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Crystal Tears
17th April 2006, 11:45 AM
Kingdom Heartless
A Fantasy Style RPG(roughly based on Kingdom Hearts)
Created By Crystal Tears and Hyperness Is a Good Thing

To Steal the Heart of the Living,
To turn the living callous
When their dream came to a crashing end,
We began to appear again.
To steal the heart of the Chosen,
To create the ultimate Heartless.

[font=verdana][size=11pt]When the rift opens up to reveal the light of the Holy Spirit in the world, the chaotic hell will in turn be unleashed. Monsters only related to the underworld described in the darkest of books will be unseen, but felt. The touch of Death’s hand will grip the soul tight and rip it from the body. They too will become the fallen dreamt of only in nightmares, the creatures with the touch of pain will make them feel nothing but the sorrows of ages to come. Light will fail, and evil will prevail. All this foreseen within the Book of Promise.

However, the Book of Faith, made to balance out the Book of Promise, states that with the unity of all keys in the locks of the Gates of the Kingdom of the Heartless, the Book of Promise will be burned, and hell will be sent back behind the gate and forever sealed. Time itself will make sure that the race of innocents will thrive once again, and left alone to destroy themselves, as they will.

But without unity before the Gates of the Kingdom of Heartless.. The ones lacking souls will continue to steal, their own goal impossible but without a mind they cannot see their faulty plan. When all the souls run out they must face judgement. The Chosen will fight with all their strength, but they too, if they do not reach the gate fast enough, will become soulless. Then, and only then, will the Book of Promise finish its words, and give the sorrowers their souls and end their unceasing torment.

So goes the Legend of the Heartless...

The time is now, and we live in a depraved world, where humanity is slowly sinking down into its darkest hours. Unbeknownst to the adults, an eternity ago, probably at the dawn of time, a dark kingdom landed on our fair land, releasing hordes upon hordes of dark shadows all over the world.

However, all those aeons ago, they were noticed and stopped by a group of courageous humans, keyblade wielders, who devised a way to shut the dark castle out, to keep it from spreading more of its misery. They performed a great binding that they hoped would forever sunder the world of darkness from ours, and the Castle of the Heartless was sealed away, inaccessible to all except in their nightmares. Unfortunately, the damage had been done, and dark shades have roamed the world since then.

Throughout the ages, these creatures have been in our darkest nightmares and the deepest recesses of our imagination. Children see them, but as they grow and mature, they lose some vital element that enables them to see these spooks, and for some reason, forgot of having ever been able to see them.

These shadows brought with them a touch of death, a touch that would rip out the souls of men and women, causing them to become one of their own. They would no longer feel love, terror, joy or sorrow, and they wandered, conscienceless, doing evil deeds in a vain attempt to fill the emptiness within them.

People soon learnt how recognise these dull and empty shells, and feared them. They became the forsaken ones, Children of the Heartless, and they wandered the earth, alone and lost, but driven to evil by the hollowness that they always felt. Luckily, a cure was found soon enough for the empty shells. A young girl who knew not the meaning of fear met one, and she, out of the goodness of her heart, treated a Child of the Heartless kindly, and that person was miraculously restored to sanity and humanity. This news was soon spread as far as it could go, and where the heartless’ cold touch had been, there were people, desperately attempting to cure the ones they loved, wrestling the souls of the Children back from the dark clutches of the heartless. Some of the Children resisted and could not be called back, and when their bodies died, they too became dark spirits that haunted the world with their soulless touch.

Hence, an uneasy balance was achieved in this long, drawn out battle that has lasted for an eternity. Thus it has been, and thus it would have been until the end of time, had it not been for the opening of the rift by some of the original heartless, grown great and cunning from their long stays on earth.

The Heartless Castle, now free to release innumerable spirits upon our world began its deadly work. In our modern age, the old legends of the Heartless have been forgotten, lost in the mists of time. We ask why our society is sinking to new lows, why people kill and seem to lack all their humanity, and we allude it to negative influences of the media and violent games and we blame it on crumbling family values. We have forgotten the true reason – the Heartless.

You can find your sign ups here (http://www.pokemasters.net/forums/index.php?topic=43964.0) So yes.. Have fun!

[font=franklin gothic medium][b]Silver

“They’re coming…”

The voice was silent to anyone trying to spy on the purple and blued haired teen, staring down at the sidewalk below, many people were walking, minding their own business, blaming the occurrence of ‘heartless’ children on the media. There was a reason, a horrible, blatantly obvious reason, but they had all forgotten, not one knew the reason of why the violence was occurring, and neither did they care…

“Shall we attack?”

The teen held out his hand, stopping the 3 yellow eyed shadow creatures beside him, they looked at him curiously, wondering what they were waiting for. His eyes were glazed over when the feeling of being eroded away, but he could still see them…

“Are you sure… They are chosen?” His voice was hollow; no emotion ran through it. “They don’t seem like chosen material.”

“They are… Great ones said they were.”

Silence, ripping the black key from the chain around his neck, he concentrated, focusing until the key morphed, growing larger until it was a menacing weapon that was ready to strike. At the same moment, the heartless teenager, and the three shadows jumped, as they were forced into droplets, the teen was going head first, air rippling around him as he held out his Keyblade, which causes a looming black smoke to encircle the figure, before he landed.

A massive shockwave erupted, the sidewalk crumbled and everyone was sent spiraling, cars were crushed, and twisted, while streetlights and poles bent. But he was fine, his eyes flickering with silver as they focused on the two in front of him. Both had toppled over, but the boy was quickly rising to his feet.

“Who are you?” He snarled. What the teenager presumed was his girlfriend stood up.


Silver, cold, and emotionless, he was on a mission, and he wasn’t about to fail. The three creatures soon rippled forth from the ground, and attacked, causing the man to stumble back into a dark alleyway. Watching for a few seconds, Silver turned back to the girl.

“Oh… Oh god…” She trembled, backing away from Silver as he neared. “Please don’t kill me.”

“Your begging really does nothing for you.” He hissed in returned, but was soon struck in the back. Silver almost toppled, but quickly swerved around, shoving the girl into the brick wall. It was that stupid boy again; Silver remained emotionless, striking the blade of the weapon into the ground. Five more shadows came, and hastily attacked, driving the boy back again.

He turned, but the girl was halfway down the street, quickly he pursued, until he had fallowed her all the way into a shop. He gazed threw the glass panel that separated him from the inside, it was dark; she had obviously turned off all the lights. Silver was just beginning to feel annoyance, striking the glass with his Keyblade, the panel shattered.

Whispers of ‘Oh god help me’ were faint, his ears could barely pick them up, but slowly he neared, the whispers becoming louder and louder, until there was silence. He was very close, but he hadn’t the time to search, instead, he turned, with a devilish elegance he stepped out of the back room, but didn’t exactly leave.

“If you will not perish to my blade…” Silver quickly flicked open a lighter, the small flame captured his attention for one minute. “Then you will burn.” He carefully, lit a couple of fabrics, the flames quickly grew large, and as he kicked over one of the flaming stands, they only grew larger. “Good bye.”

Closing the door, and locking it. He felt fists wham up against the doors frame. She had come out of hiding, but now it was too late. He looked at the ground for a moment, before pulling another stand in front of the door.

“You death is meaningful.” Silver whispered to the trapped girl. “Even if you don’t understand why.”

Stepping away from the burning coffin, Silver began to walk. Wondering where were the police when he was unleashing chaos? Knowing his masters, they were probably busy holding them back, as he did his job.


The voice sound like they owner had been driven mad. Silver looked up, seeing the same black haired man with blue eyes looking extremely distraught.

“Me.” Silver answered, easily side stepping the distraught man’s attempts to hit him with a shovel.

“What have you done with Dawn?”

“Was that her name?” Silver questioned, bringing his Keyblade up to block the shovel. “She’s dead.”

There was a silence, he seemed like he was taking it in. He shook his head, pressing harder on the halted shovel. “It’s not true!”

“And what is your name? So I can remember it.” Silver questioned, pushing the shovel boy easily off. “I’ll be sure to visit both your graves to pay my respects.”

“It’s Gavin!” The boy shouted. “And like hell are you going to be visiting OUR graves!” He attacked, swinging the shovel as fast as he could, but Silver easily stopped it.

“It aches doesn’t it?” Silver questioned. “You heart I mean. I wonder if I really want one.” And with that, Silver flicked his blade, cutting the shovel in two halves. Gavin dropped them, realizing that would be cutting it two close.

“You… She’s not dead!”

“Maybe not right now.” Silver said, slapping Gavin with the blade and knocking him to the side, so he was on his knees. “But you are.”


A new Keyblade crossed Silver’s his face was from emotionless to anger, he leaped back as a new stood in front of him. It was her, the girl with the long black hair that had silver tips. She was pretty, no doubt about it, was that what made Silver hesitate.

“Leave them alone Silver!”

Silver didn’t reply, only poised to strike.

“Silver! Where is the girl?”

She was demanding; Silver felt like he knew her, as the other boy rose to his feet.

“Where!” Gavin demanded.

“Shut up!” The girl hissed. “If you talk he won’t listen.” She lowered her Keyblade, and Gavin was looking at her like she was insane. “Where?”

“Shop.” Silver answered, regrettably. The boy turned tail, sprinting down the street, Silver was tempted to fallow, but he was focusing on the girl. “Go away.”


“You don’t know me.” Silver hissed, bringing the blade of his weapon to her neck. “So stop interfering.” He leapt, easily bounding up to the second story windowsill, watching silently from above.

Why do you have such a hold on me?

- - -
[color=orange][font=franklin gothic medium][b]
Right, I need to explain something about getting your keyblades. You get them in DIRE needs, thats when they first appear, from there you character can learn to wield it.
Another thing, NO ONE already has their keyblades cept me, and Hyper. Actually no one other then us even knows they exist. So yeah, thats clarified. Have fun!

Hyperness is a Good Thing
17th April 2006, 11:50 AM
Kimi Michiko Gin ~ F waiting for the world to fall

As she gazed up at Silver, Kimi felt her heart give a sudden lurch within her, but she ignored it. Now was not the time to get all emotional and weepy. The empty look in his eyes was almost too painful to bear, especially for her, she who had seen his eyes meet hers with so many different emotions…once.

It seemed that she still had some control over him, precious little, but it would do for now. Even though his memories had been sealed, he still remembered her at a base, almost subconscious level. She guessed that she ought to feel happy at that.

She wanted to call out to him, and get him to come back, but what good would it be? She wasn’t sure if she could restore him to himself, and it brought her great grief to see him this way.

Emotions warring within her, she just fixed her eyes on Silver. He looked as if he was going to flee away but something of what she felt must have shown in her face, for he hesitated.

“Who are you?!” he asked her, his voice a low, menacing whisper. Even though they weren’t that close together and the wind snatched most of his words away, she could still hear him clearly.

“Even if I told you, my name would be meaningless to you,” she replied. He had forgotten her, forgotten everything…

“Your name.” His voice was quiet, and all the more deadly. That part of him hadn’t changed – Silver was never one to scream and rant much, in fact the quieter he got, the angrier he was.

“Will you kill me?” she asked, meeting his gaze with her own, her tone without fear. “Can you kill me?” She mocked him on purpose, for a reason she herself did not know.

Without speaking further, he leapt down, his keyblade poised to attack, and he was about to slash her head open. She did not move. She would rather die by his hand than live on, forgotten by him. However, he stopped suddenly and leapt away. He had come so close that she had felt a slight touch of the cold keyblade on her head.

“Who are you?” he asked again, and this time, there was a slight hint of despair in his tone. “Why can’t I kill you?”

“My name is Kimi,” she replied, and she watched him, hoping for some flicker of recognition in his eyes, to show that at least he remembered her name, but all her hopes came to naught. Silver’s eyes, the colour of his name, remained cold and empty…heartless.

“I…do not know you,” he said, but there was just a hint of hesitation in his tone that gave her hope.
“You did once,” she said, her amber gaze softening as pain threatened to engulf her. She took a few steps forward towards him.An eternity ago…a happier time, you knew me, knew me better than I knew myself. Bitter, bitter thoughts. She brushed them aside, willing the memories to stop clamouring in her head, for it was in the present in which she lived, not that past. Thing stood as they were now, no matter how much she wanted them to change.

“You killed them didn’t you?” she said, her tone sad. The distance between them was halfed, and he gazed at her warily as she continued to move closer.

Though he was surprised at her sudden change of topic, Silver did not relax from his defensive pose. For some reason, though he could not remember who she was, he sensed that she was dangerous. She handled her keyblade with the easy competence of an experienced fighter, but it was her strange emotional hold on him that he feared and could not fathom. “You speak of the Chosen Ones. Yes, I killed them.”

“You destroyed the Key Wielders, and now, a new generation must arise to fight face the Heartless as they always had since the dawn of time. Though you kill the Chosen Ones, they will rise again” She paused and took a deep breath. “I was of the earlier wave of Keybladers, but you failed to kill me.” That had been two years ago, when all her companions had been brutally murdered. She did not mention why he had not been able to find her – she had hidden herself from him, for at that time, she could not bear to meet him as a Child of the Heartless. It was that accursed day when they both unwittingly took separate paths to different destinies… Had they been fated to become enemies?

“I failed to kill you then, but I will not fail now.” She was now so close to him that all he had to do was to lift his keyblade and slice her throat, as he had done to many other Chosen Ones. Something, some unknown part within him continued to still his hand.

Bitterly, Silver realised that he would not be able to harm her, at least not for now, not until he had sought out that treacherous part within him and destroyed it.

She reached out a hand tentatively, and she touched his upper arm. He would have shaken her off, knocked her back and ran off had it not been for two words from her, “Don’t go…”

They were said in such heartbreaking tones that even he, a Heartless, felt…compelled to stay. He tolerated her touch and their gazes, one almost hostile, the other almost pleading, remained locked, oblivious to all that was happening around them.

17th April 2006, 04:54 PM
yay! we're off!

I bolted down the street, not daring to look back at the purple-haired stranger who had suddenly attacked us. Who had – possibly – killed…I shook my head violently, banishing the thought from my mind. She had to be alive, she just had to be! I had lost so much already. I would not lose this!

I looked up, seeing the thick smoke looming over the rooftops. My heart hung heavy with the weight of a thousand stones. What would I find down the next street? Where were the police? The firemen!? Shouldn’t somebody be doing something to stop this!?

I charged round the corner, tumbling slightly as my foot slid off the pavement and crashed into the road below. My ankle throbbed, a sprain maybe, I blocked it out. Dawn was alive in there. That was the only thing I had to concern myself with. Outside a crowd had formed, curious and shaken. The huddled round the flaming building just out of reach from the flames that licked out the shattered window towards them. All of them ignorant of the young girl trapped inside.

I paid no attention to them as I leapt in the raging inferno. Instantly I felt the scorching heat of the flames upon my skin. I shielded my face with a bare arm as a faux coat erupted into flames. I winced at the searing pain of the burn and the smell of burnt flesh. I prayed that it was worth it.

“Dawn!” Flaming wood fell from the ceiling, burning my chest. “DAWN!” I didn’t dare hide the desperation in my voice. There were things more important than hiding how I felt at that moment. “DAWN! Dammit where the hell are you!?” I shoved aside the remains of a row of coat racks and at last my eyes feel upon her. Dead silent, unconscious, slumped back against the door to the back room. But still alive. I knew it in my heart she was still alive.

I took her in my arms, carefully cradling her head against my shoulder. Getting out was going to be much harder than getting in. I had to worry about Dawn’s safety now. There was no safety route, no clear path through the blazing fires that ravaged the humbled store. I had no choice. It was straight through, or not through. The latter wasn’t option.

I scooped a thick coat from the floor, blowing out the embers that had fallen on to the rim. I draped it over her helpless frame. It wasn’t much but hopefully it was enough to get her out unscathed. Pausing for the briefest of moments to check my route, I ran. Straight through the flames, head on, do or die. The searing pain hit me instantly. The flames tore at my flesh, burning the skin, but I stayed vigilant. I had to get Dawn out of there.

I burst out the shattered window leaving the flames roaring behind me. I landed uneasy, scraping my knees on the hard pavement but managing to keep Dawn steady. I tried my hardest to block out the pain of my injuries as I lowered Dawn to the ground. One of the onlookers finally did something worthwhile, handing me a wet sponge given to him by the firefighters that I had finally arrive to tackle the blaze.

My heart held steady and my breath froze as I dabbed the soaking sponge on to Dawn’s face, letting the cold droplets trickle down her paled face. My head reeled the same words over and over: please wake up, please wake up, please wake up…

She coughed violently, forcing her body to shake unnaturally. Unable to contain my happiness, I swept her up in my arms and hugged her tightly. I thanked every star in heaven when she opened her eyes that day.


I loosened my hold on her so that she could slip back into my arms and I could see her face. “Yeah…how ya feeling?”

“Tired…what happened?”

I shook my head, dispelling her worries. “It doesn’t matter now. You’re ok, that’s what’s important.”

I watched her eyes dart across me, taking in everything that had changed. “You’re all burned up.”

I just smirked and shrugged. “It happens, I’ll be fine,” I assured her.

“What happened to that guy?”

“I dunno. This odd looking girl showed up. I should probably thank her. If she hadn’t shown up, we’d both be dead right now.”

She nodded, “good idea.”

I helped her carefully to her feet. “Stay alert okay? We need to keep our eyes out in case that kid’s still about. I’m happy dodging death just the once thank you.” We looked about at the crowd that had continued to form around us. Personally I just wanted to get the hell away from there before a bunch of medics showed up and started prodding about. I probably looked a right state jumping in and out of that burning building.

“Are we going?”

I snapped back to reality and nodded to Dawn. “Yeah; I’ve seen enough of this place.”

17th April 2006, 06:21 PM
He watched everything. Standing atop of the roof of one of the nearby buildings, the white haired teen watched this turn of events. He had watched that heartless chase the girl into the shop, and then set it alight. He had simply left that girl to burn.

Any decent human being would have come to her aid, but Sorrow felt it was not his place to interfere. He felt that all he could do was sit back and moarn her passing. Tears rolled down his face as the flames rose higher.


Sorrow was surprised to see another come onto the scene, a black haired young man. He tore his way into the burning building, trying to get to her.

It seems I have two deaths to moarn now.

He was wrong. The boy reappeared, carrying the young woman with him. A small crowd seemed to gather around the blazing spectacle. sorrow eventaully lost the pair in the crowd.

I was wrong. I will have to wait for another time to moarn them.

Silently, the black clad youth turned and dissappeared from site.

Sorry for the shortness.

17th April 2006, 08:50 PM
Sheena Misagura

I watched the building burn with almost a feeling of regret. I could not do anything here; I had no right to stay. Yet here I was, drawn to the blaze with the same horrible fascination as everyone around me. We all could do nothing, yet watched all the same. It was possible that the firemen had arrived already and could not make it through the crowd to combat the fire. All I did was stare as the firemen finally pushed through around me.

That boy... the one who had gone into the blaze, and had come out with the girl... I envied him, in a small way. Even if I had known there was someone inside, I probably would not have gone in. He must be very strong, very brave...

“Or very stupid...” I found myself muttering, forcing out what could have been a chuckle. I couldn’t watch this train wreck any more. People around me started drifting off, murmuring amongst themselves. So I took as my cue to leave as well, continuing on the walk I had been taking when the commotion began.

Had this world really become such a despicable place? Arson in broad daylight, and trapping a person inside, no less. What had happened that made people become like this? How few were the people like that man who could rush into danger, not even thinking of himself? I couldn’t even do that...

I found my attention drawn upwards, on top of a nearby building. Nothing. Maybe it was a bird, or perhaps I’d imagined it. I’d been under stress lately, and had recently started seeing things. My parents keep telling me to take it easy...

I paused in the road, my gaze drawn to two figures standing a short ways away. A boy and a girl. The girl had her hand on the boy’s arm, and I realized with a start I probably should leave them alone. They were probably having a private moment between them; the girl looked as if she were about to cry. I couldn’t see the boy’s face, he was turned away from me. For some reason, I couldn’t stop myself from staring. It felt like I was missing something obvious here...

18th April 2006, 11:31 AM

“Your death is meaningful.” The purple haired guy whispered to her. She stopped fighting with the door to listen to his faint whisper, her ear against the keyhole. “Even if you don’t understand why.”

She listened to his footsteps as he left the shop after moving something against the door. She returned to her full height and continued to try and break down the door. “Wait!” She called. She was too late; he had already gone. She didn’t understand what he meant. She had to know why her life was so important to someone that he wanted her dead.

Thumping the door with her fists wasn’t going to get her anywhere. She needed more force than that. She took a few steps backwards, avoiding the bonfire of fabrics. She took a deep breath to prepare herself, only to choke on the smoke filled air. After steadying her breathing, she ran at the door and planted her shoulder in the old wood. She felt it give way slightly as dust from the ceiling snowed on her head. Smoke rushed towards the small crack in the door and tears ran down her cheeks as it stung her eyes.

“One more time…” She muttered. “Just once more. I can’t die, not today. I promised I’d help Gavin…”

Again, she stepped back from the door and ran at it, this time crashing through. She was greeted by another blaze, flaring up at her as she tried to step into the front of the shop. The flames forced her backwards causing her to trip over a stray piece of wood that had fallen from the ceiling.

She landed with a thump on the floor. She continued to cough and splutter, causing her chest to become very tight. She slumped back against the door.

“I’ll rest… Just for a little while… And then… And then I’ll…” She reassured herself breathlessly, her consciousness slipping away. “And then-”


Gavin! Her thoughts called out to him. She knew he was still calling her, she could hear him faintly. She fell unconscious, knowing that someone in the world cared enough to save her.

Cold… Her first thought as she began to regain consciousness. The sensation of water trickling down her face was the most refreshing it had ever been in her life. She felt the cold, hard concrete beneath her and the sponge on her forehead. Her body was desperate for oxygen. I have to breathe…

Violent coughing and uncontrollable shaking followed her gasp for air. Her eyes opened suddenly, her vision blurred from the change in light.

She was alive.

Her eyes closed again as she was swept off the floor into someone’s warm arms. She knew, at least she hoped, it was Gavin. He held her close, something he rarely did. She felt safe as she always did with him.

“… Gavin?”

A tiny part of her regretted speaking because he tilted her away from him so he could see her face. “Yeah… how ya feeling?”

She could have told him that she was fine but she didn’t want to lie; neither did she want him to feel sorry for her. “Tired… what happened?”

He shook his head. “It doesn’t matter now. You’re okay, that’s what’s important.”

Her eyes scanned Gavin’s body. She swallowed her tears. “You’re all burnt up…”

He shrugged. “It happens. I’ll be fine.”

“Your death is meaningful…”

“What happened to that guy?” She asked, his words echoing in her head.

“I dunno. This odd looking girl showed up. I should probably thank her. If she hadn’t shown up, we’d both be dead right now.”

She nodded. “Good idea.”

Gavin helped Dawn up and steadied her. “Stay alert okay? We need to keep our eyes out in case that kid’s still about. I’m happy dodging death just the once thank you.”

The crowd continued to watch the burning building as the flames were beginning to be tamed. She didn’t want to stay here any longer. She didn’t mind the fact that medics were probably on their way; Gavin needed his burns tended to. She was more worried about what her father would do when he arrived.

“Are we going?” She asked, her gaze occasionally darting in the direction of her house.

Gavin nodded. “Yeah; I’ve seen enough of this place.”

They turned to leave when she heard their voices. She bit her lip. “No… Not them…” She took Gavin’s hand in her own. “I’m sorry…”

“Dawn! Dawny! Thank God you’re safe!” her mother cried out to her before forcing her into a hug.

“What happened here, Dawn?” Her father questioned. “Why is my shop in flames?” His focus shifted to Gavin. “You…” His anger rose. “It was you, wasn’t it boy? You set the shop alight! Even after I allowed my daughter to see you, you betray her trust… I should have you arrested.”

“Father no!” Dawn protested, freeing herself from her mother. “Gavin saved me. A...” She paused. She didn't quite know what to describe him as. “A cultist chased me and-”

“Cultist?” He questioned. His expression changed to a thoughtful one. “In that case, Dawn, you’re going home. I’m not having you out on the streets.”

He began to lead her away, her mother on the other side of her. Dawn turned around quickly. Gavin’s face remained emotionless, but she could tell that he was hurt by her father’s accusations. “I’ll come and see you later! I promise!” She called to him.

She hated this. The way that her parents had such a firm control over her life. She was the rich man’s eldest daughter; the one who was courted around by another rich man’s eldest son who was hoping to get in the business. They expected her to be married to one of the snobs by the time she was eighteen whether or not she was in love with them. She didn’t even know what love really was. If only she could escape this damnable fate…

18th April 2006, 06:20 PM

I could do nothing but watch her go. What choice did I have? She had been born in to a world that could not be much more different from my own. I hadn't the right to interfere to their affairs. Besides, keeping to the strict wishes of her parents was the only way that I could continue to see Dawn and without her...I was worth nothing. I had nothing worthwhile in my life. I had the farm - sure I had my scrap of land in the wilderness but it meant nothing. It barely provided us enough food as it was and I had to sell most of the crops just to be able to grow the next batch. There was no future for me in anything.

I found myself walking, eager to get away from the ruckus of the upper class street. Times like these, I often found myself dwelling upon my own pathetic existence and always I would find myself arguing with the deep shadows of my mind. I loved Dawn. More than a friend or a sister, I loved her deeply but...who was I to feel such a way about her? I had nothing to offer her. I wasn't one of those fancy pretty boys who pranced about flashing their money under the nose of any tight-arsed shop assistant they happened to come across. I barely held my own existence! I'd sometimes wondered why Dawn kept company with me. Perhaps, by some fortune, she actually liked me; perhaps she was just too kind for her own good; or, perhaps, she pitied me.

I grimaced. It was the most bitter twisted of my thoughts. I had no place for pity. I had suffered hardships but I did not want someone's pity, their charity. What I had might of been little more than nothing - but it was mine.

In a sudden change of heart, I decided not to seek out the girl who had saved me earlier from such an untimely end. It was not something that I wished to be involved in. No. I would return to where I belonged. Back to my squat outside the city alongside my scrap of land. I managed to make it all the way home before realising I had lost my shovel. I'd bought it earlier to get some weeding done but that boy had snapped in it half with that..."What the hell was it?" I voiced allowed, scanning the image over in my mind. I had never laid eyes on such a spectacle before and never had I come across something that could slice a shovel in two so easily. When I thought about how close he had come to -

I froze to shake the thoughts from my head. It was best not to dwell on such things as that. I headed inside and gathered a few things together so that I could begin work on the farm. Dawn was supposed to help me out but I needed something to distract my mind from events that might have been. Unfortunately, it just drew me on to thoughts of my brother.

Aaron had gone missing six days ago. In the months before he had been turned into something...empty. I had tried in vain to find a cure for his strange behaviour, there were even rumours in the city that enough love and attention could reverse the curse upon him. I don't know how, but some way I managed to get it wrong. Then he was gone. I thought about searching for him but how could I? Everything I had was tied up in this farm. If I went looking for Aaron and found him, what was there for us to come back to?

I worked for what felt like hours. Digging, weeding, planting, watering, all the usual crap one has to do on these things. I was just trying to pass time until Dawn arrived but as the day wore on I began to doubt that she was going to make it. Some things were beyond even her promises.

Finally I made a serious decision. If she couldn't come to me, then I would go to her. It was something I hadn't had to do for a while. For the past few months or so our friendship had been approved by her parents, this little piece of acrobatics hadn't been needed since our relationship was 'forbidden'. It was simple enough. Scale the wall behind the and creep the rooftops - without being caught obviously. Slip onto the tree beside her house, tiptoe the outstretched branch and finally, make a fly or die leap for her balcony. After all ,if Dawn was at home she was going to be in her room.

I made it safely enough. I'd done it more than enough times in the past to make up for the gap. Sure enough, there she was, hunched over a desk scribbling in some little book. I think she was meant to be studying some educational crap but I was sure she was writing in this journal thing she kept instead. I didn't really know much about it but when she was teaching me and Aaron to read two summers ago that book always came with her. She wouldn't let me look in it though.

I rapped on the window with my knuckles, watching her jump slightly in her seat. A look of amused shock crossed her face for a moment before she unlocked the windows and let me in.

"I got the feeling you weren't going to make it today," I said lightly. Chances were all the family attention hadn't put her in the best of moods.

"My father's convinced the city isn't safe for me. He expects me to marry some rich brat soon but is too scared to let me go to the shops on my own," she sounded irritated alright.

I shrugged slightly and offered a warm smile. "Relax, I'll be your escort. I saved you from the fire didn't I? That should count for some-"

"Dawn? Are you studying in there?"

I saw Dawn's face pale slightly as her mother's voice rang through the door. "Quick, under the bed!" she ordered in a sharp whisper.

I dove under just as the door to her bedroom swung open.

"Dawny, what have I told you about leaving the window open?" I watched her feet as she crossed the room and locked them up. "Anyone could get in."

"I was warm," Dawn retorted.

"Now Dawn, I know what happened earlier must have been quite a shock to you. Your father's convinced that Gavin boy must have done something to you."

"He saved my life!" The anger in her voice rang clear as anything. I was truly honoured. "Gavin's a good guy," she added, composing herself.

"He's just not the right sort of man for you to associate with. When you were younger it was tolerable but now that you are coming of age your father and I need to find a worthy husband for you and if you keep hanging around with that boy then I'm afraid there won't be much available to you. People are starting to talk."

"I don't care," the composure held somehow but I could hear the anger in her. "They can say what they want, Gavin is my friend. He saved my life today. If I had done like my father suggested I would be dead right now. How's that for his precious marriage?"

"These things are beyond your understanding Dawn," there was a chilling authority about her mother now that scared me. "He saved you, fine, there is no denying it but you haven't room in your life for his type any longer. Reward him if you must but then you should end this."

"What if I don't want to."

"Please Dawn, don't test your father."

Dawn sat silent and her mother, aware she would get no more from her daughter, headed for the door.

"I called for Dr. Terrance to come check you over, make sure there is no serious injuries. He should arrive shortly."

The doors closed and she was gone.

I crawled out from under the bed slowly. I didn't know what to do or say to make any of this right. It was all wrong to me, sick and unjust, but Dawn was caught in the middle of it, so deep I wasn't sure I could reach her.

"Pretty sucky huh?"

She let out a stiffled laugh. "You could say that."

I walked up to her and put my hand on her shoulder in a comforting kind of way. "Do you want to get out of here?"

She pulled away from me. I didn't understand. "Gavin we can't. If we are seen together my father will..."

"I have done nothing wrong. What can he do to me?"

"He is powerful Gavin. He can have you arrested for whatever he chooses."

"But I'm not guilty of anything."

"It won't matter! He will make it so they believe you are. You have nothing Gavin and he has his own empire. Who will they believe?"

I hated to see her like this. She was in so much pain and I couldn't bare witness to it any longer. "Fine." I took her chair and propped it against the door, bolting it. Then I grabbed Dawn in my arms and threw her over my shoulder.

"Gavin! What are you doing?"

"If I have to go to prison just to be with you then so be it but if your father is gonna have me arrested then he can damn well have me arrested for something that I actually did!"

I took her outside. It was immediately obvious that I had not thought this plan through and it took a lot of careful acrobatics to get Dawn from her house to where my secret pathway began. It was there that I finally put her down.

"What have you done!? They'll arrest you!"

I shrugged. "Look, it was necessary. You don't want us to stop being friends do you?"

"No but -"

"Good. Now, I'm gonna take a look round town and see if I can find a cheap shovel to replace the one that silver-haired jerk broke earlier. Do you want to come or would you rather go home?"

18th April 2006, 07:18 PM
This world is one of sadness.

He walked aimlessly down the empty street as rain started to fall from the heavens. The weather didn't bother him one bit, as the rain seemed to follow him wherever he goes. He believed that whenever it rained, the great one above was crying too, and he felt he should cry along with him.

All things felt sadness in Sorrow's eyes. Even the heartless. After all, all their actions revovled around filling the emptyness within themselves. Surely they could feel misery.

He arrived at a fountain in the town square. He loved these quiet, solitary places. All he could hear was the sound of rain hitting the ground. He sat on the side of the fountain and pulled back his hood, his blue eyes gazing up at the sky.

Somewhere out there, someone has passed on, and I shall moarn for them.

He heard a sound nearby, but his eyes didn't move away from the sky. While he didn't mind people seeing him, he did however prefer to moarn in solitude.

TAG to, uh, anyone.

Hyperness is a Good Thing
19th April 2006, 12:07 AM
I would respond to MC’s tag, but Kimi and Silver have unfinished business. By the way, your characters should be going around, getting to know each other(build up bonds etc cos this’ll be important later), and you’ll be getting your keyblades soon, after CT puts up some stuff about the Heartless.

Kimi Michiko Gin ~ F now comes the night

This place was too open, they might see, and they might take him away. Additionally, police might come soon, and though she or Silver could deal with them easily, but why ask for trouble?

Already, she knew, his little minions were speeding back to their superiors, to report that their lead Child of the Heartless was currently with a Chosen One. Enemies by right, they should be embroiled in mortal combat, not talking.

