure and surprise around every corner. The letter says to be at the Los Angeles Airport and Spaceport in three days.

Who knows what will happen? The adventure is just the beginning ... and chaos is just trailing along.

I know this one was at the very begining of this thread... but i want to keep going with this idea.. enhance it, make it sing.

Tentative Title: Monster University:Worlds Collide
Basis: Pokemon/Digimon/Yu-Gi-Oh
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Characters Needed: Trainers/Tamers/Duelists
Basic Plot: Everyone in there seperate worlds went about their normal liufe buisness. Until it happened. Three computer geniouses from each world(Digimon/Pokemon/Yu-gi-oh) all caught a virus in their computers causing a whole new dimension to open. Here the scientists sent out anexploration team. It was like earth but one really big content, about the size of South America. They then did research on each others worlds, and found out that each world has revolved around a certain kind of monster. They then went back to the second dimension and built a school, a university more or less. This allowed special people from each world,tamers,duelists,trainers, could communicate.

But all was not well at the school. A staff member within the school has been secretly forming an army of the talented youths that go to the school. In time that staff member plans on using it to take over that new dimension.

What will happen? Will the three worlds ever be the same?
Other:I have no clue yet.

9th July 2009, 04:45 PM
First RPG on this site! Bear with me please

Assasins: The E.E Revolution

“Zabu, you have an assignment waiting for you, please go to the briefing room. The raspy voice replied and went to the Briefing room. When the Darkling Grunt arrived, it saw two Darklings staring at it with a greedy look in there cold lime green eyes. One of them got right to the point and said, “We need you as a spy. We have been sensing grave danger for a while now and it is most likely going to be the Degradations(humans). I need you to phase into a beetle and fly down to the institute. Take this Recorder and tape EVERYTHING. It will change its size just as you do. And no matter what, as long as it is on it will record everything in the radius of the transmitter. You are dismissed.” A deeper raspy voice spoke, the next one in the room said, “Follow me.” It lead the grunt to a pod, a depositing pod, used for reaching destinations. “I will type in the coordinates.” As he was doing that, the grunt realized the promotion he might get if the mission was a success. Or the demotion if it was a failure. The grunt decided to take the risk. The first Darkling spoke up to say, “We Darklings on behalf of the second galaxy of Jhar, put our prayers on you now. If this is a success than you are going to be the third and final chief of the Darkling race. You may go.”
[bmp]“I brought you here today, for one specific reason. We are at war with the Darklings. A race born from the very shadows of space. And we are losing our battles. If this continues, the Institute and the world as we know it will be terminated. Is that clear?” About 200 heads nodded, still completely silent, waiting or the Commander to tell us his point. “Our scientists have come up with new weapons and technology. Out of these two hundred people I see in front of me, only six of you will learn about this technology. You will train until you are deprived of everything else. This training will be engraved in your brain so deep, you could physically feel it. We will work you-” The Commander was cut off by his assistant reminding him not to scare anyone. The Commander started to pace but keeping his eyes on the crowd that were all huddled into the small conference room. The Commander began again with “Back to the technology. Each one of the six will be equipped with the equipment suited to that individual. It is decided by your results, whether or not you are at least suited for the technology, and if you happen to be one of the six, then other tests will determine which type of the new techs are going to be assigned to you. Ant questions?”

The crowd started an uproar of whispering. A man in the middle of the crowd decided to speak to the commander above the whispering. “Commander, sir, what are these tests?”
The commander took on a new facial expression. A grim seriousness with a tint of fear.[bmp]The fear was not for him. It was for what lied ahead for the troops. “You will be tested in strength, flexibility, intellect, agility and speed, your ability to think on your toes, weapon use, and willpower. But may I warn you, the tests aren’t as easy going as they seem. You will have to look into yourself to find these qualities. The tests are unforgiving, and will not back down. You have to show more force than the tests do to overcome the challenges. Are there any more questions?

“Commander, sir, what if the Darklings are a step ahead of us? There could be one here right now as one of the troops.” The commander took consideration of the question. “If in fact one is here as a spy, then all they will do is have to prepare with their numbers. They may be able to deceive by changing shape and they may be able to multiply, but whoever the six chosen ones are, oh boy they better be prepared. The tests will start at 0600 tomorrow sharp. Everybody dismissed.” Everyone stood up and shouted their solute, “Sir, Commander, Sir!”

It is either Chaos or Victory for the Institute from now on.Sign Ups:

What shall you be?
[color=indigo]Darklings: A small raptor like creature around 4’11. They have razor sharp claws and fangs, along with invaluable intellect. They know how to use weapons, vehicles and such.
They can take on the form of anything they have seen in their life. The drawback is they have to have seen it somehow. They are fast, really fast, and they have enhanced senses. They also multiply. Evil/Bad/Sinister/Awesome enough? They all have glowing lime green eyes with no pupils. They have a tail and claws and fangs. Just picture a black shadowy Velaciraptor (excuse my spelling…)

I want three at the most. Try to make them a tad bigger like around 5’4 and make them chiefs of all the other Darklings. But definitely be creative.

