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13th May 2006, 10:03 AM
There is a Temple in Russia for 6 students and 6 diffrent elements To track down Shin-Gong Wu

Some Wu are The Mantis Flip Coin and The Jet Bootzu there are hundreds thou

the requirements are You are good(You can be a trouble maker thou like pulling pranks and you can get mad) no people from other game (Cloud Roxas and you know what i mean)no cussing other players out, and your not invincible.

Warriors name:





Appearance:Include clothes hair height and ethnicity.

Element:(p.s. i reserve the element of Fire)

P.s. im not telling the whole story yet when i make it i will just tell me if this will be a good idea

Fai D. Flowright
13th May 2006, 01:48 PM
[color=#990A66]I'm going to close thing.

There is already a topic made for asking others about their opinions concerning your RPGs. Please, post it the Yes/No RPG Idea topic instead.