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Roy Karrde
8th May 2006, 10:57 PM
Digimon Reunion
[center]Created by Classy_cat16 and Roy Karrde
Based on the Digimon Legends Series by PolHaruko-san[center]

[color=lightblue]Many in these last few years have enjoyed the everlasting peace of the Digital World since the last group of digidestined left. The remnants of Lucemon’s forces have been staggered back to the very last reaches of his territory while the rest of the Digital World tries to rebuild and forget the horror that has plagued them for the last few years. With their forces diminishing with each battle with the Celestials, the few minions of Lucemon left; devise an all or nothing plan to resurrect their master. The plan would be to leave the known Digital World and travel to the farthest area of the Celestial’s grasp. There they begin to travel through the Digital Gateway to Earth to abduct the homeless and retched of Earth. The ones that have the hearts and souls blackened by sorrow and regret. With these humans they take them back to the Digital World and take their souls to build up enough data to break the lock surrounding Lucemon at the Digital Core of the Digital World. Meanwhile the husks left by the soulless humans turn into mindless Digimon that follow their new masters.

With the new found calm that the Celestials are not taking lightly, they send out scouts all over the Digital World, only to find a army amassing as the remnants of Lucemon gain more and more souls. With their power stretched thin from rebuilding, and the Digital World at a turning point, which could mean peace or anarchy. The Celestials send out a plea to bring eight children from Earth to fight off the invading army and put an end to the reign of Lucemon once and for all.

So it is the middle of the school year, for everyone on Earth, Spring Break is approaching and everyone anticipates it with glee. As you go about your business to prepare for either School or College one morning, you find a mysterious CD laying about. Reaching down to pick it up, a tingling sensation runs through your body before you collapse. Your vision blacks out as your body goes numb. When you wake up your in a grandhall, made of gold, silver, and glass. Three angels unlike anything you have seen before, approach you and your friends and tell you about the journey your about to embark on. In a world beyond any that you can imagine.

[color=silver] Alright this is based upon the long running and award winning Digimon Legends series. It’s been two years since Our Final Journey, and your characters will be teleported from all over Earth, so you don’t have to be based in Japan. The Digi Evolution is Spirit based meaning you transform into your Digimon. Well alright here is the sign up!

[color=red]Fire ~ Rei Takinowa
[color=white]Ice ~ Hotaru
[color=blue]Water ~ Daron
[color=black]Darkness ~ Elizabeth
[color=yellow]Light ~ Andrew
[color=gray]Wind ( Open )
[color=brown]Earth ~ Dennis
[color=green]Forest ~ Snap
[color=silver]Metal ~ ( Reserved by Mike )
[color=yellow]Thunder (Old) ~ Gavin
[color=yellow]Thunder (New) ~ Naomi

[left] [color=pink]Name: Rei Takinowa
Age: 10
Gender: Girl
Look's 1: With big brown eyes and long black hair that dips to her mid back, Rei looks like your average ten year old girl. She has fair skin, not as light as her mom’s yet not as dark as her dad’s. She has her left front tooth missing from an adult tooth growing in. She wears a black two-piece school outfit; the top is a short sleeve with a collar and golden buttons going up the front. While the lower half is a black skirt that is knee length. She wears long white socks that come up about half way up to her knee, along with black slippers.
Look's 2: Her hair is much shorter and now only comes up to her shoulders, her eye color has changed to a much lighter hazel. She wears a one-piece red Chinese like dress that goes down to her knees. The dress is buttoned side ways going from the middle of the collar, to her left shoulder. The dress is sleeveless with the dress extending outward only to her arm.
Personality: She has a very curious personality and likes to explore things. Yet at the same time growing up in the Digital World under Lucemon’s grip has made her very hard and angry at the place. She can be quiet during battle with almost a killing instinct. While at the other times she can be happy and joyful.
History: She was abducted by Lucemon when she was only a baby, her parents were killed and she was taken back to the Digital World to be a part of child slaves that Lucemon was using in place of Digimon. She was rescued by Laura and the rest of the Chosen Children on their last adventure, and taken back to Earth where she became the adopted child of Laura and Satoshi Takinowa. She has grown up in relative peace these last two years with her newborn brother and sister. While it did take her a year to accomidate to life on Earth, she has been getting used to it and is relatively normal now.
D-Sense Color: [color=red]Red Base with [color=gray]Gray [color=pink]rim
Element: [color=red]Fire[color=pink]
Weapons: A long chain, the front part has a blade welded into it while the back has a metal weight.
Theme Songs(Optional): Take It Shake It – Kaleido Star - sugar
Myself – Full Moon wo Sagashite - Myco
Other: Although she may not appear strong, after years of training from Lucemon in the past, she is strong enough to wield her weapon.

Digimon Spirit:

[color=red]Name: Enfermon
Type: Flame Wolf
Virus,Data,Vaccine or Unknown: Data
Looks: A slightly small wolf by Earth’s standards, almost as if it still has some growing to do. Her fur is a almost orange/red with a long flowing white mane that travels from the top of her head down her back and tail, sometimes spilling over the sides. Thick black smoke sometimes rises from her nose and mouth, while her eyes are a deep gold.
Feuer Smog: Thick Smoke pours out of her nostrils and continues to pour out until it fills the surrounding area in thick smog of smoke.

Fuoco Claws: Her claws become a deep red color, almost the color of magma as they become deeply heated. The claws quickly rise to a temperature of over four hundred degrees and can super heat the ground around it to nearly the same temperature as they slash away at any opponent.

Fiamma Breath: A short-range flamethrower attack usually used to catch opponents off guard and to do medium damage. It can also catch the surrounding area on fire and is good for destruction purposes.
Element: Fire

[center][black] Tokyo-Japan

[center][color=pink] Rei Takinowa
[color=pink]~*~*~*~*~ In a Rush ~*~*~*~*~

[left]The sweet smell of pancakes wafted through the small midlevel house in the suburbs just outside of Tokyo. The scene was almost like any other for this budding family, the sounds of children making a mess of breakfast, a young mom trying to get her daughter ready for school, and a young father preparing for work. The events from just two years prior were only a distant memory for this family.

“REI! Get ready for school!” Laura shouted banging on the door three times before walking away to deal with Roy and Megumi who were throwing their foot at each other as they ate their breakfast at the dinning table. “Hurry!” She added, a sense of urgency filled her voice as I gave the clock a double check; I still had plenty of time before the bus came. Besides if anything I could have Aunt Hotaru drive me to school since she was supposed to pick me up on the way home from school.

With several simple clicks I buttoned down my school top before running out into the kitchen. “Dad can I wear make up to school?” I pleaded, passing up the pancakes, as I slipped underneath him to grab a pop tart. It was the quick meal for all growing girls. “All the other girls at school are wearing make up.” I pleaded, already knowing it was a futile effort.

“Why are you so hung up on make up? You look pretty as you already are.” He smiled, bending down to kiss my forehead before grabbing the newspaper and rushing out the door for his big high paying job, doing what ever he does. “And don’t ask Hotaru to buy you any make up either.” He shouted out of the window of his car before starting it and backing out the driveway.

Well there went my second plan, Hotaru or Aunt Hotaru as I called her, was a close friend of the family ever since my mom and I met her in the Digital World two years ago. Ever since she would come over and hang out with me, so she was pretty cool and all. “Mom, can I please wear make up?” I pleaded to the other parent, mom was only six years older than me, and although she was trying to act all motherly and stuck up, sometimes she seemed to relate. “You got to do all kinds of grown up stuff when you were my age.” I added trying to add a bit of relation in there so that she could try and see my side of the argument.

Mom just seemed to sigh as she tried to clean Roy up before pointing over to my school bags. “If your father thinks you’re too young, then you’re too young.” She said in an almost monotone voice while finishing up cleaning Roy and moving on to Megumi. Narrowing my eyes to a glare, I grabbed my school bags before walking out the door to catch the bus. Maybe I could try and borrow some from one of the girls at school, some of the older classmen always seemed to always put on make up in the bathroom.

“At this rate I’m going to be thirty before I can even get a bra.” I sighed before munching on the pop tart while taking a seat on the school bus. Why did they always try and treat me like a kid? I had spent most of my life living in on a foreign planet, with monsters surrounding me, yet I couldn’t wear make up or go see adult rated movies. Parents could be so unfair sometimes.

Drowning in my own self-pity, I almost didn’t feel the small nudge of an oddly colored CD as it bounced against my shoe. I looked at the odd shaped disk for a second as I tried to figure out how it got onto a school bus. CDs were so out of style these days that they were almost unseen, yet one was bouncing around on a school bus? Shrugging and deciding to pick it up, just for the purpose of a chance to show something off at show and tell, I reached down for the disk.

Picking up the small metal frame, I was intrigued how the metal surface seemed to almost bubble over with moisture that had condensed on it. Intrigued I turned the disk several different ways until one direction seemed to catch the sunlight peeking through the clouds. Reflecting the sunlight off, the disk began to glow on it’s own, a light that quickly almost became brighter than a spotlight shining on my face. The light became everything, the school bus, the sky, everything, it had became my world in just a mere instant. I could feel my body suddenly free floating, outside of the seat, outside of normal gravity, I just floated there.

Soon sensations began to return, the soft, urine smelling cushion of the school bus was gone. Instead the feeling of hard marble floor became my resting place. The light soon faded and I found myself in a place that I had only seen in my nightmares. Gold and Silver spires lifted several stories into the air, and supported a ceiling that depicted the evolution of monsters known as Digimon. The marble floor was actually fine glass, that allowed the palace’s occupants to look down at the world below. I, and as I looked around several others, were in the Grand Chapel of the Digital World. Suspended several thousand stories into the air, the Grand Chapel was the greatest palace of the Celestials and a place that no evil could touch.

“Welcome to the Digital World.” The large beautiful angel known as Orphanimon announced as others began to wake up, some to screaming, others to curiosity at their new surroundings. If only they knew the horror they would soon face. “I apologize for abducting you this way but we require your help.” She pleaded from her throne of gold; to each of her sides she was flanked by the supreme digimon of Seraphimon and Cherubimon.

Someone spoke up asking where the hell we were, along with other language that I had to cover my ears to drown out. “Please, please, calm down.” She tried to quiet us all down, gently moving her arms in motions to silence us. “We needed those of the purest souls to take part in this, each day the minions of Lucemon are going back and forth from our world to yours, to abduct Humans with sad or blackened souls. They use those souls to help fuel the energy to break Lucemon’s chains while at the same time the husks left behind transform into ruthless, mindless Digimon.” She explained, her voice filled of sadness and sorrow at the same situation.

I gazed down at my feet in silent disgust. How could things have gotten so bad here? When we all left here they said that the digital world would never be touched by darkness again. “Each of you have a Digivice, these are what you can use to transform into your Digital Spirit once you gain it at one of the temples in the cities near by. It will also allow you to materialize a weapon made specially for you.” She described to us as we each found the toy like device lying next to us.

She began to speak again only to have the city lurch and shake. Everyone began to scream and cry as the city began to dive toward the surface in an unending free fall. In a matter of seconds we would crash into a major metropolis city that we had been flying over. I closed my eyes as tears began to stream down my cheeks, I didn’t want to wear make up anymore, I didn’t want to look grown up, I just wanted to get out of this nightmare and back home before we crashed.

Okay you can get to the Digital World and go through the whole speech above and add whatever comments you believe your character would say, you could also have your character meet some of the others nearby. If you want you could finish it out with the Church crashing into the city but make sure that it crashes and everyone survives. Try not to go any further than that.

8th May 2006, 11:56 PM
Name: Hotaru Tajiri
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Look's 1: She's only grown a few inches since the last adventure, making her 5'4" to 5'6" and still skinny. She has the same tanned skin and black hair that now reaches her back. Because of this she now wears it in one long ponytail instead of two pigtails. She has dressed up a bit, now wearing a white blouse and a navy blue skirt that reaches her knees. Black dress shoes are worn on her feet. She wears a necklace that has a sun charm hanging on it that looks like this (http://www.hahoriginals.com/catalog/images/SunCharm.gif).
Look's 2: White T-shirt, blue jean overalls, and pale blue ribbons in her hair that is now shorter (shoulder length) and in two pigtails. Her gold necklace is replaced by a silver necklace with a snowflake charm like this (http://auntiestreasures.com/images/medium/Sterling-Silver-Enameled-Snowflake-Charm-With-Blue-Crystal-ch-cjeb-cfaw_MED.jpg). She wears white sneakers.
Personality: She's pretty much the same Hotaru. Kind, spunky at times and willing to make new friends. She'll hug someone without warning so watch out! She seems naive at times but sometimes she's in the know. But now she can get ice cold at the drop of a dime, especially when someone offends her or when she is threatened. She'll be willing to fight when it's the least bit necessary. Average intelligence, great sense of humor.
History: She was with the Digidestined the last time so now she's going in for another round. She remembers everything that had happened, both the good and the bad. She lived with a normal mom and had a couple of aunts and uncles and a few cousins. Now she regularly visits her new friends and boyfriend, Johann. The Digital World barely changed her but friends will notice the changes at times.
D-Sense Color: White with ice blue base and rim
Element: Ice
Weapons: Still not a fighter but has a crossbow and arrows
Theme Songs: Rise (Ghost in the Shell: SAC's 2nd opening), Simple and Clean Remix (Kingdom Hearts)
Other: Is from Japan, can speak a lot better English than before. It's almost perfect! Also carries her backpack around which holds ammo, supplies, and sweets.

Digimon Spirit:

Name: Polarmon
Type: Ice Queen
Looks: A 6'4" polar bear resembling Kumamon (http://img141.exs.cx/img141/2446/kumamon2ks.png). She has blue eyes and an ice blue ribbon tied on the back of her head. She wears no shirt but a blue school skirt that goes to her knees. She carries around a silver staff with a snowflake at the end that is identical to Hotaru's necklace charm.
-Icicle Storm: Polarmon raises her staff to the sky and summons sharp icicles that damage and sometimes pierce and cut.
-Freeze Orb: Polarmon swings her staff and fires a bowling ball sized orb that can freeze on contact.
-Arctic Shield: Polarmon summons a shield of thick ice. Can be used to protect herself and her friends.
-Cool Breeze: Polarmon breathes out a cool breeze that can calm down friend and foe.
Element: Ice

Hotaru Tajiri
Also in a Rush

"Mom, where's my backpack?" I yelled at the top of my lungs as I sprinted around the house.

"Did you check under your bed?" she asked me, never looking up from the newspaper.

I groaned and looked under the bed, almost slapping my forehead as I found it lying there in plain sight. I hoisted it on my back and ran downstairs to grab the phone as it rang. It was my friend Laura, reminding me to pick up Rei from school. Oh, and not to by her any makeup. I smiled and told her I wouldn't buy her any as I remembered the lip gloss in my backpack. I could give Rei that. I just hope Laura doesn't find out. I giggled at that and calmly walked outside to my car.

As I slid in, I noticed a glossy CD lying in the passenger seat. I was puzzled as to why and how something as obsolete and yet so new looking as it got there. Curiousity got the best of me and I reached out and took it. The underside was so reflective I could've used it as a mirror. I handled it for a minute, letting it catch the sunlight. Then something even brighter than the sunlight blinded me. I opened my eyes and found that the world had become a blank slate. There was no sound or feeling; I was floating in a world of nothingness.

Finally I felt a hard floor under my feet although I didn't see anything at first. The world became once more colored. I was in a grand hall of some sort, with gold and silver everywhere. Have I been here before? I looked up at the ceiling. Pictures of Digimon covered it. My eyes widened. I'm back... My clothes had changed and my hair was actually shorter and in pigtails. I looked beside me and found my backpack. At least this came with me.

Other kids were waking up, including Rei and a very familiar face: Dennis. Before I could say anything to him a very majestic Digimon walked up to us along with two other Digimon. Ophanimon, Seraphimon, and Cherubimon. “Welcome to the Digital World,” Ophanimon announced. “I apologize for abducting you this way but we require your help.”

"What the hell is going on?" a black girl near me shouted in English, obviously terrified of where she was and who she was talking to. "I'm telling you, I better be dreaming!"

“Please, please, calm down,” Ophanimon told us. The black girl stopped shouting but still looked at the three Celestials with hate. “We needed those of the purest souls to take part in this, each day the minions of Lucemon are going back and forth from our world to yours, to abduct Humans with sad or blackened souls. They use those souls to help fuel the energy to break Lucemon’s chains while at the same time the husks left behind transform into ruthless, mindless Digimon.”

So they're at it again. My eyes went cold and my fists clenched. They said this world was safe from evil. How could this happen while we were away? I looked down and saw a familiar device lying at my feet. It was my new D-Sense, ice blue where there was once red.

“Each of you have a Digivice, these are what you can use to transform into your Digital Spirit once you gain it at one of the temples in the cities near by. It will also allow you to materialize a weapon made specially for you," Ophanimon continued to explain as each of us picked up our device.

I was going to listen to more of the Celestial's explanation when the floor began to shake. I opened my mouth to say something but the whole city just dropped. I dropped to the ground and started to whimper. I didn't want this to end just as it was starting!

I'll do Naomi later.

9th May 2006, 01:08 AM

Name: Andrew Ventis

Age: 16

Gender: Boy

Look's 1: Long black hair with deep deep brown eyes. He is of moderate height for his age and stands straight with an air of assurance and pride. He wears a T-shirt with a Japanese Kanji on it. Covering most of his shirt is a tight, long sleeved, waist length black coat trimmed in white . He wears blue jeans as well as a pair of athletic trainers.

Look's 2: The back of the coat elongates to form more of a cape as it nears the ground, though the top remains the same color scheme (the material becomes somewhat akin to a silky leather). His jeans turn into a similar material and hold to his leg tighter than before.

Personality: Andrew is kind and compassionate, though he usually disguises (unintentionally) his kindness with humor. He enjoys making people laugh and feel better about themselves, sometimes at the expense of his own happiness. He almost radiates with good will and is almost never without a smile. To his enemies however, that smile has a entirely different meaning.

History: Andrew is rich, to say the least. The son of a wealthy French family living in Japan, he has wanted for nothing which, in his case, only amplified the sorrow he felt for those without. Unlike the spoiled rich kid, he was grateful for what he had and wished to help others feel at least some of his comfort and stability. He could be seen at most any charity event, and even just traveling the streets in normal clothes to help those in need. He has been robbed at gunpoint more than once and has picked up several street modes of defense from it.

D-Sense Color: Black base with white rim

Element: Light

Weapons: Two guns which taper down towards the end, giving them a slanted edge that can be used to deflect attacks and, if sharpened, to ward off someone too close. Ammo supplied by his own energy, essentially unlimited to a certain point after which he must recover.

Theme Songs(Optional): Everybody's Fool (Evanescence)
Eva Main Theme to Final Fantasy IV (Eva)

Other: Has a fear of being alone

Digimon Spirit: Nephilimon

Name: Nephilimon

Type: Vaccine

Looks: Nephilimon usually appears as a handsome man in a white cloak. When in battle however, the cloak unfurls to reveal to magnificent wings and a well muscled body covered in a white tunic and trousers. Long blond hair waves in some invisible energy source as the oddly thin, curved sword raises in his left hand. Gilded in runes, the sword whistles hauntingly as it slashes through the air.


Righteous Fury: Spinning his blade into a backhand grip, Nephilimon twirls it insanely fast as he spirals around his enemy, slicing and dicing them.

Repentance: Nephilimon spread his wings which begin to glow with light. Smiling serenely, he fires the energy in the shape of his wings which impact, wrap around his enemy, and implode.

Divine Wrath: Nephilimon flings his blade at an enemy, if it hits the golden runes begin to glow before the entire blade explodes in a spray of light energy and shards. A glow quickly spreads from Nephilimon's hand where a new sword sparkles into existence.

Succor: Spreading his wings in such a way that the feathers themselves separate, Nephilimon sends forth dozens of thin beams of light, originating from each feather, into the sky where the split and rain down as even smaller slivers of light, healing and sustaining his allies.

Rapture: Nephilimon's final attack. Holding his sword vertical in front of his face, he narrows his beautiful ice blue eyes. In a flash he streaks towards his target, driving directly through them. As he emerges from the other side, his wings fold around him completely and dissolve, leaving behind Andrew in his human form once again. Landing softly, he can turn back just in time to watch a brilliant light burst from the wound he left in his enemy, growing and spearing out from ever more locations until, with a horrific screech and blinding shine, the enemy is engulfed in white fire and light leaving behind absolutely nothing if the attack succeeds as it should.

Element: Light


Andrew watched as the teenaged gang member ran out of the alley, leaving behind his latest victim and, thanks to Andrew, a lot of his pride. Looking down at the bruised and bloodied youth, Andrew knelt to help him up, "You shouldn't be around this neighborhood kid, it isn't safe. Go home now."

Watching his latest save run down the street, scattering trash and debris, crying hysterically, Andrew sighed. Crime was just getting worse here in Tokyo, and it was going to keep doing so until the authorities really cracked down, something he didn't expect them to do any time soon. Turning, he had gotten into the habit of constantly changing his line of sight, you never knew who was trying to get behind you, he caught a glimpse of a shimmer. Looking down he realized that the fleeing gang member had dropped a CD behind. Andrew shook his head in disgust, "Probably some crappy group espousing drugs and killing."

Bending down to pick up the CD and toss it into the nearest dumpster, Andrew felt a jolt as his hand touched the shimmering surface of the disc. His eyes widened as the tingling sensation ran up and down his arm and through his body in a frightening rush.

Electrified? But how?

The alley disappeared, changing as suddenly as if someone had turned the page on some universal picture book. He was standing in, of all things, a church. He simply stood in a speechless mixture of awe and fear as the great Digimon spoke to them.

“Each of you have a Digivice, these are what you can use to transform into your Digital Spirit once you gain it at one of the temples in the cities near by. It will also allow you to materialize a weapon made specially for you,"

Digimon, Andrew realized suddenly that time when monsters had invaded Tokyo, the chaos in the streets as a bunch of kids fought a great evil.

Wait, I can turn into one of those things with this?

Andrew gazed at the device he had picked up, realizing suddenly that his clothes had changed as well. The back of his jacket was hanging around his feet, slightly curled around his legs, and his pants had changed as well.

What the hell is happening?

That was when the city crashed into the ground. Andrew had never been in a city as it fell from the sky before, for good reason, and he decided as he picked himself up from the rubble that he really never wanted to experience it ever again. He took a quick check of himself, amazingly unharmed, before he turned to the others who were similarly gathering themselves. Stepping around a shard of what appeared to be stained glass sticking from the rubble like some great blade, he raised his hands and spoke in a loud voice, "Uh....I'm Andrew. Is anyone else a bit confused or....I dunno...totally lost?"

9th May 2006, 01:14 PM
Name: Naomi Watts
Age: 16
Gender: Girl (again)
Look's 1: Naomi could care less what she wears. Wrinkled T-shirt, dirty sneakers and blue jeans torn around the ankles are what she wears almost all the time. She's African-American, 5'10", with brown eyes and medium build. The only thing on her that looks fabulous are her braids. She even has a few scratches on her arms from dealing with her neighbor's pit bull (she calls them "battle scars").
Look's 2: Her hair hasn't changed but her clothes have. She now wears a khaki skirt and a blue dress shirt. Her sneakers have been replaced with sandals which she hates.
Personality: Naomi is almost the exact opposite of Hotaru. She's sarcastic and negative most of the time and sometimes a loudmouth to boot. She's quick to anger some days and just indifferent other times. But there's a heart in that cold shell and she'll show it when she has to. Chivalry? Dead as far as she knows. Courage? When it's necessary.
History: She's been living a catastrophic life in a catastrophic part of the city. Her family argues all the time but she rarely does anything about it. She starts the journey after her younger sister Imani runs away from home, unable to stand all of the fights.
D-Sense Color: Yellow with white base.
Element: Thunder
Weapons: A huge brown mallet that can smash and break just about anything.
Theme Songs(Optional): Don't Let Me Get Me by Pink
Stupid Girls by Pink
Other: She's from Alabama. Couldn't swim to save her life. Likes anime but only knows the ones that come on TV.

Digimon Spirit:

Name: Safarimon
Type: Lioness
Virus,Data,Vaccine or Unknown: Data
Looks: A large, about horse sized, lioness that has black lightning shaped marks on each of her legs and golden fur. Her canine teeth are like those of a saber toothed tiger. She doesn't have a full mane like Leomon; more like a Mr. T style Mohawk. Her yellow eyes glow when she's angry.
Attacks: Power Roar - Safarimon lets loose a roar that shakes the earth.
Shocking Orb - Similar to Clawdramon's Storm Cannon but fires an orb instead.
Thunder - Similar to a Pokemon's Thunderbolt.
Element: Thunder


Oh boy. Here we go again. I turned my MP3 player to full volume as I heard my parents argue. In the morning, in the evening, while I'm trying to sleep...I bet they even call each other from work to argue with each other! Hey, it's a talent of theirs.

I picked up my backpack and left my room. My father was sitting at the dining room table, once more complaining about my mother's cooking. I ignored the burnt state of the pancakes and wolfed them down. Mom glanced at me and frowned. "Naomi, has your sister come back yet?" she asked me accusingly.

I felt my anger rise. It was as if she was blaming me for Imani being missing! I slammed my knife and fork down on the table. "Mom, she's gone now like she was the past week. I don't know where she is and you know what? I don't care! Just like you!" I grabbed my backpack and stormed out of the house.

My mom opened the door and glared at me. "Naomi, you come back here and apologize to us!" she roared.

I stopped in my tracks but kept my back to her. I didn't want her to see my tears. "Why should I? You haven't apologized for making her run away!"

She was startled by my accusation. "I didn't..."

"Yes you did! She ran away because she couldn't stand you and Dad fighting all the time! If you would have just did the right thing and get divorced she would still be here!" With that I ran off for the bus stop.

I tried so hard to break down crying. Imani was the only thing that kept me going in that house and she had been gone for almost a week. Looking down at the grass I noticed that my foot was touching something: a CD. This peaked my interest. It was lying in the grass yet it looked brand new. I took my foot of of it and picked it up. Instantly I was blinded by a flash followed by the sensation of floating. I didn't want to know what was happening but I soon opened my eyes anyway. I didn't see anything or smell anything. This was like Purgatory. So it is real. I should've been Catholic.

After floating in place for what seemed like an eternity I finally started to land. My feet met a hard floor, like marble. When everything started to come in colored I found out that it was actually glass that I was standing on now. My heartbeat started to speed up as I looked around the new place. I didn't remember this place being anywhere in Alabama unless some guy even richer than Bill Gates decided to live there.

I sat down hard on the floor as other kids were starting to wake up. One couldn't have been older than Imani. I looked down and saw that my jeans were replaced with a skirt. In fact, my whole outfit had changed! What kind of weird sicko did this to me?

I soon got my answer. A weird looking woman wearing armor and fake wings approached us. “Welcome to the Digital World,” she said. “I apologize for abducting you this way but we require your help.”

She kidnapped me! She is in so much trouble But something about her made me scared. She was kind of beautiful and, at the same time, powerful looking. My knees began to shake. "What the hell is going on?" I yelled at her shakily. "I'm telling you, I better be dreaming!"

“Please, please, calm down,” the angelic woman said soothingly. I relaxed a bit but still continued looking at her and two other weirdos, especially one that looked like a rabbit. “We needed those of the purest souls to take part in this, each day the minions of Lucemon are going back and forth from our world to yours, to abduct Humans with sad or blackened souls. They use those souls to help fuel the energy to break Lucemon’s chains while at the same time the husks left behind transform into ruthless, mindless Digimon.”

Digimon? What the hell is that? I rubbed the smooth floor until my hand touched something that felt like plastic. I picked it up, thankful that it didn't do anything. It looked like a toy, white and yellow. The woman -- I assumed she was also a Digimon -- continued to explain. “Each of you have a Digivice, these are what you can use to transform into your Digital Spirit once you gain it at one of the temples in the cities near by. It will also allow you to materialize a weapon made specially for you."

Digital Spirit? Weapon? What did I get myself into? Before I could pelt the Digimon with questions the whole place began to shake. Scared that I was experiencing my first earthquake I grabbed the nearest pillar. Nothing happened after that for a couple of seconds. Then the whole place dropped. I realized then that I was in the sky when I woke up and was now crashing to the ground. I grasped the pillar with all my strength and screamed until we finally hit something.

I was alive. Badly shaken but alive. And unharmed. Everyone checked themselves and looked around. We were now in a big city, a little like New York. A guy spoke up, asking what I should have asked. "Uh....I'm Andrew. Is anyone else a bit confused or....I dunno...totally lost?"

"Finally! I thought I was the only one! Someone please tell me...everything! Where are we? Who were those creatures we were speaking with? How are we going to get back?

9th May 2006, 01:42 PM
Name: Dennis Loray
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Looks: As in Looks 2, but with a Black Shirt and black jeans instead of the more archaic clothes he wears in the DW.
Looks2: He has shoulder length yellow blonde hair, blue eyes, is about 5'6", and wears a black tunic with black pants. He seems to bear an aura of sadness and regret about him.
Personality: Understanding, but determined, Dennis is kind and calm to those he travels with, but unyielding to those who would hurt others or abuse their power, as well as those who would use others as pawns, for her was once one himself.
D-Sense Color: Black Rim, with gold base.
Element: Earth
Weapon: A large black two handed sword, almost oversized.
History: Previously coming from a wealthy family but spurning his wealth, Dennis was part of the previous DigiDestined group, but ended up being controlled by Lucemon, litterally being suffused with Lucemon's corruption. While under Lucemon's influence, he slaughtered innocents to merely gain power, and nearly killed a couple of the other Digidestined. However, at Triangel city, Lucemon remotely pumped him completely full of corruption and he went on a corrupt rampage, being stopped by the Celestials, who ripped the corruption from him. During the final battle, he took on Lucemon's final guardian, allowing the others to get an early strike on Lucemon.

Afterwards, he did not return to the normal world with the others, instead, he stayed in the Digital World, sleeping in a sealed complex built by the technological digimon, should evil ever rear its head again. He was awakened about a while ago so that he could visit Earth and try to make amends with those he had hurt amongst the Digidestined from last time, he was heading to Laura first, but before he got there, he got summoned back.
Theme Songs: Beyond the Bounds -Zone of the Enders: the 2nd Runner OST (soon to be uploaded to my Yahoo Group)

Digimon Spirit:
Name: Redeemed Schwartzmon
Type: Knight Errant
Virus/Data/Vaccine/Unknown: Vaccine
Looks: Redeemed Schwarzmon is essentially a living suit of plate armor, he is mostly black, but bears silver trim, and flowing behind him is a silver cape, and bears a black, seven foot long, half foot wide sword with silver runes etched into it. He stands about nine feet tall, and seems to bear an air of urgency and determination.
Rune Slash: The runes glow and he unleashes a devastating slash.
Rune Wave: The runes glow as he slashes into the ground, sending a wave of energy at a foe.
Runic Barrage: He moves rapidly, slashing in a frenzy, raining down blows upon his opponent.
Rune Shift: He teleports to his enemy's position.
Rune Sword Gate: Drawing glowing runes in a circle in the air with his extended index finger, he opens an energy portal, and sends a storm of glowing swords at his opponent, this attack drains him completely.
Element: Earth

Dennis Loray
+++++++++++++++++Seeking Forgiveness++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Today was the day, after thorough searching, I'd finally found them, now, it was merely a matter of getting there, I thought to myself. Then, I'd find either forgiveness, or a merciful end. I exited the small hotel room, and began to walk at a furious pace, fingering the package I would hand to Laura. I should have been stronger, should have broken free of the corruption that had filled me. Instead, I nearly killed her and slaughtered a lot of innocent digimon.

Frowning at the thoughts, I tried to shake the mental image of their deaths out of my head. It didn't do anything to bring them back, nothing ever would. It was all he could do to seek forgiveness, and even then, it would probably never leave. such was my punishment. If only I hadn't made that crucial mistake two years ago...

I was so wrapped up in my thoughts, that I didn't notice a root sticking out of a crack in the sidewalk. I then promptly tripped, catching myself with my hands at the last minute to avoid smacking into the ground. That would have hurt. Wait, what's this? I thought to myself as I picked up a... CD? What's this doing here? Wait a minute.. Realization dawned on me, but too late to discard it. The flash occured, and I was once again floating through a seemingly endless void.

I landed in the Grand Hall, in front of the three Celestials, who went into the Schpeil about how they summoned us here in desperation. Damnit, why did this have to happen NOW!? I thought to myself miserably right before the palace suddenly fell. Okay, so maybe things are a bit more serious than I thought.

Picking myself out of the rubble, just in time to hear the african american girl from early cry out, "Finally! I thought I was the only one! Someone please tell me...everything! Where are we? Who were those creatures we were speaking with? How are we going to get back?"

Standing tall, I walked over, stating in a loud and irritated tone, "You are in the Digital World, Thos were the Celestials, They are what are called Digimon. We will get back once we solve the problem here. And before you ask ANYTHING about why I know this, I am Dennis Loray, I was here the last time they needed heroes and let me tell you, it WASN'T pleasant. So quit with the whining. And before you ask why I'm so pissed off, I was about to see someone I was forced to hurt two years ago, when I got pulled back by them."

I promptly turned right around and went to lean in a nearby corner, I'd spotted Hotaru, she'd probably give the rest the lowdown while I made myself calm down.

9th May 2006, 05:08 PM
*Quick mental math* SC is about 6+ hours ahead of Hawaii, add maybe an hour for Japan, Possibly 6:30 to 7:30 a.m. (I usually wake up at 6:30) in Japan, so 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. here?

And Laura is 16? Is it possible to get married at that age there?

Name: Agamemnon “Snap” Reilly (He is not Greek)
Age: 15
Gender: Male

Look's 1: Snap is six feet exactly with a slim build and a tanned skin. He has a rounded face with a scar on his right cheek from an accident. His eyes are round with a green iris in his right eye and a brown one in his left. His hair is short, but messy and while naturally brown, he dyes it green. Wears a red jacket with a white “S” printed on the back, black T-shirt, blue jeans, and green and yellow sneakers. Also has a belt with green buckle and one green, fingerless glove. Usually, kind of half-smiles.

Look's 2: A pair of green-tinted sunglasses are added, but most of his clothes remain the same. They just change color. His jacket turns lime green (which Snap just thinks is tacky) with a brown ‘S’ on the back. His T-shirt is a dark green and his jeans are black. His shoes are replaced by similarly colored roller blades.

Personality: Agamemnon is cheery, energetic, and eager to do things, but he can be surprisingly very laidback. An average kid in school, he’s nonetheless very athletic and always eager to do stuff with his friends. Agamemnon has odd habits, when things get awkward he can have the annoying tendency to suddenly change the subject or do something random, especially if things get depressing or serious. He doesn’t crack jokes, but he seems to space out or something. He’s very out-going, but his outbursts always seem to alienate him from most people. As such, he tries hard to hang on to people who are not weirded out by him. Doesn’t seem to depress or anger easy, and at least tries to help his friends. Agamemnon can be described as a ‘berserker,’ as he will often rush in without fear of injury. Agamemnon doesn’t like it when people refer to him as a berserker. It seems to imply he’s driven by rage, but it isn’t. Unusually gets angry when it comes to negligent parental figures. Not always aware of other’s feelings, he nonetheless has an odd ability to sense depression even when well hidden. Likes to listen to music, sometimes it doesn’t matter how awful it actually is.

History: Agamemnon’s an illegitimate son who lives with his mother, his father abandoned him, something that angers him to no end. His mother would remarry, resulting in a step-sister and two half-siblings to be introduced in the family. His step-father treated him well enough for Agamemnon to change his family name. Still, he has held a long-standing rivalry with all of his siblings for his mother’s attention (something he got over later). Much of Agamemnon’s personality was formed when he met his first girlfriend, a free-spirited girl who excelled at sports. While she wound up moving away, Agamemnon has remained the free-spirit that he is. Mostly Agamemnon struggles to find his place amongst other people, not exactly to be popular, he just wants to find his place in life.

D-Sense Color: Green base, brown buttons and rims
Element: Forest
Weapons: Hand-held claws about a foot long in length that look like thorns

Theme Songs (Optional): {Song that fits your character}
-Chaotic Dance (Baten Kaitos, Self explanatory)
-Rumbling Earth (Baten Kaitos)
Other: Snap is generally unsure of what he wants out of life, but he isn’t too concerned. Lives in South Carolina.

Digimon Spirit:

Name: Berserkermon
Type: Ceaseless Warrior
Looks: A 6’5, athletically built humanoid with gray skin and wild, long brown hair. He wears a pale green tunic with wooden shoulder armor, chest plate, arm and shin guards. He also has dark gray pants and brown boots. Roots, leaves, and vines are amalgamated into his armor and clothes. There are handheld fighting claws that look like thorns on each hand. His face is covered by a wooden visor.

-Furious Tempo: Berserkermon unleashes a series of claw attacks with one arm
-Breeze of Leaves: Creates a wall of leaves that miraculously block attacks and obscures vision. Can be casted on other members
-Furious Whirlwind: Spins around rapidly, hitting multiple enemies. Razor sharp leaves spread out all around him.
-Up the Tempo (Enrage the Beast): Increases Berserkermon’s speed, agility, and strength. Has to be used before he uses Passionate Outburst.
--Passionate Outburst: Berserkermon unleashes all of his emotions into a series of attacks that end with him impaling him with both claws. The impact also lets loose several razor sharp leaves.
Element: Forest

South Carolina-USA
+++++++++++++The Horror+++++++++++++
The Torture...
The Agony...

The pure BOREDOM!

and now this!!!

"I can't take this!" I yelled all of a sudden, throwing my arms in the air. I was looking at the smudge that the breaking of my last pencil made on my notes, those lousy, roundabout notes that seem to say the same thing from beginning to end, having been made to the sounds of pencil scratching, chalk shrieks, and the continuous monotonous drone that emits from my science teacher.

Briefly, everyone turned toward the source of the outburst, even the teacher looked briefly. Then, out of disinterest, they turned back to writing their notes. Again, the room was filled with the sounds of writing and dictating, amplified by my sheer frustration with Chemistry to the sound of a frantic man being buried alive and the minister too absorbed in his speech to hear it. My pencil rolled off my desk and onto the floor below.

Apparently, I've been doing this too often.

"God, it feels like I've lived this day yesterday," I muttered, "Would so love a change of pace right now."

I decided to give up for today and put my materials back into my bookbag.

And in my bookbag, there it was. I was puzzled to see the CD lying in my bag like this. I mean, seriously, how obsolete was this? More surprising, however, was the fact that the CD seemed brand new. That didn't seem right at all.

Marvelling at a novelty like this, I handled it carefully, trying to catch the various lights above on the reflective side. Then it briefly caught the light of the sun.

Being blinded is an understatement, if such a thing were possible. For a brief moment, I felt one of those out-of-body experiences that you often hear about, but are generally skeptical of. Then, I had this odd sensation of weightlessness. It wasn't very comforting for sure, and I felt all of my remaining senses go away.

So this is what sensory deprivation is like, I thought to myself, I don't get it.

The feeling of marble soon replaced the feeling of nothing, and gravity returned to normal. Vision followed soon after to show me what looked like land, followed by the sensation that my face was pressed against the marble.

I tried to get up, only to feel my feet roll out from beneath me and a blunt pain shot up at the base of my spine.

"Ah dammit," I yelled, looking at my feet, "Who managed to put rollerblades on my shoes? Why couldn't they warn me, before I got up!"

I leaned back to look at the ceiling, something that might have rivaled Michaelangelou (sp?), if he wanted to paint a bunch of odd monsters and animate objects. However, odd the subject matter, it seemed exquisitely done. The appearance of one or two creatures reminded me of something* though what it was eluded me.

"Well," I contemplated, "Logic dictates that this is a dream. My butt, however, would like to debate that. So, what happened?"

People were beginning to stir, so I decided to try and rebalance on my brakes. Then I discovered that the rollerblades were retractable so I could walk normally. In short, it was like those dumb sneakers you hear about that can be converted to skates. How could this get any tackier?

Getting up, I heard a voice behind me, something about being in some Digital World and an apology for abducting us. My first thought was that it was our own fault for picking up that CD, but kept it closed.

I turned around to face the speaker, only to be staring at the oddest trio of celestial beings I've ever seen. I was so stunned, that I just stood there listening. All the while, I wanted to figure out why this sounded like some fairy tale I've heard.*

Shoot, I even managed to ignore the fact that the chapel/palace/whatever started shaking and wound up in a city.

So this leaves me off with where I am now, listening to some po'd veteran give us the rundown of the situation.

"Man," I muttered to myself, "This is the third time I've encountered something that sounds so familiar."

A lot of people looked stunned or scared or angry. Me, well...

"Quick question, are there any vending machines around here? Agamemnon here won't function well without caffeine"

I'm weird alright, drop it.
*Ark McCloud's (for those who know him) first adventure was documented in a fairy tale he wrote about this place. Snap read it when he was seven. I'm not going to make him actively remember it. I just like to relate earlier events to current ones. (Also, the book was established in an earlier tale. David mentioned it in passing.)

I hope this is acceptable

9th May 2006, 10:16 PM
Name: Elizabeth Venci
Age: 18
Gender: Girl
Look's 1: [See Attachment for basic appearance!] That's her facial appearance and I think it gives one enough to imagine what her hair is like. Her body is your basic pretty anime-girl body... palish skin, sizable bust etc...
Look's 2: [ See attachment for clothing!] She looks the exact same as before, except now her eyes are a bit more violet-hued. She wears this odd outfit.. who knows why it was given to her... (not the wings on her head or the weapon obviously... )
Personality: Elizabeth is quite the thinker, and she’s always contemplating earthly and non-earthly things. She usually keeps these ideas to herself however, and tends to speak up only when she deems it necessary. She has always been a sort of a loner… although that hasn’t stopped her from attempting to make contact with other people. They usually just have always felt a ‘vibe’ about her… which has kept them away.
D-Sense Color: Base: Black Rim: Silver
Element: Darkness
Weapons: She can materialize two daggers. These daggers have handles in the middle, with two blades protruding from the middle handle. The daggers are of different colors… one is silver with a black handle, while the other is black with a silver handle.
History: Elizabeth grew up in Italy, although her life was always sort of lonely. Her father had died in a technological accident, and her mother is one of the heads of a company and thus is always traveling. Even since she was little, Elizabeth grew up on her own and basically had to amuse herself. When she was little she had many friends, but one day they mysteriously just either disappeared or left her and refused to play or come to her house anymore. That was the start of Elizabeth’s true loneliness. She went to a public school but eventually hated it to the point where her mother gave her a tutor to home-school her. She grew up in her huge mansion doing many of her own things… singing, drawing, thinking- she did a lot of thinking. If it weren’t for the semi-ranch behind her house, she would have locked herself up in her house forever but fortunately she went outside of the mansion to a little ranch her mother kept as a hobby. She rarely journeyed to this ranch, but the caretakers were paid to look after it. This was Elizabeth’s one and only sanctuary- and the animals didn’t seem to mind her.
Theme Songs(Optional):
Hero - Nickelback
Rewrite - FMA
Ever Dream - Nightwish

Other: Cheeese..

Digimon Spirit:

Name: Fenrimon
Type: Dark Wolf
Virus,Data,Vaccine or Unknown: Unknown
Looks: Fenrimon is a large, wolf-like digimon spirit. He is about the size of three large horses put together, with equal length and width proportions. He looks just like a large wolf, with a few adjustments. Firstly, his large paws are equipped with almost cat-like retractable claws instead of the rough dog claws. He does have black silk-like fur but it is a tad bit longer around the ruff of his neck and near his paws. His ears are larger and a tad bit more pointed at the tips, with tuffs of fur jutting out. His eyes are a wild violet in color… slitted and extremely wolfish in appearance, and they can look quite menacing. His tail is like that of a wolf, except it is larger and while there is fur, there are also limp silver-spike like protrusions coming from the tail. Along his back are a pair of two tiny dragon-like wings of silver color, but they can be enlarged. Upon his forefeet, Fenrimon has silver gauntlet-like protectors that have spikes coming from the brim above his toes. Around his neck is a collar-like silver ring with many strange enchanted etchings into it, and a black stone in the middle below his neckline. It also might be noted that around Fenrimon’s face and upon his hindquarters, he has metallic markings etched into his skin and fur does not grow around those areas so they do shine through.
Eclipse Chaos: Several of his markings start to glow, and from these markings darkness seems to erupt from them and manifest themselves into minidemonic-like creatures. They’re very small and last like a regular blasting attack.
Isolation: Fenrimon’s wings rise upwards and grow to a massive size, Fenrimon than manipulates his wings to create a shield around many things.
Moon’s Guidance: His eyes glow gently and the moon appears (regardless of the time of day), the moon’s rays then are shined down upon any one creature and their powers are enhanced (or a specific power).
Darkened Rage: Fenrimon goes into almost a feral rage- unleashing dark fire like blasts from his mouth and he goes pretty much feral.
Nuanica: An Unknown Attack (I hope this is okay… I’m not sure what his last attack should be, so I sorta made it a wild card.)
Element: Darkness

Raene Orlan
.: Italy | F | Darkness :.

“An we dance the lonely dance by ourselves… our feet barely tracing the floor as we struggle-“ Raene stopped speaking as she jerked her head to the side to look at the door. There had been a knock… and with that Raene sighed as she rose upwards from one of the lounge chairs from the large living room complex. Walking upon the hardwood floors, she swiftly opened the door to see a delivery man.
“Good morning Miss, we have a package for a Diane Orlan?” Raene sighed, and took the box and swiftly signed the line. Soon the man had left and Raene shut the door as she left the box at the entrance of the house. Walking down one of the long hallways she soon came to the kitchen.
Entering the kitchen, she ran her hand along one of the large windows that overlooked the large garden and ranch-like setting behind her house. It was her only sanctuary… but today it was raining. Narrowing her eyes, Raene sighed as she looked at the empty kitchen. It was the weekend… no one was in the house today doing work because they all had the day off. Of course her mother wasn’t there… her mother was never there.
“Today is such a boring day…” Raene said absently as she began to wander about the house. Her large mansion like house was something that one could easily ‘walk’ about and wander, for the many rooms, nooks and crannies gave anyone a fun time to explore. Unfortuantely for Raene however, she had spent many days wandering about this house for too long… so much that she already knew everything that was there. Outside the world was changing… and it had offered her a little more sanity, but with the rain she felt like a bird caged.
“Huh?” Raene said slightly, bending down to look as her bare foot came in contact with a smooth disk. Blinking for a second, Raene bent over and picked it up. That disc should not have been there… for her house was virtually spotless and besides, her mother wouldn’t settle for any ancient technology. While Raene knew what it was… she pondered why on earth it would be in the house, let alone on the floor. A crackle of lighting illuminated the hallway… allowing the disk to suddenly reflect upon the white walls, but as it did so suddenly it began to glow.
“Whaah…?” Raene said confused, as suddenly the light seemed to engulf her and the room faded in an instant.

The world was blurry and cold, as Raene slowly opened her eyes and blinked a few times to clear her vision. Her face was lying sideways upon a cold marble-like floor, and she didn’t move until her vision had completely settled. Slowly rising upwards, her eyes widened as she took in the scene that surrounded her. They were in a huge, pillar-like room and before her was a strange being. The being spread her arms wide as she greeted everyone- and while Raene remained quiet, many others instantly starting exclaiming and talking. Rather annoyed by their voices… Raene remained silent, as the being introduced herself and then explained that they were to receive a few things and be led into another place. As this happened, a few of the others got up and introduced themselves… explaining who they were and such and how they knew this place already. Raene was a bit confused- well, she was really confused… but instead of being obnoxiously open about it, Raene kept her mouth shut. Instead she merely listened and took it all in. It was far better than being home…

10th May 2006, 10:00 AM
OOC: Sorry I couldn't wait, Roy. I wanted to post before I got to school.

Hotaru Tajiri
Explains It All


I ignored the loud girl and checked Rei for any injuries. "Are you going to be alright?" Rei nodded. "Okay. Stay here while I talk with the others." I walked to the middle of the pile of rubble and whistled so everyone would turn their attention to me. "We'll be alright if we just stick together and be brave. Like Dennis said, we are in a place called the Digital World. It's a place that is composed of data. You know, binary code or something like that. This world is inhabited by creatures called Digimon. There are good Digimon and bad Digimon. We just finished talking to some good Digimon. But we are after some bad Digimon who want to bring back a very bad Digimon called Lucemon."

"So what are we supposed to do?" the black girl asked me harshly.

"What the Celestials asked us to do: get our spirits and stop them. It will be dangerous but we can do it. Don't worry too much. My name's Hotaru and I've been here before. I can help you."

"Yeah right," she said as she leaned against the building. Seconds later I heard a scream from her as a large Digimon passed by her.

I shook my head sadly and went to stand next to Dennis. He had went through so much the last time he was there. I somehow knew what was going through his head. "She's not mad at you. Not anymore. She understands what happened to you. I suggest that we be strong for the new ones and help each other through this." That was all I could say so I hugged him tightly. "I was worried about you, Dennis."

"Isn't that sweet," said a voice from behind me. "But I thought you liked Johann."

There's only a few from here that know about Johann and me. I turned around and faced a Digimon that was a little taller than me wearing fiery armor and metal claws. The thing that got me, however, was his primary colors: blue and white. I was speechless for a couple of seconds. "Veemon?" I said softly.

"It's Flamedramon now. I got a new Digivolution for helping you guys back then. Just don't glomp me like I know you want to do. You'll mess up my cool factor."

I laughed. "You're the same, all right!"

The moment was cut short when a guy said something to us. "Quick question, are there any vending machines around here? Agamemnon here won't function well without caffeine!"

I turned to Flamedramon. "Do you know about any vending machines around here?"

He nodded. "Yeah! Just follow me and we can find you something to drink, eat and rest!"

10th May 2006, 08:49 PM
Andrew looked up in awe at the Digimon that had arrived and seemed to be offering help to the group. He had never seen one this close, and even then had only caught glances of them during their arrival at Tokyo. It took him a while to find his voice, so enraptured was he with the Digimon's oddly frightening beauty. When he finally did speak, it was in a small voice, "I'd love some food too....but if someone could explain to me what this "spirit" is and why it's not in my body if it's mine while we do so I'd really appreciate it. It would seem I'm one of the few here who haven't done this before."

Waiting for a response, Andrew was suddenly hit by the fact that he was no longer home, no longer even in his own world. What was he going to do? How was he going to find his way back? Who or what had decided to bring him to the Digital World without his permission and for what reason had he been chosen. Questions flew through his head so fast that he could barely gasp them before they were gone. He wanted to ask so much, to grab one of the ones who seemed to know what was going on and not let them go until he knew everything. He didn't however, he just waited in still-stunned silence for an answer, even as the rubble of the flying city slowly slid and settled to its final resting place.

Ultimate Charizard
10th May 2006, 11:50 PM
Name: Gavin Wynder
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Looks: Stands about 6ft tall, brown hair, blue eyes. Wears a Black T-shirt with Cut off Blue Jeans. His Black Boots have Shin guards running up them so there is no exposed skin. Black Fingerless Gloves on his hands with a (Anime Season 2) Digivice on his Belt (Must....resist....goggles...)
Personality: A Little overly Serious since hes been in the Digital World for sometime. Still likes a Joke though and is very loyal to his friends, and very protective to people being picked on. Feels he needs to prove himself since he wasnt 'good enough' for the Celestials last time.
Digivice Color: White with a Yellow Edge.
Element: Thunder
Weapon: A Power-Fist. A Large Gauntlet shaped like the head of a Big Cat. It increases is punching Strength and the Jaws have great Crushing power.
History: Was actually selected as a Digidestined (was that the term in the last rpg?) by accident 3 years ago. When the Celestials realised they had summoned too many they regretted that there was nothing they could do. He could not be sent back and instead was charged with the task of 'emmisary' from the human world. A kind of Partial advisor on the ways of the human way of thinking to the Digimon. With the new threat arising the Celestials have thanked him for his hard work by giving him the chance that the other Digidestined had.
Theme Songs:
Brand New Hero - Reel Big Fish (feeling unwanted as a hero, just a reserve)
Somewhere i Belong - Linkin Park (After joining the team)
Trunk's Theme from Dragonball Z - Minus the classical at front and end (General battle theme, listen to it, its awesome especially the Guitar Solo!!)
Also Butterfly (the Japanese Season1 Opening theme, as well as the Classics 'Im goin digital and Lets kick it up etc ;))

Digimon - After talking with Roy i will be having an Old Style Digivolving Digimon, meaning i dont get to become a Digimon. As such i will post his Rookie and Champion forms for now. If i need to go higher ill post them later.

Name: Felomon
Type: Stubborn Cat
Virus/Data/Vaccine/Unknown: Vaccine
Looks: Its pretty much the same as Gatomon, infact if you have access to a Digidex there was a Digimon named Mikemon that sums him up. The only difference from gatomon is that he is Grey with a White belly. His Paws are yellow with White lightning bolts in them. His tail is a normal cat like tail unlike Gatomons which has the Power Ring and flared end.
Static Storm: Jumps and forms a number of Sparking energy bolts around him that fire at the enemy.
Cats Eye Hypnosis: Can put any Enemy to sleep
Lightning Scratch: He moves quickly, clawing at the enemy with charged claws.
Element: Thunder

Name: Clawdramon
Type: Storm Liger
Virus/Data/Vaccine/Unknown: Vaccine
Looks: Fairly similar Size to Garurumon hower he is more of a Big Cat than a Wolf. Is again mostly Grey with a White underside but a little darker than Felomon. The Lightning Patterns are now all down his back. Also has Yellow armour plates at his shoulders, ankles and Head with large Claws. Infact if your into Zoids, just picture a Lightning Saix without the Backpack bit and ur almost there.
Rolling Thunder: Curls into a large ball shape and crashes into enemies while electrically charged.
Lightning Claw: A powerfull electrical Slash attack
Storm Cannon: A Charged electrical attack that builds all over his body and is focused, then fired from his mouth
Element: Thunder

And yeah, i know the 'dra' part of Clawdramons Name is mainly used for Dragon digimon but wait and see lol.

Ok, im not late or anything lol, im just posting here now to let u know im still alive and in this but again due to the nature of my signup, and the fact i didnt get to the Digital world the same way as you guys (im already there) im looking for the right spot to jump in. Ill be with you all shortly lol

11th May 2006, 07:09 PM
Can I reserve the Wind element spot?

11th May 2006, 07:18 PM
Sure, go ahead.

Roy Karrde
11th May 2006, 09:56 PM
Sorry for not getting back sooner, I’ve been kind of busy getting ready for a trip to Vegas.

[color=pink] Rei Takinowa
[color=pink]~*~*~*~*~ In a Rush ~*~*~*~*~

[left]Las Mesa, a sprawling electric metropolis, known for it’s sexy female digimon, the booze, and the games. Digimon came from all over the Digital World to play the games, and to drink. Yet what was once the most electric street in Las Mesa, filled with neon signs and drunks, was now turned into a smoldering hole that held the remnants of the Grand Chapel, and the unlucky few who had become the next group of Chosen Children.

Hotaru’s Flamedramon seemed to lead the way around the city, snooping around corners and alleyways as he took us to the nearest hotel, that hadn’t been damaged in the attack. “So what we’re you doing in Las Mesa?” Hotaru leaned over and asked, which rose a giggle from myself after visiting Las Mesa a few times the last time around, I knew what a sin hole this place could be.

“Maybe looking at all the cute girls?” I asked peeking around to Flamedramon’s side. The digimon shot me a glare and pointed a finger ahead to a large dome like structure. “The temple of Fire and Ice, it’s here?” I gasped, recognizing the place from one of Lucemon’s old plans that I had seen when I was a slave for him. He was planning for the next round of chosen children, and had already stolen plans for the next set of temples.

“Yeah..” Hotaru gasped as our whole group halted in our forward walk to gasp at the towering structure. The glittering lights surrounding it and the transparent dome made it seem like something out of a sci fi movie. “It’s beautiful.” She added, I could only nod in agreement.

“Guys…anyone wonder why that big ship we were in, fell from the sky?” One of the people in our group spoke up. I turned around to gaze at everyone else; I hadn’t ever really considered that either. Why exactly did we suddenly crash-land? It seemed as if the glitz and glamour of Las Mesa had caused us all to leave rational thought behind. “Speaking of which, where are the other digimon?” Another person asked, which was an even better question, where did the other digimon go? This place was usually packed yet at the moment we were the only one on a normally busy street.

“This is usually when the bad stuff starts happening.” Some one else whispered, a slight twinge of fear in his voice as we all backed up together. Maybe now would be a good time to run for the temple or use the weapons that the Celestials gave us.

Flamedramon quickly backed into a growl, his eyes narrowing as he sniffed the air. “Devil Digimon.” He whispered, eyes and the sound of claws against concrete surrounded us. Eyes peeked out from the alley to watch us, narrowed golden eyes, all of them angered in either fear or rage. My hand went to my digivice as did Hotaru’s. Some did the same while the others raised their fists in a defensive manner.

Clenching my Digivice, as it emitted a red glow, I held it out and closed my eyes. “Digi Weapon, Emerge!” I commanded, the words flowing out like butter off of my tongue. The device let out a mechanical whirl in response as a chain with a bladed tip flew out of the screen on the digivice. Weighing the chain and giving it a good swing, I turned around to Hotaru and gave her a look as if to ask what to do.

“Everyone, run for the temple.” Hotaru yelled, at once the eyes jumped to life, spiriting forth black creatures that ranged from your average agumon, to creatures that seemed to be trapped between being human and being digimon. Horrible roars and sickening cries emerged from the mouths of the creatures as they lumbered their way toward us. “The temple!” Hotaru screamed, pointing to the structure that seemed to at least be a mile away.

