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5th June 2006, 06:32 PM

I would like to officially announce my resignation from my moderation position in the RPG forums. After much thought in these past few months, a recent recall of past events has moved me greatly in my wishes to leave my moderation position. I will explain as to why I have come to this decision in a few moments, but firstly I would like to say that in my place I would like that either Weasel Overlord, Plantae or Drusilla take my place as moderator. It is up to the forum or the moderators to make the decision of whom they would like out of those three. I believe those three show dedication, fairness and talent in the Role Playing forums and I believe it would be in the forum’s best interest to choose one of those three.

As many of you may or may not know, I have been with the Role Playing forums since its birth. I have seen the rise of many great RPGs and the falls of many great RPers. In turn I have learned a great deal about the forum itself and the people in it during these years. Overall I would like to say that my moderation position initially started out with a thrill and excitement. I was a young role player and I was eager to prove to the forums that I could help and that I could be an asset to the forum in general. I had a great time being a fellow moderator with Ginger and with Mike as well, which soon flourished to Gav, to Rudy, to Outlaw and now Roy Karrde and Tsukasa. I found some thing about each of those moderators that I thoroughly enjoyed and as a team we found a bond and a passion.

What was my main reason for loving being a moderator? It wasn’t the “power” that people believe moderators have… (for me there really wasn’t a huge power to begin with), but it was the gained ability to let others know that I was out there to help them. I wanted to better everyone’s experience as a Role Player and I wanted everyone to just relax and have fun. I found great joy in unraveling plots and harvesting new characters with my fellow Role Players, and I still find a great joy in that today… despite how small and infrequently that seems to happen now. I loved talking to RPers online and learning about whom they were as a person and seeing their joys and goals as well. It was as if their creativity was intoxicating for me and their inspiration and happiness only fueled my desire to help them release more of that creativity. I absolutely thrive on others and the happier the forum was as a whole, the happier I was as a whole. My entire goal from the beginning of entering the pokemasters sight was to be everyone’s friend. I believed that being a moderator would help me aspire to that goal and I also believed it would help others find their goals as well.

However, while there were joys there were many harsh things that fell upon me as a moderator. Recollecting the past and looking back at it now has made me realize that the negativities with being a moderator are not suited to me.

Originally a moderator was expected to be active in their forum and to spread good faith throughout the forum. Now however, it seems that a moderator is responsible for everything that happens in the forum and they are expected to improve the forum to an expectation that sometimes is unconceivable. That really does not bother me too much, except that if a moderator is failing then it seems that a negative attitude towards the moderator follows. While I am unsure if that negative attitude has befallen upon me, my paranoid nature about being looked at in a darkened light has caused me to already believe in what I do not know.

The biggest reason for my decision to leave my position? Politics. I know that no matter where you go there will be politics… but at one point the forum’s politics were miniscule and everyone was happy with the way things were. However, horrible miscommunications and political attitudes have made a sour taste in my mouth and it seems the taste has never really left. All I wanted to do was to help others and to have fun with others, and yet it seemed that no matter where I turned there was politics everywhere. I was the victim of politics long ago in a dispute that left me badly shaken and it seems as if politics has once again come upon us. I feel that the forum is becoming divided and secretly people hold ill intentions towards others which is not what I want and I feel ashamed for the forum in that respect. I dislike people lurking in the shadows with their opinions and only rising upwards at opportune times to bring their displeasure into the light. I am not pointing out specific instances… because rather I am saying as in a whole, this is what I feel.

I absolutely hate feeling like I am being watched in every move that I make. I hate feeling like I have to be careful with my decisions now because of what others will think. I no longer can make decisions on what I feel is right, but I must make decisions based on what other people will overall think. Instead of making the right decision, I am fearing that the forum will generate a negativity towards me because I didn’t “support this person to be a moderator” or that I didn’t “make this change” or that I didn’t “be there for the forum when it was needed”. Those are only a few specific examples and while there are no direct voices linked to them, there is the general aura that the forum radiates which is easily felt by all members of the forum I believe. I do not know if any harsh or ill feelings are directly placed upon me or if anyone has ill feelings towards me. Perhaps there are none, but I cannot sit idly and ponder if some one dislikes me or not because it will drive me insane. I know that there are ill feelings towards other moderators between members and that only leads me to assume that there must be another member out there who dislikes me. I don’t like lurking shadows and I don’t like knowing what people don’t like about me because it leaves me no room to change to make things better. I am a person who likes to fix problems and when I cannot fix them I feel helpless and filled with fault.