Chosen Ones: These are going to be human soldiers that have been fused with gamma rays, giving them enhanced senses and powers that go with their equipment. They have a black uniform (almost exactly like the Soldier first class Zack wears in FF:CC) but they have a belt resembling their color/element. The rest of the features are up to you guys.

Red Chosen One: Equip. based on fire.

Blue Chosen One: Equip. based on water/ice/snow. (Reserved for… ME! XD)

Yellow Chosen One: Equip. based on light/lightning/storm/weather

Green Chosen One: Equip. based on rock/sand/plants

Purple Chosen One: Equip. based on poison

Indigo Chosen One: Equip. based on mind/telekinesis
[bmp]Humans: A regular soldier that you would normally find in a real life military. Only one or two of these because they aren’t really that big of a deal. If you want to be a big deal in this RPG, then prove it in the history.

Commander: Who wants to be the leader!? He does get to fight so don’t get him wrong. He is infused with the same rays as the chosen ones and relies on automatic weapons. He has different clothes than the other soldiers though. Luckily, I am not going to be him so it is open. But sorry ladies, it is an automatic male… DX… Unless any ladies wants to be a male in this! XD

Chosen Ones equipment: They all have an arm cannon that takes up the forearm, wrist, hand, fingers… etc. The arm cannon has a colored stripe due to wich color you are. You each get a vehicle that looks like a ghost from Halo, but it is silver, and again has a stripe according to your color. On your belt you have a hexagon shaped gadget, that when you pass your hand through it, you go into your elemental stage.

Elemental Stage: Your eyes glow and your arm cannon turns into energy that circulates around the arm that the arm cannon was previously on. Here you cant use guns or any weapons. It is all out elemental attack. You don’t gain in power, you just have different abilities. And you look different. You access this through heightened emotions.

Darkling Equipment: Make Your Own!

If you want to be anything else.. PM me.
[bmp]Sign Up Form:

[b]Name: First, Middle.. No last name.
Age: 20-30 year olds
Gender: Male Female
What Character are you from above: Darkling? Chosen One? Human? Other? Commander?
Personality: What kind of person is your character? What is his/her attitude towards the war.
Appearance: Clothes you don’t have to worry about, if a darkling.. Explain shape and look.
History: How you got recruited into the institute… and if a chosen one tell how you became a chosen one. If a Darkling, then explain what changed you into one.
Other: Anything else?

My Char will be up later. I am reserving the Water chosen one for myself.

Have Fun creating your Characters!

What do ya think????? i am gonna post this one way or another... just need insight and comments... so it can be at its very best.... :)

Weasel Overlord
9th July 2009, 04:51 PM
Hey Adrenaline, welcome to RPG! *waves happily* This is specifically a topic where you can get feedback on your RPG ideas, but yours seems like a fully developed topic that's ready for posting. Were you wanting feedback on it, or were you just wanting to start an RPG? If it IS an actual topic and you're wanting to start the RPG as it is, you want to post it in the main RPG board so that people can post their sign ups in reply. :D Hope that helps!

EDIT: Ahah, I didn't see your edit tharr! That's magic, just ignore the previous blabber (except for the welcoming part :D)

9th July 2009, 05:05 PM
Everbody I asked likes it alot... so I am going to post it.... jeez i did EVERYTHING in one day... I got a ASB team, applied for being a ref, and now i am posting an rpg.... oh and i got an avatar and hoping to get an ASB banner.. waiting for Crazy to respond...

so yeah i am posting it in the rpg main... hope to see lots of you!

thank you for the welcome!

9th July 2009, 05:24 PM
Everbody I asked likes it alot... so I am going to post it.... jeez i did EVERYTHING in one day... I got a ASB team, applied for being a ref, and now i am posting an rpg....

Hah, I know the feeling, I just came back to the board a couple days ago and I've done all of that stuff too...except for posting an RPG, but I plan to!

Yours looks really good, though. If I had nothing else to do, I might just sign up for it, but I've got enough on my plate atm.

9th July 2009, 05:55 PM
hey whatever floats your boat!... anyways i cant wait to see that rpg you were talking about!