Whipping the chain around from over my head, I let the chain loose as it sliced through one of the digimon and deep into the gut of one of the human creatures. “You guys have weapons, use them!” I shouted to our group, pulling the chain out in a sickening pop, I whipped it back and around my arm. The others seemed to need no other external motivation as they brought forth their own weapons, while Flamedramon prepared to battle a number of monsters that seemed to out number us at least ten to one.

I didn’t mind the battle, I loved the battle, the feel of killing digimon, and making them pay was something I always loved. Yet this wasn’t a battle we needed to fight. “Rei time to go.” Hotaru warned, scooping me up in her arms as we began to run toward the temple, some of the members of our group batting away at the digimon as we ran.

The temple of fire and ice seemed even bigger up close than it was from a mile off. The entrance was made of two large stone doors that traced the evolution of fire and ice type digimon. Usually those doors would be opened to anyone during the day, yet like everything else in this now sleeping city the doors were sealed shut. “We have to get these open.” One of the Chosen yelled out, yanking on the large metal chains that served as doorknobs for the huge door. Another one shouted back a warning, as the Devil Digimon seemed to advance closer and closer.

“We’re trying.” Hotaru winced as the four of us tugged at the chain, the door budged, a inch, two inches, a foot, two feet. “That’s good enough.” She sighed pushing me in first followed by herself. The last remaining few backed in after pushing back the Devil Digimon. With a snap the door slid shut and we all let out a collective sigh.

“What are you doing in here?” A craggily old voice asked, as a old man hobbled toward us, a thick beard clouded his face while his black old eyes was the only thing that seemed to be the only thing that pointed out he had a face. His deep red and white robe seemed to ruffle as he used his cane as leverage to walk. “I’m Priestmon, welcome to the temple chosen children, you may stay here for the night if you wish.” He bowed before walking to a wooden door, opening it to show a room lined with beds. With Devil Digimon on the outside, and a nice old man in here, it seemed like a no brainer on where we wanted to stay for the night.

Alright you guys can rest up and get to know eachother, and describe the battle it took to get to the temple if you want. When I get back to Vegas I’ll post about getting the first two spirits!

12th May 2006, 10:14 AM
Dennis Loray
************************************************** *****************************************

I stood there, and heard Hotaru state, "She's not mad at you. Not anymore. She understands what happened to you. I suggest that we be strong for the new ones and help each other through this." I kept silent, but mentally told myself that lack of anger did not signify forgiveness. It was merely a waning in the intensity of emotions. Then, Hotaru hugged me, and I stiffened the slightest bit as she said, "I was worried about you, Dennis."

I stood there, completely stunned, she was worried about me? After all I had done, with all the pain I had caused, she was worried about me... I sighed, I'd never understand them. She disengaged from he as Flamedramon, formerly Veemon, approached and began to strike up a conversation with her. I merely kept quiet while the others chatted and we walked, and then it hit me, we were here, Las Mesa, where I'd nearly killed her, nearly killed Laura in a brutal one on one duel, running her through with the broken off end of my sword. And I couldn't do anything to stop myself.

With the tiniest of growls, I tightened my fists. I would NEVER be used again. Looking at the temple with the others, I admired the beauty somewhat, but my mind was more occupied with what was inside. That was a place of power, no, a source of power for those who were meant for the appropriate spirits. A first step in the path to victory.

Then, I heard someone ask, "Guys... anyone wonder why that big ship we were in, fell from the sky?" Then it hit me, I'd been to preoccupied with my regrets to see what was in front of me, the town seemed... empty. "Speaking of which, where are the other digimon?" Inquired one of the others. My stomach began to sink, and that gut feeling that something was very, VERY wrong was reinforced. I whispered, the slightest bit of fear in my voice, "This is usually when the bad stuff starts happening." I quickly quenched that bit of fear as I backed up to the rest, already steeling myself.

"Devil Digimon." Flamedramon stated while growling, and I saw the forms crawling and sneaking out of the alley, and I grabbed my digivice, the familiar feeling simultaneously comforting and empowering. I heard Rei pull out her weapon, and did so as well, "Digi weapon, Emerge!" Out emerged a familiar large sword, one I at least knew somewhat how to wield. Shoving the digivice in a pocket, I took the sword in two hands, holding in a ready stance.

With large, arcing swings, I felt the sword carve into the digimon and... things that were with them, and I snuffed my emotions, no remorse on my face as they groaned and wailed at my strikes. I ran once I saw Hotaru grab Rei, taking up the rear and helping fend off those that got too close. The doors were massive, and something of a problem, but I let the others handle it while I worked to keep the Digimon and the... things from getting to them, barking out, "Hurry up!" as I was pushed further and further back, there were just too many.

The rest was something of a blur, as the door opened and we all rushed in, closing the door behind us. I had a somewhat fatigued look on my face, and I knew my arms were going to be sore pretty soon. When shown to the beds, I sat on one, plumping down with a light thud. I was somewhat out of it, and I almost didn't notice as Hotaru approached me, she must've noticed I'd made sure I was the last one in.

Deciding to head her off, I asked, "So, how's life been to you? How is everyone?" I needed to get my mind off things anyway...

12th May 2006, 11:57 AM

That's what they looked like, those strange and tortured beings that attacked the group as they stood near the wreckage of the church. He steeled himself for their attack, figuring that if he could break away from their first efforts he might be able to make a break for it. That was, however, until two of the party suddenly summoned weapons from seemingly nowhere. One turned to the rest, "You guys have weapons, use them!"

Andrew stared down at the digivice he had been given, did he have the same powers they did? Only one way to find out. Quietly, he spoke, "Digi Weapon.....emerge."

A flash of light erupted from the screen of his digivice and what seemed like a belt began to emerge.

Great...I get clothes

Andrew cut short his thoughts however as a metallic object emerged as well, followed by another. When the light dimmed, he found himself holding a belt with two holsters one it, holsters filled with what looked like long barreled pistols, pistols with blades on the underside of the tapered barrels.


The Devils were charging now, one of the half human monstrosities heading straight for Andrew. Throwing the belt over his head, letting it hang over one shoulder across his chest and around his hip, he pulled the left hand gun from its now shoulder holster and pointed it at the beast.

I hope its loaded

Upon pulling the trigger, Andrew felt a tiny tug from inside of him, even as a bullet of light fired from the gun with a loud crack. Striking the charging digimon in the chest, the beast staggered and screamed in pain. It didn't drop however, and straightened to continue the charge. Andrew pulled his other gun and aimed both, firing rapidly until his enemy finally slumped to the ground. Andrew stood, beathing heavily and staring at his fallen foe before he realized that everyone was running and the rest of the digimon were still coming. Checking the route his companions were taking, Andrew began to trot backwards, firing all the while at the mass of enemies still emerging from the alley. He saw several more go down against the hail of fire he laid on them. He finally gave up the fight, turning in earnest and following everyone to the temple. Inside, he leaned against a wall, exhausted. Holstering both of his weapons, he looked helplessly at the gathered group, "I'm guessing those were the things those angels or whatever were talking about? Humans turned into digimon by this Lu...Luc....whatever's doing this?"

Ultimate Charizard
12th May 2006, 12:46 PM
Ok, time to jump in


"Lucemon!" i pointed out for the human, struggling to remember the name of one of the most evil beings the Digital world had ever seen.
Their heads all whipped around to stare in my general direction. I had positioned myself at the doorway opposite the sleeping chamber i knew Priestmon would bring them. A number of them raised their weapons and i looked down to see Felomon now stood at my side. "Touchy bunch aint they" he observed. I nodded to Flamedramon and he urged the others to lower their weapons. "He's a friend" he said.
"Are you a digimon?" asked one of the girls, i looked directly at her. She had been a Digidestined before. I remembered her from the images Seraphimon had shown me of their adventures. "Im a human" i told her, "a Digidestined like yourself but unlike you i have been in the Digital world for the last 3 years". She Stepped forward, matching my stare "That means you have been her since...well, before last time"
Another stepped forward, another that had been here before. "If you were here why didnt you help?"
I turned to glare at him, not intending to be harsh but it was a sore point. "I didnt help because i wasnt allowed to help. The Celestials summoned too many, there wasnt...." i was interupted by Dennis, he was the one i did recognise by name. "...wasnt what? Enough Digivices? You seem to have one now"
"Enough Spirits" I snapped. "I have a digivice but its not like your own. I cant use the Spirit Digivolutions, im doing things a 'different' way" I looked down at Felomon and he gave a thumbs up.

"Enough of this" Priestmon spoke. his voice was quiet but still mananged to sound full of Authority and we were ushered into the Sleeping area. I layed out on a bed, ignoring their stares. The trip over here had been a long one. Felomon as usual was full of energy and went to stand in the small group as they tried to explain the situation to the 'first timers'. I knew he'd be no help, more of a hinderance unless they used him and Flamedramon to explain the difference between Rookie and Champion Digimon.
Speaking of Flamedramon he approached me "You seem, relaxed" he said as he sat on the bed opposite. "I know the situation. The celestials told me when they told me to Meet these new guys here" He nodded "Guess youve had time to think on events"

He turned his head to look at the group now chatting as we heard Felomon giving his opinions. "I AM HERE YOU KNOW" he shouted out and i shook my head. "First things first..." Flamedramon said "...we have to get these guys their Spirits". I nodded in agreement "Maybe then they might stop worrying about what a Digimon is and more on the problem at hand"

12th May 2006, 01:47 PM
Naomi Watts

I stayed quiet as we sneaked around the alleyways of the city. I think someone said we were somewhere called Las Mesa. Well, the name kinda fit. It was like a spitting image of Las Vegas. I wonder if they did the same things here?

The girl named Hotaru talked with Flamedramon (another Digimon, I assumed) and Rei. I stayed close to Dennis. Although he got on my nerves he was here before so he had an idea who or what we were up against. I was curious as to what about this place had him so wound up and nervous. Besides the crashing, nothing bad had happened here. Wait...

"Guys... anyone wonder why that big ship we were in, fell from the sky?" I asked shakily.

"Speaking of which, where are the other Digimon?" someone else inquired.

Dennis's pace slowed down. "This is usually when the bad stuff starts happening," he whispered.

I gulped hard and backed up to the rest, afraid that he was right. And he was right. Flamedramon growled "Devil Digimon" and took an attack stance. At once the shadows in front of us creeped and crawled close to us. Golden eyes shone in the darkness. They took form, changing into different forms. Some looked like Digimon. Others looked almost human.

The little girl and Hotaru pulled out their Digivice thing and called forth their weapons. The little girl got a chain with a blade while Hotaru got a crossbow. At first I thought that it wouldn't do anything. Then she fired it at one of the Devil Digimon with incredible accuracy and watched with cold eyes as it hunched over in pain.

Here goes something! I held out my Digivice and cried out, "Digiweapon, emerge!" My face was riddled with confusion as a long brown handle shot out of the device. It was a long handled mallet. I picked it up with both hands and swung it down in an arc at the nearest Devil Digimon. There was a sickening crunch as it was almost flattened on the ground. I winced and prepared to swing it at the next one when one stepped forward. It's eyes were different but it looked surprisingly human. I froze in horror. She felt like...she might have been...

"No!" My weapon disappeared and went back into the Digivice. I didn't hesitate to run with the others to the temple. I pulled on the handle with Hotaru and Rei while Dennis and Flamedramon fought off any Devil Digimon that got close. When the door managed to get open enough we all poured through the opening and sighed together as the door shut close behind us.

Another Digimon named Priestmon showed us to some comfortable looking beds. I wanted to stay at a nice hotel but at this point I couldn't complain. I lay on the closest one and cried into my pillow. "Imani..." I whispered between sobs.

Hotaru Tajiri

I sat on the bed next to Dennis's and sighed. I didn't want to talk about my wonderful life while he had been suffering. "I've been alright. I've been seeing Johann ever since we got back to Japan. Laura's doing fine; she's been living with her husband Satoshi and her two kids. Rei's been living with her." I looked back at Rei who was a few beds down from me. "I visit them every now and then. Rei's a handful but she's a joy to be around."

I stopped in mid-yawn as I heard scratching on the front door. Those Devil Digimon weren't going to give up anytime soon. "I'm going to see how the others are doing," I told Dennis.

"I'm guessing those were the things those angels or whatever were talking about? Humans turned into Digimon by this Lu...Luc....whatever's doing this?" the one called Andrew asked.

"Lucemon!" yelled someone from the far end of the sleeping area. My head shot to another person...or was he another Digimon? I've seen some incredibly human-like Digimon before. I readied my weapon just in case he was here for trouble.

Another Digimon, a catlike creature, stood by his side. "Touchy bunch, ain't they?" he said amusingly.

Flamedramon stood in front of us, motioning for us to lower our weapons. "He's a friend," he told us.

"Are you a Digimon?" I asked him.

"I'm a human," I told her, "a Digidestined like yourself but unlike you I have been in the Digital World for the last 3 years."

I took a step towards him, matching his stare. "That means you have been here since...well, before last time."

One of the former Digidestined stood by me and glared. "If you were here why didn't you help?" he asked the "new but at the same time not new" guy.

It seemed that hit a sensitive spot. "I didnt help because I wasn't allowed to help. The Celestials summoned too many, there wasnt...."

"...wasn't what? Enough Digivices? You seem to have one now," Dennis interrupted.

"Enough spirits," the guy snapped. "I have a digivice but its not like your own. I can't use the Spirit Digivolutions; I'm doing things a 'different' way." He looked at his partner and gave him a thumbs up.

Priestmon stepped back in and silenced us with a quiet yet strong voice. The "new guy" took one last look at me and walked to a bed. I stopped Flamedramon as he walked past. "Who is he?" I asked him.

"That's Gavin. He'll be a big help, trust me." He sat on a bed next to Gavin and conversed with him.

Flamedramon sure has been busy. I pulled out my Digivice and saw that it was glowing. "It looks like mine is nearby, probably in this temple." I turned and saw the Rei's was glowing as well. "Fire and Ice."

12th May 2006, 06:52 PM
"May I ask something?" I began, trying to cross my arms without touching my new claws. Then to my slowly dying sense of surprise, they dissappeared.

"Before we continue to be chased by what appear to be this world's equivalent of Heartless, obtain these 'spirits,' and possibly save this world, I want to do several things at once."

I opened the can that I had obtained from the vending machine and took a sip.

"First off, my name is Agamemnon Reilly. You can all call me 'Snap' if it's easier."

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes, trying to gather my thoughts into something coherent.

"From what I can gather, and that's not easy for me, some of you have had experience with this sort of thing. From those who I think are veterans of this little affair, I keep getting the feeling that they're all miserable or saddened. Now, I don't know what about this place has brought this about, but I have no intention of letting it affect me, so I'd like to know more about what we're dealing with when we have the time. I've been an energetic spirit before I got here, and I would like to return as one, thank you."

This was the longest I had ever talked out loud before, but I felt I had to say this stuff.

"Also, if you have any tips for fighting, I'd like to hear them. I've never felt it necessary to fight people who irritated me, so we should probably go over that. Obviously, I don't want to be useless."

I took another deep breath and put a hand on the right sleeve of my jacket

"Finally, what happened to my red jacket?"

Usually when I say something like that, people give me blank stares so I explained myself.

"Seriously, that jacket was a parting gift from my last girlfriend, it's very important to me. So why the hell am I wearing this tacky lime green one in place of my favorite jacket. Did someone steal it from me when I was in Sensory Deprivation?"

One of the veteran members piped in, "Um, clothes just change when you come here. It does it to anyone. They come back to you when you're home."

I was stunned for a moment then annoyed, "Well, why? Of what use is it to replace your clothes with a different pair when it makes no difference at all to what you do here or how you fight? It makes no sense!"

I was beginning to get irritated by this but managed to shake it off. I looked at the speaker sheepishly.

"Sorry, about the rambling there, but perhaps you know how it is when you lose something special to you. I'll just have to get used to being half of myself right now."

I started to sit down before remembering one final thing. My shoulders slumped and my head lowered.

"About the fight, those creatures...I need to know this. When I struck down a shadow, it didn't feel right. Are some of them human?"
Trying the best I could with time constraints

Ultimate Charizard
12th May 2006, 08:33 PM
oooh, got an idea.


"Technically..." i called out after one of the newbies had finished ranting "....they were all human". I got my second 'heads whip round to glare at me' action of the day, maybe i should start to take count. "What do you mean?" asked Hotaru as she walked over. I stayed lying on my back and spoke to Flamedramon "Did they get the same speech from the Celestials we did?". He nodded without speaking so i raised my voice and did my best Seraphimon impression.
"each day the minions of Lucemon are going back and forth from our world to yours, to abduct Humans with sad or blackened souls. They use those souls to help fuel the energy to break Lucemon’s chains while at the same time the husks left behind transform into ruthless, mindless Digimon.”
"The Digimon you saw were human just like you, but theyve been here a while, the transformation had time to progress. The more humanoid you saw just havent been here as long". I looked around the room and a few heads hung low, eyes filled with tears. "Some of you have experience with all this. Didnt you think it odd that the Digimon dropped and bled rather than bursting into data?". The room suddenly went quiet untill Dennis spoke out. "If they bleed then theyre not Digimon yet, maybe we can save them instead of kill them?" he asked quietly.

I sighed and my eyes opened, staring straight at each of them. "It cant be done, true they arent quite digimon yet, even the ones that look fully like digimon arent quite there. Their bodies are still flesh and blood not data, but eventually they will be" one of the other newbies opened her mouth to speak "Its still too late. The body is meaningless. Their souls were long sucked from their bodies to feed Lucemons ressurection. Whats left is just a physical shell, and each and every one of them devoted to evil."

They all looked at each other and even Felomon had his head bowed with sadness. "If you want to save anyone, then we have to end this whole situation and end the kidnappings"
I turned to look at the one that had just introduced himself. "And you wanted to know why this place affects people?"

14th May 2006, 12:32 PM
Name: Sean "Breeze" Killings

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Look's 1: Light skinned african american male who stands at 6'4". Has his hair done in a large afro with a pick sticking out of it. Wears a white tall tee, jeans and white Air Force Ones.

Look's 2: The same except his hair's in cornrows with a black headband. He's now wearing a black tall tee, camoflague pants and black Air Force Ones.

Personality: Extremely comedic and easy going. Takes alot to get him angry but tends to get violent if he gets too angry. Would do anything for a friend and knows how to lighten the mood.

History: Had a pretty good life growing up in New Jersey despite the fact his father died. Moved down to Florida a couple of years ago and fit right in.

D-Sense Color: Base: Dark Green, Rim: Black

Element: Wind

Weapons: A large Swallow (if you've played Chrono Cross, you know what I'm talking about)

Theme Songs(Optional): Breathe In Breath Out- Kanye West ft. Ludacris
Live In The Sky- T.I. ft. Jamie Foxx

Other: He loves girls and girls love him. If a girl he likes doesn't like him, he'll work to win her over. Also, loves Kool-Aid.

Digimon Spirit:

Name: Eaglemon

Type: Eagle

Virus,Data,Vaccine or Unknown: Vaccine

Looks: Looks like a bald eagle but smaller. Can stand up and wears a black headband. Has a black band on his right leg.

Wing Flap- Eaglemon flaps his wings, making a wind powerful enough to send his opponent(s) flying
Tropical Storm- Eaglemon opens his beak and sends out a small twister toward his opponent, which sucks them in and sends them upward and then hard back to the ground

Element: Wind

I'll have an RP up tommorow

14th May 2006, 02:52 PM
[color=royalblue]Elizabeth Venci
.: Darkness | F :.

Elizabeth had gone along with everyone… lingering towards the back of the group where no one else was. As they entered the city, she had stopped a few times and glanced about… her calm and collected eyes browsing over the city with a more ‘learning’ approach than one of awe. While the others talked, she half-listened… although she couldn’t shake the strange and unnerving vibe that this place had. She sensed some thing had been wrong… and it wasn’t until a few minutes later that some one eventually made a note about it. Then she heard the strange noises from behind, and whirling around Elizabeth became face-to-face with a Digimon- a dark one, of course.
Instantly two of the people in their group seemed to summon weapons- they apparently came from no where. They then jumped ahead and started fighting… and told the others to run or fight as well. (They all began to head towards the church swiftly). Panic was arising… and a bit of fear, but strangely Elizabeth didn’t feel much of it. She dodged a few of the digimon’s moves, but she didn’t feel fear. She almost felt… curiosity. Taking a few steps back, one of the darker digimon seemed to stop momentarily and it didn’t attack her. Instead is gazed at her, stopping for a second… and Elizabeth swore she heard a slight voice in her head. Elizabeth blinked for a second, shaking her head to rid herself of the strange whispering. She couldn’t tell what it was saying… but she recognized it- the mood of it. It almost as if there was a faint calling… not a plea, not anger… but almost as if calling her.
Digiweapon, Emerge… Elizabeth thought about those words, realizing swiftly that they seemed to be the key to create a weapon of some-sort to fight. But that calling…
Elizabeth looked at the digimon who regarded her with reddened eyes, and she shook her head at it and then ran away- quite easily, entering the church with the others who already had the door open a bit. The door shut behind her, and instantly they were met by a priest digimon-like figure. He spoke to them, saying they could have refuge here… and such.
Everyone then seemed to split up to do their own thing, while Elizabeth went to one of the isolated parts of the church and sat in one of the dark corners. She withdrew a slight sigh, closing her eyes as she concentrated upon the area around her. She heard a few of the conversations around her… and of course, she had listened to their entire conversation as they had walked. So they were supposed to help this world… that is why they were called there.
But still… the strange haunting calling that the dark digimon seemed to give her...
“So… you haven’t said a word since you’ve arrived.” A voice interrupted Elizabeth’s thoughts, as she glanced up to see Flamedramon.
“Haven’t had anything worth saying…” She replied quietly, regarding him with stern yet dismal eyes. Flamedramon seemed to tilted his head to the side, sensing some thing… some thing he perhaps didn’t like. Elizabeth was used to it- she had been treated the same way her entire life. There had always been an aura about her… an aura that no one seemed to like- an unsettling feeling that was emitted from her soul. Flamedramon gave a nod and was about to turn away, but Elizabeth frowned and swiftly spoke.
“Those dark digimon… did… do they speak in your mind?” Flamedramon stopped, looking at Elizabeth strangely.
“No… if they speak at all, it is just like me. They usually don’t talk- well, at least those ones wouldn’t have… why?”
“I heard them calling me.” With that, Elizabeth leapt off the ledge and walked away slowly… staring at the architecture as she seemed lost in thought, leaving Flamedramon left in unsettling confusion.

Roy Karrde
17th May 2006, 12:35 AM
[color=pink] Rei Takinowa
[color=pink]~*~*~*~*~ Stunned Silence ~*~*~*~*~

[left]We all sat there each of us remaining silent as the realization weighed down on each of our shoulders. My hands shook in fear and anxiety, I had actually killed some one, I had taken a life with my own hands. I thought it was a Digimon, I really did, I didn’t expect them to really be humans. It was all too much for me to handle as I rose from the bed that I was sitting on and quickly exited the room.

Pressing my back against the wall I slowly slid down to a kneel, my head buried in my knees. I couldn’t stop my body from shaking, my breathing was rushed and my heart throbbed in my chest. I had killed some one. “Rei, what’s wrong?” Aunt Hotaru’s soft voice whispered, her hand traveling up and down my back in a long massage. The words forming on my lips came out in a quiver as she continued to rub. “Oh Rei.” She whispered pulling me into a soft hug after I spelled out my fears.

After a few minutes her hands moved from my back and began to stroke my long hair as she tilted my face up to look at hers. “We have to be strong right now, can you do that? Can you be strong?” She asked softly, I could only nod, which brought a small smile to Hotaru’s face before she reached down to pick up my Digivice. The faint red glow emitted from the screen seemed to only intensify as it was brought closer to my face. “This means we have a Spirit nearby.” She explained, I could only nod since I was never a part of the spirit capturing part of the adventure last time.

We both remained silent for only a few seconds till she rose up and offered a hand to help me up. I took it followed her back to the room. “Everyone, we think a spirit is near by, if you want you can come look for it with us.” Hotaru explained, there was some murmuring in the room as people discussed the option of going to sleep versus going to explore the temple for possibly hours on end.

Most of them left the room with us; only one or two of the group seemed to remain behind. “You we’re here last time?” I suddenly broke the silence in the library that we had been searching as I approached the man who had a Digimon of his own.

“Yeah?” He asked glancing down to me and matching my gaze before turning back to rift through the books for any hope of a switch or trap door. “I’ve been stuck here for a while.” His voice dropped, a twinge of sadness filled it as he shifted his face away from me.

We both remained silent, each of us taking a book off the shelf, looking at it for only a second before tossing it down onto the stack on the ground. “I was here for most of my life, I hate it here.” I mumbled, finishing another stack of books and starting on the final row of books. “All I want to do is go back home.”

The soft dropping of books stopped as the man knelt down into a crouch to match me eye to eye. “Then you know just like me, how bad this is going to get.” He whispered, his eyes filled with determination and a strength that reminded me of my dad. “Some of us even may become like them.” He added gesturing toward the door that led out to the soft pounding of the Devil Digimon as they continued to try and get in. The man rose back up and began to work again on the shelf as I was left in a daze.

A quick chill ran down my spine at the realization that I may turn into a monster, running around as a Digimon with my only intent to kill someone else. I glanced up at him and tugged on his blue jeans a bit childishly, yet it was the only way I could think of to get his attention. He glanced down at me, and returned to a crouching stance. “If something happens to me, and I…I want you to do it.” I whispered, my voice shaky and tears threatened my eyes at the thought of never seeing my parents again or my baby brother and sister.

He bit his lip and looked down at his hands before matching my eyes again. He never got the chance to speak as someone shouted they had found something. The man let out a soft sigh as we both got up and walked over to where a wall had moved and revealed a spiral staircase going both up and down. “This is it.” Hotaru said, her hand holding up her digivice as it gave off a stronger glow. “So up or down?” She asked. I stepped forward holding my Digivice and followed it down the steps, as the glow grew stronger and stronger. The sound of footsteps behind me signaled that the rest were all following me behind me.

Sweat began to collect on my brow and dropped down my cheek as the soft gray of the bricks surrounding the stairway turned a deep molten red. The heat only seemed to strengthen as I continued down, a sound of flames like that comes out of a raging fire place began to fill the air, as the crisp smell of burning wood wafted past my nose. “It feels like a furnace in here.” Someone spoke up further back on the staircase, the base of which emptied out into a four wall room, the forth wall a raging wall of flames, while everything on the floor, ceiling, and other walls were covered in pictures of fire digimon.

“There is usually a statue of some kind.” Hotaru drew in a deep breath from the heat that seemed to fill the room. “Where is the spirit?” She asked as we gazed around the room.

The man who I had talked to earlier step forward and pointed to the wall of flames. “Probably through there.” He announced pointing at the raging wall of flames.

If anyone is daring enough * Nudges UC * you can go through the wall of flames and finding the statue on the other side. You can go as far as her getting her spirit from a statue of her Digimon on the other side, but don’t go any further unless CC posts the little surprise that happens afterwards. ~.^

17th May 2006, 11:22 AM
Naomi Watts

Those were human...I could've killed my sister and not even know... It didn't look or act like my sister. But it felt like Imani. I couldn't do this! I couldn't just kill my sister! Who knows who else was turned into a Digimon?

Hotaru and Rei started to leave to find their "spirits". Unable to bear to hear the thumping on the walls from the Devil Digimon trying to get in, I followed them. I helped them look through the library and pulled out books until someone pulled the right one and revealed a hidden passageway that led to a staircase going up and down. I walked down the stairs in the back of the group, noticing that it was getting a lot warmer as we went further down them. "It feels like a furnace in here," I commented out loud.

We ended up in a room with four walls, the one in front of us shielded by a wall of fire. Pictures of other Digimon decorated the walls. I delicately ran a hand over the pictures, stopping when I saw one of Flamedramon. “There is usually a statue of some kind," Hotaru explained. "Where is the spirit?"

I hope we find it soon. I'm starting to sweat here, I thought as I gazed at the wall of fire.

Gavin spoke up and pointed to the wall of flames. "Probably through there."

Hotaru cautiously walked up to the fire and reached a hand for it. The embers licked her hand but she didn't yank it out. Instead she swished it through the fire with a laugh. "The fire's warm but it won't burn you," she said.

I walked up to the wall and stared through it. There was a statue of a wolflike Digimon, just like Gavin guessed. "There it is. Anyone want to go take it?" I looked around. "Okay, I'll go. I'm feeling brave all of a sudden." I stepped through the fire, laughing as the fire tickled my skin. I walked up to the statue and tapped it with a finger. The statue shone brightly and spit out a little ball of light. The light floated down to Rei's Digivice.

"Okay, we got the spirit. Now let's go cool off," I said as I turned around to leave. I stopped as we felt the ground rumble. I turned back around and gawked at the wall behind the statue slide up. A huge bear Digimon with burning red eyes stepped out from the wall and looked down at me. My legs turned to jelly. "AAH! Big, giant bear! AAH!" I leaped back through the fire and ran for the exit but I couldn't find it. I did, however, see the seams of the wall that slid down over the exit. "We're trapped here..." I whimpered.

OOC: I'm sorry, Roy, but I couldn't find anyone else better for the job than Fiery Grizzlimon (Hotaru's spirit in Our Final Journey). If you want someone else then you're welcome to PM me suggestions.

Ultimate Charizard
17th May 2006, 04:13 PM
Bout time... a fight! (now im not sure about last time, i havent read it through but this is the same form Hotaru took last time? right i can use that)


Everyone stepped back as the large Fire Digimon roared and stepped forward towards us. We found ourselves huddled towards where the door should have been. Myself and Rei at the front, Felomon stood infront of all of us.
"Whoa big fella!" he shouted out as the Bear slashed his way through the Fire wall and it instantly parted.
"Fiery Grizzlimon" i muttered to myself as i checked it with my Digivice. As far as i knew this was a Spirit Digivolution so what it was doing here was odd. As if reading my thoughts Hotaru stepped forward "Its in this form because it was the digivolution of the last person to use the Fire Spirit...mine". Well that would explain it i thought to myself, watching her move towards the Bear. "Fiery Grizzlimon!" she shouted "..Why are you attacking us?"
It roared and raised a massive paw, ready to strike.
"Thats not the same Grizzlimon" someone else shouted and i made a Move, sending Felomon in to help her. As i did something began to glow beside me and i heard Rei shout out for her aunt as she ran forward....

ooohh..cliffhanger lol...."NEXT TIME ON DIGIMON: REUNION!"

Roy Karrde
20th May 2006, 02:30 PM
[color=pink] Rei Takinowa
[color=pink]~*~*~*~*~ Shocked ~*~*~*~*~

The crimson glow that spilled through the screen of the Digivice began to vibrate through my own skin. The whole arena had been turned into a war zone as the multiple members of our group tried to attack the lumbering beast. “Aunt Hotaru.” My voice quivered while the hair on the back of my neck began to stand straight with almost unholy energy.

I jerked my head around to scream back at Aunt Hotaru as my body began to move under it’s own control. My mouth made motions, my tongue moved, yet my throat refused to allow air to pass through. In the mid center of the room lay a large statue that had been shining light upon my digivice. The statue was carved in the shape of a Wolf like Digimon, similar to the one my dad had. “Enfermon.” My voice whispered, my hand stroking the smooth stony surface.

Reacting to my touch the statue became bathed in light, almost out of my control I rose my Digivice to meet the light and spoke the words that I had seen my parents speak several times. “Spirit Evolution: Enfermon!” I shouted, crimson light vibrated from all corners of the room as a deep rumbling filled the noise of the room.

Digital data surrounded my body, red light erupting from my pore, as energy seemed to surround me. I let out a short gasp as I watched Hotaru and everyone else watch me, mouths gasping in shock. Fur began to trickle down my back as the data reshaped my body, twisting and turning bones and muscle. My face pushed forward and reshaped as a long tail washed out of my back, as the data lifted me down to the ground.

Smoke arose from my nostrils, while an inhuman growl rumbled in my throat. My target, my enemy, was that digimon, the one attacking my friends. Moving as fast as my new body would take me, I launched myself onto the Digimon, latching onto its fur with my claws as I sank my teeth deep into its shoulder. My opponent let out a roar and tried to toss me off. Flipping to it’s backside, I dug my claws back into his back and released my teeth from its shoulder, allowing a spray of digital data all around the arena. “Fuoco Claws.” I commanded, my claws quickly turning a deep red, allowing them to sink deeper into the flesh of the Digimon.

The Digimon let forth another gasp and roar as my claws sank deeper into its body. It turned to swipe at me while my muzzle grasped onto its neck. “Fiamma Breath.” I breathed, flames flowing freely out of my muzzle and decapitating the digimon with ease. The lumbering body of the digimon, fell to the ground, it’s head blown completely off. Data began to spill forth from the open holes as I howled in victory. “Rei..” Aunt Hotaru walked forward, her hands opened slowly.

Cocking my head to the side, I began to recognize who she was, she was my aunt, and I was a human, not a digimon. Data surrounded my body as it quickly reverted back to it’s original shape. “Hotaru?” I asked, my knees giving way in exhaustion, causing me collapse to the ground. “What happened?” I blinked as she rushed forward and scooped me up into her arms.

Everyone seemed to take a breather; how the monster got destroyed I had no idea. Yet it was finished with and we could all relax. “The ice temple is probably upstairs.” One girl spoke up, examining the stairs leading up. We all turned our heads toward Hotaru who held up her glowing digivice.

“The ice temple?” She asked, her hands trembling at what could possibly lay ahead of her, and the rest of us.

20th May 2006, 04:06 PM
Hotaru Tajiri
Chilled to the Bone

My legs were shaking as we climbed up the steps to the upper floor of the temple. I didn't know if it was because of my fear of what lay ahead or the dropping temperature. I went ahead of the group and walked into the large room only to promptly slip on the ice covered door and hurt my rear end. I blushed and cautiously got to my feet. "Everyone be careful. The floor is a little slippery," I warned.

I slowly walked to the end of the room and came across a wall of ice. At first I thought that we had come to a dead end. Then I remembered the wall of fire in the fire room. The ice was transparent, allowing me to view a statue of a polar bear Digimon on the other side. We could melt it but I can't let Rei go through the transformation right now. "Naomi, do you think you can break this ice?" I asked her.

"Can I break the ice? Look at this thing!" She lifted her mallet. "I'm surprised that I couldn't break that big bear's bones!" She walked up to the icy wall and swung at it as hard as possible. Cracks appeared and raced to the ends until the whole wall was covered in them. Then the wall fell to the ground in many pieces. "'Can I break the ice?' Ha!"

I walked up to the statue and stroked its surface with a hand, stepping back when the statue started to glow. The spirit drifted down to my glowing Digivice and was absorbed in it. Naomi turned around and looked at the only exit. "Now the door will slide down..." she predicted. It happened just like she said. "Now a big Digimon will come and attack us." A snow leopard Digimon dropped down from an open panel in the ceiling and snarled at us. "What did I tell you? I should keep my big mouth shut!"

"Yes, you should," someone mumbled.

I looked back at the the glowing statue. Something in me clicked into place. I intinctively raised my Digivice and yelled, "Spirit Evolution: Polarmon!" I felt myself get warmer as I got bigger and furry. My ears migrated to the top of my head. A staff appeared in my hands.

I glared at the Digimon that was preparing to attack my friend. Somehow I was not like Rei when she transformed. I was calm. I stood between the Digimon and my friends and growled at it. "You will not hurt my friends," I said. I swung my staff and smacked the Digimon with it. I swung it again and hurled a big ball of ice at it, freezing it on contact. I smashed the giant icicle on more time and broke it into pieces. The chunks of Digimon dissolved into data and floated away.

"Aunt Hotaru," Rei whispered.

I snapped to my senses. I was Hotaru. I shrunk back to my original form and ran to Rei. I hugged her tightly. "Sorry I did that. I'm so sorry." Tears ran down my face as I held her.

Hatake Kakashi
21st May 2006, 12:22 AM
My apologies for taking so long!

Name: Tonya("Toni") Stark...her parents thought they were being funny.
Age: 16
Gender: Girl
Look's 1: Toni is your average teenage girl. Not outstandingly gorgeous, but not ugly. This has left her a bit unhappy, as she's always just "there". Although she does stand out for being the tall(6') athletic girl. Her hair is short and naturally black, matching her dark brown eyes. Her body is decently muscled, with exceptionally strong arms and shoulders, as she is a swimmer. She is usually seen wearing a tanktop or t-shirt, and a simple pair of khakis, a bit of a contrast looks wise to her best friend(and crush) Daron, who share the same taste in music.
Look's 2: In the digital world, her looks stay the same, but instead she is dressed in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, with a long overcoat(although it ends at her knees).
Personality: Tonya is a very "serious" girl. She is not rude or mean, but she is very set in her ways. If she KNOWS something works, she will rarely try something new if she doesn't trust the person or their methods. She is a very sweet and caring girl, but she can be very manipulative if she needs to be. Unfortunetly, she's not exactly Ms.Perfect. She has a bit of an underage drinking problem(if there's alcohol, she'll be there!).
History: Toni has no connection to the other "Chosen Children". She has lead a normal life in Japan(her parents moved there upon her father getting a job at a company). She has lived in Japan much of her life, but still speaks fluent English. She met Daron when her father was fired(for "unspecified reasons" - coming to work drunk) and they moved back to California. Her father and mother divorced, her father now living somewhere on the East Coast.
D-Sense Color: Gold base with Red rim
Element: Metal
Weapons: A pair of brass knuckles.
Theme Songs(Optional): Die die my darling - Metallica
Iron Man - Black Sabbath
Other: She is very physically fit and intelligent, although she is a quiet girl who comes off as snobbish at first.

Digimon Spirit:

Name: Ironmon *badum-TSH!*
Type: Metal Warrior
Virus,Data,Vaccine or Unknown: Vaccine
Looks: A slightly more feminine version(i.e slimmer hips, fuller chest area) of this suit. (http://www.geocities.com/batmaniak/horizon/Horizon_IronMan_2.jpg)
Repulsor Blast: Ironmon fires a blast of energy from the palms of her hands.

Uni Beam: Ironmon can fire a varying energy beam from the area on her chest. This takes some time to charge, and more to change the type of beam(default metal)

Extremis: Through some unknown process, Ironmon becomes much faster, stronger, quicker to react, and durable.

Element: Metal

21st May 2006, 11:52 AM
Dang sorry I haven't RPed. Here it is and sorry if it's short.

I was playing Madden on my PS2 in my room on a sunny Saturday afternoon. I got bored killing the Steelers with my Seahawks (who got screwed out of the Super Bowl in my opinion) so I turned the game off and went to sleep for a couple of hours. When I woke up, I was surrounded by trees. I jumped up thinking to myself, "Where the hell am I?". I looked around, trying to find some indentation of home. I found nuthin'. I looked foward and saw a temple. "I don't remember us having any temples in Florida." I said as I reached into my pocket. I was going to get my cell but I pulled out a small green and black device. "What the hell is this?" I asked myself as I headed towards the temple to see if I could get some help. I went up the steps into the temple and saw a couple of other people. I then yelled out, "HEY! CAN SOMEBODY HELP ME AND TELL ME WHERE I AM?"

23rd May 2006, 01:02 PM
Sorry, had a lot to do and my brother needed the computer. This will get better, I promise

Having seen the wierdest things I've ever seen or possibly ever will see again, I turned to the stranger who just appeared before me in an attempt to sum up my entire interpretation.

"Well, greetings there, Perfect Stranger. My name is Agamemnon, but feel free to call me Snap. I'd be glad to help you, but I warn you though, being new to this myself, I'm not sure I've gotten this down right. From what I can tell, we here have been pulled from our normal, possibly hundrum existence into another dimension called the Digital World. The sole intent of being here is to save it from some evil being called Lucimon who apparently has the power of pulling people out of our world and into his. He further seems to use the souls of the poor and downtrodden to power himself or something, and he throws away the bodies. The bodies then become something called Digimon, not all Digimon are discarded bodies, who seem to want us...well, dead."

I waved my hand to the others.

"Some of us, have already been here. Apparently, this isn't the first time this has happened, which I don't like. I kind of take the fact that this Lucimon can't seem to freakin' die as proof that we are totally screwed!"

I raised my hands to my mouth, surprised by the fact that I just lost my cool there. I lowered my head, as I raised my soda can to my lips. The can was empty. I dropped it to the ground and crushed it with my foot.

"So, where's the trashcan."

Roy Karrde
25th May 2006, 01:29 AM
[color=pink] Rei Takinowa
[color=pink]~*~*~*~*~ Tired ~*~*~*~*~

With stumbling exhaustion we each piled down the stairs and back into the main room. Each of us drench in sweat from the battle and pure fear from the events of the last hour or so. Some of us talked with the new guy while others changed into their wardrobe provided to head to bed. “So did I really change?” I asked curiously, Hotaru pulling my top up over my head and pulling the nightgown down over me.

Her mind seemed to be a bit preoccupied ever since she had her own battle and went a bit crazy with her spirit. Seeing her reaction and how she fought made me wonder just what happened when I changed. “Yep, fur and all.” She chimed in pinching my nose before moving on to change into her nightgown inside of the bathroom that we were changing in.

My eyes grew wide in shock as I swung around to face her, my body just rushing in curiosity and excitement. “Fur? Really? I was an animal? That’s so cool!” I was almost jumping up and down off the ground in excitement as images filled my head. Maybe I turned into a might tiger, or a strong lion! Or maybe something really big like a elephant or something! “Did I have a tail? Did I?” I asked, bouncing up and down as we walked out of the bathroom and back into the room.

Aunt Hotaru turned to face me and placed a finger to her mouth, pointing out that we had to be quiet since several were already asleep. “You were a cute little wolf cub.” She whispered and gave my head a ruffle before opening the bed sheets so that I could slip in. “Now it is time for all little girls to go to sleep.” She added, I rolled my eyes at the treatment of being a child and got comfortable.

Aunt Hotaru kissed my head, and went to lay down. I turned to the side of my pillow and closed my eyes. Inside my head I could see my mom and dad, along with my annoying younger brother and sister. All of them at a park, Roy and Megumi at the swings with Mom and Dad pushing them. Tears began to drip down my cheek as I curled up tighter in the bed. I hated this stupid digital world, it was stupid, and ugly, and always hurt me and took away the things I loved. Why did I have to go back here, I wanted to be away from this stupid place. “Rei?” A voice whispered snapping me out of my trance, I slowly opened my blurry eyes to see Aunt Hotaru standing over me, her hand resting gently on my side. The room was dark and the sound of talking that had filled it earlier had now vanished. It took me a few seconds to realize that several hours had passed since I had laid down. “What’s wrong?” She whispered sliding down next to me in the small bed.

“I miss mommy.” I whimpered, tears still dropping down my cheek as she pulled me close against her chest. Drawing me into a deep hug.

She began to stroke my hair lightly, my tears and shaking began to calm as we lay there. Off in the distance I could hear the sound of someone snoring lightly in our group. While the constant pounding at the door continued. “Want me to sing you a song that my mom sung to me when I couldn’t sleep?” She asked.

I glanced up at her and nodded before snuggling back to her chest for the deep comfort. I could hear her take in a deep breath through her nose as she leaned down and began to sing a soft melody next to my ears. “When I first saw you I always knew, There was something inside of you, Something I thought that I would never find, Angel of mine… I look at you looking at me, Now I know why they say the best…”

Her words grew fainter and fainter as my body grew lighter and lighter as I slowly drifted off into a sleep that wasn’t harsh and frightening, but soft and comforting.

Okay you guys can head to bed, sometime in the early morning hours the door will give way and the Devil Digimon will try to get into the room. It’s up to you to decide what your character will do, help try and sneak out. Or fight your way out!

25th May 2006, 10:34 AM
Things were beginning to wind down, and several people were falling asleep. Exhaustion was slowly claiming me, too.

But it's never fast enough.

I got up and paced around a while, shoeless. I took off my jacket and slowly stared at it.

It was in the exact shape and design as my old one, with the letter S in the back and everything. Long sleeves, the pockets, the designer. Everything about it was like my old one.

Yet it was green with a brown S, and that was what made it wrong.

"Becky's gonna kill me," I said as I scowled at this tacky abomination, "Still, I might not get my old one back if I throw this away."

I looked around until I spotted a young woman trying to comfort a ten year old girl. With nothing better to do, I walked over to her. I stopped to listen to her lullaby.

"That's pretty good," I whispered quietly. She turned to look at me, her expression unreadable.

"Shouldn't you be asleep," she queried.

"Could never sleep when I needed to," I shrugged, "Always could sleep through Chemistry class, though."

I wasn't joking there, that was a statement of fact.

"She looks worn out," I said, staring at the sleeping girl, squirming under her sheet, "I guess she's been through alot on her first day here."

"Actually," she interrupted my thought, "She's been here before."

"Oh," I grinned sheepishly, "Sorry, I haven't caught up with who has been here and who hasn't. I'm still trying to wrap my head around this place. The more I hear about this place and the more I see it, the more I think I've heard about it."

"Well, unless someone from here has told you about it, I wouldn't know where."

"Well, alright, I'll let you get some sleep. My name is Agamemnon by the way," I extended a hand.

"Hotaru," she shook my hand before adding, "So, Agamemnon is it? What's with the name?"

I shrugged mildly in embarrassment, I hated having to explain this, "My mom was fifteen when I was born, and she was in the middle of a report on the Illiad. Agamemnon was one of the Greek kings in the epic."

"Well, Agamemnon," she smiled at me, "Does that mean you'll die at the end of this epic?"

I looked at her in astonisment, though seriously just about everyone died in that epic and the story of Ullyseus.

"Well done," I chuckled quietly as not to disturb the child beside me, "I totally did not see that coming. I sure hope I don't die when I get home. That was good, that totally worked for me."

I stopped chuckling long enough to regain my composure, "Well, I'll let you get some sleep. Thanks for the pick-me-up."

I walked away and headed to the nearest bed. I plopped down without taking anything off, but I plopped down with a smile.

Perhaps this trip would prove better than I expected.
I'm looking at it now, and man do I suck. I'll try and pick it up in quality.

Ultimate Charizard
25th May 2006, 04:55 PM
Dont want to depress you Gladiator but that was your best post yet ;) (jk) lol
Btw did anyone else notice we didnt include Flamedramon in any of the battles.....wierd when he is the Strongest being champion level and all lol...


I sat out in the hallway. It had been a long time since id had company other than Felomon and i knew it would take getting used to. So here i sat, propped up against the wall in the main hallway, listening to the constant thudding on the door. You'd have thought they would have given up by now.
Unable to sleep initially i idly thumbed through the menu's on my Digivice. The Projected display showing me information on the two newest 'members' of our party as it were.
"Polarmon...." i spoke out loud "...and Enfermon" i said as i flicked the display. Spirit Digivolutions were wierd. They couldnt be classed as Rookie or Champion as such they just simply got stronger as they gained experience. "Fire and Ice" i finished, shutting down the device and putting it back on my belt.
"She's a nice Singer" Felomon said and i realised he must have been able to hear someone in the sleeping area. It seemed strange that anyone would be in a singing mood after the days events but at least it showed there were some high spirits left.
After a while i felt my eyes getting heavy. The constant pounding fading into background noise as i started to fall asleep. Just as i felt my head drop though i was disturbed, or rather the opposite if there was such a thing. I realised something had changed. I checked my watch and realised i had actually been asleep for some time, i had just been sleeping so lightly it felt like id only just nodded off. The silence was ominous in the hall as i realised what had disturbed me. The beating on the door had stopped. It hadnt just tapered off as if they had lost interest, it had stopped. Suddenly and without warning. They hadnt been hammering any weaker, they werent getting tired they had just stopped.
There was a low growl coming from outside and i realised they hadnt stopped, they had just called in reinforcements. "Looks like a Great start to the day" i said to noone in particular as i stood up and prepared myself incase this new arrival was capable of breaking in here.


Ok i havent started the attack yet so you can all still post your 'what you did during the night' bits but whoever does start the attack the New Arrival should be a Champion digimon (anything higher would be a bit much for us at min) but obviously be something pretty big and Strong.
Oh and lets give everyone chance to post a fight scene this time ;) lol

25th May 2006, 05:53 PM
Hotaru Tajiri

I tucked in Rei and walked to a bed near her. I was so tired I could barely stand. If those Devil Digimon broke through I would probably be doomed. The journey seemed impossible at this point.

Agamemnon...Gavin...Naomi...we all were uncertain about fighting this battle. But we all wanted to go home and this is what we had to do. If Gavin was right, those poor humans were long gone. The only thing we can do for them was set those souls free.

I approached Flamedramon who was standing next to the bed I was preparing to use. "Could you watch over Rei for me?" I asked him.

"Sure. It'll be no problem. Are you going to be okay? You look a little shaken."

"Of course I'm shaken. I don't want what happened to the last bunch of Chosen Children happen to Rei. I care for her so much."

He nodded and left to rest next to Rei's bed. I went to my own and quickly dropped into sleep. I completely ignored the banging on the walls. For the first time since I arrived here I felt at peace.

But it didn't last. I was yanked out of my peaceful sleep by a louder pounding on the front door. I got out of bed and ran to the slowly waking Rei, ready to protect her when that something broke through the door.

And it did. We all heard a loud crash a minute later and a Greymon stomped into the resting room with a big roar. Rei, now wide awake, gasped and held onto me. "It's going to be okay, Rei. We can take care of this guy without our spirits. Ready, Flamedramon?"

Flamedramon took a fighting stance. "Oh yeah! Bring it on!"

I brought out my Digivice and summoned my crossbow. "We will survive. Whether Lucemon likes it or not!"

26th May 2006, 08:34 AM
So let's try to recap here Andrew....you're in the world where those monsters came from a while back...these demon things are out looking for you, and people are starting to turn into monsters themselves...and apparently they expect you to do the same thing. That about it? Yeah...that's good.


Andrew had stayed back during the proceedings, not sure exactly what he was expected to do and unsure whether or not he should have spoken up as very weird things had started to happen. So he stayed quiet and followed. He wasn't going to get anywhere by making himself a nuisance and was content to simply watch and learn for the moment. That was before the door started coming down. The first pound had brought him to the barrier of wakefullness where the second sprung him to his feet. He didn't want to let those creatures get a hold of him, didn't want to become what they were or whatever they were going to do with him. He raised his digivice and called out, "Digiweapon Emerge!"

A bright light exploded from the digivice, filling the room with a brief flash before his weapon started to emerge. Grabbing the belt that sprung from the device, he looped it around his shoulder once again and drew his pistols. Aiming them at the door, which was still holding for the moment, he called out, "Hey! Wake up, we've got company!"

Note to self, get someone to tell you what's happening to you. Oh, and try not to die, yeah...that's important too.

Roy Karrde
29th May 2006, 12:14 AM
[color=pink] Rei Takinowa
[color=pink]~*~*~*~*~ Scared ~*~*~*~*~

With my hands secured firmly around Aunt Hotaru’s waist, I could only watch as the Greymon stormed the room, awakening anyone who hadn’t awoken already. “We will survive, Whether Lucemon likes it or not.” Hotaru shot a wayward glance back to me. I nodded less than confidently and held on to her even tighter. Around the Greymon poured in various creatures, some more human than the others. One was crawling along the wall using it’s hands like spiders use their legs to cling to the wall as it’s head twitched back and forth.

The sound of gunshots rang out and where the head once was, was now gone. Gore and blood dripped from the neck hole of the creature as it sprung forth landing and pinning the shooter to the floor. “Get off of him!” Hotaru called pulling out her bow and firing two into the creature’s side and knocking it off the guy.

Wanting to join in the foray, or at least to protect myself, my hand went to where my Digivice would be. Only to find the cloth of the nightgown I was wearing. I had taken off the digivice when I changed earlier! I mentally slapped my head and glanced around, spotting it on the counter in the bathroom. Only a few steps separated where I was from the bathroom, and the others were all around the doorway. I began to loosen my grip around Hotaru’s waist, with thoughts of a quick dash to my digivice began to fill my mind. “Rei don’t..” Hotaru warned, that was all she could get out as I sprang off the bed, using my legs as momentum to carry me in a tumble along the floor.

With a quick roll I came up right next to the bathroom door, my outstretched hand just inches away from the Digivice. I could feel it, taste it; it was within my grasp, and then out of my grasp. Two rough arms came up behind me and hauled me into the air. My legs kicked wildly at my attacker as I was brought closer and closer to the door and further and further away from the Digivice and Aunt Hotaru. My eyes quickly glanced over and met her’s, she was watching me with shock and horror, she held up her bow, and then lowered it in fear of hitting me. The same was true for the guy with the guns, aiming and then lowering it after the loss of a clear shot.

The wind found my lungs again, allowing me to release a shattering scream, my body thrashing about in the grip of my abductor. The Greymon released a roar to match my scream and began to charge in the room, filling my sight and completely separating me from the sight of Hotaru and the rest. Hands began to claw at my body, gripping my legs and nightgown, holding my arms down and reaching for my neck. Around me hands and ghoulish faces seemed to appear everywhere.

A face reached in, it’s lengthening tongue lashed around my face, slobbering all over it while it’s eyeballs rolled around in it’s head. I drew in another breath to release a scream when the face suddenly shattered into two. Split straight down the middle. Where the nose had been a tip of the sword remained before it was withdrawn. The sound of swishing air rushed past and the head was knocked clean off. Behind it was Dennis, sword ready in his hand, half of his face covered in blood from claw marks. He must have jumped toward me before the Greymon moved in to block everyone else. He withdrew his sword again and slashed it through breaking through the gut of the Devil Digimon to the left of me. “Are you okay?” He panted his sword in too deep to pull out.

Breathing in a sigh of relief, I reached out my hand to touch his outstretched hand. For a moment everything seemed calm, almost peaceful. A look of gratitude shown through on my face and he stood in front of me like a beacon of hope. He grasped my hand and for a second everything seemed okay. Like a train out of hell, a roar broke the silence, Greymon’s large tail spinning around and catching Dennis right in the side, sending him slamming through the bathroom door and onto the tile wall. “NO!” I screamed, tears racing down my cheek as new Digimon climbed past their own dead, and began to claw at me again, dragging me out of the room, and into hell itself

Ultimate Charizard
29th May 2006, 11:42 AM
all right, fight time!


I Had rolled myself to the other side of the room when the door finally gave way. A Greymon smashed its way in and roared, heading towards the sleeping quarters, obviously not seeing me in the opposite doorway. The smaller devil digimon poured in after it and a number did see me. A Trio of Gatsumon (those rock fellas) broke off and charged at me. Felomon jumped high into the air and a number of charged particles appeared around him. "Static Storm!" he called out releasing the attack and the small static darts pelted the stony bodies of our attackers.
"Electric doesnt hurt them that much" I said as he landed "and besides we have bigger worries" Calling on my own digiweapons my hands were instanty bathed in light and when it faded i was wearing two large gauntlets. I swung at the first Gatsumon and it went flying across the room. "Power fists!" i grinned, realising what the weapons were. A backhanded slap took the next and a double handed slap simply broke the final attacker.

All i could hear was the Roar of that Greymon and the sounds of battle inside the room. I was hoping Flamedramon was strong enough to hold off that monster. As i began to head towards the battle i heard Rei scream out. I couldnt see where from but occaisionally a human limb could be seen kicking in the mass of Devil digimon. Each time it was slightly closer to the door. There was no way i was letting her, any of them be captured. "You ready?" i asked Felomon. "Ready? Its about bloody time" he growled. "Spirit Digivolutions are nice and all that, but lets show them how to do it old school style!". As he started charging forward my digivice erupted in bright light and Felomon jumped high into the air, engulfed in a light of his own.

"FELOMON Digivolve to...........CLAWDRAMON!"
The creature that landed was very much different to little Felomon. A huge cat creature continued to charge where Felomon had left off. As tall as me at the shoulder it moved with suprising speed and agility.
"Get your damn hands off of her!" he roared jumping into the air and curling into a ball, spinning violently and crackling with electricity. "Rolling Thunder!" he called out the name of the attack as he barrelled into the Devil digimon immediately ahead of Rei. Cutting off the line they were using to get her to the door. He Repeated the attack on the line to the rear of the group and landed facing the few remaining Devil digimon trying to get in through the open doorway. "Storm Cannon!" he called out and his body began crackling with energy once again. The Electricity moved up his body in a wave and gathered around his head before he opened his mouth and fired a huge electrical blast at the doorway. Taking out a number of the Rookie Devils. The rest outside seemed to lose heart at this and the steady incoming flow of enemies stopped. They hadnt left, they were now a little more reluctant to enter though.
"Clawdramon, go help the others" i shouted to him and he turned and bolted for the sleeping quarters. Most of our enemies had now piled into the sleeping quarters with that Greymon. I could deal with the last few Enemies that were holding Rei and i charged in, fists beginning to glow with power.

29th May 2006, 06:48 PM
They've got someone!

Andrew's head snapped around as he heard the girl's scream. He had been knocked to the ground by the creature he had decapitated, he'd have to remember to shoot until they stopped moving next time, and had just managed to get to his feet when Rei had been snatched away from her digivice. Luckily, Clawdramon had gotten to her in time and seemed to have slowed to flow of digimon into the room. There were still enemies left, and to leave someone unarmed was not a good idea right about now. Andrew began to fight his way over to the bathroom where Rei's digivice still lay. A snarling face sprung up in front of him as he did, drool spilling from it's maw as it snapped at Andrew. Reacting, Andrew brought up his left gun and jabbed it forward. Thanks to the bladed edge of the pistol, it buried itself to the trigger housing in the thing's face causing blood to start gushing down the weapon and on to Andrew's arm. Despite the grievous wound, the monster was still reaching for Andrew with its wicked claws, struggling against the foot of metal that was lodged in its face. Holding it at bay with the first pistol, Andrew brought his right sidearm up underneath the thing's chin and fired. Gore exploded from the top of the thing's head along with the lance of light from the gun like a fountain, raining down on Andrew.


