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28th March 2003, 06:09 PM
The Dragon Tamers Presents...
The Dragon Games Award Ceremony

A Solem standing building is surrounded by trees on the edge of Vermillion City. Loud music can be heard, and the atmosphere is fantastic - that of the feeling that everyone is having a fun time. To the right of the entrance is a huge table with Food and Drinks, A Dancefloor in the middle, A Battle Arena out the back of the building, and a floor up resides the awards and standings for the winners.

As you sit down in your chair (easilly near the front , with a good vbiew of the prizes) you notices several people going to sit down. Beind you, several photographers sit anxiously. Connor is going over his speech behind the prizes, and the finalists are beginning to sit down on stage.

"FINALISTS TO THE 2ND FLOOR STAGE" The loudspeaker booms. Several hundred people rush to get the remaining seats, and three finalists sit down at the front. You see Connor advance into the stage, he looks a tad nervous.

"Welcome, one and all the the Prizegiving Ceremony of the Dragon Games. This year we have had several ordeals, from the war to Scott Quitting. Hopefully this ceremony will bring some joy back in to the Dragon Tamers. Before you ask, R/S Pokemon, moves etc will be released on April 11th 2003 and no sooner. I must say, this was one of the toughest decesion I have ever had to make. All battles were fought well, and I commend the finalists for that. The results are as follows..."

Dark Mewtwo and Sirius the Charizard
OH MY GOD. I skipped dinner because I was too excited reading this story that I couldnt put it down. Dude, friggen awesome.[/b]

DM, you have won...
100 Stamps
Any colour Juice of your Choice
The first ever R/S Pokemon on the PCG board (expert for a few Kecleon - Spoilers ;)), a Trapinch (A Ground Type which evoles into a Dragon/Ground type) with Recover (a move it cannot get naturally without cheating).


Lady Vulpix [Gabi] and Tsunami the Vaporeon
2nd Place
[i]Insipration. Honestly, your story was absolutely fantastic! Just watch out for names, You refer to me as both Connah and Connor in your story ;)

Gabi, you have won...
50 Stamps
Spikes TM (Can be taught to any Pokemon with Claws or Spikes)
Ghastly with Ice Beam


Antiash [Ade] and Katnip the Raticate
3rd Place

A fantastic story. Just watch out for vocabulary, you like to use it, in great lengths, but sometimes it is necessary to be a bit stupid with your words, so it is easier on the reader.

Ade, you have won...
25 Stamps
Meowth with Heal Bell


Aglandiir [Charlie] and Pikachu
4th Equal

Aipom of Doom [Danny] and Aipom
4th Equal

After this, the entire hall broke out into cheers and claps as the winners stodd up and collected their prizes.

"Also, I have an announcemend to make regarding R/S Pokemon. Afer numerous discussions, THESE WILL NOT BE ALLOWED IN DRAGON TAMERS, EVER. SAME WITH THE NEW MOVES. Ha ha, just kidding! We have actually put forward the date to April 5th. On this date, you may include Hoenn into your Stories, R/S Pokemon, R/S Moves, etc. We must stress, however, that the Dragon Tamer staff are not wlaking Pokedexes and will not inform you of any new moves, or what they do, etc. That is your responsibility. Your old Pokemon will learn the new R/S moves automaticly if they learnt them in a previous level or the same level. EG: If you have a Houndour, who now learns Will O Wisp at level 23 (Guess...) and your Houndoom is level 42, your Houndoom wil automaticly learn Will O Wisp WITHOUT HAVING TO LEVEL UP. Another thing to be released in Dragon Tamers will be Characteristics, which were released along with R/S. Every Pokemon has a characteristic, some good, others bad. Once again, it is your responsibility to find these on your own with your Pokemon, and this may be to your benefit. (Butterfree gets one called Compund Eyes, where all moves are 100% Accurate...) Thank you :)"

And with that, Connor left the room, with all gasps slowly drifting away from earshot.

Aipom Of Doom
28th March 2003, 06:50 PM
Congrats Dark Mewtwo, Gabi, and Ade! I haven't had a chance to read any of your battles yet, but I will soon... Anyway, I'll be back writing and being active in PCG tomorrow =D. I haven't written battles since the lake scenerio... And I really feel like writing again =). It's too bad that I couldn't write for the Dragon Games, but that's just how everything worked out =/.