14th July 2009, 08:02 PM
Tentative Title: Ramses: A Dynasty Divided
Basis: Ancient Egypt
Genre: War/Adventure/Society
Characters Needed: Humans (multiple social classes)
Basic Plot: The idea is centered around a conflict that has arisen over succession to the throne of Ramses II, one of the most powerful Pharaohs in Egyptian history. Obviously this is not historically accurate, just made up for fun. Ramses had three sons, and during his reign they were all granted governance over a portion of the empire. However, when Ramses II passed away, he had not yet named the heir to his throne. With an heir unchosen, the three brothers began to quarrel over who should accede to the throne. The debate quickly turned violent, and the brothers declared all out war on each other. In this time of war, who will emerge the victorious new Pharaoh? Time will tell. This RPG takes its players into the Egyptian society, where they can play a wide range of classes, including (but not limited to) Regional Governors, Nobles, Merchants, Soldiers, Peasants, Slaves, or even Ramses' three sons!
Other: This idea has been cooking in my head for a while now. I felt that this board needed something different from the normal magic and fantasy, so I came up with an RPG more based on reality.

Soooo...what do you guys think?

14th July 2009, 08:13 PM
I love Egyption stuff. I use to roll on an Egyption roleplay forum, I'm all for this idea ^_^!

We sorta did it around this too- I can't remember, No, I think we did it around the rise of Amun, hmmm. I think. We were all devided up like they did back then. I was just a lower Priestess, I don't think any of the politics ran by me.

But yeah! I'd join this one ^_^

14th July 2009, 09:41 PM
I would too James XD do it nowwwwwww!!! XDDDD shit I keep joining things how am I going to have time for it all :S

10th September 2009, 05:51 PM

^- Click that and tell me that's not a good idea for a roleplay.

Tentative Title: Nursing Home Woes

Basis: Stupid Creature Collection

Genre: Pure Awesome

Characters Needed: Stupid Creatures from that section of the site and more- wily elders!

Basic Plot: The wicked Dr. Morticius Darthmave has just created a machine that'll suck life energy right out of a person and put that energy in the pill...Which would be great for old people...if he wasn't using them as fuel. Can they stop him before the world is over run by whipper snappers?

Other: Don't deny it. This idea is solid.

(Reply, reply, reeeeply......*phantom whispers*)

28th September 2009, 12:13 PM
Tentative Title: Celestial Revelations
Basis: Inspired by the Shin Megami Tensei games
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, post apocalyptic
Characters Needed:

Man, Child of Potential,
Thy Time has Come,
Judgement Is Here,
And Thou Wilt Decide,
The Fate of Thyself,
And of Heaven and Hell

For millenia, heaven and hell have quarreled and fought for dominance over man and the world, with this war leaving mankind more or less free to develop as it desired, barring occasional interference by one side or another.

This period is over, for mankind is on the cusp of achieving its true potential, the ability to surpass either heaven or hell, or possibly even both. With the birth of children with inherent mystical abilities, the death knell was rung for both sides, and both sides acted.

People of power were swayed, World War III occured. Earth is now a recovering wasteland, populated sparsely and in groups, as both demons and angels seek to sway the remaining humanity to their side through overt action.

You are one of those who was born with mystical potential, you must decide where your loyalties lie, and what you will do with your power...

28th September 2009, 12:17 PM
I like the idea, and the game series. But didn't we have a roleplay like this recently? They all seem the same anymore...

28th September 2009, 02:02 PM
well, Mystic Clown's is based more off the Persona games, whereas mine is stealing elements from more mainline SMT games

28th September 2009, 03:09 PM
Hmm! Hmmm! Well, if you wanna do it :3 Do it. You has my approval, yes. I approve of stuff. Like ham and stuff.

Celestial Blade
4th October 2009, 10:29 AM
I need a plot for a decent Pokemon Sentai RP (Sentai as in, stuff like "Power Rangers" or "Kamen Rider", y'know). I keep drawing blanks.

9th October 2009, 11:23 PM
Tentative Title: Smash Fantasy
Basis: Final Fantasy, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Various Nintendo games
Genre: Fantasy/Action/Adventure
Characters Needed: Nintendo characters, Final Fantasy characters

Basic Plot: The power of the four Crystals is diminishing. The Four Emperors have been abusing and absorbing their power for many years under their tyrannical rule over their kingdoms. If they don't stop abusing their powers soon, the Crystals will shatter, the Emperors will fully absorb their power and gain immortality, and rule forever unopposed.

However, the Emperors are wary, because a prophecy has been announced to the kingdoms by a mysterious wandering mage. "The Four Emperors will fall. The Crystals four will be restored. The ultimate evil will perish. Heroes with the power of the stars and animals will see to this."

With the prophecy set in place, the people had hope and finally began resisting. The Four Emperors have unleashed many soldiers, magicians, and monsters upon the land telling them to destroy any form of resistance, small or big.

The Heroes have not been found as of yet. Are you one of them? If you are, will you fulfill the prophecy or will you let the Four Emperors rule for eternity?

