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28th March 2003, 06:59 PM
This is my first ever songfic, so yeah...it's based on "Big Eyed Fish" by Dave Matthews Band. I was listening to it today and started thinking about a Big Eyed Magikarp, and well, things moved on from there. It's a short story, so just tell me what you think of it.


Big Eyed Magikarp: A Songfic

Story of a man,
Who decided not to breathe.

They all crowded around to see him holding his breath. He had been holding it for three minutes already. Nobody had never seen a Mr. Mime hold its breath before, and everyone wondered why he was doing it.

Meanwhile, in a small cottage nearby the city where the Mr. Mime was ‘performing’ for the crowd, an abusive trainer sat in a rocking chair, staring at the wall, and slowly rocking back and forth. If you gave a short glance at him, you would feel that it was a bit creepy. However, if you had taken a closer look at Hayden Marshall, you would see the two bloody holes in his chest, that went completely through the chair.

He had been involved in a murder scene, where his Tauros got so fed up with being beaten, it had rammed its horns through Hayden’s chest, killing him instantly. The blow had smashed the rocking chair, making Hayden’s bag of Pokéballs spill all over the floor, opening one of them, the Pokéball that was home to Mr. Mime.

Mr. Mime had been trained and beaten by Hayden all of his life, so Mr. Mime thought that that was the correct way to live. Mr. Mime couldn’t take the fact that his trainer was gone. He had no idea what to do anymore, as he had forgotten how to survive in the wild. Using his abilities, he shoved Tauros out of the way and escaped until he wandered to Cherrygrove City.

Turned red, purple, then blue.
Colorful indeed.
No matter how his friends begged.
He would not concede.

Mr. Mime had held his breath, deciding that he no longer wanted to live, if Hayden would no longer be there to train him, believing that he no longer had a purpose in his life. After Mr. Mime had been holding his breath for a minute, Tauros had come to him and tried to convince him that he shouldn’t die just because Hayden was gone. Tauros wanted Mr. Mime to be free.

Mr. Mime shook his head, still holding his breath, refusing to do anything until he was dead. After Mr. Mime had been holding his breath for an entire two minutes, which was already a record for Mr. Mimes, Tauros left, knowing that there was positively no way to get Mr. Mime to enjoy his new freedom.

And now he’s dead.
You see, ‘cause everybody knows,
You got to breathe.

Mr. Mime died after the people around him took up the rest of the oxygen nearby, and he had held his breath for around four and a half minutes, the all-time record for a Mr. Mime holding his breath, which is still the current record as of now. Tauros was in shame and hasn’t been seen since the incident.

People believe that the Tauros of this story has since then drowned or found its way to the Safari Zone, where he is now roaming free, hidden from people who want to catch him, in fear that they will abuse him like Hayden once did.

But, oh God,
Under the weight of life,
Things seem brighter on the other side...

In memory of Mr. Mime: October 6, 1999 to December 14, 2002

Another one: See this monkey sitting in a tree,
One day, decided to climb down,
And run off to the city.

The Aipom had lived, eaten, and slept in a tree all his life. He had never had any Pokémon bother him or knock him out of the tree, and was completely inexperienced in battle. He lived in a tree right outside of Blackthorn City, and had always wanted a trainer to capture him.

Aipom decided to leave his tree one day and venture towards Blackthorn City to see if any trainer would capture and train him. He made it there in one piece, where a rich, snobby trainer caught him. The trainer wasn’t very smart, and didn’t realize how inexperienced Aipom was.

Look at him now, tired and drunk,
And living in the street.
As good as dead.
You see, a monkey should know,
Stay up your tree.

The rich trainer, whose name was William Connerly, brought Aipom into his first battle, which was against Clair’s Dragonite, which had just recently evolved from being a Dragonair. Eager to try out its Hyper Beam attack on an Aipom, a Pokémon it had never fought before, Dragonite used it, blasting Aipom through the wall, and killing it instantly.

But, oh God,
Under the weight of life,
Things seem brighter on the other side...
Oh God,
But under the weight of life,
Things seem much brighter on the other side...
No way...no way...no way...out...of here...

In memory of Aipom: January 29, 2001 to February 6, 2003

Another one: A big eyed fish,
Yeah, swimming in the sea.

There once was a Magikarp named Marie, who had been lost at sea in a boat accident, when her trainer was in a battle, hoping Marie would evolve into Gyarados soon. Unfortunately, Marie was a long way off, and was unable to save her trainer who drowned when the boat crashed.

Marie had swum off, looking to see if she could find anyone. She hadn’t found anyone since the ship had sank, and was still looking, desperate to find some form of civilization, Pokémon or human.

Oh how he dreamed,
He wants to be a bird,
Swooping, diving through the breeze.

Above, Marie saw a Wingull fly over the ocean. Marie began to daydream about what it would be like to be a Wingull, and how much easier life would be for her if she was one. If she could fly, she would be able to find civilization. Suddenly, Marie got an idea. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a very good one.

One day, he caught a big blue wave,
Up onto the beach.
And now he’s dead.
You see, a fish’s dreams,
Should stay in the sea.

Marie swam as fast as she could toward a huge wave. She got onto the wave, and it brought her up into the air. She flapped her fins as if they were wings, but the wave got very high and pushed her onto the ground.

She landed with a sickening crack, cried out, and then died of serious bone injuries, which were found when Pokémon scientists found her and did an autopsy on her before her proper burial.

But, oh God,
Under the weight of life,
Things seem much brighter on the other side.
No way...no way...no way...out...of here...

In memory of Marie the Magikarp: May 13, 1996 to October 8, 2001

No way out of life.

The End.

29th March 2003, 07:04 PM
I liked your song. It was pretty funny, but it struck me as you were trying to kill yourself and that is not something to joke about,
Now being a little more light hearted it would be funny trying to watch the mr. mime

30th March 2003, 01:18 AM
It's not my song, it's by Dave Matthews Band, and it's about living your life the way it should, and not messing it up, because it could be fatal, not about killing yourself.

And yeah, it would be funny watching the Mr. Mime. :P