The thing still was moving however so, his left gun free now due to the explosion of the creature's head, Andrew fired two more shots into it's chest, finally dropping it. Leaping over the falling body, the youth grabbed the sitting digivice and rushed back to the entrance of the sleeping quarters. The Greymon had become interested in Andrew by now, having been distracted from the others by the sounds of gunfire, and was turning towards him. Seeing Rei lying in the midst of dead and dying digimon, Andrew threw the digivice toward her even as the Greymon's loomed over him, "Hey! Catch!"

Spinning around, Andrew began to fire as rapidly as his guns allowed at the horned head that was descending towards him.

I'm not going to be able to drop it fast enough....

29th May 2006, 08:44 PM
Hotaru Tajiri
Scared to death

I was shooting arrows like crazy as I fended them from the bathrooms where Dennis lay, the crossbow magically reloading itself every time. Andrew had thrown Rei's digivice to Rei as she lay in the midst of a crowd of Devil Digimon and Gavin was racing to her with his power fists ready. I was needed where I was.

Greymon raised his claws in the air, ready to bring them down on Andrew. Andrew wouldn't be able to take him down in time. But it was Flamedramon to the rescue! He jumped on Greymon's back and dug his steel claws into his spine. Greymon gave a pained roar as he disintegrated into data. Both Andrew and I gave a sigh of a relief.

A long howl brought me back to the place where Rei lay. Rei was no longer there; Enfermon had taken her place. She tore through the Devil Digimon that surrounded her, burning them and tearing them to shreds. Naomi helped dispatch any that tried to get away from us. The rest of the Devil Digimon ran out of the temple when they saw that they weren't going to win this round.

Rei went back into her human form and looked at me with teary eyes. It took her a few minutes to break down and cry. I rushed to her, fell on my knees and hugged her tightly. I kissed her forehead and stroked her hair. "You're alright, sweetie. You're alright," I whispered.

"No, I'm not!" she yelled. "This place is horrible! I want to go home!"

"We'll go home, Rei. Just hang in there." I cried with her until we both felt like we couldn't cry anymore.

Roy Karrde
29th May 2006, 11:32 PM
[color=pink] Rei Takinowa
[color=pink]~*~*~*~*~ Trembling~*~*~*~*~

With a hand placed over my eyes, we walked out of the temple and down upon the street. There were some gasps of shock, from some of the group as they saw what Aunt Hotaru was trying to shield me from. My guess is it was what ever became of that nice Digimon that ran the place. “Okay you can look now.” Hotaru coughed, both of her voices rough and tired from the night. Outside the city was in a state of disarray, huge holes were dug into large skyscrapers, fresh bodies lay everywhere in the street, some already in the process of turning back into digieggs. The smell of rotting fruit and meat filled the air, causing me to pinch my nose as I hid behind Hotaru.

Everyone remained silent for a few more seconds before Gav stepped forward, walking with Dennis’ limp and broken body, one arm slung over it for leverage. “This is what it is going to be like where ever we go.” He mumbled almost falling down a step that led down the temple as we all arrived down onto the street. “We’re being hunted.” He added laying Dennis down against a lamppost to give his back a stretch.

I let out a small whimper and clung to Hotaru even tighter, while she shot Gav a strong look before stroking my hair again. “Where are we supposed to go next?” She asked, her voice peaceful as the first rays of dawn began to peek over the buildings and reflecting off the glass panels of what was once a town that was filled with neon signs.

We each looked at each other and then down at our digivices for direction. Ever since we got here, we had been led around by these things, but they weren’t doing anything now. Felomon began to paw at Gav’s old Digivice, to which he responded by bringing it out and touching a few buttons. “Tama Market isn’t far from here, it is supposed to have the Thunder and Earth Temple.” He announced, while we each examined the rotating 3D Map that appeared over his Digivice. “It should only be a few hours walk.” He added.

With out any other idea, he stood up and helped get Dennis off the ground who was just now starting to wake up in his groggy state. We each began to start walking out of town toward the rolling hills that held the small town known as Tama Market. I remembered Dad describing the place as a city full of bustling stands and vendors that sold all sorts of jewelry and goods. He had always told the best stories of their adventures, mom usually told the stories also, yet they seemed to be a little overly romantic. “You’re a very brave girl.” A Boy, who looked around sixteen spoke up as he walked along side Hotaru and I.

My mind flashed back to the battle and I remembered it was him that gave me my Digivice and had tried to help save me. “Th-Thank you.” I blushed, my voice still a bit weak, yet my grip on Hotaru’s shirt began to loosen. “My name’s Rei.” I added.

“Andrew.” He replied, extending his hand outward. Mustering up all the strength I could, I slowly released my grip from Hotaru’s shirt and took his hand, shaking it lightly. “Rei is a beautiful name.” He smiled, releasing his hand before turning his head as something caught his eye.

Walking away he, bent over and picked something up before returning, a blue colored rose in his hand. “Here you go.” He grinned, running the stem of the rose through my hair until it was situated perfectly. “Perfect!” He touched my nose lightly and then walked on ahead.

Shocked I looked from him, back up to Hotaru, who could only smile as we continued to walk to the next city, and thus the next temple.

Tama Market, is a Market Town as you can guess from the name. You can visit one of the stands to pick up something for your character or another character at that place. You’re free to have the group arrive at the market, but let the people who have the Earth and Thunder Spirits find the temple.

30th May 2006, 02:55 AM
[color=royalblue]Elizabeth Venci

She had examined the architecture of the building as if it was all the world to her. She took in the sights, the texture, the curves… even the taste of the air that made up the entire temple. It was as if it were a book that opened up to her- explaining perhaps where the mirror image and time could have come from. Her daring eyes darted backwards however when she heard noises. Noises from deep within the temple, but they soon subsided. Everyone was seemingly gathering back into the main hall when suddenly the door had been blasted open by yet another digimon. More digimon followed… and fights commenced.
Of course, Elizabeth was in the back parts… she wasn’t at the brunt of the battle. Not that she couldn’t fight or that she wouldn’t… it was just that call, those voices.

Leaping from her little side of the temple, she calmly walked towards one of the devil digimon. She held her digivice and remembered what she faintly recalled about materializing weapons, and soon two double-sided daggers emerged in both of her hands. Tucking the digivice away, she twirled the blades within her hands- as if the knowledge had been within her all along, like some forgotten book. Yet when she approached the devil digimon… it turned to her but it did not strike. Instead, it’s glowing eyes seemed to regard her… beckon to her. Her head tilted to the side and the digimon took a step towards her. So many battles were swimming about… large yells, cries of digimon- it was instinctive that Elizabeth take a defensive stance with one of her daggers as the digimon came towards her. It paused and again… the voice entered her head. A sweet, dismal song… softly playing through her head like a whale’s song of mourning. Yet… it was mourning, it was talking to her… telling her that she was the one. She was supposed to come… to leave… to-
“Watch out!” Suddenly a person charged in front of her and slashed their weapon about, fighting off the dark digimon. Elizabeth stood there, unmoving… her violet-twinged gaze seemingly expressionless as she watched the digimon seemingly die right before her eyes. The melody… slowly fading from her head.

When the battle had ended, it occurred to Elizabeth that no one else heard what she heard. No one heard the song, the voices, the calls… the whispers. So, because of this… Elizabeth deemed it best not to talk about it. Only Flamedramon would know, and he had seemed to either disregard it or seemed to attempt to block it from his mind.

So everyone left- it was all very hazy to Elizabeth for her mind was wandering in other places far from where they currently were. It was almost as if their walk had been a daydream- one of those that you woke up with jolts, but eventually your headed nodded and you fell back asleep again. Elizabeth reawoke from her day dream however, when they came to a bustling marketplace. It was there that everyone decided to break off into groups… do as they please. But of course, Elizabeth didn’t waste time to watch them disperse. Instead she swiftly looked down a street, shrugged and walked down it before most of them had the time to even fathom the idea of breaking off into groups.

Walking down the marketplace was extremely curious to Elizabeth. There were so many familiar yet unfamiliar things at the same time. Each digimon had their own stand… selling their own ideas of precious things. Elizabeth then realize she had no money- nothing to really barter with. Of course, she was hungry too. So, doing what she did best… she managed to remember that she had a quarter in her pocket earlier in the day- well, back in the “real world”. Reaching into her pocket now- she found the pocket didn’t exist. Of course her clothes had changed… she looked more like a gothic priest or dark paladin now than anything. Sighing, she decided cunning was the way to go. So instead she went about various food stalls, stating that she refused to buy anything until she had tried it to taste its worth. Then, once she ate it… she walked onwards, leaving the seller either confused or dismayed that their food didn’t match up to ‘buying’ quality.

31st May 2006, 10:59 AM
Like the others, I had gone to bed, however, it took me a bit longer than them to fall asleep, and I watched as Hotaru and Rei interracted, a small surge of relief flowing through me. Despite what had happened to her, Rei was still just a kid at heart, still human. To be honest, it dulled the edge of the painful guilt just the tiniest bit as well. And with that, I fell into sleep...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

Darkness surrounded me, tearing at my flesh, and voices, some of which were all too familiar chanted ever escalating accusations at me.

"Murderer! Slayer! Destroyer!"

Tears poured down my face, and the light of torches began to appear on the horizon of the darkness.

"Traitor! Fiend! Demon!"

The lights got closer, revealing the faces of many digimon, as well as a few people. Then, in the midst of the pain, I noticed something, someone was missing from the throng of tormenting victims...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~

And I suddenly awoke to the louder pounding of an obviously much larger assailant, just in time to see the door burst inward as a Greymon rammed it, enabling the enemy in. Instantly, I pulled out my digivice, and pulled out my weapon.Holding the sword with both of my hands, I was joining the fray, already cleaving into the invading Devil Digimon, splashing gore as I went, recieving a claw slash across my face.

Then, I heard Hotaru begin to say, "Rei don't...." moments before I hear Rei cry out in a scream. Without thinking, I turned to where she was and began running, my vision tunneling, blocking out all distractions. I jumped past the moving Greymon, and continued my run, slashing through the one that'd gotten on top of her the moment I got the chance, cleaving into its head, cleanly through the middle before removing my sword and swinging again, lopping its head off. I didn't let up, beginning to cleave into the other digimon to her left, asking, "Are you okay?" I asked, panting, trying to pull out my sword, holding out one hand to help Rei up.

She began to reach out to it, her relief almost palpable, when a deafening roar rang out and the Greymon's tail slammed into my side, sending me flying, and into the darkness of unconsciousness as I hit the bathroom wall.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++

I woke to the sensation of lying on a bed, and glanced around, my eyes adjusting to the light, I was in a room, possibly an inn room, and there was a lot of hustle and bustle coming from outside. I noticed my digivice sitting on a nearby nightstand and grabbed it, sitting up and wincing at the pain a little. I tried to stand, but the pain was a bit much, I was gonna need something to help me.

Looking around the room again, there was a pole of some sort nearby, probably a walking stick or something that someone left behind. Grabbing it, I began using it as a crutch to help me walk. I didn't know why, but I felt there was somewhere I needed to be...

31st May 2006, 01:50 PM
Naomi Watts

I stood outside the door to the inn room, waiting for that Dennis guy to wake up. Earlier I noticed that his and mine Digivices were glowing. When it happened to the first two it meant that their spirits were nearby. I left the walking stick in Dennis's room just in case he was too stubborn to lie down. I didn't want to make him angry while he could summon those swords.

He walked out of the room, leaning on the walking stick and ignoring me at first. I stepped in his path and smirked at him. "Going somewhere?" I asked him with interest.

"I need to go somewhere. Don't try to stop me," he said gruffly.

I followed him down the hallway. "Who said I was stopping you? I want to go with you." I took out my glowing Digivice and showed it to him. A 3-D map was being projected from it. "I think both of our spirits are being kept just down the road from here. Now..." I started to circle him. "I can't really defend myself well. Then again, neither can you. How about we help each other with this little quest, hmm?" I batted my eyes innocently.

Hotaru Tajiri
Feeling relaxed

"Aunt Hotaru! Can I get a necklace?" Rei asked me excitedly while she stared at the jewelry that a Tapirmon was selling.

"Sorry sweetie, I don't have any money. Come here, I have something to show you." She came over to me and I showed her the stick of lip gloss that I was hiding in my backpack. "I know that your mom said no makeup but I think it's okay for you to have this."

Rei gasped and took the lip gloss from my hand. "Thank you so much, Aunt Hotaru!"

I hugged her. "It's no problem. When I get some money we can shop then. We can get you some jewelry and maybe a little blush for your pretty face."

She hugged me again and went back to looking at the various stands. I noticed that one of the girls was wandering off by herself. I nudged Flamedramon. "Could you look after her? I don't think any of us should be going off by ourselves." He nodded and followed her down the path.

I noticed that Agamemnon was still grumbling about his jacket. I stood beside him as he looked at some strange outfits. "You know, you get your old clothes back when you get back to the human world," I told him.

"That's a relief," he said.

I scooted a little closer to him. "Agamemnon...is there another name I could call you by? No offense, but Agamemnon is a little strange to say."

2nd June 2006, 08:30 AM
(Trying 3rd person)
Agamemnon slowly woke up to see everyone standing around both tired and shaken. Though blinded by tired eyes, he could make out that some of them were bleeding and a boy seemed to be badly broken and bloody. Realization slowly drifted into his wearied mind, but he was too tired at the moment to act in anyway. He yawned for a few good seconds before getting his shoes on, and then strolled toward the beaten boy. He placed two fingers on his neck, felt a pulse, and was satisfied.

“Tama Market isn’t far from here,” the one called Gav said to the others. Snap slowly tuned him out as he ventured outside.

Snap whistled softly, “It looks like a dinosaur tore through this city.”

He shook himself a bit as a waking mechanism before he returned to the group. He said nothing for awhile, afraid that anything he said would bring righteous fury down on himself. He had slept through the possibility of dying, and didn’t want to be attacked for his uselessness.


The thought of how he was so close to unwittingly killing everyone in the party haunted him for most of the trip, but eventually Snap’s cheery persona reasserted itself as their destination began to show itself on the horizon. Stopping to readjust his shoes, he gauged the distance between him and Tama Market.

A brilliant flash of green was all the others could see as Agamemnon blasted off toward the market on his roller blades.

“See ya’ later guys!,” he yelled cheerily, “Yeeeeeeeeha!”


Agamemnon looked around him at the oddly Agrabah like bazaar that surrounded him. Fruit-stands, wandering launders, people selling the oddest trinkets, so many different little stands.

“With that giant city that….was nearby,” Agamemnon wondered, “How do they support this kind of economy?”

Then again, Agamemnon thought, When has this world made any sense?

Agamemnon stopped at a clothing store to look at their wares. Besides what appeared to be some form of bizarre retro-future clothing, there was little that Snap would have considered buying. Instinctively, he began fingering his jacket, the blasphemous jacket that thought it could replace his old one.

Agamemnon noticed something to his right and turned to see Hotaru.

"You know, you get your old clothes back when you get back to the human world," she told him.

“Well, that’s a relief,” he said, not wanting to admit that he was unintentionally feeling his jacket.

“Agamemnon,” she interrupted his thoughts, and he was unaware that she was now closer to him, “is there another name I could call you by? No offense, but Agamemnon is a little strange to say."

Agamemnon smiled a tad sheepishly, “Well, ‘Snap’ was a nickname that I’m stuck with me now.”

Hotaru returned his smile, “How did you get that for a nickname?”

Agamemnon felt himself go slightly red in embarrassment, but somehow managed to pull off being nonchalant, “Well, some people claim it’s because I have a snappy attitude. While others claim that I change my train of thought in a snap. I think the real reason, however, was when I thought that snapping fingers was cool and I did that nonstop. Of course, I was younger then.”

He failed to mention the fact that he was only a year younger when he thought that was cool.

Feeling in his jean pockets, he finally felt something that would be useful now. They needed to eat, and he was going to need something to contribute.

He pulled out his wallet, checked that it was indeed his original wallet, and checked the contents. To his delight, he had two twenties and a ten dollar bill.

“So,” he said eagerly, “Any idea what Digimon take as currency?”

Roy Karrde
4th June 2006, 06:27 PM
[color=pink] Rei Takinowa
[color=pink]~*~*~*~*~ Love? Yuck~*~*~*~*~

[color=pink]Wrinkling my nose at the sight of Aunt Hotaru and that Agame…what’s his name guy, getting all close and lovey. I quickly scooted away and over to where Andrew was standling, looking over a table. I tried to look interested and glanced up at him, to which he glanced back down at me and I looked straight ahead at the table trying to act interested. “Looking for something?” He asked, I froze up a bit and gulped as I tried to think of a suitable answer. In the mean time he turned around and glanced at Aunt Hotaru and the guy with the long name. “Oh, their getting all lovey dovy over there aren’t they?” He asked.

I glanced up and nodded swiftly. “It’s sick.” I grumbled, to which he bent down and rubbed my hair. “So how much for this?” I asked picking up a bottle that looked like something like lipstick. Grasping into my pocket I pulled out the small wad of money that dad had given me for lunch. Knowing full well that Human money here was like gold to them. Quickly pulling out a few yen I laid it down to the table and walked away as the Digimon’s eyes beamed at the sight of the money.

A quick glance over at Hotaru showed that her, and her new boyfriend of sorts were still talking. I gave a short sigh and knew that, that meant that they would be talking all mushy or secretly mushy for a while. “So want to go off exploring with me?” Andrew asked walking over to my side.

A small smile grew on my face, as I nodded at him. Andrew was nice, nicer than that guy that was trying to steal Hotaru away from me. Why did boys have to always hit on girls? “Hey do you want to come with us?” I called out to a woman who was walking away from a restaurant. Walking up closer I introduced the two of us, to which she introduced herself as Elizabeth. “We’re going off to explore!” I jumped up and down excited at the prospect of being able to explore the one city that I had never been to before.

She shrugged and considered the option for a bit before answering. “Sure why not.” She smiled lightly and joined the two of us as we walked down the street. “So what was with all those monsters last night?” Elizabeth finally asked as the three of us had walked in silence, taking a wide variety of paths and streets in a direction that none of us knew would lead us.

“Some of them were humans, or they looked human, I took the head off of one and it kept coming.” Andrew spoke up; I grimaced at the memory to which both of them took notice. “Lets talk about something else for right now.” He added, I gave out a sigh of relief yet I had no idea what to talk about with the rest of them.

So we returned to walking in silence, that is until we arrived at a gated off area, a long barbed wire fence separated the road, cutting through several buildings. Every few feet there were empty guard towers and searchlights. The fence seemed to be that which should be around a maximum-security prison or something where a lot of bad guys were kept. Inside there were buildings but they all looked run down and falling apart, it was a striking difference from the nicer buildings all around the city. “What is..” Andrew touched the fence only to receive an electrical shock that seemed to burn his hand. “Gah, Ow.” He winced holding his smoking left hand, the skin on it already starting to blister.

“Why would Digimon need a..” My voice trailed off as people, actual humans started to walk out of the buildings to inspect the noise. Some of them were my age, others older, each dressed in dirty clothes. Some you could even see the outline of bones against their skin, all of them looked hungry. “We have to get them out of here.” I gasped making a move to climb the fence only to be restrained by Andrew’s hand.

“This must be where those Digimon hold the humans before they turn them into what we saw.” Elizabeth sighed, as a young boy about my age ran to the fence standing only a few feet away from it. He moved closer and stuck his hand between the barbed wire sections, trying to reach out for mine. I slowly reached forward, my fingers inches away from the electric fence only to be yanked away by Andrew at the last second. “Lets head back, it’s getting late and we need to find a hotel to stay at.” Elizabeth sighed, the two turned and began to walk back, Andrew dragging me along as I struggled to get back, my struggles being to no avail as he was clearly stronger than me. The boy just sat there and watched us, his hand out stretched for help.

4th June 2006, 08:41 PM
Hotaru Tajiri
Feeling things

Snap? That's a cute nickname. I shook my head. What was I thinking? I just met the guy! I snapped back to reality at Snap's question. "Um, they take human money. In fact, it's very valuable to them."

"Maybe I could buy the others some food," Snap offered.

"That would be great. I know I'm hungry." I giggled and blushed a little. I heard a groan behind me and turned to see Rei standing there with Andrew and one of the female Chosen Children. Oh boy. Caught with my hand in the cookie jar. "Hi, Rei."

"We need to find a hotel. It's getting late and we're a little tired," Rei said in an annoyed tone. She turned and started to walk away.

Snap and I stayed where we were. "What's her problem?" Snap asked me.

I shrugged and felt my arm being tugged by Rei. She pulled me away from Snap and practically dragged me to the hotel. "We found something like a prison for humans nearby," she told me as she walked by Andrew.

"Good. We can get them out and..." That got me to thinking. The place would be heavily guarded. And what would happen when we did free the humans? There would be no safe place for them to go. "Never mind. This is a nice hotel. We can take two rooms for the night."

"One for the girls and one for the boys," Rei said hastily.

I was surprised by Rei's sudden change of attitude. "What is wrong with you, young lady?" I asked her with hands on my hips.

She snapped back to her normal self. "Nothing! Let's just get us a room!" She took hold of Andrew's hand and walked to the front desk.

I smirked to myself. Now I sort of knew what was going on. This had happened to Laura when she was younger...twice. And now Rei was going down that same path. But the reason why she was being so cold to me was still unclear.

We got our keys and went to our rooms. I pulled Rei back outside the room as soon as we set down our bags. "I see that you have a new boyfriend."

"Boyfriend? What boyfriend?" Rei asked me innocently.

"Andrew, of course. You seem to really like him." I smiled at her blush. "I just need to warn you about chasing after older boys."

"I'm not chasing after him!" Rei said a little too loudly. Elizabeth poked her head in the doorway and saw that we were safe, then went back inside.

"Even if you're not, he may not feel the same way about you. You're beautiful, nice, and smart but he may be looking for someone his age."

Rei looked away from me toward Andrew's room, looking a little angry. "You and that guy seem to be getting along well, too."

I smiled warmly as I solved the puzzle of Rei's new attitude. "Oh, so that's it. Rei, I really like him. Try to be happy for me."

"What about Johann?" she yelled out.

My smile disappeared. I felt tears well up in my eyes. It was time to tell someone. "Don't tell your mom about this. Me and Johann...we're not as close. He's been really sad about something and has been pushing me away. We might break up." I hugged her. "I'm sorry if you liked him."

4th June 2006, 09:44 PM
I nodded acceptance to Naomi's suggestion, stating, "It can't hurt, just don't expect me to be real talkative." I then began walking as best I could, not even bothering to wait for Naomi's reply. Using my Digivice to navigate, I began traversing the winding paths of the town. I soon began to lose track of time as we worked our way through the crowds, before running into a group of digimon in an alley, literally bumping into them.

"Hey! Watch what yer do-" A black Agumon in the group began before his eyes widened, replying in a frightened tone, "Er... ah... sorry!"

I watched them run off, practically terrified, before I heard Naomi ask, "What was that all about?"

"Not sure, but I doubt it means anything good. I've been having this odd feeling that we're not alone for some time now, it's rather unsettling." I admitted.

"I haven't felt anything like that..." she stated.

I merely shrugged before continuing my pained walk to the temple, if the digivices were right, it shouldn't have been too much further, then I would have the power I needed. Without that power, I couldn't protect people like Rei and Hotaru. I would have that power, and woe would fall to those who dared to hurt those around me. I would see to that...

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Meanwhile , elsewhere in Tama Market+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

The man watched the prisoners below with a grin of sadistic glee, such worms suffering at his feet was a wonderful thing indeed. He turned away from the window, and entered the inner room, an obvious control center, the monitors within showing a metallic female form wrapped in wires and cables. He turned to one of the digimon in control, asking, "Is she done yet?"

"Almost sir, we just need to install the souls into her and AndroLadyDevimon will be complete." the DemiDevimon at the controls stated.

"Good. Upload these identities into her primary target database and deploy her as soon as she's done." the man stated, placing down pictures of the Digidestined, most of them being listed for killing.

"Why's the little girl labeled as a 'capture alive' and why's this guy labeled as 'don't touch'?"

"I have a special interest in those two. Now, if you will excuse me, I must be off to the temple." the man stated as he walked off, laughing to himself in an insane manner.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Back with Dennis and Naomi++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

"Well," I began, looking at the temple, "We're here at last."

Ultimate Charizard
4th June 2006, 10:43 PM
Hmmm the plot thickens. Looks like 2 of us have been targetted....its always more fun when then villains are NPC's lol.


I had split from the group shortly after we had arrived in town. My quick walk through town had lead me by a few familiar faces, i had spent a year living here just after meeting Felomon. A destination much more connected to that event now stood before me. "Theres no place like home" Felomon chuckled as we approached the temple. "Ya know it would have been easier to just show those guys the way here"
"You know were not allowed to do that. The spirits are tied into the same Ancient charachteristics they always have. The Fire Spirit was released by someone brave enough to walk through the flames. The Ice Spirit was released because they had a deep feeling of wanting to protect their friends" Felomon nodded as he had heard all this from the Celestials themselves.
"...and the next two have to have the Intelligence connected to Thunder to find the place and the Reliability of Earth to follow this through" I sighed as i walked up the steps. Greeting the Priestmon that stepped out to meet us. He informed me that the Digidestined wouldnt be long. It would be interesting to find out who these particular spirits had chosen
"Just one thing.." he began with a grin "..If Thunder is Intelligence, then how did you end up with me?"
I ignored his joke and entered the temple.

5th June 2006, 12:13 AM
.: Dark | F :.

Elizabeth looked at Rei and Andrew as they returned. The sight of the human ranch had disturbed her greatly, although for some reason she felt that darkness had been gripping them.
"Darkness..." Elizabeth said to herself slightly, causing Andrew to look at her with surprise.
"What did you say?" He asked, but Elizabeth shook her head. "Oh, nothing."
Rei had gone off to talk with another of the digidestined, leaving Elizabeth alone with Andrew. During that time Elizabeth had pretty much said nothing to Andrew, probably making him feel slightly awkward.
"So... this world is pretty crazy... huh?" Andrew said again, looking at her and Elizabeth knew it was an attempt to strike some sort of conversation.
"Disturbing is the more the word." Elizabeth said, her voice trailing off as she seemed to gaze up into the sky. She withdrew a sigh and absently tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and then she looked at Andrew again. She could tell he was uncomfortable.
"Look... I'm not good with talking with other people. No one used to talk to me."
With that Elizabeth walked away from Andrew.

Eventually Elizabeth had gone into the hotel with Andrew, Rei, and Rei's friend who turned out to be Hotaru. Rei and Hotaru had gotten a room, along with Andrew and another digidestined. Rei and Hotaru had tried to convince Elizabeth to join their room... but Elizabeth declined and simply got her own. She had heard some noise at one point and she checked upon the two, but then she had returned to her empty room.

Sitting upon the bed, she let out a gentle sigh. Gazing out the window she had a clear view of the city... and she was sure she made out the ranch as well. She frowned, visions of the humans... the feeling she had from them and the comparitive feeling she had with the dark digimon.
"They're connected... but I knew that. However, why do I hear them calling me when they're around? Why me.. why me and no one else?" She said softly, closing her eyes and inhaling softly. It was then that she suddenly clasped her head within her hands and gave a light wincing cry. A splitting and sharp burning sensation flooded her head, but it wasn't just a pain... it was like an invasion of her mind. It was as if something was contacting her but the connection was too strong for her to handle- so strong that it was causing her a huge amount of pain.
Child...child... child... child...
"What...n-n-o..." Elizabeth said to herself, clutching her head as she fell off the bed.
Elizabeth writhed in pain, until slowly the sensation began to fade away. The burning within her head slowly faded away until it was an afterthought, and slowly she brought herself back upon the bed. Her forehead was dotted with sweat as she withdrew a deep breath- her heart was pounding fast. A knock on the door and a voice rose, "Are you oka-"
"I'm fine! Go away." Elizabeth said with a breathy yell, herself breathing heavily. She blinked a few times and tried to regain her composure.
"Why... what's happening..." Elizabeth whispered, easing herself more onto the bed as she held her knees to her chest and stared out the window.
"...what's happening.."

5th June 2006, 10:49 AM
Naomi Watts

It took us an hour to get to the temple but we were finally there. Our Digivices had decided to turn off on us about halfway there but it didn't take me long to find it. How could I miss it? It looked like a freaking Maya temple! "God, I hope we don't get sacrificed in there," I muttered.

I followed the silent Dennis inside. On the walls, ceiling and floor was strange writing and pictures. There was also the staircases leading to an upper and lower floor but the lower one was sealed. "Something tells me we go up first," I told Dennis.

He sighed but let me take the lead. I boldly walked up the stairs, knowing the routine. I touch the statue and get the spirit, encounter some Digimon that wants to kill us, activate the spirit and kick some butt. But when I got up to the room, I saw that I was already in trouble.

Lighting bolts were falling from the ceiling to the floor at an alarming speed. There was no way I would be able to dodge them. I was frozen in place as I watched this bizzare sight and heard the door behind us close. There's got to be a way I can pass them. I can see the spirit on the other side! I looked down at my sneakers to think and figured out something. The floor was covered in big white and yellow tiles. The lightning bolts were only striking the yellow ones.

"What are you doing?" Dennis asked me as I started to walk towards a white tile.

"Getting my spirit," I said with a smirk. "What does it look like?" I sighed in relief as I walked to the next white tile shock-free. The tiles ran in diagonal patterns, making me walk cautiously in a zigzag pattern. After a few minutes I arrived at the statue of a great lioness. I reached up and brushed the side of its face with my fingertips. The statue glowed brightly and the little ball of light that was my spirit traveled down to my Digivice. At that the lightning bolts stopped and the door opened.

"Well then," I said cheerfully. "Let's get your spirit."

5th June 2006, 12:47 PM
__________________________________________________ _

I nodded to Naomi's overly cheerful response, and we headed to the lower passage, which was now open, the light within dim and a foul smell exuding from within. As we descended, it quickly became apparent that it was a crypt, markers listing the names of varied digimon, as well as when and where they died. My face began to pale as I saw the locations and dates. They were markers for all the digimon I'd killed under Lucemon's influence.

I paused a bit, taking in a ragged breath before continuing further, sorrow welling up inside me. I continued to work my way past the graves, before we came to a dead end, a wall with a statue of a knight, an inscription on its shield.

"Grant unto the warrior his weapon." I read it aloud, noticing the the statue's right hand was lacking a sword. Without waiting for Naomi's reaction, I pulled out my digiweapon, setting it in the statue's hand, causing the wall to rise into the ceiling, and a voice to boom out, "Only the Chosen of Earth may enter."

"Guess you'll have to stay here." I stated to Naomi, entering the darkened room, causing the wall to close behind me. I walked further in, coming upon a stone statue of a very familiar figure. Standing before Schwartzmon's statue, I held up my digivice, causing a pulsing brown ball of light to fly from it to my digivice. A quiet voice came from the digivice, "We are reunited, old friend."

"Indeed." I stated, turning on my heel and exiting out the opening wall.

"How'd it go?" Naomi asked, looking a bit creeped out about standing in a crypt.

"I got it, let's get out of here." I stated, hurrying up the stairs.

As we were leaving, however, a disturbingly familiar voice rang out, "Long time no see, Dennis, or should I say, my other half."

I whirled around, seeing someone who looked just like me, my hand going to my digivice, "You... you can't exist!" I stated incredulously.

"But I do, I am Shadow, the evil, corrupt version of you that came from Lucemon's treatment of you."

I swore, stating to Naomi, "Run, find Hotaru and tell her that Shadow's back, and he's got his own body. I'll hold him here."

5th June 2006, 02:02 PM
Andrew watched as Rei returned to her Aunt. What was such a young girl doing here? Why had the angelic digimon brought her of all people to this place and forced her into the middle of such a horrible situation? There was something about all of these people: Rei, Hotaru, and now Elizabeth who had run away so abruptly.


He had heard the noises, even through the walls that separated Elizabeth and his rooms. He had gone to her door and knocked, but she had once again retreated to deal with whatever was going on herself. He had almost walked away then, willing to let the girl suffer by herself until he remembered. The boy pushing him away as he had tried to help him, the same boy on the news a day later. He had walked away then and it had happened...


"Stop being so damn selfish."

Silence greeted him for a moment, leaving only the sounds of the hotel to keep Andrew company for a moment, the muted sounds of the outside and the soft creaks of the building, before a muted response came from within, "What?"

Andrew leaned against the door frame, looking up at the splintered wood above him, "You're so damn selfish. You think you're the only one with a big problem here and so only you can deal with it. There's a child here who almost got kidnapped by a horde of monsters and had to watch as they were mauled or shot to pieces around her. There's a group of people barely a few miles from here who are being starved and...changed into those things that we're killing. There are people who have been here before and obviously have horrible memories that haunt them and then there are those who don't know why there here. Who don't know why they're forced to run for their lives and shoot the remains of people just so they can survive. So you know what? Yeah, you might have a problem, and yeah it might be something different or worse that what everyone else has, but you're not letting it out, you're not letting people help you even if that help just comes in listening, or watching, or taking a girl for a walk to try to get her mind off of the horrors she's seen. You're not supposed to keep everything to yourself but you are, and for that you're selfish."

The silence was longer this time. Andrew could hear Elizabeth's harsh breath inside the room, could almost feel the pressure and stress or something that was eating away at her. After a moment, he spoke again, "My name's Andrew...what about you?"

He stood waiting, leaning against the frame of the door and counting the knots in the wood above him. He didn't know these people, but their survival depending on remedying that fact..

5th June 2006, 03:19 PM

.: Darkness | F :.

The return of his voice wasn't what she had wanted... in fact, she had just wanted him to say the hell away from her. She wanted him to leave and to go back to whatever business he had else where. She wasn't his business and she didn't need his help. She didn't want it... she-

But he insisted. Elizabeth's face went blank for a moment as she felt herself go numb completely. She listened to his words and they sank in... and when he was finished and he finally introduced himself, she gave a light sigh. She didn't agree with everything he said perhaps- things of horror to one person were perhaps not of horror to the other. Still, she realized that he probably was not going to go away and that for once in her life, some one wanted to talk to her. Some one wanted to help her... and it was an odd sensation that she was not accustomed to.

Standing up off the bed, Elizabeth slowly walked over to the door and rested her hand upon the handle. Closing her eyes for a brief moment, enhaling a deep breath, she unlocked the door and opened it. There staring straight at her with those strong yet defiant eyes, was Andrew. Elizabeth's face looked to be a bit of a mess... her face was pale from the earlier burning sensation and her forehead had a few droplets of sweat upon her. Inhaling a breath however, once again, she gave a light nod at him. Her deep violet-flecked eyes had come to realize something and although Andrew didn't know what that realization was, he respected that he had changed something.

"My name is Elizabeth." She said softly, her voice deflated a bit... a bit tired as she sighed inwardly. Her voice still had its cool properties about it- resembling somewhat to a flowing river upon the air for it had refreshing properities. Walking away she went and sat down upon the bed again and although she did not say anything... it was quite clear to Andrew that he was being allowed to come inside. He entered slowly, closing the door for privacy as he soon sat down upon the other edge of the bed and looked at her. There were no more words... she knew what the question was. What had happened? Why had she yelled in pain earlier... what was going on. Looking in his eyes, Elizabeth could tell that he honestly wanted to know. She didn't understand why... why he would want to know- why would he really care. Yet, she could sense that they were perhaps linked... having so many things different about them, perhaps opposite, but yet having one connected link. (Little did Elizabeth know this was to be found out later... their ironic destinies.)

"This may sound strange... but... when you fight those digimon- those once human digimon, do you hear voices?" Her eyes looked to Andrew, but his expression turned to confusion as he slowly shook his head. "I didn't think so... no one else hears the voices. I told Flamedramon about it and he seemed disturbed... as if there was something horribley wrong about it. I hear these voices though... a strange calling... from the digimon."

Andrew furrowed his brow as if thinking, but Elizabeth continued. "You know... when those digimon were attacking- both times in and out of the temple... they seemed to be everywhere, right?" Andrew gave a nod and Elizabeth smiled weakly- a fake ironic smile, deepening with sadness. "However... they didn't attack me. It wasn't that I wasn't in the fray... or that I was in the right places, they honestly didn't attack me. When they first came... I was behind all of you. I should have been attacked first and probably killed... but I wasn't."

"I didn't want to tell anyone... the way Flamedramon responded, I just don't think anyone should know or need to know. So you are the first of the digidestined to know... and please, please keep it that way." Elizabeth looked to Andrew for reassurance. "I don't know why I can hear them... but right now it doesn't seem to affect anyone but me. Just a few minutes ago there was a calling that was so strong it caused me to collapse to the floor... and I can just sense a digimon- a powerful digimon... "

Elizabeth sighed and stood up, turning to look at Andrew. "Just don't tell anyone for now. I'll trust you with this knowledge and I trust you to keep it secret." Elizabeth sighed, sitting down on the bed. Tears started to well up in her eyes as she looked at Andrew as he gave a nod to her. Her face suddenly turned to an expression of appreciated sadness as a tear seemed to drop down her cheek.
"You know... I've never had anyone listen to me or worry about me before. Ever since I was little... people seemed to sense some thing about me that I couldn't and so they stayed away. I had no friends... no visits... I didn't really even have a mother. I always have been alone so I'm used to dealing with my own problems all the time... " She sighed, wiping away the tear as if feeling ashamed. "I'm sorry if I seem like a horrible person who locks themselves away from people... but it... it is the only way of life that I know of."

[ Awww... Elizabeth finally cracks! Go sad memories... woot. ]

5th June 2006, 09:44 PM
Naomi Watts

I waited while Dennis got his spirit. I inspected the pictures on the walls and noticed that they had dates and places inscribed under them. They're tombs. These dates are when they died. But why are they here?

I looked at more until Dennis came back and then followed him up the stairs. We stopped halfway when we heard a voice. A guy that looked exactly like him walked up to us. I was curious and a little scared but Dennis looked downright terrified. Then the look-a-like told us who he was and I got really scared.

"Run, find Hotaru and tell her that Shadow's back, and he's got his own body. I'll hold him here," Dennis commanded me.

"What the hell..." I started.

"Naomi!" Dennis yelled.

"Are you sure?"


"I'm gone!" I ran up the stairs and didn't stop running until I went back to where the others were. Except they weren't there. "Did you see where the humans went?" I asked one of the Digimon. He pointed to a hotel. I asked the Digimon at the front desk the room number, saying that I was supposed to meet them there. He gave me a key to the Rei and Hotaru's room. By the time I knocked on their door, I was out of breath.

Hotaru opened the door. "What's the matter?" she asked my nearly passed out self.

"Dennis...temple...Shadow," I panted.

She gasped. "Did you say Shadow?" I nodded. "Oh man! Naomi, stay here with Rei! I need to help Dennis!"

I grabbed her arm before she could leave. "What the hell is this Shadow? Is he really part of Dennis?" I asked her.

"Yes. Shadow is what Dennis called himself when he was under Lucemon's control. He did many bad things then."

I suddenly remembered the pictures of the deceased Digimon on the walls. Oh God, that was what the pictures were for! He killed them! I stumbled back so I could lean on the wall. Hotaru started to leave for the temple. I followed her. "You won't know where it is and you need my help!"

Roy Karrde
6th June 2006, 12:08 AM
[color=pink] Rei Takinowa
[color=pink]~*~*~*~*~ Shocked and Confused ~*~*~*~*~

[color=pink]We had set down our bags and began to settle down, the day had been long and I just wanted to flop down on my bed and sleep. Yet it seems my Aunt had other plans as she pulled me out of the room. “I see that you have a new boyfriend.” Hotaru teased, eyeing Andrew’s room before turning back toward me, a full smirk on her face.

My mind reeled at the thought, boyfriend? Who was she talking about? I had never had a ‘boyfriend’ before. Wait was this some kind of trick to get her off the hook about being around that one guy? “Boyfriend? What boyfriend?” I stumbled out curiously, my throat caught in shock and surprise. Who was she talking about? I don’t have a boyfriend.

Hotaru leaned closer, prodding my side teasingly. “Andrew of course. You seem to really like him.” She added, my cheeks warmed instantly. I never had a boyfriend before, did Andrew really like me? I reached up and touched the flower in my hair that Andrew had gave me, my cheeks warmed even more at the thought. I was so grown up! I had a boyfriend! “I just need to warn you about chasing after older boys.” Hotaru smiled coyly, going into full aunt mode where she gave me all sorts of advice.

“I’m not chasing after him!” I yelled, stomping my left foot into the ground to drive home the point. Further down the hall Elizabeth poked her head out the door, looked around in shock before shutting it with a slam.

With a sigh she bent down to my side and looked me straight in the eyes. Going into full blown aunt mode. “Even if you’re not, he may not feel the same way about you. You’re beautiful. Nice, and smart, but he may be looking for someone his age.” She warned, I responded with a roll of my eyes. I hated when she got into full aunt mode.

I turned away, not wanting to match my eyes to her’s. She had a way of making me spill my guts when I didn’t want to. Sticking out my lip a bit I decided to turn the tables back on her, with a glare I focused my eyes directly on Hotaru. “You and that guy seem to be getting along well, too.” I smirked, my eyes narrowing into a even deeper glare.

Hotaru took in a deep sigh before her face twisted into a warm smile. Something I never expected. “Oh, so that’s it. Rei, I really like him. Try to be happy for me.” She said warmly, standing up to her full height. I couldn’t take it anymore, I hated it. It felt like all these emotions were boiling over inside of me.

“What about Johann?” I screamed out at the top of my lungs, stomping into the room and slaming the door with as much strength as possible.

Flopping down onto my bed, I could hear Hotaru enter the room slowly, sitting down upon my bed and rubbing my back lightly. “Don’t tell your mom about this: Me and Johann… we’re not as close, he’s been really sad about something and has been pushing me away. We might break up.” She hugged me wrapping her arms around my body and laying her head on my back. “I’m sorry if you liked him.”

Tears threatened to spill over my eyes, I felt like everything was falling apart. Johann was always so nice to me, when ever I saw him he would give me candy and money and treat me like a princess, even taking me out shopping just him and I sometimes. I didn’t want them two to break up, they had to stay together no matter what. “Can’t you just try to stay together?” I asked, flipping over on the bed and looking at her tear stained eyes. I could immediately feel my heart sink, I had never seen her cry like this before. “For me?”

Aunt Hotaru turned around, closing her eyes, I could hear what sounded like sobs welling up in her throat. Slowly I sat up and wrapped my arms around her waste. “Could you..just…try to get to know Snap?” Hotaru asked, her voice sounded as if she were on the edge of breaking down.

I let out a deep sigh and rubbed my head against her back before getting up and placing my chin against her stomach, right below her breasts. “Well, what kind of candy does he have?” I asked with a grin. Instantly I could feel Hotaru envelop me with a hug as we both sat down on the bed, both going from giggling to all out laughing.

After a while we both began to roll around on the bed, Hotaru tickling my stomach as I tried to get away from her. “So, what exactly should I do about a…boyfriend?” I asked, my face red from embarassment and laughing as I lay my head on Hotaru’s stomach, both of us breathing from the tickle session we just finished with.

Hotaru leaned up, propping herself up with a elbow as she looked at me curiously. “Are you asking me for dating tips?” She questioned me, I glanced away embarassed at the fact that she would never let me forget this. “Well, first you should be yourself. Second you should get him a present, to kind of break the ice and to repay him for the flower.” She added listing off things on her fingers.

My head began to swirl at the things that I had to remember, I just kept nodding and trying to remember the things she were saying. Some how I had gotten up and I found myself outside of the hotel walking the street near it, looking at the shops that were beginning to close near dusk. Something to get him that would remind him of me? As the shops began to turn on their lights, I slowly strolled into one, looking at the nicknacks and orniments that seemed to populate the shop.

Moving through a pile of jewelry that had been dropped into a box, I found one that struck my eye. It was a beaded necklace made of several beads of different color ranging from pink to gold. At the middle of the necklace was a small white dove. Obviously influenced from human design it seemed like the artist put a lot of work and research into the necklace. The dove reminded myself of me, I had been caged but my parents had freed me. The last two years had their ups and downs, but now I was here in the Digital World, on my own adventure, flying free for the first time. “This is what Hotaru means, something that will remind him of me.” I gasped, a grin rose to my face as I quickly bought it and ran back to the hotel.

This is the perfect gift, he will love it. I couldn’t keep from grinning, rounding the corner I turned to head to Andrew’s room when something caught my eye. It was Andrew walking out of Elizabeth’s room. Andrew had a bit of a smile on his face as he talked to her from the doorway for a second more before walking away. Elizabeth watched him from the doorway for a second before closing the door. My heart had sank to my feet, below my feet, my heart had to be in the basement of the hotel by now. All the blood had drained from my face in shock. What was he doing in Elizabeth’s room? What if Hotaru was right? What if he was interested in some one his own age? “Hey there, what’s that in your hands?” Andrew asked, approaching me, a smile on his face obviously from his meeting with Elizabeth.

“It’s..It’s nothing.” My mouth moved in shock, my hands quickly moving behind my back to hide the necklace. With strength finally returning to my legs, I quickly moved past Andrew and made my way to the doorway.

“Rei what’s wrong?” Andrew asked. Tears were streaming down my face as the lock finally unlocked to the room. I threw the door open and stepped inside, slamming it shut in Andrew’s face. Reeling from the shock, I threw the necklace against the wall in frustration and slid down the door, hands over my face while the tears and sobs flowed freely.

Ultimate Charizard
6th June 2006, 07:22 AM

It had taken some time to find i thought to myself as i held the small object in my hand. It was the size and shape of a Credit card, made of some kind of white metal and had a large yellow jewel embedded in the center.
"So this is a Crystal lens?" i said to noone in particular. Seraphimon had told me about them and how they would be great assets to us in the future. How i wasnt quite sure.
I placed it into my pocket and began to head back outside. On my way i heard something i hadnt wanted to hear. At least not yet. The Digital world had a habit of Saving the things you just didnt want it to. The entire world is digital information after all. Shadow was one of those things. He wasnt yet as powerfull as Dennis had been under that Persona but his reputation carried alot of weight here, and even though his power hadnt returned he was still a force to be reckoned with.
"I wondered how long it would take for you to show up!" i called out ahead of me. As i stepped round the corner i could see they were both looking around. Shadow finally saw me and his eyes narrowed. "Guess im not the only one who can sneak up on people"
"This has nothing to do with you" he spat, perhaps you should be more concerned with the Temple Guardians this fool and his little friend released, and never bothered fighting". I turned to glare at Dennis. "Tell me he's lying" i asked. "Nothing showed up, the door opened, we left"
I groaned rubbing my forehead as i heard two loud roars from inside the temple behind us. "If you dont stay and defeat the guardian, no matter how long it takes, it comes after you, and every so often it Digivolves which means....."
"...which means.." Shadow interrupted me "...you have two Champion level Digimon hunting you down!"


Ok didnt have time for anything long but just to cover a few points.
1: Since Classy and Kalad forgot about the Digimon showing up for a fight then ill bring them in here, as Champions so whoever gets into the fight first can decide what they are. Electric and Earth Champions.
2: The Crytsal Lens will be in effect my Crest. Since im going the old way ill be using that at a later date to Digivolve Felomon, doesnt mean the rest of you dont have Lenses...just migt do something different ;)

6th June 2006, 11:45 AM
Andrew had to grin at Elizabeth's last statement, "You're not a bad person, I just had to figure out something that I could say that'd make you open up a bit and see? It worked."

Elizabeth was giving him an odd look, not sure whether or not to be angry or thankful. Andrew pressed on, not wanting to give her the chance to pick the latter, "If there is a powerful digimon closet to us, and if it's talking to you, you're going to need to be careful. Who knows? It could be looking for you. Until we find these spirits or whatever it is we're supposed to get, I guess we're pretty vulnerable so keep an eye out. Alright?"

Elizabeth had composed herself by now and stood, ready to let Andrew out of the room and get some sleep herself, "I'll...try. The callings are so strong though...what if they get stronger?"

Andrew followed Elizabeth to the door, pausing before leaving, "Then we'll just have to find who's sending them and make them stop then. We're in this together, all of us though they may not know about the voices"

Opening the door quietly, Andrew turned one last time, "And there is something about you by the way. I -can- sense something. But it's not scary, or evil, or demonic, or anything. It's just.....dark.


The door slammed in Andrew's face and he could hear Rei's sobs through the wood. His brow furrowed in confusion...what in the world had he done?

Alright...let's think this over. You took Rei for a walk earlier....you gave her a flower too and she seemed to be pretty happy until you leave Elizabeth's room and find her in the hall where she turns ghost white, flings her hands behind her back, and flees into a room...........crap

Andrew spoke through the door, for the second time that night, "Rei, there's nothing going on with Elizabeth and me, she needed some help figuring some stuff out and I happened to be there to help. Is there something we need to talk about?

7th June 2006, 01:02 AM
Naomi Watts

"Wow, you can't miss this temple either," Hotaru said breathlessly as we reached the temple at full speed.

We entered and went down the stairs back to Dennis and Shadow. There were a few new visitors as well. One of them was, to my relief, Gavin. He looked like he had a headache. Probably because we forgot about the other two newcomers. One was a giant beetle, maybe part stag beetle. The other one looked like a mix between a seal and a turtle. "What kind of Digimon are those? They look stronger than the first ones we battled," I told Hotaru.

She pointed her Digivice at the two and analyzed them. "That's because they aren't Champions. They're Ultimates! MegaKabuterimon and Zudomon!" She took a couple of steps back and quivered a little. "I don't know if I can take them down..."

"Hey! I'm here too, you know!" I said a little angrily. I took another look at the two Ultimates. I couldn't believe that I would've just hung back and watched the fight when I first got to the Digital World. The place just changed people. I was feeling bravery I didn't know I had. My Digivice glowed again. I knew what I had to do. I reached in my pocket and brought it out. "Spirit Evolution!"

I felt a great amount of power as I changed into a spitting image of the lioness statue upstairs. I worked my powerful lower jaw and checked out my canines. "I am Safarimon," I introduced to everyone in a loud, proud voice. "And I will defeat you, Ultimate Digimon!"

"Not without my help," said Hotaru/Polarmon. "Safarimon, don't forget that you are also Naomi."

"I know already!" I yelled in a more Naomi-like voice. "Now let's take down that beetle first. I hate bugs."

"Fine by me. It looks like Zudomon's already preoccupied with Dennis. On the count of three! One...two..."

"Three! Shocking Orb!" I cried out.

"Freeze Orb!" We shot our attacks at the same time in the chest (or thorax, whatever you want to call it) of MegaKabuterimon. He slammed into the wall in a roar of pain, his thorax covered in ice..

"Bum rush the bug!" I yelled in glee. I roared in excitement, shaking the walls of the crypt. We both ran and tackled the big insect into the wall, making a lot of cracks. Polarmon breathed a cool breath into his face, making him calm down a bit. "That's it! Now let's get back and combine our attacks again!"

"Okay!" We both leaped back. I summoned all the electricity in my body and released in a big thunderbolt at the same time Polarmon released another two Freeze Orbs. The three attacks hit MegaKabuterimon and reduced him to floating data.

Roy Karrde
7th June 2006, 01:03 AM
[color=pink] Rei Takinowa
[color=pink]~*~*~*~*~ Sitting alone ~*~*~*~*~

[color=pink]I ran my hands through my hair, running them over my face, feeling the tears streaming down. The texture of them on my fingers. I closed my eyes and rose, my fingers trembling as I reached out for the door to answer Andrew’s calls. With one small pull I opened the door to stand there in front of him. My lip began to tremble, my hands shaky as I dropped my head; ashamed of how I looked in front of him, how I acted. “Can we talk?” He asked, tipping my face up to look at him.

Fresh tears, this time from fear began to drip down my cheek Andrew moved in and enveloped me with one arm while with the other walked into the room. He moved over to the edge of Hotaru’s bed and sat down, lifting me up and placing me on one knee. “Can.. we talk?” He asked after a few moments of silence. Reaching over he bent down and picked up the necklace that I had thrown down, the one I had bought him. “The dove’s broken her wings.” He sighed picking up the two pieces of wings that were on the floor, which must of broken off when I threw it.

Reaching out with an open hand, he slowly slid the necklace into the palm of my hand, before dropping the two wing pieces on top of it. “I’m sorry, I broke it and it was supposed to be a gift for you, and..” I could feel a catch in my throat as new tears welled up, this night had just gone from bad, to even worse.

Andrew slowly picked up the necklace, holding it and studying it as he twisted it around in his hand. “It’s beautiful but why did you get me something like this?” He asked sitting it back down in my hand.

Now I found myself looking back down at my feet, hanging my head in embarrassment at something was completely childish, it wasn’t something that a mature woman would do, I felt like what I had done was something a child would do to get a boyfriend. I hated being a child. “Well, Aunt Hotaru said I should get you something that would remind you of me, and so that maybe..” My voice trailed off as sweat began to collect all over my body, here was the part where I would have to say that I had a crush on him.

We both sat there in silence for a moment more; before he tilted my head back up to meet his eyes with a smile on his face. “So that I would ask you out?” He questioned, I dropped my head away, scared to death about answering the question. I finally gave a short shrug. It was the only thing that I could possibly do right now.

After a few moments, Andrew reached over and picked up the necklace from my hands and put it around his neck, clipping it in the back and locking it in place. “Maybe we can help this dove get her wings back.” He smiled twirling the broken dove in his fingers. I looked back up at him, a grin rising on my face. Even if he didn’t answer about my feelings, right now it felt like it didn’t matter.

I opened my mouth, only to be cut off with the sound of a body dropping to the corner. Andrew and I both rose and rushed to the door to find Elizabeth in the hallway, grasping her head. “They’re…coming…I can…hear them.” She gasped, her fingernails gripping her head to the point that blood began to drip down her hair. They? They who? I turned and rushed into the bathroom to grab some towels and began to wet them down with water, before rushing back to her.

Andrew quickly grabbed the towels and thanked me, bending down and touching her hair with the towels, dabbing the blood. “Rei, please go grab your digivice and get under the bed.” Andrew said, his voice sounding more like a plea than an order. Not wanting to argue, I turned and ran in the room, searching for where ever I placed my digivice. I glanced over my clothes, the packages, where was it? Glancing over I caught it out of the corner of my eye. It was sitting on the nightstand next to my bed. “Rei” Andrew warned from the hallway, as Elizabeth let out an ear-piercing scream.

Turning in the sound of the scream it almost completely droned out the sound of breaking glass, as the window behind me caved in, creatures leaping through the now open window. Almost in slow motion I could see Andrew and Elizabeth both turn toward the sound in shock while I reached for the Digivice.

Hands, Arms, Claws, they all reached around me, grabbing and ripping at me, pulling me back. With one last thrust I reached forward and grasped the device. “Spirit Evolution!” I screamed, the digivice glowing a deep crimson. I ran the Digivice toward my other hand, preparing to activate the evolution sequence only to have my left arm twisted away. The digivice flew from my hand, as my arm was yanked backwards, twisted around till a sickening crack was heard. A breathless scream flew out of my mouth, my eyes open in shock as pain traveled through my arm and up my body. My broken arm falling limp as I was pulled through the window.

Andrew ran forward, leaving Elizabeth as he ran toward the window, his hand open to grasp me. Yet they were faster, I was pulled through the window and away, faster than a bat of an eye, and I was off. Being dragged through the street of the city toward the temple. My body racked with pain, and tears dripping down my face.

7th June 2006, 08:56 AM
Agamemnon "Snap"

"Let's see, roughly eight people plus that one guy plus two Digimon," Agamemnon muttered trying to do the math under his breath, "Ten people in all. At home I could get a fast meal for seven bucks a person."

Fast food was a temporary solution to the problem of hunger at best, but he had no other alternative if he was going to feed ten stomachs right away.

"So seventy bucks in all," he frowned, "I don't think I'll have enough. Even with the high purchasing power of my money. I guess I'll have to settle for eight meals and hope the Digimon can fend for themselves.

The line slowly moved up and Agamemnon got in line. He shifted his gaze from left to right to view all the tables and seats and then ahead at the counter.

"Who knew that alternate worlds had their own fast food chain?" he smiled to himself, pleased that, for once, the world should make itself convenient to him.

That look of mild satisfaction was soon wiped-off his face as he heard the shrieking of what he could assume was a girl.

"Dammit!" he yelled, "In the middle of getting everyone a meal, too."

As Agamemnon bent down to readjust his shoes, he could make out the forms of demon Digimon running by the front door. In their midst he could make her out, Hotaru's neice, Rei.

"Hang on, Rei," Snap whispered, "Agamemnon's a'comin."

With roller blades out, Snap bolted out of the door and in the direction of the demons. Pumping his legs hard and trying to ignore his mounting frustration he made for the nearest ramp-like thing he could find.

"Digi-weapon emerge," he yelled in the air as he began to descend on the unsuspecting group of Digimon. With claws in both hands, he landed on top of the rightside of the mob.

Agamemnon let loose a wickid smile, as he straight jabbed his claws into the first demon that rose against him. He successfully ignored the feelings he was having as blood gushed forth from his victim

"Silly demons, you can't start a party without me," he said, "That just makes 'ol Snap angry."
He doesn't have to succeed, just needed to give him some action.

7th June 2006, 12:06 PM
This is going to take some careful maneuvering...she's obviously got a crush on you and you can't just turn your back on her, it'll hurt her too much.