Other: The Heroes will be Smash Bros. characters with Final Fantasy Job classes who possess the spirit of a specific Greek and Chinese Zodiac sign.

Crystal Tears
15th October 2009, 04:47 PM
Tentative Title: EARTH II or E2 (probably E2, as I was informed there was a show or something called EARTH II? Meh..)

Basis: Random idea? People could probably relate it to things… It was a story idea but Asi told me to put it up here.

Genre: Sci Fi… and maybe something else, meh.

Characters Needed: I’m still undetermined if I’ll allowed none human personal… Past that a wide group of people.

Basic Plot: A top secret SUN (System United Nations) project that had large group of personal cryofrozen and sent far away to explore the unexplored regions of space. The ship itself was called the “EARTH II” as it would be home to hundreds of people for an undetermined amount of time, and is capable of supporting life for numerous years due to advances in technology.

It was publically announced later on, the ship sent on its merry way. The Navigation computer known as [A.I. name] made a calculated jump into the vast unknown.

Crew wake up later [undetermined amount of time], hundreds of people have died in their chambers; others are trapped in comatose states. A.I has no recollection what went wrong, it seems that the entire ship may have shut down for period of time, resulting in deaths (some survivors are NPCs).

There are also several decks and whatnot personal are not allowed in. Including the A.I control room, which would give insight to why the other rooms are off limits. A couple of people (pending on how many join) have no knowledge of ever signing up to be on the mission. They remember falling asleep in their beds, or a past event that would’ve rendered them unconscious, but nothing of being involved in the E2 program. [May be cut out]

Strange things begin to occur, and crew members start disappearing, strange noises in the night, unknown protocols, and distrust in each other begin to grow.

Mmmkay, the rest of it is sort of undetermined (thus why it’s not a highly detailed, elaborate [yeah okay…] plot XD ). I know what I wanted to do for the story but it doesn’t quite work in RPG form, but that’ll be eventually easy to change.

* * *

DivineAll: It's an interesting idea, but I think having characters with both a FF job class ability (which come with a variety of skills to begin with, and they may have more if they come with specific Nintendo Worlds related powers), and the power of Zodiacs is a bit much.

It's a good basic idea though. :3 I hope you can expand on it.

Plus your title amuses me.

15th October 2009, 04:53 PM

And Deadspace hadda baby and made this :3 I'd join that shiznat, I'd join hardcore. I'd join so hard, I'd send my profile into the future.....

I'd say the genre is Sci-fi Horror ^-^

15th October 2009, 04:54 PM
Hmmm, interesting. A group of people waking up on a ship in the middle of deep space, with something that may or may not crave human flesh, and an artificial intelligence that may or may not be secretly plotting their demise (like Glados, only with no cake...but plenty of lies). Sounds like fun ^_^ Can't wait to see the finished product.

15th October 2009, 08:59 PM
YES SIE like I told you already I demand sexy rpg-ness XDDD

Master Rudy
10th November 2009, 11:37 PM
I'm usually not one for pitching my own ideas since I'm far from a decent GM. However the board needs something different and I just so happen to be in a bit of an old school gaming mood. So with that I present to you:

Tentative Title-The Arcadian Chronicles

Basis-RPG set in the normal Mega Man universe (Original Series, X1-6, Zero timeline, ignores X7&8 and ZX!)


Characters Needed-Humans and Reploids mainly. Toying with the idea of allowing what I would call Aguments (in short humans with Reploid style enhancements). Pre-existing characters would be few and far between if I even allowed them in the first place since the primary cast died either way before or during the Zero series. If I did allow a pre-existing character then your going to need a damn good reason to explain how the hell they are alive considering some have been dead/destroyed anywhere between a few years to 200+ years as of the end of the Zero series.

Basic Plot-It's the early 24th century. The Robot/Maverick Wars have truely come to an end. However it came at a great cost. Zero and X are gone and the world is still trying desperately to recover from the colony disaster at the end of X5. Humanity and Reploids have finally come together and the resulting research from scientists on both ends is slowly starting to repair the world. Maverick attacks are few and far between and even then the Reploids in question aren't Mavericks in the true sense of the word since the Sigma/Zero virus has been totally wiped out. All is not well however.....a mysterious new group of robots have appeared from seemingly nowhere. Some are Reploids, yet others appear to have what could only be called an extremely outdated design. These older models more than make up for their weakness with sheer numbers. With rumors abound to the nature of the attack a stranger known only as L appears. He offers them advice that helps to slow the destruction but it's obvious that he seems to know perhaps a bit too much. Who is L? Is he a human or a Reploid? What does he really know about the threat that has him so worried? Is he the one truely behind is and merely seeking to become a false hero or is there something more to all of this?

