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Master Rudy
9th September 2006, 03:36 AM
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For a long time now I've been toying witht he idea of trying to do an RPG based off of the TV series 24. For the three or four of you that have never heard of it in the past five years it's plot each season revolves around a single day for the CIA's Counter Terrorist Unit. The catch is that each episode is in real time. Before I proceed any further with trying to plan it out I'd like to know if there would be intrested parties that would like to join. I will admit off the bat that this RPG would be an intresting challenge. Obviously on the RPG forum the real time format goes out the window. Plus since it's 24 I'd like to try and give the sense that the clock really is against every RPer playing an agent in this RPG. Losing the real time format is no biggie since it would be an RPG obviously but I think the real challenge comes from coming up with a good plot with the same kinds of twists you'd expect in your typical 24 season as well as the whole thing with trying to deal with the clock. Pluys 24 is also known for branching storylines. Granted I don't look to have a whole plotline involving Kim Bauer *shudders at the mere thought of that*. However I'd like to try to do someone where you can see the actions and POV's of all involved agents, terrorists and government officals. As far as characters go I'd need the following:

-Several CTU field agents (examples being characters such as Jack Bauer and Tony Almedia)
-Several CTU agents/government officals working behind the scenes (computer experts such as Chloe O'Brian or officals such as President Palmer)
-A few terrorists to get on the nerves of said agents (these would be characters such as Nina Meyers)
-One really good RPer to play the mastermind of the day's events (someone along the lines of Marwan or Logan)

Keep in mind those are just examples since most of the people I named are currently either dead, captured or imprisoned. As far as a base storyline goes I planned on it being a few years following the upcoming season 6. This would put Jack into play but I don't plan on him being a big character despite being the main character. If anyone is intrested I'd very much like to know but I'm also open to suggestions of any type related to either plot, characters or how the hell to deal with the issue of time in the RPG.

So yay or nay to 24 as an RPG idea?

9th September 2006, 12:18 PM
As much as you made me hate 24 with how much you go on about it lol I have a suggestion for this RPG. Ditch the chars from the actual series and make it based in the world/setting of 24. Usually when you have existing chars (like Jack Baur sp?) there is going to be someone that will play him either wrong, or in a way that somebody will think is wrong. And then there would be an argument like Jack wouldnt say that blah blah lol PLus for the people that havent seen the show it being all original would help them not feel lost. Despite my dislike for 24 it sounds interesting (computer agent yes!) Grr damn you Rudy lol well good luck in any case!

Outlaw JT
10th September 2006, 03:03 AM
I second the suggestion to use the universe but none of the characters from the show (except as potential NPC guest appearance type deals). Count me in! You know I love 24!

Master Rudy
26th September 2006, 02:12 AM
Well unless someone else speaks up soon I'm officially considering this a dead idea. As I said before knowledge of the show is not needed and in the event that it should become needed for whatever reason it'll be made availible in the RPG (things such as old case files, classified info, ect)

If anything just think of this as a spy RPG and try to ignore the fact it's in 24's universe if that's what's scaring you away ^_~

27th September 2006, 02:05 PM
Well I personally like the Idea, seeing as I'm a 24 nerd. Too bad not enough people like the idea though.