All in all, I feel as a moderator I cannot be a friend to everyone. I feel like no matter what decision I make… I will make a friend and lose one in the process. There are many people in this entire forum whom I used to be great friends with when everything was less political and more about ‘”fun” but now it is the opposite. Those great friends have either left or become distant and I am left feeling unsure about myself as a person. I want to be everyone’s friend and I want to help everyone… but I have come to realize that I cannot be friendly, carefree and good to the forum as a moderator anymore.

I believe that my resignation will help the forum in the fact that maybe it’ll let people see the problems with it. Perhaps it’ll spark some epiphany that was needed… or maybe nothing will be solved at all. At least with my resignation I now can do what I want to do- and that is being a friend to the forum. Even though I will not be a moderator anymore, I will still gladly help anyone with a question they may have or help anyone with an idea they cannot quite harvest. I will still have fun participating in all the fun things I have been as of late. I still will be happily working on my new Divinity story in fan fiction, because that is what I love to do. If some one thinks some thing is wrong in the forum and they want some one to speak up, I will speak up for them if they wish. However instead of being placed upon the ‘moderator’ scale, I will be a member with concerns and there fore I will not be singled out.

I love this RPG forum with all my heart. I feel like it is my child that I helped nurture and grow with the rest of my RPing family. However, the ill feeling that has developed has pushed me away from my position and I’d rather not deal with the pressure anymore. I don’t want anyone to dislike me and I don’t want anyone to feel like I play favorites or that I like one person better than the other. I respect and cherish everyone’s opinion and there is not one single person in this forum who I would not aid or who I would not listen to. We all have our differences and I respect that, but I cannot respect the political bull that has been going about. I miss the days back when I was a moderator with Ginger and I miss the days when I was with Outlaw, Rudy and Gav- back when things were carefree and fun. This is in no offense to Roy or Tsukasa, but I just feel like things are falling apart and there is nothing I can do anymore. I no longer am having fun as a moderator. I have tried my best but I no longer can cope with the turmoil as a moderator and I’d rather be a full-fledged member and do my single part in staying active, supporting everyone, being their friend and listener, and trying my best to have fun. Long ago my title was “The Peacemaker” and I wish it to remain that way.

I know that I am merely leaving a position, but it is a big deal to me. It is some thing I have taken pride in and it is something I have enjoyed until as of late. Perhaps this will be the only time I will truly be listened to or perhaps things will change or maybe nothing will change. In any case, I would like to say a positive thing about every person in this forum that has been around for a long amount of time (so I apologize to those that are newer):

Ace64 – Your writing style always gives me that ‘gung-ho’ attitude and I’ve never really been able to place why. I would just like to thank you for your latest active stance in ASBRPG and for joining my slow Naruto RPG.

Asilynne – I am happy for your return and I only wish that it would have been sooner. I am extremely happy that the RPG forum was a place that you and Rudy could meet and I am content that you allow me to be your friend. Your cheerful attitude is catching and it brightens up my day.

Bear – James… where do I begin? I have always enjoyed you as an RPer but I have enjoyed you even more as a friend. Your crazy ideas and fantastical antics always make me wonder where the heck you pull some of your ideas from. Maybe some day I’ll know the truth. ^_~

Classycat18 – I love your characters, plain and simple. You’re a kind individual and I am pretty sure that I don’t know one thing about you that hasn’t been positive. You are an inviting individual and it is a pure pleasure to have you in RPG.

Crystal Tears – Firstly, I love your Kingdom Hearts fan fiction. Secondly, I enjoy role playing with you a great deal. You have a unique writing style and I am happy that you have stuck with the forums. Did I also mention that I like the font you choose to right in? An odd thought but I always think that when I read your posts…

Drusilla – One of the more unique individuals upon the forum, I can say that easily. ^_^ I have enjoyed being in your RPGs and I have loved talking to you and getting to know you over the past. (I also love you ability to quote people in their worst moments. Lol) I hope you never leave TPM again or think of it, and I at least hope that we never lose touch because you contain a spirit that encourages me to be more like you.