Other-Knowledge of the series is a plus but not needed. Also since I've never personally done my own RPG before I may be looking for someone to help me out. If I go the route of having a second person then basic knowledge of the series would be extremely helpful for when it comes time to bounce ideas back and forth.

Now I don't know if I'll do this or not yet. I've got a basic idea and gameplan. However the most important thing right now is trying to gauge intrest.

10th November 2009, 11:49 PM
Yes. .o.

12th November 2009, 01:47 AM
Interest gauged.

Master Rudy
13th November 2009, 02:22 AM
Well I'm happy to see that there is some potential intrest in this one. I already know what blade likes about it. What about you Houndy? Any likes or dislikes in regards to my idea?

Also is anyone else overly intrested in it?

Darth CookieMonster
13th November 2009, 11:38 AM
Well I have no idea what Megaman is really about. But I wanna be a dude with an arm cannon. And I am pretty sure i would get an understanding somehow. So yeah what I am saying is, I am interested.

Mew Master
1st December 2009, 01:52 AM
Tentative Title: Ouran Host Club
Basis: Modern Day
Genre: High School Romantic Comedy
Characters Needed: Rich good looking boys, young women to "woo" over them, and a few poor students caught in the middle of the chaos. Character Types: Loli-boy, Stoic, Prince, Devilish Brothers, Intellect, ect. And at least one girl who can be mistaken for a guy.
Basic Plot: Ouran Academy is the highest of the high class schools. Here boys with too much time on their hands entertain fine young ladies also with way too much time on their hands. However a few poor students who managed to pass the enterance exams have managed to make it to Ouran get involved.
Other: Yeah, I'm officially crazy. @_#

1st December 2009, 02:32 AM
I just fucking love Mega Man :3

And that's a good manga, Mew of the Masters.

I want a Mario&Luigi one, but I'll wait for a while until everyone has had a chance to play the newst game X3

19th December 2009, 02:50 PM
HEY, remember back in the day when this thread had a rule where you needed to comment on others idea. Yeah- I'd ENJOY THAT right now -_-

Tentative Title: Princess and the Frog 2 <- lame title, help me with that

Basis: mid-1920s New Orleans

Genre: Fantasty

Characters Needed: Characters from the movie

Other characters (made ups) will be allowed

Basic Plot: I try not to create a big strict plot, so here's what I have so far. The Shadowman has found away to come back from where ever he was dragged and now seeks revenge...only catch is that in order to stay on this side, he needs to fulfill his promise in giving all the wayward souls to them. There. That's our skeleton plot.

Other: Maybe I should wait until enough people have seen it?

Also, if anyone has seen it yet :B Would you want to co-host it with me?

-------- ------------ ---------------

Tentative Title: Chocolate Wars (I know that's a name of a book. Its completely unrelated, that book, to this roleplay...sorta)

Basis: Alternate reality. It's basically like the one we live in, only slightly more technological advanced and other things...

Genre: Fantasy/Sci-fi

Characters Needed: We'll need students at college level and scientists and maybe a teacher or two. I'll allow one child genius...we'll also need guys in charge...

Basic Plot:

There are thousands of other realities outside our own. This is one of them. It's virtually identical to ours except for two things. One) They're technology is years ahead of us. and Two) Chocolate was unheard of until 20 year ago...20 years ago, a horrible plague shot through the land.

The world looked to their scientists for a cure. Two of the world's known greatest were at the top of the race to find a cure, their names: Mr. Wonka and Mr. Fickelgruber.

No one is sure who found the cure first. But by the cultivating of a rare bean in the remote forests of the Rain Forest, they were able to create chocolate. The chocolate stopped the plague from attacking the brain's chemicals...Mr. Wonka and Mr. Fickelgruber saved the world.

They left their fellow scientist and built a factory dedicated to their work. But, as the story goes, Mr. Fickelgruber got greedy and Mr. Wonka got paranoid, the two separated, and built separate factories that just about faced each other....

The two built their factories on the outskirts of the University of Cadbury, were they can literally snatch the brightest minds from the school to work for them...

Last night, a ten year old boy was admitted to the hospital with 'suspicious symptom'...

Other: :L Looks good so far, huh...

Roy Karrde
16th January 2010, 06:15 PM
Been tossing around ideas for a few different RPGs, I will be updating this as I post all 3 of them

Tentative Title: Star Wars: Hidden Thoughts
Basis: Star Wars Old Republic, Fire Fly
Genre: Action/Adventure/Chase
Characters Needed: Various roles for the pirates that make up the ship

Basic Plot: Nearly 1,000 years before the Empire swept to power, the Grand Republic of the Galaxy was embroiled in a war that had brought it to its knees. The New Sith Empire, long thought on the verge of collapse after centuries of fighting, swept across the galaxy with amazing force. Lead under the charismatic Lord Kaan, and his Brotherhood of Darkness, the New Sith Empire captured numerous systems, and those that didn’t fall to it’s strength, joined willingly after fallen under the charm of Lord Kaan.