“Come with me,” she told Silver, and, though he struggled briefly, he complied. For some reason, he could not refuse her. Some things had not changed.

She released her grip on his arm and moved forward. With a flick of her hand, her keyblade disappeared, and a thin bracelet appeared on her wrist, silver, with a little silver key flecked with gold streaks dangling down. The sight of the bracelet stirred something within Silver. He had seen that bracelet before, somewhere, somehow. Intrigued despite himself, he followed her, his face emotionless, but he was filled with turmoil inside. Who was this girl? Why did he feel compelled to obey her? Barely keeping an eye out, he followed her down a few alleyways until she came to a dirty brown door surrounded by even dirtier bricks. Using a conventional key, she unlocked the door and motioned for him to enter.

Silently, he walked in, and she could see by the set of his shoulders that he was wary, and as apprehensive as he could be.

She entered and closed the door, locking it. Meanwhile, Silver had been free to look around, and this he did, taking in his surroundings, on his guard. They were in a rather large room. It had a couch, a bed, a small kitchen, several shelves full of books and there was a door in the east wall, which led to what he presumed was the toilet. It was cosy, comfortable..and vaguely familiar to him.

“One of my hideouts,” she told him, before walking forward and seating herself down on the couch.

He remained standing, still gripping his keyblade so tightly that his knuckles were white. He had been here before. Many times.

Kimi watched Silver carefully. Judging by his reaction, he remembered this place. Though he had forgotten her, some memories remained. She didn’t know if she was cheered or depressed by this.

“Tell me who you are to me and why…” Silver could not continue his hidden thoughts. Why do you have such a hold on me?

“I was..” Kimi hesitated, unsure if she should tell him all. Taking a deep breath, and unable to resist his gripping stare, she answered, “..very close to you.” She looked away, not able to speak the full truth.

Silver studied the girl who sat before him and he blinked. No matter how hard he looked at her features, he could not recall her at all, and his memories remained silent. Was she lying? Somehow he knew that she was hiding something.

Tag CT, I don’t know what to type anymore…tired…..

19th April 2006, 03:09 PM

She stared up at her open window. No, she didn’t want to go back there. She didn’t want to have her every movement controlled, every action watched and, most of all, she didn’t want to have to marry a stranger.

Although she couldn’t leave just yet. She had things a few things back inside that she needed. Her journal, for one, was left open on her desk for the entire world to read. Nobody was allowed to read it; she couldn’t even allow her best friend to read it. The best friend that wanted to take her away from all the causes of her pain. But why? Why would you do such a thing for me?

“Gavin… I want to come with you…” She replied slowly.

“Why do I get the feeling there’s a but looming over that sentence?” He asked. He seemed disappointed and she hated disappointing him.

“I need to get some things from the house and tend to some other things…” She told him. He looked slightly irritated. “You have to understand that just getting up and leaving won’t help. If I do that, they’ll send a search party out for me and when they find I’m with you…” She could bear to think about it. “You know what would happen, and I don’t think I could live with myself…”

“Okay, okay…” He sighed, interrupting her. “How long do you need?”

“A couple of hours max.” Another sigh from Gavin. “I need to… No, I have to tell my Father how I really feel. He can’t stop me anymore. I’m not Daddy’s Girl, I’m myself and I can make my own decisions.”

Gavin nodded. “I’ll meet you at the front of your house.”

“No, here.” She protested. “You think I haven’t climbed down that tree before?” He laughed lightly. She smiled. “I will be back. I promise and this time I intend to keep it.”

She slipped back into the garden and climbed the tree back onto her balcony. She climbed carefully through the window, being sure not to trip on anything on the other side. She crept quietly to the other side of the room to remove the chair from the door.

“Yes, Doctor, she’s up in her room.”

Her heart pounded in her chest. She didn’t care how much noise she made now, she had to move that chair. She removed it from under the handle just as her Father opened the door.

“Good evening, Dawn. I heard you had a bit of a scare this afternoon. I’ve just come to check you over.” Dr. Terrance told her. He had been her doctor since a young age, yet he still kept his formalities. He probably feared her father’s power, just like most people did.

Dawn sat down on her bed, placing the chair close by. Her father left the room, leaving her with the doctor. He checked her over, noting that there were no injuries to the outside of her. “Hm… Your heart rate is a little high… But that’s because you just climbed in through your window…” He noticed her worried expression. “Don’t worry… I won’t tell your dad.” He smiled at her. “Well, the rest of you seems fine but you should probably take it easy for a few days.”

“Thank you…” She whispered.

He nodded; packing up is belongings before leaving. She closed her door behind him. She took her bag and packed it full of what she considered essentials. She knew she wasn’t used to living like this, but she’d have to learn. She had always tried to live simply, but being in the house and family she was in made that very difficult. She slipped her journal and a pen on top and closed the bag. She sighed. Now was the time.

She left her bag on her bed and went down stairs, taking her coat off the hook and slipping her shoes on as she went past. She stood in the doorway of the living room, waiting for her family’s response.

“Dawny… Why have you got your coat?” Her mother asked; she was confused.

“I’m leaving.” Dawn stated bluntly.

“You can’t leave! Dawn, it’s too dangerous out there! I won’t let you leave. You have to continue with your studies.” Her father protested. “You couldn’t live out there by yourself. You’ll bring our family’s reputation down with you; people are already talking about how you don’t fit in.”

“That’s my point. I don’t fit in here. I don’t know what you expect of me, but I’m not going to be what you want me to be. Everything I do not according to your plans is a mistake in your eyes and you are always disappointed, even if I’ve tried my best. You’re just smothering me with your protection because you’re afraid that I’ll get out from under your control. Guess what? You can’t control me anymore. You never worry about Will or Hannah. Will’s older than me; why do I have to walk in your shoes? Hannah is younger; why does she have more freedom than me? I’m choosing my own path from now on and it doesn’t involve you.” Dawn was ranting, something she rarely did, but today it felt particularly good.

“I always knew you would fail…” Her father said spitefully.

“Kenneth!” Her mother’s outcry was ignored by both Dawn and her father.

“But I wasn’t the only one to fail, was I? No. You failed. You failed to give me your support, something Grandpa was always trying to tell you about. So what if I fail? I know that I’m not the only one whose parents are disappointed in them.”

“Dawn, you’re making a big mistake here…” Her mother commented.

“See? Another mistake. I don’t care. I’d rather live modestly than be stuck here with a bunch of rich snobs.”

“This isn’t about you, is it?” Her father cut in. “Gavin put you up to this. I always knew that boy-”

“No!” She yelled. “Don’t you get it? I can make my own decisions. I have a mind of my own. I can’t believe you two… Really, I can’t.”

She left calmly, avoiding storming up the stairs like the spoilt brat she was supposed to be. She found her brother and sister stood in the doorway to her room.

“Wow…” Will commented. “I never thought anybody would have the courage to put him in his place…”

“You’re so brave…” Hannah added in a whisper.

Dawn realised that there would be something she would miss about her home. Other than Gavin, they had been the closest people to her.

“Thanks Will…” She smiled weakly at him, fighting back her tears. “And I’m sorry, Hannah… I guess you’ll be courted around now by power hungry men…”

She hugged them both before picking up her bag and climbing out of her window. It was raining, just as before, but the sun had set. She slipped through the fence into the back alleys where Gavin was waiting for her.

“I heard yelling…” He said quietly, wondering whether to avoid the subject.

“I had to have my say…” She replied; her voice strained from trying to remain the same confident girl she had been inside. “Even if they still think I’ll fail…” The tears rolled down her cheek. Gavin wiped them away with his caring hands and pulled her gently into a hug where Dawn continued to cry into his shoulder.

Will and Hannah observed from Dawn’s window.

“He knows he loves her…” Hannah whispered to her brother.

“She doesn’t realise it…” Will whispered to his sister. “But she loves him too.”

19th April 2006, 04:56 PM
I'll take the tag! ^^
Sheena Misagura

The two left, and I suddenly felt ashamed. What right did I have to watch them? I shouldn't have tried to butt in on their personal lives...

Where had I been going again?

There had been quite a few distractions today. My parents had sent me out on an errand, the money was still there in my pocket. However, I couldn't remember what I was supposed to pick up for them. Oh, well. If I didn't remember, it probably didn't matter that much anyway. I'd just take a normal walk today.

"Oh... rain..." I looked up to the sky, feeling a cool drop on my cheek. For some reason, I wasn't compelled to run home. Probably something to do with that errand. I didn't like getting yelled at...

So I continued walking, feeling the droplets slide down my shoulders. No one looked my way, hurrying off to their destinations, getting out of the sudden shower. It didn't matter. This solitude felt almost peaceful, as if the rain had come to wash away the troubles I'd been having. No more fires, no more spying, no more getting yelled at, no nothing. Just a walk in the rain. It felt... nice.

Glancing forwards, I found myself in the town square. My eyes wandered to the fountain, which seemed close to overflowing. That's when I noticed the figure sitting, alone. At first I didn't want to disturb him; if he was here alone, he probably wanted to be. There was no other real point to staying in the rain. But something about him drew me closer. Was he... crying?

"Are you alright?"

My voice was soft, and I wasn't even sure if he had heard me over the rain. He only stared up at the sky, his blue eyes looking more like a color found above than on someone's face. His white hair was also strange to me. Maybe it was the curiousity that caused me to sit next to him. It was then that I noticed his cloak had a hood, and somehow feeling I had to break the silence between us, I pointed this out.

"Don't you mind getting wet?" I regretted speaking the moment the words passed my lips. I felt for sure he'd ignore me again; but instead, he turned slightly towards me, eyes still trained on the sky, and spoke.

"No. Don't you?"

"No... not right now... I guess..."

We sat in silence for a few moments, and the rain picked up slightly. I felt my clothes soaked through, but I didn't really care. What was the use of caring, anyway?

"Do you care for them?"

"Huh?" The question caught me off-guard amid my thoughts. "I... what?"

"There are so many in this world who are in pain... There are so many who feel emptiness... I care for them, all of them... They are all so sad..."

For the first time he looked at me, and I realized that he had been crying. Crying for what? Others? I couldn't quite figure it out. Who was this person?

"My name's Sheena." Now why had I said that?

"Sorrow." He turned back to the raining sky, missing my breif look of confusion. "My name is Sorrow."

Erandi Brazul
19th April 2006, 06:28 PM
Hey hey, I got accepted! Right on...

Keyblade’s Stats

Magic:2 (cuz EVERYONE seems to want magic at 5...)
Break Point: (Do not put points in this)

Sign up

Name: Milo Tisevich
Age: 16
Gender: Male

Appearance: Milo is a short, thin boy standing at 4'9" and 129 pounds with blonde hair and bright green eyes. His hair is generally spiked in a crazy fashion, with no sense of direction, and it seems to change everyday. He is usually seen wearing some sort of bright clothing, usually with long sleeves and bell-bottom pants. And no, his shoes aren't hiding his socks: He just doesn't wear any.

Personality: Almost the exact opposite of Sorrow, he is always seen with a smile and in high spirits. Even with the latest problems the world seems to be facing, Milo always tries to see the good side of things, and places hope and joy in others. Alway's seeking adventure, he is diligent towards his companions and friends, and tries very hard to be sure his friends aren't hurt or saddened. He can, at times, become overzealous in his actions, however, and can make rash decisions. If he were to get angry at someone, his main priority would be to hit them, and continue hitting them until they either left or stopped moving. His parents are looking into this little issue...

Relationship: Completely open!

History: Milo's family began simple enough: A decent apartment in a fair city, both parents working while Milo and his sister went to school...every day seemed to be rather monotonous. His life wasn't exactly going no where, he had decided, but he knew that more excitement was needed. He's always had that sense of wanting more out of life, and it was because of this desire to see the world that he grew amongst some of the most colorful of friends. A few friends, however, were so off-base that Milo recieved the unfortunate chance of watching them turn into Heartless. They had found what appeared to be a sword, and the three kids had rushed to grab it. Milo didn't make it, and his friend grabbed it first. It was Silver's sword, and instantly turned his friend into a Heartless. Milo's second friend grabbed the sword, hoping to perhaps break the spell. Once again, Silver's trap worked, and captured the other human. Milo, freaking out, tore out of the situation, never looking back. Since then, he hasn't really thought about that day, nor does he know what actually happened. What he does know, is that if he ever sees that sword again, he'll know what it does, and the owner will PAY for his friends enslavement...

Other: *prays that he can rift to the Heartless RPG...*

Keyblade Appearance: An interesting blend of black, red, and green. The blade is wide at the bottom and shrinks near the top, as usual for a blade. The blade is black, with red and green lines tracing all around the blade to the top in crazy designs, making the blade much wider. The handle is similar: Black hilt, leather-bound for grip, with the green and red lines surrounding the handle. The hilt is slightly longer than usual, allowing for two hands to grip it. The teeth of the keyblade have yet to be discovered...
NOTE: The lines are similar to the Ultima Keyblade, if you are confused, except that they merely swirl completely around the blade to the top, if that makes sense.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"What the heck happened here?"
"I dunno. Rumor is someone set the place on fire."

Milo Tisevich's eyes widened when he was told this information. "No way!" he exclaimed, "I liked this shop! Where was the police? Was anyone hurt?" His heart pounded in his chest as horrible images flashed wildly through his head.
"Whoa, whoa little fella," the gentleman he was talking to placed his hands on the anxious kid, trying to settle him down. "Nobody got hurt. Can't say anything about where the police were, but don't worry, nobody got stuck in there."

The building was smoldering in ashes, most of the structure completely torn down by the fire department. That was something the city prided itself on: Fast delivery from the fire brigade and police squadron.

So why did they show up so late?

Though he had missed the fire, Milo still enjoyed watching the fire crew work diligently at tearing down the shop. Anything of value was already pillaged by the earlier crowds, or burned to the ground with the building, but he didn't mind; it wasn't like he was there to steal anything. He had spent the day playing Dance Dance Revolution with some of his friends--he was terrible at that game--and had thought he was too tired to do anything more except go home, until he saw the rubble.

It was unlike Milo to freak out in that sort of situation; typically he would find the best scenario and believe in it. But his body was tired, and he wasn't thinking straight today. He definitely needed rest.

The rain that began to drip from the skies was a comfort to him, even though it was cold. It distracted his mind from the mess in front of him, and reminded him that he needed to go home to sleep. He turned and began heading to the southern side of town, near the suburban area of the city.

He found himself eventually skipping past the fountain, spotting the two figures sitting down.
"You guys shouldn't look so down!" he shouted out to them, and waved his arm above his head,chuckling and smiling a huge smile, and then continued to skip away, now beginning to hum a little tune.

I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts, deedly-dee, there they are, standing in a row, Bum Bum Bum...

Soon the rain began to increase it's torrent, yet the wind stayed calm for unexplained reasons. So much for my life-long dream as a weather forcaster, he joked to himself, and continued to prance. His heart was light, his mood jovial when he entered the richer side of town. He didn't know many rich people, he admitted, but it wasn't like he disliked them; he just found that the more interesting people usually come from a non-wealthy background.

Which was why it was surprising for him to see Dawn and Gavin, clasped in each others arms while Dawn wept. His body slowed when he saw the two of them, just down the road, and it wasn't until he came closer and wiped his blonde hair from his eyes--the gel was soaked down, which was nasty--that he could fully tell who the two were. He knew Dawn from school, granted he was never in the same class as her. He didn't know Gavin, however, and by the looks of him, he didn't look well off. And...were those burn marks on his face?

Gavin had turned his head around upon hearing him, and Milo gave a slight wave.
"If it helps any," Milo said quietly, looking at the weeping girl, "I don't really know if you're crying or not, since it's raining." He shrugged, and tried a soft smile. "And you can pet me if you want too," he added briefly, "people seem to like that for some reason. It's 'cuz I'm short, methinks."

Crystal Tears
19th April 2006, 10:20 PM
[color=#cccccc][font=franklin gothic medium][b]Silver

"Do I look like an idiot to you... Kimi?" Silver questioned, circling her.


Silver sighed. "Then why do you persist on lying to me?" There was annoyance in Silver's voice, causing Kimi to be on the edge. "If you want to follow me, then fine, but do not think that this relationship you claim we once had will stop me from destroying the other wielders."

Silver left, closely fallowed by his... Companion, he scanned the streets. Grumbling, he crashed his keyblade into the cement.

As people began to run away, smoke began to emit from the rippling ground, and soon, a smoke cloud, vaguely resembling some sort of deformed griffin appeared, as well as 15 shadows. They all looked at Kimi, ready to strike.

"You will not harm her." Silver hissed, pointing his keyblade to the Griffin. "I want you all to find the new chosen, and watch them. Keep your distance, and do not engage." Silver kept his eyes locked on the smoke cloud. "You however... You will go to the wielders Dawn's house." Silver smirked, "take a shadow with you..."

"Which do you want?"

"Either the father or the brother." Silver answered. The Griffin bowed. "And the rest?"

"They're meaningless." Silver paused. "Burn the house, the great ones could care less if they survive or not."

They vanished. Both Heartless began to bend, and the ground rippled once again, and they fell into it. Vanishing from sight. Kimi attempted to follow, but Silver grabbed her arm.

"I let you live." Silver snarled. "If you dare follow them, I will kill you."

Silver walked in another direction, Kimi followed close behind. "Where are you going?"

"To find Dawn."

"She's probably dead."

"No. She isn't."

Kimi pulled on his arm, Silver stopped, locking eyes once again with the girl who knew he didn't know, but felt like he did.

"How do you know?"

Silver tugged his arm away. "Because a little shadow told me." Silver answered, marching off with Kimi following.

"Why is Dawn so frickin important?"

"She really isn't." Silver answered, following the shadow that was slinking along the wall, leading them the way. "But she is important for my plan to work. In which case." Silver turned to Kimi, he watched with not a signal emotion in his face as a Shadow jumping onto Kimi's shoulder and then disappeared. "If you try to fault my plan to otherwise crush her, that shadow will go into your body, and make you die a horrible, painful death."

With that, Silver, and Kimi walked down the street, closing in on Dawn, and Gavin, who had wander a bit away from Dawn's old home....


Welcome to the RPG Erandi.

Hyperness is a Good Thing
19th April 2006, 11:02 PM
Kimi Michiko Gin ~ F distressed

[color=#cc99cc]She felt the cold shadow moving. She wasn’t sure where it was, but it was near. Would she be able to strike it with her keyblade before it entered her?

Silver’s smart, she thought to herself, a little bit bitterly, but she had always known that. She wasn’t surprised. He couldn’t kill her, so he had ordered one of his minions to. She wondered wistfully if he would let her die.

He strode on ahead, with not a glance backwards and she walked faster, matching her pace with his. Suddenly, he stopped, and she almost bumped into him. With a contemptuous gesture of his hand, he waved hundreds of dark shadows forward.

Kimi gasped, and almost reached for her keyblade, but she remembered the dark shadow, and that stilled her hand. She watched helplessly as the black shadows surrounded Dawn, Gavin and a new guy she didn’t know. Dawn… her mind screamed. She’s a Chosen One! You have to protect her! She fought down that urge, almost screaming in her frustration. Could she just stand by to watch another one murdered just like that, before reaching her full potential or power?

Dawn stared at the multitude of Heartless, her mouth a round O of shock. Kimi hoped that now when she was in danger, she would gain her keyblade, and fight, but her hopes came to naught when Gavin pushed Dawn behind him and stood ready to fend off the heartless, with only his bare hands.

The dark shadows grabbed Dawn and pushed her down to the ground, with her shrieking and protesting violently. Her other companion, the shorter boy, looked up to see Silver and Kimi, and he hissed.

“YOU?!” he said with pure vehemence, the hatred in his voice clear. Kimi noticed that he glared first at Silver’s keyblade and then at Silver. “You….” Without completing his sentence, he leapt forward, his fingers curled claw-like, as if he wanted to gouge Silver’s eyes out.

Kimi watched as the Heartless leapt on him too and held him back, as the small boy bellowed his rage.

Ignoring the boy, Silver turned his attention to Gavin, who was glaring at him defiantly. “Release Dawn and the boy,” Gavin said, his voice low with anger.

Silver smirked and he swung his keyblade to face Gavin. “Only if you face me first,” he told him.

Gavin suddenly focused on Kimi. “I thought you were on OUR side!”

Kimi only stared at him mutely, not bothering to offer any explanation for her supposed indifference to their fate.

“Enough talking.” Silver leapt forward, his keyblade raised, ready to smite Gavin down with one blow, but last minute, he released one hand from its grip on the keyblade and punched Gavin in the face. Kimi’s fists bunched, but still, she did not move.

Gavin was thrown back a few feet, landing on his back. He got up quickly, only to be kicked in the stomach by Silver.

Silver was too fast for Gavin, Kimi could see that.

Nearby, Dawn had managed to struggle to her feet, despite the Heartless pushing her down and she screamed, watching Gavin being beaten up by Silver.

Through all this, Kimi watched, unable to budge or to help them.

20th April 2006, 06:03 AM

The white haired youth turned away from the sky a second time, his eyes still trained on the sky. Sorrow just nodded.

"That's a," she paused, obviously trying to find the right words, "unique name."

A small smile appeared on his face. It wasn't even his real name.

He couldn't remember his real name.

"It suits me," he replied. Indeed it did.

There was a small silence between them before Sheena spoke again.

"Why are you crying?"

Sorrow hadn't noticed the tears that kept running down his face.

"I cry for those who are suffering," he spoke, his voice calm and level for someone who was currently crying, "I moarn those who have passed on."

Another silence followed. Then Sorrow felt something, a small warmth moving through him. For the first time since she appeared, Sorrow's eyes moved from the sky and saw that her hand was resting on his.

Noticing this, she quickly pulled away. Sorrow looked up at her face to see that she was blushing slightly, most likely out of embarrassment.

Silence followed.

20th April 2006, 11:56 AM

I held her in my arms as she wept. All around us rain continued to fall, growing heavier and heavier by the minute. We were soaked through before long, both of us drenched in the rain that fell in lashes. I winced slightly, the icy sting of the rain pounding on my burnt arms as they held Dawn in a comforting embrace. I couldn't bear to say anything to her, to try and stop her, she had tears that needed to be shed and I would wait as long as she needed me to.

Soon after, I heard the sound of footsteps on the damn pavement. The rain had all but cleared the streets and even the faintest of sounds rang clear. I turned to see a young boy – younger than myself at least – standing nearby. I had seen him before, once or twice around the place but I had no idea who he was. He offered a small wave and spoke. "If it helps any," he said quietly, "I don't really know if you're crying or not, since it's raining." He shrugged and offered a soft smile. "And you can pet me if you want too; people seem to like that for some reason. It's 'cuz I'm short, methinks."

A strange choking sound escaped Dawn’s lips as she tried to laugh between bursts of sobbing. I smiled and rubbed her back gently to calm her down. Turning once again to the boy I said: “she’ll be okay, she just needs to get it out of her system.”

The boy acknowledged my words with a nod. “My name is Milo.”

I opened my mouth to answer him when I spotted a sight that turned my blood cold. That same purple-haired boy who had attacked us before. I nudged Dawn, drawing her attention to the nearing threat; the new kid – Milo – noticed them as well. With a wave of his hand, an army of shadow-like demons sprung from the ground and charged at us.

I instinctively moved myself between Dawn and the approaching army, though there were too many for me to handle and they drew her away from me. Milo charged at the purple-haired kid who had attacked me earlier but was easily flung aside by more shadows.

“Release Dawn and the boy,” I growled.

He smirked as he swung his strangely shaped weapon. “Only if you face me first.”

I looked at the girl who had saved me earlier. “I thought you were on OUR side!”
She just stared at me as if I were invisible. She didn’t even offer an explanation. Talk about bad luck.

“Enough talk,” I looked back to see the purple-haired kid come at me with his weapon. Before I could even blink I was thrown off balance by an unseen punch. I crashed back-first into the hard ground.

With a groan I flipped quickly to my feet, only to get knocked back by a sudden kick to the gut. Another punch had me on my knees. I was getting hit by things I couldn’t even see. I didn’t stand a chance.

“You were a worthier opponent when you had that pathetic shovel,” he spat.

“If you hadn’t have broken it,” I retorted, “I’d kick your ass.”

He laughed and struck me in the chest, forcing me back on to the hard concrete.

“Now if I hadn’t have broken it. We wouldn’t be having this delightful conversation would we?” His foot connected with my gut and I groaned loudly as it twisted inside me. Another kick and I was on my side. I couldn’t even see it, he was moving so fast but I felt every blow. Everything else seemed to fade away, even the edges of my vision started going black and I thought that I might lose my sight altogether. It was hardly a fitting end.

His assault subsided at last and I was left to groan and gasp on the pavement, my body paralysed from the pain. I felt the cold prick of his weapon against the back of my throat.

“I was going to keep you alive for when I kill Dawn but I think I should show you a hint of mercy.” I couldn’t see it but I knew he was sneering. “Don’t worry though, she’ll be joining you soon enough.”

Hyperness is a Good Thing
20th April 2006, 12:16 PM
Kimi Michiko Gin ~ F
”Stop it!” Kimi’s voice escaped before she could restrain herself. Two tears were making their tracks down her face, but she stayed where she was.

Silver made a strange noise, almost a snarl, and she could see him fighting himself, in a sense. All that emotional turmoil.

Somehow it didn’t matter anymore if that shadow would consume her.

“Don’t kill him,” she said again, her voice softer.

With great effort, Silver swung his keyblade away, and turned back to her. His silver eyes burned with rage.

He leapt forward and lifted his keyblade to slice at her throat, but again, he pulled away just before it cut her flesh. He waved an arm, and Kimi felt the shadow detach from her to flow onto one of the nearby walls.

Silver glared at her but she could see his face struggling and changing. He could never bear to see her tears for some reason. It had always been that way.

“You will be SILENT!” he ordered. A few shadows leapt onto her, clinging onto her with their cold, inhuman touch. She flinched, but he just pointed his keyblade back at the boy on the floor. Silver’s message was clear. If she did not submit, he would kill him.

Head bowed, she stopped struggling, and allowed the Heartless to cover her mouth, while several others held her in place.

Not sparing a glance back at her, Silver focused his attention on the three mortals before him.

Tag CT, short post I know, waiting for her to continue. ^_^ Take it away with Silver! (See now Kimi's been shut up and she can't give Silver any nasty orders anymore)

20th April 2006, 03:57 PM
Must... Save... Gavin X_x


Dawn struggled to stay on her feet. Everytime she pushed one away, another shadow would come to replace it. Just as she had her freedom, she would die. Of course, it wasn't her turn. Gavin was to go first. She watched as a girl protested not to kill him. Maybe she was who he was talking about earlier? She didn't know, but she had a feeling it was.

She tried harder to fight off the shadow-like creatures as the purple-haired boy's blade loomed closer to Gavin's throat. Both had their backs to her. It was no good, she couldn't get free. She stopped flailing, allowing the shadows to bear her weight.

"I need help... Anything..." She whispered. "I can't fail... Not now..."

She clenched her fists in desperation and found that her right hand was holding onto something. She freed her arm from the grip of her capturers and held her palm out. "A key?"

She studied it. It wasn't exactly a key. It had the right shape, but the teeth were replaced with a sun and moon design. Why a key? How is this thing going to help me in any way?

She didn't understand it, but the shadow that had let go of her arm didn't try to restrain her. Infact, it looked quite fearful, as far as she could tell. The key began to glow a soft yellow colour and a bright flash of light followed, causing Dawn to squint. She felt the shadow creatures let go of her and she opened her eyes.

She didn't believe what she was seeing. She couldn't believe it. In her hand, she was clasping a larger version of the key. She glanced at the weapon the boy was holding and then back to her own. It was just like his, except a different design. So this was why he wanted her dead. She had something that she wasn't supposed to have.

Dawn lifted the key, gripping the end of it tightly. It continued to glow softly. She shadow creatures backed off as she made her way over to where the boy was. His key was raised, he was going to behead him. She rushed towards him as the blade came down, quickly putting hers in its path. They clashed together. The guy was a lot stronger than her, so the blades ended up a little closer to the ground than she would have hoped, but that wasn't the point. She had saved Gavin.

His head turned and he glared at her. It faded and was replaced by an almost amused smirk. "That was foolish."

"Do what you want with me. Just leave him alone." She had a feeling she would regret saying that...

Erandi Brazul
20th April 2006, 10:17 PM
Cool...very soon I should be getting my keyblade as well...

Milo Tisevich
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`

“My name is Milo.”

Milo was quite pleased that his humor got a little something out of Dawn. If there was anything he could do well, it was make people feel good about themselves. Gavin then opened his mouth, willing to reply, but Milo's eye suddenly caught something far more important. Shadows were moving behind Gavin, surrounding him. His brow furrowed in confusion as Gavin turned to guard Dawn.

The shadows were much too strong to be handled by Gavin, and they easily wrestled Dawn to the ground. Milo turned his head, following to where the stream of nightmares came from...

His eyes locked onto an all-too familiar artifact. Images of his friends flooded his memories and thoughts: Charlie, the best of the group at sports, and Jamie, who was already entering college with a full ride...their hearts sucked dry, only to become nothing more than slaves to this wielder of the sword. Two great kids, their lives torn to shreds because of the trickery of Silver. Although he had never seen Silver before, Milo knew that this boy was the cause of his friend's loss of will.

"YOU?!!" He shouted, all of those memories quickly fading out as he looked to the face of Silver. "You..." he couldn't even finish before snapping. All of his good naturedness was left behind as his only concern now was to rip the smile off of that horrendous face. He roared as he charged, and barely felt the shadows lift him off of the ground easily and pull him back.

He couldn't move, the shadows were too much. It didn't matter what he did; it was as felt like a magical binding on his arms and legs. But magic couldn't be real...could it?

“I thought you were on OUR side!” the boy named Gavin shouted at another woman whom Milo had not seen. She looked crestfallen, but Milo didn't care: It didn't matter if she was helping or not, Milo just wanted Silver's face ripped in half.

"Get off of me!" he spoke through clenched teeth at the creatures holding him, but they only tightened their grip. They just didn't want to let go...
"I swear to you, if you don't let me--" Milo's words stopped midsentence, as the creatures holding on to him actually released him. He was so surprised that his enraged anger evaporated for a moment to check himself. Everything LOOKED okay...


Milo looked up to see Dawn, now holding a sword as well. What the heck? he thought, his mind spinning in confusion at this turn of events. Silver himself didn't seem pleased at all.

He didn't wait for the monsters to recuperate from this new weapon Dawn had recieved. Milo knew that he needed to get help; maybe to the police station? He turned and bolted, smashing past a few still-frightened shadows. How ironic, he thought, shadows being scared of the light...
He felt terrible leaving Gavin and Dawn like that. But the best thing he could do was to find help, he knew that. And if that other sword girl really was on their side, then it was two swords to one against Silver. Milo hoped they could hold out.

He turned and looked back to where the commotion all began. He couldn't see what was happening, but it appeared as though Silver had gotten his act together. A few shadows had broken from the group, and were now heading straight in his direction. CRAP...

"Help!" He shouted, running for his life. He could almost feel the creatures on his back as he ran toward the familiar fountain, and prayed that those two people he saw were still there. As luck would have it, there they were, and they were looking his way. "HEY! HELP ME OUT HERE!" he cried out, clearly panicked now as he COULD feel them itching on his back.

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Crystal Tears
21st April 2006, 07:58 PM
[color=#CCCCCC][font=franklin gothic medium][b]Silver

He smiled; a signal emotion over flowed the emptiness of his chest, and it caused him to let out a small laugh. He thought this was hilarious, a girl, barely even strong enough to hold the Keyblade was going to try and stop him.

“So you want to play?” Silver question, her stern glare digging into his cold eyes, which narrowed as he brought his blade up, and swung down, both keys slammed against each other with a horrible *clang* before she stumbled back.

He attacked her again, coming from the left, she blocked, though it was quite pathetically shown, she had no experience, and she had picked the wrong opponent to try her luck with.

“You’re… You’re playing with me…” Dawn huffed; sweat already beginning to dabble on her forehead. Silver smiled.


Another hard blow, this time she fell, toppling back so her Keyblade was pointed upwards, at his chest. Silver’s expression disappeared, as he gave her Keyblade one final blow. The Bright light appeared again, Silver cover his eyes as the Keyblade was reduced to a pathetic key.
Grabbing her roughly he lifted her completely off the ground.

“You’re coming with me.”

“No! Gavin! Help!!”

Gavin made no reply, the pain was obviously overwhelming him. Silver’s dragged Dawn over to Kimi, whose mouth was finally released from the cold hands of the shadow.

You have her…

‘Yes…’ Silver answered in his mind, dark energy beginning to pour from his chest, the aura seemed to block out all light, hundreds of confusing voices, and screams echoed in the darkness. Slowly, he felt their bodies disappearing, the power of the great ones flowing from where his heart should’ve been, as they entered the complete darkness and eerie vibe of teleportation, he caught a glimpse of their destination…

A burning house….