Deathborn- One of my favorite things about you is that your characters are always a bit different from everyone else’s. If there is a bad guy, you don’t really care if you play it or not which is always a nice thing to have. I like seeing what characters you can come up with to keep up this theory of mine. lol

Emotional Faun Chiko-sai – Yi-wen, even though you’re a bit absent from the forums right now I cannot forget about you. You are inspiring in your art and I wish you the best in that department because you know I think godly of you when it comes to your artistic talents. However, another thing that inspires me is your unique and crazy characters. I love your herb witch in The Mountains and I love Tane almost as much as the witch. They’re always crazy and they’re always unique and that is something that you never fail at. I love role playing with you and I apologize if I oogle you too much about it. ^_^

Eevee-shayna – Being apart of an RPG that completes is a huge partaking and when I overlooked your posts in WOOPH I could see why it was completed. You seemed to radiate with an energy of eagerness and I admire that energy. Although I have not RPed with you as much as I would have liked, I hope that perhaps I will get future opportunities.

EVme15 – I know you’re not around as much as you used to, but I can’t forget about you. After all… we share the same name (almost) and people who share the same name are bound to each other by FATE! Okay… maybe not, but still I liked role playing with you and it was quite fun and I only hope that eventually I’ll get to do it again.

Genki Katchum – While I haven’t RPed with you as of late, I have in the past and I will say that your characters are fun to have around. They’re always filled with a goal-like aspect which makes them climb to higher heights than one might first intend. You make the RPG move along which is a big key to keeping it going… and it is probably why WOOPH has completed as well.

Green Lanturn – Again you are another RPer I would like to see around more. I am deeply thankful for you joining my Naruto rpg and hopefully it will pick up once I am able to obtain a few of the absent RPers who are going through rough times. I like you enthusiasm and I just hope it continues.

Hatake Kakashi – If that is your real name (^_~) I will not lie for we know that in history there have been some harsh times and there have been some nice times. For the nice times I say thank you and for the harsh times I will kick you in the shin some day. Lol. I am appreciative of your opinions although some times I might not show it and of course, you are one of those people who seem to help bring some “yang” into an RPG that is filled with “yin” which everyone RPG needs. It might be the dirty work, but hey… not everyone can pull it off.

Heald – So I am the only one you spoke up to, eh? I appreciated that comment Heald and I thank you for all the wonderful ideas you helped promote in the RPG forum. The lounge for example was a huge benefit and I hope you liked how it turned out, although it still is growing. I am always happy to have your opinions and believe it or not, I regard your opinions highly for how long you have been around and all your comments have been noted.

Hinata – I would like to say thank you for being a part of ASBRPG and your efforts. I appreciate about how polite you are and I hope that you continue to take a part of everything and that you continue to enjoy being around here.

Hyperness is a Good thing – One of my favorite characters that you’ve come up with thus far is your Godly character in The Mountains. I’m not sure if it was the flower petals or the nightmarish dreams… but for some reason I like it. I am a huge fan of your chemistry between Chiko-sai, Weasel Overlord and Plantae. You guys together are a treat to be around and I absolutely adore reading your posts because I never get bored of them.

Kalad1 – I like your ideas even if I do harass you with PMs and I hope you don’t mind. I would like to encourage you to stay active like you already are and I am impressed with how much you’ve improved. I remember when you were a newer member and I can say that the improvement is drastic and I can’t wait to see how you are in the futures to come.

Kuro Espeon – Another one of my favorite RPGs was Mew’s Castle by far. Your characters and the detailed plot lines that came up were amazing and I absolutely adore your creativity. I can only wish to some day meet you in real life so I can see the person behind all the creativity because I believe that we would have become great irl friends. I’ll just have to go curse my location for a few moments… lol

MascaraTears – While I did not RPG with you a lot, I would love to congrats you on WOOPH and I would like to say that the RPG was a wonderful success and it was on your behalf. You have a wonderful cast and I do enjoy your writing style.

Mystic clown – You are another member that I’ve seen flourish and grow from since you first came here. The improvement between when you first came and now has been so drastic that if you were to hide the name behind them, I would not have believed it was you. I really enjoy RPing with you in Blood and Magick and I only hope that your Meph doesn’t mess around with my poor Veanic too much. lol

OutlawJT – Jeff… we’ve had good times and we’ve had bad times, but I’ve always respected you. You are one amazing individual and your wisdom has always inspired me to reach to heights I normally wouldn’t have thought I could obtain. I do apologize for any hardships I might have caused you and I only hope that you have forgiven me, for while it wasn’t either one of us in particular it was at one point the both of us. I hope that I am able to talk with you in the future and I enjoy role playing with you immensely. Your posts are an abundance of ideas and fluid motions and they are extremely enjoyable to read. I wish you the best of luck no matter what and again, I will try to stay in contact.