Andrew's thoughts were shattered however when Elizabeth's scream heralded the arrival of the demonic digimon yet again. He was too slow to stop them from taking Rei and as he watched her get dragged down the street he pounded his hand on the windowsill, "Dammit!"

Turning, he returned to Elizabeth who was breathing hard once again, blood from her nails beading her face, "Elizabeth, get your digivice. We can't let them take her and do whatever it is they're going to do to her."

Elizabeth shook her head, "They're too fast and....watch out!"

Andrew turned just in time to avoid the claw's that had lashed out for him. One of the digimon had remained behind and had climbed through the window as he had turned away. Thankfully, Andrew had never put away his weapons and with a quick grab and a sharp crack, he blew the monster back out of the window to land with a sickening crunch on the street below. Rei was out of sight by then, and Andrew let out a defeated sigh, "I can't follow her now, I have no idea how to get around here....damn.."

A hand reached up to grasp the necklace he had put on to soothe Rei. Just moments ago he had been wondering how to let down the young girl without devastating her and now she was gone, taken by the monstrosities they had been running from since they had arrived. Holstering his pistols, he turned once again to Elizabeth whose light cuts had already stopped bleeding, leaving nothing but a few scarlet streaks on her face, "You sensed them coming right?"

Elizabeth nodded shakily, "Right before they got here...yeah."

Andrew nodded excitedly, "Can you still feel them? Could you follow them?"

Shaking her head, Elizabeth sighed, "No, it's not a directional type of thing....plus we wouldn't be able to take all of them on...not even with the others. Not without those spirits things I think."

Andrew could hear the sounds of battle from outside and began to move past Elizabeth, "Well let's make sure we all just survive for now, it sounds like there's more of them."

7th June 2006, 01:13 PM

.: Darkness | F :.

Elizabeth gave a faint nod to Andrew as they heard battling outside. She nervously looked about... seeing how the space in the hotel room was inadequate if they were to get into a fight.
"We should get out of here..." Elizabeth commented, wiping a streak of blood off of her face as she did so. "I think we should head to the temple. That is where many of them are... and if we go there we can get them to help us get Rei." She added, and Andrew gave a nod.

The two of them dashed in the opposite direction and fled down a flight of stairs before exiting outside. There were many digimon about... and Elizabeth winced slightly. For some reason their voices were not causing her pain, not anymore... but she could still feel that faint tingling sensation from them attempting to contact her. One of the larger digimon seemed to move its eyes away from one direction and turn to look directly at Andrew and Elizabeth as they tried to sneak past. The digimon gave a slight growl as it meandered over to them... easily catching up and standing before them.
"Get away!" Andrew yelled definately, but the digimon swiped a paw at Andrew, making him go back several feet.
"Andrew!" Elizabeth yelped, but she looked up to see the large digimon regarding her. It was weird... but for the moment she felt the digimon's eyes upon her, she felt a change. She felt as if something was different... as if this digimon had changed for a moment. Suddenly deciding some thing in its head, a faint 'click' of recognition seemed to go through its head as it reached withone of its claws and it grasped Elizabeth about the waist. Elizabeth gave a shriek as it raised her upwards, but suddenly it gave a cry of pain as Andrew charged in again.
"Not going to happen again!" He said loudly, clenching his teeth together as he swiftly defeated the digimon with a few blows. The digimon dropped Elizabeth swiftly and gave a sharp cry, causing whatever connection the digimon had with Elizabeth to be foiled.

"To the temple!" Elizabeth quickly said, not really understanding anything at the moment but just having one goal in mind. Andrew nodded and the two dashed off.

[ I'm hoping by the time they get there, this 'shadow' business will be done. lol ]

7th June 2006, 03:05 PM
Shadow smirked at all the events that were happening around us, the guardians, and probably some things that weren't directly visible. But that didn't matter, what mattered was that the very thing that had caused me so much grief, and so many others pain was standing right before me. It was time to end things, I decided, pulling out my digivice.

"You've plauged us and the digital world for FAR too long Shadow! You're dead!" I practically screamed, going through the motions, "Spirit Evolution!"

In a flash, I became the armored knight of the statue, and a small voice echoed in my head Remember, anger will not win the fight.

I nodded to Redeemed Schwartzmon's mental voice, then stated, "Got any tricks to defend yourself, Shadow?"

He smiled, laughing as a sickly irridescent glow surrounded his right hand, "I do indeed! Corrupt Evolution!" His form twisted and altered, becoming a perverse mirror of my own form, his armor bearing spikes and jagged edges where mine had smooth curves, and his sword, curved and serrated. "Think you can stand up to Corrupt Schwartzmon, my other half? But first... AndroLadyDevimon! Go retrieve Target Bravo, take her to the prison!"

With that, a mechanical form appeared, then jetted out through the entrance at a blinding speed. "Target Bravo?" I asked, running forward and slashing downward with my sword.

Blocking it with his own, he replied, chuckling, "That little girl, Rei."

I remained silent, my angry fire turning into frigid ice, the duel turning into a dance, neither one of us stronger than the other. We each blocked and parried the other's attacks, heading back and forth, till I noticed an opening and took it, lunging forward and thrusting into his left side. Almost immediately, I felt my own left side suddely open up into a similar wound, backing off. "What is this?"

"We're bonded closer than you think, You hurt me, you hurt yourself!" He declared before teleporting, "Chaos Shift!"

I looked around wildly, where had he gone... no, it couldn't be...

"Everyone! We need to get to that prison! Rei's in grave danger!" I declared, running out on my own, not waiting for the others.

Roy Karrde
7th June 2006, 09:14 PM
[color=pink] Rei Takinowa
[color=pink]~*~*~*~*~ Remembering ~*~*~*~*~

[color=pink]“Did you hear? There is a human upstairs.” Wispers were all about in the hot sweltering room that contained the kitchen of Lucemon’s palace. Leaning forward to listen, I passed other humans and digimon, all of them older than me to get more information. A human? Here? How?

“He’s kind of cute.” Another girl giggled finishing up a plate of salad before placing the bowl and the rest of the food onto a dish and thrusting it into my hands. “Take this up to him, he’s in room 14A.” She commanded, I wobbled a bit as I grasped the tray of food, trying to remain on balance with feet that hadn’t had a single day’s rest in months.

I turned and left in silence, that is how it was around here, you didn’t talk to those superiors that were above you, if you did then you would be punished. I hated being punished, it hurt. The punishments were given out through a black orb imbedded into the back all of our necks, if you did something wrong, then the orb would feel hot and then you would just hurt everywhere.

Wincing at the thought of the orb and the punishment it could bring, I just closed my eyes and opened the door to the room. Peeking, with one eye open out of curiosity of what the human looked like, I sat the food down and turned to leave. “Wait.” He called out, rising to his feet, a hand out to try and stop me. “What’s your name?” He asked.

I turned to him, brushing a lock of my messy black hair out of my face. What was a name? Did I have a name? What did he mean by what’s my name? “I’m Satoshi.” He knelt down bringing his face down to eye level with myself. “Sa-to-shi.” He pointed to his chest; his finger turned and touched my chest.

That is what he meant, a name, that is what people called me. “They call me Rei here.” I replied, my words as shaky as my knees. The man smiled, touching his fingers with his tongue and then stroking past my cheek, taking some of the dirt off that covered my face. The back of my neck began to sting, I let out a gasp knowing what would follow, it was the pain, the never-ending pain. Darkness colored my vision, it swarmed and I could feel myself fall. The man, Satoshi, he leaned forward and caught me, taking me and laying me safely to the bed until the pain ended. He had even given me the food that was meant for him. Satoshi…

My eyes shot open, I had been sleeping? Pain radiated up and down my arm bringing a groan to escape my lips. “Daddy.” I moaned, images of Satoshi rescuing me from my captivity filled my mind. “Daddy, save me, save me again.” I whimpered.

A metallic limb petted the side of my face, washing the black hair away. I was in a large area, outside. I could hear the crickets around me; see the stars in the sky. I was in the hotel room with Andrew, and then the Devil Digimon broke in, then, I was here. “Daddy isn’t here to save you.” A sly voice whispered, the voice belonged to a metallic woman. She wore a emotionless black visor over her entire face, her limbs cracked with the sound of grease and metal pressing against each other.

She stepped away and I found myself bound, my arms bounded to a large beam going across my back, my legs bound together on another beam that was going up and down. I was connected to what could pretty much be described as a cross. The woman moved around a large pit and began to work away at a computer screen, while I struggled fruitlessly to get free. “What do you want with me? Why are you doing this?” I called out, trying to pull my bindings free.

The woman turned and glanced at me before turning back, pressing the final buttons as the cross moved toward the pit. “You, young lady, you will be the vessel that holds the spirit of Lucemon.” She replied, as emotionless as her face. The cross-swung down, suspended over the pit. Below I got a look at what was below me, a hole that seemed to just go on and on forever. At the bottom was a dim blue light, could that have been the lock, the lock where mom and dad had sealed Lucemon?

I began to scream, to struggle against my bindings as best as I could. “Help, Aunt Hotaru, Andrew, someone.” I screamed, struggling with all my might. “Some one help.” I pleaded, below the light lurched forward for a second and then died down, a sign that the lock placed around Lucemon was beginning to crack. When it did they would need a body for his data, something to hold his Digital Spirit. I didn’t want to be that body, I couldn’t fathom what kind of horror it would be like to have Lucemon invade and take control of me. All I could do now was close my eyes and beg.

[color=pink]Some one please help

7th June 2006, 10:18 PM
------Failure and the Rage--------------

Agamemnon shredded through another demon when he saw it, the monstrous woman that had managed to take her. The speed at which she was taken was enough to knock Snap to the wall.

"Ow," he muttered, "The things I do as a hero."

As he got up, he realized the situation he was in. A dozen or so now-idyll demon Digimon had him, their enemy surrounded.

Agamemnon swallowed hard as the Digimon surrounded him. Then he forced a smile.

"Gotta run!" he yelled, jetting into the first Digimon who got in his way. A lightweight reptillian made the mistake of being impaled by his claws. Agamemnon threw his arm to the side and de-summoned his left claw, causing the dinosaur to be flung far. With the rest of way clear, Agamemnon was allowed to blast past the opposition.

"Gotta find Hotaru," he muttered under his breath, "Gotta find the others. This is bad."

He turned his head to see what looked like a predatory quail flying behind him that was about half his size.

"You're kidding me," he said out loud, "I killed your dinosaur friend; don't think just because he's your ancestor doesn't mean I can't kick your ass."

The quail thing hovered momentarily, but only to flap rapidly as a spiraling form of energy homed in on him from it.

Agamemnon turned around only to take the force full in the chest, forcing his back to another wall. He was still standing.

Agamemnon gritted his teeth as he tried to focus beyond the pain.


He didn't care how he managed to fight through the attack, he only noticed how satisfying it felt as the bird crumpled under his left fist as he punctured the bird with his claw.

"Yeah, Snap ain't useless," he yelled, his fist hitting his chest, "I trump you soulless beasts! Who else wants a piece of this!"

Silence, the alley was suddenly made empty of the Digimon that had previously attacked them. Snap was confused mildly before dismissing whatever notions were in his head.

"Better figure out where that woman took Rei," he muttered, "They'll never let this go if they find that I lost her."
I'll never figure out how some of you can type this long.

Eh, I guess my length fits for Snap's erratic state of mind.

7th June 2006, 11:45 PM
Hotaru Tajiri
Ready to kick ass

We rushed out of the temple and frantically looked around for signs of Rei. Elizabeth found a group of footprints as well as drag tracks. "It looks like they head that way," she told us, pointing towards the edge of town.

I growled and followed the tracks to what looked like a maximum security prison. Humans stood around outside, surrounded by a high fence. Guard Digimon stood outside the fence, ready to attack whatever approached them. "We should be careful," Redeemed Schwartzmon whispered as we hid behind a nearby building.

Forget careful. They have Rei! They will pay for that! Anger burning, I came out of hiding and raised my staff high in the air. "Icicle Storm!" I yelled. Icicles rained from the sky and skewered the guards.

Safarimon ran up to the gate and touched the fence with a paw. Electricity crackled with her touch. "Ooh, it's electrified!" she giggled. She took the wire in her jaws and ripped it out of the pillars. "Okay, where's Rei?"

I frantically looked around at the various humans. None of them looked or smelled like Rei. I felt like I was on the verge of having a heart attack. "She's not out here!" I said breathlessly.

"Then she's in one of the buildings!" R. Schwartzmon said courageously.

My heart raced as I entered the biggest building, covering my ears as the alarm sounded. Guard Digimon poured out to meet us. Safarimon jumped out in front and let loose a roar that knocked them off of their feet. "Safarimon! You stay out here and fight off of the guards!" I commanded.


Meanwhile R. Schwartzmon and I charged in and fought any of the guards that chose not to tangle with Safarimon. We looked in every room until we found a staircase that went downstairs. "Looks like there's a basement," R. Schwartzmon commented as we went down it.

We ended up in a cavern. We went down a hallway and into a large room humming with the sounds of electrical devices. Rei was in the middle of the room, suspended over a pit on a cross. A strange female Digimon was with her. R. Schwartzmon tightened his hold on his sword. "No. We should only get Rei. We can kill the Digimon later," I whispered to him.

We charged in and went straight for Rei. AndroLadyDevimon tried to stand in our way but I jumped up and over her while R. Schwartzmon knocked her out with his sword and ran to the computers. He started pushing buttons and pulling levers until the cross drifted back to the ground.

I ripped off the ropes and took hold of Rei. I held her while she cried into my shoulder. Relief washed over me. She was still alright. I carried her outside, each step getting more difficult to take. I was so exhausted after all of the running and fighting that it was hard to keep transformed. As soon as I got back to the hotel, I set her down and reverted back to my human self. The world around me got dark. So tired...

Roy Karrde
9th June 2006, 12:32 AM
[color=pink] Rei Takinowa
[color=pink]~*~*~*~*~ Shocked ~*~*~*~*~

Nudging her and grasping her arm, I tried to wake Aunt Hotaru up. “Wake up Hotaru, wake up.” I cried nudging her before I was taken away by a Digimon. With my strength ever fading, I could only sit and watch, and wince as he reset my bone, and bandaged my arm, placing it in a sling. “Hotaru.” I sighed softly, her sleeping body laying on the bed. Her chest rising and falling with every breath.

Rushing into the room, two others of our group barged in to look around. “There you are.” Dennis side rushing forward and embracing me into his arms, the pressure hurting my weak arm even more. “Everyone was out looking for you.” He added before turning to Gav, who turned on his digivice and broadcasted a message that they had found me.

With a little bit of a struggle, I wiggled my way out of Dennis’ arms and moved back to Hotaru’s side. “I’m okay really, but Hotaru fell asleep.” I sighed, my voice going from jolly with laughter to solemn and quiet.

“Which is where you should be right now, young lady.” Gav spoke up, which caused both Dennis and I to turn in shock. He gave off a goofy grin and shrugged, moving over and tucking Hotaru in with the covers as Snap barged into the room, tripping over the TV table and sending the TV falling to the ground. “Right on time.” Gav sighed, turning and exiting the room.

Dennis moved and rested an arm on my shoulder as Snap moved to Hotaru’s side. I glanced up at him and let out a long sigh through my nose before rising and getting into the second bed. “But I’m not tired.” I moaned, my voice punctuated with a yawn. Dennis gave me one of those looks, before ruffling my hair and tucking me in. He turned and I reached out with my good arm, grabbing his pant leg. “Dennis…you’re not such a bad guy.” I spoke softly, not making eye contact with him.

The room remained completely silent for a few seconds before Dennis stepped away, and put a hand on Snap’s shoulder. “She will be okay, she just needs some sleep.” He said to Snap, his voice almost a whisper. Snap opened his mouth to protest but remained silent, instead standing and leaving the room, turning out the lights on the way out with Dennis.

Twisting around in my bed sheets, I let out a long sigh, this one as loud as I could possibly make it. I didn’t want to be possessed by Lucemon, they said I was the vessel or something. I hated this world, all it brought me was pain and suffering, I hated it, I hated all of it. I just wanted Andrew to hug me and say I wouldn’t be possessed by Lucemon, and that I would be okay. I turned to my side, drifting off to sleep, as I thought about Andrew hugging and holding me.

[color=pink] One Hour Later

[color=pink]Rei rose from her bed, sitting up straight at first, and then ever so slowly stepped onto the floor. With her eyes remaining close she walked to the door and opened it, letting the light of the hallway spill into the room as she walked out into it. Toni passed her in the hallway, yawning lightly as she made her way to the soda machine. “You’re up late.” She remarked, waving a hand over Rei’s still closed eyes. “Sleep walking.” She concluded with a sigh.

She moved to step away, with out warning Rei’s hand shot out, gripping her neck with inhuman strength. Black energy swirled up her arm, snaking toward the Chosen Child of metal’s neck. Rei opened her eyes, blackness swirled around all of the eye, making it almost impossible to see anything but darkness in the eye. With one single push, Rei jerked forward with the black energy, separating Toni’s head and neck from her body. Spraying blood and gore across the wallpaper in the hallway.

Down the hall someone let out a gasp in fright. Rei turned to see Elizabeth and Andrew walking down the hallway, coming in from a late night. With a wave of her hand, energy flashed across the hallway paralyzing both of them. Rei moved forward, first stopping at Andrew to make sure he didn’t remember the scene, before moving on to Elizabeth. “You will do as I say.” She whispered, her voice matching Lucemon’s. She leaned forward and in a breath whispered a command that would remain hidden till later on.

Stepping away she watched as Andrew and Elizabeth moved forward stepping over the dead body of Toni and into their respective rooms. Rei moved back to her own room and laid down, closing her eyes and flinching slightly as Lucemon could feel his control over her body fading. By the next morning they would discover the corpse of their fallen team-mate and realize that none of them was safe.

Bwahaha Mike had never posted, and I wanted Lucemon to have a nice little enterence. Rei wont be possessed when she wakes up, and the next morning we should get moving to the next town, which will be called Tri-Angel City. It wont have any Devil Digimon in it, but it will be a chance for everyone to relax and for relationships and friendships to build.

11th June 2006, 12:12 PM
Andrews eyes snapped open. He lay in his bed for a moment, lazily watching the dust motes in the air as they fluttered through the shaft of light streaming in through his window. Why had he woke up so suddenly? He closed his eyes, attempting to let himself drift back into the merciful oblivion of sleep. As soon as his eyes were closed, a horrific flash of blood and death ripped through his mind. With a shout, he sat up abruptly, throwing the sheets he had covering him to the floor. Breathing heavily, his wide eyes filled with fright, he quickly rolled out of bed and dashed to his door. Throwing it open he cried out again, this time in disbelief and disgust. Blood splattered the walls of the hallway, originating from the limp husk that was one of the former digidestined. Andrew had never talked with this particular one, but he had still been one of them and his death was still horrifying. Andrew murmered to himself, "W-what did this? Why didn't they come for us too?"

Closing his eyes again, attempting to block out the image of the horribly mutliated body lying in front of him, Andrew experienced another flash of realization. Opening his eyes he let out a piecing cry, "NO!!"

Doors up and down the hallway burst open as the rest of the digidestined, responding to his cry, looked out of their rooms to see what was happening. One by one they all saw the remains of their comrade and gave their own shouts of disbelief. Andrew, fallen to his knees from the series of horrific realizations, gazed to his left, to where Hotaru and Rei had emerged from their rooms with similar looks of disbelief. As Hotaru pulled Rei towards her to sheild her from the sight, Andrew spoke in a small voice, "Rei.....why? Why did you do this?"

11th June 2006, 09:44 PM
Hotaru Tajiri

My eyes snapped open at the sound of someone screaming. Rei and Naomi also awakened. "What is it now? Please don't tell me that we're under attack again," Naomi groaned as she dragged herself out of bed.

We looked out of our room and screamed. The walls were splattered with blood. Toni's blood. We didn't know her that well but it didn't make it any less horrifying. Rei hid her face in my chest to keep from seeing the sight. "How could this happen?" I asked quietly.

Andrew looked at Rei with a terrified expression on his face. "Rei.....why? Why did you do this?" he asked her in a small voice.

Naomi and I were shocked. "How can you say such a thing? Rei did not do this!" I growled at him.

"But I saw it! I saw her kill Toni!"

"Andrew, look at the kid! Does she look like the type that would kill anybody?" Naomi hissed.

"She must be..."

"Don't finish that sentence!" I yelled. I then looked at Rei who was looking at me with fear and lowered my voice. "You must have had a bad dream! We rescued her from that Digimon and now she's okay! Now we are going to the next city and we will not speak of this again!"

Naomi looked at me with a hint of shock. "Hotaru..." she said softly.

I said nothing else and nudged Rei back in the room, away from her accusers. But there was something in the back of my mind that was nagging me. Something that told me that something was wrong.

Maybe I was in denial about the whole thing.

11th June 2006, 10:14 PM
Andrew stood up, his eyes narrowing, "Hotaru, stop."

Hotaru finished hustling Rei back into the room and, closing the door, whirled to face Andrew, "You can't seriously believe she did this?!"

Averting his gaze from the body lying on the floor, Andrew nodded, "I can because it happened. It wasn't a dream, dreams don't come when you're awake and they don't lead you directly to a dead body. Rei, or someone who looked just like her, did this and then said something to Elizabeth. I don't know if she knew what she was doing or what bu it was her..."

Hotaru sighed heavily and averted her head to the side and down before responding, "And if it was? Then what?"

Andrew shrugged, "She was captured by those monsters, who knows what they or something else did to her. They work for this Lucemon don't they? And from what I've heard he wouldn't bat an eye at doing something to her."

Inside of the room behind Hotaru, a dark presence murmmered in the recesses of Rei's mind, silent to even its young host, "Damnable Destined of Light, I would have killed him as well had I known then. Now it will be much more difficult...though far from impossible"

(OOC: Andrew being immune was by a suggestion from Roy in case anyone's wondering why (I know I would))

11th June 2006, 11:32 PM

--------Before Toni Died---------

She will be okay, she just needs some sleep.

Snap had wanted to question the tone of Dennis' voice. The way he had touched and spoken to him seemed to imply something to the confused youth.

What am I? Her husband, or something? he thought irritably to himself. It's not like I've known Hotaru long, she's just a friend. Granted, she's the only person he's talked to here, but Snap wasn't the type to make more than one or two friends.

Thinking about Hotaru's state of health made Agamemnon remember the events that had transpired and his failure to save her.

"Hey, Dennis?" Agamemnon said finally, not facing him at all.

"Yeah, Snap?" Dennis responded uneasily.

"You seem to have been there when it happened. What happened to Rei?" he asked nervously, wringing his hands in the process.

"Well, we don't really know," he said in return, "We assumed they wanted her for something important, but we managed to save her. We found her on the cross accompanied by a Digimon known as AndroLadyDevimon. Why do you ask?"

That woman and a cross, Agamemnon thought to himself before turning to Dennis with a fake smile, "Oh, no reason."

--After the Accusations--

Agamemnon stared at the limp, headless body of the girl for a few moments in silence. He didn't scream or shriek or yell, but nonetheless he wanted to do something. Walking up to it, he slowly got down on knee to examine it.

"What are you doing," he heard someone ask him, but ignored it for awhile.

"What was her name," he asked stoically, betraying nothing of his thought or feeling, "Toni, was it?"

The question was rhetorical, Agamemnon didn't need nor want an answer. He looked at the head that was taken off.

"I didn't know her," he said somberly, "I don't know many of you, for that matter. And now she's dead, her life taken before she could truly..."

He could feel himself start to break down inside. He began to wring his hands only to realize something and stopped, and then tried to finger his jacket only to remember it was an imposter. He then decided to give up

"She wasn't the first," he finally said, "Becky had a dear friend once who died, and she took me to her funeral. I didn't know that girl either. I was insensitive then for not knowing that girl, and was a complete ass. Why should I care, she wasn't my friend? But she was Becky's friend. She had plenty of friends. I only had her. I didn't know what it was like to lose anyone that way."

Agamemnon sighed heavily and looked at the hall they were in, slowly being abandoned. He had to ask who it was he was talking to.

He thought back on Andrew's words, the cross, the woman who took Rei from him. The battle between him and the kidnappers.

His failure. Toni's death.

"This might be just as sad," he said.

He brushed the hair out of the severed head's eye.

"I'm sorry," he whispered in hopes no one could hear him, "I knew nothing about you, and yet I made it possible for this to occur."

Staring no more at the head, he wrapped his arms around the body and lifted her up.

"Can someone help me move her," he said out loud with a grievious lilt in his voice, "I don't think she should suffer the indignity of being left here."

12th June 2006, 02:22 AM
Name: Daron Wakami
Age: 16
Gender: Boy :3
Look's 1: Daron is what shallow people would consider a wild child. In spite of not really having Armenian blood, his facial structure is rather similar to that of his namesake, System of a Down's Daron Malakian. His eyes are a deep brown with flecks of forest green, and his hair, almost black in color with a few natural bright red hairs, is slightly messy and is kept at shoulder length. With somewhat pale skin, his build is healthy yet slender due to his tall height inherited from his father.
Daron's clothing is what leads people to assume that he is somewhat on the wild side. He is adorned in a black long-sleeved button up shirt with thin grey stripes running vertically, which is over jeans that fit perfectly in spite of being held up by a plainly studded belt. His sneakers are black and dark grey, and around his neck is a chain holding two kanji symbols, a yellow Thunder and light blue Ice, the elements his parents had back in the Digital World.
Look's 2: In spite of not having changed physically, Daron is absolutely appalled by his new clothing, which takes more of a surfer's appearance. He now wears a light blue shirt with darker palm trees on it, khaki shorts with a thin belt of a similar material, and brown flip-flops that are rather uncomfortable to walk in. The only thing that remains, however, is his necklace.
Personality: Daron seems to be close to a remake of his mother. While sometimes appearing cold and cruel, he is actual quite pleasant. Despite this joyous output, though, he is deep down somewhat depressed, stressed, and serious. Often is it that he'll go into a corner to cry, not for fear of appearing weak, but for feeling distant and out of place from the rest of the world, although he has heard from classmates that he is no different than a "bratty emo kid." Many assume that just because he plays the guitar and writes songs and poems, he's much like the "emo" kids of his parents' and grandparents' generations. However, he is quite mature and has a calm look to him, which causes many to look up to him in a time of great worry.
History: Daron has lead quite a normal, boring life. However, he has brought joy to his parents, Jun Wakami and Laura Kimura-Rider, ever since he was born. It seemed that greatness was to come for him due to the fact he had matured quite early. Because of his looks and intelligence, many looked up to him as he was growing up. However, moving to California when he was ten wasn't the problem so much as the fact he and his parents came across his grandmother on his mother's side. She began to terrorize his family in grudge of her losing custody of Laura, as if she was finally beginning to regret ever neglecting her daughter. This caused his mother to go into another great depression, causing Jun and Daron to worry greatly. These family issues have caused great stress in Daron's life, and now he worries if he'll end up as stuck as his mother just because of anxiety.
D-Sense Color: Silvery white base with deep blue rims and buttons.
Element: Water
Weapons: Suprisingly, not the Thunderbolt Staff of his father or a katana like his mother. Daron can materialize a metallic trident painted dark blue with silver droplets. The trident is about half a foot shorter than he is.
Theme Songs(Optional):
System of a Down - Lost in Hollywood (Lyrics (http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/systemofadown/lostinhollywood.html))
Black Sabbath - Snowblind (Lyrics (http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/blacksabbath/snowblind.html))
Tanaka Rie - Ningyo Hime (from Chobits)(Lyrics (http://www.animelyrics.com/anime/chobits/ningyohime.htm))
Other: None.

Digimon Spirit:

Name: Zoramon
Type: Fish Man
Virus,Data,Vaccine or Unknown: Vaccine
Looks: For those who have played the Legend of Zelda series enough, Zoramon is simply his namesake in appearance. His build is that of the fanon-named Sea Zora (the race we all know and love from OoT; picture (http://gallery.zeldalegends.net/displayimage.php?album=69&pos=27)). The only major differences, however, are that spots that are normally dark blue are black, his nose is smaller, and his eyes appear more dark blue than black. Tatooed on his back, however, is the symbol of the Zora race and the goddess Nayru, and at the bottom of the tail-like extension of his head, he bears a tatoo of the kanji symbol for water.
Tsunami ~ Zoramon pulls his hands together, open-palmed, and shoots forth a powerful blast of water.
Triton's Force ~ Zoramon summons his trident, and he rushes or swims forward, stabbing his foe.
Bubble of Nayru ~ This is simply a defensive spell similar to Nayru's Love. Zoramon forms a bubble around himself or an ally, which temporarily causes most physical and wind attacks to bounce back at the foe. Fire and thunder, however can break through the bubble.
Neptune Rain ~ Zoramon raises his trident towards the sky, clouds darkening overhead. This summons a light downpour which will heal allies lightly and somewhat sting foes.
Element: Water

Daron Wakami ~ Mizu no Kodomo

I stood in the hallway, silent. I didn't even dare to sigh just because I was completely appalled. The only person I knew...Toni. Killed. One could've easily considered us the best of friends, but before we had come to this Digital World I had doubted the existance of for so long...we just seemed to fall apart; not talking to each other seemed to do a lot. I watched them argue over who would've easily killed my "friend," and sighed. I just didn't know what to do now. I would've easily taken Toni's place, if death was really meant for me this young. I was clearly too scared for suicide, but now, I knew what I'd have to do.

I almost considered stepping forward towards the rest of the group, but I felt no need to. Did I really belong with them? Stepping backwards, I quietly dashed to a corner in the hallway. Upon arriving there, I fell onto my knees, my legs trembling with shock, fear, confusion, and grief. I lifted my hands up to my face, feeling no better but to sob...sob like my mother. No, I wasn't saying she was bad for crying or anything, but my depression and anxiety nowandays was slowly starting to match hers. Maybe I was just another helpless teenager. Maybe I was no different. Then only thing that I could be accounted for was being among this new group of Chosen Children, like my parents were before me.

Tears clouded my eyes, stress slowly overcoming me. One hand slowly made a fist and punched the wall, a meltdown taking over me. I was feeling weak again. I knew how my mother had always felt now, and I understood why she didn't enjoy feeling like this. I felt just like her; feeling out of place and everything. For now, I felt just so alone...but then, a warm feeling caressed my shoulder. A simple hand resting on me made me stop. Blinded by tears, I really couldn't make out the features of this person...possibly angelic for reaching out to me. I turned, almost as mesmerized as a child, and tried to dry my eyes.

Anybody feel free to continue this. Forgive me for having not posted until now...

Roy Karrde
12th June 2006, 10:54 AM
[color=pink] Rei Takinowa
[color=pink]~*~*~*~*~ Scared ~*~*~*~*~

With hands in my face, I leaned back against the door, allowing my back to slide down it till I was at the bottom. My stomach hurt, it hurt badly, and it was doing flip-flops. I felt something wet drip down my leg; I reached down and wiped it away before returning my hands to my face. I didn’t kill her, I didn’t kill her, I didn’t kill her. The doorknob began to move, I quickly got up and backed away. The door opened slightly and Aunt Hotaru stuck her head in. “Rei?” Hotaru asked. I dove quickly into the bathroom shutting the door and locking it.

Outside I could hear Hotaru move toward the door, knocking on it lightly as I sat on the floor in the bathroom. “Rei are you okay? You’re bleeding.” She pounded on the door; all I could do was cover my face in fear and humility. How could they believe that I killed someone? How could they do that?

Finally after a few minutes I rose to my feet with shaky legs and looked at myself in the mirror. There was blood on my hands, on my forehead, and on my cheek. My mouth moved awkwardly for a few seconds, as if a puppeteer controlled it. Air finally rushed out of my throat and I let out an ear-piercing scream. The door swung open with Hotaru throwing her shoulder into it.

Rushing over she quickly enveloped me into her arms, hugging me tight for a few minutes. My breath continued to come out ragged, like tearless sobs. “You didn’t do it, you didn’t do it.” She whispered, pulling away and looking over my face as Naomi walked in. She glanced over at me, before pulling away a towel and dampening it with water.

Hotaru took the towel from Naomi and began to dab my face with it, cleaning away the blood. “My stomach hurts a lot.” I moaned, Hotaru let out a short sigh and began to scrub away my hands trying to get the blood off of my fingertips. The white towel was already turning a deep red in color.

The room was silent, I knew both of them were worried that it was her blood, that I had killed them and I was caught with blood on my hands. Maybe I did kill her, maybe I did something horrible, and I just didn’t remember it. How else could I have gotten blood on my hands? Naomi cocked her eye as if she was had thought of something, she turned and walked out of the room, before re-entering a few minutes later with a smile on her face. “It isn’t Toni’s blood.” She smiled, sitting down next to Hotaru and myself, both of us looked at her in shock.

The next few minutes were the weirdest of my life; Naomi and Hotaru explained how I was becoming a woman, and how my mom would be so proud. My head continued to spin; did this mean that I didn’t kill Toni? Eventually we left the bathroom, the sun already rising, streaming rays through the open windows. The three of us got dressed and found our way down to the lobby where everyone else seemed to be, all standing in silence. I kept my head lowered, not wanting to match eye contact with anyone of them. In their eyes I was probably already guilty. Dennis was the first, he walked up and took my hand, holding it tight in a showing that he wasn’t scared of me.

Hotaru turned to everyone, each of their faces solemn. “Lets go to tri-angel.” She spoke up, we each somewhat nodded or agreed in our own way, all of us walking out of the hotel, and down the street. Now only with one less in our group. How long would it be until we were down one less again?

Alright Tri-Angel is a mega-metropolis think like New York. It’s the focal point of the Light and Dark temple, and will be having a parade when we arrive there to celebrate our arrival.

12th June 2006, 01:52 PM
Andrew glanced at Rei as they walked toward the great city of Tri-Angel. The girl was obviously distraught and Andrew felt some of the guilt from so quickly accusing her. He knew his vision was real, he saw Rei kill Toni, but he also knew Rei as well and knew that she not only wouldn't have killed anyone if she could help it, but also that she didn't have the power in her human form to do such a thing. With a sigh, he diverted his course, leaving Elizabeth with whom he had been discussing the temple they would obviously be heading to next with, and fell into step beside Rei. The girl kept her gaze straight ahead, obviously not looking towards Andrew on purpose. Andrew spoke nonetheless, "You didn't mean to I know."

Rei suddenly gasped and Andrew saw tears forming in her eyes, he continued to speak, "You were captured by those things, and there are powers in this world that are hard to understand. Who knows what they could have done to make you do that."

Rei finally turned to look at Andrew, still fighting back the tears that threatened to fall from her eyes, "What if it happens again?"

Andrew tried to make his smile look genuine, "We can protect you now, they won't risk trying it again when we're all around and aware."

A look of relief washed over Rei's face. Andrew, seeing that he had relieved at least some of the pressure pressing down on the young girl turned to return to his conversation with Elizabeth. Halfway there he stopped and turned, "Rei, catch!"

A flash of silver sparkled in the air before Rei reached out and grabbed the tiny silver wing that Andrew had thrown to her. Andrew smiled, genuinly this time, "Hold that til we figure out how to fix the thing, consider it a good luck charm."

12th June 2006, 09:26 PM
.: Darkness | F :.

You think they should kill Rei... you should suggest that... you should... because it would help me.
No. That's a stupid idea. You don't want yourself to be killed... you just want... you want...
OH no my dear... if Rei is killed it matters not. My spirit lives on... Rei should be killed be-
Liar. You want me to tell the others we should get rid of her to save ourselves... because... because then...
- then what my dear? What benefits would I possibly gain?
**<They would turn from you. Then you would be distrusted... and you would be out of his way. Exiled and no problem to him. Then you would be easier to kill.>**
Nonsense! Who are you to butt in-
**<You have no sway over me anymore! I am free and I shall harness the powers that you want to smite!>**
Who... who are you...?
They are nothing... it is just a-
**<I am the one calling. I am the caller... the callers... them... >**

Elizabeth had awoken in her bed with a jump of a start. Her eyes had simply shot open from sleep and she had no grogginess or aura of sleep still upon her. She had not sweat or felt feverish... she simply felt cold. The conversation... it seemed to be so short yet... yet so powerful. ANd now it was morning.

Rising up out of bed, Elizabeth reclothed herself and then swiftly exited her room. It was there that she saw a mass amount of chaos insue. Andrew declare that it was Rei who killed Toni... and then Toni's body being burried outside, and then everyone leaving... Rei having been cleaned up. Frowning, Elizabeth had watched it all yet she felt indifferent. She felt as if that conversation had a hold of her... a great huge claw that was squeezing her soul and her mind. She couldn't shake it... shake those two voices. Neither seemed all that friendly... but the one... the one made her wonder. What did they mean... the power? And why... why would that evil voice want to get rid of Elizabeth? She held no threat... did she?

The group continued to exit and after a while they started to come across Tri-Angel city. It was a huge and vast city... and as they entered it almost seemed as if they were entering a parade. Elizabeth had never seen a parade but she knew what they were and at the sight of them she instantly felt rather conscious of everything. She eyed every digimon and person in the crowd... her violet-flashed eyes filled with a curiousity and yet a bit of perhaps social anxiety. However, soon Elizabeth's eyes flickered over to Andrew. This city had the temples...
Yes, Elizabeth instantly knew that her digispirit was here. It was almost rather obvious to her... for she knew, perhaps by instinct or the strong aura that seemed to radiate from the temple to her, that she was darkness. Elizabeth opened her mouth to speak but she watched as Andrew swiftly headed over to her but then turned and flickered back a glimmering flash of silver to Rei. The girl's eyes seemed to widen with happiness as a blush and then a huge grin formed upon her features. Andrew shouted to her and gave a wave, and then he turned and looked to Elizabeth.
"Our temple is here, shall we go?"
Elizabeth gave a slow nod and soon the two of them ducked out of the parade and into the city. They didn't need to ask for directions nor did they get lost, for both of them seemed to understand and feel the temple that was calling to them. The power within it... the strong lull...
"Do you like her?"
Suddenly Elizabeth spoke up, turning her striking eyes to Andrew. They were not bitter nor were they indifferent, but they were filled with a true want. Andrew seemed startled for a moment as he stopped walking and stood still, puzzled as he looked at Elizabeth. Her features perhaps had changed... she was no longer looking like the bitter anti-socialist, but some thing had changed. She seemed... softer, perhaps as if she was vulnerable at this point- some thing that for Elizabeth, was unheard of. But the voices... the past night... perhaps even the talk with him, in a matter of an instant it had changed her. The sum of all things... of all changes had led to one big change. If he saw it... well, that was unknown.
"W-what?" Andrew said startled after a moment, and Elizabeth shook her said with a half-smile that perhaps was not meant to be a smile at all.
"Rei, do you like her?"
"Well of course I-"
"Not like that. I'm sure you can grasp what I mean." More silence insued, before Andrew began to talk once again... the sureness of his voice reaching her ears but yet they staggered- as if he was unsure how to approach this situation. The directness of it was perhaps a bit unnerving, coming from Elizabeth.
"Well... she's nice and cute but... well... she's so young... she's like a little si-" But before he could finish, Elizabeth turned from him for a moment.
"Age should not matter. If you like her, then you do. Age is a mere superficiality which humans these days have thought important when in actuality it is a mere number. The soul does not recognize age and nor does the heart..." She turned back to look at him, her eyes seeming to gleam with a bit more liquid but she held back any true emotion perhaps that she would have perhaps wanted to expell. "She does like you... " her voice trailed off, and then she suddenly seemed to give a nod to herself, turning and beginning to walk towards the temple. "Perhaps it is better that way... with no pain..."

[ Ahhh... angst. Gotta love it. Anyways, I figured that you, Mr. Ninja-man (XD) would continue this. You can do the whole 'light' part of the temple... which if you don't mind, I'd like that to be first. ^_^ ]

Roy Karrde
12th June 2006, 10:45 PM
[color=pink] Rei Takinowa
[color=pink]~*~*~*~*~ In Pain ~*~*~*~*~

[color=pink]The longer we walked the more the pain seemed to build up, sometime when we got to the city entrance, Elizabeth, Andrew, and a few others split up. Leaving just Gav, Hotaru, Myself, Snap, and Dennis. Letting out a short gasp of pain I began to fall behind, lagging behind the group as my hand clutched my stomach. Gav seemed to notice this first and ran back around, rushing to my side. “Are you okay? What’s wrong?” He questioned in an ever-annoying manner. I was hurting, that was what was wrong.

Instead I bit down my tongue, forcing my words back down my throat as I was helped to the bench. My mind trying to find some way to communicate to him what was wrong. “She just has a tummy ache.” Hotaru stepped in, taking my hand and leading me over to a bench along the sidewalk that we were walking upon. The city was huge, buildings towering so high that they seemed to reach past the clouds and out of sight. Every street corner seemed to be a mall with shops and dresses, and other pretty things. “How about you help me get some food.” She suggested to Gav and Snap, the three walked off leaving Dennis and I together.

With a grimace I rubbed my stomach, how could I deal with this every month? “I hope your stomach starts feeling better soon.” Dennis spoke out loud, probably saying the first thing that came to mind. “I could try and see if they have some medicine for stomach problems.” He added, looking across the busy street at a drug store.

I shot him a glare, which only increased the pain. “It’s not a stomach ache.” I growled, fighting back an ever-increasing feeling of rage and anger. Dennis seemed to almost reel back in shock at my sudden outburst. Slowly he moved back forward, still keeping his distance from me on the park bench. “It’s…something embarrassing.” I replied, my tone going lower so that no one else would hear. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Dennis slowly realize what I was talking about, I shot my eyes away in hopes to avoid any further embarrassment.

I lowered my finger to the bench, slowly tracing circles around the wood to keep my mind off of the pain. “Dennis..” I asked slowly, trying to form the words to ask him about what he thought about someone doing something evil. Yet having no control over the evil act when they did it. He glanced over at me, my mouth suddenly felt dry. How could I ask him something like that? Would he judge me? Would he hate me? “Nothing..” I sighed.

The sounds of marching feet and trumpets fell past our ears as Snap, Gav, and Aunt Hotaru returned. On the street across from us a full piece marching band was marching down the street, along with floats, and balloons that looked somewhat like the original digidestined. “It’s Independence Day in the digital world, the day the first digidestined freed the world from Lucemon.” Hotaru explained as we walked to the nearest table with sodas and hamburgers.

The four of us each sat down while Hotaru passed out the food. “Tonight they are supposed to be having some firework show, and carnival.” Snap explained before stuffing some french-fries in his mouth. I did the same and began to gobble down most of the fries and a bit of the burger, even though I really didn’t feel hungry. As we talked about the events, none of us even seemed to notice as Dennis stood up and began walking off as if some unknown force compelled him.

I continued to toy with my straw as Hotaru and Snap each gave each other awkward looks. “You two should go out on a date.” I finally piped up pulling the straw out of the area that I had just lost a tooth. Hotaru seemed to blush and Snap looked at me, eyes wide in shock. “What? She already told me she liked you.” I shrugged, Hotaru’s face becoming redder by the moment. Gav just seemed to lean back in his chair, a smile on his face as he watched the situation play out.

Hotaru quickly removed her straw from her drink and shot a stream of soda out of it, hitting me straight in the face and causing me to giggle slightly. “We need to have a talk later, now go pick up the trash.” Hotaru ordered, I got up with a moan of annoyance and scooped up the empty sodas and wrappers, taking them over to the trash can and depositing them. I glanced back and saw Hotaru and Snap talking, with Gav looking on in mild annoyance. I only could wish that Andrew would ask me out on a date tonight. I mean I was old enough to date right?

With a sigh I made my way back to the seat only to stop half way there. Down the street was a man laying on a bench, a human man! Gav followed my line of sight and got up, reaching the man a few seconds before I did, prodding his side to see if he would wake up. He wasn’t a part of our group, so how did a human man get here? The man rose slowly, a slight awakening moan in his very familiar voice. “SHUN!” I burst out in excitement, jumping up and throwing my arms around his neck. Shun was one of the old Digidestined, one of the ones that had been with my mom and dad and Hotaru the last time around.

“Rei?” Shun asks in shock, pushing back a few strands of hair from my face. “You’ve grown so much.” He smiles, I stick out my tongue and wrinkle my nose in happiness as Gav just stands idly by and watches it all.

I turned and noticed Gav, and then slapped my forehead for being so rude as Shun lowered me back down to the ground. “Shun this is Gav, Gav this is Shun, Shun is a old friend of mine.” I introduced the two, both shook hands and we all began to walk back to the table to tell Hotaru the good news about Shun’s arrival.

As we walked Shun turned and glanced around, taking in the landscape. “Rei? Do you know that boy that is following us?” Shun asked about halfway to the table, all three of us turned and pointed to a red haired boy that was a few stores down, he noticed us looking at him and dived into one of the shops.

Curiosity took the best of me, and even with the pain in my stomach, I decided to walk forward and leave Shun and Gav. “I don’t know, but I am going to find out..” I replied, walking off in the direction of the boy.

13th June 2006, 12:31 AM
Ryan asked me to play the role of the "boy". Here we go!


She spotted me! I hid behind a rack of clothes and put on a baseball cap as she walked closer to me. If she finds out I'm a Digimon...

"Who are you? Why were you following us?" she demanded.

My knees shook and my heart beat faster as I searched for an excuse. I tried to look away from her but I couldn't. "I...I wasn't following you," I replied lamely.

She walked around the rack, trying to get a better look at me. I did the same thing to avoid her getting a glance at my tail. "My friend saw you following us!" she accused.

We both stopped walking. "I wasn't following all of you. Just...you," I admitted quietly. I looked at her again and practically melted. She was so cute. She gasped and reached for something in her pocket, most likely her digivice. I panicked. "I'm not here to attack you! I'm good! I'm good!"

She returned her hand to her side. "What do you want? Are you human?" she asked curiously as she craned her neck to try to see more of me.

I tucked my tail between my legs. "Yeah, I'm human."

She smiled a little. "You have a weird hairstyle." She reached for my hair. I jerked my head back and accidently shook my cap off. The girl's eyes went wide. "Are those horns?"

I tried to think of another excuse but there was no excuse for having horns. "I was lying. I'm a Digimon. I was afraid that if you knew that...you wouldn't...never mind." I stood in front of her, showing her the rest of me. "I just wanted to say that I thought you looked pretty." I turned to leave, knowing that she wouldn't want to be seen with me.

OOC: For those that don't know, Flamon looks like this (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Flamon.jpg).

13th June 2006, 02:13 PM
"Age should not matter. If you like her, then you do. Age is a mere superficiality which humans these days have thought important when in actuality it is a mere number. The soul does not recognize age and nor does the heart..." She turned back to look at him, her eyes seeming to gleam with a bit more liquid but she held back any true emotion perhaps that she would have perhaps wanted to expell. "She does like you... " her voice trailed off, and then she suddenly seemed to give a nod to herself, turning and beginning to walk towards the temple. "Perhaps it is better that way... with no pain..."

Andrew hurried to catch up, "Just because something causes pain doesn't mean that something isn't important enough to keep striving for. In the end, maybe the pain makes the result that much better. Rei's nice...but I don't feel enough for her for anything to happen beyond the sibling relationship we have now...that's the feeling I get."

The temple loomed before them, a majestic building of white and black marble, covered in startlingly beautiful arched windows and great spires. Despite being in the center of Tri-Angel, the area was deserted, this being a rather sacred place and the parade drawing away those who would be here anyway. Andrew pushed open the great double doors to reveal the interior of the building.

The inside lived up to the temple's purpose. The floor was a mixture of white and black marble, the shapes and swirls the colors formed circling each other as the entire spiral pattern comverged in the center of the otherwise vast room. Light and shadow seemed to claim certain areas of the room, the light let in from the great windows lighting up great portions of the temple yet seemingly held in place by the dark shadows that claimed the rest of the area. Devoid of any furniture or decoration, the temple seemed all the larger for lack of clutter and the two digidestined's footsteps echoed off the vaulted ceilings.

The two stopped in the center of the room and turned in place, trying to find something, anything, that hinted at what they were to do next. Andrew finally spoke, "Um...open sesame?"

Elizabeth sighed, "Very funny,I doubt tha..."

A sound echoed through the temple, a single note so perfect in pitch that no manmade instrument could have produced it. A great light suddenly burst from the ceiling, directly above the two equidistant, and fell on them with almost palpable force. Feeling as though someone had grabbed her by the back of her clothes, Elizabeth was pulled gently from the light and set down just outside its boundary.

To Andrew however, the light took over his world. He sat in the brightness, surrounded by it, as a voice spoke to him, "Child of Light, why do you ask for this spirit?"

He realized he was being tested, that someone, or something, was measuring who he was and what he deserved. The light seemed to pierce through him, through his very essence, and he knew that he couldn't have lied had he wanted to, "I....I don't know. I don't know most of these people, I don't know what they're fighting, I don't even know what this world is....I don't know why I'm asking for it. I just know that I can't watch people, watch a world suffer and die when I could have done something. I was chosen for this role and as much as I'd rather be home, rather be away from this place, what I want and I what I feel I must do are different. I'm asking for this spirit because, with or without it, I'm going to do what I can...I just know that I won't succeed without the power it will give me."

The presence didn't respond for a long minute, leaving Andrew suspended in the ocean of light. He knew that he hadn't said what had been expected of him, had not stood up and valiantly proclaimed his valor and strength....but what he said had been the truth and that was all he had to give. The minute passed and the voice returned, "Those that have come before you have been braver, stronger, and more convicted....but none have had the pure intentions or the ability to recognize their own duty to others as you have. Take the spirit Chosen Child of Light and do what you must, that is all that is asked of you."

In an instant the light seemed to congeal and erupt around Andrew, bathing him in a rain of sparkling rays even as he felt new power flood into him. The spirit of Light was his. With a smile of renewed vigor he turned to Elizabeth who was viewing him with some amount of trepidation, "You're turn. Don't worry, if they took my confused and befuddled explanation than I'm sure you'll do fine."

13th June 2006, 05:06 PM
.: Darkness | F :.

Elizabeth’s eyes widened at Andrew, although she wasn’t sure to what to think. His mannerisms… his way of viewing things… it was all too new for her and yet she found she rather liked it. She liked his nice and calm demeanor, his happy views upon almost everything… it was refreshing and opposite to hers. Well, perhaps not completely opposite… but he helped tweak her views upon many things.
“Right… my turn…” Elizabeth said slowly, glancing about the huge temple. She knew she wouldn’t be able to simply step into a pillar of light and obtain her spirit. Things didn’t work that way… at least, they never did for Elizabeth. Closing her eyes briefly, suddenly a vision of a door came to her mind and when she reopened her eyes, she knew exactly where to look. Turning to her left she saw a slight dent in the almost perfectly-crafted walls, and slowly she walked up to it. Pressing her hand into the indentation, the wall seemed to reel at her touch and it swiftly moved backwards a few inches and then slide into another wall, revealing a very dark passage way. Stepping into it partially, she turned and looked to Andrew.
He gave a nod and followed as both of them entered a rather narrow and eerily dark tunnel. It seemed to wind like a snake for several minutes in pitch darkness- making it so that the two of them had to feel their way with their hands. Finally however, a slight pale glow of light was ahead and soon the two of themselves found a small oval-like room. It was completely dark in the room except for a small orb that seemed to almost float from the ceiling, casting down only a single ray of pale white light upon a small pedestal. The pedestal was of black marble, and on top of it was a black orb that seemed to almost swirl with an illuminated glow a deep sable and purple of intertwined vines beneath the surface. A call… a strange, dark yet familiar feeling rushed over Elizabeth causing her to shiver as she approached the pedestal. Slowly she reached out and grabbed the orb, and swiftly the orb released a flash of light… or perhaps the opposite of light, as darkness spilled into the room. As swiftly as the darkness spilled into the room, Elizabeth could feel a strange new sensation of power… and a deep roaring darkness engulf her.
“That wasn’t so bad…” Elizabeth said outwardly to Andrew, who seemed to almost say something back when suddenly Elizabeth gave out a shout.
**<Finally, you have arrived. We have been waiting… we have been planning and waiting for this moment… >**

The orb in her hand suddenly seemed to crackle and spark with a brilliant energy of purple. The purple illuminated the room like a dark fire and rapidly the orb vanished but in its place the fire seized Elizabeth’s body. Elizabeth screamed as she felt a burning sensation rip through her mind as a million voices seemed to channel about her body. They were everywhere… and she could not tell heads or tails from anything. The room was already dark but now it felt as if she was in a sensation of twirling… as if the room were spinning out of control. The voices… she could hear them at first, but then she could feel them… the hate, the desire, the lust, the anger… the severe and rampaging sensation of anger.

And revenge.

[ Alright, basically after you see the strange purple-fire aura about her, the darkness suddenly would sort of ‘fog’ the room so you couldn’t see Elizabeth again. Then after a few seconds, the white light would reform and the room would simply be back to normal but without the black orb. You won’t… exactly be getting Elizabeth back, and with your sense of ‘light’ you probably will be able to tell that it wasn’t part of the Temple test. ]

13th June 2006, 06:01 PM
(OOC: Alrighty, this'll be short though, just a reaction. Don't know how much you want to show before they leave the temple)

[color=limegreen]The anti-light flooded the room, Andrew could feel it almost pulling at him as if reacting to his innate nature. As quick as it came however, or so it seemed, the darkness faded and left Andrew alone in the room, the dark orb having vanished. Andrew could sense something...something that bothered him like an itch he couldn't reach. He waited. And waited...

and waited

Something wasn't right, he could tell. This wasn't part of the temple's trials. Andrew cried out for Elizabeth, hoping against hope that she had just been taken a bit deeper into the temple but to no avail. He slowly made his way back to the main chamber, calling out for Elizabeth the entire way. In the end however she never answered. Andrew stood at the doors of the temple and looked back one last time before he left to find help, all his new power couldn't do a thing to help him find Elizabeth now. He felt his stomach wrench as he ran from the temple, felt his heart racing. He was losing too many, he was failing everyone around him, he was powerless to stop the evil presence stalking them from taking and killing at will. When he finally made it back to the others, he looked at them with haunted eyes, "Something happened, something took Elizabeth."/color]

Roy Karrde
13th June 2006, 10:02 PM
[color=pink] Rei Takinowa
[color=pink]~*~*~*~*~ Curious ~*~*~*~*~

[color=pink]The boy’s shoulders sunk, as did his head. “I was lying, I’m a digimon, I was afraid that if you knew that… you wouldn’t… never mind.” He let the disguise go, letting me see the rest of him. He seemed about my age, and pretty harmless, and kind of cute too. “I just wanted to say that I thought you looked pretty.” He added, my cheeks warmed automatically as he turned to walk away. As he walked I glanced at his feet to see that they were bleeding.

I quickly ran forward and grasped his hand. “Hey wait a second.” I quickly called out, holding his hand. “You’re hurt.” I said, practically dragging him over to a park bench. He sighed and sat down, allowing me to prop his feet up slowly upon my leg. His tail twitching back and forth as I looked at his feet, they were blistered several of them bleeding and opened.

Looking around for something to tie his feet up with, I had nothing, my shirt was too small to be torn. Frowning I rose and walked over to a nearby drug store, buying some gauze, I returned and began to wrap it around his leg with my one good hand. I had seen mom do it several times to me whenever I hurt myself, so I followed the motions she always did. Flamon turned and smiled, wiggling his toes when I finally finished. “You’re skin is really soft.” He whispered, and then covered his mouth in shock. “I’m sorry, I just..” He blurted out.

I blushed, and giggled at his shyness, before helping him up to his feet. “Never seen a human before?” I asked, Flamon shook his head; I leaned forward and held out my hands, allowing him to touch and inspect them. Flamon ran a claw over my hand, it began to tickle and I couldn’t help but laugh. Flamon quickly jerked his hand away in shock and fear. “It’s okay, it just tickles.” I tried to explain, moving forward and touched his face, running it down softly before moving it away.

Flamon closed his eyes a second before opening them, his tail wagging back and forth wildly. I peeked around and glanced at it, Flamon instantly recognized what I was looking at and tried to catch it. “Sorry…it’s…hard…to…catch.” He grunted finally wrapping his paws around the tail and bringing it forward for inspection.

Leaning forward with a careful hand I began to stroke the tail, back and forth I ran my hand over the soft fur. “It feels so soft.” I whispered in amazement, feeling the warmth and softness that seemed to just flow off the tail. “Oh, I wish I had a tail.” I sighed with a hint of giddiness in my voice moving my hand away and allowing for Flamon to return it back behind him.

Slowly he rose back to his feet, wincing in pain from the blisters. “Are you going home?” I asked, remaining on the bench and watching him. It hurt so much to move that sitting here just eased the pain lightly.

A hint of sadness flashed over Flamon’s face before being dashed away by a fake smile. “Yep, it was nice to meet you.” He smiled, walking off slowly and disappearing around the corner. Turning back I glanced over at Hotaru and Snap talking, Gav rose and walked over to me, asking what was wrong.

It was just a feeling I had, I couldn’t place my finger on it, but that sadness I saw on his face, it worried me. “I.. don’t know.” I replied, Gav helping me to my feet. He turned and looked back at Hotaru and Snap, before rolling his eyes. My eyes continued to remain at the corner that Flamon disappeared from.

Gav let out a short sigh. “Want to go follow him?” He asked, turning and pointing to Hotaru and Snap. “Those two are getting all mushy and stuff.” He smiled, this drew a smile from myself and I nodded, Gav leading me down to the corner that Flamon turned. Revealing that the corner was really a alley, filled with trash and a smell that made my nose turn.

My hand clutched Gav’s in shock, was this Flamon’s home? Ahead of me something moved, scampering deeper into the alley. “Flamon?” I asked stepping forward, my foot sinking deep into garbage. No matter what I wasn’t going to let such a nice guy live in something like this.