22nd April 2006, 05:19 PM

I couldn't move. I couldn't do anything! I could hear everything as it happened around me, but I couldn't stop it. I heard the clash of metals, first close to my face and then in the distance, then again, only even further away. I felt the warmth of a bright light upon my face and heard the words that followed.

“You’re coming with me.”

I fought against myself. Against the bind that held me where I lay on the damp ground.

“No! Gavin! Help!!”

Dawn! I could only call to her with my mind and I knew it would never reach her. I was so helpless. So pathetic!

I heard footsteps across the ground beside me accompanied by the sounds of a struggle. Dawn was in trouble. I needed to do something. I HAD to do something! With a sudden push I forced my body onto its side. I could see them, huddled together, the darkness closing in around them. I stretched out my hand as far as it would reaching, hoping, praying to God that some miracle would bridge this gap between us. Nothing. My prayers fell on death ears. Dawn disappeared with the others and I had lost the last thing I cared about in this world.

I felt my body go limp. I fell sideways onto my stomach and lay my face on the cold ground. My gut wretched, as if it were trying to fold into itself, trying to escape the overwhelming pain. I honestly believed, it was going to die on that ground. "It can't end like this...There's so much I still have to do...so much...that I have to say..." I closed my eyes, feeling the darkness circling around me.

A sudden clink beside me held me where I lay, trapped between the two planes of being alive and dead. On the ground beside me, a small key lay. Slowly, I edged my fingers along the ground towards, compelled by a force I could neither nor comprehend. As my hand curled around it, a bright blast of light forced me to bury my face and when finally I felt it subside I looked to see the strangest of things wrapped firmly in my grasp.

It was like a key only, bigger, and very unusual in shape, as if it were not a key at all but...a weapon. My mind clicked. I had seen something similar to this before. Yes. That boy...Silver...he had one just like this - the pattern was different but I was sure it was the same and Dawn...my eyes widened. DAWN!

I forced myself to my feet. This wasn't over yet. I...wasn't over yet. Dawn needed me and I was going to do everything in my power to make sure I was there for her. I had lacked the power before but maybe...just maybe...I had the strength to save her now.

My grip tighted about the handle of my blade. I turned it slightly, watching the light flicker across the twisted teeth of my blade. It was time for me to make amends.

Staring ahead I saw a swarm of shadows huddling away from my blade. So they knew fear. That was interesting. With a smirk, I paced towards them. I knew the fear would not last, I had to capitalise on it whilst I had the chance. As I passed one, I swung out my blade catching it across the side of the head. A smirk crossed my face as I watched it fade into nothingness. So this was the power my blade possessed. It was impressive.

A part of me dared to challenge the rest to battle but I reminded myself that I had no time. Silver had Dawn and I needed to get her back, for both our sakes. Looking back across the city I saw a thick pillar of black smoke rising from where I knew Dawn's house to be. My eyes narrowed. He taken her there. Somehow I just knew that's where she was.

Adjusting the blade in my hand, I took off at a sprint, dodging the shadows that still stood along the roads. It was a strange sensation, my pain had eased and I felt as free as I could ever have imagined. Before long I stood outside the blazing building. I cursed the boy, damned him for forcing me into the same situation twice. I had no liking for it.

With my newly acquired blade I forced down the door and greeted the flames inside. "Silver!" I belowed. "You have something I want and you're damn well going to give it to me!"

There was no sound but the crackling of flames.

I brought a second hand to the handle of my blade. "You coward!" I taunted, hoping it would get me what I wanted. "Show yourself!"

Hyperness is a Good Thing
22nd April 2006, 11:15 PM
Kimi Michiko Gin ~ F burn burn burn

He had teleported them somewhere, where choking black fumes filled the air, stinging her eyes and making them shed tears involuntarily.

The little demons that had been holding her released their grip. It seemed that Silver was no longer worried that she would intervene.

With a slight movement of her hand, she held her silver keyblade again, and she was poised and ready for battle. Silver however, was ignoring her. He was focused on Dawn, who was on her knees and crying.

Was this her home? Kimi wondered, looking around. This blazing inferno?

“I hate you!” Dawn screamed, and Kimi shuddered at the pure bitterness in her voice. Dawn leapt and Silver, her keyblade still held a little awkwardly. Silver had no problem countering her, and Dawn was thrown back, to land on the floor again. Silver stood over her, his keyblade at her throat.

“You coward!” Kimi heard a new voice. It sounded like…that boy who had fought earlier, the one who had a thing for Dawn.

Foolish, she thought a little sadly. He can’t do a thing without any weapon…

“Gavin!” Dawn’s voice. Kimi sighed. For a girl who supposedly loved the dude, she seemed eager to kill him, pitting him up against Silver.

Gavin came charging through the flames, his face twisted into a mask of hatred and anger. In his hands, he held a keyblade. Kimi’s eyes opened in wonder and shock. He’s a chosen one too?

Gavin leapt forward, ready to strike, but Silver moved faster, and countered Gavin blade with skill. Of course Silver had the upper hand, he had used his keyblade a lot longer.

Soon, Silver was overpowering Gavin, and Kimi desperately thought of a way to save them. Suddenly, like a bolt of lightning, it hit her. It was the perfect solution. Even if it didn’t work, it was enough distraction to allow Gavin and Dawn to get away.

She ran forward, grabbed Silver on the shoulder, spun him around quickly…and kissed him.

She didn’t know what to expect. Would he push her away? She clung onto him tightly, hoping that this would enable Gavin and Dawn to run off safely.

Of all his reactions, she had hoped for, but had not actually expected this. Silver had at first stiffened up, but slowly, gradually, he responded. She kept on tensing up, thinking that he would push her away, instead, she felt his arms going around her waist, pulling her closer, as he deepened the kiss.

Somehow, somehow, she knew, whatever monster he was now, the person holding her gently was the old Silver, the one she had known and loved. He had overrode the current, emotionless one, at least for this brief moment.

She couldn’t control them – they came, uninvited, tears, flowing out of her eyes silently. It was too much to bear, all this time, wandering alone, and missing him so much.

Silver felt the moisture on his face, and pulled away surprised.

“Kimi?” he asked, and she could hardly stand to meet his gaze, it had softened back to what it used to be.

He felt confused as he gazed at the girl. Finally, his memories were giving him some answers… he could remember seeing Kimi…

Seeing Kimi laugh as the sun shone on her hair…
Seeing Kimi twirl around, laughing underneath the stars
Holding Kimi close as rain pelted down around them…

These flashes were tantalisingly brief, but they did provide some insight on their relationship.

Suddenly, his face changed again, and he swiftly moved away from Kimi. She stared at him, wondering what would he do next. He looked cold, and calm, and he had reverted back to the Child of the Heartless that he was.

CT asked me to continue on a bit, and also allowed me to post a little bit of Silver's feelings to complete this post. YAY!

23rd April 2006, 02:15 PM

Dawn tried her best not to watch what was happening, but she couldn’t help glancing up. They obviously had had some kind of relationship in the past. She guessed that Silver hadn’t been this way before and that they had loved each other. In a way, she was envious of them both, sharing something so precious. She felt sorry for the girl though, as she still had to live with the memories of more happy days with him.

Her focus changed as she noticed Gavin waving at her from the door way. He motioned for her to join him. She glanced up one final time; Silver and the girl were still preoccupied. She snatched the smaller version of her key up from the floor and snuck past.

Gavin didn’t allow her any time for thanks. He grabbed her arm and led her back down the stairs. As they ran, she noticed the he too had a key. She smiled; she had a feeling that he would get one too. After all, why would Silver bother with him?

She stopped dead in the hallway causing Gavin to let go of her arm. She could hear someone shouting, thumping hands against some wood. The same kind of sounds she was making in the shop.

“Dawn, come on!” Gavin called above the noise of the flames.

“Wait! Someone’s still here!” She called back, turning away from her front door and going the other way down the corridor.

“Hello?” She shouted, waiting for a response from whoever was trapped inside.

“I’m in the dining room! Help!” The voice screamed desperately.

She turned around to face the dining room door. She tried slamming into the door, but it wouldn’t budge. The shop was an old building; her house was relatively new so there was no way of getting in that way.

Dawn looked down at the key in her hand. It was a long shot, but at least she could say she tried. She placed it in the keyhole and turned it once. The lock clicked and the door swung open.

“Hannah!” She cried out. Her sister shut the door quickly behind her. “Wait… Where’s mom?” Hannah stared down at her feet and swallowed hard. Dawn knew what had happened. “She’s dead, isn’t she?”

Hannah nodded. A part of Dawn’s life fell around her. Her mother had only ever kept to her father’s rules and didn’t agree with all of them. She had helped her a lot. If it wasn’t for her, she wouldn’t still be seeing Gavin.

“What about the others?” She asked.

“Dad stormed off somewhere before and Will… He was taken somewhere…” Her sister replied.

Dawn took Hannah’s hand. “Come on… We have to get out of here.” She took her key from the door and led her back to where Gavin was. They left the house together, Dawn explaining to Gavin what she knew.

They walked away from the house aimlessly, not heading in any particular direction. Dawn continued to comfort her sister. She had to stay strong for her, despite the fact she felt like she should by crying with her. Other than Hannah’s sniffles, they walked in silence.

“You should come back to my place.” Gavin said suddenly. The sisters looked at him expectantly. “Well… Um… They don’t know where it is and you will both be safe there with me.”

Dawn nodded in agreement. “I’d rather stay with you. I don’t know if I can trust anybody else today…”

“But… But…” Hannah began. “But Father said-”

“Who cares what father said?” Dawn replied, her temper rising at the mention of him. “He’s not here now, is he? He ran off somewhere, the coward. Right now, as far as I’m concerned, I am your guardian and I say we’re going back to Gavin’s. We’d better hurry too. I don’t want another encounter with Silver today, thank you.”

24th April 2006, 06:05 AM

A little shaken by her sister’s harsh response, Hannah seemed to withdraw slightly but offered a slight nod. A wave of guilt seemed to overcome Dawn and she hugged her sister tightly. I just knew she was holding back a flood of tears and I didn’t blame her, losing a loved one is difficult.

I lead the way to the farm, keeping ahead of the two girls slightly to keep an eye out for any of those shadow creatures. I was looking out for Milo as well, the kid had run off to get help but we hadn’t seen him since. A part of me wanted to go looking for him but I had my responsibilities. I looked down at the key in my palm. “A lot of responsibilities…” I muttered.

“Did you say something Gavin?”

I looked back at Dawn. “It’s nothing.” I thought up something to dispel the question from the air. “It’s just down this road Hannah. We’ll be there in a minute.”

She didn’t say anything, just clung to Dawn, who was doing her best to comfort her. I didn’t say anything, just turned back and continued leading the two of them towards my farm. There wasn’t that far left to go, we had already made it to the edge of the city unscathed.

We took Hannah to the bedroom. It was a pathetic excuse for a room with two beds made of sheets stuffed with torn clothes that my brother and I had occupied. “You’re more than welcome to stay the night,” I told Dawn. “I’d sleep on the sofa but I haven’t got one.” I looked around. “I’ll just sleep on the floor,” I added quietly.

Seeing the two of them together really made me miss my brother. I thought up an excuse to leave and headed to the kitchen. The sitting room was the only other room in the house. The bathroom was outside. I scraped together some of the food that I had lying around and took it through to the two girls. “You two should eat,” I said handing the tray over to Dawn.

“Aren’t you having any?” she asked.

“I’m fine,” it wasn’t a lie exactly, I was used to going for days without much to eat.

“This is too much,” Dawn protested.

“Just eat it,” I ordered calmly. “It’ll help.”

I left the room but Dawn followed, leaving the food in the room with Hannah.

“Gavin what are you doing? I know you don’t have that much food around here,” she whispered harshly, not wanting her sister to overhear what we were saying. Too many similarities to life at home I suppose.

“It’s fine. I’ve just given her Aaron’s share. He hasn’t been here for a while so there’s plenty.”

“Don’t lie to me Gavin.”

I sighed angrily. “What do you want from me Dawn? The kid’s just gone through a traumatic experience, you both have, I think that makes you a bit more important than me.”

She frowned. “You’ve been paying too much attention to what my father says,” she almost sounded disappointed.

“I’m just trying to do what’s best for you. All I’ve ever done has been for you. Hell I jumped into a burning building twice today for you.” I hated it, how angry I felt towards her right then. How could she be so oblivious to my feelings for her? Having just seen how that girl cared about Silver, how could she not realise that that was how I felt about her?

“Gavin…” she seemed taken back by my outburst. I was too. “What are you saying? You don’t regret…”

“No. No, of course not,” I interrupted quickly. She was getting the wrong end of a long stick. “I’m sorry. All this mess has just put me in a bad mood. I couldn’t be mad at you. We’re friends right?”


A still silence fell over us. I didn’t know what to say to make any of this right again. So much had happened to us already today and Dawn had lost a lot. “You can cry if you want,” I said at last.

“Why would I cry?”

“You just lost your mum Dawn. No one can blame you for wanting to cry.”

She looked away from me. “Now’s not the time. I have to be strong for Hannah.”

“Hannah would understand.”

“Didn’t you do the same thing when you were in my position? Didn’t you put on a brave face for Aaron?”

“I made a mistake,” I replied. “I tried to bury my feelings and it almost destroyed me. If it hadn’t been for you…” I trailed off. Nothing more needed to be said on that subject. “Just don’t make the same mistake I did.”

Dawn smiled at me, though I could see the pain in her eyes. “I won’t Gavin, don’t worry. When the time is right, I’ll face this. You’ll be there for me though won’t you? You’ll wait until I’m until I’m ready to face my demons?”

“Of course,” I knew she didn’t need to hear it but I guessed it brought her some comfort. That was what I was there for.

She nodded, offering a small smile to show she appreciated me. “I should get back to Hannah.”

“Ok. I’ll be working outside. Just should through the window if you need anything.”

“I will.” Dawn headed back to the bedroom but lingered in the doorway for a moment. I looked at her, confused by her sudden halt. “You’re a good friend Gavin.”

I just offered a nod of response and we both headed in our different directions; me towards the field and her to Hannah’s bedside. “How am I supposed to tell her now?”

26th April 2006, 02:23 PM

Dawn returned to her sister in the bedroom, perching on the side of the bed. Hannah was sat cross legged on the bed and was nibbling at one of the apples that Gavin had left for them.

“This is a really nice apple.” Hannah commented. “You should try one.”

“Oh, I already have. Gavin grows them himself on that apple tree outside.” Dawn felt a strange sense of pride as she said it.

She glanced out at the tree. It was in late blossom and a few stray petals danced in the air, carried by the wind. She only ever got to see this when she was at Gavin’s. It made her feel like a spoiled city girl; never exposed to anything other than her home, school, 1st class on planes, posh hotels and expensive restaurants.

“You really don’t see it, do you?” Hannah asked, an amused expression on her face.

Dawn tilted her head to one side. “See what?”

“Gavin loves you, Dawn.” She stated. She held up her hand as Dawn was going to interrupt. “Don’t you notice the way he looks at you? The way he puts you before anybody else, even himself? Dawn?”

She had slid further back onto the bed with her back against the wall; her knees were drawn up by her chest, her arms hugging her legs. She was defending herself from her sister’s words, not sure if she was playing a game with her. “He puts Aaron before himself too…” She mumbled.

“But that’s his brother.” Hannah had been on the receiving end of many of Dawn’s worries concerning the situation and was up to speed with just about everything. “It’s just the same with me and you. You always put me before your own needs. You do the same for Will too, and anybody can see you do it for Gavin.”

“What are you getting at?” Dawn asked, a confused expression on her face.

“How do you feel when you’re with Gavin?” She questioned.

“I feel…” Dawn stopped to think. She felt like all her worries had slipped away. She felt happy when he was happy, sad when he was sad. She felt like she didn’t have to live up to expectations. She felt upset if he was disappointed with her. She knew he would comfort her. She missed him when he was away. He cared for her when she was sick. She felt like she could be herself. “I feel like I’m…”

“Loved.” Hannah finished. Dawn sighed, her cheeks slightly flushed. She shifted herself so she was lying on the bed, facing the ceiling.

“How do you know that? You’ve never…” She stopped herself. She nearly said it. Been in love… She rolled over, facing the wall. She felt like a whole weight had been lifted from her shoulders. She yawned, her entire body exhausted. “I’m tired…”

Dawn felt the back of Hannah’s hand stroke her cheek as she closed her eyes.

“Sleep well, Dawn.” Hannah whispered. Dawn felt the bed slowly rise back up as Hannah got up, removing the tray from the bed and placing it elsewhere.

“You were right, Will…” Hannah thought. “I have a feeling I’m right too.” She glanced out of the window at Gavin who was still working hard on his field. “I just hope you’re still alive so you can see them both happy…”

Crystal Tears
26th April 2006, 07:00 PM
[font=franklin gothic medium][color=#CCCCCC][b]


They had run away, but he didn't care. His emotions we're gone, run over with the feeling of emptiness... But there was something nagging... Behind the emptiness, something that was making his eye twitch, and when his eyes focused on the dancing flames it overwhelmed him.


It was the fear of dying, fear of the flames consuming his physical body... He turned; his eyes were reflecting his himself, pupils so small that they were barely there. He grabbed Kimi arms, and tugged her out the door.

Run away... fire burns now...

But he couldn't, the fire must of his a container holding something explosive, because the house exploded, fire raged up into the sky along with a mass amount of smoke, Silver stumbled back, it was the first time he had ever really feared anything.

Turning angrily towards Kimi he narrowed his eyes, wondering what she had done.

"What did you do to me?"

"What do you mean?"

"I..." Silver didn't know what to do; the keyblade disappeared into to form into a necklace. Sighing he focused back on Kimi. "I'm afraid of fire."

"You always were..." she replied, lowering her voice.


"You always hated fire..." Kimi spoke, softly, and lightly, as if trying not to pull up the memory so fast. But it wasn't helping, the memory flashed back: fire, the sensation of burning, people laughing, and pushing him back into the pit.

He felt sick; his stomach was churning as his nose was overwhelmed with the smell of burning flesh, the memory no doubt.

"we need to go back..." Silver hissed. "Back to your place."

29th April 2006, 01:54 PM

“I really liked your apples.”

I paused from my work to turn and see Hannah standing behind me. Wiping sweat from my brow I offered the girl a warm smile. “I’m glad you like them. They’re my pride and joy.”

She just smiled and nodded slightly. Then she said it, as bluntly as she ever could have, “When are you going to tell Dawn you’re in love with her?”

I just stared at her in silence. Several moments rolled by as I tried to let what she had said sink in. There was an uneasy surrealism about it all. “What are you talking about? I don’t –“

“I’m not stupid Gavin,” she stated. “My sister might not see it but I do, and she won’t know how you feel unless you tell her.”

I opened my mouth to argue but I already knew it was futile. With a sigh, I turned from Hannah, leant my hands on my hips and turned my eyes to the darkening sky overhead. “You make it sound like I’ve never tried,” I ran an uneasy hand through my hair. “As much I’d like it, nothing can ever happen between me and Dawn, especially not now. I can’t be what she needs me to be. I have nothing to offer her, hell I can barely support myself.”

“Do you think she cares? She trusts you Gavin; she wouldn’t be here right now if she didn’t honestly believe you would never fail her.”

“You don’t understand. It’s-“

“Complicated? Dawn says the same thing sometimes.”

“It’s not that simple,” I snapped, a slight tone of irritation drifting into my voice. “Even if I could offer her what she needs, it would make any difference. Love doesn’t work one way.”

“And how do you know she doesn’t love you Gavin? She’s been so sheltered by life that she only really knows how to experience the things you’ve shown her. She doesn’t know what it’s like to be in love. She has feelings for you Gavin, deep feelings, but she’s not sure what they are exactly.”

I sighed. “What do you expect me to do Hannah? I can’t teach her what love is.”

“She’ll figure it out in time but you have to be the one to make the first step. Nothing will ever happen if you don’t do something soon.”

I sighed deeply, suddenly finding great interest in the few clouds sneaking across the sky. “You should get some rest Hannah,” I said after a long pause. “I’ll go to bed when this is done.”

“You can have the second bed,” her tone had reverted back to its youthful origins. “Dawn wouldn’t want you to sleep on the floor so I’ll share with her.”

I waited for her to leave then launched my shovel across the field. Did she think it was easy for me to live day in day out with this burden? Love is hard! It twists your insides to mush and clouds your judgements. It’s that little voice at the back of your head that probes you as you sleep; trying to convince you that every fantasy you’ve ever had could become reality. Then there’s the pain. The deep, writhing agony of being separated from someone you care so deeply about, which can only be topped by the loss of said person.

I cursed the heavens silently for the cruelty of their fates then returned to my task. I didn’t have the time to insult things my logic doubted. I had work to do.

29th April 2006, 07:20 PM
Blame homework. >.<

Let's get our side of the story moving again... (And sorry it's short *bows* English essay fries my brainz...)
Sheena Misagura

I sat quietly, feeling almost like I was waiting for something. Next to me, Sorrow had turned back to the sky. The rain was slowing, and the sun even seemed to be peeking out from behind the clouds. A small rush of energy passed through me, as if the light was trying to lighten the dark mood that still seemed to hang over the two of us.

Who would name a child Sorrow?

"Help!" The word drifted on the wind, blown towards us from a ways away. I turned immediately, not sure of what I'd find as I looked. The sound of footsteps became audible soon after, and Sorrow, too, turned in their direction. A boy was running towards us, and it wasn't long before I saw why: some sort of creature, dark as night, were chasing after him.

"HEY! HELP ME OUT HERE!" The idiot was running straight towards us. As if we could help. What the hell were those things?

I stood up quickly, casting a glance at Sorrow. "It would probably be a good idea to run..."

3rd May 2006, 01:14 PM
~Kirei Na Kanjou [Lyrics] (http://www.animelyrics.com/anime/noir/kireinakanjou.htm) [Song] (http://s42.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=2KWJWFQ7R1E7F19PRX7K0SUJJ4) - Arai Akino - Noir OST~

Darkness surrounded her, all except what seemed to be a spotlight over her. She squinted into the dark, the light obscuring her vision. As her eyes adjusted to the light, she saw friendly and familiar faces, all their expressions turning to disappointment as she smiled at them. She noticed that her mother was the only person not present. She watched as her brother walked towards her. He didn’t seem right. A smirk was permanently plastered on his face; sick and twisted. He stood behind her, leaning on her, arms over her shoulders, his face right next to hers.

“Give it up.” He whispered in her ear. It sent a shudder down her spine. “Give up the key and the people around you won’t suffer anymore.”

Dawn woke herself up suddenly, panicking. She sat up, opening her clammy hand to reveal her key glowing softly in her palm. She sighed with relief. She didn’t understand her dream, but she prayed it had nothing to do with the key although, at the back of her mind, she knew it was.

She tucked the key back in her pocket. She noticed her sister lying next to her which made her look over to the other bed. From what she could see, nobody had slept in it. She got off the bed carefully and slipped her feet into her shoes. She scanned the floor with her eyes several times before confirming that Gavin was not asleep down there.

She felt a cool breeze on her arms as a small blossom drifted across her eye line. She turned to face the window and smiled as she saw Gavin shifting dirt around absentmindedly with his shovel. He was sat under the apple tree.

Dawn decided she’d join him. She didn’t feel like going back to sleep, not after the dream she had just had. She left the house as quietly as possible in an attempt not to disturb either Hannah or Gavin. Silently, she walked along the side of the field towards the tree.

She stood still for a second, watching him write with his shovel in the ground. She couldn’t read it, but she was sure he was just practising. “Mind if I join you?” She asked, breaking the silence.

Gavin frantically scrubbed out what was written but smiled at her all the same when he looked up. “Sure.” He placed the shovel to one side as she sat down next to him.

“Couldn’t sleep?” She asked.

“Yeah… You?”

“I was asleep just now. I had a bit of a strange dream…” She sighed, trying to figure out its meaning. She looked over at Gavin who was fiddling with his shovel again. “Is something bothering you?” She asked, her voice full of concern.

He shook his head. He looked just about as exhausted as she had felt earlier. He looked at her, knowing from her expression that she could not be fooled that easily. He leaned back against the tree and sighed. “It’s nothing, honestly.”

“Are you sure? You know I’ll always be here to help you, right?” She stopped leaning on the tree and knelt on the ground facing him sideways on. “I know we can find Aaron, we just need to look harder. Now that I don’t have my father breathing down my neck, I can spend more time helping you look.” This gained a simple nod of response. Obviously that wasn’t what was bothering him. “If you’re worried about that Silver guy, I’m sure we’ll find out why he attacked us soon.” She reached into her pocket and pulled out her key. “Now we have these, I’m sure we’ll be able to defend ourselves. You could teach me some basic combat or something.”

Gavin sighed again, bringing his legs up to his chest. He placed his arms on his knees, resting his head on them but still facing Dawn. “It’s okay. Don’t worry about it.”

This made her worry more. She knew that he hardly ever kept anything from her and she couldn’t think of anything that he really couldn’t tell her. “You can tell me. Please? I’m more worried now than I was before…”

“It’s nothing!” His voice was raised slightly and sounded as though he was irritated. He saw her look of sadness and buried his head in his arms. “I’m sorry…” He mumbled. “It’s just… It’s just…” She went to put her arm around his shoulders. He continued to whisper as she drew closer, unaware of just how close she was and what she was doing. “It’s just…” She wasn’t supposed to hear his final whisper. “… I love you.”

Dawn froze; her arm a few millimetres from his shoulders. She felt her heart beat faster in her chest. Hannah was right? Gavin loved her? He had said it, she had heard him and he wouldn’t say anything that he didn’t mean…

She slowly moved her arm back down by her side and leaned in carefully. She felt so happy that she was close to tears. “I love you too…” She whispered in his ear before kissing him gently on the cheek.

Startled, Gavin released himself from his defensive position and shuffled backwards a tiny bit. Dawn, also startled by his sudden movement, fell backwards from a kneeling to a sitting position. She could see that he was shocked, maybe even slightly angry, but mostly shocked.

“I… I’m sorry!” Dawn apologized, scrambling to her feet. That was a lie. She wasn’t sorry. She wished she could do it again… To hear those three words again… A tear dribbled down her cheek as she realised that she’d probably ruined everything she ever had with him. “Kirei na kanjou… Anata ni sasagetai…” The Japanese flowed from her mouth, knowing he wouldn’t understand.

She turned to leave. “Wait!” Gavin called, catching hold of her wrist.

Ryoute ni wa afuredasu
Kirei na kanjou
Anata ni sasagetai
In both hands the overflowing
Pure emotions
I want to dedicate them to you

3rd May 2006, 02:05 PM

“You’re not gonna run off on me are you?” I asked, laughing slightly to try and lighten the mood. “You didn’t strike me as the type to kiss and run.”

She laughed; a choked mix of a chuckle and a sob. I gently pulled her towards me and wrapped my arms about her waist, holding her close as she cried quietly against my shoulder. I’d never imagined it would be like this….but then I’d never imagined this would happen anyway. Hell I never thought things would go this far between us.

“There’s nothing to be sorry for. I love you and I was just…I was just shocked to find you felt the same way about me. I mean you’re…you know…I never thought I’d be good enough for you.”

I felt her head shake. “I don’t want anyone else. I don’t want to marry some rich snob who parades me round like his possession. I want someone who treats me like a person. I want you Gavin.” Had to be honest, I was pretty honored by that. “If anything, I’m not good enough for you.”

I laughed quietly. I stepped back slightly and touched her chin, forcing her eyes to meet with my own. “So we agree then, we’re not good enough for each other.” I pressed my nose against her own as we both laughed. “And there’s nothing wrong with kissing.” I leant slowly and pressed my lips against hers. It was something I’d dreamt about doing most of my life but nothing in the world could have prepared me for how good it was.

I could feel my pulse racing, I was sure that my heart was beating so hard that she could feel it. I could feel hers. It was as if everything else in the world became obsolete, as if there was nothing her and me left in the place. As we parted, I could feel the blood rushing to her cheeks. It seemed so forbidden somehow. Good, but forbidden.

“That was…” we whispered it at the same time and laughed at our own nervousness. It was strange. We just seemed to stand there forever, wrapped in each other’s arms. It was so peaceful. I never wanted it to end but at the same time I knew it had to. It was a dreaded thing and I cursed the fates for time.

After a while I felt her shiver slightly. “We should go inside…” I said quietly, not wanting to ruin the atmosphere we had created four ourselves.

“I don’t want to wake Hannah…”

“Of course.” I rubbed her back slightly. “Maybe you should go in first.”


It was almost sickening to let her leave me and it took almost everything we had to break from our own little piece of heaven and return to the dreariness of the real world. I hated to see her leave but knowing that it wouldn’t be for long brought me a little comfort.

I looked to the sky, watching the stars and thanking them for this blessing. “Just don’t let me screw this up,” I begged them quietly, “she deserves some happiness.”

I headed inside and met Dawn in the bedroom. She had draped the extra blanket round Hannah to keep her warm. The two of us curled up together on the other bed. It was so right somehow, made me kinda warm on the inside.

I kissed her gently. “Goodnight,” I whispered.

She wriggled closer to me and buried her head into my chest. “Goodnight Gavin. Sleep well.”

Hyperness is a Good Thing
4th May 2006, 09:00 AM
Kimi Michiko Gin ~ F

[color=#cc99cc]He looked so vulnerable and afraid. She wished that she could just hold him now, and take him away, take him far from here, where Heartless did not roam, where the dark shadows that haunted the both of them would no longer bother them, where their destinies that separated them would just be a distant memory…

If only it were so easy… She sighed. He was learning to feel again, even though what he knew now was fear… If she had any power in this matter, she would have preferred to bring him round gently, let him feel the more positive emotions first before leading him back to anger, fear, and sorrow, but it had begun.

“Come,” she said gently, taking his hand. He seemed almost numb, and he did not pull away. He followed her almost blindly, and when they reached back to the hideout, he walked in, his eyes unseeing.

She frowned as she closed the door. He had always been afraid of fire, true, but she had never seen him thus affected. He sat on the couch, just staring blindly at nothing, and she could see that he was trembling ever so slightly.

This just wrenched her heart, for she had rarely seen him in such a state. She went to him, knelt on the couch beside him and held his face gently in both her hands, and gazed straight into his silver eyes. He met her amber gaze unflinchingly, but there was just a trace of hostility.

“Silver, it’s ok,” she said, her tone smooth and calm, what she had always used previously, before their worlds had been torn apart. She felt his trembling slowly stop, and his breaths became slower, longer and deeper. He jerked a little, and her hands slid off, but she remained where she was.

He did not remember much of her, but he did remember this a little of this, her comforting him, and this also gave him a little bit more insight as to why his former self had loved her so much. Reaching out his hand, he took a strand of her dark hair, which had been dyed silver, and marvelled at how soft and how smooth it was.

Through all this, Kimi watched him, and even as he absently toyed with her hair…somehow she knew that this was a rare moment of peace, one that probably would not last long.

5th May 2006, 07:03 PM
Sorrow looked at Sheena. She was suggesting they'd flee and leave this boy to suffer? While Sorrow felt that there was nothing he could do, leaving the boy to die would make him worse then the heartless. He looked back at the boy who was now just a few metres away.

"Sorrow come on!" Sheena shouted. Sorrow rose to his feet. One of the heartless chasing the boy took sight of him. As if finding a worthier target, it ignored the boy and shot towards Sorrow.


He swung his arm to try and bat away the creature.

What happened instead was completely unexpected.

A sword shaped like a blue key appeared in the hand. The black sliced through the heartless like it was nothing, causing it to dissolve into black mist.

Everything seemed to stop. The heartless were now staring at the key in his hand, and Sheena and the boy were now staring at him.

"Well," Sorrow said, his voice still flat and calm, "This is unexpected."

Sorry for the shortness.

8th May 2006, 03:41 PM

“Well?” He asked. Will’s hold tightened around her. “It’s key or their lives.”

Dawn opened her hand and stared down at the key. “I don’t believe you.” She heard herself say. Her voice sounded different to her; stronger and more confident. She closed her fingers around the key. “The key will save their lives. Nothing good will happen if I give it to you.”

“You made the right choice.” A different voice said. She turned her head to find it was now Gavin who was holding onto her. His hold was gentler, more loving. She felt herself relax in his arms. She closed her eyes and sighed.

As she opened her eyes again, everything had changed. She was alone, for a start. It was completely pitch black except for a small amount of light in the distance. Her feet tapped against a stone floor as she walked towards it. The darkness made her shiver. She didn’t know where she was going, but she carried on regardless.

She came to a halt about ten feet away from a boy. He was sat in the middle of countless shadow creatures, each of them bribing him in some way. His head was hanging down, his eyes fixed upon one spot on the floor. He didn’t look up once, obviously determined not to accept any of their offers.

She felt shadows get hold of her arms and they pushed her forwards toward the boy. He must have heard her struggle because he looked up at her. She felt his blue eyes penetrate her own. She knew him. She didn’t understand it, but something deep inside of her told her that she knew him.

The shadows attempted to offer him more as he continued to look directly at her. She admired his courage for even though she’d claim that she wouldn’t give in to the temptation of those expensive items, she knew that she would probably give in.