Plantae – If I had to assign you to any character, I’d probably make you one of those highly intelligent wizards that keeps improving things or attempting to improve things with a very vast lab filled with so many instruments that one could get lost. I’ve appreciated all your ideas that you’ve given to the forums and you’re logical way of thinking has always helped me- one who does not always think very logically. You’ve challenged me to think in ways I never did and I appreciate that a great deal.

Pokemonluver – I have not role played with you as of late, but your writing style still is enjoyable to read. Your posts are just plain fun to read in the fact that they flow nicely and your writing style seems to match my reading style when it comes to RPGs and that is the reason I wish that in the future you’ll join a few more RPGs so I can have fun reading them again. ^^;

Raven the Jedi Bounty Hunter – I am fond of your characters and I some times wish I could go back to the old RPGs that we were in together so that I could RP those times again. They were always so interesting and I’ve appreciated your support in and out of the RPG forums over the years. While I haven’t been in contact with you as of late, I do appreciate the times we have been in contact and I hope things will change in the future.

River – Again, I like your font much like I like Crystal’s font as well. I only hope that I can role play with you in a future RPG and I hope that you are also having fun with ASBRPG. Your style of writing reminds me a lot of some one who used to be around here long ago and it is that linked memory that has me wondering how much farther you’ll climb in your posts. (which is a good thing, if you’re wondering. ^_~)

Roy Karrde – I have appreciated the times you’ve stuck around and been there to cheer me up when things haven’t been the best. While I know some times it might feel like I don’t want you to help me, I am appreciative of your persistence. I know that some times I’m annoying to you or that you’re annoying to me… but in the end I feel like I’m your older sister and I have to look out for you or else you might end up getting hit by a car. Heh.

Samchu – Sam! I have absolutely loved getting to know you in the past and present and I only hope that the future will be the same. You have been a great source of support and I cannot tell you how much pleasure I get in talking to you and sharing ideas. Your encouragement and compliments has been some thing I have held close to me and it has really made me feel good. When I doubt myself as an RPer… you helped lift me up with your words of encouragement and I greatly appreciate it and look forward to role playing with you in the future.

Shaka – While you haven’t been around as of late, I am excited that you will be with Asi’s new RPG. I found it great fun role playing with you in the past and I hope that it will continue and relapse once Asi’s RPG starts and goes into full swing. I also admire you for your art and I look forward to each new piece you wish to share.

Sheila Rae – I have enjoyed reading your RP pieces although we have not had time to really interact closely in an RPG that much. I do appreciate your contributions and I like the refreshing views you bring the RPG forums as a whole and I hope that they continue.

SuperSonicMewtwo – Again, you are another person that I would like to see in more RPGs but everyone is busy these days and I am just thankful and appreciative for the RPGs that you are in. I look forward to reading more of your posts!

The Missing Link – My favorite interaction with one of your characters was definitely in pokebabies. Our characters appeared to be opposites but some how they found a connection and it was really fun developing that connection over the course of the RPG. I am deeply sorry that Amnesiti didn’t work… but I hope you see you again in more RPGs. You always were a logical person who brought a unique point of view on everyone’s plate with out stepping on toes which was some thing I admired.

Tsukasa – Tony… I know things haven’t always been the easiest but I have enjoyed getting to know you and talking with you upon AIM. Your RPGs have always been fun to role play and my only regret was that I wish they would have lasted longer. I appreciate the enthusiasm every time you AIM me when you’re just saying “hi” and I will continue to look forward to that.

Ultimate Charizard – I hate your time zone, I just do… and I will always say that I hate your time zone. I am also sorry that you have a lack of guns for your gluing, but I hope eventually you found more. But seriously… I have had fun getting to know you over the years. I miss the old times with our crazy chats with the whole group, but I’m glad that you’ve stuck around and I am deeply sorry for all the political stuff that has happened. You’re a great person and I like your ideas… even if they don’t always grow wings and take off. I hope we can continue to stay in contact for a long time!

VirtualPlay – I am glad that you have returned and I am looking forward to your infamous gender-switching RPG. You probably are one of the few people that I know that can play both genders so well, and it is quite funny that many people thought you were a girl when in reality you actually are a guy. You might just not want to go around announcing that to everyone… yah know? You are fun to talk to at all times and I appreciate the helpful support and advice that I have received from you in the years.