Lady Vulpix
29th March 2003, 01:03 PM
Wow! 2nd place! :o
Congratulations, DaRk MeWtWo and Ade! Both your stories were excellent!
And Connah/Connor, I did that on purpose. Isn't Connor your real name and Connah a lighter version of it? I'm sorry if you didn't like me using both, please tell me which one you refer and I'll stick to it.
As for the comment you made to Ade... I don't think leveling down is a good idea. I love the way he writes, and I wouldn't cut a single word from it. You can always learn something if there's a word you didn't recognize and you look it up, don't you think? It's not like he writes for an elite group of intellectuals, what he writes is mostly clear. But well, those are my thoughts.

Now I have 3 questions regarding the prizes:

1. What's the gender and level of my Ghastly? And also, I'm not sure I can take care of an 11th pokemon right now. Would it be ok if I gave him/her to someone else or set him/her free? I think Ade could take care of the Ghastly instead of the Meowth, since he already has a Meowth.

2. I can't use stamps, so what happens to those 50 stamps that came with the 2nd prize? Do they go to the POT or can I get an item instead?

3. Where can I get the info on that Spikes move (type, base power, etc.)?

DaRk MeWtWo
30th March 2003, 08:02 AM

Um, well, thanks to everyone who read/participated in the Dragon Games!THANKS Connor, AOD, and LV! Appreciation of my work is definately the biggest reward...for I don't even know many of the R/S moves yet, but I'm learning quick ^^;

Second reason I posted was to congratulate once again, ALL of the people who were a part of the Dragon Games. I know with all the stuff going on in the war and all, it's kind of hard for some people to even look at TPM for a while, I sure did this for a few months and a feel so guilty. But THANKS!

Third reason I'm posting is to verify the color of the juice I am getting...I think I'll opt for...hrm...tough choice...Kecleon Juice =D I can get the rest with more good battles I hope =)

Oh, and Gabi, Spikes cannot damage the enemy directly. It damages the opponent's pokemon if he/she switches them out. For example, if your Ninetales (his name is Hero I believe) is fighting a Venusaur, and the opponents switches Venusaur out for a Blastoise or such, the Blastoise takes damage instantly from the Spikes, plus Hero's attack that he just used. Spikes stays intact throughout the whole battle, until the enemy uses Rapid Spin or I think one of those keys found in the DT Reward Center. It's type is normal I think. A very useful and tactical move in big battles =) Of course, it can be used even better in writing =D

Lady Vulpix
30th March 2003, 08:28 AM
Thanks, DaRk MeWtWo!
Connor says it's a Ground-type move.

And you remembered Hero's name! :D

Ok, I've talked to Connor and we've come to some agreements:

1. I'll call him Connor in my stories from now on.
2. Dragon Tamers staff can use stamps obtained as prizes from competitions.
3. Spikes can be used by pokemon with either spikes or plants in their bodies. Therefore, being the only pokemon in my team who has one of those, Sylvan will get the TM.

The levels and genders of the prize pokemon are still unknown. Connor, will you please tell us what they are?

The Pet Keeper
31st March 2003, 04:00 AM
Congrats everyone!
this was the first Games at DT i've experienced and wow :o :) your stories are totally amazing!

I just had to say this, hopes its not considered as SPAM o_O

Lady Vulpix
31st March 2003, 10:34 AM
The title of this topic says "all welcome", Anna, so you can post here. And thanks!

AntiAsh Superstar
31st March 2003, 03:54 PM
Hehe, congrats Gabi and Dark Mewtwo, your battles were awesome! :) I'm afraid I can't accept the Meowth, however, one is more than enough for me (tho I do accept I kinda asked for this, thinking 'OMG, PLEEEASE don't make this happen' is a sure fire way to bring about said event!) so if anyone can give it a good home let me know, ok? ^_^;;;

Lady Vulpix
31st March 2003, 06:14 PM
Ade, I've been trying to contact you ever since the ceremony. Has Soo given you my message?