“Who are you?” She asked, curious. The boy tilted his head to one side, as if he didn’t understand. “What is your name?”

He leaned to one side and pointed at something behind her. She continued to watch him, waiting for his reply. He simply nodded, motioning for her to look where he was pointing.


Seeing it wasn’t the boy speaking, she turned around quickly. A group of shadows had Gavin in their cold, ghostly hands. He looked exhausted; his body battered, burnt and bruised. She tried to run to him but shadows held her back. They took him away, continuing to beat him as they went.

“Gavin!” Dawn yelled, waking herself up. She felt the bed beneath her and his arm around her.

“… Dawn? What’s wrong?” He mumbled, yawning a little. He felt her shiver and pulled her closer.

“A dream… You were hurt… The shadows stopped me getting to you…” She said slowly, trying to calm herself down.

“It’s okay. It was only a dream.” He replied, trying to comfort her. He kissed her gently.

“Yeah… Only a dream…” She repeated. It didn’t seem like just a dream. Her feet felt as though they had been on that cold stone floor and her arms stung slightly from where the shadows had hold of her. And who was that boy? Why did she think that she knew him? She wanted answers, but she had no idea where she would get them.

Crystal Tears
10th May 2006, 12:24 PM
[font=franklin gothic medium][color=#CCCCCC][b]Silver

How dare you defy me… Insolent fool! Destroy her!

The voice was echoing inside his head, but he failed to listen, he was compelled by Kimi, her sheer beauty… How cold he destroy something like this?

‘You… lied to me… You said I had no memories… That I was born of darkness.’

That you are, your heart and soul are darkness.

Don’t listen to them. They’ll try to trick you.

That voice… It was familiar, it sounded like that girl, who he had attacked. But, it was different, as if it knew what he was going through. He stopped playing with Kimi’s hair, the voices were bickering.

You have a heart Silver. If you didn’t, do you think that Kimi would be alive right now?

The voices fell silent, and Silver looked at Kimi, she was looking back at him, her eyes, they were in pain, reflecting all that she had gone through, probably without him by her side. Silver looked away, annoyed with himself. If the great ones were right, and he was nothing more then a heartless being, then why couldn’t he kill Kimi? Maybe the lighter voice, which had recently infected his mind, was right.

Maybe he was human…

“Kimi…” She looked up, surprised that he was calling her by her name. “We have to find the others…”

“How?” She had always been full of questions… “It’s not like we know where they are..”

“I know…” Silver answered. “Gavin has anger and hate pouring out of him. It’s easy to locate where he is.”

Darkness, the same darkness that the Great ones had poured through him once, was now from him. Unlike the cold, desolate feeling from before, this darkness was a bit more comforting, like a blanket, it swarmed over both of them, and they disappeared.

Reappearing, the darkness faded away to reveal a rather small room. Silver titled his head; there was Gavin, and Dawn, quite the unusual couple, one full of hope, and happiness, while the other was pouring out despair.


Silver summoned his keyblade, and put it to Gavin’s nose. Gavin’s eyes open slightly, and quickly widened, wearing a smirk, Silver looked at him.

“Quiet now.” He whispered. “I don’t want to have to drag along that Hannah character.”

10th May 2006, 02:09 PM

I stared at Silver silently for a moment, keeping a gentle hold on Dawn as to not panic her as she lay half asleep on my chest. Had to admit the guy had great timing. I had just managed to calm her down from her nightmare and now mine comes to haunt me. Was I cursed or something?

“We’re leaving,” he said quietly.

A dark aura surrounded the four of us. It looked like the same aura that he had used to take Dawn from me but it seemed to have lost it coldness. I closed my eyes, hugging Dawn closer to myself as she clung to me tightly. When I opened them again I found myself in a room I didn’t recognise. It was just the four of us. I figured he’d left Hannah behind.

Pushing Dawn to the side gentle I approached Silver, my key ready in case I should need it. “Alright Silver, what the hell’s going on here? If you’ve come to kill Dawn again I’ll –“

“Dawn,” a laugh escaped him as he smirked. I hated it, made me feel uneasy. “I have no intention of hurting her.”

It didn’t comfort me one bit. “If you don’t want Dawn then why the hell did you bring us here?”

“Think of it as protecting Hannah.”

I snorted. “You never struck me as the protective type.” I sneered slightly. “You always struck me as the type that people need to be protected from.” I tightened my grip on my key, forcing it to change to its blade form. “Now tell me straight Silver. What’s the meaning of all this?”

"As I said. To protect the ones that you all care about." His eyes scanned across everyone in the room/ I don’t know what the hell it was supposed to do but all it seemed to succeed in was pissing me off.

I slashed the air with my blade irritably. “What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

Silver growled angrily. "It means anytime you’re near anyone who isn't a wielder and you care about them, you're putting them in danger. Anytime you think about them, talk to them on the phone, even dream about them in some fucked up dream of yours." He paused for a moment, giving me a chance to think about his words. "You're putting them in more danger then you can ever imagine." He volume raised as his anger appeared to reach boiling point. "The heartless aren’t stupid. They know how to get guys like you, to join there side. Whether it’s stealing your heart, or taking everything you've ever known away from you... they'll do it."

I slashed out at him blindly but he lifted his keyblade to block it. He was so gifted with his weapon. It made me sick. Pushing my blade away he shouted at me again. “Don’t you see? All that anger in you, all that hatred, they’ll manipulate it. They’ll turn you into the very thing you hate so much.”

I glared at him. “What the fuck do you know? You don’t know anything about me!”

"I know more about you then you know yourself..." He smirked. "You think your anger from what’s happened in your past makes you stronger, like it makes you some heroic warrior. You think if you forget about the past, that you can focus on the present." All the emotion seemed to drain from his face. "You’re very wrong...."

I glared at him coldly. “You don’t know anything about my past.” I felt my blood beginning to boil. “I’m not like you Silver,” I growled. “I won’t turn my back on the people I care about. Like you turned your back on Kimi.”

"I..." he paused for a moment. "Then go back to your house. Go put Hannah's life in danger. It’s what you do best isn't it?" he smirked again. "Like what you did to Aaron."

“That was an accident.”

"Oh was it?” he snickered. “You WERE always jealous of him.. How he got everything and you didn't?"

“Shut up. Shut up!” I screamed at him.

"You accuse me of turning my back on Kimi. But who’s the real criminal? I never tried to hurt her... I never touched her... But what did you do Gavin...?" his temper was flaring again. "Accident? Is that what you told everyone?" He whispered harshly.

“It WAS an accident,” I growled. “Nothing was supposed to happen to him. It was supposed to me! I wanted the attention for a change! Everything was fine before he was born! We were happy…I had everything I needed…” I shook my head. “I love him, he’s my brother, but…after his birth I just wasn’t good enough for them anymore…he would forever be something that I could never be…”

“Their son.”

I nodded, finding sudden interest at the floor beneath me. “I love my family, but they’re not mine.” I straightened, staring at Silver. “ You have no right to judge me. You have no idea what it’s like to suffer like I have.”

"Your suffering is on a low level." He hissed. "You threw away what you had, mine was stolen."

Erandi Brazul
10th May 2006, 10:42 PM
Erk, sorry...was moving in back to my house from college!

Milo Tisevich
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Milo could feel one of the creatures nick his back, peeling a piece of cloth off of his orange and yellow shirt. And it didn't look like he was going to get any help from those two.

Oh man, this is not good! he screamed in his mind.

Turn around and face them.

"What?!" he yelled out loud, surprised that someone just spoke in his head.

Stay calm and fight. Watch what happens when you stay calm.

"What th--yah!" His foot caught a loose stone, and sent him crashing to the ground. "Ooooouch..." he moaned, and turned to see what awaited him.
Surprisingly, the closest creature took a turn, and headed straight for one of the two citizens. The taller male stood silently and tried to bat away the shadow.
"Stop! You can't do--"



"Well...this is unexpected."

Milo's eyes widened as he stared at the new keyblade that materialized from Sorrow's hand. The other two shadow creatures that had chased him down were also stopped, now staring at the weapon.

See? I told you, the voice spoke again, this time with light chuckles.

Milo stood up, hands clenched. "All right then," he called out to Sorrow, a giant grin on his face, "Let's show these shadows what us three-dimensional creatures are all about! Ha hah!" He laughed.
Sorrow blinked a few times, staring at Milo with confusion. "But..." he stammered, "there's no shadows here..."

"Huh?" Milo turned to see that the two remaining shadow beings had disappeared. "Oh man...that's no good," he muttered to himself, then called back to Sorrow and the girl. "Hey, now that you have that sword, maybe you can help out! Two of my friends were battling a little ways away! You gotta help!"

That sword doesn't look as evil as that other guy's sword, he thought, just like Dawn's and Gavin's. Three on one should be no problem! Especially if those shadows keep running from those swords...

In a different part of the city...

The shadows materialized in the room their master was located.
"Your suffering is on a low level," Silver was saying. "You threw away what you had; mine was stolen."
Time to report on the new Chosen...

Hyperness is a Good Thing
11th May 2006, 12:15 PM
Kimi Michiko Gin ~ F

She felt their cold presence first, long before the newer Chosen Ones, still so newly awoken in their powers. Almost instinctively, because it had become a habit to her, with a quick movement of her wrist, her keyblade shimmered into her hand.

Silver sensed them too, and he tensed up, barely visibly, but she had become so used to reading him that she knew.

He moved away from the rest of them, and the two shadows slithered up to him, and it seemed as if they told him something. He nodded impatiently, and then he flicked his hand, a curt dismissal, and the shadows disappeared.

Kimi moved closer to Silver, and said in a lower tone, “What did they want?”

He looked at her, and his eyes were narrowed, but he did not resent her question, she could see.

“They report the presence of new Chosen Ones,” he replied, also very softly.

Kimi’s eyes widened, and she gripped Silver’s arm. “Honto ni?” she blurted out, then caught herself. She hadn’t spoken that language for quite a long time…

“Yes, it’s true,” Silver said. He felt a bit weird, and he had understood her….he shook his head, leaving that for later.

“When your side killed all those chosen ones back then… I thought…” Kimi stopped, thinking hard. “Now that they’re returning…”

Her eyes were filled with sudden fear. “Silver…” she said hesitatingly, and bit her lip. It can’t be… “The books..” she said softly.

He knew what she was thinking of, and he turned away, his gaze hard.

Meanwhile, the others had stood by quietly, but Gavin still had more to say to Silver. “How did you know about my brother?” His voice was low with anger, but his face was almost calm.

Kimi was getting worried, this… this seemed so unimportant to her, especially in view of what was to come, but to Gavin…this was important… Dawn stood watching too, silently for now.

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13th May 2006, 10:18 AM
Erandi: I'm afraid the right to having voices in their heads is reserved to Silver and Dawn only. Sorry! Please don't shoot the messenger ><

~ Papercut- Linkin Park~

Dawn stood silently as she listened to the conversation taking place. She couldn’t say anything. She didn’t know what would be appropriate. She already knew about Aaron, she was there a couple of hours after it had happened. She had been interviewed by the police, to see if she knew anything that could have lead up to the events, but she hadn’t been any help…

“You want answers.”

Dawn looked from Silver to Kimi to Gavin. None of them had said anything. Neither had they heard it.

“I know where you can get the answers that are plaguing your mind.”

You’re in my head? It felt like she was questioning herself.

“That wasn’t one of the questions, but yes, I’m in your head.”

Where can I find the answers?

“Silver knows.”

She looked at him. She didn’t understand it, but she no longer felt afraid of him. Yes, she knew she shouldn’t get in his way for the consequences could be very horrific, but she didn’t find him that threatening anymore.

“Ask him.”

Silver was looking back at her. Dawn didn’t realise it, but she had been staring at him for quite a long time. He frowned at her. “What?”

“I… I…” She didn’t know where to begin. If she said there was a voice in her head telling her to ask him the questions she needed answering, they’d think she was going crazy. “I keep having strange dreams.” She finally said. Silver looked at her expectantly. “The first time, Will, my brother, told me to give up the key… There was a light over us, and in the darkness I could just about see my close friends and family… Except… Except…” She swallowed hard. “My mum wasn’t there…”

“That’s because she’s dead.” Silver answered bluntly.

“But there were a lot of people there.” She continued. “Hundreds. All of them I recognised. Some of them I’d only met once, others I hadn’t seen in years…”

“That’s because you’re too kind hearted.” His voice remained calm. He waited for Dawn to ask him something else, but seeing that she wanted more of an explanation, he continued. “You care for so many people and hold them too close to your heart. They’ll suffer for it.”

“What’s wrong with caring for people?” Gavin’s temper rising again. “There aren’t enough caring people in the world.” He took Dawn’s hand and squeezed it gently. She blushed slightly and smiled a little.

“Like I said earlier, all those you care about will be in danger. You must forget about them.” Silver seemed a little irritated that he had to repeat himself.

“I can’t just forget them…” She mumbled, her eyes fixed at one point on the ground. She yawned, her body suddenly becoming exhausted. Her knees gave way as her eyes closed. She felt someone catch her before she was completely unconscious.

“You already have.”


She found herself lying on the cold stone floor as she woke up. Again, it was completely pitch black other than the light ahead of her. She picked herself up off the floor, her bare feet padding softly against the stone as she walked towards it.

This time she didn’t stop and watch from a distance. She held her head high as she walked past the first of the shadows, ignoring their yellow eyed glares.

“I don’t want it… You don’t have anything I want…” The boy said, keeping his gaze fixed on the floor. His voice was slightly deep, although it still had a childish tint to it.

“Are you okay?” Dawn asked, standing not too far in front of him.

He looked up at her. His blue eyes gazed at her, almost sending a chill down her spine. He shook his head slowly.

“You don’t belong here, do you?” She questioned.

He shook his head again. She had heard him speak earlier, so why wouldn’t he talk to her now?

She took her key from her pocket and allowed it to become its full size. She held out her other hand to the boy. “Come on, I’ll get you out of here.”

He stared at the Keyblade. From his expression, Dawn could see that he knew what it was. “… The Golden Hour.”

The room’s temperature seemed to drop radically as the shadows attacked her. Before, they had just watched from a distance, but now it must have seemed as though she was a threat. Why hadn’t they reacted when she had made it into its full size? Why did they attack her when the boy had said ‘The Golden Hour’?

She fought countless shadows; the technique seemed to be coming naturally to her. Every time she knocked one back, more seemed to come forward.

“Use the Keyblade!” The boy called to her. “Use the Keyblade’s magic to get out of here!”

The Keyblade glowed brighter in her hands as it reacted to what the boy had said. A white light began to swirl around her as she watched a shadow come forward. It clutched a sword in its hand, something that it had been tempting the boy with. Dawn had a feeling that if she used her blade now to attack it, she’d have to start whatever this light was again. She remained still, waiting to either wake up or be killed in her dreams.

She didn’t see what happened, but as the shadow went to slice her, something caused it to lose balance. The sword’s sharp blade managed to run along her arm before it crashed to the ground. She felt no pain, but felt her consciousness slip away.


Dawn woke up suddenly, her breath quickened as she realised that she was back in the real world. She sat up to find her Keyblade clutched in her hand by her side and that she had been lying on the sofa. She watched as Gavin, Silver and Kimi reacted to her regaining consciousness.

“Are you okay? What happened?” Gavin asked, sitting on the edge of the sofa. He looked more worried than she had ever seen him before.

“I had a dream…” She let go of her Keyblade, her hand drifting to her other forearm. Her shirt felt cold and wet. She retracted her hand quickly and stared at it. “Blood?” Her hand returned to her arm, the pain hitting her instantly.

“Let me see.” Gavin said, leaning to try and look. She wriggled closer to the sofa, not wanting it to cause a fuss.

“Ask Silver. He knows the answer.”

“Silver!” She called from behind Gavin, ignoring the pain from the rather large yet shallow cut the shadow’s sword had given her in her dream. “What’s The Golden Hour?”

Crystal Tears
13th May 2006, 12:18 PM
[color=#CCCCCC][font=franklin gothic medium]Silver

“What’s The Golden Hour?!”

He didn’t know what to think really, did she really not know? Frowning, his eyes transferred over to the blood. She hadn’t been cut when they had first arrived… His eyes narrowed at the cut and transferred to Dawn.

“The Golden Hour is your Keyblade.” He answered, rather emotionlessly.

“My…” Dawn fell silent. “Then who’s the boy in my dream? Surrounded by those creatures?”

“Boy?” Gavin seemed annoyed at this.

Silver stayed silent. It couldn’t possibly be him; he locked the door a long time ago… And every he knew died… Rather painfully if Silver remembered correctly. Then how was this Dawn having similar dreams of what the boy had?

“You were… With him?” Silver questioned.


‘He’s behind the door though…’ Silver thought.

“Did you open a door?” Another question, Dawn thought for a minute, and shook her head; Silver gave a sigh of relief. “Whatever you do, don’t open that door.”

“What door?” She questioned.

“The door you’re eventually going to see. Don’t open it.”

“Ok fine.” She huffed. “But who’s the boy?”

“I…” He sighed. “I don’t know who he is… I know he was like you… Err… Us... A Wielder…” Silver paused, trying to remember everything on him. “To close the door, he had to be sealed behind it.”

“Why?” Gavin questioned. Silver was getting annoyed, it was like he was a teacher, and these people were all his very stupid students.

“So the creatures would never get out again.”

“But they are out.” Kimi sighed; Silver shot a glare over at her. He didn’t need her joining in on the questions to.

“Yes… I know that…” Silver snarled. “Thank you.”

“So… something went wrong.”

“Yes…” He sighed, “Something went horribly wrong.”


“I don’t know.” Silver answered. “Since you dream about him, you ask him.”

13th May 2006, 03:12 PM

"Can we talk baout this later?" I asked angrily. I couldn't believe that I was the only one who seemed to care about the miraculous cut that had appeared along her arm. "Kimi do you have naything I can use to bandage it?"

She handed me some tissues from a nearby table. "I'll look to see if I have anything you can use to dress it with. Use this to stop the bleeding in the meanwhile," she paused to leave but, sensing the awkwardness in the room, added, "Silver help me look."

He nodded reluctantly and followed her as I pressed the tissues agains the open wound. I wasn't gonna to say anything until I was sure they were out of hearing distance but it was Dawn who broke the silence between us.

"You don't have to worry about him."

I kept my eyes on the wound as I held the tissue tightly against it. I saw her wince before I answered. "I don't know what you're talking about."

Her good hand reached up to stroke the side of my face. "You're jealous Gavin. I can see you're jealous but you have no right to be. I don't even know who he is."

I shook my head gently. "I'm not jealous. I'm worried."

A soft smile crept across her lips. "What is there to be worried about?"

"This Dawn," my voice rose as I pointed to her arm, "this is what I have to worry about." I took a deep breath to calm myself. "You have a bad dream and wake up screaming and shaking and then you just pass out for no reason and this cut appears on your arm even though nothing's touched you. How can I not worry? You're having dreams that physically affect you in the real world and that scares me. What if something even worse happens next time? What if you..." I looked away, gulping nervously.

Her hand found my cheek again and I found myself forced to look at her. Her eyes locked with my own and I found myself unable to draw my gaze from them. She drew me closer and once again I felt the sensational rush of emotion as her lips pressed against my own, joining us for the briefest of moments. I hated the moment when it ended.

"I know it's scary but I need you to be strong for me Gavin. As long as you're here I know I have something to come back to and I will come back to you."

"I don't want you to go back there Dawn. He's not important."


"You heard what Silver said. The people that we care about will suffer because of who we are. How can I think that anything good qill come from this when the person I care the most about is you?"

"Do you remember when I had that dream back at the house? You were in my dream then. So I know, when I sleep, you'll be right there with me." She squeezed my hand. "You'll protect me, like you always have done. You're the only person I'd trust my life with Gavin and I know you wouldn't let anything happen to me."

I frowned, sighing lightly. "I think you know me too well Dawn."

"Found some bandages," said Kimi, entering the room with Silver and handing them to me. "And this to help clean the wound."

I took the stuff from her and began work on Dawn's wound. The liquid Kimi had given me to clean her arm stung slightly, causing Dawn to wince and cringe against the sofa. As I tied the bandage tightly round Dawn's damaged arm I shot a qwuick glance across at Silver. "Now what do we do?" I asked.

21st May 2006, 01:55 PM

“Now what do we do?” Gavin asked, glancing over at Silver.

“I’m not sure… As long as the door remains closed, there isn’t much we can do.” He replied.

“Find the Chosen.”


“They need you. You need them.”

Shouldn’t I be asking the boy-?

“Find the Chosen.”

“Silver… You said there were other Chosen…” Dawn began to carry out the voice’s request. She didn’t understand why she trusted it. In fact, she didn’t understand why most things were happening at the moment. “Shouldn’t we find them?”

“You’re really asking for trouble today.” Silver sighed, obviously frustrated by the burden he had laid up on himself, namely Dawn. “You may try. However, I don’t know where you’d begin to look and I can’t accompany you.”

“He can. He just doesn’t want to.”

Dawn frowned. Her gut instinct was to ask him why. She knew that if she were to ask him that he’d get even more irritated.

“You shouldn’t go anywhere. I don’t want to see you get hurt again…” Gavin said. She gazed into his eyes; they were full of guilt, pain and anger. She watched them overflow with love as she drew closer to him, placing her lips carefully on his, kissing him softly.

“Come with me.” She said after they had parted. “Did you really think I’d go without you?”

“I’m coming too.” Kimi stated. “I can’t let you go alone.”

“I’ll remain here.” Silver finished, his voice emotionless.

“His Masters won’t let him go.”

That’s okay…

“They would kill him if they knew.”

Who are his Masters?

“He’s Heartless, Dawn. Heartless.”

“You’re not supposed to be on our side, are you Silver?” She asked, changing the subject of conversation.

He frowned. “No. I’m not.” He answered simply.

“Then why haven’t you killed us yet?”

He glared at her but his expression soon changed to something that might be described as confusion. He had obviously been thinking about it. “I… I don’t know.”

“It’s okay; you don’t have to know everything.” She reassured him. Who was she to be giving him advice? “What’s the harm in coming with us? I’m sure your Masters won’t find out…”

“How did you know about them?” He was angry. He must have been very confused at how she’d known about it too.

“Well, you don’t seem like the ultimate bad-guy type…”

“Dawn…” She turned back to Gavin. He gave her a look that said ‘don’t push it’.

“Sorry… I don’t know what got into me…” She stared down at the floor. Why was she being this way? She would have never normally said anything like that before… Although, she had never been in a situation like this before…

“Shall we go?” Kimi asked. Both Gavin and Dawn nodded and headed towards the door.

“Wait!” Silver called. There was almost a sense of desperation in his voice. They turned to face him. Dawn noticed that he was looking longingly at Kimi. They waited for him to explain his sudden outcry. “I’m coming too…”

They exited the building out onto the streets. It was morning now and the rush of people trying to get to places was gradually rising.

“Where do we start?” Gavin asked.

“Follow the Shadows.”

“Follow the Shadows…” Dawn whispered, glancing up and down the street for one of those creatures.

“Look harder.”

Her eyes continued to dart from one thing to another. She didn’t even know the other Chosen, yet she felt it was her duty to go and find them.

There! She told the voice in her head. The Shadow’s yellow eyes stared straight into her own from across the street. She met its gaze.

“There’s a Shadow over there.” Dawn stated, her eyes remaining connected to it. She nodded in its direction. “It will probably take us to the others if we follow it.”

“I didn’t summon it…” Silver thought aloud.

It only took Dawn one blink for the Shadow to move. She grabbed Gavin’s hand with her good one and ran after the Shadow, hoping that Kimi, and maybe even Silver, were not too far behind.

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Erandi Brazul
22nd May 2006, 08:43 PM
... Doesn't look like my group is joining anytime soon...

Milo Tisevich
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The three of them ran on, Milo leading the way. He kept praying as his feet hit the pavement. Please, PLEASE let them be all right...
He turned his head, looking behind him at Sorrow, only to notice that the giant sword he once had was gone. Sorrow didn't seem too disappointed at this, however. Then again, he never really looked pleased at just about anything.

They were panting hard when Milo slowed them to the junction. The only problem? No one was there. Milo furrowed his brow for a moment, confusion tracing his face.
"Wha...but..." he stammered, while Sorrow took a few steps forward and gazed around, Sheena close behind him. "They were here a little bit ago..." he said at last.
"Well, they're gone now," Sheena replied, her face a mask hiding emotions. Whether she was talking about his friends being gone or the shadows, Milo couldn't be sure.

They sat silent for a moment, Sorrow still glancing around as if scenting something, always with that face that reminded you of your older brother at a funeral. It was a bit of a drag, being with these two.
"You know, it probably didn't turn out so bad," Milo said at last, perking up and becoming the person he was famed to be. "Those creatures probably turned tail and ran when Gavin and Dawn drew those swords, just like our shadow creatures did when you pulled out yours, Mister...er..."
"My name is Sorrow," he said blandly, not bothering to look at Milo when addressing him.
"Oh," he said, "well, it's a pleasure. And thanks for the help back there! I had a feeling that if I ran that way I'd find someone that could help. I was drawn there. Totally felt that one--"

"Just like you felt your friends' presence here?" the girl finally spoke up, not harshly but with enough vehemence to make Milo understand.
"Okay, okay," he muttered, reaching with his right hand to scratch the back of his neck in shame. "So I was off on this one. I'm sorry. I'm Milo, by the way, in case you were wondering. Milo Tisevich."
"Sheena," the girl replied, and that was all he got from her. He nodded, swallowed, and opened his mouth to talk again when Sorrow interrupted.

"Found it," he said, and motioned the other two towards a path leading towards the center of downtown, in the grundgy area of the city.
"It?" Milo asked. "What is 'it' exactly?"
"I...I don't know," Sorrow replied, "Maybe it's the same sense you had before when you found us."
"All right, all right," the little man said loudly, putting his hands up in the air and shaking his head. "Look, I said I'm sorry for that, okay? Yeah, I made it up. That doesn't mean you have to poke fun at the little guy, 'kay?"

Sorrow didn't reply. He started walking, and Sheena, after one look at Milo--once again, emotionless--she followed suit, stepping in behind the man.
Milo sighed. "Well, I guess another adventure can't hurt. Not like I'm in the mood to go home anytime soon..." and ran to catch up to the quickly fading pair in the distance.

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23rd May 2006, 02:12 AM
Sorry for taking so long. I really had no idea what to do.

He didn't know where this sense was leading him, or rather THEM, to, but Sorrow saw no reason to resist it.

He had mentioned his friends having swords similar to mine. Maybe that's where I'm going. Perhaps the swords are connected somehow.

He looked ove his shoulder to see Sheena walking close behimnd him and Milo running to catch up with them. He didn't know why, but Sheena seemed to intrigue him. Noone seemed to notice him, let alone ask him why he wa always crying. It was like this girl actually cared for him.

To be cared about. That was something Sorrow seemed almost foreign to. He could vaguely remember the love his parents gave him before they died. If course, he could barely remember his parents at all, not even what they looked like.

Milo seemed like your average boy. He ran tothem looking for help. But now htat he was helped, shouldn't he be going home? Why was he following him? Why was Sheena following him?

He pondered these questions in his mind, though decided to kep quiet about them.

Crystal Tears
23rd May 2006, 04:40 PM
[color=#CCCCCC][font=franklin gothic medium]Silver

Silver was frowning inside his mind, why were they chasing after a heartless? Surely it wasn’t that stupid… His thoughts were interrupted when they all set eyes upon the three others.

“There they are!” The lively boy yelped, running over a short distance before seeing Silver standing there. “Hey! You’re the guy who tried to kill them!”


A dark voice rumbled in his head, but he wasn’t really paying any mind to it. The ground was rippling, and soon it began to twist and turn, shaping into a horribly thin body with six lanky arms that ended in clawed hands. The face was un-natural, four black eyes placed on the side of its head; it slightly resembled a horse’s, only the jaws opened into four separated sections as it screeched. It’s body resembled a horse’s as well. But it bared eight muscular legs and three long snake tails instead.

“Oh my god..” Gavin gawked.

“Silver.” Kimi gulped, looking over at the confused heartless boy. “Did you…”


“But they couldn’t be here… Not until the door…”

“MOVE!” Dawn screamed, as Sheena and Sorrow quickly ran over to them, ignoring Silver’s presence, Milo was frozen; the creature was glaring right at him. It’s body powered forward, ready to tear Milo into bits.

Silver leapt, slamming his right shoulder and upper body into the boys. As he tumbled out of the way Silver was faced with the coming onslaught. The mutant Heartless opened its jaws that split into fore once more and clamped down, bringing his keyblade up into the vertical position, the Jaws that were barely connected by loose, bloody flesh halted, unable to break the blade.

The horrible screech emitted once more and two of the hands grabbed Silver and tossed him away like a rag doll.

“Stupid Child!” the creature hissed, turning away from Silver as it focused on the group. “Defending those who have what you lack. Mother will not be pleased with you.”

Silver huffed, his body slightly aching from being thrown into the concrete; he rose to his feet once more. Raising his keyblade into fighting posture, he watched the others (assuming they all had keyblades) summon theirs as well.

“Oh… You are think you’re so clever hmm?” The horse was laughing. “Well I can play like that too!”

With a stomp of what Silver presumed was ‘her’ hoof, many larger Shadow’s pierced from the ground, and the walls.

Silver had many thoughts run through his mind, and many of them cruel. He was separated from the group, as because he chose to save the kid. Snapping his fingers, smaller shadows, appeared around him, he was lucky they had stayed loyal.

“What ever you do!” Silver called to the group. “Don’t attack the smaller shadows!”

- - - -

If you don't have your keyblade. Nows the time to get it.

23rd May 2006, 06:24 PM

We stared in horror at the sight that befell us. The deformed arachno-horse summoned an army of shadows that Silver countered with a small shadow army of his own. “Whatever you do! Don’t attack the smaller shadows!” He called to us as those of us already possessing our keyblades summoned them to our hands.

“I’m gonna help Silver,” I called, still surprised that the words were actually escaping my lips. Tightening my grip upon my keyblade, I leapt past the colliding shadow armies and charged at our opponent, who was already locked in a deadly battle with our previous enemy. Ducking one of the clawed hands that swung towards me, I took to the air, bringing my blade down upon the creatures head. “Ah ha!” I shouted to it, convinced of my abilities to take it down. I could only stare as it aimlessly shook of my attack and struck me to the side with one of its lanky arms. With a heavy groan, I lifted myself back on to my feet. “Damn…that hurt…”

I shook myself back to my senses and charged back into the fray. I must have been bloody crazy to run so eagerly back into battle. My body seethed from the blow, my back throbbing at the various cuts and scratches it now adorned. I pitied my own body, it had taken such a beaten already today. The battles with Silver, two fires, and now this? How the hell I was still able to stand was beyond me let alone having the ability to fight. I parried one of the claws with my blade only to get tripped by one of its three snake tails. I looked up just in time to see a claw crashing down towards my head and with a speed that I didn’t even know I possess, I managed to block the claw with my keyblade. The creature howled in annoyance, granting Silver a few precious moments with which to unleash hell upon our opponent.

Looking back I saw Dawn and the others swiftly cutting through the ranks of the enemy shadows. I joined Silver once again in knocking back the horse-thing until both of us were thrown back, crashing to the ground unceremoniously.

“Urgh! Silver I don’t think this is working!” I called to him.

“You think?”

We rose to our feet slowly. “This isn’t the time for sarcasm,” I muttered, just loud enough for him to hear. “We need a plan but I doubt you happen to have one of those lying around do you?”

“I’m working on it!” he snapped.

I parried several attempts to knock my head clean off my shoulders. “Well work faster!”

“Hey!” Kimi yelled at us. “Focus!”

I rolled my eyes and together Silver and I pushed against our opponent. We switched turns, one attacking whilst the other defended him. It wasn’t the most effective method but we were holding our own. Though we both knew we couldn’t hold out much longer. The day had taken its toll on us both and we didn’t have the strength to hold our position as long as we could have. Needless to say, we were starting to have trouble.

“Well?” I asked Silver, “Do you have a plan yet or do we need to ask the others for help?”

Hyperness is a Good Thing
24th May 2006, 04:45 AM
Kimi Michiko Gin ~ F

[color=#cc99cc]Kimi twisted and spun around, slashing at the larger Heartless and avoiding the smaller ones. Since it was very light, she could move Sincerity Seal very fast, and though they looked large and menacing, these dark shadows weren’t all too hard to deal with, just that their numbers were overwhelming.

She wanted nothing more than to move to Silver’s side and fight by him, but there were all these new ones to take care of – she had not seen so many Chosen Ones in ages. Dawn was already quite competent with her keyblade, though still a little unsure; but no worries, experience would come with time. The rest were gaining skill the longer they battled – Kimi could see that.

Unfortunately, there seemed to be no end to this horde of Heartless. Gavin and Silver seemed to be trying to discuss something, and it was obvious that they were distracted. After watching Gavin almost get slashed on his head a few times, Kimi yelled out, “Focus!” to them, and took her own advice, parrying and slashing, and helping out the new people whenever she saw that they were about to falter.