Vulpix.ck87 – If I had a top five RPers list, you definitely would be on that list. Every post you make is filled with such detail and such skill that I can’t help but be in awe at every post. I can only hope to one day post with such skill that you do and I know that every RPer feels honored when you choose to join one of their RPGs. I can only hope you continue to stick around and post with your obvious talent and skill.

Weasel Overlord – I do love RPing with you and I look forward to our future RPs. I get a kick out of your characters and your posts, and I love the enthusiasm and chemistry you share with the other RPG members. Thank you so much for helping with ASBRPG and I hope you continue that enthusiasm! I love your banners as well and one day hopefully you’ll obtain that great banner shop (hee!) and I will try to talk to you on AIM more, just because it seems that we’re both a bit busy.

(Forgive me if I left you out.)

With that note, I officially end this resignation ‘letter’. I would like to say that if you have any questions or concerns feel free to PM me. I check it often, especially now that the summer is in full swing. I hold no harsh feelings towards anyone- so let that be certain- and I still care deeply for this forum.

~ Bulbasaur4

5th June 2006, 07:04 PM
[b][size=3] Officially I wish you could reconsidered your options. The reason being that the new subforum, ASBRPG, is actually getting a bit more active and the present mods would need all the experience to run.

Yes and experience in the form of you, since you have been around the longest. Maybe you should discuss further with either Roy or even Tsukasa before your final decision.

5th June 2006, 08:08 PM
[color=teal]It looks like she's thought long and hard about it so I doubt there will be much reconsidering

Somehow, I knew this would come (not like I was hoping for it though). I thought it would be after the Asilynne/Rudy situation but you held on tight and pushed through it. You're right though - this forum has become corrupted by politics. I came to the forum a little ways after you (late 2001) but back then, it was peaceful and easygoing. Unfortunately, it isn't anymore but somehow it's survived every hardship it was put through

Back when I was fairly new, you were one of my favorite mods. I did actually look at you as "The Peacemaker" and even now, I still think of you the same way. You had your opinions, but you never bit anyone's head off. It was no secret that any author was thrilled when you signed up to participate in their RPGs. You just have that quality about you that makes you so approachable and well-liked

It's a damn shame to see you resign but perhaps you will continue to create and paricipate in RPGs? (I didn't read closely enough to see if you talked about it)

5th June 2006, 08:23 PM
... *hugs*

I won't say anything to try to get you to change your mind. It's not my place to.

You thought this through. You clearly explained your reasons. And in the end, it was your decision to make.

Part of the reason I've been relatively inactive recently, actually, (aside from increased social obligations) is for some reason I get the same feeling. RPG isn't what it used to be. Who's fault is it? Who knows? Maybe it's no one's. Maybe it just happened. But something's different, and we're all riding it out, dealing with it different ways. And if you think that resigning is the best way to handle it yourself, all power to you. Whatever you think is best, go with it. You have my support.

I hope we get to role play together again at some point, too...
(Summer camp first, though! X3)

5th June 2006, 08:52 PM
Try not to cry, Shonta...

I'm sorry to hear that, Kalah. You were a great mod and you won't be truly replaced. It's a joy to be in your RPGs (especially The Mountains) and I really hope that your decision will free up some time for you to make some new ones. If any of this rubs you the wrong way, I'm sorry. I'm not good at making posts like this.

5th June 2006, 09:10 PM
Wow... I wasn't expecting this at ALL. Still, I can see why you made the choice you did. Stick to it- resigning doesn't mean retiring, after all. You can still RP, even when the RPG's are as slow as our Naruto. I remember joining this forum WAAAY back...the days of Pokeschool, Eeveelutions, and Damien Silverblade. Back then, if you didn't make a post in three days, your RP was apt to be buried in an avalanche of new ideas... When I rejoined the forums after a few years, things were very different...but you were still here. Constant, I guess. I can't really imagine this place without you, and I'm sure a lot of people feel the same way. No matter how messed up things are now, remember the old days.