14th June 2006, 11:21 PM

I poked my head from behind the Dumpster at the sound of Rei's voice. "Oh. Hi, Rei. I just took a wrong turn and got lost." I laughed nervously, hoping that Rei would buy it.

Rei picked up a cloth bag holding all of my remaining possessions. "You live here, don't you? You know, you're not so good at lying," she told me.

"Tell me about it," I muttered in embarrassment. I walked up to her. "I'm sorry for lying so much but I want you to like me, not pity me." I took my bag away from her. "I don't live here all the time. I sometimes live in another alley. I move from time to time."

"How can you live in such a dirty place?" a guy behind her asked me.

"It's not like I have a choice!" I yelled. I lowered my voice when Rei stepped back from me. "I had a home but it got destroyed in a fire along with my family. I can't really remember any of it. Just that I was the only one who lived. It's strange."

Rei looked at me with her pretty eyes flowing with tears. "You shouldn't live like this. Come with me; we'll take good care of you." She took my hand and started tugging.

"Rei, we can't take him in! We already have a lot of human and Digimon mouths to feed. Plus he would be facing danger every day. He may not be able to defend himself," the guy said.

I hung my head. "He's right, you know. I'll be fine here."

But Rei's hold on me only got tighter. "But you can't live like this! That's probably how your feet got like that! You need food and shelter and someone to take care of you!"

I blushed. "It's a tempting offer..." I admitted.

"Then it's settled! Let's go see Aunt Hotaru!" She dragged me out of the alley and to one of the humans I saw her with. "This is Flamon and he's going to stay with us!"

Hotaru shook my hand. "It's nice to meet you."

"I hope you're going to allow me to take your niece to the festival tonight," I said eagerly and as politely as possible.

"Can I?" Rei asked her, jumping up and down.

Hotaru smiled warmly. "Okay. Just let me take her to find a nice outfit for the festival."

14th June 2006, 11:32 PM
(Trying to get several events covered at once)



"So, there have been several more generations of saviors than what I've been told," the youth ruffled his hair as he continued his conversation with the bizarre, goblin-esque Digimon standing in front of him.

"Well," Shamanmon replied, "Yeah, if you know it has happened twice so far, why not assume it has happened more than that."

Agamemnon grunted in annoyance, there seemed to be an obvious reason why he wouldn't want to assume.

"But that's just depressing," he continued, "I mean what's it going to take to kill this obnoxious... Just forget it, I think you know what I'm saying."

"Yes, I know," he responded in equal irritability behind the counter, "Now why don't you take your damn order so that the paying customers can place one and take your mood-crashing with you."

Snap sighed out of frustration as he took the bags of lunch and went outside to get the others. Spotting Hotaru at another place, he walked up to her with a smile.

"Well, I managed to get lunch, but I think we should get someone else to do it next time," he said with an embarrassed smile, "It's a long story."

Hotaru gave Agamemnon an odd look but otherwise said nothing, catching up with Gav and returning to where they had left Dennis and Rei.

"Hey, Gav," Snap said tossing him a small pouch of money, "Thanks for the contribution to the Lunch Fund, there's your change."

Gav caught the bag with ease, counted his money, and gave him a thumbs up. A satisfactory amount was returned to him.

"Well, I don't know about the rest of you," Snap continued cheerily, "But I'm broke, I guess I should find a temp job around here, or take up gambling."

It was Gav's turn to give him an odd look.

"It was a joke," he returned mildly dis sappointed at what could be construed as Gav's misjudgement, "I don't gamble."


Nearby, a Digital marching band was marching past, playing what could possibly be their national anthem. Snap gazed at the balloons, something about two of them seemed familiar to him. They eventually reached Rei as she gazed questioningly to her Aunt.

“It’s Independence Day in the digital world, the day the first digidestined freed the world from Lucemon.” Hotaru explained as they walked to the nearest table with sodas and hamburgers.

Given time to do nothing, Snap began to think to himself, something that he was not fond of doing to often. He reflected on the event that occurred the day before, about Rei, the mysterious girl's death, and his failure. The image of the girl's bodiless head and the other boy who had cried at the sight of it was starting to burn itself into his head.

<She was important,> he thought miserably, <To other people I don't know. From one failure, so many ruined.>

He pondered briefly whether or not causing the death of a stranger was worse than the death of someone you knew. Then of course, he had to consider whether or not he should tell the others. In this regard, he turned his head to look at Hotaru, who returned his gaze with one that was unreadable to him.

“You two should go out on a date.” Rei piped in. Agamemnon turned to the girl, his previous thoughts magically abandoned. In his peripheral vision, he noticed Hotaru go red in the face.

<The hell?> Agamemnon wondered as he looked at the girl, <Did she just say?>

“What? She already told me she liked you.” Rei shrugged. Hotaru’s face turned a greater shade of red. Agamemnon turned to Gav, who was leaning back in his chair with a smile on his face.

<Oh, Fantastic,> Agamemnon thought in a mild panic, <I've only talked to her like twice in the whole frickin' time I was here.>

He briefly pondered whether or not Rei was possessed or just plain evil and whether or not Gav was, too. This feeling was compounded on by their leaving the two of them.

<Oh, God, how could I not notice,> he continued thinking, <This is just like how I didn't figure out Becky liked me, except now I'm not also unwittingly dating her.>

Agamemnon had the feeling he was gonna make a jerk of himself.

<Your sister's right, Agamemnon,> he thought grimly, <You totally suck. Alright, deep breath. You can power through this. Just don't go off on a one-line non-sequiter like you do in awkward situations.>

"So, what's the deal with those balloons?"

This is the best I could do at this time.


Has anyone else noticed that everything Agamemnon does is totally out of sequence of everything else?

14th June 2006, 11:44 PM
OOC: I like it how when an RPer posts that he announces to every character that Elizabeth is gone... people sorta just ignore it.

I will post later, just wanted to see if people saw that or if they were purposefully ignoring it.

15th June 2006, 12:17 AM
Hotaru Tajiri
Cat's out of the bag

"So, what's the deal with those balloons?" Snap asked me as we stood together. Rei had gone to see what the deal was with that boy.

I relaxed a little. "Well, each balloon represents one of the first group of Digidestined's partner. It's a way to remember the ones that first saved the Digital World from Lucemon."

He grunted in frustration. "Is that guy ever going to stay defeated?"

I searched for something to say. "Well, think of it this way. It's a matter of Yin and Yang. Light and dark. Good and evil. Just as good must exist, so must evil. I know it must sound depressing but that's how it is. We just have to make sure that we do not let evil overtake this land. Like it has taken over parts of the human world."

Snap opened his mouth to say something but nothing came out. Rei was coming back with the "boy". He turned out to be a Digimon named Flamon. I agreed to take him in and let him take Rei to the festival that was going to happen tonight. "It looks like Andrew's been dumped," I whispered to Snap.

Andrew ran up to us just as I mentioned him. "Something happened, something took Elizabeth," he said while he was trying to catch his breath.

"Oh no! Where did she disappear?" I asked him.

"In the temple."

"Take us there."

Roy Karrde
15th June 2006, 01:03 AM
[color=pink] Rei Takinowa
[color=pink]~*~*~*~*~ Shock ~*~*~*~*~

[color=pink]All of us ran, pushing through people and balloons as we made our way toward the temple. The crowd seemed to recognize Hotaru and appropriately moved out of the way to let all of us past. Eventually it became evident who were the runners of the group, Daron, and Hotaru, along with Andrew were far ahead, with Gav and Felomon in hot pursuit. Dennis kept slowing down and stopping to allow Flamon and I to catch up. “It’s not too far away.” Dennis yelled back, I waved him on, my hand grabbing my stomach as I dropped to my knees. Everything hurt and running just made it feel worse. Flamon was instantly by my side.

I rose back to my feet, wincing a bit while glancing down at Flamon’s bleeding feet. I turned my head back up with a look of worry stretched across my face. “My feet are okay, really.” He said softly, almost too embarrassed to admit he was in a lot of pain. I let a sigh out of my nose, my hand moved toward my Digivice to which I unhooked from my belt. “What are you going to do?” He asked, peering over my shoulder to get a better look at the digivice.

I turned and gave him a wink, turning back to the digivice and activating the evolution buttons. “Spirit Evolution… Enfermon, please work.” I pleaded, the light engulfing me, the feeling of my body, ever changing into a digimon. Fur, Claws, Teeth. It was all a rush, all of it swirling around me as I changed. The light finally faded, my body falling forward from the new digigrade paws. I shot a glance back to Flamon, he was still taller than me, much taller, yet the pain was now gone and I could run a whole lot faster. “Get on and hold on.” I said, my voice coming out as a deep rumble and sounding harsher than I expected.

With one leap we were off to the races, we shot past Dennis with ease, riding up and past Gav with almost no thought. Felomon jumped forward and with lightning fast ease caught up to us. “Race you.” I grinned flashing past Hotaru and Daron as we quickly came upon the temple. Flamon began to grip down on my fur in fear, and I slowed allowing Felomon to pull ahead and win the race. With shaky legs Flamon dropped to the ground, his legs giving out as he dropped onto his butt.

I gave Felomon a smile as emotions flooded over me, Flamon remained to shake as I padded over to him. I gave him a small nudge and rested my head in his lap. “I didn’t mean to scare you.” I whimpered, Flamon grinned slightly and began to pet my fur, running his claws up and down my head. It took every single bit of self-control to keep myself from licking his face.

Aunt Hotaru and Gav ran up, along with Daron and the self-control went out the door. I leaned forward and extended my tongue licking the side of Flamon’s cheek. At that point the Spirit picked the perfect time to De-Digivolve, sending me back into my human state. My eyes fluttered open and I found my head still leaning in, my lips softly touching the side of Flamon’s cheek.

Flamon gasped in shock, his face reddened as I pulled away slowly. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Hotaru and Andrew give each other’s looks before walking in. Daron walked over and gave Flamon a hand up, he weakly took it in his stunned state. He turned and like a gentleman gave me a hand up, like what all those guys do in the movies. I felt like a beautiful actress in one of those really rich movies mom would take me to. We were both blushing and grinning from ear to ear as we entered the temple. Felomon jumping around us in joy of winning.

Andrew went around explaining everything that happened before finally leading us to the final spot. “This is where she disappeared.” He pointed out. Each of us looked around helplessly, trying to figure out what to do. I tried not to look at Flamon, yet every few minutes I found my eyes glancing toward his direction to see him watching me. The second we realized we were looking at each other; we would immediately turn away, only to look back a few seconds later.

Minutes past, no sign, nothing of Elizabeth. The sound of footsteps began to fill the passage we came through, causing all of us to turn. The heavy stench of the Darkness temple was almost disgusting, I could only pray that we would get out of here soon and get back to Shun. “So I find the rest of you.” A familiar voice walked in, his hands clapping. “And in the darkness temple too.” The figure grinned stepping into the light to reveal the unmistakable face of Shadow.

Andrew stepped forward first, pointing a figure straight at Shadow. “Where is Elizabeth?” He asked, his voice never rising although he seemed to have a bit of intensity in his eyes.

Shadow’s brow lifted. “You mean the trap? The trap that Lord Lucemon placed?” He lied, forming a bow at my feet before rising again. No one even glanced at my direction, each of them kept their eyes focused on Shadow. He let out a sigh and shook his head, spinning on his heal he turned walking back to the door, placing both hands upon it as if to block the exit while his head peered out into the hallway. “You will take your rightful place one day my lord.” He added, his voice fading almost to a whisper as he watched out into the hallway, almost as if he were waiting for something.

“And that day will be very soon.” He added.

Ultimate Charizard
15th June 2006, 01:56 AM

The digital world had a nasty knack for this. Outside, on the way here, it had been fun. Sure we had been worried for our two missing companions but we knew where they were, we knew why they were here, we just hadnt realised they'd wondered off.
Now of course things were much more serious. This was emphasised as the temple outside Shook violently.
"Oh by the way.." Grinned Shadow wickedly "....ive brought a friend along and he really wants to meet you all"
He turned slowly and faced directly at me. "Of course, you already know him". His laugh could be heard echoing as he vanished through the doorway and the temple shook violently again. I looked down to see Flamon poking me in the leg "What did he mean by that?".
"I dont know" i said as i moved to follow the evil clone "but im going to find out!". I could hear the others following as i began to walk back outside. As we got nearer the entrance a voice could be heard to match each shake of the temple. Obviously a Digimon attacking but i had to find out what. I had a bad feeling about it and it was confirmed as i made out the name of the attack.
"BLACK THUNDER BLAST!!" It roared and the temple shook once more.
We emerged to see a huge winged dragon digimon blasting away at the side of the temple. It looked kinda like a Devidramon but its back was covered in tatty grey fur and its head and shoulders was covered in Black spikey armour and ts fingers ended in viciously sharp blades.
"What on earth is that thing?" asked Hotaru as everyone cleared the temple. "You know how a Greymon that evolves before its ready becomes Skullgreymon instead of Metalgreymon? I asked without turning my head.
"Well this is NeoClawdramon!"

A light shone Bright beside me and i didnt need to hear the announcement of Digivolution. The change from the Light growls of Felomon to the deep rumbled growls of Clawdramon told me that he felt the same way i did about this.


Its Clawdramons Evil Ultimate form mwahahahah!!!! (cough)
Ok ive spoken with Roy. This is hopefully gonna be a reccuring bad guy for a bit so i dont want anyone taking him down quickly and also give everyone a chance to get involved. Also, noone destroy him outright please, i need him later lol.

15th June 2006, 07:44 PM
Alright, I'll post once this battle is done. I have a long post coming up... but I'll just wait 'till after the battle because then Elizabeth will be rejoining up.

15th June 2006, 08:20 PM
+A little while ago...+
I stood in the middle of the memerial, a huge slab, upright, with names carved all over it, at the bottom was a shallow dish, made for offerings, it was currently empty. I sighed, this was a memorial that had died during my, no, during Shadow's insane rampage during the last journey. I sighed, and called out, "Where are you hiding, you worm!? I know you're here!"

"So, You're just as perceptive as usual." Shadow stated, walking out from behind the slab.

"What're you after here?" I demanded.

"Only to end Lord Lucemon before he becomes a threat to my plans. Well, actually, if there's enough time, I'll just complete them, then no one will be around to do anything." He answered, chuckling madly.

"What do you me-" I began before getting socked in the gut by a metal fist, my vision blurring.

"AndroLadyDevimon, take him to our nearest facility, and make sure his Digivice is kept seperate from him." Shadow stated, walking off as everything faded to black.

15th June 2006, 10:34 PM
[color=limegreen]Calm down Andrew, take a moment to think here. Alright, that thing took Elizabeth or helped take her or...whatever...and now this dragon thing's stopping you from getting her back.....alright screw it, don't calm down, take that thing apart!

The fire that had been burning in Andrew's eyes when he had confronted Shadow was a full rage now. He didn't have to run away anymore, didn't have to rely only on his pistols to protect himself. The Human Light Spirit was his, he could feel the power pulsing through his veins and it was time for him to actually use it. With a flourish he brought his hand in front of his face and, with a look of concentration, brought to life the spinning, sparkling fractal code that contained all the data he would need to send a message to whatever evil had taken Elizabeth. Directed by some inner feeling, perhaps a remaining echo of the voice of Light that had spoke to him, Andrew's other hand rose up holding his Digivice. He had heard people yell out the next portion, but in his current state the best he could force out was a muted, yet emotion filled, "Spirit....evolution."

The digivice met the fractal code which erupted around Andrew, surrounding him in spiraling brilliance. The code swirled for a last moment, reading the last of the information encoded in it, before suddenly contracting around the young man. Light shone from the mass, signaling the finalization of Andrew's transformation. As the light faded, two majestic wings exploded outwards. With a massive thrust, they rose the angelic form of Nephilimon into the air, his incredible sword in his hand and his hair blowing out behind him. Belying his serene and beautiful appearance, Nephlimon's eyes were full of fury. Pointing his blade at the NeoClawdramon he spoke in a resounding , yet harmonious, voice, "I'll give you one chance to give her back or to take me to her. If you plan on enjoying life any longer I would advice you to take it."

With that, Nephlimon raised his sword to the side of his head and held it parallel to the ground, ready to make good his promise.

16th June 2006, 01:46 PM
ULTRA SUPER EDIT!: I'm having...a..pain in the ass time...making a post. I have no clue why. It's fustrating me, besides me being in a funk. So...I'm trying~ to think of one, and I'm sorry it's so hard to push a new character into a RPG midgame. *sigh*

16th June 2006, 02:41 PM
Naomi Watts

"Tell me again why we didn't go with the others," Flamedramon grumbled from outside the dressing room.

"Because I have my own agenda," I reminded him as I stepped out in my new outfit. Yellow T-shirt and blue jeans. "I needed a more comfortable outfit for the journey."

"I don't see what was wrong with your old outfit."

"Apparently you need to wear a skirt so you can see how it can hinder you and your fighting." I turned around so that he could see all sides. "What do you think?"

"I think my time is better spent doing other things. Now let's go get something to eat before I drop dead."

"Let's take one more stop. I figured we might need some supplies before we go to the next city."

We soon walked to a small restaurant and sat down inside, carrying bags that held everything from bottled water to first aid kits. A Digimon that Flamedramon identified as a Palmon came to take an order. "You're my second human customer today," she told us as she pointed to an Asian boy sitting in a booth nearby.

I smirked. "Ooh, he's cute."

"Shun?" Flamedramon mouthed.

"You know him? That makes flirting with him even easier."

"I don't think..." he started as I got up from my seat.

I sauntered over to Shun and sat across from him. He looked up at me as if I had interrupted something other than his meal. "You look so lonely over here. Why don't I keep you company?" I asked sweetly.

He cocked an eyebrow. "Who are you?" he asked me.

"Same as you, I guess. By the looks of that device in your pocket, you're a Digidestined. My name's Naomi. Pretty name, isn't it?"

He didn't look interested at all. "I guess. Are you saying that you're a Digidestined?"

I smiled. "Yes. If you give me a few minutes to get something to eat. I'll take you to the other Digidestined. Rei, Gavin, Hotaru..."

He perked up in an instant. "Hotaru's here? Where is she?"

"I think she was watching the parade the last time I saw her," I said as kindly as I could although my smile had vanished.

Damn. What is it that Hotaru has and I don't?

16th June 2006, 11:18 PM
Nephilimon didn't give the evil dragon much time to respond. As soon as it turned away from it's attack on the temple, the angel was on it. New to this form and not knowing the extent of NeoClawdramon's power, Nephilimon didn't want to give it a chance to attack. The two collided in midair, Nephilimon dwarfed by the great dragon. The two began to furiously attack each other, sword and claw meeting almost constantly as NeoClawdramon attempted to strike the much smaller and quicker Nephilimon and Nephilimon struggled with his new form and the power of his opponent. Spinning around a particularly well aimed claw strike, Nephilimon winced as one of his wings was grazed and began to leak blood behind him, even as his sword traced a deep gash across the Dragon's chest. Darting back quickly, Nephilimon dodged a bite from the dragon's mighty jaws and attempted to circle to the back of NeoClawdramon. Within the space of a few more minutes, both opponents were bleeding freely and tiring quickly due to the ferociousness of their fight. Nevertheless Nephilimon, driven by his loss and anger, continue to struggle. Realizing that, though it could quite possibly win this battle, it would not escaped unscathed and would be weak to further attack, NeoClawdramon gave Nephilimon a might buffet with his wings which sent the raging angel into a wall of the temple. Turning, the dark dragon gave one last cry before winging off past the city and into the distance.

Nephilimon emerged from the fallen wall of the temple, breathing heavily and bleeding from multiple wounds. With a quick flash of fractal code, Andrew reappeared, similarly winded though missing the deep claw wounds. Balling his hand into a fist he slammed it against a nearby shard of the temple, "Damn, he got away! Elizabeth could be in deep trouble and we've got no way to find her!"

An ominous voice suddenly emerged behind the youth, "Finding her will be the least of your problems..."

(OOC: Hope that was an even enough battle for you, didn't want either to come out too much ahead specially if Neo's going to be making a comback. This way neither really showed what they were capable of due to the quickness and instinctive nature of the fight)

Roy Karrde
16th June 2006, 11:52 PM
[color=pink] Rei Takinowa
[color=pink]~*~*~*~*~ Drowning ~*~*~*~*~

I fell to my knees, my breath growing weak. Everywhere in the temple it felt as if I were suffocating. An unseen smoke seemed to fill my lungs, my body wracked with despair and regret. Images of my parents moving on with out me, of being trapped in this world forever filled my mind. Images of seeing Hotaru die, seeing Andrew die, seeing everyone cut down in battle. “Aunt Hotaru.” I wheezed my breath growing fainter as I tugged on her sleeve. “We need to go.” I added, everyone was concerned with the battle watching it with out even giving anything else a second thought.

Aunt Hotaru’s eyes didn’t even glance away; she was so busy watching the battle, worried about the next move. “We will in a second.” She said absentmindedly. I let out a staggered cough and I could see her eyes glance over. Her face going from worried to absolutely frightened as my weight gave out. My body hitting the ground.

“Aunt..ho..” I couldn’t make the rest of the words form as my eyes glazed over, my face laying on the ground, watching and listening as Hotaru rolled me over onto my back, listening for a breath from my mouth. Flamon rushing over and grabbing my hand, pleading that I would be okay.

[color=black]She rose a few seconds later, Hotaru and Flamon moving away, yet still kneeling next to her. “Rei? Are you okay?” Flamon asked, Rei turned her head toward him, blackness swirling around her eyeball, dancing around as it began to retain control. Hotaru touched Rei’s side and Rei’s head jerked toward her, a hand flinging out and with inhuman strength flung Hotaru halfway across the room.

Rei began to rise, standing fully upon her feet, the brief image of Lucemon’s wings appeared around her back. Rei turned to Flamon, darkness dancing across her fingernails. A flicker of neon light shot forward, Flamon was flung against the nearest wall, a skull appearing around him as he was pinned against the wall. “Rei, it hurts.” Flamon cried.

The darkness began to drain from Rei’s eyes as she realized what she was doing. The skull around Flamon disappeared and he dropped to the ground. The darkness sprung forth again in her eyes and the monster inside retook control. Knowing how touchy she was about touching Hotaru or Flamon, Rei walked toward the newly fallen Andrew. “Finding her, will be the least of your problems..” Rei grinned, walking up behind him.

Andrew turned in shock, crawling away fast as the wings emerged again. Pieces of the wall swirled around Rei, dancing in a devil’s dance as she walked toward him. “All of you are standing in my way of taking full control of this one.” Her voice boomed, echoing all around the walls to reach maximum shock value.

Her eyes spanned the room before turning back to Andrew. “It is time for you to pay the price in flesh of stopping my plans.” She sighed, two sharp pieces of the wall sprung forth, gouging into his eyes and destroying both of them, never getting the chance to see again. Andrew screamed out in pain and Rei fell to the ground gasping her head, the wings disappeared and the darkness disappeared from her eyes.

[color=pink]I coughed a few times, my breath coming out ragged and horrible, sweat dripped from every pore of my body. A horrible scream echoed around the temple, I quickly clasped my hands over my ears, trying to shut out the scream. Something had happened, something that I did, what did I do? Tears began to dip from my eyes, as I dropped to my knees. “What happened? What did I do?” I screamed out, shaking and confused.

[color=white]Okay I got permission to do this. Andrew will be completely blind from now on as he wanted.

17th June 2006, 12:05 AM
The pain was secondary to the horrible darkness that collapsed around Andrew. He didn't feel the shards of rock rip themselves from his eyes, nor did he feel the blood that leaked like tears from his ruined face. Instead it was the darkness that attacked him, a darkness so full and consuming that he wondered for a second if he even stood in the land of the living any longer. His breath was harsh in his ears, as harsh as the ground that he was kneeling on.

God, my eyes! They're...I can't see!

A scream emerged from Andrew's throat, the sound of someone who had lost all hope, who no longer had any options left to him.

The dragon got away, and now I can't even see to try and find Elizabeth! How can I help her, help anyone without my eyes? How am I even going to survive?!

Andrew tried to cry before realizing that he no longer had a place for tears to emerge from, instead he just rose to his knees and put his hands over the ruin of his eyes. The darkness didn't care about his tears, they were lost in it as soon as they were thought of.

17th June 2006, 04:56 PM

"No, no, no..." I kept repeating as I saw Rei on her knees on the temple floor. That monster, that demon couldn't have been the Rei that I met. I clutched my head and shook in fear. That wasn't Rei! Where was Rei?

Hotaru tried to comfort her but it wouldn't work. The demon only shoved her away and cried even louder. "We'll make you better, Rei. We'll get him out of you," Hotaru soothed.

"It won't undo anything!" the demon cried out. It locked eyes with me, those eyes that were clouded with darkness a minute ago. It reached for me. "Flamon..." it whimpered.

"NO!" I screamed. I flattened myself against the wall. "Don't touch me! Don't hurt me! You're a monster! You're not Rei!" I threw up my arms to shield myself from the demon that dared try to imitate my sweet Rei. I would not end up like Andrew!

The demon's eyes started to tear up again. It got up on its feet and ran out of the temple as fast as it could. I relaxed a little. The demon was finally gone.

But Hotaru wasn't happy. She went over to me and sat down with me with a disappointed look on her face. "Flamon, you shouldn't have done that. It must've broken her heart to see you like that," she told me softly.

"That wasn't Rei! Look at what she did to Andrew!" I sobbed.

"It was Rei. And it wasn't at the same time." She stroked my head to comfort me. "Rei has been possessed by the spirit of a very evil Digimon. There are times when she isn't herself. But we should chase her away. She needs us more now than ever before."

I stopped crying and realized what she was saying. "Oh no...what have I done?" I got to my aching feet and ran out of the temple. She was nowhere to be found. "Rei! I'm sorry! Come back!" I winced as a bolt of pain shot through me. "Please come back!"

18th June 2006, 01:49 AM
Eh I quit. Ya'll goin' too fast for me. So kiss my fro :afro:

19th June 2006, 07:50 PM
[ Poor Andrew. He gets his eyes gouged out and Flamemon gets comforted instead. *pets Andrew* XD ]


.: Darkness | F :.

Opening her eyes, there was nothing but darkness encircling her. An almost unsettling darkness that seemed to hover in the air like a thick dark fog- so thick that she found it almost rather hard to breathe. Her eyes blinked a few seconds before she realized that she couldn’t see anything but the darkness… and that she was indeed, in complete darkness and her eyes were open. After that realization settle within her, she soon grasped that she was upon a cold floor and that her head was throbbing with an immense amount of pain. She gave a slight cough from the thick air and slowly she rose up from the floor, sitting slightly before placing her hands upon the floor and pushing herself into a standing position.
Standing for a moment she looked about- her head swimming in a pool of pain as she did so- before she realized that there was some thing out there. Frowning, she felt a prickling sensation at the back of her neck as she sharply jerked her head about- as if paranoid the thing would come for her. Every jerk seized her with more gripping pain, causing an unsettling dizziness and a wave of nausea to rise upwards. Closing her eyes for a moment and swallowing deeply, she fought back the intense feelings and slowly reopened her eyes.

You have arrived at last, Digidestined of Darkness. We have been waiting for you… for a while. You are our key to survival… to victory… to ridding ourselves of this evil. Purging our world of this tainted darkness.

“Who… who are you?” Elizabeth said, suddenly seeing a metallic figure step forward. The figure was… point blank, huge and the armour that decorated his human-like body was shiny in the light. He gave a light nod.

I myself am not important a part from the others. We are the ones who were not digimon before… but we are now. We were under the influence of the tainted darkness but our strong spirits broke free. We cannot change who we are now… but we can change our minds and try to save others to our fate.

Suddenly images… horrific images flooded Elizabeth’s mind. Torture… darkness… maddening images of pain and hurt. Darkness… confusion… followed by a realization and then the pain of that realization. Elizabeth suddenly understood exactly what they were… and who they were. Frowning slightly after a few minutes of this realization, she gazed back up to him.

“Why do you need my help? I don’t think there is anything I can do… his power is too great. I…I think that he’s gained control of one of the digidestined. I know it…”

We are fully aware of that. He also knows that we exist… and before he contacted you once, he thought we were not apart of the equation. However within your mind he realized we were there… and he would have killed you had he known earlier. It is too late for him now… you are a key. We need you to be with us.

Again, flooding images poured into Elizabeth’s mind and she swiftly clutched her head and closed her eyes. The same images as before… but then more images followed. Images of the lost digimon clouded by darkness… and then the realization that she had the power to change it. She could uncloud their thoughts… untaint their souls. However… to do this she had to …
“I can’t do that! What will happen to me if I do that?”

You are strong. You will not change at first… but eventually you will gain the power to aid us. You must aid us… if not you, no one can. We need your help… once you have reached your full potential we can strike and we can win. We can save our friends and you can save yours…

More knowledge… and strangely, a few potential thoughts about Andrew, Hotaru and the others. Rei… that image flooded into her mind as well, and soon Elizabeth bowed her head.
“I don’t really have a choice, do I?”

Unless death is a preferred option…


Elizabeth stood on top of a very large building amongst the city. Her slightly violet-hued eyes scanned the area below… and she saw the battle take place. She smiled softly as she saw Andrew’s spirit take over him and allow him the power to aid his friends. She watched more and more as the battle took place… and eventually the battle was out deeply amongst the city. However… when Rei had exited, when Rei had fully been away from the main part of the temple… Elizabeth frowned deeply. She heard the whispering voice within her mind- a voice she no longer was confused by, and she realized what was taking place before her. She held herself back though… knowing she could not interfere. She was supposed to stand upon this building… she was supposed to watch and absorb all the information of Lucemon and identify his power- identify his signs.

Watching the horrific sight however tore at Elizabeth… and she wanted to cry out when she saw him attack Andrew.
This will hurt Elizabeth… but you must hold back.
Elizabeth felt herself start to lean off the edge. She wanted to leap off and rip out Rei’s vocal cords… to rip off her limbs… - not hers, but Lucemon’s.
“Rei is not the evil one here…” Elizabeth reminded herself, but her eyes widened suddenly as she saw a horrific attack occur and she felt herself lose control as Andrew’s eyes were gouged out with sharp shards.
“NO! ANDREW!” Elizabeth screamed, suddenly feeling the knowledge of what to do sweep over her. She didn’t even need to say the words… her digivice was already shaking with an uncontrollable energy as she felt herself suddenly become upswept in a massive amount of energy. Within a blinding flash of violet… suddenly Elizabeth’s body changed from her frail human self, into a huge and wickedly looking digimon.

Fenrirmon’s appearance was daunting for perhaps any digimon or human alike. It perhaps wasn’t is large size… for there were larger digimon. It perhaps wasn’t his dark appearance… for there were darker digimon. It perhaps wasn’t his spikes or gauntlets upon his forepaws… for other digimon had those too. However, none could match is violet-eyed gaze… for his gaze held enough power to strike any foe with an unseen force of daggers. Anyone who looked straight into those eyes would find themselves startled and shaken… as if they looked into the Norse Gods themselves.

Fenrirmon swiftly opened his large metallic wings and flew down with an immense amount of speed. His eyes were focused upon the running figure of Rei… and it wasn’t long before suddenly Rei gave out a sobbing yelp of surprise as she was blocked from running any further from the large wolf-like digimon. Fenrirmon’s gaze instantly locked with Rei, causing her to fall to her knees as she sobbed continuously. A huge sensation of anger swept Fenrirmon… and he wanted to destroy her right there- end it all right there.
The frail girl would so easily be crushed between his jaws…
No. That is not Lucemon anymore… you are not ready… do not hurt one of your own.
Instead, Fenrirmon swiftly lowered his head so that he was looking directly at her with his dominant gaze.
[ Go back child. Running away will solve nothing but continue the pain. ]

With that, Fenrirmon opened his large draconic wings of silver and took of into the air again. His tail flickered slightly, a glimmering spike wavering just inches from Rei’s body for a second before going away without harm. Fenrirmon easily rose into the air and despite his size, seemed to nimbly then land before the rest of the main part of the group. His eyes flickered over Hotaru and then to Andrew, the dominant gaze softening as Andrew seemed to rise to his feet but he staggered and fell once again. His was strong… and perhaps he did not realize his own pain yet from the darkness. Hotaru gave a cry as Fenrirmon lowered his muzzle and gently grabbed Andrew’s torso between his jaws. Andrew was too numb to feel much… perhaps in shock at the loss of sight and the pain of losing his eyes. Looking at Hotaru, before she could do anything, Fenrirmon’s gaze caught hers and then he simply flew off… leaving her there with Flamon.

Fenrirmon… or perhaps Elizabeth, had grown frustrated when they had arrived at the nearest hospital. He could not change back… or perhaps it was she who could not change back. It had taken several minutes of good concentration before suddenly the power of Fenrirmon left and in its place remained Elizabeth. Swiftly however she had reacted… running into the hospital and screaming for someone to help him. Within a matter of minutes the ones of the hospital had brought Andrew into an emergency room. Several hours later… agonizing hours of wait, things seemed to be better.
Andrew was unconscious… lying upon a bed in a quiet room as Elizabeth sat next to him. Her eyes were red slightly with a few tears- tears she had swiftly wiped away. About his head was a plain white bandage tied over his eyes, and Elizabeth didn’t know what was going to happen next. She was sure the others would arrive soon… they probably had been looking for Andrew- unknowing that Fenrirmon was Elizabeth to begin with.
“Please… please be okay …” Elizabeth found herself whispering repeatedly, her voice filled- for the first time- with the pain of worry.

Roy Karrde
19th June 2006, 10:36 PM
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[color=pink] Rei Takinowa
[color=pink]~*~*~*~*~ Watching ~*~*~*~*~

[color=pink]My eyes were blurry; I had followed the creature to the hospital to which he had taken Andrew, using the GPS feature on the Digivice to follow Andrew's digivice. Mom and Dad would have probably told me that I was a smart girl for figuring out how to use the GPS. Or that I was resourceful, or that they always knew that I could think quickly on my feet. Right now I didn’t feel too smart, or anything else. I could only sit and watch as Andrew lay on the bed, his eyes bandaged up. Elizabeth was sitting next to him holding his hand. That seemed right, they belonged together, Andrew would never want to be with a kid that goes freaky sometimes. I let out a soft sigh and slumped in the chair, resting my head on the top of the plastic chair. Now Dennis was missing too, and his Digivice wasn’t being shown on the GPS.

Elizabeth turned away for a second and caught my eye; I turned to look away yet she motioned for me to come in. I quickly shook my head no, but she did it again. Not wanting to fight I got off the seat and walked in, pulling up a chair next to her. “The doctors say he is going to be blind for the rest of his life.” Elizabeth spoke, her voice tired and filled with sadness.

I rested my head on the chair and watched Andrew sleep, every few minutes he would stir a bit before relaxing again. “I do horrible things, and never remember them.” I replied, Andrew began to stir again and I rose to leave the two alone. Elizabeth looked up at me with her red tear filled eyes and reached out to grab my hand.

I looked down at her hand and felt her grip tighten; most likely with every ounce of strength she had left in her tired body. “Don’t run away.” She whispered, her grip quickly began to loosen and slack until she finally had to let go. Before even having to ask, she answered my question. “Because it will kill him, you can run and hide and cut yourself off from the world forever, but Andrew will search for you as long as he possibly can to find you, to make sure you’re safe and okay.” She turned, taking Andrew’s hand softly.

I turned and reached the door, opening it to take one last look at both of them. “That’s just who he is..” She finished, I glanced down at my feet, hanging my head in shame and walked out of the door.

My stomach began to rumble as I walked along the extensive hallways of the hospital, turning left and then right, and then another left, all of the hallways, all the same blue and white texture. The world began to swirl around me as my stomach lunged again; I dropped to my knees, my shaky hands holding myself off of the tile ground. I opened my mouth as my stomach lunged again, a warm sensation rushed up my throat, saliva filling my mouth. In one last cough, vomit spilled out of my mouth and all over the ground. The sickening smell filled my nose as my stomach lunged again; several times I coughed up the bile.

I coughed and spat and did all I could to rid it from my mouth. A comforting hand found my shoulder, the feeling warm and inviting. I turned and embraced the warm feeling, wrapping my arms around the body and buried my head into it. The hand belonging to the body slowly began to stroke my hair; it was comforting and almost oddly relaxing. I looked up and found who my savior was, Flamon, his face wracked with pain and worry. “I want to go somewhere, anywhere but here.” I whispered clutching his hand tightly. I wanted to be away from the misery, the memory of Lucemon that hung over me like a cape. I just wanted to go away and have fun.

19th June 2006, 11:05 PM
Elizabeth heard Rei's plea to leave and watched as the exited the room. A few minutes later a Nursemon arrived, telling Elizabeth that her friend had collapsed and become sick in the hallways. With a stiffled sigh, the young woman stood and began to exit the room in order to Pausing at the portal, she looked back one last time at Andrew who still seemed comotose on the bed. With a sigh she turned and followed Rei, going to make sure she was at least safe before returning to the fallen digidestined. The door shut, leaving Andrew alone, both in self and in realtiy as well. He was conscious, though he had yet to find meaning to speak. Comforted by Elizabeth's presence and thankful for her meaningful words to Rei, he had simply sat and thought, fighting against the encroaching darkness and attempting to find some pathway that would lead him to some semblance of a plan.

Giving up isn't an option...you accepted this task on you and you have to follow it through now....but how? It's going to take a long time to get used to being blind and how am I supposed to fight and defend myself against these evil digimon until that time comes? Face it, you're useless now, just another target that'll be eliminated as soon as Lucemon gets around to it...and Elizabeth has much more important things to do than sit around and wait for you to pull yourself back together.

As Andrew thought to himself, a soft hand raised the window that faced the busy streets below. A dark claw grasped the windowsill and pulled a long and sinuously curved bipedal body through the window. The thing landed lightly on the floor, a mass of darkness that no one had ever bothered to even give a name, a monster that few had ever even seen. A hiss of excitement escaped it's fanged maw as it spotted its helpless target laying on his hospital bed.

Is it even worth going on? What's the point of attempting something you will never achieve? When failure is destined from the start there is no point in pointlessly fighting is there? No...I can't think like that, there is always merit in attempting the impossible if some greater good may come from it. But...so far even the impossible has seemed possible. Helpless as I am now, things seem so much harder, so much more daunting. I doubt I could even walk right now, how do I face the impossible on my hands and knees? Is it even worth it?"

The thing practically glid across the floor, the sound of its passage softer than the smoke from a campfire. Within moments it stood beside its target's bed. It's claws flexed in anticipation, what should it cut out first? The lungs? The heart? No...those would be far too fast. Perhaps it would be best to simply take away his other senses first, let him feel his helplessness multiplied by a hundred! The monster couldn't help itself, a soft laugh escaped from its twisted throat.


The claw descended, streaking towards Andrew's face. A sharp crack rang out as it struck. The thing sisssed in suprise pain as its flesh dug into the blade of one of Andrew's pistols. Pulling its wounded apendage from the weapon, the beings eyes shifted to stare directly into the barrel of the other gun. Another sharp crack rang out and the thing felt a brief searing pain before the force of the light empowered bullet flung him out of the very window he had come in by to splatter messily on the street below. The door to the room flew open as Elizabeth dahsed into the room, drawn by the shot. Hearing her enter and knowing who it must be, Andrew pushed himself to a half seated position and gave some resembling a smile, "It's worth it..."

Andrew heard another rustle as Rei and Flamon tentatively peeked in through the open door. Andrew nodded, "As long as everyone's here to help, it's still worth it."

Roy Karrde
20th June 2006, 12:19 AM
[color=pink] Rei Takinowa
[color=pink]~*~*~*~*~ Support ~*~*~*~*~

[color=pink]The two of us walked down the hallway, I was leaning in, my head near his chest as he had an arm around my back. The two of us continued to walk, walking, walking, walking. Soon we came to Andrew’s room, Daron was sitting outside, almost as if standing guard. Seeing us he got up and walked over, resting a hand on Flamon’s left shoulder as I reached forward and enveloped him into a hug. Daron smiled weakly and patted my back before I finally let go, moving back to the comfort and safety of Flamon. “I just…want to go away, for some time…” I spoke, my voice trembling a bit from exhaustion and everything else.

Daron looked us over and crossed his arms before finally relaxing. “Um, do you mind if I go with you?” He asked. At this point I had given up caring, I just wanted to get away and have fun and forget about everything. Flamon agreed, and we all just stood around wondering what to do next.

From out of Andrew’s room rang a gunshot, the sound of someone gasping in shock came from behind us. Even before I turned to see who it was, Elizabeth rushed forward running into Andrew’s room. Flamon and I peeked into the room to see Andrew smiling, sitting up in his bed, fully awake with bandages over his eyes. Andrew turned toward the door, his face lighting up. “It’s okay Rei you can come in.” He spoke, his words full of confidence that it was me.

I slowly moved forward from Flamon’s grasp and walked over to him, keeping my distance to make sure that I didn’t suddenly hurt him. “I don’t blame you Rei.” Andrew whispered, my eyes filled with all new tears as I moved forward a bit more. Andrew moved a shaky hand forward and grasped mine. I brought it up to my face and closed my eyes, pressing it close to my cheek.

Andrew slowly withdrew his hand away and settled it back down on the bed. I turned and looked back at Flamon and Daron before looking back at Andrew. “Flamon and I are going to go look around the town.” I said, my face trying to smile. Andrew opened his mouth and sensing the question I quickly answered it. “Daron is coming also.”

Andrew smiled and reached up again to touch my face. “That’s nice but I was going to ask if it was a date.” He asked, I blushed as he ran a finger past my lips, feeling the smile that was across my face. “There is that beautiful smile of yours.” He added. I drew in a breath and nodded, stepping away and back over to Flamon.

Daron waited a second or two and stepped forward to Andrew’s side. “I’ll keep a eye on her.” He said to try and reassure Andrew. I watched as the two talked and then Daron stepped away. Obviously having gotten some advice from Andrew about watching over and protecting me. “Lets go.” He said cheerfully as we walked out of the hospital. On our way to our first date.

20th June 2006, 01:33 AM

.: Darkness | F :.

Elizabeth stood against the wall as she watched Andrew speak with Rei and then Daron. She had also scanned the room for the remnants of the short battle that had taken place. It seemed to her that Andrew perhaps would be alright being blind... that perhaps he would make it through. The thought warmed the rest of her mind for a second, before she watched as Rei slowly exited the room. However, as Rei began to exit... and before Flamon and Daron had followed, Elizabeth glanced at her. Her eyes were a striking violet for a moment... and it seemed in that pause that Rei suddenly grasped it. Perhaps a memory of that furious and startling creature from before had flashed before her mind as she gazed into the mirror of Elizabeth's eyes.
"No matter what happens in the future... ... remember, I will not blame you." Rei seemed to understand and yet Elizabeth knew that the young girl did not understand the full content of her words. Soon she exited with her two other companions leaving Elizabeth and Andrew alone in the room. Elizabeth glanced over to the spot where Andrew was sitting and she withdrew a soft breath as she leaned against the wall and watched him. Silence followed for a few moments before Andrew spoke.
"Are you always going to slink off in the shadows?" Andrew asked slightly, turning to where he thought Elizabeth was. Elizabeth couldn't help but smirk slightly but she gave a nod- even though he couldn't see it.
"It is hard to break old habits." She said with a sigh, slowly walking over to him and then sitting down next to him. The two sat in silence for a while until Andrew spoke.
"Where... where did you go? In the temple..." His voice wandered off, and Elizabeth hesitated for a second.
"I'm not sure where I was. Some where deep down into the earth I would guess. It was filled with darkness... and it was there that... I met a few digimon. They said they needed my help... and that with time I would be able to help them." Andrew nodded as he heard Elizabeth speak, and Elizabeth suddenly reached out and grabbed his hand. "They also said that in time, I would need your help. And now... even though you're blind, I will still need you. Don't ever feel like your lack of sight will hinder you... because it will only strengthen your other gifts. Besides... " She felt a bit of hesitation as she tried to fathom and gather the words she wanted to say. "... I will protect you. I saw what happened to your eyes and I ... I was so angry and all i could think about was helping and protecting you."
Andrew nodded, "You were that digimon... "
Elizabeth nodded, "It will allow me to protect you... even if you don't need protection. I will be your sight. "

20th June 2006, 12:35 PM
Daron Wakami ~ Mizu no Kodomo

I tried to smile as best as I could, watching Flamon and Rei eat across from me in a booth in what was apparently the equivalent of a steakhouse here in the Digital World. Gingerly biting into the "loaded" baked potato which came as a side to my order, I almost sighed, but caught myself before seeming too sad to be around the young couple. It was just that so many thoughts were going through my mind; thoughts that never occured until I came to the Digital World, which had rose from being maybe subconscious right after the death of Tonya, or as she was known by, Toni.

She was my friend, if I had any friends, that is. Both of us had moved to California from different locations. The two of us even shared the same taste in music, in spite of her conservative attire, which vastly contrasted from my striped button-ups, shirts and jackets, and occasionally, bondage pants. Even though we were quiet about it, I personally thought that maybe we had some issues going on in our families. With as much as we had in common, one would easily say that I perhaps...loved her. But our relationship was only of the sibling-like kind rather than romantic love. As mature as I was, I felt like my low self-esteem would prevent me from ever loving somebody and being loved in return.

Because of that, I thought, maybe I should try to get more pleasure out of simplicity, just as Flamon and Rei were. Part of me hoped that it wasn't just because they were young and innocent that it'd prevent me from ever being happy again, if I ever truly was. But then again, maybe they were happy because they were in love with each other, and that love and innocence could make one happy. Watching them, I wondered if I'd ever find one for me. As desperate as that sounded, it wouldn't sound so once I told whoever assumed that that I could keep patience and keep searching until I found somebody I was willing to commit to in the same way my parents were commited to each other.

I sat there, just thinking about how life would be if I could be happy, a slightly dreamy look forming on my face as I continued to eat quietly. However, I looked up every now and then to see what Flamon and Rei were talking about. I didn't listen intently, as my mind was still filled with thoughts of hope and wonder. That is, until Flamon directly asked me a question.

"So, Daron," he spoke. "Is there anything you would like to do next?" Trying to think, I looked up. I then remembered that this was their date, and I was just making sure that they would be okay. In response, I lightly shrugged my shoulders and stated, "It's your date. Whatever you want to do is fine with me." Flamon then nodded his head, as I continued to finish up with what I had left out of a small sirloin, potato, and salad with Thousand Island dressing, my favorite which was seemingly inherited from my mother. After some time of fiddling my fork gently through food and biting off small pieces, I began to feel slightly tired and full. Maybe the spirit of the evening was beginning to call me and beg for me to have fun with it.

20th June 2006, 05:23 PM
I would like to say the best to luck to all in this RPG, I'm ending my involvement in it(Yay, I didn't even last long!), for a bunch of reasons.


Oh nice, Ryan.Edit my post(Call about abusing your powers.).-.- I'll say it again. This wasn't approved by me. And everytime I see it editted, I'll re-edit it.

20th June 2006, 08:50 PM
Dennis Loray
-not very comfortable-
__________________________________________________ _______________________________
I groaned as I opened my eyes, my head was KILLING me, what happened? Oh yeah, Shadow happened that's right. Wait! Shadow! Suddenly I shook myself further awake to look at my surroundings, I was in a dungeon, obviously themed after a medival dungeon, complete with mortar and stone walls and shackles chained to the wall, which, upon further observation, I had on my wrists and ankles. I could just barely reach the floor. Though that wasn't what had me both worried and irritated at the same time. Straight in front of me was my Digivice, on a pedestal underneath a... clear box of some sort.

"Okay Dennis, time to think, why haven't the others come running by now? They ought to have picked up my location by my Digivice..." I muttered to myself before my eyes widened in shock. Had they used a substance known to block out such signaling methods? if so... most of those materials were pretty weak, if I could find a rock or something...

I began to frantically search for something to throw, but nothing was in reach, at least, nothing obvious. I glanced at the mortared stone behind me, and began testing varied stones, perhaps I'd get lucky...

20th June 2006, 10:33 PM
Andrew had to chuckle a bit at Elizabeth's words, "For the last several years I've done little but protecting others...it'll be interesting to have someone do the same for me...not that I'm stopping that is of course, I still want to..."

Andrew paused for a second, he was rambling, and gathered his thoughts. Finally he turned his nonexistent gaze to the approximate location where he had heard Elizabeth walk to, "Thanks, there aren't many more people I'd trust more than you, even though I've only even known you a few days at best....is that weird?"

Elizabeth's head dropped as she turned her face to the floor, "I...don't know. Things are moving so fast here it's hard to put a finger on why things are happening. We shouldn't be so close, we're polar opposites on the spirit spectrum."

Andrew pushed away the blankets that covered the bottom half of his body, preparing his attempt to stand up, staying in bed wasn't going to do any good and they needed to get out of the hospital before another assassin arrived. He paused however as Elizabeth spoke, "You can't look at things on a spectrum, yeah I'm Light and you're Dark...but who says they're opposites? A brighter light only makes the shadows seem that much darker and darkness only makes what light exists burn all the brighter. Light and Dark are complements at the worse. Now are you going to help me learn to walk again or are we going to sit here until we have another charming guest to shove out the window?"

Elizabeth tried to repress a smile, things weren't getting any better and smiling seemed a bit out of place at this time, until she realized that Andrew couldn't see her even if she did. Her mouth ever so slightly upturned she reached out to help Andrew out of bed. As she did, Andrew chuckled, "I heard that."

Elizabeth smothered her smile and fixed Andrew with her most dire gaze, "Liar."

20th June 2006, 11:58 PM

Vendors were already out with their goods by the time we went back out to the streets. The festival was at its best around this time. Rei and I walked to one of the stands and found colorful pinwheels. "Do you want one?" I asked her. She nodded but I remembered that I had no money left.

"Don't worry. They're free," the Agumon vendor said cheerfully. He handed me a red pinwheel that I handed to Rei.

I watched Rei slowly blow on the pinwheel and smiled. Rei stopped and looked at me. "What is it?" she asked me curiously.

I blushed. "Just thinking about how cute you look. Anyway, I'm sorry about earlier. I didn't want to see you like that."

"I know you didn't." She hugged me tightly while still holding the pinwheel. "Let's not worry about that and have fun. Come on!" She gently took my hand and pratically dragged me to the games.

One of the games had Digimon trying to ring the bell with a mallet, one of the usual carnival games. Stuffed animals were being rewarded for prizes. I noticed that Rei was staring at a light brown teddy bear. So she wants that one. I picked up a Digidollar that was lying on the ground and handed it to the Digimon running the game.

"You're a little scrawny, kid," the Digimon told me.

"Just watch and weep," I said seriously. I gripped the heavy mallet and glared at the weight. "My Rei wants that bear and she's going to get it!" I lifted the mallet over my head and swung it down as hard as I could. A loud "ding" was heard as the weight hit the bell.

The Digimon stared at me with disbelief. "You..."

I smiled. "Yeah. Now where's Rei's bear?"

Roy Karrde
21st June 2006, 01:49 AM
[color=pink] Rei Takinowa
[color=pink]~*~*~*~*~ On a Date ~*~*~*~*~

[color=pink]The two of us walked along the road, one hand holding a pinwheel and a bear, the other holding onto Flamon’s hand. More parade’s continued on as the stars began to twinkle into the sky, the moon coming out from hiding as the sun began to sleep for the night. The two of us continued on and looked at the booths, some times walking in while other times just walking along the road. Daron followed along, always a few steps behind us. I turned back and spotted a tent off to the side, it was set up with stars and moons on the cloth, and practically the smallest booth here. “I’ll be right back.” I said in a hurry, letting go of Flamon’s hand and racing forward to enter the booth.

Inside it was dusty and smelly, the air thick with incense. An elderly digimon stood behind a table, turning cards with a huge turban on top of her head. She motioned me forward, a thick cloud of smoke exiting her mouth as she breathed. “Why aren’t ye a young one.” She spoke with a thick accent as I sat down at the table. She smiled at me and glanced down overturning another card. “What is this? Trouble in your future from a soldier of black.” She spoke glancing at a card before looking back up at me. I peered over trying to get a better look at the card before she slammed down her hand blocking my view.

With a flash of her hand she gathered the cards back up again. “You are in a turbulent love, such strong love for such a little one.” She grinned shuffling her deck of cards. I crossed my arms across my chest and glared at her. I wasn’t little, why did she keep referring to me as little or young? I was almost eleven. “I know what your heart desires, yet I wish to hear it from your mouth.” She smiled an almost toothless grin.

My eyes darted away, and then turned to look at Flamon who was in a conversation with Duron outside. There were many things I wanted, to go home, to be free of Lucemon. Yet I knew none of those were possible. I slowly turned around, my eyes slowly gazing up to look at her. She held her grin as I leaned forward and whispered it into her ear. She nodded and closed her eyes, opening them a minute later and withdrawing something from the table. “Take this, and your wish will be granted for one day, yet you must take this to the next temple, or you will pay in my wrath.” She warned, her voice dropping low as she handed me a paper star with a ruby in the middle of it.

A little shocked at the whole thing I nodded quickly and ran out the door, stuffing the star into my pocket. Outside Flamon quickly rushed to my side as he and Duron finished up their conversation. “The fireworks should start soon, lets get a good seat.” I smiled; Flamon placed a arm around me as we walked near the exit of the city, finally sitting on a bench that overlooked the city. Daron gave both of us looks and took a hint, moving out of sight so that Flamon and I could have a moment together.

Flamon seemed to notice this and blushed on his own, the first of the fireworks started and he slowly moved an arm around me. I snuggled up next to him, enjoying the warmth and the sensation for the first time in my life. The fireworks began to pick up in rapid succession, building and building to an even more spectacular finish. I turned and watched the reflection of them in Flamon’s eyes the wonder and shock of seeing them. “Flamon?” I asked speaking so low that I wasn’t sure if he even heard me over the noise of the fireworks and celebration that continued in the streets.

He cocked a eyebrow and turned to me, looking down as I moved closer to him. “Is..is it okay, if I say that I love you?” I asked feeling stupid and embarrassed at the same time. My face was a deep red, highlighted by the fireworks of the night. Flamon could only nod in shock of what I asked him, too speechless to say anything.

The two of us remained silent for a few more minutes until Flamon finally spoke up. “Rei?” He asked, his voice trembling. I couldn’t even turn my face to look at him; all I was able to do was slowly look up at him with my eyes. “Is..is it okay, if I say that I love you too?” He asked. A huge smile grew across my face as I nodded several times.

Relaxing, I laid back and placed my head on Flamon’s shoulder, taking in his scent and just wanting to stay there all night and feel adult. The finale of the fireworks began and Flamon caught his breath in shock. I could only smile, and watch in wonder. No matter how many times I had seen fireworks shows on Earth. Each finale was always different. Flamon turned, a huge smile on his face. “I’ve never seen anything like..” His words falling silent as for the first time we found ourselves inches from each other.

Flamon drew in a short breath in shock, both of our hearts racing. He began to lean forward as did I, our eyes closing. Just inches away, inches, from my first kiss. “REI!” Daron’s voice rang out. Both Flamon and I jerked back to reality, moving our heads away as we both blushed deeply. “Dennis’ digivice, the signal is back.” She said in a hurry. With out giving a second thought I knew what we had to do. We couldn’t let Dennis get hurt like Andrew did. The two of us took off, Daron and I already dialing other Digivices as we prepared to save one of our own.

21st June 2006, 12:51 PM

.: Darkness | F :.

Elizabeth would have glared at Andrew, had she had the heart. Of course she was only joking… but the fact that she had let herself smile and he had known it rather irked her. He was an odd one… but the good nature of his heart was slowly starting to tickle at her own. She wasn’t sure what to make of it… was it a good thing? Did she dare let it affect her….? Elizabeth wasn’t sure if she was ready for any change like that, but she knew that she had little choice in the matter. Things were changing fast for everything… and she knew she didn’t have the capability to stop most of them.