There was a brief lull in battle, and she stopped, catching her breath. She had not fought like this in ages…and surprisingly, it felt good. Wielding the Keyblade and fighting – this seemed perfectly natural to her.

As her quick movements slowly became almost instinctive, she allowed herself to think more, trying to figure a way out of their current situation.

Erandi Brazul
26th May 2006, 04:15 PM
Milo Tisevich
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It was strange, Milo knew, but he could have sworn that he felt the same willingness, the same drive, to move with Sorrow in that direction, to follow closely behind Sheena. He couldn't explain it, nor could he pinpoint where the feeling was coming from. It wasn't a gut feeling, or a sense of direction. He felt...compelled to travel. No, he didn't want to go home, but not just because he felt no need to. He knew his parents were, by now, worried sick over him. It was much too long and too late for him to be out with friends without letting them know where he was going!

Milo's thoughts consumed him, his little body hunched over, his arms crossed, and his brow furrowed. His whole body language was wrong for his kind of personality, as was his way of thinking, he had decided.
C'mon, Milo, get ahold of yourself, he thought. What happened to looking at the brighter side of things? Being the happier version of life?
Life had become so dark, dark enough to cloud his usually bright and cheery thoughts.
This isn't you. Things can't be helped sometimes. They definitely escaped. Yep. Don't worry about those two. They'll show up eventually.

And show up they did.

He couldn't tell how long they had been walking, since his thoughts diverted his attention from the outside world. When he looked up, however, he surprisingly saw his companions, hustling around a bend, perhaps in search of him.
“There they are!” he shouted, though it was apparent that neither Sorrow nor Sheena needed to be told that. They had already stopped, and, with eyes narrowed, were staring at the group. "What? What's wrong?" he said cheerfully, and began to point them out: "It's my friends: Dawn, Gavin, some other friendly girl, an--" his last words cut short as his eyes finally registered who the last member was.

“Hey! You’re the guy who tried to kill them!” he shouted, his words barely making sense as to who "them" really was to Sorrow and Sheena, but they caught on quickly. Sorrow's blade was out, and Sheena merely stared.
As soon as his words had finished echoing off of the houses around them, Milo felt a rumble beneath his feet, but he didn't care. His mental capacity was all on Silver now, and all about ripping his body apart, piece by tiny piece.

His violent nature is not exactly what his parents call, "controlled."

Milo spoke slowly, each word seemingly trying to seeth pain into Silver, even though the man couldn't hear Milo speaking. "I am going to kill you, you son of a bi--"
Once again, his words were cut short, as a tremendous shadow seemed to appear and fill Milo's vision. His crazed state, however, allowed his eyes to decieve him. The creature formed, and it's eyes swivelled to face him. Pangs of fear hit him as someone screamed, but he dared not move. This creature, in his mind, was Silver, grown to finish him off just like he finished off his friends from before. Anger and hate bubbled inside of him, and somewhere in the back of his mind, a faint TING! was heard. Something was now dangling from his neck.

He didn't have time to figure it out, though. He continued to stare at the monster, hating it, knowing that he couldn't beat it and avenge his fellows. The next few moments, however, went by quite rapidly. First, he was hit hard from the side; whether it was the creature or a human he did not know.

He stayed down a moment, rubbing his arm as he heard noises of a battle beginning. When he finally got up, the shock of the sneak attack gone, he looked to see Gavin and Silver working together, side by side. His eyes widened, his upper lip trembled.
He's brainwashed them...


The thing on his neck flashed brilliantly as he charged at the fighting Silver, and the glow instantly flashed to his hand the moment his fist collided into a surprised Silver. Silver hit the ground hard, spraying rocks as he flew a couple of yards. The light faded, and the shock of what was now in his hand prevented Milo from thinking about continuing the assualt for a moment.

A keyblade. Black in color, all the way to the top. Not only that, but waves and swirls of what appeared to be red and white string--magicked metal, he learned later-- swirled around the blade, to make it thick. His hand held the black handle while more of the red and green danced around his hand, providing protection to his grasp. The teeth were the strangest bit: It very much resembled a hammer. A rectangular block jutted out of the blade, followed by a small ball-shaped connector, and yet another oddly shaped rectangle at the other end. It looked precisely like a large hammer head! The end of the hammer head was slightly pointed, if only to recognize that it was a sharp blade.

Five seconds it took, for Milo to stare at his weapon. Then, he smiled sickeningly at Silver. "You. Die. Now," he said. He wanted to say more, but one of the tails of the shadow creature smacked him full force, and sent him flying.

OOC: Whew...long, I know. But it works, I guess! Have fun trying to calm him down lol.

Crystal Tears
26th May 2006, 07:07 PM
[font=franklin gothic medium][color=#CCCCCC]Silver

The pain, who had hit him? It wasn’t a heartless, they certain don’t hurt that much, five of his minions gathered around him, helping him up. Grumbling as the pain subsided, he looked at Milo; his eyes seemed twisted with this uncontrollable rage.

“You. Die. Now.”

Shocked at what had just happened, Silver was forced to accept Milo’s challenge, at least it would’ve been a challenge if the rather foolish wielder had seen the horse creature lash out with its tails. Milo was sent sprawling, head over heels, until he came to rest up against a city wall.
Though without hesitating the insane boy got back up; gripping his keyblade tight.

“You have to be joking…” Silver murmured in his lowered voice, walking slowly up to the crazed boy.

With a cry of rage the boy sprinted forward, Silver frowned, easily side stepping the attack and thwacking the boy easily with her keyblades shaft in the back. The boy tumbled, but miraculously did some sort of spin, and recovered quickly, slashing threw a heartless before whipping his keyblade like a boomerang at Silver.

“That’s new.” Silver observed, bringing his own weapon upwards to knock the keyblade away, though the hilt still managed to whack his shoulder.

The boy charged for it. Silver took his chance, slamming his keyblade onto the boys back; he heard a cry of pain, before the boy collapsed.

“I’m not your enemy.” Silver snarled. “If you haven’t realised, I’m not attacking anyone. The only reason I’m fighting you is because you attacked first.”

“You’re. Going. To. DIE!”

A desperate attempt to get up was met with a horrible cracking noise. Silver smirked. Watching one of his own heartless crawl onto Milo’s back, before disappearing.

“We will fight later.” Silver purposed. “For now, that heartless will take the pain of your back wound away, making you have the ability to defend yourself. Fight the horse creature, not me.” Pausing before returning to the battle, Silver smiled. “Try to attack me in this battle, and that heartless will cause you more pain then you can imagine.”

Kimi ran up to Silver as he trotted away. “You’re going to leave him like… Like that?”

“For now Yes… I don’t need another enemy in this battle.” Silver snarled, swiping away a larger shadow. “Now. Fight.” He commanded, bounding away to attack the mutant heartless.

- - -

X.x So many enemies for poor Silver. Sorry if it seems one sided, but Milo will have all the time in the word to assault Silver after the horsey thingy.. >_>

26th May 2006, 09:46 PM
This was quite an interesting turn of events. It seemed the heartless were now turning on eachother. His eyes fell on hte larger heartless, the mutant abomination.

"I know your pain," he spoke softly, tightning his grip on his sword. He pointed the blade at the beast, who was now looking in his direction.

"I will moarn your passing," he spoke. At those words, the heartless headed straight for him.

"Sorrow!!" Milo cried out.

Just as one of the heartless' legs almost came down on him, he leaped to the side in a display of great agility. He slashed at the leg, causing a shallow cut. The heartless bellowed inrag as it tried to crush im with another leg. Sorrow once again dove to the side and struck it.

The heartless' frustration rose as its almost futil attempts to crush the nimble youth drew its attention away from the others.

Sorry for the crapiness.

28th May 2006, 04:26 PM
~ White Shadows- Coldplay ~

She couldn’t help but glance over at the events happening around her as she fought. Milo, a kid from her school, had challenged Silver. She knew it was foolish of him, but Silver soon taught him a lesson. She smiled a little to herself as she noticed that Gavin had been watching too; it made her feel less guilty about being nosy.

However, she could afford to be nosy. She was only dealing with the Shadows. Gavin, on the other hand, had been stood right in front of the horse-like creature at the time. Taking his eyes off it was a mistake as they both found out.

Dawn watched silently as the huge, demented creature’s claw glided through the air and ripped flesh from Gavin’s bare chest. She wanted to scream, cry and get revenge, but her whole body and emotions felt numb. All she could do was stand there and watch as the shadows pushed him to the floor, leaving Silver to deal with the monster alone.

There was quite some distance between her and Gavin but she knew she had to get there. She attempted to run through a small gap in the shadows, only to find that more appeared to block her path.

“Fine… You want to play it the hard way…” She muttered at the shadows. “Kimi!” She called. “Gavin’s down! Help Silver!”

She saw Kimi return to Silver’s side out of the corner of her eye as she kept her gaze on where Gavin now lay. She knew it was risky to leave those with less experience to deal with the shadows by themselves, but they had to learn somehow. She held her Keyblade horizontally in front of her.

“If you won’t move, I’ll make you.” She warned them. She didn’t know why she took the time to do so as she knew she was going to kill them anyway. She hacked and slashed her way through the crowd of shadows. It reminded her of the time she had played Lord of the Rings with her brother. She felt like the hero, risking their life just to save another. However, she soon realised that she wasn’t as strong as Aragorn when she was just a few feet away from Gavin.

The shadows had left a circle around him and stood around watching. Even though he was well tanned, Dawn could see that he was quite pale. There was a large amount of blood which formed a puddle around him. She felt her stomach churn. She now knew that she couldn’t stand large amounts of blood. She had never been in a situation with it before. After all, her father would never let her see anything that would make her upset…

A sword crossed her path as she attempted to get closer. She followed it along until she came across who was holding it. A shadow, the same one that had attacked her in her dream, seemed to be smirking at her.

“Your blood.” It whispered, bringing the tip of the sword into her vision. The blood trickled down the blade towards the hilt. Her arm seemed to throb with pain as she saw it. “More blood to spill…”

With one fast, unexpected movement, Dawn brought her Keyblade down upon the Shadow. “No more blood will be spilt today.” She said as it disappeared into a black mist.

She dashed to Gavin’s side, kneeling on the cold concrete. She shook him gently, attempting to wake him up.

“Come on… I’m not losing you too…” She told him, a small amount of panic escaping in her voice. She withdrew her hand from the floor, realising she had put it straight into the puddle of blood. His blood. She went to wipe it off on her shirt. “What the hell am I doing?” She questioned herself, unbuttoning her shirt quickly to reveal her black strap top. She pulled her shirt off, folded it untidily and put it on Gavin’s chest, applying pressure.

“Heal him.”

Dawn frowned at the voice. What do you mean? I can’t heal him…

“Heal him. Just do it.”


“Hold your Keyblade. Take the shirt off his chest; put your other hand over his wounds. I’ll help you with the rest.”

She removed her shirt from his chest. It seemed to have mopped up quite a lot of the blood and slowed the bleeding a little. She picked up her Keyblade, gripping it tightly. She placed her other hand gently over the wound.

Now what?

“Concentrate hard… Tell the Keyblade what you want it to do…”

“Heal him…” She muttered, a tear escaping from her eyes. “Please heal him…”

She felt a warm sensation creep up from the arm that was holding her Keyblade, across her back and down her other arm. Her hand glowed a pale green as she watched Gavin’s wounds disappear, including the burns he had acquired earlier. She felt extremely light headed as the green light faded and attempted to steady herself. Giving up, she flopped onto the floor and stared up at the clouds.

“Dawn…” Gavin’s face suddenly appeared in front of her line of vision. The colour was slowly returning to his cheeks. His piercing blue eyes were full of worry as they gazed into her own. “What happened? I was injured…”

“I fixed you… I healed you…” She let a small giggle escape before a tear slid down her face. “I didn’t want to lose you. My Keyblade must be magic or something… It was a green light… A beautiful green light… It made me heal you…”

Gavin gently lifted her from the floor, cradling her in his arms. “Thank you so much…” He kissed her forehead lightly, causing another giggle from her. He frowned. “Are you sure you’re okay?”

“I’m just a little light headed, that’s all…” Dawn replied, not knowing how much of an understatement that was. “I just need to rest for a little while. I’ll be fine.”

“I’ll stay-”

“No!” She yelped. He looked very hurt by her sudden outburst. “I don’t mean it like that… You need to go back and fight… Right now, they need you more than I do… I’ll be fine… Just leave me here. I’m not going anywhere.”

“I don’t like that idea… I can’t leave you.” Gavin protested.

“I know you’ll come back for me… Go… Go kick some Shadow butt for me…” She raised her arm slowly and touched his cheek. “Do it for me?”

“Okay…” He lowered her gently to the ground. “Be careful…”

“You be more careful…” She muttered, rolling onto her side and using her arm as a pillow.

Dawn just about saw him summon his Keyblade again and charge back into battle before she drifted off to sleep.

She'll probably be asleep for the rest of the battle... I'll post her dream soon... Mwahahaha... *cough*

30th May 2006, 09:24 AM

Summoning my keyblade to my hand I looked back to see Dawn drifting to sleep on the hard concrete. I nodded to myself. I'll be careful Dawn. Promise. I looked back at the deformed beast facing off against Silver and Kimi. The new arrivals seemed to be handling the shadows, keeping their attention on Dawn. I snuck round the back of our attacker, keeping out of reach of its three tails. Kimi saw me and I quickly montioned for her to keep the horse-thing distracted, last thing I needed was to get caught again.

Taking my keyblade in both hands I stood silent, waiting for the right moment. As one of the tails landed against the ground I tightened my grip on my blade and brought it crashing straight down. It tore easily with the thick flesh and muscle, severing the tail instantly and staining the ground with blood.

It turned to face me, screaching so loudly my ears stung. "No one takes a piece out of me!" I shouted at it. I waved my keyblade menacingly at it. "Like to see ya try that again," I taunted. "Silver! Can you get your shadows to guard Dawn? She's out of action."

He nodded and I saw the shadows move over to guard Dawn. As long as she was safe there was nothing for me to worry about. I looked up to see one of the creature's claws heading towards my head. I ducked quickly, rolling beneath the creature until I joined Silver and Kimi. The creature spun round to us, still seething from the damage I'd done to one of its three tails.

"Three must be better than one right?" I asked the two of them, making sure not to take my eyes off of the monster before me. "Let's take this thing down once and for all."

Crystal Tears
4th June 2006, 06:30 PM
[font=franklin gothic medium][color=#CCCCCC]Silver

He was ignoring Gavin, his inexperienced comments were only a slightly annoyance, the true annoyance was standing right in front of him. A Heartless mutant, something that wasn’t supposed to exist until the door was open, but here it was, staring at them all.

Silver could see Sorrow was busy keeping the shadows off their backs, he was thankful, though he’d never admit it. Never, thanks, and gratitude is for the weak, it was something that showed you couldn’t handle it yourself, and Silver could… He knew he could… Or was it he’d rather think he could?


Kimi’s soft voice, it snapped him out of this trance. He glanced over at her, his face emotionless but he knew she could see right through it; her eyes were like the bullet that pierces through the flesh, the Soft flesh that tries to hide the inside, the real weak points.

He nodded, and she returned the motion, his keyblade vanished as both his hands clasped together as he kneeled, forming a sort of step catapult, of which when Kimi was ‘on’, he stood up, forcing his arms the most he sent Kimi upwards, high above the monster.

Summoning his keyblade back, both him and Gavin acted, Silver’s keyblade slicing easily into the flesh of the neck that splattered black blood all over the ground. Gavin’s swung and took two arms off before hitting the put shoulder, causing a deep wound that oozed blood instead of it splattering.

Kimi was coming down, her keyblade broke easily into the monster’s back, and hooked, so she could swing herself into a loop until he ripped her keyblade free and landed fine. Some blood on her face.

Sorrow came in now, slicing another shadow before doing an upper cut with his blade, taking off three legs that made the body uneven on one side, so the creature couldn’t stand. It toppled; unable to fight completely back, Silver stood back and watched the others make quick work of it. They couldn’t hear it, but it was screaming, hollering in pain as its ‘comrade’ stood back and watched.

The others were disappearing, the smaller shadows teaming up on the larger until they all were gone. Vanished; back to the safety of their home.

“We did it!” Gavin smiled, looking at Dawn to see that she was still being guarded by the small shadows, who disappeared when he neared. “Heh…”

“Silver?” Kimi questioned, grabbing on his arm, Silver tugged it away, dispersing his keyblade he turned, and leaped up onto a high ledge of a window, before leaping once more onto the roof, disappearing from their sight.

“They don’t understand…” He hissed to himself, sitting hunched against a corner. “They can’t hear the creature scream…” He buried his face into his palms. “They couldn’t hear it say how it was betrayed…”

Hyperness is a Good Thing
9th June 2006, 11:32 PM
Kimi Michiko Gin ~ F

[color=#cc99cc]Leaping through the air, Kimi slashed down her keyblade in a hooking motion that tore the dark creature open, landing lithely on her feet. Blood splattered on her face, her clothes and almost everywhere else, but she did not even pause to wipe it off before moving away. Silver had already gone in, and she could see that the monster would be destroyed without any further intervention from her anyway. Then and only then did she stop, relax a little, and wipe off the sticky fluid. It felt different from human blood, and her skin tingled a little where it had been. She remembered hoping that it wasn’t poisonous, when Silver stood next to her, his eyes shaded, but his mouth twisted ever so slightly in a way that was familiar to her. Silver was… unhappy.

“Silver?” she queried, holding on to his arm with her free hand. Silver pulled away, twisting his wrist to disperse his keyblade, and he leapt onto the window ledge and out of sight.

Dispersing her own keyblade, Kimi leapt up after him, figuring that the newbies would be able to handle themselves fine for now – anyway Silver was more important to her. Infinitely more so.

“They can’t hear the creatures scream….” She heard the faint whispering of Silver’s voice. “They couldn’t hear it say how it was betrayed….”

Kimi turned to see Silver sitting in a corner, the gap between the higher and lower roofs of two houses, his face buried in his hands, his body still and unmoving and curled up in a fetal position. She sat down next the him, close, but they were not in contact, knowing that he might repel her right now, in the state that he was in.

They sat in total silence for a while, and Kimi’s mind was barraged by memories of the times she and Silver had sat alone together, both never speaking, but always communing, and never bored, because there had always been a special communication and understanding between them…but this was different. There was a barrier between them now, and she could never know the pain that he was feeling.

“You betrayed the dark ones for us,” Kimi said, trying to speak, to break this uncomfortable tension. “For…me?”

Silver sat still and unmoving, his face still hidden.

“I don’t know what you’re going through, only that that creature was destroyed by he who it had thought was an ally… You betrayed those whom you serve…” Her words sounded stilted and uncomfortable even to her. “You turn against them, and ally yourself with Chosen Ones…” Her hand reached out tentatively to touch his shoulder, and she was glad that he did not flinch away. “Thank you.”

He still did not speak, and she wondered if she was bothering him.

“I’ll leave you alone now if you want…” she said, about to get up and go, but Silver’s hand suddenly covered hers, and though she still could not see his face, in some way she knew that he was calling out desperately to her.

“Silver?” she asked, her eyes fixed on him.

“It was worth it,” he said, lifting up his face to look at her with his piercing, beautiful eyes meeting hers. “It was worth meeting you again,” and he smiled, a small gentle smile, his special smile, one that transfigured his face so amazingly that it took her breath away every time she saw it, a smile that he had kept only for her.

10th June 2006, 02:53 AM
Sorrow watched as the body of hte giant heartless vanished in a smog of black smoke. Despite his blank expression, tears began rolling down his face.

"Rest, in peace," he spoke softly in his usual calm tone.

He looked over and noticed that the heartless boy had gone over to a distance corner. It seems he was right afterall. The heartless did feel misery, they did feel sadness.

I know you're pain. You're not alone in your misery.

The girl who was with him went to his side, as if to comfort him. He could see that her attempts were clearly working, as the boy smiled.

A tinge of jealousy went through Sorrow's mind. No people had ever had hte time to try and comfort him in his sorrow. But then again, his was a sorrow which noone can comfort him. It was the sorrow of evry living thing, human and heartless.

"Hey Sorrow," came a voice, "What's wrong?"

The white haired boy turned to see Milo standing behind him. He must have noticed the tears coming down his face.

"Nothing," he replied, looking over to where the heartless once was, "Just moarning.

10th June 2006, 07:06 AM
~Imaginary- Evanescence~

Dawn sat up slowly in her dream world, rubbing her temples as she opened her eyes. She gasped as she noticed that almost the whole room had been lit up. It was a huge room, almost like a hallway as it was longer than it was wide. The stone floor was checked with black and white slabs like a giant chess board. Between each of the stone pillars set in the walls were photographs of people. She noticed that on the left hand side of her hung portraits of guys whereas on the right hung girls.

She followed the left hand side, reading the names of the guys in the portraits. She soon figured out that they were all Keyblade wielders as she noticed the names of Keyblades written underneath their own. Each had a different blade, most likely to suit their individual needs. As she walked, she noticed the dates underneath their names getting closer and closer to the present day.

“Died… Killed… Murdered…” She muttered as she continued along the line. “Heartless?”

She looked up at the photo. Silver looked back at her but he seemed different. It was almost as though she was staring at his old self; full of emotions and certainly not Heartless. She looked across at the other wall and sure enough the photo opposite was of Kimi.

She walked past the next pillar, smiling as she saw whose photo was next. Gavin was smiling back at her, his now infamous shovel in his hand. The two photos next to his were of Sorrow and Milo.

She crossed over to the other side of the room. Next to Kimi’s photo was an empty frame, and the one down from that contained a photo of Sheena, the other Keyblade wielder. She frowned at the middle one and read the label aloud.

“Dawn Edwards, The Golden Hour, Lost?” She questioned. “Why am I lost?”

“Because you’re in here.”

Dawn turned to face the way she had came and smiled slightly as she saw the boy. He was sat a long way down the corridor from where she was currently, no Shadows surrounded him and he was holding what looked like a piece of paper.

“What do you mean by that?” She asked, walking towards him. She only realised just how large the room was as she made her way back.

“When you’re asleep and in this world, you are lost in your world. Nobody can wake you up.” He answered, his voice carried by the echo in the room.

“So why is there no photo in the frame?”

“It’s only because you’re in here.” He averted his gaze from her and stared at the floor. “There’s always a photo there when you’re not…”

Her pace quickened as she saw the boy’s appearance. He was badly injured in most visible places on his body. She sat down next to him, taking out her key from her pocket. “Hold still, I’ll heal-”

“No no, don’t waste your energy on me in here.” He pushed her hand away. “The more you use, the longer it will take for you to wake up.” Dawn noticed that he still had a disappointed expression on his face. It made her wonder why as she hadn’t done anything. “I’ll be back to normal soon.”

Silence followed. He wouldn’t look at her and she didn’t understand why. However, she did not let this bother her too much as she had more important questions to ask.

“Why am I here? Why are you in my dreams?”

“It’s because something bad is going to happen. The door will be opened.”

“Where is the door?”

He pointed into the darkness just behind him. “In that shadow. I haven’t seen it for a long time; it may have changed appearances since I last saw it. It has been so dark in here until the Shadow creatures went to fight.” He glanced up at her. Catching her gaze, he swiftly looked down again. “It almost seems lonely in here without them.”

“Who will open the door?”

“You.” He looked her straight in the eye, his expression more serious than she had ever seen before. “You will open the door.”

A small sharp gasp escaped her lips. Silver had warned her not to open the door. “Surely now that I know, I won’t open it?”

“No. You are destined to open it. Your situation means that you are the only one able to open the door and you will do it.” He put the piece of paper, which she noticed was about the size of a photograph, into his pocket. “Even the strongest of people, once chosen, will not be able to resist the fate of the door.”

Dawn was beginning to panic slightly. Why was she the one, out of all the others, that would do this? She already felt the guilt of what she would end up doing.

“So, if I never came back here again…”

“You will come back here again.” There was almost a sense of happiness in his voice as he said this. “You will not be able to go without sleep, especially at the rate you are learning magic.”

“Maybe I should have died in that fire…”

“What makes you say that?”

“Then none of this would ever have to happen.”

“Things happen for a reason, Dawn.” He assured her, a warm comforting smile on his face. “Just think of what you wouldn’t have if you were dead.”

Her thoughts shot straight to Gavin. How could she have been so selfish? He was the best thing that ever happened to her. Without him, she would have a huge part of her that didn’t feel complete. Something told her that he probably felt the same way.

“I see what you mean…” She said finally. “Hold on… I feel myself waking up…”

The boy’s expression soon turned back to its sad, lonely self. “Come back soon.”

She smiled weakly, not sure if she really wanted to. “Wait! What’s your name? You have never told me your name.”

He pulled the photograph from his pocket and gazed at it longingly. It was turned away from her, so it was obvious to Dawn that he didn’t want her to see. A small smile crept across his lips. “My name…” He paused, holding the photograph closer to him. “My name is Rain.”

Dun dun duuuuuuun! She'll wake up now. *skips off*

10th June 2006, 05:37 PM

As we stood by and watched Kimi and Silver together on the building, I heard the muffled groans of Dawn waking from her mysterious slumber. Rushing to her side, I gentle helped her upwards until she was sitting upright. "Are you alright?"

She looked at me blankly for a moment, blinking until I saw the complete essence of herself return fully. In a flash, she had thrown her arms around me and pressed her lips firmly against my own. I didn't know what to think.

"Did I do something?" I asked, her actions confusing but far from disappointing.

"You saved me."

"I thought you already thanked me for that."

She smiled, "I guess I've only just realised how much I would miss out on."

I pushed my nose against hers. "Hey, you saved me too remember. Everything's even."

Her expression saddned. "I'm sorry Gavin..."

I frowned, confused by her words. "What? Dawn what have you to be sorry for?"

But she didn't answer me. I only noticed then that her gaze had drifted from me and was now set firmly upon the bizzare couple that had dragged up into this mess in the first place. "He's feeling..." she whispered quietly.

"What? Who's feeling? Dawn? Dawn speak to me, you're not making any sense." What the hell is going on here?

"It's nothing." She stood up and followed quickly after. I wnated to press her for answers but she didn't weant to seem to give them. It was so unlike Dawn. Keeping secrets? She told me everything. Why wouldn't she tell me this?

"I think we have to leave," I said bluntly, directing it more towards the group in general than Dawn. "If we stay here more Heartless will come and with so many civilians..." I left the rest to their imagination.

Dawn looked at me sternly. "I have to take Hannah some place safe."

"Then I'm going with you."

"No Gavin. It'll be safer if only one of us goes."

"That word seems to be directed at me a hell of a lot lately. Why do you keep pushing me away?" I regretted the words the instant I spoke them. I felt even worse when I saw hurt Dawn was.

"You have to understand. That's the last thing I want. I don't want you to get hurt Gavin. I almost lost you today and I..."

I hugged her, quick before the emotions could overpower her. "I know," I whispered softly to her. "But I can't lose you either."

"You'll never lose me. I promise. No matter what happens, I'll always find my way back to you. Just promise me you'll wait for me."

"I promise."

I kissed her like it would be the last time, even though I knew it wouldn't be. I didn't want to let her go. It was too soon. But she had to do this. She would never be able to let go of this place unless she knew her sister was safe. As I watched her disappear down the road I knew in my heart I'd see her again. This was just the start, we still had a long way to go.

I looked at the others, just as new and unprepared as we were. I guess we would have to learn to get along. "So..." I began, swinging my arms absent-mindedly, "pretty exciting stuff huh?"

Erandi Brazul
14th June 2006, 10:51 PM
Finally, my arms are strong enough to post again!!! Now, were to begin...

Milo Tisevich
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The pain in his skull had been so...so...well, painful wasn't the word for it. It was worse than that. Not only was he physically injured, but mentally he was unstable. His friends were under the spell of that Silver guy, and he couldn't do anymore than bruise the man's face, if he even did that.

By the time the blackness washed away from his eyes, and the swirls of unconsciousness floated away, the creature was pummelled into nothingness, and the shadows were just finishing beating on each other. Even more confusion filled Milo's mind as he watched this event.

"We did it!" Gavin shouted, a big grin accompanying the blotches of black junk on his face. But Silver was still there. And he wasn't hurt at all, it seemed.
Before he even had the chance to find his keyblade, however, the white-haired boy leapt away, jumping over buildings out of sight, and making Milo wonder if he would be able to replicate that feat of strength some day. The buzzing of rage in his head settled down, allowing sense to regain control.

The others...what about them? Milo quickly turned about to look for them, and didn't exactly have to look too far. Sorrow was standing off to the side of where the creature had been, tears rolling down his face. At this point, there was so much confusion about this situation running around Milo's brain that if he didn't get answers quickly, he was sure to pass out from the stress.
"Hey, Sorrow," he called to the man, still curious as to his name. Sorrow? His mother must not have loved him. "What's wrong?"
"Nothing," came the reply, "Just moarning."

Milo walked over to where Sorrow was standing, his short body now completely shadowed by the tall being on his side. Sorrow was looking at the big, open space where the shadow creature once was. He decided that something nice was in order of being said.
"Aww, cheer up there big guy," Milo said, and patted Sorrow on the back. This gesture was met with a strange response: Sorrow jumped a little, and looked at him as though Milo had done something completely foreign. "I'm sure it went somewhere nice," he continued, trying to ignore the shocked glare. "Somewhere where it doesn't have to fight people or something." The words would have been better, would have been nicer, but quite frankly Milo was not in the best of moods either.

"I think we have to leave," Milo and Sorrow turned to see Gavin, now speaking to the group. "If we stay here more Heartless will come and with so many civilians..." he trailed off, leaving Milo something not-so-fun to think about. When Gavin looked at him directly though, he blushed in embarrasment and hung his head. He missed the kissing, and didn't worry about Dawn as she silently walked off.

So..." Gavin continued, now apparently bored since there were no shadows to swing at. "Pretty exciting stuff huh?"
Milo only kept his head down. He was ashamed. Now that his head was clear, he could think back on the actions that occured. He couldn't look Gavin in the face.
"I'm sorry, Gavin," he finally muttered under his breath, after a few moments of silence.
"What was that?" Gavin replied, and the group turned to glance his way. The atmosphere, for Milo, suddenly turned thick.
"I'm sorry for...for..." What was he sorry for? His words? His actions? His decisions?

Milo let his breath out. "I'm sorry you guys had to see me like that. It doesn't happen often. Only when I see my friends hurting. I..." he paused, still unsure of what to say. He felt a hand go on his shoulder, and he glanced up to see Gavin in front of him. Gavin's eyes were soft, and easy to look back at.
"You have no idea what's going on, do you?" his voice was soft as well, like talking to a very young child.
Milo closed his eyes and shook his hanging head. "I thought you guys were under his spell. Like my other friends are."

He didn't have to look to know that Gavin frowned at this. "Huh?"

"Silver. His spell. I mean, his sword. It..." Milo stopped, and took another deep breath. He hated thinking about it. "A while back two friends of mine were running with me through some alleys when we found a weird looking sword. I didn't know who owned the sword until now." He looked up at Gavin. "It was Silver's sword. They grabbed it, and...well...it..." Tears began to well up in his eyes as the images of flesh melting from their skin erupted in his mind. "They're...slaves...to that...monster...I can't let him live..."

He could feel the rage building back up inside him, but his body was too weak and beaten up to use it. The rage settled for distraught.

Gavin nodded his head, a serious expression etched on his face. "Well, that's a good reason to clock Silver if I ever heard one," he said.
"Yeah. Didn't seem to phase him though." The somberness Milo had was somehow disappearing quite quickly. It happened often to Milo; he was generally always in a good mood when he lived a normallife.
"I dunno," Gavin replied, a small grin playing across his face, "When I attacked him, I couldn't touch him. You sent him flying a couple yards."

The joke amused him a little, and Milo had to choke on a chuckle filled with tears. Gavin's good mood on the whole situation was really helping Milo come out of his sad reverie. Wonder if it would work for Sorrow?

There was more, but Milo put his troubles aside. "Thank you, Gavin," he said with a smile, "And thank goodness you're not under that guy's spell."
"You do know that he's technically on our side right now, right?" the girl that had hung around with Sorrow spoke behind him, and Milo turned to stare.
"He's on our side."
Pause. "What?"
"It's not that hard to figure out."
Pause. "What?"

Gavin sighed. "Okay, this will take some explaining. First, we need to get out of here before those things come back. Agreed?"
They all agreed.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Hope I got everything right...

15th June 2006, 02:54 PM
~AFI- Silver and Cold~

Dawn headed towards Gavin’s house, her head held high and ignoring the stares she was receiving about her appearance. As she glanced from person to person, she realised just how many people would be affected by what she was going to end up doing.

I’ll protect these people, she thought, no matter what happens to me.

However, the most guilt she felt as she strolled the familiar streets was towards Gavin. She couldn’t tell him about this. He would become too worried about her and do everything that he could do to stop her from returning to that world. Part of her, in fact most of her would appreciate it greatly. It was the more curious side of her that wanted to return, not to open the door, but to see the boy again, Rain. She wanted nothing to do with the door; the only thing that concerned her was its existence and that it was going to be opened. No, she wasn’t curious about it, she just wanted to see Rain again.