5th June 2006, 09:41 PM
This doesnt make me sad at all. Now, dont take that the wrong way lol You should know my stand on modding by now ^-~
To be honest, I never saw anyone as a 'mod', just as an RPer(mainly because I feel no one is my boss but me XD) , and especially because you never went around going "hrrr I r teh modd me can delete posts hrhrhr", you were just another person to share ideas with. So this isnt a big shock or a big cry-fest, because youll still be doing what matters most---Roleplaying.
I think this also shows that the only difference between a mod and a normal member of our RPG family is one main thing, message board maitenence. Normal members can help other members, normal members can introduce fun things into the forum, they can roleplay and share ideas, make friends without wondering if they just like you for your status, and most of all, just plain have fun. And thats why people come here anyway isnt it?

So, Bulbie-chan, Im glad your resigning, because now you can experience how free it is to just care about roleplaying, and not have to worry about messy politics and unwelcome attention. Now the only thing you have to worry about is coming up with that perfect plot twist, and while its been fun to be a mod Im sure, itll probably be refreshing to just be "one of us". In closing, heres a farewell to Kalah the mod and a big welcome to Kalah the Roleplayer! ^v^

5th June 2006, 09:51 PM
Well, you're not the first mod to feel that way, Kalah. Hell, if it helps, I'm feeling the exact same thing every time I come to this board the past few months.

Only reason why I never quit was because there's literally no one to replace me.

Anyway, since you already decided with a strong finality, there's no point in me trying to convince you, and it's been my policy to try to accept people's decisions.

At least you'll still be here, so I wish for better times ahead for you, girl.

6th June 2006, 02:44 AM
I knew this day would come sooner or later.

It doesn't matter whether you're a mod or not. You're still a great RPGer and person and I'll still respect you as if you were still a mod.

To be honest, I looked up to you,not ecause you were a mod, but because you were one of the finest RPGers in this forum (you're like a celebrity around here). I'll hold my tears until you leave the forums for good (which hopefully wont be for a long time).

Also, one last thing.

*hugs* thank you. Don't worry, Meph wont bother her/him/it too much, that's why Mateo's there. lol

Hyperness is a Good Thing
6th June 2006, 03:26 AM
*drops by while studying and sees this topic*

*huggles B4* I've been "around" since about 2001(dragged in by Yi-Wen), RPG was one of the first boards I was really active in, and it holds a special place in my heart along with the Fanfiction board. I've seen mods come and go.. I've seen you get modded and demodded(I'm not sure how many times has that been though), and now your resignation. Lol, I remember the "glory days" of the RPG board, and yeah, politics are a drag(don't tell me this is another part of growing up GAH), but I've digressed. Anyways, about all three of your nominations, and I think they'll make good mods, and knowing that you'll still be around as an RPer is good.. You're not leaving, just "changing roles" so to say, so I don't need to feel sad right? Anyway, you'll still have my respect, I've always thought of you as the "nicest" RPG mod(no offence meant to any of the other mods), even though I don't really know you that well, you'll just be a nice person who's posting in the RPG boards now =) YAY welcome to the world of normal people! ^_~
Hm, that's about all I have to say for now. ^^

By the way, Kirian is/was also one of my favourite characters ever(which is why I was really sad when the Mountains topic died). I tried to use him again for the Rift RPG but other stuff came up =P and I decided to save him and maybe try to resurrect him in the future. And now I've gotta go study.


6th June 2006, 03:40 AM
Wow that WAS unexpected but it's your choice Kalah so I'll back you 100%. Really gonna miss you as a mod, you've been right up there since I first came here (man that was a hell of a long time ago). At least we can be thankful that you're not leaving us for good, and you'll still be here creating great rpgs and characters. It's nice to hear that you'll still get seen as a 'mentor' here in the RPG forums because I for one definately think that rpging with you has greatly improved my posts here. By the way, I owe you so big for that.

Gonna miss you as a mod, you were one of the best, but look forward to seeing you still in action here and in the fanfic forum (god I just love Kiiah soooooo much, btw the way the new chapter is awesome, READ IT PEOPLE!) Hey thanks for everything you did for us buddy. I sincerely hope whoever replaces you can do half as good a job as you did during you run.


6th June 2006, 04:30 AM
About that comment Kalah, that might've been a typo, I'm not sure, but I either meant I'd never get angry at you or I looked up to you. It's both actually.

Anyway, out of all the mods I've liked, you're the first. It is a great loss to our ranks and there is no way that void could be filled by any other member here.

Thanks for everything Kalah.