“Let’s get out of here then.” Elizabeth stated, rising to her feet and then swiftly helping Andrew to his. The two of them slowly exited the hospital, and while Andrew did need her help… he was remarkable calm and picked up on the idea of walking without sight swiftly. The two of them exited, and Elizabeth withdrew a slight sight as she peered into the sky. Andrew seemed to pause as well, waiting for her as she then turned to him.
“Are you hungry? We haven’t ate in a while…” Elizabeth trailed off, watching his expression as he nodded.
“Yeah, I could use some food.”
With that the two of them walked down the street- Elizabeth helping Andrew through a few more busy parts so that he did not run into people. However, as time grew on… he seemed to adapt swiftly and readily. Noises were key points for him and he smiled to himself slightly as he sidestepped a young digimon child. The two of them continued through the streets before coming to a restaurant that looked suitable enough. Elizabeth’s mouth couldn’t help but water at the wafting smell of the food as they neared the door. Swiftly the two of them entered and were ushered to a seat. After a few minutes or so, the two of them had ordered and then the food had been swiftly brought out. Elizabeth could have easily thought that it was the fastest sit-down restaurant she had ever been to.
“I have never realized how good food tastes or smells until now…” Andrew said softly, taking a bite of his dish and Elizabeth nodded.
“I could never imagine…” She practically whispered, her thoughts drifting from Andrew’s ordeal to the pain he probably had to endure. The horrific images of those shards being thrusted into his eyes… and then himself being left alone there until she finally had snapped- all of those images replayed in her mind. Especially to how close she had come to killing Rei… as Fenrirmon…
“Are you okay?” Andrew asked, his face tilted in her direction. She nodded, but then verbalized.
“Yeah… I am fine… it’s just-” Suddenly Elizabeth’s digivice went off, along with Andrews.
“What is it…?” Andrew stated, grasping his digivice but being unable to read it. Elizabeth looked and saw not only that it appeared that Dennis was back on the digivice, but Rei had contacted everyone. He was in trouble… and it was almost a guarantee that everyone now felt that danger.
“Dennis… he disappeared but now his location is back. We have to go… I have a feeling that-”
“He’s in trouble?” Andrew finished, rising to his seat as Elizabeth nodded. She left what she assumed would be a good enough price for the food and grabbed his hand and swiftly led him out of the restaurant. As soon as they exited, Elizabeth realized that they had to travel a great deal of distance- and fast. Andrew was doing better at walking… but he still would slow them down significantly. Turning to Andrew, he seemed to sense the urgency. His mouth opened to say something, but already sensing what it would be Elizabeth swiftly raised a finger to his lips.
“I’ll get us there fast.”
With that, Elizabeth closed her eyes and clutched her digivice. She thought the words that normally were required to be said… and all too soon her body was consumed by a digital light. She felt the power of darkness engulf her and swiftly she transformed into Fenrirmon. Giving a low growl, Fenrirmon lowered his body so that Andrew could feel his fur.
[ Get on my back. ]
With that, Andrew felt about Fenrirmon’s back and pulled himself up, situating himself perfectly.
[ Hang on… ]
With that, Fenrirmon opened his gaping silver wings and flew into the air smoothly. Concentrating on where the signature had come from… Fenrirmon soon had flown through most of the city before making a circle swoop several times to lower the two of them to the ground. Narrowing his violet eyes, he saw Rei and Flamon below. Gracefully landing downwards, Fenrirmon turned his head to stare at the pair as Rei suddenly cringed and gave a yelp of fear. She still had not realized that Fenrirmon and Elizabeth were the same. Andrew heard the cry of fear, and when Fenrirmon had lowered himself to the ground, Andrew crawled off.
“Don’t worry Rei… everything will be okay.”

21st June 2006, 06:40 PM
So, Roy said that I could take up the Wind spot in place of whoever else took it. Read and Review.

Name: Valiance James “Jim” Black
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Look's 1: 5’10, slim build, and fair skin, Valiance has a more triangular head with rounded chin. His eyes are a soft brown and his hair is a well-groomed oak brown. Usually, has a smirk on his face. Valiance is lazy and so wears a wrinkled brown T-shirt with black jeans and black leather belt and white sneakers.
Look's 2: Valiance wears a sky blue jacket and gloves over a black T-shirt, blue jeans, and white sneakers. He also has a pair of light-blue squared goggles that he keeps around his neck.
Personality: Valiance is breezy, sly, clever, and mouthy. Valiance is hedonistic and very obnoxious. He often spouts one-liners and smart aleck comments to amuse himself no matter the situation. Isn’t easily deterred at awkward moments, and does try his best to cheer up people. Valiance is more withdrawn than Agamemnon, but often more ‘present’ and aware. Valiance’s sudden bursts of energy tend to be more from a need to show off than Agamemnon’s impulsiveness. Valiance lacks Snap’s need of purpose, though he admits he doesn’t know his. Valiance is lazy, but does not like to mooch off of others and doesn’t take their success.
History: Valiance was Agamemnon’s best friend when Snap was ten, and serves as his e-mail companion when he moved away (Snap was twelve then). Valiance was spoiled by his parents, though this left him more lazy than selfish and greedy. Like Snap, Valiance is not enrolled in any extracurricular activities. Due to the rarity and length of his name, most people take to calling him James or Jim, only Snap refers to him by his first name and vice-versa. Valiance’s main interests lie in comics, something he got from Snap’s step-father, which he obtains lately by finding part-time work. Despite his upbringing, Valiance has been instilled with some sense of decency. Beyond that, Valiance lives a rather normal life.

D-Sense Color: Light-blue base and buttons, white rim
Element: Wind
Weapons: Valiance Dual-wields two curved blades with blue hilt and silver-colored blade

Theme Songs:
-True Mirror (Baten Kaitos)
-Metallic Stroke (Baten Kaitos)
Other: Valiance is a contortionist and, therefore, highly flexible. Also, Valiance likes to collect comics, most of which originate from a certain Digital Savior from the first of the series.

Digimon Spirit:

Name: Currentmon
Type: Wind Dancer
Looks: 6’5, slim build, with pale skin, Currentmon is humanoid and dressed in a sky blue light-weight chest plate with shoulder and shin armor and brown, leather-padded forearm guards and boots. His pants are a regular blue leather, and there are feathers that seem to protrude out of the armor from his forearms and shins. His head is bird-shaped with an eagle’s eyes the same as Valiance’s, light blue feathers and a wickedly sharp yellow beak. Attached to a brown belt are six sheathes holding six swords of similar design to his human form weaponry.

Attacks: { Up to 5 attacks }
-Breeze: Valiance either throws his sword or makes a slash that sends a wave of strong wind at the enemy.
-Wind Step (Passive): Currentmon can’t fly, but he has this odd ability to ‘see’ and ‘touch’ any form of moving air. This lets him ride on even the slightest breeze, though how long and far he can ride depends on the strength of said breeze. He can turn this ability off if necessary, but it seems to take some energy out of him.
-Cloud of Blades: Currentmon performs a spiraling dance with his two blades, even in mid-air.
--Ride the Prevailing Wind: Valiance summons and rides a Great Wind Current of the Digital World which he slams into the enemy. If used, Valiance cannot use Whirlwind Cloud of Blades until he changes into Currentmon again or enough time has passed. He can use RtPW at least two more times.
--Whirlwind Cloud of Blades: A whirlwind with the power to lift and grip several of Currentmon’s blades is summoned with Valiance always in its eye and always controlling the motion. If used, Valiance cannot use Whirlwind Cloud of Blades until he changes into Currentmon again or enough time has passed. He can use RtPW at least one more time.
Element: Wind

I'm still thinking about what I could do about Snap for a while.

21st June 2006, 10:35 PM
(OOC: Just a heads up, I'm outta here til Monday so don't be looking for any posts from me til then. Roy and Bulbasaur know Andrew enough to do what they need to with him til I get back.)

22nd June 2006, 02:32 PM
Daron Wakami ~ Mizu no Kodomo
Sweet berries ready for two, ghosts are no different than you
Ghosts are now waiting for you, are you, dreaming?
Dreaming the night, dreaming alright...
Do we, do we know, when we fly?
When we, when we go, do we die?

I sat there on a grassy knoll, a few yards away from the crowd and carnival, in solitude. Curled up in a slight ball, I watched the fireworks quietly, almost wondering why I was suddenly amazed by the sounds and sights. I felt like I was never happy...maybe because like my mother, I decided to take the blame for every wrongdoing, and insist that the world's weight belongs on my shoulders. I was always feeling weary because of this, and wondered if it was truly my fault for being so upset. Me and Toni always debated over this.

Laying back quietly, I felt tears gather in my eyes. Somehow, the thought of my sisterly friend would now make me worry about what I'd do without her. Closing my eyes and shaking my head, I tried to forget all of the misfortune that has happened ever since we came to the Digital World, such as her death and Andrew losing his eyesight. But suddenly, I heard a voice whispering my name, causing me to jerk awake.

"Daron," the feminine voice whispered...Toni? Was she perhaps still bound here as a ghost or something?

"What do you want?" I said out loud, almost a moody tone in my voice.

"I need help..." the voice whispered again, and suddenly, a faint, transparent vision of her came into place. She looked beautiful this time, adorned in a white gown as if she were being purified. Her dark eyes, however, were filled with fear and sorrow. Something was troubling her, even as a ghost. "I was made an offer to by a demon named Lucemon."

Lucemon...the name ran thick through my thoughts. According to my parents, Lucemon was the exact fallen angel who had terrorized the Digital World in their time, and that they were brought here by the Celestials, Orphanimon, Seraphimon, and Cherubimon, to save the Digital World. He was truly back? Was it he who had possessed Rei into killing her, then gouging out Andrew's eyes?

"The offer was that were I to kill 100 Digimon who were sinners in his eyes, he would send me to the heavens. But the problem is, 9 or 10 of those sinners are you, the Chosen Children..." She spoke, suddenly laying down on top of me. I could feel the strength of her arms gently pinning me, as she leaned in close as if she were to kiss my lips.

"I...I don't believe you..." I spoke, trying to pull my head back away from 'her.' Finally finding the strength in me, I pulled away and scooted myself up the hill, reaching for my D-Sense, as the Digivice was called. I was suddenly about to make whatever weapon was mine materialize when suddenly, I felt vibrations from the silver and blue device. Looking upon it, it showed that one of the D-Senses had finally reappeared on the scanner. Dennis! "Get away, you demon," I murmured darkly before propping myself up, grabbing my sandals off my feet and running back towards the booth Flamon and Rei entered before I left.

"REI!" I called out, entering the booth as seemingly both of the young lovers pulled their heads back, blushing deeply. Had I ruined their first kiss?

"Dennis' digivice," I spoke quickly, faint of breath. "The signal is back." At that instant, Rei got up, Flamon following not too far behind. Rei and I began to dial to the D-Senses of the others, and it wasn't too long after racing across town that we came across Andrew. The beast he was on landed onto the ground; a large lupine Digimon with silver draconic wings and the most beautiful of violet eyes. The wolf...it was the same from before, wasn't it? Almost haunted by that and the possibility of being followed by Tonya's "ghost," I heard Rei give a shrill cry out of fear. Upon this, Andrew crawled off of the beast's back, and muttered something that I couldn't understand. He seemed to care greatly for Rei.

I stood there, glancing into the mesmerizing eyes of the lupine. The violet color seemed familiar, and suddenly, the thought hit me.

"Elizabeth..." I whispered, my jaw lowered, eyes widened. The wolf gently cocked his head, and I nodded. Suddenly, I turned around. I didn't see Tonya behind me, but something told me that she was going to haunt me until I gave in to her want to leave the Digital World. Maybe I was just being a little paranoid, yes. But now I knew that somehow, ghosts do exist...

23rd June 2006, 02:27 PM
Alright, I've been absent for awhile, so I guess the first order of business is what had happened to Agamemnon when everyone was off looking for Elizabeth.


And so we meet again, old friend


Agamemnon wanted to kick himself now, having managed to fall so far behind the others and then being held up like this. Briefly, he considered it ironic that his help in this, so serious a situation, was being prevented by something of this particular nature.

It parade was halfway through the street, but looking both ways, Snap considered it a long way from being over. He couldn't expect to stop it midmarch, and the troupe was too crowded, so moving through it would just get him trampled. The street was too wide for him to find a way to jump from roof to roof. Of course, he didn't have the capacity to jump a roof anyway.

He was stuck. Again.

"Oh well," he grinned, as he walked toward an ally and slowly made his way up the fire escape, "As if common sense has ever stopped me before."

As he reached the roof of the small store, Snap made out a lone figure lying down unconcious. As he got closer to it, he recognized it as a human male. A familiar human male at that, his face contorted as if he just saw something unpleasant. Brown hair in its usual groomed state (Snap always envied him for it), the same skin, and always the face of a sly rogue, though admittedly, dressed in entirely unfamiliar attire.

"Val?" Agamemnon asked questioningly, "That you?"

The figure stirred slightly, opening his left eye, then made a small grin, "Oh, Snap! Is that you 'Memnon? I can't tell because the Agamemnon I know isn't so...lime."

Agamemnon grinned in return, "Look whose talking, at least I don't have a pair of goggles around my neck."

Valiance got up slowly, taking in his surroundings, "Yeah, I noticed that when I was in this freaky cathedral-palace sort of deal."

"With the angels that talk of great evil, and purity of soul, and finding spirits and all that?" Agamemnon finished.

"Oh, and here I was thinking I was special," Valiance said in mock dissappointment(sp?), "So you, too? It's a small Digital world afterall, isn't it? At least that's what they called it."

Valiance took another look of the building, "You know, besides the few moments before I was here, this isn't so different from home."

Snap scoffed, "Yeah, well, you haven't seen the inhabitants yet. Now come on, we need to get moving. One of the others got herself captured, or something."

"Others," Valiance questioned, "how many others?"

Snap stared at Valiance for a second doing some mental math, "Well, besides us, there are eight people, several of whom were here before. One extra person who has been here before, and two or three of the inhabitants of this world.

Valiance whistled, "How does one keep track of that?"

Agamemnon responded kind of low in tone, "Badly."

Valiance raised an eyebrow, having picked up something in Snap's tone, "Well, I think that's enough people to be able to handle the problem themselves. Right now, Why don't we have lunch and you can fill me in from where you came in."

Snap stared back him, "Fine, but I'll pound you, Val, if something bad happens to them."





Valiance finished his hamburger roughly at the same time Agamemnon finished his tale. Having eaten a while before, Agamemnon only ordered a drink for himself.

"So let me get this straight," Valiance said, muffled by his own chewing, "No one has ever killed this Lucemon?"

"Sums it up about right," Snap replied stoically.

Valiance swallowed his hamburger, "That sucks! What kind of world is this that anyone evil enough is allowed a revolving door in the afterlife."

Snap considered, "A friend of mine..."

"Hotaru," Valiance interrupted, having heard about her from his tale, "She's the only real friend you have here, I'm guessing."

"Fine," Snap rolled his eyes, "Hotaru thinks it's kind of a dualistic thing going on here. Day gives into night, Night gives to Day, etc."

"Yeah well," Valiance responded in defiance, "At least in our world, each day is different and not exactly like the day before it. At the very least, a different evil should replace him. At least then we've made some lasting impact on this screwed up dimension."

Snap gazed around to see if anyone had picked up on that last remark; Valiance, on the other hand, was calmly sipping on his coke. If anyone heard, neither Valiance nor the listener seemed to care.

"So anyway," Valiance gave him one of his cunning smiles, "Hotaru, do you like her?"

"What?" Like Rei before him, Snap was caught off guard by Valiances remark.

"Well, just like that 'Becky girl you used to write about," Valiance continued still smiling, "You seem to have interacted mostly with this Hotaru girl."

"Well," Agamemnon said, irritated by Valiance's assumption, "I like her as a friend."

"Yeah," Val responded unbelievingly, "And you and Becky were 'just friends'."

"We were," Snap grimaced, "At first."

"Oh yeah," Val said sarcastically though good-naturedly, "I totally believe you didn't have any romantic interest in her at all."

"Val, please stop," Snap had his hand clutching his face.

Val laughed, "Oh come on, Agamemnon. You know I'm kidding. You just seem to be the only man I know who would be so ignorant of her intentions."

A few moments passed as the two friends began finishing their drinks.

"So," Valiance queried, "Does this girl like you."

"Yes," Agamemnon said simply, "And before you ask, Val, I didn't see it coming this time either and as usual I made a moron of myself. At least I wasn't 'on a date' with her when I found out."

Valiance laughed light-heartedly, "Figures. So, are you going ask her out?"

"Thinkin' about it," Snap replied, "I don't have the same interest in her, but you know, that doesn't mean I shouldn't give it a chance."

"Any ideas, Agamemnon?"

"Sadly, no."

Valiance picked up his tray, "Well, I'm sure they have the crisis settled by now; why don't we go look around. I'll help you find a restaurant or something to take her out to. I'll even get you some clothes that actually look nice.

"Again," Snap replied grinning, "Goggles."

"Right," Valiance replied rolling his eyes, "I forgot about that. Well, You win this round."

"Hey, thanks for the help, Val."

Valiance smiled warmly, "No thanks required, that's what friends are for."

I'm afraid he's a bit meaner than intended, but I've kind of based him on myself and a person I know. As it is, I'll post what the two were doing between Elizabeth and Dennis later.

Also, Valiance and Agamemnon refer to each other by their first names or just Val and Memnon. Anytime Valiance says Snap, he's using it to mean "Wow" or just to irritate Agamemnon.

Roy Karrde
23rd June 2006, 04:57 PM
[color=pink] Rei Takinowa
[color=pink]~*~*~*~*~ On The Wings of a Angel ~*~*~*~*~

[color=pink]In a low sweeping pattern the monster that I had found out was Elizabeth, landed outside of a run down old building in what seemed like to be the bad part of the city. Run down seemed to go hand and hand with this area, with deep black buildings, and moss growing on others. Flamon and I had not looked at each other during the whole ride, it seemed we had an uneasiness around us from our close kiss. Yet our hands were still touching, our pinky fingers intertwined between each others. “I think we’re here.” Andrew spoke up as the creature touched down. Elizabeth let out a little bit of a growl as the others gathered around. We we’re obviously the last ones to arrive.

Daron quickly hopped down and walked away, something seemed to bug him through the whole trip, yet I didn’t really want to ask. Hotaru quickly ran over, picking me up off Elizabeth and dropping me to the ground before helping Flamon off. “You two have fun on your..” She asked, her words trailed off as if she couldn’t bring herself to say date. We both nodded but knew that we had business we had to deal with first before we could talk about our date.

The two of us had an awkward moment of silence before Elizabeth nudged Hotaru and jerked us out of it. “Since everyone is here, anyone have any ideas?” She asked bringing everyone out of the funk, everyone stopped and looked around, seemingly shrugged.

Elizabeth seemed to snort, getting more and more annoyed at the wait. “We could just run in and take the place.” She bared her claws and teeth, her eyes narrowing at the front door.

We each glanced back and forth, time was ticking away, seconds, maybe minutes of us just sitting here and debating while Dennis could be dieing. “Lets just do this.” Gav sighed, each of us began to reach for our digivices, either to evolve our to get our weapons.

I grabbed mine and prepared to evolve when a hand touched my shoulder. I turned to match eyes with Flamon who had a look of concern stretched across his face. “This is your first battle?” I asked, he slowly withdrew his hand, his face turning from worry to embarrassment. “I’ll be okay.” I added with a smile, this seemed to do very little to quell his worry.

“I-I’m going to be okay.” I replied, my voice a bit uneasy. Replacing my Digivice onto my belt as I took his hand. No matter how many battles I had been in, even with my parents. They still scared me. “Really.” I added, my voice gaining confidence.

Flamon nodded and I grabbed my Digivice again, and then I replaced it one last time. Leaning in, I closed my eyes, my lips touching Flamon’s gently. He gasped in shock through his nose before closing his eyes, settling into our first kiss as our lips moved up and down. Finally I pulled away, breaking the kiss and leaning my forehead against his. “I love you.” I whispered for the first time, breathing in deeply, taking in his scent that seemed to warm and surround me.

He seemed to only blush deeper at this before I finally pulled away, grasping my Digivice and evolving. “I love you too.” He whispered as the data finished changing me into my new form. I gave out a little growl and turned toward the front door. It was time to go beat Shadow once and for all and get Dennis back.

23rd June 2006, 08:06 PM
Hotaru Tajiri
Heading into danger

"This is a nice room," I commented as I sat on one of the double beds. "How did you get it, Naomi?"

Naomi smiled. "I just mentioned that we were a couple of Digidestined, showed them my digivice, and they let me have a few rooms for free." She went back to examining her digivice, pressing buttons until a map popped up. "That's strange. Dennis isn't anywhere in Tri Angel City."

"He has to be," Flamedramon and I said together.

"According to the map, he isn't. Check your Digivice if you don't believe me."

My hand reached for the digivice but then stopped. "Okay, I believe you. Should we look for him?"

"How can we look for him? The place is as big as New York friggin' City!"

I sighed and lay back on the bed, waiting for something to happen. Naomi checked her bags to make sure she didn't miss anything. Finally I spoke to her again. "Did you see Agamemnon while you were out shopping?" I asked her.

She leaned over me with a smirk. "Ooh, are you worried about him? Afraid he might be in trouble?"

I shoved her and sat up. "I'm worried about him but I'm not thinking what you think I'm thinking. It's just that everything has been happening to us. Poor Andrew..." Images of him being blinded flashed before my eyes.

Naomi shook her head. "Girl, there's no use telling me that half truth. You like him." She saw my blush and laughed. "I don't believe it! You've only known him for three days and you're already crushing on him! What is it about him that you like so much?"

I blushed harder. "Well...there's just something about him I like. I can see it in him. He's really easy to talk to and he's so sweet."

"Whatever you say. All I know is that you're the only one he's spoken to." She froze as her digivice beeped. A map popped up, showing a brown dot. "I think this is Dennis! He's back on the map!"

"Let's go get him!" Flamedramon said boldly, shaken out of his boredom.

We bolted out of the hotel and down the streets of Tri Angel City. Soon we entered the "ghetto" part of the city. We found some of the others waiting around what looked like to be a large single floor building. Elizabeth, Andrew, Rei and Flamon arrived after us. I helped Rei and Flamon off of Fenrirmon/Elizabeth. “You two have fun on your...” I stopped. The words just felt strange on my tongue. I couldn't bring myself to finish my sentence.

After a little debating we finally decided to just go in and grab Dennis. I walked up the stairs and then stopped and turned back to glance at Rei. My jaw dropped as she and Flamon shared a kiss. Naomi reacted the same way when she noticed where I was looking. "Isn't she a little young to be doing something like that?" she whispered.

I shook my head. "She grew up a long time ago."

26th June 2006, 02:04 PM
Andrew smiled as Hotaru spoke. Softly, so as not to disturb Rei and and Flamon, he nodded and her comment and added, "Someone wise once told me that the spirit doesn't recognize age."

He could feel Fenrirmon stir a bit beside him and his grin only grew wider. Smothering his happiness for the moment, he could enjoy it when Dennis was safe once again, a hand reached into the pocket of his jacket and pulled out his digivice. Feeling the eyes of the others focusing on him, Andrew shook his head, "Don't even try to leave me bac here, at the worst I'll provide another target for him to focus on while the rest of you do what you need to do."

Hearing no negative responses, Andrew called to life the fractal code of his human spirit and drew his digivice across it. The encircling code and flash of light announced Andrew's evolution and when it faded he stood once again in his angelic form. The same piece of cloth that covered his eyes as a human did so now. Seeping out from underneath it however were tears seemingly made of blood, much like those that had flowed from Andrew's ruined face moments after his blinding. Nephilimon stood still for a moment before speaking, his voice almost a whisper, "I can...feel you all. I'm still blind but I know where you all are!"

The joy in Nephilimon's voice was impossible to miss, the joy and the heartache that came with knowing his senses would once again dissapear when he returned to his human form.

Roy Karrde
26th June 2006, 03:53 PM
[center][color=pink]Rei Takinowa[center]

[left][color=pink]With a light growl I martched into the house, with Elizabeth taking point, and Andrew at the rear guarding us. "That must have been some kiss, I can feel you practically beaming with energy." Andrew wispered forward, just loud enough to turn both Flamon and I several colors of red. Neither of us had a second to answer before Andrew jerked me back by my tail. I turned around and gave him a nip on the hand before seeing the scyth that had come down and almost sliced me in half.

I leaned in and licked the bite wound lightly before starting to walk again. "Sorry, the tail just hurts." I winced, I could spot Elizabeth half grinning up ahead. I gave her a scowl and martched ahead, running past her and everyone else so that I could prove that I could be just as good of a leader as she could.

This of course only seemed to lead to one event after the other inwhich I led or set off traps that would have killed us except for Andrew's hightened sence. With a deep swallow of pride I moved to the back of the line, tail tucked between my legs. Flamon bent down and scooped me up, giving me a pet with his fingers. "I think you were a good leader." He smiled as I rubbed my head against his chin.

Several more steps down the hallway and Gav's digimon grew still along with Elizabeth, both seemed to sniff the air and then moved a few cautioned steps forward. "What is it?" Gav and I both asked. Elizabeth shot a hushing glare back before creeping to the door.

"It's Shadow's scent, this is the room." She placed a claw upon the door and withdrew. We all stopped and prepared, waiting to pounce upon the door when Shadow swung it open. A bloodied Dennis lying in the floor. Clutching his digivice. "Why can't you just leave us alone?" Elizabeth growled.

Shadow just seemed to shrug. "We can do this the easy way turn over your digivice, or the hard way and I kill you, which will it be..." He asked flexing his fingers, before turning his icy gaze upon me. "You have so much potential, you can tap unseen darkness even without Lucemon knowing. Find me and I'll teach you how." He suggested opening a offering hand toward me. Instinctivly I moved away, clutching Flamon. He was wrong, I didn't have any darkness in me, I had fire...right?

[I'm at Disney World and the net resets so the coding is crappy, as is punctuation and shit]

26th June 2006, 10:48 PM
(Shorter reaction post)

A blade slid in between Shadow's hand and Rei, Nephilimon imposing himself between the two. He spoke softly as ever, though his voice carried a resounding weight, "What darkness there is in someone is their own to face. Only those they trust to are free to aid them."

The bloody tears running down Nephilimon's face seemed to shimmer in the light of the room, "You will leave now or you will see the wrath that such trust can bring upon you."

Nephilimon could feel Fenrirmon move up to Shadow's other side. Flamon tensed as well as the ultimatum was given. Nephilimon's blind gaze fixed on Shadow as he spoke one last time, "Your move"

1st July 2006, 02:40 AM
Everything hurt as I lay there, listening to the events unfolding, he hadn't been happy when I'd managed to break out my Digivice, beating me up as much as he could without hurting himself beyond his capacity to fix easily. I realized it now, he wasn't fully human, he was a horrible amalgam of the corruption that had resided within me, and something else. I feared what that something esle might be as I slipped further into unconsciousness.

(switching to third person)

Shadow merely smiled at Nephilimon, stating, "Oh, you had best worry about yourself," with a rather manic grin, motioning around himself "This entire base is lined with explosives, and they're going to be going off pretty soon. Oh, and Rei, watch this, please." He stepped back, smiling, and the world behind him stretched and warped, displaying a location completely different than it should have been. "You should feel the resonance, I can barely do this on my own, but it should be enough to help you." Shadow stated, stepping through, and the distortion suddenly vanished.

At Shadow's new location...

He smiled as he examined the machinery around him, the collected souls, the soul stripper, and the gate. These would make his ambitions come true, he would be able to set things in motion soon, and both worlds would cease to exist...

(There, now Shadow's amazingly insane intentions are finally revealed to you all.)

Roy Karrde
1st July 2006, 10:45 PM
[color=pink] Rei Takinowa
[color=pink]~*~*~*~*~ Destruction ~*~*~*~*~

[color=pink]Fire blazed everywhere, the smoke quickly filled the room, clogging our lungs and burning our eyes. My fur was quickly filled with soot, making me look like a stuffed animal of sorts. “We have to get out of here.” Naomi gagged, dropping to the ground for cleaner air. More explosions seemed to rock the building straight to its foundations as the roof began to splinter above.

Hotaru ran forward and helped pick up Dennis, moving him over to Elizabeth and the rest. “Everyone hold on.” Elizabeth growled as the roof gave one last budge before falling over us.

In the last second as dust and flames met, a white light sprung forth emanating from Nephilimon. His wings sprung out to protect much of the group. “Everyone okay?” He asked, sweat trickling down his face, as the roof seemed suspended just inches above us.

I turned, feeling a bit helpless as my eyes traveled from Elizabeth to Gav. “Our exit is cut off.” Gav growled looking around for any possible way out, my mind glanced around trying to find something that seemed to be missing, something that was not there. Nephilimon seemed to growl in pain as the splintering roof inched closer toward the ground.

When it hit me, my heart froze, my blood ran cold as I digivolved back to Human form. “Flamon.” I cried out, racing to the outer edges of the wings where the roof had collapsed to the ground. “Flamon, Flamon.” I kept crying out, my hands digging through the nails and rubble. My hands began to bleed from the splinters as orange and redish fur began to appear underneath the rubble.

Hotaru knelt down beside me and helped as together we pulled him out. His eyes were rolled back into his head, his breathing non-existent. “Breath, please.” Tears began to roll down my cheeks and upon his, as Hotaru moved infront of me, and began to administer CPR to him. “Make him better Hotaru, you have to make him better.” I begged, holding Flamon’s head.

The roof began to buckle again and dust began to fall onto Flamon’s body from above. “I…cant…hold…it…for-much-longer.” Nephilimon cried out, his knees buckling from the pressure as the roof moved another inch toward us. Around me I could see people racing toward his side, trying to hold onto him for what had to be a fruitless cause.

I began to stand up with this reality, turning around to see Nephilimon began to give up, the realization of futility on his face. Gav and Naomi’s look of desperation and shock. Elizabeth hugging Nephilimon, trying her best to add support to his. Hotaru holding Flamon, trying to bring him back to life. All of this, all of this pain was caused by Shadow. How dare he do this, how dare he hurt everyone. My fists clinched with anger, my nails digging into my skin as dust and wind whipped around me.

Nephilimon turned and looked at me in shock, my eyes turned and matched his as my hair turned a deep black. With one brief spasm of pain, six wings emerged from my back, three angel like, three demon like. My mouth opened and my hands raised, blood dripping down them to pool at my feet as I released an inhuman scream. The building began to shake and bulge, not inward, but outward as if it were exploding instead of imploding.

Within seconds nothing was left but a slab that once held the original building. The wings retreated and my hair returned to it’s lighter black color. My knees buckled as I collapsed to the ground next to Flamon. All around me people looked on in shock, yet all I could do was look at my bleeding hands.

I Really Was A Monster

1st July 2006, 10:57 PM
Nephilimon lowered his head, as much in fatigue from holding the roof above his friends for so long as in grief for Rei's transformation. With a fluttering spray of light, Nephilimon vanished to reveal Andrew, the blood receding from his face to leave him with only his blindfold as an indicator of his blindness. Flamon had fallen, as had Rei in a sense, and Andrew simply leaned against a nearby pile of rubble, to tired to begin to bring together the pieces of the quest that they still had to fufill. His coat hung limply around his legs and even his pistols, which he had kept out since their first appearance, had dissapeared so tired was he. He simply murmered in a voice barely loud enough to hear, "Rei...come back to us. You can't let grief overcome you...not yet."

2nd July 2006, 12:10 AM
Hotaru Tajiri
Clinging onto hope

"Hotaru...he's...he's dead," Naomi said softly while on the verge of tears.

"No! He has a pulse! We can still save him!" I continued to push on Flamon's chest and breathe into his mouth, hoping against hope that he would come back to us. Finally he coughed and slowly opened his eyes.

"Is Rei okay?" he asked me weakly.

I had an urge to shake him and yell, "Don't scare us like that again!" Instead, I hugged him tightly and glanced at Rei. She was curled up in the rubble and crying. "Go talk to her, Flamon."

Flamon slowly nodded and carefully stumbled over to Rei. He said something inaudible to her but then she pushed him away. "DON'T TOUCH ME!" she screamed. She got to her feet and ran from us as fast as she could.

I stood up with every intent to run after her but Naomi grabbed my arm and shook her head. "No, Hotaru. She needs some time to think. We'll only make it worse." Then she gasped and started to cry. "That's what my parents said when Imani ran away."

"Flamon, please go after her," I pleaded. Flamon didn't hesitate as he sprinted in the direction that Rei headed. I rubbed my forehead and sniffed, trying to hold back tears. "What am I going to do?"

2nd July 2006, 12:52 AM
.: Darkness | F :.


Elizabeth's form had changed during their duration in the tunnel. It was almost a strange feeling... for she had focused earlier on changing back into her human self, but was unable. Then... in the midst of their turmoil, she suddenly had done it and at one of the most inopportune of times. Still... the feeling of turning into Fenrirmon was rather eerie. It was as if she was some thing else... she was him, Fenrirmon- like the child of the norse god himself. Feelings, urges, understandings that she never comprehended before had awakened to her... and now her mind felt as if it was expanding in knowledge.

Watching Rei run off, Elizabeth merely shook her head as she glanced to the others. Flamon had run off after her... and everyone knew that this was something to be left alone between the two. However, Elizabeth bit her lip... realizing that soon the time would come when she no longer could fend off the inevitable. Withdrawing a sigh, she glanced towards Gav, Hotaru and Naomi a bit.
"We... we can't stop pretending this forever..." She whispered, which caused Hotaru to raise a brow in alarm.
"what do you mean?"
Andrew looked up at Elizabeth wearily as well, and she slowly withdrew a sigh.
"This... this thing with Rei. You know... well... eventually... " Elizabeth couldn't find the words, and yet deep inside she knew that it didn't matter. Whatever she said... it would not be accepted. No one wanted to think about the fact that Rei was not herself and that she indeed was harboring the danger that could be the end of all of them. No one wanted to think about it... especially now.
"We should find Dennis." Elizabeth suddenly spat out. "You guys can stay here and wait for Rei. I'll... scout ahead..."

With that, Elizabeth simply hurried off- not paying much heed if anyone said anything about it. She some how doubted that anyone would protest, unless it was Andrew. Elizabeth had felt that way for a while however... felt that no one really had connected with her or really wanted to. The only one that had helped her... that actually showed a bit of kindness had been Andrew. Sadly, Elizabeth realized that it was because he was the digidestined of Light... he was the only one who could stand her darkness. Everyone else... they had a bit of light in them too... but... perhaps it wasn't enough.
"It isn't..." Elizabeth confirmed to herself, stopping before an alleyway as she realized she had been running the entire time and now she was a bit out of breath.

Opening her digivice, she saw that Dennis's signature was now corrupted. It appeared on the digivice but in several locations... and it seemed that some one- most likely Shadow - was interfering with it.
"Damn it all..." Elizabeth swore, glancing about as she pondered on what to do. Walking through several alleyways- towards several of the dotted locations, she spent a great deal of time meandering through the city. Every location seemed to turn up wrong... but of course, she hadn't gone to all of them so there always was a bit of hope in her mind that she could find Dennis.

It wasn't until she heard a growl that Elizabeth's attention was diverted. Whirling about, Elizabeth's eyes focused upon a large digimon before her. It stood proud and tall... taking the form of a large winged horse with bits of armour covering it. Wings seemed to also sprout from its head, and in any other circumstance Elizabeth would have believed the digimon to be good. However... the fact that the digimon was entirely black and had glowing eyes of crimson told her otherwise. It reared up and gave a shrill-like cry of almost entirely bloodlust.

There are many of us out there... the darkness has surrounded our souls and destroyed any being of ourselves. It is what caused us to change and inevitabley corrupted us... [color=royalblue]

The words of her guide rose in Elizabeth's mind as she backed away from the rearing digimon. A part of her felt the need to cry out for her digispirit... but for some reason she suddenly resolved herself. Narrowing her eyes and standing firm, she stood straight and didn't budge away from the digimon. Instead... she held up her hands and began mumbling to herself. She closed her eyes for a moment... and when she reopened them she no longer saw like a normal human being would. Everything was warped... the streets no longer existed, the buildings no longer appeared... all she saw was the shadow of the digimon before her. She saw what the digimon used to be... saw the human that was forced to destroy itself and take form of a corrupted digimon. Shadows danced around the form of Pegasusmon... so that it was that digimon, but the data was corrupted to become an almost shadow-like replacement.

Elizabeth's digivice began to glow as she walked forward and simply reached out to the fire-like darkness that flickered around the digimon. within an instance, suddenly her digivice gave a shrill-like cry and the darkness seemed to be absorbed with in it. Elizabeth blinked again and this time she returned to her normal vision, seeing the black pegasus-like digimon before her but this time the digimon's eyes had returned to an icy blue state. It was at that moment, that she collapsed to her knees for a moment. Clutching her chest, she winced as she felt an unsettling feeling arise deep within her abdomen. Gritting her teeth and 'sucking it up', Elizabeth rose to her feet once more and looked up at the digimon.
"I... I... I am free..." The digimon stated, looking down at Elizabeth. "Was it you who took away the darkness?" Elizabeth gave a nod, but frowned slightly as she shook her head.
"The darkness from your soul has been taken away... but I am afraid your current form will not change." The digimon nodded, as if he already unstood that fact as he glanced around.
"I can... can sense that there are others like me. Those that have the darkness and those that have been freed... am I correct?"
Elizabeth gave a nod, and the digimon snorted with a slight approval. "Then there still is hope..." He trailed off, before folding his wings and lowering his head so that he was more at an eye-level with Elizabeth. "How can I repay your kindness?"

Elizabeth seemed lost in thought for a second, before she came to an idea. "Actually... when you were within the darkness, did you hear of the name 'Shadow'?" Pegasusmon thought for a second before giving a severe nod.
"Yes... the name rings a bell. I believe I saw him when I was amongst a horrible place of alter- where many humans were not altered into digimon, but simply had their souls sacrificed to a different being. The place was a dreadful place... it reeked of the remains of Lucemon's essence." Elizabeth gave a soft smile as she clasped her hands together.
"I have friends... we need to go to that place. Can you show us the way?"
Pegasusmon nodded.
"Great, I'll lead you to my friends and then if you could simply bring us to that place... then I will be in your debt."

[ Elizabeth will arrive on/with Pegasusmon and then I thought that would help us get to Dennis. Just remember that this is a corrupted form of Pegasusmon... so he's all black.]

Roy Karrde
3rd July 2006, 12:27 PM
[color=pink] Rei Takinowa
[color=pink]~*~*~*~*~ A Monster ~*~*~*~*~

[color=pink]How could I do that, I was a monster, I was horrible, I really was becoming Lucemon. I ran through the streets of Tri-Angel, the shops a blur as I ran, it hurt to ran, it hurt to move. All I wanted to do was curl up into a ball in sob, and have mom and dad there to comfort me. So many strange things were happening to my body, both natural and un-natural that I started to wonder if I was still me. Tears streaked down my cheeks, dripping down unfettered as I turned into a alley, placing my hand against the wall to gasp for breath.

It was the first time that I got a look of my surroundings, the shops in the area had closed, their doors and windows barred, the interior lights off. Most of the heavy traffic of the day had moved out of the street or the drunks were frequenting the late night bar. All of this released an aura of that I was up way past my bedtime. With my back against the wall I sunk down, allowing myself a breather to rest my weary blood stained legs. “Master are you okay?” A voice asked from the darkness of the alley. I turned my head to look at the feminine voice to see a girl about my age, dressed in pig tails and rags emerge, her eyes were a deep black with the flash of a long bloody tail swinging behind her.

My body was too tired to run, I could barely move, and putting up any sort of a fight was out of the option. “I’m not your master.” I replied, my voice low and soft as I curled up against the wall, trying to warm myself in the cold that seemed to creep in. “I’m not Lucemon.” I added trying to convince myself more than her.

The monster seemed to shrug at this, moving around to sit next to me, taking a few seconds to maneuver her tail around so that it allowed her to sit next to the wall. She took a glancing look at me and then turned to look across the alley at the same wall I was watching intensely. “You have a special part to play here master, one that will shape both worlds for years to come.” She replied, her tone relaxed and steady. “Why do you deny your fate?”

I shot her a hard stare; one full of hatred and pure madness, the softness on her face seemed to relax as if she knew she was speaking the truth. “I’m not your master, my name is Rei.” I retorted, not knowing how or what to say to fight back the other things she said.

The girl seemed to not in acknowledgement followed by a long silence between the two of us. “Do you ever miss your family?” I asked, allowing the silence to finally end in a question.

The girl, no the devil digimon turned to look at me for a second, her eyes tracing over my body before finally replying. “Sometimes, when I get flashes of what I used to be.” Tears began to well up in her eyes, almost as if something unseen, something buried was being risen for the first time in a long time. “Late at night, I can feel the memories almost within my reach, and they get snatched away again.”

I gave her a glance, finding tears of pain and sorrow streaking down her face. Reaching out with with my hand I touched her’s softly. “There is a rumor, of a digidestined that can save all of us, it floats among us Devil Digimon, some think of it as a plague and try to kill those that spread the rumor.” She finally spoke before rising, her eyes looking me over. I tried to search my mind, trying to figure out who would be the one that could save the Devil Digimon, yet I kept drawing a blank. “I-I want..I” She spoke, her eyes looking almost human for a second before she clutched her head in agony.

With one swift turn she apologized and ran off into the darkness of the night, leaving me alone again. She was just like me, some one that had been cursed, some one that was in pain and just wanted to go home. “Rei, Rei.” A familiar voice broke my train of thought. Turning I saw Flamon in the alley, sweat and tears running down his face as he approached me slowly, almost unsure if I would lash out again.

“Flamon?” I whispered, rising to my feet, he looked at me, a hand held out as if he were trying to keep me from running away again. With a burst of strength and speed, I rushed toward him, falling on my knees as I reached him, my arms rushing around his waste as I smothered my head into his stomach. A deep sob ran past my lips, as my body shook and all of the stress of the day came running out.

Flamon’s fingers found my hair and slowly began to run through it as I let out a sobbing cry for what seemed like eternity. After what could seem like a millennia I rose to my feet on shaky legs. Flamon wrapped his arms around me, providing support as we walked out of the alley. Through my tear stained eyes I glanced around at the hotels all around us. “I don’t want to go back, not now, I want to stay with you for the night.” I whimpered if Flamon was surprised, he clearly didn’t show it in his posture. Instead he continued to help me along, taking me to a unknown location.

Hatake Kakashi
3rd July 2006, 10:11 PM
Toni (she's baaaaaaaaack!)
Currently: Stalking Sean
Music: Seans heartbeat.
Mood: Sinister

My boots hummed softly as I streaked across the sky. The poor kid thought he was being noble by offering to find a place to sleep. Too bad for him all he was gonna find would be his own permanent sleeping place.
"I guess this is why I was chosen."
My lips smirked beneath the helmet, as I cracked my neck. Thanks to Rei's "adjustment", it always felt like it was asleep. The fact my blood didn't run anymore surely wasn't helping.
"Ok we're far enough away," I called down, as I quickly dropped, hovering gently to make sure the earth was undisturbed by my landing. I wanted no signs of my arrival.
"T-Toni!" Sean gasped, tears welling up. He threw his arms around and and laughed, "Oh god...I was so scared. I swore I saw a flash or somethin' above me."
I nodded slowly, patting his head. This was too easy...
"But once I heard your voice...even beneath the metal, and all that...heh, take off the armor Tonya, you're too damn bulky to hug."
"I'm still pretty bulky underneith." I blushed. Wait, how can I blush? How did I even KNOW to blush...? I guess my capillaries and emotions weren't as dead as I thought.
"Still...I'd rather hug the muscle then the metal," he laughed. Daron was the only other person to ever compliment my strength...
Dammit! Why did that little brat come to mind! This was getting to difficult. These damn feelings were beginning to end my bloodlust!

"Sean..." I spoke softly, taking off the helmet and kissing his forehead. I must admit, the extra foot of height was nice. He looked up hopefully.
"I was always a strong girl...I never needed the armor to do this..."
Seans eyes went wide as the shocking realization came to him. I wasn't hugging anymore, I was snapping him. He struggled and fought as I squeezed. But where's the fun in that? I threw him back.
"You...twisted little bitch."
The swallow materialized as he took his stance.
"Nonono...let's not use weapons."
He grinned, and the swallow was replaced by a device. The D-Sense."
"Fine! You asked for it!"
I donned my helmet, the grinning hidden by the shadows.

His body was enveloped in wind before it finally sinched together to form a bird-like form. His body shrank a bit as the bands formed around his head and leg.
"Now we're even!"
Now it was my turn to grin. He began to flap his wings, a hard gust of wind whipping up.
"Hm. I actually have to try. First mistake."
My thrusters kicked in, and I began to slowly overtake his wind. But much to my dismay, he just flapped harder.
"Oh, dammit! The hell with your winds!" I grumbled, and held up my hand.
"Repulsor blasts work in quite a fantastic way! It pushes you AWAY from the beams point of impact, effectively repeling you while chasing you at the same time! Now, if you took any biology or physics classes, that which begins to move on the human body doesn't ALWAYS move WITH the body." I grinned and aimed for his left wing. Scanners began to beep and hum, trying to track the weakpoint, or failing that, the best time to fire.

His wing opened wide, I released the shot, and the sickening snap stopped his flapping.
"Pathetic." I grumbled. He reverted to his human form, the arm still broken. I pulled him up by the dislocated limb and smiled. "Now then. I'm going to give you 30 minutes to run from me."
His eyes went wide as I dropped him. As he turned, I aimed by palms at his ankles.
"Did I say run? I mean crawl...with one arm." I grinned as the twin beams snapped his ankles, leaving him all-but crippled on the floor.
"Wh-what do you want from me?" He winced, trying to pull himself away with one arm.
"FROM you? Nothing but a death rattle."
I grinned and pulled my helmet off, so he could see my face. Then, I pulled my foot back, and smiled. "But I'm gonna have fun beating the hell out of you."
I kicked his ribcage hard, leaving him groaning and writhing in pain.
"Oh you big baby." I grabbed his good arm, snapping it with one quick twist. Another scream, and I smirked, "Fine fine...I'll give you a death fitting of...well...me."
I smiled and forced my free hand out, his body and head moving independently, and dropped the corpse to the ground. A shiver ran down my spine, and I nearly gasped at my horrific deed.

"Wh-what...have I done...?" I gasped. His blood stained the gold of my armor. My mind raced as I tried to comprehend it, until a scanner blinked inside my helmet. I replaced it on my head and my emotions once again drained like dirty water from a sink. My lips curled as I set my sights on the location of the beeping.
"Hello there, Rei..." I laughed gently, taking off once more.

5th July 2006, 10:24 PM

"Here we go," I said to Rei as we stopped in front of a small building. "It's not as fancy as the hotels but this inn will take us in for free tonight. What's better is that few know it's here."

"Will we be safe here?" Rei asked me, her voice a little weak from exhaustion.

"I'll protect you," I assured her. That got a smile from her.

I led her in and sat her down on a bench. The Digimon at the front desk looked down at me. "Back again? I thought I told you we don't take in the homeless," he growled.

"But this girl is exhausted and she has nowhere to go! Just one night and we'll be out of your hair."

The Digimon took a good look at Rei and noticed that she was checking her D-Sense. His eyes widened and his jaw dropped. "Is she...a Digidestined?" I nodded. "Of course she can stay! You're both welcome here!" He handed me a key and watched us walk up the stairs to our room.

The room was small but cozy. A comfortable bed lay near the door. I managed to lift Rei and set her on it. "Thanks, Flamon," she told me as she lay down. I spotted a chair and grabbed a spare blanket, prepared to sleep on it. She sat up and held out an arm as if she was reaching for me. "Where are you going?"

I swallowed hard as my heart sped up. It was extremely hard to explain when I was looking right at her. "I...was going...to sleep...in the chair. The bed's...too small...for both of us."

She gave a little smile. "I hope you can sleep in it." She lay back down and was asleep before I knew it. I curled up in the chair and was soon sleeping as well.

Roy Karrde
5th July 2006, 11:51 PM
[color=pink] Rei Takinowa
[color=pink]~*~*~*~*~ Asleep ~*~*~*~*~

[color=pink]Sweat dripped down my body, rolling off in sheets as I tossed and turned in the bed. It was just before sunrise and the room felt deathly cold. “Flamon.” I mumbled, rolling my head over onto the soaked pillow. My eyes fluttered awake, opening from the darkness I had woken up to, into the darkness of the room. "Flamon.” I moaned again, sitting up in the bed. Where was I? Wait, the hotel. Memories began to filter back into my brain as I staggered out of bed. Using the wall as my guide I walked into the bathroom, dropping my clothes onto the floor and climbing into the shower.

With a twist of the nozzle, water began to pour out of the showerhead and soak my sweat-drenched body. “What time is it?” I mumbled, half awake and aware of my surroundings. Reaching down I plucked the soap out of the soap dish and began to run it over my chest, only to find a thick amount of hair there. Hair? I swung open the shower curtains and threw on the light. In the mirror was a girl with long thick black hair that fell to her butt, deep red fur that covered her chest and thighs like a bikini, deep green eyes, and long pointy ears. Two small sharp fangs poking out of her lips, and a deep red tail swishing behind her, her body a deep tan color. Nevertheless to say I screamed my lungs out at the sight of her.

Flamon burst into the room, deep in stride and coming to a halt right in front of me. He blinked once, and then twice in shock. “Rei?” He asked in disbelief. The memory of the day before flashed through my head, the fortune teller who I wished that I could be more like Flamon, that I could be strong and not weak to Lucemon. “Is that you?” He added, his mouth hanging open in shock. I quickly wrapped the shower curtain around my body to hide any nudity and nodded softly.

From the looks of Flamon’s face a million questions were running through his head. At the same time I was trying to get used to my new appendages, claws? And a tail? The tail was easy to control, swishing it back and forth felt like raising a toe. “How did?” He finally asked, I gave him a short shrug and noticed that my clothes had changed, like in a Digievolution. Instead of the Chinese dress I now just had a red skirt matching the color of Flamon’s pants.

The two of us just stood and looked at eachother for a few seconds before a voice broke our silence. “Rei, I know you are in there.” A voice screamed, the wall in the room outside of the bathroom exploding into shards and debris. The Digivice on my skirt on the floor beeped and registered a new Digimon in the room, Ironmon. “You killed me Rei, now I am going to pay you the same respect.” The voice shouted in anger.

My knees quickly began to shake as I sank down in the tub, the wall that held the mirror and vanity on it began to shake and quiver, in the blink of an eye it was thrown away and Ironmon stepped in. “Keep away from her.” Flamon growled, stepping inbetween me and the hunking mad Digimon. Ironmon gave him a side ways glance, and with one hand threw him through the door and into the wall in the next room. With her other hand she tore back the shower curtain and looked down upon me, smiling.

“You look different, little girl, but looks wont fool me.” She grinned, picking me up by the neck with one hand. Air was quickly leaving my lungs with his iron grip, all I could do was kick and thrash about in a futile effort to let me go. Dark spots began to threaten my eyes as I started to slip into unconsciousness.

“Hey! Why don’t you pick on some one your own size.” A familiar voice rang out, in the last moments of consciousness I could see Gav standing heroically in the mess that was once a wall, his Digimon at his side. “Now let her go.” His eyes narrowed in anger.

“Gav..” I whispered before finally succumbing to unconsciousness.

Ultimate Charizard
6th July 2006, 12:08 AM
Fine....cant ignore an opening like that lol ;)


"Drop her, NOW!" i warned the new intruder. My digivice told me all i needed to know about it. Clawdramon stood at my side after digivolving and was now growling threateningly.
"Ironmon?" i said with a snigger "Wow, thats original". It threw Rei into a wall and moved to square off against me. Moving close and glaring down at me. Refusing to back down i glared right back up.
"Why dont you get out of my way human. Your even more pathetic than him" it pointed at Flamon and swung its fist back at my head when it turned. I managed to raise my hand, powerfists already active and caught the blow. "Sorry, its not gonna be that easy". It grunted and swung its other arm too fast and gut punched me into the far wall. Clawdramon was on it before i hit and they rolled on the Ground a moment before Ironmon jetted out into the open air and Clawdramon stood to face it. Both Digimon fired and Repulsor blasts were met by Storm Cannons with neither making any ground on the other.
Both Flamon, and What i assumed was Rei moved over to me. Helping me out of the wall and positioning Clwadramon between us and Ironmon.
Clawdramon stopped firing as did its opponent and they glared at each other in a face off.
"Your move Tinmon!" growled Clawdramon.

6th July 2006, 04:00 PM
Daron Wakami ~ L'enfant de l'Océan
There is something weird I wouldn't believe
I'm losing grip on my lifetime
I don't understand this wave I'm in
Wrong place, no money, just responsibilities

I could feel my ears slightly twitch at the sound of an explosion within the building...somewhere in on of these rooms of the inn. Groaning lightly, I wondered what could've caused this. Perhaps there was a Digimon following Lucemon's orders to harm one of us Chosen Children? Quickly materializing my weapon, a dark blue and silver trident, I dashed down the hallway quickly, wondering what was going on. In the distance, I saw Gav enter what I assumed was the source of the explosion, and after I followed.

My jaw lightly dropped at the metallic beast before my eyes, my D-Sense telling me that it was dubbed Ironmon. Unoriginal, yes, but the name sounded somehow familiar. After Clawdramon spoke to the robotic Digimon, I looked ahead, from behind Gav, Flamon, and who I was assuming was Rei, and somehow, it recognized me. I could feel my heart flutter as I stepped forward to Gav's side. Even though I had no companion, much less a spirit digivolution, I was ready to take on this demonic machine with as much might as I could have.

"You..." Ironmon spoke, lifting a finger and pointing it towards me. Was this really Tonya in her spirit form? "You didn't even try to defend me. That makes you a selfish brat. There's nothing wrong in your life. You're...you're just another emo kid!" I felt offended, rage building up in my heart quickly as I further clenched the shaft of my trident. I wasn't going to take shit from anybody...not even somebody who woud insult me directly, let alone physically dead.

"And you know what, Tonya?" I said, casually holding the trident at my side for a moment with one hand, black and wild red hairs slightly flying in front of my face. I didn't care if she was a Digimon now; somebody who would insult me for no apparent reason didn't deserve respect. "Who said you weren't slightly angsty? You've lied so much about your life that it seems you believe yourself. You know what? You're a liar and a hypocrite." I slightly "oohed" under my breath. I must definitely have Tourette's Syndrome or something of the like. At this, Toni, or Tonya, growled slightly. Maybe I was just a fool for even trying to defend myself, especially without much to combat her with.

Turning to Gav, I nodded, mouthing out "Feel free to attack her now. I'll help." This was definitely going to take much of the night and morning, were we to survive this.

9th July 2006, 12:44 AM
Dennis Loray

I woke in a bed, thinking to myself Whoa, Deja Vu looking around, I noticed I was in a hosptal bed, the others must have taken me here. Noticing my Digivice right next to me, I grabbed it. There was a problem with going after Shadow, and that was his loyal lapdog, AndroLadyDevimon, that mechanical monstrosity would need to be taken care of. That thought in mind, I stood up, brandishing my Digivice, and declaring, "Spirit Evolution!"

And I stood there, once again taking the form of Redeemed Schwartzmon when I heard the door burst open, Naomi was standing there. I decided to cut her off before he tried to stop me, "Don't try to stop me, I need to take care of a certain problem."

I then stepped back and began concentrating, and felt Naomi grab onto me just as I declared "Rune Shift!" and my teleport was thrown off-course.

Suddenly, we were in the middle of a forest, and I turned to face her, stating, "Thanks, now we need to find out where the heck we are."

9th July 2006, 11:28 PM
Naomi Watts

"Dammit...why do I even bother?" I muttered to myself as I left my room to check on Dennis. Hotaru and Flamedramon had gone out in search of Rei along with just about everyone else. Someone had to make sure the guy hadn't gone and got himself killed while the rest of us was sleeping!

I froze outside the door to his room as I heard the words "spirit evolution". Damn! He's at it again! I burst into the room to find Redeemed Schwartzmon about to head into more trouble.

"Don't try to stop me. I need to take care of a certain problem," he told me before I could say anything.

Not without me! I ran and grabbed his arm just as he shouted "Rune Shift". I must've thrown him off because we landed in the middle of a forest. I merely looked up at him and shrugged.

"Thanks, now we need to find out where the heck we are," he said in an extremely irritated voice.

That did it. I grabbed his cape and yanked it so I could get his attention. "Listen here, you ungrateful, stubborn bastard! I can't see how anyone would want to foolishly go out, by yourself, while you're injured, into battle! You'll get yourself killed for sure! Before you say anything, you're not the only one that gets pissed! I'm pissed by the fact that you're unaware of the people that care about you! Like Hotaru and Rei! They would fall to pieces if something were to happen to you!"

I stopped yelling long enough for me to check my D-Sense. "Seems like we're in a place called Morikaze Forest. I suggest that you take me along because I doubt you will win this fight by yourself."

10th July 2006, 12:31 AM
Dennis Loray
I mentally frowned at Naomi, listening to her tirade. I waited for her to finish, to her credit looking up our location before replying, "Now YOU listen, we have limited time, we do not have the luxury of waiting to heal up for every fight like some damn video game! This is, despite how much I wish it were otherwise, a war. We have limited time, especially if my suspicions are correct. Also, don't get on me about getting myself killed, I know how to pick fights, and if you hadn't interfered, I would be on my way to taking care of an opponent who wouldn't try to destroy me, because the damn psychotic robot is programmed to not kill me!"

She began to open her mouth again, obviously to yell at me further, but I continued before she could, "Yes, they'd miss me, but they understand sacrifice, at least, Hotaru definitely does. She knows how to go on, to continue forward despite the fact that she knows someone she cares about is likely to die! She did it last time when I bought time for the others to take down Lucemon, and I nearly DID die. That's why I fight, so that others may live! Not for vengeance, not for some damn idiotic hatred, but for the hope of others. That's something worth putting everything on the line for! Don't bitch at me until you understand that."

I turned, finding a good rock to sit on, commenting to Naomi, "You'd best sit down, it'll be a while 'till I've got this place down well enough to shift us back. And before you ask why I'm not returning to human, this form DOES heal faster."

10th July 2006, 07:41 PM

I did NOT see a post about bringing Dennis to a hospital bed or anything. I thought the tunnel collapsed on us and we barely managed to get out. Then Rei ran away. Flamon went after Rei and we had not officially found Dennis (since our means to get to him was blocked?). Then I thought were were in a street... or outside...

But then of course Ryan's post jumped ahead a day so we need to catch up. *sigh* I'll just make a post soon about how Elizabeth going off to find Dennis didn't exist or something. ;_; So much leaping.

Roy Karrde
10th July 2006, 07:52 PM
I'm so sorry Kalah. You're right though I think there was a mix up on who found Dennis and not. I appologise about that. As for jumping forward, it is still nighttime, just a few hours ahead of when we were in the tunnel. If the tunnel part happened between 10 to Midnight, then this is around 3 am.

10th July 2006, 08:00 PM
If you want to include me in that post Bulbasaur, go ahead, Andrew needs to pop up somewhere and until I know where everyone is I can't really post since he needs someone to guide him still.)