She didn’t fully understand her connection with Rain, but she felt like she had one. It wasn’t purely the fact that she was a wielder and in his world, it was something much more deep than that, yet she couldn’t put her finger on it. She knew that whatever it was, Rain knew everything about it.

Before she knew it, she found herself at the gate to Gavin’s farm. It was exactly how they had left it, the way it always was. She wished then that she had taken Gavin with her as if felt strange being here without him. She entered the farm, closing the gate swiftly behind her and made her way towards the house.

The door creaked as she pushed it open, peering into the empty room. It seemed a lot darker and colder than it was before. As she entered the bedroom, she found Hannah curled up on the bed just as she had left her. Dawn smiled to herself. Maybe she had worried a little too much about her sister’s safety? It didn’t matter now; she would just take her to a safe place and be done with it.

Taking her bag from the floor, she pulled out a clean shirt and put it on; frowning at her bandages, she decided she would need to dress her wound again later. Making her way back into the kitchen, she gathered some food for when she returned to the others. They would be hungry after destroying those shadows.

“Hannah…” Dawn said softly, shaking her gently. “Hannah, it’s Dawn. I’ve come to take you somewhere safe.”

Hannah stirred slowly, smiling as she saw who it was. “I thought you’d abandoned me… Run off with Gavin…”

“Of course not.” She reassured her. “I just need to get you out of here. A lot of stuff has happened and it isn’t safe. Come on.”

Helping her out of bed, Dawn noticed that Hannah was rather cold which was strange as she had just gotten out of bed. Choosing to ignore this, she led her sister out of the house, taking her belongings with her.

“Wait a second. I’m just going to grab some apples from the tree.” Dawn said, making her way over. “I’m sure the others would like some.”

As she picked the apples, she remembered doing this with Aaron. He’d climb up on her shoulders and reach towards the sky, waving his arms frantically in an attempt to grab an apple as she ran around underneath the tree. She’d enjoyed that. She was almost as close with Aaron in some ways as she was with Gavin.

Being careless for a second, she dropped one of the apples. Bending down to pick it up, she noticed words scratched into the dirt. As she thought about it, she realised that this was where Gavin had writing before she had joined him.

“I love you.” She read, a smile crossing her lips. She began to trace the words with her finger when a boot slammed into them, causing her to recoil.

She followed the line of the person’s body as she stood up. He was extremely pale and her eyes paused at his neck for a second; a heart was carved into his skin, a line of what looked like thorns divided it in half. She continued upwards until her eyes met his.

“Will… I thought you were… Where did you go?”

He wore a smirk, the same ice cold smirk she had seen in her dream. She knew that something wasn’t right when her father also appeared in her vision; he was hunched over, his hair a greasy black with the same heart and thorn motif enlarged on his cheek.

“We’ve come to collect you.” Her father stated, his voice husky and unfamiliar.

“We need the key.” Will’s voice sent a shudder down her spine.

“Dawn! I’m so sorry!” Hannah sobbed as she was restrained by Will. “I tried to fight it… I tried so hard…” Dawn caught a glimpse of the heart on her arm. It must have been a recent wound as blood dripped slowly from it. “I’m sorry…”

“Fight them.”

Dawn stood in silence, gripping her key tightly. I can’t fight them.

“Fight them. Stop them. Kill them before they kill you.”


“Use your Keyblade.”


“Well at least use it to get out of here!”

She summoned her Keyblade quickly into her hand, blocking her brother’s attack as he lunged forwards. Keeping a firm grip on her belongings, she held her blade out horizontally in front of her.

“You did this in your dream. Tell it where you want to go.”

She took a deep breath as if she were about to speak. I want to be with Gavin.

The white light surrounded her again, dancing in beautiful patterns. The remainder of her immediate family stood back, shielding their eyes from the bright, holy light. The wind picked up, kicking dust into the dry air. She felt a tingling sensation as she warped from one place to another.

She didn’t take note of where she had ended up other than that Gavin was stood a few feet in front of her with her back to her. Her Keyblade shrank to its more compact size and she dropped her bag, sending apples tumbling along the street.

“Wait.” Gavin said before stopping suddenly. He turned to face her. “Dawn? Where did you come from? What happened?”

She couldn’t look at him. She stared at her feet instead, almost ashamed of herself. “They’re gone… I’ve lost them all…” She looked up into Gavin’s eyes. “You’re the only one I have left…”

He stepped forward, taking hold of her shoulders gently and holding her still. “Who have you lost?”

“My… My family…” She stuttered, finally coming into realisation of what she had witnessed. “Heartless.” She swallowed hard, determined to stay strong. “My family are all Heartless.”

15th June 2006, 05:29 PM

I held her steady as she trembled violently in my hands. She was trying so hard to be strong, to not let herself be overcome by her conflicting emotions, but I knew all she wanted to do was cry. “My family are all Heartless.” I pulled her towards me, holding her tight against my body. There was complete silence for a moment, and then the floodgates opened. Tears ran thick and fast, I could feel them running down my shoulder. I rocked her gently, trying to comfort her in the only way I knew how. I knew how she felt, losing family is the hardest thing anyone could possibly go through.

"What's going on here?" Silver asked, coming down to see what had halted our departure.

"Dawn's family are heartless."

His expression was stern. "We have to leave," he stated calmly. "Now."

"Can't you give her a minute -"

"There's no time. It will not be long before they come looking for her and then we're all in trouble. We have to move."

I glared at him. As much as I hated to admit it, he was right. Staying here put all of us in danger. But Dawn... "And where do you suggest we go?"

"We need to leave the city. Now stop talking and follow me." He returned to Kimi's side, the two of them seeming to have rekindled whatever spark had existed between them in the past.

"Milo, carry Dawn's things and salvage whatever food you can," I wasn't one to give orders but at time like this you have to take initiative if you're going to protect the things you care about. "Sorry about this," I whispered to Dawn as I wrapped my arms under her legs and hoisted her up so she was cradled in my arms.

We walked quickly, eager to leave behind a city that seemed plagued by darkness but not wanting to draw any unnecessary attention to ourselves. All the while Dawn continued to sob silently. I wished there was something I could do. I wanted so badly to show her the same uspport she'd shown me after my parents had died but I couldn't. Not yet. This place wasn't safe for us.

It felt starnge leaving the city, leaving behind our homes and - for some of us - our families. It was the first time I'd ever stepped outside the city walls. It was so refreshing, so freeing. Part of me didn't every want to go back to that place. There was nothing left for me there anywhere; Aaron was missing and Dawn was here. Going back just seemed like another way of saying 'giving up'.

A little way on, I begged Silver to let us rest long enough for me to consol Dawn. I asked Milo to share the food amongst the group but took an apple for Dawn. I sat her down next to me and she leant against me. Her tears had dried but her body still shook and her breaths were laboured and raspy. I held the apple out to her, "Eat it."

"I'm not hungry..."

"You need to eat. Your body can't handle all this strain without some." I forced the apple closer. "Eat," I ordered her.

She took it, nimbling half-heartedly on the fruit. It was less than I had hoped but at last it was something.

"There's no one left..." I head her whisper, "...they're all..."

I shifted in front of her, "Don't say that. Heartless can come back. You've seen Silver, look how much he's changed in the last day. It can happen for your family too; Hannah, Will, we can bring them back. They're not dead, so it's not over. There's still a chance. We'll think of something. You and me, we make a great team don't we? We've never come across anything we couldn't handle and its the same with this." I took her hands and squeezed them gently. "I promise you, I'm going to do everything I can to get you back your family.

16th June 2006, 09:14 PM
The white haired youth watched as Gavin tried to comfort Dawn. Sorrow understood her pain. He too had lost his family to the heartless.

He overheard what Gavin said and began thinking. Can Heartless really come back? Was it even possible?

He looked over at Silver. Even though he was no longer trying to kill them, he could still feel the coldness and misery inside of him. Despite his change in personality, he was still a Heartless.

He turned back to Dawn. The sight of other's in pain hurt him deeply. He wished he could just take her pain from her, to take everyone's pain from them and carry it as his own.

Tears began treakling down his calm face once again.

Do not cry Dawn. I shall cry for you.

Sorry for the shortness.

20th June 2006, 07:52 PM
First off... I am SO SORRY for my recent inactivity. I could go on and on justifying myself, but I'll sum it all up in one word: "school".
And as I was reading over what I have to catch up on, I found myself thanking whatever power compelled me to create a character that fades into the background easily.
So hopefully this doesn't mess anything up.
Sheena Misagura

I followed behind the group, a few paces back. What compelled me to trail them was a mystery. They seemed to attract danger. And all of them had those weapons, those... keyblades? I think. I was probably useless. All I could do during that fight was stay away, hiding and watching. I hadn't helped out at all. Even now, they probably barely noticed me. Especially not with the commotion caused by Dawn's reappearance.

They had stopped for a few minutes when Milo suddenly turned to me. "Oh, Sheena! I thought we'd left you behind!" He said it with a grin, in what I assumed to be a joking manner. Most of the others turned to me now, finally taking notice. Behind the stares, I saw worry, regret, and uncertainty.

"I probably shouldn't have followed..." I said softly, eyes lowering. "I can't fight those creatures..."

"You can't? But I saw..." Dawn trailed off, looking at me with a confused expression. Slowly her gaze drifted back to the apple in her hands. "... never mind... it doesn't..." her voice broke, "it doesn't matter..."

"Dawn..." Gavin tried to console her as fresh tears streamed down her face. I almost wanted to ask her what she was talking about, but quickly decided against it.

Maybe I'd just tag along and stay out of the way. I'd followed them this far, after all...

23rd June 2006, 02:21 AM

Sheena gaped when she noticed Sorrow standing beside her.

"Is something the matter?" he asked. Sheena just looked down at her feet.


"If you want to, you don't have to come with us."

"No, it's alright. I've stuck by you guys so far."

She looked up and finally noticed the tears on Sorrow's face.

"What's wrong?"

Sorrow looked over at Dawn.

"I'm crying, because she's crying."

Sheena looked over at Dawn and then back at Sorrow.

"You must really care about her."

"I barely even know her."

sheena was amazed.

"Then why are you...?"

"I cry for those who feel misery," Sorrow cut her off, "I want to take their pain and make to my own. I do not wish of others to be sad. If that means giving up my own happiness, then so be it."

"Sorrow..." was all Sheena could say as she took in this new information.

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28th June 2006, 05:12 AM
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Kimi Michiko Gin ~ F

Kimi watched as Dawn cried and Gavin comforted her…

She stood silent by Silver’s side, watching and waiting, her heart crying out in sympathy, but she did not know what words to offer. She had never been too good with people anyway.. It was only Silver whom she felt wholly comfortable with.

This was a decidedly odd group of people that they had gathered… These Chosen Ones were undoubtedly different… Sorrow was his entire own oddity, and the rest.. though they seemed to be “normal” on the outside, who knew what they concealed beneath their separate facades?

“What a motley crew,” she muttered out loud, her tone amused. Where these the people who would one day overcome the Heartless and chase away the dark shadows?

However, she didn’t let this concern her too much. Why care? This..all this.. it was out of her control. Looking out of the side of her eyes, she could see Silver standing there, his gaze still rather subdued. She could tell – he wasn’t happy. And if he was feeling down, she would do what she could to support him, to help him, in whatever way she could, just like he would do for her.

She was tired, it had been too long, or at least, it felt like it. She longed to be able to return to the past, to return to that fateful day when the events had torn her and Silver apart – Silver who was her only love and her only family. He was all she had, and he was everything to her… Her eyes grew hard as she went back, recollecting, and her fist clenched, and she thought if only if only a million times over, as she had many times before that.. if only all those things had not happened… only to be jolted back to the present with a slight touch to her hand by Silver.

“What is it?” she asked, her eyes immediately moving to his, her tone low. She wondered what did he have to say.


Crystal Tears
28th June 2006, 09:16 PM
damn you HiaTG... Damn you...



“What is it?”

That’s a good question… Silver thought amused, wondering himself what exactly was bugging him. Maybe it was all these damned emotions.. He wasn’t going to lie to himself, being an empty shell is much easier than being filled with these cursed, un-explanatory things or feelings call emotions.

“You…” He didn’t exactly know how to tell her, truth is he should listen to the words echoing inside his numb mind, but it was hard to fallow your own advice compared to another. “Shouldn’t dwell on what happened before…”

This seemed to strike something, and Kimi gave a weak smile. Now, this confused Silver. Why on earth would she be smiling? Of all things she could’ve done, she did the least likely of them all. She had smiled.

“You’re smiling…” Silver muttered.

“You talked.” She joked, overcoming whatever barriers held him back before, Silver gave a small smile, before it faded. “And since when were you one to give advice?”

“Since I realised you were such a newbie to things.”

It was a light punch that greeted Silver’s smart remark. She giggled, covering her mouth as she did. He smirked playfully, but it faded, as she stood there, cutely covering up her face he was thrown from his usually defensive nature towards people. He frowned mentally, wondering how she could’ve broken it so easily, and with just one pose as well.

“Should we keep going?” Kimi questioned, breaking the moment.

Silver looked around, they weren’t in the city, and that meant they were in no immediate danger.

“No…” Silver murmured, glancing at Dawn. “Some need rest…” He silently thanked his cold heart for not making him as emotional as the weeping girl, that would be… To him… Embarassing.

1st July 2006, 01:20 PM
~You belong to me- Jason Wade~

Over the past couple of days, crying had become something much easier for Dawn to do. She had never had so much loss before that the only way she felt she could express it was through her tears. She knew that the others were watching her. Maybe some of them felt pity towards her? She didn’t particularly want their sympathy, but she guessed it was their way of supporting her.

“Stop feeling sorry for yourself.”

She frowned, burying her head further into Gavin’s chest. But I want to...

“That’s not going to get you anywhere, is it? Come on Dawn, Gavin wasn’t like this when he lost his family.”

“Dawn… It’s okay…” He whispered. His simple words seemed to fill her with relief.

She wriggled herself free and sat facing Gavin. She stared at the apple in her hands, avoiding eye contact with him. She knew he was right and that they could bring her family back under any normal circumstances, but something told her that it wasn’t possible anymore. Rain had said that her situation was the reason she would be able to open the door. Maybe this was it? Losing her family to the Heartless?

She had a feeling that this change was a permanent one, yet she didn’t want to let Gavin down. “Thank you so much.” She said, returning to leaning against him. He moved his arm around her shoulder and her head slipped gently onto his. “I’ll still help you find Aaron too.”

“What’s more important is that we get as far away from the city as possible.” Gavin said, a small sigh escaping is mouth.

She freed herself from his comforting hold and turned to face the city. Compared to the field in which they sat, the city seemed like a black and white photograph with no point of interest. However, this didn’t mean that the view wasn’t stunning. Buildings poked the sky, lights flashed advertisements in random colours and small people-like dots mingled in clusters like static on a television.

“I’ve never been this far out of the city before…” She said, her worries lost in the view before her. “Well, not by myself.”

“I used to come out here a lot. The view is more amazing from the top of this hill.” He commented.

She looked him straight in the eye. She didn’t understand how he could be so strong for her even after all that had happened to him. She still saw pain in his eyes; it hurt him to see her in pain. She had to show him that he was the most important thing to her and that he could rely on her too. She couldn’t live in the past anymore, nor think towards the future; she had to stay in the present and make the most of the things she had.

She decided to take advantage of this rare moment of peace. She stood up suddenly, much to everyone’s surprise and began to make her way up the hill.

“Dawn! Where are you going?” Gavin called, rising to his feet.

“Oh I don’t know! I’ve never been here before, I want to explore!” She replied, smiling properly for the first time in a while. She held out her hand to him. “Explore with me?”

He looked around at the others before looking back to her. “I don’t think it’s such a good idea…”

“I just want to see the city from up there.” She said, turning to face up the hill. “I’ll be okay if you don’t want to come.”

She gasped lightly as she felt Gavin’s arms wrap around her waist from behind. She relaxed into his arms; she truly felt safe at that moment.

“Lets go then?”

“Race ya!”

He was forced to let her go as she took off up the hill. She only turned around once to see that he was close behind her. Once at the top, Dawn fell to her knees, panting for breath and laughing quietly. Gavin soon joined her, tackling her to the ground in a playful manner. He hovered above her as she lay in the long grass, his nose millimetres away from her own.

“Gavin… Promise me something?”

He kissed her lips softly, like a question. She did not hesitate to answer. She felt his heart race faster, thumping in his chest. She felt like herself again. Everything else seemed to fade away and for that short moment it was all about the two of them together.

“Promise you what?” He looked straight into her eyes.

“That no matter what happens to me, no matter what I do, no matter how much I change you’ll still hold onto who I am now and never give up hope that I’m still the same person inside.”

1st July 2006, 11:10 PM
'Tis short... sorry.
Sheena Misagura

"Sorrow..." How could someone pain himself like that? It didn't make any sense. It was a noble idea, sure, but...

"Even if you take their pain on yourself, it doesn't mean they stop feeling it." I realized how cold that had sounded the moment it left my mouth, true though it may have been. "Even though you want to bear their sadness, you can't, really. It won't do any good."

I turned to Dawn, almost startling. She'd cheered up quite a bit, and was now saying something to Gavin that I couldn't make out. Suddenly they took off. "What are they...?"

I looked back at Sorrow, who did nothing but lower his eyes.

2nd July 2006, 02:49 AM
Sorrow looked down to the ground as he heard Sheena's words. She had a point, how could he take everyone's misery? They'd still feel it no matter what he felt.

But then again, there was no reason for him to be happy. He had lost everything.

A small tear ran down his face.

"Sorrow," Sheena said softly, noticing this, "I'm sorry, I..."

"It's alright," he replied, "You're right. I can't take everyone's sadness. I'm powerless to do anything about that."

He looked up at her.

"But at least they've have someone to share their pain with." A look of sadness came across Sheena's face.

"But that isn't fair," she said, "Why can eveyone else be happy but you?"

Sorrow sighed and looked up at the sky.

"There's nothing left for me to be happy about."

Erandi Brazul
4th July 2006, 08:40 AM
Milo Tisevich
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

For the moment, it seemed as if Milo had taken the place of Sheena, now being the one who silently fell in step behind Sorrow, carrying the supplies. When he was told to gather things up, Milo wanted to go back home. He wanted to let his parents know what was going on, and perhaps stock up on some things.

But no, that wouldn't have made any sense, he decided. If he went home, those shadows would have certainly followed him there. And then his family would have been in danger. And that's saying they don't know where he lives already...

The talk with Gavin and the walk out of the city was refreshing, and severely brightened his mood. He had gone outside of the city plenty of times, and knew exactly were they were when they stopped to rest. The only thing that bugged him was the somber atmosphere of the group. Once they stopped, Milo set the bag of food on the ground and began to ration it up.
Let's see...there's me, Gavin, Sorrow, Dawn, Sheena, that strange woman...and Silver...that's seven of us...well, make that six, he huffed to himself in his mind, Silver doesn't get any food from me. No way. Milo was thinking about what Sheena had said, about Silver on their side, and it seemed apparent that that was the case. The strange woman appeared to have him under control or something. Wait until later to ask about my friends...

“Dawn! Where are you going?” Gavin suddenly called out, and Milo looked up to see Dawn up and moving up the hill. Milo's mouth cracked into a large small, and his heart gave a little leap of joy. Adventure! Excitement! And, more importantly, someone else was trying to be happy! Unlike Sorrow there, who was crying for a long time, he noticed.

He started to get up, to join Dawn as she ran off, Gavin in pursuit, but then decided against it. They needed to be alone, he knew that, and although he considered Gavin and Dawn friends, he had just met them. Leave the boy and girl alone, give them their privacy. Besides, there were plenty of apples...

"Ah," he said, finding interest in something to do. He picked up three of the apples, and began to juggle them, still sitting down. He noticed Sheena looking at him, and he smiled brightly. "It doesn't really matter if I stand or sit while juggling really. I'm short either way," he joked to her, and lost his concentration, which sent two apples landing on his head.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Sorry it took awhile to post again guys!! But I'm here!!

4th July 2006, 04:06 PM

“That no matter what happens to me, no matter what I do, no matter how much I change you’ll still hold onto who I am now and never give up hope that I’m still the same person inside.”

I frowned slightly, cocking my head to one side. Why would she ask me such a thing? My thoughts drifted to Silver for a moment, about how he had been heartless and was now slowly regaining himself - mostly because of Kimi's determination to hold on to the person that he was. Was that what this was about? Was she scared that because she had lost her family to them she was cursed to become one as well?

I leaned in, our cheeks brushing against one another. "You have nothing to worry about. I'll never let anything happen to you."

She grabbed my head, holding it above her own as she hit me with a stern gaze. "Gavin please, promise me this."

I frowned again. "You're really serious about this."

Dawn nodded faintly.

"Dawn...what's going on? What is it that you're not telling me?"

"Nothing. Gavin please...please promise me this. I've never asked anything of you before." Her eyes sparkled with the appearance of fresh tears.

I gently brushed them away with my hand before kissing her softly. "I promise."

The smile that followed melted my heart. She wrapped her arms about my neck and held me close to her, as if nothing in the world should ever be able to tear a space between them.

"Let's play a game!" she said suddenly, giggling like the old Dawn I'd fallen in love with.

I smirked, holding myself up on my elbows. "What do you wanna play?"

She gigled again, looking down at the rest of our group. "Chosen bowling! The one who knocks the most of them over wins. But you have to roll down the hill sideways so you can't cheat."

"We can't play that."

"Awww you're no fun! Fine. I know a better game!"

I rose my eyebrow.


I stared at her blankly. "We have no mat."

"We don't need a mat. See? We have grass, rocks, plants and leaves."

She'd lost her mind. "we have no spinner."

"I'll say the first thing that comes into my head. Come on! It'll be fun!"

I wasn't gonna argue with her. "Alright, I'll play."

10th July 2006, 07:59 AM
Sorrow had sat down a fair distance away from the group, his sad blue eyes watching Milos little juggling act and Sheena's lift in mood. One would think Sorrow would be envious of everyone's happiness, being someone who appeared to be incapable of it. It was quite the opposite. Sorrow wanted to see others happy. He gave up his so that everyone else can have theirs.

Milo looked up to see Sorrow sitting on his own.

"Hey!" he called, "Come on over!" Sheena nodded in agreement and waved for Sorrow to come over. The white haired youth simply shook his head, not wanting to disturb their fun.

Sheena said something to Milo before standing up and walking over to him.

"Come on Sorrow," she said, "Come join us."

Again, Sorrow refused.

"I'd just ruin your fun," he spoke softly, "just go on and be happy."

Sheena crossed her arms.

"And we want you to be happy too. Remember our little talk? You can't take everyone's sadness so dont even bother to try and just be happy."

Sorrow's eyes fell to the ground.

"I have no reason to be happy. I told you."

He was surprised when Sheena grabbed his arm.

"Well then I'll give you a reason to be happy. Now come on," she asid, no, ordered as she pulled Sorrow to his feet and pulled him over to Milo.

Who says Sorrow and comedy don't mix?

10th July 2006, 10:56 AM
~Two idiots playing Twister - Accidentally in Love- Counting Crows~

After gathering some materials, Dawn quickly set out her own version of a Twister mat, measuring the distance between each item carefully. Due to the limited amount of materials, it was quite a lot smaller than a real Twister mat, but she didn’t care.

“Ready?” She asked, setting down the last of the rocks. He nodded. “I’ll go first.” She placed her right foot down on a pile of grass. “Okay, you do right hand leaf.”

She watched as he crouched down and reached across to the leaf. She noticed his shirt slide along his body as he stretched, revealing his lower back.

“Right hand plant.”

For once, she did not question the voice in her head. It would surely make this game more random. She placed her hand down on the plant above where Gavin’s hand lay. Her hair brushed his skin lightly causing him to shudder and his elbow to give way slightly.

“That’s cheating.” He said, turning his head to face her. “You can’t use parts of your body to make the other person fall over.” His eyes widened as she drew closer, rubbing her nose against his cheek. “Or for distractions, for that matter.”

She giggled. “Right foot grass.” She said, repeating the voice in her head.

He placed his right foot next to hers causing his head to move back away from hers. A strong gust of wind interrupted their game, sending most of the ‘Twister mat’ flying off into the crops surrounding them.

“Damn! The wind broke our mat!” Gavin complained.

“Don’t worry! Lets play with the ones we have left!” Dawn said, smiling sweetly.

He gave her a suspicious look as she moved her left hand onto the leaf next to his, leaning over the top of his back. “Are you fixing this game?”

She smirked. “Left hand rock.”

He found himself underneath her, her chest inches away from his face. “However, if you are fixing it, I’m not complaining…”

“Right hand leaf.”

She glanced around the mat, finding that there was only one leaf that had not blown away and was past her other hand. She leaned further over, convinced that she could reach it. As the tip of her fingers brushed the leaf, her foot slipped causing her to fall, taking Gavin down with her.

Realising that her chest was in his face, Dawn rolled over onto her back, her body diagonally across Gavin’s with her head on his shoulder. They looked at each other with little childish grins on their faces and proceeded to giggle.

Dawn’s eyes began to feel heavy. She sighed, kissed Gavin gently on the cheek and whispered “I’m sorry…”

“Dawn? Not again…” He grumbled, sitting up slowly and allowing her to snuggle up to him as she drifted off to sleep.


She found herself sat on the cold hard floor, a place that was becoming to be far too familiar for her liking. She stood up, a new photograph immediately catching her eye. It was next to Sheena’s so she assumed that this was a new wielder. She drew closer to it to read the label.

“Scieszka Ohmsted, Crystalline Spirit, in danger.” She read a loud. “I’d better go back and find her if she’s in danger…”

“It’s okay, she can wait.” Dawn jumped as Rain spoke suddenly, standing right next to her. He couldn’t be that much younger than her as he was nearly her height.

“But… What’s more important than that? Surely it would be very bad thing if a chosen died?” She reasoned, turning to face him.

“How will you find her though?”

“I’m sure my Keyblade will show me.” She replied, pulling it out of her pocket. “After all, it hasn’t… failed me… yet…” Her voice trailed off. She had glanced over his shoulder for just a split second and had instantly regretted it. She was hooked on the sight before her, unable to take her eyes away. “… Is that…?”

“The Dreaded Door of Doom and Destruction?” He said sarcastically. She took her eyes off it long enough to see his little smirk before they darted back. “Yes, the door. It appeared a few hours ago. I suppose it coincided with your father, brother and sister turning Heartless…”

Dawn snapped back from her trance-like state and focused on Rain. “How did you know about that?”

“Does it matter? It happened. Just like you’re going to open the door.”

“Not if I wake up first.”



“Dawn? You’re awake? What happened?” He questioned her, sitting her up slowly.

“I saw…” She stopped herself. He didn’t need to know about the door yet. The thing that concerned her most was the safety of the new chosen. “I saw that there’s a new chosen. We have to find her; she’s in danger by herself.”

He sighed. “That was the longest I’m ever going to get alone with you for a while, wasn’t it?”

“I guess so… I’m sorry…”

“We’ll just have to make the most of them.” He said, smiling to show that it didn’t matter all that much. “Come on, lets go Chosen hunting with a bit of Heartless fighting thrown in for free.”

It's Tony-time X3 *runs off*

Fai D. Flowright
25th July 2006, 03:08 PM
Hey, y'all! I'm gonna be joining you in this RPG! (JJ approved) But it won't be immediate... Unfortunately, I can't stay at the computer longer than 10 or 15 minutes due to a cyst on my tailbone, but as soon as I can, I'll be nice and active here! ^__^

Anyway, here is my sign-up for my character. Everything I've said in it has been approved by Jenn herself, so no worries.

[color=#00BB99]Name: Scieszka (Shehz-kah) Ohmsted
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Appearance: Scieszka is a rather cute girl all around. Even for being at the blossoming age of 16, her height is rather short, only being around five feet tall. Her skin is a natural Caucasian color and her eyes are wide and a beautiful shade of teal. Her hair is a lighter tone of her teal eyes and is styled rather adorably. Naturally parted down the center, her bangs rise high and drop down just above her brow. The rest of her hair falls down to about the height of the nape of her neck and frames the sides of her slightly long face, with the hair near her ears being gently flared outward. Around her neck is a thin, white choker with a small crystal star that dangles from it. As a shirt, Scieszka wears a tank top-style shirt that cuts across the top of her chest with two thin straps that go over each shoulder. The bulk of the shirt is composed of several (5 or 6) layers of ruffles. This top also cuts off short across stomach, ending just barely above her navel. Her pants are a pair of low-rise Capri-cut jeans held up by a wide black leather belt with large holes all the way around, each bound by silver-plated metal and the same metal makes up the buckle. For shoes, she wears a simple pair of white tennis shoes.
Personality: While her appearance gives way to a very cute and attractive look, her personality, for the most part, can have the same said of it. Very pleasant to be around and normally quite cheerful, Scieszka is the person that will bring life and entertainment to anything she is part of; your typical social butterfly and “friend-to-all” kind of deal. But, as to all things, there is a dark side to every light. She has a sort of split personality, in which a notable impact with her skull causes a ‘switch’ to turn on. During these periods, Scieszka becomes an unruly, terrifying ball of feral rage that no one should try their luck against. Usually causing her to act on instincts and impulses, she can’t help but unleash that fury upon whatever may cross her path. People that have seen this side of her are, or quickly grow, afraid of her. As a result of this, her normal self has a horrible fear of her alternate self, causing her to be highly conscious as to the happenings around her head. (The same type of impact will cause her to revert as well.)
Relationship: Openness...muchly?
History: Long in Scieszka’s past was an event that resulted in her awkward personality. To her, the event is unknown, dissolved across her brain to endure the trauma of the accident. To others, its occurrence has been forgotten and pushed aside in order to avoid remembering it at any cost. Doing so could result in an even more detrimental form to Scieszka’s mind. All this is, and continues to be, a precaution to suppress the memories which transposed that day and protect her well-being. Whether these memories are returned and brought forth or stifled and left in the past, only Scieszka’s will can determine that...
Other: My name iz Pierre Szechwan! I put ze ducks in Creestal Pond!!
Keyblade Appearance: The hilt of the blade is a large golden ring with six orbs evenly around it. The orbs alternate, going from a smaller golden orb to a larger emerald green orb with a slight tail on the outside edge. The handle inside the ring is the handle of an obsidian sword that continues outward as the keyblade’s shaft. The handle is wrapped in a red leathering and the sword extends out to a long point with intricate carvings and markings along both sides of the blade. The ‘teeth’ of the key design is a burst of five ice shards in the shape of a fan. The keychain that dangles from the hilt is similar in shape to an upside-down, capital Q with a dot in the center of the circle. *see the piccy attached*
Sample Post: A dramatic little battle post from my own RPG, Only A Fairy Tale (Revisited). (http://www.pokemasters.net/forums/index.php?topic=43427.msg618740#msg618740)

Keyblade Stats:
Crystalline Spirit
Strength: Over powering
Weight: Heavy
*Speed: Slow
Break Point: Armoured
*Design: Excellent
Magic: Extremely Low
Block: Slow
*Reflect: Ok
*Reflex: Poor

11th August 2006, 08:30 PM
Um, where is everyone?

Erandi Brazul
13th August 2006, 07:48 PM
Yes, this was going so good...main characters! We need you to push the plot further!! Milo doesn't even have a clue as to what is going on right now, but I don't know what else to write!!

17th August 2006, 04:46 PM
How about Dawn running down a hill shouting "we've found a new chosen!"...


So that was that. The presious few moments I'd get to spend with Dawn were over and we had a new chosen to go rescue. She took off down the hill towards the others and I followed behind her slowly, trying to store as much as I could of what had happened between us.

"Guys! We have to go back to town! There's a new chosen!"

Milo sat forward, muching on some food. "Another one?" You could barely make out the words his mouth was crammed so full of food.

"Yes and she's in trouble so we have to go help her!" she looked at Silver with pleading eyes. "We can't leave her to fend for herself can we?"

"You want us to go back to town? Back to the heartless?" that cold, emotionless bite to his voice had returned.

"Yes. We have to stick together, don't we Kimi?"

Kimi looked to Silver. If anyone could convince him of anything it was Kimi. "You've helped this many of us. On more won't hurt."

He stood up slowly. "You'd be surprised..." he grumbled.

With Silver ready to go, the rest of our messed up group was soon prepared to follow. I didn't actually join them until they were ready to go, I'd been enjoying my stroll.

"So you are coming?" Silver asked me.

I pulled my key from my pocket and summoned it to full size. I stretched it behind my head and smirked. "Like i'd want to miss this." I swung my keyblade through teh grass, severing the heads off a few blades of grass that happened to be standing there. "We should get moving. A little girl needs our help."

Erandi Brazul
17th August 2006, 05:28 PM

Milo Tisevich
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Another one?" he found himself saying, as Dawn came roaring unexpectedly from the hill, and soon was coughing and choking the food that was only halfway down his windpipe.