Weasel Overlord
6th June 2006, 05:26 AM
[color=silver]Well, I remember back when I started, yours was the first RPG I ever joined... and man, my writing was crappy back then! ^^;; But you were there to help, and that darn RPG grew by about three pages a day! *hugs Correct Divine* And it was one of my favourite ones, even though I've been in many many since then. It'll always stick as my first RPG, and a symbol of what the forum used to be like, and of your determination Kalah.

I'm sort of glad that you're resigning, cos now you can just have fun like we all do without worrying about anything other than your next post or next RPG. (Please don't stop writing them! Your RP's are always good fun, even if they don't always last) I'm sure some people will be sorry to see you leave as a moderator, mainly because of the fact that you've always been one, and it's like removing a life-belt or something. But all I want to say is this;

Enjoy not being a mod! Cos it's fun... and if it helps you to work out any problems you have with your own feelings, then more's the better, sez I.

6th June 2006, 11:11 AM
*hugs Kalah* Oh my god...I'm going to miss you so much...

I just did not see this coming, either. I'll back you on this all because it's your decision, without too much outside influence. I'm among those glad that in spite of this, you're still going to be around. I just don't know what to say. Besides Mike, you're the only mod who's been nice enough towards me over the years. There's nobody who's really going to end up being just like you...

Thank you for all that you've done.

Hatake Kakashi
6th June 2006, 11:31 AM
I know how you feel about being watched. I was never able to have fun on my last moderation attempt nor as my last leg of being TMM thanks to being watched constantly.

But as long as you're staying on the forums as a whole, I have no reason to mourn! One of my earliest friends of TPM(the earliest being Ginger and Rudy, of course) and the only one I have somewhat regular contact with. And though I used to be bitter about it(at least I'm saving myself a shin kick now ^_^; ) I must thank you for making sure that Eeveelutions grew into a big RPG full of new characters and ideas...it was really somethin to watch.

As for replacement? I think Weasal Overlord has MORE than earned her spot.

*Straps on shin guards*

7th June 2006, 03:18 AM
I don't really need to post here; you know my feelings, Kalah.

I just didn't want people to think I completely ignored this topic. Or didn't see it.


...but yes, that was amusing how people used to think I was a girl. Even back when I made mostly male characters, too...with my real first name to boot. :xd: I'll never understand some people. :rolleyes:

7th June 2006, 03:31 PM
Ye Gods... ah, I can't even remember the early days all that clearly, but hey, I usually can't remember what clothes I wore the previous day anymore...

*huggles* Keep in touch... I'm gonna be back up in your neighborhood this summer before I head off to Indiana. If it works, we so need to go get coffee or something...

You are the spirit of the RPG forum, and it's going to be so damn strange... :( I'll try not to leave again, promise...

You know how to get a hold of me, lady.

8th June 2006, 06:33 AM
Wah, i didn't think this was even legal! Bulbasaur 4.. not a mod?! Ever since i've been here you've been working your magic, as far as I can remember. But no-one can blame you - this place gets rather nichy at times - and i'm real glad you get to escape that and experience the other side of TPM. I hope you'll stick around for a long time to come, and even though it sounds like you plan to, i must make the following threat: If you don't, i WILL be angry, and i'll send Mr Nana's after you, thirsty for your blood (and, er, bananas..). GOT THAT??!? So as long as you stay around you should be safe from ape attack, and the forums'll go on living.

Hrmm.. But I think i'll probably always think of you as a mod. >< I'm sorry, i can't help but think highly of you. It's just a mark of my thanks - for everything you've done for the forum over the years. See you around :)


p.s. Mr Nanas is my new gorilla henchman so, er, he may pop up in a few of my rambles. 'hem.
p.p.s. Remember Shadows of Darkness, the Sod RPG? It was my first, and you were in it, possibly made it. Ho-oh2000, Ginger, i think? Oh, where have they gone..? *reminisces*

Emotional Faun Chiko-sai
10th June 2006, 12:03 PM
T_T Goodbye Bulba-senpai.... Helloooooooo Kalah-chan :3
*glomps* You're still around, and that's what matters.

10th June 2006, 10:21 PM
Thanks everyone for your support. I agree... I am not a moderator anymore, but now I get the free ice cream and candy that all the RPG members get!
wait, you mean you don't GET THAT?
*quickly goes into the rules and makes a side note: All RPG Members get free ice cream and candy*
WOOT! *eats*

I appreciate it and I am very much looking forward to just having fun RPing and not worrying about anything else other than my buddies and my RPGtanstical fun.