10th July 2006, 08:23 PM
[color=royalblue][ Since I have no idea, I’m just going to let everyone else post their own thing. I’m going to say that when she returns… no one is there. You all can decide where your character ran off to and hopefully the gaps with Dennis and such can then be filled. ]

.: Darkness | F :.

It was late and Elizabeth felt slightly tired as she and the dark version of Pegasusmon landed upon the spot where she thought everyone would be. Slipping off his back, Elizabeth glanced around to see that nothing was there- no one was. Shadows danced upon the street where lights illuminated, foreshadowing perhaps events that would later reappear as déjà vu. No one was here… they had all left.
“… perhaps I… I took too long.” Elizabeth said softly, lowering her head so that she looked at the ground. She felt a gripping wave of sadness overtake her as she clenched her eyes shut, feeling tears swell from beneath the lids. A burning sensation rose within her throat as she felt the overwhelming urge to cry, but she didn’t. She wouldn’t cry… she wasn’t a baby, she wasn’t a weakling. She was strong- she had to be strong in order to survive. Like a lone wolf without a pack… she had to be tough enough on her own. Yet… why did it tear her apart to come back and see that no one was there?
“I… I just took too long… they had other things to do. Probably went off to find Rei…” Elizabeth’s voice trailed off as she talked to herself. Her eyes were still closed and her right fist was clenched tightly around her digivice. However, as soon as she opened her eyes a single tear streamed down her cheek. Clenching her teeth, suddenly Elizabeth threw her digivice with all the force she could muster. The contraption flew across the air and swiftly hit the wall of a nearby building, ricocheting off the wall and clattering somewhere upon the ground in the shadows.
“I hate this! I hate all of this…” Elizabeth shouted, dropping to her knees so that the impact of the concrete skinned into her flesh. She breathed heavily as she felt her nails dig into her palms and the burning sensation within her throat continued to rise. There were so many emotions… anger, sadness, confusion- they all seemed to rise within her. She could hear the clatter of hooves behind her, and slowly she turned to see Pegasusmon standing behind her.
“Do not hate Elizabeth… hate is the very seed of the darkness. If you allow it to consume you, then the darkness will consume you too.”
Elizabeth sighed, looking at the ground. “But I am the darkness Pegasusmon…”

“Elizabeth?” Suddenly a voice caused Elizabeth’s head to turn, and there within the shadows stepped forth a shaky Andrew. She saw within one of his hands her digivice, and he held it as if he were certain it was important but yet he had no idea why he had found it where he had.
“Andrew?” Elizabeth practically whispered, her eyes looking at him with hurt confusion. What was he doing here?

[ Hope that was a good opening for you. ]

10th July 2006, 08:48 PM
Andrew smiled, "How far do you think I could go by myself, everyone was so focused on Dennis that they forgot I was blind...at least in my human form."

Elizabeth looked aghast, "And they just left you?!"

Andrew made his way over to Elizabeth, one hand on the wall of the building he was leaning against, "I didn't exactly speak up either, you were still missing and I figured you'd come back here. Thought you wouldn't be too keen on finding that everyone had left."

Elizabeth didn't say anything, that feeling had been evident enough by her reaction when she had arrived. Andrew, finally arriving next to the young woman, held out her digivice in her general direction, "And by the way, your friend here is right. You -are- the Darkness, meaning that you control it, not the other way around. Remember that, the day the Darkness starts controling you can blame it for your problems."

Silence hung heavy for a moment. Then, with a decicive motion, Andrew reached out and grasped Elizabeth's hand. Raising it up, he placed her Digivice in it and closed the fingers around it. His hand lingered for a second, his fingers moving slightly. Elizabeth stood still, a confused look on her face before she realized that Andrew was trying to get a mental picture of her hand. Releasing Elizabeth, Andrew reached up to adjust his blindfold, "I don't want to start forgetting what people are like. I don't want to have to forget what the people I care about look like."

Roy Karrde
10th July 2006, 10:02 PM
[color=pink] Rei Takinowa
[color=pink]~*~*~*~*~ Paralyzed in Fear ~*~*~*~*~

[color=pink]The two new arrivals had distracted her, but was she, could she be Tonya? The one that had died just a night before? She wanted to kill me for what I did to her. Gav’s eyes focused on me, looking directly at me before turning away. Did he want me to run away? To get out of here? “Feel free to attack her now. I’ll help.” Daron spoke to Gav.

He nodded in response and went straight in for the attack. Using Clawdramon to slash straight into Ironmon to which she easily parried. My legs felt like dead weights, moving toward Flamon’s crumpled body took forever, longer than forever. “Flamon can you wake up?” I nudged his unconscious body. He moaned a response, blood dripping down a gash in his head. “Flamon, I can’t carry you.” Truth be told I found out I could carry him, his body felt lighter, or my body felt stronger than it ever had been.

“Look out!” Gav screamed out, I turned in time to be met with a wave of heat and plaster shards rushing into my face. Ironmon had been sent flying into the last bit of the bathroom wall, which had crumpled around him. The monster quickly rose again and took one look at me.

“Where do you think you are going?” She sneered rising to her feet, wiping a smear of blood from her arm. My mouth went dry, my legs shaky as I tried to find a suitable answer. His hands decided to strike first, rushing forward to grab my head. Muscles reacted before thought and I dodged to my left, using Flamon’s weight to quicken my fall. His hand rushed past my face, scratching it and opening a five-inch long gash down my cheek.

Gav’s feet immediately stepped into view, Clawdramon and him separating myself from Ironmon. “Rei get out of here.” He barked, his face dripping with the sweat of battle. I tucked my tail between my legs and did not even dare argue with him.

With Flamon’s weight pressed against my side, blood running down my face. The two of us set out into the night of the dusty streets. Behind us Ironmon roared in frustration, obviously turning up her attack now that her prey had left. “What’s happening?” Flamon mumbled, his eyes were glazed over in fear as we stumbled down the street.

I opened my mouth to respond but closed it again. All of this was my fault, Tonya’s death, what ever happens to Gav and Daron, all because I couldn’t control the monster in my body. The weight began to become more and more oppressive with each step, yet at the same time each step in a unknown direction sent a jolt of warmth into my body.

“Rei..everything hurts.” Flamon whimpered as we rounded another street. I let out a cough and dropped Flamon to the ground, my hands holding my body against a wall to the store. “It hurts.” He wimpered again, tears streaking down his cheeks while curling up into a ball on the ground.

I would agree with him but a warm liquid filled my throat, I opened my mouth and gagged sending a rush of warm bile spilling out of my throat. The worst part about being a Digimon right now was the heightened sense of smell; it made the odor even more pungent. With a wipe of my mouth I dropped to the ground beside Flamon. Something inside me told me that the warmth was close, and getting even closer. “Flamon?” A voice yelled out, repeating his name over and over again as the voice got closer.

I opened my eyes and rolled onto my side to see Elizabeth run up, followed by Andrew. “He’s hurt, Gav and Duron are at a hotel battling, Ironmon, a way back there.” I mumbled, raising my head ever so slightly to meet them. The two, no make that three regarded me with a strange look. My eyes traveled to the newcomer to see a Pegasusmon that just exuded darkness, waves after waves of comforting darkness.

Elizabeth scooped up Flamon in her arms before climbing on Pegasusmon apparently to ride back into battle. “Is there any where we can take you miss?” Andrew asked. Miss? Who did he think I was? “Do you have a home? A family?”

My anger began to rise, as did my exhaustion. “It’s me.” I began to say when I was cut off, the sound of pounding feet and panting breath filled the air, as Hotaru ran up, soaked in exhaustion and sweat.

“I couldn’t find her, she didn’t, and oh god what if something happened.” Aunt Hotaru panted, her face looking as worried as ever. “We have to go find her, now.” She grabbed Andrew, shaking him with her last ounce of strength.

A small laugh escaped my lips. “I’m right here.” I giggled my tail wagging back and forth, the two looked at me in shock as the shop close to us exploded. Clawdramon rolled out of the explosion, looking exhausted and battle warn. I couldn’t believe it, the battle must have traveled miles to get here, or they could have retreated after I left. Could we battle the unstoppable Ironmon? Or continue to retreat?

11th July 2006, 10:02 PM
Hotaru Tajiri
Very shocked

I gasped and stared at the Digimon that called herself Rei. I knew it was her but how did she end up looking like that? I ignored the fight, of the oncoming danger that I knew that I had to face. My bottom jaw quivered before I finally talked. "Rei...how..."

"I think it was this thing I wished on," Rei explained. "I got it from a strange Digimon. My wish came true!"

I swallowed hard and put on a stern expression. It was time to be serious. "You shouldn't accept things from strangers. Didn't your mom tell you that?" She opened her mouth to argue but I stopped her. "We'll discuss this later. Right now I have an opponent to fight." I brought out my D-Sense and yelled, "Spirit Evolution!"

I felt myself undergo the usual changes. When it was finished, I faced Ironmon and held my staff in front of me in both paws. "You will not lay your hands on Rei," I growled.

"We'll see about that," Ironmon said with an evil grin. She put her arms together and prepared for attack.

I knew I wouldn't be able to fight and protect Rei and Flamon at the same time so I called for my ace in the hole. "Flamedramon!" I cried out. He jumped down from a nearby building. "Take Rei and Flamon to somewhere safe!"

"But..." Flamedramon and Rei said together.

"No buts. Rei, you may not even be able to digivolve now so I just want you to go somewhere safe and stay with Flamedramon."

"There is nowhere safe for you and your little friend to go," Ironmon told Rei as Flamedramon ran off with Rei and Flamon.

"You should no longer worry about her. You're facing me now," I said as I twirled my staff in my hand.

Naomi Watts

I sat under a tree a good distance away from Dennis/R. Schwartzmon as he tried to get our bearings. I was frustrated. Frustrated because I felt like an idiot. But that didn't change the fact that Dennis shouldn't have tried to go off on his own! I knew now that LadyAndroDevimon wouldn't hurt him and that I would probably just be in his way. But what about booby traps? He wouldn't be able to face, say, an army of Devil Digimon! I wouldn't have put it past Shadow to do that.

I glanced at Dennis/R. Schwartzmon and wiped away an unexpected tear. He thought he was so tough and so brave by sacrificing his life for the others. Who did he think he was? No one in the real world acted like that anymore! It didn't bring anything but pain! Pain to yourself and others! Didn't the guy have family and friends back in the real world? Wouldn't they be hurt?

Then it came to me. It didn't matter whether he lived or not. The world would keep on spinning. It didn't revolve around him or me, for that matter. I would have to accept it whether I liked it or not.

"Naomi!" Dennis/R. Schwartzmon called out. "I'm ready."

I walked over to him. "I thought about what you said," I told him.


"I still think you're an idiot for trying to go alone." Then I smirked. "But I understand the whole chilvary deal so I'll just sit back and let you handle LadyAndroDevimon or whatever her name is."

12th July 2006, 12:21 PM
Andrew was tired, tireder than he could ever remember being. Raising his hand in front of his unseeing eyes, he tried to bring to life the fractal code that would allow him to join in this battle. Though he could not see the faint twirls of color that quickly faded, he knew within that he didn't have the strength to digivolve again after having expended so much energy holding up the building from before. Sighing, he pocketed his digivice and instead drew his pistols, his left from the holsted near his right shoulder, the right from the one on his left hip. Their blades glinting softly in the light from the moon that hovered above. Sighing, he realized that he was still going to be little help, his mental sense had dissapeared upon his de-evolution and with not even a day's experience with his blindness he would be more of a danger than a help. Subdued he began to put his guns away until he felt a hand on his and voice speaking into his ear, "I'll help you."

Andrew's brow lowered, the voice was different, changed somewhat, but the tone itself was oh so familiar. Whispering, he replied, "Rei? Is that you?"

A soft laugh confirmed his suspicion, quickly cutting off as Rei continued, "I can be your eyes for now, I can help you this time!"

Andrew paused for a moment, he trusted Rei completely but if in the middle of battle Lucemon suddenly resurfaced, he would be helpless so close to her. Forcefully shoving those thoughts aside, he nodded in Rei's general direction. He trusted Rei, and he knew that if he showed his feelings of uneasiness that the girl would be crushed. Raising his pistols he pointed them in the direction from which the sounds of battle were echoing from, "Whenever you're ready Rei."

12th July 2006, 01:24 PM
.: Darkness | F :.

Elizabeth watched as Flamedramon grabbed Rei and Flamon from her own grasp, and then bounded off. She then watched Hotaru go off... and saw Andrew standing there, perhaps mentally thinking about what he was going to do. Thinking to herself softly... Elizabeth remembered seeing Clawmon being thrown through a building, and she knew that if they were battling Ironmon... that they would need to battle together.
"I'll be back Andrew." Elizabeth said, nodding to Pegasusmon who gave a slight knicker and then rose into the air swiftly. Within barely a few seconds the two of them had caught up to Flamedramon.
"Wait!" Elizabeth cried, which caused Flamedramon to stop, still tucking Flamon and the newly-changed Rei beneath his arms. Rei was throwing a bit of a fit, not wanting to run away but wanting to help.
"What is it?" Flamedramon said, eyeing her suspiciously. He perhaps remembered the first time Elizabeth spoke about hearing the devil digimon voices.
" Let them go. They both want to help and they both want to fight... and well, it is wrong to just assume they cannot fight. If one wants to follow their heart, then that is what they should do and nothing should stand in its way."
Flamedramon stood there silently until he spoke, "But they could get hurt."
"All of us could get hurt. Rei knows that, Flamon knows that... everyone does. The key is that everyone stays together and that we fight together. Splitting up is the root of division and makes us only weaker, not stronger. If they want to fight, then we should let them. Do not make their decisions for them."

Flamedramon slowly nodded and then sat Rei and Flamon down. The two of them seemed to have a new found energy as Rei ran up and surprisingly gave Elizabeth a sudden hug in her new form.
"Thank you Elizabeth..." Rei said happily, as Elizabeth awkwardly patted Rei's head.
"Okay, let's go. We have to hurry back." Elizabeth confirmed, swiftly grabbing the two of them and aiding them on Pegasusmon's back. She soon joined them and the three of them flew off upon Pegasusmon. As they rode, Elizabeth turned to look at Rei.
"In this upcoming battle... Andrew will need eyes. While he might still be able to digitize himself, incase anything goes wrong and her reverts back to himself... he'll need eyes to look out for him. I won't be able to be those eyes in my new form... but will you do it for me this time Rei?"
Rei seemed to listen eagerly and then give a nod. Elizabeth smiled and then turned back to look as Pegasusmon landed upon the ground.

With that, Elizabeth leapt off Pegasusmon's back and aided Flamon and Rei down. Rei swiftly scampered over to Andrew, as he materialized his pistols. Flamon then ran off after Rei and Elizabeth was left watching the three. She withdrew a sigh... the memory of Andrew placing the digivice in her hands....

"I don't want to start forgetting what people are like. I don't want to have to forget what the people I care about look like." Andrew had said, slowly taking his hand away as the digivice was left with her. Elizabeth narrowed her eyes as she felt the need for tears to rush up to her face again, but she withdrew a breath to subside them. She knew what his words meant... but she began to wonder, did they mean more? It seemed as if Andrew was always there for her... and he was so kind, yet he was kind to everyone. Was it just in his nature... or perhaps?
" Thank you Andrew. I guess I some times get lost in all the darkness... but I am thankful to have a beacon of light to guide me through it."

"Pegasusmon, thank you for all your help. You've done more than enough... you should go back to the others. They'll be happy to know I removed the darkness from you."
Pegasusmon gave a slight bow and nodded.
" Thank you for your help as well, Digidestined of Darkness." With that, Pegasusmon opened his wings and swiftly took to the air, vanishing into the dark.
"Spirit..." Elizabeth whispered, before feeling her body suddenly surge with energy as glowing data seemed to surround her body. Swiftly she began to change, her from growing to the large and dominant size of Fenrirmon. His metallic wings swiftly flapped as his thick black fur shinned in a few of the glowing lamp's light. His metallic components upon his legs and the gauntlets upon his forelegs shined as well. Letting loose a growl, Fenrirmon's violet gaze looked to Rei, Andrew and Flamon as they began to run off into battle. Swiftly, Fenrirmon followed and flew above them, like a guardian of darkness shadowing their moves.

Roy Karrde
15th July 2006, 03:25 PM
[color=pink] Rei Takinowa
[color=pink]~*~*~*~*~ Running into battle ~*~*~*~*~

[color=pink]With a running battle cry we charged into battle. Andrew firing in the directions that I told him as we tracked Ironmon. Hotaru rushing and tending to a very hurt Gav, and Daron who seemed to have been hurt from their recent scuffle. And of course there was Elizabeth, gliding across buildings as gracefully as possible, for a second I just had to stop and watch in awe at the sight of her. How magnificent and beautiful she looked as she leapt after Ironmon. Silently I wished that I could have even a tenth of the grace that she had.

“To your left.” I screamed, a devil digimon leaping into the air. Andrew turned firing his pistols wildly, catching the monster in the hip, and shoulder. The wounds sent the monster spinning out of control, landing just inches away from us on it’s side. The monster staggered to his feet, turned and limped to the ever-growing crowd that began to ensnare us from all different angles. “Andrew…” I whimpered realizing we were horribly outnumbered.

“Just tell me what direction to shoot.” He shot back, his pistols waving wildly in the air in preparation for the next target.

The noose began to close around us, a ever growing sea of Devil Digimon that must have numbered in the thousands approached from all streets, closing in to trap us while we had our attention focused on Ironmon. “There everywhere.” I whispered, darkness flowing through the area like a tidal wave. For the moment I just closed my eyes taking it all in, enjoying it. Loving the sensation, the fear, the dread, it felt absolutely wonderful to me.

No it felt even beyond wonderful, like uncontrollable joy. “Rei snap out of it.” Andrew yelled, getting the attention of Elizabeth who had currently pounced on Ironmon and was ripping her limb from limb.

I took a step toward the devil digimon, every step feeling more and more enjoyable. “It feels so good.” I moaned, my eyes glazing over in joy. I wanted more of it; I wanted more of this feeling. I wanted all of their agony, and to just relish in it.

A sharp pain smacked my face, sending me face first into the dirt. I turned and looked up, with blood running down the side of my face and mixing with my long wild hair. “Get a hold of yourself.” Andrew breathed, gasping in breath from frustration and worry. “Hotaru will kill me if anything happens to you.” He added helping me to my feet.

I nodded, silently thanking him for bringing me back to sanity. The Devil Digimon continued to advance, clawing and snapping as they came ever closer. “Elizabeth, we could use some help.” He yelled out, as both Andrew and I advanced closer to Ironmon, retreating as far back as possible with out coming in contact of the fight going on between Ironmon and Elizabeth.

Elizabeth in turn growled in response, rolling around on the ground with Ironmon, a flurry of Iron and Claws attacking each other. “Hotaru.” I whimpered, rushing to her side and clinging onto her waste. Only seconds remained before thousands of monsters crashed down upon us. There was nothing we could do, they would wipe us out in seconds.

I opened my mouth to apologies for everything when a loud roar filled the air. This wasn’t the type of roar that was created from a animal or monster, this was the one of metal hitting metal, steel hitting steel. On the northeast street one of the large skyscrapers began to sway, and then with one last sway to the left it collapsed. Falling completely onto it’s side and crushing the hundreds of Devil Digimon underneath it. In the blink of a eye all of those Devil Digimon were dead, wiped out and destroyed. All of those lives were gone. “C’mon” A familiar voice yelled.

Through the smoke stood the one girl that I had met just a few hours earlier. The one that was a Devil Digimon and trying to fight what she was. Her body was mutilated beyond belief now; large rows of spikes ran down her back, her bloody tail swishing back and forth. Her skin covered and deep patches of scales, and one eye was already reptilian like in nature. “C’mon master, come with me or they will destroy you.” She offered, waving her hand toward us.

15th July 2006, 07:12 PM

I nodded to Naomi, holding out my arm for her to hold onto and concentrated, if I just focused I could find her... THERE! I opened my eyes, declaring "Rune Shift!" For the briefest of moments, nothingness surrounded us, and we appeared over what was essentially a battlefield, in the middle of Tri Angel city. I glanced around, and spotted some of the others, setting Naomi down.

"Go help the others!" I stated, floating off, she had to be here somewhere around here...

"Target located, Redeemed Schwartzmon, Classification, Subdue." I heard behind me, I didn't bother to turn around, I just declared, "Rune Shift!" and teleported back a good twenty feet. "Bring it on you overgrown tin can."

I inwardly smiled, I might just be able to keep up with her...

(Not my longest work, but I'm running on fumes here, sorry.)

15th July 2006, 08:03 PM
.: Darkness | F :.

Fenrirmon was within the fray with Ironmon and both of us were sparring with our full attention upon eachother. Closing my eyes, suddenly a loud growl emitted from Fenrirmon's throat as he glanced over to Rei, Andrew and the others. They had to get away... rebalance and assess our dealings with Ironmon.
"Eclipse Chaos!" Fenrirmon roared, his violet eyes glowing against the darkness of the night as his silver metallic markings began to glow with the same vigor. Suddenly the strange, encantation-like marks seemed to gain a purple aura and the aura became a live as it seemed to crawl out from FEnrirmon's body. The little purple aura markings soon grew to become beasts themselves, five glowing purple beasts with solidifying forms. The forms seemed to take mini semi-rounded versions of non-detailed dogs, being made out of the aura from fEnrirmon. Swiftly they all leapt at Ironmon... attacking him and causing Ironmon to fall over once again.

After several minutes, Ironmon rose to his feet and staggered, obviously weakened from battling so many numbers against him. Hotaru then joined Fenrirmon's side, and the two of them attacked Ironmon together. After several scuttling minutes, Ironmon was forced to flee.

Turning back the others, Fenrirmon saw as a devil digimon swiftly seemed to wipe out tons of the others.
No! I was hoping to free myself from Ironmon so I could try to save them... The Elizabeth inside Fenrirmon thought, suddenly feeling a wave of sadness overcome her.

Fenrirmon suddenly let out a howl- a piercing howl the echoed into the night and seemed to cast an overall gloom of sadness to anyone who heard. A melody that grew heavy upon the heart...
What have you done... Elizabeth's deep voice in the form of Fenrirmon seemed to bellow as she landed near the others. Tears seemed to stream down her wolfish face as she lifted her muzzle-lips to almost form a snarl, but she was not growling. She was crying... tears dripping down along with an almost mournful wolfish whimper, filled with a deep growl.
They were just like you used to be... and you killed them. They had souls... you should have just run away from the beginning! Elizabeth roared, feeling the fur along her neckline bristle.

Her eyes wildly looked about... was any of them alive? Her eyes scanned some more, until she saw that a group of them were alive. Five bodies, trembling slightly as they struggled to rise in their devil forms- having been injured. Feeling a resolute growl, Fenrirmon closed his eyes.
"Moon's Guidance!" He roared, and suddenly rays of the moon seemed to magnify and change color, the same color as Fenrirmon's eyes. The rays landed upon the five hurt figures, and it became fairly obvious that the rays were adding energy... they were healing.
"Elizabeth what are you doing?!" Hotaru cried out as the others prepared to run away.
Andrew seemed to nod to the air, "Elizabeth... there is no need to be in your Spirit state anymore either. Come with us and hurry." He coaxed, but Fenrirmon shook its head.

Go and I will stay. I must confront these five souls and aid them myself... besides Andrew.. Her deep voice seemed to soften, ... I have lost my ability to change back at a simple will.

With that, Elizabeth walked towards the five figures who now were watching her with void expressions.

[If you leave, Elizabeth stays. If you stay, Elizabeth will be confronting the devil digimon much like she did to the devil form of Pegasusmon. ]

15th July 2006, 10:30 PM
Andrew heard Elizabeth's words. He could hear Fenrirmon walking toward the fallen Devils. His mouth turned downwards in a frown indicating a torn spirit, one that was standing on the beginning of a path from which there may be no return. Hands dropping to his side, pistols still held in a loose grip, Andrew spoke to the air, "Flamon, protect Rei for me while I'm gone."

He could hear the young girl beginning to protest. With a quick chopping motion he cut her off, "No Rei! You can't risk walking in this darkness, its temptations could be too much. Get out of here, find the rest of the destined, and we'll meet up with you when we can. This city isn't safe anymore...I can't stay with both of you."

Not waiting to listen to the young girl's response, he didn't know if he could stand having to decide again who to follow, Andrew began to slowly march forward, stumbling over rubble tha blocked his way yet somehow remaining on his feet. As he walked, he could feel the darkness covering the city pulling at him, beckoning him to accept its transformations and rebirth into a greater, more terrible being. Softly, Andrew's digivice began to glow, its light soon spreading over his entire body. Sighing softly, the darkness had receded somewhat, driven off to the edge of the light that surrounded him, Andrew called out to Fenrirmon, "Elizabeth! Wait!"

Blindly, Andrew reached out his arms, feeling in front of him for Fenrirmon's fur. Finding it, he relaxed, this was Elizabeth's confrontation, but at least he could lend her some of his strength...in return for what he would need from her to continue fighting off the encoraching darkness.

(Andrew's getting torn between his need to see everyone safe....excellent!)

(EDIT: Changed the end a bit, Bulba made it clear this was Elizabeth's thing so I didn't want Andrew taking up her attention for now)

16th July 2006, 12:05 AM
Naomi Watts

I didn't hesitate in running from the eventual fight between R. Schwartzmon and LadyAndroDevimon. I searched the streets for my friends and eventually came across Flamon and Polarmon running towards me as well as another Flamon, this one female. We met in the middle of the street. "Where were you?" Hotaru asked me.

"I went to check up on Dennis and ended up taking a little trip," I replied sarcastically. "Where's Andrew and Elizabeth? And Daron?"

"I don't know where Daron is but Andrew and Elizabeth are taking care of the Devil Digimon. We were almost finished but one of the Devil Digimon wiped out most of the others." She noticed that I was staring at the new Digimon. "That's Rei. She took something from a strange Digimon and now she's like this for a day."

I did a double take. "Rei? Wow, you don't look bad. I'm going to go see what the commotion's all about. Where can I meet you?"

"There's a park outside of the city. Meet us there."

I nodded and ran in the direction they were running from. I found the place in ruins. Fenrirmon and Andrew were facing a hideous Devil Digimon. But there was something about its eyes. They were a soft brown...just like...

"Imani? Imani, is that you?" I heard myself speak, even though I didn't exactly mean to ask it.

The Devil Digimon turned its head to me and spoke in my sister's voice. "Na...o...mi. Save...me..."

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17th July 2006, 08:27 PM
.: Darkness | F :.

Fenrirmon let out a low rumbling of acceptance as he felt Andrew’s hand grip upon the lower section of his hindleg. His violet eyes did not mind the touch of light, but his focused attention was upon the five ragged figures of the devil digimon. Taking a slow step forward- so much that Andrew could follow, Fenrirmon lowered his head and gazed at the five digimon at their own eye level.
Waves of darkness were emitting from the scene now… clashing darkness- the strange sickening aura of the tainted darkness, and the warm and calling sensation of the true darkness. Lucemon’s wrath had extended his great arms around the digital world and had tainted the souls of so many humans. These five were not going to be those victims anymore…
At least… not their souls… Elizabeth’s mind though from deep within the body of Fenrirmon.
Yet, the calling sensation was still within the devil digimon. Even though Elizabeth knew what they were and was within her Spirit form… she still sensed the calling. The longing urgency that the trapped souls emitted even from their blanketed dark state was easily heard within her own soul. She knew that they wanted her to either join them… or to save them. To in one way, become a part of them so that she was at least with them.
No more… Fenrirmon’s low growl emitted into the air.
Andrew… do not be afraid… do not be afraid of the darkness… Elizabeth’s voice seemed to traverse outwards, touching Andrew’s own heart as Fenrirmon took a few more steps forward.
Then, the devil digimon lurched forward.

Like staggering zombies, the devil digimon walked forward and all five of them surrounded Fenrirmon and Andrew. Swiftly following the motion, they almost crashed themselves from all sides into Fenrirmon’s body, missing Andrew’s. Their claws and tails seemed to wrap around Fenrirmon, as he gave out a strangled growl-like cry of pain and determination. They were all touching him now… the devil digimon of darkness. He could feel their souls within the suffocating aura of tainted darkness, and Fenrirmon knew that he could remove it. Closing his eyes and accepting the darkness, slowly his markings began to emit a brighter glow of violet-flashed silver. The glow then seemed to suddenly burst out between the gaps of the devil digimon’s body as it illuminated the pitch black sky. An explosion of violet aura surrounded all seven of them… and the darkness that covered their souls was forced off of them. Of course, such a darkness could not be unbridled… but it had to be contained. With almost a force of attraction to rival magnetic pull, the darkness was swiftly sucked into the markings of Fenrirmon and inevitabley into Fenrirmon himself.
When the act was over, the devil digimon simply released their hold on Fenrirmon and staggered backwards several feet. Such an act was a huge rush or a huge surge of some thing which Fenrirmon and Elizabeth’s spirit could not handle, and swiftly a brilliant flash of white seemed to surround Fenrirmon’s body as it dematerialized and Elizabeth simply remained.

She was upon her feet looking ragged, dirtied and tired as she breathed heavily with Andrew now clutching the sleeve of her shirt. Elizabeth looked to him for a moment, giving a smile as she placed her opposite hand over his before she fell to her knees. Bracing herself with the other hand, she looked up to see the five devil digimon.
However, they were not devil digimon… but they were freed souls. While their forms still remained darkened, their souls were released. They were now themselves and not bound to any fate but their own… and if anyone was to think them hideous before, they were now beautiful creatures of darkness. Their bad attributes had become good in the eyes of all. A release from the tainted…

“Elizabeth… are you okay?” Andrew asked, a rash amount of concern within his voice. Elizabeth watched silently as the five dark digimon looked at her silently and then gave a nod. They understood what had happened and no words were needed to tell them where to go. Swiftly and silently they exited into the night.
“I… I think so…” Elizabeth said with a pant in her voice, slowly staggering back up onto her feet. “I took away their darkness… but… it was… so… much…”

As if on cue however, another devil digimon suddenly was upon the scene. It landed right before Andrew and Elizabeth, narrowing its eyes with a calm look of anger within them. It prepared to attack, however it hesitated… feeling the new demanding aura that now seemed to snake around Elizabeth’s body with an unseeing eye. Elizabeth’s sharp violet gaze eyed the devil digimon… and once again she felt it calling to her. Before anything could happen however, suddenly Naomi appeared upon the scene. Elizabeth looked wearily at Naomi, and watched as Naomi’s eyes widened and stared at the devil digimon. There was recognition in those pretty eyes of hers… and Elizabeth could tell that she knew the devil digimon’s true name. Naomi called to it and then the devil digimon turned, looking straight at her and asking her to save it.
Tears seemed to flush Naomi’s eyes as a look of fear and helplessness seemed to rise within her gaze.

It didn’t take Elizabeth a second to know what to do. Naomi knew the true identity of this devil digimon… and Elizabeth had the power to return her soul.
“She… she won’t be the same…” Elizabeth whispered, taking a step forward to the devil digimon as she continued to focus upon walking and upon the devil digimon itself- no, Imani. “She’ll look this way… but … s-she’ll be free. S-she’ll be beautiful in her own way… and her soul… her life… i-it will be free…” Elizabeth said with a panting breath, looking at Naomi. Elizabeth had no energy left… no will to fight much any longer, but she had to do this. She didn’t know why she was so compelled… didn’t know why she wanted to help those whom she barely knew. Yet… it felt right to Elizabeth. Naomi was hurting because this Imani was hurting… and that was a needless pain. It was an injustice that had to be pushed back upon a better path.
Turning to look at Andrew, Elizabeth watched him stand- facing the way he heard her.
“I’m sorry Andrew… I don’t believe I can be your eyes for a while…”

With that, Elizabeth turned her gaze to look at Naomi and them she simply nodded and gave a smile. Reaching out, she swiftly grasped an arm of Imani’s devil digimon form and closed her eyes. Instantly and surprisingly with great speed, a violet aura flooded from her hand and seemed to encompass Imani’s form. With a great cry of pain and yet a great cry of accomplishment, Elizabeth seemed to channel her own energy so that the tainted darkness was purged into a firey aura form from Imani’s body. It then rose into the air and then seemed to plunge deep into Elizabeth. Elizabeth released her grasp upon Imani’s form and fell backwards upon the ground and the brilliant display of glow soon faded.

Opening her eyes, Elizabeth could see the night sky begin to blur. Creeping edges of black began to slip over her vision as the sound of her own heartbeat began to flood her ears. A swirling motion… a sense of spinning… and Elizabeth’s defeated body swept into the unconscious realm.

18th July 2006, 05:55 PM

Andrew had felt the flowing darkness, and had understood Elizabeth's words, enough that he had some sense of what she had done both to the devil digimon and herself. His amazement at the revelation that they could free the devil digimon instead of destroying them caused him to miss the sound of Elizabeth's fall to the broken ground, only realizing several seconds later what exactly he had heard. Crouching next to her fallen form, the muscles of his face pulled so that, even without his visible eyes, deep concern could clearly be seen. Fumbling blindly, the youth found Elizabeth's neck and felt for her pulse. Finding it to be strong, she seemed to merely be unconscious, he slumped in relief. They were still surrounded by darkness, and he was still too weak to transform and fight them an exit, but at least they were both still alive. That would have to do.

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Roy Karrde
20th July 2006, 07:34 PM
[color=pink] Rei Takinowa
[color=pink]~*~*~*~*~ Walking ~*~*~*~*~

[color=pink]I clung to Hotaru’s side as we walked; it had been hours since we left the city, hours since we had seen Elizabeth and Andrew. “Where are we going?” Someone spoke up. We all had been in a bit of a daze for a while, just following some random direction as the sun rose.

Even my tail seemed to be depressed, barely even wagging as we walked. “The Digivice should tell us where the next temple is.” Someone else said. Yeah, he’s right the digivice would tell us where to go next. Following everyone else I brought out my own Digivice and ignited the three-dimensional map. Morikaze was the next town, which was quickly pointed out by the group.

But there was something different in the corner of the Digivice. It was a bit of text that scrolled by in a language that seemed different; it didn’t even seem human, more like the language of Digimon. There was also something dark about the text, as if it were written by Lucemon’s own finger. The text warned about how close the city was to Lucemon’s core, how it was the original place of the Devil Digimon. The town was a haven of evil, filled with it than anywhere else.

I looked up and opened my mouth to warn the group, but to my own surprise nothing came out, it was almost as if I was being restrained from telling them, like I didn’t want to tell them. Maybe I didn’t want to tell them, if we defeated Lucemon I would go back home and all the people here that paid attention to me here would be gone. I would be back to where I was off to the side while everyone focused on Midori and Roy. Yet here, if they became Devil Digimon, they would stay with me forever.

Hotaru could be here with her boyfriend and stay with me, and Flamon would be with me forever. My hand turned off the digivice and a smile arose across my face. “Lets go to Morikaze!” I jumped up and grabbed Hotaru’s hand.

I was leading them into a trap; they would forgive me once they realized we could be together forever. They would forgive me.

20th July 2006, 10:52 PM
Hotaru Tajiri

We came to a forest and entered it, knowing that the next temple was in there. It was too quiet for a forest; we didn't even hear the wind blow. I didn't think I could've been able to stand staying there long. I looked down at Rei who was still clinging to me. I was still upset for what she had done in Tri Angel City but I knew that she had just curious. "Aunt Hotaru?" Rei said quietly. "Is something wrong?"

I shook my head. "Just a little tired." I looked back at Naomi and smiled. It took a while for her and her sister to catch up but they were alright now. Imani, despite her looks, looked so happy to see her big sister. And Naomi was relieved that her sister was found and safe.

We arrived at Morikaze and were surprised to see the state of the village. First of all, it looked more than a town than a college. Trees still grew besides the roads and between buildings. But it looked rundown and abandoned. Also, everyone looked shady. They were giving us hard looks as we walked past. I walked up to a Togemon and asked for directions to the temple. "Leave me alone before I hurt you," he told me.

"That was rude," Naomi muttered. "Let's go find the temple before someone beats us up and takes our money."

22nd July 2006, 07:08 PM
(OOC: Just to keep things moving a bit)

Andrew opened his eyes and froze. Something in the back of his mind was itching, trying to tell him something. Ah yes, opening his eyes must have meant he had fallen asleep...or passed out...probably not the best idea considering the circumstances. Alarmed, the youth scrambled to his feet, holding his arms out and spinning frantically. To his suprise, they were both still alive (obviously) and even more bizzare seemed to be encircled by a dome of some sort that Andrew's stumbling hands wandered into. Shimmering translucent light, which Andrew could not see, formed the dome which he could feel was about ten feet in diameter. On the outside he could feel the darkness and Devil Digimon still churning like some black tide, but they seemed unable to defeat the dome that protected the two digidestined. Removing his digivice from his pocket, Andrew felt heat radiating from it and could he have seen would have noticed the symbol of light burning brightly on its screen. His powers must have regenerated and when his fatigued mind has shut down, must have reacted instinctivly to protect him and Elizabeth. His fluttering stomach calming a bit, Andrew returned to Elizabeth's side and began to shake her softly, hearing the rustle of her clothes against the broken ground as he did, "Elizabeth? We need to get out of here...now. I don't know how long we'll be safe here and I need you to guide us somewhere safe."

Andrew paused from his shaking of the young woman for a moment. His words struck him.

I need you...

He couldn't recall ever having said those words before, not in the context he just had. It had always been others that had needed him, others who needed to be protected from things they could not fight alone. Now it was him who was needy, him who had to reach out to others for help. Oddly enough, it did not feel like a weakness as he had always thought it would, it felt....right. He could help others...and others could help him. Something that had been gnawing in his soul suddenly ceased to exist, and some measure of relief came from the waves of pressure that had been beating at it much like the waves of darkness that continued to beat at his shield. Andrew spoke softly once more, "Elizabeth, I need you."

22nd July 2006, 08:33 PM

.: Darkness | F :.

"... I need you." Elizabeth's eyes slowly opened as she let a fumbling moan escape her lips. Her entire body ached as she struggled to rise upwards, but sitting up she saw Andrew's blind gaze upon her. Her was knelt beside her, and around them was a dome of glowing light. Beyond the dome, Elizabeth could see darkened figures of devil digimon and those of Lucemon's corrupt nature. Withdrawing a deep breath, Elizabeth slowly rose to her feet and gently grabbed Andrew and helped him up as well. She felt incredibely weak... at least, physically she felt fatigued. However... she grabbed her digivice and looked at it. It was glowing... resonating as it were, with a dark and almost enigmatic aura of deep purple. It felt... powerful yet the power that it contained also seemed dangerous.

The more Devil Digimon you release... the more the darkness you will become.

The voice echoed in her mind as she looked to Andrew. There was no way she could free all these devil digimon... simply no way. Gazing down at her digivice, she saw the purple aura still seemed to consume it however upon the screen was a location. The location of the next city... where Rei and the others were heading.
"Rei and the others are heading there... " Elizabeth mumured, seeing how there was a warning flashing. Elizabeth looked at the digivice further and saw that it was close to where Lucemon had originally been sealed. Narrowing her eyes, Elizabeth felt a bit of anger swell within her.
"Not only does it seem that Naomi and Imani abandoned us with out fail... but it also seems that Rei is leading the others to the heart of Lucemon's evil."
Anger consumed Elizabeth as she felt herself shake and look to Andrew.

"I'm sure there was a good reason Naomi and her sister left..." Andrew said quietly, but Elizabeth swiftly walked to him and clasped her hands around his shoulders.
"Listen to me Andrew... I know you want to see the good in everyone, however I cannot ignore these signs. Naomi left and Rei is leading everyone into Lucemon's grasp... now, I know that there is good in everyone and that if they are the digidestined, like us, then they must be primarily good. However, Lucemon's evil has spread far and wide and... well, it is affecting all of us. We must end this now... and I fear the only way to end this, is to fight back against the darkness with all of us."

Elizabeth released her clasp upon Andrew, and closed her eyes. "We have to head to the center of the darkness. I have heard from... well, sources, that this next city is where the devil digimon originated. I have to go there... and I have to free some of the devil digimon there. Once I do that... well..."
Elizabeth whirled about, "Nevermind."
Once I do that... well... I'll transform and probably be lost forever. However... it will grant me the power to stop Lucemon once and for all. To help this world... to get everyone back to the original world. That is what everyone wants... right? Besides... then they can all stop pretending to care when their actions clearly sho-
"Elizabeth?" Andrew said, causing Elizabeth to turn around to gaze at him.

Andrew suddenly wrapped his arms around Elizabeth and hugged her. Elizabeth's eyes widened for a second, but slowly she felt herself release a bit of tension- a sigh of sorts.
"Elizabeth, what are you worried about?" Andrew asked, and Elizabeth gazed sadly to the side.
"Nothing worth bringing up now... at least, not now. I will eventually... however, will you promise me some thing?"
Andrew seemed to nod.
"Promise me that... no matter what happens to me... that, well... I'll be me. You can trust me, always, okay?"
Andrew loosened his hug and seemed to 'look' at where Elizabeth's eyes should be, even though he couldn't see.
"I promise." He said without further questions, which caused Elizabeth to smile.
"Thank you... now let's go to that next city."

Elizabeth grabbed Andrew's hand and they ran. Ran towards the next city... Elizabeth holding her digivice in one hand and repelling a few of the digimon as they ran. She didn't want to transform ... at least not yet. She had to wait... until the time was right.

But that time was ever looming...


Roy Karrde
25th July 2006, 10:26 PM
[color=pink] Rei Takinowa
[color=pink]~*~*~*~*~ Watching ~*~*~*~*~

[color=pink]My hand slid down the glass surface of the tube that held Hotaru. She was floating in there, asleep and surrounded in green liquid. The white robe draped over my body as I walked back and forth in the room that held all of the Digidestined except for Elizabeth and Andrew. None of them had put up a fight, the Devil Digimon struck with out notice; shocking them and knocking each of them clear out before any thing could be done. “They will be okay?” I asked, turning to a Devil Digimon who’s lower body was a snake, the scales slowly creeping up his torso as he became more and more corrupted.

The snake digimon nodded, shifting his tail around several test tubes, and monitors. “Within a day the changes will begin, two days after that it will be permanent.” He slithered, mixing chemicals. I turned and gave one look at the tube before leaving the room.

It had been a few hours since the attack; the temple which still contained the last two spirits was now being used as the central palace for Devil Digimon. My wings flared out and I came to sit on the chair that the Devil digimon provided me as a throne. Hotaru would thank me for this eventually; she would thank me and hug me for changing her. We would stay here forever, never having to deal with Earth or it’s troubles again. And we would rule this world.

A hologram appeared in front of my throne, projected from my digivice which I had prepared for when Elizabeth arrived. The two were on their way, making there way through the city. “Let them come.” I turned the eyes watching in the shadows. “Once they see what I have done here, they will thank me too.” I smiled to myself. Soon everyone would be happy, we would be one happy family. And they would all love me and thank me.

26th July 2006, 12:28 AM
Hotaru Tajiri

I opened my eyes to a green scene. I was floating in some kind of green liquid that I could breathe in. I was so tired I could barely move a muscle yet I managed to lift an arm and touch the glass in front of me. A tube. Trapped in a tube. Who could've done this?


She was looking at me while the Devil Digimon surrounded us. They didn't attack her. In fact, she smiled at them while they knocked us out. It was final. She had been taken over by Lucemon. The thought of it was enough to make me cry.


I had to get out. My legs kicked out with the little energy that I had. I banged my fists against the glass. It took a few tries for me to get the glass to cracking. A Devil Digimon with the lower body of a snake slithered in the room and panicked at the sight of my escaping. Before I could get out, he pressed a button on a machine. Electricity snaked through the green liquid and shocked me. The last thing I saw before blacking out again was Rei with a white robe and a pair of wings on her back.

26th July 2006, 11:11 AM
Andrew suddenly stopped, his abruptness tearing his hand away from Elizabeth who stumbled to a stop several yards away. Feeling her curious gaze on him, Andrew spoke quietly, "Rei....no!"

Elizabeth turned, waving her digivice at a Devil Digimon who had strayed to close, driving the being back. Returning her gaze to Andrew she questioned, "Andrew? What's wrong?"

Andrew hands had come up to his head, holding it as if some massive headache was threatening to tear it apart, "She's letting Lucemon take her, he's using her desires to make it think it's her idea."

Elizabeth's brow furrowed, "How do you know this?"

His hands suddenly dropping, Andrew bowed his head, "Because...she wants me to go with her...and the Light in me won't let me refuse."

With the force of a hurrcaine, a whirlwind of the darkest black descended upon Andrew, its howls like the screams of the damned. Only visible through the gaps in the whirling maelstrom, Andrew continued to face Elizabeth, "You're going to have to be the light Elizabeth, even in your Darkness...you're the only one who can show this world the way back...this world needs you just as much as I do and my Light isn't the one that will guide and protect this time."

As the whirlwind contracted, drawing around Andrew like some twisted cloak, a flash of silver reflected off the scattered light still present in the city. The soft ring of the object hitting the ground, a perfect note resonating through the very core of the world, seem to trigger the final collapse of the dark twisted around Andrew, the digidestined and the dark power vanishing in an instant.

Silence came then, and darkness descended. In the end there were only two pinpricks of existence left in the ruine city, one of Darkness so pure that it somehow banished the inferior dark around it, and one tiny silver light give off by the tiny wing that lay at Elizabth's feet.

26th July 2006, 01:05 PM
When you see the "*", that is just a little note where I imagine the music from the Avatar playing. it is only about a minute long, but it sounds really cool. To listen to a small blurb of it, go here:

.: Darkness | F :.

Elizabeth watched, dumbfounded as she saw the tainted darkness swirl around Andrew and then suddenly vanished with him. Silence was all that remained when everything was over… and Elizabeth was left standing in the darkness for a few deafening minutes. She felt numb… numb to almost any thought but the thought that she was alone. Utterly alone this time, because all of them were within Lucemon’s darkness. She continued to stare seemingly no where before a noise behind her shook her senses. Whirling about she saw one of the devil digimon try to reach out to her again and she swiftly shined her digivice upon the creature, causing it to shrink back. Andrew’s words once again came to her mind, and she felt tears well up in her eyes. Shaking her head however, she suppressed her emotions and withdrew a deepening breath. She had to reserve her emotions and her passion for the upcoming fight.
“Andrew…” Elizabeth said slowly, kneeling down to the silver wing. Gently she let her hands take it, and she recognized it as the connecting piece to Rei’s necklace. She bowed slightly and placed the piece within her pocket. Biting her lip, Elizabeth realized that it was finally the time. The time that had been foretold by the freed human-turned digimon had said about. She could feel the darkness- not her darkness, but the darkness of the other digimon which she had freed- churning inside of her, and she knew that it would only be a matter of time. A swift matter of time… for suddenly a darkened figure seemed to flutter above her. Elizabeth quickly recoiled as she held up her digivice, but this time the figure did not go away. Instead it landed fairly close to her, and Elizabeth instantly recognized that it was not a devil digimon… it was the dark Pegasusmon.
“What are you doing here?” Elizabeth asked bewildered as he walked over to her, lowering his head to greet her as she patted his forehead.
“They sent me here to help you. They wanted me to tell you that they would be there when the time came. They would help you in return for what you did for them…”
Elizabeth nodded, “I just don’t know… I’ve taken in so much darkness… I don’t know if I can do it anymore. It hurts…” Pegasusmon snorted in reply, giving a slight waver of his head.
“They said one more.”
“Just one?”
Elizabeth withdrew a deep breath and then nodded slightly. “Let’s go.” With that, she clambered on top of Pegasusmon’s back. With a spread of his wings, they took off into the air.

The world flew by Elizabeth below, and it wasn’t long before their destination was clearly visible. Looking at her digivice, Elizabeth saw the location where everyone was being kept- yet it looked unusual. Rei’s dot was now disfigured… and the others were different too. Worry spread over Elizabeth’s face as she urged Pegasusmon to hurry, and he zoomed lower towards the ground.
The two of them landed before the last temple, and Elizabeth’s face widened with shock to see devil digimon crawling along the outside of the temple like the plague. The temple itself looked different than what Elizabeth thought it originally looked like. It was dark and decayed, looking as sinister as the tainted darkness which held its sickening aura upon the area.
“I will be waiting for the others outside. You however, must go inside.” Pegasusmon informed Elizabeth as she clambered off.
“What about the devil digimon?” She asked, and Pegasusmon gave a wry smile. “I’ll be fine. I used to be one of them, remember?” Elizabeth gave a nod, and withdrew a deep breath. She could feel the adrenaline suddenly rush through her body as she prepared to do some thing that she never dreamed she’d ever do. However, the silver wing in her pocket… it reminded her why she was doing it.

Running into the temple, Elizabeth held her digivice at the devil digimon to ward them away. However, the darkness was extremely thick upon these parts and the digivice had a slightly more difficult time getting the devil digimon to back away. Refusing to hurt them, Elizabeth dodged their attempts to grab her as she ran down an extremely long corridor before suddenly entering a huge, massive dome-shaped room. Elizabeth’s eyes widened as she gasped, seeing the room illuminated by the green glow of all the digidestined. They were all trapped in green liquid… in some sort of device that Elizabeth didn’t want to think about what it was doing to them. Her eyes traced over Hotaru, whose glass cage seemed cracked as if there was a struggle. Naomi… Dennis … -Andrew! Elizabeth saw Andrew now floating in the same liquid, a pained expression upon his face although he didn’t seem conscious. There were others against the wall however… those that were not digidestined- Flamon, Flamedramon… they were chained against the wall.
Then Elizabeth saw Rei. She was staring straight at Elizabeth, sitting upon a throne with a slight smile upon her face. However she looked different… wings were grown from her back and she had a sinister glow which Elizabeth could feel radiating off of her. Snaking about was a snake-like digimon of darkness… a devil digimon that reeked of the tainted glow of darkness as well. Elizabeth knew that it was only a matter of time before Lucemon completely took over Rei.
“Elizabeth! You’re here!” Rei said happily, clapping her hands together as if she was so excited to see her. “I’m glad… you can join them. Then we all can be together.” She said happily, but her smile seemed tweaked…
“We can all be together once we free this digital world. Back in the real world.” Elizabeth said firmly, taking a step forward but Rei shook her head.
“No… we can’t. Everyone in the real world will go away and I’ll go back to just being a little girl. Everyone will go away. Everyone will be sad because of it… but this way… we can stay here. We can all be happy.”
“No!” Elizabeth shouted, clenching her fist. “Only Lucemon will be happy! That isn’t you talking Rei… that’s the darkness of Lucemon inside of you. He’s trying to use you to get rid of the Digidestined. That way he can take over the digital world…”
Rei’s face twisted into confusion, “But he didn’t get you yet.” Her voice ended in a darkened tone, as if something within her was agitated at that fact.
“It’s because Lucemon’s darkness is tainted… he makes the darkness evil. The true form of darkness is not evil, but merely the balance of light. Pure darkness is purity just like light is. It is what has protected me… my darkness is stronger!” With that, Elizabeth suddenly twirled her hands and swiftly two double-sided daggers materialized in her hands. She dashed over to the contraptions which held the digidestined, and swiftly she cut the large tubes that fueled the goo and the wires that ran to them. She cut everything connecting the contraptions… and swiftly with each slice the goo began to gush out, draining away as the digidestined floating within the goo began to resurface. The snake-like devil digimon tried to lash out at Elizabeth, but she swiftly held up her digivice to repel him while throwing her dagger which deeply imbedded itself into the snake-like digimon’s abdomen. He hissed in pain and retreated, while Elizabeth came around from behind the contraption and stared straight at Rei as the other digidestineds came to.
Swiftly Rei’s face almost seemed to transform into an angry barrage of words as her voice seemed lost for a moment, as if Lucemon himself took over.
“Fool! You have my darkness inside of you! You took it away from those pathetic devil digimon that I created… you took their darkness to free them, but now it is inside of you!”
Elizabeth bit her lip as Rei-no, Lucemon’s lips curled upwards into a smile.
“You’re right. However, your darkness is intermixed with mine. Your darkness will fuel my new power… while my darkness will tame it.”
Rei’s eyes glared in anger as she looked at the slowly awakening digidestined, and it seemed as if she was changing. It seemed as if Lucemon was completely trying to take over now… trying to channel his energy and spirit through the little girl so that he could destroy- so that he could win. Lucemon let out a roar-like yell as he glared down straight at Elizabeth, infuriated.
“What new power! You’re powerless to stop me!”
“Watch me!” Elizabeth yelled, suddenly running over to the snake devil digimon and touching him with the palm of her hand. Almost instantly he emitted a purple aura which seemed to twist its way out of his body as he let out a scream. The aura swiftly seemed to plunge deep into Elizabeth’s torso, releasing the darkness of Lucemon from him. However, Elizabeth had no time to see his reaction to being freed…

*Elizabeth instead gave a sharp cry as she felt the darkness rebel inside of her. Swiftly her body began to glow and it released a blinding flash of white light which filled the room like a beacon. Rei extended her arms to block the light from her eyes while giving a slight cry of pain from the light, as Elizabeth seemed to be completely engulfed within it.
So… it is time for me. I don’t… I don’t understand why I am doing this. Why am I turning into this for them? For this world?
Swiftly her body seemed to transform into Fenrirmon, her body becoming the massive and intimidating wolven creature. However, as soon as Elizabeth became Fenrirmon, suddenly a high-pitched scream seemed to emit from her digivice which was still glowing with its own purple aura. Data erupted from Fenrirmon’s torso and seemed to swarm all around him as changes began to form.
They left me… Naomi left Andrew and I with her sister without even checking to see if we were okay. When I went looking for Dennis they simply left me behind without telling me. They have shown me they only care for themselves… only themselves and their close loved ones. Just like everyone else in the real world – only themselves…
The data swarmed around Fenrirmon’s head, causing a silver metallic armor to form around his head as chains grew from the headpiece and formed a metallic plate-like neckpiece with sharp spikes protruding from it. Data then began to swarm around his feet as similar armor materialized above all of his paws, having spikes protruding from the front of the armor as elaborate markings of violet glowed upon the armor.
Yet, I care for them. No one in the real world gave me at least a bit of interaction… a bit of small friendship. Through those small bits of friendship, Rei- the little girl, she didn’t abandon me. She’s just a little girl… she’s just as lost and confused as I was when I was her age. When my parents were gone… when everything happened… Rei, come back…
Data then caused Fenrirmon’s metallic wings to grow and change shape. They no longer were smooth metallic wings, but large draconic-like wings with sharp metallic knife-like feathers, each glowing with a small violet symbol upon them. Surrounding Fenrirmon’s hindlegs and lower back was more armor, curved and sharpened around the edges to give a similar feel to the entirety of all of his changes. His tail shifted slightly so that it no longer was a wolven tail but a dragon-like tail, forking at the end as it was decorated with many spine-like spikes.
I’ll fight for them. I’ll fight for Rei. I’ll fight for this world… if it gives us a chance to go back to the real world. That’ll give Rei a chance to be a normal little girl, not confused and alone like I was. So she won’t become like me.
Fenrirmon was no more, but now it seemed as if he had become Guardafenrirmon. His violet eyes still held their piercing glare as he let loose a howl and the light seemed to vanish from the room, yet the glinting armor around Guardafenrirmon still emitted a violet glow from the markings. Rei-turned-Lucemon gazed bitterly at Guardafenrirmon, as he let loose a small snarl of a growl.
Andrew… I’ll fight for him most. The one who actually helped me… who tried to understand me… who actually gave me a chance- no, a reason to care for someone. To love someone.
Lucemon, you might as well purge yourself from the little girl. Let her go and fight me with your true self. Try to stop me as I destroy this temple and with it, your darkness. Guardafenrirmon growled…

[ I have another surprise in store, but I figure the battle will last a while so I can at least save it for my next post. ^_^ It doesn’t really affect anyone… except the poor devil digimon who get a chance to taste some freedom fighters! Lol I hope I played evil Rei alright Roy ]

26th July 2006, 04:52 PM
Andrew floated in his tube, feeling the evil darkness creeping into his soul, transforming his very core. Elizabeth had cut off the source of the evil, but what had already entered him still remained. In his dreams, Andrew fought against a vaguely human shaped being, one that took on his face and features, one that called him to succumb to the evil and become a Devil.

Andrew ran from his dark double, fleeing through his mental corridors, slamming shut imaginary doors only to hear them burst apart behind him. He ran until he came to a wall, an insurmountable tower of mental force that held him as surely as the thick glass walls of his tube held his physical body. He was too afraid to turn, to afraid to face himself and see the fate that awaited him. The fact that he had his vision once again, at least in the dream, escaped him for the moment.

Then the light came.

Just like in the Temple of Light and Darkness, the light surrounded and uplifted Andrew, kept him safe from his evil duplicate for the brief moments. Once again the voice that had spoken to him, the voice of the Light Spirit, resonated in his mind, "Why do you turn from the Darkness?"

Andrew fumbled for a response, tearing through his fear scattered brain for some answer, "Light is what I am! It will put me out!"

A soft sparkle of light flew across Andrew's mind, a divine laugh, "You're lady friend seems to undestand it much better than you do young one, you're not Darkness antithesis, you're it's compliment."

"Its...compliment? That means..."

"Indeed it does."

The light released Andrew and, almost instantly, the youth turned to face his dark self which had drawn as close as it had dared to the light. Reaching out hands that were bent and twisted like claws, the evil being reached for Andrew, reached for his essence so that it might take hold and begin to grow.

Andrew reached it first.

One hand, palm open, touched the demon's chest and almost instantly it began to warp and twist as though in agonizing pain. Watching with a determined face, Andrew spoke to it, "Light and Darkness are meant to coexist, are meant to work together. That's what the floor of the Temple meant, that's why Elizabeth and I work so well together, that's why the digidestined are made up of so many opposites, because together they make something so much stronger. I'll take your Darkness, you can keep the rest."