Yes and she's in trouble so we have to go help her!" she looked at the little guy as though he had said something wrong, and then turned to Silver, the anti-hero who seemed, for the moment, to be on their side. Milo still didn't trust him.

That could be because he still wasn't sure what the hell was going on.

"We can't leave her to fend for herself can we?" she pleaded with his cold heart.
"You want us to go back to town? Back to the heartless?" he practically sneered, but Milo agreed. Go back to...what did he call it? Heartless? He wanted to speak up, but he was still choking. Sheena patted him on the back. Sheena...the quiet and caring...

Gavin arrived, too, from the hill. His face was a little covered in red. Milo didn't supress the chuckle.

The group was off, leaving it up to him again to carry the food and other items. His keychain dangled a bit as he hunched over, the bag now slightly less full. He was near the back, moving slower than the rest.

Okay Milo, slow down your thoughts. That Silver guy is a good guy now, but not forever, and we are...uh...what'd she say? Chosen? That's why these keys keep growing and stuff...and the creatures...they're...uh...crap, what are they called again?

"Hey," a voice came from beside him, and Milo refocused his attention to his right. Gavin was there.
"You're slowin' up," he said with a smile. "You need some help there?"

Milo blushed in embarrasement. "No no," he said quickly, grinning back, "I'm fine, really. Just...thinking..."
"Whatever you say," Gavin replied, then suddenly grabbed the bag from Milo's back.
"Hey!" he began to protest, but gave up with a sigh. "Oh, all right. It was a bit heavy."
"Thought so."

A few moments later, and Milo's thoughts began surfacing.
"What's a chosen?"

The question stopped him for a second. "What?"
"What's a chosen?"
Gavin was slightly baffled. "Oh man, you have no idea what's going on, do you?"
Milo hung his head. "Not. One. Bit."
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I'll stop there to allow more people to jump in the band wagon. Oh, and Samchu, feel free to sort of speed up time, so you don't actually write out everything. ^-^ I'm so glad we are starting up again. Quick! More bad guys and special places to go to! WOOT!

Crystal Tears
27th August 2006, 08:52 PM
Oh lookie I'm back.


Another chosen... Another one to baby-sit until they were able to defend themselves… Silver thought cruelly to himself as they all started their way back to the city. Which seemed rather redundant, hadn't they of just escaped that place? The city without a name? Yeessss.... They had. But for some reason that eluded Silver, he was leading them back to the city to save some pretty princess from her own misguided judgement.


He turned, raising an eyebrow as he was surprised the certain woman had approached him. Her name was Sheena, quiet, and caring. She had secrets, probably dark ones; she seemed timid, and afraid of him. Could he blame her? He had been hunting them all, though she probably would've been last, she doesn't try to attract attention to herself. This is a welcomed trait in this group where getting attention seems to be the damn goal.

"Hmm?" He queried, twirling his keychain in his hand.

"You seem very disapproving of us..." She looked away from him for a moment. "Have we... Have I done something wrong?"

"No." Silver snapped, rolling his eyes at himself. Trying to be nice was alot harder then he had imagined it was. "In fact, you, Sorrow and Kimi are the only ones who have successfully not pissed me off."

"What have the others done?"

He motioned her look at the group, Dawn, Gavin, and Milo...? Were being rather active, energy flowed from them, happiness, though maybe they couldn't feel it.

"Their happy attitudes attract Heartless... When we get to the city, you can expect attention from many people, not all of them terribly obviously... But they are all heartless."

She nodded, and faded back into the group. Silver bit his lip, before he turned around to look at the group.

Gavin, Dawn, that kid who had attacked him, Sheena, Sorrow… Everyone was there… But…


“Kimi?” Silver voice had drifted from being cold, and rather cruel to worried. Everyone seemed to stop as he scanned the group. “Where’s Kimi?” He question, a snap of impatience in his tone.

”She was right behind me.” Dawn chirped; Silver shot her a glare.

”Keep going.” He snarled, but stopped from Gavin grabbed his arm.

”Where the hell are you going?”

Silver tugged his arm away and pointed towards the smog skies ahead. “See the smog smart ass? Go that way; I’m going to find Kimi.”

”You’re expecting us to fend for ourselves?”

”Then stay here.” Silver hissed, summoning his keyblade. “I don’t care what you decide to do. Just keep everyone together okay?” He smirked. “You want to be a hero right Gavin? Then protect them.”

Silver turned, travelling back down the path. It wasn’t long before he found her, she was just standing there. Starring blankly at a small flower that lined the path, he quietly walked up behind her.

”What’s wrong?” He questioned, concern noted in his voice.

”Why are we babysitting them?” She snapped, gripping her keyblade tightly.

”Because we must, until he returns…” Silver wisped away his keyblade, before placing his hands on her hips.

”But will he be heartless or hero?”

“Who cares?” Silver smirked evilly, turning Kimi around so they faced each other. “It will be over then, and we won’t have to look after them anymore…” He kissed her forehead lightly.

”Her heart is belongs to another… He will be… Angry…” Kimi gulped at this, and leaned against him.

Silver paused: thoughts and ideas wandering through his conscious mind. What was he to say? No doubt he would return, and fall for the one that he left so long ago, but would… Would the other chosen make him fall? Fall to the things he had hounded and fought so long ago before he was forced to leave? Silver stayed silent, he remembered the hero, and how he had defeated Silver’s lord before… The battle had lasted for an extreme long awhile, and Silver’s master, and trainer, had become over confident, with a sly smile, the ‘hero’ had used Silver’s master’s own weapons against him. Ending his life brutally.

”Whether he is hero or heartless… He will end this god forsaken war…” Silver held Kimi close. “And we can stop fighting… For good…”

30th August 2006, 06:49 PM

My hand tightened around my keybalde. "Asshole," I muttered as Silver ran off to look for Kimi. I wished he'd just make up his mind already. Did he love her enough to protect her or what? You just couldn't tell with that weirdo. "Let's go," I said at last, noticing everyone's gaze had fallen on me. Thanks Silver. I thought bitterly, what the hell are they going to expect from me? We keep looking to you for what we do next and now you've stuck all the responsibility on me. I don't want it. I don't wanna play the hero. All I want is to be with Dawn. Dammit Silver what have you gotten me into!?

We marched off towards the menacing fog that loomed above the city. I couldn't believe that after all the hell we went through to get out of the city, we now had to go back in. We didn't even know if we were going to find this 'new chosen'. Silver had always been able to track them down, Kimi too, how were we supposed to find...whoever this person was, on our own?

"We follow the shadows," Dawn answered, as if reading my mind.

Like that made any sense to me. We ended up following Dawn through the streets. She was the only one who seemed to have any idea of what to do. I kept looking behind us, wondering when - and if - Silver was going to show up. I wouldn't have been surprised if he'd just abandoned us. Left us to fend for ourselves. Kimi too. I had no reason to trust her. Sure she'd saved my life at the beginning...but when Silver was kicking my ass she didn't do anything...she didn't stop him taking Dawn either...

"There she is!"

We looked ahead to see the girl fending off a group of heartless. Thankfully for us, she already had her keyblade. Purple in colour, with icicles for teeth.

"Guess we better help her," I mumbled.

Keyblades at the ready, we charged at the heartless and began tearing through their ranks. Our inexperience as weilders was obvious from the begin, and we had to keep covering each others backs because someone would get overpowered from time to time. What was worse, was the fact that our efforts didn't actually seem to be doing anything. Everytime we cut one down, more would rise up to fight in its place. There were times when you couldn't see the pavement, just a sea of black and yellow.

I felt the rush of wind as a keyblade sliced past my head, severing the heartless jumping up behind me. I paused from the battle to turn my head and see Silver and Kimi. "You took your dear sweet time," I said.

"Figure you mind benefit from someone who actually knows what they're doing."

"Just shut up and fight," and answered coldly, cutting through the nearest heartless.

"I'm curious Gavin. Why do I piss you off so much?"

"Where do I start? You try to kill me, kidnap my girlfriend, think you know me-"

"Shouldn't you be concentrating on the heartless? Remember what happened last time?"

I pushed away the attacking heartless with my keyblade. "You see? That's what I mean! You're always sticking your goddamn nose in where it don't belong! I was fine before you came! Before this whole mess started!"

"You're so pigheadded! Dawn's life would have been in danger regardless. If I hadn't been sent to deal with her some one else would have."

I swung my keyblade at his head but he blocked it easily.

"What's your problem Gavin? You wanted to be a hero, you wanted responsibility, I gave that to you."

"I wanted none of it!" I swung at him again but again he blocked it. "All I want, all I've ever wanted is to be with Dawn." I luged at him and he brought his keyblade up to meet my own. We stood, unmoving, our weights pressed tightly against our weapons.

"So what do you want from me Gavin?"

"I need to know I can beat you," I growled.

"You can't. So don't try."

I pushed away from him, swinging my keyblade round to deal with a few heartless that seemed eager to butt in on our conflict. "We're doing this Silver. Right here, right now."

He cocked his head to the side slightly and sighed. "This is how it has to be?"

"Yes. Don't ask me why because I don't know, I just have to do this."

Silver swung his keyblade about his palm as he moved into an attacking stance. "Alright then, let's go."

31st August 2006, 04:35 PM
~Letter from the Lost Days- Akira Yamaoka- Silent Hill 3 OST~

Dawn made sure to stay near to Scieszka as they fought back the Heartless, after all, she was new to this. The others seemed to be holding up well too, although the Heartless didn’t seem to stop coming.

“Scieszka! Watch out!” She called, pushing her gently to the side with her Keyblade before bringing it down upon the Heartless.


“How did you know my name?” Scieszka asked, her head tilted to one side in curiosity.

“I’ll tell you later, we’ve got to stop the Heartless!” She replied, her Keyblade catching the light as she swung for another.

“Come and find me, Dawn…”

Although she kept fighting, her thoughts still remained with the door. Every time she closed her eyes, even for a brief second to blink, she saw its twisted framework as though it had become imprinted into her eyelids. She secretly prayed for this to all be some horrible dream, despite the interludes of happiness with Gavin, and that she would wake up in her bed with no regrets. However much she prayed, she knew it wasn’t true. She lived inside her dreams when she slept, whether she liked it or not.

A quick glance in Gavin’s direction told her that he had challenged Silver to a fight. Why did he have to do this now? She understood how angry he was with Silver after he left them alone to fend for themselves, but now wasn’t the time to be fighting with someone on their side.

“Dawny, just leave them there…”

It wasn’t the normal voice that was calling her. The normal voice sounded very feminine, and quite a lot like her. This voice was deeper, more masculine and very intriguing. She looked around for its source, her Keyblade lowered to her side. The Heartless ceased to attack her as her eyes set upon an alleyway.

“That’s right, this way.”

She looked over her shoulder to Gavin. Her most inner thoughts pleaded for him to stop battling, to come and stop her from leaving, but most of her thoughts were fixated upon this new voice. Before she knew what she was doing, she found herself walking towards the alleyway, the Heartless paying her no mind.

“Hey, eh… I don’t know your name… Girl who helped me? Where are you going?” Scieszka called out, causing Dawn to turn around once more.

“Please tell Gavin I’m sorry.” She stated before turning back to her destination. She smiled as she set eyes upon what looked like Rain’s silhouette.

“You’re coming?” It asked as she reached it. She nodded slowly. “Good, step this way.”

The shadow took her free hand and lead her towards a dark portal in the wall that looked very similar to one she had seen Silver use before. She took one last glance at her fellow wielders before stepping through without any further hesitation.

For the short time she was in there, the darkness felt extremely cold. She didn’t understand what had happened, but she found herself in the corridor that she dreamed of every time she closed her eyes. This time, though, it wasn’t a dream. She was really here, and the door was only a few feet away from her.

“Go on then, you know what you have to do.” Rain spoke softly, standing behind her. “It’s not as bad as it seems.”

Stepping forward, her Keyblade glowed brightly in her grip as she ran her hand along the metal patterns of thorns and hearts. It was only when she took hold of the handle when she realised what she was doing.

“Rain! You tricked me!” She yelped as she attempted to release her grip. “Why do you want to set the Heartless upon the world? Didn’t you fight to stop them?”

“I want to be free again.” He whispered, his mouth millimetres away from her ear and his breath tickling her. “It doesn’t matter about the Heartless, I just want to live in the real world, and you’re the only one who can help me.”

Before he could finish his sentence, Dawn already found that her Keyblade was in the keyhole. It turned once and she flinched at the loud sound of the lock clicking. The door jolted free from its closed position, causing her to stumble backwards, still tightly gripping the handle, almost tripping as she expected to crash into Rain.

As her Keyblade returned to her hand, the remaining Heartless rushed towards the open door. She clung to it desperately, determined not to be pulled along with them. Her eyes widened with shock and terror as she tried to take in just how many there were and the sheer size of some of them.

“Dawn!” She heard him call, yet she couldn’t see him amongst the crowd.

“I’ll find you!” She called back to him, removing herself from the safety of the door and attacking the Heartless closest to her. The others seemed undeterred by her attack, their focus simply on getting free. Finding her effort to be futile, she held onto the door for dear life, afraid of being dragged along with them.

The numbers slowly began to decrease, yet there was still a constant stream of them leaving. She peered around the door, shocked at what she saw. Rain stood amongst the Heartless, except he had changed. He was taller, for a start, but he seemed older and more mature. Despite the rush of Heartless, he remained firmly in his place.

“Come, Dawn, I’ll take you back to the world you left.” His voice remained calm, but was slightly deeper than before.

Returning her Keyblade to its smaller size, Dawn braved the crowds of Heartless and walked towards him. As she drew closer, one knocked into her, she almost went tumbling over the edge if it hadn’t been for Rain who caught her.

As she straightened up, his hands ran down the sides of her body where they rested on her hips. Under any other circumstances, she would never let anyone do this other than Gavin, but she couldn’t shake off the feeling that she knew him. What’s more, she wanted him to. He reached up, placing his hand upon her cheek before leaning closer and gently kissing her. Although part of her was screaming for her to pull away, she remained still, allowing him to continue as flashes of memory passed through her mind. She didn’t understand; they were memories of her with Rain yet she had never seen him before now other than in her dreams.

“Thank you for setting me free.” He whispered after he pulled away. She gazed up into his bright blue eyes and nodded, unable to speak. He smiled at her. “Lets go.”

Crystal Tears
1st September 2006, 05:41 PM
Yay! *huggles Becki* finally! Mwahahahaha!! Now for more plotness!

Name: Rain Taylor
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Appearance: Rain hasn’t changed much for the first time he had to fight heartless. He’s grown quite a lot, now standing at a 6’1. He still has a lean, agile build, but you can see the muscles even more now that he’s spent god knows how long behind that door. His hair is a tad darker then before, and his eyes are still a too blue-blue. His fair-skin, and cute face makes him quite the catch, and that’s not even including his smile. Despite having grown quite a lot, his clothes seemed to still fit him perfectly, a black hoodie with a zipper that’s never done up, and the sleeves only go down to his elbows. His over large shirt is still overly large, and covers up the studded belt that keeps his black, fairly lose jeans on. Despite being fairly lose though, he CANNOT be ‘pantsed’. Numerous studded and spiked bracelets adorn his wrists, and a white dog collar with a silver tag inscribed ‘Rain’ decorates his neck.
Personality: Before when he lacked being a hero, and wanting responsibility, Rain now pushes to be the best leader he can be. He was passive before, and that seemed to lead to numerous complications, so now, he’s quite headstrong, and extremely vengeful. He adores combat, as it keeps his mind off of the past. He can be quite and reserved, but also out-going and fun loving.
Relationship: Loves Dawn, Knows Silver and Kimi. Hates Gavin with a passion.
History: The Original Key wielder to defeat the heartless, Rain went through bloody hell locking the heartless up once, leaving the world and the one he loved behind. He doesn’t like to talk about the past, but he is surprised three of his former friends are still around.
Other: Not much…
Keyblade Appearance: Much like the simple kingdom key, only it seems to be totally made of dark blue to black glass. The Teeth of the key however, are sharp and unforgiving, much like broken glass.

The (original, one of a kind) Keyblade or The Crystal Key
Strength- Average
Weight - Feathery
*Speed – Extremely Fast
Break Point - Medium
*Design - Exceptional
Magic - Poor
Block - Fast
*Reflect - Ok
*Reflex- Extremely Fast


“Let’s go.” His voice was soft, kindness flowing through it like a fountain. He hand longed to see her again, longed to hold her like he was now, even as those words escaped his mouth, he didn’t want to move, only wanted to stay there, holding her for eternity. He softly grasped her hand and tugged her along, leading to over sized entry doors that the heartless simply leapt through, he and her on the other hands, must find another way around.

So long trapped behind that door, only to be faced by another… He scowled mentally, frowning as he free hand summoned his black keyblade. He pointed it at the door, and a small white beam emitted from the keys tip lightly hit the large handles. Making a rather loud clicking noise that echoed throughout the hallways as the doors creaked open, revealing a staircase that only went down about two feet, before there was a sheer drop. Rain was somewhat peeved, before, he had leapt off this particular cliff in a dream, which wasn’t difficult, because of what it had been. Unless this was all just a sick dream, concocted by the heartless to torture him, he actually did need to jump and same with Dawn.

“How are we supposed to get down?” Dawn queried, carefully peering over the edge. “It’s quite a long drop.”

Rain was silently; rather mindlessly he sat down at the edge, and hung his feet over the sheer drop. Tapping his keyblade lightly on the surface of which he was sitting on. Truly, he had no idea, he could jump, but he didn’t know if he could survive… He raised an eyebrow as some of the clouds cleared, revealing that the castle was looming above a battle.

“Friends of yours?”

“Yeah…” Dawn murmured. “They need your help.”

“Hmm...” Was his only reply. “Well then, I guess we can only do one thing.” He carefully stood back up and tugged Dawn to the edge of the castle. ‘Jump.”

“I think not.” Dawn snapped.

“Just hold onto me. I promise not to do anything heroic.”

“So you pick suicidal instead?”

Rain smiled slyly and pulled her close to him. “Yes.”

“Wait! Oh god! NOOOOO!”


A fight? It that was he wanted? The rather hating boy was happy to obliged, and as the heartless tried to interfere, Silver easy struck them down, nearing Gavin. While plotting his rival’s death, he swung his keyblade, slamming its shaft into the teeth of his opponent’s own weapon, immediately sending Gavin’s blade spiralling out of his hands and flying through one of the random store windows.

“Oh shit.” Gavin gulped, leaping over many of the shadows towards the window.

“Idiot…” Silver snarled, summoning some of his own heartless to clear a small path. He calmly approached the window, and was slightly surprised when Gavin came out the door, enraged.

“I have to pay for those broken items!”

“Better you then me.”

He looked much like a frenzied animal, arms over his head, gripping his keyblade in a mad attempt to strike the Silver eyed boy. A poor defence, taking direct advantage, Silver swung his keyblade as hard as he could. Striking Gavin in the abdomen so hard that his keyblade vanished, and his was sent toppling over.

He was groaning, clutching his stomach in vain as he barely managed to summon his keyblade back to his side.

“God… D-damn you… Silver…” He moaned, blood dripping from his mouth. “Y-you, you did that purposely…”

“Not to kill you.” Silver smirked, twirling his blade about. “Only to cause you a great amount of pain…”

“B-bastard!” Gavin gasped, spitting a small amount of blood as he rushed Silver. Who, being who he was, side stepped, and struck Gavin hard in the back, at a high angle though, allowing the teeth of his blade to bury into Gavin’s shoulder. “Gaaah!”

A small yelp, and then an incredibly loud ‘smash’ caught the two warrior’s attention. Silver carelessly ripped his blade from the shoulder of his rather pathetic opponent, and stared at the smoke rising from the crater.

“You could’ve just landed on the building!”

“Where’s the fun in that!?”


A deranged looking Dawn scrambled from the Crater, gasping as everyone: even the heartless, stared in awe.

“That voice…” Silver snarled, inching closer to the hole.

”Never turn your back on you- ARGGGG!!” Frenzied screams erupted from Gavin as Silver easy kicked him down and then smashed his stomach, once again, with his keyblade.

“Shut up.” Silver snarled, lifting his blade to deal the finishing blow.

A mass amount of pain spawned in Silver’s lower back, and with the combined cry of Kimi, he didn’t know what was going on. He was sent to the ground, and as he turned his falling into a roll, he flipped around to see Rain standing there, smirking.

“Picking on kids again?”

“Hardly a kid.” Silver snarled, as Kimi help him up.

He watched Rain look at the beaten Gavin, who managed to stand up and shoot a glare at Silver.

“Hey… Wait a minute.” Rain said, pointing slightly at Gavin. "I killed you."

2nd September 2006, 02:43 AM

“I’m sorry, you did what now?” I asked, half groaning with the pain that was coursing through my shoulder and abdomen.

“Before…I killed you. I remember killing you Gavin.” He repeated distantly, as though questioning the truth of his own memories.

“Yeah well I don’t remember dying,” I spat angrily. I cringed at a sudden rush of pain and dropped to my knees. Within an instant Dawn was at my side, overlooking my injuries.

“Why did you fight him?” she scolded, though there was concern in her voice.

“Dawn, what are you doing?” This new wielder seemed almost hurt that she’d rushed to help me.

“Rain, I…”

“It’s what you do for people you love,” I told Rain. “You care for them.”

“Oh boy,” Silver mumbled.

“Love? You think that she could possibly love you? She was destined for me Gavin. She promised her heart to me.” He looked to Dawn and smiled. A twisted, ugly thing it was. “And she knows it. That’s why she kissed me.”

I glared at Rain and all the anger, all the hatred I’d felt for Silver cam rushing back to me. Only this time, it was stronger. I summoned my keyblade to my hand and charged at him. With every thundering step I took towards him I felt the pain in my gut subside. How dare he say such things! After everything I’d done for Dawn, everything I’d sacrificed, who was he to come and say that she should be with him?

I swung my keyblade at his head and he moved the side easily. “You liar! Dawn would never kiss someone like you!”

“You are so clueless. Don’t you see? You were just the bit of company she needed until I came back. Your purpose has been filled.”

“Liar!” I swung at him again but he merely knocked it to the side. He wasn’t even attacking me, the bastard, just redirecting my moves. He was stronger than Silver. I hated that. “I’ve known her since she was a child! I grew up with her!”

“All that is irrelevant now. Dawn’s destiny is to be with me.” He ducked under my attack and plunged his keyblade into my stomach, forcing cries from all those watching. “Your destiny is to die.”

He pulled his keyblade out slowly and I felt my knees buckle. I crashed backwards onto the pavement. There was…nothing. I couldn’t feel anything. It was just like before…when that monster got me. I was dying again…I could have laughed at the sadness of it all. What was this? The third time today? The fourth time in two days? Maybe Rain was right. Maybe I was destined to die.

“Gavin!” I sensed Dawn at my side. Even though I couldn’t see her I knew she was trying to heal me, trying to save me again.

“Let him go Dawn,” Rain…you bastard…

“No! I love him Rain! I won’t let you do this!”

I sought out her hand and grabbed it. I wouldn’t let her heal me, not until I knew the truth about them. “Did you kiss him?”


“Did you!?”

A bitter silence fell over us but at last she spoke. How I had dreaded those words. “…Yes Gavin, I did.” I felt fresh tears splash against my hand. “I’m so sorry.”

I let go of her hand and let my head relax against the concrete. “Me too…” I closed my eyes, feeling the darkness rush over my body. “Don’t overdo it, there’s still a lot of heartless for you to fight…”

2nd September 2006, 03:12 AM
Ok, um, I'd like to post, but I really have no idea what's going on, or how to bring Sorrow into all this.

2nd September 2006, 07:31 AM
Everyone not involved with this is still fighting the Heartless. That would be Sheena, Sorrow, Milo and our new friend Scieszca. If you want in you could just have someone shout that they could use some help with the battle, seeing as how the opening on the door owuld have caused a hell of a lot more Heartless to escape.

4th September 2006, 09:31 PM
... 8D I have no idea what's going on!
Sheena Misagura

The moment everyone else charged the group, I knew I shouldn't have come back. I tried to back away. This wasn't my fight. I didn't have a weapon, I was useless, I couldn't help...

But before I could leave, their attention was drawn to us. And to me. No amount of fading into the background could have made them leave me be; I was the only one without a weapon to speak of. As they swarmed towards us, I felt panic clawing at me. I was going to die. I was going to die. I was going to die!

I don't want to die!

One of the shadows leapt at me, and I instictively raised my arms to block. There was the sound of something hard clashing against metal, and when I opened my eyes, I was holding... something. A weapon? It looked like it. Like everyone else's...

"Please don't let me die," I whispered to it, doing my best to take up a stance. Looks like I'd have to start fighting these this as well.
A little iffy, but yays Sheena has her keyblade! (Better late than never *cough*)

Hyperness is a Good Thing
6th September 2006, 02:27 AM
Short post. Gotta go for tuition. ^^

Kimi Michiko Gin ~ F


Kimi wasn’t so sure if she wanted him back. Sure, he had been a nice kid and all(she had always thought of him as a kid, he being a year younger than she was), a little wimpy, rather emo, but still an ok kid. Kimi’s eyes narrowed. Rain had changed, hardened and tempered by his experiences behind that door. The old Rain had been gentle, a pushover if you wanted to say that, but now…

She was still holding onto Silver gently, who was watching the exchange between Rain and Gavin with a certain amount of amusement. He hadn’t been badly hurt, Rain had meant to bruise, not main. She sighed.

There was an odd humming in the air, she could hear it, and was pretty sure Silver could too, but he pretty much ignored it. She turned, just in time to see one of the newbies, Sheena, if she wasn’t mistaken, pull out a oddly shaped blue keyblade. She held it uncomfortably, obviously not very familiar with weaponry. Swinging it, she pretty much left her defences wide open.

Kimi pulled away from Silver, whose grip on her arm tightened, without his eyes been taken off the scene before him, Dawn holding Gavin before Rain. “Don’t go,” Silver said in a deadpan.

“Babysitting,” she said, gently disengaging his hand. “I’ll be back.” She leapt off towards where the others where fighting, slashing rapidly, covering their backs for them.

6th September 2006, 04:46 AM
They were everywhere. Each one that dove at him, he sliced in two. With every one he killed, a tear poured down his cheek. He didn't want to kill, especially creatures with such sadness. His keyblade gracefully sliced through the air as it cut through their black bodies,his eyes becoming blurry with tears. There seemed a never ending torrent of them, just like his sadness.

Then he felt it, a surge deep inside him. It felt like, something familier had appeared. But he didn't know anybody, what could it possibly be.

He hadn't noticed that he'd stopped fighting. He was standing in the middle of a swarm of heartless. The small creatures now had him surrounded, preparing to strike.


Sorrow snapped out of it just as three small heartless dived at him. He prepared to strike and something appeared in front of him.


To Sorrow's surprise, the heartless exploded into black mist. He noticed the keyblade in the girl's hand. She gave a small smile.

"I guess I'm one of you now."

She was sure she could see a small smile on Sorrow's pale lips. Or maybe it was just her imagination.

26th September 2006, 02:52 PM
Warning: This post took so long that most of it probably sucks... >_>;
~Call me when you’re sober/Forgive Me- Evanescence~

Dawn trembled as she cradled Gavin in her arms, his skin turning paler and colder as she continued to recall memories that couldn’t possibly be hers. It wasn’t just Rain she remembered; Silver, Kimi, Sorrow and even Gavin were part of her past as well as many others. She held him closer to her as she watched him die in her memory. She wouldn’t let him share the same fate again, not to the hands of Rain, nor anybody else.

Her Keyblade glowed softly as it grew into its full size. “I don’t care about the Heartless, Gavin. Your life is more important to me than anything…” She whispered, casting her healing spell. She watched silently as the wound on his stomach faded.

“I wouldn’t go any further…”

Dawn frowned; why should she trust this voice? It was the girl’s voice from before. Yes, she had given her good advice before, but the last time she listened to any kind of suggestion in her head, she had ended up causing this whole mess. Why? What will happen?

“You feel the wound on his back?” Dawn nodded, feeling the blood soak through his shirt. “Heal him any more and that will be transferred to you.”

I don’t care. She told it, continuing the spell. It won’t kill me, but it could kill him…

Her eyes watered as what felt like the teeth of a Keyblade sunk deep into her back one by one, the final one causing her to cry out in pain. She placed her Keyblade on the floor, so she could bring her hand up and place it gently on his cheek. “You’ll be okay now…”

“Dawn? What did you do that for?” Rain questioned, drawing closer to her. “He’s supposed to die; he was always supposed to die.”

“Not this time, Rain.” She stated, looking straight into his deep blue eyes. “Not whilst I’m still alive.”

“You’re supposed to be with me! You always were!” He gripped his Keyblade tighter as he grew angrier.

Dawn laid Gavin gently on the ground, smiling as he opened his eyes and gazed up at her weakly. “Just rest…” She whispered before picking up her own Keyblade and standing up. “I’m not the Dawn you think I am. She is long gone. I may look like her, talk like her and maybe act like her sometimes, but I’m not your Dawn!”

“Yes! You are my Dawn! Nothing has changed!” He yelled, watching her as she leaned back down towards Gavin. “You wouldn’t dare…”

“Wouldn’t I?” She questioned before gently placing her lips on Gavin’s. Before she could say any more, the back of Rain’s Keyblade slammed into her shoulder, sending her tumbling away. Dawn rose to her feet slowly, making her way towards Rain. “We are not the same people…”

“Prove it.”

He brought his Keyblade down upon her again, but this time she was ready. A spark of electricity jolted down his Keyblade as it came in contact with hers causing him to flinch. Dawn figured that it was partly a good thing that she had this other person’s memories; she could now remember all the abilities of her Keyblade and how to use them.

She expected some kind of response from Rain; after all, she was proving her point. This other person would never have retaliated like that. He simply came back at her again, overwhelming her with his strength and speed. Her Keyblade reached its breaking point as she was pushed down to the floor and it returned to its smaller size. She stared up at him; his eyes full of anger as he raised his Keyblade above his head. She stared back at him with pure terror in her eyes. She felt attached to him again which made her come to realise that she really was this other person.

“Then you look at me… You’re not shouting anymore; you’re silently broken…” He muttered, his muscles relaxing slightly before he brought down his Keyblade swiftly and lodged it in the concrete next to Dawn’s head.

Those words… Dawn recalled, memories flashing back into her mind. You sang that song…

Rain’s face was turned away from her when she looked at him. “Can you forgive me again? I never meant to hurt you…”

Dawn pulled his Keyblade out of the ground as she returned to her feet. She handed it to him, a stern expression on her face. “Just remember that I’m not her… I could never live up to her…” She fell to her knees in exhaustion as well as attempting to concentrate on what she was supposed to be doing rather than recalling memories: defeating the Heartless she had set free.

Erandi Brazul
27th September 2006, 05:45 PM
--Milo Tisevich--
Gettin' it on!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The attack happened so fast, and yet the group was so not ready for it.

"Oh yay, more of 'em," Milo muttered as the first wave of Heartless practically rose from the ground. His keyblade flashed to his hand, the red and green strings of magic lacing up the black blade, the hammer-like pummeler erupting from the end. Bring it on...

The heartless were fast. Too fast for him. From the moment he held his blade, he could feel the intense weight of it pulling on his small body. Why was his so heavy? he wondered. But wasn't any time to fuss. The creatures were moving in and out, swiping at him with quick jabs that felt like needles digging into his skin.

But he wouldn't let his friends down. With a roar, he swung the keyblade in an arc, amazed at his newfound strength. The heartless that were caught off-guard were swept up and swung with the blade, and were sent careening into several others. The attack left him completely unguarded, and several Heartless jumped at the opportunity to slash at his body some more.

Bleeding from multiple areas, he cursed and tried to search for the others. Kimi, it seemed, was helping Sheena, who somehow got her own Keyblade. Oooo...how exciting. He was actually quite happy for her, to see that she was "one of them." Sorrow was helping out as well, and it looked like he knew what he was doing.

So Dawn, Silver, Gavin were together, though Milo couldn't see them. And Sorrow, Sheena, and Kimi were together...that left...

The new girl...

She seemed to be having the same trouble he did, though not quite so much. Her blade was lighter, and thus easier to swing around. But her strength in her blows were equally, if not stronger, than his own! Nonetheless, battling alone was rough. He jumped, just as a Heartless knocked the girl to the ground.

"Back off!" he shouted, and the heartless barely had enough time to see Milo swing down and smash it to oblivion. The move was impressive, but once again the Heartless moved in for the attack of opportunity. He braced himself, ready for the hits. None came.

He looked up, to see the girl back on her feet, battling the creatures back. Milo smiled. "Hey, you're pretty good!" he shouted. "Now, let's have some more fun, shall we?"

Crystal Tears
30th September 2006, 11:41 AM
Rain and Silver (Cause I'm Lazy)

It was an outrage, how could she of saved him? Gavin, of all the stupid people in this god forsaken city, why that idiot who spawns copies of himself without even realizing it?
Pure anger rippled through Rain as he sliced away at the Heartless, which were thinning and dispersing. He completely ignored Dawn and Gavin then, and he was sure that if Gavin was in any trouble, he would not be the one to save that piece of crap.