The Republic was sent wheeling backwards, forced to defend system after system from the Sith’s armies, the Republic is forced to turn to a untested leader, and the Army of Light, a fighting force mixed with Jedi and Republic troops, which has turned to recruiting force sensitive children to fill its ranks.

After years of fighting, the Sith were poised to attack the core systems, with a dagger pointed directly at Coruscant, the Republic’s seat of power. It comes to the surprise of every one when the New Sith Empire declares a ceasefire at their moment of victory. The Republic jumps on this opportunity, using it to gather supplies and forces, while trying to figure out how to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

For the crew of the Theif’s Shadow, the time is perfect to make some extra money; the ceasefire allows them to travel across enemy lines with out the fear of finding themselves jumping into the middle of a battle. It also allows them to smuggle goods to needy worlds that have been ravaged by war, as well as sneak Jedi and Sith across enemy lines.

On one of these missions they are tasked with picking up a Jedi lost behind enemy lines, the lost Jedi is retrieved, but dies enroute back to Republic lines, with his last breath he tells of the true reason the cease fire was called. The Sith have discovered a ancient device, one capable of destroying all life on a planet with a single bomb.

This revelation is only one step upon a larger adventure for the crew, as they find themselves on the run from the Sith, along with numerous worlds who would gladly see the war end, even if it meant a Republic defeat, as well as forces acting within the Republic willing to let billions die if it meant a hasty end to the war.

Can the crew warn the Republic in time to save the lives of everyone on Courscant, or will they find themselves the subjects of a New Sith Empire by the time they arrive back.

Other: I really wanted to do a Sci Fi based story, and doing one in a relatively new part of the Star Wars Universe, while focusing more on the criminal element of smugglers and thieves instead of Jedi seemed like a new direction to go. This story does take place in a actual time period in Star Wars mythology. (http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/New_Sith_Wars)


Tentative Title: The World Ends With Us ( Not related to the Square Game )
Basis: Just laying in bed trying to go to sleep, Green Lantern
Genre: Action/Adventure/Drama
Characters Needed: The 7 chosen ones to bring about the end of the world

Basic Plot: Rape, Murder, Economic Disaster, Terrorism, Floods, Tsunamis, Global Warming. The World is dying, it's very soul slowly rotting away under the darkness that has slowly grown to engulf it, burying into it like a cancer. As a young adult, either still in school or at your very first job, you can feel that this isn't how the world is supposed to be, that there is something more than the darkness and depression that has seemingly engulfed everything.

As you walk home one day, you find what looks like a strange colored ring glistening in the grass. At first you ignore it only to find yourself compelled to take it, to place it on your finger. It is with this that you understand what is happening to the world, that like with the old biblical tale of Noah, that it has become rotten and evil, that if it continues upon its path, it will become a hellish world filled only with death and suffering. And that like Noah, the only way to save it is a cleansing flood, to start anew.

With a ring representing one of the seven human emotions, you journey across Earth with the others who have also found similar rings. Journeying to ancient temples that will begin the process of restoring the world to health and beauty. There is how ever one out there who will do everything to stop you, one who represents death and who wishes to see the world continue it's decent into hell.

Death will do everything to stop you, to divide you, to do everything possible to prevent you from completing your task. The stakes are high, as either way the world as you know it will end. What becomes of it after wards is up to you.

Other: Again this all came to me at nearly 1 am at night, with the power rings just being a after thought. I thought it would be interesting that instead of having a RPG where you save the world. You are destroying it for the greater good, and the villain on the other hand is trying to save what we currently view as civilization.

Outlaw JT
19th January 2010, 12:39 PM
First things first I suppose....

Comment: Roy's recent Star Wars idea. Not terribly original but fairly well conceived. Placed in a good point in the timeline so you can monkey around with your own characters and plot inventions without having to worry too much about messing with established chronologies. I already have a character in mind who might fit nicely. Del, the jaded Warden of the Sky who rails against both the Jedi and Sith traditions who tries to keep things simple by just staking out his own section of the galactic skies to protect, swept up into a galaxy spanning race that makes him work for and against the two force traditions that he clashes with so readily.