Exploding into seemingly nothing more than a cloud of dust, Andrew's evil twin vanished, leaving the digidestined alone. He stood that way for a minute, chest heaving as he felt his soul opening up to what he had just let into it. Then a smile grew on Andrew's face and his eyes began to glow a deep, blood red. In a low voice he spoke, "Everyone has a dark side...it's just a matter of how you use it."

He could feel the Light's approval.


Red light began to shine behind Andrew's blindfold, even as the newly transformed Elizabeth began to approach Rei/Lucemon. The fluid in Andrew's tube began to boil, furiously churning until Andrew's body was hidden behind the bubbling broth. Light began to flood the tube from its center, turning it into a shining column that quivered and shook with trapped energy. In the center of the light, a bead of darkness appeared, hovering still for an eternal second before erupting outwards with all the force of Andrew's desire. The tube didn't shatter, it just disintigrated to nothingness. With a loud splash, the liquid that had once been in it poured to the ground along with a soaked cloth blindfold, revealing Andrew holding his Digivice in his left hand, facing its screen toward the two opponents. His eyes, or at least what remained of them, gazed sightlessly at the scene in front of them. The screen of the digivice burned with power. Andrew spoke, "You can only add so much Light before you can't even tell things are getting brighter...it takes some Darkness to show the true majesty of the Light."

Fractal code erupted around Andrew's upraised had, pouring around the digivice and activating it instantly. Andrew's voice rang out, "Beast Spirit of Light! Spirit Evolution!"

The code enfolded Andrew and twisted around him like a second skin. It took but a second and, with a burst of power and light, the code erupted to reveal Andrew once again. Black hair flowed down his body, twisting around the long, flared black coat that covered most of the well muscled body that lay underneath. A single black wing curled around his left shoulder, the right wing a bloody stump with a few white feathers still connected. Black gloved hands gripped the haft of a wickedly curved scythe, the blade engraved with a feathered motif. Glowing red eyes gazed serenely from a face and would have completed the air of menacing terror was it not for the look of gentleness in them and on the rest of the well formed facade. Fallen Nephilimon twirled his scythe experimentally before pointing it at Rei/Lucemon and speaking with a voice that constantly morphed in tone and tenor, "Get out of my friend."

A dark look overcame Rei, the confused yet determined girl replaced by something far more sinister, "You think you can make me?"

Fallen Nephilimon simply nodded, "Yes, even if it takes all the life left in me.", letting go of the scythe with his right arm, the angelic digmon made a sweeping gesture toward the rest of the tubes, "They can complete our destiny should Elizabeth or I fall, their strength burns just as brightly."

The hand returned to the scythe and Fallen Nephilimon waited, waited to hear what fate decided for him.

Ultimate Charizard
26th July 2006, 08:47 PM
Suppose i should get involved before this whole thing ends without me. Also hope you dont mind i alter things just a little Kalah...dont want freeing just yet.


The feeling was wierd, weightless but with a pressure exerted all over the body. Almost like being...underwater.
My eyes flew open and i surveyed the green tinted scene before me. Two Digimon were facing down against what i presumed was Rei. It seemed that my Tank was on the other side of the room to the rest, they were all coming around as theyre tanks were already broken.
The larger of the two Digimon looked kinda like Fenrirmon, perhaps a higher Digivolution which meant it was Elizabeth. The second was easier to recognise, Andrews human form clearly the template for his Digivolutions.
I pushed at the Glass tube keeping me prisoner though it gave no sign of breaking. The fact that i was breathing in this fluid with no Breathing equipment didnt cross my mind as i pushed harder, wanting to help but realising i couldnt do much without Felomon. I scanned the room and my heart sank as there was no sign of him.
I had noticed that some of the others were different. Theyre bodies changed but only slightly and my eyes went wide as i checked my own body. This must be the Devil Digimon process. I sighed in relief, realising i hadnt been changed which immediately made me wonder why. The Celestials had often told me that being a Digidestined protected me from certain harms, but if so why were the others changing? It took a moment staring at Elizabeth and Andrew in their evolved forms to realise. It must be the Spirit Digivolutions. Theyre bodies are already capable of, and already have become Digimon. This machine must be perverting that somehow.
I found my digivice on my belt, surprised they had left me with it and used it first to find out that Felomon was still alive, and somewhere in this complex, then to confirm the identities of the two digimon. Though spirit digimon dont follow the same level structure as most digimon It seems they had both attained a level similar to Ultimate.
I hoped it would be enough.

26th July 2006, 10:42 PM
(OOC: Just a note, Andrew's Beast Spirit isn't very animalistic because the "beast" part of it is more his acceptance of the dark side of Light. Just thought I'd mention that. And yeah Charizard, it is hard to tell with Spirit Evolutions on the old scale, specially when in the show they seemed to fluctuate as well...)

Roy Karrde
27th July 2006, 08:05 PM
[color=pink] Rei Lucemon
[color=pink]~*~*~*~*~ Angry ~*~*~*~*~

[color=pink]How dare the two? How dare they appose me, don’t they know that I was doing this for the best of them? Darkness welled up inside me, warmth stronger than anything I had ever felt before. And I embraced this warmth, letting it fill my body as the fur on my arms burned away. As it changed my eyes to one white and one black, as it spread over my wings completing them. The monster that is Elizabeth roared and charged at me, it’s claws outstretched. I held out my hand as if to stop her as she leaped into the air.

At the same time a black skull formed in my palm and leapt into Elizabeth, the skull using the darkness she had in her to bring about the memories, the horror of all the devil digimon that she had freed. The beast roared and fell to the side, clutching its head. My eyes slowly shifted to Andrew. His scythe swinging around in a defensive motion. My hands reached out in the direction of the fallen Snake Devil Digimon, the body instantly glowed and shrank, darkness whipping around it as it became a complete snake and curled around my hand. With a flick of my wrist the snake straightened and became a complete staff, complete with a sharp bottom, and a snakehead at the top.

“You abandoned me Andrew.” I taunted, the two of us moving in a circle, he shook off the taunt with a grin, his scythe swinging forward, a quick step back and the blade passed easily out of reach of me. “You crushed my heart, Lucemon fed on that, if it wasn’t for you we wouldn’t be here right now.”

Andrew paused for a brief second before continuing his movement, the circle bringing him around to Elizabeth who he bent down to touch. “It will be okay.” He whispered to her, stroking her fur. Elizabeth moaned a response, her claws digging into her own skull. The effects of the spell would be wearing off soon, I couldn’t afford to fight both of them. “I’m going to free you from this Rei.” Andrew said with determination as he rose again.

“Free me?” I spat, lunging forward. Andrew brought his scythe around to cut my path off, dropping to my knees I bypassed the blade and came up on the other side of it, my staff whipping in an attack motion that would bring the blade tail of it across Andrew’s chest. “You made me.” I whispered, bringing the blade in to the tip of his chin.

A bead of sweat dripped down Andrew’s face, I knew I couldn’t stay there for long, any second he would regain his senses and jerk his scythe back to cut me in two. “You’re using the darkness.” I inhaled, “You realized that using the light was never enough.” I grinned, dropping flat onto the floor as the blade missed my head by near inches.

Whipping the staff around I aimed to cut his legs out from underneath him. Andrew was quick enough and jumped out of the way, this gave me enough time to roll backwards and come up in a crouching position. “I embraced my own dark side, I decided to work with it.” Andrew retorted swinging his own blade in a defensive motion. I turned and caught the image of Gav struggling in his tube, within minutes he would be free. I couldn’t take on both of them.

“Your own darkside?” I spat, racing toward Andrew. “Your own dark side likes the danger, likes the power and aches for more.” I explained, dropping and dodging a left attack from the scythe. “It likes what I have become and wants to join me.” I added, rolling forward to avoid another swing.

“And deep down, you embraced your own dark side because you knew you were going to lose.” I ended, coming up and batting the scythe out of his hands as I knocked him down to the ground.

Andrew let out a gasp as I climbed on top of him, sending my staff to curl back around my arm as I touched Andrew’s cheek. “My poor Andrew, all you see is Darkness.” My hand stroked his cheek, touching his eyes. “Well now the darkness finally sees you.” I whispered bringing my lips down.

It was a brief touch at first, Andrew’s jaw held tightly and refused to return the kiss as a brief spark of darkness passed from my lips into his. I leaned in and kissed again, his arms came up to throw me off of him but the current of darkness continued, one spark would turn someone into a devil digimon, but Andrew, Andrew was being bathed in darkness. His arms that were meant to throw me off suddenly wrapped around my waist. His mouth opened as did mine as the kiss became more personal, more romantic. Underneath my hands I could feel his muscles swell, his face push out as it took the contours of a lion, claws pushing through and breaking the skin of his fingers, hair lengthening into a furry mane.

I gazed into his glowing red eyes as the red dimmed and the eyes of a animal were replaced in them. I slowly broke the kiss, rising and moving off of him as Andrew rose with me. “You will be my partner, the king of this world, and I shall be your queen.” I intertwined my fingers with his and prepared for what ever was going to befall us next.

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27th July 2006, 09:01 PM
Naomi Watts

I finally woke up to the sounds of battle. Oh man, what did I miss now? The first thing I noticed was the fact that I was floating in a tube of green liquid. The second thing? My new tail. Great, I'm turning into a Digimon. This has to be the highlight of my day.

But now was not the time to be thinking sarcastic thoughts. There was something I had to do. Rei was in the room but she looked like a whole new person. And a lion-like Digimon was by her side. Elizabeth -- at least I thought it was Elizabeth -- was down for the count. My hand went to my side and grabbed the digivice. I banged my feet and hands on the glass, slowly breaking it. By the time Rei noticed it, I was on my hands and knees on the floor.

"Naomi, get back in the tube. You're not done yet," Rei/Lucemon said sweetly.

I slowly got to my feet. "I suppose you're the reason I'm turning into a cat," I said to her, showing her my tail.

"Yes, and you look so cute with it!"

I glared at her. "That's it, girl! You have gone too far! What will Hotaru and Andrew say about this?"

She turned to the lion Digimon beside her. "Andrew, what do you say about this?" she asked him.

My jaw dropped. "Andrew?" I dropped to my knees. "What did she do to you?" He stared down at me. I had to do something to snap him to his senses. "Listen man, I'm sorry. Sorry for leaving you behind in the last city. I was just thinking of myself and Naomi. I just wished I could do something." I looked at Elizabeth. "Same to you. I don't want you to think that I'm a selfish brat or anything. I hope that you can forgive me."

"Is there anything else you'd like to say?" Rei asked impatiently.

"Yeah. Spirit Evolution!" I changed into Safarimon and laughed. "You're going down, Lucemon! I just need some help." I smashed into Hotaru's and Dennis's tubes and freed them from their glass prison. They fell to the ground, still unconscious. I was about to go from Daron's when Andrew stopped me by grabbing my tail and dragging me away. "No, Andrew. You can fight this! Just think of what you've been through to get this far!"

28th July 2006, 03:37 PM
Dennis Loray

I groaned, opening my eyes. I was.. wet. And my right hand and forearm felt wierd. Holding it up to my face, it was... changed, where once was flesh and blood, now was a wickedly clawed, pitch black gauntlet. I looked up, and saw Rei, with... wings.

"So, it has come to this, has it?" I asked with a sigh as I forced myself into a standing position.

"Has come to what?" She asked, a sickly, perversely sweet tone to her voice.

I pulled out my digivice, holding it in my gauntlet hand. "You let him win. You gave up." I stated in return, sadness plain in my voice and facial expression. I forced myself to ignore the events going on with Naomi, I could only think of one possible course of action.

"And if I did?" She asked.

"I will have to give you peace the only way I can." I stated, my digivice glowing, "Spirit Evolution!"

I stood there, once more as Redeemed Schwartzmon, and prepared to sacrifice everything. "Are you ready, Lucemon?" I asked.

(sorry it took so long, I had to completely rewrite it at one point.)

30th July 2006, 07:44 PM
Andrew was amazed, he had thought it impossible when Rei had begun to taunt him, had been searching for some hint that Lucemon was goading him on but had slowly come to realize the truth...Lucemon didn't understand. He didn't understand how someone could be faced with the power of Darkness and deny it, couldn't understand the Duality, the Triality, the Multiality off Light and Darkness. Andrew hadn't let in the Darkness, hadn't succumbed to his dark side, he hadn't accepted the Darkness from his evil double, he had transformed it so that he could find its compliment in Light. Andrew was still pure light. The nature of Fallen Nephilimon wasn't Darkness.

It was Sacrifice.

Fallen Nephilimon embodied the dark part of Light, the part that was willing to put aside all concepts of honor and majesty in order to truly accomplish what needed to be done, was willing to do whatever it took to preserve that which it loved. Fallen Nephilimon was pure Light and would give anything to save the digidestined and Rei, even sacrifice himself.

Andrew had goaded Rei right back, and when she had offered him her own Darkness, he had fought aside his body and soul's initial repulsion and had somehow been able to let her complete her plans. Andrew's body had changed into that of a Devil Digimon, one who followed Rei with reckless loyalty...but his inside was the pure Light of Andrew, a Light that was rejoicing. He could feel his connection to Rei, could feel the invisible ties of darkness that bound him to her. He could feel the fight that was going on inside of her, Lucemon letting Rei's inner most desires come out magnified and perverted in such a way that Rei could do nothing except act on them.

Andrew ignored his body's response to Lucemon's order as he was ordered to stop Naomi, ignored him grabbing her and throwing her transformed body into the ground. Instead he prepared himself for what was next, for what he had to do. He feared for what he was about to do to Rei, but prepared himself to do it anyway. Taking control of his transformed body, Andrew halted his advance on Naomi, closed his fanged mouth, and turned, rebelling against Lucemon's silent commands. He had heard Dennis' pronouncement and knew he had to act now. Twisting his mouth around the words, Andrew spoke, "Wait Dennis, do not act so hastily that you will regret your actions..."

Rei's face was filled with exultation, she had everything she could want right now: the power to make the world right, those she loved changing into things she could keep forever, and a protector who would face anyone for her, even one of his own. She gazed at Andrew as he turned and laughed happily, "Isn't it wonderful Andrew!? My power can give us everything! Can make the world right!"

His face twisting into a fanged smile, Andrew took a step forward as he replied in a growling, raspy voice, "Your power hasn't given you anything Rei...evil has given you just enough to let you fall under its control."

Rei frowned, this wasn't what she had hoped to hear from her new Dark King, "I can make everything good now Andrew! I can make sadness and hate go away!"

Andrew took another step forward, "At the expense of what Rei? Sadness and Anger are a part of the world, would you take away Happiness and Love too? Just like Darkness and Light are opposites yet compliments, so too is everything else. As much as I'd love for everyone to be happy, for everyone to love, without sadness how can we measure what matters? If I hadn't gone blind I would have never come into what I am now, without that pain I could have never grown."

Growing angry, Rei spread her wings and gestured imperiously, "You should talk, you who accepted Darkness just to increase your own power, to taste the greatness that is the power to change the world."

A harsh laugh escaped Andrew, a laugh that was at the same time derisive and sad, "Rei, you still don't understand. I CAN'T accept Darkness into me, it can't exist anymore in what I am. The willingness to do what you have to do, to sacrifice everything doesn't stem from my Darkness like it does in Elizabeth, it comes from my Light."

Rei's eyes registered suprise, even as something new came into them. When the girl spoke it was in an odd, double voice, "What are you saying? What do you think you are?"

Andrew was within ten feet of Rei now and stopped, the smile growing even larger, "I am Light, Lucemon, and you just opened yourself to me."

With that, Andrew gathered up everything he had been holding in. All his hope for the future, all his rage at what the present was, all his love for Elizabeth, Rei, and everyone else that drove him onward, as his furious rage at Lucemon for tearing apart his world, all his sadness at the lives lost so far, and all his determination to see it right. All of that he gathered inside of him and transformed into Light, transformed it into one pure desire, to drive Lucemon away from Rei. That Light he sent along the connection between him and the girl, changing the invisible tendrils of Evil into pure Light. The Light struck Rei who instantly screamed in suprise and an agonzing pain that made Andrew weep inside. Even through the screams he could hear Lucemon's voice emerging from the writhing girl, "You'll kill her boy! I am what she wants! What she needs!"

Andrew took the sadness of that statement and drove it into his attack, "You're a parasite Lucemon, you took Rei's pure desires and changed them into obsession! Get out of her!"

Andrew's eyes flared white, drowning out the blood red that they had transformed into and seeming to drive Rei into even furthur spasms. Andrew could feel something slipping in the girl, something scrabbling for a hold under the rush of Light that he hadn't been expecting from one who he had had under his control. Once again Lucemon yelled from his vessel, "What right do you have to judge this girl's fate?"

The light from his eyes mingling with the tears that began to flow, Andrew took his doubts in his ability to judge and drove them into Lucemon as well, using his resignation that it was his duty in this case to change those doubts from a weakness to a strength, "I have no right Lucemon, I do what I do not from any right I've been giving, I do it because you don't have any rights to her either! Get out!"

Lucemon was losing his grip, was holding on by one metahphysical finger to the cliff from which, after he lost his grip, he would fall under and be forced to reveal his true self to the world. In one last desperate cry he screamed from Rei's mouth, "My presence is too deep in her boy! She won't survive me leaving! You doom her!"

Andrew added to his attack his love for Rei, a love that, while not having the strength of the love between those meant for one another, was still strong enough to redouble his power, "The fate you have for her Lucemon is worse than death. Rei is strong, what I give her is the chance to choose between a life in which she can work truthfully on her dreams or the freedom to sleep in her own peace without your manipulation or perversion! Leave her!"

Lucemon tried one last time to appeal to Andrew, "You want her dead! You don't want to deal with her anymore. You hate..."

Andrew took the rage for what Lucemon was about to say and drove it like a spear of Light into that finger that was still holding on. The force of his final attack shattered his demonic exterior like a glass statue, the black shards dissapearing before hitting the ground. Fallen Nephilimon stood from the shards of the Dark King and spread his one great wing, shouting one last time, "OUT!"

Light flowed through Rei, purging, removing, severing. Andrew's eyes burned white, calling from the ground beneath him small geysers of Light that erupted around him and Rei. With a final ethereal scream, Lucemon lost his grip and fell tumbling into whatever physical form he had left to take. The Light from the ground erupted once more and dissapeared, though Andrew's eyes continued to glow faintly white. Fallen Nephilimon's scythe dug deeply into the ground as he struggled to remain upright, even as Rei, the wings that had been twisting and writhing behind her during Andrew's attack now gone, fell limply to the floor. Andrew remained Fallen Nephilimon somehow, to devolve now would mean almost instant death against Lucemon and it would be up to him to protect Rei as Elizabeth and the rest finished their duty. He could not fight for long, too much of his energy had he spent, but he could still defend those he loved, could still put his own body on the line for them. Even through his pain, Fallen Nephilimon smiled, how fitting that it had been Lucemon's own Evil Darkness that had allowed him the access he needed to rid Rei of his influence. Rei had a chance now, a chance to decide for herself is what she had turned into was what she had really wanted. If it had been then...Andrew didn't know what he would do in that case. Stumbling to stand over Rei, Andrew pleaded softly, "Please...Elizabeth, Dennis, everyone, you have to end this now. My job is done..."

Roy Karrde
2nd August 2006, 10:52 PM
[color=pink] Rei Lucemon
[color=pink]~*~*~*~*~ Fighting ~*~*~*~*~

[color=pink]The darkness ran from the light, hid from it. And for the first time in a long time I could see Andrew, in his Digimon form he was standing over me. He uttered a plea and fell to his knees. “Andrew!” I screamed inside of my head. I pushed my arms, trying to make them move, trying to catch him. But my arms wouldn’t move, why wouldn’t they move? ‘Let him go’ A voice in my head told me, the voice was familiar, full of warmth, but at the same time it seemed weak, dieing.

If I could I would turn and face the darkness but I was stuck, looking at Andrew in a body I suddenly found that I couldn’t control. ‘He’s my friend.’ I shot back, screaming at the top of my lungs inside of my head. ‘They will be your friends forever, just let me finish.’ The voice replied, an aura of comfort carried with the voice as if I were supposed to listen to it.

If I could I would have stuck out my lip defiantly. ‘Get out of my body!’ I screamed, the darkness backed off even further, it’s warmth presence left me out in the cold again. ‘Leave me alone.’ I gasped, and suddenly I found myself lying on my back. I blinked a few times, suddenly realizing I could blink.

Elizabeth stood over me, her claws digging into my shoulders as her paws held me down, a look of murder in her eyes. The monster looked at me, a look of confusion over her muzzle, slowly she leaned down and sniffed my face, and then licked it with her long tongue. “Elizabeth stop that tickles.” I laughed, her claws returning to her paws as she gave me a few more good licks.

With restrained enthusiasm Elizabeth finally climbed off of me and I rose to face the people that I had betrayed. “Everybody..I..” I began, my voice shaky. How could I apologies? I had assaulted them, violated their bodies, all for selfish desires.

I did not even have to speak another word; Aunt Hotaru stepped forward and wrapped her arms around me. Fresh tears began to run down my cheek as I buried my head in her chest. Another set of arms wrapped around me, and then another, and another. Before I knew it the whole group was hugging me. “Thank you.” I sobbed.

“Hey everyone.” Gav spoke up, turning our attention to the last two spirits who hovered over the statues that had replaced the throne. “It looks like our journey is finally over.” He let out a sigh as his digimon ran to his side.

The final two digidestined that needed spirits stepped forward, the rest of us followed with Hotaru keeping her arms around me, as if she were afraid that something would happen if she let go. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Dennis looking at me, I turned and gave him one of my trademark childish grins. “I guess the two of us are the same now.” I mentioned, seeing how both of us had been used and traitor the group at sometime.

Dennis gave me a awkward smile and rubbed my head, messing up my hair in the process. As the last two got their spirits we all began to stand around and talk about what to do with the Devil Digimon. I turned and looked at Flamon, and then looked away, I couldn’t face him, not yet. A burning feeling welled up in my pocket, reaching in I pulled out the note that I had gotten from the weird lady in Tri Angel city.

The note began to glow, as it glowed it began to get hotter and hotter in my hand, until I had to drop it. The glow from the letter spread across the floor, and in one defining crack the floor gave way.

In the blink of a eye we were all free falling, Elizabeth was the first to react as she dug her claws into the side of the pit, stopping her decent. Others followed suit grabbing ledges and what ever else they could get their hands onto. For myself it was Hotaru who with one hand grabbed a ledge and the other grabbed my arm. “Hang in there Rei.” Hotaru winced, her hold on my wrist slipping.

My eyes traveled up to her and then down below to where a white glowing orb revolved. It was the core of the Digital World, it was the place Lucemon was being kept. “I-wont.” Hotaru cried, tears dripping down her cheeks, but it wasn’t enough. Her hand slipped from my wrist and I was plunged into a freefall. My body turned just enough so that I could meet the core head on. A look of shock and fear across my face as I sunk into the core. Light and darkness intertwined, wrapping around me as Lucemon was reborn, he was completely reborn, within me.

3rd August 2006, 12:21 AM
Dennis Loray
~~~~~~~Torn and Suffering~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


No, it......

It can't be, were were so close....


Tears were running down my face, but I paid them no heed, my heart ached at the sight I saw before me, Rei falling. Lucemon Returning, and I couldn't protect her, I couldn't save her. And we certainly weren't in any shape to fight him. I felt completely worthless.

Suddenly, something within snapped, Lucemon would pay for his crimes, but we couldn't face him now, we had to get away. But how? Then I felt it, a power, lightly pulsing, like the faintest echo of many lives. The power I'd taken when I was controlled by Shadow. It wasn't anywhere near what it used to be, but... it might just be enough. "Everyone, get in a circle around me!" I shouted, drawing on the power inside, I OUGHT to be able to drag everyone along on a Rune Shift...

"Spirit Evolution!"

(I'll leave the actual teleportation and everyone else's reaction to someone else.)

3rd August 2006, 10:07 PM
kitto sono hate yuiitsu kibou no kage
nande mitasu no –
But certainly when that’s over, what will you use to satisfy yourself,
Once, in the shadows of hope?

.: Darkness | F :.

Elizabeth clung to the edge with her claws, turning her wolven head to see Rei falling below. Her violet eyes widened as she watched Rei plummet straight into the core, vanishing the brilliance of the darkened light. Her own eyes could see the long tentacle-strings of darkness that seemed to be lashing outwards- hungering for anything they could obtain. However, once Rei fell into the core… they collapsed in upon themselves, unleashing a blinding light.
Rei was gone…

“No… Rei…” Elizabeth thought, hearing the cries of the other as they struggled to pull themselves up before the crumbling world around them.
There was the little girl… the little girl who felt so alone that she was considering keeping everyone here in this world so she wouldn’t have to be alone. It reminded Elizabeth of herself… back in the real world. What would Elizabeth have done back then if she had been given the same circumstances? She had been all alone… with no friends to even be given a chance with. Everyone stayed away… they came for the funeral, pretended to care, and then they left. Rei had felt the same thing…
“NO! REI!” Elizabeth roared, realizing that now Rei was going to be truly alone.

Hearing Dennis, I turned my head to him and watched as everyone went around to him the best they could in the crumbling world. He did his Spirit Evolution… he was going to teleport everyone away. He said that they couldn’t fight now… they couldn’t do anything now.
“No…” Elizabeth whispered, closing her eyes briefly, still in Guardafenrirmon form. Flashbacks of those who pretended to be her friends in the real world and then left. Her parents leaving her alone… and then dying, leaving her in the world all alone. Her family leaving her alone, no friends. Coming to the digital world… only to be left alone once again- to feel alone, to still have the thing that made her so different from everyone else.
“NO!” Elizabeth then challenged. “I’m not going to leave her! I’m not going to abandon her like everyone else has done to me!”

With that, Elizabeth let go and she too fell. She felt herself plummet and her eyes saw everyone drifting farther and farther away from her. Spreading her wings open she managed to flip her body so that she plummeted just like Rei- head first. Closing her eyes she felt the suffocating darkness engulf her body.
I won’t leave you alone…

4th August 2006, 01:13 AM
Hotaru Tajiri
In despair

I started to let go of the wall, intent of falling down to meet Lucemon and rescue Rei. But Naomi had other plans. "We have to recover!" she roared as Safarimon.

"I can't leave Rei!" I cried out. "She's down there! She needs help!" I let go of the rock and started to plummet. Safarimon jumped down, snatched the collar of my shirt in her teeth, and climbed back up to Dennis just as he began his Rune Shift. A flash of light, and we ended up on the outskirts of Morikaze.

I shook in anger as Safarimon let me go and de-digivolved to Naomi. I grabbed her by the collar and started to shake her. "You had no right! I could've saved her! She needed me!" I cried as I shook her.

Naomi pried my hands from her shirt and gave me a hard look. "Hotaru, you need to think about this. I have a tail! You have bear ears!"

I gasped and reached up to the top of my head. Two bear ears stuck on top of my head. "They're white, aren't they?" I asked her.

She nodded. "We'll get Rei back. You're probably the only one who can do it. We just need to wait for the right moment."

4th August 2006, 03:18 PM
Gods...Elizabeth...and Rei...both. I can't lose them both...I CAN'T!

Andrew was barely holding on to his ledge, the fall had jolted him out of his digimon form and the weakness had almost caused him to fall into the core by itself. He had been forced to watch as the girl he had managed to save was sucked up once again in Lucemon's evil. Then, as his mind was already grieving that loss, the young woman he had already grown so close to, against all the odds and their very natures, had fallen in after the girl. Andrew still didn't understand his feelings for Elizabeth, the digidestined of Darkness was so enigmatic and standoffish, yet he was drawn to her in a way that was deeper than just appearances.

Andrew’s breath began to come fast, he could hear Dennis' transformation completing, could understand his plan to teleport them all away. It would be so easy to let himself be carried on Dennis' power, get taken away from the pain and suffering that no doubt awaited him. He wanted to be able to leave more than anything…he had barely been able to purge Lucemon before, as weak as the evil digimon had been, what would he need to do to fight the real one? He wanted to leave, he wanted to be safe, he wanted to run away, he wanted to save his life.

But he wanted to save others more.

What use was life if he had to earn it through the deaths of those he cared for?

Andrew turned his ruined face to the others, emotion thick on his voice as he spoke, “Keep the world safe after I’m gone? Alright?”

Not waiting for a response, knowing that they would, Andrew released his grip on the ledge he had caught. As the core’s brilliant light surrounded him, Andrew prepared himself for his end. If his life could buy the lives of Elizabeth and Rei, he would give it.

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4th August 2006, 09:43 PM
I'm away for a week starting tommorow, FYI.

5th August 2006, 10:01 PM
I'm not posting, but I did draw Guardafenrirmon's form. I have drawn all of fEnrirmon's forms... but I have not inked them all yet. >.<; Pain in the arse...

Guardafenrirmon! (http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/37497120/)

Roy Karrde
8th August 2006, 09:26 PM
[color=black]~*~*~*~*~ Ranting ~*~*~*~*~

[color=black]My fists slammed down upon the table, my rage crackled around the room as I watched Elizabeth lay on her side. “You just cannot leave well enough alone?” I roared, my anger a stench that swept the room. “All my life I have been hunted by chosen children, when I am just trying to help the world.” I spat, my hand lifting her muzzle to look into my eyes, her flesh burnt and charred from the darkness.

She struggled weakly against her bindings her eyes filled with hate and anger towards me, I simply shrugged and turned my back running my hands over my small form. I had never been a girl before, a boy yes, but never a girl. “The digital world is dieing.” I spoke up, Elizabeth whimpered, and then growled in anger, believing it is a lie. “Where are the Celestials? They know that if they attack they will use up what little data they have left, every year it is being recycled and each time it is destroyed more and more.”

Elizabeth remained silent and I turned to look at my other captive, Shadow, the man that had done all my work for me, even if he didn’t realize it. “There is a whole wealth of life out there, something that could save my world, and really would you not do the same for your world Elizabeth?” I asked, matching eyes with shadow who just sneered back. It wouldn’t matter if he hated me or not, in a few hours his work would be completed, I would have access to Earth, and he would be disposed of.

“Oh, I forgot, that isn’t your world anymore, you are not even human.” I said, my eyes watching the portal that Shadow had helped construct, of course he wanted to use it for mutual destruction, but it would be used for a even grander scheme. I finally found myself looking at Elizabeth, no matter how much I wanted I just could not kill her. Why could I not kill her?

I reached a hand out wanting to rip her fur away but I found myself petting her. “Try not to worry Elizabeth.” I whispered in a soothing tone, she looked up at me in shock and I shook my head back in anger. “Damn it.” I smacked her angerly, the merging wasn’t complete yet; it should be, but no matter. In a few hours from now it wouldn’t matter.

[color=white]~*~*~*~*~ Last Hope ~*~*~*~*~

[color=white]The three of us landed in front of the group, the world was locked in despair, just years prior we would help out in the final battle. Now we were forced to watch and place our hope in these children. “There isn’t much time.” Orphanimon whispered walking toward the children.

“Where have you been.” The young one, Hotaru shouted angrily. Orphanimon shook it off and gazed over the children. “You could have saved her.” The young one continued, tears in her eyes.

“Rei is gone, dead, I’m sorry.” Orphanimon’s eyes looked swollen and tired, exhausted from seeing battles after battles. “Now there is one last chance, but only hours remain until Earth falls under Lucemon’s rule.”

The crowd remained silent, some murmurs but no one dared speak up right now. “We’re here to teach you Merge Evolution.”

15th August 2006, 09:31 PM
The world dissapeared for a moment, the whiteness of the digital core annihilating everything. Andrew floated in the whiteness for that eternal moment, rejoicing in the rest, in the precious time of pure release. In the light he did not have to struggle to keep his battered and draine body standing, he did not have to let worry for those he cared for gnaw at him, he did not even need to think about what he was planning to do next. The light sustained him for that moment...and then released him to finish the job that was his destiny. His vision came back in time to see Lucemon slap Elizabeth's prone form. Metal slid against leather at the sound of the stinging blow.

"Turn around Lucemon."

Lucemon spun at the sound of Andrew's voice, his face darkening with a rage that, despite his seeming dominance over poor Rei, still had some vestiges of happiness within it.

"Andrew! I would have thought you weren't even strong enough to save yourself, much less anyone else right now. You just can't give up can you?"

Andrew sighted down his pistols, taking aim at Lucemon's small body. Taking a step forward, his coat dragging harshly against the floor, Andrew gave a weary grin.

"It's beyond saving anyone now Lucemon. I did what I could to help everyone survive this long. If Elizabeth or I survive this, I'll be suprised. All I can do now is stop you."

Lucemon's lips curled, his eyes narrowing in a superior look of suspicious, his wings folding around him.

"And by doing so, you'll kill the one you tried so hard to save. How sad."

Andrew took another, sudden, step towards Lucemon, his Gun now hovering mere feet away from the evil digimon's face. Sweat glistened on the digidestined's face even as his head remained raised, its ruined eyes not having any need to look at his foe.

"Rei's death will bring happiness and peace to a whole world. If anything of the girl I knew remains within the body you stole from me, she will understand. Her love for life would allow her to make that sacrifice."

Lucemon continued to smile, not trusting this weak human to actually fufil his promise.

"Then fire."

Andrew's hand clenched around the trigger. There was a sharp crack, and a flash of light as the holy weapon discharged, blasting a lance of light through the room. Lucemon's shout of disbelief was drowned out only by the sudden sound of shattering chains. The silence that followed was deafening, all those in the room halting any and all movement as each asessed their own situtation.

Lucemon's head snapped around in suprise, blood dripping from a deep furrow in the side of his head, his focus behind him.

Andrew lowered the gun he had raised, returning it to point at the evil digimon's face along with his other one.

Elizabeth slowly got to her feet, her bindings shattered by Andrew's impossible shot.

In the silence, Andrew's voice pierced easily, "I called your bluff Lucemon. All I need now is a little help to make my second shot count. What about you demon? So unconcerned with your own fate. We're ready to die."

Elizabeth's transformed voice followed, "Are you?"

Roy Karrde
17th August 2006, 09:23 PM
[color=black]~*~*~*~*~ Pissed ~*~*~*~*~

[color=black]Blood trailed down my face, mixing with the anger that could be tasted in the air. The two began to advance toward me, a look of death in their eyes. No it couldn’t end here, it couldn’t end now. Not when the portal was so close to being opened, just a few more minutes, a few more and I would have Earth. “I can take care of you two.” I sneered, materializing pure energy in my hands and throwing it at them. Andrew dodged the shots and Elizabeth took them head on, absorbing the energy.

A couple of shots flew past my ear, the whistling noise enough to chill me. Andrew’s bullets wouldn’t be enough to kill me, not even in my weakened state. But they were enough to stun me to the point that I would lose my chance for Earth. “Please Andrew, Please I don’t want to die.” I mimicked Rei’s voice. Andrew’s eyes began to tear up, his guns lowering just a few inches.

"I know, not many do, I'm sorry.." Andrew appologised, gripping his weaponry again.

Humans were so sentimental, but I had to pounce on the emotion I started. “Please don’t kill me, I'm only ten, I want to live, please. There are so many things I havn't done yet..” I begged with the girl’s voice. Elizabeth’s lips curled back into a growl. My hand shot out, energy lancing around Andrew to restrain him. Elizabeth didn’t waste a second as she jumped forward. Swinging around my other hand I shot out the skull that would bring back those memories to stun her.

“Pitiful.” I sighed, moving away from both of their motionless bodies and went back to work on the portal. Mere seconds remained. With one short breath the portal opened revealing the Tokyo Skyline.

“Rei!” A voice shot out from to my side. I whipped my head around to see the rest of the poor little gang. Led by the one girl that my host loved like a mother. Most of the team scattered, rushing to their fallen comrades as Hotaru rushed at me.

“Rei is gone.” I roared back grasping Hotaru’s shoulders, sending waves upon waves of dark data inside of her. White fur blossomed all over Hotaru’s body, claws curled out of her fingers as the change rushed through her.

Hotaru’s bestial eyes looked at me, a look of victory in them. “Quickly everyone, finish her off.” Hotaru screamed, her claws digging into my skull.

“What about you?” One of them shouted as pain lanced through my head.

“I’m going after Rei.” Hotaru screamed back. I could feel her, moving inside my head, in my brain. No she would not have this victory, I could hold her off long enough. Willing my call, every Dark Digimon I commanded descended upon us. They would rip each and every Digidestined to shreds before Hotaru could break my will over Rei.

Ultimate Charizard
17th August 2006, 10:25 PM
Ok, another fight, so i get involved again lol.


This was all too freaky. Lucemon was now fully in control of Rei. She/He/It had already kicked the hell out of two Ultimate level Digimon and was currently locked in the mother of all mind-melds with Hotaru.
I stood motionless watching. There was nothing Clawdramon could do to help and as i watched the ground began to shake. It felt like an earthquake but over the rumbling there were voices. Screams, shouts and roars. The walls themselves began to vibrate and crumble.
"It must be the Devil Digimon.." someone shouted. "...Lucemon is calling in the Troops".
The others began Digivolving to fight and i looked at Clawdramon as his Transformation had just ended. I looked up just as i heard an explosion rip through the roof and an all too Familiar face glared down at me. Neoclawdramon had returned and the draconic form now perched high above us.
I clenched my fist as i realised our situation. I couldnt even digivolve like the others, i was useless. Nothing more than Clawdramon's cheerleader. I couldnt help them. "I cant defeat Lucemon" i whispered to myself.
"And you were never meant to" replied a deep and soothing voice.
"Seraphimon?" i asked looking around. There was no sign of the celestial digimon but his voice rang through my head. "..you were never meant to Defeat Lucemon. That is the task set to the Digidestined"
"But...i thought i was..." i began to ask untill the voice interrupted me. "..no, although we told you that you were you were never a true Digidestined. You are protected and driven by the same forces but you are not part of the prophecies. Your Selection however was no mistake"
Anger began to swell within me, realising that they had lied to me. Kept me here for so long and now i found it wasnt an accident.
"You were brought here with a purpose, experience within the Digital world was nessecary, building trust and friendship with your digimon partner. You are not a Digidestined but you are their Guardian. Their Guide in our world. It is your task to keep them safe while they perform theirs"
"But im not strong enough to protect them" i said and i gritted my teeth, fighting back the tears of frustration. "They are stronger than me, they have to protect me"
I opened my eyes and saw a Glowing light hovering before me. It pulsed and sparked as if alive with electricity and it shone as Seraphimon Spoke. "You are stronger than any of them.." it boomed "...yet you do not have the power to defeat Lucemon, as i said, yours is a different Task"
I looked up again as i heard a Roar and Neoclawdramon leapt up into the air preparing to dive down and attack.
"I cant even Digivolve!" i yelled in anger and the Light exploded before me and covered my field of vision. Everything turned white and the light seemed to fly around my head. A high pitched screaming came from my pocket and i realised it was my Digivice firing up.
"Cant you?" said Seraphimon simply.

I pulled my digivice from my pokect and read the Screen. 'CRYSTAL DIGIVOLUTION ACTIVE' it read and i remembered the Crystal Lens i had picked up back at the first temple. It too glowed with the same light and began to lift from my hand, hovering in the air in front of me. Clawdramon instantly collapsed into a Similar Ball of light and the two flew around my body before spiralling together, hitting the Lens and being focused into a beam of energy which struck me in the chest.
I felt my body changing, growing larger as well as More feline. I could tell i already resembled a more humanoid Clawdramon. White metallic armour began to cover my dark grey body, The trim that ran round the edge of most plates, and ended with a number of spikes was an electric Yellow with Wargreymon style Gauntlets covered my arms.

I felt the changes end finally and opened my eyes. Leaning back with a roar. "CRYSTAL DIGIVOLVE TO...METALCLAWDRAMON!"
I relaxed my body for moment, becoming accustomed to the changes. This is what Seraphimon had meant. Now i was strong...i could do my Job. I looked up as Neoclawdramon divebombed towards us all. Its mouth open preparing an attack.
"Black Thunder Blast!" It screeched. Firing a blast down towards us. I raised my arms, my hands crackling with electricity, bringing them together and forcing the power in each hand to merge, charging it for as long as i dare before thrusting forward and releasing the beam like attack. "Gigaton Pulse!" I called as i released the attack. It met Neoclawdramons attack on the way down, intercepting and destroying it before carrying on to strike the incoming monstrosity. It descent was instantly stopped as it did all it could to defend itself from the attack. I felt the Clawdramon side of me growling with pride that we could destroy this abomination ourselves and this seemed to intensify the attack.
Neoclawdramon began to rise, lifted back up from where it had came and with a final yell it was overwhelmed by the attack. It exploded in a shower of digital code and i looked down to see the doors finally break. The army of Lucemon was here and it was charging at my friends.
"Barrier" i said simply, waving my arm in the direction of the Digidestined. As the Front wave of monsters reached them they simply froze in the air, seemingly hitting a wall and being electrocuted by it before exploding.
"You shall not harm them" i said loud and confidently to the mindless beasts under the dark control. "You want to get to them, you have to go through me....its my job!"

17th August 2006, 11:03 PM
Andrew didn't know what power he had left, but restrained as he was by Lucemon's dark energies, feeling the evil digimon attack Elizabet and transform Hotaru, he decided that he was going to digivolve or die trying. The youth struggled to move his paralyzed body, struggled to drop his pistols and retrieve his digivice. The dark power was too strong however, and Andrew was left the struggle in silent impotence even as Gav's barrier sprung to existance in his defense.

Sad, isn't it?

Ceasing his struggles, Andrew gathered his raging thoughts. It was the voice of the Spirit of Light, speaking to him once again within his own spirit.

"What is?"

You've grown so strong, so quickly. Barely a day has passed by since you gained the power of Nephilimon. Within that time you not only mastered his Righteous Light, but also the Light that shines at all costs embodied withing Fallen Nephilimon. Both are incredible power: Nephilimon's indomitable will that never crumbles and Fallen Nephilimon's terrible might.

"Still not strong enough though..."

No...Lucemon's return to strength this time was far quicker than any could have imagined. So it seems even more power is needed.

"I'm...so tired though. My body feels like it's just going fall apart."

Sacrifices must be made for power, are you saying you are not willing to make them?

"I've sacrificed everything for my power! My body, my friends, someone I care for more than I thought possible, all I have had to give for the power to protect them as well!"

And yet you still live

"Will my life give me the energy I need to save everything that has meaning to me?"

There is but one way to discover that I suppose. You say you are willing to give it, are you truly?

"More willing than you can imagine. My life for the lives of the destined? For the fate of the world? For Elizabeth and Rei? That's easy."

Andrew's dark bonds snapped. The youth began to stagger forward, his tattered coat billowing back. His eyes remained locked on Lucemon, even as a pile of demonic digimon descended on him from all directions, howling in triumph as Andrew left the safety of the barrier. A hand shot to his digivice and the light that exploded from him shattered the very essence of the demons attacking him. Bringing the digivice up, Andrew held the screen in front of his ruined face, held the screen facing outward so that Lucemon could see it from where he stood, writing in the pain of Hotaru's talons in his skull.

"Do you see this Lucemon?! This entire ordeal has been a race for power between you and us! A race of sacrifice to protect that which we love! So far you have given your body, your mind, and your soul for your power and we have been found wanting. But what happens when those you fight are willing to pay a price you can't even consider?!"

Lucemon saw the image projected on Andrew's digivice and blanched in disbelief.

The fractal code erupted from the hand Andrew had clenched around his digivice. Enveloping him in the now familiar cage of sparkling energy. Before Andrew's inner vision, Nephlimon appeared, his sword raised in a salue before his bandaged face. From the opposite came Fallen Nephilimon gazed steadily at Andrew, nodding his head in grave respect. Turning, the angelic digmon faced one another. Andrew felt the words to the executable roaring in his mind and screamed them aloud.


Somehow, somway, Andrew's beaten and battered spriit found the power to engage the evolution and the spiraling code contracted around the youth. Sparks of light streaked through the code, which twisted and turned with a new ferocity. Moments later, the code erupted outward, dissolving to reveal Andrew.

The first obvious change in the young man's figure, even before the remnants of the fractal code finally dissapated, was the added foot of height on Andrew's already tall frame. Muscular limbs encased within tight white sleeves, a black tunic, and billowing white pants formed a solid foundation for the perfectly sculpted face and beautiful blonde hair tied into a ponytail that rested atop it. Silvery boots shifted as the digimon found its footing. With a sudden flex, twelve wings unfolded from the digimon's back: the one's on the left the feathered white of Nephilimon, the one's on the right just as beautifully feathered but black as the darkest night. Six tiny duplicates of the wings were situated on the side of the digimon's head, three on each side. Eyes snapped open, their black centers surrounded by a sparkling silver. A deep breath escaping his lungs, Andrew smiled sadly.

"Nephilimon, Fallen Nephilimon Merge Evolve to....Lucemon, Purified Mode."

Even as he spoke, a brilliant aura of white sprang to life around Andrew, the energy it drew from the surroundings already becoming palpable as the silver moon resting over Lucemon, Purified Mode's breastbone began to glow fiercly.

"For the Ultimate Price, I will help to banish you to the oblivion you deserve."

18th August 2006, 09:34 PM
Hotaru Tajiri
In Rei's mind

I opened my eyes to a familiar sight: the entrance to Lucemon's palace. I carefully walked in and through the halls, the sound of my steps echoing through them. Digimon, slaves to Lucemon, brushed past me but didn't give me a second glance. I walked up the main staircase and eventually into the kitchen. That where I found her.

She was two years younger with tattered clothes and a sorrowful expression. She carried dishes from the table into another room, not noticing me at first. I watched her and then grabbed her shoulder as she was returning to the table. Rei looked at my beastly form and opened her mouth to scream but stopped when I put a finger to my lips. "Please don't. I'm not going to hurt you," I quietly told her.

"Who are you?" she whispered, still looking fearfully at me. "Are you a Digimon?"

My bear ears drooped at her questions. In her mind it was two years ago, before she had met me. "Yes and no. I'm your friend."

"I don't have any friends."

"You have me." I smiled warmly and let go of her shoulder. "I came to get you out of here."

"I-I-I can't. Lucemon will be mad at me. He'll hurt me." She showed me a bruise on her right arm and turned to leave.

"Lucemon won't hurt you. I won't let him. You come with me and you'll have a whole bunch of friends. Even a mom and dad."

Rei turned to me with tears in her eyes. "Mom and dad?" I nodded. "But Lucemon..."

"Don't worry about him. You're with me."

"WHO IS THERE?" Lucemon's voice thundered from somewhere else. Rei hid behind me and shuddered.

"Come and face me, Lucemon!" I yelled out in spite of the fact that I was terrified of facing him alone.

Lucemon's true form appeared right before my eyes. He wasn't that frightening; he looked like a child about Rei's age. But he was a powerful Digimon that shouldn't be taken lightly. "You. Get away and leave us alone," Lucemon growled at me.

"Run," Rei whimpered.

"No, Rei. I'm not running again." Her eyes went wide as she realized that I already knew her name. I glared at Lucemon and spoke to him. "You're the one who's trespassing, Lucemon. Leave Rei alone or I will personally throw you out myself."

"Do you actually think you can defeat me?" Lucemon said, amused at my attempt at being bold.

"I sure can try!" I pulled out my Digivice. "Spirit Evolution: Polarmon!" I went from being half Digimon to full Digimon and held my staff out to Lucemon. "I will protect Rei as best as possible."

Lucemon laughed and closed his hand into a fist. My air was suddenly cut off and I dropped to the floor gasping for it. "You don't seem to be doing a good job protecting her." He started to step towards the cowering Rei.

"Rei!" I cried out breathlessly. "This isn't real! None of this is real! It's just in your mind! You can banish him from here, free yourself!"

Roy Karrde
20th August 2006, 10:47 PM
[color=pink] Rei Takinowa
[color=pink]~*~*~*~*~ Scared ~*~*~*~*~

My hands covered my head, raking my hair as my body trembled in fear. I could feel him, his towering presence as he stood over me. He had been the only family I had ever known, and now he was going to punish me for any number of countless things I had done wrong. All I had ever known was that Lucemon was always right, and the punishment was always pain. “You can beat him.” The Bear girl gasped, dropping to the ground.

I shook my head, I couldn’t beat Lucemon, he always won, he always hurt me. It hurt so bad, I hated it. I just wanted the pain to end, to have a life beyond all the pain. “She’s mine, she will always be mine.” Lucemon grinned, bending down and stroking my face.

With fear in my eyes, I glanced over at the bear girl and then Lucemon. The bear girl was dieing, almost out of breath and suffocating from him. She said this was all in my mind, that I had a better life, but how. “This is how the Chosen Child ends her life.” Lucemon taunted almost as if he were teaching me a lesson and the bear girl was the display of the lesson.

Lucemon reached out, his hand preparing for the killing strike. “No.” I whispered. Lucemon reared his arm back to kill the bear girl and then stopped, turning his head toward me. The bear girl opened her eyes ever so slightly as I continued to tremble. “No.
” I repeated, my voice just a whisper.

“What did you say?” Lucemon roared grabbing me by the neck and throwing me across the room. Lights blinked and the room swirled infront of my eyes as my head hit the wall.

”No, you won’t kill her.” I said, even more defiantly. My body was aching, screaming at me to shut up. But my mind was fighting back, telling it that this was something I had to do, that it was something I was born to do. “So stop it!”

Lucemon shrunk back asecond, almost stung by the words as the bear girl got to her feat. “Keep it up!” She cheered, rushing to my side.

”Get out!” I yelled, walking toward him, with each step I grew more and more confident. “Get Out!” I continued, my voice rising in a fevered pitch till I reached Lucemon and looked him directly in the eye. “GET OUT!” I screamed at the top of my lungs.

Lucemon exploded in a torrent of light, what was a gloomy room was transformed into a brilliantly shaded white room, myself growing older and remembering everything and then some as I turned to look at Hotaru. “He’s gone, you will have to hurry and destroy his data before he can merge with another body.” I replied, hair trickling down my cheek.

Hotaru stood there breathlessly in shock. “Rei you look.” Hotaru finally spoke up, her eyes traveling up and down my adult body as I stood infront of her.

I could only blush and grin as hands traveled over my womanly hips. “I always wanted to grow up, sadly this is only in my mind and not the real thing.” I sighed and then looked at Hotaru. “When you leave here, you won’t see me for a while.”

Hotaru’s face went from surprise, to shock, to sadness as she tried to realize what I was saying. “Lucemon ripped his way out of my mind, I have a lot of repairing to do in here. In the mean time, it will look like I am in a coma of some sort.” I explained, running a hand against her cheek as tears began to drip down it.

“I will come back eventually, tell everyone that I had fun, and tell Flamon that I love him.” I smiled one last time as Hotaru was bathed in light. She tried to yell something but the light had even overcome her voice. In the blink of a eye she was gone, and I was alone in my mind for the first time in a long time. So I sat to work on the work that I had to do.

Okay guys finish off Lucemon’s data and then take the portal home! You can write a wrap up for your character but don’t make any plans for anything past one year later ~.^

23rd August 2006, 09:01 PM
The light surrounding Purified Lucemon grew to blinding intensity. Closing his eyes, the transformed Andrew almost mssed the subtle change in Rei.

Good...she will get the chance to redeem herself.

Lucemon hung above the girl, his evil data swirling in fury and fear, searching for a new vessel so that he might escape the fate that he could see rushing towards him.

She will get the chance to redeem everything we have done in this world...

The light flowed from Purified Lucemon, spilling over the floors and walls of the room like liquid. Waves of the light washed over everything and everyone, converging slowly on Lucemon's position.

Everyone will get that chance, everyone will have the oportunity to live and grow.

The liquid power formed a sphere around the Lucemon data, trapping the raging being within its sparkling depths, piercing it with tendrils of its own data. Lucemon trembled as code poured into him, a purification program, an anti-virus designed specifically for him. Andrew had drawn and program from his own essence, his digimon form that was the opposite of the corrupter Lucemon in all forms.

Elizabeth will be able to live to face her darkness. Dennis will live to confront his Shadow. Hotaru to nurture and take care of Rei. Gav to realize his own importance in what had transpired. Everyone would live to grow into what they needed to.

The light began to pulse. Each pulse caused the Lucemon-thing inside to tremble tenuously. The program had fully entered Lucemon, had performed its function, and waited only the final verification it needed. Purified Lucemon spoke, his voice as someone whose burden had just been relieved, "It needs to be sealed...it needs you to complete the circle. Then Lucemon's data will be purified...for good."

Purified Lucemon smiled. Like thousands of tiny winged insects, his data dissolved into the air, leaving Andrew behind with the same smile on his face. The youth hung in the air for a few moments, his sightless eyes at peace, his face finally and fully relieved.

Everyone will live to reach their own eventual fate. Just as I did.

There was one last flicker of light.

One last flurry of data in the air.

One last glimpse of his smile.

And then Andrew was gone.

29th August 2006, 11:01 PM
Hotaru Tajiri
Finishing up

I sadly looked up as Andrew's data dissolved into thin air. "Goodbye, Andrew," I said softly. I stayed on the floor with the now catatonic Rei as what remained of Lucemon floated above my head.

Naomi stood next to me and sighed. "How do we seal the data? Lord knows I don't want to leave it like this."

I had an idea. "Everyone form a circle around the data. We'll use the digivices."

Everyone that was capable surrounded Lucemon's data and raised their digivices. "Data Seal!" I yelled instinctively. More spheres appeared around the data, forming several unbreakable shields. They sunk through the floor, never to be seen again.

We looked at each other with emotions ranging from relief to grief. Then we glanced at the portal. I picked up Rei and looked back at Flamon who was looking at Rei with tears in his eyes. "She'll be okay, just has to fix things. She sends her love." I walked through the portal, appearing in an alleyway in Tokyo. The portal closed as soon as the last person walked through it.

Naomi looked around the place with a worried look. "Something tells me that I'm a long way away from Alabama," she mumbled.

I smiled at her. "We'll get you a flight back." I frowned at her as she looked back at where the portal once stood. "I'm sorry your sister couldn't come with us. She should have a good life at the Digital World." She nodded.

I looked down at Rei with her half closed eyes. "I miss you already," I said.

29th August 2006, 11:19 PM
Dennis Loray
__________________________________________________ ___
I sighed, I was just so... tired, but it was over, and a realization hit me, there was one last thing to do. I turned to the others, not devolving from Eternal Shwartzmon. I spoke up.

"All of you that wish to return to Earth, go now. All of you who might wish to remain in the digital world, leave this place immediately. The things they have constructed here are too dangerous to let remain here. I will take them someplace they will never be seen again."

My voice carried tones of sadness as I stated, "And give my regards to Rei, Hotaru and Naomi, tell them that I WILL return. I may not be the same person, but I shall return. It might just take a while."

One weight gone, and another loaded onto my back...

Roy Karrde
31st August 2006, 11:43 PM
[color=pink] Rei Takinowa
[color=pink]~*~*~*~*~ Coma ~*~*~*~*~

[color=pink]Rei laid propped up on Hotaru’s bed, it had been several weeks since the end of Lucemon. Rei would stay over at Hotaru’s house each weekend, she liked it there and seemed to be happier there than in her bed at home. Life had begun to return to normal for most of them, Hotaru had gotten back in the swing of school, and Laura dropped her job to tend to Rei full time. Every few weeks they would get a call from Elizabeth from their digivice, which would bring a smile to Rei’s face. Otherwise she remained stoic, her head slumped to the side, her eyes only blinking.

“How is my favorite girl?” Hotaru asked, walking into the room with a tray of soft food ranging from soup to applesauce. It was the usual meal of the day, although she did try and change it up for Rei’s taste.

The tiniest bit of a smile began to form on Rei’s mouth, her eyes were looking at the tv, unable to comprehend the images on the screen, but they did seem to widen a bit when Hotaru walked into the room. “Elizabeth may call today, I know you want to hear from her, and Naomi may call long distance too.” She explained in a cheery voice, sitting the tray down in front of Rei and bringing a spoon full of Apple Sauce to her lips.

It took only a small amount of force to push it in but finally the food began to move past Rei’s lips and she began to eat. Hotaru let out a sigh of relief; her face was full of exhaustion and frustration from having to spend her weekends caring for Rei full time, and her weekdays with college. “That’s a good girl.” Hotaru sighed, leaning over and scooping up another spoonful.

In the other room the Digivice went off, signaling there was an incoming message. Dropping the spoon Hotaru left the room to go and retrieve it. While she was gone, a bird perched itself on the window seal. It began to twidder and flap its wings, walking around the window seal. Deep down something in Rei saw that bird, and a longing to be free rose up inside her.

The bird moved around for a few more minutes, and then flapped it’s wings and flew off. A small tear trickled down Rei’s cheek as her eyes watched the bird go, unable to move, unable to speak, all she could do was watch, and hope that one day she would be free too.

1st September 2006, 12:07 AM
Dennis Loray

I floated amongst the rest of the temple, all of which I had Eternal Shifted into the oblivion between the Digital and Human worlds, and soon, I would devolve, and probably suffocate. Well, sorry Rei, sorry Hotaru, sorry Naomi, I guess I won't be see- wait, what was that? I shifted around, spotting an intact tube like the one I'd been in, there was a way to survive...

I hurried over, looking over the device, it had a flashing panel telling me the function that messed with the soul itself was malfunctioning, but the rest should work. I hit a few buttons and stepped into it, with it closing just as I began to devolve back to Dennis....

~~~~~~~~~~Months later...~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The armored figure watched the gate, some day, it would open, and he'd seek out those that were important to him...