Rain turned suddenly, Silver was beside him, twirling his keyblade with ease as they began to pick off and kill the slightly larger shadows. Rain growled, destroying another as he and Silver came to have a conversation.

“Of all the people, why Gavin?”

“Maybe its fate for you to hate him...” Silver smirked, bringing his keyblade up as Rain swung his keyblade towards the boy. “Well?”

“She shouldn’t love him.” Rain snarled, as the few remaining heartless were nothing to be worried about, he wandered from the group, taking a seat on the bench located on the other side of the road, Silver joined him.

“Don’t worry about it; Dawn is the only person who even likes that poor excuse for a key wielder.”

Rain frowned as his keyblade dispersed and he was left to just cross his arms and watch the sickening display of care for that man. “I hope he dies.” Rain hissed.

Silver tilted his head. “Horribly?”


Silver chuckled, glancing at Kimi. “Ehh..”

“You and her back together?”

“We never broke up.”

“You never acted like a couple either.”

Silver let a sly smile grow on his face. “A lot has happened since you’ve been gone.”

“I’ve hardly noticed.” Rain replied, the sarcastic tone in his voice undeniable.

Silver sighed, watching Kimi destroy a couple more heartless before letting her keyblade vanish. She turned to them then, and wandered over. She leaned against the light pole as all the veterans looked at each other.

“We have six veterans.” Silver sighed.

“Two of them are in love, and are reincarnates... And I don’t know about Sorrow…” Kimi hissed. “So… They don’t count.”

Rain stayed silent, his eyes burning into Gavin as he glared at that… That foul thing. With a nudge from Silver he turned his head, tilting it slightly.


“You want to murder him again don’t you?”

“Very much so.”

Kimi smirked, when she smirked, it usually meant she had a rather evil plan. “Well… There are always certain foes you could bring back.”

Rain smiled rather devilishly. “And we wouldn’t have to help them… All I would have to do is keep Dawn away from the battle scene.”

Silver sighed. “We don’t want all the wielders gone, just certain ones.”

“Like?” Kimi questioned.

“Like all of them.” Silver hissed. “All we have to do is get Gavin AWAY from the others, and then Rain can use his hatred to spawn a monster.”

Rain blinked. “How the hell would I do that? I’m not like you Silver; I don’t cause Heartless to pop out of the ground like daisies.”

Silver smiled. “Well, since I hate him as well. I’ll help you.”

The trio smiled, all of them initially hated this pathetic little world, and Rain, who had only one thing to love, had lost it to a man who he had defeated many years ago. Anger surged within the brown haired boy.

‘Your going to die Gavin, one way or another…’

30th September 2006, 12:30 PM


I instantly felt her arm wrap around my back, slowly lifting me from the ground.

"I'm here..." she had such a soft voice. How could I stay mad at her?

"You really should stop saving me."

"Don't say things like that! I won't ever let you die! I love you Gavin!"

I smiled weakly. "I know...but Rain..."

"Don't talk about Rain, not now," she said harshly. I heard her sigh. "I couldn't give you any answers if you wanted them."

Rain...cocky piece of sh*t. Who did he think he was? After everything I'd done, everything I'd sacrificed to make Dawn happy, this b*****d comes along and tries to take her away from me! I wouldn't let him. He didn't deserve Dawn and Dawn sure as hell deserved better than him. A lot better. I'd die before I'd let him take Dawn's heart.

I sighed.

I almost did...

I slowly climbed to my feet and leant my weight on Dawn's shoulder. Milo and the others came over once their battle with the heartless was over.

"Are you okay?" he was always so curious.

"Fine." I looked across and Rain, Silver and Kimi. I didn't trust them. "My ears are burning..." I muttered. I shot a quick glance at our new member then said, "we should get out of the city before more heartless come." The new girl looked slightly bemused. "Don't worry, it'll all be explained soon enough."

We slowly made our way back outside the city. I didn't looked to see if "those three" were following us and nor did I care. They could spend all day on that bench having their stupid conversations, it wasn't like it affected me or anything. I looked across at Dawn, her face low, her eyes distant. "Dawn..."

"I know Gavin." She looked up at me, her face stern. "When we get the chance to rest."

"Dawn...I don't hate you. I could never hate you. I made that promise didn't I? To love you no matter what happens? Nothing in the world can make me break that promise Dawn."

She smiled at me. "Thank you Gavin. Now stop talking, you need to rest."

I nodded and kept staring out of the city. I won't ever hate you. Rain on the otherhand...that's a different matter.

1st October 2006, 04:30 PM
~Warning sign- Coldplay~

The whole way back to the field, Dawn was unable to do anything but keep walking. Her mind was far too focused on what she had to explain to Gavin that she occasionally was rather clumsy; she stepped out in front of cars before someone pulled her back, she walked into things and tripped on paving slabs that were poking out only slightly. Each time, Gavin would laugh lightly, telling her she should be more careful next time, despite the frequency in which it was happening and how she was putting him in danger too.

Occasionally, they would come across small heartless, which never seemed to appear in large groups and were quite easily defeated. Dawn decided they were simply finding out where they were going. She didn’t care if they ambushed them again, as long as they were defeated, it was all that mattered.

Finally in the safety of the field, she slowly lowered Gavin to the ground and sat down beside him. She looked up at the others as Milo coughed to get her attention.

“Maybe we should get out of earshot?” He asked, motioning to a point further up the hill.

“I’d really appreciate it… I’ll explain to you guys later… This is something he needs to hear first…” She replied, smiling weakly before they left them alone.

Gavin reached across, wrapping his hand around her own and squeezing it gently. “Whatever you have to tell me… Please, just say it. I may not react in a way that I should, but I want to keep my promise.”

“I guess… I was too scared to tell you before. I wanted everything to be how it used to be, but now that everything has changed, I have to make the most of it.” She began, her gaze set upon the black castle in the sky, only noticeable to her as she had been there. “When Silver told me I wasn’t to open the door, I knew I wouldn’t. It was something that would cause pain and despair, and I didn’t want to be the one who caused it. I dreamt of Rain, but he was younger, more innocent, I thought. He told me I was destined to open the door; that my situation meant I was the one to do it. At first, I couldn’t believe him, but as time passed… I came to accept it. I saw you fighting Silver earlier… I heard Rain calling me. I desperately wished that you would notice me slip away and call me back, but you were too concerned with fighting.”

“If I had known… I would have stopped you.” Gavin muttered, his eyes avoiding hers for a few seconds.

“I know.” She lifted his chin with her free hand. “It’s my fault for not talking to you about it. There’s this voice inside my head, she sounds so similar to me, almost like it’s my own thoughts, but she tells me things that I don’t know.”

“What do you mean?”

“An example? Earlier, she told me to stop healing you because the wound on your back would transfer to mine.” She explained, watching his face become concerned.

His hand drifted slowly to his back before touching Dawn’s. She winced slightly as his hand landed on a particularly tender place. “But you did it anyway?”

“Yes, of course. I love you, Gavin, and I had to prove it to you. I had to prove it to myself too.” She laughed a little as she saw Gavin’s confused expression. “It’s not like that. This voice in my head… I have a theory of who it might be. After I… kissed Rain… I started remembering things that couldn’t possibly have happened. I remember having met Silver, Kimi, Sorrow, Rain and you in situations that I’ve never been in. For instance, I worked in a diner. I’ve never had freedom like that. From memories of her reflection, she looks exactly the same as me, except for little style things. She would braid her bangs as well as the single long braid I have. I remember everything she has ever done and that she is also called Dawn… I think that the Dawn that Rain once knew is a part of me…”

“How is that possible? He said he knew me too, shouldn’t I remember things that I did in the past?” He asked, frowning slightly.

“I’m not sure… We’re both reincarnations, Sorrow is too… But I didn’t remember anything until I… Rain and Dawn were in love. There is no doubt about it. Which I think is why…”

“Why what? Dawn?”

She closed her eyes, removing her hand from Gavin’s. “I think it’s why when I look at Rain, I get the same feeling when I look at you…” Tears streamed down her face as she opened her eyes.

“Dawn…” He began, wiping her tears from her cheeks. She knew he was trying to think of a response, so she waited for him to continue. “I can’t say that I'm thrilled to hear about this but I can't blame you for it either. You love Rain, I understand that, but the feelings you have for him are… someone else’s… it’s crazy, but I believe you.” She tilted her head to one side in confusion, but he simply smiled back, the same smile that made her feel fuzzy inside. “But… Dawn, I'm scared. How can I know that when it comes down to it you won't choose him over me? Another side of you might have feelings for him but if that side wins… then I'll lose you. My heart couldn't take that Dawn. You're all I've got.”

“I wish I knew. I just want to be me, not some person carrying another person inside their head…” She bit her lip, trying not to let the tears flow again. “What if I’m not the same person without her? And why is it me?”

Gavin reached across and gently pulled her into his arms. She felt safe and loved, but at the same time she was longing to be in Rain’s arms. “It doesn’t matter… I’d still love you no matter how you changed…”

“I’ll do whatever I can to get her out of me… I have to…” She rested her head on his chest as he continued to hold her. “And I’ll be my own person again…”

7th October 2006, 01:26 PM

I held Dawn in my arms as she fought back the tears that threatened to consume her. It wasn't fair, not to either of us. We'd both had hard lives and now, just when it seemed we were finally getting the happiness we deserved, someone was trying to take it away from us. I sighed. I knew how this was destined to end. She would have to pick one of us. Rain or me, one of us was going to keep Dawn and the other was going to lose her. Forever.

I'd do everything I could to make sure that loser wasn't me.


She looked up at me. Her eyes were red and puffy from the tears. It tore my heart to see her like this. I leant forward, pressing my nose against hers.

"Don't forget me, okay?"


"Promise me," I looked her straight in the eyes.


I kissed her. Her lips were moist from the tears but there was a warmth in them that made me forget about all that. This was my kiss. This feeling, this moment, this was something Rain would never be able to take from me. This was the Dawn that was mine and mine only, the Dawn that I would fight for, would die for. I would never let him take this Dawn away from me.

"Do you remember the first time we met?"

I hadn't even realised we'd stopped kissing until her voice pulled me from my fantasy. "Of course."

"You were so grateful to me for finding Aaron that you insisted on walking me back home. I always thought that was so sweet. I remember, Aaron was exhausted and you had to carry him on your back."

I laughed. "Yeah..."

"You haven't given up on him have you Gavin? You're still looking for him aren't you?"

"I am and I will find him. With your help?"

"Of course." She took my hand and squeezed it tightly. "You can't find him without me."

I smiled back at her. "That's unfortunately true." I looked up the hill where the others were congregating, anxiously glancing in our direction. "We should tell them what's going on. They're confused enough as it is."

Erandi Brazul
16th October 2006, 08:38 PM
Milo Tisevich
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Finally, it was over. The last of the Heartless disappeared in a flash, and Milo slumped to the ground, exhausted.

"Tired already?" came a voice, and he turned to see the new girl standing over him, a smile plastered on her face. Even though she was smug, he could see her breathing hard.

Milo put on his pouty face. "As a matter of fact, I am!" he said, and accepted the hand she extended to him. The ground was freakishly fine, as if a battle of epic porportions didn't just happen. After all they went through, it seemed as though the past few minutes hadn't even happened.

He took a deep breath, and put on a smile, the adrenaline completely gone from his system. "Well, that was fun, if you ask me!" he said, spying Sorrow and jogging over to him. His tired-ness seemed to have left his small body. "Hey, why are you crying?" he asked, once he reached Sorrow, who was helping Sheena up from the ground. Sorrows eyes were red, and trails of tears were streamed on his face.

"I always weep for them," he replied solemly. "I try to take away their sorrow by crying out with them."

Milo raised an eyebrow. "Ooookay..." he said, and spotted Gavin.

They look hurt...I'm surprised none of us got hurt...

"Are you okay?" he called over to Gavin, who gave a wave in his direction.

"Fine," he responded, then took a glance at the new girl. "We should get out of the city before more heartless come," he continued. Ah, the ever-fearless leader... "Don't worry, it'll all be explained soon enough."

The treck out of the city was simple enough. Minus the few spatterings of battles, there wasn't much to do. Of course, Milo didn't want to just do nothing. There was a brand new girl to chat with! But the safety of everyone kept most of them silent. Dawn and Gavin were chatting, but heck, they always did that. Finally, the edge of the city was left behind once more.

Back in the open area, Milo breathed deeply. "Well, at least the food is secure," he stated, patting his back. A finger nudged him, and he turned to see Sheena. "Huh? What's up?"

"Maybe we should leave for a moment," she whispered, and nodded her head toward Gavin and Dawn.
"You think?" he whispered back.

"Uh..." Milo said, and coughed for Dawn's attention. She looked up and smiled. Clearly she was tired. “Maybe we should get out of earshot?” he asked.

The smile broadened a bit. “I’d really appreciate it… I’ll explain to you guys later… This is something he needs to hear first…” she replied to him, and he nodded.

Sheena, Milo, Sorrow, and the new wielder moved to an area farther up, leaving Dawn and Gavin to themselves, and the other three strangers--Kimi, Rain, and Silver--to their own. He still didn't trust Silver.

"You've got some pretty good moves," he said to the girl, once they were situated. "I'm Milo. Milo Tisevich. What's your name?"

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

A bit long...sorry if I screwed anything up!

Crystal Tears
22nd October 2006, 05:47 PM
This post is rated M for mature. XP Not much to it but meh.


He didn’t exactly know what to think, Kimi and Silver had wandered off to god knows where, and only he was left. Him, Rain, the original Key wielder, the one who had saved the world once, but instead of being appreciated and loved by the girl who had given him the strength to withstand the awful temptation that the heartless had posed, he was alone. Alone with his hatred for the man who had stolen her… In his anger he clenched the small orb, a red heart with thorns circling it was trapped inside the glass, and carefully, Rain slipped it into his pocket.

“This is how I am thanked…” Rain thought cruelly, putting his hands behind his head as he trotted alone, following a small creek that ran through the open wilderness. “I’m left alone.. And that sick bastard who was responsible for almost killing her multiple ti-“

Suddenly a thought hit him. He could us the past to his advantage, surely the mention of soul, near rape, and various other dangerous occasions would get her to change her mind about Gavin. It was a given! Practically a promise!

Snapping his fingers, larger shadows appeared around him. Heartless were such simple things, following whoever was the strongest, and him, being half heartless, only made this trick all the more easier. Unlike Silver’s heartless state, his was a bit more secure, it was a small price to pay for a picture of her… To keep him sane behind that door, and give him hope.

“Keep an eye on the rest of the group, if they try to help Gavin in his little… Task, then don’t hesitate to attack.” He paused, grimacing at what he had just said. “But uh… don’t kill them…”

The heartless vanished, and Rain was again alone.

“Alrighty…” He frowned, closing his eyes as he concentrated. “Always hated this trick, but it never gets old either.”

His body slipped into the ground, the darkness soon followed, leaving the streamside all together…

When he reappeared, he appeared about six feet behind the two lovebirds. He nearly threw up as he watched Gavin shove his tongue down Dawn’s throat. He growled, whipping his keyblade forward so that is slammed into the ground right behind them. Dawn yelped, and slid back, and Gavin shot Rain a dirty look.

“Slipping off for a secret snogging session?” Rain chuckled; Dawn blushed slightly and turned away, while Gavin just glared. “Relax lover-boy; I just need to talk to Dawn.”

“Then talk.” He growled.

“Private conversation.” Rain smirked, trotting over to Dawn.

“Well I’m not leaving.” Gavin snarled.

“Oh that’s quite alright.” Rain grinned, as darkness appeared below him and Dawn, who was utterly confused. “We will then.” Dawn slipped in first, and Rain hovered there for a moment, a sick grin on his face. “Have fun.” He smirked, the keyblade in the ground vanishing.

He didn’t hear Gavin’s words as he slipped into the comforting darkness, nor did he care much. Instead, He appears beside a bewildered Dawn, who was looking around.

“Where are we?”

“On the other side of the valley.”

“Rain, what did you want to talk to me about?”

Despite having the entire plan worked out in his hand, when she looked at him with slight curiosity and overwhelming annoyance, his evil plan melted away. She looked so much like his Dawn, the girl who was in the picture; Rain bit his lip, unable to say a thing.


“Here.” Rain gulped, offering a folded up piece of paper in his hand. “Whether you’re her or not, it’s yours.”

She took it from him, and opened it. To her surprise, the picture revealed her, standing in front of an old diner in the city. She was smiling, her air was lightly blowing in the breeze, and even though the picture was perfect and looked so real. That diner, it didn’t exist, and she never would have ever worked there.

“What… Is this?”

“It’s you.” Rain shrugged. “I think.”

She stood there, her face softening from anger to confusion, and then it went totally blank. Rain felt like he was standing on glass, waiting g for her to do anything.

“Rain...” Her voice sounded, off, different, something in it rung every bell inside his head. Cautiously he neared her, she looked up, and her eyes seemed to swirl with ever emotion known to man until they settled. “Rain..?”

He nodded, taken back as she suddenly bounded forward, wrapping her arms around him and hugging him tightly. He could barely react, wrapping his own around her frame as she looked up, resting her chin on his chest.

“Why am- Your back.” She smiled, tears pouring down her cheeks as her hand wrapped around his neck and pulled in for a kiss. He couldn’t react, so shocked by the suddenness that it didn’t seem to sink in. Even when she leaned away, and touched his cheek with her soft hands, it wasn’t setting; he was in a constant state of shock. “What’s wrong?”

“N-nothing.” Rain stuttered, snapping out of his awestruck moment to pull her in for another kiss. Deeper then the last, he couldn’t believe his Dawn was with him, her arms were wrapped around him and she wasn’t going to leave him alone this time. Secretly he managed to pull the orb out of his pocket, and drop it onto the ground.
Slowly it sunk, but he never saw that. Instead, his entire attention was focused on Dawn.

“Dawn..” He whispered, memories flooded back to his mind as he lifted her right off the ground and held her there.

“What took you so long to come back?” She smiled, Rain shrugged.

“Well, that door you know. Refused to budge.”

She smiled, and leaned down to kiss him. It was amazing to him, each flick of her tongue sent bolts of what felt like lightning down his spine. Their pace quickened, and safely behind the large tree by the river, Rain finally got the nerve, mind set, and time, to experience Dawn in a way he had longed for, for a very long time…

[color=red]Trick and Wish

Two dark shadows appeared on the empty field, one had hair up in a wild ponytail with braids and beads strung about in her hair, and the other simple wore her hair down. The one who wore her hair down was about 3 inches taller then the other, and had a larger bust size. Though her body, like her shorter partners, was shadowy like a heartless, you could see she was wearing a shirt and pants, and was looked like combat boots. On her shoulders though, were Heartless Hearts, and on her back, a larger one was seen. Her shorter partner, at a quick glance, looked like she wore nothing, but in actual fact, she was wearing a bikini top, and hot pants. Her body was also shadowy like her sisters, and a thorn heart was clearly shown on her front, taking up her abdomen and chest.

“He he he!” The smaller girl giggled. “We have more people to play with!”

“Shut up Wish.” The older girl snarled, looking about until she stopped Gavin. “There he is.”

“Hey Gavin!” Wish yelped happily, bouncing up and down as he turned, slightly taken back by the display. “Come on Trick! We have to have some fun!”

Trick grumbled, her yellow eyes glaring at Wish, and then turned to quickly bring up her arm and easily block Gavin’s keyblade. He blinked in confusion, but Trick didn’t waste time, her fist shot out faster then anyone could see, and the next thing anyone could see is Gavin flying back.

“Ready?” Trick questioned to Wish, who smiled evilly.


Dark portals opened up beneath Gavin, and to the surprise of everyone else, every single key wielder except Rain and Dawn. They were all teleported.

“Welcome!” Wish cheered, as everyone looked around in amazement as they were in a large stadium, shadows and various other heartless were seated, and all the ‘contestants’ were standing on floating square panels, about 2 feet both length wise and width wise. Underneath the hundreds of floating panels, all varying in speed and width, was a slanted wall pit that lead to large cylinder grinders that had spikes jutting out of them.

“Where are we?” Milo demanded to know. “And where is Rain and Dawn?”

“Oh, we’ll take care of them, once we’re done with you!” Trick snarled, snapping her fingers to summon what seemed like boss theme music was.

“Welcome to Trick and Wish Arena! The music determines the speed of the platforms! To win, you have to defeat us. If you lose…” Wish pointed to the grinder. “Well, to bad so sad.”

A screen appeared about them, and in green letters it read.

Mortal Combat Theme

On cue, the platforms lurched, almost sending everyone off, they moved quite fast, going in every direction, some ever flipped, testing their riders skill…

Official Boss fight thing… Trick and Wish. Here’s some tips.

Trick is the fighter, you won’t see her back down from anymore, she’s physically stronger then anyone, and can go extremely fast. (As seen when she punched Gavin), to beat her, you have to try and knock her off her platform. But remember, this is her arena, it’s not likely the platforms are going to allow her to fall in.

Wish is the defensive one, who a Keyblade will hurt her, her magic and teleporting move might make it difficult to reach her. Plus, Trick is always ready to bound back and defend her little sister.

22nd October 2006, 06:27 PM

I glared at the strangers before us, angrily tightening my grip on my keyblade. I didn’t know what I hated more, the fact that we were here, or the fact that Dawn and Rain weren’t.

“Gavin, what do we do?”

Trick…she was the more offensive one…so the other girl would be more likely to defend…I think… “You guys take the smaller one! Leave Trick to me.”

“You think you can handle me big boy?” she taunted.

“Just worry about yourself.”

“Gavin is that a good idea?” Milo called.

“Don’t worry about me! Just cover each other! No one dies today, you got it?” Geez what did these guys want from me? They always expected me to come up with the answers and when I tell them what to do, they question it. Can’t they take my damn word for it already? Or better yet, can’t they make up their own damn minds? Didn’t I have enough to deal with already without having to carry them as well?

Taking a running start I bounded easily across the platforms towards my target. She just stood there, perfectly content to wait for me, that twisted smiled plastered flat across her face. I stepped onto the platform before hers and threw my weight on my front foot as I drove the keyblade towards her head. She just stood there until the last possible moment and then stepped straight off the platform into the empty space below. I just stood there blinking. It couldn’t be that easy…could it…?

I peered over the edge. Nothing. She was probably scrap by now. I smirked and straightened up. “Kinda easy.”

A tap on my shoulder sent shivers down my spine. I turned slowly to see her standing there behind me on a platform that I could have sworn wasn’t there five minutes ago. “Nice try.”

I whipped my keyblade round to connect with her head but she dodged it. I aimed for her chest but she ducked under it with such grace it were as if I was moving in slow motion. I couldn’t hit her! I jumped back, panting heavily as sweat poured down my brow. She couldn’t be this fast. No one could be this fast. She was faster than Silver, than Rain even. No…I just wasn’t trying hard enough.

“Oh dear, you’re not nearly as good as I expected you to be,” she stepped forward casually and the platforms moved to create a pathway for her feet. I should have known she’d have something up her sleeve. “But then…your other half was always so much better at things…”

I forced myself upright, taking my keyblade in both hands. “I am so f*cking sick of everybody telling me how great I used to be and how everything I do now is so God damn pointless!” I swung my keyblade as if I was going to hit her but ducked at the last minute and shoulder-barged her off the platform. I couldn’t shake the feeling of twisted pleasure and regret that I felt as I watched her tumble into that grinder. “One down…” I looked over to where the others were attempting to take care of our smaller enemy. She didn’t seem that tough at a glance but she was teleporting all over the bloody place and that was really starting to piss a few people off.

Watching the platforms carefully, I made my way over to their part of the battlefield. If I could just get her off guard then we could get the hell out of here. Who knew what Rain was doing to Dawn now that he’d finally managed to get her alone – I shook my head as I almost miss-timed the platform in front of me. Don’t think about it, keep focused, you’re no good to Dawn dead.

“Hehehe! I’m over here!”

She taunted them from the safety of her platform. She was so close. All I had to do was just swing this keyblade and – what the f*ck!? I looked down to see what had stopped my keyblade and to my horror I saw an arm sticking up out of the platform. I stepped back as it began to rise, revealing a head and a pair of well-defined shoulders. I pulled my keyblade away as I stared in awe at the figure of Trick before me. She just smirked in that sick way that gave me chills. “How…?”

“There’s always a catch. You’ll have to kill both of us Gavin or we’ll just keep coming back.” She leant forward, her nose almost touching mine. “But neither you nor your little friends have the strength to do it.”

A moment later there was this searing pain in my gut and I felt myself flying across the arena. With some fortune I managed to hit one of the platforms but the force of the impact was so strong that I almost flew back off it, saved for a last minute grab for the edge that saved my life – yet again. I swung my keyblade onto the platform and hoisted my body back up slowly for dragging myself to my feet.

“That was a bit close Gavin. You almost took a nasty fall.”

I glared at her, a small growl escaping my lips. I didn’t have time for this horse sh*t!

“Gavin what do we do!?”

“We kill them both. Not like we have much of a choice.”

31st October 2006, 04:12 PM

A searing pain shot though Sorrow's mind. Images flashed through his mind. Memories. Memories of Trick, of Wish, of the rest. Memories of who he was.

Of who he is.

The white haired youth fell to his knees, clutching his head in pain. Sheena noticed.

"Sorrow!" she cried, running to his side, "What's wrong?"

Upon hearing his name, Trick stopped, looking over in Sorrow's direction.

"Sorrow?" She took a few steps closer, squinting her eyes. Her eyes widened in recognition and a big smile appeared on her face.

"Hey, it's you!" she yelled out happily, "hey sis! It's Sorrow!"

Trick stopped her assault on Gavin and turned to look at Sorrow. A small smirk appeared on her lips.

"Well, what do you know," she chuckled, "It's been a long time. We didn't recognise you."

All eyes fell on Sorrow as he rose to his feet, his pain subsiding.

"Trick..." he spoke softly, "Wish..."

"Friends of yours?" Milo asked.

Sorrow looked at the heartless hearts on their bodies.

"It's quite ironic actually, that the pair of you have become heartless," sorrow said. Trick cocked an eyebrow.


"Yes. I can remember a time when one almost ate you Trick."

Trick's eyes twitched as Wish giggled.

"Well anyway," Trick brushed it off, "It's great being a heartless. Why don't you join us."

"Yeah!" Wish piped up, "It'll be like old times again, only without the hearts!"

Sorrow was silent for a moment. A number of his allies actually thought he might consider actually going along with it.

Sorrow's keyblade appeared in his hand.

"I'm sorry," he said softly, "but I cannot. There are still things I need to do."

A dissappointed look appeared on the girl's faces. A grave expression appeared on Trick's face.

"I'm sorry Sorrow," she said, "But we don't have a choice. It's for your own good."

"I don't have a choice either," A tear flowed from Sorrow's eye as he pointed his keyblade at them, "I will mourn your passing."

Erandi Brazul
2nd November 2006, 08:21 PM
Milo Tisevich

I apologize, but it's extremely short. Someone pick up the fighting once more...
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Sorrow knows these girls?

The intial shock of "Oh my god we've been transported into a new dimension!" had passed quickly. Heck, after what he had been through these past several hours, was there anything that could surprise this group?

"Heh, good one, Sorrow," Milo chuckled. "I will mourn your passing..." he imitated Sorrow's voice, and summoned his own keyblade.

Wish rolled her eyes. "Well, that wasn't childish," she said sarcastically. "Now, do you mind? I haven't got all day to kill you."

"Hey!" Sheena spoke up. "I wouldn't be so cocky if I were you. You're completely outnumbered. And did you see your sister get her butt kicked by Gavin? This is gonna be easier than we anticipated."

Milo's eyebrows perked up. Since when did Sheena get so bold and brassy?

"Wasn't there two others?" the voice of the new girl was heard, and Milo's brain kicked.

"Oh, crap...Gavin!" Milo called out, "Where's Dawn and that other guy?"

6th December 2006, 04:32 PM
Well this has sat inactive long enough. *cracks fingers* ow, damn that hurts. Ok let's get this thing over with already.


"You make it sound so easy," said Trick calmly as she walked over to where I stood, panting.

"Everything sounds easy."

"Some things are." She smirked and bent over, her eyes meeting mine. "It's a shame. If I didn't have to kill you, you'd actually turn out to be kinda cute."

"What makes you say that?"

She shrugged. "Because I know. I've seen you." A seductive smile slid across her face. "All of you."

"You're thinking of someone else," I insisted, my grip tightening on my keyblade.

"You're wrong Gavin. I know more about you than you know about yourself. I know how you think, how you feel...what you're going to become."

I slashed at her torso but she jumped back with ease. "You sound like Rain."

“Yes, how is he?”

I made another attempt at her torso. “What do you expect? An annoying b*****d. Thinks he can do with Dawn what he pleases.”

“Ah yes…Dawn…”

“What’s it to you?” My keyblade met her arm but I think I was the one who felt it the most.

“You should give up on chasing Dawn.” She made a swing at me but somehow I managed to dodge it. If you kept your focus you could keep up with her pace. Just about. “She’ll be the end of you.”

Gritting my teeth I made a desperate upward swing for her chin. She just dodged it with as much grace as ever I’d seen from her. “Now you really sound like Rain.”

“You two never get on.”

“Stop talking like you know me!”

“Oh but I do know you Gavin. I know you very well.”

“You knew someone once. He isn’t me.”

“You have no idea how right, and wrong, you really are.”
Our battle only seemed to grow in intensity from then on. Her flesh met the cold steel of my blade again and again but there was no ground lost between us. She was fast – oh God she was fast – and it was taking every ounce of focus I possessed just to keep on her level. To make matters worse, I was the one weakening the fastest. I just needed something, anything to happen to give me an edge over that battle.

That day, at least, I got lucky.

“Trick! TRICK!” We both heard her sister’s screams and turned to watch her fall into the mouth of the vicious contraption below. What came next…I don’t dare describe it in words.

“B*****d!” The next thing I felt was something similar to a solid gold brick smashing into the back of my head. Then came that odd sensation of flying uncontrollably through the air. And then the pain of having the air ripped out of your lungs by crashing face first into a platform several hundred feet away. Like I said before, the girl could really pack a punch.

Wish’s death seemed to have whipped her into the most violent of frenzies. I’d had never seen her move so fast. The others stepped in to give me a chance to recover but they couldn’t meet her speed. I knew I had to get in there fast or one of them was gonna end up hurt.

Breaking through the crowd of keybladers I managed to knock Trick out of reach. This would be easier with enough space to manoeuvre. Not that it was going to be easy by any means.

“Get out of my way,” she growled through gritted teeth.


“They killed my sister.”

“She deserved to die.”

“So does your brother.”

I swung my keyblade but she blocked it with ease.

“Hurts, doesn’t it?”

“What do you know about Aaron?”

“There’s no place for him in this world.”

“Where is he!?”

“I don’t know. It doesn’t matter anyway, you won’t see him again.”

I lashed out at her again and again and again, until I was so encapsulated in my rage that I lost all track of thought. There were only the moves – the attacks, the blocks, the parries, the dodges, the dives – no time to dwell on what she might do, driven by the notion that she had to die.

“It hurts doesn’t it?”

“Not to you. You without hearts can feel nothing.”

Our attacks drew us so close I could smell her hair. Part of me wanted to abandon this fight, to go for something…It was a wild, unwanted thought. I wanted nothing to do with it.

“Wait until your heart is stolen Gavin, then tell me how it feels.”

“That’s the problem,” I spun away from her, lifting one arm to distract her defences then thrusting through with the keyblade. This time I caught flesh. “I am nothing,” I twisted the teeth through her stomach, “like you.”

“No…you’re something much…much…worse…”

I yanked my blade from her body and watched as it tumbled to the machine below. It was a death just as gruesome as the first. We all winced at the loud cracking sound that followed but even as the last traces of bone slipped into nothingness the noise continued. The platforms beneath our feet began to shake violently and others began to crumble where they stood.

The stadium beneath us faded into darkness and the next thing we knew we fell, screaming, clawing helplessly at the nothingness around us. I thought we’d die. I thought it would have all been for nothing and we’d awake to find ourselves long gone from this world. Thank God I was wrong. Our bodies hit the hard Earth with a thud and slowly we found ourselves returned just a few feet from where we were taken.

I knew what had to be done first.

“Dawn! Dawn!” Even Rain wouldn’t have taken her from the valley but I couldn’t find her.

“Where do you think they went?” Someone asked, I didn’t pay much attention to whom.

“I don’t know,” I replied, “but I have a bad feeling about it.”

6th December 2006, 06:31 PM
Tears blurred Sorrow's vision.


Even though they were his enemies just before, the guilt of what he had just helped do racked through him. He had killed two of his former friends, friends he had known and cared about long before he met Rain and the others.

He fell to his knees and sobbed quietly. His actions however went unnoticed by the others.

However, something caught his attention.

Two small balls of light.

They seemed to go unnoticed by the others as they floated towards Sorrow.


The orbs seems warm to the touch as they circled him. They finally seemed to melt into Sorrow's chest. The white haired youth's sobbing subsided as two words escape from his lips.