Tentative Title: Dragon Age: Land of the Fallen
Basis: Obviously, Dragon Age: Origins
Genre: action/adventure/fantasy
Characters Needed: a single leader, warriors, rogues, and mages of varying types.
Basic Plot: I don't plan to write out a detailed plot unless I feel there's enough support to make this into a fulfilling rpg. The basic plot, though, is this: Shortly after the end of the last blight a mysterious man claiming to be a Grey Warden emerges from the Deep Roads into Orzammar. He claims to have a message of vital importance for his order and is escorted to the surface by a small honor guard to find them. In spite of a strange illness that magic seems to have no effect on he holds on long enough to meet with the surviving members of the Warden's from the blight. He spins a tale of a lost city in the Deep Roads held by Grey Warden's and a long lost secret of the order and of the impending threat on both because of the darkspawn's retreat back underground at the end of the Blight. The rpg will follow those who are chosen or volunteer to investigate the outlandish claims of the mystery Warden.
Other: Please PM me if you're interested as it's likely the only way I'll see whether there's any genuine interest or not.

22nd January 2010, 12:42 AM
I never played Dragon Age Origins, but my brother has. But I know enough that if I joined, I wouldn't f it up :3


Tentative Title: Viva Pinata: Garden Wars

Basis: The simulation game known as Viva Pinata

Genre: Fucking awesome- I’m not sure, actually, what this would fall under?

Characters needed: Gardeners, Pinatas if you want to be them, and any main human characters you want you play.

Basic Plot:

Piñata central has just given notice! The King of Partyland wants a piñata at his daughter’s 16th birthday. The selected garder will not only get fame and fortune, but knighted by the King of Partyland AND be the only supplier of the royal family!

He’ll only take the best piñata there is, so all the graders will have to work hard in order to be selected. But not is all well on Piñata Island…

Other: :3 Please comment

30th January 2010, 06:38 PM
Uhhh..This is not an idea, but merely an inquiry.

Has there been a direct Time travelling RP :o. I mean like, you send a (or a group of chars back) in time and they complete some mission, so that another groups of chars can get through an area, thereby changing the timeline, to help complete the RP :o? It's kinda like Singularity really, but I dun think I ever saw it here :O

I had a few thoughts about it and if it seems like someone wanted to take it, then feel free.

30th January 2010, 08:19 PM
I had a time-based RPG called Killing Time about a year ago.

Three guesses what happened to it. :sweat:

31st January 2010, 02:33 AM
Heeey, once again my Yes No roleplay inquiry gets ignored! And ya'll wonder why I sound bitter about stuff. Chichichiiii~ Rawr.

I like that idea. :3 I've been dreaming I'm a time traveler lately.

Guess one: It died
Guess two: No one signed up
Guess three: You went back in time and stopped past you from posting it

Killing Time sounds like a great title! I was avoiding here like a plague by then. But I love time traveling things :P That would be fun. Staaaart it again, Blaaaaade and DeeeeeeeeeL

Master Rudy
31st January 2010, 03:01 AM
Hmm.....time travel. Done wrong it's an absolute mess. Done right it can be fucking awesome (see Chrono Trigger if you need more proof of this)
Hey Blade how about you and DL get together and bounce some ideas on the matter back and forth? It sounds interesting. Don't let the fact it died the first time get you down bro. Try it again ^_~

EDIT-And like an idiot I forgot to post my idea...... >_<
After given it some thought I think I know the main problem with my ideas. They tend to be good (to me anyway) or break away from the norm. However people either aren't interested in the subject matter or it would get a little hard to implement (let's face it.....a 24 RPG has potential to be awesome but would be a downright nightmare to run thanks to the real time aspect >_<). Finally I think my lack of GMing experience doesn't help matters

Therefore I'm putting more complex ideas on the backburner for now and keeping things simply by tossing out an idea for an anime based RPG that I've not seen around here:

Tentative Title-Slayers

Basis-RPG based on the anime Slayers (duh....)


Characters Needed-Mainly humans, perhaps some demons and other character types as well (anything within reason for the universe wouldn't be turned down). As for fighting styles they would range from your typical swordfighting to sorcery.

Basic Plot-Still working this out. Right now I'm rewatching the Next and Try to refresh my memory on the overall story arc. After that I may break away and go AU in between Try and Revolution. I might allow some people to play as Lina and company but I'm still undecided on that as people playing established characters never seems to go well. :-/

Other-Knowledge of the series isn't needed but might be helpful (trying to work off Brandy's formula for DotBM here). Also as a severely inexperienced GM I'd be willing to co-GM this one. Knowledge for the co-GM would be prefered. If there's interest in it and if someone is willing to work with me on this (or start an idea topic like Heald/Blade's for DB) then perhaps I may actually get this one up in a month or so once I'm done with everything up to the end of Try ^_~

31st January 2010, 05:35 PM
Guess one: It died

You win the prize.

The prize is a dead RPG.

Darth CookieMonster
4th June 2010, 06:02 PM
an somebody PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make a james cameron avatar RPG PLEAS PlEASE PLEASE?

Master Rudy
16th September 2010, 12:04 AM
There seems to be a lack of new RPG ideas in the forums as of late. I plan to change that......

