View Full Version : Your favorite Elite Four group

28th August 2006, 06:21 PM
Which Elite Four group do you like, and why? Just to point out, I put Yellow as separate from R/B because they're not afraid to use TMs (Lance's Dragonite has Thunder, Blizzard, AND Fire Blast). And for the upgraded version on FR/LG, it's after you complete the Ruby/Sapphire sidequest where each of them have at least one Johto Pokemon. My choice is Ruby/Sapphire, only because Phoebe and Drake aren't as annoying when it comes to Protect, unlike Emerald.

Austrian ViceMaster Alex
29th August 2006, 02:26 AM
I only have vague memories of the Ruby/Sapphire one but I know I had a very hard time beating them. So when it comes down to difficulty the elite four from that pair of games gets my vote. My favorites are the original though, they had just the right difficulty in my opinion, especially as back then there weren't many Pokémon pros around so they movesets etc. weren't generally that highly developed yet, at least not in the beginning.