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Mega Horny
15th August 2006, 07:28 AM
Well, i was wondering how to get an animation as my avatar. The image i want is the thing with all the eyes show here: http://kol.coldfront.net/thekolwiki/index.php/The_Naughty_Sorceress

Avi or something?

15th August 2006, 02:45 PM
The "thing with all the eyes"... I assume you're talking about the witch at the top of the page? That's the only picture I see that could really be an avatar...

1. Go into your profile.

2. Give the following URL for your avatar: http://kol.coldfront.net/thekolwiki/images/9/9e/Sorcform1.gif (that's the URL for the image).

3. Click "Change Profile".

Note that, since the file is a .gif file that is (barely) within the 100x100 pixel limit, it will be fine as an avatar.

EDIT: Wait a second. Are you trying to use the image in your current avatar? If so, I think you gave the wrong link...

You'll have to resize the image before you put it on TPM. If you have some sort of graphics-editing software (Paint Shop Pro is excellent, for instance, although Animation Shop is more appropriate for animated images), use it. You'll have to reduce the size of the animation to no more than 100 pixels by 100 pixels. Resave the whole thing as a .gif (and make sure that you still have all the frames!), and then you can put it on TPM.