Tentative Title: Star Trek
Basis: ........you really need this one explained?
Genre: Sci-Fi Action/Adventure
Characters Needed: Characters of any Trek race mainly. Still semi up in air if this is going to take place on one ship or several. That'll depend on interest for the idea.

Basic Plot: This one will be staying in the Prime Timeline post-Nemesis and take place in 2409 (30 years after the final TNG movie). Early focus will be on the fractured relations between the Klingons and the UFP and perhaps move onto the Borg later. Obviously due to this some events of ST XI and the prequel comic are included (destruction of Romulus and Spock's assumed KIA status in 2387, Data's memories transfered to another android, ect). Cannon wise it will follow the events established by the writers for Star Trek Online. As a result it may not be a bad idea to read up on The Road to 2409 (http://www.startrekonline.com/node/1771) at the STO website.
Other: Knowledge of Trek won't be required but it would be prefered. That however doesn't mean a sign up would be denied since the Memory Alpha Wiki (http://memory-alpha.org/wiki/Portal:Main) has all the hard cannon info (that is TV/movies) you would need to know. Finally original characters would be prefered but I won't rule out allowing perhaps a few pre-existing characters in provided the person that wants to play them knows the character inside and out. If I do decide to allow them those kinds of sign ups will be VERY limited!

Roy Karrde
23rd June 2012, 07:59 PM
Figured I would put this one out, see if anyone knows of this anime or likes the idea.



The Last Command

In the far future, humanity has been driven underground, living by whatever meager life they can manage as they are hunted by the evil Lord Genome and his army of Beastmen, artificially created beings that pilot massive mechs known as Gunmen. It isn't until a plucky kid named Simon, a reckless leader named Kamina, and the sharpshooter named Yoko, meet up and take control of one of the Beastmen Gunmen, dubbing it Gurren Lagann. Through their journey they inspire other clans of humans to join in their fight against the Beastmen and to capture other Gunmen, eventually they defeat the Beastmen Generals, and take the fight to Lord Genome himself, where a long costly battle ends with Simon and humanity the victor.

It has now been a year since the fall of Lord Genome and his fortress of Teppelin, and from its ashes rises the majestic Kamina City, the new capital of the growing human resistance which struggles to transition from war to peace. This includes a new government that the young Simon finds himself thrust into leading as he now finds himself fighting battles in the hall of government and not on the battlefields.

Yet as the human's begin to think their battle with the Beastmen is all but over, with their leader gone, their generals defeated, and their armies scattered, a new threat arises from the barren waste land of the Arctic. General Nyax, the only human ever to be granted a rank in the Beastmen army has returned from his five year journey in the Arctic Circle to find the destruction wrought by the human resistance.

General Nyax uses his cunning mind and leadership to gather the fractions of Beastmen together, and with a weapon that was developed in the cold depths of the Arctic, he freezes Kamina City in a ice shell so strong that not even the drills of Gurren Lagann can pierce.

With the armies of humanity all but sealed inside of the barrier, General Nyax goes to war path, determined to engage in a act of genocide to destroy the enclaves of humanity once and forever.

All that stands in his way, is the squad of human gunmen pilots known as Squad Six. Being forced to guard a communications array far from Kamina City as punishment for nearly destroying a large portion of the city in a freak training accident, the squad of pilots can think of nothing more boring than guarding a hunk of metal in the middle of nowhere.

When the distress signal comes in from Kamina City, followed by the cutoff of all communications, it can only mean the worse. That the Beastmen have struck, and that they are the only warriors left to defend humanity....

23rd September 2012, 11:16 PM
Tentative Title: Annals of Fallen Albion
Basis: original
Genre: Near future post-apocalyptic urban fantasy and horror
Characters Needed: Humans, Demon Blooded, Demons, others.
Basic Plot: In the year 2067, a cataclysm rocked the British Isles, a massive, unprecedented volcanic event occurred in the waters between Britain and Scotland, joining the two and choking the skies with ash, after the initial widespread panic began to subside, eerie events began to occur, increased reports of mysterious killings, more rural villages losing communications, and strange fog rolling in, and, of course, the Ash Clouds continuing to cast the sky a gloomy grey most days.

One Year after the eruption of Mt Mordred, things collapsed completely when a major military base was completely destroyed by creatures that were called by the few survivors as 'Demons' or 'Monsters', most other major military installations were struck in quick succession as more and more of these Demons made their presence known, throwing the Isles into an anarchic state. The UN, after an emergency meeting, declared a total quarantine of the British Isles, save for specially authorized Coalition research and strike teams.

Our story starts fourty years later, in the demon occupied and ruled British Isles, now collectively known as Fallen Albion. Will you Survive?
Other: There are more setting details, but this seemed an appropriate amount for a quick pitch