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Outlaw JT
7th September 2006, 03:33 PM
I just wanted to give a very loud shout to the forum! It seems that with the exception of ASB/RPG (which I still find structured horribly from an RPG pov) activity in the forum has slowed to a crawl once again! Please start posting again people. I'm only in one RPG right now but I very much want to see it moving again. I am sure there are other RPG's many of you want to see moving again, too. So, I am just posting this to try and give a wake-up call to the RPG forum at large.

On a more selfish note, goes to show things just get slow no matter who's in modship!

Roy Karrde
7th September 2006, 05:45 PM
A wake up sounds good, the problem is that many people including myself are just starting college this week or last, and we are trying to move into our dorms. Yet even with that, alot of people are still finding time to post, and I'm sure when people get more settled in * ala what is happening to Kalah right now * then there will be more posts.

And just a reminder Jeff, the mods of the past contributed to the slowness of things. Weasel is working hard on ASBRPG and I am juggling between five or more RPGs and the RPG Tournament, as well as helping out in ASBRPG. Just thought I should remind you.

8th September 2006, 03:09 PM
I thought his name was Jeff o.O

Anyway a wake up is in order x.x Im sorry cause with my RPG is partly my fault, Ive just been feeling kinda bad lately and a lot of semi stressful and majorly stressful things have been happening to me, so my desire to do anything that requires any sort of work is almost 0. Pretty bad to say but its not all out of laziness, but Im sorry about it anyway x.x

And Roy Im ashamed of you. I would have thought youd be a big enough person to admit that slowness comes about not from what mod is in charge but the habits of the roleplayers themselves. As Ive said before, a mod doesnt make or break a forum in terms of activity, its just a natural cycle of any kind of place. So saying it was the mods of the past that contributed to the slowness is just absurd and also a little arrogent :P Behave yourself.

And Im still waiting for my judge comments ^-~ Please fit that into your busy scheduale :P lol

Master Rudy
9th September 2006, 03:50 AM
From a former mod to a current mod I have to say your way off on that Roy. It wouldn't matter if frigging Superman was in charge of this forum and online 24/7/365. Not even he'd be able to keep this forum from eventually slowing down. You'll always have you periods of time where things will slow down for whatever reason. It doesn't matter if the mods included Kalah, me, JT, Ginger or yes even you. To say mods contribute to the slowness is absurd IMO. As far as I'm concerned if we had 50 active RPers on this forum then the mods only count for 6% of the active RPers.

In other words it doesn't matter who the mods are. The RP forum is only going to be as active as the other 94% of the members are. Granted you three could be online all day between closing topics, making RPG's coming up with new ideas, posting, ect but it's not gonna make much difference if the other members aren't doing anything is it?

And granted JT your last line may have been on a selfish note but it's something that truely needed to be said IMO since it makes a damn good point! ^_~

Roy Karrde
9th September 2006, 04:50 AM
The reason I brought it up, is becuase one of the main complaints back in march, was that JT and Gav did not post and did not help keep the forum active, thus continue to the slowness. My post was a reminder that unlike JT and Gav, Weasel and I are trying our best to keep things from getting slow. We do not take month long periods of inactivity, we work hard on keeping the forums going. Which I believe was what everyone agreed on in the past that mods should help do.

Anyway we have enjoyed two months of not having any RPG Politics, we do not need to start it up again, so lets keep to the topic and stop with anymore selfishness.

9th September 2006, 07:00 AM
I just wanted to give a very loud shout to the forum! It seems that with the exception of ASB/RPG (which I still find structured horribly from an RPG pov) activity in the forum has slowed to a crawl once again!

[b][size=3]I was going to keep quiet on this issue since I have nothing to do with the rest of the RPG forum. But problem is that your first sentence of the post clearly outrages me.

It is nice of you to notice that RPG/ASB is still around and is indeed more active than the rest of RPG topics in some cases. However to say that it is structured horribly from an RPG pov clearly irks me. As one of the main staff in RPG/ASB, I would like to point that we had clearly make a lot of events that clearly supports RPGers' interactions with each other, how they battled each other and how would they form clans in some place. It is how clearly short- sighted of you to mention this sentence without giving much thoughts to it.

Firstly we distinguish ourselves clearly from the current ASB forum with our character developments. Dramas are also part of the everyday post of the RPGers. We have Hinata whose character is clearly pregnant with an unborn child, then we have lovebirds to be with both Roy's and Classycat sis' characters. If there is not enough, we have Hyperness whose character had a sister in the Crystal Syndicate and lastly we have a 'runaway- from- home' character in the form of Takashi Suzumiya.

Secondly, who says we don't have any RPGs going on? Please look at the the link (http://www.pokemasters.net/forums/index.php?topic=44290.msg643253#msg643253), I'm pretty sure that you have eyes to see that those post are RPGs.

Lastly things are going to get more interesting if you are wondering, we have at least a whole list of plans to proceed onto until Christmas which me, Kirst and Roy is planning. If you are really doubting me on this statement, why don't you checked out on the 23 September which only will happen and followed by mid October when another event will happen again.

To conclude off, I would like to apologised if I really sounded offensive but I certainly hope that this pointers will change your opinion on RPG/ ASB.

10th September 2006, 11:35 PM
Events? If they concern RPG... I hope I am informed. Otherwise, have fun with ASB/RPG. ^^;;

I appologize for my inactivity... still trying to settle into a happy schedule with college. X.x Although I do get to go to the Asian Fair for a class on Saturday, which I am thoroughly looking forward to.

I do hope the RPG can stay active though... ^^;; Although I believe it would be fairly obvious that the reason why things are a bit slow right now is because most of our RPGers are in school and this WOULD be the time that school is beginning to start in the U.S. Let us just be patient so we can fit into our schedules and get over the 'start of school' mayhem.