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7th June 2006, 12:16 PM
Though we are glad with the forms/sign-ups we have already received for the RPG Tournament we know there are more people out there that might have reconsidered due to some of the thread's content.

I ask then, kindly: do any of you have any issues with the current thread? I know its details were up in Future Events for a time, but that is rather inadequate as far as receiving community opinion goes. Please, I ask that if you have any criticism, even harsher than harsh, that it be received here.

I know one possible issue could be either the required number of characters which will be addressed and changed to one old or new and of the guidelines and general rules, really.

Our ideal is that we get at least ten sign-ups for which we are currently missing. But we'd too like to work back to the old days where there were twenty. If there is any issue, an obstacle that would make signing up more worth your while, we would have you tell us so we could fix it for the betterment of the project itself.

Thank you for your time.

7th June 2006, 02:54 PM
Come on peeps we only need like 3 more sign ups, what, are you afraid to step in the ring with me? Dont worry Ill go easy on ya LOLOL
Im trying to help, Plantae LOL